Monday, September 28, 2009

The Christmas Surprise - An Adult Story

I just got back from 4 years at a military school. I was to start college in about a week. My parents did not give me much time to lay around the house. I was in good shape running and lifting weights back at school. Being 6ft 3 and athletic has its benefits. The only thing missing in my life was a girl friend. Just seeing a girl in the last four years would be nice. I had tried at school but this just led me to get into trouble. I had one brief encounter with a teacher. She had me come to her office for a special assignment. She had seen me in the shower after working out. She spied on me taking a long shower. I was playing with myself. She made some noise so I stopped and got my clothes on. She admitted later in her office she really like the size of my cock. Her husband was small compared to my 9 3/4 inches. After hearing her scream and suck my cock. I learned that married women love a big hard cock.

I got home. My parents were still at work. I took a shower. I then unpacked my stuff and crashed on my old bed. It was close to 2pm when I heard a noise outside. I walked over to look out my bedroom window. I looked down from the 2nd floor into my neighbors back yard. There was a older woman planting some flowers in her garden. I watched as she turned around. She had some small shorts that rode up the crack of her large ass. She also had a loose fitting shirt tied around her waist showing off her large chest. She had her dark black hair under a large hat. She put down her flowers and bent over to pick up some garden tools. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard under my camouflage shorts. I took of my shirt and put on some sandals. I had always had a thing for voluptuous women. She was quite the hot BBW in the back yard. I had no game plan. Just my rock hard cock and some muscles to go with my quick talking.

I walked over to her fence. I opened the door to the fence and walked across the grass. "Hi!" I said. "Well! Hi there yourself young man. Where did you come from?" she said. "I live next door." I said. "You must be the son your parents talk about. How was military school? Did you just get home?" she said. I saw her looking me up and down. She had a wicked grin on her face. I looked down to see my hard cock had fallen out of my shorts. I had not worn any underwear after I took a shower. I guess I forgot to zip up my shorts. I was in a such a hurry to get over here. I was about ready to cover up. But she had dropped her garden tools and walked over to me. She quickly got on her knees. I looked down as she stroked my cock making it really hard. She started to suck my cock. In no time she was the first women ever to deep throat my cock. I felt her lips at the base of my cock. I came in about ten minutes as she then became the first woman to swallow my load.

For the next two hours she showed me how to eat her pussy. She showed me some adult toys and let me fuck her in the ass. The next three days I spent fucking, sucking and having fun with her. Her husband had left her about a year ago for his secretary. He left her the house. She got some money from him but she had to go back to work to pay the bills.

I came over on the next day. I had to go to college in 3 days. "Buck what are you doing tomorrow?" she said. "I don't have any plans." I said. "I saw your folks last night in the back yard. I am pretty sure they think your a good boy and not messing with the older lady next door." she giggled. "I hope so. They might get mad. I hate to go to college day after tomorrow. I am sure going to miss you." I said. "Your going to miss my big boobs and ass baby. I was hoping you could do me a favor." she said. "Sure, what is it..need me to move something...or help in the back yard. What's up?" I said.

"Well I will just come out and tell you. I have this manager at work who is a real dick head to everyone. He had been making my life miserable for the last few months. I am pretty sure he hates fat people. He is always hitting on skinny girls around the office. He is married and everything. I met his wife the other day." Tina said. "OK, go on." I said. "Well his wife is really sexy. She is thick and built like a brick house. The way he teases me all the time, I was shock to find his wife was bigger than me. She little more tiny around the waist but her ass and breast are much bigger. I would love to see him get a taste of his own medicine. I love to see a hot young stud make it with his wife. There having a dinner part tomorrow night. I just need you to help me." she said with a wicked grin.

The plan was simple. I was to go to the party with Tina. She would have his wife walk us around giving us a tour of the house. She was going to bring her camera and take pictures of me having sex with his wife. I shook John hand and smiled when I saw his wife Brenda West in the kitchen. She had a baby blue cocktail dress that hugged her large curve. She was built like a brick house. She had a tiny waist compared to Tina but she did have a nice big ass and large breast to go with her sexy smile. We met then about 2 hours into the party and after a few drinks Brenda took us on a tour.

Before I knew what was happening we were all walking down a long hallway on the 2nd floor. We walked into the master bedroom. Brenda was asking me about military school and how my vacation was going before going to college. Brenda asked about how Tina and I met. She paused to go use the bath room. I stood next to Tina who had her ear against the bathroom door. Tina smiled and then I put my ear on the door. I could here soft moans coming inside the bathroom. Was Brenda doing more than going to the bathroom. I watched as Tina slowly opened the bathroom door to look in. I then saw Brenda had hiked up her dress above her ass. I then saw she had put her foot on her bath tub. She had her blue panties around her ankles. Her left hand was rubbing her pussy. She had two fingers deep inside her very hairy pussy. I shook my head as Tina opened the door and took one step in. I had said I was going to fuck her boss's wife but this might be too easy.

Tina stopped half way inside the bathroom to turn around to close the door. I walked over and squatted down behind Brenda large ass. I started to kiss her ass and then kissed her hairy pussy. Brenda put her hand on my head. She moaned then had a big orgasm when my tongue found her happy spot inside her wet pussy. I started to taste her as I heard the camera click behind me. I knew Tina had started to take pictures of us. I quickly dropped my pants around my ankles. I had not worn any underwear to make it easier to get in Brenda pants. Little did I know she would have been fingering her pussy in the bathroom. I inserted my cock. Brenda moaned very loud. Her head was back as I held onto her hips. I moved her back on my cock forcing her to scream. I then brought my hands to her mouth. I put one finger from each hand in her mouth forcing her mouth opened as I fucked her. She kept trying to catch her balance as my cock rocketed deep inside her. After 15 minutes I pulled out and made her get on her knees. I put my cock in her mouth.

She was licking her juices off my cock. I then felt Tina hand on my ass as I fucked Brenda mouth. I looked down to see Brenda mouth wide open. Her makeup running and her dress was all messed up. After a few minutes I got on my back. I held my cock as Brenda got up and sat on my cock. I reached up and pulled her the top of her dress down exposing her big tits. I started to lick her big boobs and hard nipples. She had one more orgasm before she started to really fuck me. I slammed her ass back down on my lap. I pinched her nipples in my mouth. I could feel her hairy pussy mound on my cock. I looked over at Tina who was all smiles. "Please! Cum for me. Please shoot your load. Your cock is so big. This is so wrong...wait...No! No! I can't do this....mmmm I love you cock but....." Brenda moaned. "Buck shoot your load in her. Give her that big wad like you give me." said Tina. With that I held Brenda hip down and her pussy as deep as it would go on my cock. I started to erupt deep inside her. I looked down to see some leak out on to my naked balls. She used her hand to scoop some up and lick it off her fingers.

I quickly got dressed. Brenda made us promise not to tell her husband. He was not very nice to her. He did not touch her like he used to when they first dated. She need some to fuck her very badly. She had forgot what it was like to be wanted. Both Tina and I promised as Tina put her camera in her purse. We left Brenda on the floor of the bathroom. Tina and I walked down stairs. We said good bye to her boss. Then drove home. I told my parents I was going to a friends house to sleep over. Little did they know I was next door fucking Tina until they went to work and I walked home the next day

I said good bye to Tina as I got on a bus to go to college. Tina sent me the pics of Brenda and I in the bathroom. She sent me some others with her around her house. I also got a video of us fucking in her bed room. She a really good cock sucker. I stayed in touch with Tina while at college. She came one weekend to visit me. We kicked out my room mate. She then had me invite some of my friends over to fuck her for the weekend. One guy brought his girl friend and she turned Tina into liking pussy just as much as she liked cock. We had a great time. Later when she got back home she told me that she had met some girls at work who loved to her pussy. She was getting into dominatrix stuff with them. She liked them to eat her pussy, ass and she liked to spank them. I got so turned on when she sent more pics of them. By Christmas break I could not wait to go back home.

My parents decided to go on vacation and left me home alone. They gave me some $$$ for Christmas. I had not met anyone at college. I was trying to get good grades and pass midterms. It had been about a month since I saw Tina the last time. So I walked over to her house after my parents left. A small super slim white girl answer the door. It was her sex slave from work. She worked in accounting as she took me to see Tina. Tina was on her bed with a hot BBW girl eating her pussy. She saw me and smiled. "Buck its nice to see you. Come here and let me see that big cock. Girls this is Buck. You do what I say first and then do what he asks of you 2nd." Tina said. I smiled as the two girls came over and took off my clothes. I fucked all of them as they loved my cock and mouth in there pussy and ass.

I woke up around 10am when I felt Tina roll over in bed. "I missed you baby." she said. "I missed you too. What ever happen to Brenda West and your boss?" I said. "Well I got a big promotion at work. Brenda forgot what happen in the bathroom that night. But she saw the pictures and had her husband give me a promotion. He does not know what happen but did it any ways. Then he got promoted and is still my boss. Now he making it very hard at work. He fired Brie the girl with the red hair and curvy body in the other room. I took her home to console her then I kissed her and she been my slave for the last week. I am so evil sometimes." she giggled. "Evil in a good way." I said. "Listen are you up for another mission?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" "Well I have to go give my boss his Christmas card at his house. I had to take up a collection for him at work. I got like $2000.00 dollars. I donated a dollar." she laughed.

"I have a great plan. I will bring him his card with the money in it. I will bring you for his wife. I now Brenda would be very excited to see you. I saw Brenda at the office last week. She had to bring her husband some paper work. I walked up behind her in the woman's room and pushed her in a empty stall. We made out for a few minutes before somebody came in. She is very hot for someone to have sex with. Are you OK with this?" Tina said. "I just smiled as my cock pushed up the top sheets. "Oh! I see you are. There Mr. Buck with the big cock. Lets go shopping for a new outfit for the Christmas Surprise. Now just fuck me in the ass. These slaves love to eat my ass out in the morning after I have sex." Tina said.

Two days later:

We pulled into Tina boss's driveway. Tina parked in front of the garage. Brenda and her husband were out for dinner. Tina boss told her just to leave the card inside. He left the key under the welcome mat. I helped Tina and Brie out of the car. Brie came along to take pictures and video of the Christmas Surprise. Tina wanted to retire and have her boss pay for her ass staying home. I just smiled as we go to the front door. Tina opened the door and we all walked in. I took off my tan trench coat. I had only a green/red tiny pair of underwear on. It sat snug on my cock. There was a small thong that ran up the crack of my ass. I had spent the last two days at home not having sex. I wanted to have a big load for Brenda. Also Tina locked me out of her house so I would not be tempted,

I watched Brie go hide in the down stairs closet. She had on a red corset and green panties to go with the xxxmas theme. Tina had on a black corset, black panties, black fishnets, huge 6inch black platform heels. She also had on a black choker with studs around her neck, a whip in one hand and the pics from the bathroom with Brenda and I. She left on her big black leather trench coat to hide what she was really doing there. She had painted her lips, finger, toenails a bright red. She even put on a Santa hat for the surprise. We waited for about 30 minutes before we heard the garage door open. I went and sat in the living room on the far couch on the end. I put my right arm on the black leather arm rest. Tina went to stand in front of the door. I heard Brie move around in the closet.

I heard the front door open. "Hello boss!!" Tina said. "Hi Tina how are you. Do you have my Christmas card." John said. "I have it along with a Christmas Surprise. Is this your daughter?" Tina said. "Yes! Amy! She just celebrate her 22nd birthday today. Lucky her. Why are you dressed so weird. Are you going to a custom party or something." her boss said. "Hi, Brenda. Long time no see. I have a card for your husband. But more important I have a big gift for you. I know you will love it. Why don't you boss and your daughter stay here. It will only take a minute. I will walk Brenda into the living room for her Christmas Surprise. Here open the card. I will be right back. Cover you eyes Brenda." Tina said. "Oh yea, a surprise for me. I can't wait. Where is it!!!" Brenda said.

I watched as I saw Brenda being led into the living room. Tina had covered Brenda eyes with her hand so she could not see. Brenda was wearing a huge red sweater with a big sugar cane in the middle under her large chest. Her cleavage was almost spilling out of it. I could see a eggnog spot she must have spilled on the top of her nipple earlier. She had a red mini skirt that showed off her curvy legs and huge ass. I just loved her big ass. She was also wearing 4inch red heels and painted her lips, finger, toenails the same red to match her outfit. Tina had to steady Brenda. I think Brenda may have a few drinks at dinner. I just smiled as Tina pulled her hand from in front of Brenda eyes.

"Oh my goodness. Is that the young man from the dinner party the last time you were both here? I missed him." Brenda said. I could Brenda eyes get real big as she came closer and saw I was almost naked but not for the small red/green underwear I was siting on. Brenda came down and sat right next to me. "This might me the best gift ever. How have you been sweetie. How was college?" Brenda said as she stared at my naked body. I saw Tina walk back into talk with her boss. I watched as Brenda leaned into my body. I could see directly down her sweater. I saw she was wearing a very small dark green bra. I was not sure how the bra had not fallen open but I put my hand on her back rubbing it. She was still smiling. I then moved my hand under her sweater touching her large right breast. She moaned like she had in the bathroom the last time I felt her in my hands.

"MMM Buck, you tease. My husband in the other room. We need to stop...I love what your doing. No! No! Stop!! Stop for a minute." Brenda said. She was still smiling. She then ran her long finger nails down my chest feeling my muscles. She pinched my right nipple. I pulled down her green bra freeing her large boobs. They fell under her sweater peeking out the bottom. I started to pinch her right nipple causing her to moan. I could here Tina, her boss and Brenda daughter near the front door. I start to kiss Brenda. She darted her tongue in my mouth as I kissed her very hard. She started to trace my hard cock under my tiny underwear. She was making my cock bigger under the thin material. She was running her nail down my long vein causing me to moan. She then quickly got off the couch. She slipped out of my hands.

"Brenda what are you doing? What are you doing with that young man?" Her husband said. Tina, her boss and Amy were now in the living room at the far end. "Hmmm John. This is Buck. Tina brought him here. He is my Christmas Surprise." Brenda said very sexy. I then saw Tina motion for Brenda to turn around and look at me. I had pulled off my underwear and was now naked with my erect cock standing straight up. Brenda eyes got big then she fell on her knees. She put her small hand on my shaft. She cupped my naked balls with her free hand. She began to pull up and down sending waves of excitement through my body. Brenda daughter was a little Goth BBW Princess. She had dark black hair and all black makeup on. Her lips, finger, toe nails were painted black. She had some piercings and tattoos on her body. She had a black ripped dress and black pantie hose on. She was staring at my cock with her mother lips on the end.

I grabbed the back of Brenda blonde hair forcing her mouth on my cock. She was now licking the base. She deep throat my cock. "Tina what is that young man doing to my wife?" Brenda husband screamed. "Dad, I think Mom likes big cock. Look at her lick that cock. Wow Mom's a whore." Brenda Daughter said. "Boss, take a look at these. This is that last time we were here. It's not the first time your wife as gotten pleasure from him. He is your wife Christmas present. Her Christmas Surprise." Tina said. I felt Brenda hands on my thighs. She was trying to get up. I reached down to pull off her sweater. I then pulled of her green bra. "Damn Mom got some big boobs Dad. Look at those monsters. Damn I think she likes getting them sucked. Look at that young man slapping her tits." Brenda Daughter said. I just kept sucking Brenda tits as she stood in front of me.

I reached up to unzip her mini skirt. I let it fall at her feet. She stepped out of it and now was completely naked but for her red heels. I then spit on my two fingers and played with her pussy. She looked at her husband next to Tina. His mouth was wide open. His daughter tongue was licking her lips and Tina had a big smile on her face. Tina then took off her leather trench coat. It fell at her feet. She pulled out her black leather whip. She then pulled the pictures out of her boss hand. "I think your liking the pictures to much. That is Buck. That is Brie. Remember her. You fired her for being too fat last week. From now on you can call me the boss. I am the boss lady now bitch." Tina yelled. I heard the camera go as Brie walked over to us on the couch. I then saw Brenda Husband turn to Tina. "What are you doing?" he said. Tina had pulled his daughter to the floor. Amy was only 22 years old but I think she was experienced with eating pussy. She had no trouble pulling down Tina black thong and shoving her tongue in Tina pussy.

I then turned to see Brenda eyes were closed. I made her have another orgasm. After I licked my finger, I slapped her big ass to watch it jiggle. I then pulled her down to the couch. I inserted my hard cock in her pussy entrance. She was still hairy but that would change. I moved my hips forward. Then I locked my mouth on her right breast. I sucked her nipples and bite her large breast as she moaned. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me young man. Show me what's its like to be with a real man. Fuck me with that big cock." she moaned. "Your daughter eats pussy better than some of my slaves. Now get on your knees and join her bitch." she yelled at her old boss. He got right on his knees and joined is daughter. I went back to fucking Brenda.

I moved her on the couch so her head was at the far end. I got behind her letting her ass rest on my cock. I reaches around to fondle her large breast in both hands. I slapped them together causing her to moan. I inserted my cock back in her hot pussy. I start to fuck her very hard. I looked over to see Brie filming us and then them on the far wall. I then saw Tina push them off and make them strip. First he was naked then his daughter was naked. She was really cute. She was turning me on as her mother moaned from my cock. I then watch Brie go to her purse. She pulled out a strap on and gave the big black 12 inch dildo to Tina. She helped her get it around Tina waist. Then he and his daughter licked the fake cock head. I picked up the pace with Brenda. She was watching her family. She then turned back to me when I moved to be on my knees in front of her pussy. She smiled as I slapped her thighs, pussy and inserted it back in her tight pussy.

Brenda orgasm as her husband got on his knees. I watched Tina get behind him. Tina moved his daughter mouth off the fake cock then inserted it into him. She started to fuck him as his daughter got up. "Fuck Cindy you Dad a whore now? Move it Goth whore. Go suck my slave pussy. I know you love pussy. If you do a good job I will let you lick Buck next." Tina demanded. I started to fuck Brenda faster. "Yes! Yes! Damn your pussy tight Brenda. Merry Christmas!" I said. She moaned as Brie moaned and Tina moaned in the room. It smelled of sex through out the living room. I inserted my cock all the way in and Brenda mouth fell open as I came deep inside her. I had planted my seed like before. She was leaking out as I saw Brie walk the Goth BBW to me. She started to lick my load as it came out of her mother.

I grabbed the girls and headed up the the master bedroom. Tina walked her new slave up the stairs. He crawled down the hall with a dog collar and leash. Tina put him in a chair. Brie strapped him down to the chair. He could not move. She stuffed a red ball in his mouth. He could only watch as all the girls joined me on the master bed. Brie got off and went to get the camera. She brought another camera on a tri pod to film Tina old boss watching us. She then started to role the video as I was fucking Brenda again. Tina and the Amy were fucking now with Tina big fake cock stretching Amy pussy. I could feel the bed move from them on my left side. I moved Brenda so she sat on my cock. I bounced her boobs in the air as she squatted down on my cock. I saw Tina who was smiling.

We switched. I was now fucking Brenda daughter. "Yes! God your cock big. Damn Mom I know why you like this fucker. His cock the best." Cindy said. "Yes! Tina fuck me harder. Fuck me Master! Fuck me!!" said Brenda. This went on for thirty minutes before I withdrew from Brenda Daughter hot pussy. I rolled her over then Tina rolled Brenda over. We switch again. I felt Brie tongue on my ass, then she licked Tina ass. Tina had Brie lick both girls ass's next. Then I watched as Tina inserted the fake cock in Brenda Daughter ass. "MMmrrhhooo!!! Yes!! Your fucking my ass. Your an ass fucker." she yelled. Tina slapped her ass. "Who the best ass fucker? You love it Goth Whore. I feel your pussy dripping." Tina said.

I then spit on my cock as Brie moved her head from Brenda ass. Brenda looked over her shoulder. I heard her husband moan in the chair. Then I saw his small penis had cum on the chair. A few white droplets came out. I grunted as I inserted my cock head into Brenda ass hole. She moaned as more went in her ass hole. She was tight but she relaxed giving my cock the room to go farther. I was able to get almost all in her as she bounced her ass on my cock. It was her first time with anal sex. I am sure it wont be her last. I pulled her hair. Her blonde hair I tied in a knot on my right hand. I slapped her ass as she came to my chest. I fondled her breast and kept fucking her faster. She was moaning along with her daughter from Tina. I then heard them orgasm. Tina slapped my ass and I came deep inside Brenda ass. I then pulled out after a relaxed. I then watched with nobody telling her. Brenda Daughter was eating her Mom ass.

We stayed the whole weekend. I got to play with each girl. I really got to fuck Brenda in every way possible. I even got the cash from the Christmas card. Tina got to retire from her job. She got a big payday. Turns out her old boss was rich. He got money when Brenda father passed away. I don't see Tina much anymore. Except on Tuesday nights. She comes over with a few sex slaves for fun and games. Lots of board games and drinking. I quit school. I got a new job. I am the lord of the West Manor. Brenda made her husband go on vacation to South America. He sends us a post card. I let Brenda daughter quit college. She moved back and brought two sorority sisters home. She was pledging (Beta Bets WOW) house. I will have to tell you about that sorority another time.

Not to leave Brenda out. She on her knees naked in front of my keyboard. She got her big tits on my knees. My cock in her mouth. A huge red butt plug in her ass. She say hi but her mouth full. Christmas is coming soon. I need to plan another Christmas Surprise.

Any ideas???


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