Saturday, August 29, 2009

Her Birthday Present - An Adult Story

It all started about week before her birthday. Even know we had only be friends a short time. I wanted to make her birthday a special moment for her. I sent her a email and a airline ticket to come see me in Baltimore. I had cleared off my calendar for the weekend. I had made reservation at a local hotel if she wanted to stay there or she could stay at my place. I have a few guest rooms but I was hoping she might want to stay in the master bedroom with me. I knew she liked to get dressed up. So I sent her some clothes and some sexy 4inch wooden heels to wear for me. I almost forgot who birthday it was. I sent for a limo to pick her up at the airport. She was to come straight to my office after she arrived.

It was close to 4pm on Friday when my Secretary buzzed me a women was here to see me. I told her to wear the business outfit that I sent her. The bathing suit and dresses and lingerie were for the weekend. I did not want my associates to get the wrong idea when she came to see me at work. She had told me one night on-line that she had a fantasy of making love to me in my office. I checked my self in the mirror on the front of the closet door in my office. I have a big wooden desk. A big black leather chair that slides perfectly underneath the desk. I have a nice executive bathroom and closet. I usually put a change of clothes in the closet or put my bike in there. Today I drove my SUV and left my Mtn. bike at home. I looked at my watch then back at my phone. I have a big black leather couch on the back wall. I have another black leather couch that I got at a doctors office. It has a large back and no sides. You lie down and talk to people. It so comfortable that I forget I am in my office and fall asleep sometimes.

"Yes, send her in." I said. The doors opens. I am sitting behind my desk. A few seconds later the door closed and in came the birthday girl. Wow! She is hotter in person. I had seen her only on-line. She has striking blonde hair and some of the sexist eyes I had seen. I can smell the perfume I sent her. She wearing the 4inch wooden heels. Along with the business attire. She has a long white sleeve shirt with my initials on the upper right pocket. "BK" She also has a new yellow power tie wrapped around her neck. She has the sleeves rolled up showing off some black bracelets. She has a great smile as she turned around showing off her bodacious ass in a short black skirt. Its cut up the side. She has long black fishnet stocking capped off by two lacy garters keeping them up. I can only smile as she walks toward my desk.

"Hi, Buck! Wow your such a cutie. Thank for everything so far. The clothes, the trip to Baltimore. You sure are a gentleman." she said. "How was your trip? I see you got my instructions. I am just wrapping up a few things. Then we can go out for your birthday. Maybe a boat tour of the inner harbor. Some nice food. We can go back to my place drop off your stuff then decide. I live near a big mall we can go there and have fun. Plenty of restaurants and a huge movie theater. I do have a surprise for you later. But only if you want it." I said. "I like surprise Buck. You such a big tease today. Thanks for sending the limo to pick me up at school in Las Vegas. I am going to have some explaining to do when I get back. My best friend mouth dropped when the stretched limo pulled up. Your to nice. Can I look out the window? I just love your office." she said. "Yes! Go ahead." I said.

I smiled as she had a little giggle to her wiggle. She strutted over to the window to look out. I checked my watch. I had left instructions to send everyone home after 4pm instead of 5pm today. I picked up the phone. My Secretary said everyone had gone home. She was going to lock the front door on the way out. I told her we only be a few more minutes then I set the alarm and lock the front door again. She just giggled and hung up the phone. I walked over to the window. I looked out to see my Secretary car was the last one leaving the lot. "Buck, can I use your rest room? I want to powder my nose." she said. "Sure. Here let me get the door. I will be right out here. Take your time." I said.

She walked into the rest room. I walked over and loosen my yellow tie. I unbutton the top button on my white long sleeve shirt. I had on a black business suit. Four button blazer that I undid to sit down. I put my size 11 black leather shoe over my knee. I checked my short brown hair. I had shaved around 11am today. My after shave still smelled good. I worked out and shaved my body this morning before coming to work. I wanted to be neat and clean for when she arrived. I put on some black Calvin Klein boxer briefs that made my cock feel nice. I was semi hard thinking of what was to come. I usually wear a medium but today I put on some small underwear to really show off my package. I checked my watch again.

The door to the rest room opened and out she came. She had unbutton her shirt down to her belly button. I could see she had a big black bra holding up her ample chest. I gulped hard as she walked over and looked down into my eyes. "I have been wanting this for a long time. I think you sexy Buck. I want you right now." she moaned. Her breathing had increased. My hands were moving as I looked up at her. I was very excited now. I was also very hard. All 9 3/4 inches of my hard cock wanted to burst out of my pants. I had spent so much time thinking of how I might get her naked and on the couch. That I had not expect her to just rip of her shirt and throw herself onto me.

My mouth dropped opened as she jumped into my lap. She had ripped the last four buttons off her shirt and her black bra was rubbing my chest. I grabbed her ass pulling her tighter as we kissed for the first time. After just one kiss she had opened my mouth to let me feel her hot tongue. She was a very good kisser and her tongue felt nice inside my mouth. I smiled as we kept kissing. I was moving my hands on her hips and down her side. She pulled off her shirt and through it on the couch. I watched as she leaned back into my big hands. Her ass felt great in my two big hands. I squeezed it as she undid my tie. She placed the tie on her shirt. She then grabbed my shirt and ripped it open like hers. All ten buttons broke off and she giggled in my ear as she fell on my naked chest. Her breast were warm as she moved her hands in my short brown hair. We began to kiss again as she moved in my arms.

After a few minutes I ran my hands up to her right hip. I slowly unzipped the side of her black skirt. She removed her skirt and through it on the floor. She had a black thong that set high on her hips. I could see her pussy was trying to get out of the thin material. I ran two fingers tracing her pussy making her moan in my right ear. I was breathing heavier as she moved her knees on my side. I felt her heels on my knees as she clamped her body on mine. I rubbed my hands on her smooth ass. She grabbed the back of the couch as I undid her black bra. Her breast fell on my head and into my face. I started to suck her left nipple causing her to moan. Both her nipples were hard on my face. I stuck each nipple in my mouth making them wet. She moaned and moved on my body. I moved my hips forward and she arched her back as she fell forward on my face. My ass was on the edge of the seat cushion as she started to dry hump my crotch. I was hard and she could feel me under my pants.

I wanted so much to fuck her but I wanted it to be special. I moved her off my lap and placed her on the couch. She watched as I stood over her taking off my clothes. I placed all my clothes on the floor. I was standing between her legs with just my black Calvin Klein underwear on. She placed her hand on my cock. She traced the length with her fingers then with her tongue. My cock was pumping inside the thin material as she smiled. She slowly moved my briefs over my cock and muscular ass. "Buck! OMG that cock of yours is nice. You showed me pictures but I never thought mmmrrrppp...." she moaned. She had started to lick the precum off the tip as she wrapped her red lips around my big cock head. She used her small hands down the shaft. She used her long finger nails down the purple vein to my big hairless balls. She moved each ball in her fingers. She pulled my briefs around my ankles. I stepped out of them and now was totally nude.

She moved off my cock leaving a huge drool from her mouth to my cock. I got on my knees and she moved her ass to the edge of the couch. I pulled off her thong. I placed it on my clothes. She pulled off her bra and put that on the edge of the couch. I put my hands on her stomach and then started to kiss, from her ankles upward. I felt her legs open as I kissed her thick thighs. I kissed her soft skin making her moan. I moved my hands to her breast rolling her nipples in my fingers. I moved my mouth to the top of her pussy. She had shaved like I had asked her. She smiled as she looked down at my hungry mouth on her pussy mound. I flicked my tongue on her pussy. She moaned!!! "MMMm Buck! Yes! Yes!" she said. I started to open her hot pussy with my fingers. I licked my fingers, then put inside her pussy. She was tight and let me just get inside her. She moved to give me better access as I put my tongue deeper inside her.

I moved my tongue in circular motion paying close attention to her labia. I moved it in my mouth and rubbed my fingers all over her pussy. I sucked her cunt lips making a loud slurping noise. "Oh god!! Yes! Yes! Buck...I'm..cumming..." she moaned. With that she let go her first orgasm in my mouth. She was sweet and tasted great as I kept licking her. She clamped her thighs on my face as I kept getting her off. The leather was wet now and she moved causing a loud noise on the couch. She giggled as I kissed her stomach. I put both fingers inside her as I rubbed her pussy. I was licking down by her ass as I brought my tongue the length of her wet pussy. I was slurping and making loud noises as she came two more times from my mouth and fingers. She had put her hands on the back of my head forcing my mouth on her pussy. "Fuck me with your tongue. God you great at sucking pussy. Damn that was hot. How did you learn how to eat pussy so good?" she said. I just smiled. "Are you ready for your first surprise?" I said. She shook her head "Yes!"

I got up and went to my desk. I opened the top drawer. I got out a gift box. I handed it to her. She slowly opened the little box. She smiled as she pulled out the small 6inch purple vibrator. I turned it on and gently used on her pussy lips. She looked down to see my mouth on her skin and my right hand using the vibrator in her pussy. She was very wet and got all 6inch inside her with ease. I smiled as I reached under the couch after 10 minutes. I handed her another gift box. She opened it up to find a 9 inch blue and white beaded vibrator and anal stimulator on the end. She smiled as she handed me the device. I spit on the big vibrator and inserted in her tight pussy. I pulled out the 6inch vibrator and rubbed it on her labia as the big vibrator was inside her. She came hard and quick and was breathing very hard. I brought her to anther orgasm as she tapped on my shoulder to stop for a few seconds. She needed to catch her breath.

That was my cue to get up and wash off her juices from my face and chest. I rinsed my mouth out and came back to her on the couch all fresh. She smiled as I was clean and we kissed again. I was next to her on the couch. I put my fingers inside her pussy and licked her left nipple. My hard cock was touching her hip as we kissed harder. She leaned back and closed her eyes. I leaned into her left ear and whispered. "Are you ready for you next surprise. Its really hot. I hope you like. OK!!!" I said.

Just then the door to my closet opened. Out came a special guest for the birthday girl. She had told me last week she had found one of the girls on my friends list to be very hot. She had fantasized about her in the past. The girl from the closet came over and was standing in between the birthday girls legs. She had long red hair with a smoking hot body. She was very curvy and more voluptuous than the birthday girl. She was completely naked with just a pair of red 6inch high heels and some red fishnets on her thick legs. My cock twitched as I smelled her sweet perfume in the air. She was very warm to the idea of being a present for the birthday girl. I had shaved her in the bathroom and dressed her up. I then put her in the closet and shut the door with the last minute instructions of what to do.

I watched as she got on her knees and started to lick my fingers that were inside the birthday girl pussy. She had pulled her long red hair back and she had very long red finger nails that were scratching my thighs. I looked down to see her mouth and tongue deep inside past my fingers in some very wet pussy. It only took less than a minute before..."Oh god yes..your so good...mmmmm...fuck I'm cumming..." and the blonde came in the red head mouth. My cock was so hard I had to stick it in the birthday girls mouth. I stood up and placed my cock in her mouth. She gagged at first then relaxed her throat to fit my size. Her red lips parted and she suck my cock. Her new friend was eating her pussy and using her long fingers nails on her labia to get her off again. These two hotties were filling the room with sex. The smells of them two were driving me crazy. I watched as the red head girl slapped the blondes thighs and reached up to play with her breast. I reached down to grab her face fucking her throat faster.

I let go of her hair and got off the couch. Both girls watched me as I went over to my desk. I pulled opened the bottom drawer to get a gold box. I placed it on the desk and looked at the two girls. The licked there lips as I walked over to them. I slowly opened the top of the box. I had bought a huge strap on cock for the red head to wear. She smiled as she got off her knees to take the fake cock out of the box. The blonde just smiled as she looked up at us. I had bought a big red 12 inch fuck stick for her birthday. I quickly inserted the big red cock in the opening. I then tied it around the red heads hips. Fastening on the back. The belt was dark red with little silver studs. I then reached in the box to get out two collars that I had personalized the day before. I handed the red head a red collar with the words "Slut" in silver on the front. I tied it around her neck. I then went to the couch as the red head stood there stroking her big red cock near the front of the couch. I handed the birthday girl a black collar with "Whore" on the front. She smiled at my sexy collar as I put it around her neck.

I reached down to open the blondes pussy for the red head to start fucking. The blonde watched as her new friend squatted down on her big thighs. She guided her big red fake cock into the blondes pussy. She moved her hips forward easing the big strap on in. "O' God!! Don't stop! Don't stop!! Fuck me harder slut!! Slut! Slut!" the blonde said. That was all the red head need to hear. She started to really fuck the blonde pussy. I thought she might break her into two. I licked my lips as she was really fucking her hard. Almost all the fake cock was buried inside the blondes tight pussy. I got up to stick my cock in the blondes mouth. I waited a few minutes before the blonde came again. The fake cock glisten as I got up and walked over to the red head to give her a kiss. The red head stopped to look down to see what her new friend pussy was doing. Both girls were leaking on my couch.

I walked over to the black leather couch I had purchased at the doctors office. I laid down with my cock in the air. I was slightly sitting up as I watched the red head get up and pull out of the blondes wet pussy. The blonde finally got to kiss her new friend. Both girls were making out as I began to stroke my cock. I watched as they walked over to me. I motion for the birthday girl to sit on my cock. She put her foot on my sides and eased her tight pussy onto my cock. I then motion for the red head to get behind the blondes ass. We were going to make a happy birthday sandwich out of the blonde. I started to suck her nipples as the couch moved. I felt the red heads hands on mine. I then felt the blondes chest move on mine. "Wham! Wham! Wham! Yeah!! That it WHORE!!! Feel my hands on your ass. How old are you? Fuck it. Your getting twenty one spankings from me blondie." said the red head. I heard twenty one slap of the blondes ass. The ten slap she came on my cock. I had the blonde nipples in my mouth on the last slap.

After the the red head spit on her strap on. She then wiped the big red cock on the blondes girls pussy. I felt the fake cock hit mine as she inserted a small amount inside the blondes pussy. She screamed only to be outdone when the red head stuck the big red cock at the blondes ass hole. She eased a little in to let the blonde get used to the size. The blondes started to get double penetrated my me and the red head. I froze for minute to let everyone get a good rhythm. I could feel my hard cock against her pussy walls. I then felt the big red cock against the inside of her ass. It was rubbing my flesh as we fucked the birthday girl harder. I then felt the blonde cum one more time. The red head got up to let go to the bathroom. I could hear the water running from he sink. The blonde got up. She was leaking from her used pussy. A few seconds later the red head came out of the bathroom.

She handed the blonde the strap on. I got up and helped the blonde get the strap on belt in place. I watched as the red head laid down on the couch. The blonde got on the couch and slowly inserted the strap on into the red head pussy. I watched as both girls made out. There big tits rubbed against each other as I stroked my cock. I could not take much more as I walked over to them. I stuck my cock in there big boobs. Each girl took turns tit fucking me as I stood there admiring them. After a few minutes I stuck my cock in the blondes cleavage. I arched my back as my knees got weak. "Here it comes my whore and slut. Here comes a big load for you two. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!" I said as I came. The first 3 spurts hit the blondes mouth and then the rest on her tits. Some dripped off my cock into the red head chest. I watched both girls clean them selves off. I stepped back to watch the blonde start fucking her new friend with her red cock.

I was hard in less then no time. Both girls got up and the red head got on my desk. Both girls giggled as they pushed off all my things on my desk to the floor. I began to eat the red head girls big pussy. I had her thick thighs spread apart as the blonde got on her tippy toes to feed her pussy into the red head mouth. I was licking and eating her hot pussy. I had two fingers and tonguing her hard labia. I then sucked her cunt lips causing her to exploded in my mouth. I watched as both the blonde and I sucked on the red heads nipples. I was at a lost for words. If I was dreaming I hope I would not wake up. If this was pure ecstasy than I wanted more. I watched as the blonde took off the strap on. She placed it in my desk chair. I put my cock in the red head tight pussy. I fucked her hard for twenty minutes before the blonde leaned over the red head body and watched my cock with her eyes. I looked up to see the red heads nails on the blondes ass. I could see the black fishnets and the red fishnets on my thighs as I fucked her harder. I was close to cumming. I just pulled out and shot a big load on the red head stomach. The birthday girl licked off my big load. Then she got up to pass some sperm to the red head mouth. They were swapping my load again.

I sat down on the leather couch. Each girl went to get cleaned up as my cock was still on fire. A few minutes later they came out. They had both dressed in the sweat pants and sweat shirts I had picked out. One in red and the other in yellow. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt. I walked with them down to the limo. We drove back to my house. We ordered some Chinese, pizza, and some cheese cake for dessert. It was only Friday. We had all weekend for her birthday. We spanked the birthday girls ass twice the number of years she was born. Her ass was bright red by morning.

I woke up around 8am. I slowly crawled out between the girls. I walked down stairs to make breakfast. I checked my computer. I looked to see if I had any emails. I then brought up breakfast to my bed room. The girls were awake and kissing when I walked in. They smiled. "Thanks for the birthday presents Buck!" blonde said. "My pleasure sexy. I hope you two are ready for today. I got us a boat to take us for a tour. I got us a house on the beach. I also got you girls some bathing suits to wear. One black and the other red. I also got you some new wooden heels. I hope your ready. Your birthday just beginning." I said.


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