Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's a young guy to do? - An Adult Story

It was the first hot day in a very long time.  I had only been at my friend house for ten minutes.  Paul Thomas lived down the street from my house.  I was more than happy to come over, when he called earlier.  Paul was cool.  We had a few classes together in high school.  He was into video games and his computer.  I was into working out and being on the football team.  Before I forget, Paul had the hottest Mom around.  She was to die for.  I would do anything to come over and try to see her.

Missy Thomas was about 5ft 4.  She had a huge round ass the size of Kim K’s or on par with J’Lo.  She had long shapely legs.  The cutest feet I had ever seen.  But her greatest asset was on top.  She had the biggest set of breast, I’d ever seen.  They were monsters.  She caused traffic accident when she walked outside.  Ever man, woman and child would stare at her huge breast.  The first time I saw them.  I was hooked.  I had to see her all the time.  I was hoping someday to see them naked and in all there glory.

I was wearing a loose fitting white t-shirt and some baggy white and black camouflage shorts.  I left my underwear on my bed before I walked to the Thomas’s house.  It was close to 11am when I glanced at my watch.  I had just taken off my sandals when I heard a noise down the hall.  Paul’s house was small.  Just one floor.  His parents bedroom was down at the end of the hall.  Paul’s room was at the beginning of the hallway, just passed the kitchen.  Paul was sitting in his living room playing a game on the big screen tv.  He was wearing a head set and talking to players on the internet.

I started to walk toward him on the couch.  He smiled and waved hello.  “What’s up!” I said.  A second later I heard some foot steps coming down the hallway.  I could here some heels clicking on the wooden floor.  A second later I could smell a sweet perfume.  I turned my head to see Paul’s Mom coming into the living room.  I almost fainted.  She was wearing a small white outfit that barely covered her voluptuous body.  She had on super tight, cut off white shorts that were two sizes to small on her amazing ass.  She had on a white fishnet top that stretched over a bright yellow bikini that looked like it was going to explode off her chest at any minute.

She was wearing big gold hoop earrings that almost touched her shoulders.  Her sexy brunette hair was curled on the ends and stretched over her shoulders.  She was wearing white two inch wooden clogs.  I could tell she had just painted her finger and toenails white.  They were so damn hot on her.  She gave me a big smile as she saw me standing behind her son on the couch.  I looked down to see the front of my cargo shorts expand.  I inched closer to the couch to hide my erection.

“Hi Buck!  Nice to see you again.  How are you?” said Mrs. Thomas.  “Hey!  I’m good.  How about you?” I said.  She smiled.  “I was just trying to get this lazy bum to help me.  Mr. Thomas is sleeping in the back.  He’s back to working over nights again.  Paul just wants to sit on the couch all day and do nothing but play video games.  It’s amazing he even has a girlfriend.  Of course I’m still not convinced she is real.  The whole internet dating thing is beyond me.” She said.  I just smiled, trying to hide my hard cock behind the couch.

“I’ve seen pics of her.  She looks nice.” I said.  Paul finally paused his game.  “Mom!  What are you doing?  Tina is real.  I talk to her every day.  In fact, she is coming over today.  If you must know everything.  Hey Buck!  Glad you could come over.” Said Paul.  “I can’t wait to see her Paul.  I hope she is real.  I keep paying for all your cable, cell phone and internet use every month.  Are you going to help me or what young man?” she blurted out.  “I’m busy playing my game.  Maybe my friend can help you.” He said.

There was a long pause.  Mrs. Thomas looked at me.  “Buck!  What you be a doll and help me.  It’s so hot outside.  I don’t want to burn.  I need someone to put some sun screen on my back.  I want to get a tan this summer.  I want to look my best.” She said.  My mouth dropped open.  I had to play it coy and not be to obvious that I would do anything to see her covered in sunscreen.  “Hmmmm. Sure no problem.  Happy to help.  What ever I can do.” I said.  “Thank you.  Follow me.  Leave my son to play his stupid game.” She said.

Mrs. Thomas whole body shook as she walked toward the sliding glass door, near the kitchen.  I put my hand out to help her down two wooden steps into the back yard.  I looked back to see the back of the couch and Paul still playing his game.  Mrs. Thomas had a big chaise lounge chair in the middle of the grass.  There was a 6ft wooden fence surrounding the small back yard.  I looked down to see a trashy romance novel and a small white towel in the grass next to the lounge chair.

“Do you like my outfit?  How tall are you?” she said.  I smiled, shook my head yes and said “6ft 4”  I then watched her reach down to unbutton the small brass button on her white cut off shorts.  She then swayed her hips back n forth dropping her white shorts around her ankles.  She gently kicked them next to her towel.  She slowly pulled her white fish net top over her heard. 

She was standing facing me with this bright yellow two piece suit on.  The two yellow triangles on top barely contained her huge breast from spilling out.  The bottom of her suit sat high on her hips.  It was stretched over her huge ass.  There were two bows keeping her bottoms from falling off her hips.  She had her top pulled tight with one huge bow keeping it from falling off her body.  Fuck!  She was so hot.  I thought my cock might explode inside my cargo shorts.

“I think for my first time in the sun.  I don’t want any sun screen but maybe just some baby oil.  Gets my tan going faster?  I hope you Ok with that.  I’m going to lay on my front.  Maybe you can start at me feet and work your way up.  I got the big bottle.  So use enough to cover me.  I really do appreciate this.  My husband probably a sleep for a few hours more and you saw my lazy son on the couch.  Thanks honey.”  She said.

I grabbed the bay oil off the grass and got on my knees on the right side of Mrs.  Thomas.  I gently squeezed a small amount of baby oil on her back calves.  I then started to rub her left leg.  Her skin was already hot from the sun, over our heads.  I started to rub her right leg next.  “Wow!  That feels great.  I should make you my personal assistant.  When I need things like this.  Don’t forget my feet honey.” She said softly.

I eased off her wooden clog on her right foot.  I put some baby oil in my hands and started to rub her foot.  I then did her left foot in the same way.  I could tell she was getting turned on.  Her legs were opening wider.  I gently put her wooden clogs back on her sexy feet.  I started to rub her ankles and the top of her feet.  I moved my hands gently up her long legs.  I reapplied some oil on my hands and thought I heard a soft moan when I started to rub the back of her thighs. 

“It’s Ok honey.  You can go higher up.  Wait!!  I just bought this bathing suit yesterday.  It was so expensive. My husband would kill me if it was stained by the baby oil.  Would you mind?  Helping me take it off.  I’ll put it back on after the baby oil dries.  You’re not going to be weird out? Or anything,   You can tell me no, I’ll understand.” She said.  “Mmmmm no… I am your personal assistant now.  I have to do what ever you tell me.” I laughed.  She also laughed with me at the same time.

My mind was racing.  Was this actually happening?  She reached down to untie her bikini bottoms.  She then tossed them in the grass next to her trashy romance novel.  I reached up to pull on the two strings keeping her bikini top on.  She let it fall and either side of her lounge chair.  I could see her huge boobs spill out on the sides of the orange fabric of the big cushions. She was now naked except for her wooden clogs on her feet and the top of her bikini barely hanging on in the front.

Before she could change her mind.  I started to squeeze a few drops of baby oil on her big ass.  I gently squeezed some oil on her lower back.  I leaned down with my head to try and catch a glimpse of her pussy between her thighs.  I could barely make out she was clean shaven.  I could see some very small hairs just before her ass crack.  I started to massage her big ass with my two big hands.  I then rubbed some oil on her lower back and then the rest of her back.  I rub some oil on her shoulders.  I moved her hair to rub her neck.  I watched her two big gold earrings touch the lounge chair next to her mouth.

She had her eyes closed as I went back to massaging her Kim K look a like big ass.  I was in heaven.  She was breathing heavier now.  I forgot all about my friend inside his house as I massaged his Mom’s perfect ass.  I started to gently rub my middle finger farther in her ass crack.  I put my hand inside side ways and could not see 3 fingers.  I almost shot a load in my shorts from playing with her ass.  I so wanted to see how far I could go but I did not want to press my luck.  I was thinking with both my hands on her butt cheeks.  I was massaging them when let out a soft moan.

“Buck!  You have great hands babe.  I’m going to turn over now.  You promise, never to tell anyone about seeing me like this.  No man, besides my husband has seen me like this.  I’ve never shown anyone else.  Cross you fingers and hope to die.  Thank you sweetie.  I’m glad you shook your head yes.  I think it may be wise to take off my top and bottoms.  I don’t want to get baby oil on them.  You should take off your t-shirt.  I would feel bad if it got baby oil on it.  OMG!  I can’t believe I’m letting my son’s best friend see me naked body.” She whispered.

I quickly took off my t-shirt and tossed it behind me.  I then turned to see Mrs. Thomas had rolled over on her back.  She reached down with her right hand to pull her small bikini top off onto the grass.  Next she reached down to try to pull off her bikini bottom.  She was reaching around with her long nails and hands trying to find it.  Her huge breasts were blocking her view.  I finally leaned to my side and touched the thin material.  “Let me get that.  I am your personal assistant.” We both laughed.

My cock was rock hard in my cargo shorts.  I was breathing heavier.  It was so hot out.  I was sweating from the top of my short blonde hair onto my shoulders and hard athletic chest.  I could see she was checking me out harder now, with out my shirt on.  “You must really get a good work out.  I never have seen my husband or son lift anything.  You have such big muscles and look so fit.  Are you sure you don’t have a girl friend.  I wish I was younger.  I be chasing you all day.” She giggled.

“Thank you Mrs. Thomas.  You look great also.  You have such a small waist compared..” I stuttered.  “You can say it Buck.  Compared to these big monsters.  My husbands hates my breast and my big ass.  He and my son tease me all the time.  They hate when I wear anything low cut or I show any skin.  My son won’t go anywhere with me,  He says all his friends stare at my big assests.” She said. 

I gave her a big smile.  “I would lay out different outfit for you to wear and would be proud to be seen with you.  I can’t imagine how your husband can hate any part of your body.  I know women who would kill to have your curves.” I said.  She gave me a big smile back.

I reached my hands down toward her.  She picked up the baby oil from the grass in front of me.  She poured some into my big hands.  I started to massage her long legs.  She moved her legs opened.  I finally caught a glimpse of her exposed pussy.  She had a small landing strip above her pussy.  I could see two medium size cunt lips opening to the side.  She was so wet.  I could see them glisten under the sun.  I could smell how turned on she was getting.  I looked down to see her small toes curl in her wooden clogs.

Next I began to massage her lower thighs and then moved my hands above her pussy mound she tried to see what I was doing but her huge breast blocked her view.  I could easily  put a finger inside her but I wanted to wait first.  I started to massage her stomach, and hips next.  She let out a soft moan as I worked my way up to the bottom of her huge breast.  Her legs moved slightly as I rub some out on her sides.  I purposely did not touch her huge chest.  She kept looking at my wide shoulders and into my blue eyes.

“Don’t be shy Buck.  They don’t bite.  It’s been such a long time since anyone has touched them.  There very sensitive.  I once had to excuse me self from the dinner table cause I pinched them under the table by accident..  I pushed in my chair and they squeezed under the table.  My husband just kept eating.  Sometime I put tape on my nipples so the fabric doesn’t rub against them.” Said Mrs. Thomas. 

I gulped as she put some fresh hot baby oil into my hands. The sun had made the baby oil hotter.  Mrs. Thomas eyes followed my hands.  I finally got to touch them.  Her two fat nipples grew 3 times bigger and harder when I barely rubbed the top of her breast.  She let out another soft moan when she saw her nipple get hard.  I started with her huge left breast first.  I leaned over letting my forearm rub her right breast.  She smiled when saw I was rubbing both of them.  My two big hands were rubbing one, my forearm the other.

I then started to rub her right breast with my big hands.  I started to scoop each one, letting them fall on her chest.  She closed her eyes and let her legs open wider.  I then started to rub my open palm of each hand on the front of her breast.  I could feel her hard nipples inside my hand.  I then had to pull each hard nipple.  This caused her to let out the biggest moan of the day.  Her eyes opened when she felt me tug, twist and pull on her big nipples.  I inched my knees closer to the lounge chair.  I felt the front of my cargo shorts rub her hip.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.  “It’s Ok.  You’re a young man.  You’re full of raging hormones.  You’re doing an amazing job with my big monsters.  God that feels too great.  You definitely know you’re away around a woman.  So young but so experienced with the female body.” She said.  “You make it easy.” I said.

I looked down to watch her hand touch my shoulder.  She then ran her other hand down my chest.  She stopped just above my cargo shorts.  “So you got up from the dinner table and went to?” I said.  I kept massaging her big tits as she tried to talk.  “Mmmmm.  I’m not sure if I should say.  I felt so naughty.  I went into the downstairs bathroom.  I sat on the toilet.  I dropped my sweat pants…” she moaned.  “What happened next?  Please tell me.” I said.  “There no lock on the bathroom door.  Anyone could have walked in.  I reached up to pinch my big left nipple and with my free hand I touched my self between my legs.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Wow!  That is very naughty of you Mrs. Thomas.  Ever had that happen when you could not get to a bathroom?” I said.  “Sometimes when I’m out getting groceries and driving home or when I am out at one of Paul’s soccer game.  It happens.  I just turn beat red.  Your doing such a good job on my big monsters.  I can’t believe I’m telling you so many secretes.  Your probably going to tell my son everything, when you get a chance.” She said.  “No!  I can keep a secret.  Plus he would never believe me.  You’re so conservative and would never let his best friend rub you like this.  You’re so much hotter than any woman I know, Mrs. Thomas.” I whispered in her ear.

Mrs. Thomas closed her eyes and tilted her head back on her lounge chair.  I looked down to see a big tent on the front of my cargo shorts.  I had to free my big 9 3/4inch cock.  It was now or never.  I placed my left hand on her huge left breast and pinched her big fat nipple.  I could hear her moan as I used my free hand to unzip my shorts.  I slowed inched my cargo shorts down my ass and over my legs.  I felt the tip of my cock brush lightly over some blades of grass as I straightened back up to look at Mrs. Thomas face.

Her eyes were still closed.  She was breathing very heavy.  She had no idea my hard cock was inched from her right hip.  I had to push my luck.  I gently leaned down to put her right nipple into my hungry mouth.  I started to bite and lick her huge breast.  She did not say anything but “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  I then quickly moved my right hand between her legs.  I could feel the heat coming from her pussy.

I looked down to see her left hand was coming for my right hand.  I paused.  She then grabbed my right wrist and started to slide my hand up and down the outside of her pussy mound.  I followed her small landing strip to her extra hot pussy.  I then slowly inched my index finger inside her.  She was tight but after a few seconds her pussy lips parted and allowed me to go deeper.  I quickly moved my finger around and started to finger bang her tight pussy.  I then heard her scream, her body shook and I watched as she shot a huge orgasm onto my finger and the palm of my hand.  Her pussy juice was hot and covered my hand.  I never felt something so powerful before.

I licked my finger and my hand.  I looked down to see Mrs. Thomas had opened her eyes.  She was starring at my hard cock.  I then reached down with my right hand and inched two fingers inside her.  She placed her hand on the back of hand again.  She started to rub the top of her clit as I swirled two fingers deep inside her.  I latched my teeth on her left hard nipple.  After a few minutes she screamed again and orgasm on my hand again.  I was almost as shocked as the first time.

I inched forward on my knees.  I know rubbed the tip of my cock on her hip.  She smiled and looked down at my hard cock again.  “Fuck!  Your cock sweetie.  I never seen anything so big.  Your three times bigger than my husband and you make Paul look so tiny.  I can’t believe how big and round it is.  But I can’t cheat on my husband.  Especially in the back yard of our house.  If you like, I will allow you to jack it off before anybody catches us.  You just need to hurry.  I made so much noise.” She said.

I smiled.  I put my hands on my hips.  I rubbed my cock up her side touching the side of her huge ass.  I then started to slowly jack my cock.  I looked down to see Mrs. Thomas eyes get bigger as I jacked my cock harder and faster.  After a few minutes I paused.  “I could use some help.  I’m not close to cumming yet.  Maybe little help for your assistant.”  I smiled. 

A second later I felt two hands on my cock.  I looked down to see Mrs. Thomas had rolled toward me.  Her huge breast cascaded over the side of her chair.  She was using both her hands to manhandle my hard cock.  I was loving it but had to go for more.  After a few minutes I started to push my hips forward causing the tip of my cock to rub against her breast.  Mrs. Thomas smiled and moved her hands to hold her huge breast.  I quickly jammed my cock into her massive cleavage.  Her tits were so soaked with oil, sweat and my saliva, that he took less than 2 minutes before I tensed up and shot a huge load deep insider her big monsters as she liked to call them.

A few minutes passed a she cleaned her huge breast, one at a time.  She was shocked that I leaned down to lick messy breast.  I then gave her a big kiss.  “Maybe we should go inside before someone calls the police from the noises I keep making.  Plus I have to use the ladies room.”  She said.  I quickly got to my feet.  I reached down to pick up my shirt and cleaned off her breast from my huge load.

“That’s a good idea.  I have to go also.  Ever go outside?” I smiled.  “No!  Proper ladies don’t go outside.  Especially in there own back yard young man.” She said.  I smiled.  I then pointed between her legs.  I motion for her to squat down on the grass in front of me.  She quickly looked around.  A minute later she squatted down a few inches off the ground.  She then put her hand between her legs and spread her pussy lips.  She started to pee very hard and had a thick stream.

I was so turned on.  I don’t think she was expecting this to happen to her but her head snapped back up when she saw a huge thick stream of my pee come down between her legs and slam against her exposed pussy.  She was biting her lower lip as I stood there peeing on her hot pussy lips.  I could feel my cock get harder as I reached down to help her stand up.  She smiled as I reached down to pick up her towel. 

I motion for her to walk in front of me.  I left all our clothes in the back yard as we walked into her house.  We both stood naked behind her couch.  Smelling of pee, sperm and her juices.  I looked won to see Paul was still gaming online.  He did not turn to see my hard cock inches from the back of his head or his exposed Mom standing behind him.  I motion for his Mom to walk toward her sons room, just down the hall.

I gently pushed on her lower back as I looked over my shoulder to see Paul oblivious to what was going on.  I was pretty confident that I could get Mrs. Thomas to cheat a little with me in her son’s room.  I was not sure how far she was willing to go.  I locked the door behind us as I watched Paul’s Mom bend over at his bed.  One thing was for sure.  I was going to worship her big ass next.

Mrs. Thomas had pushed her sons clothes onto the floor from his twin size bed.  I dropped to my knees behind her.  She quickly bent over on his bed as I pushed on her lower back.  I reached between her legs and could feel how wet she was.  I could smell her aroma and my pee between her legs.  She screamed when she felt me slap her big left ass cheek.  I slowly stuck my tongue deep inside her wet pussy.  My nose was in her ass.  My face rubbed on her big exposed skin.  I was loving it.  Mrs. Thomas was loving it more.

She was bending her knees and gyrating her huge ass on my mouth, face and big hands.  I looked between her legs to see her huge breast resting on the her son’s bed.  I reached around with my hands to grip her huge breast.  I gripped her big nipples, pulling them as I licked her exposed pussy.  A few minutes passed before I felt her body tense up.  I open my mouth and closed my eyes.  I then started to taste her pussy juices.

I felt Mrs. Thomas collapse on the bed.  Her breast mashed against my hands.  I then put my hand on her lower back.  Her face was buried in the blanket on top of the bed.  Her ass was arched back.  I looked down to see my hard cock was rubbing up and down her wet pussy.  I then slapped her perfect ass with my hard cock.  She wiggled her ass on my cock. 

I grabbed the base of my cock with my left hand and guided the tip of my cock into her swollen pussy.  She was so wet and her juices were so hot.  I lost my footing and plunged all of my cock into her pussy.  Mrs. Thomas screamed so loud.  I was not shocked a few minute later, when I heard knocking on the door behind us.  I kept fucking Mrs. Thomas hot pussy. 

“Hello!  Mom!  Are you OK?” said a male voice.  I was sure it might be Paul but was not sure.  I was not sure his Mom could hear him because I was surprised when pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed me onto the bed.  I sat with my legs open and my back against the wood paneling wall next to Paul’s bed.  I then watched as Mrs. Thomas guided her wet pussy back on my cock and pushed her huge breast into my hungry mouth.  I was biting her nipple and breast and she was riding the length of my hard cock.

“Missy!  Are you OK?  I’m coming!” said a lower male voice.  “Mom!  Buck!  What’s going on?  Who locked the door to my room?  What the fuck?” said Paul.  I heard a female voice break the pause in knocking at the bedroom door.  Mrs. Thomas turned her head and then looked back into my eyes.  I reached around to grip her big ass and slam more of my cock deeper inside of her. 

I’m not sure how long we were fucking, but I do remember the shock look on the people in the hallway face when the door finally cracked from the big axe being plunged into the thin wood.  Three people fell into the bedroom with us.  I could see a girl on the back of Paul.  Paul was on the back of his Dad.  His Mom never slowed down and kept fucking my hard cock.  “Keep fucking me Buck.  Don’t stop.  Maybe this will teach my husband a lesson.  He should worship me like this young stud has.” Said Mrs. Thomas.

They all were standing now, about three feet from the bed.  “Paul who is that?” said this girl.  “Tina!  That my best friend and my Mom.  I can’t believe this is happening.” Said Paul.  “Your Paul internet date.  I really can’t believe that?” said Paul’s Mother.  “Missy get off that young man.  I forbid this.  You will stop fucking him right now.” Said Mr. Thomas.  “MOM!!!! Stop it” said Paul.

“I have a better idea.  Buck!  Help me get off the bed.  Husband kneel in front of the bed.  Paul you get on your knees.  Tina you too sweetie.  Everyone stick out there tongues.  Buck you can fuck me in the ass after this.  I know your dying too.  Shoot a big load for Mommy.  I looked won to see Mrs. Thomas jack my cock.  A few seconds passed before I felt her free hand slap my ass.  She stick her middle finger in my ass.  I then started to explode when I felt her warm breast rub against my side.  I watched as I coated Mr. Thomas tongue and face, Paul was dripping and Tina was licking the tip of my cock. 

“Click!  Click!”  I turned my head to see Mrs. Thomas taking pictures with her sons phone.  Her husband was licking his lips.  Her son was licking his to.  Tina was now naked and in between Mrs. Thomas legs.  She had me take some photos of her and Tina.  She then had her husband take photos of his wife being fucked in the ass by her sons best friend. 

Two days later Paul was moving my things into the house.  His Dad was moving to the basement with Paul.  Tina moved into Paul’s room.  We tore down a few walls to expand the master bedroom.  Now I spend ever minute of the day worshiping Missy’s big Kim K ass and huge monster fun bags.  I am after all her personal assistant.  My job is never done.  I just got a call to meet Missy and Tina in the pool.  I had Tina get some work done on her body to look a little smaller than Missy.  What's a hard young guy to do?

Buck xoox