Monday, February 21, 2011

Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave - An Adult Story

My job at the video store was pretty boring. But it paid the bills. I got a big house from an inheritance a year ago. I sold it and moved across town to a better neighborhood. I found a bigger house. It has a nice view of the ocean. A big back yard. I only have one neighbor next to me. The house been vacant for about a month before I moved in. My kitchen looks right into there kitchen. I can also see there back yard from my side window. There a 8ft wooden fence that separates my back yard from there. I put in a hot tub and a small above ground pool last week. This weekend I might have a pool party.

It was close to 9am when I rolled out of bed. I took a long shower. Shaved some unwanted body hair. Put on some body spray. Along with some tan cargo shorts. I put on a black Ac/Dc shirt over my athletic frame. I used to play football in high school. I'm still in pretty good shape. I checked my 6ft 4 frame in the mirror as I comb my short hair. I walked downstairs to get a bagel out of the fridge.

"Beep! Beep!" I got up from my kitchen table. I looked out the front bay window toward my car in the driveway. I saw a moving truck pulling in next door. Then a black Lexus pulled in behind it. I watched for a few minutes before I saw a small chubby guy get out of the Lexus. He was maybe 5ft. He had a small suit that was tight on him. He was talking to the movers. I finished my bagel. I then walked out and shut my front door. I got in my car and headed to the video store.

I got home around 5pm. I order some Chinese food to be delivered. I tipped the delivery guy and sat down on the couch to eat. About three hours later I decided to take out the garbage. I put the garbage in my trash can inside my garage. I then walked back inside. I went to get a beer out of my fridge. I open the can and shut the door to the fridge. I walked passed my kitchen window. I dropped my beer on the floor. My mouth dropped open next.

I turned to look toward my neighbors kitchen. I focused my eyes. The little guy next door must be married or have a girlfriend. It was not even 9pm at night and the women standing in his kitchen had her pajamas on. She was wearing some very conservative black and grey pajamas. They were long and tight on her big frame. I adore women with curves. The more voluptuous the better. I usually get some action from the women who come in the video store. I ask if they need some popcorn. Then a put a big helping of butter on there corn. They take one bite and invite me to watch a video at there house. I've yet to watch a video all the way through without having them scream my name. Big gurls love to watch videos and eat at the same time. I try to take advantage.

I refocused my attention next door. She had long platinum blond hair. She had it tied in a pony tail down her back. She was wearing some big grey slippers. She was getting some water from her sink. She had her left hand on her big hip. She then moved sideways to give me a better look. It was hard to tell what she was hiding under her big pajamas. But I could tell her huge ass was bigger than her huge cleavage. Her ass was falling out the top of her tight pajama bottoms. I smiled as she shifted her thick thighs. A few minutes later the little guy from this morning walked in behind her. I did not see him at first. She almost 5ft 10 and towers over him. She smiled as she gave him her glass of water. A minute later the lights next door went out. I went back to the couch to watch some TV.

It was almost the same routine as yesterday. But I got off work at noon instead of 5pm like yesterday. I walked to the back of the video store. I walked in the Adult section. I passed through the plastic beads in the doorway to the back section. I pulled out three or four movies. There all dealt with super hot bodacious MILF's and younger men. I got hard just looking at the bodacious women on the covers. It had been a few days since I jerked off. It was going to be a long day of masturbating when I got home. I could feel my cock get harder as I walked through the store. I held up the DVD's as I went through the front door. My boss shook his head. He was probably mad I took them before he could take them home tonight. His wife was a bitch to him all the time. She was one skinny bitch who had total control over him.

I stopped to get some baby oil and a new issue of Juggs at the store on the way home. I pulled in my driveway to see the moving truck finally leaving. I guess they got all there stuff moved into the house. I looked out my front windshield to see the small guy picking up one last box. I put my car in park and got out. I had the videos in a plastic bag with my baby oil and the Juggs Magazine.

"Hey neighbor." said a male voice behind me. I turned to see the small guy. "What's up?" I said. "Frank Powers! Glad to meet you." he said. "Buck! Buck Kelly....Need some help with that box?" I said. He was having problems getting his hands around the box to pick it up. "Yeah! I guess....Thanks for the help." he said. I walked over and picked up the box. I handed him the plastic bag. He opened his front door as I followed him inside. "You can put the box right over there. What's in the bag?" he said. "I work at a video store. Got some movies." I said. He peeked in and then his hand froze. His eyes got big. He shut the bag real quick and handed it back to me. I smiled.

"Nice place you got here Frank. How do you like living here so far?" I said. "Thanks. We love it. My wife Brenda and I." he said. "Oh! Where your wife?" I said. "She at the grocery store. She only good for cooking and cleaning. I always say. That women's work" he laughed. "Ok! So where do you work?" I said. "I'm a traveling salesman for a big insurance company in town. We moved from North Carolina. Were from a small town back in the woods." he said. "How long you been married?" I said. "About ten years. I think. Don't tell her that. We got married right out of high school. She had a progeny scare. Now we've been trying for a few years. I do anything to make that happen." said Frank.

We made some more small talk. A few minutes passed when I heard a car pull up into his driveway. "Speak of the devil." he laughed. He turned to walk out of his living room toward the front door. He opened it up and yelled something to his wife. I was still holding the movies in my right hand. I took a peek inside. I pulled out the top movie and took another glance at the cover. The movie was about a BBW MILF who had sex with her son's friends. Each girl had curves to match the size of the guys penis. I looked over the top of the cover to see if Frank had gone out to help his wife. I put the movie back in the bag. I then looked to my right to see a brown box on the kitchen table. I walked over to inspect the box. It was marked "Wife Stuff." I took a peek inside to see a old makeup bag. Some old hair spray and a used box of hair dye.

I was still standing there as I heard his wife getting closer to the front door. I got a quick thought. I then smiled. I love to play practical jokes on people. I should leave a video in the box for his wife to find. She so conservative. It might blow her mind. Not to mention, maybe a chance I could watch her watch the movie. I reached in my plastic bag to pull out the top movie. It was the one with the hot BBW MILF fucking the young guys. I slipped it in the box on top of the kitchen counter as she walked into her living room. I then turned to walk back into there living room.

"Brenda! This is Buck Kelly. He is our neighbor next door. He was helping with some boxes. Are you OK? Took you long enough to get back from the grocery store. Did anybody talk to you? Did you go through the line with the old woman who works there? You better not have use the line with any of those young men who work there. " her husband said. I smiled. She had her big red baggy blouse tucked in her big white conservative dress pants. She was wearing some black flat shoes that were to small and to wide for her feet. She looked down at her flats squeezing her small feet. She was not wearing any perfume, makeup and her long hair was in a bun on top of her head. She also was wearing some red glasses that sat low on her nose. She was looking over the top of her glasses at me.

"Nice to meet you. Mr. Kelly." she said. "Very nice to meet you Brenda. Let me help with those grocery bags." I said. I walked passed her and her husband. I picked up all thirteen grocery bags and headed back inside. She giggled as I flexed my muscles and put the bags on the kitchen table next to her box. "I better be heading home. Got a few movies to watch." I said. Her husband was going through the white grocery bags. He was talking under her breath. She reached up to put some cans on a upper cabinet. I almost fainted when I saw her stretch. Her white pants rode up the crack of her big ass.

The rest of the night went by quickly. I fell asleep in my chair. My shorts were around my ankles. I kept getting up to peek in next door, that I did not ejaculate from all the masturbating. I woke up with baby oil all over my clean shaven cock and balls. I went upstairs to take a long shower.

It was close to 8am when I was started to get ready for work. I looked out my bedroom window to see my neighbor leaving for work. He was driving his Lexus as he pulled out of his driveway. I looked down to see my cock twitch. I had a dirty thought. Maybe his wife was going through the box this morning and found the movie. I picked up my cell phone. I called off work for today and tomorrow. I had four days until I had to go back to work. I figured she have enough time to spot the DVD in her box. Now! Would she play it.

I put on some body spray. Then a little cologne. I put on a tight black t-shirt. One size to small on my frame. I pulled some tan cargo shorts over my naked balls and ass. I left my underwear in the drawer. I slipped on some sandals and headed to my kitchen. I looked through my window into my neighbors kitchen. I did not see anything. It had been twenty minutes since Frank Powers went to work.

I walked out my front door. I looked over at my neighbor garage. The garage door was still open. It was half way down. Stuck open. I creeped into his garage. I saw the door leading into the house was unlocked. I turned the door knob and walked into the short hallway. I looked around to see if anybody was home. I peeked back into the garage. I did not see anyone. I turned to walk down the hall toward the kitchen. I walked inside. I walked over to the big box on the kitchen counter. The box was wide open. My cock twitched again. I saw the same junk inside from the day before. But there was no movie. "MMMm...Ahhhhh....Fuck me!!!!!" That noise was followed by a short moan. Was she watching the movie? I had to see for myself. I stuck my head around the corner into the living room.

A few feet from the big flat screen was Brenda. She had a white silk bathrobe on. It was open at the bottom and her big fat tits hung out the top. She had her hand under her white robe. She was masturbating as she watched the movie. I looked on screen to see a young guy feeding his cock into the hot MILF's mouth. I just smiled as Brenda kept fingering her swollen clit under her bathrobe. I looked around her living room to make sure no one but Brenda was home. It had only been twenty minutes since her husband left. She was close to having a big orgasm from her finger.

I took off my sandals and walked bare foot to the side of her chair. She had her eyes closed as she played with her pussy. She smelled of her first orgasm as she bite her upper lip and moaned very loud. I was only a few inches from her. She was not wearing any makeup. She had no perfume on. Her finger and toe nails were not painted. She had just come from the shower. She had missed a few spots of water on her body. Her big fat nipples were fully erect. They were the size of my two thumbs. My 9 3/4 inch cock was almost at full attention. I looked down to see her feet were on the floor. Her legs wide open. Her bathrobe hung open more as she fingered herself faster. God was she hot. Almost too perfect for this Bodacious boy.

I slowly took off my shirt. I let it fall on her carpet next to the red sofa chair. I then unzipped my cargo shorts. They fell around my ankles. I stepped out of them and then looked down on her. I was on her left side near her elbow with my hard cock. A big glob of pre-cum was on the tip. My big naked balls were loose and bounced under my shaft. I looked down to see my large purple vein that went down my shaft twitch.

"Ummmm..." I cleared my throat. Her eyes popped open. She reached to cover her big fat breast and remove her hand from under her bathrobe. "What? What are you doing here Mr. Kelly? My husband at work. How did you get in?" she said. "I knocked on your front door but you dd not answer. I walked over to your garage. I saw the door open. Your husband must have left it open. I was looking for a movie I lost. The last time I had it. Was when I was here yesterday." I said. The MILF on the TV moan again. "I see you found it. How is it, so far? Do you like it?" I said.

Her face was all red from being surprised. She looked around. She did not notice I was naked just yet. Her eye were still glassed over from her first orgasm. Her finger on her left hand dripped from her juices. Her breast rested on top of both her arms. She could not cover them. They were so big. Her bathrobe was still wide open at the bottom and top. I noticed she had tied a big white knot around her midsection to keep her bathrobe on. "I...I did not hear the front door or the garage opening up. I would have come right to the door.....Wait!! Why are you naked. Why is your....c..o...c..k out. Mr. Kelly I am a married woman." she said very low.

"It's Ok! I saw you were naked. I thought you might have a rule on being naked, in your house. Looks like the movie is pretty good. I was hoping to watch it last night. I could not find it this morning. I decided to retrace my steps. I just just never though I left it here yesterday. Maybe your husband borrowed it. When I was not looking." I said. "Mmmmmm...I don't have any rules about being naked in my house. In fact, I prefer we both get dressed. My husband would be very upset about you being here naked. My husband would not borrow this movie. He does not like big women. He is still mad I never lost weight from our baby scare. He has to much money invested in our marriage to let it fail. He does not watch porn. Mr. Kelly." she said.

I smiled. She still had not made any attempt to pull her bathrobe shut. "I beg to differ. All guys watch porn. He must have some crazy porn fetish. Maybe he likes BDSM or little people porn. To bad he does not like big women. I adore them. Especially hot ones that live next door to me. Maybe I should call him and tell him what I just walked into. I am sure he want to know." I said with a stern tone. Her mouth dropped open. "No! Please don't. It's been so long since he has touched me. He forbids me from touching myself. He does not approve of me masturbating. He would be very upset with me. You should leave Mr. Kelly. Before he gets home." she said.

"I don't think he is coming home anytime soon. I think he is gone for the day. Plus its OK that you touch yourself. Look! I play with myself all the time." I said. I started to jack my cock over her. The big glob of pre-cum fell off the tip onto her belly. She looked to the side to watch me play with myself. "See! There nothing wrong with it. Do you like my cock?" I said. Her eyes kept getting bigger watching me. "Listen! Let's make a deal. I will tell him nothing about today. You can masturbate all the time now. You can come down to the video store and pick out your own movies. For free." I said. "Mmmm..What the catch?" she said. "You help me out. Just jack my cock in your hands. A few tugs, for a lifetime of having a neighbor who can keep a secret. What do you say?" I said. She looked around my ass toward the front door.

"Ok! But this better be it. I want some new movies. More romance. None of this just fucking the woman all the time. Some dialogue would be nice." she said. I just smiled and let go of my cock. She reached up with her two small hands. Her left palm was hot from fingering herself earlier. Her right hand touched my hard abs above my cock. I moved my hips forward to let her get a better grip. She slowly started to jack my cock. "Use your right hand to play with my balls." I said. "Your cock is so big, Mr. Kelly. It's huge compared to my husband. You have no hair on your body. Your balls weigh a ton. Do you shave them all the time?" she said. I smiled and watched her cup my balls and jack my cock.

"Are you close? Close to shooting?" she said. "No! Takes a few minutes. I can last quite awhile. Maybe if you open your robe more. Let me see what your hiding down there." I said. She thought for a few seconds. I reached down with my long arms. I grabbed one end of the satin knot around her waist. I pulled on one side, causing it to be set free. Then both sides of her robe fell open. She had such big hips. A sexy big waist. I could see some dark blonde pussy hairs on the bottom of her waist. But I could not see her pussy from were I was standing. Her belly button was moving as she jacked my cock. She pulled tighter toward her. Almost made me fall over her. I moved my feet under her chair. My cock was inches from her face.

Her eyes were getting bigger as she looked directly at my cock. Her two small hands jacked my cock from the base to the tip. "Here this might help. If you move your hands toward you. Instead of pulling your one arm over." I said. I moved around her legs. Her two big thighs pushed under my legs. My cock was not staring right at her. She dropped her hands. Then put them back on. Now she was moving her hands toward her face. My cock was now back near her face. I could feel her body under mine. Her skin on mine. I looked down to see some sweat dripping off me onto her large frame. She smiled as she saw I was checking her out some more.

I then reached down to put my big hands on her breast. She gasped. "Sir! What are you doing? I was just suppose to give you a hand job." she screamed. "Oh! I just thought this might help me cum quicker. Plus there so big and so damn hot. I just had to help my self. Keep jacking my cock Brenda. Your doing a great job. I am very close." I said. She went back to jacking my cock. I was flopping her big breast in my hands. I pushed them together and then let them drop to her sides. She had such a huge valley of cleavage. It was to big to describe. I started to tug on her big nipples. I looked over my shoulder to see her feet move. Her toes curl up on one end.

"Buck! My nipples are so sensitive. Your making me very wet. It's been since my honey moon ten years ago that Frank made me cum from playing with them. He stopped after that. Please don't" she moaned. I smiled. I then pinched her nipples. I started to pull them up toward my body. She was moaning more. Her flesh was getting more red. Her legs pushed on my muscular thighs. Her breathing had increased. Her breast almost touched my big hanging balls. I bent my knees slightly letting my balls hit her chest.

She gasped again. "What are you doing? Are you close? God your burning my nipples. I can't breath Mr. Kelly." she moaned. I looked down to her big waist moving. She was gasping for air. "Your getting worn out from jacking. Stop!!! Put your hands on the arm rest. That it. Breath deep. I don't want to loose, what you started. Here allow me to help." I said. She put her hands down. Her eyes were glassed over again. I dropped my cock down between her breast. I open my mouth to spit on my cock. I then put my hands on either side of her huge breast. I pushed them around my cock. Just the tip was sticking out the top near her mouth.

Her mouth dropped open. "What are you doing. I'm married!" she screamed "Shh! Shhh! It's Ok. I am so close Mrs. Powers. God your big fat breast feel great wrapped around my cock. Does your husband fuck these amazing breast? I would fuck them every day. God your making me want to blast a big load on your face." I moaned. She looked startled as I kept fucking her big fat breast. She was now moaning. "My husband does not like my breast. He can't be near them. He makes me wear my fat clothes, as he calls them, to cover them up." she moaned. "Drop your hand down to your pussy baby. That it. Try!! Keep trying." I said. She could not reach her pussy with her big breast and waist in the way. I smiled as she followed my cock leaving her breast. I almost touched her lips with the last stroke.

"Squeeze my ass baby. Mrs. Powers I am about to cum. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue." I said. She kept her mouth closed. Her eyes got big. "No! Mr. Kelly I will not open my mouth for you. Oh god!! Your cumm......Mmmmmmm!" she stuttered. I looked down to see my cock explode in her face. When she was telling me "No!" her mouth was just open a little. I aimed my cock right for her lips. She got some in her mouth. She was gagging and trying to move her head. I covered her forehead, nose and chin. Her lips looked like she was wearing white lip stick. I dripped some on her neck. I wiped my cock on her big breast. Circling a big cum trail on her nipples. She screamed again. She was then speechless for the first time.

After a few minutes. I reached down with my left hand. I scooped some of my load off her chin. I put my wet finger in her mouth. She licked it clean. I then scooped some more. She licked that clean. I could tell she liked being cum on. It was probably her first time. I put my semi hard cock back in her mouth. "Clean it off Mrs. Powers. That a good wife. Now! We need to clean off the evidence of your masturbation session. Take me to your bathroom. Upstairs!" I demanded.

She got off the chair. I pulled off her silk robe. "Leave it for the laundry. Also wash my clothes and bring them to my house tonight after your husband gets home. Tell him you have to run an errand. Make sure you clean all my sperm of that chair when you get a chance. I hate for your husband to find any evidence." I said. I followed her big fat naked ass upstairs. We walked down the hall to her master bedroom. I already guess it was going to be plain and dull. I was just not expecting nothing but a bed in the room. A big king size bed. I was already getting ideas of what to do with her on it.

We walked passed her bed. I kicked some of her clothes off the floor into her closet. "You need to keep this place cleaner. I don't like a mess. Also you need to shave that big hairy blonde bush of yours or trim it down. It's also a mess. Have it done before you come with my laundry tonight. You need to clean this bathroom next. It's a mess too. Get in the shower. Start some water." I said.

I sat on the toilet. "Keep the curtain open. Clean your face and then your body. Wash your hair. That a good wife. Looking much better. You need to be clean at all times. Keep washing. I am laying out what you should wear to my house later. Don't let your husband see you." I said. I picked out some small denim shorts that she had all the way in the back of her closet. I pull out a big light blue shirt. I took some scissors off her dresser. I cut a big "V" in her shirt. Then I cut up her denim shorts to make them look like a big fat pair of Daisey Dukes. I wanted to see her big breast almost falling out of the top and her ass out the bottom. I looked around. She had no high heels. I pulled out some white flips flops. I pulled out some red lipstick and red nail polish for her to wear.

"Brenda! Your not to wear any panties or a bra tonight. Paint your finger and toe nails with the color I left out for you. Also put on the lipstick, I left on your bed. Don't question anything. Also don't kiss your husband when he comes home. Ignore him. Now move over. You need to wash me." I said. She moved to the front of the shower. I left the curtain open. I could see both of us in the big mirror running down the side of the bathroom. She bent down to wash my cock and balls. She then washed my back and my muscular ass. She gave it a big squeeze.

Once I was completely clean. We both got out. Her first. "Your going to air dry. Use your tongue to dry me off. Start at my feet." I said. I then pushed her head down to my feet. She licked all the way up to my cock. She then licked my abs and chest. I made her lick my nipples extra long. She then licked my neck and all around my ears. I could feel her belly on my cock as she worked her magic. After a few minutes, I pointed for her to sit down on the toilet.

I smiled. I moved over in front of her. She scooped up her big breast, with out me asking. She placed them under my balls. I could feel them fall on her big breast. She smiled as my cock enter her mouth. She sucked my cock with her breast under my balls for thirty minutes before I blasted another load down her throat.

I sat on her bed as she cleaned her bedroom. She cleaned her bathroom next. I continued to watch her clean naked. I sat on the couch as she cleaned down stairs. I then watched her clean her kitchen. She got some dish soap on her big fat nipples. I made her take another shower before I left. This time she fingered herself in the shower as I watched. She screamed my name as she orgasm again. It was close to 4pm when I left her in the shower. Her husband was due home any in about an hour. My cock was getting hard as I walked naked to my house. I shut my door.

An hour later I heard his Lexus pull into his driveway. I walked passed my kitchen window to see Brenda running from her laundry room. She had my clothes in her hands and her husband was home. She was naked. Her big breast bounced out of view.


Part 2 cumming soon.
"The Video Store"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Vacation - Part 1 - Life Boat Drill - An Adult Story

True Story

I needed a vacation. Little time to get away from work. I went on a cruise last year around Hawaii. It was very cool and fun to get away. They spoil you on a cruise. This time, however I went alone. Kinda of a Christmas/New Years Eve gift from Santa. I traveled two weeks from Miami to Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and went through the Panama Canal. I had been to Panama a few years back and always wanted to take a cruise through the canal zone.

I took a flight from Baltimore to Miami. It was Thursday, December 23, 2010. First thing I did after checking into the hotel, was to put my feet in the sand. Got a few drinks and had a nice dinner in South Beach. It was warm but not cold, compared to Baltimore, it was great. The next day I drove around Miami and went out to Key West for the day. It was fun to eat and drink with the sun out.

I went to bed early. I packed everything in two piece's of luggage. Couple of nice suits in a suit bag. All the rest of my clothes in another piece of luggage. I had a friend who set me up with checking into the ship the day before. Cost me a little extra but well worth it. I wanted to beat the mass boarding of people on the ship. Can take some time to go through security and check points. I got on with no trouble and headed to my cabin. It was on Deck 14 near the top. Once again my friend hooked me up. Nice big queen bed. Big marble bathroom, with jacuzzi tub. Big sofa sitting area. Desk and chair to far side. Also a big balcony with a spectacular view of the ocean. I was blown away.

I put all my clothes away. Hung everything up. Reapplied some cologne. Check myself in the mirror. I had on some tight white Calvin Klein under wear. Also some tan cargo shorts on. A nice white button down dress shirt. Some black sandals on my feet. I picked up my key and some cash off my dresser. I took one look around. I almost pinched myself. The suite/cabin was too cool.

Even know the ship was not leaving until tomorrow. Everyone on board was suppose to attend a life boat drill. It was mandatory. I smiled as I saw a few of the passengers heading down the hall to the life boat area. I had to go down 4 floors to mine. If I arrived tomorrow. It would have been on the same floor. I just followed some simple instructions to get there. I was the first one to arrive for the drill. I waited a few minutes as some of the crew and passengers arrived.

They handed me a life jacket. I tied the bottom and top and looked around. It was about ten minutes later that I heard some girls giggling and laughing behind me. I am very much single. I worked all week to leave early on Thursday. I worked almost day and night. I don't usually go out of way to meet women. I don't have pick up lines or get out of control in public. You might say I am not Jersey Shore like. I unusually wait for a woman to ask me something. I've slayed a few girls with my smile and charm. It had been a couple of weeks since I hooked up. Preferring women with curves, can be hard to find. I did however get two numbers on the plane flight. One from the stewardess, who moved to me first class. The other from a girl sitting across the aisle in first class. I just smiled when they slipped me there notes.

I had to see who was giggling behind me. I moved forward and around two people, to get a look. There were four college girls talking to each other. Two brunettes, a blonds and one girl with jet black hair. All of them were cute. None of them was very voluptuous, but they did had curves. All of them were wearing small white shorts. Each had on a different baggy sweat shirt on from there college. They all went to USC. Ladies of Troy as I would find out later. I just smiled and listen to the crew as they gave instructions. I watched each girl put on her life jacket. The blonde struggled the most with putting hers on. What ever she was hiding under her sweat shirt, was causing her to stretch out the life jacket. All I could do was stare and smile. She smiled when she saw me checking her out. It was close to thirty minutes before they dismissed us.

I took off my life jacket. I was one of the last people to leave the area. I looked up to see if the girls were still there. They had all gone. I was going to try to find a bar or place to to get a bite. Then I had an urge to go use the bathroom. I decided to head back to my cabin. I headed down the hall to use the elevator.

I pushed the button. A second the later the door opened. Another few seconds the doors were about to close. I saw a hand come into the elevator. The door went back opened. Two of the college girls walked in. The blonde and the girl with jet black hair. They both smiled when they saw me. I heard them giggle again. "Hi! What floor girls?" I said. They just smiled. I hit the button to my floor. They talked again to each other. The girl with the jet black hair was about 5ft 8. Her friend was about 5ft. They both had nice tans. They both smelled great. Each girl had matching wooden clogs on. Only about a inch in the heel. I smiled as the blonde toenails were dark red to match her finger nails. She had on some soft red lipstick. Both girls had little make up on. The jet black hair girl had black nails polish on her finger nails and nothing on her toe nails. She was wearing black lipstick.

It took a few seconds to get to my floor. They both smiled as I got off the elevator first. I had a feeling they might follow me. I started down the hall. I could hear them walking behind me. I wanted to say something to them. But! Over the years, I know when to keep my mouth shut. I found girls to be more aggressive than in the past. I've hooked up with out saying a word. I have hooked up by just a glance or smile. I knew something was going to happen. I just did not know what was going to happen. I passed a connecting hall way. I opened the door to go through. I closed it behind me.

I turned slightly to see the blonde open the door. Her friend waited on the other side. She was looking through the glass part of the door. The blonde kept walking behind me. A few more seconds I got to my door.

I put the key in the door. "Hi!" said the blonde. She was now standing a few inches from my left side. "Hey!" I said. "My friend bet me I would not come up and say hi to you." she said. "Oh.. That's cool. How are you?" I said. "Is this your cabin? Were all the way near the bottom of the ship." she said. "Yeah! This is it. It's has a great view." I said. She was leaning up against the wall now. She was twirling her long blonde hair, with her two fingers. It had some light brown high lites and was very curly on the bottom. I did not even have to ask. I just opened the door. She walked right in.

"Damn! Wow! That is a great view. Your own balcony?" she said. She walked into the bathroom and giggled loud. I waited for her to come back. "This cabin is the bomb. You got hooked up." she said. I smiled. She was twirling her hair some more as I excused myself to use the bathroom. A few minutes later I came back in the suite. She was standing outside on the balcony. Leaning on the rail. She looked around. Then came back in the room.

I was standing in the middle of the suite. She just smiled as she put her hands on the bottom of her grey sweatshirt. She pulled the bottom over her head. She tossed it on the floor. She then pulled her white shirt over her head. She dropped her shirt on the floor. She had two large breast that were super sized in her tight white bra. The bra had two big cups and the top was about ready to exploded from her flesh. She was definitely hiding a nice big pair. She had some nice love handles, hanging over her white shorts. She unzipped her small white shorts. She let them fall around her ankles. She had no hair on her pussy mound. She was not wearing any under wear. I just shook my head. Had this just happen???

She grabbed my shirt. She unbutton it and tossed it on my bed. She unbuckled my belt. She ripped it off my shorts. She pulled them down. I was standing just in my white boxer briefs. She smiled. She ran her finger nails on the outside of my cock. There was a small drop of pre-cum on the tip. She saw my white cotton briefs get dark on the tip. She licked her lips.

Next she was on her knees. She pulled down my under wear. My cock sprang out. "Mmmmmm" she gulped. She opened her big red lips around the tip of my cock. She fed some more in her hot mouth. She licked the pre-cum off the tip. She then started to lick down the side of my cock. She put her hand on the base of my cock with her small fingers. She kept pulling the length of my cock until all 9 3/4 inches were hard in her hand. She then started to play with my big naked balls in her right hand.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I then put the tip on her forehead as she sucked on my balls. She got her tongue all the way to bottom of my ass. She put her hands back on my cock. Pumping it some more. I flexed my knees and moved my feet as she tried to get more of cock on her hot mouth. She gagged at first. Then got about half inside her mouth. She put her two small hands on my muscular ass. She gripped my ass very hard. She left two hand white hand prints on either one of my tan ass cheeks. I could feel her two big breast brush my legs.

After a few minutes. I bent over to pick her up. She put her hands around my neck. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy was just above my cock. Her breast rubbed against my chest. I looked down to see her big nipples get red from my skin. She smiled. "Put me on the couch. Do you have protection?" she whispered in my ear. I smiled as I put her on the couch. I walked over to my black bag on my suite case. I pulled out the silver pack. She smiled and gave me a finger motion to come to her.

She took the condom out of my right hand. She pulled on my cock a few times. She then rolled out the condom on my cock. She then looked up. I smiled. She turned around on the couch. Her small round ass was bouncing in my direction. I bent my knees. She held onto the top of the couch. I put the tip on her pussy lips. She gasped as I eased in a inch, then two. Her pussy was very tight, but very wet. I got half inside her before her pussy muscles tried to push me out. I eased back in. Then pulled out. I put it back in. More each time. She was tossing her blonde hair back and forth on her back.

After a few minutes. We got a very good rhythm going. I started to slap her round bubble butt. She screamed. I eased all my cock inside her. About an inch was sticking out at the base. Her two small pussy lips were stroking my cock as I fucked her harder. I then grabbed her hair. I pulled her head back making her moan. She started to slam her pussy back on my cock. I stopped fucking her. She was now fucking me with her pussy. I slapped her ass when she slowed down. She sped up. I started to pick her up off her knees with each pounding of her pussy.

I then pulled out completely. She looked over her shoulder. "Are you ready baby?" she said. I flipped her on to her back. I eased her legs next to my head. She kicked off her heels. Almost broke the glass coffee table behind us. I then eased my cock back in her pussy. She was watching her pussy get filled by my cock. I leaned down to suck on her big breast. Rubbing her two big nipples in my mouth. I bite down on each one. She finally started to scream. She erupted on my cock. I could feel the heat of her juices on my cock.

I pulled out quickly. I put two fingers inside her. I started to finger her very hard. Making her orgasm again before I jammed my cock back in her. She grunted as she reached up to grope my ass again. She tried to push more of my cock inside her. I was dripping sweat on her skin. She reached up to twist my left nipple. I reached up to twist her nipple, this made her scream. I pulled out and then sat next to her.

I was close to cumming now. She hoped off the couch. She got between my legs. She pulled off the condom on my cock. She tossed it toward her wooden clogs. She then pulled her breast up to my cock. She wrapped them around my cock. She then spit a big stream of saliva on my cock. She bounced her tits on my cock. I was fucking them hard as she licked the tip of my cock. I grunted. She moaned. Then I erupted all over her face. First big spurt hit her forehead. Next shot hit her left eye brow. The third hit her big red lips. She gasped, moaned and aimed the rest of my load into her mouth. She was dripping on her breast as she let my cock go. She had sucked me dry.

She got up and walked into the bathroom. I could hear the water in the sink. A few minutes later she walked out. She was wearing one of the big white furry bath robes from Royal Caribbean Cruise line. She leaned down to pick up all her clothes. She slipped on her wooden clogs. "Maybe we can be life jacket buddies next time there a drill. Thanks cutie. I'll drop this off later. I better get back to my friends. I don't want then to think, I'm that type of girl. He! He! They already know." she said as she closed the door to my suite.

I found out her name was Sissy later
all her friends new my the end of the cruise....

This was just day 1.

Its good 2 B Me....


Part 2 cumming soon!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vamprie Love - An Adult Story

I woke up. I could hear the grass move. A shadow comes toward me. The sun was going down just behind the trees. My eyes opened first. My mind turned on next. I could feel the cold air coming into the old wooden coffin. I had been dead for sometime. A few hundred years. I lived in Germany and fought against the Romans before I was turned. I can feel the blonde hair on my skin move. My toes wiggle. The black suit, tie and trench coat, I'm wearing. Fit me perfectly. I still look the way I did before I was turned. I was only 24. My 6ft 4 Nordic frame is still in great shape.

I take a big breath. I can smell the flower on the grave just to my right. The same woman puts them there every Valentine Day. One red rose for her dead husband. He died three years ago. I tried to save him. But he would not drink my blood. I watched from a distance as he saved her from the fire. Then he laid down next to her as he faded away. I've been just about everything in life. I've done everything there is to do. Now I live alone in a big civil war mansion at the edge of town.

Maybe seeing true love for the first time has cursed my existence. It's been so long since I've loved. To smell the scent of a beautiful woman. To feel her heart beat next to mine. Her warm lips on my body. Her touch on my skin. I long for those days. But these times are different. There are too many non believers. Where could I go. Who would want me?????

The last sun ray bounces off the grass over my face. I push the coffin door slowly up. I see the moon just staring to climb. The clouds move to show the dark night. I can hear the towns people in the distance. I put my leather shoes down on the red dirt as I take one step after another. I pull out my long black metal cane from the coffin. There a pure silver tip on the end. The top is shaped like a wolf. My initials on the top. "B.K" I can feel my black belt tighten, as it moves on my waist. I need to drink some blood and regain my strength. I still have a pint or two in my kitchen.

It takes me a few seconds to run like the wind to my house. I push the double doors open with my hand. I then walk to the kitchen to prepare a drink. I can feel the small blood cells move down the glass. I can see the white cells, and red cells mix. I can feel the persons energy who donated the blood. I break into a blood bank, when I ever get low. My eyes close as small waves of excitement run through my body. I can almost taste the last thing this person had before they donated.

I take a moment to myself before I am awaken by a loud bang. I can hear a tree falling over. The smell of rubber. The taste of acid on my tongue. I turn my head to look out my window. I can see in the distance a car crash. I put my cane on my right leg in a leather strap. I pushed the door closed as I move toward the accident. I stop just at the side of the road. There is a large deer running through a field across from the car. I can see his hoof print on the the dirt in front of my feet. He took one bounce on the road before he cleared a fence.

"Mmmmmmmm.....Hel..." said a female voice. I turned to focus on the front seat of the small car. The car was sitting on its small roof. The tires were still spinning. The car was still in drive. There was smoke coming from the engine. There are engine fluids leaking out under the car. I then took a few steps toward the car when I smelled gas. A few drops were leaking from the gas tank. The small crack was getting bigger as more gas fell out. I was now slowly making its way toward the front of the car.

I reached up to open the door handle. The door swung open. I looked inside. There was a girl upside down in the driver seat. I gasped. She was like know one I had seen in such a long time. Her long black hair hung down her face. It covered her soft dark red lips. I moved my hand over her high cheek bones. She was still breathing. She was wearing a dark black dress. Her four inch heels looked amazing on her sexy feet. Her seat belt was tight across her chest. She was very voluptuous as I starred at her. She was about 5ft 10. With sexy long nails. They were capped on the ends, in a deep dark red to match her lips She tried to open her eyes as I reached down to help her out of the car. I placed her in my arms as I carried her away from the accident. I set her down in the tall grass next to the road.

She was still breathing as I looked down on her. I then moved quickly to get back to the car. I look in the front seat. I see a black choker necklace that must have snapped off her neck. I picked it up and stick it in my front pocket. I reached down to turn the car over. I pushed it into the field beyond the fence. I climb back on the road. I looked around.

I now hear some heavy breathing behind me. A small patch of white breath arose from a bush near the road. I looked up to see the full moon. The big bush moves again. First the front paws appeared. Then the back. Its large black fur rippled on its back. His breath was getting bigger as he puffed up in front of me. I took one step onto the road. He took a step onto the deer print in the dirt. He then took another onto the road opposite of me. He had chased the deer. He then turned to see the girl in the tall grass. He smiled. I put my hand on my right leg. I pulled out my cane. He moved quickly as he leaped in the air toward me. I moved to my right and then back to my left. I swung the cane around in a circle and smashed it on the ground behind him. He rolled off the road into the fence.

I took a step closer. He turned to look at me. I spun my cane again. He smiled. His tongue dropped from his mouth. He clicked his long front nails on the road as he moved closer. Little sparks of fire bubbled up under his paws. He turned his head up to howl at the moon. I looked down to see some of the gas from the car was under his paw. A second later he ignited the gas towards me. I leaped off the road into the air. There was an explosion. "Bang!!!!" Then a big puff of smoke. I fell down on the ground behind the smoke. I heard some laughter from the black wolf. He howled at the moon again. "Owwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!"

I opened my eyes. I grabbed my cane off the ground. I took one step to leap in the air. My trench coat opened blocking the moon light. My arms opened. I grabbed my cane in mid air to pull it open. Out came my metal sword. With the sword in my right hand, and what remains from the cane in my left. I landed inches in front of the wolf. "Slash! Slash! Thud......." The wolves head rolls down the road. His eyes are still open as I wipe his blood on my shoe. I smile as I pick up his body. I toss it behind the bush. I clip his head on my right leg under my cane.

I then walk back to the girl. She was breathing heavier as I picked her off the grass. I carried her back to my house. It only took a few moments to place her in my bed at the top of the stairs. I lite some candles and left the door open as I walked down the hall. I placed the wolf's head in my trophy room. It sits on the mantle next to a gold crown. Once worn by Cesar.

Next I walk out to my balcony to look upon the dark night. I could here her breathing better. She had a few scrapes and bruises. She should heal in a very short time. I could tell she had only a concussion. This was causing her to keep her eyes closed. I could hear the wind in the forest near bye. I could see cars drive by in the distance near the crash scene. Nobody had stopped so far. I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was close to 2am now. When I heard her eye open down the hall. She groaned for a second as she moved her hands up her body. I hurried down the hall to look in on her. She cleared her throat. "Hello!! Is there anybody out there? I can feel your presence. I can tell your watching me. Hello!!" she said. I closed my eyes to feel what she was feeling. I now sensed there might be something wrong.

"Hello!" I said. "Where I am I? Who are you kind Sir?" she said. I smiled. My name is Buck! You are in my house. You were involved in a very bad car accident. Do you remember anything?" I said. "No! I don't remember anything. What happened? How did I get here?" she said. "I carried you to my house. I think a deer ran in front of your car. You must have swerved to miss it. Do you feel OK? I can sense there might be something wrong." I said. She smiled. "I don't know. I am starting to feel weak....." she said very slowly.

I ran next to the bed. I looked down to see she was having trouble breathing. "Give me you hand." I said. I ran my hand down her arm. I then put my hand on her mid section. She groaned. "What is it?" she said. "I think you may have internal bleeding. It might be to late to get an ambulance. Stay with me." I said. I look worried a she was going in and out of conscience. "Help! Help me! Please help." she said in a soft voice. Her sexy eyes opened and look into my baby blues. I bent down to get a closer look at her. I knew what had to be done. I just did not want her to find out my true identity.

I looked into her eyes. I then brought my right wrist to my mouth. My fangs bite down on my wrist. She watched. I then brought my wrist down to her mouth. "Drink! Drink! You must...." I whispered in her ear. I felt the warm blood leave my wrist into her hot mouth. She gasped for air. She then closed her eyes. She kept sucking my blood. I closed my eyes as she fell asleep in my bed. I pulled my wrist from her mouth. She had begun to recover. Her breathing was better. I walked over to a chair across from her. I watched her as she breathed. I went back to my coffin to rest.

The next day I watched her all night. Her breathing was getting better each hour. The next day I picked some red roses from my garden. I put them next to her. It was not until the 4th day that she awoke.

"Gasped!!!! Hello!" she said. "Hi! Are you feeling better?" I said. "Yes! I feel very strong. Thank you Buck....How long have I been here?" she said. "4 days. Since the accident. Can I get you anything?" I said. I could feel everything she was feeling. I could read her thoughts. She was looking me up and down. She was not hungry. She smiled. I could read her dirty thoughts. She was checking me out very hard. She smiled again. "I'm not hungry. It sounds weird. But I am very, very, very excited to be alive. You make every hair on my body stand up. When you look at me." she said.

I smiled. "As do you do to me...What is your name?" I said. She smiled. "Silver! Silver Rayne. You can call me Silver." she said. If she only knew that silver could kill me. Enough silver in the right place could be very harmful to me. I could only smile. "Here! I found this in your car." I said. I handed her the choker necklace I found. She ran the leather choker in her left hand near the end of the bed. I was standing near the bed know. I looked down on her. I then turned to walk out of the room. I heard the bed move. I then heard her high heels click on the floor as she followed me down the long hallway.

I pushed open the balcony door. I walked across the big balcony to look out into the dark sky. There were two large vampire gargoyles on either side of the marble rail that went around the balcony. I looked out into the woods. A minute later I heard her heels click on the balcony. She was now standing to my right side. She breathed in the fresh air. I looked down onto her long brunette hair. She then looked into my eyes. "I never felt like this before. I have this desire to be with you. It an animal instinct to be yours. Buck!!!!" she said.

I leaned down to kiss her soft dark red lips. Her red lipstick was light to the touch. I felt her hot mouth open to touch my tongue. Her body was pressed against mine. Her heart was beating next to me. I wrapped my arms around her lower back. I felt her warm hands around my neck. Her eyes were closed. They opened quickly. "Your so cold. Are you OK?" she said. "Yes!" I moaned in her ear. She put her hands on my face. Then around my neck again as we kissed very hard.

She broke our kiss. "Put this around my neck." said Silver. I looked down to see her black leather choker in her hand. I pushed her in front of me. She rocked her ass back into my semi erect cock. She started to grind her ass, making me harder. She smiled. She pulled her hair up to show me her neck. My lips quivered as I saw my blood pumping in her veins. I kissed her neck. She pulled her arms out of her small black dress. It fell to the floor on my leather shoes. I unhinged her black bra making it fall around her waist. She shimmed her ass, making her bra fall off. She was now naked except for a black thong on her body. I smiled as I looked down to see her amazing body in the moon light.

I tied the choker tight around her neck. Her hands were running behind her sides. She was touching my skin. I quickly took off my clothes. I was now naked standing directly behind her. My cock was fully erect. I had it bent down so not to poke her. She kept reaching for it. I smiled. I then kissed the length of her neck. Moving her around. She moved her head back. Her chin up as I kissed her neck. I looked down her big breast. Her nipples were very erect. I licked one finger, than touched them. She moaned. "Oh! God! Yes! Yes! It's been so long....Be gentle...." she moaned.

I put both my big hands on her breast. I pulled them up to my mouth. I moved her so her bare ass was on the cold marble rail. She began to moan long and very deep. I heard her pussy began to orgasm. A second later she screamed. "You! You! Made me cum." she said. She gasped for air as she tired to catch her breath. She was squirting down her leg as I sucked her breast. She licked her lips and began to kiss my forehead. I started to man handle her breast. I slapped her erect nipples making her moan. After a few minutes I dropped them to kiss her lips.

She broke our kiss again. She looked down for the first time to see my 9 3/4inch cock. She smiled. "Oh! My! What a big cock you have. I wished I crashed near your house before. Take me. Fuck me! Use me!!" she demanded. I moved my cock directly out, thrusting my hips forward. She dropped her left hand to rub her pussy lips. She put one finger inside her. I spit on my hand and jacked my cock making it nice and wet. She moved into my arms. I picked her up and placed her on the cold marble rail. She turned to look down. It was a big drop to my garden. She turned to look into my eyes. My eyes were now all white. She stuck out her tongue.

I put her tongue in my mouth as I laid my cock on her bald pussy mound. She moaned in my ear. She ran her hands in my small hair. She then placed her hands around my neck. Her eyes moved as I gently put my cock inside her hot pussy. Her pussy muscles opened to let my cock in further. It took a few minutes before I had most of my cock deep inside her pussy. She was begging for more as I pushed my hips forward. I leaned my hard chiseled body against her. I could feel her hard nipples rip my skin as she breathed. I was matching her breath as we got a good rhythm going. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck!" she screamed into the cold air.

I put my hands on her soft hips. I started to slam more of body into hers. She dropped her hands around my shoulders. She moaned in my left ear. We were still kissing but more passionately. I broke our kiss to pick up the rhythm. Her pussy began to spasm and she had another orgasm. She screamed again into the air. I pushed her soft thighs up and put my toes into the wood. I was jack hammering her pussy with my cock. I was close to cumming. But I wanted more from her body.

I looked into her eyes. "Do you trust me?" I said. She took a big breath. "Yes!" she said. I picked her up off the marble rail. With Silver in my arms. I leaped onto the rail. She turned her head to look down. My cock was still deep inside her. I had my hands on her ass. She looked into my eyes again. I then leaped off the rail, and landed feet first into the garden. She screamed. She gasped for air. I could feel her pussy get more wet around my cock. She looked back up at the balcony. I ran toward the trees.

She kissed me as our body touched. I did not stop until a big clearing in the woods. I moved my right hand with one swift stroke. The trees parted as I put her feet on the green grass. She turned to see a large canopy bed made of rocks and flowers from my garden. She gasped again as I waved my hand to light the candles near the bed. She turned to kiss me. I moved her in my arms until we were both lying on the bed. She looked around. "Kiss me! Make love to me...." she moaned.

I laid on my back. I could feel the hard rock on my skin. Silver reached down to stroke my hard cock. She leaned down to lick the pre-cum from the tip. She smiled as she swung her leg over mine. She put her hands on my chest as she brought her pussy down on my cock. She flipped her hair back. Exposing her neck again. My cock moved up causing her to moan. She pushed her hips down engulfing more of cock. I reached up to grip her hips. She now had all my cock deep inside her as she fucked me. I grabbed her breast bringing them to my mouth. I leaned up as she bounced on my cock. Faster and Faster she rode my cock. Her pussy was slamming down on my cock making it more wet.

After twenty minutes she looked down into my eyes. I smiled as she fucked my very hard. She then winked at me. She bite down on her lip. A second later a small droplet of blood escaped her sexy dark red lip. The small droplet hit my lips. I arched my back and cried out into the moon light. She was now in mid air. As I rolled her off of me onto her side. She looked up with a big smile. I turned my body to dive on her. She screamed. I kissed her lips. Licking them clean. She smiled. I rammed my cock back inside her. She grunted. She wrapped her arms around my waist. Her nailed scratch my back as I slammed my cock back and forth deep inside her. She bite down on her lip causing it to bleed more. I leaned down to lick more blood off her red lips.

She looked down when she felt my cock getting bigger in her pussy. "Oh! God! Your getting bigger. My blood making you bigger." she screamed. I rammed my cock to the base. My big naked balls laid on her skin under pussy. I grabbed her thighs pushing off them as I fucked her. "Bite me! Bite me! Please!" she moaned. She turned her head. A small droplet of blood fell off her lip onto her neck. I pushed my mouth down to the blood. I licked her neck. She moaned. I then started to bite her neck. Her body exploded under me. Her pussy orgasm so hard, it pushed my cock out and it flopped between her thighs. I pushed it back in. She screamed. I then bite her neck more. I could feel her blood inside me. My legs shook. I arched back. My cock was buried in as far as it would go. Then I exploded. She screamed. "Buck!!!!!!"

I could hear the moist dew on the grass. The small water droplets moved off the roses around the bed. I felt Silver heart beat on my chest. I opened my eyes to the sun coming up. She breathed in heavy as I picked her up. She watched as I ran back to the house. The sun following us. I moved the doors open, then shut with my right hand. I ran up the stairs to my room. I opened the door to my bedroom. I moved the wall to the far side open. She smiled.

I took a few steps up the marble stairs. The black wooden casket opened from the top. I looked at her. "I.....M......A......Vamp..." I whispered. "I know! I've know since you saved me. I've seen you before. In my dreams...." she whispered. She laid on my body as we kissed. The top of the coffin closed. She closed her eyes. I gave her a small kiss. The sun light hit the window. The dark curtain closed. The door to my secret room closed. Silver bite my lip.

Not all Silver is bad for this Vampire.......


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BBW Wash n Blow - An Adult Story

I had just got a new SUV about a month ago. I had not driven it more than 200 miles before it need to be cleaned. I was driving along Curtis Ave when I spotted a sign on my right for a car wash. A local high school cheer leading team was washing cars for $10.00. I checked my watch. I had some time before I needed to get back to the office. I put on my turn signal and pulled in.

I smiled as about 4 cheerleaders started to wash my SUV. I rolled down the window and gave them $20.00. About ten minutes later they all smiled as the SUV was finished. I got out to take some pics with them. I'm sure they posted it on FB or Myspace by now. I climbed back in and one girl gave me a flier to there next performance at the high school. I pulled away and headed back to work.

I got out and went into work. It was not for another hour before I walked out, to go get some lunch. I was just about ready to get in my new SUV. When I spotted something on my big chrome wheels. I went to take a better look. It look like some of the chrome had faded. Maybe they had used some dish soap to wash my SUV and not car soap. I froze for a second. I was thinking what the fuck. A twenty dollar car wash going to turn into a night mare for my new SUV. I ran back inside to get some water. I tried to wash the wheels. No such luck. I open the driver side door to look at the flier the girl gave me. I saw a number at the bottom. It was for the cheer leading coach of the team.

I reached into my pocket to get my phone. "Hello this is Candy White. How may I help you." said the cheer leading coach. I was so mad, I was about ready to explode. But she sounded so sweet on the phone. "Hi! My name Buck Kelly. I stopped to get a car wash from your girls this afternoon. I just took a look at my brand new SUV when I got to work. I found some marks on my new chrome wheels. I was hoping you could help." I said. "Oh! Well that sounds bad. I am so sorry. Are you sure my cheerleaders damaged your SUV?" she said. "I think so. The marks were not on there before I pulled into to get a car wash. They look like water spots but they will not come off. I tried buffing them just now." I said.

"Oh! I hate for my girls to do a bad job. Were do you work? Is it far from the high school?" she said. "A few minutes away." I said. "Ummm...I'm at the car wash now. I just got here, with my daughter. You could go come back and I'll take a look at it for you." she said. "I have a conference call in about 20 minutes. It should last about two hours. Then I could come back to the car wash." I said. "Oh! The car wash is only on for another hour. Then we go to practice at the school. If you like, I could meet you tomorrow in the morning." she said.

"Tomorrow no good, I'm at work all day. How about after practice later. I could drive to the school." I said. "After practice is not good. I need to go home to let my dogs out." she said. "Wow! Maybe I should just take it the dealer. Get some new wheels and send you the bill. There 26's. About $2,000 a wheel." I said. "How much??? Wow! That is allot of money. We have to wash allot of cars and sell lots of baked goods every day after school to raise that much money. Were trying to go to nationals this year. I have a better idea. Can you bring your SUV to my house. Just pull it down the driveway to my house. I got a sponge and bucket. I can get out the spots Mr. Kelly. Please!" she said. After a long pause. "Your address? Thanks! See you later Candy." I said.

I got done with work and jumped in my SUV. I was still mad all through the conference call and now on the way to Candy house. I looked at my watch. She should be home by now. It was a little after 4pm when I pulled in her long driveway. I drove down to the garage. I saw a big bucket and sponge in the driveway. I saw the water hose in the lawn next to the garage. I honked the horn as I got out. I only had some faded blue jeans, a white button down shirt and some brown sandals on. I left my socks and under wear on the bed this morning. I tossed my shades in the front seat and waited on Candy to come out her house.

It was about 5 minutes later that I saw her front door open. Her house was set back from the road. There were many trees and bushes to keep her house hidden. I looked around waiting for her to come out. A minute later I saw some white tennis shoes come out the front door. Next a big pair of breast, squeezed tight under a white shirt came out in front of Candy. She was wearing a blue, with white stripes down the side, jogging suit. It was tight around the calves, her thick legs and thighs. My mouth dropped opened when she turned to close the door and I saw her big ass coming out the top of her tight sweat bottoms. The perfect muffin top, if you ask me. I could tell she was not wearing any underwear or a big bra to keep up her huge cleavage.

I swallowed hard as she walked toward me. She had a big smile to match her big dark black hair. It was very curly and sat high on her head. She had to big silver hoop earrings that touched her shoulders. She was wearing about 4 different color wrist bands. They were small and all were about cheer leading related. How could she even teach cheer leading. She was so top heavy she might fall over. Maybe her daughter was in cheer leading at the school. This was going to be hard. I have a thing for voluptuous woman with curves. She was my fantasy brought to life as she got closer.

"Hi! Mr. Kelly. See you found the place. Any problems? Getting here." she said in a soft voice. "No! No problem. All good. How are you? How was practice?" I said. "Everything went good. The girls still need more practice. We have about a month before nationals to get ready." she said. I was going to ask if she was married or if her husband was home. But I saw a huge rock on her finger. A big pink diamond to match her long pink nails. She had a dark tan. She smelled incredible as she kept talking to me. I almost forgot why I was there. I was reading the high school name stretched across her chest. It was almost unreadable.

"Well! Let me see these wheels. I don't want to keep you waiting any more than you have to. Do you have any plans after this?" she said. What did she just say? I was still staring at her big breast. She could have told me the sky was falling. I was still lusting after her as she walked toward my SUV. She put her small hand on the hood. "I just got these shoes today. There suppose to tone your butt, hips and thighs. My husband always on me to lose weight. That why I like to teach cheer leading. I get so motivated after practice. Plus I was cheerleader in school and college." she said.

She was smiling as she walked toward the driver side front tire. She bent over to look inside the wheel well. "Mr. Kelly. I don't see anything. Can you show me. Did you play sports in high school. Did you date any cheerleaders?" she said. "I did play sports. Football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. I did not date any cheerleaders. I wish I had. But I did not find any at my school to be very nice." I said. She smiled as I bent over to look inside the wheel.

"Right there and right there. These two spots also." I said. I pointed to the spots. "They are on all the wheels. What did those girls use to clean with?" she said. "Probably dish soap. They need to watch my SUV with car soap." I said. "Oh! Your are so correct. I wish I had someone watching them better than my husband. His mind seems to wonder with what ever the girls are doing. He had to go to work after practice. I told him you were coming over. He said I should do what ever I can to make you happy. I better fix the problem or else." she said.

The only thing going through my mind as I sat back on my feet was to whip my cock out and have her start sucking. God she was turning me on. Now I know why the football team is so bad. They must watch Candy White, instead of playing the game. I looked around again. "Maybe you should walk around the SUV and take a look Mrs. White." I said with a big smile. She turned to bounce around the SUV. My head followed her big breast under her sweat suit.

She looked at all the wheels before she walked back. I was still admiring her big breast as she looked around in yard. "I got a sponge." she said. She pulled out this very small pink sponge from her pocket. Her boobs shook when she raised her arm to show me the small sponge. Where my garden hose???" she giggled. I just smiled as she walked over to her yard. She slowly bent over to pick up the hose. I could not see any light between her legs. The were so round and thick. I just starred as she tried to turn on the hose. "Oops! Can you help me with the water Mr. Kelly? The tap is just over there." she said. She pointed at the end of her house near her garage. I walked over to turn on the water.

I watched for a few minutes adjusting my cock in my tight jeans. She was watering down the front driver side tire. She then turned the water into the bucket. The soap got very bubbly as she strutted around the my SUV. She gave me a big smile as she bent at the knees. Her big full ass was inches off the wet pavement. She put her hand on the side panel to keep her balance. She then dipped her small pink sponge in the soap. She then washed the chrome wheel. She then rinsed and did it again.

She turned toward me. "Come and take a look. I thing I got it." she said. I walked over toward my SUV. I was right behind her. I was looking down her back at her big ass. The thin material from her sweat pants was about ready to exploded. I could see her sides hanging over her sweat pants more. I could see a big tramp stamp on her lower back just about her ass crack. I dark green tribal flame with a flower in the middle. It was out of place on her. It made it more sexy. I bite my lower lip as I leaned over the top of her shoulders. Her large cleavage had expanded in her sweat top. Her big fat breast pushed on the white t-shirt. I could only smile. I looked down to see my cock inches from her dark hair.

"Hmmmm...I don't know. It still looks like there spots on the wheels. You better scrub a little more." I said. She sighed. Then started to scrub again. I just stood there as she scrubbed my big wheels again. She put her left hand on the pavement and scrubbed with her right hand. After a few minutes. "Can you rinse the wheels, Mr. Kelly?" she said. I grabbed the hose and rinsed the wheels again. I looked down to see the wheel still had spots on it. "Still got spots." I said. She let out another big sigh. "I don't know what to do. Let me go inside and see if my husband has anything more powerful to clean with." she said.

I helped her off the wet pavement. She walked passed me. She closed her front door behind her. I stood there next to my SUV. After a few minutes, she came back out. I watched as she put a small dab of cleaner on one spot. She bent down again almost touching her big ass on the ground. She looked up. "Let me try rinsing it now." she said. I moved my feet back. I felt the hose next to my right foot. I decided to stand on the hose. I could hear the water backing up. She turned the nozzle to let the water out. Nothing came out. She looked at the tip of the hose. "Hmmm...No water. Did you turn off the water?" she asked. "No!" I said. She pulled on the hose a few times. I just moved my feet.

Finally she pointed the water hose at her big breast. I moved my feet. "Oh! God!!! The water!!! My shirt!!!! Mr. Kelly!!!! I'm all wet" she yelled. Most people would have shut off the water or aimed the water away from themselves. Not Mrs. White. She sprayed her big chest. Her face and hair. I grabbed the hose from her hand. I turned it off. She fell off her wet feet onto the wet pavement. With a big bounce her whole body shook. She looked up at me. I smiled. I aimed the hose at the front wheel. I rinsed off my wheel again. Still no luck. The spots where still there.

I looked down to see her looking at her right hand. "Are you hurt? Are you Ok?" I said. She smiled. "Just making sure I did not break a nail." she said. "The spots are still there." I said. She made a pouty face. "I don't know what to do. What will satisfy you Mr. Kelly?" she said. "I guess you can buy my some new wheels." I said. "Ummm...I don't have that kind of money. The school won't pay. I already asked. The cheer leaders budget would be all gone if I had to pay. We could not got to nationals this year. The girls would be very upset. Is there something else?" she said. I looked around. "Well maybe. I could take it back to the dealer. Maybe he could get it clean. But that would cost some money. Maybe we could work out a trade or something?" I said. She looked around.

"A trade or something? Mr. Kelly!!!!" she said very loud. I smiled. She shook her head. "What kind of trade?" she said very stern. "Well there are four big chrome wheels that are ruined. That a lot of money. Maybe you could work it off." I said. She looked around me toward the back of the SUV. "What kind of work?" she said. I smiled very big and winked. "I'm no that type of girl. I'm married. I'm the cheer leading coach for god sakes. No!! No!!!!" she said. I smiled again. "No! Did you say no? I mean, I'm out a lot of money on my wheels. Your girls washed my SUV and now its ruined. I need some kinda of payment plan. Every time I suggest something. You say no. Maybe I should call my attorney. I'll just sue you for the money. How about that?" I said.

Her mouth dropped. "No lawyers! I don't want any trouble. Your right. What do you want me to do?" she said. "First. You already wet. Let me spray your body with the hose. Let me see you all nice and wet. Little humiliation might help me." I said. "Ok! That seems fair. Will this pay off my debt?" she said in a low voice. "Will see....You just do what I say and maybe you will get out of this." I said.

She looked into my eyes. I turned the hose back on. The cold water hit the front of her white t-shirt again. She started to bite her lower lip. "Pull your zipper down on the top. That is perfect. Now pull your white shirt tighter. God that is really hot Mrs. White. I think you like this. Your nipples seem very excited." I said in a low voice. "No! I am not enjoying this. Don't look at my breast. There for my husband only. His eyes. Not some young man. Please can we stop?" she said. I said nothing. She was so hot. Her big fat purple nipples were poking through the thing white cotton t-shirt. I next aimed the water just on the tips of her big nubs. Almost making them bend under the water pressure. She moaned for the first time.

"Toss your sweat suit top to me. That a good Wife. Now stand up. That nice, push off the ground. Gain your balance. Now turn around. Walk over in front of the SUV. That it. Now put your hands on the hood. Move your legs apart. About shoulder length. No! Don't lean your wet body on my SUV just yet. Arch your back. You follow direction very good Mrs. White." I said. I started to spray her shoes. Then work my way up her thick legs to her big ass. I made both her big ass cheeks shake from the water pressure.

She was looking over her shoulder as I was about 3feet behind her. I turned off the water. "No shake that ass. Shake some of that water off. That is really good. Use your big hips and that ass. I think you like this. Wow! If I had some ones in my pocket I might drop a few on that ass. Mrs. White! Work it...." I said. She was shaking that ass like a pro. The white t-shirt clung to her soaked body.

"Ok! Now untie your sweat bottoms. Do it! Don't shake you head. Do it. Untie your bottoms. I won't pull them down Mrs. White." I said. She reached under her sides. She pushed against her flesh overhanging the sides. I nodded my head yes. She then pulled open the tiny white waist string holding up her tight sweat pants. I smiled as she put her hands back on the hood. "Now lean against the hood. Push your body tight against it. Now pull back slowly." I said. The white t-shirt clung to the hood. She pulled back making her shirt spring back hitting her chest. Water smashed off onto the hood. "Your getting my ride all wet. Now arch that ass back. Put your hands above your head on the hood. Palms out. Oh! That is really nice." I said.

I started to spray her big ass with the hose. Just like before her ass jiggled from the water pressure. Slowly the sides of her wet sweat bottoms began to fall. She was lost for a minute. As her bottoms fell down. I guided them with the water over her ass to around her ankles. She finally figured out her naked ass flesh was starring at me. I was right. She was not wearing underwear. "Stop! Young man. Your making me fully exposed." she moaned. She was shaking her ass. "Oh god. Mrs. White your not wearing any panties. Do you always invite strange young men to your house and not wear anything underneath. That not very lady like. You call yourself a coach. I'm shocked." I said. "No! You can't see me like this. This is for only my husband." she screamed.

I turned the water pressure down. Her ass was soaking wet. She was completely shaved. Not a hair on her hot pussy. She had two big cunt lips that had dropped out her pussy and were fully exposed. "Take off your shoes. Let me see your feet. That is just kick them off. I see your nails match your finger nails. Pull off your wet bottoms. You won't be needing them. Now put your wet shoes back on. Back against the hood. Just like before. I turned off the hose to admire her big bodacious body.

"Is my debt paid Mr. Kelly. You've seen enough." she said. "I'll let you know when its paid. Now using your hands. Pull your wet shirt above your wide hips. Off that tattoo on your lower back. What is that? Pull your shirt over your face. Suck on the wet shirt with your mouth. I can't hear you. Suck harder. Get that water Mrs. White. I better inspect that tattoo." I said. "Slurp! Slurp!" She was sucking the water out of the wet t-shirt over her face. I could not hear her as she talked with the shirt over her head.

I unzipped my jeans. Took off my shirt. I kicked off my sandals. I walked out of my jeans. I was now naked standing inches behind her. She was sucking hard on the wet shirt. "We both having something in common Mrs. White." I said. She mumbled something. "We both don't wear underwear." I whispered in her left ear. She stopped for a second. Her ass wiggled near my erect cock. I turned the water to the hose back on. I sprayed my cock with water. I took off the brass water nozzle. I tossed it onto my shirt next to the SUV. I placed the wet hose on her back. The cold water cascaded down her front. Over her big breast onto the hood of my SUV.

I got directly behind her big ass. I slapped her big left butt cheek. She screamed. I slapped her other big ass cheek. Her big tattoo bounced on her lower back. She moaned. I then took my 9 3/4 inch cock and placed it under her big ass. Just at the entrance of her pussy. She moaned. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She was sucking the water from her shirt like I directed. Next I ease my cock head inside her hot pussy. She paused then moaned. I pushed more in. She eased my cock out with her tight pussy muscles. I waited a minute why she got used to my size.

I then started to fuck her faster. I was picking up the hose off her shoulder. I aimed the cold water on her back. I could feel the water on my tight abs as it ran over my skin and down her big ass. She tried to move her hands and arms. But the were encased in the wet t- shirt. She was bouncing on my cock as I gripped her wide hips. I could hear my naked balls hit under her pussy. She had her first orgasm on my cock. I could smell her wetness as it mixed with the cold water from the hose. She was no limp on my hood. Gasping for air. I slammed my cock back in her harder.

She was so tight. I pulled out after ten minutes. I slapped her big ass a few times. I then got on my knees behind her. "Turn around. Pull your shirt over your head. Let me see you. God those breast." I said. I heard the wet shirt pull off her skin. She dropped it next to my left leg. She reached down to put her hand on my shirt hair cut. I reached down to pull off her wet shoes. I tossed them behind me. She was now just soaking wet, with nothing on. She smiled as I moved my face toward her bald pussy. I wanted to taste her. I dropped the hose on the floor. Making her bare feet more wet. I put her big thigh on my shoulder. She used her left leg to stand. Her big ass was on the hood. I dived right in pushing my wide tongue in her tight pussy. She tasted very nice. Very sweet. I ran her big cunt lips in my mouth. Nibbling on them with my teeth and lips. I got her close to two orgasm before I let her cum in my mouth. She gripped the side of my head with her small hands.

Next I fell back on the wet pavement. I told her to get on my cock. She moved her
bare feet next to my hips. She looked down and guided my cock in her wet pussy. She put her hands on my chest. I put my two big hands on the back of her ass. Gripping her big ass cheeks with my hands. I put my hands around her waist. I ran my nails side to side on her tribal tattoo. She moaned. "Put you whole body on me. Pick up your feet. Lean over. Put your amazing body on mine." I said. "No! I'm to heavy." she moaned. I eased her off the pavement. She looked down to see all her big bodacious body was on me. My mouth was on her big breast. I was sucking them, smashing them on my face. She was moaning very loud in her driveway. I bounced her on my cock for twenty minutes before I exploded deep in her pussy.

Next I had her wash my SUV as I laid on my back in her driveway watching her soap my ride. She watched my cock get hard again in a few minutes. Once she got done drying the SUV. I put her in the back seat. I rolled up the windows. Turned on the A/C. She took another big load before we got out.

I followed her to the front door of the house. She had her bucket of soap, water, and pink sponge. She had all the wet towels and her wet clothes in her other hand. She was standing inside dripping water on her wooden floor. She turned to see me still naked in her door way. "Ok! Mr. Kelly. I must be paid in full. It was a fair trade? Are you satisfied. Is there anything else I can do for you?" she said. I paused. "Call your husband. Better tell him to stay at a hotel tonight. You need to clean the inside of my SUV now. His Wife pussy juices our all over the back seat. Also you will be cleaning my SUV for the next few weeks. You can pick one of your cheerleaders to help. But she has to be just as big as you. If not bigger." I said.

"MOM!!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!" said a girls voice. I turned to see a big girl behind me just inside the house. "Tammy!!! It's not what you think." said Mrs. White. "Mom! OMG are you having an affair?" she shouted. "No! Mr. Kelly ride was damaged at your cheer leading charity car wash this morning. He is over showing me the damage. We both got wet outside just now. I was taking our clothes to the dryer." she said. "Oh! I thought you might be fucking this guy. Dad never does anymore. He trying to get Paula to go out with him. Wow! That a nice cock Mom." she said as she pointed at my cock. "Paula Willow! That skinny ass tramp. Mr. Kelly. This is my daughter Tammy. She plays with her vibrator all night. Drives me crazy. She is a cheer leader. Not a good one but she built just like her Mom. Will she do???" Mrs. White said.

Before I could answer. Tammy was on her knees in front of me. Mrs. White was on her phone to her husband. I got the wheels fixed the next day at the dealer. I slipped the guy a hundred to get them done quickly. "Hey! Would you like us to wash your ride?" said the service guy. "No!! I got a free wash cumming......" I said.