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The Plumber - An Adult Story

I shut the door to my truck. I parked in my driveway last night. I start the engine. I have a important job already this morning. I got a call while I was getting dressed. I was to go over and fix a plumbing problem at the Smythe house. They live on 4672 Park Street across town. Take me about 40 minutes form my house to get there. I have all my tools and everything for the job in the van. I hate driving it but at least I don't have to commute to the office everyday to punch in. I grab a coffee and bagel at the drive thru. A little wake up call after a long night of drinking.

I live alone. My girlfriend left me for her old boyfriend. She took the dog, car and her mother who lived in the basement. What a pair of bitches. Glad to get rid of her mouth. Just miss the dog. I just turned 24 two months back. Trying to catch up for lost time. Maybe need to cool it on the beer but going out has been fun. I like all women, I just prefer bigger gurls. One with thick curves and a bodacious personality. I could not wait for next Friday to come. I have only working as a plumber for about a year. Went to trade school. Study on the job for about 6 months. But business is so good they put me by myself in no time.

I check my watch. Its 8am as I pull in the driveway of the Smythe house. Its a huge house. They live in the rich part of town. I hate rich people attitudes but love there money. I am sure what ever the plumbing problem is. Its not a serious as they are making it out to be. I have a pair of black leather work boots. Some black socks. I have short brown hair. I have on a pair of brand new white boxer briefs. A simple white short sleeve t-shirt. Stretched over my 6ft 3inch athletic frame. I check the rear view mirror. I put my shades on the dash board. I have a dark blue button down work shirt over my white shirt. My name above the right pocket "Buck" in red. I check to make sure all the buttons except the top two are done. I look down on my matching blue uniform pants. I check my fly, make sure its up. Don't want to scare anybody.

I grab my tool belt from the back. I flip it on my shoulder as I walk to the front door. I knock on the door. "Knock! Knock!" A few seconds later the door opens. "Yes! How can I help you." said the maid. I was only guessing she was. She had a small black/white French maid uniform on. The young woman was maybe 21. She was from Japan or Thailand. She was only 4ft 11 and maybe 90 pounds. She was pretty curvy on top. But had a little round ass. She was wearing some black 4inch heels as she put her hands down by her side. She had a short haircut on top but her hair in the back was braided. It had a small black bow in the middle of her hair that went just past her ass. "I am the plumber. Someone called about a plumbing problem at this address." I said. "Yes! It's upstairs in the master bathroom. Let me get Mrs. Smythe for you. Stay here." she said.

I waited inside the house. I stood at the bottom of the grand staircase leading to the 2nd floor. It was a huge house inside. I could not even see the kitchen. There was so many windows, doors, furniture and antiques my eyes were drawing a blank. I waited about 10 minutes before I heard some heels come down the hall near the top of the stairs. I waited a few more seconds before I saw someone at the top. It was a older woman. She had long blonde hair that was teased up and in big bun in the back. She was wearing a long gray skirt. She had a red blouse on underneath a matching gray sport coat. She had on some red 2 inch heels. Her finger and toenails were painted red to match her lips. She was quite curvy as I looked up the stairs. She was standing behind the wooden banister. I could not get a good look of what she had under her outfit.

"Please! Come up stairs." she said. I smiled as I walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I got to the top and turned to see her. "Hello! My name Mrs. Darla Smythe. I have a problem in our master bath just down the hall. I am so glad you got here so soon. My husband is away for the next two weeks on business. Ever since he left I have been having nothing but problems. I only hope you can help." she said. "Ok! No problem. Why don't you take me to the bathroom?" I said. I looked down the hall to see the cute maid in front of a big door. "I see you met Suki. She came from Japan. She is our live in maid. She is a big help in keeping an eye on my husband Ralph. Especially since I became pregnant. We are expecting in a few weeks. I am a principle of the elementary school in town. I start my leave in a few days." she said. I just kept walking as she kept talking.

I let Mrs. Smythe walk in front of me to get a better look at her. She was about 5 ft 6 in her heels. I could tell she was hiding a thick figure under her principle outfit. I adore large women and she was making me smile as I looked at her large bodacious ass moving under her tight skirt. She was starting to push out her tight clothes making them bend as she walked. I was loving her thick curves. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her large breast under her red blouse. I was sure she had on a large black bra. I was just not sure how the big black bra had not broken wide open from the weight of her large breast. She had on some big gold hoop earring and a huge rock on her wedding ring. I smiled as we got to the door next to Suki.

She held the door open for Mrs. Smythe. "Thank you Suki." she said. "Your welcome Mame. Here let me get the door to the master bathroom." Suki said in a sexy Japanese accent. I looked around the room. There was a huge king size canopy bed. There must have been 2 dozen black silk pillows on the bed. There were antique wooden night stands, a large hope chest at the end of the bed that matched the room. There was a black leather couch near the back wall. Many pictures, lights, and other doors in the room. I shook my head when I saw the double glass door leading out to the balcony. I loved her 54 inch plasma flat screen near the bed. I finally could smell Mrs. Smythe perfume as we made small talk before going inside the bathroom.

Suki opened the bathroom door. I walked in behind Mrs. Smythe and stopped. "What seems to be the matter.?" I said. "Well the drain is slow in the sink. The toilet runs after it is flushed. Also the shower drips hot water. This all happen the last 2 days. Do you thing you can fix it.?" Mrs. Smythe said. "Yes! No problem. Just going to need a few hours to get everything fixed." I said. I knew maybe 20 minutes at the most to fix everything. I just needed some more time to check the busty pregnant MILF of the house more. I smiled as she looked around the room. Mrs. Smythe had button only two buttons on the bottom of her sport coat. I smiled as one button came off as she bent over near the bath tub. I heard it whirl around in the tub and go down the drain. "Don't worry I will get that for you." I said. I reached down to hand Mrs Smythe her button. She smiled as she walked Suki out into the bedroom.

"Mr. Plumber." Mrs Smythe said. "Call me Buck! Yes, Mrs. Smythe." I said. "I have to go to work this morning. Suki will be here all day until I get back. If you need anything. Please call me or tell Suki and she will do anything you say. She is a very good maid. I will see you later young man." she said in a firm tone. I watched her and Suki walk out into the hallway. I went back into the bathroom. I could here them out in the hallway still talking. I leaned my head to take a glimpse of Mrs. Smythe before she left for the day. "Suki you go back in the bathroom. I need you to help the plumber. The young man is going to work and fix the problems. I need you to get anything he needs. I will be back later after school. Now get in there and help him like you help my husband Ralph." Mrs Smythe talked in a stern manner. "Help him, like I help your husband? OK! Mrs. Smythe! I help him like I help Mr. Smythe." Suki said in a low tone.

I turned to go back in the bathroom. I heard Suki walk down the hallway and then heard the front door close downstairs. I quickly fixed the toilet. Fixed the flapper inside the tank so it stop running. I then tighten the hot water valve in the shower. I then walked over and plunged the sink freeing up the clog. In less than 10 minutes I had fixed everything. I smiled. I grabbed my wrench out of my tool belt to look busy when Suki walked into he bathroom. I heard her heels click as she got closer to the master bath. "Hello! How is it going? Mrs. Smythe told me to come in and help you. I am suppose to help you like I help her husband, Mr. Smythe. He is away. He help me come from Japan. I work here for couple of months." she said. She was looking me up and down in the bathroom. I was checking her out also. I could see why old Ralph had brought Suki to his house. He needed some sexy maid to check out cleaning. Makes me wish I had lots of money. I would rather spend time with his wife but Suki would work.

I smiled when Suki came close to me. She was now inches from in front of me. She looked up into my eyes. "OK! Mr. Buck I help you now. I help you like I help Mr. Smythe when his wife is at work. He is dirty old man. OK! Let me help you." Suki said. I watched as she got on her knees and reached up for my zipper on my pants. I breathed in quickly. I was stunned for a second. I was so turned on from watching Mrs Smythe a few minutes ago I had no problem letting her sexy Japanese maid pull down my zipper. I was liking were this might be going. I guess Mr. Smythe really liked Suki as his maid. I am sure if his wife ever found out she might deport her back to Japan. I was clearing my throat as Suki looked up into my blue eyes again. She unbuckled my belt. Then pulled my uniform pants around my ankles. She then reached up and pulled down my boxer briefs to around my ankles. "Gasp! Oh! Mr. Buck. You have a big cock. So much bigger than Mr. Smythe. I thought all Americans were small like him. Oh! Wow this is big. You shave him and your big balls. That is real nice!!" Suki said.

I leaned my hips forward as she licked the tip of my cock. I then felt her small fingers on my balls. She had painted her nails black as she ran them the length of my cock. She had her lips just on the tip of my cock. She was jacking my cock with her two small hands. I grabbed her hair to force her mouth down on my cock farther. She was very good at sucking cock. I could here her small mouth as she sucked my big cock. Her red lips were wide as my soft skin came in and out of her mouth. She licked the length of my cock again. I put her two hands on my ass. She squeezed my muscular ass. I think she liked it. She put her mouth under my balls licking my big balls. She then kissed inside my thighs. I slapped her face, forehead and mouth with my erect cock. She could not get all of my 9 3/4 inch cock in her mouth but she tried. I leaned down to untie the back of her maids uniform freeing her perky tits to fall out. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were rock hard as she pushed them on my legs. She put my cock back in her mouth and was sucking the tip. I pulled out my cock and wiped the wetness on her face. She tongued my naked balls. I then place my cock back in her hot little mouth.

"One more thing I forgot to tell you Plumber Boy. What the fuck is going on here? SUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!! What the fuck are you doing to my maid?" Mrs. Smythe screamed. I froze as Mrs. Smythe had come back home. It had been about 30 minutes since she left. I thought the coast was clear. "You like Mame. I help Plumber like I help Mr. Smythe. But his cock much bigger. Look!" moaned Suki. She pulled my cock out of her small hot Japanese mouth. My cock was hard, glistening of wetness from Suki mouth and lips. I watched as Mrs. Smythe eyes opened wide when she saw my cock. I had my pants around my ankles as I stood there with my shirt still on. Suki was topless and showing off my big cock in her small right hand. Suki kept smiling at Mrs. Smythe. "I lost what I was going to say. Suki stop showing me his cock. What are you doing? That is not Mr. Smythe. What do you with my husband. What does my old husband do to you when I am not here?" Mrs. Smythe said in a stern tone.

"Mr. Smythe nice man. He little dirty when it comes to Suki. He like for me to suck his small pecker. Then tie him up. Sometimes in your clothes. Then I whip him with your things from your special room that I am not to go into. If I am really good he take pictures of me. He sell my sucking skills on-line to his old friends. Those are not poker parties in basement when you go for the night. He makes me suck his old friends off. Are you mad at Suki?" Suki said. My mouth dropped open. I had gotten maybe to much information about dirty old Mr. Smythe. Now I was interested in Mrs. Smythe naughty play room. I looked at Mrs. Smythe who was about to go crazy. She was pounding her right foot on the bathroom floor. I could feel her heels click very loud. Her face was getting red. She was looking right at me. I though she was going to exploded with anger. She just found out her husband was cheating on her with the maid who had my cock in her hand.

"He did what? My old husband Ralph did that to you. Suki!!!!" Mrs. Smythe said. I was still trying to catch my breath. I was not sure what to do next. Pull up my pants, stick my cock back in Suki mouth or run out of the house. I watched as Mrs. Smythe walked toward me. She looked down at Suki kneeling in font of me. She then looked into my eyes and at my big cock in her maids hand. She smiled at us both. "Well if my old husband can play with the maid. Why can't I play with you two. I will take care of him when he gets back. It's been two years since I had sex. I got pregnant from a sperm donor at the clinic. My husband doesn't even look at me any more. He fakes he is a asleep all the time when I come in the room. I will show him." Mrs. Smythe said.

I then felt Mrs. Smythe hand on my right shoulder. She was now inches from me on my right side. I put my wet cock back in Suki mouth. She started to suck me hard cock again. I then put my right hand around Mrs. Smyth back. I could feel her big hips as she was breathing heavy. I then looked into her eyes. She smiled. I moved my right hand up her back. I undid her blonde hair bun letting her hair fall down. Her long blonde hair was inches from her large ass. I then put my right hand under her sport coat. Mrs. Smythe began to rub my chest. I could feel, hear and smell Suki sucking my cock. I moved my left hand over to the front of Mrs. Smythe gray sport coat. I unbutton her last button on the bottom. I then reached my hand on her red silk blouse rubbing her milk heavy breast. Mrs. Smythe gasped as I felt her large left tit. I then moved my hand to my uniform shirt. I pulled the blue shirt over my head. Mrs. Smythe pulled my white under shirt over my head next.

I then felt her hands and Suki on my hard abs. Suki put her hands back on my ass. Mrs. Smythe put her hands on my athletic chest rubbing my erect nipples. I stopped for a second when I felt her warm lips on my right nipple. She licked it then started to kiss my lips. We kissed very hard as I felt her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues did the two step as I rubbed her chest. I had to see her large breast. Her breast were making my hands small as I rubbed them. I pushed Mrs. Smythe back a few inches. I then reached up and yanked open her red blouse. The small buttons on her blouse burst open. They fell onto the floor. I looked down to see Suki had stopped sucking my cock. She was looking at her boss tits being fondled by the plumber. I then looked at Mrs. Smythe chest. Her large breast were encased in a huge black bra. The hooks were in the back. They were straining from the weight. I smiled as I saw Mrs. Smythe unbutton her long gray skirt letting it fall around her ankles. A few minutes later she was standing over her maid in just a bra, panties and long brown hose secured by two lacy black garters over her thick thighs.

Mrs. Smythe put her thick body back on my right side. She began to kiss my neck and upper back. I looked down at Suki. I pointed to Mrs. Smythe pussy. I winked at the Japanese maid on her knees. Suki smiled. I mouthed to her "Help her like you help her husband." Suki spit my cock out. She then crawled on her knees about a foot to the waist of Mrs. Smythe. Suki put her small hands on her boss's panties. She then pulled them around Mrs. Smythe ankles. Mrs. Smythe turned her head very quickly. "Suki! What are you doing. OMG that feels nice. Use your finger in my pussy. That is it. My maid is eating my big hairy pussy." Mrs. Smythe moaned. I turned my whole body to move my hands around the back of Mrs. Smythe. I rubbed my cock on her lower back. This made her hot. I then smelled her hair pussy as she came in Suki mouth for the first time. Suki caught her boss's legs as she came on her face.

I smiled as I finally pulled Mrs. Smythe bra apart freeing her large breast. They cascaded down hitting the top of Suki head. She fell down on the ground. She had been kissing Mrs. Smythe belly button when the large boobs hit her and she fell down. I moved my feet around her left side. I put my erect cock on her left hip. I pulled her large breast up and began to fondle them. They were huge in my big hands. I finally caught a glimpse of Mrs. Smythe hairy pussy. I could tell it had been a long time since that baby was trimmed. I then moved my hand down her thick curves toward her hairy pussy. I moved my hand between her legs. I then felt her relax as I stuck two fingers inside her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! That it young man. Don't stop! Don't stop!!" she moaned. She moved forward as she came on my fingers. I pulled my fingers out of her wet pussy. I put them in Suki mouth. She licked my fingers clean. She then went back to eating Mrs. Smythe pussy.

I reached down to move Mrs. Smythe large breast to my mouth. I began to kiss underneath her huge tits. I kissed them long and felt her smooth skin on my face. I then began to kiss them on top. I could see her tits getting wet on the end of her nipples. I knew she was lactating, I just was not prepared to see her squirt them when I ran my wet fingers on her left nipple. First a huge squirt of milk came out and went across the floor of the bathroom. Then another squirt onto my chest. It was warm and she smelled great as she bite her lower lip. I then felt another small hand on mine. It was Suki hand. She had pulled her mouth off her boss's pussy. I then pulled Suki to her feet. She went to the right side of Mrs. Smythe. I moved to the front of Mrs. Smythe. With that we began to suck Mrs. Smythe engorged nipples. I felt some breast milk on my lips. I then sucked them harder to feel it inside my mouth. I swallowed some. It was very warm and tasted sweet. I saw Suki sucking Mrs. Smythe nipples and letting the milk hit her tongue and go out the side of her mouth. I began to do the same thing so I would not drown from the breast milk. I stuck my finger back inside Mrs. Smythe pussy.

She came again as Suki and I kept sucking her tits dry. I had to have Mrs. Smythe. I walked over and put my ass on the sink. My cock was pointing out towards them. Mrs. Smythe stepped out of her drenched panties and walked toward me. Suki crawled over towards me. I spun Mrs. Smythe around. Her large ass backed up and hit my cock. She bent forward as I pushed my cock under her ass to slap the inside of her meaty thighs. She looked over her shoulder at me. She then looked down when she saw Suki in front of her. Suki reached between Mrs. Smythe thighs and pushed my cock back up and slowly inserted into Mrs. Smythe pussy. I grunted when I felt Mrs. Smythe pussy open up and welcome my cock. I moved my hands on her hips. I moved this blonde prego MILF backwards on my cock. I had half of my cock buried inside her. I reached around her body to feel her breast. I then felt Suki mouth on my big balls as I fucked Mrs. Smythe. She was still tight as she cried out in pleasure.

After a 15 minutes I moved Mrs. Smythe around with her hands on the front of the sink. Her ass looked huge as I pushed my cock back into her pussy. I felt Suki kissing my ankles, calf's, and muscular thighs. I then felt her push my ass open. She began to kiss and run her tongue the length of my crack. I was getting so excited that my knees shook. "Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me young man. Its been so long. Oh god yes keep fucking me. Don't stop. God your cock is nice. Suki what are you doing. Come suck my tits again. Get you ass up here." Mrs. Smythe said. I moved my hand to keep Suki licking my ass. "Damn! I am so close." I said. "Fill me up plumber boy. Shoot me with your big cock. Fill my pussy." she moaned. I grunted and all my body moved forward as I erupted inside Mrs. Smythe pussy. I was so deep inside her that I felt all my sperm come up my cock as I withdrew from her tight pussy. I then put my cock in Suki hot mouth. She cleaned me off then Mrs.Smythe soaked pussy.

Suki got up and kissed Mrs. Smythe on the lips. They were swapping my load as they kissed for a very long time. I walked out of the bathroom and got to the canopy bed. I got on the bed. I put my head back on all the pillows. I then began to play with my cock making it harder. A few seconds later both girls came out of the bathroom. They had a big towel wiping them selves off. Suki was drinking some water. Mrs. Smythe had some water too as she watched me play with myself. "Does her ever go down? I love your cock young man. Does he want to play again?" she moaned. I nodded my head "Yes!". I then watched Suki take off all her clothes. She help Mrs. Smythe get completely naked. The both kissed again.

Mrs. Smythe got on the bed first. She took off her heels as she stood up and moved next to me. She put her feet on the sides of my hips. I then saw Suki get on the bed behind Mrs. Smythe. She helped her boss squat down and take my cock inside her hot pussy. Mrs. Smythe had all 9 3/4 inside her as she began to slowly fuck me again. I then moved her large chest onto mine. I began to kiss her breast all over. Suki was still standing. She reached down to help hold Mrs. Smythe tits in my mouth. I felt warm milk hit the pillows over my head as Suki tweaked and pinched Mrs. Smythe nipples. I was still fucking her pussy when I felt Mrs. Smythe orgasm again. Suki dropped down to eat her boss's ass. She was licking Mrs. Smythe butt crack as Mrs. Smythe rammed her pussy the length of my cock. I held her hips as Suki fed me some milk.

Mrs. Smythe fell off my cock and was now on her back. She watched as her small maid took her place on my cock. Suki was so tight I thought I snap her in two. She could only get half my cock inside her pussy. She was plugged hard as she used me for her own pleasure. She was fucking me like a jack hammer. With quick thrust and body movement on my cock. She grabbed my hands to keep her balance. She then fell off my cock on to my right side. Both girls started to kiss me then they exchanged tongues in there mouths. I smiled as Mrs. Smythe moved so her breast were on the side of my cock. She began to tit fuck my cock. Her warm cleavage felt great. Then I felt Suki hot tongue inside Mrs. Smuth cleavage and all over my cock. I moved my legs and hips to fuck her breast faster. I looked down to see both girls licking my cock head. "Here it comes girls. Yes! Yes! Close your lips around it Suki. Push your milk juggs around my cock. That it. Here I cum." I moaned. With that I unleashed a large load on both girls faces. They were dripping from me as the kissed again sharing my load.

I called work explaining it was going to be a couple day job. They offered to send another plumber to help me. I declined. I told them I had everything in hand. I had Suki in one hand and Mrs. Smythe in another. I got to see the the play room next. I got to tie up Mrs. Smythe and watch Suki spank her with a whip. I got to have sex in every part of the house. Sometimes with Mrs. Smythe and Suki. Most of the time it was all three of us through out the house. I got to wax and trim Mrs. Smythe at the end of the evening.

Later when Mr. Smythe came home he was tied up and forced to watch his wife having sex with the maid and my big cock. I gave up my plumbing job. I am the butler of the house now. I attend to Mrs. Smythe every need. Suki and I take care of her. We also take care of Mrs. Smythe friends. She invited some lonely sex starved girl friends from work, the country club and some she met on-line. She rings a small brass cock ring. I come right out in my new butler uniform. Just a pair of small black half shorts that barely cover my cock and ass. My name on the butt. "You rang Mame?" "Yes Buck! My girl friends and I need a good butler and maid for the evening. Go and bring Suki to my play room. My husband moved all his stuff to the guest house. Make sure to lock all the doors. Be quick, I have been thinking of that big cock of yours all day." Mrs. Smythe said. I just smile. You can bet the butler did them.



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