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Hot Older Lady on the Boat - An Adult Story

It was close to midnight when I finally got to the hotel bar. I had come to Florida on business. I was to close a deal on some computers outside of Pensacola. I had a late flight that did not leave Baltimore to really late. The plane was delayed on the run way for two hours. I just wanted to get a drink and head to my room. I walked into the small bar. There were a few people. All tourists but they seem to be enjoying them selves. I had broken up with my ex-girl friend about a month prior. We had planned to go to Florida on vacation but I decide to use the time for business now that I was alone. I sat down ordered a Rum and Coke. One drink lead to another....

It was close to 2am when I finally reached for my wallet. Damn! I could not find it. It must have been in my sport coat hanging in my closet in my room. I looked around. There was a old guy at the end of the bar. He had a big thick white beard. He smiled as he saw me reaching around. I had not noticed him before. He must have just got there. I heard the bartender give last call. The old guy got up and walked down to the end of the bar. He sat next to me.

"How it going young man?" he said. "Good! How are you?" I said. "What are you looking for? Ahh your wallet. I lose my all the time. I let my wife worry about those things. She got a purse that has everything but the kitchen sink in it." he laughed. "That's cool. Are you a local or a guest at the hotel?" I said. "I'm local. I just dropped off some fish at the restaurant. Thought I get a beer before heading home for the night." he said. "Your a fisherman?" I said. "Yeah! I got a big boat at the end of the dock. I take out locals or tourist for the day. I was doing some night fishing and caught some fish. The chef at the hotel serves them the next day. He is a good guy. Have you fished before? Why are you here?" he said. "Yeah! I fished before. I am here to get some computers for my business in Baltimore. I know a guy down here sells them real cheap. I got a meeting with him at 8am." I said.

"That will be $66.00, Sir." said the bartender. I looked in my pockets again. "Here let me get it." said the old guy. "No, I couldn't let you do that. I mean I just met you. I have the money. It must me in my sport coat in my room." I said. "Here let me get it. Tomorrow after your meeting. Come down to the docks. I'll take you fishing. You need to get some good clean salt air. Then you can repay me if you want or you can owe me a favor. You need a little fun time while your here." he said. I smiled and said "Sure!" I gave him my business card.

I went to sleep and closed the deal by 8:30am. I got a big breakfast and went to the bait shop near the docks. I picked up a twelve pack of beer. I also got some steaks and a big salad to go with it. I went back to the hotel and changed. I put on some long white and blue flower swim trunks. I put on a white t-shirt. I also put on some sun screen. I put on some blue flip flops. I looked int he mirror. I looked down my 6ft 3 frame. I was looking forward to having some fun on the water. I took some clothes and a towel. I packed everything in a duffel bag and headed for the boat.

I walked down the wooden dock. At the end was a nice large fishing boat. There was maybe dozen rods and reels on the top of the boat. There was a nice big wheel house at at the top of the boat. You had to climb a small ladder to get to the top of the boat to steer the boat. There were a few lines trying up the boat. The boat was about 45 feet long. There was a big front end. I could see myself lying on there to get a tan later. I saw the old get up from a seat at the back of the boat. "Hey you made it. I thought you might. How did you deal go this morning?" he said. "Good. Thanks for offering to take me out fishing. I don't have to go back for a few days and I hate sitting in my hotel room all alone." I said. "No problem. What that in your hand?" he said. "I got some beers in the cooler along with some food for lunch maybe." I said. "Hey you did not have to do that. I got some stuff downstairs in the galley. I got a huge living area down there too. A nice queen size bed and resting area. If she get sea sick let me know." he chuckled.

I handed my bag and the food. "I am pretty good at not getting sick. I think its all the stress I have all the time. I should be ok. Thanks for showing me were to go." I said. I looked around. It was a big boat. There would be enough for about two dozen people on board. "Is it just me today? Any more fisherman coming?" I said. "No! Your it. Oh! My wife coming too. She down at the dock telling the harbor guys are fishing plans. She likes to check in with them in case something happens She should be right back. I think you will like her. I told her about meeting you last night. She a ball of energy on the open water. I think she likes fishing more than me. Well maybe not the fishing part but going out on the water. I hope your OK with her coming along." he said. "Sure, that sounds fun." I said. We made small talk for about 20 minutes before he looked over my shoulder and waved.

"Hey honey! Everything good. This is our fisherman for the day. Young man I like to introduce you to my wife Valerie." he said. My mouth dropped open. She was a little younger than her husband but not by much. She had short platinum blonde hair. It was curled high at the ends. She had a huge rock on her finger along with some smaller gold rings. I saw she had painted her nails white. She had on a light green top that was cut to move around her neck and show off her large cleavage. She had bright red lips. The whitest smile I had ever seen. She had on some faded blue jeans that hugged her every curve. She had a small waist, nice hips, an amazing ass. She just smiled as I her husband helped her into the boat.

"What your name sweetie? Herb I think a cat got is tongue." she said in a sweet southern accent. It was like a 5ft 4inch Dolly Parton was standing inches from me. "Buck! Very nice to meet you. You have a very nice boat." I said. "Herb named it after me. "The Lady Valerie" she winked. I was going to have a hard time fishing today. I was not going to be the fish I was fishing for. I was wiping my head as Valerie walked passed. "Would you like a drink Buck? I make a mean Margarita. Our we ready to go honey. I will be right back sweetie." she said. I just nodded my head "Yes!"

I went to the back of the boat and sat down. There was a big chair in the middle that you sat in when you fished. Next to it on either side was two big white leather seats. About the size of two small couches. There was a door blocking the view to the sleeping area under the boat. Herb was on the top starting the engines. A few minutes later he pulled out after I untied the lines and sat back down. I could feel the boat move as we passed a few other boaters in the small harbor. A few minute later we got out int he open water. I heard a big..."Whoa baby...lets move it Herb..put the metal down...air out this bitch." Valerie said. She came out from behind the door. She had two drinks in her hand. She still had on the sexy green top but she had put on some cute white shorts. They left nothing to the imaginations. They showed off her well tanned legs and thighs. She kept in great shape. Her body was toned. I smiled as she handed me my drink.

"Here you go sweetie. I just love the water. Nothing more fun." she said. "Thanks! I can see your having fun. Do you go out with your husband on all his fishing trips?" I said. "No! I sell houses. But after talking with Herb last night. I canceled my appointment today to go fishing with you guys." she said. I smiled as she sipped her big drink in her small hand. She licked the salt on the rim of the glass. I started to sip my drink. "Wow these are very good. I need you to show me how you make them. Very nice. So how did you and Herb meet?" I said. She crossed her legs. I finally looked down to see her feet. They were very sexy in a pair of 2inch wooden open tow heels. Her toe nails were painted white to match her fingers. I could see she had some gold toe rings. I was semi hard before. I was now very hard after I smelled her perfume. She moved her foot in a circular motion when she saw me looking at it.

"We meet at a party. It was back in the Seventies. Things were allot different back then. We moved down here about ten years ago to get away from feeling old. We just got the boat about 6 months ago. We went on a cruise. I loved the way it felt. So Herb bought the boat and the rest is history." Valerie said. "That a great story. I am sorry I missed the Seventies. I guess being only 22 years old I have missed a few things." I said. Valerie smiled when she heard my age. I saw her head move and she looked into my eyes. "So, do you have a wife, kids or a girl friend waiting back at the hotel. I hope you don't mind me asking. Herb says I can be a little straight forward when I talk." she said. I gulped hard. "No! No wife or girl friend and no kids. Just got over a relationship a few weeks ago." I said. We made more small talk as we finished another round of drinks.

I felt the boat slow down. Then Herb came down to join us. He set a few of the fishing poles and baited the hooks. Valerie kept smiling. I got in the chair as Herb handed me the rod. He hooked me in and then the pole jerked. I felt the line began to unreel. "Go slow. Let the fish do the work." Herb said. "Fuck that, catch the mother fucker. Yank his ass in the boat." Valerie said. I just laughed as I reeled in the fish. It was a nice big fish. Herb cut off the hook. Then he released it back in the water. The sun had come up. It was getting hot as we fished for the next hour. We each got in the big chair to take our turns fishing. I thought Valeria breast were big. Seeing them being forced around by a huge fish, was incredible. I was standing next to her starring at her breast. Herb just kept helping his wife with the fish. She was cussing like a old sailor. She was quite the MILF fisher womean when it came to fishing. She went to get us all some more drinks.

A few minutes passed. I was talking to Herb when Valerie came back with some drinks. She handed then to us as she looked up into the sun. "I need to work on my tan you two. This is the firs time in a week its been nice enough to lay out. I am going down below deck. I am going to start cooking some food. After we eat. I am going to go lay on the front of the boat. Herb come with me." Valerie said. I had a few sips then switched to a beer. I waited at the back of the boat. I reeled in the line on all the fishing poles. I was kinda over fishing for the moment. About 20 minutes later Herb came out. He handed me a plate. There was some of the salad I bought. Then a few minutes later Valerie came out.

"I eat the cow not what the cows eat gentleman." she said. She had cooked the steaks medium rear. I nice potato salad and some bread. She smiled as we all sat there eating. About 30 minutes later. Valerie got up and cleared off the plates. She handed me a bottle of beer and smiled. Herb got up to stretch. "Are you OK honey?" she said. "Yes! Just a little sleepy. I love your cooking but it makes me want to take a nap." he grumbled. Herb yawn again. "Listen I will have Buck drop the anchor. Is everything off up in the wheel house? Go down stairs and take a nap. I am going to the front of the boat to sun bath. I am sure Buck will do some more fishing." Valerie said. "OK! Thanks. Don't let me sleep to long. Later!" Herb said.

A few seconds later he headed down below. "Buck wait a second. I will show you where the anchor is." she said. Valerie went down below. A few minutes later she came up. She had a big blanket in one hand. She had some baby oil in her other hand. She had taken off her tight green top and put on a white bathing suit top. Her large firm breast sat high on her chest. She had the back tied in one small bow as I could see her tone stomach and hips. I could see no tan lines on her hot bodacious body. I gulped again when she put her hand on my shoulder. "Bring you beer. Follow me sweetie. The anchor on the front of the boat." she said. She was still wearing her wooden heels as she tried to keep her balance. The waves were very small. The water was very calm. But her small feet, amazing ass, and large breast made her unsteady. I helped her stay up as I walked her out to front of the boat.

She pointed out the anchor on the front. I through it over board. I looked back to see Valerie laying down the blanket. It was bright orange as she then got on her knees. She looked back at me and waved for me to come next to her. "Buck...Do you still want to fish? I could really use some oil on my back. You don't mind?" she said in a very sexy voice. "No! Let me help." I said. I kicked off my blue flip flops. I placed them on the front of the blanket. I then walked over and got on my knees behind her. She stood up in front of me. "I need to take off my bottoms. Hold the oil." she said. I watched as she unzipped and shimmed out of her small white shorts. She was wearing a small white t-back thong that made her ass pop out. It sat high on her hips. There was a small white square patch of fabric in the front. I could tell she was nicely trimmed and excited by her camel toe. I was about to jump over board from excitement. My cock was bursting to get out. This hot older lady on the boat was making me too excited. I was still starring as she looked over her body. "Not bad for 51...I think I am still quite the catch...what do you think Buck?" she said.

I just shook my head "Yes!!!" She smiled again showing off her white teeth and sexy smile. I was checking out her voluptuous body as she got back down on the blanket. She laid down on her front. I slowly applied the oil. I started with her ankles working up over her tones legs. Her skin was hot. Her breathing had increased. "Umm should we be doing this Valerie? I mean what about Herb." I said. "Stop being a old stick in the mud Buck. Herb and I have a understanding. He is OK to look. I am OK to look. Your just putting on some oil. Its OK! Sweetie!!" she said. I started to run my hands all over her amazing thighs. The oil was running over her long legs. I then began to rub inside her thighs just under her ass. She moaned slightly as I started on her lower back. "I need to get a tattoo back there. I hate needles though." she said

I started to rub her back. I rubbed on her shoulders. I traced me hands all over her back. I rubbed my knuckles on her back giving her a nice deep tissue massage. Something I had picked up from a night class once. I was really massaging her back as she closed her eyes. She was sighing and moaning as she moved her head on the blanket. "I don't bite. You can rub my ass some . Thanks honey." she said. I really started to fondle her ass. I felt guilty on one hand but extremely horny on the other. I am not sure what I was thinking but my hormones were taking over. I wiped my forehead. I looked down to see Valerie turn over.

She was looking up into my eyes. "That was great Buck. If you ever loose your day job. I think you have a back up plan with those hands. Thank you sweetie." she said. She bite her lower lip. "Take off your shirt. Let me put some oil on you. Here sit right in front of me." she said. I took off my shirt. I could feel Valerie eyes on my skin. I crawled passed her with my white/blue swim trunks still on. She sat behind me. She put her legs around my hips. Her heels touched the top of my knee. I could feel her large breast on my back. Her nipples were piercing my skin through the soft material of her top. My breathing increased as she rubbed oil on my back. Her small hands worked in the oil on my skin. She was really rubbing hard. She was also very good at giving a nice back massage. She let her hands fall on my hips. She squeezed my mid section to feel my hard abs. She ran her hands down my back. She pushed me forward. I then felt her long nails on my ass crack. She traced a few inches down then ran her nails back up teasing me. My cock moved in the white mesh of the bathing suit.

She let go as she got on the blanket next to me. I laid back on my elbows. She laid on her side looking at my body. She moved her hand on the front of my athletic chest. I smiled again. I turned to look around. I was hoping that Herb was no where to be seen. I was not sure what to do next. I was smiling when I felt Valerie hand move down my chest over my abs. She had stopped on the draw string to my swim suit. "Buck...Do you like older women...I mean do older women turn you on...I just love sexy young men." Valerie whispered. "Yes! Your driving me crazy Valerie. Its just that your married. I mean Herb. What about Herb??" I said. "You let me worry about Herb. I told you we have a understanding. We have what you might call an open marriage. Sometimes we look. Sometimes we find a person we like. I like you Buck!!" she said.

She then leaned into kiss me on the lips. I opened my mouth to accommodate her hot tongue. She was a great kisser. I felt her soft lips on mine. She kissed me very passionately. She then proceeded to run her hands on my chest. I put my hands on her hips. I then felt her hands on mine. She moved my hand to her ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks causing her to moan in my mouth. She put her hands on face as we kissed more. I opened my eyes to see her looking at my face. She broke our kiss to run her hands on the front of crotch. She traced my cock stopping at the tip. "Yummy! I love young hard cock. I need to see this monster. Are you hiding a big fishing pole in there Buck?" she moaned in my ear.

I stood up. She pulled on my draw strings freeing my swimming trunks. They fell around my ankles. My cock sprang out almost hitting her chin. She smiled as she ran her hand down the length of my shaft. She then licked the pre cum from the tip. "I just love you cock sweetie. Your so much bigger than my husband. (9 3/4 inches) Damn its nice. You have some big balls too. I love the way your naked skin feels. I never seen anyone shaved before. How do you know about trimming?" Valerie said. I just grabbed the back of her blonde hair. I pulled her red lips over my cock head. She started to suck the tip using her hands down the shaft. I brought my hips forward causing her to suck more of the shaft. I could feel her hot mouth as she sucked me harder. She was really yanking my cock and sucking me at the same time. I could now feel her warm breast on my calves as she sucked my cock. She put her hands on my small but muscular ass. She was really squeezing my ass cheeks.

She pulled back freeing my cock from her mouth. It was glistening from her mouth. The large vein running down the top was dark purple. She pulled down her top freeing her large breast. She picked them up to show me. I started to smack my cock on her breast. "Slap! Slap! Slap!" My cock was making her breast wet. I then put my cock in her mouth. I reached down to hold her nipples pulling them. She screamed as she sucked me cock. I was really enjoying her blow job. She was very good. I forgot about her age. I was having to much fun with the hot older lady on the boat. I could feel I was getting close to cumming. I looked down to see her eyes open looking up at me. Her red lips were at the tip. She let go with her teeth running the length of my shaft. "Cum for me. Show me a big load honey. I know these big balls and monster cock has a big load in them. That a good boy!! Yeah! Yeah! God does he ever stop....muaaaaa....she kept sucking my cock milking every last drop. I shot about 4 huge streams of cumm on her face. Then some on her breast as she cleaned me up.

Valerie took a few sips of beer to clean out her mouth. She pulled me down to the blanket. She opened her legs. I got on my stomach as she put the beer down on the boat. I started to slowly tease the inside of her thighs. I then kissed all off her body. Her thighs, her stomach. Her lips. The top of her pussy mound. I could smell she was excited as I slowly ran my tongue down to her pussy entrance. Her large cunt lips were on the out side of her pussy. I licked them and sucked on them in my mouth. I pushed her pussy open with two fingers. I ran my tongue down the length of her pussy making her moan. She moved her face forward to look down at the top of my head. I leaned back shoving my tongue deeper inside her. A few seconds later she had a big orgasm in my mouth. Her legs tighten and she rubbed the hair on my head. She was forcing my mouth on her pussy. She came two more times before she forced my mouth off her pussy. "I think I am ready for the big cock now Buck. I want you to fuck me hard big boy. Use me for pleasure." she said in a deep sexy southern accent.

My cock was hard again. I spit in my hand. I rubbed my cock making it wet. I leaned forward over her. I put my hands above her shoulders. My chest was above hers. I looked down to see me skin inches above hers. She used her small left hand to guided my hard cock into her hot pussy. She relaxed as a just the tip of my cock entered inside her. She was tight and wet. I went slowly as I began to push more inside her. She moved her lower body to let me get deeper in her. Her pussy was trying to push me out but my cock kept going forward. After a few minutes I fell on top of her. Her warm breast were on my chest. I was kissing her as more of my cock was buried in her pussy. I finally got all the way in as I pulled out the entire length. I did this for about 5 minutes as she moaned in my ear. We got a good rhythm going before I really started to hammer her pussy.

I could hear my thrust as she screamed. I was doing push ups on her body with my cock. It felt great. It had been awhile since I had even played with myself and long time since having sex. "Harder! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder!! Fuck me harder young man. Fuck this old lady... God damn you cock feels great. Yes! Yes! Yes! God I am cumming!!!! Yes!! She was moaning and I felt her hot juices run the length of my cock. I was now making loud pussy noises as my cock fucked her pussy. She was so wet that I came out four times before I pushed back in. I was looking into her eyes. "Cum inside me. It's Ok!! I need to feel you inside me. Fuck me baby. Make me your cum slut. Yes! Yes! That it!! O' God that was great. Your still cumming honey. Fall on top of me. Her pussy was draining the last drops out of my cock as we fell into each others arms.

I could feel the sun in my eyes. I moved to my left and felt Valerie was not there. I looked around. I must have fallen asleep. My clothes were gone. I picked up the blanket to walk to the back of the boat. I came down to see Valerie. She handed be another Margarita. "Hey sleepy head. I think we took a nap. I checked on Herb. He is still sound asleep. Umm that was fun. I want some more of that cock. I think he wants me too sugar." Valerie said. I looked down to see me cock was hard and pointing at Valerie. She took my cock and put me on the white leather seat at the back of the boat. "I need to try out your big fishing pole again honey." she said. I smiled as she got on my cock. Her breast fell on my chin. She then moved so they were on my face. I grabbed her amazing ass and moved her pussy on my cock. She was really riding my cock. I was completely naked. She was completely naked. She had taken off her heels down below deck.

I felt the boat move. So did Valerie. I heard the engine. Valerie turned to look up at the wheel house. Valerie waved to her husband Herb. He had a big smile on his face. I did not hear him climb the ladder. But he started to hit some waves causing his wife to bounce on my cock. I could only smile and suck her nipples as we headed across the water.

I spent the next few days with them. I lost count how many times I fucked Valerie. They both thanked me for making the fishing trip memorable. I did take a picture of Valerie before I left. I made her put on the same outfit she had worn when we first met at the dock. She opened my eyes to having fun. There marriage opened my eyes to so some hot sex. I still thinking of them. Especially during the winter. The snow coming down. The road icy. Long commute to work. I pass some boats in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Today I am naked laying next to my pool. I need to put some oil on my ass. I just wish the Hot Older Lady on the Boat was here.

Thanks Valerie and Herb


Herb later told me the next day after breakfast. That he watched after he heard us on the front of the boat. He got so excited he came twice before he went to sleep. He met Valerie at a key party. She pulled out his keys and they have not been aprt since.

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