Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shoot it on her Prego Tummy - An Adult Story

I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks.  I was done unpacking and getting settled in.  The last box I opened was my BBQ grill.  It was small but did the job.  I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer.  I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door.  I then tossed the steak on the grill.  I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake potato.  I tossed them on the hot side of the grill.

I was sipping my beer, minding my own business.  I could see the smoke coming from under the hood of the grill.  My apartment building runs up next to some houses.  There was a long 8ft fence that ran down the left side of my apartment.  It was directly behind me as I kept drinking my beer.  I was wearing a black shirt and some tan cargo shorts.  I was barefoot in the just cut green grass.

“Hello!  Neighbor!!”  I heard a male voice.  I barely turned my head to see a gate open into my back yard.  I guess my neighbors had access into my yard.  I did not even notice the gate when I first walked outside.  I shrugged my shoulders and turned my body to face my neighbor.  He was about 5ft 4 and in his mid fifties.  He was wearing a tight white wife beater top, that hung over his beer gut.  He had a beer in one hand and was pulling up his loose bathing shorts.  I waved to him as he got closer.

“Doug Swartz!  Nice to meet you young man.  You must be the new renter?” He said.  I smiled.  “Nice to meet you.  Buck Kelly!” I said.  “Tammy!!! Move you big ass over here.” He yelled.  I turned my head toward the open gate.  “I’m coming Dougie.” Said a female voice.  “My lovely wife.” Said Doug.  My mouth fell open.  In came Doug’s wife.  She was about 5ft 6 with long curvy legs.  She was barefoot and very pregnant.  She was wearing a tight pair of denim shorts, that were unbuttoned and pulled down in front.  Her pregnant belly fell over the front of her shorts.  Just a little over the front.  My eyes then were fixed on her huge chest.  She was wearing a tight black polo shirt that left nothing to the imagination.

She had a sexy smile as she stood next to her husband.  She was about half his age.  “Hi sweetie.” She said.  I smiled.  “Hello….Buck Kelly.  Nice to meet you.” I said.  I always had a thing for pregnant women.  I would always secretly look at them when ever I got a chance.  I even jerked off to many pregnant adult movies growing up.  I had never seen such a perfect pregnant MILF, especially one this close.  My mind was racing with things I wanted to do with her.

We sat in my back yard and talked for more than 2 hrs.  I lost track of time with my food.  I ate my crusty steak after they left.  The potato and corn was good however.  Doug and Tammy were expecting there first kid.  That had been married for about two years.  They moved in next door about two year ago and were good friends with the guy who used to live here.  I told them I love to hang out with them more.  They both smiled as they walked back to there house.  I quickly ran into my house and pull out my cock.  I was cumming in my hand in no time thinking about the pregnant MILF next door.

I worked from home on my computer.  I left my sliding glass door open and my windows in my bedroom.  Most days I would hear Tammy in the back yard.  Sometimes gardening, sunbathing or swimming in her above ground pool.  She was always wearing hot outfits that showed off her huge curves.  I would always figure out a way to say hi and talk to her.  She was always very nice.  Doug worked 4 ten hour days and had 3 days off.  He worked at a local cement company driving a truck.  He stopped over most days and we drink a few beers.  We talk about sports or girls he had seen at work.  Sometimes he tell me how lucky he was to be married to Tammy.  He was cool guy.

I saw Tammy every day, and then did not see Doug for about two week.  I was sitting in my lawn chair out back.  I could hear Doug in his back yard.  “Alright!  Damn woman.  I’ll go ask him.  Stop your bitching.” Said Doug.  I looked up as he walked into my back yard.  He had a beer in his left hand.  He walked over and stood to my left

“Hey Buck. How you doing?” he said.  “Good!  How about you?”  I said.  “I got this problem.  I need to go out of town for two weeks, for work.  Tammy about 4 months pregnant…” he paused.  “You need me to look in on her.  No problem.” I said.  “Well kind of.  I thinks its great that your nice young man.  Tammy thinks the world of you.  You’ve been nothing but kind to her and a great drinking buddy.  But I have a weird question to ask you.” He said.  

“Fire away.” I said.  I took quick sip of my beer.  He looked down to the ground. “Fuck!  I better just blurt it out.  Every night for the pass month, before and after work.  Tammy needs something from me.” He said.  “Go on!” I said.  “She read in this magazine that cum is great moisturizer.  So we have been having sex sometime twice a day.  I pull out and shoot all over the belly.  She then rubs it all over skin.” He said.  I smiled.  “Sounds like you’re a lucky man.  How can I help?” I said.  

“Tammy is upset, that I’m leaving.  She wants me to find her a replacement.  She is afraid of the stretch marks of being pregnant.  She does not want them showing after the baby.  I cannot get out of going for two weeks.  I’ve tried.” He said.  My heart was pounding.  My mind was racing again.  I tried to act cool.  “Say what!!” I said.  “I know it sounds weird.  I already asked my brother who says I’m crazy.  You just have to be the man to help us.  I’ll even pay you.  $50 dollars a pop” He sheepishly said.  

“Ok!  But what do I have to do?” I said.  “Just come over next Monday.  Tammy will be expecting you.  I will talk to her.  Just promise me that you will take this seriously and not forget.  There are a few ground rules.  You must stroke your own cock and shoot it on Tammy’s big belly.  You can’t touch her.  You may not fuck her or cum anywhere else on her.  Can you do this for my family?” he said.  I smiled.  “No problem.” I said.

Monday could not come quicker.  I took a few cold showers to stop myself from jerking off to thoughts of Tammy’s pregnant body.  I waited to hear Doug go to work.  I then took a quick shower, tossed on a black wife beater and some white cargo shorts.  I walked barefoot around front to my neighbors front door.  I don’t think since I moved in that I ever walked around to there front door.  It was always out back.

I slowly knocked on the door.  My hands were sweaty.  My cock was half hard.  A minute passed before my neighbors door opened.  “Hi Buck!” said Tammy.  “Hey Tammy!  How are you?” I said.  She smiled.  “Quick come in…..I almost forgot about today.  Doug just went to work.  We figured you might forget.” She said.  I smiled.  “Doug did ask me to take this seriously.  Are you ok with it?” I said.  “Yes!  I don’t want to get stretch marks.  Plus my breast are about to explode.  I’m so horny this morning.  Doug slept in the other room last night and hurried out the door this morning.  He wanted to be fresh when he got on the plane.” Said Tammy.

I followed my pregnant neighbor inside her house.  She was wearing a tight pink dress, that hugged her curvy body..  I walked behind her, as we entered her living room.  There was a small cam cord er on a tripod in the middle of the living room.  “Doug thought it might be good if we taped our encounters.  He wanted to make sure we followed his rules.” She said.  “Sounds fair.  I’ve never been on film.” I said.  Tammy had a big smile on her face.  “I’m going upstairs to change and take a quick shower.  Make yourself at home.  I’ll be right back.

I folded my right leg over my left as I sat in the middle of my neighbors big tan couch.  I stared at the cam cord er as I waited for Tammy to come downstairs.  I heard the water in the shower, then a few door shutting upstairs.  About 30 minutes passed before I heard some wooden heels click on the wooden stairs leading down into the living room.  

I licked my lips when I saw Tammy.  She has teased her big blonde hair to the ceiling.  She was wearing big gold earrings on her little ear lopes.  She had bright red lipstick to match her freshly covered red nails and matching red toenails.  She had 3inch wooden open toe heels that showed off her sexy legs.  She parted her sexy thighs to show off a small landing strip.  Her small pussy mound looked so hot.  My mouth fell open when I saw she was not wearing anything at all.  She was totally nude.

“I hope you like?  I  wanted to make you feel more relaxed about the situation.” She giggled.  “Ummmmm Yeah!” was all I could say.  “I think the first time, should be about us.  I prefer not to use the camera until our next encounter, if that is ok?” she said.   I nodded my head “Yes..”

“We should switch seats.  Do you want to go in the bathroom and take off your clothes or just strip in here?” She said.  I bit my lower lip as I got up off the tan couch.  Tammy walked passed me.  She smelled great.  Her huge left breast rubbed against my side as I moved in front of her.  I heard the tan couch move as she sat her huge ass on the edge of the middle cushion.  She looked into my blue eyes.  I was standing two feet from her.

I pulled my black wife beater shirt over my head.  I then flexed my hard abs and shook my hips.  My cargo shorts were around my ankles.  I kicked them to the left.  I was standing in just my brand new white boxer briefs.  I could see Tammy’s eye get bigger.  She was staring at my half erect cock.  Just a thin layer of white cotton stood between my cock and the cool air of my neighbors living room.

Tammy slowly stood up in front of me.  She was only a few inches shorter than me.  I looked down.  She was running her small hands all over my hard chest.  I could feel her cold wedding ring on my right nipple.  She smiled.  “I love tall men.  Your so cute, with all these big muscles.  Doug is so small.” She whispered.  I then felt her left middle finger on the front of my package.  She was slowly tracing my now hard cock running down the inside of my thigh.  Her sexy green eyes were staring at her finger on the thin cotton materiel of my boxer briefs.

I reached down with my right hand on her upper back.  I quickly moved my hand to her big ass.  I moved my hips and chest forward causing Tammy to fall back on the couch.  I was already on my knees in front of her.  I dropped my mouth on her big cunt lips that were exposed to the cool air in her living room.  She tried to look down to see what I was doing to her pussy.  Her huge breast blocked her view.  I took a big whiff of her exposed pussy.  She was so wet and tasty.

I used my free hand to pull down my tight underwear.  My cock sprang free.  I was so hard.  Tammy screamed as I slapped the top of huge pussy mound with my hard cock.  I reached up to spread her huge cleavage.  “OMG!  Your so much bigger than my husband.  It’s so round and thick.” She moaned.  I was using my big cock head to rub the top of her naked cunt.  Her pussy lips easily spread as I put an inch inside her before she almost exploded on the couch.  I dropped my mouth to suck her pussy as her whole body orgasm. “Fuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk”

Her second orgasm was just as intense.  I replaced my mouth with my 9 ¾ inch cock inside her wet pussy.  I reached up with both hands to grip her big tits as I fucked her.  She was moaning so loud.  I was ramming my cock, harder and harder in her tight pussy.  I was close to cumming in 20 minutes.  Tammy started to beg me to shoot a big load in her pussy.  I smiled.  I then pulled out the way out of her pussy.  I quickly stood up and aimed my swollen cock at her prego belly.  “Buck!  Buck! Buck!” she screamed.  I was shooting one thick rope after another of sperm on her belly.  I lost count of my seed exploding from the tip of my cock.
Tammy spent the next twenty minutes rubbing as much of my sticky goo as she could rub on her belly.  She used some to rub her huge breast.  I watched as she scooped up some to lick her fingers with.  “That would take Doug a month to produce that much Buck.  Your incredible.  I will be right back.  I need to use the bathroom.” Said Tammy.  

She walked passed me as I turned my head to look for the cam cord er.  I slowly walked toward it, my cock swinging back n forth in front of the lens.  I could see the red light was still flashing.  I leaned down to make sure I was still in focus for Doug.  I then walked over to the front of the leather couch.  It was covered in sweat, sperm, and prego juices.

Doug had asked me to tape everything.  He knew I could not resist his wife.  He wanted to watch everything I did to her.  He told me about a week after I moved in.  He saw me masturbating with my cell phone.  He had told Tammy to dress extra sexy and put on a show in there back yard.  He figured I would watch, he had no idea I would tape it.  He wanted his own tapes to watch on the road.  He was expecting to be out of town more and more.  He wanted his wife to be happy as much as himself.

I quickly grabbed the tripod and headed upstairs.  Tammy was naked on her knees.  She barely looked up from her bed.  She had two finger in her tight pussy.  She smiled as she saw what I had brought upstairs.  Her smile got bigger when she saw my cock was already rock hard again.  I quickly slid my cock between her huge breast.  I slowly fucked them as she tried to use her wet tongue on the tip of my cock.

I spent the next two week fucking Tammy in every hole, in every room of her house.  She was riding my cock in the living room when the front door opened.  I peeked around her huge breast.  My face was coated in wet milk, pussy juices and some dried sperm.  I heard a suit case fall on the carpet, followed by a pair a jeans, followed by a male moan.  Tammy turned her head to see her husband cum in his hand.  She orgasm loud and clamped down on my cock.  A second later I was squirting another huge load on her prego tummy.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cum drenched Mom in the middle - An Adult Story

I woke around 1pm.  It was the first day of my summer vacation.  My parents had left early in the morning.  They left some money on the kitchen table, the night before..  They were leaving for three weeks.  I could not get time off from my part time job.  I worked about 4hrs every Sunday at a gas station.  I told them I might pick up more hours now that school was done.  My parents were happy.  I only took the part time job, so I would not have to go to church with them on Sunday’s. 

They were kind of religious.  They forbid me to do just about everything.  They would be mad if they knew I lost my virginity last year to my Mom’s best friend or I was banging a few older ladies in the neighborhood.  I even drank when I could get my hands on some alcohol. 

I walked upstairs in my underwear to see if they left me a note on the fridge.  I just shook my head when I read the note.  My parents had met a couple at church.  The Whiteman’s family.  They had volunteered me to come over to there place tonight.  They had a son my age and he had very few friends.  They asked if I could come over to play video games with him.  My parents were more than to happy to say I would be delighted to come over.  While growing up, my parents loved to set me up on play dates.  It had been a few years since the last one.

I laid around the house till 6pm.  I took a quick shower and shaved a few small hairs on my body.  I looked in the mirror.  My athletic 6ft 4 frame was in pretty good shape.  I start training in a few weeks for football again.  I put on some tan cargo pants and a tight dark blue polo shirt.  I put one some tight white boxer briefs.  I slipped in some black sandals, as I reached down to pick up my gym bag.  My parents told the Whiteman’s I had no life and could stay over night and come home in the morning.  I just shook my head as I punched there address into my phone.

It took me about thirty minutes to get to the Whiteman.  I saw a few mini vans and cars lined up and down there street.  There were three cars in the drive way.  I pull down a few houses before getting out and walking back to there house.  It was a two story brick house, in a very nice neighborhood.  My hands were sweaty as I knocked on the door.  It took a few minutes before the door opened. 

“Hello young man.  You must be Buck Kelly.  I’m Mr. Whiteman.  Welcome!” he said.  Mr. Whiteman was about 5ft 5.  He had a little pot belly to go with the reseeding hair line.  I smiled as I walked inside his house.  “Tim!!!  Come down here..” he yelled.  I quickly looked around.  I could see people drifting in and out of rooms.  “Hey!” said a kid coming down the stairs.  He was about 5ft 2 and had short black hair.  He kind of looked like his Dad.  “Tim, this is Buck.  They boy we were telling you about.  Me and your Mother met his parents at church a few times.  I’m sure your parents are having fun on there vacation.”  Said Mr. Whiteman 

“I’ll leave you two alone.  Need to get back to our guests.  Thanks again for coming over.” Said Mr. Whiteman.  “Thanks!” was all I could say.  I defiantly did not want to be there after meeting Tim Whiteman, but I was already there.  I guess I could make the most of it.  “Nice house.  Our your parents throwing some kind of party?” I said.  “Yeah!  It’s my Mom’s birthday.  Kind of an adult party.  No kids allowed.  I got some video games upstairs in my room.  You like to come up stairs with me?” he said.  I just nodded my head yes, and followed Tim upstairs to his room.

His room was kind of small.  It had two small twin beds and a big TV on the wall.  He had about every video game known to man kind in his room.  I tossed my gym bag on the empty twin bed close to a big window.  He jumped in his bed and picked up his game controller and finished a level before I jumped in and we played for about an hour.  “Are you getting hungry?” said Tim.  “Yeah!  Could go for a bite.” I said.  “If were quick.  I’m sure we can score some food down stairs.” Said Tim.

I followed behind Tim as we walked down stairs.  My head was going in circles as I saw a few sexy ladies walk behind us.  All of them had short dresses or skirts on.  Almost all of the them were wearing hot pumps or heals.  They waved to Tim and smiled at me.  “Dude!  We should stay down here.  Fuck!  There some hot MILF’s in your house.” I said.  “There all married.  There husbands are out back with my Dad.” Said Tim.

I started to fix a plate of food when my mouth dropped opened.  “Hi sweetie.  How’s my little man.” Said a gorgeous woman in the door way, in front of us.  “Hi Mom.  Just getting some food.” Said Tim.  Fuck she was hot.  Tim’s Mom was all curves and a little waist.  She had long dark hair down her to her shoulders.  She was wearing a super tight white sweater.  That barely covered her huge breast  I could just make out her hard nipples and soft pale skin under her huge juggs. Her small hands sat on her wide hips.  Just above the curviest ass I had ever seen..  She was wearing 6inch high heals and had her nails painted dark red to match her fiery red lips.  Mr. Whiteman was a lucky man.  If I was her son, I spend the day figuring out how to spy on her voluptuous body.

“You must be Buck?  Nice to meet you.  I hope you and Tim are having fun upstairs.  I know how much he loves video games.” Said Mrs. Whiteman. “Yes.. We are having fun.  Happy Birthday!  Than you for inviting me Mrs. Whiteman. “I said. She smiled “Thank  you for the birthday wishes.  Call me Rebecca.  Mrs. Whiteman sounds old fashion.  It was nice to meet you.  You boys have fun.  Catch you later.” She said as she strutted outside toward to party.  

When Tim was fixing his plate of food.  I took a few cold beers at the end of the food table.  I placed them in my front pockets and started to walk into his living room.  My head turned when I heard another lady stop Tim.  “Hey nephew.  How’s it hanging.?” She said.  “Hey auntie Tia.  I’m good.” Said Tim.  “Who’s this big young man?” said Auntie Tia as she pointed toward me.  “That’s Buck.  My new friend.” Said Tim.  I smiled.  Fuck his Aunt was hot.  She was defiantly all slutted up for the night.  She had some massive black heels on.  She was wearing a small yellow cocktail dress that showed off her massive curves.  She was not as big as Tim’s Mom in the boobs department but her chest was not small.  She was maybe a cup size smaller and her ass was maybe just bigger than her sister.  Her dirty blonde hair was long.  Her makeup made her look like a whore working a corner for sex. 

I just shook my head as we met more people.  Nobody compared to Tim’s Aunt or his Mom but there were some hot MILF’s introducing themselves to me.  There was a hot Asian chick with a smoking hot little body and a tall woman with the perfect long legs.  I kind of towered over all of them.  We finally made it to Tim’s room.  I showed him the beers I snuck up.  He smiled as we drank them and ate the food.

I took a look out the back window when I heard some cheering downstairs.  I could see Tim’s Mom blowing out some candles on a big cake.  I finally saw all the husband’s gathered around the birthday girl.  All of them gave her hugs and a few gave her a kiss on her lips.  I could feel my cock getting bigger in my pants.  I saw Tim’s Aunt start dirty dancing with a few husbands.  Then Tim’s Mom started to do some dirty dancing.  Everyone was grinding on everyone.  Mr. Whiteman was dancing with the Asian hottie.  Her tight black leather dress left nothing to the imagination.  I then heard Tim turn off his game. 

“Buck!  It’s eleven.  We have to go to bed know.  I’m not allowed to stay up after eleven.  I don’t want to get into trouble.” Said Tim.  “What?  I don’t think your going to get into trouble tonight.  Looks like your parents are having fun in the back yard.  We should go down there.” I said.  He looked around.  “No!  My parents set a strict curfew for us tonight.  Not to stay up after eleven and that we were suppose to stay in my room till morning.” Said Tim.  “Man!!  There so many hot MILF’s down there.  Ever get lucky with any of them?” I said.  Tim just shook his head no.  “I would be so embarrassed.  There my parents friends.” Said Tim.

“Not even one of them.  I can’t believe it.  I’m sure your Aunt would give you a hand.” I said as I moved my hand in the air simulating a hand job to Tim.  He closed his eyes.  “No!  I’ve never thought of my Aunt in that way.  I start summer camp in two weeks.  I hate to get into trouble and not go.” Said Tim.  “It’s cool.  I can hear them coming inside the house.  I bet the party is over.” I said.  I then heard some car door slam outside. 

I quickly put on some white shorts over my bulging white boxer briefs.  I put on a loose fitting white wife beater shirt.  Tim had gone down the hall to change.  He came back a few minutes later dressed in over sized sweat pants and a baggy black shirt. We both hopped on our separate beds.  He turned off the lights.  It was pretty much pitch black in the room.  I could see Tim moving his hand under his sheets.  Maybe he was thinking of his Aunt in that way now.  My heart was racing.  My cock was making my boxer briefs tighter.

Tim had given up playing with himself or he came in his hand quickly.  I was still looking up at the ceiling thinking of his Aunt and Mom……  A half hour passed before I heard it  … “8……9……10….11….12…. GO GO GO …..13…..Wow!” said all these voices downstairs.  There was a long pause a few minutes passed before “14…..15…….16…..17.. Go Go Go Fuck yeah…. There was more cheering and hollering downstairs.

“Tim was going on downstairs?” I said.  “What?  What are you talking about?” said Tim in a low whisper.  “18…….19……20....” more cheering from downstairs.  ‘That noise.” I said.  “I don’t know…” said Tim.  “It sounds fun what ever there doing.  We should go downstairs.” I said.  “No we can’t.  Were not allowed to go downstairs.” Said Tim.

I never heard the door open but I recognized the voice.  It was Tim Aunt.  “Wake up!  Wake up boys.  Time to get up.  The birthday girl needs your help.  Move it! Move your little asses.”  I almost fell out of the twin bed.  Tim turned on the lights to his room.  I looked in the doorway.  Tim’s Aunt was only wearing a small black thong.  Her huge breast were all exposed, her big nipples were fully erect.  She walked over the Tim bed and ripped off his covers.  His underwear was around his ankles.  His small cock was all shriveled up.  “Let’s move it little Timmy.  Buck you too.  Don’t want the birthday girl to be mad at us.” Said Tim’s Aunt. 

I quickly got out of bed.  Tim’s Aunt had his right hand and was dragging him down the hallway.  He was only wearing his baggy black shirt.  His lower half was naked.  I was still in my white wife beater and small white shorts, and tight boxer briefs underneath.  What was going on downstairs?  Why was Tim’s Aunt almost naked?  My mouth dropped farther open as we made it into the living room.     

Someone had pushed all the furniture around making the room much bigger.  In the middle of the room, was Tim’s Mom.  She was kneeling on a clear plastic sheet.  It stretched from one side of the room to other.  She was completely naked, except for her white high heels on her feet.  She had her hair tied back, held with a rubber band.  Her huge breasted were glistening from sweat, cum and salvia.  Surrounding her from left to right, forming a circle were the married couples from the party.  Each husband would walk in front of Tim’s mother and orgasm on her.  Then there wife’s would make them hard again.  Each would use there mouth, hand of breast to get them hard.  All the wife’s were still wearing there thongs or underwear except for Tim’s Mom was fully naked.

Some of the women moved to get there hands on someone else’s husband.  But each time the man was close to Cumming.  He would shoot his load on the birthday girl.  Tim’s mother eyes got big as she saw us coming closer to the circle jerk/orgy.  “That’s my boy…” said Mr. Whiteman.  He saw his son’s little cock was hard.  He was just smaller than Mr. Whiteman.  Both had to be under 3 inches.  I looked around each guy was in a different sates of arousal.  I quickly noticed maybe the biggest cock was about 6 ½ inches.  The tall blonde lady was gagging on his cock.

Tim’s Aunt ripped off his baggy shirt.  She tossed in to another room as she dragged him toward his naked Mom.  She smiled as he walked in front of her.  “Its Ok, sweetie.  I only do this on special occasions.  Ever since you Mom and Dad got married.”  She said.  Tim’s Aunt reached down to jack his small cock.  Her whore makeup was running a little on her face as she got a good grip on his small hairy balls.  It took him 5 quick strokes before he tensed up and shot a small load on his Mom’s chin.  She ran her long red nail, pushing the small load onto the clear plastic underneath her knees. 

“21!!!” everyone screamed.  “Alright who’s next.” Said Mr. Whiteman in loud happy voice.  “Buck!!!  You next sweetie.” Said Mrs. Whiteman.  I smiled.  I felt the small Asian woman next to me struggle to lift my white wife beater over my head.  She stood on the edge of her black leather 6inch heels.  Her small naked breast rubbed my tight abs.  She then tried to pull down my white shorts.  She barely got them off , when I felt another pair of hands on my boxer briefs.  An older lady with saggy boobs and a huge fat ass helped the Asian lady remove my final layer of clothing.  

There was hush in the room.  I heard the tall blonde woman spit out her husband cock.  All eyes were now on my hard cock.  All 9 ¾ inches was sticking straight out toward the birthday girl.  The older lady fell back on her huge ass.  The small Asian lady tried to wrap her fingers around my hard cock.  She had to use both hands to get a grip.  Tim’s Aunt groaned very loud in the room.  “Fuck!  Look at the size of that cock.  A big whopper of one.” Said Mr. Whiteman.  I saw Tim staring at my erect cock.  His Aunt licked her lips.  “He shaved his big balls.  Look at the size of them.” said the tall blonde.

I slowly walked toward Tim’s Mom.  Her eyes never left my erect cock as I got closer.  I saw Tim’s Aunt standing right behind her.  She smiled as she watched her sister try to jack my cock.  Mrs. Whiteman grabbed the base of cock and started to jack my cock in long strokes.  I reached down to grab the back of her head.  I felt her hot mouth as her fiery red lips slowly moved around the tip of my cock.  “Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” everyone cheered.  I inched closer with my hips.  My hard naked ass clinched a few times as Tim’s Mom gave me a nice blow job.  I leaned over to look down Mrs. Whiteman bare back at her huge ass.  Tim’s Aunt grabbed my head to show me she had taken off her black thong.  A second later she grabbed her nephew.  Tim face was now jammed in his Aunt big naked ass.

I don’t think Tim knew what he was doing.  He was being suffocated by his aunt.  He was trying to use his small hands to open her big ass, but it was no use.  Tim’s aunt was breathing heavy.  I could feel her eyes on my cock as her sister sucked my cock like a pro.  I slowly inched forward feeding more of my cock into Mrs. Whiteman’s hungry mouth.  She was making a lot of noise.  Salvia was falling off my hard cock onto her big chest.  I could feel her small hands on my hard ass.  She was manhandling my small ass as I fucked her beautiful hot mouth.

It felt like forever but it was probably twenty minutes .  I could feel all eyes on my cock inside the birthday girls mouth.  I had a big smile as I arched my back one last time.  I then reached to grab my cock.  I quickly pulled my cock out of Mrs. Whiteman mouth.  There was a big trail of salivia from the tip of my cock, to her red lips and falling on her huge breast.  I stroked my cock one time before I shot the biggest load of cum, I had ever shot before.  “Fuck!!!” I screamed.  The first load splattered across her left breast.  It now covered her right breast.  I shot some more on her face, chin and she closed her eyes before I coated them.

“Fuck…Get my wife a towel.  Tia go in the bathroom and get your sister a towel.” Said Mr. Whiteman.  My cock spurted one last time, as I slowly moved back from the now cum drenched Mrs. Whiteman.  I watched as Tia cleaned off her sister’s eyes and face.  Each sister took a big scoop of my cum and licked there tiny fingers.  Tim was still on the floor.  His mouth was opened.  He mumbled something.  “Twenty fucking two!!!!” everyone shouted.  “That was so hot….My turn!!” a few people said. 

I then watched two husbands come over in front of Mrs. Whiteman.  They started to smash there hard cock on the birthday girls face.  She was licking there cocks.  A second later.  “23!...24!!! followed by “25 and then 26.  Tia reached down to wipe more cum off her sisters face.  I turned my head when I felt the Asian lady hot mouth on my cock.  She was licking my cock clean.  I then focused on Tim’s aunt.  She dropped the cum soaked towel on Mrs. Whiteman’s foot as she walked around the group in the living room.

Tim finally got off the floor, he was watching his Dad try to cum on his mother.  She was stroking his cock very fast.  Tim walked next to his Dad.  They both put there hands on each other bare ass.  His Mother was now sucking his small cock and jacking his Dad’s small cock.  I turned my head when I felt the Asian woman stop sucking my now hard cock.  She crawled toward her husband who had just shot his small load on the cum drenched Mom in the middle. 

“I want your young hard cock.” Said Tim’s aunt into my right ear.  She reached down to stroke my hard cock.  Her huge breast rubbed against my side.  I reached down with my right hand to tough her big ass.  It was so soft.  She motion for me to sit on the ground.  She then stepped over me and pushed her ass in my face.  I used my big hands to spread her ass cheeks.  I then quickly found her wet pussy.  I was eating her pussy fast.  Her big breast fell around my cock as she started to lick the tip of my cock.  I gave her a big slap on the left butt cheek.  She then orgasm into my mouth.

“Arrrgggggghhhhhh…..Fuck!!!”  The room went silent.  I could tell everyone eyes were back on me.  I felt Tim’s aunt hesitate.  “What???  You never seen a girl orgasm before.” Said Tim’s aunt.  She went right back to sucking my cock.  I eased one finger, then two into her gapping wet pussy.  She finally fell forward right onto my cock.  I grunted as she tried to force more of my cock inside her.  I reached around to play with her big breast as she rode my hard cock. 

“27…28…” the room erupted again.  I barely heard any noise over Tim’s aunt screams of joy.  After her second orgasm from my cock she let the tall blonde lady on my cock.  She was followed by the tight Asian lady.  She then fell off to let the saggy breast lady take a turn.  Now all the wives lined up to ride on my cock. 

I could see most of the husbands watch there wives ride my hard cock.  Each orgasm louder than the last wife.  They let me get up to cum on the birthday girl.  I shot two more big loads on her face and huge breast.  I saw Tim leave after him and his Dad came on his Mom.  He slowly went upstairs.  It was close to 3am when the party ended.  I was not sure what to do or say.  I quietly walked upstairs.  I watched everyone clean up the Tim’s Mom before the party finally ended.

I gently opened Tim’s bedroom door.  He was laying under his sheets.  The light from the hallway showed me a small tent under the cotton sheets.  I flopped on top of my sheets.  My wet cock was half erect and stuck to the inside of my thigh.  I closed my eyes.

I could hear some voices and small talk in the hallway.  I forgot to shut Tim’s door.  “You beat my record.  Forty!!  I can’t believe you got to 42 before the party ended.  Did you like your birthday party?” said Tim’s aunt.  “Fuck yeah she liked.” Said Tim’s Dad.  “That was so fun.  I’ve never been covered by so much man seed in all my life.  That Buck was the best.  His cock just exploded each time.  The first time, I thought I might drown.” Said Tim’s Mom. 

There was a long pause.  I could tell all of them where in the door frame.  “Where’s Larry? Said Tim’s Mom.  “He got a ride from the Barrett’s.  He has to work in a few hours.  He did tell me to stay and have some more fun.” Said Tim’s Aunt.   “Maybe we should all take a long shower together before call it a night.” Said Tim’s Mom.  The all giggled as I heard them walk into the bathroom upstairs. 

I felt the steam come down the hall from there shower.  I knew they left the door open on purpose.  I saw Tim roll over in his bed.  His eyes were wide open.  We both turned when we heard six wet footsteps coming down the hall toward us. 

“Happy Birthday!” Said Tim’s Dad.  He patted his wife on her big ass.  She  slowly moved toward my bed.  I saw Tim’s aunt slowly block the hallway light as she walked toward Tim’s bed.  She ripped of his sheet and jumped on his face with her big ass again.  He wiggled underneath her body as she slapped his lifeless little cock.  It would never get hard for the next hour.

“Hi Buck!  Hope you still have a little left for little old me.” Said Tim’s Mom.  I smiled as she crawled into my bed.  She shoved her left breast into my mouth as she laid next me on her side.  She used her left hand to gently stroke my cock.  I was already hard and had a little pre-cum on the tip.  She moaned into my ear as I sucked on her huge nipple.  She swung her leg over my thigh.  I could feel the heat of her wet pussy on my skin.

She put her hands on my shoulders as I laid flat on the bed.  She then lowered her tight pussy on my hard cock.  I reached up to manhandled her big breast.  I was licking them and beating her big nipples with my tongue.  She was riding my cock very fast and hard.  Her whole body shook as she orgasm on my cock.  I heard her sister moan.  She was looking at both of us, about 4feet away.  Tim was still gasping from air underneath his Aunt.

I then quickly rolled Tim’s Mom over.  She spread her legs as I fucked her with all my might.  My huge naked balls slapped under her wet pussy.  She screamed into the air.  Her ankles were around the back of my neck.  I finally pushed all my cock into her tight pussy.  She had another very intense orgasm before I shot a huge load into her dripping wet pussy. 

I orgasm twice more in different positions in the bed using Tim’s Mother for my enjoyment.  It was after noon when I woke up.  I felt two huge breast on either side of me.  I was being sandwiched by two hot and horny sisters.  Tim had left a few hours earlier.  His aunt had peed in his bed from being so wet and exhausted.  She made him lick her clean before she jumped into my bed.  She then slid my hard cock into her tight ass.  I grabbed her breast and erupted deep in her anal cavity before we fell asleep.

I spent the whole weekend fucking Tim’s hot Mom and Aunt in every hole, and every part of the house.  Mr. Whiteman filmed most of the action.  He wanted to have something to jack off to when not watching his wife fuck me.  Plus he enjoyed watching poor Tim get FEMDOM by his over sexed Aunt. 

My parents get back next week.  I’ve spent the whole time at the Whiteman’s house, while they have been away.  I’m getting dressed to go downstairs.  Seems today is Aunt Tia birthday.  She wants to beat her sisters record.  There a group of married people waiting for me.  There three new couples who heard about the last party.  There wives want to ride my cock.  


Monday, April 21, 2014

About a Week ago - An Adult Story

I was getting out of my SUV.  I motion for my friend to get out of the passenger seat.  Ace worked at a tattoo shop in town.  I sold him a computer last year.  He owed me a favor.  "Buck... Is this the place?  Should I get my needle and ink?" said Ace.  "Yes!  She's right inside. She can't wait." I said.  He smiled.  "She really wants your initials on her breast and ass??... Wow!  That's my kind of woman." said Ace.  I smiled.  'Yeah!  I'll show you were to put "BK" on her.  Thanks once again." I said.  I knocked on the big red front door.  "Knock! Knock!"

Before I get ahead of myself....
It all started about a week ago...
I just parked my SUV in the back lot.  I got out.  I started walking toward the hotel bar.  I was out near the airport.  I just got off working a long day.  I was tired, but need a drink before going home.  Thursday is lady night at this bar.  There usually a good crowd after 9pm.  I was wearing some simple tan cargo pants.  A long white button down shirt.  I pulled up the long sleeves.  I changed shoes after work.  Now I just had some white canvas tennis shoes.  I was not wearing under wear or socks.  I left them in my office. 
I checked my watch as I walked into the small bar.  The place was half full.  I took a seat at the end of the bar.  I ordered a beer.  I then looked around.  I saw a few girls walking around the bar.  There were a few people playing pool.  Some were watching a game on TV.  A few people were on the dance floor.  The music was not very loud.  I could hear people talking as I sipped my beer.  I then took another sip.  My eyes got big.  My mouth dropped open.  My cock started to move in my pants. 
A large guy had moved at the end of the bar.  I then noticed a very attractive woman standing there.  She was talking to a small guy to her left.  He was looking up at her.  She was maybe 5ft 7.  She had long platinum blonde hair down passed her shoulders.  She was wearing big gold hoop earrings.  She had long red nails, to match her fiery red lips.  I moved on my bar stool.  My cock was getting harder as I looked her up and down.  She was wearing 4inch red pumps.  She was wearing a very sexy red dress.  It was 2 sizes to small on her bodacious body.  It hugged all her large curves.  Her ass was nice and round.  Her legs were long and sexy.  She then moved to her side.  I finally got to see her front.  The front of her dress was stretched over her huge breast.  I was not sure how she did not topple over from the weight of her massive breast. 

What was she doing at this tiny bar?  Was she staying at the hotel?  Who was the small guy she was talking to?  He looked ten years older than her.  She looked like she was in her mid thirties.  Was she married?  I had to find out.  I motion for the bartender to come down.  "Do you know who that woman is?" I said.  I held up a $20 in my hand.  "No!  She just got here about 30 minutes ago.  She's been talking to her husband.  The small guy over there.  They just came from there Daughters 21st birthday.  They left there son at home.  I think there just here for a drink.  She keeps asking her husband to dance with her.  But he doesn't want to dance.  He's been checking out this small skinny Asian guy in the corner since he sat down." he said.  I smiled.
"Thanks for the info.  Get her another drink.  On me.  Get him a drink too.  Oh!  He's drinking water.  Then just get her a drink.  Tell her it’s from me.  Keep the change." I said.  I handed the bartender a $100.  He walked down to hand her another glass of wine.  Her husband said something to the bartender.  He then followed the bartender hand.  He then pointed to me.  I moved my glass, to toast them.  His wife smiled.  She moved her glass of wine to her lips.  She took a small sip.  Her husband eyes got big.  Then he gave me a weird look.  I just smiled.  
A few minutes passed before her husband said something to her.  She then turned to walk toward me.  I watched as her amazing body shook underneath her tight red dress.  Her dress hugged her small hips, thick thighs, and showed off her amazing cleavage.  Every man, woman in the bar followed her as she moved closer toward me.  The bartender came down to get me another beer.  She now stood inches in front of me.  Her left hand on the bar.  She put her drink on the bar next to mine.  She put her right hand on her hip.
"My husband sent me to thank you for my drink.  You shouldn't have.." she said.  "My pleasure.  My name Buck.  What's yours?" I said.  She smiled.  "Mrs. Kayla Swanson...It's nice to meet you Buck.  Do you usually buy married women drinks?" she said.  I smiled.  "Only the cute ones." I said.  She blushed..  "Such a young gentleman.  How's your night going?" said Kayla.  "Better know..  How’s your night going?" I said.  She giggled.  "Good..  My husband and I just came from our daughters 21st birthday.  We drive by this place all the time.  I always wanted to come in here.  Plus I wanted to show off my new dress for the first time.  My daughter was teasing me.  She say's it's to small on me.  My son.  Just jumped off the couch when he saw me.  He ran to his room.  He's the baby.  24 and still living at home.  He looks just like his Dad.  How tall our you?" said Kayla.  I smiled.
"Between 6ft 3 and 6ft 4.  I think you look really good in that dress.  You smell great also.  Who does your daughter look like?" I said.  "Kind of a mini me.  She's has my husband height.  She only 4ft 7.  But she has my body and she stole my blonde hair.  Ha ha ha." she said.  My mind was racing.  I had to think quick before her husband came to take her home.  I paused.....  "Would you like to dance?" I said.  "I don't think my husband will allow it.  He has been fighting off a few men when we got here.  He say's I attract the wrong crowd.  He usually forbids me to leave the house.  But my daughter talked him into taking me out tonight." she said.
"What if I ask him??  He might say yes...Would that be ok?" I said.  Kayla smiled.  "You can try.  I'll stay here" she said.  I got off my bar stool.  I walked to the end of the bar.  I walked right up to Kayla husband.  I looked down.  He was barely 5ft.  Kind of  skinny.  Had a bad toupee, and bad dark mustage.  "I'm taking your wife out onto the dance floor.  I'll bring her back when I'm done." I said.  His eyes got big.  His mouth dropped open.  He did not say a word.  He just watched as I walked back to the end of the bar to get his wife.  I then held her hand.  As I walked her out to the dance floor.
She waved to her husband, before I put my hand on her lower back.
The first two songs were fast.  I spun her around and watched her whole body shake.  The whole time I kept thinking, what the hell was keeping this dress on.  She smiled as everyone in the bar watched her dance.  I could see a few guys were jealous.  Her husband was loosing his mind watching me, dancing with his wife.  The next two songs were slow songs.  She kept an inch between us.  But after a minute into the first song.  I had her pressed against me.  I could feel her huge breast.  Her thick thighs on mine.  Her huge ass felt great in my two big hands.  Her head rested against me chest.  I could feel her breathing heavier.  My cock was rock hard under my tan cargo pants.  I turned her around.  She grinded her big ass on the front of my pants.  I then danced one more slow dance before I walked her back to the bar. 
She finished her drink.  Her husband then walked toward us.  I stuck up my hand.  I pointed for him to go back to his spot.  I got his wife another glass of wine.  I finished my beer.  Than I had another.  "Our you ready to go?" I said.  She smiled.  "Sure.. Let's go." said Kayla.  I then grabbed her hand.  I walked her back toward her husband.  I was standing in front of  Kayla.  I was a few inches from her husband. I cleared my throat.  "Your wife is a really good dancer.  The bar closes soon.  I think we should go.  You can drive me to your house.  I'll call a cab from there.  Where do you live?"  I said.  "Westminster...North from here.." he said.  I smiled.  There house was near mine.  I live in Owings Mills.  A few minutes from Westminster.  "I don't think I should drink and drive.  Give me your keys.  Oh!  You need to go pay the bartender.  Before you leave.  Give him a good tip."  I said  I then reached down to grab the car keys from Kayla husband.  He just took them out of his jeans.  I looked up at me.  He then looked at his wife, as she walked passed him. I held the door open to the bar.  I looked back.  Kayla husband was paying the bartender.  I then put my hands on her lower back.  She giggled as we walked toward her car. 
I hit the buttons on her husbands keys.  I saw a big 70's style car honk in the parking lot.  We got closer.  It was a 1970 black Old's Cutlass.  It had huge bucket seats in the back.  It was like a small tank driving down the road.  I held the back door open as Kayla slid her big ass across the leather seats. I tossed the car keys on the dash, as I got in the back with Kayla.  I had my right arm wrapped around Kayla waist.  I had my right hand on the side of her ass.  I was squeezing it, as she put her hands on my right thigh.  I was looking into her eyes.  I then looked down the front of her dress.  Her nipples were getting hard.  I could see they were big and round.  I could only imagine the size, compared to her huge breast.  I licked my lips in anticipation.  I slowly ran my free hand down the front of her dress.  I touched her thick thigh.  She let out a small moan. 
A few minutes passed before I felt the driver side door open, then close.  Kayla husband looked in the rearview mirror.  He could see his wife looking into my eyes.  He could see I was running my hands all over her.  He then put the car in reverse.  I moved my attention back to Kayla.  She smiled as I gripped her big ass check.  "So how long have you had this dress?" I said.  "I got it from my sister last week.  She said it was to small on her.  But it might fit me.  She lives two house down from us.  Where do you live Buck?" said Kayla. 
"I live in Owings Mills.  Not to far from you.  You look good in red.  I think the dress is really sexy on you.  I also love those heels.  They match your smile.  Your a really good dancer.  I saw everyone watching you tonight." I said.  She blushed.  "No!  I think they were watching you.  Your really good." she said.  I smiled.  "Thank you." I said.  I gave her big ass another squeeze.  She moved her hand down the inside of my right thigh.  She was so close to my hard cock.  I kept thinking how far I could take this, before her husband pulled over and tossed me from the car.
"So your a good dancer.  Do you have any other secret talents?" I said.  "Mmm.. I don't know.  I like dancing.  I like to cook.  I like swimming.  We have our own pool.  How about you Buck?  Any secret talent." said Kayla.  I smiled.  "I've been told.  I'm a good kisser."  I said.  "Is that a talent?" said Kayla.  "I don't know.  Let's see." I mumbled as I leaned down to kiss Kayla on the lips.  I looked into her wide open eyes.  She mumbled something on my lips.  She then began to relax as we made out.  Her mouth opened.  She started to French kiss me.  I opened my mouth to lick her tongue.  I then focused my eyes on Kayla husband looking in the rearview mirror.  I thought he might crash the car.
I finally broke our kiss, after 5-6 minutes.  Kayla moved her index finger to her lip.  She wipes away some salvia.  She then smiled.  "I think you can add a good kisser to your list of secret talents.  That was very nice." I said.  Kayla turned her head to look at the back of her husbands head.  She then looked at me.  "I guess kissing is a talent.  Because that was very...very good." said Kayla.  I then looked her in the eyes.  She leaned up to kiss me.  We started to make out again in the back seat.  I could feel the car turn.  It felt like we were getting off the highway.  I started to move my right hand onto her left breast.  Kayla opened her eyes.  She moaned into my mouth.  I could feel her huge nipple on my palm.  Just the fabricate of her dress was keeping her nipple from me.
I moved my head in front of her.  I was blocking her face from her husband spying eyes in the front seat.  He started to speed up the car.  I could tell he was trying to get home quicker.  Maybe he thought I stop when we got to his house.  I gently moved my hands around Kayla body.  I unzipped the back of her dress.  I moved my  left hand onto her lower back.  I moved my right hand inside her dress.  I could feel a huge bra under her dress.  It had four big hooks in the back.  The fabric was rough and encased her two large breast.  I ran my fingers over her big nipples.  She moaned in my mouth again.  I then felt the car slow down.  I unlocked our kiss and turned my head.
I then felt the car go up a small driveway.  I looked out the front wind shield.  I could see a big two car garage.  "Park inside." I instructed Kayla husband.  He open the garage door with a remote.  He then parked the car next to a big white minivan.  I smiled.  "Leave the keys on the passenger seat.  Go to your bedroom.  Put new sheets on the bed.  Then run some hot water in your bath tub.  Get a change of clothes to wear tomorrow.  Then go lay on the couch, in your living room.  Go wait my next instructions.  Say good night to your wife.." I said.  "Night Kayla.." said her husband.
I watched as he left his car.  I turned my attention back to Kayla.  We have a few minutes before your husband completes his task.  Take off you clothes.  Do it slowly." I said.  Kayla started to slowly take off her dress.  She then unhinged her huge worn-out bra.  It looked like it was 20 years old.  It was ripped and changed color.  I grabbed her bra and tossed it on the rear view mirror.  I put her dress on the passenger seat covering her husbands keys.  Kayla then looked at me.  She was still wearing a huge pair of panties.  They were the same color and worn out condition as her bra.  "Take them off." I said.
Kayla slowly took off her huge grandma panties.  She dropped on the floor in the back seat.  She had a big hairy blonde bush.  It look like it never been kept up or shaved.  She tried to put her hands over her blonde bush.  I put my hand down to remove her small hands.  I then licked two fingers on each one of my hands.  I then started to twist her big fat nipples.  They felt like two big thumbs in between my fingers.  I started to grope, slap, pinch and man handle her breast.  Kayla was moaning louder in the back seat.
"Put your feet on the back seat.  Yeah!  Right on top.  Now spread your legs." I said.  Kayla put her red pumps on top of the front leather seats.  I started to move the palm of my left hand on her big bush.  I moved my right hand between her big valley of cleavage.  I slipped my middle finger inside her hairy bush.  She breathed in then moaned in the back seat.  I could smell how turned on she was becoming.  I smiled as I began to finger bang her hot pussy.  Her pussy muscles said no.  But my fingers said yes.  Her pussy was trying to push my greedy fingers from her pussy.  She then tensed up and bite her lower lip.  She screamed... Then orgasm for the first time on my finger.  I slipped in another finger.  I then leaned down to suck on her big nipples.  I was licking her big breast.  A minute later she orgasm again. I pulled my fingers from her hairs pussy.  I licked them, as she watched me. 
I grabbed her big panties.  I ran them over her wet hairy bush.  I then smelled how warm, wet and dirty they were now.  I smiled as I dropped them on the driver seat, in front of us.  I then motion for Kayla to exit the back seat.  I still had my clothes on.  Kayla was completely naked inside her garage.  "Let's go inside.  I need to see if your husband followed my instructions." I said.  "Can I have my red dress?  I need to put something on, before we go inside.  My son and daughter might see me." said Kayla.  I smiled.  "No!  After we take a long bath together, I'll pick something out for you to wear to bed.  Here let me get the door." I said.  I opened the garage door, leading inside the house. 
Kayla walked passed me into her big kitchen.  We walked down a small hallway.  I then followed her up a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor.  I stopped her halfway up the stairs to suck on her big breast.  I then spanked her big ass, a few times, before we walked to her master bedroom.  I slowly shut the door behind us.  Kayla husband had changed the sheets on there big king size bed.  We walked into the bathroom.  He had drawn a nice hot bath for us.  I smiled as I motion Kayla to start undressing me.  She pulled my shirt over my athletic body.  She then ran her hands down my chest, abs and grabbed my zipper on my pants.  She slowly pulled down my cargo pants. "Mmmmm..." was all she said.  My hard 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out my pants.  I kicked off my shoes.  I then pulled off my pants.  I climbed into her big bath tub.  I then grabbed her hand and pulled her bodacious body on mine.  She put her knees on the outside of my thighs.  Her breast hung in my face.  Her ass was facing the opposite direction.  The hot water rose over my body.  It covered my neck, down over my feet.  I moved Kayla hands over my shoulders.  I went back to sucking, fondling, licking and smacking her big breast.  Kayla moaned as I sucked on her big fat nipples.  I ran my left hand under the water to find her hairy pussy.  I used my right hand to grip her big ass.  She was making more moaning noises in her bath tub.
After about an hour of teasing her.  I ran a new bar soap over her body.  She then washed me.  She used her small hands to wash my big cock and naked balls.  I got out first and dried myself off.  I then dried her off, before we walked back into her bedroom.  I walked into her closet.  I pulled out a black fishnet top and some 4inch dark wooden heels.  I grabbed a pair of  black silk boxers.  I left the front unbutton.  My hard cock was sticking straight out.  I handed Kayla her black fishnet top.  "You want me to wear this?  It's completely see through.  I usually wear it over something. No panties, not even a thong??" said Kayla.  I just smiled. I stood there watching her put it on.  I was standing there in a pair of her husbands boxers.  My hard cock hanging out the front.  She was wearing only a black fish net top and a pair of 4inch wooden heels.  "You look perfect.  Now lets go down stairs and see your husband.  I need to make sure he is sleeping on your couch." I said.  Kayla giggled. 
She then held my hand as we walked down the hall.  We walked down the stairs.  My cock flopped back and forth out in the cool air in her house.  Kayla almost fell over twice.  Her big breast made her a little top heavy.  I rested my left hand on her big naked ass as we walked up on her husband. He was laying on there big couch in the living room.  He open his eyes when he heard his wife stop moving.  Her huge ass was still shaking from my hand.  "Kayla!!" was all he could say.  He moved his eyes from his half naked wife, to me.  His eyes got big as he saw me hard cock pointing at him.  I grabbed his wife hand and placed it on my cock.  She started to jack my cock slowly.  I shook my hips a few times, back and forth.  Her husband black boxers fell off my hips.  Kayla moved her hand.  I was now naked in front of her husband. 
I pointed to the ground.  Kayla quickly got on her knees.  She opened her mouth as I rammed my hard cock in her hot mouth. I reached down to twirl her platinum blonde hair in my hand.  I wanted her husband to get the whole view of his wife sucking my cock.  She gagged a few times as my naked balls hit her chin.  She got 3/4 of my cock down her throat.  I turned my head to see her husband.  His mouth was open.  He wanted to say stop.  But I looked between his legs.  The front of his pants were soaked.  He had cum without touching himself.  I smiled as I turned my attention back at his wife.  I pulled my cock out of her greedy mouth.  I started to wipe my wet cock all over her face.  I pushed her face under my cock.  She started to lick my big naked balls.  I placed her tongue under my balls.  She was close to licking my asshole.  I then felt her tongue inside my ass.  I smacked her face a few more time with my cock.
Next I turned to walk to the end of the couch.  There was a small end table with a big lamp.  I motion Kayla to sit on the end table.  Her husband head was inches from the end table.  He turned over to watch me slowly insert my hard cock into his wife tight pussy.  I pushed past her wet pussy hair.  Her two big cunt lips opened.  Her pussy muscles relaxed.  I started to slam my cock into her faster.  I looked down to see her husband following my cock in and out of his wife hot pussy.  I reached up to fondle her huge breast, inside her tight black fishnet top.  I smiled as she closed her eyes.  She then screamed as she orgasm on my cock.  She squirted out the side of my cock.  Her husband could smell how wet she had just become. 
I started to slap her big fishnet incased breast.  She was moaning loud as I fucked her faster. A few minutes passed before I plunged my cock all the way inside her.  I moaned as my cock began to explode deep inside her.  Some of my cum leaked out the side of my cock and out her wet pussy.  I wiped my cock clean with her hairy pussy.  I then looked down at Kayla husband.  His eyes never left my semi hard cock.  He could see his wife pussy juices and my cum on my cock.
"Let's go Kayla.  I have a big day plan for us.  Kayla's husband... Leave your wallet on the counter before you go to work.  You will work a long day.  Call before you come home.  If Kayla does what I tell her.  Maybe I will allow you to come home and watch your wife get fucked by a real man.  If she fails in her duties or you try and stop her.  Things could get bad.  Now lets go my new whore.  To my new bedroom.  Move that gorgeous ass.  I need to feel that all night long.  I'm getting hard again..." I said. I walked Kayla back to her bedroom.  I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.  She smiled as inserted my hard cock back in her tight pussy.  I spent the next few hours fucking Kayla in just about ever position in her bed.  I finally fell asleep when she went to clean her pussy out.  I heard her go downstairs to her husband.  He licked her pussy clean before she came back to bed with me.  Then she fell asleep next to me.
I was not sure what time it was.  The whole room was black.  Then Kayla rolled over and her huge breast fell off my face.  I smiled as I heard her get out of bed.  I open one eye to watch her big ass shake as she walked into her bathroom.  She started to take a shower.  I joined her a minute later.  I fucked her once in the shower. Then ate her hairy pussy on her bed.  The sheets were covered in cum and her pussy juices.  I had to get someone to change the sheets.  I smiled as I put on her husband robe.  It was very small and tight on my athletic frame.  I slipped my semi hard cock just inside the robe.  I then ordered Kayla to put on a big white robe.  I reached into her closet.  I pulled out some 6inch white heels to go with her robe. "Buck!!... My kids will be downstairs.  I can't wear this.  I don't want them to know what's going on.  I'm so embarrassed looking like this.  I never worn my bath robe this wide open.  Plus I've never walked around naked before in my own house. You tied a small knot around my waist.  I feel like my breast are going to fall out Buck.  You can see my pussy." said Kayla.  I smiled as I walked over to her.  I pulled the knot around her waist higher.  I closed the front of her robe a little more.  Her huge breast still showed all her massive cleavage, but her big hairy bush was covered.  "Walk me to your kitchen.  Pull out my chair at the table when we get there.  Do not acknowledge your husband.  Just start making me breakfast.  I like my eggs scrambled and my OJ cold." I said.
I slowly walked down the stairs behind Kayla.  I turned the corner to see her husband was not on the couch.  I then heard his voice in the kitchen.  A second later. We walked into the small kitchen.  Kayla son dropped his spoon on the kitchen table.  He looked just like his father.  I heard Kayla husband groan as he spotted me in his bath robe.  He turned his head to watch his wife pull out a chair, at the head of the table.  I then sat down.  Kayla walked over to make me some eggs.  "Who are you?  Why do you have my Dad's bathrobe on?" said Kayla Son.  "Don't you mind.  Keep eating you cereal.  Jimmy!" said Kayla.  I smiled.  I then watched Kayla husband reach into his front pocket.  He pulled out his wallet and left it on the kitchen counter next to his wife. He then looked at me before he opened his garage door.  It took him a few minutes to get his car started.  I was sure he was smelling his wife panties and dreaming of what we did in the back seat of his car.
Kayla reached down to pick up my empty plate.  She then took my empty glass.  “That was really good Kayla.  Thank you.” I said.  “Mom!  What’s going on?” said little Jimmy.  “Are you done eating?” said Kayla.  I then turned my head toward the garage.  I heard the garage door close.  So did Kayla and Jimmy.  “Where’s you sister?” said Kayla.  “She stayed at Allison house last night.” Said Jimmy. 
Kayla started doing the dishes and cleaning up.  I kept following her around the kitchen.  I watched her son follow his Mom half naked body also.  I smiled.  “Mom! Who is this guy?  Does Dad approve??” said Jimmy.  “Shhh!” said Kayla.  “Come over here.” I pointed toward Kayla.  She slowly walked over to my left side. 
I reached up to untie the small knot keeping her robe closed.  She tried to push my hands away.  “No!  Buck.. Not in front of my son.”  I smiled.  I gently opened her white robe.  Her huge breast fell out.  The side of her hairy pussy was in few.  I heard her son’s spoon drop on the floor.  His Mom was now fully exposed for him so see.  I slipped my hand under the back of her robe.  “That’s a good girl.  Turn to face your son..”  I then pulled her robe completely off.  She was now facing her son fully nude.  My left hand rested between her big ass crack.
“You don’t mind?  Do you Jimmy?  I think you secretly have been watching your Mom before.  I can tell by the way you look at her.  Her perfect huge breast, her firm ass and amazing figure.  If I were you, I would have done the same thing.  Your Mom is smoking hot.  To hot for your Dad.  Now I’m going to bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her.  You can sit and watch, if you want or go to your room.” I said.
I quickly took off my robe.  I easily pushed my hard cock into Kayla hot pussy.  I reached down to grab her hips and fuck her faster.  I looked over a Jimmy.  His left hand was moving under the kitchen table.  His Mom huge tits spilled out the sides on the hard oak table.  I slowly pulled my cock out.  I was dripping of Kayla’s pussy juices.  I then slammed it all the way back in.  A few minutes passed before I empty a huge load deep inside her.
The door knob slowly turned on the big red door.  "Ace.. Thanks for helping me tonight.  I know your going to have fun.  I met this new MILF last week.  She has been dyeing to get a tattoo of my initials on her ass and tits." I said.  "No problem Buck. Glad I could help.  Thanks for hooking me up with the computer and tickets to the Ravens games." he said. 
“Hi Honey!!” said Kayla.  The front door was wide open.  She was standing there in the doorway.  She was just wearing a matching black leather bra and thong.  She was wearing six inch black stiletto heels.  I smiled.  Ace almost passed out.  I gave her a long kiss on the mouth.  I then held her hand as we walked down the stairs to her basement.  Ace followed us.
Kayla had followed my instructions.  In one corner of the basement was a small massage table.  She was going to lay on it as Ace gave her the tattoos.  The opposite corner was a little bit different.  There were two wooden horses built.  On one horse was her husband.  The other was her son.  They were both naked and bound with leather straps.  They had a ball gag in there mouths.  A big black dildo’s in there exposed ass’s.  I got a real big surprise when I saw Kayla daughter standing next to them.  Connie was wearing the same outfit as her Mom, but with a huge purple strap on between her legs.  She smiled when she saw me.
She walked in on her Mom and I having sex the same day we let Jimmy watch us in the kitchen.  She was more than eager to have sex with everyone.  She was a bigger whore than her Mom.  She really loved to fuck her Dad and brother and watch me fuck her Mother. 
Ace started tattooing Kayla.  I quickly took off my clothes and walked over to Kayla daughter.  She gave me a long kiss.  I could hear both her Dad and brother struggle under the restrains.  They were gagging from the big red balls in there mouths.  My dick was hard.  Connie reached up and started stroking my cock.  She then fell on her knees to deep throat my cock in front of her Dad and brother.  I reached down to hold her platinum blonde hair.  Her mouth was so tight around my shaft as sucked my cock.  I was close to Cumming.  God she was good.  She quickly got on her feet.  She then stroked my cock faster with her small hands.  She pushed my hard cock inches from her Dad’s face.  His eyes got bigger as my cock exploded in his face and his son’s.  Connie then cleaned my cock.
I turned to walk back to Kayla and Ace.  My big cock bounced as I got closer.  Ace did a great job tattooing Kayla big ass and huge tits.  I gave Ace the thumb up as he walked passed me toward Connie and the cummed soaked males.  Kayla had taken off her clothes.  I picked her up off the massage table.  Connie was on her knees in front of Ace.  She was sucking his cock.  I carried Kayla up the wooden stairs to her first floor.  There was another Knock at her door.  I stopped to open the big red door.  We both watched as 12 large guys from a local semi pro team walked passed us toward the basement.  They were throwing a birthday party for there gay coach.  Kayla giggled in my ear as I closed the door behind them.