Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stormy with a chance of Mud - An Adult Story

I was on vacation down south. I had my RV and towed my little monster truck behind me. I had rented 2 Four Wheelers and a dirt bike when I got to the camp site. There was a big lake and plenty of wilderness around. I was on vacation for about a week. I liked to go camping and loved the great outdoors. But I had a passion for getting dirty. Either by riding a dirt bike, ATV or 4 wheeling. I had pimped out my truck to go off roading. It's big, loud and is a total mean fucking machine in the mud. I love to rev the engine at a light in the city where I live and watch the expression on people face or even better getting out of the open cock pit and having more mud inside that on the truck. I'm 6ft 3, athletic and have problems getting in the truck.

I do have one more passion. It's on two bumper sticker on the rear of the truck. They say "Fat Chicks Rule!" & "If ur Thick get in!" I prefer women who are confident in there bodies. It also helps if I can hold on to more than a stick, with there sexy big bodies. I have found a few girls like to get dirty and in the mud. But they are harder to find. I usually don't have to find them. They find me. I check my watch. Its close to 11am when I get the RV unpacked. I set up the tent, built a fire and made some lunch. I plan on going for a swim in the lake. Maybe go fishing. Get some gas and check all my riding gear for tomorrow. I have a map at the camp site that shows a couple of good trails for the bikes tomorrow.

I got done with checking the equipment and filling the bike and ATV with gas. I went to bed early last night. Its close to 9am when I get up. I had a great big breakfast. I took a shower in my RV. Shaved my body, put on some body spray. I got my hair cut short with just a few hairs on my goatee. I have a pretty good tan so I am not worried about the hot sun today. Suppose to get up to about the mid nineties. I check my watch again as I put on some new white boxer briefs. I slip my cock in nice and snug. I seem to have grown into these medium a little to well. I slip on some socks. I then put on a black t-shirt. I then slip on my tight black leather biker pants. I also put on the matching black leather jacket. There some padding a arm guards, wrist guards, and hip guards on the jacket to protect me in case the bike rolls over. I put on my dark shades. I decide to leave me cell phone on the charger and pick it up later. I slip on some black leather boots. I pick up my black helmet with the grey rhino on the back. The rhino crushing some skulls. I have the same design on the hood of the truck.

I got some mean looks from my camp site neighbors as they are getting out of there tents. Not to many times you see such a truck built to go off roading just sitting there making noise. I started it up and saw some birds fly off the lake from the engine noise. I saw one kid plug his ears from the exhaust. I just smile. I walk over and get on the dirt bike. Its a Yamaha 450. I saw some sand dunes on the map about a mile away. I head over there. I take out my frustration jumping some rocks, and over the dunes. I am having allot of fun. I head back after an hour to get some water. Its hotter than I thought.

I climb off and go in the RV. I use the bathroom and grab some water. I am feeling pretty good. I walk out and get on the Red ATV 4 wheeler. I do some wheelie's around the RV. I then jump a few rocks near the tent. I then follow the trail down to the lake. I decide to go around the lake to do some exploring. I head out to the right. Its a open trail with some rocks, dirt and grass. The trails have some hills, peaks, and is very scenic as I put the accelerator down. I can feel the wind rushing over my helmet. I put the dark tinted face shield down to black out more of the sun. I feel a few small branches hit the ATV as I go around some corners. I slow down to check the map again. It looks like I traveled half way around the lake. There is no one on the trail. I take off my helmet so I can hear for anybody or anything. I can just hear the water on the lake. I put my helmet back on and head down the trail. Its close to another 1/2 hour before I check the map again. I was having so much fun that I veered off the map a little. I can see the lake but I may not be on the trail anymore.

I bend some of the brush back along a row of trees. I can see a hill in the distance. I decide to got to the top and see where I am at. I rev up the ATV to get to the top. I just crest the hill when...... "Crash!! Smash!! OHHHH SHITTTTTT!!!....I can feel the ATV rolling as I just missed someone. I had crested the hill when another person on a similar ATV was coming up the other side. I just missed them and moved to my right. I did the worst thing by standing up and now the ATV is rolling down the small hill. I can see the dirt...the clouds...the trees...the grass...dirt again....clouds again...wham I come to a full stop. I am laying face first in the dirt. I can hear my bike still running. I can hear the wheels are spinning. I can smell the smoke from the engine. I feel OK just sore. I check my hips, back and legs. I then feel my helmet. No cracks. I wonder who I just missed. I breath in then blow out some dirt from under my face mask.

"Hey are you OK? Hello!! Hey!! Can you hear me? Are you OK!" a girls voice. I finally move my head. I rolled over on my side to look up. "Hey are you OK? Hey I am sorry I almost hit you. I can't believe we were on the same trail over that hill. Going to be one hell of a story to tell my friends. Seriously are you OK?" she said. I focused my eyes. She was standing a few feet from me. She was about 5ft 3 with dirty blonde hair. She pulled off her orange bike helmet and smiled. She had some small gold hoop earrings on. She had orange gloves, orange jacket and some sexy tight orange leather biker pants. She was quite curvy. She moved so I could see her from the side. She had a amazing chest and squeezable thick ass under the orange leather. I could not see her completely with my eyes just yet. But my cock was springing back to life. I gulped hard as I looked at her.

"I think I am OK. No need to apologize. I think I was at fault. I am here on vacation and do not know the trail. I am sure you had the right of way. I am the one that should apologize to you. Are you OK?" I said. "I am OK. My name Stormy. What's yours?" she said. "Stormy, that's a cute name. My name Buck. Do you see my ATV?" I said. "It's right over there. It's pretty banged up. Do you want some help off the ground?" Stormy said. "Sure! Here my hand." I said. She grabbed my hand and helped me off the ground. I brushed the dirt and soil off my pants. I looked over to the smoke from my ATV. It was crunched as they say. "I am glad it was a rental. Accidents do happen. I am glad I got some insurance. Do you live around here?" I said. "Kinda of. I live not to far away. I like to come over here by the lake and ride. I was going to go swimming. I have my bathing suit on under my bike stuff. I lost my towel some where." she said. I had to think quickly. I was getting real turned on.

"I know this might be a pain. But can you take me back to my camp site. I left my phone in my RV. I will fill up your ATV with some gas and give you some money. Then I can come back and get the broken down ATV. I got a mini truck I can use to get back in here to get it. I don't want to mess with it right now without some tools." I said. I smiled. "Sure that no problem. You don't have to give me any money. It would be my pleasure." she said in a very sexy southern accent. I smiled. She then reached under her chin to pull open her chin strap. She then took off her helmet. I saw the dirty blonde hair sticking out the back but know she was very hot as the wind blew through her blonde curls. It was just down to her shoulders. I could see her sexy pink lips and perfect smile. She looked at my dark tinted face shield and smiled. I then undid my chin strap. I took off my helmet to let her see my blue eyes and smile. "I can tell your not from around here. You have a great smile, you have manners, and you smell nice." she giggled. "Thanks." I said.

I walked over to my ATV, which was laying on its handle bars. I turned off the engine to get the wheels to stop. I took out the key. I walked over to Stormy who was sitting on her ATV. I handed her the keys. "I don't have any pockets." I said. I then put my helmet on with the face shield up. She smiled and put her helmet on. She then took my keys and unzipped the front of her orange leather jacket. "Buck! I don't have pockets either." she giggled. She dropped the keys to the ATV in her boobs. I got a good view down her jacket as I looked over her shoulder. "MMMMmmm hold on tight baby!!!! Stormy putting the metal to the pedal." she yelled. I think it was the rebel yell....

I grabbed her hips to hold on. She moved her amazing ass to fit directly on the front of my cock. The tip of my cock was pushing against the thin material of my pants and my boxer briefs. I was hoping she feel my cock. I was hoping to see more of her back at my campsite. She took the long way around the lake. I got to feel every inch of her ass, hips and curvy sides. I might have kissed her but no for my helmet being in the way. She stopped short a few times to feel my hands slip around her waist under her breast. She flopped her nice breast on the back of my hands a few times under the thin orange material. I wanted to rip her jacket open to feel them as we rode. I thought better of it. She got me back to my camp site in one piece. She liked to go fast, jump far, and hit every bump. She was a girl after my own heart. I felt the bike finally come to a stop near my tent.

I got off first then helped her get off the ATV. "Buck is that your truck. When you said mini truck I was expecting some little old car/truck or something not that monster truck. Damn that thing is big. Can I go see it?" Stormy said. "Sure, go ahead. That the Blue Devil. I'll be right back. I am going to get my tools and the keys for the truck." I said. I took off my helmet and walked inside the RV. I came right back out and walked over to Stormy. "I kinda of pimped it out or down here you might say tricked it out. I got these huge tires, shocks, springs, state of the art equipment all over the truck. I can increase, or decrease the air in the tires to get better traction. I can also submerge the truck under water and be OK. The engine is big and protected from the elements. Its all open to get great views but then you can feel the mud when it flies in. It's the best truck in the mud ever. I had a smaller truck but it would just stop in deep mud. Do you like mud?" I said. I looked at Stormy. Here eyes were big, her breathing had increased and her voice crackled. "Do I like mud? I don't like mud silly. I LOVE it!!!!!!!" she said. She put her helmet next to mine on the ground next to the tent. I handed her some of my shades to wear. I wore another pair of shades.

"Would you like to go for a ride. Will go pick up the broken ATV and bring it back." I said. "OK! Then when we get back. I know this great place on the other side near my house. There is a huge mud pit. I go there on the weekends to watch other people in there. I don't ever to get ride in the mud. It's pretty deep." she said. She smiled some more. I could tell she was getting excited to ride in the truck. I helped her get in the truck. I had to gently push her amazing ass in the air to get in the front seat. I then climbed in and started the engine. I put the tools in the back seat. I took off the plastic top to let the sun, air and light in the truck cock pit. I looked at Stormy who was smiling from ear to ear. I started the engine. I reved the engine making it very loud. I could see she had goose bumps and a chill came down her neck. She let out a small moan as the truck began to shake. I cut around the short way and used a wider path to get back to the broken ATV.

I used the wench to put the ATV on the rear part of the truck. I tighten the clamps so it would not fall off. I drove back. I made sure to hit all the bumps like Stormy did to watch her breast and body jiggle in the front seat. She turned on the radio as we kicked it to "Lynrd Skynyrd and some Kid Rock" I had some big speakers that come out of the sides of the truck. You could here the truck coming from a few miles away. I drove back to the campsite. I took the broken ATV off the truck. I placed it next to the RV. "Buck you have a kick ass camp site. Love the RV and dirt bikes, you even have another ATV over there. You must like the outdoors. Do you pitch your own tent?" she giggled. Was she talking about the tent next to the RV or the large one in my pants. I just smiled.

"OK! Why don't you drive the Blue Devil back towards the mud pit. Its OK, she can handle a woman's touch." I said. Stormy just smiled and moved her ass over to the driver side seat. I unzipped my jacket and brought it down around my waist. I tied the arms around my waist. I then pulled off my black t-shirt as Stormy drove toward the mud pit. "Buck, are you trying to distract me? Damn this truck is fun. I never been this high up before. I can see everything." she giggled. I watched as she hit a few bumps and over a big hill. She stopped at the top as we both looked down to see a huge mud pit. I just smiled as Stormy reved the engine of the truck. She then unzipped her orange jacket. She pulled the sleeves down around her waist. I could see she was wearing a orange swim suit top. It was cut small on her large chest. The little orange cups left nothing to the imagination. I saw her nipples get hard as she looked down to see the mud.

"Are you ready BIG BOY!!!!!" Stormy yelled. Like a roller coaster at the amusement park. I put my hands over my head as she hit the gas pedal. The truck slammed into the mud pit. A huge wave of water, dirt and thick mud washed over the truck. It went right over the hood and into the front seat. I could feel the warm mud on my body. My skin was covered. I looked at Stormy who was covered also. She giggled as she hit the gas to move the truck to the other side of the mud pit. She did a few donuts in the mud. The tires spun causing the mud to fly everywhere. I looked around as she shot mud everywhere. She then raced back up the hill. She stopped to catch her breath. "Here we go again baby!!!" she yelled. I just put my hands up as she crashed into the mud again. I got some on my mouth as the water/mud wave hit the truck again. This time we almost got stuck. I hit the tires to inflate some more to get us across.

Stormy let me drive next. I spun the truck out. I went through the mud a few times. I drove down the big hill into the mud. We spent the next hour and half ramming the truck through the mud. I watched her get dirty, excited and yell the whole time. I just smiled as we were both covered. I drove onto the middle of the mud pit and stopped. We then took off our dark sun glasses. The were both covered in mud. She was covered in dry mud and dirt all the way to her chin. I was covered almost to the top of my neck. My nipples were hard, my cock was hard and I looked down to the mud on the seats. "That was fun Stormy. Thanks! Would you like some water or a beer?" I said. "Wait you have water or beer in the truck some where?" she said. I flipped up the central console. Cold water and some beer in a mini fridge came up. She just smiled. We each had a drink before she took a bottle water out of the fridge.

"You thought of everything Buck. This water cold. I bet you it feels cold on my skin. I am kinda of hot from the sun, the truck and the mud honey." Stormy said. I smiled as she took the cap off the water bottle. She then proceed to take a sip. She then poured it on her face washing off some of the mud. She then started to pour it on her body. She started to wash the mud on her chest. Her nipples were rock hard as she moved in her seat. She unbuckled her seat belt and looked into my eyes. She then grabbed another water from the mini fridge. "Do you know what I am thinking right now sweetie?" she winked at me. I shook my head "No!" She smiled and licked her sexy pink lips. She took off her orange gloves and through them on the back seat. I could finally see her long finger nails. They were painted a soft white and had a small round peach on the tips of her nails.

I watched as she stood up in the truck. I took off my seat belt. I watched as she pulled down her leather pants and took off her jacket. She had a small orange bathing suit bottom to match her top. She then looked at me and motion with her middle finger for me to come get her. I moved over to the passenger seat. I moved the seat back and reclined the seat little. She started to move around to the music on the radio. She then started to shake her hips and move her amazing ass in front of my face. She was in her bathing suit shaking her sexy body for me. I felt her hands on my ankles as she bent over in front of me. She moved her ass about 2 inches from my face. I inhaled her ass in my face. She giggled as she watched me smile from between her legs. "Do you like my ass baby?" she said. "NO! I don't like your ass, I LOVE IT sexy." I moaned.

With that I leaned up and started to kiss her thick ass. She moaned then brought her hands to my muscular legs and thighs. I pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side opening her up more for me. I saw her naked pussy staring back at me as she shook her ass on my mouth. I could tell she was ready for my tongue. I wanted to tease her but I wanted to taste her more. I started to kiss her thighs and move my hands on her ankles. She moaned when she felt my tongue lick the outside of her pussy. I then slowly inserted one finger inside her hot pussy. She moan again. I then start to lick her from her ass to the top of her pussy. Faster...Faster...Faster I licked her. Her knees shook as she put her hands on the dash board to keep her balance. "MMMmm Buck your good at this. I think you've done this before. Damn that is it baby. I love your tongue and big finger. Maybe she needs one more finger." she moaned. I licked my index finger and stuck that in with my middle finger. She had two fingers and my tongue wedged in her pussy.

After some more pussy eating she orgasm and screamed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Don't stop. Don't me faster. O God yes!!! That's it...I'm cumming again....." she moaned. She came two more times before she sat on my lap. We started to kiss after I clean up my mouth with some water. She smiled when I stood up and pulled off my jacket and leather pants. She smiled when she saw my bulge in my white boxer briefs. I had some mud on my stomach and hard abs. She got some water and poured it on my stomach removing the mud. She then pured it on my erect cock making it stick to the white cotton of the briefs. She then traced my cock in the thin material. She then pulled down the sides of my briefs to around my ankles. I held my 9 3/4 inch cock in my right hand. She smiled as I fed her a little in her warm mouth. She licked the head and grabbed the base of my naked cock. She rubbed the small 1 inch patch of hair above my cock. She then licked my whole cock.

After a few minutes she got all most all off it in her hot mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face. She liked that. I then pulled out and looked down at her. I put down the front wind shield. She smiled as I helped her take off her boots and mine. We were both naked now. I then helped her onto the the big hood of the truck. She lied on her back as I slapped her lips with my erect cock. I then fondled her breast and slapped her boobs with my cock. I then kissed her breast down to her pussy. She opened her legs as I got around her. I then slowly rubbed my cock on her pussy. She grabbed my cock and inserted in her pussy lips. I felt her move to give me a better angle to move inside her. After a few minutes of adjusting to my size we got a good rhythm going.

She started to scratch my back with her long nails. We were kissing and I fondled her large breast with my hands. I then felt her hands on my ass forcing me down farther inside her hot pussy. I was now all the way in as her pussy muscles sucked my cock. I then started to really fuck her hard, fast and moved my ass up and down. I could her my big naked balls slapping under her pussy. She smiled as she felt me cock inside her, my balls on her ass. She kissed me deeply as I looked into her sexy eyes. After 20 minutes of fucking her hard, I slowed down, driving my cock long and hard. I almost pulled all the way out, then slammed it back in. "Oh Fuck..I'm cumming again..." she screamed. I then picked up the pace like they do on the discovery channel. I fucked her very fast, hard and with all my body. She looked into my eyes. I pulled out and she took my cock right in her mouth. I looked down to see her eyes get big as my cock erupted in her mouth. She got almost of all the big load, just a few drops came out the side of her mouth. She smiled as I rolled off her.

After a few minutes we got in the back seat of the truck. She started to suck my cock making me hard again. I sat down in the back seat. She put her feet next to my knees and lowered her pussy on my erect cock. I let her grab it and put in her hot pussy. Her chest was now on mine as she rode my cock. We kissed. We Frenched kissed. She was a great kisser. I loved this as she rode my cock. I could feel her thick thighs and curvy legs on my body. I bit her nipples as she yelled into the air. I then fondled her boobs as she rode my cock. After a few minutes she switched around so I could feel her ass on my abs. I held her hips as she fucked my cock. She leaned back with her back on my chest. I bit her neck and nibbled her ears as she screamed in the back seat. "YES!!!!!! YES!!!! Fuck me! Buck I love your cock. I love your body. Fuck me baby!! Baby! Baby!!...she then orgasm again. I kept up the pace until she got up and got on her knees next to me in the back seat.

I stood up spit on my cock. I slapped her ass then ran my nails on her back. I pulled her hair. "Do you want so more cock? Does Stormy need more cock? Here it comes baby. I got what you need. Shake that ass sexy." I said. I decided she need to get really dirty. We had cleaned up a little from the bottle water. I pulled her hair to get her on her feet. I then picked her up and jump down into the mud. I carried her over to the side of the mud pit. We were both covered from head to toe in mud. I got her on her knees. I slapped her ass. Mud flew off. I jacked my cock getting the mud off. I slapped her pussy getting the mud off. I put her knees together. I spit on my cock then her pussy. She put her hands spreading her ass open for me. I stuck my cock in her hot pussy. I really started to fuck her fast. After a few minutes she screamed. I could feel the mud on my feet and ankles. She was covered in the mud looking over her shoulder. I could just see her eyes and white smile under all the mud. I pulled my cock out and shot a big load on her ass. She shook her ass and smiled again.

I pulled down the zipper inside the tent. I am going to make some breakfast. I can hear Stormy rolling over looking for me inside the tent. I see her as she smiles at me. I got a big pan of bacon. I see the truck next to the RV still covered in mud. We went to the lake to wash off. Then took along shower in the RV. I still got some time before I have to head back to Baltimore. There a few trails Stormy going to show me. She wants to ride naked on the ATV and let are bodies grind as we ride. We first need to go to the nearest store and get some clean clothes for the week. I also have to take the ATV back and get a new one. I look up in the clouds. Its getting a little dark outside. It looks like there a chance for rain. Its looks like its going to be STORMY with a CHANCE of MUD!!!!!!


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