Monday, July 27, 2009

Church Girl - An Adult Story

I was heading down south in my new 18 wheeler. I had stopped just out of Tennessee heading to Kentucky. I was hauling a load of cars to a dealership outside of Louisville. It was starting to get hot as the morning dew melted off the hood of my truck. I had only been driving for about a month. I had a bad breakup and need a fresh start. I had spent to much of my time behind a desk and needed some fresh air. I had been across the country but mostly seen it through a window inside a plane. I had about 4 days to get to the dealership. I was making good time and just saw the welcome to Kentucky sign off the interstate to my right. It was Sunday and the traffic was light.

I pulled over around 10am to get some diesel and pick up some food. I grabbed a few beers for when I stopped after I got off the road. The dealership was closed on Sunday's, so I figured I pull in tonight at a truck stop outside of Louisville. Then tomorrow pull into unload the cars. I put the six pack in my mini fridge along with some take out. My big truck was painted blue with large tires and chrome everywhere. It only had about 4,000 miles on it. I had it painted the rebel yell on the side. I had some big ass wheel splash guards with some big gurl logos on them. I preferred women with a little more curves and liked them to be confident in there bodies. My last breakup I realized I need to follow what turned me on. I got a few stares with my bumper stickers - "I like junk in the trunk and no skinny chicks on board." I had a big steering wheel and huge horn to go with it. I had two nice big captain chairs in front and a huge blue leather couch, that flips down into a bed in the sleeping compartment behind my seat. I had lined the interior with blue leather and white trim and a huge flat screen over the couch to watch satellite TV.

It was close to Noon when I pulled off the interstate just outside of Louisville. I saw some signs up ahead for some construction. I may have got off to early as the pave road turned into a dirt road after a few miles. I decided to follow the road to the end and turn around. I followed a few signs before the road went back to a pave two lane road. I followed that a few more minutes. I slowed down when I saw a church just letting out. A few of the cars pulled in front of me as I slowed down to pull into a gas station. I went in to ask the clerk a good place to park or say for the night. He directed me to follow the road about 5 miles. It came to a nice scenic over look. I could park there or there was a hotel little farther down.

I got back in my truck and followed his directions. About 5 minutes later I slowed down when I spotted a car off to the side of the road. I really slowed down when I saw a girl looking under the hood. All I could see was her nice ass sticking out to the left of the hood back into traffic. I could see she had blonde hair to her shoulder. She had big white heels on. She had a pink dress that went down to just passed her knees. She was leaning under the hood as I put on my flashers and pulled in front of her car. I felt the rocks on the side of the road as my big rig came to a stop. I checked my mirrors to make sure no one was coming. I looked in the rear view mirror to check my short hair. I looked at me black t-shirt to make sure nothing was on it. I had a par of tight blue jeans on that hugged my 28 inch waist and firm ass. I had on some black work boots as I opened my driver side door to get out. I put my shade on my head as I walked back behind the rig to her car.

I walked a few steps passed the back of my truck. I could see she had moved so her amazing butt was not in the road. She still had her head under the hood. I walked toward her and the car. "Hi! What seems to be the trouble?" I said. "Oh! Hi! I'm not sure what the matter. I just got out of church. I was driving my car back to my house when it made this funny noise. I pulled over immediately and popped the hood. I must say I have no clue about these things." she said. "Here let me take a look. I used to be a mechanic. Probably just nothing. Maybe something loose or you ran over something. Thanks!" I said. She smiled as I stuck my head under the hood. I could smell her perfume as she stood next to me. She was very sexy as she looked at me bent over her engine. I could see she was wearing a yellow bra to keep up her nice large breast. She had plenty of curves to go with her sweet voice. I looked around checking the engine. I checked the oil, battery, spark plugs, and all the hoses under the hood.

"Are the keys still in it? Do you have gas in the car? Have you noticed any problems before today?" I said. "The keys are in the ignition. It had plenty of gas. No problems before today. Its a really nice car." she said. I walked around the car to check the tires. I looked to make sure she did not run over anything. I turned the car over a few times. It was getting spark but was not starting. I checked all the lights on the dash board. She had gas in the car. I then walked back to the front of the car. "Do you have a phone?" No!" Can you call some one for a ride maybe. You may have to get a new alternator. Maybe if there was a part store near by, I could replace it for you." I said." "Geez everyone I know is out at the moment. I left my phone at my house. I don't like to bring it too church. There is a auto part store but its not open until tomorrow. Its closed on Sunday. I only live a bout 15 minutes away. I guess I could walk." she said. "Wait, don't be silly I will drive you to your house. I am no hurry today. You can always call tomorrow to have some take a look at it." I said.

"Do you have anything in the car? You may want to bring." I said. "Just my purse and sun glasses. Let me lock up." she said. I watched as she got her big pink and white purse. She was maybe 5ft 4 but her heels were very sexy as she walked. I followed her amazing butt under her pink dress as she got her purse form the car. She put her big white sun glasses on and smiled a me with her sexy pink lips. She fixed her big blonde hair as she looked in her side mirror before she walked passed me toward my truck. I followed her down the side. Being 6ft 3 and athletic, I have no problem getting into the big rig but she might have a problem reaching the steps and bar on the side to pull yourself in. I smiled as she waited for me to help her up the stairs. She grabbed the bar and opened the passenger door. "Wow the air feels nice." she said. She watched me as I walked around the front of the truck.

I opened my door and climbed in. She looked so cute in the big leather passenger seat. I showed her how to buckle up as she sat high in the seat. I so much wanted to be her seat belt as it stretched over her curves and rested on her chest. I check my mirrors before I pulled out. Her car was in a good spot. I was pretty sure no one would mess with it. I was pretty confident all she need was a alternator to get her car started. She put her purse down in her lap as she looked into my blue eyes. I followed her directions as we got closer to her house. She lived on a nice street at the end in a small town. It was her only day off this week. She admitted it had been awhile since she had went to church. I was not sure when the last time I had gone even. I pulled in front of her house. She had a few neighbors but she assured me no one would care about me parking in the road. Her driveway was to small to park there.

I helped her get down and followed her up her driveway. We walked down a small pathway to her back yard. I went up a few steps to her deck as I sat outside as she went in her house. I heard her get her phone off her kitchen table. She had a nice garden, some flowers and a few trees in her back yard. There was a small wheel barrel and some gardening tools in her grass. I smiled when she walked back out with some pink lemonade and some cookies. It was nice to have a sexy girl eat and have a drink and not worry about the calories.

She looked at my shirt and finally said. "Is that your name Buck? Is that your real name?" she said. "Yes!! I know its weird but that what my parents gave me. I like your house and your back yard is very nice. I like your deck. It's nice to feel the sun out today." I said. "Thank you Buck, it nice to sit outside with such a nice gentleman. I can tell your not from around here. I'm afraid guys around here would not have stopped to help a girl or offered a ride. That's the first time I have been in a 18 wheeler before. It's sure nice." she said. "Thanks I just got it a few weeks ago. This is only my second delivery with it. I have to drop the cars off at a dealership tomorrow outside of Louisville. Here there card. Do you know where it is?" I said. "Yes! That not to far. Once you get back on the interstate. You sure drive it good. I like that big chairs and it rides pretty nice. Better than my car even. Were my manners my name Pink." she said. "Ok! Nice to meet you Pink. Thanks for the complements. I don't usually stop but I do make exception to pretty girls in trouble." I said. "Thanks for being so sweet." she said.

We sat for the next hour making small talk. I had a few glasses of her lemonade as she checked her phone. She had called a mechanic two towns over. He had not return her call just yet. She went inside and came back out a few minutes later. She walked passed me and sat on a pink leather love seat at the end of the deck. It was under some shade as she crossed her legs and looked at me. I was beginning to breath a little heavier as I excuse myself to go inside to use the bathroom. I washed my hands and admired her decor as i walked through her living room back into the kitchen. I walked outside to see Pink sitting with her legs crossed the other way than before. She smiled as she pointed for me to sit next to her on the love seat. I looked around her back yard not seeing any of her neighbors at home.

I sat a few inches from her as I crossed my legs. "So what made you go to church today?" I said. "I used to go all the time but have been busy the last few months. I made some cookies for a bake sale there having. I'm not really sure. I did have to talk to the preacher in private." she said. I put my pink lemonade down on the wooden floor and turned my head to look at her. "Ok! Back up! Why did you have to talk to the preacher as you put it.?" I said. Just then her phone rang. It turns out her friend was no back at his shop. He had a alternator for her car. But she have to come over today to pick it up. He was out of town the rest of the week.

I got up as she followed me out to the truck. We made some small talk as I buckled her in again in the 18 wheeler. I let her tug on the horn. She liked the sound of the big horn going down the road. A few kids along the road waved at us as she blew the horn. I smiled, she giggled. It was close to 4pm when she picked up the part from her friend. She climbed back and gave me directions back to her car. It took about an hour and half to get to her car. It was getting to rain as I popped the hood and put in the alternator. Her car fired up as she stood in the rain. I smiled as she looked at me inside the car. "Hey, Buck. If you don't mind maybe we can get out of the rain. I hate driving in the rain." she said. She followed me back to the rig.

I helped her inside. She sat in the big chair facing me. I was looking at her as the rain picked up outside. "Hey whats back here. Wow, its like a huge leather couch and TV. Buck what's this." she said. "This is were I crash at nights if I can't find a hotel or I need to catch some sleep. The leather couch turns into a bed, just pull on the back and it flips open. The TV great. I get a million channels." I said. I watched as she opened the curtain some more. She then moved her amazing ass in that pink dress in front of my face. She swung her white heels and cute feet in front of me as she got up out of the chair. She slowly moved and now was sitting in the back. She was in the middle of the blue leather couch looking at me with a sly grin. "Wow, sure is nice and comfortable back here. I don't think I ever been in such a cool 18 wheeler before. I never knew they had things likes this in here." she said.

I cleared my throat and licked my lips as I got up out of my chair. I bent down trying not to hit my 6ft 3 frame on the ceiling. She moved slightly as I sat on her left side on the couch. She fixed her hair putting up in the back with a hair clip. She looked into my eyes. She leaned in and touched my chest with her cute fingers. She ran her long pink nails on my shirt. She smiled again as she began to rub my arm. I started to kiss her wet mouth. She was a very excellent kisser and she sent shivers down my body. I instantly became hard when I felt her chest against mind. I started to kiss her more passionately as she began to bite my lower lip. I held onto her neck and moved my hands on her shoulders as we continued to kiss. We began to exchange tongues deep inside our mouths. I could feel her move her hands around my waist stopping on the top of my butt.

She then brought her hands up to mind. She moved them down to touch her soft breast. She moaned loud as her breathing increased. I could feel her large breast in my hands as I broke our kiss to look into her eyes. She was so sexy as she pulled my shirt over my head. She rubbed my soft skin and pulled on my hard nipples. She kissed each one as I unbuckled my jeans. I then began to rub her thick thighs and feel her ass under her dress. She looked into my eyes as she undid my zipper. I unzipped the back of her dress. It slowly fell off her shoulders down to her side. I undid her yellow bra causing her warm breast to cascade down on to my skin. I could feel her hard nipples burn into my chest as we kissed.

I gasped for air as she looked down. "I need to see the cock of yours. Stand up baby. Its been poking me all day. I need to taste you in my mouth." she said. I stood up letting my jeans fall to around my ankles. I had a nice pair of tight undies on as she pulled down the sides. My cock flopped out into the open Gasp!! "Damn baby!!" was all she could say before she began to lick the big head. It took her two tuggs on my shaft before all 9 3/4 was full erect. She spit on the tip letting her saliva hang on the edge. I watched as she took her two small hands to cup my naked balls. I liked to to shave all my hair was just a small 1 inch patch over my cock. She felt great as she took a little of my cock into her hot mouth. Her delicious pink lips expanded wide over the large vein running down my shaft. I could not see the big purple head as her mouth expanded. Her cheeks were open wide as she sucked my cock.

I grabbed the back of her hair fucking her mouth. She mumbled and gagged as she got more of my me inside her mouth. I could feel her finer nails scratch my thighs a she worked my balls in her hand. She spit my cock out then sucked my big balls in her mouth. I moved forward with my hips as she licked all over my cock and balls. She used her small fingers to play with my most sensitive area as she sucked my cock again. I felt her hands on my ass as i fucked her face. After 15 minutes of a great blow job I had to taste her. I moved back as my cock flopped out of her mouth.

She stood up as I took off the rest of her clothes. She left her heels on for me as she sat down. She opened her legs as I got on my knees in front of her. My cock was still hard as I began to kiss the inside of her thighs. She put her hands on my head as I began to kiss around her pussy on her stomach. I licked her belly button as her breathing increased. I could now smell her sweet pussy. I could tell she was wet as I looked down to see some wetness on her soft lips. I began to kiss her pussy. First very light then very hard. She moved my head down so my tongue finally slipped inside her tight pussy. She closed her eyes and lifted her feet above my head as I pushed on her thighs. I began to lick the bottom of her ass all the way back and over her pussy. She was really getting into it as I made her orgasm quickly from my mouth. I licked two fingers and played with her pussy. I licked them again moving them very deep insdie her. Her ass moved as she came again.

I felt my cock as I brought it to the top of the cushion. She looked down to see my cock glisten as I started to spank the outside of her pussy. She looked down and grabbed it placing on her cunt lips. She shifted so I just inserted a small amount inside her. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Yes! That it Buck, go slow. It's been awhile." she said. I smiled as I inserted a inch at a time. Once I got about half I started to gently fuck her. I grabbed her hips with my big hands. She looked into my eyes as I got a little more inside her spreading her open. She orgasm again as my cock was even wetter. I started to kiss her breast playing with her nipples in my mouth. I love the feeling of having a women enjoy what I am doing to her. She was no different as I fucked her harder now. After 10 minutes we stopped and she stood up. She ran her hands down my side. I kissed her hard as she turned to look over her shoulder as he stuck her ass in the air and her elbows on the couch.

I licked my hand. Then played with my cock. She was playing with her pussy through the insdie of her thighs. I slowly inserted my cock and grabbed her hips. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder!! Harder!! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me trucker boy!!!" she moaned. I was really fucking her fast and hard. I was slapping her ass as her hair clip fell off her blonde hair. I reached down to pull her hair. I was slapping her ass and fucking her harder. I could feel my naked balls bounce on her pussy. She gripped the leather couch and moved her legs to allow me to fuck her harder. She orgasm and gaped for air. "Ohhhhhh...Arrrhhhh!! Yes!...." she said. Once I felt her cum on my cock, I thrusted one more time then pulled out. She spun around on her back as I wedged my cock between her breast. A second later I began to cum on her. Her eyes opened as I flooded her chest, face, and mouth. She used her fingers to clean her self and suck my cock of my load.

I fell on the floor. She got up and looked down on me on the floor of the truck. She smiled as she lowered her self onto my mouth. I started to eat her pussy as she held onto the back of the driver seat. She was looking over the dash board as I ate her to another orgasm. She looked over her shoulder when I was hard again she got up and helped me to the driver seat. I sat down as she climbed onto my erect cock. We started to fuck as she kissed me real deep. I felt her ass in my hands and her breast on my face and chest. I was kissing her as she fucked me. I pulled her hair, then she pulled my mine as she came again. She pulled down on the air horn after she came. She smiled as she got of me and reverse her self on my lap. She was now looking out the the front window holding onto the steering wheel as I grabbed her ass and fucked her hot pussy on my cock.

I felt her thighs on mine. Her hands on mine. I was groping her tits that were bouncing. I had her blonde hair in my face as I bit her the back of her neck. She put her heels on the dash board and as fucking me very fast. I grunted a few times as she clamped her pussy walls on my cock. I felt her get off my cock and put it between her thighs. It was touching the top of her pussy as she looked down. A few seconds later I started to cum on her stomach and chest. She licked my cum of the bottom of her breast with her tongue. She smiled as she got off and deep throated my cock. She pulled on the air horn twice after that.

"Beep!! Beep!!!" goes the alarm clock. It was close to 7am. I rolled over and felt a warm breast on my lips. I kissed her nipple then her mouth. I watched as she got out of her bed. A few seconds later I followed her naked ass to the kitchen. She braced her self on the fridge as I stuck my erect cock inside her. She orgasm quickly and after a few minutes I carried her out to her porch to finish her off on her pink leather couch. She made some great steak and eggs. I held the door to 18 wheeler open. She climbed in. We had an hour to ge to the dealership and drop of my load. Some how one of the car fell off the back of the truck when we left her house. A pink BMW~~~Kentucky License plate "Pink Ice" - if you see it please let me now. Because in the mean time the church going hottie is in the back getting ready for my next load.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Marine - An Adult Story

We had just cleared are last town outside of Baghdad. I had been here for more than a year. I was just getting back to base before I was going to head back home. I got my stuff from my tent and headed for the bird to take me to Kuwait. I was going to head back to the States at the end of the week. I had to stop in Germany to party for two weeks before returning home. I had been too long since I left Paris Island and out of boot camp. I had seen allot the last few years on tour. I had just wanted to get home ans start a new chapter in my life. I walked off the airplane into the airport. My parents lived in another state. I did not have anybody waiting for me. I had not had a girl friends since High School.

I took the bus across country to get to Las Vegas. I had a old Marine friend who was running security at a Casino on the strip. He got me a job and set me up in a apartment near my job. The apartment was furnished so I was able to move right in after arriving my first day. I was to start in a week at my new job. Nothing to complicated. I was to help in security for the vault and travel with VIP guest's at the casino. The pay was good. The weather was hot and I would have lots of free time. It took a few sleepless nights to get used to the silence of my surroundings. I woke up early to go for a jog on most days. I then worked out at a gym near my apartment. I was already starting to get a little bored.

The next day I went for a jog. I still had my short hair as it was over 100 degrees as I stopped to catch my breath. I had some sweat on my t-shirt. I had a pair of small black shorts along with some new white shoes. I was at an intersection waiting for the light to change when I saw some cute girls pull up in a sports car. They were all a little bigger than most girls. Ever since I hooked up with a nurse in the deserts of Iraq I had been slightly addicted to big gurls. She was a Army nurse who was attending to my wounds. She came in one night before I was to go back to my unit. She opened my curtain. Took off her uniform and fucked me all night before I went back in the morning. She was so hot and sexy. She showed me what it was like to have a hot big gurl who was amazing in bed. Before this I had been attracted to smaller girls. Who in turn broke my heart or cheated on me.

I was standing there waiting for the light to change. All three girls were checking out my 6ft 3 athletic frame. The girl in the back seat whistle at me when I walked in front of them. I walked to to other side of the street. I stood there as they drove passed me. I saw a bumper sticker for the local College Campus about 5 minutes from where I lived. As I jogged back home. I thought about going to take a class or two at the college. I had always wanted to take some classes to further my education. I took advantage of the government program that allow me to sign up for free. I decide to take two classes to see how I liked it. I went and registered the next day for Sociology 101 and Accounting 101. I signed up and headed back to my apartment to enjoy a swim before going to my first day of work.

I worked to the whole day and headed to campus at 5pm for my first class. Accounting was ok. I had two nights a week of that class. I could send in my homework online if I need to miss a class. The Professor was very nice. He used to be a Marine back in the day. I walked across campus to take my class. I had always been curious about Sociology but maybe I had bitten off a little to much. There was allot of work involved. There were a few books I need to read and the woman Professor was a real hard ass to the class. I had taken some notes in the back of the class. I spent little time looking around gazing at the co-eds than I had done in the Accounting class. I new for the first minute I better get some help.

After class I talked to the Professor. She assured me everything would be ok if I applied my self a little more. I spent the next two weeks trying but was falling behind. I did bad on a test and had another week to study for our 2nd test. I walked out being discouraged. I walked down to the quad to get some water. I was standing in line when I saw a note on a bulletin board. I looked again to see a green flier. It read : "Need help in Sociology. Struggling to keep up. Look no further. I'm the perfect Tudor for you." I walked over and took a piece of paper off the bottom of the flier. I stuck it in the front of my jeans. I walked back home to make the call.

Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Tessa." she said. "Umm Hi, this is Buck. I just started at the College. I am taking Sociology 101 this semester. I could really use some help. I seem to be falling behind." I said. "I can help. I took that class last year. My major is Sociology. I find the class to be a difficult in the beginning but once I teach you some tricks it becomes a little easier. When are you free?" she said. "Well I have two days off from work starting tomorrow. I don't have my next class until next week. I guess I be available all day. Is there a good time for you?" I said. "I have class in the morning but get out about 1pm. Would you like to meet at 2pm. I usually use the library but that under construction for the next month. If you don't mind maybe you like to come to my house. I live off campus not to far away. I could email you some directions. If that ok?" Tessa said. "Sure that sounds great. I am sure you will be a big help. I can't wait to start. See you at 2pm then. Thanks Tessa." I said.

I threw on some camouflage desert cargo shorts. A one size too small grey t-shirt that showed off some of my muscles. I combed the short top on my head. I out on some cologne and brushed my teeth before heading out. I rode my MT bike to Tessa house. I had my books, pens and notebook in a back pack as I got off the bike. I walked up the side walk. I passed a cute car in the driveway. She lived in a nice suburb surrounded by the same house on either side. I saw a nice fence around the back out of view from the front. I knocked on the big white door and waited. I looked down my body checking to make sure I was zipped up. I put my shades on my head as I stood there as the door opened.

Tessa was about 5ft 4 with long blonde hair passed her shoulders. She was dressed in a very nice pair of Capri Jeans. They showed off her amazing long legs and sexy cute feet. She had on some white flip flops as she stood in the doorway. She had a white t-shirt that was pulled over her curvy frame. I instantly smiled when I saw how voluptuous she was. I was taken back by her beauty. I was not expecting the Sociology Tudor to be so hot and sexy. She held out her small hand to welcome inside her house. I saw she had some gold tear drop earrings that were dangling below her ears. She had some white tip fingernails that matched her toe nails as I followed her inside. I finally looked down to her bodacious ass in the jeans. It was a site to behold and I wanted to see more. "Hi! Welcome!! Follow me." Tessa said. Her house was very well decorated as took off my black sandals at the door. I followed her into her living room off to the right.

She had a big white couch on one side. A small love seat on the other. She had a nice TV and a big stereo that matched. I could tell she had just vacuumed and cleaned. She had placed some coaster on the end tables. She offered me some water I sat on her couch. I looked out her big sliding glass door to her back yard. She had some towels on a clothes line. I smiled when she put a glass of water in my hand. She went and sat on the love seat opposite me.

"How your day going so far?" she said. "Better know. Thanks for helping me out. I like the class so far. I like Sociology but there allot of things you have to remember. Plus I am not sure what to read and how to process the information correctly." I said. "Ok! Here this should help. I copied some notes from my class last year. You can see what I highlighted. That should really help. Are you from here originally?" she said. "No! I used to live in Baltimore. I just got back from overseas. I had a friend set me up with a job at a Casino in town." I said. "Were you in the military? I hope you don't mind I asked?" she said. "No I don't mind. I was in the Marines. I just got back from a tour in Iraq. I decide to take some classes to fill up some free time and learn something new. I like your house. Do you like living in Las Vegas?" I said. "Umm Yes!! I do like living here. The weather is great. The people are nice and school is fun." she said.

We made more small talk as I sat and listen to her. I kept checking her out as she sat there crossing and un-crossing her legs. I just loved the way her jeans had found there way past her calf's and rested just below her knee. She kicked off her flip flops and wiggled her small toes in my direction. I was starting to feel warm even know she had the A/C on about 67 degrees in her house. I watched her get up and she put her hands on her hips and strutted towards her kitchen. I looked down in my text book as she looked back at me. She had made some cookies earlier. They had just come out of the oven as we ate them while talking. She was single just like me. She had a part time job and was going to school full time. She got up to use the facilities as I got up and walked into the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later she came back as I got us some water from her fridge. I noticed something had changed but I could not place it. I could see she had reapplied her lipstick. Then I could tell she had put on some body spray and reapplies some perfume which smelled great. When she got up off the couch to hand me another set of notes she leaned down to hand me them. That when I noticed she had taken off her bra. I tried not to stare at her large cleavage but I think I was doing a bad job. She giggled as I excuse myself to go use the bathroom. I walked down the hall as I heard Tessa shift her body on the couch.

I opened the bathroom door. I pulled down my zipper. I reached inside my dark color Calvin Klein boxer briefs and fished out my half erect cock. I looked down to see my cock get hard in my hand. All 9 3/4 inches felt great in my left hand. I gave my cock a few strokes before I started to pee. I looked around the room as my cock got semi hard now. I cleaned my hands and dried them off on a towel. I was about ready to leave when I noticed something in the shower. I was curious as I pulled the shower curtain open. I looked inside to see Tessa had removed her large bra and hung it up on the shower head. It draped down half way to the bottom of the tub. I marveled at is size as I felt the large cups were warm. I could smell her amazing breast inside as I gave it a quick sniff. I then turned my head to see a pair of black panties hanging over a white towel on the towel bar. I reached over to feel them. They were soaked. I could smell the hint of sweet perfume, musk and her soap that she had used to wash before I came over. I got instantly hard as I stood inside her shower.

"Knock!! Knock!! "Buck are you Ok??" Tessa said. "Yeah, I'll be right out. Sorry just washing my hands." I said. I came right out and walked back to the living room. I saw Tessa sitting on the edge of the couch. "I thought that it might be easier showing you what I highlighted as you read my notes from over here." she said. I smiled as I sat in the middle of the couch. A few seconds later Tessa put her notes in my lap. I felt her elbow rub my side as she moved her arm. I got goose bumps on my arm. I felt a wave of excitement come over my body. She was now inches from me as she spoke about her Sociology notes. "Wait I know the perfect thing you need Buck." she said. I watched as Tessa walked down the hall. A few seconds later she came back and sat next to me.

"Here its a tiny recorder. It picks of very low whispers even. Hey sexy." in a very low sexy way. She giggled as she handed me the recorder. I played it back as we both giggle from her soft sexy voice. I noticed her hand dropped on my right thigh. I looked down then back into her eyes. She smiled as I handed her the recorder. "Thanks. I am sure it will come in handy. Here you go." I said. She smiled as she put it on the end table next to the couch. She had turned her hips and when she moved I could see her sexy ass looking back at me. I wanted so much to touch her. I had been almost 2 years since I had been with a women. My heart raced as my breathing increased. I could feel my cock wanting to bust out of my cargo shorts. I looked at her feet, calf's and voluptuous thighs as she moved back to my side. I kept staring at her as she was talking. What ever she was saying I just nodded my head "Yes."

She shifted her body so she was now leaning against me. I could feel her arm against my side. I could feel her hair next to my upper arm. I then felt her hand back on my left thigh. She held it there for a few seconds under her notes. I picked up her notes and she started to lightly massage my thigh. I was getting hard as I looked down I could see a big bulge under my shorts. I think she saw it too because she ran her ring finger down the length of cock under the thin material. It jumped to her touch as I moaned softly. She grabbed her notes and through them on the floor. I turned my head to catch her lips on mine. We started to make out as I ran my hand down her back resting on the top of her small black belt. She moved in my arms as we hugged and kissed harder. She bit my lower lip as she ran her hands on my chest. She broke our kiss. "Wow you have some great muscles under this shirt. Maybe you can let me see." she said. I moved but she grabbed and pulled my shirt over my head onto the back of the couch.

I leaned back onto the couch. She moved her ass so that my hand fell touching her amazing butt. She smiled when she felt a small squeeze on her ass. She turned to move her body into mine. I reached around to rub my hands on her lower back. I could feel her breath as her heart raced. I could feel her hips in my hands as we continues to kiss. I watched as she smiled and leaned back. She placed her hands on the bottom of her white shirt. She brought her shirt over her head and placed it on my shirt. She turned as her breast sat perfect on her chest. They were firm, large and needed attention. I brought my hand on to her right breast as I sucked on the left. She tilted her head back as she ran her left hand over the small hairs on my head. She feltt my tongue, my teeth and my hot mouth devour her breast. I got both her erect nipples in my mouth at one time as she moaned hard in my left ear. I just smiled as I bit down on both nipples. "Fuck!! That feels great Buck. Suck my breast. Lick my nipples. Bite under my tits, ooooo ggggoooodd that it you fucker." she said. We both moaned as I kept sucking her large breast.

She had nice pink aerloes and her hands were rubbing my chest. She twisted my nipples her her fingers as she watched me suck her breast. I stoped so she could regain her composer. She moved my hands down her chest to the top of her jeans. I could smell her through her jeans as she had orgasm a few seconds ago. I undid her belt and through it on the floor. She watched as I unzipped her jeans. I got on my knees in front of the couch. I reached up to slowly pull her jeans down her hips, over her thigh, down her sexy legs onto the floor. She was now naked, just wearing her earrings as she looked down to see me smile.

I started to kiss the top of her toes. I then placed each toe in my mouth sucking them. I kissed her ankles and upper calf's and then her thighs. She leaned back and spread her legs. I moved her legs over my head as I started to kiss the length of juicy thighs. I could see she had shaved her pussy clean. Her hot pussy was mine for the taking. I liked my lips. Then my mouth. I spit on my two big fingers on my right hand. I put my lips on the inside of her upper thigh right below her pussy mound. She closed her eyes as I blew some hot air from my mouth onto her pussy. I started to kiss and run my tongue on the outside of her pussy. She was breathing more heavy as I kissed her pussy and then opened her tight entrance with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy. I started to kiss, suck and insert my tongue in her amazing pussy. She moaned and screamed into the air. I stuck my two fingers back in my mouth...then into her pussy. I could feel her labia, cunt and pussy walls move as she orgasm not once but twice in mouth.

She clamped her thighs on my head as I licked the top of her pussy to the bottom of her pussy next to her ass. I was really making loud noises as she was very wet. I should have put some towels underneath her as the top of the seat cushion for the couch was soaked. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. I played with myself a few seconds. She saw me then whispered for me to get up. I stood up and she got on the edge of the wet cushion. I could feel her small hand on my cock. She rubbed my big hairless balls as she looked up over my abs to see me smile. I put my hands on my side. She then brought the tip of my cock to her wet lips. She sucked and licked it then stuck about 2 inches her mouth. Her small lips opened wide. As she adjusted for my girth and length in her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the bottom of my shaft as she got another few inches in her mouth. She got just over half into her mouth as she spit my cock back into the cold air. She stroked my cock in her hand then back to her mouth. She rubbed my big cock all of her face, chin and her cheeks. I felt her mouth on my balls as she slapped my cock in her blonde hair.

I moved my hands to the top of her head as she stuck my cock back in her mouth. She was gagging as I started to fuck her face. I felt her hands on my small muscular ass. She squeezed my ass and slapped it a few times as she got more of my cock in her small mouth. Her eyes were wide open as she licked, stroked, kissed and sucked my cock. I could see the saliva drip down onto her carpet. I felt her hair on my stomach as she leaned her head down to look at my feet. She placed her feet on mine then looked back up. She smiled as she gagged on my cock. I looked down and moaned. She wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her in the worse way.

A few seconds later we had switched positions. She was on the carpet in front of me. She had placed her hands on the couch. Her breast swayed under her against the couch. I smiled as I licked my hand. I then rubbed some saliva on my cock. I softly beat my cock on her amazing ass as she wiggled it in front of me. She looked over her shoulder with her blonde hair falling in front of her face. I smiled when I placed my big cock at her warm entrance. I grabbed her hips as she relaxed. She bite her lower lip as she place her face on the seat cushion. I slowly inserted a few inches in her tight pussy. She grabbed the sides of the cushion as she moaned loud. I watched as my cock was now half out of view and inside her pussy. She was wet as she came for the first time after about 10 minutes of fucking. I had gotten a little more in as she screamed.

I started to smack her ass and pull her blonde hair. "Mmm I love you ass baby. Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram that tight pussy on my cock. Fuck me like you want to baby." I said. "Arrggghhh!! O! God!! You fucker!! Bam! Bamm! Bm! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Your so big! Damn your so big baby! I'm fucking a Marine!!! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!" she screamed. If her neighbors did not hear her before they were now on the phone to 911. I started to fuck her as I got almost all 9 3/4 into her tight pussy. I could feel my big balls slap her under side as she moaned loud. I could not take more as I closed her knees together and got on my feet. I placed my feet on her side and slammed my cock into her. She grabbed my ankles to keep me in deep in her pussy. I leaned on her lower back with my two big hands. I leaned down to bite her shoulder causing her to orgasm. Just then I pulled out and she turned over to catch a big load in her mouth. She immediately took all of it in her hot mouth. Some leaked out the corners or her lips. I gave her some water as she washed down my load. I looked down I was getting hard again.

I helped Tessa off the floor and walked with her down the hall to her bathroom. We got in her shower/bath tub. I pulled off her bra from the shower head. She took off her black panties from the towel bar. She moaned as I handed her the warm bra. She dropped them out of the shower onto the floor. As she washed my back she played with my hard cock in her hands. After a few minutes I slid down in the shower as she climbed onto my cock. With the water pounding on her body and spraying me she fucked me very good. I held her hands as her breast slapped my chest. I stuck her big nipple in my mouth sucking her as she fucked me. I matched her thrust with mine causing her to orgasm again on me. I could feel her wetness go down my balls and into the drain. I picked her up and place my ass against the wet shower wall. She climbed on as I fucked her standing up. I flipped her around fucking her again as she pulled down the shower curtain when we both came at the same time. I helped her out of the shower and dried her off with my tongue.

I just woke up in Tessa bed. I could here my voice coming from down the hall. I was still naked as I walked down the hall to the kitchen. I had the day off as I came around the corner to see Tessa cooking breakfast. She was wearing some black fishnets stockings on her long legs. She had big black heels and a small red and white checkered mini skirt. She had a big white blouse tucked in a big bow showing off her midsection and large cleavage. "Good morning Buck. Your going to need a big breakfast this morning. After this I am going to teach you more Sociology. This is my Tudor uniform I will be wear every time I teach you." Tessa Said. I saw the mini recorder she had from yesterday on the end table. She was listening to us having sex on the couch yesterday, I could see her skirt was hiked up and she just got done playing with herself before I walked in. I walked over and picked her up and brushed off the kitchen table. Crash!!!!!! All the plates. glasses and silver ware hit her kitchen floor. I looked down to see my hard cock and her wet pussy. "I need to show you what a motivate Marine can do." I said. She screamed "I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!! I love my Marine!!!!!!"


Saturday, July 18, 2009

His Mom Paid - An Adult Story

I had graduated form college. Got a nice job in the suburbs. Made some money at a job that was ok. But it was like I needed more. I had been good at gambling. Making money on the horses. Picking games on TV. I was really good at cards. It was only natural that I give up my job and home to start a new company. I decided after making money from gambling, maybe I should start my own gambling business. Maybe a web site getting paid to gamble. That was to hard and I did not want to move to a small island in the Pacific to get away from the police. So what does a highly educated guy with money do. I decided to run a sports gambling enterprise. I decided to place bets. Make bets and o bye the way be a bookie. I new the ropes of the business. I opened Black Rhino Bets.

After a few months I even went back to college and got some students to start gambling. There parents were loaded and there kids got money to pay the bills. I even took credit cards after awhile. I had a nice SUV and a big house in the Hills near a lake. I was sitting on easy street. I traveled allot on business. I was still single. I met a few of my clients at strip bars and adult locations. I had a few lap dances and shelled out some cash to be happy. I was getting my fair of action so at the moment there was no need to be unhappy. Every Monday and Friday I went to collect money from clients who owed for losing.

I went to doctor offices. Lawyers and back alleys to get paid. I went to the college and even went to a school to get money from a teacher. Usually they see me 6ft 3 frame and short hair. They take one look at my athletic frame and they give me the money. I learned hard not to accept anything but money. I wanted it now and you better have it or else. I had hired two guys that would come and make people give me the money. I never had to use them yet. I was hoping I never did. I take the gamblers car, house anything for trade to sell for money. Plus they still have to pay more later. It was going all good until last week.

It was Monday after the big game. I drove around town making collections. It was close to 2pm when I got to my last stop the college. I collected some cash as I walked around the dorms. I got near the end of my last stop when I got to room 362. Jerry Anderson - 22 and a freshman at school. He had to work 2 jobs for almost 3 years before he could go to college. I had looked him in the records department. I had a guy who owed me money. I was feeling kinda of bad but I knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door slowly opened. I could smell some beer and a odd funky smell in his room.

"Hey what's up??" Jerry said. "Just here to collect my money. You owe me 5 large from yesterday game." I said. "I owe you 500 hundred." he said. "No dumb ass. You owe me 5,000 from yesterday. I want my money. Get out of the way punk!!" I said. He moved as I walked into his room. "Damn looks like your gambling on line I see. You got money for that but not for me." I said. "Wait! Wait!! I was trying to win money to pay you man." he said. "My name not man. Mr. Buck or Buck but not man. Got it Jerry?" I said. "Ok! Ok!" he said. I looked around his room and saw a picture of a black BMW convertible on his desk. I walked over and picked it up. It had little hearts on the back of the picture. "Who car? Is this your car Jerry." I said. "No!! I drive it to school. My Mom won the car on line in a contest. She letting me borrow it." he said. "That a nice car. Maybe you should let me have it, then the debt would be paid. You be free and clear with me. I might even let you post another bet after I sell the car." I said.

"Hey! Wait!! No! No! That my Mom car. Its her baby. She kill me if I let you have it. Plus she got the paper work at her place." he said. "Jerry! Jerry tell her it was stolen or something. You let me borrow and I lost it. I know, you owe me 5 large and you need to pay or else. Tell her that one." I said. I got closer to Jerry who was in a pair of jeans and a old t-shirt. I had worn a pair of jeans and a white wife beater to beat the heat outside. It was close to hundred. "How about I pay you off in a few days. Maybe like week or something. How about installments. I like pay you once a month kinda of thing. I looked at him and shook my head "No!" I walked over and now was inches from him. "My money or else. I want my money!!" I said loud. "How about a trade or something? I mean look around the room. I have some coins at my house. They might be worth some money." he said. I knew he had no coins at his house. He sold them to pay me a few months ago on another debt.

I scanned the room again. "Are you crazy. You sold the coins dummy to pay me before. There nothing in here but a old computer, nasty dirty clothes and a smelly bed. You got a huge stack of porn on the floor next to your bed. Is that Kleenex and lotion. Jerry you need to get out more. This room smells. How about we go for a ride. Don't worry about cleaning. You can leave your cell. Do you want to make one last call??" I said. I was trying to scare him and I think it was working. He had his eyes closed and was praying. I grabbed his shoulder with my right hand. "Oh! Lets go! Move it!!" I said. "Wait! Wait! My Dad out of town for the next two weeks. My Mom just got home from work about an hour ago. Listen will go see here and maybe she can give you the money." he said. I had a feeling his parents had no money or they would have sent him to college in the first place.

"Your parents don't have any money. Where your Dad numb nuts." I said. "Ok! Ok!! He is in jail at the moment. He forgot to pay child support to his 1st wife. His new wife works as a volunteer at a pre-school. She nice but spends all his money. Listen we can't tell her. She will laugh at me. Plus you won't get paid, she has no money. My Dad spent it all before he got jailed two months ago. She called me yesterday looking for money." Jerry said. I was not sure what to do but I had do something when Jerry said, "Mmm you could have sex with my Mom. I mean you could have sex with her if you don't take her car and were all square on the 5,000! It's up to you." My blue eyes got big. I had never even thought of this. I mean it had not even crossed my mind. It had been a week since I had sex with a neighbor. I acted quickly to make sure Jerry did not back out. I figured once I got to his house his Mom would pay. If she is hideous, I still take her car. If she hot. I have fun and take Jerry for more money later. It was a win, win.

I had Jerry open my door when we got to his parents house. I stepped out of the BMW and walked behind him. I had made him change his shirt so he would not smell when we got to his house. He smirked and closed his eyes as we walked through his garage to the kitchen. He closed the door as I stood there. We walked down a small hallway in the house. He walked into to the living room first. His mother was sitting on the end of a big black leather couch. Next to the couch was a black leather lazy boy recliner.

She was quite the hot MILF. She was in her late thirties with long dirty blonde hair with brown roots. She had small earrings and two rings on her fingers. She had light blue denim jeans with a hole in the knee. She had 3inch animal print wooden heels. The heels had two small straps around her medium size ankles. She had a black short sleeve sweater that was a size too small. Underneath the sweater was a silk animal print top that matched her heels. It was stretched over a very ample chest. I was not sure she was wearing a bra but they set high on her chest. She look like a sexy tiger waiting for her prey. She had pink glossy lipstick and pink fingernails and toes nails to match. She had her legs crossed. I could tell she had a little weight around her big curves which made her more amazing. She had a glass of water on the coffee table and was reading a parer back book.

She took off her small black wired frame reading glasses and set them on the coffee table. "Hey sweetie. What are you doing home? I thought you were in school all this week while your father away. Who your big friend there?" she said as she pointed at me. "Umm about that. This is Buck. He a friend from college. I brought him to see the house. Yeah! Yeah that it!" Jerry said. I just stood there looking at her. She was quite voluptuous and she had a perfect southern accent that made my hair on the back of my neck stand up. I smiled more when she uncrossed her legs and I noticed a gold toe ring on her right big toe. "Hmm Ok! That was nice you brought your friend. Buck do you go to college with my son?" she said. "No! I don't go to college with your son. We met at the beginning of the school year. You sure have a nice place. I like your the way your BMW drives. So sorry to here about your husband being away." I said.

"Jerry did you tell him about you Dad? I can't believe your nodding your head "Yes!" Sweetie I can't believe you. What the real reason your here?" she said. "I don't know how to put this. Mmm!" Jerry said. "Here let me then Jerry. Your son owes me a large sum of money. I came to collect and get my money from him at his dorm room. He did not have it but he came up with alternative method of payment." I said. "What!! Jerry how much do you owe this gentleman? Tell your Mom the truth." she said. "MMmm Five! Five!!" he had trouble saying. "Ok you owe him 5 dollars. I can pay that." she said. "No five large Mom!!" Jerry said. I walked over and sat on the couch next to Jerry Mom. She moved slightly as I was about a arms length from her left side. I like to use my right hand. "What is that like $500 dollars then Jerry?" she said. "Higher!!" I said. I looked at Jerry then back to his Mom sitting next to me. Her perfume was starting to smell better as Jerry stink was leaving the room. I was checking her nice curvy ass as she sat on the leather couch.

"5 Thou...thousand Mom!!" Jerry said. "Are you fucking kidding me. How the hell do you owe this young man money. Is this a joke. Is this some kinda of joke you and your father decide to pull while he is away." she said. "Its no joke. Some how Jerry has to come up with the money or there will be consequences." I said. "Yeah..What he said Mom. I don't want there to be consequences." Jerry said. "My god young man. You don't call. You are never here unless it for something. Your Dad in jail. You bring a strange person into my house. Are you crazy Jerry." she said. She was looking around the room and then at me next to her. I smiled as I brought my hand up my leg onto the front of my jeans. She gasped. "What did you say earlier. Jerry you told him something. You had an alternative plan than money. This better not include my car. Your in so much trouble. Were broke your father and I." she said as she gave her son the evil eye. "I..I...I told him that...O..My...Ok...Don't hit me...Ok!!..You sleep with him." Jerry said as he hid his face with his hands.

"Ok!! Now this is a joke. Are we on a hidden camera show. Are we on MTV or something. Are you out of your mind." she yelled at him. Jerry looked around the room and then at me on the couch. "It's true." Jerry said. I just smiled as I brought my hand up to my chest and rubbed my nipple. Jerry Mom turned to look at me. "What did my son just say to me?" she said. "He offered you to sleep with me, to pay off the 5 thousand. I wasn't sure at first but seeing you here on this couch. I will have to say that you are one hot MILF. I just love your breast baby. I love that animal print and your sexy ass in those jeans." I said. "Jerry your friends crazy. Your crazy. How in the hell could you do this. What's a MILF?? Jerry!!!!!" she yelled again. "Mom, I don't know of any other way. Buck is not the type person you don't want to pay. If you love me and value my internal parts you should say "Yes!! A MILF is a mother I like to fuck!!" She was still looking around the room.

I slowly brought my hand down to my jeans again. I unzipped my jeans pulling them down to mid thigh. Jerry Mom head turned to look at me. I grabbed her right hand and brought it on the top of my jeans. Her breathing had increased as she look into my eyes. "Jerry sit your ass down in that lazy boy. Sit over there and watch. Don't tell your Dad about this. This better be the last time. After this!!" she said. She pulled down my jeans to around my ankles. I had a pair of white Calvin Klein as she looked at my bulge. I was already semi hard. I could feel the top of cock get wet with anticipation. I reached up with my free hand to touch her sweater. I unbutton her black sweater and pulled it over her head. She looked around to see Jerry in the lazy boy about 2 feet from the end of the couch. She turned when she felt my hand on her animal print top. I could see her nipple harden as she looked at my bulge. I raised my ass of the couch slightly and pulled down my underwear to the floor. I kicked them off and thus freeing my cock to come into view.

"No fucking way. Your so much bigger than my husband. Your going to break me in two with that thing. What the fuck. MMmmrhhh!!!" she said. I grabbed her head and forced it on my cock. She could only get half of my cock in her small mouth. She was already gagging as she spit my cock out her mouth. I rammed it back in causing her to gasp. She opened her eyes and ran her small fingers on my big hairless balls. She had trouble keeping them in her small hands. They were to big for one, she had to use both her hands on each ball. I smiled as I felt her saliva drip down my 9 3/4 inch cock onto the couch. I watched her small mouth and pink glossy lips taking my cock. Her eyes were big as held the back of her head. I heard Jerry move in his chair trying not to watch. I stopped after 10 minutes of her sucking my cock.

"Was that a enough?" she said. I got up and looked down on her on the couch. I reached down to her waist. I turned her over as I unbutton her jeans. I then slowly pulled them down over her large hips, thighs and long legs. I pulled them over her animal print heels to the floor. She had a small pair of black panties on as she looked over her shoulder. Her animal print top was pulled up little on her waist. She kept looking at me as I ran my hands down the small of her back. I looked at Jerry then back to his Mom. I licked my right hand as I started to spank her. She moaned softly after two hard hits to her left ass cheek. "That it baby. I know you like that. I love your ass. Shake it for me. That a good girl. I like that." I said. She was shaking her ass. I was rubbing and slapping it as she moved around on the couch. I reached up and yanked down her panties around her ankles. I brought them up to my nose and took a whiff. She was wet and the strong musk smell let me now she was ready for me.

I pushed her shoulders down. She was now bent over at her waist. Her face was on the couch. I looked down to see her heels, long legs and big thighs. I gently squeezed her ass in my two big hands. She looked over her shoulder at me. I had placed her wet panties at the end of my cock. I then wiped my cock and threw the panties on the coffee table. I grabbed her hips. She did not protest when I started to wipe my cock at her entrance to her pussy. She looked around not sure what to do next. But I did. I inserted the tip of my cock in her tight pussy. I pulled out and then spit on my cock. She closed her eyes as her hair wiped back and forth. I inserted my cock back inside her half way. She was tight and wet. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. Damn was she amazing. I got a good rhythm and 3/4 of my cock inside her pussy. I could feel her orgasm then slam her face in the couch. I heard Jerry shift in his chair as my big balls banged his Mom under her ass. I bit my lower lip as I got on my tippy toes to go farther inside her hot pussy. "Fuck!! Fuck!! That a good Mom!!" I said.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!! That a good young man!! Fuck me real good!" she said. I had to change position so I could feel her more. I stopped and made a big suction noise as I withdrew my cock. "Plop!!" I walked to her left side and grabbed her waist. She turned her head. I got on the couch on my side with my cock facing the front. She sat down. Then she got on her side and backed her ass into my thighs. I looked down to see her face close to mine. I bit her earlobe. She moaned. I reached down and grabbed my cock in my left hand. I stuck it back inside her wet pussy. I pulled her animal print top down over her shoulder. I then pulled it down over her big breast. It was around her waist. She moaned loud. I started to fuck her hard. My balls bounced on her thigh and on the couch. I looked down to see Jerry looking at my cock going inside his hot older MOM. I brought my left hand over to fondle her big tits. She screamed as I pulled on her big nipples. They were hard. She had soft pink aureoles about an inch across as she moaned. "Damn!! God you cock feels great. You here that Jerry. His cock feels great. Better than your Dad's. Oh God!! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!!" she said. I brought her tit and placed her erect nipples in mouth biting them.

"Arrgh!! Damn your nice baby!! That it take my cock. Your a hot MILF in action. I should have collected more from your son." I said. I looked at her face as she moaned loud. I then put my feet down at the end of the couch to use as leverage. I began to slam hard into her pussy. She had opened further as I felt my total length and girth inside her. "Oh God!! Your totally inside me with that huge cock...arrrggghhh fucker!!" she said. I smiled as I could tell I was close. I wanted to come and then fucker her some more. I got off the couch as she looked down. "Put your head on the arm rest." I said. She did. I straddled her chest with my feet by her hips. I started to fuck her big breast. She pushed her warm cleavage together. She smiled as the tip of my cock brushed her juicy pink lips. I looked down and pumped a few more times before I exploded on her face. I pumped a huge load on her face and chin. Her breast were covered as I kept cumming. "Does he ever stop?' she said. I placed my cock in her hot mouth to shut her up. She fingered her breast and chin of my load. She cleaned me off then cleaned her breast off with her mouth.

I sat there as she got up off the couch. She looked down to see I was hard from her cleaning herself off. She smiled as she put her feet on either side of my thighs. I grabbed her small hands to help her balance. She then sat down reverse cowgirl as she looked straight out. Her hot pussy began to leak on my cock as she had my cock inside her tight pussy. I could here and smell her pussy as she orgasm again. I grabbed underneath her breast holding them up. She moaned and threw her hair back in my face. I started to bounce her on my cock as I fondled her breast. She was saying dirty things to Jerry. He was watching his Mom through his fingers. I grunted a few times when she hit my abs with her ass. After 10 minutes she moved around keeping my cock deep inside her pussy. She put her hands on my shoulders as she closed her eyes. I started to suck her nipples in my mouth. I sucked and licked. I bit and mouthed her huge breast. I sucked her nipples and the top of her breast. I even put her breast around my head on my ears. Then I licked the inside of her cleavage as she looked down into my blue eyes.

She had gone from hot conservative Mom to nasty hot MILF in a short time. I had to see if she go farther. I smacked her ass and picked her up by her waist. She smiled as I put her on her back on the couch. She looked down as she guided my cock into her pussy. I pushed down on her big thighs spreading her apart. She moaned and licked her lips as I started to fuck her. It look like I was doing push ups on her body as she screamed into the air. I could here Jerry move in his chair again as I fucked his Mom hard and fast. "Oh god. Your like a jack hammer. Use me body. Fuck!! I never been fucked likes this before." she said. I was sweating and sweat dripped off my chest and forehead onto her. She brought her hands and put them on my ass pulling me into her pussy. She was forcing me down farther inside her hot tight pussy. She orgasm again as her eyes rolled back in her head. I moaned. Then began to put my mouth on her left breast. I had her big nipple inside my mouth. I sucked hard pulling them of her stomach. She cried out again as I pulled out and looked down at her.

"Get up. Now bend over the arm rest. That a good hot MILF. Stand on your tippy toes. Damn your heels are sexy baby. Reach up with your hands to the end of the couch. Now put them on your ass. That a good Mom." I said. I looked down to her hands on her lower back just above her ass. I put my right hand on the top of her hands. She winced as I slapped her ass with my erect cock. I then spit on my cock as she looked back over her shoulder. I dipped my cock inside her hot pussy pulling out some of her wetness. After a few minutes I put my warm cock in between her warm ass cheeks. "What are you doing? Wait! Wait!" she said. I laughed as began to run my cock inside her ass cheeks. She moved and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I spit in my hand and wiped it on my cock. I than placed my cock at her most intimate opening. She moaned loud and hard. I inserted some more. "Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!!!" she said. I moved my hips into her as her ass was getting stuffed. I could feel her warmth the length of my cock. We got a good rhythm going as I slammed my cock deep inside her.

"What the fuck Mom. Your not suppose to be enjoying this." Jerry said. "Shut the fuck up. Your suppose to watch how a real man fucks. You better not owe any more." she said. I just grabbed her hips and fucked her harder. I stopped only to have her bounce her ass off my cock and back on. She liked to feel the whole length of shaft and big cock head inside her. I almost flopped out a few times only to have her slam back on me. I reached up to pull her hair. I slapped her ass, pulled her hair and shouted rude things at her. She loved it. I moved her over to the front of the couch with my cock still inside her ass. She moaned more when she got on her knees and closed her legs. She felt my hand under her waist. I was using my long fingers on her cunt as my cock slammed into her ass. She came twice from this. I then yanked on her breast as she fucked me. I threw my hips into her matching her pace. She was really fucking me with her ass going much faster. "Cum inside my ass. My ass is no longer a virgin. Let me milk you young man." she yelled. That was all I could take as I pumped a big load into her ass. I pulled out after a few minutes when my dick went semi erect. She was dripping onto the floor as she walked around in front of me and Jerry. She could not get her tiny hands around to scoop up my sperm leaking out of her.

A week later....

I knocked on the big door. I could see movement behind the peep hole. A few seconds later the door opened. I followed Jerry down the hall to the dining room. I watched as Jerry Mom looked up from her dining room table. "Ok girls. I will be right back. I have to pay this nice young gentleman. He was so nice to take payments for my son debt. I will be right back to our book club." Jerry Mom said. I watched as Jerry Mom took me up to her bedroom. I heard the door shut and then saw there was a chair next to the bed. I watched Jerry sit down as I began to kiss his Mom. "I love when your Mom pays. After you book club. Have Jerry drive you over to my house. I am having a party for some clients. I've started your payment plan to get your husband out of jail. I have a judge friend who owes me money. I am afraid you husband might me in jail longer. I need you to wear a mini skirt and small top. Your going to cocktail the first half of my party. Then I will pimp your ass out to my guest." I smiled


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oral Skills - An Adult Story

It was close to 10am when I finally made it to this family diner around the corner from my house. I loved there pancakes and the bacon not bad either. I ordered a big tall stack and a side of bacon with some OJ. I order from the same waitress every time I came. I had brought the Baltimore Sun and was reading the sports page. I next read the front page news. It was going to be almost 95 today in the sun. I called work and told them I be in tomorrow. Any problems give me a call at home next to the pool. My secretary giggled. I was just about finished when two girls walked passed and sat at the booth right behind me. There was a small partition that separated us.

I was drinking the rest of my OJ and flipped the news paper shut. I heard the girls next to me making small talk. Normally I never listen in on a conversation but I don't think they knew I was listening. Plus I have a thing for bigger gurls. The girl directly behind me was in her late twenties. She was just my type. She had long legs and a voluptuous body. She was very bodacious compared to her friend. She was about 5ft 5 with long curly dirty brown hair. She had some small earrings and a gold necklace that hung low in her large cleavage. She was wearing a blue low cut blouse and a long white skirt. She smelled nice. Her friend sat opposite her in the booth. She was in her thirties. She had dark brunette hair. She was average size. She was the loudest of the two.

They were both complaining about there husbands. I laughed and smirked the way the talked about there husbands. The brunette husband traveled allot out of town. He was gone until next week in San Diego. She had to pick up her kids later after summer school. The bigger gurl talked about how she had been married while still in high school. She never got to date or anything. She thought she had missed her prime dating years. They both complained about the husbands lack of physical contact with them. I smiled when they both said it had been almost 3 weeks since they last had an orgasm with them. The brunette had been using her vibrator but missed her husband cock. The bigger gurl complained she had to buy batteries on the way home because her toy had run out last night before he called her.

I ate my last pancake and had to smile over the two girls behind me. I kept listening of course. I had to hear more. Finally the brunette told her friend how she had set up a date with a guy on the Internet about a week ago. They met at a hotel and she gave the guy a blow job but nothing more. He came quickly and when it came time to get her off he did not know his way around a pussy. Her friend giggled when she heard that part. I dropped my fork on the table. Luckily they kept talking. "Kate your so funny with your stories. You never did that." said the big gurl. "Oh I did and you laugh Chelsea but it got my pussy so wet for the whole day thinking about this guy. Even after his bad oral skills and fingers. I still went home and came on my vibrator." said the brunette. I wrote down there names on my bill. I did not want to get them confused when I told the story.

I finished up my meal. I had some water and was about ready to get up. "You should find a guy Chelsea. Have him come and service you when Bob out of town. Have him get you off." said Kate. "Yeah right. I should run a advertisement for stud with great oral skills. Must like to eat pussy but can't fuck me. Are you crazy?" Chelsea said. "All I am saying, you only live once. Your pussy needs it. Hell your body needs it more honey. Your not getting any younger. Fuck Bob and his tiny cock. You called him Mr. Rollover. He rolls on you than off." Kate said. Chelsea though for a minute while her friend got up to go pay the check. She walked passed me toward the cashier.

I am not sure why I did this but it had been a while. Plus I figured the two of them would get a good laugh for the rest of the day. I was only looking for a laugh or at least let them know that I thought they were cute. The young guy at the diner hitting on the older bodacious woman sitting in the next booth. I looked Kate was still paying the bill. I left money for my check and tip on the table. I wrote my number along with "Oral Skills" on the back of a napkin. I walked passed there table and handed it to Chelsea. She was more bodacious than I gave her credit before. Her chest rested on the table and her red finger nails matched her bright red lips. She took the napkin from my hand and smiled. She opened it as I looked over my shoulder and stare at me as I opened the door to the diner. I walked out to get in my SUV. I drove home in about 5 minutes.

I went inside with a smile on my face. I never give out my phone number and had never left a note in one. I had gotten a few numbers over the years. I figured no way Chelsea would call. I walked upstairs to change. I got my swim suit and a towel and headed for the pool. I had a few drinks. I rubbed dome sun tan lotion on my chest and tilted my ball cap on my head. It went to sleep for about 2 hours before I got hungry around 3pm. I had some pizza and then watched some baseball on TV. It was close to 9pm when the phone startled me on the couch. I was watching Rescue Me and fell of my leather couch. I looked around for my phone. After about 4 rings I finally found it.

"Hello!!" I said. "Hello!" said a soft female voice. "How can I help you. I am afraid I don't know who this is. My name Buck!!" I said. "Umm yeah. Ok!! Well!! This is kinda of hard to say. I am really shy. This is Chelsea." she said. I smiled as I put the voice and her name to the big gurl from the diner. "Hi, Chelsea. How are you tonight?" I said. I could tell she was very nervous on the phone. I even heard her friend in the back ground talking to her. I could tell they both had been drinking. Her words were slurring and she was giggling allot. "My friend dare me to call you. She thinks your bluffing. Plus she thinks you don't have any skills. Young guy are not good at the kinda of thing." Chelsea said. "Hmm she does. I think she jealous that a nice guy like me hit on you. Plus I know how to be discrete and have a good time. I know my way around compared to her Internet guy." I said.

She laughed as I heard her talk to Kate. Then I heard the phone come out of her hand. "Who the fuck are you? Are you crazy. He was very fun. Plus how dare you listen into are conversation today." Kate said. "Your right, I don't normally listen to other people talking. I though your friend was cute and when you bitched about everything and were loud I had no choice but to listen. I do apologize. I thought maybe you two would get a laugh and throw my number out. I did not think you would actually call me. I guess you decide you both were curious about me." I said. "My friend is very shy. But she has been in a very dull marriage at the moment. She not looking for a hook up. A one night stand. I definitely not a commitment. All she wants is for some to go down on her like her husband used to in the beginning of there marriage. You have to keep your cock in your pants. No fucking. No Kissing. No toughing. Nothing more nothing less." Kate said. "Let me think. Give me a minute." I said.

I heard both girls giggle and snicker over the phone. I heard the sound of more wine being poured in there glasses. I heard Kate pass a glass to Chelsea who gulped it all down then burp loud. I knew I could do this with out no problem. I wanted a little adventure. I had always wanted to do something very erotic. I also wanted to see how far I could take this. Plus I wanted to see Chelsea naked and her big breast. I figured she chicken out at the last minute. "Ok!! I will do it. When would she like to meet. Just give me a time and place. I will obey the rules." I said. "Will call you back. What you name again." Kate said. "Buck!!"

About twenty minutes and two beers later the phone rang again. It was the girls. "Ok Buck! There a motel near Ft Meade, MD right off the interstate. I will text you with the room number when she gets there. I am very serious. Be nice." Kate said. "Oh my god....I can't believe I am doing this." Chelsea said in the back ground. I went upstairs to shave and got a early appointment to have my hair cut nice and short. Just a little buzz on top. I picked out a nice button down white silk shirt and some very nice Diesel tan cargo shorts. I went to bed early with anticipation for tomorrow meeting.

I was driving toward Ft Meade when I got the text. I passed an Adult Bookstore before I pulled into the low budget motel. I saw a silver Honda mini van at the end of the parking lot facing the motel. I saw all the room numbers on the wall. I parked off to the side and got out. I scan the parking lot. I had some weird thoughts running through my mind. Was this for real. Would Chelsea be there. Were they setting me up. Maybe they were going to hurt me. Have there husband there to kick my ass for leaving my number with Chelsea. I looked back at the mini van. I saw two small fingers on the bottom of the steering wheel. I saw some dark brunette hair sticking up. I figured it was Kate. She was probably watching the room so nothing happen to her friend. I took off my shades form head and place them in my shirt pocket. I walked down to 4C and knocked.

"Knock! Knock!!" I heard the A/C unit on in the room. A few seconds later the door opened. I shut the door and turned around. Chelsea was sitting on the far twin bed. I looked around the room to make sure I was the only one there. She smiled as I saw her check me out. She was breathing heavier as she looked at me. A few minutes passed. She was wearing a short blue denim mini skirt. A big pink top that covered up her breast. I saw she had some small earrings and had taken off her wedding band from her finger. As I walked over and got on one knee in front of her. She gently opened her legs. I looked down to see she was wearing some pink flip flops.

I reached down to feel her small ankles. She moaned slightly. She gasped for some air as I moved my hands up her long legs. I heard her whisper I can't believe your doing this Chelsea. I kept waiting for her to chicken out or say no but she did not. I got to her cream white thighs and her legs parted more. She was not wearing any panties and her breathing had rapidly increased. Her legs moved slightly as I held onto them. I could see her look down as I licked my lips. I kissed her inner right thigh and she groaned. I saw her close her eyes and put her head back. I was feeling more bold and aroused at the same time. I had come this far. I started to kiss both her thighs and move my hands to massage her calf muscles. She parted her legs wider as she eased her large ass forward on the edge of the bed. I was now on my right leg inches from her pussy.

I brought my lips back in front of her. I looked down to see a pretty big light brown matted bush. I could tell she had just washed it. I could smell soap, body wash, musk and her wetness on the matted hair. I gently licked the top of her pussy hairs. I could tell she was getting excited as she bit her lower lip. I started to blow warm air from my mouth on the outside of her pussy. She let her hands fall out to her side on the bed. I started to kiss her pussy hair. I was kissing around her cunt lips as they had come into view when I pushed on the sides. I gently flicked my tongue on her cunt lips causing her to moan more loud. I gently swirled my tongue around the opening. I started to suck on her large labia bringing her to scream. "ARrrgggg!! Fuck!!!!!!" she said. I stuck one finger in my mouth to get it wet. I spit on her entrance to make her more wet. She was moist but need to get more wet.

I used my two hands to push on the side of her thighs. I pushed opening her pussy up to my tongue. She was now very wet from my mouth. I sucked on her lips and moved her large labia on my tongue. I started to lick up and down in a good rhythm making her squirm on the bed. She was now dripping pretty good as I used my mouth to suck and pull on her pussy. I sucked hard then soft. I rub my tongue and nose inside her making her more wet. She was shaking her head as she grabbed the back of my head pushing me into her pussy harder. I was really fucking her with my tongue and using two fingers to rub her clit very fast. She screamed then came all in one motion. She was very powerful as she dripped down my chin on the motel bed. I grabbed her ankles to hold her steady as I brought her to another orgasm. I put my left hand on her stomach causing her to move it down. She screamed on last time as I moved my mouth in clock wise fashion on her clit. "Ok! Ok!! Ok!!!" Chelsea said. I got a text on the way home. "Wow!" I smiled as I got off my exit.

About 3 day later I got another call from Kate. I was to meet Chelsea at another motel in Columbia Md of the interstate. It was a better hotel. I picked up the key from the front desk. I walked in the room to see Chelsea sitting on the edge of the bed with a bathrobe on. As before she moved her large ass to edge of the bed. I dropped to my knees and ate her pussy. She orgasm about 4 times before she said "Ok!!!" The next time was a hotel down town Baltimore. I met her during work. She smiled when she saw me in my suit and tie. She had a red sun dress on hiked over her wide hips and got on my knees. She lasted a little longer this time before I left. I had a handkerchief in my pocket to wash her off my face. I also had some water in my SUV to quench my thirst. I had two breath mints before I got back to my office.

About 3 day later I text on the weekend. I was to meet Chelsea at her mini van in the parking lot of a park near my house. I arrived to see Kate getting out. She was walking away as I opened the side door and got in. Chelsea was in the back seat with her legs up and her sweat pants were on the floor of the mini van. I crawled in the back to eat her juicy pussy. She had almost put a dent in the roof from kicking her feet on the last orgasm. I was using my hands more to feel her ass and her thighs. She even let me feel her stomach contract when she orgasm the first time in the parking lot. I pulled of my t-shirt and cleaned my face as I walked back to my SUV. I watched them drive past me as Chelsea pulled up her sweat pants over her wet pussy.

I got another "Wow!!" on the way home. On Tuesday I went to a Lane Bryant near my house to meet Chelsea. Kate was distracting the sales girls as she pointed to were Chelsea was. I opened the changing room door to see Chelsea had on a pair of tight blue jeans. She could not pull them over her large ass as she looked in the mirror to see me. I got right behind her. I fell to my right knee as I stuck my face under her ass and began to eat her pussy. She pulled the top of my hair as I pulled down the jeans around her ankles. She moaned loud as slammed her ass on my face as she orgasm. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy as I kissed her right ass cheek. She smiled at me in the mirror when licked my fingers of her juices. I licked the inside of her thighs to hide the evidence. I bought her some new under wear on the way out and handed it to Kate.

The next day at work I got a email to meet Chelsea at her work. I walked into her office to see she was behind her desk. She smiled as placed my fake application on her desk. She pulled down a pair of red reading glasses on her nose. She then motion for me to get under her desk. A few minutes later I heard some voices in her office. I looked between her legs. She had a long business skirt on that button down the side. I opened it up slowly unbuttoning her skirt. Then I pulled the new panties I had bought her to the side. I felt her hand on the top of my head between her thighs. She was having problems talking to her co workers. She was very wet and her thighs were very warm against my ears. I kept sucking her labia and clit as she muffled her moans. Finally she told them to go back outside. She was feeling a little warm and need to catch her breath. Just then she orgasm hard on my face, a few girls looked at her as she closed her eyes.

About a week later I got my first email ( ever from Chelsea. She said that Kate husband and her husband were going out of town for the week to go fishing. I smiled as she sent me directions to her house. I got there about 8pm. I had eaten in the car on the way there after work. I had worn the same suit she had liked at the hotel. I passed the silver mini van and knocked on the door. A couple of minutes later Chelsea answered the door. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that left nothing to the imagination. I could tell she was not wearing a bra or panties. She also had teased her long hair making it sit high. She had two large silver hoop earring that touched her neck. I smiled when she was wearing six inch black stiletto heels. She had even put on long black fishnets and garters around her amazing legs. She was wearing the same color red on her lips and nails that she had on at the diner.

I was now instantly hard as I walked into her living room. We made small talk as she took my suit jacket. She placed on the back of chair at the bottom of the stairs. She showed me her house as we walked and talked. She handed me a beer as we walked into the kitchen. She was just cleaning up two plates as she put them in the dishwasher. I saw two half full wine glasses on the bar. I sat on a bar stool and we talked. She proceed to model the dress and her outfit in front of me. She used her soft hands on my neck and chest. She liked the way my silk shirt felt as she rubbed me some more. I looked into her soft brown eyes as she whirled her hips into my flat stomach. She brought her right foot into my right thigh. She then ran it the length of my leg to my foot. I kicked of my leather shoes on ht floor. She spun around to shake her ass at me.

A few seconds passed as she looked at me. "Mmmm I have been thinking of you all day. I am in the mood to have my pussy eaten baby. I need you to be very good tonight. It's been so long. Come on lover." Chelsea said. I walked behind her feeling her big ass under the thing material. I followed her up the stairs as I felt her long legs. We finally made it to the master bedroom. She opened the door. There was a large bed int he middle. There was a small chair next to a make up desk. I looked and there was a big oak hope chest in front of the bed. She had a nice king size bed. There were new white sheets and a white comforter on the bed. There were four big oak closet near the bed at the far end. I could just imagine how much stuff was in there. She was a big gurl who loved to get dressed up for me. I smiled when I saw a large amount of heels in her bathroom on the floor. She had spent some time trying them on.

She sat on the hope chest. I took of my tie and then my black socks. She smiled when she saw how well groomed I was. I had gotten a pedicure and manicure the day before. She motion for me to stop. She walked in the bathroom and came out with two big towels. She motion for me to come over. She reached down to hike up her dress. She them hand me a pair of scissors. Then smiled as I got down on my knees. I slowly trimmed away her large bush. I then used some shaving cream and a new razor to trim her. I got all the hair but a small strip above her pussy about an inch long. I took some baby wipes to clean her as she moaned slightly. She later confessed that was the first time she had seen her pussy with out hair. She really wanted to feel my tongue on her most sensitive area. I licked my lips and then a few fingers as I came out of the bathroom. I had put everything back and her towels in a hamper.

I pushed the hope chest out of the way. Then I crawled back in front of her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. She now grabbed my head and had me start right away on her pussy. I licked all over her pussy mound feeling her smooth skin on my face and mouth. She moaned and screamed after I got her off in a few seconds. I started to unzip her dress more causing the side to go past her hips. When she did not protest I unzipped her completely. Her dress fell open causing her large breast to cascaded down her body. They landed on her belly button. She gasped as the cold air and my eating her pussy made her erect nipples harder. She winced as I gently rolled her left nipple in my fingers. I then started to work on her other nipple. With both big nipples in my fingers and my tongue wedged in her pussy she orgasm the hardest she had before. She rammed my head with her hands on my head into her pussy. I could feel her juices run down my lips, chin and on her new sheets.

I was so hard in my pants. I could feel the tip of my cock get wet. I had to unleash all 9 3/4 before I exploded in my pants. I went back to sucking her clit and cunt lips as she screamed again. "Fuck!!! Fuck!1 God damn you eat pussy great. MMmmmm Arrrggg Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!! Oh My God not again!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there don't stop.....then she came again. I kept sucking her clit as she screamed. Boom!!!! Bang!!! Flop!!! I turned to see Kate had fallen out of the one of the big closets. She wanted to see first hand after hearing her friend at the park, in the hotel, at the mall. She wanted to see how I was at oral. Kate got right to her feet. She pushed down her mini skirt. She looked a little red and flushed when we realized she had used a finger on herself in the closet watching us.

"Chelsea you said he was ok. Look at him. He brought you to all those orgasm. He shaved your pussy for god sakes. He is so hot. I can' believe you lied to me. She said she faked them so I feel better about not getting any. I met the internet guy again and he still sucks." Kate said. My face was till dripping as I wiped my chin. "Kate, I'm sorry. Don't be mad. Buck really good. I did not want you to be mad or jealous. He really great at eating my pussy. Bob never got me off that way." Chelsea said. Both girls looked at she other for about 5 minutes. I was waiting for what to do next. I looked back at Chelsea who was pushing her hair out of her face. She leaned up and got on her elbows. She smiled at me on the floor.

"Well what are we going to do Kate?" Chelsea said. "I don't know. My guys sucks and Buck is really great as you put it. I know. Buck stand up. Ok good. Now take off your clothes. Lets see what you got. You've seen us." Kate said. In a strange way I kinda of wanted not to show them. I decided against that as I looked down to see Chelsea big tits. "Ok!! Ok!" I said. With that I unbutton my shirt and took off my belt. I slowly took off my pants and placed them on the floor on my socks. I watched as both girls followed me around the room. I still had on a pair of black Calvin Klein that were about a size to small. It showed off my nice ass and bulge in the front. I came back in front of the bed. Kate was now sitting on Chelsea left next to the bed. I stood facing them in between them.

I looked down my 6ft 3 frame to see both girls smile. Chelsea had sat up. Her tits touched her friends right forearm. I smiled as I saw Kate nipples get hard in her little white bra. She had pulled her blouse over her head letting me see. Chelsea reached up with her small hand to touch the front of my underwear. She traced my cock from the bottom of my balls to the tip. Both women had there mouth open as Kate touched her breast. Chelsea pulled down my underwear causing my cock to spring out. "Gasp!! What the!!!" said Kate. I did not have to wait for Chelsea to say anything she licked the pre-cum on the tip of my cock. She then engulfed the tip to about half way down the thick shaft. Her mouth expanded as her red lips left a small trail on my cock. I tensed my butt cheeks as she ran her long nails on my naked balls. She licked them as the hit her face and chin. She loved big balls in her hands as she yanked on them. I watched as Kate got off the bed.

I felt Kate hand on my ass as her friend was sucking my cock. I then heard a buzzing sound as Kate stuck a toy in her pussy on the end of the bed. I turned to watch Chelsea suck my cock. I felt Kate eyes on us as I slowly started to fuck Chelsea mouth. My balls hit her chin as she got more of my cock in her hot mouth. Her saliva was dripping down the side of my cock on her tits. She placed her warm breast under my cock as she gave me a great blow job. She spit in her cleavage after 25 minutes of sucking my cock. I felt her warm breast on the side of my shaft as my big cock head came out into her hot mouth. I reached down to fondle her breast and tug on he nipples. She orgasm from me playing with her breast. I felt her moan then smelled a strong musk smell. I looked down. "O'God cum on me. Cum on my tits, my mouth. Let me see it baby!!" I looked down to see the tip open up and a huge white glob of sperm flew out hitting her forehead and hair. She then squished her monster tits as she milked my cock in her cleavage.

I fell back as she stood up. Kate orgasm as she looked at my dripping cock. Chelsea cleaned me up as she went into the bathroom to get a towel. She used some baby wipes on me that cause me to get hard again. Se looked at me then Kate. Kate was till playing with her pussy. Chelsea jumped on the bed with her ass facing me. She put her face in a pillow and pulled back her ass cheeks showing me her wet pussy. I spit in my hand to get my cock wet. I walked over and slowly inserted it in. I grabbed her hips to get all the way in. She was so wet I had to inserted it three times before we got a good rhythm. I grabbed her hair as I pulled she screamed. I heard Kate orgasm again as she yelled out a profanity at us. I felt her hot lips on my cock as I pumped away. I began to slap Chelsea ass with my free hand. I had her say my name a few times before I tensed up and pulled out and shot a big load on her ass. She smeared my load on her ass as she licked her fingers.

I am walking through the sand. I take of my flip flops as I see Kate on the blanket. She smiled and points to Chelsea. Chelsea is in the ocean just off shore. The water just up to her neck as she smile's at me. She had left me a pair of swim trunks that had a Velcro front that opened. There was a small not on the front seat of her mini van next to the bathing suit. "I hope these fit. I need you to bring that big cock out in the water. Then I will need your oral skills in the changing room after." I'm still finding sand on my body from that meeting.


I did not leave her house for the whole week. She sent Kate to bring us food.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lights, Camera, Fuck - An Adult Story

I had wanted to get out of my parents basement and do something. I signed up for some classes at the local community college. I was pretty good with a camera. I thought I take some photography classes. I was going to start slow and see if I liked it at first. I signed up for two classes after 5pm on Tuesday and Fridays. I already had a nice computer and camera. I got some new film and some new memory sticks for the camera. I even bought some black and white film just in case. I through everything into a back pack and headed out the door.

I walked into the class on the top floor of the last building on campus. I rode my bike and had to walk a little to class. I took the seat in the back and waited for the professor. He came in just after class started. He was in late thirties with a nice goatee. He was only about 5ft 2 and wore some big glasses. He seemed to be a nice guy in his introduction to photography speech. I listen a little as I scanned around the room. There were a few ordinary people in class. The token older students. The older lady who knew everything and the dumb jock guy who new nothing. There was only one cute girl in the whole class. She was about 5ft 3 with long black hair. She had her nails painted black with the black lip stick. I guess she was the goth girl on campus. There were a few geeks and one guy in his late twenties that look like her had been taking classes for a few years.

We all took out are cameras and Professor Bob North came around to check. "He Professor." I said. "Hey call me Bob. Hope your going to take this class serious. Ok folk eyes over here." Professor said. He looked at me and pointed at my camera. "This guy camera is perfect. Not to big and not to small. Try to copy him or get something similar. I want you all to go home and take pictures of your bed rooms. Then around your house. Try to be creative but don't over due it. Thanks." he said. I walked out the door and went home.

The next day I took some pics of my bedroom and through out the house. On Friday I took the pics into class. We learned how to develop them and showed them off to the other students. There were no grades just discussion on the pictures. Lights and frame resolution to start. What time of day kinda of thing. I saw some real good pics and some bad ones. It look like everyone had done a good job. We got our next assignment to shoot outside. Then we had to shoot some fruit in a bowl. After the next class we got to shoot birds or pets. It had been about a month before we all met in class on the last Friday of the month. Class went by pretty quick. I turned my assignment in last on the Professor desk.

"Hey Buck. Great work. I have been meaning to tell you. I like your pics of the birds and the huge watermelon photos last week. Do you have any plans after class tonight?" Professor said. "No, my parents are away on vacation. I was going home to watch a game on TV and grab something to eat." I said. "I have a great photography club that meets at my house once a month. I had a friend of mine drop out and we have a opening for a new guy. It's nothing too serious. We usually talk about photography or sometimes we have somebody model while we take pics. Would you be interested?" he said. "Sounds fun. What should I bring? What time should I come over?" I said. "Here some directions to my house. After 8pm tonight. Just bring your camera. My wife cooking dinner for all of us. She makes some mean steaks on the grill. See you later." He said.

I had about an hour to kill before getting to his house. I had some camouflage cargo pants and a black t-shirt on. I had some black sandals. I put on my bike helmet and back pack. I rode around the campus before heading to the Professor house. I put my bike lock on and placed my bike helmet on the seat. I walked up to the big house at the end of the street. There was a big hedge road blocking the windows. I could see some lights on inside but nothing else. I walked up the four stairs and knocked on the big red door. A few minutes later the door opened. It was the Professor. He had me put my back pack down in his study just inside the front door. We walked through his living room towards the kitchen. All the people were out back on his deck enjoying some food and wine. He handed me a beer from the fridge. I had just turned 21 so I kinda of smiled having a beer for the first time out in public.

I followed him to a nice table at the end of the deck. He introduced me too the other guys in the club. All four guys were much older then me. The youngest guy was in his upper twenties and the oldest was in his mid fifties. They were all married like the professor. There wife stayed home while they got to come over and talk photography. They were invited to come very other month if they wanted. I was eating some delicious food when I heard the Professor wife call him. He got up and went inside. A few minutes later I followed everyone inside.

The Professor introduced me to his wife for the first time. She was about 5ft 7 with long blonde hair. She had it curled on the side. She had some very small diamond earrings and a big rock on her small finger. She was also a few weeks pregnant and was showing. She had a warm glow around her as she talked to me. Her small lips moved very sexy. She had a sweet voice that made my hair stand up in back when she talked. She was wearing some white flat shoes as she turned I could see she was a very bodacious women. She had been a big gurl but now that she was pregnant she had filled out a little more in the top and the bottom. I watched as she had a some more food. I followed the Professor into the living room.

There were some lights around the room. They looked very professional in nature. The were some cameras and a big camcorder that you find shooting a movie. There was a computer and flat screen next to some blank DVDs. I picked up one camera looking through the lens. I watched the other guys pick up there cameras and look around the room. A few minutes later the Professor wife came in. She smiled as the Professor coughed in his hand. "Thank you for all coming tonight. I am glad to see your all doing so great. The model that we hired last week can't make it tonight. She is sick and in bed. I tired to get another but no luck." He said. "If you want I can call my wife. She might be able to get a baby sister and come over." one guy said. "Geez I wish I knew before hand. Tammy would have loved to come over." said another guy. "Well all is not lost. My wife Lori has volunteered her services. I told her we loved to have her model. Ok honey, go upstairs I left you an outfit to wear. Come down when your ready." he said.

It was about an hour later. I first saw her heels come down the stairs toward the living room. Lori had changed. She was almost the total opposite of when I first met her. She had taken off the flat shoes and now had some big 4inch blue heels on. She had painted her her finger and toe nails bright blue. She had some pink lips to go with a pink flower she had put her hair. She was wearing a black mini skirt and black stretched top over her large breast. I almost dropped my camera as she walked into the living room. A few of the guys whistled as she smiled at them. I saw the Professor smile as he helped her stand in front of the lights. He had put a small white screen behind her to reflect the light. Next everyone started to take pictures of her. Guys were moving in and out. They were moving all around her. I stopped to get some more film as I noticed her smile in my direction. I could tell she may have done this before. She moved her hair and batted her eyes at all the guys. They turned a fan on to blow her hair.

Next she went upstairs and came back. This time she had a French maid outfit on. She pretend to clean things in the living room. All the guys smiled as she strutted around. I had not been fully attracted to bigger gurls but that was changing as I watched the Professor wife. I had dated boring skinny girls in the past. They were more concern with what they ate or what they wore to notice me. The Professor wife never asked if this outfit made her ass look big. It was big. After 20 minutes she came back with a bikini on. She had a black bikini that hugged every curve on her big body. I had to look through the lens and steady my hand a few times. I saw one guy rub his crotch as he got close. I watched the Professor get on the ground as she walked next to his camera and face. I walked over to get some water. I took a big drink as the Professor and his wife talked. I did see one guy get up and go into the kitchen.

A few minutes later he came back as he passed the Professor. "Hey Buck, how are you liking things?" he said. "Great, thanks for inviting me over. Your wife is a natural. Looks like she been doing this for ever." I said. "Yeah she is really great. She was worried that all the guys would think she was to big. Especially the new young guy from my class. You don't' think that?" He said. "No, not in the least. I like confident women. You usually don't see that any more." I said. "True! Hey let me ask you something. My wife has a request. It's her birthday today. She had only one request this year. She wanted to model in front of the group. She also wanted to model with a guy. She has never done that before. Even when she was younger." He said. "Mmm." I said. I gave him a puzzled look. "I had called this model from an agency last week. He was suppose to come over right now. Unfortunately his car broke down and he can't make it. I know it will just break her heart. I was hoping to give her the perfect Birthday surprise." He said.

"What are yous saying? Do you want me to be the model? Professor North!" I said. "Listen your the only guy for the job. All these guys are married number one. Plus I don't want to see any of these guys next to my wife. Your in great shape. Listen I know it's allot to ask. I would not ask if it did not mean so much to her. You can wear what you have on. That shirt and those camo pants are perfect. What do you say?" He said. I was at a lost for words. I was till in a little shock what to do. "Honey I got some news to tell you." He said. "Professor I will do it for her and the club. Just don't tell anyone at school. Also these photos are to stay private ok." I said.

I heard the Professor upstairs talking to his wife Lori as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. I walked over to get a drink of water. The Professor came down to put a wooden bar stool in the middle of the room. Next her fixed the lights. The guys looked around and then moved around the bar stool. The bar stool was about 4 feet off the ground. It had 4 wooden legs and small wooden flat seat on top. I drank some more water as I checked my short hair in a mirror next to the bar. I watched the top of the stairs when I heard a door close upstairs. A few seconds later I almost dropped my water on the carpet.

The Professor wife came into view. She had a yellow tube top that was two sizes to small. It was pulled over her large breast causing them to expand and the tube top to almost exploded. Her big puffy nipples were already erect as she strutted down the stairs. She was wearing some 5inch yellow heels. She had on some bright red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt that only fit half her large ass. She could not get it over the rest of the way down her large ass. She was wearing a black thong with a yellow stripe down the middle of her pussy. She smiled when she got to the bottom of the stairs. Her hair was teased up and she had put on some long gold hoops earring that touched her shoulders. I looked down my flat stomach at my semi erect cock in my pants. I got more erect when I smelled her perfume as she sat on the bar stool and looked at me.

"Are you boys ready?" she said. "Ok!! Ok! Before we shoot your final set honey. I have a big birthday surprise for you. I had hired a male model for tonight to shoot with you. But he can't make it. I do have good news in that Buck has said he will step in. He never been in front of a camera. I told him we all would encourage him. I hope you like. Buck come here." Professor said. I smiled as I walked over towards him. Lori moved to let me sit down on the wooden stool. I sat there while Lori looked me over. She started to move around me letting her hands run down my chest on my shirt and then my back. She rubbed her body against mind as the Professor and the other guys took pictures of us. After 20 minutes she stopped and moved in between my legs.

Lori was looking into my eyes with her sexy blue eyes. "You know your so hot with that shirt on. I really love it if you took it off so I could see what you have underneath there. I can feel you broad shoulders and muscular chest." Lori said. I looked around the room to get some encouragement. "Ok! Since it is your birthday." I said. I gently pulled off my shirt over my head. I handed it to her. She smiled as she touched my naked shoulder. "You have such soft skin Buck. Wow your arms are nice. I love your chest too baby." Lori said. She ran her hands down my chest stopping at my black belt on my pants. I smiled as she walked around me running her long red fingernails on my skin. I watched as she rubbed her large half naked ass on my left fore arm. She arched her back moving her breast out in front. I was not sure how her breast did not bust out of her tube top. She like to make all her clothes and made a few extra stitches to get her top to stay on.

After a few minutes the Professor stopped everything. "Wow you two are really good together. Lori had one more wish guys. I always have in the past said no but tonight my baby get what she wants. Go ahead dear and take off your tube top and show them your naked breast. I now its been a big turn on for you to show the club like forever. Thanks guys for being respectful." He said. I turned to see Lori peel her tube top down causing her big breast to flop out onto her pregnant stomach. My mouth dropped open as she strutted over towards me. The yellow top was under her waist. She stopped and looked back over her shoulders as the Professor who was looking inside his camera lens. He had a big smile as she turned to sit in my lap on the stool. I looked at the other guys who were taking pics of the Professor wife and me.

After a few minutes Lori spun around. She got off my lap and walked around behind me. I could here her moan as she leaned onto my back. She placed her right hand on my shoulder and her other hand on my lower back. I could feel her warm breast on my back and one breast on my side as she smiled for the camera. I was now full erect in my pants. I looked to see if anyone had noticed. She bent over letting her large breast flop back and forth on my side. I could here all the camera making noises as she moved her head form side to side hitting me with her sexy blonde hair. She placed her hand on my left thigh as she walked around the front of me. She then straddled my lap letting her large breast rest on my chest. I could feel her breath as she looked into my eyes. I could feel her hard nipples rub on my soft flesh. She had puffy dark 6 inch aureoles. I could smell her perfume on her neck as she moved closer. The Professor and the guys moved to take pics at a better angle. He was underneath her ass shooting up wards. She then moved my hands to sit firmly underneath her large ass.

"Give it a squeeze honey my ass won't bite. I love your big hands. I really love your chest too. You must work out allot sexy." Lori said. I smiled as I squeezed her big ass in my hands. It felt so warm and soft as her ass was so smooth and warm to the touch. She looked down her stomach and put her hands underneath her curves to pull down the zipper on her black leather mini skirt. Next I felt her mini skirt fall to the carpet. I heard one guy fall into the coffee table to my right. "Shit Dale are you ok man?" Professor said. Dale gave the thumbs up. He was ok. "Ok honey. Stand up and walking around so we can see the full you. Oh god your so hot in front of the camera. What do you think Buck?" Professor said. I gave him the thumbs up too. "Honey what would you like to next? What can your husband do for you?" He said. She smiled as she walked over and whispered in his ear.

A few seconds later he walked over to talk to me in private. "Buck! You the man. Thanks for helping so far. I talked to Lori and she liked another big favor to make her birthday even better. Is there any way you cold maybe pose with her in your underwear. Are you even wearing any. Is there anything in your pockets. She said she sat on something that might have poked her." He smiled as he talked to me. I was thinking that I had gone this far. I really getting turned on by the Professor wife. I wanted so bad to touch her breast that I agreed. I walked over in front of the stool. Lori followed me back. She smiled as she unbuckled my belt. She then took off my black sandals followed by my pants. She hung them on the back of a chair near the stairs. She walked back over to get on her amazing large ass.

She looked up and held her hands on my chest and abs. I could feel her breast on my left calf as she looked at the cameras. I could here all the camera click as the Professor watched with his mouth open. I was looking down as Lori smiled back up at me. She ran her hands around my 30 inch waist. She stopped on the top of my ass as she looked into my eyes. She then stood on her knees from her ass off the floor. She moved and her breast slapped against the inside of my thighs. She licked her juicy red lips as she looked into my eyes. She started to run her small hands on my erect cock under the thin white Calvin Klein underwear. I had wore some white boxer briefs with the black band around the waist. She smiled as I got harder under her small fingers. She moaned and winked her left eye at me. I could see she saw what she was doing to me. I know she could feel all 9 3/4 under her fingers as she gave me a kiss on my thigh.

"That a girl!! Your so hot honey. Beg that young stud for his cock. Does he have something in there honey?" Professor said. I smiled as Lori started to kiss the outline of my cock under the thin material. I kept running things in my mind about the situation. I was scared, nervous and very excited. I had seen and had her large breast against me. Was I ready to touch them next and was she and her husband ready to see my cock...before I time to think..I felt her hand on the bottom of my underwear. Next I felt them around my ankles. As cold air hit my cock, it sprang out and all most hit Lori in the face. She smiled as I heard the cameras click. I saw one guy give me a thumbs up and the Professor gasp for air. He grabbed his chest then smiled as his wife was stroking my cock with her hands. I watched as two of the guys walked around behind us to get a different angle. Dale had taken the video camera off the tripod I had seen earlier near the bar. He was now filming us as Lori looked back and smiled at her husband.

"Damn Buck..that is one fine cock you have. Its twice the size of my husband and so thick. Looks at this big vein and the purple head is amazing. OMG you have such big balls. Do you like shaving them? I never felt anything this big before. Honey look at his balls there so cute and sexy." Lori said. I froze as I felt her lips on the tip of my cock. I looked down to see her red lips expand over the tip of my cock. She used her two hands to pump my shaft as my balls bounced under her chin. I dropped my hands to my hips as I started to pump my cock in her mouth. She got about half of my cock in her mouth before she pulled my cock out causing a big bubble of saliva to fall on the carpet. I curled my toes as she continued to suck my cock. She licked the tip and then started to lick my balls. She loved the way my balls felt on her face as she rubbed them on her skin. I forgot the cameras and the guys were watching. The Professor stopped talking and was directing the other guys what to shoot.

I dropped my right hand down to Lori big breast. I scooped one up as she moaned on my cock. I was working her large nipple in my hand as she gagged on my cock. I felt some warm milk on my fingers. She then brought my hand up to her mouth to lick her warm milk. "She only milks when she get aroused during sex. I told you that honey. You should see what your doing to me and the guys." Professor said. I could smell the sex in the room as Lori kept sucking my cock. She stopped to look up and I grabbed her other breast with my free hand. I fondled her big breast as she stood up. My cock hit her stomach as she looked down. She guided my cock under her soft body as she looked into my eyes. I looked at her then my chest. She was leaking down her engorged nipples to her belly button. I rubbed my finger on her left nipple then tasted her warm milk. She was sweet and it tasted very nice. She dropped her head back when she felt my cock between her legs. I then noticed her husband standing next to us. He reached down to untie her black thong. Then he pulled it down exposing his wife pussy to me.

I started to kiss Lori. Her hot mouth opened as we exchanged some tongue. She had her eyes closed as I fondled her breast and stomach. She was turning me on so much that I forgot about being pregnant. She was a very good kisser as she rubbed my nipples. She then began to stroke my cock under her stomach with her hands. I could feel her slap my cock on her thighs as she bit my lower lip. "I need to feel you inside me Buck. I need you to fuck me with that big cock of yours. Use me. I love a hard cock inside my tight pussy." She said. I could not take much more so I walked her over to her big white leather couch next to the bar. I waited a minute or two so the guys could move the lights and the cameras to shoot more of us. I got my cue from the Professor. I looked up as the Professor wife got on her knees to get my cock nice and wet. She brought her large breast up. She placed them on my thighs. She then spit in her cleavage as she stroked my cock. I then felt the warm skin inside her cleavage as she tit fucked me. She slapped her big breast on my thigh as she rubbed up and down my shaft and cock.

My balls rubbed on her skin under her breast. I twisted her nipples causing them to shoot on the couch. She was dripping on the white leather making a mess. I saw her husband take a paper towel to clean up the seat cushion next to my ass. I moved my head back as Lori stood up. She took two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her big cunt lips. She then looked down as she steady herself on my shoulder with her small hands. She then guided my hard cock inside her tight pussy. I felt her muscles contract and her breast flopped down on my chest. I shrunk my head and shoulders down to place her breast on my face. I was sucking her right nipple as she rode my cock. Slowly she had almost all 9 3/4 inside her. I touched her stomach then her waist and hips as she moaned loud. I could feel her pussy was soaking wet as she whipped her hair in my face. I was dripping white milk from my lips as he fucked me harder. She was now jumping her large frame on my cock and screaming.

I heard two guys unzip there pants behind us. She moaned as the first guy barely stroked his cock 3 times before he came. The next guy last a few more strokes. They were putting on there pants as the Professor had taken over the video camera from Dale. I watched as he directed his wife to turn around and her ass rubbed against my abs as she fucked me harder. I felt her yellow tube top under her stomach as I tighten it around her waist. She moaned loud when I used her tube top to force her up and down on my cock. A few minutes past before I reached up with my long arms and big hands to milk her breast again. The Professor had to move because I shot some warm milk at him on the floor in front of the couch. I was going to cum any second and I think she knew this. I watched as Lori climbed off and turned around on her knees. She pointed my cock at her mouth. I saw the guys lean in and wait for the money shot. I did not disappoint. I let five big white cum shots on the Professor wife face and large breast. She licked her breast. Then scooped off my cum from her face and body.

A few minutes later the guys were packing up there cameras and lights. The Professor and Lori who was now in a bath robe were saying good bye to there guest. I sat on the couch semi hard. I was till going over things in my mind when I saw Dale hand me a note. He gave me the thumbs up and walked out the door. I opened the paper. "Can you come over to my house tomorrow. It's my wife birthday. I promised her a big surprise. I am going to have her blind folded as I take pictures of her with you." the note said. I turned my head to see Lori talk to the Professor. He went upstairs with the video camera. She walked over to me on the couch.

"I talked to my husband. Since its before midnight. Technically its still my birthday. Would you like to go upstairs and fuck me some more? I really want to feel you cum deep inside me. He is going to stay in the spare room while we fuck." She said. I just smiled as I got off the couch. I followed her upstairs to there big bedroom. We walked by the Professor who was laying on the spare bed naked playing with himself watching his wife and me on the TV. I shook my head as she opened the door to her bedroom. They had a big 4 post bed. There were some black silk sheets and about dozen pillows as she walked toward the bed. She clicked on two tripods next to the bed. "Its my Husband birthday next week. I thought I might tape us having sex. Its a big fantasy of his to watch me get fucked in the ass by a big young hard stud like yourself. I never disappoint him." She said. Mmmmm Lights, Camera, Fuck!!!!!!!!!" Lori said.

I felt her soft lips on my cock as I pulled out her ass.