Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The MILF Camping Trip - An Adult Story

His bully was going camping with him and his big boob mother.....

It had been about 18 months since I had taken the school bus home.  My car was in the shop again.  My parents could not pick me up.  They were on vacation for the next two weeks.  I had the house to myself.  They left me some cash, and some numbers were they would be staying.  I looked around the bus.  I recognized a few kids.  I was trying to hide my face.  Being the captain of the football team, it was not cool taking the bus home.

I had about three more stops before I got off.  I was sitting in the last row, minding my own business.  I could hear these two nerds talking, two rows in front of me.  They were discussing some dumb SYFY show they both liked.  Then they started talking about going camping this weekend.  I shook my head.  I could just picture, Paul Schmidt and Gus Greenwald wearing there pocket protectors in the wilderness.  “Your Mom’s coming with us.” Said Gus.  “Yeah my Dad’s out of town on business.  He wanted to come, but can’t.  It took me forever to convince my Mom to go.  She said if I don’t bring someone, she’s not going alone with me in the woods.” Paul laughed. 

I listen some more.  They were both driving me crazy.  I just wanted to get off the bus and not listen to them anymore.  I had known both nerds since 6th grade.  They were in just about every stupid after school club together.  They always hung out together.  I used to bully both of them pretty bad.  Take there lunch money.  Pull down there pants in front of girls.  Whatever to get a laugh.  I started to let up my senior year.  I got distracted with football and chasing girls.

I was looking out the window.  The bus started to slow down.  I heard the stop sign sticking out the side.  I sat up in my seat.  My mouth began to fall open.  I looked across the street to see a very hot, older woman waving her hand at the bus.  Who’s fucking Mom was she??? I thought.  How did I not see her before?  In this neighborhood.

She had shot dirty blonde hair, above her shoulders, just below her ears.  She was wearing super tight white cut off shorts.  That showed off her curvy tan thighs and legs.  She was wearing a purple shirt that was ripped across the front.  My eyes went immediately to her large chest.  Her whole body shook as she ran in her small wooden heels down the driveway to the side of the bus.  She was standing on her tippy toes looking up.  Every guy on the bus was looking out the right side of the bus at his big boob Mother.

She had a huge smile on her face.  I could feel the bus move as the door opened.  A minute later I saw Paul Schmidt hug his Mother.  What the fuck was happening, I thought.  Why did I never know that Paul had a hot Mother?  I was killing myself for not taking the bus sooner.  Fuck, I might have been nicer, if I knew his Mom was so fucking hot.  She had the most curves, I’d seen on a woman.

Paul’s busty Mom must be about 5ft 8 in her heels.  In gym class we got measured at the start of school.  I was 6ft 4 and Paul was like 5ft 4.  He always dressed in a button down shirts and kaki pants.  I wore shorts and t-shirts all the time.  I fixed my eyes back on Paul’s Mom.  She had given him a small kiss on the cheek in the drive way.  He was looking around, wondering if anybody was looking out the bus.  My cock was getting hard.  It was now fully erect when she turned to show off her amazing ass.  It was so round and perfect in her white cutoff shorts.  She had perfect hips and a small waist, only made her ass look so much bigger. 

They started to walk toward his house as the bus driver shut the door.  I the felt the bus pull away.  I caught one more glimpse of them before we turned on the road.  I then got up to walk toward Gus Greenwald, two rows in front of me.  I had to ask him about Paul’s Mother. 

I quickly pushed Gus against the window, as I sat next to him.  “Buck!  Nice to see you again.” He said.  “Shut up.  What’s up with your friend Paul?  I heard you two nerds taking about going camping this weekend.” I said.  “Mmmm… Were going camping for three days, back late Monday night.  School closed because of Columbus Day.  You probably didn’t know that.” He laughed.  “Wow!  A smart ass.  I was going to punch you but today’s your lucky day.  I’m feeling generous.  I won’t embarrass you in front of everyone on the bus.  I just need you not to show up tomorrow at Paul’s.  Fake an illness or better yet, when he asks why you bailed on him.  Tell him I was going to crush you like a bug.” I laughed

“What ever you want me to do Buck.  Sorry about my bad joke.  Why don’t you want me to go camping with Paul tomorrow?” he said.  I smiled.  “I need to get out and enjoy the scenery.  See mother nature in all her beauty.” I said as I winked at him.  He smiled.  “Oh!  You mean checking out Mrs. Schmidt.  She struts around the house all the time in front of me and Paul.  We can never get our home work done.  We usually hide out in his room.  Could you do me a big favor?” he said.  I looked at him.  There was a big pause.  “Take my phone and get some photos of her.  Just don’t tell Paul.  I mean it’s his mother.” He said.  I quickly took Gus’s phone and empty out his wallet before I got off the bus.  He told me what time I’m supposed to be at Paul’s and what to bring.


I woke up early.  I needed to be at Paul’s place before 6am.  I packed a back pack.  Some under wear, some socks, couple shirts and two pairs of shorts.  I packed some flip flops and a big beach towel.  I put on some short socks, some black hiking boots and tan cargo shorts.  I put on a tight black short sleeve shirt.  I put some gel in my short blonde hair.  I put on some body spray and cologne.  I cut all the hairs on my body last night.  I left a small patch of hair above my cock.  I wanted to be like a boy scout.  Always be prepared. 

I borrowed my parent’s car and found a spot in front of Paul’s house.  I placed my keys in my front pocket.  I put my smart phone and Gus’s damn flip phone in my cargo shorts.  I put my wallet in my side pocket.  I reached in the back seat to get my back pack.  It took me awhile last night to find a sleeping bag.  It had been years since I used it.  It was now short on me; I washed it and dried it before I rolled it up.

I walked up to Paul’s front door.  I could not wait until I saw the look on his face.  I only knocked once.  I heard to door open.  I was looking down.  “Morning Gus.  Glad you here.  Wait!  You’re not Gus.  Buck, what the hell are you doing here?” said Paul.  I smiled.  “Nice to see you Paul.  Oh!  Mmmm Gus can’t make it.  Something came up.  He can’t go camping with you.  He said you need someone to go, or you could not go camping.  I was more than happy to offer my services.  Got my sleeping bag and back pack, I’m ready to go.” I said.

Paul was totally stunned.  He tried looking around me.  Maybe to see if I was joking.  It was his worst night mare, his bully going camping with him. His one fun weekend to get away from everyone.  “What???  I can’t believe this.” He stumbled for his words.  “Don’t be shy Paul.  Invite Gus in.” said a female voice.  I quickly walked in pushing past Paul standing in the doorway.

“Good Morning.  You must be Paul’s sister.  He never told me he had such a hot looking sister before.” I said.  She smiled.  “Why, thank you young man.  I’m not Paul’s sister.  I’m his Mother.  We were waiting on Gus to arrive.” She said.  “I was telling Paul.  That Gus can’t make it today.  He’s busy with his family.  He told me about poor Paul not being able to go camping if he did not have a friend to go with him.  I couldn’t let a poor friend down.” I said,  “Well that is so nice of you.  I did tell Paul he needed to bring a friend with him this weekend.  I’m so happy you could make it.” She said.

I finally glanced down to see Paul’s Mother.  She was almost bursting out her tight hiking outfit.  She was wearing small tan hiking boots.  She had on small pink socks that matched her pink finger nails.  She was wearing tight faded blue denim cut off shorts that had a few holes in them.  I could see she was wearing a black one piece bathing suit under her daisy duke shorts and oversized green/pink camouflage shirt.  She had the top three buttons on her shirt undone, showing off her ample cleavage.  I would love to get lost between her two huge mountains.

“Looks like your ready to go Mrs. Schmidt.  I love your outfit.” I said. She smiled again.  “Call me Kayla, Mrs. Schmidt sounds old.  Buck, will you protect little old me, in the woods?” she giggled.  I smiled back at her.  I finally heard Paul shut the front door.  He was still at a lost for words.  He motion for his Mom to meet him in the hallway.  Mrs. Schmidt walked passed me into the hallway with her son.

I stood in the living room trying to hear them.  “Mom we can’t take him to go camping.” Said Paul.  “Why not honey?  He seems very nice.” She said.  “We just can’t.  I don’t want to go now.” He said.  “Paul tell me why not.  I cancel my plans this weekend to be with you.  I got my nails and hair done to go camping.  Don’t disappointment me,” she said in a stern voice.   “Mom!  Buck is the kid at school who I told you and Dad about.  The reason I had to see a therapist.  He likes to bully me all the time.” He said.  ‘That’s good honey.  You can show him how good you’re doing now.  Maybe if you’re nice to him he will stop and be your friend.  This could be good therapy for you.  In fact this is a great idea.  Come with me.” She said.

I kept still as they both walked back into the living room.  “Buck… My son would love for you to come camping with us.  I think once you get to know him, you both can be good friends.  Now let’s move it.  We have a long day ahead of us.” Said Mrs. Schmidt.  I smiled as I walked passed a still stunned Paul.  I followed his Mom out to the garage.  She slowly pulled her mini van out into the driveway.  I tossed my back pack and sleeping bag in the back row of seats.  I then sat on the bench seat behind Mrs. Schmidt.  She honked the horn and then I saw Paul come out and get in the front passenger seat.

I looked up a few times to see Mrs. Schmidt checking me out in her rear view mirror.  We both made eye contact and smiled.  She was making my cock get harder.  I smiled more when we hit a bump and her huge tits would jiggle under her camo shirt.  I glanced at Paul a few times.  I could feel my leg vibrate.  I knew he was texting Gus about me coming on his big camping trip.  It took about an hour before we got to Big Bear Lake.

I saw a few cars, trucks in the parking lot.  Paul and his Mother went to the Ranger Station to let them know we were camping.  I watched Paul’s Mom body shake as she walked toward me.  I finally noticed Paul caring a canoe over his head.  Seems we would be canoeing to our campsite.  I just smiled as they got to the mini van.

“Ready to go Buck?” said Mrs. Schmidt.  “Yep!  I’m all ready.  Looks like were canoeing to our campsite.” I said.  “I thought it might be fun.  Get away from everyone.  Suppose to be a great campsite on the other end of lake.  No trails go to the site.  You can only get there by canoe or boat.  I hope your up for a challenge?” she said.  “No problem.  Why don’t you and Paul take the canoe to the lake.  I’ll bring down the supplies in the mini van.” I said.

Paul and his Mother turned and walked toward the lake.  It took me two trips to get everything from the mini van.  She had brought a ton of food and bottle water for the trip.  It was starting to get warmer out.  It was going to be in the upper 80’s later.  Maybe over 90.  I did not want to sweat.   Paul was already in the front of the canoe.  He held the sides as I held the back and reached down to help his Mother in the canoe.  “Such a nice young man, helping me get in.  Not like my son, who had to get in first.” She said.

I slowly put all the supplies in the canoe around Mrs. Schmidt and her son.  I then sat in the back with my paddle.  “Ok!  Paul start paddling.  Mrs. Schmidt…I mean Kayla.  Why don’t you just relax and let us row you to the campsite.  It’s starting to get warm.  I think I’m going to take off my shirt.” I said.  I pulled off my shirt.  I looked forward to see Mrs. Schmidt looking at my muscular chest and shoulders.  She had a big smile on her face. Paul was paddling like a mad man.  I just steered the canoe letting him get tired out.

We got about a quarter away across the lake.  I did not see anybody on the shore or on the lake.  I glanced ahead to see Mrs. Schmidt looking around.  “You can lay back and get some sun, if you want.” I said.  I was hoping she might take off her shirt and let me see her in her black bathing suit.  She turned her head back at me.  “Sounds like a good idea.  Might be awhile till we get to the camp site.  You and Paul don’t mind if I take off my shirt?  I just got a new bathing suit for the trip.” She said.  “We don’t mind.  Do we Paul?” I said.  He grumbled something in the front of the canoe. 

He turned to see his Mom take off her camo shirt and show off her new bathing suit.  She moved her hands around her body, trying to make sure she was covered and nothing was falling out.  I had a big smile on my face.  Paul saw me checking out his Mom and turned to look ahead.  He started to paddle faster.  I think he wanted to get there faster and have me stop looking out his busty Mom.  Kayla leaned back on some sleeping bags and moved around to look up in the blue sky.  My eyes went directly at her huge breast.  They were pointing straight up.  Her wall of tan cleavage looked right at my perverted eyes.  My cock was now fully erect. 

It tool all my energy not to drop my canoe paddle and whip my cock out and start masturbating to her huge chest.  My mouth was wide open.  She put her hands on her side make her huge breast expand and contrast as she breathed.  After a few minutes her big breast shifted in her one piece suit and now kind of flopped to the side.  I was not sure how the thin material was not ripping open causing them to spill out.  I quickly pulled my phone and Gus’s phone from my pocket to take some pictures.  I noticed we no longer had cell service.  The next hour we paddled, I was in heaven.  Paul was in hell.

“Land ho!!” I chuckled.  “Were here.” Said Paul.  I watched as Mrs. Schmidt pushed herself up to look at the campsite.  “Yeah were here.” She said.  Paul got out first and helped his Mom, while I pulled the canoe up the soft white sand.  It was close to 11am now.  “Kayla you should go for a swim while Paul and I set up camp.” I said.  She smiled.  Paul frowned. 

There was a small hill in back of the beach.  I decided we should camp on top of the hill.  I motion for Paul to follow me up the hill.  He started to carry stuff while I looked around.  I looked down to see his Mom taking off her hiking boots and socks.  Paul finally got to the top of the hill.  “Get everything out of the canoe.  How many tents do we have?  Two.. Ok that’s good.  Set the big tent over here and the small tent over there next to the woods.  I’ll leave you in charge up here.  Do a good job.  You don’t want to disappoint Kayla.” I said.  I knew calling his Mother Kayla was bothering him.  He had a bigger frown on his face.  “You’re not going to help?” he said.  “No!  You’re the expert camper.  I’m just here, so you can go camping.  Have fun buddy oh pal.” I chuckled.

I quickly walked back down the hill to the beach.  I walked up next to Mrs. Schmidt.  “I tried to help but your son won’t take any help.  He wants to do everything himself.  He told me I should go for a swim too.  You know Paul.” I said.  “Oh, he so stubborn.  Just like his Dad.  There both more a like, then you can imagine.” She giggled.  My eye brows shot up and my toes curled in my boots. 

I fell in the sand and looked up under Kayla huge ass.  She began to shimmy her hips back n forth trying to pull down her tight faded blue denim shorts.  She then twerked her round ass in front of me.  I heard Paul behind us groan, as he saw his Mother shake her ass in front of my face.  He grabbed another load from the canoe.  I took out my keys, phones, and wallet from my cargo shorts.  I placed everything in my hiking boots.  I took off my socks before I stood up next to Paul’s Mother.  She was waiting for me to go with her into the lake.

She reached under her ass to pull down on her bathing suit.  She was now covered completely.  The front of the one piece suit was tied around her neck.  He clung to the front of her huge breast and gripped the side of her small waist and big hips.  Her ass was just covered.  I reached down to grab her hand and noticed her gold, diamond wedding ring pinch the palm of my hand.

“How does my bathing suit look Buck.” Said Paul’s Mother.  “Maybe we should take a selfie and you can see.  I think it look really good on you.” I said.  I reached down to pull out my cell phone.  “You have such a nice phone.  My son hates taking pics with his Mom.  I never have taken a selfie before.” She giggled.  I held out my left hand out, and put my right hand around her waist and onto her hip.  “Smile!  Say Cheese…” we both giggled. 

I took two selfie’s with her before I showed her the photos.  “Very nice.” I said.  She had a big smile on her face.  I took two more from a higher angle showing off her massive chest.  She smiled again when she saw them.  “Can I try?” she said.  I handed her the cell phone.  She took 4 more photos and a lower angle.  She took one just under her breast look straight up between her huge breast and my smiling face.  “That was fun.  I think we should go swimming.  It looks like Paul finally got everything to the campsite.” She said.

I put my phone in my hiking boot.  A minute later she held my hand as we walked into the cool water of the lake.  The winds were calm.  The sun was over head.  It was really hot now.  I walked in passed my head and swam around.  I could tell Paul’s Mom did want to get her hair wet.  I swam around her.  I looked back at shore to see Paul watching us.  I then dropped my legs on the soft sand next his mother. 

“The water feels nice.  Thank you again for taking me camping.  It’s so nice to get away.” I said.  “No problem Buck.  It’s my pleasure.  I’m having a great time camping so far.  I wish my son would stop staring at us.  Oh!  Looks like he is going back to the campsite.” She said.  She reached up with her hands to hold my forearms.  I watched as she struggled to catch her balance.  A second later her huge breast finally floated to the top.  They readjusted in her bathing suit.  Her big nipples poked out the thin material.  I now could reach them if I was drowning.

She moved her head around.  The water was just touching the bottom of her neck and just over her huge breast.  We made some small talk about what I wanted to do after high school.  She talked about growing up in the Midwest as a kid and going camping all the time.  She even talked about Paul.  “I wish Paul could find a girl he liked.  He and Gus spend too much time together.  I don’t think either one has been kissed before.  Do you have any girlfriends?  Ooops!  I don’t mean to be so bold.” She said.  “No problem.  High School is different now.  Girls don’t want to date guys.  They just want to….mmmm hook up with guys.  Seems to be cooler to do that, then date someone long term.  Plus girls are into girls more now than before.  It’s hard for a guy to be a guy.” I said. 

“I didn’t now that.  I ask Paul all the time about school but her never says anything to me.  I’m glad we can talk and be honest.  Is there hope for him??” she said.  I smiled.  ‘You never know.  He might need a makeover and some new clothes.  He probably needs some practice before he gives a girl a kiss or goes on a date.  I don’t think playing video games all the time will help in this.” I said.  “You’re so right Buck.  He probably should practice before it’s too late.  I bet you don’t need practice.  I can tell you have experience with girls.  Just by the way you talk and carry yourself.” She said.  I smiled.  “It easy when you around someone who is so beautiful.” I said. 

We talked some more and after 30 minutes we walked out of the lake onto the beach.  I found my back pack in the canoe and laid out my beach towel on the sand.  Paul’s Mom squatted down on one side of the towel, I sat on the other.  Her huge ass touched my hip as we were still talking.  The heat was beating down on us.  Another 30 minutes passed before we looked around for Paul.  Half my cargo shorts were dry.  Kayla’s suit was still wet in the front and a little dry in the back. 

“I wonder what my son is doing?” she said.  I had been staring at her chest the whole time.  I noticed her nipples get bigger in her wet one piece suit.  They were about half hard from the wetness and the mid day heat from the sun.  I closed my mouth.  “He’ probably still is putting the campsite together.  I’ll go take a look.  Stay here.” I said.

I stood up and walked up the small hill.  From the beach you could not see anything.  You could not see both tents erected around the camp site.  The small tent could barely fit one person inside.  The other tent was big.  I could easily walk inside standing straight up.  There was a big metal pole in the middle, and two smaller spaces inside the tent.  I saw a big sleeping bag laid out inside the huge tent.  I saw a small sleeping bag inside the small tent.  I might rollover causing the small tent to fall on me.  Paul had dug a fire pit and put some wood inside the center.  He dragged two big logs for people to sit on next to the fire pit.  He had the food and water stacked near the small tent.  He had done a hell of job.

I finally herd some noise coming from the woods.  I then saw Paul walking with some toilet paper back to the campsite.  “Hey Buck.  Did you have a good time swimming with my Mom?” he said.  “Oh yeah!  Kayla is a very good swimmer and has many great stories about you.  I chucked.  We’ve been sitting on the beach waiting for you to come down.  She was getting worried about you.  I told her your fine.  You probably want to go hiking and be gone for awhile. Why don’t you get your back pack and come down with me to tell your mom you like to go hiking by yourself.  Kind of nerd meets the wild.” I said in a stern voice. 

I followed behind Paul back to the beach.  His Mother had her face turned to the side.  She was sticking out her huge chest toward us.  I could see Paul checking out his Mother.  A few seconds passed as we stood in front of her.  I cleared my throat and pushed Paul forward.  “I’m going for a hike in the woods, by myself.  I see you guys later.” Said Paul “Have fun sweetie.  I hope you will be back before we have dinner later.” Said his Mother.  I watched Paul head out to the woods.  I looked down to his Mother smiling back up at me.

“Maybe we should get out of these wet things?” I said.  “Here help me up.” She said as she put up her small left hand.  I helped her up.  She sighed as I stood next to her.  I picked up my back pack and the towel off the beach.  I grabbed my boots and shirt also and followed behind Paul’s Mother.  She had her hands on her hips and shook her big ass as we climbed the small hill to the campsite.  “Wow, my son did a good job.  I just love it.” Said Kayla.

I dropped my stuff next to the big log near the big tent.  I messed with a phone from my boot.  Kayla looked around.  She was all alone with her son’s bully from school.  I reached down into my boot to take out my phone.  I looked down.  There were still no bars for cell reception.  I was still on camera mode and saw her huge tits beside my smiling face.  I could feel my cock getting harder.  It had been two weeks since I masturbated.  I so wanted to bust a nut and get it over with.

“Oh!  I see you with your camera again.” Said Kayla soft voice.  I turned to smile at her.  “Sorry, I was just checking out our pics from earlier.  We might need some before after pics.” I said.  “Sounds fun.  Should we do the same poses?” she giggled.  “It’s a little to bright out here.  Maybe we should go in the tent.  I’ll open the side of the tent to let some light in.” I said.  I then pointed for her to go into the big tent.  She strutted over to the tent, as I unzipped the front and let her in.

I then unzipped the sides and let some sun in.  I walked around the front and walked in.  I gently zipped the tent back up, leaving about six inches of space on the top.  I turned my head to see Kayla behind me.  She then got on her knees inside the tent.  Her knees were on her pink sleeping bag.  I quickly got on my knees and crawled over to her right side.  I could feel her breathing had increased.  Her big ass was touching my hip.  I looked around inside the tent.  I saw a few pillows in the back of the tent.

I had my phone in my right hand.  I held it in front of us.  I clicked off a few selfies.  She kept smiling.  “I like this.  It’s so much fun.” She said.  I figured it was now or never for my plan.  Her son was in the woods by himself.  No way could he stop me from putting the moves on his married Mom.  Plus, my cock was turning purple from being so hard this whole entire time. 

“Can I ask you a question?” I said.  “There real.  That’s what most guys want to ask.” She blurted out.  “No!  I was going to ask if you were having fun camping so far, but that’s goo to know.” I giggled.  We both laughed.  “Yes!  Are you having fun?” she giggled.  I nodded my head “Yes!”  We both looked at each other.  “You are a natural at this.  Ever done any modeling?” I said.  “No!  I’ve been told by other women I should.  My husband and son tease me all the time about my body.  They say it’s to big.” She said.  “That’s a shame.  You would be good at it.  You have the perfect body and a great smile.  Your husband and son don’t know what there talking about.” I said with a stern tone.

Kayla’s bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes.  I turned to face her.  I still had my camera up and looked over the top at her.  “Let me show you how hot you are.  Take off your top.  I’ll turn my head.” I said.  I looked out the corned of my left eye.  Kayla had reach around neck and unloosen the back of her one piece bathing suit.  Her wet suit peeled of her huge breast as she put her hands on the front, trying to cover them up.  Her huge nipples poked out the top of her hands next to her thumbs.

I turned my head to face her.  I took a few photos of her covering her massive tits.  I then showed them to her.  She had a bigger smile on her face.  I motion for her to drop her hands.  “Don’t worry; these photos won’t go farther than this tent.  You have my word.” I blurted out.  She sighed as she removed her hands and her semi wet breast hit her skin.  She put her hands under her huge breast.  I took some more photos.  Her nipples were rock hard.  I could smell she was getting turned on inside the tent.  I was sure her pussy was soaking wet, and not from the lake. 

“Maybe my photographer should take off some of his clothes.  It’s only fair.  I should take some photos of him.” She said.  I handed my phone to Kayla.  I stood up inside the tent next to the metal pole in the middle.  I then bent over pulling down my cargo shorts.  I could feel my 9 3/4inch cock hit the cooler air inside the tent.  “Fuck!  I’m so sorry Buck.  Your cock is huge.  It’s almost twice the size of any cock I’ve ever seen.  It’s so big and round.  You must be very poplar at school, with the girls.” She moaned.

I motion for her to take some photos of me, standing naked inside her tent.  With my huge cock bobbing up and down, my hands on my small hips and hard ass.  Her hands were shaking but she took some more photos of me fully exposed inside her tent.  After a few minutes she handed me my phone.  I motion for her to take off her one piece bathing suit completely.  She stood up and pulled her suit completely off.  I then motion for her to wrap her leg around the middle pole and shake her big ass.  She started to breathe harder and let out a softer moan. 

I hit record on my phone and placed at the end of the sleeping bag.  I then walked toward Mrs. Schmidt.  She was bending completely over touching her feet.  I was directly behind her looking down at her huge ass.  My erect cock was sticking straight toward her.  She had her eyes closed as I started to smack her big ass with my hard cock.  I kept waiting for her to say “No!” or “Stop!” but she kept quite.

I place my cock between her soft butt cheeks, right on top.  It looks like a hotdog between two large buns.  I slowly fucked her butt cheeks as I put my hand on her hips.  She let out a huge moan.  I then looked down to the corner of the tent.  I saw a shadow from the outside of the tent, which was now inside the tent.  It was different than mine or Kayla’s.  I saw a back pack come off the person.  Then I heard a zipper come down outside the tent. 

Had Mrs. Schmidt heard this?  She was still moaning.  I quickly dropped the head of my cock from her amazing ass and pressed just inside her tight cunt lips.  She had a full hairy blonde bush but I eased my hips forward causing her to scream.  “Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck me young man…” blurted out Mrs. Schmidt.  I gripped her hips and slapped her big ass as I plunged my cock deeper inside her.  I finally got half my cock inside her before she orgasm all over my cock.  She could not catch her breath as I reached around to cup her huge breast, falling under her.  They were slapping together as I fucked her harder.

I quickly laid on my back and motion for Kayla to face the front of the tent as she backed her pussy on to my cock.  I started to slap her big ass as she started to fuck me.  I reached up to place a finger in her asshole.  She screamed so loud.  I’m sure the other campers across the lake heard her.  She took another ¼ of my hard cock before I turned her around to face me.  My finger prints on her ass were now facing the front of the opening in the tent.  I looked up to see two eyes looking through the hole at the top of the tent.

I then turned my attention back onto Kayla huge breast.  I started to force them in my mouth, making myself gag.  She kept fucking my cock and squirting all over the sleeping bag.  I was mouth fucking her breast and biting her huge nipples.  I wanted to last longer before I started to cum, so fast and hard.  I slammed my cock all the way inside her.  I held her ass down and her wet pussy covered my cock as I unloaded deep inside her.

After a few minutes she rolled off me onto the sleeping bag.  I quickly rolled over on her.  We started to make out. I kept kissing her as my cock kept getting hard.  Her eyes got bigger as she felt my huge cock come back to life.  I started to pound her pussy harder as I licked her huge breast under me.  I was slamming all my body weight into her pussy.  She kept cheering me on to fuck her harder and faster.  I rolled next to her and started to fuck her very fast from the side.  I had her huge tits in my hands as I slammed my cock in her pussy.  Just before blasting another load inside her.  She screamed and orgasm so hard, she shot my cock out and I spurted all over her breast on the sleeping bag. 

We took a long nap.  I woke up first and walked out of the tent.  I looked down to see some wet spots on the outside of the tent.  I walked over to get water.  I was still naked as I walked down to wash off in the lake.  I walked back to the tent to wake up Kayla.  I reached insider her back pack.  I pulled out a black thong and a matching black bra.  “Your going to wear this the rest of the camping trip and your going to do everything I tell you.  Got it? Or I’ll show everyone this.” I said.  I then showed Mrs. Schmidt my phone of us fucking in the tent... 

I walked out of the tent with just a pair of my white boxer briefs on.  Kayla mouth was still open from what I just showed her.  A half hour passed before she walked out with just the black bra and thong on.  My dried cum was still on her exposed skin.  She was so fucking hot.  I pointed for her to start making dinner.  A few minutes passed before I heard Paul coming out of the woods at the bottom of the hill.  He quickly walked to the top.

“Hello!  MMmmm Mom!  Why are you wearing that?  What happened?” he said.  I walked over and sat on the big log facing them.  Paul stood there as his Mother handed me a plate of food.  She then walked over and handed him a plate.  “Don’t ask so many questions, Paul?  Be nice.” said his Mother.   “Buck!  What have you done to my Mother?  You can’t bully her, like you bully me.” Said Paul.  He then threw down his back pack into the grass surrounding camp. 

Paul quickly marched over to my side.  “The foods great Kayla.” I said.  I looked up to see Paul’s face looking down at me.  I thought for a second he might throw a punch but he just stood there trembling above me.  “Kayla walk over there and pick up my other cell phone off my boot.” I pointed to my boots on the end of the log; the phone was facing the tent.  Kayla strutted over and picked up my phone.  Her big ass parted open exposing the black thong and her inner thighs to me and Paul.


“That’s Gus’s phone.” Said Paul.  “Why yes it is.  It may be a flip phone but it’s got a great feature on it.  It can record things and then I can send the video to my phone.  I just tap it, like this.  Now I can replay the image.” I said in a stern voice.  I then turned my phone facing both of them.  I turned on Gus’s phone before I walked into the tent with Paul’s Mother.  I figured Paul could not resist peeking in on his Mother, instead of going hiking in the woods like he said he was.

Not more than a minute after I zipped up tent to start taking pics of his Mother inside the tent.  Did Paul come up the hill from the lake?  He walked right over to in front of the tent.  He turned to drop his back pack.  He then unzipped his shorts and pulled down some worn out grey under wear around his ankle.  We watched as Paul started to jack his small cock, in his hand.  He lasted maybe 5 strokes before he shot a small load on the side of the tent.  I looked up to see Paul’s Mother face turn all red.  She could not stop watching her son jerking his cock on my phone.  It took him almost to the end of us fucking before he got hard again and came quickly on the front of the tent.  He then quickly ran into the woods.  I clicked my phone off.

“Looks like you enjoyed yourself Paul, almost a little to much.” I said with a stern voice.  “Paul!! Honey!! You can’t tell your Dad or anyone for the matter.” Said his Mother.  “I don’t think he is going to tell anyone about what happen in the tent.  I think your son really likes to watch.  Come here Paul.  Take off your clothes and lie on this log.  Kayla, go get me that rope over there.  Tie him up.  This is what happens to bad son’s who watch there Mom’s get fucked by a real man.  Bring me some bottle water too.” I said out loud to Mom and Son.

Kayla tied up her son on the wooden log.  I started a small fire.  It was getting cooler out and the sun was just starting to go down.  I grabbed two water bottles from Kayla’s hand.  I started to drink one and she started to sip the other.  I then grabbed another water bottle and finished that.  A few minutes passed.  I looked down to the front of my white boxer briefs.  My cock was semi hard.  I slowly pulled down my boxer briefs and held out my cock.  I saw Kayla’s eyes get big.  I saw her son’s eye get bigger.  With my free hand I turned on my cell phone to record.  Then I started to pee.  I thick yellow stream of pee started to splash onto Paul’s small penis.  He tried but his tiny cock started to get hard.  Kayla drank her water bottle and then another as I finished peeing on her son.

“When you’re in the woods, you have to go outside.  It’s your turn, here let me help you.” I said.  I pulled off her black thong.  She almost peed on my hand as she straddled her son.  She put her legs on the ground as she arched her big ass over his chest.  She put her hands on his small thighs and pushed out her bra encased super juggs.  “I’m sorry Paul..but I have to obey him.” She moaned over her son.  I smiled as she tossed her head back and began to pee on her son.  Some of her wetness ran down his chest onto the ground.  Some ran down to his small cock.  Most splashed on his chest and ran into his mouth and covered his chin.

Paul tried desperately to move on the big wooden log but he was tied to tight.  I grabbed his mother hips and pushed her wet pussy up and down his small frame covering her wetness all over him.  He closed his eyes when her wet pussy was inches from his mouth.  I could see her looking over her shoulder as I got around the back of her.  I placed my huge naked balls on Paul’s lips as I jammed my hard cock into his Mother.  She screamed.  He mumbled something.  Then I felt his lips all over my hard nut sack. 

Next I moved up and he had his tongue in my ass.  I reached up to place my hard cock in his Mother virgin asshole.  She screamed louder as I fucked her faster.  I leaned back with my free hand to record more of Paul licking my ass.  My cock was super hard inside Kayla.  I finally dropped my cell phone on the ground next to us as I reached up to fondle her huge breast.  Fuck I was close to Cuming.  A few minutes passed before my cock started to empty a huge load into Paul’s Mothers greedy pussy.

I got off Paul first.  I had Kayla reverse her position over him.  She knew exactly what I wanted.  She quickly put her heavily matted wet pussy on her son’s lips.  He wasted no time in cleaning out his Mother’s used pussy.  She tried to pushed her breast apart and see her son eating her sperm filled pussy.  I grabbed my phone and took some photos for her to see as she then screamed and orgasm on his face.  I placed my finger in her asshole and she started to pee on him again.  It was so hot to watch, I instantly became hard again.

I like to say we let Paul enjoy camping and not be tied to the log the whole weekend.  But I would be lying.  He stayed tied to the log the whole weekend.  Every time we had to pee or his Mother’s pussy need to be cleaned.  Paul was put to good use.  I fucked his Mother all over the lake and in the woods.  I lost count of how many dirty ways I could film her and fuck her in front of her son.  We made him paddle the canoe back, as we fucked in front of him in the canoe.  He took down the campsite and packed the car, as we fucked in the back seat all the way home.

I did honor my promise to Gus.  I brought his phone to him full of photos and videos of Paul and Paul’s Mother camping.  Turns out Gus Mom, is best friends with Paul’s Mother.  She heard about our camping trip and has requested that I go with them next weekend.  Gus’s eyes just opened.  He is tied up with the same rope from camping, I used on Paul.  He is tied up on the back of his parent’s bedroom door.  He can see my huge cock going into his Mother’s hairy pussy.  She’s never camped before.  I wanted both of them to get used camping with me, before we go.  Always be prepared.