Monday, November 12, 2012

Nurse Jaymie - An Adult Story

I opened the big metal door, leading to the flight deck. I could still feel the jet wash from the plane that just took off. I crossed the flight deck to the helicopter. I put on the head phones and tossed my gear on the seat next to me. I gave the pilot, the thumbs up. I closed my eyes as we lifted off. It was a thirty minute ride to Port au Prince.

Most of the island of Haiti was still in bad shape, from the earthquake. I was meeting a group of doctors, who were there to help. Most were from the United States. Just like me. I was suppose to land in the Capitol and then drive to a remote part of the island. I was going to get my instruction, once I landed.

The sun was directly in my eyes. I put on some sunglasses as we past along the coast. I could still see the island in rubble as we approached the landing area. I held my breath as we touched down. I took of my head phone and grabbed my gear. I put my black boots down on the broken concrete runway. I looked around as the helicopter took off. I started walking to the nearest air plane hangar.

I opened the small metal door to the hangar. I could hear some people talking as I walked farther inside. I noticed a big group gathered around some small tables. I smiled as I got closer. There was one person talking. “I’m Captain Smith. Welcome to Haiti. Thank you for coming. I know most of you, have traveled a great distance to be here. We could not do this with out you. I like to thank all the doctors, nurses and volunteers for helping the people of Haiti. Your assignments , are on the back table.” He said. He pointed to the far table in the hangar.

Most of the group of people started to walk toward the table. I put my back pack and gear down. “You must be Dr. Kelly…Nice to meet you.” Said a male voice. I turned my head. It was a guy standing in a black suit and tie. “No trouble flying in today?” he said. “No.. Glad to meet you.” I said. “Such a young doctor. But I guess you have to be young and courageous to be here.” He said. He began to laugh…

We have a high priority job for you. We need you to sneak in and help a village about 3 hours from here..There are some sick kids. They need some medicine. We can not fly it in. It’s to dangerous, if the medicine fell into the wrong hands. The roads are in bad shape. You might have to go off road at times. There are roving gangs and drug dealers on your route. It wouldn’t be easy. We have lost two doctor’s already. Are you still up for the mission?” he said. “No problem. Just give me a map and a Jeep. I’ll be back before you know it.” I said. He smiled. “I like your confidence. I have a Jeep outside with some supplies. Here a map. I also found a volunteer nurse to help you. She is very good.” He said.

A minute later, I was standing outside. I tossed my back pack and gear in the back seat of the open Jeep. The Jeep had huge tires and was painted dark green. I placed some bottles of water in the back, next to the medical supplies. I tied my camouflage pants around the top of my boots. I rolled up my sleeves. I had a white wife beater under my camouflage shirt. I had nothing to identify me as an American. Just my name…”Dr. Buck Kelly..” Over my right shirt pocket.

I waited a few minutes for the volunteer nurse. I was reading the map. Not paying to much attention. “Hi! Dr. Kelly. Nice to meet you.” Said a female voice. I lifted my head up. I smiled. “Call me Buck. Nice to meet you….Ummm..” I stumbled with my words. The volunteer nurse was hot. She had short blond hair, just passed her ears. She was wearing camouflage ear rings. That maybe to big to be on this mission. She was wearing tight camouflage pants. That were two sizes to small for her. I smiled as I saw the front of her camouflage shirt. She was hiding two very nice breast underneath her big white shirt. “Nurse.. Jaymie….” She said.

She tossed her gear into the back seat. She had a small pink bag and a big dark green back pack. She then turned to walked around the back of the Jeep. I checked her out in the mirror. She had an amazing ass. It matched her perfect curves as she adjusted her gold belt around her hips. She slowly bent over giving me a look before she hoped in the passenger seat. “You might want to buckle up. I drive fast and loud.” I said. She smiled.

I handed her the map as I put the Jeep into drive. A few minutes later we drove through the front gates. I saw some people on the side of the main road with cell phones. I quickly cut down a back street. “Where are you going? We should be on the main road.” Said Jaymie. “I think its best if we don’t follow the same route as the last two doctors. Who disappeared. Let’s get out of the Capitol and find a different road.” I said. She smiled. She pointed to a side road leading out of the Capitol.

It took us about an hour to get out in the jungle. It was close to 96 degrees and very heavy humidity. I was sweating in places, I forgot I had. I looked over at Nurse Jayme. She was unbuttoning the top buttons on her outside shirt. I looked around. I could smell some smoke in the distance. I stopped the Jeep. There was some smoke coming from around the next curve. “Stay here. I’m going to take a look.” I said. Jaymie watched me walk down the road.

I looked around the curve. There were a few heavily armored men standing next to check point. There were some burning tires in front of them. I walked back to the Jeep. “We need to change course. Can you reach in my back pack. Unzip the top pocket.” I said. Jaymie stretched into the back seat. I watched as she pulled out my gun. She handed me my black 1911 hand gun. I took off the safety. I put it in the middle console. “Just in case…” I said.

A few minutes later I backed up the jeep. Then I shifted into drive. I pushed the hood through some banana trees. I felt the Jeep begin to tilt forward. We went down a small hill. I turned onto a small dirt road. I must have hit every tree and huge pot hole for the next hour before we got onto a paved road. We drove around two more check points. We kept our eyes open for smoke and the smell of burning tires.

We kept talking, as we tried to get to the village. I talked about Baltimore. Jaymie talked about Wisconsin. I just kept staring at her sexy body as I hit a few pot holes on purpose. It took us another 5 hours to finally reach the village. Almost twice as long as the man in the suit had told me. I pulled up to the only grass hut with a hospital sign on the front.

Hello!” I said. A few minutes passed before some people came out of the grass hut. “Hi! You must be Dr. Kelly and Nurse Jaymie. Welcome to our village. Thank you for coming. “ said a old man. I unloaded the medical supplies as Jaymie got the medicine ready to use. We set up a big line of needles on a small table. Then the kids of the village came out. I started to give them shots, and check there health. It took us about 3 hours to give everyone in the village the medicine. I set some cast on some kids broken legs. I then help hide the left over medical supplies.

“Thank you young man. Thank you young lady. You have saved our village.” Said the old man. “Your welcome. It’s getting dark. Were is a safe place we can get some rest?” I said. “The village is not safe. I’m afraid that you may have been spotted already. I heard another car leave a few minutes ago. You must leave.” Said the old man.

I looked at Jaymie. She smiled as we jumped back into the Jeep. I handed her a flash light from inside the glove compartment. “Anywhere look good on the map? Are we near the ocean?” I said. She looked up. “If we go back the way we came. Then take a small u-turn about 3 miles back. There a side road that leads to the coast.” She said. “I don’t want to be in the jungle. Who ever following us? Will look there first. Hold on..” I said.

We took the small u-turn. I pushed through some thick jungle. Then the Jeep popped out onto a small dirt road. The Jeep was covered in branches and leaves as we kept driving. We got to the end of the dirt road. There was a metal fence blocking the road. I climbed out of the Jeep. I reached into my pocket. I pulled out a small knife. I picked the metal gate open. I then motion for Jaymie to drive forward. I locked the gate behind us. I placed some fallen branches on the gate. I then jumped in the passenger seat.

Jaymie drove the Jeep down a small dirt road. I picked up the flash light. I turned the flash light out my window. I could hear water crashing on the beach. “Keep going straight and to the left. Don’t go right. There a cliff outside my window.” I said. Jaymie bounced in her seat one more time before we came to a clearing. I could see a small house in the distance. “Maybe we should stop. Lets push the Jeep off the this road.

We both got out. I reached in the middle console to get my gun. I placed it in the back of my belt. I grabbed both back packs. I handed Jaymie her pink bag. She smiled. She grabbed some water bottles. I then covered the Jeep in broken branches and palm leaves. I looked around. The moon had come up. It was a full moon now. There was plenty of light as we walked toward the crashing waves and the small house in the distance.

I kept looking over my shoulder for car lights. I did not see any. It took a few minutes to reach the small house. I walked up to the front door. I noticed the Presidential seal of Haiti on the small door. I smiled. I then peeked inside. The house had crumbled to the ground, from the earthquake. I walked around the door. I found a few bottles of wine. Jaymie found some food that was still good. “We should go down to the beach. Make a fire and try to get some sleep. Maybe in the morning we can find our way back to the Capitol. It to dangerous tonight.” I said.

Jaymie followed me to the beach. We dropped our supplies in a big pile. I then started to look for some fire wood. Jaymie walked down to the edge of the water. She looked around. I could see her sexy outline in the water. Her shadow from the moon. I was starting to get hard. I had almost forgotten how hot she had made me all day. I quickly found some wood. I began to make a fire near our supplies. She walked back toward me.

“Buck! You did great getting us out of trouble today. My adrenaline been running all day. I don’t think I’ve sweated this much in all my life.” She giggled. “Thanks….You been great all day too. I’m glad you volunteer to help me today. I’m pretty sweaty myself. How’s the salt water?” I said. I pointed to the ocean. She smiled. “Warm and very wet…” she giggled again. I reached into my side pocket. I pulled out a big bar of white soap. I took off the wrapper and smelled it. “I never leave home with out it. “ I laughed.

We both said nothing as we took off our clothes on the beach. I pulled my white wife beater over my head. Jaymie kicked off her boots. I then pulled off my boots. I tossed my gun onto my white shirt. I watched as she pulled her white shirt over her head. She had a huge white bra, covering her large breast. She wiggled out of her camouflage pants. She was wearing a white g-string. I quickly tossed my camouflage pants on the sand. She looked at me. I pulled my tight white boxer briefs, down around my ankles. I then ran toward the water. I was naked. Just a bar of soap in my right hand. Jaymie tossed her big bra and white thong on her pants as she ran behind me.

I hit the warm cobalt blue water first. I was waist deep in seconds. I stopped as Jaymie caught up to me. She put her hand on my lower back. I looked down to see my hard cock sticking straight out. The water was calm. I turned to see the small waves hit the beach. I could feel the sand on my feet. I then felt Jaymie hands on my hard chest. She took the big white bar of soap from hand. She started to wash my chest. She looked down to see my hard cock just under the moonlit water. She smiled as our lips met.

I had waited all day to kiss her ruby red lips. She bite down on my lower lip as our mouth separated. She then soaped her right hand. A second later she stroked my hard cock under the water. She leaned down to lick my right nipple. I took the soap out of her left hand. I began to wash her big breast. She let out a soft moan as I tugged on her big nipples. She was still stroking my cock with her right hand as our mouths met again. She then spun around. I started to wash her back with both of my hands. I rubbed the big bar of soap all over her body. I slid my hard cock between her legs. Her pussy mound was rubbing the top of my cock. She let out another soft moan when I gripped her tits and bite her neck. I then pulled her blonde hair with my free hand. I slapped her sexy ass with my left hand. She arched her back and jammed her ass on my hard stomach.

I slowly inserted my 9 ¾ inch cock into her tight pussy. Her small cunt lips parted as her pussy muscles got used to my size. I gripped her sexy hips. She looked over her shoulder as I moved my feet in the warm sand. The ocean water lapped my back as I plunged more of cock inside nurse Jaymie. I got half my cock, deep inside before she screamed into the cold night air. I cupped her big breast. I was fondling them as I fucked her from behind.

A few minutes later… She wrapped her legs around my waist. She had her hands around my neck. She was bouncing up and down on my cock. The warm ocean water and her hot pussy was driving my cock to explode. I was loving every minute of it. I let out a soft moan as she bounced her big wet tits on my hard chest. Her nipple were scratching my tan skin. I moved my hands under her ass. I was gripping both her amazing butt cheeks. We started to kiss. She moaned into my mouth. I could feel Jaymie pussy exploded. I looked down to see her squirt into the moonlit water. I pulled out my hard cock. I exploded all over her pussy mound and stomach. I coated the underside of her large breast. She started to rub her fingers in my warm cum. She then licked her fingers. I jacked my cock in the warm cobalt blue ocean. I then inserted my cock back into her tight pussy...

My cock slowly fell out of Jaymie hot pussy. I reached down to carry her back to shore. I gently put her down on the wet sand. I could feel the water flow over our bodies as we began to make out. A big wave washed over us. We both laughed as the white bar soap, we had in the water landed next to us. Jaymie tossed it over her head, back toward the fire. She then looked down.

I had moved between her legs. I pushed her warm thighs apart as I started to eat her hot pussy. I ran my tongue all over her labia. She was pulling my hair on the top of my head. I then felt her thighs around my head. Her legs were on my back. I felt the warm ocean water come over us again. I darted my tongue deep inside her. She then flooded my face with a powerful orgasm. My face was sticky as she orgasm twice more before she made me stop.

I rolled over on my back. My cock was sticking straight up. Jaymie moved her feet next to my hips. She lowered her self down on my hard cock. She put her hands on my hard chest. She started to bounce up and down on my cock. Now all of my cock was deep inside her. She started to put her hands around my neck. I placed her right nipple in my mouth. I was biting her nipple as she bounced her body on mind. My toes dug into the wet sand as another wave washed over our bodies. She smiled as she titled her head all the way back. I could see the moon over head. I lost count of how many stars in the sky when I felt her orgasm hard on my cock.

A minute later, I flipped Jaymie on her back. She was looking up as I pounded her pussy with my cock. I was doing push ups with my cock buried deep inside Jaymie. I grunted as I could feel the base of my cock slap her wet skin. I started to slow down. Jaymie eyes got big. She smiles as she grabbed my ass in her small hands. She pushed my cock all the way inside her. She moaned again. I could feel her orgasm again. I looked into her eyes. She held my ass down. I then erupted deep inside her…..........


"Beep!!! Beep!! Beep!! A little red light was flashing at the nurse’s station. “Jaymie! Hello!!! Your up. Put down that trashy novel and go help the patient in room 6-9. I know.. I hate the over night shift too. It’s so boring.” Said a small Asian nurse. Nurse Jaymie put down her trashy novel….”Buck’s Bed Time Stories…Hot Island Sex…” Her nipples were rock hard. Her pussy was soaking wet. She checked her cobalt blue scrubs in the mirror. She then smiled.

Jaymie turned the corner from the nurse’s station. She looked over her shoulder. The Asian Nurse was now reading her book. She saw Buck Kelly face on the back cover. She could only dream. She then walked to room 6-9. She slowly opened the door. She looked inside. Her patient right ankle was wrapped. He had a dark tan. “Hi! I was wondering if you could turn the channel. My remote fell on the floor.” He said.

Nurse Jaymie walked into the room. She pulled the curtain behind her. She reached up to turn the channel on the TV. “Maybe you could just turn it off? I rather watch you…” he said. Nurse Jamyie hit the off switch. She then looked at her male patient more carefully. She tilted her head to the side. She then picked up his chart. “Smash!” she dropped his metal chart on the ground. “Are you??? Are you???” she stumbled with her words. He smiled.

An hour earlier, the male patient wheeled himself by the nurse’s station. He carefully placed his newest book on the back counter of the nurse’s station. He watched as Nurse Jaymie picked it up. He then wheeled himself into room 6-9.

I pulled my sheets back. My hard 9 ¾ inch cock stood straight up. Nurse Jaymie licked her lips. She recognized my face first, my hard cock second and my smile last. She quickly took off her cobalt blue scrubs. She was naked underneath. Her pussy was already dripping. She then placed her hot lips around the tip of my cock. She started to swirl her tongue down my long shaft. Her small hands found my naked balls. I stilled smelled of sea salt and sand. She looked into my eyes as she deep throated my cock. I placed my hand on the back of her blonde hair.

A few minutes later. Nurse Jaymie laid the hospital bed flat. She brought her legs over my face. Her sexy open toe white nurses heels were next to my head. Her amazing pussy was over my face. Her mouth was around my hard cock. She was sucking, jacking my cock in her mouth. I inserted two fingers and my tongue as far as they would go in her tight pussy. A minute later Nurse Jaymie squirted all over my face. I then felt her wet lips touch the base of my cock. She gagged and then spit me all the way out.

I slapped her round ass a few times, before she slid down my chest and over my stomach. She slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes. She tilted her back. I then saw the curtain to my room move. I slowly looked over to see the small Asian nurse. She had her right hand inside her dark green scrubs. She was fingering her small pussy as her friend bounced up and down on my cock.

“Ahhh!!!! Fuck!!!!” screamed Jaymie. She finally turned her head to see we had company. Her pussy was exploding on my cock. She was so warm. It was just a matter of seconds, before I grunted. I then exploded deep inside her. I gripped her hips and bounced her a few more minutes before my cock fell out of her tight pussy. Her friend left the room

Nurse Jaymie then swung her amazing body around. She put her knees on my forearms. I was going nowhere now. She looked down at my blue eyes. “Is that really you on the back cover of that book? Did you really write that?” she said. I looked into her eyes. “Yes! I was here 6 months ago. You saved my life.” I said. She looked between her legs. My semi hard cock was growing. She smiled…........


“Bam! Bam! Kabowwww… Zing!!!” I felt the last bullet zip over my head. I opened my eyes. I looked over at Nurse Jaymie. She smiled. We both got off the warm sand. I grabbed our gear. She grabbed her pink bag. We both started to run down the beach. I turned my head. I heard a jeep break out of the jungle. It landed on the beach. There were two guys in the front seats. Another in the gun turret. He was firing a big high powered gun at us. I then reached down to hold Jaymie hand.

We ran about the length of a football field. We then turned to run down a wooden dock. It was broken and full of holes. We jumped to the last wooden beam before we leaped into a small sail boat. I reached into my back pocket. I shot off the two ropes tying the sail boat to the wooden dock. Jaymie was steering the boat as I started the main engines. I looked down at my ankle.  I had been shot.  It was beginning to bleed.  A few minutes later. I lifted up the tall white sails. We looked back at the beach. The gunman were shaking there fist’s at us. “Next stop….Florida…” I said. I then felt Jaymie hand on the back of my ass.  I looked down at her pink bag.  It was wide open.  There must have been 10 different adult toys in the bag.  "I never leave home with out them." she whispered in my ear.