Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Neighbors Mom - An Adult Story

I had moved in about 4 months ago to a new house. To save money and expenses I moved into a duplex that connected with another house right next door. The houses use the same common room. Just behind the double garage was a laundry room/boiler room. There was also some storage inside. I was a little weary of the idea but wanted to save some money to go to school full time. I had just left my parents after graduation from high school. I liked parking my SUV in the garage. Plus I hated going to the laundry mat to do my laundry. I figured what the heck.

The first two months I did not have neighbor, so all things were good. The start of the third month I had a woman and her kids move in. Vicky was very nice. She was very cute. She had long blonde hair. She was very voluptuous. She had medium size breast and a large ass which I really liked. I prefer women with curves. The first time she came out back and laid down to get some sun. I was hooked. Her four little kids were nice. They rode there toys around the back yard. I like kids. So being nice to them was not a problem. Our yards are separated by a fence. I have a big wide open back yard. They have a big long rectangle inflatable pool for the kids and a swing set. The pool is about 8ft long and 4ft wide. The sides are about three feet high to keep the water in. If a lie down the water easily goes over my head and body. There is some room in the back yard for them to play.

Besides the common room. Both of our wooden decks out back connect together. There not a door in between or gate. But you can hop over the 3 1/2ft wooden rail separating the deck from each other. I used to barbecue for her and her kids all the time. I jump over and cook while she was at work. She got home. We have dinner. She was very nice but after a few weeks she turned kinda of paranoid. She was always accusing me of looking at other women. Being 6ft 3 with an athletic body, I get asked out a few times. I always smile and tell them I am dating someone. Even when we went out she always be mad about something. Finally she broke up with me when I return form class. I came home and there was a note on the door. "I don't want to see you anymore. I went back to my kids father." I was OK with that but then she kinda of turned her kids against me. Plus her new boy friend turned out to be a old guy she met at Block Buster. He was definitely not the kids father but he was the night manager there. I had forgot what it was like to be happy. I was going to cherish being single again.

There were a few odd moments with her over the next few weeks after the breakup. But I stayed away making sure not to run into her. I came home after a short day. It was close to 11am. School had let out early for a half day. I did not have any home work. It was Friday. I was going to drink some beers and watch sports all day. Maybe go out later. I walked into my house. Put on some black Lycra bike shorts. A black skin tight biker top. I put my bike helmet on and decided to ride my ten speed through the neighborhood. It had been two weeks since I rode. It was close to 1pm when I got back. I was kinda of sweaty but hungry. I was going to throw on some burgers on the grill out back.

I walked out to the back deck. I started me grill. I had seen another car parked in front of the garage. It was on Vicky side. I did not pay it much attention. I then noticed a few of the kids toys next door were missing. I looked on her back deck and saw some people walking back and forth by the windows. I walked over and sat down at my little wooden table. I had two chairs and a umbrella that kept the table in the shade. I put my bike helmet on the glass table top. I took off my black shades. I ran my hands through my short brown hair. I was pretty sweaty as I sat there.

I heard the window next door open. I heard one of the kids talking. Then I heard Vicky come into the living room. "Mom! Mom! Let's go Mother! We don't have all day. I have to get the kids to the airport with me.! Mom!! Mom!!!!" Vicky said. I put my hands on my forehead and wiped off the sweat. "Vicky what! I am here. Stop screaming. I love you. But you need to close that mouth sometimes. Do we have all the kids?" a women voice said. "OK! Listen Mom. I am happy you are going to give us a ride to the airport. I am also happy your going to watch the cat. I left some food in the fridge. I left instructions on how to feed the cat. He spends the whole time in my room. You probably won't see him. We will be back on Monday. Hank is going to drive us from the airport on Monday." Vicky said. "OK! Vicky don't worry about the house or the stupid cat. I got it. You have fun with the kids father. I still hate him." she said. "One more thing before we go. I can't stress this enough. Do not! Do not go next door. The guy who lives there is a real asshole. We had a thing but I broke up with him. I mean it Mom. Do not go over there. He is just trouble with a capital T." Vicky said.

I gulped hard. What a bitch. Now I remember her great temper. I just shook my head as I got up and went in my house. I went upstairs to take a long shower. I came back about 45 minutes later. I had a white t-shirt on and some camouflage cargo shorts on. I was bare foot as I made my burgers on the grill. I went back inside to have some beers and watched sports. Later I went to a bar to meet some friends. It was close to 2am when I got home. I saw all the lights next door were off. I climbed into my bed and went to sleep.

It was close to 8am when I felt the sun come through my open window. My eyes could barely open. I felt my head was pounding. I went straight down stairs to get some water. I did not realize I was naked until I felt the color air from the fridge on my body. I just smiled. I took some aspirins and went back to bed. It was close to 1230pm when I took a shower. My head felt 100 percent better. I did not have a headache and my body felt pretty good. I shaved my body, brushed my teeth, put on some cologne and body spray and went in my closet. I put some new white boxer briefs on. Some new tan cargo shorts and a new white t-shirt I got at the mall about a week ago. I decide to head out back and maybe get some sun. I stopped and got a Coke out of the fridge. I looked inside, there were plenty of Cokes but only a twelve pack of beer left. I was going out later for a beer run. I walked out back onto my wooden deck. I left my shoes inside. The sun felt nice on my bare feet.

I was not really hungry. I sat down under my table umbrella and opened my Coke. I took a sip as I sat there. I looked over at my neighbors house. I saw the windows open. I then heard a vacuum cleaner running. I could only smile. It had been a few weeks since I had heard that noise from over there. I usually helped clean. Vicky was not a great housekeeper. I took another sip as I look over in there yard. The kids toys were all a mess still. I looked in my back yard to see some birds flying around. I went back inside my house to get another Coke. I also got a banana to eat. I came back out and sat down. It was about an hour later that I stood up and took off my shirt. It was close to 90 degrees out. I looked over at the inflatable pool. I wish no one was home next door a might go take a dip. I finally heard the vacuum stop.

I then heard a closet door open and close. I then saw the sliding glass door to the back of the house open to the deck. I saw a older woman open the glass door. She was very sexy and voluptuous. She was about 5ft 8 with long dirty blonde hair. She had two big hoop earrings that hung down on her ear. She had painted her finger and toenails white. She was wearing some 4inch pink heels. She had a pair of skin tight jeans that just fit over her knee. She had some sexy Capri's on. I love when girls show off there sexy curvy legs. Her jeans showed off her bodacious ass. She was also wearing a tight white tube top that hugged her large chest. I could see her nipples were hard from the fabric rubbing against them. I could see her bare shoulders and top of her breast were peeking out the top. She had a few freckles and tan skin. She had no tan lines as far as I could see. Was she Vicky mother. I watched as she looked around the back yard. She finally looked at me and smiled. She waved her small hand. My neighbors Mom was quite the curvy BBW standing in front of the glass door. My mouth dropped open as she walked toward me.

"Hi! Good afternoon young man. My name Victoria. I am Vicky Mom. She went away for the weekend. I am watching the place for her. I could not help notice you were over here all alone. I just had to say Hi! It's not everyday you get to meet such a handsome young man." she said. I was speechless but had to come up with something. "Very nice to meet you. Are you sure your not Vicky sister. Your too young to be her mother. My name Buck! How are you today?" I said. "That is sweet of you to say. My daughter a real pig when it comes to cleaning. I might be here all day cleaning. I am feeling much better that I got out of the house. Thank you for asking. I like that you have manners. Vicky says you both dated for a short time. She warned me to stay away from you. I don't always do what I am told. My daughter can be quite the bitch if you ask me. The father of the kids is a real asshole but she goes back to him all the time." she said. "Well we tried. Some times things don't work out. I miss the kids. I don't miss her." I said.

By now Victoria had walked over and was standing inches from the wooden rail. I was still sitting as I looked up into her sexy eyes. She was in her mid forties, a size 10 with a large ass to go with her amazing chest. I would have done anything she asked to keep checking her out. So when she asked me to help clean the back yard next door. I just smiled and nodded my head "Yes!" "Its kinda of hot outside. Do you mind if I help clean the back yard with out my shirt on. I don't want to be rude." I said. "Buck you can wear anything you want honey. Just be safe. I will check on you shortly. I am going back inside to make a grocery list. Before I forget. Thank you sweetie." she smiled.

I watched as my neighbors Mom walked back to the glass door. She turned to watch me from inside as I climbed over the wooden railing. I walked out back picking up all the toys. I picked up some trash and then racked some grass to make it look better. It only took me twenty minutes to clean. I then walked up the back deck. I looked around to see if there was anything more to do. The only thing left was to fill the small swimming pool but with out the kids home, I just left it empty. I waited a few minutes until I heard the glass door open to the back yard.

"Wow! Great job Buck! I like a man who can clean. I also like the fact you cleaned and did not complain. You don't find that much anymore. I am going to go start some laundry. I will be right back. Don't go any where. I have a small surprise for helping me out." she giggled. I watched her go inside then I heard the common room door shut. I walked over to my side of the deck. I climbed over and sat down at the table. I tilted the umbrella to keep the sun of my neck. It was close to 15 minutes later when I heard the common room door open then close. I then heard some heels click across the floor towards the sliding glass door. I then heard the fridge open. A few minutes later Victoria came into view. She had to big bottles of Corona in her hands. She had already put a lime wedge in the beer. She handed one to me.

"I just love a cold beer after doing some work. I think we earned it Buck. What do you think?" she said. "I think so. Nothing like a good cold beer to start the day." I said. "Do you have to go to school today or work?" she said. "No! I have the weekend off. I don't have to be back to school until Monday night. I have late class. What are your plans? I am sure there someone waiting for you to get home." I said. She took a big sip of her beer. She had half the bottle down. "No! Nobody waiting for little old me. My husband left me a few years with his young secretary at work. I have to hear it from Vicky all the time about him and his new wife. She naked me feel bad. I can't tell you the last time I went out or was on a date because of her." she said. "Well sorry about Vicky. I am sure she means well. I am sure she loves you very much. She just had a weird way of expressing it. You are free for the next couple of days though. Just don't answer you cell phone and relax. You deserve it." I said. "I guess your right. It's nice not hearing her complain or bitching about something. I know the minute she get backs she will start right in about her trip, the kids, and the asshole baby's daddy." Victoria said.

We made small talk for a few minutes. Then I heard the washer buzzer go off. She excused herself and went back inside. If she put the things in the dryer I had maybe an hour with her before the dryer went off. I waited a few minutes for her to come back. She checked herself in the glass window when she came back. I was checking her out more than she was. I smiled when she picked her beer off the rail separating us. She looked down. I was still in my chair. "Buck its hot today. Don't you think? I know this might sound crazy but that little pool over there. Is it broken or still have air in it. I can see there no water but is it ripped do you know?" she said. "No! It all good. As far as I know. I saw the kids in it the other day. They usually take the water out. Its easy to fill up. The hose is right over there. Plus being so hot the water still warm to hot when it goes in." I said.

"I really need to cool off. Do you think you can do me another great big favor? Would you go fill the little pool with some water while I change into my new swim suit I bought the other day. I got it on sale for like $20. It will be the first time I get to wear it. I brought it with me for the weekend. My daughter said I could use the public pool down the street but I hate crowds. Please!! I will owe you big." she said in a sexy voice. She batted her eyes at me and gave me this cute facial expression. "Hmm, you drive a hard bargain. Was the beer my little surprise?" I said. "Oh! I almost forgot about that. No! I will give it to you when I come back. Does this mean you will go fill up the pool?" she said. "Sure. My pleasure. I'll go fill it up while you change. See you in a few minutes." I said.

I watched her finish her beer then walk back inside the house. I finished my beer. Then hopped over the rail and walked down to the inflatable pool. I fished some toys out of the pool. I open the nozzle on the faucet. I start to run the water into the pool. I checked the water. It was cold. It was warm at the beginning but now was getting colder. I could not wait to see what it does to Victoria body when the cold water hits her soft skin. I stood there filling the pool. I looked around the back yard. There was no one home from work just yet. I could see over the large wooden fence that enclosed both back yards. I was wondering what my surprise was when I finally heard the glass door to the deck open up. I heard the door close. I turned to see Victoria.

She had on a amazing bathing suit. The top barely covered her large breast. I could see her big nipples were erect from the shiny yellow material of her suit. She had on a black bottom with a yellow stripe down the middle showing off her pussy. In case someone might forget her best asset. Her long legs and sexy curves made her stunning. I gulped and shot the water out the other side of the pool. I just kept staring as she had put on some large 6inch wooden heels. She could barely keep her balance as she looked at me. She smiled as she strutted across the deck. I was hoping she would not topple over. Her large breast and sexy tummy bounced as she got closer.

She spun around when she got about a foot from the pool. I almost passed out. She had taken the very sexy swim suit and alter the back of her bathing suit bottoms. She was covered in the front with the yellow stripe and black material but the back was almost wide open. The back had about 4inches on top covering her lower back. The suit sat high on her hips. Then she had some how open the back up. Her very large booty was staring right back at me. It look some dental floss down the middle. I wanted to make her bend over to see if the thin material would break and I could see her sweet pussy. "How do you like my new suit. Look at these heels I bought yesterday at a garage sale. There a stripper on my block who sold them to me along with some others. I just love heels. I see you did another great job young man. Buck your really impressing me. Why did my daughter break up with you again?" Victoria giggled. "Thanks!! You looking stunning Victoria. I'm not sure what to say but "Wow!!" I said.

She put her index finger in her mouth and bite down on her flesh. She smiled as she handed me a big white cotton towel. She then looked into my eyes. "Since you did a great job. Buck! Hello honey!!" she waved her hand in my face. I stepped on the hose to stop the water. I smiled. "Thanks! Now for your surprise. You can either get a hug or a kiss? Which one would you prefer?" she said in a very sexy voice. I was standing next to the pool. I was a few inches from her. She had reapplied her make up and lipstick. She had put on more sweet perfume. Plus she had taken a breath mint while she was changing. "Mmmm that is a hard choice. I have been good. I'm just not sure which one would be better. I am perplexed." I said. "Hmmm are you curious what your ex-girl friend Mom kiss might be like. You would have something to compare too. Plus my daughter is not as curvy as her old Mother is. I let you decide." she curled her lip. I stood there for a minute checking her out up and down. She moved to let me see more of her.

If I was semi hard when helping her earlier, I was now almost 110 percent hard looking at her. I had to figure out a way to get a kiss and hug. I looked her up and down one more time. "How about this. You pick one then help me into the pool. The big blue inflatable wall is too high. Then you come in the pool with me. Maybe I will let you get the other choice after that." she said. "That is a good deal. How about a hug then." I smiled. She moved closer to me. She put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her waist. I rested them on her lower back. I wanted to feel her amazing ass but thought I better not her greedy. I felt her soft skin move into my chest. I then felt the weight of her large breast on my naked skin. Her large nipple bore holes into my soft skin. I hugged her firm but not to sleazy as she moved in my arms. Her soft hair hit my cheek. I felt her long white nails trace my muscles on my arm. She moved back her head leaving her chest on mine. Her sexy green eyes looked into mine. "Buck you have a nice body. I love when men take care of themselves. Why did my daughter go back to her baby daddy?" she said.

She moved back in letting me feel her in my arms for about 2-3 minutes. She broke are embrace and looked at me. "That was nice. I can tell you work out young man. Mmm! Here help in the pool." Victoria said. I smiled. I held her right hand as she brought her left foot and heel over the wall. I thought for a second about telling her she still had her heels on but she was too sexy to move my mouth to say anything. I then grabbed her hips to help her into the pool. She was standing there looking at me. I put the hose between my legs to hold as she started to sit down. I held her right hand until she got all of her ass in the pool. The cold water was just passed her midsection. Her large breast were sitting in the water. Her nipples were hard as she looked up at me. She smiled as I filled more water in the pool. "How the water?" I said. "It's nice. You should get in now." she said. I kept the water on until her breast began to float in the water. She smiled as she looked down at her twin monster floating in the pool.

I walked over and turned off the water. I walked back around the side. I placed her towel on the ground near the pool. I looked down to see her watching me. I was only wearing my tan cargo shorts and white boxer briefs. I did not want to go change into my bathing suit. I did not want her to leave. I put one leg over and hoped into the pool. The water was cold. It was at mid leg as I looked down at her. Her breast moved on the water. "Is that a bathing suit Buck? I don't want your new shorts to get wet. I mean they might shrink on you sweetie. You do have some underwear under there. I know you young guys liked to take off your shorts when you get in the pool." she said in a sexy voice. I looked down to see the button on my cargo shorts ready to fly off. I knew my cock was rock hard. There was no hiding that as the front of my shorts were bulging.

I unbutton the top button. I slowly unzipped my cargo shorts letting them fall into the water. I stepped out of them as Victoria picked them out of the water and tossed them on the grass next to the pool. She then turned her head to see my erect cock under the thin white material of my boxer briefs. "I like your bathing suit now Buck. They look like they shrunk on you. That might have happened with your new cargo shorts." she giggled. I then sat down in the cold water. I put my back against the inflatable wall. She moved her legs to rest inside mine. I looked down to see her heels under the water. Her toenails looked very sexy as she moved her feet. I looked down to see the water was just over my rock hard abs. I looked at her. "I am glad we got all the work done. I have been needing some fun time." she smiled

We made some small talk for a few minutes. The sun was beating down on the pool. I watched her hands move on her body. She brought them up to her breast. She gently moved them over the yellow material of her top. "So where did you get the suit again? From a garage sale? From your neighbor." I said. "Yes! She is almost as big as me. I loved her heels so much she through in the suit. Its a little small on me but I think it looks nice. What do you thing Buck?" she said. "I nodded my head "Yes!" "It looks great on you. Yellow and black look very sexy." I said. "Thank you honey! Your so sweet and cute! Very well mannered. You work out and drink. Do you smoke?" she said. "Just cigars and that just every once in awhile." I said. "I think it might be time for your kiss. I like to reward hard work. I also love to know what you think of my kissing technique. My daughter used to tell me to stop kissing her Dad because he would wince when we kissed." she said.

I smiled again as she crawled over to me. She moved her hands up my legs. She felt my thighs and then put her hands on my shoulders. She moved her ass over my lap. She then sat down on my lap. I got to feel all over her amazing body on me. Her breast rested on my chest. I looked down to get a great view of her cleavage. "Am I hurting you Buck? Why are you smiling so much. Your so cute honey." she said. "No, you are OK Victoria. You feel very nice sitting on my lap." I said. She smiled as she leaned into kiss me. I opened my lips to taste hers. Her red lips met mine and she sent waves of excitement through my skin. I began to blush as she kept kissing me. I moved my head slightly to the right so she could get her tongues deeper in my mouth. She then pulled backed after a few minutes. "Wow!!! MMM that was really good. I think you daughter and ex-husband are just jealous of you. That was very good. Of course I may need another kiss. Just to make sure." I giggled. She smiled as she looked into my eyes.

She then closed her eyes and we started to kiss again. I could feel her breathing increase as she moved her hands on my bare chest. She then ran her hands down my shoulders and arms again. I leaned forward so she could move her hands down my back. I moved my hands to her hips trying to be nice. She quickly moved her hands to mine. Then she moved my hands to her ass. "I know you have been eying this since you met me Buck." Victoria said. I returned to kissing her and kissing her wet lips. She moved her hands back to my chest pulling on my right nipple. She let go of my mouth to moan in my right ear. I could feel the water under her ass as I slapped her big butt. "I like that honey. I love your big hands on my ass. Give it a good squeeze." she moaned. I started to squeeze and shake her ass with my two big hands. I then ran my nails down her flesh causing her to moan loud in my ear again. This hot older woman was loving what I was doing to her ass.

She broke our kiss to look in my eyes. "Buck your a very nice kisser. I love your lips and that tongue is very nice. When my daughter first went out with you. She told me you were a very good kisser." Victoria said. "That is nice. I can tell you with out a single doubt your a better kisser that your daughter. In fact your a better everything compared to your daughter." I said. "You know she is curvy but maybe not as big as I am. What do you think of these?" she said as she pulled her swim suit up over her head. Her amazing breast fell down on my face and chin. They slapped my lips and rested on my chest. That were quite full and soft. She guided her left nipple into my mouth.

I then felt her hand on my chest. She then slipped her right hand under her touching my bulge. She moved on my lap as I sucked her other nipple. "Mmm Buck, keep doing that. I think you like my big breast more than my daughters." Victoria said. I then felt Victoria hand inside my underwear. She was touching my rock hard cock with her finger nails. She slid down my legs to me feet. "I showed you mine, now you show me yours." she giggled. I stood up and pull down my wet underwear. My cock sprang out hitting my belly button. "That is nice. I love a young man with a great big cock. Come here." she said as she moved her index finger at me. I walked over. She tossed my wet underwear over the inflatable pool onto the grass. She got on her knees and took my cock into her hot mouth. I looked down to see her playing with my big balls in her bands.

I looked around the back yard trying to see if anyone was watching. They were not. I looked down to Victoria could only get half of me in her mouth. She used her two small hands to play with my shaft, balls and lick the tip of my cock. She was quite good at giving blow jobs. She put my cock in her mouth moving her cheeks as she rubbed my cock on the inside of her mouth. I then felt her hands on my ass. She scratched using her finger nails the length of my ass. I tighten up as she sucked my cock. After a few minutes she spit me out. She started to jack my cock as she looked in to my eyes. "I love it baby. Your not close to cumming are you. I can feel your balls in my hand. I know when your going to cum. God your sexy. My daughter crazy to have left you." she said.

After ten minutes Victoria let go and turned around facing the the outer inflatable wall of the pool. I got down on my knees. The water was up to my thighs. The water was just under her ass covering her hot pussy. I moved forward pressing my cock in the water making it more wet. I slapped her pussy a few times with my cock. She arched her back and put her hands on her ass. She turned her head over her shoulder. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me a good fucking. Use me young man." Victoria said. Her wish was my command. I inserted my cock. Her tight pussy muscles forced me out then back in. After a few minutes we got a good rhythm going. I held onto her hips and big ass. I then reached around to play with her breast as they rested on the inflatable pool wall. I then picked up the pace as she orgasm on my cock. Her hot juices caused my cock to steam in the water. I pulled out and shot a big load on her ass and lower back. She scooped some of me off her ass and licked her fingers. She rubbed the rest in her ass as I fell back in the water.

Victoria moved around on her knees. She saw me laying on my back. She then went on the water to suck my cock back to life. I smiled as she got me hard in no time. She then got up on her knees facing me. I got on my knees facing her. We embraced as we began to kiss. She moved her pussy over my cock. She looked into my eyes as my cock found her pussy again. She relaxed and feed my cock into her hot pussy again. I grabbed her ass as she grabbed her hands around my neck. We start to splash the water as we fucked on our knees. I pulled her closer as I fucked her from coming up into her. It was easier to move inside her tight pussy. She started to kiss my chest and suck my nipples. I started to fondle her ass and feel her big breast on my skin. I kept fucking her after she slipped and fell back in the water. I put her legs up over the side of the pool as I inserted my cock back in. She put her hands on my ass as I pounded her pussy harder. After 20 minutes I was getting closer. "Buck come inside me. I can't get pregnant. I am to old you hot stud." she yelled as my cock erupted inside her.

I helped her out of the pool an hour later. I ate her pussy and she came two time more. I walked her back to my house. We fucked for the rest of the night. We had to order Chinese food, we were to exhausted to cook. I then helped the next day clean the back yard and the pool. The inside was covered with are juices. I just smiled as Victoria came out in a towel and kissed me for twenty minutes before we went back inside. I forgot what a mess her daughter used to keep it untill I saw how clean Victoria had made it. I drove her to get some grocery. She made me drive to a motel to have sex with me in the car in the back of the hotel.

It was later when we got home. I carried Victoria to bed then I went back to my house. It was Sunday night, I knew Vicky would be home tomorrow. I was not sure if Victoria would still want to see me. It had been fun, if nothing else. I went to sleep and woke up around 10 am. I smelled bacon and eggs coming from kitchen. I put on some boxer briefs and walked down the hall. I came in to the kitchen. Victoria was cooking breakfast naked. "Hey sleep head. Thanks for carrying me too bed. You wore me out young man." she giggled. I then looked out front to see our two cars parked in the driveway. Vicky was not home. "Good news. My daughter and the kids are not coming home until Wednesday. Looks like we can have some more fun. I got a slip side for the back yard. I heard its fun doing it in the nude. Just watch out for the big cock of yours." she laughed.

Wednesday 11am:

"I'm back. I got a surprise. Come out here." Victoria said. I walked out to see she had a suit case packed and on the wooden deck. I then saw she had a new outfit on. She had a sexy black one piece bathing suit. It came up the front on two side just barely covering her large breast. The back was cut in one small piece up her ass. She looked like she was falling out the sides all around her body. She had some black 4inch wooden heels on her small feet. My mouth dropped open. "I got some more stripper clothes from my neighbor. Did you miss me? I could not wait to get back to see you. I also got some clothes and heels to wear in my suit case. I was hoping I might be able to stay with you a few days until my house gets sold. I need to more close to my daughter and the kids." she said in a sexy voice. I just smiled and hoped over the wooden rail separating the houses.

I dropped my underwear around my ankles. I slid her back swim suit to the side. I pulled the front open causing her breast to spill out. I then started to pinch her nipples as she moaned. I bent her over the rail. He breast hung over onto my side. Her eyes were closed as I kissed down her back and all over her ass. I pulled her bathing suit completely off and started to lick her pussy. I then stood up and inserted my hard cock inside her hot pussy. I gabbed her hips fucking her faster. I was slamming all my weight into her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes, Yes O god Yes! Fuck me faster...don't stop..don't stop...i love your cock." she moaned. I fondle her tits from behind. I looked down to see her ass slamming my skin.

"Mom!!!!! Mother!!! What are you doing. I told you not to go next door. Buck get your big cock out of my mother. What are you two doing.....NO!!!!NO!!!!!!!!NO!!!! I can't believe this." said a mad Vicky. "Don't stop baby..fill me up. Shoot a big load in me. Keep fucking me..don't stop....don't you dare stop."said a mad Victoria. I know you think maybe I should stop. But Victoria pussy had my aching cock. I kept fucking the Mom. "Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. I unloaded a huge load deep inside Victoria pussy. We both caught our breathes. I then saw Victoria suit case being thrown to my side of the wooden deck. I helped Victoria over the wooden rail. I picked up the suit case as both women talked.

Vicky kids. Victoria grand kids were at there baby daddy for the next week. Mean time Vicky bought a new inflatable pool after her Mom told her what we did in it. I can hear my front door open. I can now here some heels click across my wooden floors. I ripped out the carpet and put some wooden floors in just to hear heels click across the floor. The sliding glass door opens. Its Victoria. She got a bottle of baby oil. A new towel and the slip and slide we use in Vicky back yard. I hope you don't mind but I bought us a indoor pool. I sold the house and used some of the money. The construction company will be here tomorrow to install. I say we used the slip and slide one more time. I also got some new outfit from my old neighbor. "Hi! Vicky!" she waved at her daughter. Vicky saw her mother was half naked and stormed back in her house. "Let's go sexy. I don't give a fuck what my daughter thinks about us. I am having to much fun fucking her neighbor. My Young Buck." Victoria smiled. I just winked at MY NEIGHBORS MOM.........

Remember don't leave me home alone with your MOM or next door, if you go on vacation after you break up with me..............LOL


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