Sunday, July 18, 2010

German Soccer BBW's - An Adult Story

I'm not sure how this happens to me but here another true story in my life.

I love playing and watching soccer (as it called in America)
Every where else in the world its called Football
Every four years they have the World Cup.
Were the best 32 teams in the world compete.

I was born and used to live in Germany.
I know a little German but not much.
I always cheer for the German Football team and Team USA.
The German team (Deutschland) as its better known is very good in Football
I watched all most all the World Cup games.
I watched ever single German game.
They finished 3rd again.
They have won 3 world cups.
But this Year Spain won it all

I was at the beach in the morning. About 2 hours before the start of the game, I went home to change and take a shower. Germany was playing Argentina in the next round of the World Cup. I put on some dark jeans. Some black Adidas Flip Flops. A white German Football Jersey. I put on some black boxer briefs. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

I drove to a bar near my house. Its kinda of an English pub. I have come there to watch most of the games played so far. They always have all the games on the big screen in the bar. They of course love English Football. But they have all the World Cup games on. Every day there is 2 games played. I got there about 30 minutes before the start of the match. I was hoping there might be a few more fans of Germany than the first matches they played. I was right of course. I heard a big roar in the back section of the bar. I walked up and order a beer (Lowenbrau).

I walked back to the back section of the bar. I could see some German fans singing and jumping up an down. I sat in the back on a bar stool. There was maybe 50 fans in the back of the bar. There was a huge big screen to watch the game. There was maybe 20 girls and 30 guys singing the national anthem of Germany. I just shook my head as I heard them sing. I order another drink. Some of the fans walked passed my and smiled when they saw my soccer jersey. I toasted them with my beer glass. It did not take very long before Germany scored. It was 1-0 pretty quick. The place went crazy. Everyone cheered and jumped up and down.

After this happened. A few people started to buy a round of drinks for the bar. I got another beer. Normally I try and just watch the game and try not to get distracted. When I watch the Baltimore Ravens play every week I don't go looking to pick up girls in a bar. I watch the game. Then maybe see what's going on with the ladies after the game. Depending on if they win or loose. My mood might change.

So far the previous games I watch at the bar. I have been good and gone home alone. No one really caught my eye the other times. This was about to change. After the German Team scored again and the place went more crazy. I turned my head to see two girls walk toward the bartender. I then watched them get some pitchers of beer. They started to walk around pouring beer in everyone glass. They were singing and cheering for Germany. I watched as they headed right for me.

I had a big smile on my face. The first girl was about 5ft 6 with long blonde hair. She was wearing a super tight white German Football jersey like mine. She had on a super small blue denim mini skirt. She had on some small white tennis shoes. The shoes laces where black, yellow and red just like the German Flag. It matched the ribbon tieing her long pony tail in the back of her hair. Her friend was maybe 5ft 8 with long curly red hair. She was wearing some black soccer shorts. She also had on a white German Soccer jersey. Just like her friend, the jersey was stretched over her bodacious body. She was wearing the same shoes as her friend. Both girls were just just my size. Big, Curvy, Voluptuous and now standing in front of me.

They both started to talk German. I just dropped open my mouth. "MMMmmm! Go Deutschland!" I said in English. The red head laughed. "You don't speak German do you?" said the blonde in broken English. "Just a little. I was born there and moved at an early age. I have gone back a few times. I need to work on my German." I said. The blonde talked to her friend in German. They both giggled. They talked some more. I just sat there playing it cool. "My friend like your uniform. She loves Michael Ballack to. To bad he is injured and not playing." said the blonde. "Yes! It is to bad." I said. "Would you like some beer?" said the blonde. "Yes! Thank you." I said. They talked in German again.

"What is your name?" said the blonde. "Buck! Buck Kelly. What are your names?" I said. The blonde pointed to her friend. "She is Georgina and my name is Uly. We are here studying at UMBC for the summer. We are students." said the blonde. I smiled. "Nice! Welcome to Baltimore. How do you like it so far?" I said. "Yes! So far very fun. We like America. Baltimore is very hot in the summer. We are happy to find this pub and watch football." said Uly.

We made some more small talk. Each time the girl giggled at a few of my jokes. I drank some more beer as the pour me another glass. They turned to watch the game in front of me. I looked down to see both girl had very thick thighs, curvy hips and Uly ass was just bigger than her friends. The both jumped up and down and cheered for Germany as the game went along. At half I bought them some beer and buffalo chicken wings. They made a little mess eating them. I watched them lick there fingers as they drove me crazy with lust. I bought then next round of drinks for the bar when German scored again. I watched as the girls went around filling up the fans beer glasses. Then they came back to stand in front of me.

Uly was the first to go use the ladies room. Her friend Georgina who spoke little English turned to put her beer glass next to mine. She then leaned up and gave me a kiss on either cheek. She said it was for good luck and then giggled. She put her left hand on my thigh. She gave my thigh a small squeeze. She then turned when her friend came back. She said something in German and then both girl giggled again. I just smiled as Georgina went to use the ladies room. Uly put her ass on my right thigh as she leaned back into me. I smiled when I felt her hand on my upper thigh. She gave me a big squeeze just like her friend.

Next Uly turned to kiss me on both cheeks. "It is how you say. Good luck!" said Uly. "Yes! Oh look they scored again. Goal!!!!!!!!!!" I said. Uly screamed and Georgina ran out of the bathroom screaming. Both girls jumped up and down and ran around the bar. I just smiled as the both came back to talk to me. A few minutes later the game ended. Germany beat Argentine to advance to the next round.

We made some more small talk as the fans in the bar started to leave. It was still early in the day. "Buck! What are you going to do now? Any plans?" said Uly. "No! I was going to go home and relax for the day. Maybe go swimming in my pool. Order some food for later. How about you girls?" I said. Both girls talked in German. "Do you live far from here?" said Uly. "No! Not to far." I said. "Do you have room for two at your house." said Uly. "MMmmmmmm Yes! I have more than enough room for two. Would you girls like to come over. I'll drive." I said. "We came by taxi. You can call taxi from your house when we want to go back to dorm." said Uly. "Yes! No problem. But I can drive you both back to UMBC when you want to go. No trouble." I said. "Ok! We need to stop to get some beer to bring." said Uly. "If you want. I do have a full bar in my basement." I said with a smile.

I stopped my SUV at a liquor store near my house. Both the girls and I went in. I got a few cases of Lowenbrau and some Vodka to take home. I pulled in my driveway. I went to open the door for the girls. We walked through my garage to my kitchen.

Next I took them on the mini tour of my house. We went downstairs to put the beer in the fridge behind the bar. I grabbed a six pack and put on some ice to take to the back yard. They giggle when they saw my pool. They both pointed to my hot tub. They giggled a little louder when I turned on the jets in the hot tub. "Very nice Mr. Buck!" said Uly "Thank you. Would you girls like to go for a swim first or I can order some food for us. We can go inside if you like." I said. "We go for a swim. How you say? We don't have swim suits." said Uly. "Oh! No problem. Follow me. I have a spare bedroom. With lots of swim suits and clothes. Even shoes that you both would look great in. I have a few guests over during the summer who forget to bring a bathing suit." I said. The both giggled. "They will fit us?" said Uly. "Yes! All sizes. I have a friend who likes to go shopping for me (Mrs. T.) she keeps the place stock for just this occasion." I said.

I took the girls up to the second floor. I opened the room down the hall from mine. They both smiled. "Yeah! Very nice Mr. Buck!" said Uly. "Oh!!!!" said Georgina. "I am going to change. I will be down by the pool. Take your time. Wear what ever you like. Don't worry about the tags. There some scissors in there to cut them off. Have fun. Thanks for coming over to my house." I said. I turned to walk down the hall. I could hear them both going through the big closet as I opened my door to my room. I quickly stripped. I sprayed some body spray on my naked body. I looked in the mirror real quick. I just had small one inch patch of hair above my cock. I fondled my naked balls before I put on a pair of navy blue Hawaiian swim shorts. There was some white mesh inside to hold my cock and balls.

I was down at the pool with some big white towels. It was forty minutes later that I heard the girls coming out the back sliding glass door. I took a big sip of my beer. Georgina had on a big one piece bathing suit with a big white bow in the middle of her huge cleavage. Uly had on a black two piece bathing suit that hugged her every curve. They both were wearing some 2inch wooden clogs. They both bounced across the wooden deck toward me at the far end of my pool. I had three lounge chairs pulled out. I could hear both of there wooden clogs tap across the wood.

"Hey girls. Looking very good in your suits." I said. They did look amazing. I could not tell the last time there skin saw the sun. They were both very white. They each gave me a big hug. They felt great next to my tan skin. I gave each one a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. I could feel Uly big chest mash against mine. I grabbed a little handful of Georgina large ass. They both giggled as they finished my beer. "Do you want to go for a swim first. I'll go get us some more to drink." I said. I helped them to the shallow end. Each girl used the metal pole and stairs to climb in. I went to get some more beers.

I return a few minutes later. Each girl was splashing water. Both of there large breast kept them afloat. I tried not to stare. I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction. I put our beers down and jumped into the deep end. "Come here Buck! We need your big sexy arms. Help! Help!!" said Uly. I smiled as I swam underwater to them. "Hey! How is the water?" I said. "Good!" they both giggled again. Georgina was on her back. Then Uly started to float. I put my hands under Uly to help her float. I looked down trying not to bump her hip against my hard cock in my wet swim shorts. "Looking good ladies." I said.

We spent the next thirity minutes in the pool. Talking, splashing water. I made a few jokes. They talked about Germany. There home town. Were they grew up and how much fun they were having in the Untied States. We gently moved to the shallow end. Each girl moved next to me against the wall of the pool. I put my hand behind each one. They smiled and talked in German a few times. Georgina kept looking in my blue eyes and smiling. Uly kept looking at my arms and shoulders.

Georgina said something in German to Uly. Then she turned to her right and started to kiss my lips. Uly moved her hands to my chest. She began to massage my chest and abs. Georgina moved her hands on my neck and shoulders. I squeezed each girl amazing ass. I then felt Uly lips on my neck. Georgina moved her lips on the other side of my neck. I then felt Uly on my lips. I parted my mouth to stick out my tongue. We were now running are tongues in each others mouths.

I am not sure who put there hand on the outside of my shorts. Both girl giggled when they felt my hard cock. I stopped kissing them. I stood up. My knees were at the bottom of the water. My swim shorts dripped water as they both looked up. My cock was making a tent in my shorts. Georgina grabbed one side. Then Uly the other. They both pulled down freeing my cock in the air. I looked down to see both of there eyes light up. "MMmmmmmm!" they both said.

I then felt each girl move in front of my cock. They took turns sucking my hard 9 3/4 inch cock. They played with my big naked balls. I felt there suits cut into my skin as they both sucked on my cock. I reached down to untie Georgina top. I then felt her warm naked chest on my thigh. I then saw Uly pull off her top over her head. Her long blonde hair bounced to the side. I put my hand on each girls head as they sucked on my cock. I could feel there small hands on my cock and balls. I was in heaven. I could here them suck and spit on my cock. I could feel each one of there tongues wrap around my cock. They jacked my cock and kissed for the first time. I was sure it was not there first kiss together.

I moved my feet causing my shorts to float to the surface. They tossed my wet swim trunks on the deck. I then moved forward feeling the cold water on my cock. I turned to see Georgina had pulled her red swim suit completely off. She placed it on my shorts. She then placed her upped body on the wooden deck. She arched her back and forced out her breast on the wet wood. I moved behind her. She moved her big ass back on my cock. Uly reached down to guide my wet cock in her friends pussy. She was very tight. I had to put my cock back in 4-5 times before I got enough inside her tight pussy. Each time Uly helped.

I grabbed her friends hips slamming my cock in Georgina tight pussy. Uly moved and took off her bottoms. They floated by sticking to my ass as she giggled. She tossed them in the shallow end near the steps. I then felt her large breast against the front of my chest. She had her hands on her friends lower back. She spanked Georgina ass very hard. Her white skin was beat red in no time. Each hard slap made her friend moan. They both said stuff in German making me fuck her harder.

I next felt Uly warm breast on my chin. She was feeding me her big hard nipple. I stuck my tongue out. I then sucked her perfect hard nipple in my mouth. I ran my teeth on her nipple causing her to moan. Georgina slammed her pussy back on my cock. I was now all the way inside her. She was screaming in German as I slammed my cock in her once more. Uly said something in German in my left ear. That was all I could take. I pulled my cock out. Uly reached down to jack my cock on her friends big wet ass. I watched as big spurts of my cum dripped on her friends ass. Then all over her hand. She reached up to let Georgina lick her hand. I stood there as both girls licked off my orgasm from my cock.

A minute later I put Georgina on the wooden deck. Her ass expanded out as she put her legs in the air. She spread them wide as I dropped my face down on her big thick matted red hair. Both girls had very big bushes. I split her tight cunt muscles. I was sucking on her small clit and sucking her sweet lips. She ran her hands in my hair. "Oh! Buck! You now your way around a pussy. She likes that. (German cuss word or two)" said Uly. I put two fingers in her as I swirled my tongue deep inside her pussy. A few minutes later and a big scream. I could begin to taste her juices. She flooded my mouth and her whole body spasm. I then felt Uly lips on mine. She licked some of her friend juices from my mouth. She put her finer inside her friends tight pussy. We each a had a finger in there fucking Georgina. A few minutes later she orgasm on our fingers. I put my juicy finger in Uly mouth. She put her wet finger in mine. Georgina laid on her back and was glowing from our fingers.

It was Uly turn now. I put a towel down on the wooden deck. She lowered herself on my hard cock. I held the base as she got used to the size. She was almost as tight as her friend. Her feet were next to my hips. She then leaned down putting her body on mine. I moved her so my cock could fit in her pussy better. She began to kiss my lips. I felt her soft body on mine. I felt her large breast fall to my sides. I was kissing her neck. She was bouncing on my cock. She moved to sit more up right. She was really bouncing on my cock. I watched her breast bounce, her big gurl body shake on mine. I grabbed her heels pulling her tighter. She smiled as she moved her hair from her face.

I saw a shadow on the deck next to me. It was Georgina. She was inches from us watching her friend and I fuck. It had only been a few hours since I met them at a bar. I was watching the World Cup. Now I was watching to hot German BBW's fuck the shit out of me. I was loving it. I reached down to run my hands on Uly big ass. She stopped to switch positions. I felt like a big sit and spin. She swung her leg around. She was now facing the other direction. I leaned up to see her big ass looking back at me.

I looked down to see her tight pussy was bouncing up and down on my cock. I then watched Georgina move. She bent over shoving her ass in Uly face. Uly began to lick and kiss her friends big ass. She put one finger in her ass hole. Another in her tight pussy with the same hand. She than started to fuck both holes. I slapped Uly big ass making it pink. She kept bouncing on my cock not missing a beat with her friend. I looked up into the sun. Then back at the two BBW's making noises in my back yard. A few minutes later I pulled out and both girls got on all fours. They pumped my cock in there faces. They cleaned each other off. Then me.

I order some pizza for us. I had the delivery guy bring us the pizza out in the back yard. He smiled when he saw them in the hot tub. Georgina flashed him as I gave him a big tip on my credit card. I fed them in the hot tub. Then sent me for more beer in the house. I lost count how many times they drained my cock. I had fun showing them a good time at my house.

I took them back to UMBC the next morning before the start of there first class. We watched a few more German Football games the next two weeks. They were sad that German lost in the semifinals. I just smiled knowing they wanted to go fuck in the hot tub after the game.

They came over to watch the final game. Spain vs Netherlands. I say we watched the game. But I had a friend come over. I had planned a day with her before I met the girls. They both smiled when they saw Mrs. T. She had brought over some whips, chains, bondage stuff. She also brought over a submissive house wife she met at a party, she wanted us to meet. Seeing four big gurls in leather whipping each other and screaming in German can turn a guy on.

I need to go pick up Uly and Georgina on Friday 07/23/10. They want to go to Mrs. T. house for the weekend. Mrs. T. told them about how she used to be a big soccer Mom. I picked up a DVD to learn German. They both told me they teach me the in and outs of the German language. I am just not sure if they know what there getting into. I learn better seeing than reading.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Taxi Cab Driver - An Adult Story

I had been driving my big yellow and black checkered taxi most of the day. It was starting to get more crowded downtown. I honked a few times to make room. I pulled over to take a break. I was parked outside this very upscale restaurant. I looked out the rear of the parking lot. There was a taco truck selling some Korean barbecue. I got a few tacos to go. I drank a cold beer as I waited in the back seat of my cab. The restaurant was very busy. A few limos pulled up and dropped off some rich people. The guys were dressed in tuxedo's and the women were wearing these very high price outfits.

It was about an hour later that I jumped out the back seat. I walked around the back of the parking lot. I was taking a piss in the back alley of the restaurant. I was only wearing a tight black shirt. Some cargo shorts. Some black sandals. I pushed my wet cock back in my black boxer briefs. I looked around as I walked back to my cab. I was maybe five feet from the back when I heard a loud noise. I then heard some people shouting. A couple guys were whistling. I looked up in front of my cab. About twenty feet from the hood. There was some guys gathering around in a circle around a man and woman. The guys were being kinda of rude to them.

"Hey baby. Why don't you come with us. Leave this guy. Come on baby. Were better than your old man. Damn you look hot baby!!!...." said these different guys. I took a big breath. I walked up behind them. I stuck my head over this short guy. Being 6ft 4 and athletic helps. I got a big smile. There was a skinny short guy in a tux. Next to him. Was the object of these guys affection. She was about 5ft 9 with long curly blonde hair. It was straight on top. She had on a long red dress that stopped at her ankles. It was bedazzled by jewels all up and down the dress. The best part was the dress was two sizes to small. Her large ass almost burst out the side and down the back. Her large breast almost fell out the large scoop that was in front of the dress. I was not sure how her breast had not fallen out. She was not wearing a bra. I was not sure they made a bra that size.

I gulped. I was not sure what to do. The crowd of guys were getting more brazen. They tried to touch her dress. I was sure if they could. Someone might pull it off her body. She was very voluptuous as she stood on her big 6inch platform heels. "Will pay you sexy. Yeah how much for 6 guys? Who this your pimp?" said this one drunk guy. "This is my husband. Sir William Ascot III. Please move!! Honey what are you doing?" she said. Her husband was now behind the mob. He was jumping up and down trying to see what they were doing to his wife.

"Hey! YOUR RIDE HERE! Right this way lady. Please stay in front of me." I yelled. I grabbed her hand and spun her around toward my cab. I put my hands around her thick waist. I pushed her out of the circle. I was heading toward my cab. Her husband was now next to me. The guys were behind us. They were yelling for me to stop. "Hey buddy. Stop cabbie! What are you doing man?" said the guys. "Got any money?" I said to her husband. "Yes!" he said. "Reach in you pocket. Throw it all in the air over your head." I yelled. I was still pushing his wife as he threw the money over his head. I looked back to see the mob of guys stop. They started to chase the money.

"OK! Were here. Get in the back lady. Dude! Do you know how to drive?" I said. I held the back door open. She slid across the big black leather seat. She was on the passenger side looking out the window at the group of guys picking up her husband money. "Yes! Why do you ask kind sir?" he said. "OK! You drive. Take my spare keys. Just put your address in the GPS on the dash. I can't drive after 9pm. I need to take a break before I can drive anyone. It's a taxicab law. I think there coming back. They got all your money." I yelled as I pointed at the mob of guys coming toward the cab.

I jumped in the back seat. He jumped in the front seat. I leaned forward two feet to push the glass window separating the front seat and the back seat open. "Go! Go!" I said. He started the cab. He put it in drive and sped out of there. The drunk guys chased the cab for a block or two. "Put your address in the GPS. Perfect. Now follow the directions." I said. "Look! Brenda! I'm driving a taxi. I'm the taxi driver." he said. I closed the glass window before I sat back on the leather chair. "That nice honey. Thank you sir. Thank you for saving us. I don't know what would have done." she said.

"My pleasure. Your very welcome. What happen in the restaurant to make those guys come after you like that?" I said. "Well we got done eating. Then this guy asked me to dance. But I told him it was our 10th wedding anniversary tonight. He would not take no for answer. So I gave in. We started to dance. Almost immediately he put his hands all over my body. He was touching me very naughty like. Finally I had to ask him to stop. That's when we decided to leave. He followed us outside the restaurant. Then his friends follow him outside. Before you know it got really crazy." she said.

The whole time she was talking my cock was getting hard. Her voice. The sweet smell of her intoxicating perfume was driving me crazy. Her bright red lips matched her finger and toenails. She crossed her legs causing her dress to open up in front. The long slit down her dress open to show off her curvy legs. The platform heels were tied around her ankles. She had on a gold toe ring on her right middle toe. I looked up to see her husband had not even adjusted the rear view mirror to see in the back seat. He was so short that he could barely reach the pedals as he leaned down to push the gas.

"I'm just glad I was there. These men. Did they touch you before I rescued you?" I said. "Yes! They kept touching my things." she said. "Mmmmm! Can you be more specific." I said. "My large butt and these two big things." she said as she pointed to her large breast. "How am I doing sir?" said her husband from the front seat. "Oh, your doing great. Just keep your eyes on the road." I said. Brenda Ascot had shifted on the back seat. I heard the seat squeak as she shifted her large ass on the leather. She had moved so her right leg was higher than her left. She had moved the opening of her dress to show off her deep cleavage. I was staring right in between her big breast. I could make out the top of her pink aerloes. I could see her right nipple was hard under the thin red material of her dress.

I could see her breathing had increased. "Where you trying to get away from them? I mean I saw you stop. Did you like them touching you. Feeling your big breast. Touching that amazing ass." I whispered to her. She blushed. "Well! Sir! No! I was trying to get away. I thought the one guy had ripped my dress. He was fondling my breast so hard, that I though I heard my new dress rip. That's when I screamed. Are you OK Sir? What is your name young man?" she said. "Buck Kelly and Yes! I am OK! Your story is making me light headed." I said. I kept staring at her large breast. I finally looked up at her eyes. She was staring at my crotch. She could make out my hard cock under my tan cargo shorts. I looked down to see my cock had grown down my thigh.

Her eyes got big as I put my hand on my thigh. I touched the thin material covering my cock. She let out a big sigh. I then started to unzip my cargo shorts. I open the top of my boxer briefs freeing my cock. It flopped out the front of the opening. I heard a moan. "Mmmmm Mr. Kelly. Your big cock fell out. You should put that away before my husband see it." said Mrs. Ascot. "It's OK. Here give me your hand. You should feel how hard you made him. Your husband can't see. Go ahead play with him. You know you want to. Give me your hand. That it Brenda. Jack my cock. Show me how much you like young cock in your hand.

I watched as she jacked my cock making it much harder in her small hand. Her bright red nails scratched down the underside of my shaft. I gently pulled down my cargo shorts, and boxer briefs to around my ankles. She then scooped up my naked balls in her free hand. I saw her upper red lip move as she moved her head closer to my lap. I pushed down on her blonde hair. She was inches away from my cock. Her big soft lips touched the tip of my cock. She licked off the pre-cum. Then I felt her hot mouth on my cock. She got half of my 9 3/4 inch cock in her mouth before she spit him out. "Damn! That is just perfect. Suck him. Use your hot mouth on my cock Brenda." I said. She moaned as I stuck my cock back in her mouth.

I felt the taxi move to make a hard right. I looked up to see Brenda husband playing with the knobs on the dash board. His wife was playing with my big knob in the back seat. I put my hand on the back of her head as she kept swallowing more of my cock. I moved my hand on her back. I could feel her large breast resting on my thigh. Her dress was cutting into my skin. I moved my right hand under breast. I started to fondle them as she continued to suck my cock. She breathed in making her lips smack hard on my cock. I finally pulled her blonde hair. She let go of my cock. It made a loud sucking noise. It was covered in her saliva. She smiled as a big drop of saliva fell out her mouth on her new dress.

I then reached over to pull open her dress. Her big breast were now exposed in the cold air of the taxi. I saw her eyes were now closed. I moved both of my hands on her big breast. I tugged on her nipples making her moan. I pushed her breast together causing her to moan louder. I then felt her right hand back on my wet cock. She was jacking my cock as I mashed her big breast together. I took her left breast and put it in my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple. She was now breathing much more heavier.

I moved my free hand to the side of her dress. I unzipped the side making her dress fall open. I pushed her dress off her shoulders. She was now naked jacking my cock. She only had her 6inch red stiletto heels on. She also had a small red thong covering her pussy in the front. The back looked liked a piece of dental floss going up her big ass. I moved my hand over to cup her ass. She dropped her mouth back on my cock. The whole time her husband kept driving the taxi.

About twenty minutes later. My cock was getting close to bursting a big load down her throat. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I looked up into the front seat. Her husband had slowed down. He was trying to look in the rear view mirror. He still had his seat belt on. He could not reach the mirror. I pulled Mrs. Ascot off my cock. She fell back in the seat. I leaned forward to pull open the sliding glass separating the taxi. I looked around. I saw an alley coming up on the right.

"Hey! Pull in that alley over there on the right." I said. Mr. Ascot turned on the blinker. He could now smell his wife in the back seat. Her wet pussy aroma passed my nose to the front seat. He slowed down the cab in the alley. There were two building on either side. There were some garbage cans in front of the taxi. I fell back in the back seat next to Brenda. I quickly opened her door. I was now outside the taxi with Brenda. Next I pulled off her thong. I walked passed the front seat. Her husband rolled down the passenger side window. I leaned in to put his wife wet thong on the rear view mirror. I turned to see his wife and I were both naked in the alley. Brenda let out a moan as I picked her up. I walked her to the front of the taxi. I placed her on the hood. I looked up to see her husband staring out the wind shield.

The taxi cab lights reflected off the building. He could see me open his wife legs as I leaned down to start to eat her pussy. She placed her hands on the top of my head. I slowly kissed her soft skin. I then started to lick the outside of her pussy. I could feel her freshly shave pussy as her small cunt lips open. I jammed my big wide tongue deep in her pussy causing her to moan. She was pulling on my short hair as she moaned. A few minutes later and with one finger in her pussy she orgasm very hard. She screamed. Her husband hit the horn by accident. She slapped my head making me pull off her pussy. I looked in the taxi to see him moving his hand in the front of the steering wheel.

I stood up. I licked my left hand. I then grabbed my hard cock. I thrusted my hips forward causing her small cunt lips to open. The tip of my dark purple cock moved inside her for the first time. I could feel her juices suck in my cock. I grabbed her long curvy legs to hold on to them. I had her heels in my hand as I pulled them up around me. I was now half way inside her. Her pussy kept pushing me out as she moaned. She finally relaxed letting almost of my cock inside her. I grunted as I fucked her faster. I was picking up the pace as she wiggled her head back and forth on the yellow hood of the cab. I stood on my toes as I slammed my cock harder and deeper inside her. She moaned and then I felt her hot juices on my cock. I put my hand on her breast as her legs wrapped around my waist.

She pushed her breast together as I leaned down to suck on her nipples. Her husband was moving in the front seat. He was trying to make his wife body move on mine. I lost balance and plunged all my cock inside her. "FUCK!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!" she screamed. I grabbed her two large breast squeezing them very hard. I then felt my cock erupt deep inside her. I could feel her juices and mine falling out the side of my cock. A few minutes later I pulled my half erect cock out of her soaked pussy. She looked down as I picked her up and put her in the back seat of the cab.

I sat down next to Brenda. Her husband turned to look at us in the back seat. I moved my hand to his wife pussy. I opened her pussy showing him, his wife dripping with my big load. He turned to put the taxi in reverse. He backed out of the alley. I moved Brenda on my lap. Her knees were next to my thighs. I put her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy was on my cock. It was growing under her pussy mound sticking out between her legs. I then started to suck on her breast again. Her head was tilted back as I sucked on her breast.

I heard the big iron gates open as we pulled into there long driveway. A few minutes later the taxi stopped at a big house. There was a big garage in the back. I leaned forward to see the meter. The fair was over a hundred. I opened her door again. She giggled as we stood in the driveway in front of the house naked. Her husband came around to see us. "Get our clothes in the back seat." I said to her husband. "Let's go in. You still need to pay for your taxi cab ride lady. Where the master bedroom?" I said. "Follow me! Mr. Kelly. I might have some money in my dresser drawer. Honey! Sleep on the couch tonight!" said Mrs. Ascot.

The rest of the night I fucked Brenda all over her room. In the morning I gave her a white silk robe from her closet to wear. She put on some white 4inch heels. She was still covered in my dry semen all over her body. My cock was still semi hard as I put on a big white cotton robe to wear. She opened the door to her room. I could see some dried cum on the carpet in front of the door. Her husband must have watched from the key hole last night.

She woke her husband as we walked passed him on the couch. He still had on his tux. He was a mess as we walked into the kitchen. I began to cook as they sat at the table. "You need to go wash my cab. Inside and out before tonight. The back seat needs a good scrubbing. The front seat too." I said. He frowned as I handed his wife some pancakes and a big glass of OJ. Next I ate some bacon and a few pancakes. He ate what was left over. I think there was a one piece of bacon left and half a pancake. I was feeling horny again as I looked over at Brenda. Her robe had fallen open showing off her luscious breast.

"Come here Brenda. Stand facing your husband. Sit on my lap." I said. I reached up to open her robe exposing her naked body to her husband. I was fondling her big breast again for the one million time since we met last night. I pinched her nipples causing her husband to drop his fork on the kitchen floor. I then pushed her over on the kitchen table. Her face was on the wooden table. Her breast pushed out to the side of her chest. I took off my robe. I stood up with my cock pointing straight out. "MMMmm...that is nice Mrs. Ascot. Maybe your husband would like to help. Come over here and put my cock in your wife. That it grab my cock and put it inside your wife. How does that fell Brenda????" I said.

She moaned very loud. Mr. Ascot just stood there staring at his wife being fucked. She gripped the kitchen table as I rammed my cock in her tight pussy. My dried semen was falling over her body on to the table. I grabbed her hips plunging my cock in deeper. "Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Keep fucking me! Don't stop!!! God!!! Fuck!!!!! Fuck me harder." she screamed. I kept up the pace as I moved my hands to each side of her breast. I pulled on her nipples. "Do you want me to stop? Fuck me Mrs. Ascot. Show your husband how much you like my cock in your pussy. Fuck me! Brenda faster! Come on! Faster baby!! Faster." I yelled. Her husband moaned as his wife orgasm on my cock. She was hammering her pussy back on my cock.

I could not last much longer. I slapped her big ass. Then I used my finger nails to scratch her ass making it bright red. I then tensed up. I looked down to see my cock empty into her tight pussy. She fell forward on the table pushing off her OJ glass on the floor. I looked at her husband who had shot his load in his pants. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I then wiped it off on her big ass.

"Go start the water in your bath tub upstairs. I need to clean your wife before we go out tonight. Then go start to clean the cab. Look in the trunk. There should be a black limo hat for you to wear. Find another tuxedo to wear. Then pull the cab up and wait for us. I have a long night planned for us. Were going back to the same restaurant from last night. I'm going to show your wife the way a man should pay attention to her. That all driver." I said. Brenda pointed for him to get going.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Earning Some Extra Money - An Adult Story

I had to stay after school. I was beating the erasers on the chalk board in detention. I looked up to see the male teacher was falling asleep. It was close to 4pm. I only had a few more minutes before the last bell to go home. I had just moved in my Grand Mothers basement about a week ago. She was always out playing Bingo or at church. It was a good thing. My parents were no longer in the picture. I was going to drive my old clunker home. It was a late model with some huge rims and big speakers. It got bad gas mileage but it turn heads.

I was still single. I had just broke up with a girl at the beginning of school. She caught with her Mom having sex. She walked in her Mom bedroom to see me fucking her Mom in the ass. Damn her Mom could fuck. After that she started some rumors around school I was a bad guy. No harm. I was not looking to get tied down. I was over skinny high school girls. I was more into curvier ladies. The bodacious hottie with the voluptuous curves. The wider the ass and the bigger the boobs was my new motto. It was hard to find these girls at school. But there were around my small town. You just had to look.

Ring! Ring!! "OK! You can all go now. I hope I don't see you tomorrow." said the male teacher. I walked out into the hallway. I headed down to my locker. I picked up my gym bag and put on some sun glasses. I walked out into the parking lot. All most everyone had gone home for the day. I walked over to my car. I slipped in the front seat. I looked out my rear view mirror.

I took a big gulp. There was my new math teacher getting into her mini van. Mrs. Amber Hills. She was in her mid forties but could pass for much younger. She had just started a few weeks ago. She got all the guys in math class attention when she first walked in. She had on a super tight sweater. A long skirt that covered her long curvy legs. She was maybe 5ft 8 with long blonde hair passed her shoulders. She had on a small wedding ring. She did not wear any makeup. She dressed very conservative but you could tell she was packing some large breast and a huge ass under her clothes. I changed seat to be near the front to check her out more. I always handed her my home work with a big smile.

I had to go talk to her before she went home. I quickly got out and walked to her mini van. Today she was wearing a super tight pair of brown pants that hugged every curve. She was wearing a brown sweater that was super tight on her breast. "Hi! Mrs. Hills. Leaving for the day?" I said. "Oh! What! Hi! Buck. What are you doing here?" she said. "I got detention. Had to stay after. How about you?" I said. "Detention hun! I got my performance review today. I guess it went OK." she said. "Cool!" I said. She put her purse on the roof of her mini van. She was putting her key in the driver side door. I stood behind her checking out her round ass. "Are you ready for the test tomorrow?" she said. "Yes! I study last night and in detention." I said. "Buck! Why were you in detention?" Mrs. Hills said. "It's a long story but I asked a certain person at school something I should maybe not have. She took it the wrong way. Then she sent me to detention." I said.

Earlier in the day. I was stopped in the hallway by the Vice Principle. Mrs. Vicky Tanner. She has been out to get me since my freshman year. I turned down her daughter to go out with another girl to the prom. Ever since then she had a personal vendetta against me. She asked me how I always seem to have money. I told her I was pretty smart with the Internet. I was starting a new web site. She would be perfect for. She had the perfect assets for the web site. (44DD - 30 Waist - 44 hips/ass) She saw me looking at her big breast. Next thing I knew I was in the Principle office. Then off to detention. If I was to guess. I had to say Mrs. Hills might be bigger than the Vice Principle.

I stood a few inches behind Mrs. Hills. "Well I am sorry you were in detention. You have been such a model student in my class. You do make it a joy to come in every morning to teach." she said. I smiled. Mr. Hills turned around. "Was it bad? Did you say something terrible? I just love good gossip. Was it a teacher?" she said. I could tell she wanted to know. She was moving her plain fingernails on the door. She was leaning her big ass on the door trying to keep her balance. "I'm not sure I can say. It would be very embarrassing for her. It was not a teacher. I have know her for sometime at the school. Mmmmmm......long pause. OK. Mrs. Hills I can see you want me to know if I could help....her make some extra money. She lost some money to a scam online. I told her about my new web site and how she could earn some extra money after school. Then she got mad. I got detention." I said.

"Oh I see. Well that is unfortunate. How much could she have made?" Mrs. Hills said. "Depending on how good she was at it. Maybe a couple of hundred a session." I said. "Wow! That sounds like allot. I can't believe I keep asking these questions. Is this a bad wed site. One of those adult sites. Buck tell me the truth." said Mrs. Hills. "Mmmm no! Not a bad site. Just good clean fun. Nothing she has not done with her husband. She could have made $300 tonight after school." I said. "Oh Buck! I need to go home before I get into trouble. Step back young man. I can't believe we talked. It's no wonder she sent you to detention. I most go. We never talked. Good night!!!!" said Mrs. Hills.

I stepped back as she climbed into her front seat. I watched as she put her mini van in drive. She hit the gas to go pass me. I moved my head to follow her licence plate. A second later. Her purse fell at my feet. It rolled against my sandals. I bent down to pick it up. I looked back up to see no site of her mini van. I opened her purse. I was going to try to call her. She must have a cell or a home phone. I looked through a bunch of bills in her purse. I could not find a number. I picked up one bill. It was from the power company. It was a final notice. They were going to shut off her power tomorrow. I pulled out a few more bills. They were all similar. Final notice or urgent marked on all of them. There was even a stub from her husband unemployment check. After last week. His benefits ran out.

I smiled as I put Mrs. Hills purse in my car. I pulled out her power bill. I put her address in my cell. I got directions to her house. I pulled in her driveway. She lived at the end of a long street. I only saw her mini van parked in front of the garage. I took out her purse. I put it under my arm. I put her power bill in my back pocket of my cargo shorts. I pushed the small toys off the sidewalk. I rang the door bell.

Ring! Ring! "Your back! All ready! What! Oh! Hi! Buck! I thought you were my husband with the kids. He took them to the town fair tonight." said Mrs. Hills. "You dropped your purse. I figured you might want it right back. It fell off the roof of your mini van." I said. "Thank you! Please come in. I don't want my neighbors to see you. They are all very nosey. How did you find my house?" she said. "I looked at one of your bills. I was going to take your purse to the Principle office. But I thought they might see all the Final Notices on your bills. That might not be good for your review." I said with a smile.

"Thank you. My husband lost his job. We have two small kids. I had to go back to work. I just found this job at the school. I can't thank you enough. I can't loose this job." said Mrs. Hills. I reached in my back pocket. "MMMMmmm. There are quite a few over due bills in here. This one especially. It says there going to turn off your power tomorrow if you don't pay." I said. "What? Let me see. My husband was suppose to pay this last week. I forgot all about it. I gave him close to $400 to pay it. What am I going to do?" said Mrs. Hills. I just smiled as I checked her out some more.

"I could pay this bill for you. That if you want me to. How does that sound Mrs. Hills?" I said. "Oh! No! I can't have you do that young man. I mean, it would not be right. I don't take charity. We earn things in this house." said Mrs. Hills. "It was just and idea. I am sure you have some money to pay." I said. "I have some extra money in a jar on the fridge. Let me check it." said Mrs. Hills. She turned to walk into her kitchen. A few minutes later she came back out in her living room. I was standing int he middle of the room next to her big white couch.

"Did you find it?" I said. "No! I did find a note from my husband. He used the money to go out the other night and he took some for beer tonight at the fair. I am in so much trouble. I don't have any money to pay this bill. I won't be able to go to work tomorrow with no power in the house. I am sure to get fired. What am I going to do?" she said. "Listen! I'll pay the bill for you. It will be my pleasure. Then you will have power. Your husband will get a job tomorrow and you can pay me back." I said. "Fat chance he will get a job. I just can't believe this. I am so good with my money. This has never happen to me before. You so nice to offer to help. But I can't have one of my student pay my electric bill. I have to earn the money to pay it." said Mrs. Hills.

I reached into my pocket. I pulled out a wad of money. I smiled. Mrs. Hills eyes got really big. "One...two...three..four...hundred." I said. I took out $400 and placed it on the edge of the couch. "Buck! What are you doing?" she said. I smiled again. "I am going to show you how you can earn some extra money Mrs. Hills. I have wanted to do this since I first saw you in class. Come here! You can earn this much in a few minutes. Then you can pay your electric bill. I will leave. I can keep secrets Mrs. Hills. You have my word." I said. She moved closer to the couch. She was now in front of me as her ass was toward the couch. "That allot of money young man. I am twice your age. Your my student. you want me to do. How long do have to do this???" she whispered.

"Just relax. Take off your sweater. This will be over in a few minutes. Then you can pay your over due bill. You will have power. You can keep your job. You just have to be good and do what I say now Mrs. Hills. Put your sweater on the couch. MMMmmmm those are nice. You should not hide them so much. You have a great figure Mrs. H....." I said. She turned to set her brown sweater on the edge of the couch. She turned to face me. Her large breast were about ready to exploded from her old bra. Her white lace bra was worn and the edges were torn in spots. She probably had not gotten new bras or lingerie since she was single. I stood there and stared at her voluptuous body. My cock twitched in my cargo shorts. I was hard as a rock. All 9 3/4 inches was down my right leg.

I stepped closer to her. "Put your hands up over your head. Just like that." I said. I reached under her huge breast to pull up on her bra. Her large milky white breast fell down her chest. Her bra was in the air up her arms. I held it with one hand between her elbows. "Oh!!!!!" she said. "Toss that worn bra on the floor Mrs. Hills. Watch you plant. Your breast sit so high on your chest. There so big and firm. If you did not tell me about your two kids. I would have never known. There so perfect. Your big nipples are so hard. Here let me rub them." I said. I moved my hand to pinch her thumb size nipples. They were hard as my cock. She had two large pink 4 inch aeroles on her large breast. Each of her breast felt like two small beach balls as I played with them. I brought her right nipple to my mouth. I sucked on it very hard. "Oh god! My husband thinks there to big young man. They have not been played with like this in years." she moaned.

She titled her head back. Her eyes were closed. I dropped my free hand down to pull up my shirt over my head. I tossed my shirt on her bra next to the plant. I kicked off my sandals. I unbuckled my long black belt. I then dropped my cargo shorts around my ankles. She heard my belt hit the carpet. Her head tilted back up. She looked down to see me in just my white boxer briefs. My cock was straining against the thin white material. The purple head of my cock could be seen under the white material. She opened her mouth. "What are you doing???" she said. I did not say anything. I moved her left hand to the front of my under wear. I pulled down my underwear with her hand freeing my cock.

She gasped as she saw my naked cock. I had shaved last night before bed. All the hair on my body was shaved. I had left a small patch above my cock. Her eyes and mouth were open wide. I put her small hand around my cock. I used her hand to jack my cock a few times. After a minute I let go of her hand. She was still jacking my cock. My naked balls were swaying from her hand on my cock. I felt my balls touch her skin a few times. I pushed on her shoulders causing her to fall down to her knees. I took my cock and placed it on her natural lips. After a few minutes she opend her mouth and swirled her tongue around my cock. She placed her hands on my balls. She now was sucking my cock. She used long strokes with her right hand on my shaft. She licked the tip.

I placed my hand on her curly blonde hair. She looked up with her eyes at me. I smiled as I began to fuck her mouth. I could feel her breast rub against my thighs. I wrapped her hair around my hand, as I fucked her face. She gagged a few times but finally got used to the size. She could only get a few inches inside her mouth. I pulled out my cock and ran my balls in her mouth. She got the left, then the right one in her mouth. After a few minutes I pulled them out of her wet mouth. She went right back to sucking my cock. I was close to cumming. She was sucking my cock better than I expected. I had lusted after her for so long. I was about ready to coat her breast with a big load. I leaned back as my legs moved.

"Open up! Stick out those breast. Hold the bottom of your breast Mrs. H. God that is nice. Her I cum!!!! YES!!! YES!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!" I grunted. I unleashed a big load on her breast and face. She had closed her eyes. I got some on her fore head and a little over her right eye. Her big breast were soaked with my semen. Even I was like damn that was allot.

I was breathing heavy as she used her fingers to scoop up my cum. I stuck my cock in her mouth to have her clean my off. She sucked my balls clean next. She still had my load on her face and breast. I helped her to her feet. "Turn around. Pull down those brown pants Mrs. Hills. Let me see your big ass. I just love those skirts you wear in class. Put your knees on the couch. Right on the edge. That a good Teacher. Put your face in the cushion. You won't need this hose your wearing. I like you better with out hosiery Mrs. Hills. You have such long curvy legs. Put your knees together." I said as I ripped off her tan hosiery and threw it on the carpet next to my right foot.

My cock was hard in my right hand. I looked down as I guided it to Mrs. Hills pussy. She looked over her shoulder. "Oh God! My husband! I never cheated before. Wait! Buck! Moan...." said Mrs. Hills. I had the tip of my cock just inside her super tight pussy. I pushed down with my big hands on her lower back. Just above her big ass. I started to slowly fuck her pussy. "Mrs. Hills!!! Your so tight. Your pussy is so hot. Your not cheating if your paying the electric bill." I grunted in her left ear. I started to really fuck her pussy faster. Her large breast slapped on her chest. I pushed on her back so her face was smashed against the seat cushion. I reached around her wide hips to grope her breast. I pinched her nipples again making her moan. This caused her pussy to quake. "I'm cumming!! Oh god young man. I have not orgasm in years. You bastard. Fuck your cock is so big. Your touching me in places I never had anyone before." she grunted.

About twenty minutes later I thrusted in as far as my cock would go. Her big ass pushed on my abs. I held onto her hips as I shot a big load in her tight pussy. I climbed off her as she collapsed on the couch. I fucked her pussy one more time in her bed upstairs before I left out the front door. I drove home that night.

The next morning I went to school early. I watched as Mrs. Hills parked her mini van. I skipped my 2nd period class to find Mrs. Hills in her class room all alone. I pushed her body against the wall as I pulled off her skirt. She moaned as she slammed her pussy on my cock. I fucked her in the corner of the class room. The same place they put the kids in class for being bad. I erupted another load in her pussy before I left. I left some money on her desk to pay her telephone bill.

I sat in the first row of her math class after lunch. She kept checking my cock out as I touched myself under my desk. Her eyes got real big when I pulled it out for her to look at. Later I followed her out to the parking lot after school. I fucked her in her mini van. I paid one of her credit card bills over her phone before she had to go home. She did not want her husband becoming suspicious of her being out late. It was Friday. I was not sure how I was going to survive with out Mrs. Hills for two days.

The next day I drove out to her house. I drove around until I spotted her pushing a baby carriage into the park. Her husband was carrying there other kid in his hands. I parked my car and walked into the park. I walked around the side meeting them half way in the park. "Hi! Mrs. Hills!" I said. "Oh! Hi! Buck!" said Mrs. Hills. "Who is this Amber?" said her husband. "This is Buck from school. He is a student in my math class. How are you today young man?" she said. "Good! Just out for a walk. I was looking for the bathroom in the park. Do you know where they are?" I said. Her husband pointed across the park near the front gate. I waited a few minutes. Mrs. Hills talked to her husband. Then I saw Mrs. Hills walk toward the front gate.

A few minutes later I had her stuffed in a bathroom stall. She was riding my cock with her feet against the wall. I was sitting on the toilet as she rode my cock. Her husband was still walking with the kids as I fucked his wife. I picked her up and fucked her against the bathroom wall. I left my cock in her again as I orgasm deep inside her. She was still dripping as she put on her clothes. I washed off my cock in the sink as she watched me. I reached in her bra and left her some money for another bill. She gave me a big kiss. "I have to go on a field trip on Monday. When you get done with school. Meet me at my house. Here my address Mrs. Hills. Make up an excuse for your husband. Your going to be home late that night." I said.

Monday could not come any faster. The field trip was boring. I kept thinking about Mrs. Hills all day. I had the house to myself. My Grand Mother left for the night. I gave her some Bingo money.

About thirty minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I looked outside to see Mrs. Hills. She was wearing a big sweat shirt and some baggy pants. "Come on Mrs. Hills. I am glad you could make it. Follow me." I said. I took her down stairs to the basement. She looked around my big room. There were lots of band posters and half naked ladies on the wall. I had a big chair in front of my computer. I had my web camera on. I had some members already online. They were expecting a hot older woman to put on a sex show for them. "I told my husband I had to help a student after class. I was earning some extra money. Why am I here?" she said. "I want you to get naked. Put on those clothes over there on my bed. Then walk over to that chair. I have a way for you to make some extra money for your bills. I am charging some people to watch you tonight on the computer. If you do a good job there might be a bonus in it for you. Don't ask questions." I said.

I walked over and took off my clothes. I sat naked with my cock pointing straight up. I fixed the camera so my cock was in view. I saw the web site hits getting higher. "You can't show my face. Please don't show my face. I will loose my job." said Mrs. Hills. She was standing there in a school uniform. Pink skirt, and pink top. She had her hair in a pony tail. She was wearing some 6inch spiked heels. "Keep your back to the camera. They will never know. Now climb on my cock." I said.

Mrs. Hills straddled my legs. She used her fingers to open her already wet pussy. She put her hands on my shoulders. I pulled her shirt over her head to suck on her boobs. I lifted her skirt up so everyone online could see my cock buried in her pussy. She was already moaning as she rode up and down on my cock. "MMMMmmmm that is really good. Keep fucking me. Faster! Slam your pussy on my cock. You like young cock in your tight pussy. Faster!!!!" I screamed. She kept slamming her pussy on my cock. I was biting her big nipples in my mouth. After thirty minutes I grunted and erupted in her hot pussy. I had her stand up and finger her pussy as my sperm dripped down her fingers for the camera. Before she left two hours later I fucked her in my bed. I gave her a big gift bag of clothes I had picked out for her online. She now had some new clothes to wear to school.

The next day at school she strutted into class wearing a super tight dress that showed off her amazing curves. I had spent an hour picking it out for her. I was surprised she wore it the first day back to class. I took her after school to get her hair, nails and her first tan session. She gave me a quick blow job in the tanning booth before she dropped me off at my house.

Two days later she came back to my house. I had a leather swing set up in the basement. I tied her up and put a leather mask on her face. I slapped her body with whips and my cock. I fucked her in the ass for the first time. I was making more money from new clients online. The web site was getting bigger. After our big show. Mrs. Hills stood next to me as I order her some sexy lingerie to wear. I sent everything to my house. "It's a three day weekend tomorrow because of the holiday on Monday. Come over after 6pm tomorrow. Tell your husband to take the kids to his parents for the weekend. Tell him you got some papers to grade before Tuesday and you have to earn some extra cash." I said.

I was sitting on my king size bed in my room. I forgot what time it was. I heard a knock at the front door. A minute later I heard the door open. I could hear some voices upstairs. "Oh! Bucky down in his room. He must need a lot of tutoring for school. Your the second Teacher today. Just go down those stairs. Tell him I am leaving to go play Bingo again. I hope your less noisy than the last Teacher. I heard her screaming his name an hour ago. He must be doing better in class. I nevered heard that many "YES!!!" from a Teacher before. Good night. Is your ass going to fit down those stairs young lady?" said my Grand Mother.

I heard some heels click down the stairs. Then my door to my room opened. "Buck! Vice Principle Tanner....what are you doing here????" said Mrs. Hills. "Hi! Amber! MMMmmmmmm...what's it look like. I am sucking this big young cock. Once I found out how much extra money I could make from his web site. I saw your performance in the leather swing the other day. I thought I recognized your voice. I definitely recognized your big ass. Buck ordered me some things online to. Come here Mrs. Hills." said Vice Principle Vicky Tanner.

I had a few cameras placed around the room. "My face Buck!" said Mrs. Hills. "Hold on. I ran naked up stairs. I pulled out a brown bag from under the sink. I cut two holes for eyes and a big hole for her mouth. By the time I got down to my room Mrs. Hills was naked standing just inside the door. I placed the brown paper bag on her head. Mrs. Tanner giggled. She walked over and guided Mrs. Hills to my bed. "What are you doing? I thought it was just Buck and I. I...I...I never done this with a woman. Not even in college. Your breast are on mine. Your nipples are rubbing against mine....Please!! Stop sucking my nipples!!!!" screamed Mrs. Hills.

I got off the bed to adjust the cameras. I clicked on my web site to see the the cash rolling in. Vicky had Amber on her back. She was licking her pussy. I could heard the bag on Mrs. Hills head shake on the bed. She had her hands on Vicky long dark brunette hair. Her light skin was against the Vice Principle dark tan skin. I stroked my cock as I watched them. I picked up a camera to get closer. Vicky smiled as she saw the camera near her face. I had zoomed in her tongue buried deep inside Mrs. Hills wet pussy. Vicky was using one finger in her pussy and one in Mrs. Hills pussy. I stuck my cock in Vicky mouth for a minute. She put three fingers inside Mrs. Hills pussy. I heard Mrs. Hills scream under her bag as she came all over Vicky fingers. She spit out my cock and licked her friends juices off her fingers. I dropped the camera on the floor next to my bed.

Mrs. Hills was on all fours. I put my hard cock in her ass. Vice Principle Tanner got in front of her Mrs. Hills. She pulled the brown bag just enough so Mrs. Hills could lick her pussy. I heard the Vice Principle moan as I started to fuck Mrs. Hills ass. I was slapping her big ass as each girl pussy was getting wetter. I heard the web cam move as more clients got online. I picked up the pace as I spanked Mrs. Hills big ass. I used my hands along with Vicky hands to spank Mrs. Hills ass. I reached under her waist to grab Mrs. Hills big breast. I was slamming them together as I fucked her big ass. Mrs. Hills moan. Vicky moaned. I moaned for god sake.

After a few different positions I stood up. I picked up the fallen camera off the floor. I was now looking down in the camera as each girl was on her knees with my cock in front of there faces. Vicky sucked my cock first. She passed the tip through the open hole in the brown bag to Mrs. Hills mouth. I started to fuck her face as Vicky licked under my balls. I grabbed the top of the bag as I fucked Mrs. Hills mouth faster. The girls moaned again. I could feel all there breast smashing against each other as the bed moved. A few minutes more I pulled my cock out as the Vice Principle aimed my cock at Mrs. Hills breast. I erupted missing both girls large breast that were pushed together. Instead I hit the brown bag covering Mrs. Hills head. My cum dripped all over the bag. I saw Mrs. Hills tongue come out to lick up my goo.

After that I told Amber I could remove her face from the computer. That anything she did could not be seen buy anybody. I had special cameras that could hide her face and voice. I spent the next three days taking pics, making more home made movies with them. I fucked each hot older lady around the house. We even used her mini van in the garage for a special shoot. We got paid double for that private shoot. I lost count how many times we fucked on the web site.

It's been about three weeks since I got both Mrs. Hills and Mrs. Tanner to meet in my basement. I got all there bills paid in full. They got a little extra to stay ahead of the game. Neither one of there husbands has caught on. They still believe there making extra money after school. I bought a new house near the school. I was running out of money paying for all that Bingo for my Grand Mother. I had to get a new car to fit my new clothes.

"Good Morning Mrs. Hills. This is Principle Tanner. I need Mr. Kelly to report to my office. I also need to see you for your follow up on your review. Thank you." I moved my hand under my desk. "Ok! Class do exercise 2-3 in your text book. Mr. Kelly follow me. You must be in trouble again young man." said Mrs. Hills. The kids in class laughed. Mrs. Tanner had got promoted. There was some rumors around the school that the previous Principle had been sleeping with a cheerleader.

I opened the door to the Principle office. She was sitting with her back to us in a big leather chair. Mrs. Hills closed the door. I watched as Mrs. Tanner turned her chair. She was naked except for a big ruler in one hand. "Mrs. Hills grab his wrist and hold him. It's time for his weekly corporal punishment. Your next. Take off your new dress. Some of the boys in your class have reported to me that they can't concentrate when your dressed like that. I need a new Vice Principle to help me with this young man. He is a bad influence. What do you say?" said Mrs. Tanner. "Oh I think I can help. I loved to be your new Vice Principle. Will I have to work late and spend more time with both of you?" said Mrs. Hills. "Yes!" said Vicky.

"Smack! Smack!" My jeans were down to my ankles. Both hot older ladies were spanking my ass with a ruler. I could hear the camera in the Principle office above her desk move. I had put a web cam for an afternoon show above her desk. I also put one under her desk to have her play with her pussy on camera. There was one under Mrs. Hills desk in her class room. "Ummmmm. Thanks girls. Your both doing a great job. The web site is getting bigger. I was wondering........ I met the new Spanish Teacher this morning in the hallway. She coming over after school today to give me a Spanish lesson." I said. "Wait! You don't know Spanish. Your not even in her class.... She our new Foreign Exchange Teacher this year." said Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Hills. "I know. She was telling my about bring her husband and kids from her homeland. It cost allot of money to bring them here. She was asking about making some extra money...after school" I said.

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