Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paper Boy vs The Hot Latina - An Adult Story

It had been a month since I got home from college. I did not want to get a serious job just after graduating. I still wanted to party and enjoy the summer. My parents had other ideas. I went on a few interviews and filled out a ton of applications. But not many people were hiring. I had worked when I was younger as a paper boy. But I had grown out of the job. Not many 6ft 4 athletic college guys riding up and down the streets throwing news papers. Plus my friends would make fun of me. Some of them were working at Law Offices in town. I rolled out of bed around 11am.

About an hour later I was out back in the pool. I had a nice tan going on a week now. I drank a few cold ones while I waited for some job calls. Nothing happen the rest of the day. I went online after dinner. I watched some porn, then headed to bed. It was close to 7am when the door to my room burst open. I rolled over to see my Dad with a note. He placed it on my forehead as he walked out of my room. It read: "Get a job. Your mother and I will no longer give you money. Plus you need to pay us 100 dollars a month for rent. Have a nice day." I rolled it into a ball and threw on the floor next to my bed. I guess my parents were serious. I rolled out of bed to try to catch them before they left. I heard the garage door open. I headed for the front door.

"Whack!" What the fuck. I looked down to see a news paper. Some kid just hit me as I opened the door. My Dad honked the horn as he backed out the driveway. I bent over to pick up the news paper. There was a card on the outside of the paper. "Earn big money over the summer. Start a new career. Work small hours. Delivery. Collection and more. Call today." I walked inside the house. I closed the door. I went to make some breakfast. My parents left another note on the fridge. "Move it slacker." I had some toast and some juice.

You probable guess by now. I called the number. I talked to my old boss 5 years ago. He hooked me up with a nice delivery route. He was going to give me some hours inside the office. He drop off the news papers in my garage. Then I was to start my route. I was to deliver all the papers before 8am. It was up to me on how they got delivered. I was going to have to deliver papers all week, even on Sunday which was the biggest delivery day. I waited for my parents to get home. We had only one car. I went out in the shed in the back yard. I pulled out my old bike. It was small on me but it would have to do.

I spent the next two weeks getting up early. I delivered all the papers. I had the rest of the day off. I had some money. I gave some to my parents. I even got some cool shades to wear to keep the sun out of my eyes. I worked inside the office two days. I got to use some of the computers to line up some new clients on my route. My boss thought I was doing a great job. My parents stopped bugging me. I made a few collection calls for the paper. Monday was my first day to start collecting money from my route. Most people are good natured and pay right up. But there are always a few that need some time. Probably the worst part of the job.

I knocked on a few doors on Monday. I got half of my customers to pay. By Wednesday I had collected from all but one. It was a big house on the end of a dead end street. It was a little out of the way. The house was very nice. There was only one car parked in the driveway all the time. I did see a few people come and go but never the owner. I was always early when I knocked. I decided to leave a note on the front door. I reached into my pocket to pull out a piece of scratch paper. I wrote on it and stuck it on the door. I came back the next day to find no note. I did not find any money or anybody home. I shook my head as I rode my bike home.

I got up early on Saturday. I wanted to get my paper route done quickly. I took a long shower. I shaved some hair on my body. I'm not a big fan of body hair. I shaved around my cock leaving a small patch. I then put on some cologne and some body spray. I brushed my teeth as I comb my short blonde hair. I put on some tan cargo shorts over my black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I slipped on some dark sandals. I put on my black Kiss shirt. I looked outside to see the news papers in front of the garage. It was close to 530am when I started. I was done at 7am. I had one more paper to deliver. It was from the house that still needed to pay. I went to knock on the door. After a few minutes I rang the door bell. There was still no answer. I decided to ride home to get something to eat.

It was close to 11am when I rode my bike back toward the house. I just turned right on the dead end street. "Honk! Honk!" I slowed down. "Hey! Dude! You on the bike." said a guys voice. I stopped. I put my right foot down. "What's up?" I said. There was an older guy hanging out his window. He had a green mini van. I guessed he was lost. "Do you know where 1564 Elm Street is?" said the old guy. That was the house that owed me money. "Ummm let me think." I said. I looked around. I was trying to figure out what to say. I got off my bike and walked toward his mini van. I was standing near the side of the mini van. I looked in the back seat. There was some photography equipment. Some lights and lots of cameras. "Geez! I think that is...." I was about to say. "Fuck man! Come on! Time is money. I got this model waiting for me. I'm going broke talking to you man." said the old guy. "Oh! It's actually across town. Near the high school. You can't miss it. Just hang a left pass the school. There used to be a Elm Street over here but they moved it." I said with a big smile.

He rolled up his window as he spun the tires. I laughed as he rode out of sight. I was still smiling when I got off my bike at the end of the street. I saw some lights in the house as I walked toward the front door. I had my small receipt and a pen as I knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds. I saw the door knob turn. Damn it was about time I got paid from this house. This was going to be my last customer to pay. Then on Monday I could take the money in and get paid for the next two weeks.

The door swung open. I almost fainted. Standing in the door way was one very hot Latina girl. She was about 5 ft 4inches tall with long dark hair down to her shoulders. She had on a yellow bathrobe. She had on some big gold hoop earrings. Her finger nails matched her juicy red lips. She had dark sexy eyes under her sexy black frame glasses. She was looking me up and down as I looked her up and down. I stopped at her feet. My mouth fell open. She had 6inch open toe yellow wooden Wedge heels. They had a red bow on top of the yellow strap over her sexy toes. Her toenails match her red finger nails. There was a small white star on each of her nails. I gulped as my eyes followed up her long curvy legs. They moved around her thick thigh as she moved slightly to show off her ample cleavage. The front of the bathrobe was open as the knot on her robe relaxed.

She stuck out her hand. "I'm Mone! You must be the photographer. I heard allot about you Bill. It's very nice to meet you. I will tell you that I am very nervous this morning." she curled her finger near her mouth. What the fuck was I going to say. I was so nervous about asking her for money. Was I suppose to say. Hi! You owe $10.00 for your news paper delivery. My mouth got dry. I just told the old guy in the mini van to drive across town. Now she was expecting him. I held my breath. She waved her hand in my face. "Sorry. I lost my train of thought. The agency did not say how beautiful you were. I have some good news and bad news. Bad news is that Bill could not make it this morning. The good news is I am here in his place. My name Buck! It's a pleasure to meet you." I said. Mone smiled as she looked at me again. "Come on in. You can leave your sandals there if you like." she said.

I smiled as I closed the door. I did not know where there was going. It did not matter if she paid, I was going to pay the ten dollars for her news papers anyway. I did not have the heart to ask. It also helped of course, that my cock was hard as a rock inside my boxers briefs. I figured maybe to get my money worth. I faked my way through Chemistry. Maybe I could fake my way through being a photographer. I followed her through her house to her back yard. There was a big wooden deck with a big pool in the middle. There was a small diving board on one end. There was a yellow beach towel and a paper back book on the wooden deck. There was a bottle of sun tan lotion near the paper back. I looked around some more as she looked at me.

"This looks like a great place to shoot. The lightening is perfect." I said. "OK! Where should I stand? Ummm not to be rude. Did you bring a camera with you?" said Mone. "I do things a little different then most photographer. I love a good challenge. I like to use what's on hand. No lights. No professional cameras or lens. Like just totally off the wall. Makes the shoots more fun." I said with a smile. "OK! I'll be right back." she said. I was not sure she was buying, that I was a photographer but I did not care. She was so hot. Even if I got one picture with her robe off I was going to be in heaven. I waited a few minutes as she came back outside with a small digital camera. "Here you go." she said.

I looked at the small camera. It had been awhile since I used one like this before. I picked the camera up. I placed over my right eye. I took a quick photo. Damn was she hot. I adore bodacious women. She was making me drool as I looked though the small camera. "OK! Let's get started. Why don't you take off the robe. Then roll out the towel on the ground. Then sit on it and look up at me. Oh that is perfect." I said. She untied her bathrobe. She placed it on a chair near the pool. She had on small two piece yellow bikini. The small spaghetti straps strained to keep up her perfect breast. Her ass almost popped out the small back. The small bottoms sat high on her hips. There was a nice small yellow triangle hiding her front.

She then walked back to her towel. "Before we start. I only want pictures of my front. I like my butt. I just don't want any pics of it. I mean it Buck. No butt shots." Mone smile. I shook my head "Yes!" As soon as she bend over to grab the towel I almost dropped the camera. Her ass was amazing. So nice and round. I wanted to rip of my clothes and fuck her.

She sat on the big yellow beach towel. She then look up into the camera. I was inches from her. My cargo shorts were sticking out from my hard cock. I was trying to hide it while I took a few shots. She looked amazing with her dark eyes peeking over her short black frame glasses. She smiled and batted her eye lashes at me. Her dark skin was so smooth. It sent shivers down my spine. I then took a few pics with her reading her trashy romance novel. It was erotic short story with this big muscular guy on the front cover holding up a voluptuous woman in his arms. I smiled as I saw she had high lighted a few lines in the book. I saw one sentence. "His hard cock brought tears to my eyes." I almost dropped the camera again when she sat on her knees. She arched her back sticking her large breast into view. She had a great hour glass figure as I took a few more shots. I made sure not to take any pics of her ass. Even know it was driving me crazy not to take one.

"How do I look?" said Mone. "You are very beautiful. The camera loves you. I can see your going to go far doing this. Let's go down to the diving board. I will have you pose down there." I said. She smiled as I helped her off the ground. I could hear her Wedge heels as she walked behind me. This way I was not checking out her ass. I could only imagine. I turned when I got to the diving board. "Go stand on the diving board. Put your hands on your hips. Put them over your head. Your doing great. Reach up. Oh that is nice. Turn your head. Give me a mean face. Happy face. Oh that is nice." I said. I spent the next thirty minutes shooting Mone on the diving board.

I looked back toward the house. "Here! Let's go back toward the house. Can we use that small wicker chair over there? The love seat near the side of the house." I said. "Sure!" said Mone. I helped her off the diving board. She was standing next to my left side. I peeked my eye back to see her ass. She turned just as I looked. She placed her two hands covering it. "Buck!! You naughty boy. I said no taking a picture." said Mone. "The camera right here. Sorry! It's so nice I had to take a peek. It was just a small one. I love to take just one picture of it." I said. "No! I told you the rules." said Mone with a smile. "How about you hold the camera and let me take a bigger peek." I said. "Stop being silly. MMMMmmm well maybe. I know! I'm out here in this small bikini. You got all your clothes on. How fair is that. Maybe take off your shirt for me." she said.

I smiled as I pulled my Kiss shirt over my head. I held it in my right hand. My skin was hot as my both my nipples were hard from being turned on by her. She smiled as she checked out my hard abs and chest. "Can I take a peek now?" I said. She smiled as she looked at my lips. "MMmmm OK! Just a quick peek." Mone said with a smile. I leaned back to take a better look. Damn her ass was fine. Her suit bottoms had moved showing off more of her hot Latina ass. "What would it take to see you walk in front of me?" I said as I curled my lips. "Buck! Your just being naughty now. I'm so innocent. You don't want to corrupt me. Plus guys just whistle at my ass all the time. I like being in control for once. I do like your sexy baby blue eyes. How about I walk half way and then you walk in front of me." said Mone.

I smiled as she walked in front of me. Her ass shook from side to side as she kept her hands on her hips. She still had the camera. So I did not get to take a picture. I immediately followed close behind trying not to make it to obvious I was staring at her amazing ass. She turned to move her eye glass back up her nose. "OK! Your turn. Take a walk on the cat walk. Yeah the cat walk!" Mone giggled. I walked in front of her. My tan cargo shorts were falling of my small ass. I could feel my belt buckle move on the front. My cock was rock hard inside. If she only knew what she was doing to me. I stopped near the big white wicker chair.

"Sit here. Then I will take some pics from the ground. Oh that is nice. Put your big Wedges in my face. Wiggle your toes. Oh that is nice. Arch your legs at the camera. Lean forward. Push your chest together." I said. Mone moved in front of the camera. I took some pics between her thighs and long sexy legs. I took some pics of the bottom of her ass as she moved around. I then got up and took some pics down on her amazing body. She smiled as the camera clicked away. After twenty minutes she looked in the sky. "Looks like a cloud blocking our light." I said. "We better go inside. We can use my couch for the next scene." she said.

I helped her up off the chair. I opened the back door to her house. I walked in front of her as she directed me into the living room. She had moved a coffee table and some chairs around to give me better access to the couch. It was a long black sectional with a a few black pillows on the end. I looked at Mone as she stood near the middle. "How do I look?" she said. "You look amazing." I said. I had taken more photos then her memory cartridge could handle. I then looked around the room. She smiled as she looked at me.

"Do you like the room? How about the couch?" said Mone. "Yes! The room is nice. The couch is very nice." I said. She looked me up and down one more time. She paid more attention to the front of my shorts this time. I did not want to look down. I was sure I was creating a big tent in the front of my shorts. I walked over to Mone near the couch. I was standing a few inches from her. Her eyes had followed the front of my shorts the whole time. "I feel really warm all of sudden. You know I am still half naked in this tiny suit. Whoa! You better watch your belt. It's almost poking me. Take a look." she pointed. I looked down to see the front of my belt open. It was just a inch from her front.

I opened my mouth. "Maybe you should take off your belt. Here let me help." said Mone. I watched as she pulled my big black leather 28inch size belt around my waist. "That is better." she said. She dropped my belt on the carpet below her feet. I watched as she peeked around to look at my ass. Her eyes got big. "Are those black Calvin Klein your wearing?" she said. "I'm not sure. I dressed in the dark this morning." I said. I reached down to hold one loop on my shorts near my right hip. "Your silly. How are you going to shoot more pics of me. Just let them go. Now you can feel how I feel. I was right. Those are black Calvin's." she said. I felt my shorts around my ankles. I kicked them to the side of the couch. Mone looked down to see the front of my boxer briefs expanding. My cock had moved and now my big naked balls had shifted. My cock was down my right thigh.

"Very nice." she smiled. She was now in front of me. I wanted so much to touch her hot dark skin. Her hair smelled great as she moved from side to side. I then looked down to see her nipples had become erect under her yellow bathing suit top. She shifted on her heels as she looked up into my eyes. "Something else just poked me." she giggled. I felt her hand move over my hard cock on top of the thin material. "You should just take off your Calvin's. I don't want anything to interfere with the shoot. I hate if anything went wrong. I hate to see you knock over something with that big tent inside there." said Mone.

I stepped back a foot to pull down my boxer briefs. I felt my 9 3/4 inch cock flop out then back up against my belly button. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I could feel my naked balls move side to side. I saw her face blush. Her eyes followed my hard cock. "Wow! The photographer is packing. That a big cock Buck. Damn that is nice. Mmmmm that is nice and round. Damn you shaved all around him. You really have some big balls." said Mone. Her eyes never left my cock. I jiggled my cock as she kept watching. "Thanks! You did this to him. He gets very excited around beautiful models. I try to control him." I said. "Wow! I really mean this. I never seen anything that big before. My ex boyfriend never had that much. I can't stop looking.

I inched closer. "Here give me your hand. You should touch it. It feels better in your hand. You might want to gauge it for the next guy." I said. I moved her right hand to my cock. She started to run her long red finger nails down my shaft. She cupped my big balls with her free hand. She then started to jack my cock as she got closer to me. I could really smell her sexy perfume as she stroked my cock. I followed her as she got on her knees in front of my cock. "Close your eyes. Stick out your tongue." I said. "No! I can't." she said. "OK! I guess I will have to see your ass again. Turn around." I said. I watched as she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. I placed my cock at the tip of her mouth. I rubbed the pre-cum on her sexy red lips. She licked my cock head as I let go of my cock. She took a quarter of my cock in her mouth. The side of her cheeks expanded as I fucked her mouth.

She used her long nails to fondle my balls. I looked down to see her red juicy lips move up and down on my cock. I put my hand on her dark hair as her head moved. I arch back when I felt her hand on my ass. She looked up as her glasses fell down her nose. She pulled out my cock to lick the tip again. She then licked all the way down under my cock to my balls. She put my big hairless balls in her mouth as she slapped my hard cock on her forehead. I could feel her glasses on the underside of my shaft. She licked my my big purple vein down the top and jammed half of my cock in her hot mouth. She gagged as she looked into my eyes. I smiled when I felt her hands massage my ass. She stuck almost all my cock in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. I leaned over her looking down her back to her amazing ass. I wanted to see it next but I felt her left breast on my thigh.

I reached down to pinch her left nipple. She moved her hand to let my move my hand under her top. I could feel her hot skin against mine. Her light chocolate skin against my white tan hand. It looked amazing. Her hot big nipples pierced my skin as I moved my hand under her breast. She pulled my cock out of her mouth. "Mmmm you like my breast?" she moaned. I pulled on the knot on the back of her suit near her neck. I then felt the knot loosen as her bikini top fell open. I then watched her breast cascaded down on to my leg. She moaned again when the cold air hit her nipples. I felt her hand touch my nipple. She pinched my nipples as hard as I pinched hers. She let go as I twisted them and let her breast fall on her chest. She let go of my cock from her hungry mouth. She was now moaning from my hands on her breast.

She looked into my eyes as I slapped my cock on her tongue. "MMMm stand up. Let me feel you in my arms." I said. I helped Mone to her heels. She arched her neck to kiss my lips as I brought them down to touch hers. I moved my hands to cup her ass. She wiggled causing her nipples to bounce on my chest. I felt her erect nipples rub on my skin. She let go of our embrace. She then untied her bathing suit bottoms. She pulled it off to the side. She dropped it on the floor. "Sit on the edge of the couch. Bring that closer to me." I said.

Mone sat on the edge of the couch. She brought her right hand to touch her bald pussy. She traced her long red nail on the front of her pussy. I smiled. I just wanted to eat her pussy. Usually I tease a girl before licking her pussy. But this time I just fell face first into her pussy. I put my nose on her skin as I stuck my tongue inside her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! O god that feels nice. Your tongue is so wide." she moaned. I inched deeper inside her very wet pussy. I held her thighs open with my two big hands. She moved her heels wider to let my tongue go deeper. I wet my two fingers on my right hand. I gently put them on her cunt lips spreading her apart. Mone rocked her pussy into my mouth. She slammed her head back on the couch. I was eating this hot Latin women like no pussy I had eaten before. She was close to having her first orgasm. I licked on her labia as I moved my wet fingers inside her. I turned them to gently rub under her hood. She screamed as I felt her pussy muscles contract. She held my mouth on her open pussy. I could taste her as she caught her breath.

"Fuck baby! That was nice. Get on you knees. Bring that monster closer." she moaned. I watched as she moved her ass over the edge of the cushion. She circled her small fingers around my cock. She inched her pussy closer. She then pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Her cunt lips moved around my purple cock head. I felt her juices go up the side of my shaft. She started to fuck my cock faster. She brought her pussy up to meet my cock going down. She did that for a few minutes before I pushed her back on the couch. She grabbed around my waist. She pulled my tan body closer. I plunged my cock in deeper as she screamed. "Yes! Yes!" she said. Her eyes followed mine as I watched her whole body shake under mine. I slammed my cock in her pussy. I started to lick her carmal colored breast as she pushed them together. I brought both her big nipples together as I sucked on them.

My cock was buried deep inside her. My balls bounced on her skin under her pussy. They were wet now from her pussy juices. I put my hands on the back of the couch as I fucked her harder. After a few minutes we switched. I was on my back with my cock on the edge. She lowered her pussy on my cock. She put her hands on my chest. I watched her big breast flop on her chest. I pinched her big nipples again causing her to fall on my chest. I held her ass and forced my cock in deeper. She screamed as she orgasm from my cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Wait! Wait! God I never cum like this. Your cock is so big. Wait!!!!!" she moaned. I stopped to let her catch her breath. I grabbed her breast letting them stop on her chest. She looked down on me as her pussy exploded around my cock.

I had her turn around. She put my wet cock back in her tight pussy. She moved her hands on the side of my chest. I then slap her ass for the first time. She moved faster on my cock. I pulled her hair causing her to moan. "God I love your cock baby. Faster! Faster! Don't you fucking stop! Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I pounded her pussy faster. I could feel my balls slap up and down inside her thick thighs. Her ass felt and looked amazing against my skin. I pulled her ass apart watching her skin turn white then back to its fine dark tan. Mone smiled. She moaned then she fell back. I held her around her waist. I picked her up and down on my cock. She screamed as I kept fucking her faster.

She orgasm one more time before I tapped on her ass. She looked over her shoulder down at me. I smiled as she climbed off my cock. I watched as my cock fell out her tight pussy. It was covered from her pussy juices. She was dripping as she put her finger in her pussy. She curled her finger to have me get on the floor. "I know what you want. I never let anybody fucking my like this. Your the first in awhile. I can tell you love my ass. So here!!!!" said Mone. She turned around shoving her ass back at me. I got on my knees. I put my cock near her pussy. She put her hands in front of her face. She was reaching to grab the bottom of the couch. She arched her back letting her large breast rest on the floor. Her thighs expanded. Her legs moved. I moved her Wedges together as I moved them between my legs. I leaned down then up sticking my wet cock into her pussy.

I started to fuck her doggy style. I started to fuck her faster. I looked down to see her ass move from me fucking her. My cock disappeared under her ass as I fucked her pussy. I move my hands spreading her ass open. She rocks her ass back. I stop fucking Mone. "Fuck me! Slam that ass back. Use my cock. That it! Fuck me....MMMmmmm god your hot." I screamed. I reached forward to grab her long hair. I whirl her hair around in my left hand. I have my cock deep inside her. I begin to pull her hair and slap her ass again. I use my finger nails to scratch down her back. I then scratch her ass causing her to bounce on my cock. I move my body on her back. I push her hair from her neck. I begin to bite her neck as she fucks me faster. I try to bite her ear but she has a big orgasm on my cock again. "God! That was so hot." I yell as I pull out of her wet pussy. Mone moved on her back. I move my cock between her breast. I start to fuck her warm breast. I pinch then together around my cock. "Fuck! Shoot your big load. YES!~~~~~~~~~" she screams. I can feel my cock erupt. Big jets of white goo pour out onto her hot skin. She licks her breast. She then cleans of my cock as I fall on the floor next to her.

"I'll be right back." said Mone. I was still on the floor trying not to smile. I watched her ass move as she went into the kitchen. A few minutes later I saw her walk back inside. She had a note in one hand and something else her left hand. "Here ten dollars. I got your note off my door the other day. Did you forget you wrote it on the back of your bank deposit slip. I saw your name. Buck Kelly. How much do I owe the paper boy?" she said with a big smile. "Ummmm..." I mouthed. "Maybe you get off that floor and fuck me in my room. Will call it even. Plus what ever good photos you got. We can send them to the agency. I want one of that big cock of yours. We need to see you get a bigger paper route. I have some sexy big Latina friends who could use your skills. Let go! Move it." Mone said.

"Knock! Knock!" I looked at the front door. "Don't answer it. It's the land lord. She needs to get her money for this month's rent. By the way. How much do you get paid. I could use a pool boy to go along with my paper boy. Tomorrow after you bring me my paper. Come around the the back of the house. I'll leave the door unlocked. I better feel your mouth on my pussy before 7:30. I need to get off before going to school. God your cock already hard paper boy. Come fuck me paper boy!!!" said Mone.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Traffic Copter - For the Lovely Jade 38H - An Adult Story

(C) Photo Courtesy of jade38h.com

It was a warm morning as I drove into work. It was going to get hotter as the day progressed. The first day of spring was going to be very nice. I tied my shoe lace as I buckled my safety belt inside the helicopter. I was riding with screaming Dave Osbourne. He was the pilot for the Channel 6 News helicopter this morning. I do local traffic on the morning drive for a local radio station. I also help out the local news for there morning traffic on channel 6. I report wrecks, heavy traffic, Fires, or Police emergency. Last week we followed a high speed chase on the tri-state. I took a sip of some coffee as we got airborne.

We swing over the major highways looking for traffic. But being a Friday and the first day of Spring. I don't see much to report. We swing down to check some traffic on the parkway. It's all clear. I give some news about the great weather and how its causing few delays. "This is Buck Kelly high in the sky. Traffic is light on your drive this morning. Some morning glare from the sun. Drive safe." I said on the radio. We get a report of a car broke down near the big merge. We go to investigate to find it's already been pulled to the side. I give my first report on the local news. "Good Morning. Drive times are looking good. No delays. Just watch for the sun glare. Don't forget to go to Jiffy Lube. The home of the oil change." I said with a smile. I usually have to give a word from our sponsor before signing off on TV. I check my watch as we circle around. It's close to 8am.

We spend the next two hours giving the same traffic patterns for both the radio and TV audience. It's a slow day. I was hoping I get to go home early and start my weekend. Finally I get the sign from Dave. We should head back to Channel 6 and land. I give him the thumbs up as he banks the helicopter around. I fix my collar on my golf shirt. I got the Channel 6 logo on the front right pocket of the shirt. I wore some tan khaki cargo shorts. I even have some dark sandals on. I shaved last night in the shower. I shaved the rest of body the night before. I left a little 1 inch blonde patch above my cock. I smile as I look around at the scenery. The pilot swings low over some roof tops near a big upscale housing development. He laughs on the radio as we head back to the station.

Another 20 minutes and we touch down in the parking lot at the edge of Channel 6 station. I run my hand through my short hair. I look around once again. I feel the helicopter slow down. I look over to see the pilot with a big smile. "Dave! Why did you slow down? Where almost back to the station?" I said. He smiles and points down. Dave has a nack of finding very hot women from his seat in the helicopter. We've had a small bet going to see who can spot the most attractive ladies from the helicopter. It's based on points. 1 point if she cute. 2 if she is hot. 3 if she topless. 4 if she nude. 5 if she is a MILF. 6 if she is a bigger gurl with curves. We both adore bodacious women. I love the voluptuous woman with confidence who can be firecracker in bed. You can score a perfect 10 if you combine and two of these hot items. Our game been going for quite sometime. He writes down the scores on a clip board in between our seats.

I smile as I look out the side of the helicopter. Just off our right side. Is a very hot red headed. She opened her back patio sliding glass door. She taking a sip of her drink. She looks around. I can see she is wearing a small blue two piece swim suit. Her large breast and very curvy ass can be seen where I am sitting. Dave turns the copter so he can get a better look. "Oh she is Ten Buck. Your going to loose this week game. I scored with this hottie. Would you look at her. God she is hot. To bad I am married." said Dave. I smiled. I was single. I had my heart crushed last year and was just getting over it. I felt the copter move as he let me look out my side again. I followed the sexy red head as she walked across the wooden deck behind her house. She was wearing some six inch wooden heels or wedges as her whole body jiggled. She bent down to put her drink in the grass next to her lounge chair.

Dave handed me our binoculars we carry in the back seat. We never used them to report traffic. They come in handy when were scoping out hot chicks from the helicopter. I smiled as I put them up to my eyes. I look in her back yard. I can see her in ground pool to the right of her. I can see her barb-cue on the back deck near a big picnic table. The red head put on some big dark shades covering her eyes. She rolled out her towel on the lounge chair. She put a bottle of sun tan lotion on the grass next to her drink. I can feel my cock getting hard inside my tight white boxer briefs I wore under my cargo shorts. I wipe the sweat off my forehead. I hand the binoculars to Dave. "Fuck! Damn you better take these. I might crash checking her big breast out. She does a body good." said Dave.

We spend the next ten minutes checking her out. We were hovering over a house at the end of the block. Were kinda of in the middle of a intersection looking over a big 8 foot wooden fence that surrounds her yard. She got some big trees covering the far side and in the back of the fence. I look back through the binoculars to see her trying to get the bottle of lotion open. Her long red fingers are causing a problem I can see she having a hard time. She smiles as she keep working the bottle of sun tan lotion. I can feel the heat from the sun on my arm as I lean out to get a better look. I feel Dave tap me on the side.

"What's up?" I said. "Look! That lady in the front yard of the house. She on the phone with the general manager of channel 6. He is on the line in my other ear. He Wants to know why we have been hovering over this lady house for the last 20 minutes. What should I tell him?" said Dave. "Tell him I got sick. We will be heading back in a few." I said. Dave smiles as he talked to the general manager back at the station. I pulled up the binoculars to check one more time. Damn was she ever hot. My mouth was going dry. My hands were sweaty. My cock was hard. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to bust out of my cargo shorts. I rubbed my right hand on the front of my shorts. I was breathing heavier as Dave gave me the thumbs up sign. The lady below the helicopter went back in her house. I smiled as I watched the red head move in her lounge chair. She was still trying to get the small bottle open.

"Buck you ready to go back. I won right?" said David. "Oh you won big time. She a ten and then some. She the best one either of us had spotted in our game. She is hand down the best ever. The only thing better if she was naked on that lounge chair. I need to see her some more Dave." I said. "Man we got to go." he said. "Listen five more minutes. It's been for ever since I got to check out this hot of a girl. Damn she put some others we spotted to shame. Plus look she having problems opening her bottle of sun tan lotion. I can't have her get a sunburn on the first day of spring." I said with a smile. "Dude! I got to get back. Listen everyone likes you. Your young. Your great on camera. Everyone hates the pilot. I almost got fired last year for checking out this nude girl at the beach from the helicopter. What if the hot red head spots us. Then I am sure to be fired." he said.

While Dave and I were talking. He stepped on the pedals causing the helicopter to move forward. "Fuck!!!!" said David. I looked up as we were now directly over the back yard of the red headed girl. I looked down to her looking up at us. Dave jerked on the stick to the helicopter. I leaned to one side then back out. "Fuck!!!!! Oh shit..there goes the...." I mumbled. I lost control of the Channel 6 binoculars. I watched as they slipped out of my hands. They made a small splash in the pool under the helicopter. Dave looked at me. I looked at him. We both said. "Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!" I turned to see the red head hottie was still looking at us. I looked to see the binoculars floating in the deep end.

"What do we do? Buck!!!!!" said Dave. "We are screwed. Fly over there. Let's get out of here. Slow down. Ok! Ok! Ok! Let me think." I said. We flew to the next block. We both looked back at her house. "I got it. See the small park over there. The clearing. Land there. I'll hop out. I will go back and get the binoculars." I said. "Our you crazy. She going to kill us. I am surprised the general manager not calling now to fire me. Fuck!!!" said Dave. "Calm down. It's our only chance. I will go get them. I will call a taxi after I get them to get back to the station. If anyone asks were I am. Tell them I went to go get checkout. I was not feeling well. Don't worry. I can talk us out of getting fired. I just hope the red head not mad. I'll see you Monday." I said.

A minute later I got out of the passenger side. I waved to Dave as he took off back to the station. No one is ever out when we land. I knew they would not find out I was not on the helicopter when it landed. It was now up to me to get the binoculars from her back yard. I just had to be calm and cool about everything. I was sure I was not the first guy to check her out. I may how ever be the first guy to check her out from a helicopter and drop my peeping tom binoculars from the air into her pool. I smiled as I walked down the side walk. I walked through the intersection where the woman called the station.

I stopped as I got close to the red head house. I saw her mail box. ("Parker") It was by the road. The little red flag was up. I walked down her long driveway. I saw one car inside the garage. I walked up to the red front door. It was a very nice two story brick house. It look very nice as I peeked in the front window. I was not sure what I say, but I knocked on the door. "Knock! Knock!" I waited a few minutes. There was still no movement in the house. Maybe she was still int he back yard. I knocked again. I then rang the door bell. "Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!" Still no answer. She must not hear anything from her back yard. I looked around the front. I saw a small foot path to the side of the garage. It wrapped around the front of the house. I walked around her big bay window. I walked up the side of the house. There was some small trees hiding the wooden gate to the back yard. I ran my hand along the fence.

I stopped as I got to the big gate. I stood on the ends of my toes. I used all 6ft 4 of my height to try to look over the fence. I flexed my athletic muscles as I looked for a small hole to see in the back yard. This was so dumb on my part for loosing the binoculars. But at the same time I was so turned on. My cock was so hard thinking of her just on the other side of the fence. I was hoping my smile and charm might get me out of trouble. I looked down to make sure I looked good. I ran my hand through my short blonde hair again. I reached down to feel the metal latch on the big wooden gate.

I was afraid I might have to knock. Instead the door was open. I pushed the door slightly open. I looked in the back yard. I then quickly looked in the pool. I did not see the binoculars. I saw some water dripping off a long metal skimmer. It look like someone might have just used the long metal pole to get the binoculars out of the deep end. I held my breath as I looked to far side of the pool. I saw the smoking hot red head still on her back. She was sipping her drink again. She put it down as I walked across the wooden deck. I was breathing heavier as I got closer to her. I passed the pool. There was nothing floating in the pool. I saw the grass was wet as I got closer to her. I could see her dark shades on her face. She had yet to use some lotion on her skin. I saw the top of the bottle was still on. Her smooth skin, sexy red hair shineing from the sun.

I was now about 10 feet from her. I saw the Channel 6 binoculars on the grass. They were on her right side. She had her drink on the left side. She was still on the lounge chair looking into the sky. I looked up to see the sun beating down on me. I was sweating. My cock was rock hard. She was now only a few feet from me as I got closer. My hands were dry. My breathing had increased. I could smell her sweet perfume. I was lost in a trance from her. God she was sexy. If not for getting the binoculars back and trying to save my job. I am not sure if I would have approached her. She such a head turner, I was positive most men or women would not approach her. For fear she might actually talk to them. I looked down next to her drink. It was the first time I saw a drawing book. I saw a pencil and a notebook.

I inched closer. I watched as my shadow moved down her curvy body. I was now on her left side. Up near her left shoulder. She moved her hand to take off her dark shades. She put them on her sexy red hair. She smiled as she covered her eyes. She looked up to see me looking down on her.

"Hi! Can I help you?" she said in a very sexy voice. "I...I.. Hi!" was all I could say. "Mmmm how are you?" she said. "Good! How are you?" I said. "You look familiar. Have I seen you before? Your voice sounds familiar too." she said with a big smile. "I am not sure. My name Buck! Buck Kelly! You may have seen me on..." I said as I pointed to the binoculars in the grass. I smiled. "Oh!! Are those yours? Some nice gentleman were just over head. They were there for such a long time. Then they seem to leave in such a hurry. Next thing you know I heard a big splash in my pool. Did you loose them?" she said again with a bigger smile. I could really smell her sexy perfume. It was driving me crazy. I watched as she breathed in causing her large breast to move on her chest. I moved my hands down by my side.

"Oh! You saw us. We got stuck in a big wind gust. Caused the helicopter to stop for a few seconds. The binoculars slipped out from the back seat. Sorry they fell in your pool. Accidents do happen. I am just glad your OK." I said. I looked down to see her name on her note book. "Jade Parker" Also the college she was attending was on the outside of the note book. She put her long red finger nail in her mouth. She bite the end as she looked me up and down. "You say you were in a wind gust. They fell from the back seat. Hmmmm! I am glad you both did not get hurt. You weren't bird watching with them where you. I could have sworn I saw someone looking through them when they fell." she said. "I was checking for traffic. Making sure everyone could get to work. I see your going to college." I said. I was trying to distract her.

"Yes! I just started a few weeks ago. I'm taking graphic arts. I love to draw and learn more about computers." she said. I know I would have a hard time in her class. I would be so distracted by her, I would have tuned out the professor in the class. I smiled. "Sounds very nice. I am sure you are quite a good student. I love to learn more about computers. I am so glad winter is over. I just love the weather today." I said. She smiled as she put her finger down next to her left breast. She breathed in causing the front of my shorts to move. "I love to lay out in the sun. I picked a great day to be off from work and school. There just one tiny problem." she said. "Whats' that?" I said. "Mmmm I can't seem to get the top of this baby oil open. I need to put some on before I get to red. It helps my skin stay so smooth. I just can't flip the top with this plastic on the cap. My finger nails are so long." she said with a smile.

I started to almost faint. "Ummm...Here let me help." I said. I got down on my right knee. I picked up the small bottle of baby oil. I took off the plastic around the cap. I smiled as I looked at her soft skin just inches from me. I licked my dry lips again. She was causing me to breath heavier. "Do you like my new Wedge's? I picked them to match my new bathing suit. What do you think?" she said. "They look great. I love wooden heels or Wedge's on a woman. They really match your sexy bathing suit." I said. "Such nice manners for such a young man. Flattery will get you ever where with me." she said in her sexy voice. A bolt of electricity went down my spine. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I opened the cap on the baby oil. "Here you go. I got it open." I said. She smiled. "Thank you." she said. "My pleasure!" I said with a big smile. "Mmmm the bottles a little warm. Are you shy?" she said. "No! I'm not that shy. Why do you ask?" I said. "Well I just bought the swim suit last week. I hate to ruin it before I wore it for the whole summer. I just love blue. Can you do me a great big favor?" she said. "OK! Anything for you. Not to change the subject. I am going to get my binoculars back, right?" I said with another smile. "Oh! I almost forgot about those. Is there like a finders fee for them. I am a poor college student you know. Hmmm! I will give them back to you on one condition." she said. "OK! What's is it." I nodded my head "Yes!" She could have said anything I would have done it for her.

"I need you to do a few things around my house. Then inside my house. It's not everyday I big strong young man comes into my back yard." she said. "No problem. I will help in any way I can." I said. "But before you help. I need to put on some of this baby oil. Here stick out your big hands. Oh! That it. You have such nice hands. I don't want to ruin my suit. Can you be a doll and rub some on me. I don't want to mess up my nails with the baby oil. You said you weren't shy right?" she said. "Sure no problem." I said. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

She then started to squirt the warm baby oil in my hands. I cupped some of the oil as she looked at me. "Maybe you can start just above the blue strap on my Wedge's. Work you way up. Don't be shy. I won't break." she purred. I crawled down to her feet just on the edge of the lounge chair. The long six inch wooden heels stuck over the edge. I started to rub her calves. "Oh! That is nice. If you ever give up your day job being the traffic guy. I might have a new job for you. I started to rub the oil on her long legs. I gently rubbed her soft skin. She closed her eyes as I moved to her right leg. She tensed her long legs as she let out a soft moan from my fingers. I started to move up her sexy legs. I moved to the top of her knee. I gently rubbed a inch over her knee. I moved back to her left leg. She opened her eyes. She looked down at me at the bottom of the lounge chair.

"I drifted off there. Wow! Very nice. Don't be shy. You can go a higher. Here let me show you. That it! Very nice. Rub a little harder honey. Oh that feels really nice. You have such big hands." she moaned. My cock was straining against my boxer briefs. I was now mid thigh as I rubbed her soft skin. She leaned down to put more oil in my hands. I really started to rub her thighs. She felt so good under my fingers. I smiled as she opened her legs more. I was only inches from her bathing suit bottom. It covered the front of her. I swirled my fingers around inside her thighs. I started to rub under her legs. I brought each one up. Then I rubbed under her thighs and long legs. She bounced her heels off the cushion of the lounge chair. She then closed her eyes again. A few minutes later she opened them to look down. She could only see my two big hands inside her thighs. My face was inches from the top of her thigh.

"That was nice. Here put some on my arm." she said. I crawled closer to her as she handed my her left hand. I rubbed some oil down her arm. I then traced the inside of her palm with my fingers. I rubbed her wrist. She smiled again. "Your very good at this." she said. I moved around the lounge chair to do her other arm. I then moved back to her left side. I rubbed my hands together as I got on my left knee again. "Here help me put down the back of the lounge chair. That it. Sit right here. I need some oil on my back. Wait! I almost forgot. The new suit. The oil might stain it. You don't mind?" she said. Before I could say anything she reached back to unclasp her bathing suit top. I was sitting behind her with my legs off in the grass on her left side. I was inches from her back. I could hear her large breast cascaded down on her chest. "Thump!!" I try not to stare but I could make out the sides of her breast. She dropped her large swim top on the grass in front of my feet.

She put her arm back up to pull her hair in front of her shoulders. She leaned forward a little. I could see her tattoo just above her amazing ass. I was speechless. She then smiled as she looked back at me. I moved my hands to the back of her neck. I started to rub. She leaned back with her right hand to squeeze some more oil in my hands. I started to rub her back. I used my big hands to rub her shoulders. I let some of the oil drip down her front. I then rubbed over her shoulders. She arched her back as I moved my hands down her side. I moved my hands near her tattoo. She had a tiny blue thong on. Her bathing suit bottom was a very hot thong. It sat high on her hips. I caught my breath as I stared at her perfect ass. She let out a soft moan. I could smell the baby oil and her sweet perfume. She was killing me with her beauty. I wanted to lean up and kiss her neck. I wanted to smell her red hair. She was so amazing I was just breathing to try not to pass out.

I moved my hands down her lower back. "God! You have such nice hands. You give the best massages Buck. You can go a little lower. That it. It's OK you can drop your hands farther." she said. I looked down to her ass had moved back. Her ass was now inches from my hand. I passed her hips. Then her waist. I was not sure how far to go. She must have sensed this. She put her hands back and grabbed my two hands. She lowered my hands down to her perfect ass. I started to massage her ass. First with long strokes. Then with short ones. I ran my fingers over her ass. I traced small circles on her ass. She moaned again. I made sure not to touch her thong with my hands. After a few minutes she arched her neck back. Her hair fell in my face. I took a innocent whiff of her lovely hair before she moved.

I moved off the lounge chair. She leaned back so her head was on the cushion. She had her hands covering her large breast. I could make out her soft areolas under her hands. I could see both her nipples were hard between her fingers. They were both a soft red as she looked up at me. An hour earlier I was above her back yard checking her out with a pair of binoculars. Now I was standing above her looking down at her amazing body. I smiled. "You got some oil on your shirt. Maybe you should take it off." she said. I reached up to pull my shirt over my head. She smiled as I flexed my chest. I love to work out. I still play competitive sports in my free time.

I then got back on my knees next to her left side. I leaned up over her body. She smiled as she put her left arm over her breast. She then reached over with her right hand to squeeze some more baby oil in my hands. I started to rub her midsection as she closed her eyes. I was rubbing just under her arm. Slowly she dropped her right hand next to her side. She then dropped her left arm to her side. Her breast cascaded down to touch the top of my hand. I kept rubbing her mid section as she breathed heavier. I watched as her large erect nipples rubbed on the back of my hand. She moaned again. Her legs opened farther. I decided to go for broke. I was sure she either kick me out or would want more.

I looked up to see her eyes closed. Her shades fell off her head as she moved her head side to side. I heard them hit the grass. I then reached up to massage her perfect breast. I could feel her soft skin and warm breast in my hands. I gently rubbed her nipples with the bottom of my palms. I squeezed them as I rubbed more oil on her breast. She moved her head to the side near me. She bite her lower lip as she moved her left hand on my back. I could feel her long nails scratch my upper back. Then her hand fell on my wide shoulders. She let out another soft moan. Her nipples moved under my hands. I started to pinch her left nipple. She moaned.

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I brought her nipple to my mouth. I squeezed her large breast with my two hands. Her dark red nipple was now in my mouth. She moaned louder. I licked and sucked very hard. I rubbed my wide tongue on her erect nipple. She dropped her left hand on my ass. She gave it a squeeze. I sucked her breast causing her flesh to bounce after I let go from my mouth. I brought her other nipple to my mouth. I started to suck it very hard. I used my teeth to hold her breast in the air. She tossed her head to the other side. She dropped her hand on my upper thigh. She was inches from my hard cock. I pushed both of her large breast together. I started to suck both her nipples at the same time. She moaned again. I cupped the bottom of her breast moving them up. I started to kiss and lick under her breast. I licked down the center of her cleavage. I was enjoying her breast. She was really enjoying what I was doing to them. I pinched them again as I sucked them hard. I let them both go from my mouth above her. Her breast fell and moved to her side.

She opened her eyes and looked down. She smiled. "I see your very good at that to. What else are you good at traffic boy?" she said with a smile. I felt her hand move on the side of my cargo shorts. She then moved to the front of my shorts. "Oh! Are you hiding something from me? What's going on down here?" she said. She traced my cock with her left hand. I then felt her unbuckle my belt with her hand. I felt the top button go undone. I then heard the zipper on my shorts open. I looked down to see her small hand inside my shorts. I felt her long nails trace my cock on the thin material of my white boxer briefs. She used her free hand to pinch my left nipple on my chest. She massaged my hard chest as her hand was in my shorts. "Stand up baby." she said.

I stood up as my cargo shorts fell around my ankles. I looked down as she moved to sit on the side of the lounge chair. She put her two sexy feet next to mine. She moved her body to look up at me. She traced her long nails down my chest. She scratched my hard abs. She ran her fingers around my 28 inch waist. She put her hands on the top of my hard ass. I flexed my ass as she looked at me. I then smiled as I felt her left hand on the thin white material covering my cock. She bite her lower lip again as she traced her long finger nail down my cock. "Mmmmm that is nice." she moaned.

She moved her sexy red hair on her shoulders. She then moved her hands on my hips. I could see my big bulge near her face. She licked her lips as she moved her hands inside my briefs. I felt the warm air hit my cock as she pulled down my underwear to the top of my shorts. I stood there naked with my shorts, and underwear around my ankles. My cock flopped out then back up hitting my belly button. "Oh that is really nice. You could stop traffic with that..." she said. I looked down to see her lick the precum from the tip of my swollen cock. She then ran her tongue down the top of my shaft. She spit on my cock causing me to moan. She began to jack my cock with short strokes. She put her free hand on my stomach. She then moved it down under my cock. She rolled my big hairless balls in her hand. "Mmmmm.. How do you young guys know about shaving. I love your big balls in my hand. Fuck! I need to scratch them with my nails. You like that honey? I can see you smile. Your cock loves it. God he is getting bigger in my other hand...MMMMmmmpppggg" she gagged.

She had half my cock in her hot mouth. I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little as she fed more of my cock in her mouth. I could feel some saliva drip on my balls as she sucked harder. I put my hand on her red hair as she sucked my cock. I could feel her soft breast rub against my thighs as she pushed on my ass with her small hands. She cupped my ass cheeks as she fed my cock in her mouth. She then dropped her mouth off my cock. She pushed it against my abs as she sucked on the bottom of the shaft. She then put her mouth on my ball as she swirled them around over her tongue. I felt her fingers scratch my ass as she licked under my cock. I could feel her forehead touch under my cock as her red hair touched my abs. I moved my hand off her head. I smelled her sweet hair from my left hand as she put my cock back in her mouth. She moved to let her breast roll down my thigh.

I arched my back so she could get all of my cock down her hungry mouth. I felt her lips on the base of my cock. God she was great at getting all of me in her mouth. I dropped my hands to my side. I then started to pinch her nipples. She closed her eyes from what I was doing to her breast. I cupped them bring them up to my cock. She dropped my cock from her mouth between them. She spit on my cock as I rubbed my cock between her warm cleavage. She looked up as I fucked her breast. I bent my knees as she put her red lips near to the top of her breast. She sucked the tip of my cock as I broke free from her warm breast. I did this for some time before she sucked the tip and ran her long finger nail under my balls. "Fuck! Shoot for me. Fill my mouth you bastard. I know you got a big load in those heavy balls. You young guys can cum more than once. MMMMmmm that it. Oh my....." she moaned as I shot a big load from my cock. I watched as the first couple of spurts hit her lips and mouth. She licked herself clean then cleaned off my cock.

I watched as she laid on her back. I walked out of my underwear and cargo shorts. I kicked off my sandals as I walked down to her sexy feet. I brought her left foot to my mouth. I kissed her big toe. I sucked her red toe nails as she spread her legs open for me. I looked up to see her smile. She moaned again as I sucked her toes. She moved her hand down to the front of her swim suit bottoms. She started to play with her breast. I cupped her wooden heel as I sucked her ankle. I lowered her left foot. I then sucked her right foot. I bit down on her wooden heel. She moaned as I licked her sexy feet. I then put her foot on the cushion of the lounge chair. She smiled when I began to lower my face between her legs.

I started to kiss her ankles. I then started to kiss her long legs. I worked my way passed her knees. I saw her move her hand near my head. I started to kiss her inner thigh. I could feel how warm she was. I could smell how turned on she was. I could feel my cock get harder as I laid under my on the warm cushion. I brought my hands up her thighs. I arched my face above the front of her thong. She moved her ass off the cushion. She put her two fingers inside her thong on her hips. She moved her thong down just exposing the top of her pussy. I saw she was shaved but for a small patch above her pussy. She rubbed her soft red hair above her pussy. I blew her a kiss. She moved her hands down exposing her pussy all the way. I brought my hands to meet hers. I pulled her sexy wet blue thong down over her warm thighs. Just over her knees and down her long legs. I arched myself to drop it off into the grass behind me.

She stuck her index finger in her tight pussy. She started to play with her labia. She was doing circles around it. I watched as she looked at me. I was inches from her pussy with my eager mouth. "God! Stop teasing me...Ohhhhh! Mmmmmm..." she said. I moved my tongue to touch her finger. She stopped when she felt my tongue inside her pussy. I started to suck her small cunt lips as she moaned. I parted her tight pussy muscles with my tongue. She put her hand on my blonde hair. I started to wet my index finger in my mouth. I started to finger her and lick her pussy. She moved her finger from her tight box. She dropped it on my left cheek. I licked her finger clean as she pushed off with her elbows making my tongue go deeper in her pussy. I quickly put my middle finger deep inside her. I had two fingers and my tongue in her hot pussy. I started to rotate my mouth and tongue clockwise on her pussy. I sucked her cunt lips harder.

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"Yes! Yes! God! Fuck! Yes! Eat me! I thought you were good at massages. I think we found something your better at. You know your way around a.....I'm cumm.......cummm.....mmmiing."she screamed. With that she had her first orgasm in my mouth. I rolled my knuckle deep inside her as she tasted great in my mouth. I kept licking her labia and cunt lips. I moved my fingers deep inside her as she orgasm again. I let go of her cunt lips. She was trying to catch her breath as I kissed under her pussy. I licked almost down to her ass as she fell back on the lounge chair. I felt the cushion move as my cock was out in the warm air. I moved her legs up over my head. I started to eat her pussy very fast. She pushed my face harder on her pussy walls. I looked up to see her eyes closed. She was making faces as her toes curled in her wooden heels.

"Come here." she curled her finger at me. She motion for me to get off the lounge chair. I handed her the cold drink in the grass. She took a sip and then handed it to me. I took a big sip and smiled. She handed me a towel to whip off the sweat and her juices from my face. I then felt her hand on my erect cock. "I see your hard again. I hope your ready for round two?" she whispered

(C) Photo Courtesy of jade38h.com

She rolled over on her knees. She arched her ass as her face was on the cushion. I walked to the front of the lounge chair. I spit on my hand. I then wiped my cock with my saliva. She looked over her shoulder as I slapped her ass with my cock. "Before you fuck me with that big thing. My name...Jade...Oh god your big." Jade said. I pushed my cock passed her tight cunt lips as she tried to talk. I grabbed her hips as her tight pussy pushed my cock out. I slapped her pussy lips causing her to moan. She relaxed as I pushed my cock half way inside her. She got used to the size and slammed her pussy back on my cock. I arched my hips to match her tight pussy. I slammed my cock in farther as she screamed. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me traffic boy. Fuck me harder! Don't stop! Yes! Yes!" she moaned.

"God your pussy is so tight. Damn your so hot. I can't believe I'm right here, right now. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Ouch!" I smiled as Jade pinched my arm with her left hand. She then pinched my cock with her pussy muscles. I started to pick up the pace of fucking her. She moved her face into the cushion as I rammed my cock in her pussy. I slipped out again as her pussy was so wet. She arched her back when she felt my hands begin to play with her breast. I put my foot near her neck as I shifted my body weight to hit her pussy at a different angle.

After a few minutes she was laying next to me. I was on my side as I brought her right leg up. I put my cock in her pussy again. I leaned up to kiss her neck. I smelled her red hair again. She pinched her nipples as I used my free hand to go under her body and cup her big left breast. I pinched her free nipple causing her to moan. I then cupped her breast hard as I fucked her sweet pussy. She brought her red lips back to mine. I started to kiss her harder as our bodies slapped together. "I love what your doing to me. Lie on your back. I want to fuck you know baby. Hold you big cock for me. Show me what I do to you." said Jade.

Jade stood up as I rolled on my back. I then watched as she put her sexy heels next to my hips. She then lowered herself on my cock. Her wet pussy lips opened as she fit all my cock deep inside her. "No one touched me that deep before. God! Thank god for the first day of spring." moaned Jade. I brought my hands up to fondle her breast. She arched forward causing her heels to bounce off the cushion onto my legs. She then moved her body down on mine. Her whole body was now on me. I smiled as I sucked her breast. I sucked her nipples. I kissed under her breast causing her to moan. She was like puddy in my hands as she rode my cock. Her red hair tossed past my face on the cushion. Her sexy red lips met mine. We were kissing long and hard as she bounced her pussy on my cock. I moved my hands to the back of her ass. I pulled her hair with my right hand as I slapped her ass with my left. She bite my lower lip. "I like that Buck! Fuck! I found something else your good at to." said Jade.

I held onto her hips as she kissed my lips. I was close to cumming again. She looked into my eyes as her pussy muscles milked my cock. "Mmmm your close again. I can see it your baby blues." Jade moaned. She quickly got off me. She put her mouth on my cock. I felt her warm tongue wrap around my cock. She then used her two hands to jack my cock. A second later my legs moved. My ass arched. Jades eyes got big. I felt my cock open up. I then felt one huge explosion. She kept her mouth on my cock as a little cum fell out the side of her lips. She then rolled off me and put her breast on my chest.

Jade leaned down to pick up the Channel 6 binoculars. "OK! First I need you to clean my pool. Then go to my tool shed right over there. Start the mower. Just mow the back yard. The front can wait until tomorrow. When your done. Go inside the house and start my bath water. The master bath is upstairs. 2nd door on the left." she said. I smiled as I started to clean the pool. I looked over to see Jade was using the binoculars to check me out. She kept my clothes by the lounge chair. She put her shades back on when I started the lawn mower. She followed me around the back yard with the binoculars. I went in the house to start her bath water. A second later she was at the doorway to her bathroom. "Go down stairs make me a drink. Then come back up. Use my shower over there. You have some baby oil and some grass on your legs. Thank sweetie." said Jade.

She watched me as she took a bath. Once I was clean enough, she had me slip in bathtub opposite her. I massaged her feet as she played with my erect cock under the water. "Does he ever go down???" said Jade. "I think he likes you. I guess you will have to find out." I said. I spent the weekend at Jade Parker's house. She had me mow the lawn in a small pair of shorts while her nosey neighbor looked on. I was not sure she recognized me as the guy in the helicopter from the day before. I saw her close her drapes as I bent over. I helped Jade with a school project. She took pictures of me and put them on her computer.

I picked up the binoculars off the grass. I put them to my eyes. I looked up to see the Channel 9 news helicopter flying toward me. I smiled when I saw it was Dave in the pilot seat. I did not get fired from Channel 6 but Dave did. Seems he left our score sheet of the hot big gurls in the helicopter. The general manager wife found it when she came looking for me. She was friends of the lady across the street. I was off today while they looked for a new pilot. I can feel the wind of the grass as Dave circles over head. "You think he likes the view? Damn your mouth feels great on my nipple. Don't stop. Keep fucking me. Don't stop baby. I pushed my morning class back. You don't have to drive me until noon. We can't be late. I wonder how the traffic is." said Jade!!!!!! I handed her the binoculars as I fondled her breast.

(C) Photo Courtesy of jade38h.com



Friday, March 19, 2010

Rest Area - An Adult Story - I was her Trucker Bitch!

I was driving my big rig. I had the fuzzy dice on the rear view. I was heading across country again. I had to deliver some new cars in my hauler. I had a few days before I had to get to my next stop. I was making good time. I checked the CB and my cell. I was getting low bars on both. It was close to noon on a Friday. I had big breakfast at a truck stop this morning. I had unbuckled my tight jeans to let out some air. I had some white leather cowboy boots on. A big white cowboy hat on with a tan leather rim. A big black n white checkered shirt. I had the two top buttons undone. I was not wearing any underwear. Easier to get out and take a piss on the side of the road with out fumbling around for my cock. I was listening to some music. Drinking a Coke. I had two hands on the wheel as I switched lanes to pass a bus.

I turned off my blinker once I cleared the bus. I looked in my side mirror. I could see a small white car coming up pretty fast. I could just now see it was a convertible. I smiled when the car slowed down. I looked out my driver side window. My foot hit the gas pedal to go faster. My cock twitched in my jeans. I smiled. There was a very hot girl driving the car next to me. She was looking straight ahead. She was not paying me any attention. I turned up the A/C in the truck to cool me down. I had a great view of this hottie behind the wheel.

She was about 5ft 9 with long brown hair passed her shoulders. She had on some dark shades over her eyes. She was wearing a few gold earrings. Her finger nails on the steering wheel were painted the same shade of red as her very sexy lips. She bit down on her bottom lip as she turned on her A/C in the car. I could see the front of her tight white wife beater expanded. The wind was blowing her hair as she moved closer to the vents in her car. I could see her very thick thighs and sexy legs as she sat high on her seat. I could see she was wearing some super short denim shorts or a mini skirt. She was very voluptuous as her large breast rested near the the steering wheel. I took a big breath as she moved her face to check her mirrors. I had to check mine to make sure I was not going to crash. I looked up to see there was no traffic ahead or another car within a mile.

I shifted the 18 wheeler to keep up with her. She smiled as she finally looked over at me. She licked her red lips. She then brought her right hand to her mouth. She bite her long red finger nail. She then smiled again at me. I moved my hand on the front of my jeans. I was now very hard. All 9-3/4 inches of me wanted to come out and play. I kept checking her out as she moved in her car. She touched her radio. She turned up her music as she danced in her front seat. She was not the first hot girl to get me excited by gyrating in her car. But she was the first hot woman I wanted to crash my big rig for. She brought her hands up to her eyes as she stared into the sun. She brought her sun visor down to shield her face from the sun. She had such smooth white skin. She looked back at my blue eyes and smiled. She pointed her finger up in the road. I turned to see a small car coming up fast on the front of my truck. I shifted and hit the brake.

I slowed down just in time. She slowed down then pump her fist to have me blow the big air horn on the side of my truck. What's I guy to do. I pulled down the air horn. I scared the guy in the car I almost hit in front of me. He gave me a dirty look as he hit the brake and not the gas. I smiled as she passed him. I looked down to see her license plate. She had custom plates. "White Coco" I watched her go farther down the road. I looked in my side mirrors. I was now boxed in with a big line of traffic. I pulled down my cowboy hat. Fuck!!!! She got away. I looked up ahead but she was already gone. I still had vision of her as I felt my hard cock under my jeans. Damn I needed to see her again.

I am easily turned on by bigger women. I love a girl who his confident in her body. The girl in the car. Was definitely one. I rather see her all day then anybody else on the road. I put my blinker on finally to pass this guy in front of me. I pulled up next to him and hit the horn again. He jumped and through me the finger.

I picked up the CB to see if anybody was out there. "Breaker! Breaker! This is the Buck. Come in. I'm east bound an down got the motor running." I said. "This is the Animal." said a guy's voice. "What your 20. Good buddy." I said. "I'm at mile marker 402 heading east through Georgia. Come back at ya." he said. "Your just a few miles in front of me. I just had some very fine "White Coco" pass me driving a white convertible. She had the hammer down and should be coming up on your six." I said. "Oh! Good lord. Would you look at her. Oh she is fine Buck." he said. "Blow your horn for her." I said. "Hot damn!!!!!!!! She just smiled. Damn! I got to get off at this exit good buddy. I follow that hot cup of White Coco if I were you." he said. I smiled. I had to hit the accelerator to catch her.

I just shifted into the next gear when I saw some light come on from behind. I was being pulled over. I put my flashers on as I waited for the police. I heard the boots climb on my step to look in my rig. I rolled down the window. It was a real skinny girl. She looked pissed as she saw me. I pulled out my license and registration. She had me step out and show her what I was hauling. I got the speeding ticket. 95 in a 65. She also gave me one for not coming to a complete stop. Just some bull shit. She smiled as she pulled around my truck. I shifted and got back on the road.

I spent the next hour trying to see if anyone had seen the hottie in the convertible. But no one had. She must have gotten off the interstate. I started to drink another Coke. After a few minutes I really had to use the bathroom. I guess two Coke was my limit. I looked on a map to see there was a rest stop up ahead. It was close to 2pm. I was about 5 miles from the rest stop. I saw a blue sign. The next rest stop was a 50 miles. I started to slow down as I was only 4 miles from the rest stop. I looked up ahead. I saw a orange sign on the rest room part for the rest area. It was under construction. Then I saw a sign telling me that the rest area was closed. Fuck! I was not having a good day. I looked up ahead to see the entrance to the rest area was closed. There was some orange cones and yellow tape across the front of the exit. I looked to my right to see the road go up and then behind some trees. I could not see the rest area from the road.

I slowed down. I looked in my mirrors again. I did not see anyone. I slowed down and turned on my blinker. I pulled in front of the exit to the rest area. I looked in my mirrors again. I saw some orange cones again blocking the exit to the rest area. I did however see the yellow tape was broken in the middle. I shook my head as I sat there wondering what I should do. I guess I could run into the bushes on the side of the road. I really did not want to do it. It was Saturday. Maybe the constructions workers did not work today. I was sure there must be a porta potty or maybe the rest room was open for them. Plus there probably be a Coke machine and a vending machine. I looked around. Still no cars around.

I opened my door. I stepped down on my big step out of the truck cab. I pushed my cowboy hat up as I walked along my truck. I buckled my jeans again as i got closer to the orange cones. I saw a car go bye. They kept on going. I walked up the long winding road. To the top of the small hill. There were big trees on either side of the road. I could barely see my truck or the road on the right side of me. I could see the small rest area. There was parking for trucks in the back. There was a place for cars to parking the front. I looked up and down each parking lot. I did not see any cars or trucks. I saw there was a women's rest room on the right side of building. I saw there was a men's room on the left.

I opened the door on the left side of the building. I turned on the light. The men's room looked like any other road side rest room. I smiled as the water was running in a sink near the door. I unzipped my pants. My cock flopped out as I looked at the writing on the wall. I washed my hands as I looked at myself in the mirror. I fixed my hat. I ran a hand through my short haircut. I had a few unshaven whisker on my face. The rest of the body was shaved. I left a small patch over my cock last week in the shower. I walked outside after I fixed my huge belt buckle. It was silver with a big gurl kicking up her heels on the cover. I smiled. I had the same emblem on the mud flaps on the truck. There was even a bumper sticker that said. "No Skinny Chicks!" Maybe that why the cop gave me the ticket.

I reached into my right front pocket. I could feel a few quarters as I walked up to the door to the rest area. I pulled the door handle. It was locked. I looked inside to see some vending machines. I saw some light coming through the back of the rest area. Maybe there was another entrance in. I walked around the side of the bathroom. I saw the light on in the women's rest room. I looked up to see a big red Coke machine near the back door of the rest area. I walked over as I pulled on the coins from my jeans. I stopped to look around. I looked out to the side of the rest area. There was some more parking. I stopped in my tracks. There was a car parked near the front. I looked again as I adjusted my eyes from the sun light. It was a white convertible. I smiled.

I checked the front of my jeans. I wonder were she was. I took a big scan of the rest area. I saw a sign for a foot trail. There was a a picnic area behind some tress not to far from the rest area. I could not see anybody or anything behind the big trees. I walked back to check the women's rest room. She was not in there. I followed the foot trail to the picnic area. I held my breath as I stood still. Only a few feet away, I saw her. She had her back turn to me. She was sitting down at a big wooden picnic table. She was looking around. I stepped a few few feet back. I caught my breath.

I peeked out behind the small trees. I ducked a little from being almost 6ft 4 kinda of hard to hide. She was still looking around. Finally she dropped her left hand from top of the table. She put it in front of her denim mini skirt. Next she dropped her head back. I was wondering if she was playing with herself. Then I heard her moan. She dropped her free hand to the front of her white wife beater. She was pinching her big nipples under the thin material.

I had to get closer. I quietly moved closer to her. I took a few steps across the grass. I was trying to be quite. She was still breathing heavy as I walked up to her side. She had her dark shades on her eyes. She was still looking forward. I could see down the back of her gorgeous ass that was sticking out under her denim skirt. Her wife beater shirt was fully expanded. Her nipples were dark compared to her soft white skin. I looked at her face. She smiled with her sexy red lips. "Fucking drop your pants big boy. Let me see what you got. Come on trucker boy show what ur hauling." she said.

I smiled as I pulled off my cowboy hat. I put it on the table next to her. I took off my shirt next. I unbuckled my big belt. I pulled down my jeans. A second later my cock sprang back up. I arched my back sticking my big hard 9 3/4 inches near her left breast. "Mmmm that what I am talking about. Fuck!! That is nice. Stroke your big cock for me." she said. My jeans were around my cowboy boots. I made my legs shoulder length apart as I reached down to grab my cock. I started to jack my cock near her face. She was still touching herself under the table. She finally moaned very loud. She took her wet hand out of her pussy. She wiped her juices on my cock. She then put her finger near my nose. I took a big whiff. God she was turning me on. "Don't cum just yet trucker boy. I need to taste that big thing. Bring him closer." she whispered.

I looked down to see her turn her head. I fed my cock in her hot mouth. She swirled her big tongue down my shaft. She had almost all of my cock down her throat. She ran her long nails under my naked cock. She then jacked me both of her small hands. She tried to get her fingers closed around my cock. She almost got her fingers to touch. I reached down to touch her breast. She let go of my cock in her mouth. "Don't touch them if you don't know what to do them. I like it rough trucker boy. Fucking man handle them like you man handle your big shifter in your truck. I got 18 gears for my twins. Yeah fucking rip my shirt. Flop them out. God you know what I like. I want some more cock...mmmmrrrooooopppp" she moaned.

I had her big breast out of her shirt. She did not have a bra on. I just pinched her big nipples as she sucked my cock. I then picked them up and dropped them on the picnic table. I moved to beat my cock on them as I pulled her hair back. Her neck moved as she trough her head back. I kissed her on the lips as I spanked her big breast with my cock. She smiled. I pushed her face back down on my cock. She gagged at first then I pushed my hips forward fucking her face. Her massacre ran from the tears of pleasure from her eyes. She took my cock and shoved it so her lips touched the base. She ran her tongue up and down as I fucked her face faster. I grabbed her hair forcing my cock deeper down her throat.

The saliva from her mouth dripped down my cock and balls. It hit her chest as she let my cock go. She looked up. "That was all right. Got anything more trucker boy. Can you fuck me with that big cock. You can last more than a minutes in my tight box. Can you my fuck toy?" she yelled. I dropped my hand off her hair. I reached down to pull my jeans over my boots. "Leave them boot on. Here is your hat. Now fuck me like you park your rig. Nice and tight and fast. God damn your still hard." she said. I put my cowboy hat on. I was naked except for my big 11 inch cowboy boots and hard cock. I looked down as she looked into my blue eyes.

I smiled. I then stood her up. I began to kiss her long and hard. I ran my hands down her sides. I unzipped her denim skirt letting it fall to the ground. She moaned as I flipped her around facing the picnic table. I leaned her over as she put her breast on the wood table. She arched her back as I got behind her. She looked down to watch my cock enter her tight pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she moaned. I inserted my cock pushing her tight cunt lips open. She bite down on her lower lips as more of my cock was in her pussy. I pushed her hands down on the table. I started to fuck her tight pussy faster. I pushed my cock to match her hips coming down. After a few minutes we got a good rhythm going.

I started to bite her left shoulder. I kissed her neck as she slammed her pussy on my cock. I reached around to play with her breast. I found another gear as I massaged under her breast. I started from the bottom almost milking her as she screamed again. I felt my cock get wetter. I could smell her as she pushed her face on the table. I put my hands on her hips forcing my cock in deeper. She let out a quick breath then her body shook again. I smiled as she tried to use her hands to get me to slow down. I pulled out to slap her big ass with my cock. "Fuck! Let me see that cock of yours. Damn he is all wet. You making a great tool. Your not done. Get on your knees and eat me. Eat my pussy trucker boy." she yelled.

She climbed on the picnic table. She dropped her small feet over the side. She was on the end of the table. "Crawl to me bitch. Eat my pussy. That's it. You want some of my pussy. Lick me!! Lick me trucker boy. Don't stop until I tell you." she yelled. I crawled on the grass and a few rocks. I was between her thick thighs. She was on her back as her legs and pussy were over the edge. I leaned up as she parted her pussy lips. I started to suck her cunt lips. I then ran my wide tongue around her labia. She was very wet. Her breathing increased as I stuck a finger inside her. I licked her pussy from her ass to her fingers. She started to rub her labia as I wet two fingers to stick in her. My fingers went in easily as she screamed. I saw some small bubbles on her juices coming from her pussy. I licked them up as she ran her finger on my cowboy hat.

I had my cowboy boots under my ass as I ate her juicy pussy. My cock was still hard. I looked up her body as her head was moving back and forth on the table. She moaned again. I put three fingers in my mouth. I then put three fingers inside her. She moaned again. "Yes! Faster! Use me!! I love what your doing to me. Fuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmming again." she yelled. I looked up as her body quaked again. Her skin was hot to the touch. Her pussy was so wet she dripped on the grass as it fell out of my mouth. I felt a big drop on my cock under the table. I then stood up. I beat her pussy with my cock. She spread her pussy letting her labia and cunt lips taking the pounding.

She leaned up. She grabbed the back of my neck. In one quick motion she put my cock in her tight pussy. She bit my lower lip as our mouth touched. I started to kiss her more deeply. She inserted my cock more deeper in her amazing pussy. I started to suck her breast again. She smashed her big cleavage around my head. "Faster! Faster! Faster! Harder! Harder! You can do better my fuck toy. Fuck me! Bitch!!!!!!!! Fuck me harder!!!" she demanded. (My cock is rock hard as I write this)

I looked into her eyes. She let go of her big breast on my face. I was sweating. My cowboy hat was close to falling off. She then pinched my nipples. She grabbed my arm pushing me off. I was standing a few inches from her. My cock was dripping from her juices. She looked me up and down. "Get on the table. Lie on your back. Let me show you really how to fuck me. I have to do everything myself. Your good but you could do better. Now lie on your back trucker fucker. Your my bitch. Got it. That a good bitch. Hold your cock for me. Don't touch me. Put your hands to your side. Don't move." she said.

I was on my back. She stood on the picnic table over me. She looked down to see my hard cock standing straight up. She lowered herself on my cock. She put my hands under her thighs. She put her tight pussy down my long shaft. Her breast dangled in front of my face. She then started to fuck me very hard. Her ankles were on my calves. Her knees on my hands. Her thick thighs on my hard thighs. Her ass pounded in the air as she fucked me with all her might. Her dark shades were falling off her nose. She grabbed them and slammed though off my chest. They bounced off onto the grass. I was in heaven. She was in another gear all together. After a few minutes she screamed. She was fucking me like no other woman had before. I almost moan. Her breast covered my face as she used my body and cock. She then really picked up the pace. I was so sore but in extasy. I then felt my cock start to expand. "That it fucker. Cum deep inside me. Yes! Yes! Fill me up. God your still coming. God I'm leaking. You fucker. God damn that was a big load trucker bitch." she screamed in my face.

"Pick up our clothes and follow me. No questions. Just follow behind me." she said. I smiled as I picked up our clothes and her shades. I followed her amazing ass back to the women's rest room. I held the door open to watch her clean up. I was still naked and dripping from her pussy. She took her clothes to put her white wife beater back on. I followed her to her car. She put the top up and locked the doors. She then walked in front of me down the exit to the rest area. I helped her in the passenger seat of the 18 wheeler. I walked around the front of the rig. I still had on my cowboy hat and boots. I climbed into the front seat. I slid my naked ass across the leather seat. I looked at her as she blew the air horn. A few cars passed us as we got up to speed.

We stop at the next rest area 50 miles down the road. She smiled as she saw a empty school bus to our left. She took my hand as I followed her out the passenger side of the cab. I opened the school bus door. There were some Pom Pom and football gear on the floor. It looked the school bus was carrying kids from a football game. I felt a big slap on my bare ass. I whirled around as she pushed me back in the last row of the bus. My ass hit the green seat as she climbed on my lap. "I see your still hard. You've been hard since we left the ladies room back at the rest stop. Hurry. I like the fact we might get caught. Fuck me trucker boy. God you cock feels nice in my pussy." she moaned in my left ear.

I started to kiss her left breast as she pushed her wet pussy on my cock. I reached my two big hands on her amazing ass. I picked up the pace of fucking her as she moaned. After a few minutes I picked up the pace even more. She screamed as I rolled her off of me onto the cold seat. She looked over her shoulder as I spit on my cock. I started to touch her most sensitive area. I thought she might like it. But she was really loving it. I stuck one finger in her asshole. She closed her eyes. I then inched my cock into her tight hole. She screamed as I got an inch inside her. Her ass relaxed as I inched more inside her. I got almost all the way in before she pushed my cock back out. I slapped her ass as she grabbed her big ass cheeks. She held her self open as I fucked harder.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass trucker boy. Fuck me bitch! MMmmmm I love it. Faster! Faster! Faster! Don't stop..." she moaned. I grabbed around her hips holding on as I fucked her ass. She moaned. I moaned then I slammed my body against hers. Her face was buried in the seat. She let out screams. I fucked her ass faster and harder. I slapped her big ass with my free hand. I used my other hand to pull her hair. She grabbed my heels next to her arms as I fucked her harder. I could feel I was close. I left my cock in as I felt the bus move. I heard some noise. I then held her tight as I unleashed a big load in her ass. A second later I opened the back door. The buzzer went off. I jumped out on the pavement. I then grabbed her as I carried her to the truck.

An hour later I pulled the rig over. She had been playing with herself since we left the school bus. I put on the flashers. She put her feet on the dash board. I got between her legs on my knees. She grabbed the top of my cowboy hat. She forced my mouth hard on her pussy. "Mmmm you do that nice trucker boy. Eat my pussy. We got a couple hundred miles before we get out of Georgia. After that we can drive across country. I hope your tongue is ready for allot more of my pussy. I see your cock hard again. I am glad I don't have to worry about that. Eat up trucker boy. HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!" she pulled the handle on the air horn.


Thanks White Coco!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Breast Reduction - An Adult Story - Her Second First Date

A had my cigar in my left hand. I had a drink in my right. I had thrown down a straight on the poker table. "What the fuck. You never loose man. Buck are you cheating man?" said Tony I got invited by some guys from the gym to play some poker. I knew almost all of them except for Tony. He was a cool guy. I only met him twice before tonight. He was a little arrogant. "Relax man. Were just playing for fun. I guess I am just lucky tonight." I said. "Yeah he is lucky in cards and women." said Oscar. "Lucky in cards yes. Lucky in women maybe. I am still single guys." I said. They all laughed. Tony had a big house. We were playing in his dining room. His wife was out for the night. She took there new born baby to see the grand parents.

I saw some lights hit the far front window. Then the garage door open. "Oh shit guys. The wife is home. Quick put out he cigars. Open the window. Get some air in here." said Tony. He jumped up to spray some air freshener in the room. Everyone stopped for a second. I pulled in my winning chips from the pot. I put in two more while Dave shuffled the cards. Oscar sat there with a blank stare on his face. He quickly drank his beer. Tony got back to the table. "Guys! Listen! No laughing or making fun of my wife. That job is already taken. Serious! Listen Samantha put on some weight. I should say allot of baby weight. Be nice. Pretend not to notice her. Let her walk by than we can make fun of her when she goes upstairs." said Tony

I heard the door to the garage open. Then the door close. Two minutes later Tony wife Samantha walked in. She was about 5ft 8 with short blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing a big black shirt that was covered by a big black sweat shirt. She had some large matching sweat pants over her legs. I watched as she put her big purse in front of her waist. She was definitely hiding her body. It was hard to see her under all the layers of clothes. I though she was very cute and sexy. But I love big gurls. Especially voluptuous women. The confident bodacious hottie who loves to show off her body. I was looking for her in Tony wife but she was not coming out of her shell. "Hey! I left the baby at your parents. There going to watch him for us. I'll be upstairs. Hi guys." she said.

I turned to watch her leave. "Shoo wee. Glad she is gone. I told you guys. She is so big now. I am going to sleep on the couch tonight. I am not loving my wife anymore. I thought she lose the weight by now. I suggested she go get Lipo suction or at least suck some fat out out of her big breast. They drive me crazy. She needs to get a breast reduction for me. There like to huge milk basketballs bouncing all the time. She stains the bed, her clothes from all the breast milk." said Tony. "You need to lighten up." I said. "Yeah man." said Oscar. "Go easy dude." said Dave. "Listen you guys don't have to see her all day. She just not attractive anymore." said Tony. "Shuffle up and deal." I said. We played two more hands before I won all the chips.

I drove home thinking about Samantha all night. I felt bad for her being with her husband Tony. I knew she would have negative issues with her body from him. I was pretty sure he already brain washed her in feeling bad about herself. She had her head hung down when she walked passed us last night at he dinning room table. I had a feeling she just needed some encouragement. Someone to brighten her day maybe. I did not have to go to work today. I called work to push all my appointments back a day. Plus it was cold and snowing. No one goes to work in Baltimore when it snows. I parked my SUV across the street. I had on some jeans. A white t-shirt. Some tan hiking boots. A black winter jacket.

"Knock! Knock!" I was not sure what I was going to say. I just wanted to give her some encouragement and make her feel a little better. Plus I had to stop this whole Lipo suction, breast reduction talk. The door knob turned and the door opened. "Hello! Good morning. Can I help you." said Samantha. "Good morning. I was here last night playing poker. I think I might have left something. Can I come in and take a look." I said. "Sure! My name Samantha. My husband is at work. What did you forget? Please excuse the mess. I am still trying to clean from you guys last night." she said. "Oh! No problem. My name Buck. Sorry! I think I may have left my wallet some where. I looked around when I got home but could not find it." I said. It was actually in my glove compartment in my SUV. I carry a money clip most of the time. Samantha was wearing some small white shorts around her thick thighs. She had on a long white wife beater under a long baby blue night shirt. She was barefoot and had very curvy legs. She had some long white french manicure nails that she looked like she just pressed on. I could still smell the nail gloss in the house. She had a tattoo on her left ankle.

I took off my hiking boots. I put them by the door. I don't wear socks unless it is to work. I walked barefoot into the living room. "Here let me take your coat. My husband left his pillows on the couch. He has a bad back. He claims he needs to sleep on the couch most nights. The one night we get some peace from the baby. Oh well. At least I have the day free. What color is your wallet?" she said. "It's black. It's real small. I hope I did not loose it." I said. She went to go pick up around the living room. I walked in the dining room. I was making it look like I was looking for my wallet. I picked up the cards. Put away the poker chips. I took all the dirty dishes to the kitchen. I picked up the cigar butts. I took out the trash and put a new bag in the garbage can. A second later the door to the kitchen swung open.

"Oh you did not have to do that. I was just coming in here to clean. Thank you. Your very nice for such a young man. I appreciate it." she said. I closed the lid and walked over to the sink. I started some hot water. "Here let me get those. You go sit down over there." she said. Samantha pointed to the kitchen table. I took a seat while she cleaned up a few dishes. She then grabbed some empty baby bottles to clean. "Thanks! Would you something to drink?" she said. "How about some water." I said. Samantha smiled as she pour us some cold water from a pitcher inside the fridge. I saw some full baby bottles on the top shelf. She moved them to put the water back. "Won't be to long till I have to fill up some more bottles. So how do you know Tony?" Samantha said. "I've seen him at the gym once or twice. Oscar and Dave invited me to play last night. I kinda of won all the hands last night. I am not sure they will invite me back to play. Especially your husband." I said with a smile.

We made some small talk before I followed her into the living room. "Take a seat. Did you find your wallet? I looked around in here." she said. "No! I looked all over your dining room and the kitchen." I said. "Maybe it fell out of your pocket in your car." she said. "Hmm, I never thought to look in there. I should have done that before coming over. Maybe I should go take a peek right now." I said. "Maybe you can wait. It's not everyday I get to talk to someone. Especially someone so nice. I am so busy with the baby, cleaning, cooking and waiting on Tony that I don't see any of my friends anymore. I can't remember the last time I went out. Do you have any plans today?" she said. "No! Just finding my wallet. I might do some laundry later. How about you?" I said. "No! Not anything big. Just clean up the mess from last night. Maybe make the bed. I also need to make a few more baby bottles. I also need to look at some pamphlets Tony got me." said Samantha.

I paused and looked at her at the end of the couch. She was sitting about two feet away. "What kinda of pamphlets?" I said. "Tony got them for me. He thinks I should loose some weight. He also wants me to get a breast reduction. He thinks there too big." Sam smiled. "Oh! How do you feel about it?" I said. "I love my size. I put on some weight from the baby. But I have always been a big gurl. I love me big breast to. I don't know why he does not like them anymore. Maybe its the breast milk. He has slept on the couch ever since he found out I was pregnant last year. It's like I don't exist to him anymore." said Samantha. "WOW! It just my opion, but I think you look very nice. You just gained some baby weight. I am sure in a few weeks you will bounce back. Plus its your body not his. If you like it. Then that all that matters." I said.

Samantha smiled on the end of the couch. She crossed her bare feet over her right knee. She kept looking at me. "Are you married? Do you have a girl friend?" she said. "No! and No!" I smiled. She laughed. "Your such a nice young man. You must have your pick." she said. I smiled and did not say anything. "Oh your quite now. I see how it is. Are you checking me out now?" said Samantha. "Maybe just a little. Kinda of hard to tell with you sitting down." I said with a smile. "Here let me stand up. What do you think?" she said. I smiled again. "Turn around. That is nice." I said. "Are you looking at my big butt. These shorts make it look huge. Oops!! I think I sprang a leak. See what you made me do." she said. She turned around to show me her left nipple was wet under her shirt. Both her nipples were rocked hard as she spun around again showing me her big hips.

"Oh!! Are you OK?" I said. She smiled. "Yes! It happens when ever I get light headed. I need to catch my breath. You making me turn red." she said. I sat there on the end of the couch. I crossed my legs. I was trying to hide my raging hard on. I could feel all 9 3/4 inches of my cock wanting to get out of my boxer briefs. I put my hand on the front of my jeans. I gave my cock a small squeeze near the right front pocket. "I need to ask you a question. Can you keep a secret?" she said. "Yes! What the secret?" I said. "I need a guys opion. I don't trust my husband. This can't leave the room." she said. "OK!" I said. She grabbed the bottom of her two shirts. They were stretched over her large breast and round stomach. "What do think about these. I mean do you think they need to be reduced?" she said as her hugs breast flopped out of her shirt and landed on her chest.

I sank in the couch. Her breast were big looking at them covered up. They were huge now all out in the open. Her big nipples were dark purple. Her dollar size aerloes were dark. Her breast did not sag and sat high on her chest. I froze not knowing what to do next. I could feel my cock strain against my underwear again. I wiped my forehead. "Umm Ummmmm Ummmmm!!!" was all I could say. She opened her eyes. She put her small hands under her breast. She held them up. She was straining to keep them from falling out her hands. That hung over her hands down the front. She then put her small fingers on the front of her erect nipples. She touched them sending shock waves through my body. "I....I.....I" I said.

"Maybe you can't see them this far away. Let me get closer. Do you like them? Do I need breast reduction surgery?" she whispered. I leaned up on the edge of the black leather couch. She was inches from me as she leaned down to let her huge breast hang. They hung low as she bent over. Her left nipple dribbled some white milk onto the carpet below. I could smell her sweet perfume. I could also smell her excitement as I looked over her breast. I leaned down the right side. I then moved passed them to look down the left side. She watched me with her big sexy green eyes. Her blonde hair moved slightly forward covering her forehead. She was a sight to behold. I thought her husband was insane before. Now I just thought it was an idiot. "Oh....those are nice. I don't think you need to do anything with them. There perfect just the way they are and your just perfect as is." I said.

Samantha squeezed them with her hands. She kneed them like two big white globs of dough. I was so turn on. I could see she was breathing more heavier. Her feet were moving under her as she tried to keep her balance. "You really think so? There just right?" she said. "Yes! They are more than all right. If you were my wife. I take you all the time and show off them. I dress you in tight clothes and parade you on my arm." I said. "I bet you would honey. Mmmm put out you big strong hands. They look nice but they feel much better sugar. Here!!!!!" she said.

With that she dropped her two big breast in my hands. They all most fell out of my palms. I was surprised by there weight. Her breast were the biggest I had ever had the pleasure of holding. I smiled as I fondle them. She moaned. "Here lean back on the couch. I can't stand up any longer. God I love what your doing to them." she said. I lean back on the couch. She put her knees on either side of my thighs. She moved her stomach on my waist. She put her large breast on my chest. I looked down when I felt the front of my shirt was wet. Her breast were now dripping on my shirt. Her large ass rest on my knees and thighs. Her pussy was tight against the white pair of shorts. Her small big granny panties were pulled tight on her large pussy lips. I could see her camel toe as she leaned into my face again. She was inches from my lips as she moved on top of me.

She reached down to pull up my shirt. "Help me! Take off you shirt. I love your big arm muscles. I saw those last night. I see them now flexing as she hold my breast. God you really like them. I need to see your chest now." she moaned above me. I leaned her back on her ass. She watched as I pulled my shirt over my head. I placed it on the ground in front of the couch. I looked back at her. She was checking out my chest and hard abs. She circled her long finger nails on my abs. "Mmmm a six pack and then some. You must work out allot." she said. I smiled as I lifted her big breast up to her mouth. She licked the tip of her right nipple. She then fed me her left breast. I licked and sucked the tip. Her nipple opened in my mouth. I could feel her hot milk spray deep in my throat. I sucked very hard causing her to moan. She moved her pussy on my belt just above my waist.

My belt buckle rubbed against her camel toe. She grinded her pussy again. She was dry humping me. "God you turning me on. It's been so long. I never wanted anybody as much as I want you right now Buck!" she yelled. I put my hands on her wide hips. I put my hands on the back of her white shorts. I then began to squeeze her big ass. She moaned as she fell forward on my chest. My skin was wet from my shoulder to my waist. She started to kiss my forehead as I put my hands inside her shorts. I could feel her hot skin on her ass. She felt so soft. She grinding her pussy again on my waist. I pulled her hair and smacked her ass. "Spank me!! Yeah!! Spank me!!! Harder! Harder!!!!" she yelled.

Samantha dropped her weight on me as she stood up. I smiled as she pulled down her white shorts. She kicked them off. Her big white granny panties came off next. I smiled as she rubbed her pussy. She had a big full bush on top. The bottom was shaved. She smiled as I unbuckled my jeans. She ripped off my belt. She then pulled down my boxer briefs. "MMMMMmmm What.....Fuck!!!!!! That is nice. I was worried you were just faking it. I thought you just wanted to see my big breast. Like last week when Oscar was here. He got to scared and ran off. He was not as excited as you are. God that is at full attention." Samantha moaned.

Samantha got on her knees on the couch. She put her mouth on my cock. Her big breast rested on my thigh. Her knees were on the middle cushion of the couch. She was sucking my cock making very loud noises. She was making my cock very wet. I reached under her heavy breast to play with them. I slapped them. Then squeezed them harder. She moaned as she gagged on my cock. I pinched her nipples causing her to spit out my cock. "Fuck!!!!! You know your away around a girls chest." she gagged again. I pushed her mouth back on my cock. I bounced my balls off her chin as she got almost all the way down on my cock. She gagged again as she came up for air. I pushed her back down on my cock.

I let go of her breast. I then held her blonde hair with my left hand. I picked all her hair from her face. She had here green eyes glued to my cock and big hairless balls. I then used my free hand to find her big ass. I stretched out and began to slap her butt. She smiled as I fucked her face. I then wet my finger. I found her moist pussy. I then inserted the tip passed her camel toe. Her body moved again. Her big ass shook. Her body quivered again. She was having a mini orgasm from my finger. I pushed her face down on my cock and held it there as she gagged. She then spit me out. I rubbed her pussy harder as she moaned on my lap.

After a few minutes Samantha moved to let me kiss her big ass. She pushed her breast on my cock. She wrapped them around my cock. I could feel the arm rest get wet as she shot warm milk on the leather. She sprayed my cock as I fucked her breast. I felt her move again as I reached out to grab her ass. She whirled around to look at me. She stood up and then got on my lap. I moved forward so she could wrap her legs around my waist. I put her breast on my chest just under my chin. I pushed them together as she found my cock. I then felt her hot pussy meld down my cock. She was so wet that she fell off my cock twice before we got a good rhythm going. I held into her hips as my chest was warm from her milk.

I gripped her ass as she fucked me very hard. After a few minutes she was out of breath. I picked her up and put her on her back. I moved her ass to the edge of the leather cushion. I moved her legs wide open. I held onto her thick thighs. I started to fuck her very hard. She pushed her breast together and tried to rub her large clit that was moving on my cock. I reached down to play with her clit as she orgasm very hard and screamed. "Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm cummminggggggggggggggggggg!" she yelled. I kept fucking her faster. I grabbed her big tits holding them together. She found her clit as was playing with herself now. I kept banging my cock deep inside her. She was so fucking hot under me as I slammed body on her.

I rolled her over on her knees. I pushed her face in the pillow on the end of the couch. I propped her big ass in the air. I wet my cock with my right hand. I then placed my cock back in her hot pussy. She moaned. Hell I moaned.... I then started to fuck her doggy style as I picked up the rhythm. I put my foot next to her face as I got up on her pussy. I was fucking her with one leg over her body. I was fucking her deeper than she had been fucked before. Her eyes were closed. Mine were wide open. I was taking it all in. After twenty minutes I flipped her on her back.

I got between her breast. She smashed her warm cleavage around my cock as I fucked her breast. She squirted some warm milk on my abs and chest. I reached down to pinch her nipples again causing her to scream. Just then my knees got weak. My whole body shook as the pressure from my balls got bigger. I looked down to see my cock began to shake. A second later I unleashed a huge load on her breast. She opened her mouth catching some on her chin and lips. She smiled as she cleaned me off. "MMMM my first pearl necklace" she giggled.

Two Days Later:

"Knock! Knock! I stood there knocking at the front door. I had some flowers in my left hand. I saw two cars in the driveway. "Hey!." said Tony. I walked in waiting near the bottom of the stairs. I heard some heels click on the wooden staircase. I looked up. "Hey Buck! Oh! You like nice. Our those for me?" said Samantha. "Yes! I thought you would like them. You look very nice in that dress. You look very stunning in those heels." I said with a smile. Samantha smiled. "You have very good taste. I opened the package this morning. The heels and the purse are nice. But the dress fits like a glove. How did you know? I grabbed her coat from Tony. I put it over her shoulders. Her matching purse was under her right arm. "Goodnight! Don't wait up! It's been awhile since I've been on a first date." said Samantha. She kissed me on the lips. Her perfume was amazing. Tony got the door as we walked out toward my SUV. She held my hand. I held the passenger door open for her.

I paraded her into the restaurant. Every guy turned there head. A waiter dropped a tray of food near the kitchen. She was not wearing a bra and her huge cleavage spilled out the top of her dress. An hour later we were making out at the movie theater. Twenty minutes later we ordering room service. Ten minutes later we were both naked on the floor of the hotel. Five minutes later she got her phone out of her purse. "I need to call home. He wanted to hear my first orgasm. Well maybe my second. Then he can gets his pillows for the couch. I bought new sheets and pillows for the bed upstairs. We can sleep all day tomorrow. He has to go pay his parents for babysitting." said Samantha.