Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wheel Chair - An Adult Story

The Wheel Chair

I just got home from the hospital. I had some minor surgery on my right leg. They game me a walking cane, to use after a few days of rest. At the moment, they gave me a wheel chair to use. I wheeled myself out to the curb to get a taxi. The taxi driver let me out in my driveway. I used the garage door to get inside my house. I then opened the big doors to my basement. I used my small elevator to get to the 2nd floor of my house. I wheeled myself over to my big king size bed, and fell asleep for the night.

The next morning, I took some pain pills with my OJ. I went to my small gym, to workout for the day. My leg was feeling better. I had some friends call, to see if I need help. I just laughed and told them I was OK. I ordered some pizza and beer for dinner. I rolled over to the front door when the pizza kid arrived. He offered to bring in the pizza and beer to my living room. I think he felt sorry, because I was in a wheel chair. I gave him a good tip, and he shut the door behind him. I ate most of the pizza and drank all the beer. I dozed off in the wheel chair, around 3am.

"Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep!!!!" Arrggghhhh! I fell out of the wheel chair, onto my wooden floor. I crawled back into my chair. I rolled myself over to my big bay window. I saw it was only 7am, on my clock. What the fuck? It's a fucking Saturday. Who the hell is making all the noise outside. I pulled the blinds slightly open. The bright sunlight hit my face. I squint my eyes. I could see the family across the street were having a yard sale. What the hell??? I thought. I pulled back, then looked across the street. There were already a dozen cars parked out front of my house. There were some next door. But most were parked across the street in front of the garage/yard sale.

A new family had moved into the vacant house across the street. They had been there for about two months. I have been so busy with work, I never got the chance to meet them yet. I knew they had a mini van and a big truck. That was about it. I am not sure if the people are married or even if they have kids. I put my hand on my forehead. I need to take some aspirin, for my hang over. I rolled myself into kitchen. I grabbed some water, aspirin and some pain pills for my leg. I was thinking after today, I probably did not need them. My leg was feeling pretty good. I turned around to eat some cold pizza as I rolled into the elevator. I went upstairs to take a shower.

I used my big black wooden cane to help in the shower. I scrubbed my body from head to toe. I took a razor to clean up a few unwanted hairs. I was under the hot water for about an hour. I dried off. Put on some body spray, cologne, and comb my short hair. I slipped on a pair of small tan shorts. I put on a tight white shirt over my athletic frame. I slipped on some tan sandals. I left my underwear and socks in the middle drawer. I finished my cold pizza as I watched sports center. I could hear the cars across the street all morning. There were lots of people, making noise all day.

It was close to 1pm, when things began to die down across the street. I rolled myself over to the window again. I took a look outside. I could see a few cars parked out front. I waited another 30 minutes before I saw only one car parked outside. I rolled out to my garage. I hit the door opener. Then rolled myself outside. I put my black cane on my lap as I rolled down my driveway. I stopped before crossing the street. I saw a few signs in my yard. They were advertising the yard sale across the street. There planing on doing it again tomorrow. I was going to have to put up with this again. I just shook my head as I crossed the street to the other side.

"Beep! Beep!" I heard some back up lights coming down my neighbors driveway. There was a big pickup truck coming right for me. I rolled into the lawn, so I did not get run over. "Hey sorry! Your just in time. My wife just wrapping up the yard sale." said this small guy. He looked no bigger then 5ft, as he leaned out the window to look down at me. I saw two kids in the back seat. They were strapped into some child seats. "How much for the lawn?" I said. "Ha ha!! That a good one. Lawn sale???" he said. "Honk! Honk!" He hit his horn. "See you later. Taking the kids to there grandparents. Be back in a few hours." said my new annoying neighbor.

I smiled as he back his truck into the road. He tried to burn out, but the truck stalled. He just coasted out to the main road. I looked to my left. There was a lawn sale sign in there grass. They planned on starting the lawn sale earlier than today. I just rolled back on the driveway, then rolled toward there big two car garage. I saw some card tables out in front of the garage. I saw some toys, DVD's, tapes and lot of clothes all over the place. They had racks of clothes up and down there sidewalk, leading to there front door. I saw a small tent in the side yard. There was some furniture and baby items under the tent. I paused for a minute as I looked for the guys wife. I was hoping to give her a piece of my mind. I wanted to put an end to there yard sale for today and hope to stop tomorrow's.

I rolled down the side walk to a big set of clothes. The front door to the house, was to my back. I heard the front door open, then close. "Hey! There!" said a woman's voice. I turned on my wheels, to face the voice. I was glad, I was sitting down. I may have fainted, if I was standing up. I adore voluptuous woman with curves. I love a good hour glass figure. I rubbed my eyes to make sure it was not a mirage. A very bodacious woman was coming toward me. She had long platinum blonde hair. She was wearing a tight pink sweater, that was cut low. I could see two very large breast jiggle under her sweater. I was not sure she was wearing a bra. Did they even make that size. She had a smaller waist, than most her size. She was wearing a short acid wash denim mini skirt, that showed off her long curvy legs. She had bright pink toe nails, to match her finger nails. She kinda of strutted toward me in her new 4inch wooden platform heels. She had a few rings on her fingers, a gold necklace that had a large pendant that fell in her deep cleavage. My mouth fell open.

She stopped a few inches from in front of my wheel chair. Her body kept shaking as she came to a stop. I thought she might fall on me. Being so top heavy. She was wearing a sweet perfume as I saw her light pink lips move again. "Oh! I'm sorry. We just closed for the day on the lawn sale." she said. "How much for the lawn?" I smiled. She laughed, just liked her husband. "Sorry....I was just hoping, I could come over here and buy a few things. I live right across the street. Took me awhile to get in my wheel chair and come over here. My name Buck....Buck Kelly. What's yours?" I said. She smiled again. "Mrs. Combs...Honey..Just like the bee." she said. I smiled. "That a cute name. I love honey on my muffin, in the morning." I said. She giggled. "Nice to meet you Mr. Kelly. What were you looking for? I have lots of fun stuff in my yard. Just you can't buy my lawn, silly!!!" said Honey.

"I just met your husband and the kids. Anymore in the house?" I said. "No! Just one husband. Giggle!! We've been trying for more kids. Those two are adopted. My husband thinks its might fault we can't get pregnant. That why were selling the stuff under the tent." she said. "Oh! That to bad. Selling any of those heels? I have a small closet full of heels, for when girls stop bye." I said. She smiled. "That sounds fun. I do have a few over there, along with some outfits." she said. She pointed toward the garage. "Can I push you over there Mr. Kelly?" she said. "Thanks! That would be nice." I said.

She put her small hands on the back of the metal handles on the wheel chair. She then leaned in to give the wheel chair a push. I could feel her big breast push on my back. They pushed on my shoulders. I could feel how warm they were. I then felt her left nipple push on my shirt. I could tell she was getting excited. I then felt my cock start to get hard under the thin material of my tan cargo shorts. Her perfume and her breath, were making my mind excited. She pushed me behind two tables in her garage. She had a few clothes line strung up in the back of her garage. I turned to try to see my house. But a rack of clothes was blocking my view.

Honey walked in front of me. She reached up for a sexy black dress. She pulled it down. "Can you hold in front of you. Oh! That is nice." I said. "My husband, hates it. He says it to sexy for me to wear out." she said. "I may need to buy it, then have you come over and model it for me." I said. "Oh! Mr. Kelly. Your like a little devil, in that chair. I better keep an eye on you." she cooed. She hung up her dress and then put her hands on her hips. She then walked behind me to get a box off the table. "Here are some of my heels. There all for sale." She handed me the box. I looked inside. I pulled out some big black heels, with gold tips on the end. "They match the dress." I said. "You have good taste. He hates them also." she said.

"I better buy them and the rest of the box. I hate for you to try on the dress and not have the heels to go with them. Plus you can never have enough sexy heels. You never know when you might run out. I need to be prepared. How much for the box?" I said. "Oh Mr. Kelly! Your so naughty... How about $5.00 a pair." she said. "OK! How much for the dress?" I said. "Twenty five.." she said. "I'm already up to $200.00. You drive a hard bargain. Honey! Anything else! Anything you really don't want to sell. Something your husband really hates." I said. She smiled. She then walked over to another box. I saw a big sign on it. Must go! BOGO free. She then walked back to hand me the box. I put the heel box on the floor of her garage. I looked inside the new box. My eyes got really big. It was a box full of huge bras, garters, and sexy nylons. "Wow! It's the mother load." I said. She giggled.

"Wait! He hates these?" I said. I pulled up a huge blue bra. The wire hooks were broken, the bottom were worn out and the tip of the bra was faded. I then pulled out a huge white bra, bigger than the first bra. It was worn on the front. There were a few small holes in the bra. They both looked like than been worn a few times. I pulled out a red bra, a dark green bra. Both were brand new. "What's wrong with these two?" I said. "There 44KK, there brand new. I wore them once. Now there to small on my breast. I pulled out the biggest bra next. It was a huge black bra. It matched her dress. It had big hooks on the back. Some sexy black lace trim, and peek a boob nipple holes in the front. "Let me guess, came with the dress and these garters." I said. She nodded her head "Yes!" I smiled.

"You have quite the collection Honey. I like everything so far. I think you might be missing something. No sexy panties or thongs." I said. She smiled. "There under the table silly. There kinda of big. I got a big butt. My husband calls it the big caboose." she giggled. I turned to watch her bend over to look under the card table. I watched as her denim skirt rode up her big ass. I could see a small pair if pink panties, under her skirt. They had ridden up her large ass crack. She kept shaking her ass in the air, as she reached for her thong box. I almost dropped my cane off my lap in my wheel chair. It rolled off onto my leg. My ever growing cock pushed on the thin material under my black cane.

After a few minutes she finally bent her knees to pull out the big box of sexy panties. "Here you go." said Honey. I looked in the big box. I did not see any black thongs or black panties. I pulled out a huge gold thong. "I say this might be the thong.....but you probably did not wear panties with this dress. You did not want to show any pantie lines in the back." I said. She smiled. I really don't like to wear under wear. Especially with how tight that dress was. Your very good at this Mr. Kelly. You know allot about what women are into. My husband should take some lesson from you." she said. "For a price, I might give him some lesson. But for know. How much for this box of sexy thongs?" I said. "How about another hundred for the thongs, and my best bras. Better make that $250.00. Mr. Kelly, your up to $550.00." she said.

I smiled. "Can you help me? I have my wallet in my pocket. Can you reach down and find it for me." I said. "Sure! Let me help." she said. She turned to walk back toward me. I put the box of thongs on the floor next to the bra box, and heels box. She smiled as she leaned in to touch my cargo shorts. "I think its in my left pocket. Maybe my right." I said. Honey was sliding her hands in my two front pockets. She then moved her hands up my cargo shorts. She was pressing on my hard cock. I smiled, as I looked down her sweater. I could see right into her deep cleavage. She was wearing a small pink see through bra, that left nothing to the imagination. I could see her two erect nipples poking out of her small bra. Her breathing had become more rapid. I smelled her sexy perfume again. I looked around. No one was at her lawn sale, but Honey and I.

I reached into my lap to take off my cane. I moved it around her big ass. She leaned into to reach my back pockets. I leaned up to look directly into her large cleavage. I could see her breast pushed together as she kept running her hands around my cargo shorts. I let my cane slip down between her legs. I moved my hand up, running the metal cane up her long legs. She let out a soft moan in my right ear. I moved my cane between her thick thighs. She moaned louder. "Oh! Mr. Kelly! What are you doing? Is that your cane?" she said. "Which one?" I said. She had a big smile on her face to match mine.

I slowly pulled my metal cane out from between her legs. She shook her ass side to side. She then pushed her big breast on my lap as she moved her hands under my shirt. She ran her long pink nails on my hard abs and stomach. "I'm pretty sure I brought my wallet. Here let me help." I said. She leaned in some more. My face was an inch from her huge cleavage. My cock was so hard inside my cargo shorts. I was hoping my shorts my burst open, freeing my 9 3/4 inch cock. She brushed her hand on the outside of my cargo shorts. My cock bent back. She then brushed her other hand on my stomach again. I slowly moved my left hand down to the front of my cargo shorts. She moved slightly to allow my hand under her huge breast. Her breast were now on the back of my hand. Her pink sweater pushed my hand over my zipper. She then turned to push her breast up my stomach. She looked over my head to see if anyone was watching.

I slowly pulled down my zipper. I then felt my cock snake out into the warm air, inside the garage. The tip of my cock pushed on her pink sweater. She turned her head when she felt my cock poke inside her warm cleavage. "Mr. Kelly! What is this?" she screamed. "Oh! My! I'm so sorry. I don't have any control. Since my injury. I apologize." I said. "It's OK! It big. I've never seen one that size. My husband cock is so small. I have to play with it for ever to get it hard. I just touched you, and its rock hard. The tip is dripping on my skin. Did he go off? Poor thing..." she whispered. "Sorry! No he did not go off. I'm just very excited. It's been such a long time, since a beautiful woman has touched me. I'm so shy around woman." I said.

She smiled as she moved her big breast off my lap. She then looked down to see my cock move back and forth in my lap. She reached down to pull my cargo shorts off. She then held them up to her face. She was looking in each pocket. She was standing close to my right wheel. I moved my hand toward her big ass. I put my hand on the back of her warm thigh. She did not remove my hand or say anything. I then inched my fingers up toward her big ass, under her denim skirt. I watched as she turned to look down. She saw my hand on her big thigh. I was now very close to going under her skirt. She went back to inspecting my cargo shorts.

My fingers found the bottom of her pink thong. Her breathing had increased. My cock twitched in my wheel chair. I could see her big fat nipples getting hard under her pink sweater. I started to rub the bottom of her pink thong. I could feel her big camel toe press on the wet thin material. She started to moan as I picked up the pace. A few minutes later, I pushed the thin material to the side. I inched my middle finger inside her wet pussy. She let out a small groan. I then heard my cargo shorts hit the garage floor next to my chair. "Mr. Kelly! What are you doing?" she said. I smiled. "You feel so nice. I can't contain myself. Please for give me. It's been so long...." I groaned.

She dropped her head toward my hard cock. I could feel her long platinum blonde hair touch my naked balls. Then her tongue touched the tip of my cock. She sucked up the pre-cum as she moaned. I pushed up her denim skirt around her big hips. Her whole ass and pussy was staring at me. I started to slap her big ass with my right hand. I put my left hand on the back of her hair. I could feel her soft pink lips go around the tip of my cock. She then got half of my cock in her mouth before she gagged. I put my finger back in her wet pussy. I then slipped in a second finger, making her scream in her garage. She looked between her legs to see my two fingers going in and out of her married pussy. I slowly brought my wet fingers out of her pussy. I licked them and then jammed them back inside her. She moaned.

"I love big cocks.....I used to do this all the time, when I was in college." said Honey. She was stroking my cock and licking the tip. She then cupped my naked balls and deep throat my cock all in one motion. Her eyes got big as I pushed her hair from in front of her face. I wanted to see her mouth, full of my cock. I saw her bending her knees. She started to moan very loud. She then arched her back and slammed her pussy on my fingers. I then felt her pussy orgasm for the first time. My fingers were covered, my hand was sticky from her warm juices. She let go of my cock and stood up. She motion for me to take off my white t-shirt. She ripped off her pink sweater. She then unzipped her denim skirt. It fell around her ankles. She pulled her wet pink thong off next.

She was now naked, except for her pink bra. It some how encased her two large breast. Her big fat nipples poked out the top. She pushed her hair out from her face to see me naked in my wheel chair. I released the side of my chair. The two arm rest folded down over my wheels. She smiled as she straddled her left leg over my lap. She then put her hands on my chest. She looked down to see me guide my cock toward her pussy. She slowly leaned back to push her pussy open for my cock. Her bra encased breast rested on my upper chest. Her big naked ass went up my thighs to find my hard cock. She leaned down to kiss my on my lips. She ran her long pink fingernails in my short hair.

I then felt her relax as my cock pushed passed her tight cunt muscles. She then started to pick up the pace. She was really getting off fucking me, in her garage. I watched as she sat up with my cock buried in her tight pussy. I reached around to cup her big ass, with my two large hands. I was in heaven as my busty
neighbor fucked me in my wheel chair, in her garage. I was beginning to like yard sales. I head to see her big breast. I reached up to unclasp her huge pink bra. A second later her big breast splashed into my face. Her big fat nipples almost poked my eyes out. She giggled as I closed my eyes, then started to suck her bodacious breast. I started to bounce her body on mine. I pushed down on her hips to cover my body with her body. Her nipples and breast flesh in my mouth. Her huge ass in my hands. Her tight pussy on my cock.

She put her hands on my metal bars on the back of my chair. She pushed her hot cleavage on my face, she was trying to smother me. I grunted as I put my hands down on my big wheels. I slowly started to move us toward the table behind her. I felt her ass hit the table first. She giggled as I pushed her off me on to the table. Her big bald pussy was just at eye level, as I sat in my chair. I grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs open. I then moved my hand up her thick thighs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me. Her ass was just off the table. I then started to kiss her hot pussy. I started to lick her big cunt lips. I took both of them in my mouth. I swirled them around. I put my finger deep inside her. I then started to lick her labia with my wide tongue. She reached down to pull my hair as I ate her pussy. After a few minutes, she orgasm again. This time she flooded my mouth as she thighs clamped the side of my head.

I licked her pussy some more. Her body fell down the side of the table as she orgasm again, and again. After a few minutes she rolled over on her stomach. Her legs fell down to the front of my feet. She eased her big body back on mine. She guided my cock into her pussy again. I grunted as she slammed back on my cock. I gripped her wide hips as I slapped her ass. I then moved her on her side. Her head was on the table. Her body was on my front. My cock eased in and out of her pussy. I reached up to grip her left breast. She closed her eyes as I leaned up to grope her breast with my mouth.

After a few minutes, Honey crawled up on the table. She arched her back and stuck out her big ass. She reached up to spread her big ass cheeks. Her eyes were closed. I rolled in front of her pussy. My nose was inches from her ass. I smiled as I stood up. I licked my right hand. I then coated my hard cock with the saliva. I eased up on my toes. I spit out a big wad of saliva into Honey most darkest hole. A second later she opened her eyes, as I eased my cock into her ass. She grunted, then moaned. "What are you doing? You can walk?" she moaned. My cock slammed into her ass. I reached down to spread her ass with my two big hands. "Yes! Yes! You cured me Honey.... Your bodacious body cured me." A few minutes later, I unleashed a huge load of cum deep inside her ass. I felt my warm goo push out the side of my cock and drip on the table. I climbed off Honey, and fell back in my chair.

She rolled over and got dressed. She then helped me get dress. She smiled as I picked up her yard sale boxes. It was getting darker out as we both turned to see some light coming up her drive way. It was her husband returning. Honey quickly cleaned up my load on the table with her big pink bra. She then placed it with the other ones in the box on my lap. She leaned down to pick up the other boxes. I rolled in front of her, down her driveway. "Hey! Did you buy my lawn?" said Mr. Combs. "Not quite. But I did buy allot from you wife. She helping me bring it to my house. I left my wallet on my bed." I said. I smiled. "Great! I ran home as quickly as possible. There a big game on tonight. Honey can you pick up around here." shouted her husband. I heard the front door to her house close.

I fucked her two more times that night, before I sent her home. The next day her husband left her all alone again. I helped her run her yard sale. We got done early as I bought most of the items in the yard. She smiled. "Is your wallet on your bed again?" she said. I smiled. "Push me to my bedroom. I need you to model some of your clothes, I bought yesterday and today. Did you talk to your husband? About being my full time nurse." I said. "He thought I was lying to him. Because I have no training as a nurse. But when he found out how much money I make. He is all for it." said Honey.

The Next Day :

"Beep! Beep! Have a great day Honey....Be nice to your boss. Do what he says. Do a good job" said Mr. Combs. He turned his truck to wave to at us. I was on my front porch, in front of my door. Honey standing to my left. She is wearing a super tight white nurses uniform. With a big open scoop neck line, showing off her deep cleavage. A super small bottom that barely covers the back of her big ass. She got a white nurse hat on. Some white fishnet hose on her thick legs. She wearing 6inch white stilleto heels on her small feet. She not wearing a bra or panties. I have one finger in her ass, the other on her wet pussy. "Today were going to start your physical therapy Mr. Kelly. Are you up, for me to work you out this morning?" said Honey. I smiled as I dropped my cane in front of her feet. She slowly bent over to get my cane. "We should combine your physical therapy with me trying to get you pregnant. Now push me into my bedroom...your my wheel chair whore for the day.." I said.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Family Road Trip - An Adult Story

More adventures of my hot New Step Sisters and New Huge Boob Step Mom

Recap of previous Story - Went to prison for a year. Got out on parole. Went home to find my Dad got remarried. He is out of the country on business. My new Step Mom is super bodacious. Her two daughters turned out to be real big nymphos. They came home from private school. They put on a naughty fashion show. One thing lead to another and I end up fucking both of them. Also without my knowledge, my new Step Mom was spying on me, when I was asleep.

"Good Morning! Sleepy head." said Cassie, my new Step Mom. I just walked upstairs from the basement. I smiled. "Good Morning Buck!!" said Crystal and Candy, my new Step Sisters. "Good Morning..." I said. Half awake. My cock still ached from my Step Sisters from the day before. They both smiled as they stared at me. I winked, when they licked there silver spoons, in there big mouths. My Step Mom had made them some oat meal. I had a big plate of eggs, and bacon. I pulled out my chair to sit at the kitchen table.

"Our you ready for our big day? I can't wait to take you shopping. I got a list of things to pick up, both for you and for me. The girls both said, they love to tag along. They never like to go shopping with me. I guess they must be bored. Our you OK, they tag along Buck?" said Cassie. "Yes! Sounds fun. The Kelly girls, one big happy family. More the merrier. I say!" I smiled. Both the girls, had big smiles on there faces. My Step Mom excused herself. She still needed to get dressed. She had a big white cotton bathrobe on. My Step Sisters were already dressed like sluts. I was going to have a hard time not looking at them all day. I was pretty sure my Step Mom would catch me starring at her daughters.

Crystal got up and put her dishes away. She had a tight pink shirt, and jeans on. Candy was dressed in a tight baby blue shirt and jeans. I really did not know what to say. Was yesterday just a one time deal. Did they want more or just one of the girls. I smiled as I finished my bacon. Crystal walked up behind me. She pushed her big breast on the back of my neck. She leaned down to kiss my left ear. "God! You should have come upstairs last night. Candy was putting on quite the show. I wish our Mom did not sit on the couch all night. I heard her go down in the basement a couple of times. She must be finishing up our laundry. Your still going to buy us clothes and stuff. That was part of the deal." said Crystal. Candy turned to pinch her left nipple under her blue shirt. I dropped my fork, full of eggs. "OK! You both won. Here $200 a piece. Have fun today. Maybe get our Mom something." I said. They both smiled.

"Ready to go gang? Buck! You ride in the front seat. Girls get in the back. No fighting! No cussing today! I also planned a little Kelly Family Trip starting tomorrow. We need to be up and out the door by 7am. I mean it girls... Were going to travel to Reno! We will need to go get the mini van filled with gas, after we go shopping today. It is going to take us two days by car. A friend of mine, going to let us use there lake house on Monday, Tuesday. Then will come home. We need your Step Brother to check in with his parole officer." said Cassie. "What??? A family trip!! MOM!!!!" said the girls. I smiled.

I spent the whole day shopping with the girls, and my new Step Mom. The girls disappeared with the money I gave them. Cassie took me to get some clothes. She had me try everything on. I came out to model them for her. She had a big smile on her face, each time. The girls handed me there big bags to carry. I lugged all there new clothes, my clothes and some outfits that Cassie got, out to the mini van. Then I drove them out for dinner. On the way home we stopped to fill up the mini van, for tomorrow family trip. It was late by the time we got home. Cassie sent the girls upstairs. She walked me down to my room. She help start some laundry. She watched some TV in the man cave, just outside the laundry room. I heard the girls come down twice, to see if our Mom had left me. Both times they went back to there room. It was close to 11pm when I closed my door to my room.

My door was open again as I carried my small duffel bag upstairs. I walked to the front door. There were 6 piece of luggage waiting for me. I carried them all, out to the black mini van. I loaded up the cargo area. I tossed my small bag on top. A few minutes later all the girls came out of the house. Cassie was wearing a super tight white shirt, that was scooped down the front. I was afraid she might hit the brakes, and her breast would fly out. She had her tight shirt tucked in a pair of small dark blue denim shorts. They hugged her big tan thighs and long legs. Candy was behind her. She smiled as saw me behind the van. She was wearing a super tight red shirt. It was tucked inside a super small, white mini skirt. Crystal was wearing a dark yellow tube top. It hugged her big breast, both on the top and the bottom. It looked like two large basket balls inside a banana. She was also wearing some faded ripped denim blue shorts. All the girls had different size earrings on, each larger than the next. They all had there nails done, to match there shirts. I was not sure how long I could last, if we hit a pot hole in the road. Who would I stare at first.

"Can you drive? Just until the first rest stop. I hate the traffic around here. Thanks sweetie. Crystal you get in the far back seat. Candy you can sit in the far back seat. I will sit in the front. Buck! Can you bring the cooler out. It's just inside the door. Make sure you lock the door behind you. Thanks! Your such a big help." said my Step Mom. Both my Step Sisters giggled as they got in the back of the mini van. I was only wearing some tan cargo shorts, and a black OCC biker shirt. I looked down to see my new black flip flops, they looked good on my feet. I locked our front door. I then walked back tot he mini van. My Step Mom door was open. I leaned across her body to put the cooler in between the front seats. She put her hand on the small of my back and squeezed. My cock got instantly hard. I quickly shut her door, then the sliding door in the back.

I climbed into the front seat. "Can you help me? I can't seem to get the seat belt, to lock. Thanks sweetie." said Cassie I turned my head to see my Step Mom struggle to pull her seat belt over her large breast. I put my hand over to pull down on the metal bar. I heard a big click. Then her big beast shifted in her white shirt. They were now more close to flopping out. I heard some groans in the back. I then started the mini van. I looked at Cassie who was almost falling out her shirt. I looked in the back seat. Candy had her legs wide open. Her mini skirt was hiked up. She had her hand between her legs. She was rubbing her small cunt lips. I saw Crystal reach over, and start to rub Candy's big breast. My Step Sisters smiled when they saw my mouth drop open in the rear view mirror.

Things settled down, once I got the mini van on the highway. All of them were sleeping as I drove down the road. It was close to 11am when I needed to get gas. I put on the turn signal and began to slow down. "Are we there yet??" said my Step Sisters in the back seat. "No! Girls!! Thank your Step Brother for driving so far. I'll take over now Buck. Can you run in and get us some ice for the cooler. Do you girls want anything?" said Cassie. "Yeah! I need to use the bathroom." said Candy. "Me too!" said Crystal. I pulled up to the gas pump. Cassie handed me her credit card. I started the pump as I ran inside to get the ice and a Coke. The girls came in next. Every guy and some of the girls turned there heads when they saw what my Step Sisters were wearing. I just smiled and came back out to finish pumping gas.

Cassie was already in the driver seat. I opened the cooler. I poured the ice over two box's of wine and some wine coolers in the bottom. Cassie pointed for me to sit in the far back. I smiled as I got in the back. Candy sat back in her spot. Crystal took one look at the front seat and her Mother smiling. "No way Mom. I'm riding in the back. I get car sick when you drive." said Crystal. "Ok! We got a few hours until we stop again. I'm going to turn on some tunes. You three relax." said Cassie. I smiled as Crystal pushed her big ass in the back seat. She moved right next to me. We both smiled. Candy turned her head to smile, at me.

As soon as we were back on the highway. I felt Crystal hand on my lap. She giggled as she began to rub my cargo shorts. I felt her long nails on the thin material separating my growing cock and my shorts. "Mmmm. It feels bigger than the day before. Thanks again for all the clothes, yesterday. Candy and I appreciate it. We tried to come down stairs last night, but our Mom was cock blocking us from you." she giggled. "Your both welcome. I tried to stay up last night. I tried to come see you both. But she never left the leather couch in the basement. I found my door cracked again this morning." I said. We made some more small talk as she made my cock harder.

A few minutes later she moved my right hand under her left breast. She pulled her yellow tube top open, at the bottom. I then felt her huge breast flop into my open hand. I started to fondle her big breast as she unzipped my cargo shorts. She put her left hand inside my shorts. She pulled my white boxer briefs open in the front. I then felt the tip of my cock, hit the cold air. I looked down to see all 9 3/4inches out, in her left hand. Crystal grunted as she moved her up and down my cock. My breathing got heavier. Candy turned her head when she heard us in the back seat. "You fuckers!!" she whispered.

"All right! What's going on back there. Can't we all get along? Don't make me turn this van around" laughed our Step Mom. She shot a smile in the rear view mirror. Crystal held my cock for a second as she played with my big naked balls, with her other hand. She moved so her big left breast rubbed against my hard cock. I mumbled something a she licked her left hand. She then went back to jacking my cock. I went back to fondling her left breast. I was tugging on her big hard nipple. Candy moved around to look at us. I could feel the van slow down. I looked to my left, to see a big truck. "Honk!!!!" He blew his big horn. Cassie than waved at him. "Sit down Candy! Your big ass is attracting attention from that trucker." said Crystal. Everyone laughed. Cassie than sped up after the trucker got off the highway.

It had been over thirty minutes in the back seat, with my Step Sister. She was now jacking my cock really fast and hard. She kept slapping my balls with her free hand. She could sense I was close. She moved Candy in front of us. She was now blocking Crystal, if our Mother looked in her rear view mirror. I looked at the front seat. Cassie was moving her head, side to side. She was playing some bad 80's music. She was not even paying attention to her daughter jacking me in the far back seat. A second later, Crystal moved her lips around my cock. I held the back of her dark hair, in my hand. I then started to cum down her throat. She gagged at first. Then deep throat the rest of my cock. A few minutes later she sucked my cock clean, as she licked her lips on the sides. "Mmmm...that was the last drop." she said. "My turn next bitch. Mom! Crystal Farted. Can you pull over." shouted Candy.

"OK! Damn! You two are both so rude. We can get some lunch. I'm hungry." Cassie said. She pulled the mini van over. We had a quick meal at a road side diner. All the customers starred at the girls and my Step Mom. We all piled back in the mini van. This time Candy was sitting in the far back seat with me. Crystal was in front of us. Cassie was driving. A split second later Candy hand was inside my cargo shorts. She had my cock in her small hand. It was still a little wet from her sister mouth. She started to jack my cock, making it harder. She put my hand in between her legs. She pulled down her mini skirt, and thong around her ankles. I started to slide my middle finger, in deep, in her tight pussy. She started to breath hard. I looked over the front seat, to see Crystal breathing hard. Both her big fat nipples were hard under her yellow tube top.

Candy tied her red shirt just under her breast. She then moved on her side. Her round perfect big ass was now on its side. Her small pussy lips fully exposed. "Fuck you bitch. He is not fucking you, while I am sitting here. Fuck!!" whispered Crystal. Her big hair flopped down the back of her seat. I looked forward to see our Step Mom driving the mini van, singing to another bad 80's tune. I shifted my body in the back seat. I rubbed my cock down her big ass. She pulled her pussy lips apart with her two fingers. I gently moved my cock, just the tip inside her pussy. She moaned. I could smell her pussy, as she got very wet. "Crystal! Is that you again. What that smell?" said Cassie. Both girls giggled.

I felt the warm breeze from outside. Cassie had put her window down. She then turned on her turn signal. "Going to try a short cut gang. Candy are you tired. Why are you laying on your side?" said Cassie. "No! Mom! I'm good. Just relaxing. Pulled a muscle. Yes! Yes! Yes!" said Candy. "Yeah! Pulled Buck's big muscle." said Crystal. "Sorry the road is bumpie. Its a two lane road all the way now." said Cassie. I put my hand on the back seat. My free hand on Candy hip. Crystal moved to get a better look of my cock going in and out of Candy tight pussy. My cock was coated from Candy wet pussy. God the back of the mini van smelled of sex. I kept thrusting more of my cock in her tight pussy. I got all the way to the base before she pushed my cock all the way out.

I looked down to see my wet cock against her naked ass. "This is not bitch!" said Crystal. "Shut up big boob bitch. Let me orgasm before Mom pulls the car over." said Candy. I smiled as I put my cock back in Candy wet pussy. I could feel every bump as my Step Mom hit a few pot holes. She would giggle as she kept rocking out to her music in the front seat. I kept slamming my cock all the way in her daughter. After about 20 minutes, I tensed up. I pulled all the way out. Candy rolled over and engulfed my wet cock, in her mouth. I watched her eyes get big as I blasted the back of her throat. She kept her mouth on my cock for a few more miles. She then licked my big balls clean. I felt the van begin to slow down.

"Time to get some gas. I don't want to run out, in the middle of no where. Buck! Can you drive again. I'm feeling a little tired." said Cassie. I smiled. I quickly put my cock back in my cargo shorts. I watched Cassie park the van next to the gas pump. She got out to go in, to use the bathroom. I gave Candy and Crystal a big kiss. They both got out of the mini van as I started to pump the gas. A few minutes later, they all came back. They got in the mini van as I went to use the bathroom. I washed my cock off in the sink. I then washed my hands. I climbed in the driver seat. I then helped Cassie with her seat belt. My cock started to get hard again, as she went to sleep. The girls in the back seat, put on a show for me.

They spent the next 60 miles in the back seat, eating each other pussy and making out. There Mom was asleep in the front seat, as I watched my Step Sister in the back seat. My cock was throbbing by the time it started to get dark outside. Another hour went by. Cassie started to wake up. She looked at the clock on the dash board. "We should pull over, and find a place for the night. We can get up tomorrow and finish driving to Reno. Sounds like a plan. Where are we?" she said. I looked in the back seat. The girls were just getting the last pieces of there clothes on. "Oh! I see a place up head." I said. "Oh! My! God! The place looks haunted." said Cassie. "Yeah! What a dump! Let's find another place." said the girls in the back seat.

"Just pullover Buck. I will ask inside, if there are any more hotels, in the area. This might be the only one. Just pull up front of the motel." said Cassie. I looked in the back seat. Both girls tops were inside out. Candy left nipple was out. I coughed as Cassie got out of the mini van. She walked inside the "Big Brown Beaver Motel and Bait Shop." I looked in the back seat. "Buck! You better come to our room tonight. I need some of the big cock before bed." said Crystal. Candy just moaned as she tugged on her exposed nipple. We waited in the mini van for twenty minutes before my Step Mom came out of the motel.

"Got some good news, and some bad news. There are no more hotels or motels around. I got the last two rooms at the motel. We are in rooms 147 and 149. They only had king size bed rooms. So Crystal and Candy, your in room 147. Buck and I are in the other. I'm sure there a couch you can sleep on or we can get a roll away for you." said Cassie. "Cool Mom. Good job." said the girls. I gulped. I was going to spend the night in the same room as my Step Mom. I turned the mini van back on and pulled around the back of the motel. The Big Brown Beaver Motel and Bait shop looked pretty empty. There was only one other car in the parking lot. I pulled up in front of our rooms.

I watched as the girls went in there room. I heard them giggle as they left the door open. My Step Mom went into the other room. I took the girls there luggage, they groped me and we made out for a few minutes. I finally broke our kiss, when I heard our Step Mom knock on the door. I walked out to get our luggage. I placed her luggage on the big king bed. I put my small duffel bag on the floor. I went to get some ice for both rooms. I brought the girls back some chips, beef jerky, and sodas. I went back to the mini van. I reached across the front seat, to get the ice cooler. I walked back to my room.

Cassie was on the phone. "OK! Thank you, front desk." she said. She hung up the phone. "No roll ways or extra beds. The carpet looks pretty bad. You can sleep on that side. I will sleep on this side, next to the lamp. I like to read before bed. Great! You brought the cooler inside. I need a drink. Can you open the box wine and pour me a glass. Use those plastic cups over there. Thanks sweetie." said Cassie. I did not even get a chance to speak. I would have slept in the mini van. But I wanted to see My Step Mom up close and in the same bed. I was going to try to behave myself. I was a little worn out from Step Sisters, in the back of the mini van. "Do you want to take a shower? Before bed sweetie." she said.

"Sure. That might be a good idea. It was along day in the van." I said. I walked over to my small duffel bag. I turned to see Cassie pouring herself a glass of wine. I opened the small door to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, as I took off my clothes. I then pulled back the worn shower curtain. I turned on the hot water. A few minutes later, I felt a cold breeze in the bathroom. "Here's a towel, sweetie." said Cassie. A few minutes later, I turned off the water. I opened the small shower curtain. I looked up to see the door, still open a small crack. I got out of the tub and dried off. I then slipped on some white boxers, and a white wife beater shirt. I put on some body spray, and brushed my teeth.

I walked out of the bathroom. The room was much cooler. I saw Cassie had turned up the A/C below the window. "You smell great, sweetie. Hope you left me some hot water?" she giggled. I walked passed her box of wine on the counter. It was about half full now. She smiled as she walked passed me toward the bathroom. I took a sip of her wine as she closed the bathroom door. I sat on a small chair in front of a small TV in the far corner. A minute later Cassie walked out to get some clothes out of her suit case. She smiled as she walked back into the bathroom. She pushed the door behind her. But this time the door did not close. It was opened a little wider, than when she left me in the shower.

I took another sip of wine. I then saw Cassie move inside the bathroom. I had a perfect view of her undressing. She pulled down her tight denim shorts. Then pulled her white shirt over her head. She stood there struggling to get her huge bra off. She finally turned to push her boobs against the wall. I looked down when I saw her big naked ass in view. She had not worn any panties all day on the trip. Her bra finally fell off. She then bent over to turn on the water. I watched as she soaped her voluptous body. She kept her hair out of the water. She then rinsed off. I stood up. My cock was pointing straight out inside my tight boxers. I then heard the water turn off in the shower. I walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.

A half hour passed before Cassie closed the door to get dressed. Before that, I watched her towel off, then put make up, lip stick and perfume on. She then came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. I almost fell off the side of the bed. She was wearing a small, red see through lingerie teddy. It was sleeve less and was cut just above her mouth watering breast. I could see her big two inch dark pink aerlos, that were capped off by her big semi erect nipples. The front of the red lingerie showed off her small waist. Her breast hung down passed her waist. I smiled as she turned to toss her clothes on her luggage. She was just wearing a tight red thong, that left nothing to the imagination. I could see her long legs and thick thighs in the dim light of the room. She smiled as she poured herself another drink. She had taken off all her jewelery and rings. They left small white tan lines our her body. She giggled as she sipped more of her wine.

"I hope this is Ok to wear? I normally sleep in the nude. But you our my Step Son. I thought this might be better." said Cassie. I just gulped. My hands were getting wet. She walked over to her big purse. She pulled out a trashy romance novel. "I love to read, helps me sleep better. That and a few glasses of wine." she giggled. I got up to turn quickly. I got under the small white upper sheet and just under the worn out comforter. Cassie walked over to use the motel phone.

"Good night girls. We will see you in the morning. We are leaving no later than 7am. Sleep tight. Keep the noise down. I can hear your sister saying "Yes! Yes! Yes! Just like in the back seat today. Tell her what ever it is. Will get some for her tomorrow. Night sweetie." said Cassie. She then hung up the phone. She walked over to bed. "I hope this light does not keep you up sweetie. Just need to read a little. Hope you had fun today?" said my Step Mom. I gulped again as she sat on top of the comforter. She pushed three pillows behind her back. I had two pillows under my head. I was staring up at the ceiling.

I then closed my eyes. I did not want to look at Cassie next to me. I was afraid, my cock would get harder and she notice. I was thinking happy thoughts, trying to make my hard cock not grow anymore. I then heard Cassie breathing get heavier. I peeked out the corner of my right eye. Her big nipples were now fully erect. They were pinching the thin lingerie material. Almost peeking out the top. Cassie huge breast were going up and down. I could see right through the thin material at the side of her breast. My forehead was sweating, then my chest. Cassie looked over. "Are you Ok? Honey? Is it too hot? In here?" she said. My mouth dropped open.

Cassie pushed the sheets down to my waist. She gave me a sip of her wine. I smiled. She then took out a single ice cube. She licked it, long and wet in her mouth. She then put the ice cube on my chest. She moved the ice around my muscular chest and tight abs. She smiled as she ran it over my nipples. She then licked the ice cube again. "We better pull the sheets down completely." she said. A second later, we were both on top of the sheets. Only a few inches separated us. She smiled as she kept reading her trashy romance novel. I watched as she slowly moved her big ass towards me. She kept smiling as she moved closer. I felt the side of her red lingerie hit my elbow. She stopped and took another sip of her wine. Now there was only ice cubes in her glass.

She took out a big ice cube. She put it in her mouth. I watched as she swirled it around. She then put it back in her left hand. She started to trace the cold ice on my stomach. After a few minutes she moved the smaller ice cube, now, down to my waist band on my white boxers. She looked down over her book. She could see me hard cock pushing my boxers straight up. She pushed her fingers inside, letting go of the ice. I felt the ice bounce of my hard cock, then down my side, inside my thighs. It then fell under my naked balls. She giggled. She then handed me her trashy novel. Followed by the cup of ice.

I then started to read the first line. I felt the bed move. Then I felt her long fingernails on my stomach. A second later she unbutton the only button on the front of my boxers. I then felt my hard cock flop out in the cool breeze of the room. A second later I felt a warm tongue on the tip of my cock. I moaned as I tossed her book on the floor next to the bed. "Buck! I've wanted you all day. You can't tell anyone about this. It is so wrong. I just can't help myself. Please!" she moaned. She then started to lick the tip of my cock. She used her two small hands to stroke my now hard 9 3/4 inch cock. I turned to put the empty plastic wine glass on the table next to the bed. She had half my cock in her mouth before she gagged and spit me out.

I watched as she licked and sucked my cock. She was using her hands to stroke the length of my cock. She was cupping my big balls in her hand. She then got more of my cock in her mouth as she sucked harder. I put my hand on the back of her long hair. She pulled her mouth off my cock. She left a big salivia trail back to her mouth, from the tip of my cock. She moaned. She then stroked my cock, from the base, to on the tip. She then stuck her tongue down licking all over the tip. She was very good. I reached down to put my hand on her big ass. She smiled as moved her ass toward my face. She was now on her knees sucking my cock. She got her lips almost to the base of my cock, before she spit me out again. I put my hand inside her thighs. I could feel her pussy on the back of my hand. Only the front of her thong was keeping her pussy from my hand.

I moved my hand to the back of her huge ass. I pulled down her wet thong. It was wrapped around her knees. She kept sucking my cock as I inched my middle finger in her hot pussy. She was so wet, I eased a second finger in. She was breathing more heavy as she sucked my cock and I finger fucked her. She then moved herself on my body. She pushed down her wet thong. I peeled it off her feet and tossed it on her side of the bed. She then opened her legs and pushed her pussy back in my mouth. I put my hands on her big ass. I pushed my wide tongue in her pussy. She put her mouth back on my cock. I could feel her erect nipples on my stomach. I was gripping her big hips, forcing more of her hot pussy in my mouth.

A few minutes later she whirled around on my body. She gripped my cock with her hands. She then guided her wet pussy down onto my cock. Her wet pussy slid down my shaft. I was all the way inside her, after two strokes on my cock. I reached around to grip her ass. She moaned as we got a good rhythm going. I felt the front of her lingerie on my chest. Her nipples rubbed the thin material on my nipples. Her hair covered her face as she bounced up and down on my cock. I was not sure how long I could last. Between her sucking my cock, like a pro and her tight pussy, milking my cock. I looked into her eyes. She smiled. "It's Ok! Cum deep inside me....Buck!" she moaned. A second later my cock erupted deep inside her. She collapsed on my body. I held her until my cock fell out her pussy. One final spurt, escaped her pussy and dripped on the tip of my cock.

"Ring! Ring!" I felt the bed move. I opened my eyes. I could only see the thin red material covering my face, and Cassie breast. "Good Morning!" said Cassie. She then hung up the phone. It was our wake up call. She picked the phone back up to call the girls, next door. My mouth was still open. I was still a little awe struck from what happen last night with my Step Mom. I did not know what to do, or say. What do you say after having sex with your Step Mom. I rolled out of bed. My cock bounced back and forth as I walked to the bathroom. "Good Morning Girls!!! You can sleep in some more. We will leave at 8am instead. Sounds like you two could use another hour of sleep. How's Buck? He is good. He slept on the pull out couch. His back is a little sore. I will tell him you both said hello. Love you.." said Cassie.

I got in the shower. I pulled the curtain closed. I turned on the water. A few minutes later the door to the bathroom opened. I then felt the cold air inside the shower curtain. I felt a cold hand on my lower back. Another hand on my shoulder. Then a huge pair of breast on my back. Cassie big hard nipples criss crossed my back. She moaned in my ear, then kissed my neck. I turned around to see her magnificent breast for the first time. She pushed them in my face. I sucked hard on her nipples. I then groped, slapped and man handled her breast. She squatted down and wrapped her breast around my cock. She looked up into my eyes. She then spit on my cock. She grinned.

"I better drain this big cock, before my girls do again. I know Crystal and Candy have been enjoying it. I saw what you were doing with them in the back of the van yesterday. My pussy was so wet. I kept pulling over to finger my wet pussy. I just hope there enough Buck to go around today. Wait until you see the big lake house were going to. There a big hot tub and boat we can use. Now put that cock in my mouth. Mmmmm." she moaned. I put my hand on the side of the wall and top of the shower curtain. I watched my cock, fuck my Step Mom big breast and her big mouth.