Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big Gurl Sitter - An Adutl Story

I had just moved across country. I was going to school full time. Getting a little money from the folks back home. They told me I should get a part time job. I had read the news paper but with no luck. I was talking to some friends on-line. One girl was telling me she made a few dollars baby sitting. It was easy money. Just have to watch some kids. Most of the time you sat around with nothing to do. Kinda of just watched the house while the people were out. Being in college I only need beer money and some money for food. I figured what the hell. What did I have to loose.

I posted my first job on-line. I got a few calls and started to baby sitter right away. It was easy money. Most of the women who hired me were happy that I was a guy and was not afraid to stay with there kids. I watched TV. Made the kids dinner. They ran all over the house. Then at night the Dad would drive me home and pay me some cash for watching the kids. It was kinda of fun after awhile. If I did not want to work and go and party it was cool. It did not interfere with college. I had some women recommend me to there friends. I did a good job. I just played it cool while I was at there houses.

It was close to a month after starting baby sitting and college that I got a call on a Friday morning. It was a new client. She was wondering if I could watch her kids. She was going out and needed a baby sitter for the night. I was like sure no problem. I can be there at 5pm. I told her I would even cook for them if she wanted me too. She giggled. I was a good cook.

It was close to 5pm when I got dropped off by a friend in front of my new client home. I walked around the front of the house and rang the door bell. "Ding Dong!" A few seconds later the door opened. I froze for a second. I almost did not go inside. I hope she did not think I was starring at her. The client was a very attractive woman. She had long dark hair down her back. She had sexy eyes and perfect pink lips. She had a pair of nice dark jeans that rode low on her amazing ass. She had a sexy black skin tight shirt showing off her incredible breast. She was very curvy. I just adore bodacious women and she was putting a smile on my face. Not to mention a ache in my pants. She had painted her finger and toe nails a dark purple. Very nice. I had worn some tan cargo short, a black Kiss t-shirt and some sandals. I forgot I was wearing some new black boxer briefs. If not for my hard cock trying to get out of them.

She opened the door and smiled. She gave me the once over checking out my 6ft 3inch athletic frame. I played football all through high school. I liked to keep in shape. She smiled again when I shook her hand. "Tamara! Nice to meet you." she said. "Buck! Nice to meet you Ms. Tamara. That a very nice name. You have a very nice house." I said. "Thank you." she said. "I like what your wearing. I am sure you will have fun on your date this evening. Where are the kids?" I said. She blushed. "I know that it was last minuted when I called this morning. I got my Mom to watch my kids right after talking to you. They are staying with her until Monday. I was hoping you could just watch the place then. Kinda of be here if anything happens." Tammara said. "Sure, no problem. I brought some home work I can do. If you don't mind?" I said. "No! that will be great. I still need to get ready. Take a seat." she said.

I sat on her couch and looked around. She had a very nice home. It was nicely decorated and furnished. I had been so used to living in a dorm I forgot what it was like to live in a nice house. I waited a few minutes. I heard Tamara up stairs as she was getting ready. "If you like. I made some food for you in the fridge. Help yourself." she said. "Thanks!" I said. I walked out to the fridge. I got my self a plate and some water to drink. I was sitting at her kitchen table when she came down to say goodbye. "How do you like it?" she said. "Its very nice. I love your meatballs." I said. I wiped my mouth with a napkin. "You look nice. Is this you first date with him? I hope you don't mind me asking?" I said. "Yes! We met on the Internet. I hope he is nice as you." she said. I smiled

"OK! Some rules before I leave. Just so were on the same page. Have fun but no to much fun watching my house. I will be home later. Thanks once again." she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" Tamara turned to leave. She had put on some 4 inch wooden heels. She looked amazing as her thick butt moved under her tight jeans. She was a little older than me. But she was a real head turner. I was totally turned on by her. I almost said something but I heard the front door close behind her.

I went and watched TV. I was watching a new movie on HBO and it was close to midnight. I was looking at me cell phone for the time. I was getting a little sleepy. I was sitting on the couch. I took off my sandals and put them by the front door. I put my feet on the couch and lied down. I could see the credits from the movie rolling up from the bottom of the eye lids closed.

I could feel the couch move slightly back. I then felt a hand on my shirt. Someone was rubbing my chest. I then felt my shirt move up exposing my hard abs. I felt a long finger nail gently rub on my skin. Was I dreaming? Did I want to wake up. I could feel another hand on my tan cargo shorts. I could feel another finger nail trace my hard cock under my shorts. Who ever was doing it was peeking my excitement. It was feeling great. I felt a soft pair of lips on my belly button. Then a wet tongue trace my abs. I then smelled some great perfume. I smelled the same perfume from the up stairs bathroom. Had Tamara come home? Was she fondling me and kissing me on the couch?

I then felt my black belt being taken off. It slowly moved around my 28 inch waist. I then felt my shorts open up. I was tempted to look but I was more aroused trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I felt my shorts being pulled down around my ankles on the couch. I then felt a hand on my cock under the thin material of my boxer briefs. Then a warm mouth was put on the tip of my cock. A warm lick from a soft tongue. I was breathing heavier. I was so hard. My cock strained under my briefs. I then felt a small finger pull down my briefs to my knees. I heard a "Gasp!" I head Tamara moan. Then she put the tip of my cock on her lips. She licked the pre-cum.

I opened my eyes slightly to see her. Her fingers were rubbing the length of my cock. She put her mouth on the tip and ran it down the side of my shaft stopping on my hairless balls. I had shaved all my private area the day before. I liked the way it felt and I think Tamara liked it too. She then start to suck my cock and jack me with her two hands. She spit on my cock as she ran her finger nails on my balls. This voluptuous MILF was sucking my cock. She was so hot. Her pink lips opened to accept more of my cock. She almost had all 9 3/4 inches in her mouth. She put her lips near the base and gagged really hard. She then spit my cock out and fondled it some more. I watched as she dropped her hand down to her jeans. She was squatting next to the couch as she rubbed the front of her jeans.

I decide to go for broke. She was sucking me so good. I want to feel her. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to please her more than she was pleasing me. I moved my hips up wards causing her to get all my cock in her mouth. I felt the back of her throat as she turned her head. Her eyes got bigger with my cock in her mouth. I reached over to grab her left butt cheek under her jeans. Wow she felt great. I smiled as she kept sucking my cock. I then started to fondle her ass as she moved closer to my hand. She moved slightly on her feet to give me better access to the front of her jeans. I pulled her zipper down. I undid her small belt. She reached down with both of her hands to pull her jeans over her hips and amazing ass. She had a small pair of black panties on. She pulled them down to her jeans.

I licked my fingers. She got on her knees and moved her ass to face me. I slapped her ass with my right hand. "Slap! Slap! Slap!" She moaned. She kept sucking my cock. I licked my finger again. I moved it down under her ass. I moved it inside her thighs. She opened her legs. Her jeans and panties were still on her ankles. She could not get them over her wooden heels. I could smell how excited she was. I began to slowly trace my fingers around her naked pussy mound. She had shaved too. I could still feel some small bumps from earlier that evening. I heard her moan again. I had found the opening to her pussy. She moved slightly back when she felt my long finger inside her. She was hot, wet and I was loving every second of her. I began to stroke her clit, rub her cunt lips. She arched her back and flipped her head back and forth. I was able to slip one more finger inside her. "Fuck!! Yes! Yes! Yes!...I.MMMMM....cummmiiinnnggggg...." Tamara screamed. She let go of my cock from her mouth as her juices flowed down my fingers.

I got off the couch. I put her on the couch facing me. I took off her jeans and panties. I left her heels on. She smiled as she looked down at my blue eyes above her pussy. She next felt my wide tongue inside her. I sucked her labia, her small cunt lips. I inserted one finger in finding her juicy spot. She orgasm again as I kept licking her. "Faster! Faster! use that tongue Buck!! Go you know you away around a pussy young man. Faster!! O I cum again...." she yelled.

I got up and put my cock on her couch. I pushed the tip so it touched her entrance to her pussy. I smacked her skin with my cock. "Is this OK! Can I..." I said. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her pussy. She then inserted it inside her. I felt her cunt lips slide down my shaft. I got half inside her before her pussy muscles bounced me out. I was going o have to be long and gentle with her. I pushed in some then withdrew. I did this while her tight pussy adjusted for my size. I finally got almost all inside her. I could see her wetness on my cock. My purple head was dark and my shaft was shiny from her. I leaned forward with my hips. I leaned over and started to kiss her. She kissed me long and hard.

I broke our kiss to lick her breast. They were soft and her nipples hard. I fondled them with my hands as I fucked her harder and harder. Her pussy was squeezing my cock. I slowed down. I grabbed her thighs spreading her open. I used my thumb to rub her clit sending her screaming. It had been a few days since cumming from my hand. I was pretty sure I was going to come in buckets. I started to really bang her pussy. "Faster! Faster! Harder! Harder! Harder!!!!!Fuck me Buck!! Yes!! Yes!...I grunted. I pulled out and she leaned forward putting my cock in her mouth. I then started cumming. She deep throat my cock not missing any of my load. She licked her lips and sucked her right nipple as I looked down on her. She smiled and winked at me.

She grabbed my hand as I followed her upstairs. I put her on the stairs and ate her pussy again. "Come on! I want you in my shower. I need to get clean before I fuck you again." Tamara said. We walked into her bathroom. I started the water. She grabbed some soap. I pushed her against the wall. She arched her back on my chest. I inserted my cock in her pussy from behind. I was fucking her really hard. I turned her around. I picked her up and put my back against the shower wall. I picked her up and down on my cock. She grabbed the shower curtain pulling it off the shower rings. She orgasm again. I pulled out and she let me cum on her amazing breast. We spent the rest of the night fucking all around her house. We even made it to her bedroom for a little sleep.

Her date did not go so well. Turns out the guy never showed. He was married and was lieing to Tamara. She came home after staying at the bar. She had met a friend. She convinced Tamara to stay and enjoy a night out with out the kids. She came home saw me on the couch. Saw my big bulge under my cargo shorts. One thing led to another and now she rolling over kissing me on the lips.

I still baby sit now and then. I also house sit. Its the big gurl sitting I love the best. I just got a text message from Tamara. She free tonight. She wondering if I like to hook up or babysit again. I text back "YES! I like to hook up later. Can she meet me at the library on campus. I needed to study her Anatomy for class. Then I will take her back to her house for some over night Tammara sitting"

Love Ya

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