Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poke Her Night /Glory Hole - An Adult Story

Recap of Part 1 of 3 - Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.

Recap of Part 2 of 3 - The Video Store

(My new sex slave came to the video store to drop of her movies. She had to pay for the late charges, with her mouth and pussy. We fucked in my Boss's office. Then I suggested we should move Poker Night to my house.)

Part 3 - Poker Her Night/Glory Hole

I was just pulling into my driveway. I got a phone call from Dan. "What's up Buck??? I got our boss to move the poker game to your house tomorrow night. I told my brother (My boss) that you would have a waitress/bartender on hand. Plus this way his wife would not get mad from all of us smoking and drinking in her house. See you around 7pm tomorrow night." said Dan. "Great! I'll see you tomorrow night. Bring some cash." I said. "Ok man! Ummm.... Is that cute chick from the video store going to be there???" he said. "Why? Did you like her?" I said. "Dude! She was so hot." said Dan. "I'll see what I can do. You might want to bring some extra money for some fun after Poker Night. Later..." I said.

I hung up my cell. I turned my head to the Powers house. I could see Brenda car in the driveway. There was no sign of her husband car. I opened my door. I saw some more brown box's on the floor. I scooped them up and walked upstairs. I could hear Brenda moaning louder as I got to my master bedroom. I slowly opened the door. She was laying on her back with her legs wide open. She had a big red dildo in her pussy, halfway. I smiled as she saw me. She had such a big smile on her face. The big fat adult toy was all wet.

I dropped the brown box's on the floor. "I see you started with out me. Come here and undress me." I said. I pointed to my feet. My married next door neighbor crawled off my bed onto the floor. She crawled over to my feet. She started to take off my shoes. She then pulled off my cargo shorts. She stood up and pulled off my shirt. My name tag fell on my floor now. She smiled as she looked down to see my erect cock sticking straight out. She took her small hand and wrapped it around my 9 3/4 inch cock. She gave my cock a few tugs. I felt her erect nipple on my left forearm. I smiled.

"Did you take a look in your new room? Now pick those box's up and follow me." I said. She had visited her whore room just like I told her before I got home. I followed her down the hall, making sure I slapped her big ass. She moaned as we enter her new room. I sat on the king size bed as she opened her new box's. I had her try on some of her new outfits. I made her try on some of her new heels. Finally after an hour. "Put on the black bra, with the lace trim. The matching thong. The black garters and belt. The 4inch black stiletto pumps. Also open that little black box on your night stand." I said.

She opened the box. "Oh Buck!" she said. It was a black leather choker for her neck. It had my initials "BK" on the front in gold. She put it around her neck. She had a big smile on her face as she looked in the mirror. I walked behind her and reached into the other night stand. I pulled out some black satin boxers to wear. I pushed my erect cock just inside the this waist band. My cock was causing the front of the boxers to push out under the thin material. I looked at my watch. "Ok! Now lets go to your house. Hold my hand. Will go out back and around." I said.

Brenda held my hand. We walked to her house. She pushed open her back door. We walked into her living room. "Sit on the chair." I said. She smiled as she sat down. I pulled her tiny black thong off. I pulled it down her thick thighs. Over her legs. I placed it on the floor next to her chair. She dropped her head back. I started to kiss the inside if her legs. I eased my tongue down the length of her thighs. She was breathing heavy as I found her swollen pussy lips. Both her big fat cunt lips were hanging out her pussy. They were still red from the big dildo, she had been playing with.

She moaned as I started to lick her pussy. I started from the base of her butt to the top of her swollen labia. I started to suck her lips and bite her thighs between her moans. She grabbed the top of my hair. She put her long finger nails on the back of my neck. I started to hold her legs open wider. She was close to cumming for my mouth. I slowed down causing her to grip my neck more. She was using my face to fuck her pussy. I pushed my tongue out to help her orgasm really hard. She flooded my mouth. Some of her juices ran down my face onto her chair.

A few minutes later I moved my hard cock from my boxers. I pulled it all the way out and tossed my boxers next to the chair. She was still moaning as I then reached up to expose her big breast. I pulled her big black bra down. Her huge breast cascaded out of her over grown bra. The tip of her nipples hit my abs. I smiled as I began to slap my hard cock on her pussy lips. She bite her upper lip as I eased the tip of my swollen cock in her tight pussy. "Yes! Fuck me! Harder!" she screamed in her living room. I eased my cock in deeper. Her pussy was getting used to my size. It did not push me out, as it had in my boss's office. I smiled as I moved my hips forward. My cock plunged all the way in her juicy wet pussy.

"Fuck! Your pussy feels so good. Put your hands on the back of my neck. You love my cock, don't you? Your body says "Yes!!!!" I moaned at Brenda. She smiled. "Yes! I love your big cock. Nobody ever touch me that deep before." she said. "MMmmm nice! You like being a whore? Don't you? You love being my whore???" I said. She was now biting her lower lip. Her fat nipples rubbed on my abs again. I looked down my hard body to see my cock slamming her fat pussy. I pushed her legs over my shoulders. Her 4inch stilettos scrapped my back, as I fucked her.

I finally wanted her to fuck me. "Get up! Keep my cock in your pussy. Move around me. That a good sex slave. Now keep my cock in there...That's is nice. I am going to sit in your chair. Your going to fuck me. Keep riding my cock until I exploded. Than leave your favorite cock in your wet pussy. Don't let it fall out. Now fuck me!! Fuck me harder!! Ride my cock!!!" I yelled.

She was turning red as she fucked me harder. I grabbed her big breast. I was sucking them very hard as she rode my cock. Her pussy was so wet. It was making loud wet noises on my cock. Her whole living room smelled of her sex. Her chair was covered in her juices. I smiled. She had been riding my cock for thirty minutes before I exploded. My cock was unleashing a huge load in her pussy. I could feel her orgasm from my cock. Now her juices and my big load was falling down the side of my cock and out her pussy. She was leaking between my legs onto the leather chair. I smiled as now her house smelled of me.

She reached down to hold my cock inside her pussy. I was getting hard again. I moved her around in my arms. Her pussy was still on my cock. Her back was to the left side of the chair. Her legs were on the right side of the arm rest. I reached down between her legs to rub her swollen labia. I could feel my hard cock, as I fingered her pussy. I used my free hand to remove her big black bra. It took me a few seconds to undo the big metal clasps keeping her bra on. It feel off her as I tossed it on my boxers, next to the chair. She leaned down to give me a kiss on the lips. I felt her warm tongue inside my mouth.

"Brenda!!!! What the fuck!! OH MY GOD HUNNIE!!!" a man yelled. I turned to see Frank Powers standing in his living room. Brenda let go of kissing me. She turned her head to see her husband. "Crash!!" his brief case hit the floor in front of him. "What are you doing? Mr. Kelly!!! What are you doing with my wife." yelled Frank. "Hi honey!" said his wife. I smiled. "Hey Frank! What's up?" I said. I could feel my cock getting harder inside his wife. "Brenda!!!" yelled Frank. "Calm down Frank. Relax!" I said in a hard tone. His eyes were wide open. His mouth was wide open. His wife pussy was wide open, with my cock inside it. I was still fondling her big breast. I pinched her left nipple, she moaned in front of her husband.

"Brenda!!" he said again. Frank had a worried look on his face. "What can I say Frank. Truth be told. Your wife is mine now. She does what I tell her. If you want to still be married to her. You will do what I say. You both will do what I tell you. Now get on the ground, in front of my chair. What yours is mine. Get on your knees. Stick out your tongue. Look at your wife used pussy. She is dripping her juices and my load all of your chair. I'm going to take my new sex slave upstairs to your room. I'm not done fucking her, just yet. Clean off this chair with your tongue. Then move it to my house. The front door is open. Then come back here. Do you understand Frank??? Do what I say. Maybe I'll let you touch your wife. No fucking move it..." I yelled.

I picked Brenda off the leather chair. I kept my erect cock in her pussy as we climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor. I looked down at Frank. He had his hands on the arm rest of the chair. His face was on the leather chair. He was sucking my juices and his wife off the black leather. "Keeping sucking Frank. Get the back and the spots on the floor. When you get back. Come up stairs. Kneel outside the your bedroom. Put your ear against the door. Listen to your wife being fucked. She is my sex slave now. Hurry up!" I yelled down the stairs.

I woke up in the morning. The bedroom door was open. Frank was on the floor in front of the door. His pants were around his ankles. His small cock was all messy. I smiled as Brenda rolled over crushing her big breast against my face. "I need to go prepare for tonight's poker party. Make sure you wash every spot on your amazing body. I will be inspecting you. Be at my house at 6pm. You can use the back door. Just make sure your naked. I'll have your outfit waiting, in your whore room. Make sure you wash my boxers and your outfit. Go get your nails and hair done for tonight. I want your nails done in green. Have them put it on my tab. Later sexy..." I said.

I got out of bed. My cock was covered in her juices and dried cum. I walked up to Frank on the floor. I put my foot next to his mouth. He open his eyes. "Frank! I'm having a poker party tonight at my house. My boss and his brother are coming over. We need a fourth player. Go to your bank. Take out some money. Couple thousand should do. Be at my house at 7pm. Don't be late. Your wife is going to be there to. Don't tell anybody Brenda's your wife. Do this and maybe I'll let you watch us without the door closed tonight. Fucking move it. Go start some water for your wife bath. Don't talk to her or look at her perfect body." I said. Frank nodded his head to everything I told him. He has his head down as he walked to there bathroom. Brenda smiled as she waved at me.

I spent the rest of the day fixing up my basement for Poker Night. I moves all the furniture out to my garage. Against the wall. I left one small couch a few feet from the small card table in the middle of the room. I stocked the fridge behind the bar with beer and food. I picked out a few outfits in Brenda whore room for her to wear. I left her some cigars in a box next to her first outfit, for the night. I took a long shower. I put on some cologne, body spray and left my underwear on my dresser. I slipped on some tight faded blue jeans over my bare cock. I reached inside to push my big balls to the right. I slipped on some black leather shoes. I left my new white button down collar shirt, untucked in the back. I buckled my belt around my thin waist. I then heard a knock at the back door. It was a few minutes before 6pm.

I opened my back door. I slapped Brenda naked ass as she walked passed me. She had her blonde hair teased to the maximum. I then inspect her body in the kitchen. Right in front of my window. I looked over and saw Frank trying to look in. I smiled as his wife moved in front of me. He put down his face and walked out of his kitchen. Brenda smiled as I took her hand. She had her fingernails painted the perfect shade of light green. We walked passed my new leather chair. She looked down to see her husband saliva still on the seat cushion. She giggled as I walked her to her whore room.

About an hour later, I heard a knock at my front door. "Brenda! Get the door." I said. I stood just a few feet from the front door. She smiled as she opened the door. It was Frank. He walked in as she closed the door behind him. "Hi! Frank! Glad your on time. Did you take out some money, like I asked?" I said. He showed me the big wad of bills. "Follow my sex slave to the basement. Do not talk to her. Don't look at her. Anytime she comes in the room tonight. You don't look or talk to her. Do I make my self clear?? I see you shook your head. Yes!. Now fucking get down stairs." I said.

15 minutes later my Boss and Dan, his brother showed up. Both of there mouth's fell open, when they saw Brenda. She was wearing a dark green corset. That was tied tight around her midsection. It made her huge cleavage almost spill out her huge big green bra. She had black leather, full length gloves on. They covered the top of her elbow to the end of her fingernails. I had cut the tips off, exposing her green finger nails. She was wearing black fishnet stocking that were pulled up by 6 straps on her expanding garters. She was wearing 6 inch platform glass heels. Her toenails were the same light green as her fingernails. She still had my black choker on from the night before. The gold B.K. looked stunning on her. She had put the cigars in a box around her neck. She looked like a pin up from the forties.

"Cigar!" she said. "Hey Buck!" said Dan. "Nice house Buck." said my boss. "Glad you both found the place. My new neighbor downstairs. I invited Frank over to play poker tonight. He's kinda of new at playing. Should be fun. Hope you brought some cash to play. Got some big surprises and fun planned for tonight. This lovely goddess, is Brenda. Be nice. She is the entertainment for tonight. Please have a cigar. Follow me. Thank you Brenda." I said.

Brenda walked in front of us. All 3 sets of eyes were on her big ass. I could see the small green thong was wedging up her ass crack. I saw Dan adjust his cock in his jeans. My boss almost fell over my new leather chair in the living room. "Don't touch! It's still drying." I said.

I smiled. Brenda smiled. Frank groaned as he saw his wife come down the stairs in the basement. He stood up as we all sat around the small card table. I took everyone money and handed out the poker chips. I gave Brenda a smile. "Be right back boys. Time to change into my bartender outfit. Be back to get your drink orders." she said. She dipped her cigar box and then walked upstairs.

I won the first two hands. I was dealing out the next hand when everyone head turned. I made eye contact with Frank. He looked back at the table. His wife was just coming down the last step into the basement. She had a pair of small orange shorts on. They were pulled tight on her large ass, and thick thighs. I could see her big camel toe was pushing out the front. She had slipped on some orange wooden 4inch heels to match her big orange hoop earrings. She had a white see through shirt pulled over her large cleavage. I could see her big fat nipples bent over at the tips, against the thin cotton material. There was a big Owl across the front. You could barely make out the "OO" in Hooters across her chest. Everyone smiled.

"Beer and Wings for everyone." she said in a cute southern accent. My cock was getting erect in my jeans. I could see my Boss and Dan move in there metal chairs. I gulped as she passed out the food. I reached into my pocket. I pulled out some twenties and put them inside her cleavage as Brenda bent over to let me look down her deep cleavage. She smiled. Her big orange encased ass stuck in her husband face. He took a quick smell of her sexy perfume. Now he moved in his metal chair.

Brenda spent the next hour serving food and drinks. My boss and Dan gave her a tip. They put it on the table. She picked it up and thanked them. Her husband gave me the money. I slowed put it in her back pocket. I took a big grip of her ass with my hand. She bite her lower lip and excused herself. Everyone but Frank watched her leave the room.

"Buck! Where do you find her?" said my boss. I laughed. "She just moved in next door. She trying to make some extra money. Her husband a real douche. He never gives her any money. Plus he never tells her how hot she is. He spends the whole entire time on his computer, in his basement. She told me. He even, hates her big breast and ass." I said with a big laugh. "Fuck that! I worship that body." said Dan. "I might even cheat on my wife for that." said my boss. We made some more small talk about how sexy we all thought Brenda was. Frank just talked about his job. He was giving a sales pitch before he lost another hand. I just laughed at him.

I could hear Brenda walking in my kitchen. It had been close to an hour for her to get ready. "Gentleman! It's time for a big break in the action. Little time out before we play another hand." I said. They all looked around the room. "Buck! Are you ready?" said Brenda. "Just a second Brenda." I said. I stood up and walked over to the far corner of my basement. I opened the door to my garage. I had built a small wooden stage in the middle. About 4ft by 4ft. With a big brass pole in the middle. Some lights and a small sound system inside. "Grab your chair fellas. Right this way." I said.

I watched as the guys all walked out to the garage. I had them put there metal chairs around the small stage. They all smiled as the door to my basement flew open. There heads turned when they saw Brenda. She had a pink, I dream of Gennie custom on. She had 6inch pink platform heels on. She had painted her finger/toe nails pink. Her lips were bright pink. She was wearing lots of gold jewelery, I had just bought her. I could smell her sweet perfume across the garage. She had about 4 layers of tight clothes on as she strutted passed us.

"Tonight entertainment. Not only is she the best bartender/waitress, but the hottest MILF next door. Now she is going to dance on the pole." I shouted. Frank head dropped as she got on stage. Brenda had a big smile on her face. Dan and my boss were throwing money on stage. I hit the stripper music. She started to slowly remove some of her clothes. "Kick Frank!" I yelled. She turned to kick her husband in the chest. He fell over from her big heel hitting his chest. He got up and looked at me. Dan turned to laugh. My boss was laughing at Frank. I smiled.

After the next song. Brenda was down to her her pink thong and matching bra. She let me kiss both as the guys looked on. I smiled. "Take it off! Take it off!" said Dan and my boss. I winked at Brenda. She removed her bra. She tossed it to me. I tossed it over on Frank head. Everyone laughed. Brenda wrapped her huge breast around my head. I gave each one a big kiss and then spanked her ass. She smiled.

The last song she danced nude on the pole. She was grinding her bald pussy on the pole. I could see some wetness shine off the brass. I laughed when Frank moved back from the stage. I moved closer to him. "Frank! Next poker hand will be your last. Bet it all. Loose... Then go upstairs. Go to my office. There a big 4 panel screen in my office. Looks like a changing room screen. Pull it out and set it up in my living room. Push all the furniture a side. Do it and maybe your wife will come home tonight." I whispered in his ear.

The song ended. Brenda had a few hundred in tips from the guys. I smiled. "Ok!! Ok!! Back to the game. Big applause for our feature dancer." I said. We all clapped. "Frank you lead." I said. All the guys walked back to my basement. I walked over to Brenda. I reached into my front pocket. I pulled out some dark ruby red lipstick. I handed it to Brenda. I then whispered in her ear, what I wanted her to do next. I slapped her on her huge naked ass. She gathered her clothes up as she walked in front of me. I went to sit down at the poker table. She smiled as she went upstairs.

"Guys having fun?" I said. They all cheered. "Shuffle up and deal." I said. They all laughed. I grunted! "Buck! Great time tonight! But I have to go after this hand. Got to get up early tomorrow." said Frank. It took about 5 minutes before Frank lost the rest of his money. I scooped up all his chips and watched him get up. He waved to the guys as he went upstairs.

A few minutes later. I heard some noise upstairs. I dealt another hand. "Buck! Your taking all out money." said my boss. "Sorry guys. I'm sure seeing Brenda has not helped you both from playing tonight. How about a new wager?" I said. "Yeah! Anything! Your killing us." said Dan. "First thank for all the chips...Ha Ha Ha.. Second! Will be playing one hand wins it all. Will put all the money in. Winner gets all the money and gets to pick the batting order for Brenda." I said, with a big smile. "What?" said Dan and my boss. "After this hand. Will go upstairs. I have a big surprise for you. The winner will pick who goes first, 2nd and third." I said. Both there eyes got big. "You mean Brenda?" said Dan. I smiled. I heard the front door to my house open, then close.

It took ten minutes. "Full house!" I yelled. Both of them had a pair. I scooped all the chips to my side. "Let's go upstairs. The winner is first. Dan your next. Boss your third." I said. "Dan your last." said my boss. "Ok! What ever! Let's just go see Brenda." said Dan.

We walked upstairs to my living room. I saw Brenda standing in the middle of the room. She was wearing a small black cocktail dress. It was ripped in the front and cut in the back. Her big breast looked like they were going to fall out the front. I could see her big ass crack from behind. She was not wearing a bra or underwear like I told her. She was wearing 4inch black wooden platform heels. She smiled.

I walked over to her. I looked behind the wooden panel screen. I saw a small wooden chair directly behind the middle of the panel. "Take your position Brenda." I said as I pointed to the chair. She walked behind the panel. Her wooden heels clicked on the floor. I heard the metal chair squeak on the wood floor. I turned to look at Dan and my boss. I walked in front of the panel. I could not see Brenda on the other side. I smiled. I then put my finger down on the panel. There was a big knot hole in the wooden panel. I pushed the round wooden knot. A piece fell on the other side. It hit the leg of the metal chair, Brenda was sitting on. I could see the light coming from the window behind her.

"Tonight winner and losers, get a old fashion "Glory Hole!" I said. Dan looked at his brother. They both smiled. I unzipped my jeans. I pulled them down, half way across my bare ass cheeks. I looked down to see Brenda bright pink lips near the hole. I carefully inched my erect cock in the hole. The guys moved closer when they heard Brenda sucking my cock. She was really working the tip. She had half my 9 3/4inch deep in her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around my shaft. I turned to see my boss was in front of Dan. They both smiled.

I leaned back to feed more of my cock in Brenda, hot mouth. She was licking all around my cock. I was close to cumming after twenty minutes. My boss groaned when he heard Brenda head hit the wooden panel. She then started to suck very hard around my cock. My legs moved. I looked up in the ceiling. "Yes! Fuck!! Here it cums baby....." I yelled. I looked down to see her pink lips push my clean cock back through the glory hole. I looked down to see a big pink lip stick ring around my cock. I heard her giggle on the other side. I then pulled up my jeans. "Next!!"

My boss walked over to the wooden screen. He smiled as he unzipped his brown pants. He pulled out his small cock. His brother laughed. He then eased the tip in the glory hole. He moved his face against the screen. "Oh! God! It feels great. She actually sucking my cock. My wife never does this. Fuck! Yes!" he said. A few seconds later his feet moved. Then he orgasm in the glory hole.

Be barely got his penis out the hole, then his brother pushed him aside. He fell down holding his cock. A second later. "Yes!!!!!!!" said Dan. He orgasm in the glory hole. He pulled out his cock. My boss got off the floor. They put there cocks back in there pants. They gave me a big high five. "Buck! I need to promote you." said my boss. "You the man!" said Dan.

"Thanks Guys! Maybe we can "Poker Her" again next week? How about my house again?" I said. They both smiled as I walked them to my front door. "Take the week off Buck. With pay." said my boss. "See you next week Buck. Brenda you were great. You give the best blow jobs." said Dan. I smiled. "See you guys...Oh! Not that I have to remind you both. But you might want to clean your cocks off before you get home. That dark ruby red lipstick is a pain to leave on and try to explain how it got there. Thanks! Drive safe.." I said.

I shut the door behind them. I then dropped my jeans around my ankles. I pulled my shirt over my head. "Ok! You both can come out now." I said. I heard two metal chairs move behind the screen. I saw Brenda first. She was licking her big full pink lips. I then saw Frank. His dark ruby red lips were smeared around his chin and upper lip. He was wearing a blonde wig. A pair of broken 4 inch white heels. His small cock had ejaculated on his thick pubes. There was a small white drop on the tip. He had taken both small loads in his mouth.

"How did he do Brenda?" I said. "He did good. He did not miss a drop. Just like you ordered." she said. She had a big smile on her face as she looked at her husband, naked body next to hers. "Frank! Grab your chair. Clean that off with your mouth. Try you own sperm for a change. Follow us to my room. I got some restraints your wife going to put on you. Your going to watch how a real man fucks your wife. Brenda after you." I said.

Brenda tied her husband in the chair, at the end of my bed. He stayed up the whole night watching me fuck his wife, in every position. He found at the new meaning of Poker Her Night at my house. The next day, he got to lick his wife pussy clean of our juices. I need to start planing my next sexual adventure, with my new sex slave neighbor. I need to rent out my "Glory Hole" for bachelor parties. I think Brenda would love to see her husband suck a dozen hard cocks in one night. MMMMMm Maybe next poker night. The winner gets to use the Glory Hole, to fuck. I just need to get Frank ass shaved. I leaned over to whisper in Brenda ear. We both smiled as Frank closed his eyes.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Video Store - Part 2 of My Sex Slave Neighbor - An Adult Story

Part 2 - The Video Store

Recap of Part 1

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.)

Part 2~~~

I watched Brenda naked body jiggle as she walked out of my view. A few minutes later, I saw her husband Frank walk by his kitchen window. He reached into the fridge to get something to eat. I walked upstairs to my room. I still had a big smile on my face as I reached into my closet to get my silk bath robe. It was red, with black trim. It reminded me of an old time Playboy robe. I looked in the mirror to see myself. My cock was already semi hard thinking about what just happened. I almost could not wait for Brenda to bring over my laundry. I wonder how long it would take for her to come over.

About an Hour later.

I heard a small knock at the back door. I got off my black leather chair in the living room. I was not sure if she would knock on my front door or the door to my back yard. I walked into the kitchen. I pulled the drapes back. I looked through the glass in the back door. I smiled. Brenda was standing inches from the door. She had her left foot on the 3rd wooden step. She was wearing exactly what I left on her bed. She had the small blue shirt on. It was stretched over her large breast. The "V" in the middle showed off her deep cleavage. I could see her bra less nipples poking the thin see through material. I looked around her wide hips to see the small denim pair of shorts riding up her big ass crack.

I opened the door. "Here your laundry! Sir!" Brenda said. I smiled. "About fucking time. I've been waiting. You don't want to keep me waiting. I need to inspect it." I demanded. I pulled her arm into my house. She lost her balance and fell breast first into my arms. Her big fat tits fell into my stomach. "Here you go." she said. I looked down to see my black shirt, and cargo shorts in her hands. I took them from her. I tossed them on my kitchen table. "Good job! Ironing them was a good touch. Did you have time to clean up the hairs between your legs?? Bend! Over!!! Let me see!!!" I said.

I grabbed her hand again. I pulled her toward my big wooden island in the middle of the kitchen. It had a black granite counter top. I pulled out a small step stool from under the counter. I had her step onto it as I bent her upper body on the black granite. I was now standing straight behind her. "Let me see your hands. Move your toes. I see the nail polish is very nice on you. Drop your denim shorts. That a good girl. Leave them around your ankles. Arch your back and stick out that amazing ass. That it! I see your not wearing underwear like I asked. How about a bra??" I said. I walked up behind her. Pressing my half open robe on her big ass. My cock wanted to dive in her fat pussy. But I still noticed a few hairs. I'm not sure she could have reached that far to get them. With her big breast and thick thighs in the way. I reached up under her shirt and felt her naked breast in my hands. She was not wearing a bra. She followed my instructions very well.

"I see we have a few more hair's to go. I'll make you appointment for Monday to take care of that. I have a place I go sometimes. You will also get your hair, nails, and pussy trimmed just right. I'll give you the address and time of where I go on Monday." I said. She moved her head back and forth on the granite top. She then began to shake her big ass on my abs. I smiled. "Did you kiss your husband when he got home? Did you ignore him, like I said? What excuse did you give him for leaving tonight?" I said. "No! He walked into the kitchen. He ignored me and then went into the basement. I heard him turning on his computer. I told him, I be right back. He said to take my time. The computer takes a long time to boot up." she said.

"He probably watching some porn. To bad his hot wife over here getting all wet. He might like to watch.....I'm still mad with your.....On one hand you did great...but on the other hand. Hmmm.....For not doing what I asked. Making me have to pay to get your pussy trimmed. I think you need some punishment. You can only scream once. Make it a good one. Mrs. Powers!!" I said. I started to spank her big fat white ass. Her skin was so pale. The first two big slaps made my hand tingle. I then slapped each big butt cheek. I did this a few more times. She kept shaking her ass. I then spanked her harder then before. Her ass was now pink. I spanked her another ten minutes. Right before her big ass turned red. "Ahhhhh!!!!!!" she screamed. I stopped. Her ass kept shaking. "Oh! That was your one big scream. I think your liking this. I see your big smile. Its as red as this big booty. Now turn around. Get on your knees." I said.

I stood back. She swung her big legs down. She then fell on her knees. I walked over in front of the kitchen window. I looked into her kitchen. I saw her husband eating something else. "Crawl over here Mrs. Powers. I have a big surprise for you. Before you go home to your little husband. That it. Shake your big ass when your crawl toward me. I can smell you had a big orgasm on my granite top. Your dripping on my kitchen floor now. Your a big hot mess....Mrs. Powers.." I said.

She crawled over in front of me. Just below the counter top and my big metal sink. I could see her. But the sink was blocking her from being seen by her husband. I smiled as she untied my robe. My big cock sprang out just missing her chin. She smiled. She then licked the tip of my cock with her big red lips. I pulled out my cock from her greedy mouth. She started to lick under my shaft. She found my big balls again with her tiny mouth. She put her hands on my ass. She started to squeeze my tight ass as she fed more of my cock in her mouth. I inched my hips forward causing her to gag.

After a few minutes, I reached down to pull off her light blue top. I dropped it on her back. It fell onto the kitchen floor. She kept my hard cock in her mouth. I looked over again at her house. I saw her husband walking around his kitchen. If he only knew his hot horny wife was next door. Sucking my hard cock. I looked down when she let my cock out of her mouth. "I need to go Buck. My husband probably looking for me." she said. I laughed. "I can see him....He is looking for something to eat in your fridge. I'll tell you when your done. Now put your mouth back on my cock. Put your big fat breast on my legs. They feel warm. Your nipples are scratching the top of my feet." I said. I grabbed the top of her platinum blonde hair. She clamped her hot mouth around my cock. A minute later I exploded deep in her mouth.

Her husband had left there kitchen. I then looked down. She was cleaning off my cock. "Good job. Now pull up your shorts. Put your top back on. Tomorrow is Saturday. After your husband leaves for work. Come over to my house immediately. Saturday are for working in my house. Your to come over here to clean my house. Tonight put on your ugliest and biggest sleep wear. Your not to have sex with your husband. You can masturbate. But no sex with him. You will walk naked to my house tomorrow. Use my front door. You can have Sunday off. But no sex with him. While your working. I will be ordering you new clothes, heels and toys. The majority of the items at first will stay here. Some stuff will be sent to your house. I expect you to wear everything I send you or there will be consequences. I suggest tomorrow you do a good job cleaning or else. I can't have you be seen not looking hot for me. Now move it." I said. I slapped Brenda big ass as she ran toward her house. The back door slammed behind her.

The next day....

I stood at my front door, with my robe from the night before on. I could feel my cock growing as I saw Brenda naked on my front porch. She was knocking on my front door. Her husband had left to go to work. I opened the door after a few minutes. She rushed into my living room. "Why did you not answer the door faster? The other neighbors might have seen me." she said. I laughed. "I was busy ordering you new outfits. Plus! It's up to me when I answer my door. Maybe I should order a maids costume and have you answer my door. That would be better. There my vacuum. a mop, and bucket. You can start in the kitchen first. Clean off the granite top to my counter first. It still smells in there from you the other night. Then work your way around. When your done. If I am not watching you. Come find me and I will inspect your work. Now move it!" I said very loudly.

Took me an hour to order everything for her. She smiled as I watched her. I followed her closely. Making sure she got every nook and cranny. She got spanked a few times for not moving things. I took her to my room after she got down with her chores. I laid her down on my bed. I ate her pussy for an hour. She came multiple times. She sucked my cock in different positions around my house. I let her go home about ten minutes before her husband got home. I handed her all the movies, I rented from the video store. The ones I had rented to jerk off too a few days ago. She smiled as she read the titles on the boxes. She then ran out my front door. Her whole body shook as she was covered in my sperm. She whipped her chin of my last load. I smiled when I saw the Lexus pull in. Her husband shot a glance at my front window.


I spent Sunday thinking about Brenda all day. Her husband never left the house. I was woken this morning by a delivery truck. I opened my front door. There were a ton of packages on my front porch. All were for Brenda. I singed for them. I watched the delivery guy walk to Brenda house. He rang the door bell. Frank open the door. He yelled something. Then he signed and got in his car. He looked over at me. I was writing down chores for his wife to do this morning. I then walked over and slipped it under his front door. I rang the door bell and walked back to my house.

An hour later I was at the video store.

Fuck!! My boss was at work on Monday. I did not want to work with my boss all day. Luckily he left at noon to go home. His wife needed him for something. It was only me and his brother who also worked at the video store. Dan was kinda of an older guy. He hated working for his little brother as much as I did. He was newly divorced and lost his house to his ex-wife. He needed to make some extra money.

It's normally slow until after 4pm when people get off work. I was standing in the back near the cash register. Dan was stocking some movies. The new movies had just come in. A minute later the door to the video store opened. "Beep!!!" I almost fainted. It was Brenda. She had just got done with her sexy make over at the salon up the street. Her new platinum blonde hair was cut just to her shoulders. All wavy and curly. Just how, I like it. She was wearing two big gold hoop earring that just touched her shoulders. She was wearing two matching gold bracelets on her wrists. I cleared my throat as she walked toward me. I could smell her new perfume before she stood in front of me. I smiled.

Her whole body shook as she stopped. She was not used to wearing such high heels. She was wearing her new outfit, I had picked out Sunday on my couch. She must have gone home and changed liked I asked. I told her to wear baggy clothes to her appointment this morning. Now she looked like a total whore. A sexy hot MILF slut, who was looking for a good time. She had on a full black fishnet body stocking. It started just above her new black wooden six inch high heels. It circled her ankles. Then pulled tight over her thick legs and thighs. It encased her large tits and stopped just around her neck. The small black mini skirt just covered her mid thigh. It was just pulled down covering her huge ass in the back. She had the animal print top stretched over her large breast. It stopped just at her belly button. The top of her breast tried to explode out the big fishnet holes near her neck.

"Bang! Bang! Pow!!! Damn!!" I heard Dan say as he dropped some videos on the floor. He was starring at Brenda in front of the cash register. He was checking out her big ass from behind. I smiled. She reached into her new big black leather purse, around her left shoulder. She then reached across the counter to hand me my videos. "I found these in my home. I think they belong to this video store." she said. She had a big smile on her face. "Oh! These are overdue Miss." I said. "That is Mrs!! How much do I owe young man?" she said. I smiled. "About a hundred.." I said. "I don't have that much money. Do you take another form of payment?" she said.

I smiled. "Dan! I'll be right back. I need to help a customer with her late fees." I said. I waved at Dan. He just smiled and starred at Brenda. His mouth was wide open as I grabbed her tiny hand. I escorted her to the back of the video store. I opened the small door leading to the back office. We walked down a small hallway to my boss's office. Brenda new perfume was driving me crazy. I could hear her new wooden heels click on the floor. She smiled as I opened the door to my boss's tiny office. "Right this way Mrs. Powers. We can take care of your late fees for those movies you found. Did you watch all of them?" I said. "Thank you! No! I did not get a chance to watch all of them. I had a pretty busy weekend." she said softly in my left ear.

I left the door open a crack as she spun around. She was inches from me. I looked down into her massive cleavage. "I see they did a great job at the salon. You even went to the tanning salon next door, to get some color. Your fucking platinum blonde hair, makeup and your juicy red nails are a perfect match on you....Mrs. Powers!!! Wait!! Are you trying to seduce me?? I'm just a young video store employee. The late fees will have to stand. There is nothing I can do." I said. She giggled.

"I better try to persuade you then. Let me see your hard cock, young man." she moaned. Brenda bent her knees and unzipped my cargo shorts. My cock flopped right out into her tiny hands. I was not wearing underwear today. She smiled as she saw the big white glob on the end of my cock. She used her wide tongue to lick the tip. She then dropped her hands down the length of my cock. She pulled down my cargo shorts. She then tossed them next to my boss's desk. I moved back to rest my naked ass on top of the desk. She was now licking my balls and jacking my cock with her free hand. She was making loud sucking noises as I heard the door down the hall open, and shut. I heard some foot steps come down the hall. I then saw a shadow in front of the door to the office. I turned to see Dan left eye peeking in on me and Brenda. I grabbed the back of her new blonde hair and fed more of my cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes. I reached down to pull her animal print top over her head. She let my cock flop out her mouth. It was covered in saliva. She smiled as some of my wetness dripped on her chest. The black fish nets covering her big breast glisten. I looked down to see her two big erect nipples piercing the black fishnet material. I gasped as her right nipples was bent to the left all the way down to her big fat pink aureole. I had to see more. "Stand up Mrs. Powers." I said. Brenda got off her thighs. She looked up at me. I reached for her big breast. I tugged on her nipples. She screamed. I put my two fingers on the front of her breast. Once I wiggled them inside the fishnet material. I pulled her body stocking wide open. Her two huge fat breast flopped out and landed in my big hands. I heard a noise behind me at the door.

Next I pulled Brenda into my arms. I started to man handle her breast. Sucking on the tips. Mashing them together. She screamed. My cock was now rubbing her stomach. I arched up touching the tip of my cock on the under side of her breast. She moaned in my ear. I then dropped her breast on her chest. I did this a few times causing her to moan in the small office. I then started to bite her big more than a handful breast. After a few minutes of fondling these whoppers, I let go.

I moved to the left. I reached back on my boss's desk. With one big swipe of my hand. I launched all his stuff on the floor. His cup full of pens hit the side wall. Brenda gasped. I put her hands on the desk. "You won't be needing this for a few minutes. I need to see if the rest of your body, looks as good as the top. I need to see if you can pay for these late fees. Now move your feet back. Arch your back. Stick out that big ass. Mmmmm! That is nice." I said. She listen and did everything I asked.

A second later. I dropped to my knees behind her. I started to slap her big ass, which was encased in black fishnets. She moaned as I slapped her ass some more. I used the same technique to open a hole for her breast. On her big fat ass. I ripped a big hole forcing her ass out and to the side. She look like she erupted out of the black material. I looked between her legs. She was buck naked. I smiled. Not a hair to be found. She even waxed some small hairs around her big fat ass. I smiled again.

I leaned my head down between her thick thighs. She was smiling a she looked between her legs. She could tell I approved. I licked my right middle finger. I then started to rub her big wet pussy lips. She moaned. I slipped the tip of my finger just inside her. She moaned louder. I eased my finger pass my knuckle. She gasped. I then felt a small breeze on my feet. I moved my head around her big ass. I could see the door to the office open wider. Dan had his small dick in his hand. He was jacking quite hard. I moved my head back to see my finger inch deeper in Brenda tight pussy. I started to finger fuck her pussy. I went faster and harder. I used my free hand to scratch each one of her big white ass cheeks.

I pulled out my wet finger. Her pussy juices were running off the tip. She moaned, then shook her ass. I put two fingers inside her. After a minute or two. "Ahhh!! What is that??? What's come over me.....Buck!!!" she screamed. Her legs shook. Her back arched. Her big ass shook violently. Then she orgasm for the first time on my fingers. I kept fingering her to another orgasm. Before I put my mouth on her wet pussy. I licked my fingers clean. I then sucked hard on her cunt lips. I placed my tongue on her swollen labia. She screamed again. Then her legs shook. She came in my mouth. She was sweet to the taste. Her pussy aroma filled the small office.

"OOOOOO!!! Fuck!!! Slam!!!!" The door opened all the way. Dan fell forward and just missed the back of desk, with his forehead. He fell on his cock. He hit the carpet and rolled over next to the desk. "Scream!!!!!" Brenda screamed. "Damn!! You Ok??" I said to Dan. He smiled. He rolled over and got up. He walked back to the door way. "I'll be right back. I better go lock the front door." said Dan.

I stood up behind Brenda. Her mouth was open. Her big tits laid on the top of the desk. I saw a small white stream of sperm on the door. I smiled. I then looked down at Brenda big ass starring back at me. I grabbed her hands. I placed them on her big butt cheeks. "Spread them!! Get a big hand full." I said. She moaned. I looked down at my cock. It was still glistening from her mouth. I spit out a big glob of saliva on the tip. I then jacked it on my cock. I moved my feet behind hers. I then laid my wet cock on her ass. She tried to look over her shoulder. Each time she moved her ass in the opposite direction of her head.

I started to slowly fuck her big ass crack. Dragging the tip of my cock the length of her big ass crack. She moaned. I then slapped her big ass with the side of my cock. She moaned. I grabbed her hips. "Buck! I'm married....Please No!!!" she moaned. "Do you want me to stop?" I said. "Yes!!!....Well maybe...." she said. I kpet moving my cock on her big ass. Finally I placed it on her two big cunt lips. They were so excited they fell out her tight pussy. She gasped. I rubbed them with my hard cock. The tip of my cock just played with them.

After a few minutes. "Ok!! You must be gentle. It's been so long since someone has done this to me. I'm not ready for your big cock." she moaned. "After today. You will be ready for my cock. Anytime! Any! Where! Now scream as loud as you want to. This might....." I said. "Ahhhhhhhh!" she screamed. I took no time. I just rammed my hard cock in her wet pussy. Her face hit the top of the desk really hard. Her ass sprang back. She lost the grip of her big butt cheeks. My cock shot out after one hard thrust.

I grabbed her hands. I placed them on the small of her back. Just above her big fat ass. I held them with my right hand. Her big breast flopped out the side of her chest. Her big nipples poked out the sides. I started to jam my cock back in her tight hole. I moaned. I then got another inch inside. Then half way inside her. She screamed. I heard the door down the hallway slam. I then saw Dan in the door way. His cock was in his work pants. I really started to fuck Brenda pussy. I was gripping her hands, and her left hip with my free hand. I then spanked her big ass. It shook very hard. My hand was imprinted on her butt cheek. All nice and red. I did this a few more times. I finally let her hands go.

I was gripping both her big hips. My hands dug in her sides. I slammed my cock all the way in her pussy. Her legs shook. Then her pussy exploded around my cock. I grunted. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy. She looked over her shoulder. I left a wet trail of her juices on the carpet in the video store office. She turned to walk toward me. I took off my work shirt. My name tag fell on the floor. I was now naked except for my black sandals. I kicked them off next. They hit the front of my boss's desk. Brenda smiled as she got closer.

My naked ass was against the fake wooden paneling in the office. I then felt her soft body against mine. We started to kiss her, as she guided my hard cock to her pussy. I reached down to pull up her big ass. A second later my cock pushed into her pussy. She moaned in my left ear. I started to bounce her on my cock. I put her left nipple in my mouth. I felt her pussy get wet again. She slammed her weight against mine. I heard one of the fake wooden panels crack on the small of my back. She smiled. I then plunged my cock all the way. I held it for a few seconds, deep inside her. She French kiss my mouth. I then felt my legs shake. A second later. I shot a huge load deep in her pussy. She had another orgasm around my cock.

A few minutes later my cock flopped out her cream filled pussy. It was dripping between her legs. Just on the other side of her ass. I heard Dan gasp as he saw my cock dripping on the floor, just under her big ass. We kissed for another ten minutes. Then Brenda sucked my cock for another forty minutes before I came down her throat.

I looked up to see Dan was gone. I could hear some people in the video store. I reached down to help Brenda on her feet. I had her stand in the middle of the office. I put her animal print top back on. I then slipped her mini skirt back on, covering her big fat ass. I ran my finger between her legs. She was still dripping my load on the carpet. I smiled. I got dressed next.

"Go back to my house. Go upstairs and take a long bath. Make sure you don't miss cleaning a single spot. I will be inspecting you later. Then go in my spare bedroom. That your new whore room. Everything in there is for you pleasure. I should be done here in an hour. If there are any packages on the front porch. Take them inside..... I paused........ When I get home. You are to be naked laying on your back in my bed. Now hurry along. I need talk to Dan. Tomorrow night is Poker Night. I need to see if we can move it from my Boss's house to mine. The winner gets a big surprise. Will need a hostess for Poker Night. I now just the right whore for the job.." I smiled. I slapped her big ass as she walked down the hall.

I made Dan clean his little brother's office. Then he agreed we should move Poker Night to my house. I now needed to see if my boss wanted to play and maybe if Frank Powers wanted to play. It was only fair he got to see his wife be a total slut in front of his new next door neighbor. My cock was semi erect thinking of what to do with My New Sex Slave Neighbor.


Part 3 cumming soon...
"Poke Her Night!!"