Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swimming Lessons - An Adult Story

It was snowing like a mother fucker outside. I could barely see the road as I put on my turn signal. I had been volunteered about a week ago to help out a close personal friend. When she says "Buck I need you". I just smile. It usually followed by some great one on one time. But tonight I put my SUV in park. I was just outside a local high school. I was suppose to teach a class on basic swim instruction. I was going to give some swim lessons to a group of ladies. It was cold and snowing very heavy. Not your typical swim weather, but she rented out the local high school. It had a great indoor pool and even a kiddie pool for beginners. I checked my phone. There were no messages.

I was the first to arrive. I parked and walked to the front of the school. I opened the front door with a set of keys she had left for me at my work. She likes to gossip with my secretary sometimes. She came into my office and left the keys with a note. The note was just simple. "Bring your gorgeous ass and those red swim trunks to the high school on Monday night. Here the keys and a whistle in case you have to save me in the deep end. Love Mrs. T. xoxoxoxo" I walked down the hall to the men's locker room. I turned on the light and changed. I was standing in just my red swim trunks and some black flip flops. I put the big whistle around my neck. I brought a large white beach towel. I headed for the pool. I turned on the lights. The room was warm as my skin popped from the moisture in the room. It was cold outside and maybe 85 in the room. I could smell the chlorine. I started the pool pump in the back room.

It was close to 30 minutes later that I saw the door to the women locker room open. Out came Mrs. T. She is about 5ft 6 with long blonde hair. She has on a yellow 2 piece bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination. She had on some small 2inch wooden heels that matched her swim suit. She was wearing some bright red lipstick. She has painted her finger and toe nails white to match her amazing smile. I could see her nipples were already hard when she spotted me and waved. She has a big white towel that matched mine. Mrs. T. is very curvy and loves to show off her bodacious body to everyone. She is a real head turner when it comes to entering a room. She has a very amazing up beat personality and loves to talk your ear off. Her husband has been out of town on business. I have seen her a few nights this week to help with the snow and with a few things around her house. She popped in last week with a very voluptuous old college friend of hers. We ended up all sharing my hot tub. She brought up the idea to help her with some swim lessons. She also said some of her female friends would love to come also. But we had to be professional about things. I just smiled and said when do you need me.

"Hey Buck! I love those red swim trunks on you. Your looking very adorable tonight. I might have to stay after class for some special swim lessons." she smiled. She strutted over the concrete pool deck to a lounge chair to but down her towel. She grabbed my swim towel and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Ten minutes later the door to the women's locker room opened. Out came a sexy red head in a two piece red swim suit. She was a size 8 with very curvy ass to match her big smile. She was followed by a brunette in a green swim suit. The brunette was maybe a size 10 with some x-large breast to match her thick thighs. Then the door opened up and out came a very large blonde women. She was a size 16. She was very bodacious from her sexy small feet to her ample chest and very large ass. All 3 women were larger and more voluptuous than Mrs. T. I swallowed hard as my cock was growing inside my red swim trunks. I heard Mrs. T. giggle.

A few seconds later the door opened again. Out came a very sexy dark hair girl. She was about 4ft 11 with hair just passed her ears. It was curled on the end. She had a black two piece swim suit on. Her sexy curves were making my mouth water. She had a few tattoos on her body. The largest one across her large chest. She had on some sexy black platform flip flops. She had painted her finger and toes nails to match her swim suit. She had on some silver rings. Along with some silver bracelets around her wrist. She had a black leather ankle bracelet that moved as she strutted over shaking her curvy legs and very nice ass. I just smiled as all the girls were now standing next to Mrs. T. and smiling at me.

"Hi!. My name Buck Kelly. I will be your swim instructor for tonight. I am glad you all could make it. I know with the bad weather and heavy snow it was hard for you all to get here. I will go slow and I hope you are ready to have some fun. Maybe you like to go around and introduce yourself to the group. I think we all know Mrs. T." I said. "Hi girls! Glad you could make it. Buck is very nice and sweet to help us. I hope you all have fun tonight. If you need anything let me or Buck know. Thanks." said Mrs. T. "My name Tina. Glad to meet everyone." said the red head. "My name Gloria. Nice to meet you." said the brunette. "My name Liz. I am just glad there are women out there like me, who can appreciate what we have. I just love the fact that we can all get together and not have to worry about covering up. I used to work with Mrs. T. She told me about this swim class. I jumped at the opportunity to come. I think its great to show what a bigger gurls can do. I need help getting better at swimming. Thanks!" said the bigger blonde. "Hi! I got invite from Mrs. T. We talk online. She said that we have some fun tonight. She did not say how cute the swim instructor was going to be. Buck looks good in that red swim suit. Grrrrr. My name Ivory." said the very cute sexy dark hair girl.

I went to go turn on some music on the PA system. I then had all the ladies get in the pool. They all walked down the steps into the shallow end. They all had learned how to swim before. They just wanted to learn some simple methods to swim better. I had them loosen up first. We all moved are bodies in the water. I put my hand in my swim suit to fix my aching hard cock. I was going to loose my mind from watching so many hot big gurls at one time. I was enjoying the movement of large breast and thick butts shake in the water. I though for a second Ivory top my come off when she popped out of the water and smiled at me. I had them walk around the shallow end. Once they got used to the water temperature. I had them stand up out of the water. I watched as the water cascaded down there bodies.

"OK! Lets start with treading water. Just move your hands around in a circular motion under the water." I said. Liz almost gave herself a black eye with her large breast in the water. All the girls had larger boobs so they floated on the water in front of them. I so wanted to unleash all of there tops. I just smiled as I treaded water with them. After a few minutes we stopped. "OK! Now lets start with just floating on our backs. Lean back and keep your feet above the water. That is great Ivory. Very good Mrs. T. Gloria very nice." I said. Everyone but Tina got the hang of it. I went to help her. She smiled as I grabbed her lower back to keep her out of the water. "Thank you Buck!" she said. I saw all the ladies smile as Tina was floating now.

"OK! For tonight lets try to do either the breast stroke or freestyle. Let me see you swim down half way and back." I said. Ivory was first. She did the free style over her head down and back with no problems. She then swam over to me. She was standing next to my right hip watching Tina go next. Tina did the breast stroke down and back. Then Liz followed by Mrs. T. Then Gloria went down and back. They all did the breast stroke. It was liking hoping for a big wave to wash off there swim suits and expose there curves to me. I could only smile as I let all the girls start to swim in the pool. I watched Gloria swim to the deep end followed by Tina and then Liz. Mrs. T went to the other side of the pool to watch them.

"Hey Buck! Thanks for helping me. I can never do the back stroke. Can you help me with that?" said Ivory I smiled. "Sure no problem. Here let me turn facing you. Why don't you lie on your back. Let me hold you. Now just move you arms over your head. Your doing great. Now kick your legs in the water. Very nice." I said. I was holding onto Ivory lower back. She was sending goose bumps down my skin. "You have such big hands. Thanks for the lesson. I really appreciate it. How tall are you? Do you work out all the time? How do you know Mrs. T. She is very nice." said Ivory. "Thanks! Let's see. I'm 6ft 3 and I do work out, but not all the time. Mrs. T a friend of mine. I help her with her computer that she bought from my company. I like your tattoos. They are very nice." I said. Ivory hand slipped down touching my upper abs. She than ran her elbow over my chest. My nipples were getting hard as I felt her ass in my hands. I had to stop. I told Mrs. T. I could be professional tonight, even know I wanted to have sex with all of them.

I let go off Ivory as she did the back stroke down to the deep end and back. Mrs. T swam over to me. "You doing a great job. Thanks for helping me. I am sure glad we got to go swimming tonight with all this snow out there. Thanks for shoveling my driveway this morning. I was in hurry or I would have invited you upstairs to take a shower with me." Mrs. T giggled again. "No problem. You know its my pleasure. I am also glad we got to go swimming tonight. I miss my pool now that its winter." I said. "What do you think of Ivory? She is very cute. I love shorter girls sometimes. I just want to rip that swim suit off and see her in the flesh." said Mrs. T. with a huge smile on her face. "She is very cute and sexy. I would love nothing more than to see you two in the flesh as you put it. I am having a hard time with all these cute BBW's." I said. We made some small talk as the ladies swam a few laps.

I jumped out to get some kick boards from the side of the pool. We had been in for about an hour and half. Gloria was the first to excuse herself. "Thanks everyone. I better be getting home. I can see from the windows that its still snowing out. Thanks Buck for the lessons. I will call you Mrs. T about next week." she said. "I need to be heading home to girls. Later and thanks." said Liz. About twenty minutes later I saw Tina get out of the pool. "Can I bring a friend next week? This was so much fun. Thanks! Talk to you later." she said. I watched as she strutted across the room. I saw her go into the girls locker room. Now just Ivory and Mrs. T. were left in the pool with me.

"Hey girls!" I said. Mrs. T smiled and waved for me to swim over to her. I saw Ivory start to swim toward the deep end. "Thanks for helping again sweetie. Your such a doll to help. I am getting tired. Do you want to go to my place or yours?" said Mrs. T. "It doesn't matter. I have tomorrow off. I already called into the boss." I laughed. "Oh your so naughty. Let's go back to your place. Then we can get in your hot tub. I love to run naked through the back yard in the snow." she giggled. "OK! Sounds great as usual. I will order some Chinese Food to be delivered when we get ready to go. What about Ivory? Do you think she is ready to get out of the pool?" I said. "I will go ask her. Are you going to take a shower? I will meet you out front. I have to get the smell of the pool off me sexy. OK! See you out front in a few." said Mrs. T. with a big smile. I smiled too as I swam down to climb out of the pool. I waved to Ivory who was talking too Mrs. T. in the pool. I got my towel to dry off and headed for the locker room.

I walked down the hall into the locker room. I opened my small locker. I put my sandals on the wooden bench that ran down the front of the lockers about 6 feet long and a foot wide. I left my towel to hang as I pulled off my wet bathing suit. I took off my whistle next and placed it on my swim trunks. I looked down to see my naked balls were still wet. My cock was semi hard as I grabbed a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner and a wash cloth. I headed for the showers. I used the bathroom and washed my hands. I looked around the corner to see the showers. There was a big shower area. Maybe 20 feet by 20 feet. There were 5 shower heads on each of the four walls. There was a huge stainless steel tower in the middle. There was six shower heads around the tower above, and in the middle. I turned on all six shower heads on the tower. The hot water filled up the small room. I then turned on the shower heads in the middle to get a water massage on my back. There was some warm steam in the room now.

I turned to put my short hair under the water. I could feel the water run down my chest, over my abs and down my cock. I could feel the hot water on my toes as I ran down the metal drain in the middle of the room. "Giggle! Giggle! Hey Buck!" said two girls. I thought I heard some noise in the locker room. I opened my eyes. I recognize the voices as Ivory and Mrs. T. They still had there bathing suits on. Both girls looked at me with a smile on there faces. "Ivory wanted to say thanks. She missed you when you got out of the pool. I hope you don't mind Buck." said Mrs. T. I just smiled. "I was talking to Mrs. T. She suggested we come in and see what the boys locker room looked like. I see its not as nice as the ladies locker room. But it does have one big advantage then ours. Do you need some company? Looks like the water is nice." said Ivory. I shook my head "Yes!"

I watched as Mrs. T. took off her small wooden heels. She then put her towel on the bench just outside the shower room. She then turned to let Ivory unclasp the back of her bathing suit top. It fell on Ivory feet below her. I smiled more when Ivory just scooped up her breast and ripped off her top. She then started to push her bottoms down. Mrs. T. already had her small yellow bottoms off and was walking toward me. Ivory kicked her bottoms off and stepped into the shower room. She went to turn on the other shower heads on the four walls. There was plenty of hot water around as Mrs. T. walked right up to me and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

I felt her hands on my ass as I then felt Ivory right hand on my cock. She was stroking my cock as she sucked my nipple. I looked down to see she was running her mouth over my chest. She then grabbed Mrs. T left nipple and sucked it. I was very hard in her hand as Mrs. T. moaned loud from Ivory mouth. I then felt Ivory move to get on her knees. She started to suck and lick the tip of my cock head. She looked up as Mrs. T was kissing me. I felt Ivory small hands on the back of my ass as they both fondled my hard ass with there hands. I started to fondle and suck on Mrs. T. big nipples an amazing breast. I put my left hand on her ass and stroked it a few times. I then cupped her ass in my hand. I moved my long index finger to the outside of her pussy. She spread her legs to give me better access. I could hear Ivory gag as she had almost all of my 9 3/4 inches of cock in her hot mouth.

I removed my finger out of Mrs. T. pussy. She licked the tip as Ivory then put her finger inside Mrs. T. pussy. I could feel her orgasm again as she screamed in my ear from what Ivory was doing to her. I could feel Ivory lips on the base of my cock. She had gotten all of me inside her mouth. She spit me out and did that three more times making a big noise each time. Mrs. T. got on her knees to suck my cock. They were passing my cock back and forth. Each girl taking turns sucking my cock. I was lost for a moment from the pure sex of them both. I then felt Ivory get up. I leaned down to giver her a long kiss. She started to suck my nipple as I fondled her ass. I then saw Mrs. T. put her finger inside Ivory tight pussy. She let go off my cock and stroked it as she buried her face in Ivory pussy. She had her left hand on Ivory ass and her right finger buried inside her tight pussy. "Arrggg! Eat my pussy. Here I cum. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God you eat pussy very good. Damn I cumming again." said Ivory. Her knees buckled as I kept her on her feet.

Next Mrs. T. got on her feet. She started to kiss Ivory as the both rubbed there hands over each other hot bodies. I then moved around behind Mrs. T. I started to slap her ass with my cock. She arched her back and stuck out her ass on my cock. I licked my hand and wiped some saliva on the tip of my cock. I moved it under her ass, finding her hungry pussy. I eased my cock in Mrs. T. tight pussy. She let out a soft moan as her and Ivory kept making out. I grabbed her hips ans started to fuck her faster. The water was slapping on my body and theirs. I looked down to see my cock slide in and out of Mrs. T. hot tight pussy. She may be 14 years older than me. But she has a very tight pussy. I reached around her waist. I felt her huge breast in my hand as I fondled her big breast. I felt Ivory big breast on the back of my hand as she was groping Mrs. T. chest.

After a few minutes both girls stopped kissing and Ivory walked behind me. She got on her knees behind my ass. She looked up to see my cock entering Mrs. T tight pussy. I then felt her tongue on the back of my ass. She bite down and sucked on the back of my naked balls. I then felt her hand scratch my ass as she licked my balls in her hot mouth. My knees were getting weak as her mouth was on the back of my balls and Mrs. T pussy was wrapped around my cock. I grabbed Mrs. T. hips and buried my cock deeper inside her. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me faster!!!" Mrs. T. said. I picked up the pace as I felt Ivory mouth on my ass. I could not last any longer. I pulled out and Mrs. T. quickly got next to Ivory on the shower floor. She aimed my big cock at Ivory sweet mouth. The first big blast of cum hit Ivory lips and then her face as Mrs. T. stroked my cock into her new friends mouth. Ivory had my cock in her mouth sucking me dry. She pulled my cock and gave some to Mrs. T. Both girls giggled as the hot water was hitting there naked bodies below me.

I got both girls up off the wet floor. I grabbed some soap and cleaned each one from head to toe. They looked down as I was on my hands and knees cleaning them. Each girl giggled as I fingered each girl to orgasm before I switched to the next girl. I could feel the water start to get warm. "We better hurry up girls. Let me wash each one of your hair before the water gets cold." I said. I washed there long hair and then walked around to turn off the water. I followed them out and used there towels to dry them off. I used my tongue to dry there boobs. Ivory thought that was hot.

I was getting very hard now. They had sucked me dry but now I was starting to get excited again. I walked behind them as the held hands and made out. I walked back to my locker and sat down on the small wooden bench. Mrs. T. got on her knees and got me rock hard in her mouth. Ivory was standing next to me as I fondled her luscious body with my two big hands. We started to kiss as I felt Mrs. T. let go of my cock in her mouth. Ivory reached down to pick up the metal whistle. She smiles as she put it around my neck. A few seconds later Mrs. T. was guiding Ivory pussy on my cock. Ivory put her hands on the locker behind my back. I found her tight pussy and slowly inserted my hard cock inside her. I grabbed her tits with my hand and began to suck her nipples. Ivory pushed her pussy down my shaft until I was all the way in.

We started to kiss as she rode my cock with her hands over her head. Mrs. T was kissing the back of Ivory neck. Ivory eyes were glazed over in lust as she orgasm on my cock for the first time. She was very wet as she dripped on the floor of the locker room. Mrs. T was rubbing her big breast all over Ivory as Ivory rode my cock. I grabbed her ass and slammed her down on my cock. "Arrggg!! Yes! Yes! You two are so fucking hot. My pussy is dripping. Your cock feels so good baby. Your breast feels so great on me. Bring them around. I can't get enough of you honey." said Ivory. I smiled as Mrs. T. moved around so Ivory could suck on her big erect nipples. After a few minutes Ivory turned around to face the other direction. With this I grabbed her hips and held her on my cock as Mrs. T. got in front of her. Ivory was kissing Mrs. T. and I was fucking Ivory very fast. I bounced her ass on my cock as I spanked her big bottom. I used my finger nails to scratch her back making her moan louder. I picked her up of my cock and slapped my cock in her ass crack and started to cum. I erupted on her back and all over her ass as Mrs. T. came around to see what I had done.

Mrs. T. licked off Ivory of my goo. I got my clothes and walked with them to the women's locker room. We did not have much time to all get dressed before the lights went out at 10pm. There was an automatic timer that we saw as we put on our clothes. Ivory got in Mrs. T. car. I pulled my SUV out first of the parking lot. We got to the first light and there car pulled up next to me. I looked down to see Ivory pants around her ankles and Mrs. T. hand inside Ivory underwear. At each light the girls switched positions. By the time we got to my house they were both naked. The both got out of the car in my garage. I parked outside and then turned on the lights in my house.

Ivory followed Mrs. T. to my back yard. I heard the hot tub turn on as I was making drinks in the kitchen. I got the Chinese at the front door and headed to the back yard. I came out with the drinks and food. I put them around the hot tub as each girl was practicing the breast stroke with there hands on each others body. I climbed in to have Mrs. T. go under the water to get my cock hard in her mouth. She then sat on my cock as Ivory licked her new friends big tits. I lasted quite along time as I fucked them in every position imaginable. I thought the neighbors might call the police from the whistle going off in my back yard. We all got out and fucked around my house. We ended up in the basement and played a game of fuck billiards. (House rules. You miss a ball or make a ball you get to fuck the loser or winner.)

Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Looks like there a few new girls and some from last week. I see Ivory is wearing a new white bathing suit and Mrs. T. her baby blue swim suit. I can only smile. I blow my whistle to get there attention. An hour into the swim lesson some one brings up the idea for a game of strip Marco Polo. "Buck your first. We want to see what you have under that red swim suit." said all the sexy big gurls, taking Buck's swim lessons.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Airport Security - The Interrogation Room - An Adult Story

It was like any typical day. I left my house early with my uniform on. I am the head of security for a small airport near my house. It's nice and quite. There usually not much going on. Maybe that why I like it. I carry a big gun and wear a nice tight blue uniform. I have a nice athletic 6ft 3 body. So I try to look nice when I am out in public with my uniform on. I like to put on my gold name tag "Buck" above my right pocket. I also carry about a 16inch black night stick on my belt. In case anyone tries to give me a problem. I take the job very serious. It's important to let the passengers and staff see me when I am at the airport terminal. Most of my day is spent at the metal detectors. Passengers have to get screened before they get on the plane. They have to hand there I.D and boarding pass before they can proceed.

I usually start my shift around 6am. We have a few outgoing flights at 8am to start the day. I like to walk the terminal and check with last nights reports. Its close to 6:30am when I start to see the first passengers start to come into the terminal. There a little snow in the forecast for today. Some of the flights have started to be delayed. But being a small airport, we don't get to crowded. I head for the screening station. It's about 7am when I give the order to check the 5th passenger who goes through the metal detector. Now every 5th person will be checked no matter age,gender or skin color. I stand in the back to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I have a small office in the back of the airport. There a long white hallway that can only be accessed by me. It is a very restricted area of the terminal. At the end of the hallway is my office. There is a bigger interrogation room next to my office. There are two metal chairs. A metal table that about 4ft wide and 4ft in length. There are some hand cuffs on the chair and on the table. Just in case we have a individual give me a problem or my officers. I usually use the interrogation room to watch TV or hang out and relax. But I have had to interview a view passengers in there. We have only had to make two arrest this year. Both were for passengers who were drunk and noisy in the terminal. Both times we escorted them out and gave them to the local police.

I am a good people watcher. I try to see what people are doing before they hand there boarding pass to an officer. I like to see if they make eye contact. Are they loud, in a hurry or just a typical passenger. A passenger who gets to the airport early. Has all there things ready to check in. Also who does not have anything in there purse or carry on that would cause the metal detector to go off. We have recently banned all liquids. You can no longer bring any liquids on board the plane. This would include water, tooth paste, mouth wash, soda, beer, any items found to contain liquid in them. Asking a person to dispose of these items, has become a very big sticking point for passengers. They can get mad sometimes. Especially if they just bought the item.

I also like to wear these new sun glasses I just purchased. They are like mirrors on the front. I can look or see out of the corner of my eyes without moving my head. I don't want criminals seeing what I am seeing. Plus it has one great advantage. I can checkout women out in the airport. I am single. I have a healthy appetite for bigger gurls. The bodacious hottie. A woman with nice big thick curves. I find bigger gurls to be more confident in there bodies. Therefore when they come through the long lines or get in the metal detector. They like to strut for the camera. They all like to put on a show. Get two of them traveling. You may have to shut down the metal detector. It might go off by accident. There are a few guys and a few girls officers that will push the button to check a girl out.

I have been known to use the small metal detector wand on a cute big gurl. I will pull them a side. Have them take off there heels. Check there heels and what's in there pockets. Have them empty out there purse. Remember to pack your adult toys in your luggage. Nothing more embarrassing to ask you to take out the batteries on your 12 inch vibrator or asking you to get rid of the lube. I might ask them to shake for me behind a curtain near the screening station. If I have to investigate further. If maybe I suspect them of carrying something illegal. I will ask for a female officer to help me with a female passenger. She will take them to an office for a strip search. I have been known to peek in or catch a view from a camera.

"Hey Buck! I like those shades. Checking out some girls today. I saw your head move when that girl with the big ass came by here two seconds ago." said Kimber. "I can assume your not following her. I know you like them big. How are you Kimber?" I said. Kimber was the same age as me, 24 and on the prowl. She was one of the first officers I hired. She was very voluptuous. She had long blonde hair. Loved to put on lots of makeup and bling. She was about 5ft 6 and taller with these big black heels she wore all the time at work. She loved to show off her big cleavage and loved to shove her big ass in her uniform. She really wanted the job. She got on her knees in my office and sucked my cock and fucked me hard on my desk. She was more than qualified for the job. The only draw back was she liked girls more than boys. But that was OK. I really did not want a relationship at the moment. We still found time to get each other off at work.

"Oh I am great Captain Buck. Any bad girls coming through your lines. I need a new girl to molest. I mean date. Ha! Ha! Ha! No serious. Any hot pieces of ass in line. My new girl friend left me. She got deported back to Costa Rica. Her Visa expired." Kimber said. "Wait! Chi Chi left. Wow! She was one hot Latina ass. I loved to watch you both get it on. Damn! I was hoping to see that big ass one more time." I said. "She might come back. She needs to apply for another work Visa. Maybe a travel Visa. She better come back. My pussy and ass miss her. Ha! Ha! Ha!" she laughed. "Cool! Cool! Sorry I have not seen any hot girls come through this morning. Maybe later. What are you doing later?" I said. "Nothing. I might go in the ladies room and use my finger. If I see any hot girls I will call you. We still using code 69 over the walkie talkie?" Kimber said. "On yeah! That is good. Talk to you later. Is that a big ass over there at the news stand?" I said.

I watched Kimber walk to the news stand. "Negative!" she said over the walkie talkie. Damn Kimber had turned me on. My cock was like semi hard thinking about her and her lesbian Latina girlfriend. My cock was stretching the front of my blue boxer briefs and tight blue uniform pants. I watched as some passengers were searched. I walked over to the news stand to get a Coke. I came back a few minutes later. I went to watch a older woman get searched. She asked a bunch of questions. I had them search two business guys who had no luggage or carry on bags. They had one way tickets. The seemed weird but there stories checked out. It was close to 9am when I got my first break of the day.

The snow had caused some more flights to be delayed. Even a dozen had to be canceled. I was looking out front as the line to the metal detector was getting long. I spotted two women who were traveling together. One girl was 5ft 4 with black hair. The other woman was about 5ft 8 with blonde hair. The brunette was wearing a short black mini skirt. With a small black top under a white baggy winter jacket. She had on some black spiked high heels leather boots that fit up to her knees. Her friend was wearing some tight blue jeans. A small red top that was covered by a matching white jacket like her friends. She was wearing some red spiked heel boots. Both girls were very cute and sexy. The brunette was smaller than her friend. She had just a size smaller in the breast department but a bigger thicker ass than her friend. I watched as both girls kept talking to themselves. I did not see anyone with them. I looked around to see if they had a boy friend or a male friend with them. I did not see one.

I picked up my radio. Officer Kimber we have a code 69 near my station. Please come in." I said. "I will be right there to assist Captain Buck. Over and out!" she said. I could here Kimber heels click across the floor as she got closer. I saw she was putting her night stick back in her belt. She had a big smile on her face as she walked right up on me. "Hey! Where they at. Oh I see them two. That a big 10-4 Capt Buck. I can see why you call me. I need to strip search those two hotties." said Kimber. "I have a better idea. I think we need to see them in the interrogation room. You help me bring them down there. Then will play good cop & bad cop with them. See how far we can get them to submit. How does that sound?" I said. "I am getting wet just thinking about them two Buck. I will follow your lead honey." she said.

I walked over to the metal detector. I was standing behind the officer running the machine. I looked up as the two girls were the next ones in line. The taller blonde walked through and the metal detector went off. "Beep! Beep!" Before I had her turn around to try again. I saw Kimber step forward. "Over her! I will use the wand to check you out. You there! You may come through now." Kimber said. I watched as the brunette came through next. "Beep! Beep!" It went off again. "You better search her next Officer Kimber. Are you two girls together?" I said. "Yes! OK! Where do I go next?" said the brunette. The blonde just stood there and smiled. I grabbed both girls big carry on bags. We all walked behind a curtain just a few feet away.

"Unzip your coat. Now you unzip yours. I need to use this metal wand to see if you have anything on you. Thank you!" said Kimber. I watched as the blonde opened her coat. She had a half shirt that showed off her sexy belly button. She had a small tattoo on her stomach. I arched my back to see the red short top stretched over her large breast. Kimber use the wand to rub against her nipples causing them to get hard. She next had her turn around. She ran the wand down her legs and over her ass. I was getting hard as she ran the wand between the blonde legs. "OK now its your turn." said Kimber. The brunette opened her coat. Her small black wife beater shirt was stretched over her amazing breast. KImber bent her over showing me her ass under her mini skirt. I had to move one of the carry on bags in front of my crotch to hide my erection. She then wanded her very curvy legs as both girls looked straight head. "All clear Captain Buck." said Kimber

I put the blonde girls carry on bag on the small table behind the curtain. "Can you check this bag. While I check the other bag for anything illegal. Do you both have anything liquid, perishable, fire arms, or any thing illegal in these bags before we look." I said. Both girls shook there heads "No!" I watched as Kimber opened the bag. There was nothing illegal in the bag. Just a big hair dryer, some makeup, lip stick and magazines. I then opened the brunette bag. It was the same but there was a illegal item in the bag. I pulled it out and showed them. "Did I not just ask if you ad anything illegal in here. This is a liquid. In fact there two bottles in here. Did you see any of the numerous signs in the terminal warning you about bringing liquids on board. This is very serious. You may think bringing two MT. Dews on board an airplane is OK but I take this very serious. You two better come with us. Follow me girls. Hand me your Id's. I need to call this in." I said.

I picked up my radio. I turned off the radio. I held the radio to my mouth. "We have a code 6-9. I will be taking Heather and Ashley to the interrogation room. This is not a drill. Thank you." I said. Kimber almost laughed as she walked behind the two girls. I held onto there bags. I checked to see there flight were delayed for about 4 hours. I knew we had some time before they need to get to there gate. I walked them down to the restricted area of the airport. I used my key to open the blank white door. I had to use a code at the next door to open up the long hallway to my office and the interrogation room. Kimber smiled as she opened the door to let the two girls in. "Are we in trouble?" Ashley the brunette said. "Yeah did we do something wrong? Are flights leave in an hour." Heather the blonde said. "Your flight does not leave for a few hours. You both are in very serious trouble. What you just did by trying to bring liquids on board a plane is a very serious charge. You could go to prison if we don't figure this out. I need to check the rest of your carry on bags. I need to check your purse and run your Id's. Now put your hands behind your backs. We need to cuff you while we walk with you both in this hallway." I said.

They both faced forward and put there arms around there backs. Each girl was hand cuffed as Kimber smiled at me again. I walked Ashley down the hall. Kimber grabbed Heather and walked her down the hall. I opened the door to the interrogation room. I had both girls sit down facing each other. They sat opposite one another at the small metal table. Both there eyes got very big as the looked around the room. Kimber followed me into the hallway. She shut the door. We walked to my office. I turned on the light. I walked over to a big mirror and hit the side button on the wall. It moved as we could both could see inside the interrogations room. I then turned on the microphone inside the room. We both could hear the girls talking. They could not hear us or see us in my office. The mirror on the other side in the room next to my office was reflected. They could see themselves in the mirror but not us sitting on my desk looking at them.

"Fuck! We are screwed. I told you not to bring the MT. Dew on board. Why did we have to stop and get something to drink. That women officer is huge. She going to make me crack first." said the blonde Heather. "I think we will be OK. The tall good looking guy. Captain Buck is really nice. He will help us. She maybe be a bitch but he looks really cute." said the brunette Ashley. "He is cute. I am not worried about him. Its that huge blonde going to kick our ass. I mean she like so hot. My pussy wet looking at her. She got my nipples all hard from that damn wand. Now I am so wet from these hand cuffs." said Heather. "I know! I thought I was the only one. I felt Bucks gun on my back as he put my cuffs on. Then I realized that it was not his gun. Your right that big blonde is hot. You know I love checking you out while you shaved me this morning as we took a shower. She is bigger than both of us. I need to see her big breast and her huge booty. Damn I am soaked." said Ashley.

I heard Kimber sigh as her breathing got faster. I looked at her than back inside at the two girls. "I think there both ready Buck. What should we do?" Kimber said. "Reach into my draw. The 2nd draw on the metal filing cabinet. Pull out the medical bag." I said. Kimber opened the drawer. Then she opened the black leather medical bag. She found some adult toys. There was a big strap on dildo. It was purple with big bumps on the shaft. Just 12 inches long. There was even two big purple balls that hung underneath it. It had a small leather harness that fit around your thighs and held the big fake cock on the front. There was some lube and some small vibrators and different size anal plugs. "I like these Bucks. I see you have a plan. You know I love this fake cock. I love your cock more but this one is nice." Kimber said. "Bring the medical bag in. Put it on the floor. We get them just right. You can put it on and we can have some fun. Pull out the DVD camera in my desk. We may need to watch this one over again. You know, for training purposes." I said.

Kimber hit record on the DVD camera. She picked up the medical bag as we both walked into the interrogation room. "I just got of the phone with my boss. He has authorized me to ask some questions and to see what you two are hiding." I said. Kimber put the small medical bag on the floor near the table. Both girls were still hand cuffed as I read them there rights. When i got done they both shook there head "Yes!" I then walked behind Heather. I looked at Ashley. Who Mt Dew was this? Who bought it?" I said. "Its Ashley but I bought it for her at the hotel gift shop. Honestly we did not think it was a problem." said Heather. "It is. I am sorry to say. But this is serious. How do I know. You both might be terrorists or criminals." I said. "We were just on vacation. Were trying to get home before the holidays." said Ashley. "Likely story Boss. Let me at them. I will get these two liars to talk. Just give me the orders." said Kimber. I almost laughed this time.

"Wait! Officer Kimber let me talk to these two girls! I am going to take a drink from this Mt. Dew. Should I be worried?" I said. "No! Its just a Dew." said Ashley. I took a quick sip. It was definitely Mt. Dew. Very yellow and sweet. I swirled it around in my mouth. I took another sip. I then handed it to Kimber. She took a big sip. We both looked at each other. "Something funny about the taste Captain Buck. I think it taste weird." said Kimber. "I think you right officer Kimber." I said with a smile. "We just bought it. Like Heather said. Can we get a break or something. You two have been so nice to us. I think we learned are lesson." said Ashley. "We have learned are lesson. We have Sir and Mame." Heather said. "Wait! What did you say? Captain Buck is 24 and I am the same. My parents are Sir and Mame, not us little bitch. Let me at them Buck." said Kimber. I just smiled.

"Lets go through your two carry on bags." I said. Kimber dumped the first bag on the table. I pulled out a lighter and cigarettes. "I missed these earlier. This is bad. What's is in the small bag. Do you have drugs?" I said. "No! That my sleep medicine. I take it to fall asleep faster. Its prescribed by my doctor." said Ashley. I put there lighter, cigarettes and small bag next to the two Mt. Dews. I then dumped the next bag on the table. There were two pairs of platform heels in the bag. One was yellow. Almost the same color as Mt. Dew and the other was a big clear plastic platform heel. Both girls smiled as they saw there HO heels on the table. "We wore them to the club last night. It was our last night on vacation." said Ashley. Kimber put each girls purse on the table. Just lots of makeup and breath mints, and female products in each. I opened each girls wallet to find some condoms. "What do we have here?" I said. "They were going to put drugs in them and swallow them Captain Buck. Damn these two bitched are just asking for it." said Kimber. "We found those in our hotel room." said Ashley. "There not even ours. Were nice girls. You have to believe us." said Heather.

"I don't know what to believe anymore. There is a small table worth of illegal stuff to take on board a airplane. Your both killing me!!!" I said. "Maybe there hiding stuff on there bodies. Are you two girls hiding anything?" said Kimber "No we are not." said Ashley. "We better take a look. You both have been lieing up to this point. Both stand up and face the mirrors. On that side of the wall." I said. They were looking right at the camera in my office. "Put your feet apart. Spread them legs." said Kimber. She held Heather face against the mirror as she ran her hands all around Heather amazing figure. I watched as Kimber put her knee between Heather thighs to spread her legs apart. She then ran her hand inside her long blonde hair. She had Heather remove her red high heels boots. She then checked inside Heather red boots. I moved Ashley against the mirror to look away as Kimber licked the heel of Heather boot and then bend down to smell Heather ass. Kimber smiled as we both new Heather was very wet from being frisked. Next Kimber got up and wrapped her hands around Heather waist. She ran her hands under the thin red top. Kimber wrapped her small hands around Heather big breast under the red top and above her red bra. I could see Kimber tug on each nipple as she breathed in Heather right ear.

Next I held Heather against the mirror as Kimber began to frisk Ashley. I pushed my crotch and erection on Heather ass. I looked down to see Heather move her ass on the front of my pants. I could really smell how hot and wet she was. Kimber removed Ashley boots. She then licked the heels just like she had down to Heather boots. She then ran her hand between Ashley legs making her shake her ass in front of Kimber face. Kimber reached under Ashley mini skirt and felt her hot pussy on the outside of her silk panties. I was getting so hard. I wanted to just rip of my pants and start fucking each girl. But I had to wait. Next Kimber fondled Ashley fine breasts. She ran her hands down Ashley side stopping on the back of her big ass. She gave Ashley big ass a huge squeeze. "All clear Captain Buck. Nothing on these two bitches." said Kimber

"Sometime you miss things Officer Kimber. Put them back at the table. Give me your hands. Let me take off the cuffs. Now put your hands on the top of the table. Remove her cuffs Kimber and Heather you reach up and put you hands in those cuffs. That good girls. Are you both comfortable?" I said. "Yes I am." said Ashley. "Me too!" said Heather. Kimber eye got big as each girl was bent over on the table. Both girls were bare foot. Both there feet were on the floor. The front of there bodies were on the cold metal of the table. They had there hands in the hand cuffs on either side of each other. Both of there heads and faces were even with each other. They could see into each other eyes as the were only an inch apart. There sexy lips lips all most touched as they looked at each other. Both girls arms were stretched out above them. Ashley on the left and Heather on the right side of the table. There boobs were next to each other

I walked back to the mirrors on the side with Kimber. "This is so hot Buck. You are driving me crazy. My pussy is so wet. I am leaking inside my uniform pants. I need to fuck one of these girls right now." said Kimber. I just smiled. "OK! I need to see if I got this straight. You were at a club last night. All dressed up in those big heels. Now today you tried to board a plane with all this illegal items. Is that correct?" I said. "I guess." both girls said at the same time. "I am lost at the moment. Maybe we need to see how these heels fit you two. Maybe there illegal." I said. "Your right Buck. We better see." said Kimber. First she slipped the clear plastic platform heels on Heather feet. She pulled up her jeans to get on the heels. Next she put the yellow ones on Ashely feet.

"Follow my lead Office Kimber. Stand behind Heather. I will check Ashley. Girls now just relax. We are both professionals. We get no joy out of doing this. But I think your hiding more illegal items in your clothing. Kimber remove her jacket. You girls have matching white winter jackets. That is unusual." I said. I unzipped Ashley jacket and pulled it off and put on the floor. I could hear Heather jacket hit the floor next. Kimber smiled as each girl moved to let us take off there jackets. "Be careful! Now remove her jeans. Just slide them down to her ankles. That is good Officer Kimber. Very nice. Pull them over her wide hips." I said. I then unzipped the side of Ashley mini skirt. I took it off in one quick motion. I put it on her jacket. "What color our her panties Officer Kimber. I can't see around her hips. Arch your back. Oh, I see some nice red lace panties. Looks like you girls shop at the same place. This black pair your wearing is the same material." I said. I smiled at Kimber and Heather looked down to see what I was doing to her friend. Ashley eyes were closed.

I pushed my feet apart. I then moved my hips forward letting my hard cock inside my uniform pants rub on Ashley ass. She moved like her friend did next to the mirror earlier. "OK! Now pull down her top. That it Officer Kimber. Just leave it on her two wrist next to her hands. She likes it." I said. I pulled Ashley black wife beater over her head and down her arms to her hands still in handcuffs. She had on a huge black bra on. Her breast rested on the metal table. They had the same matching bras on. Ashley was black and Heather was red. I smiled as each girl was now looking at the other. I was waiting for them to stay stop. But there erect nipples and ass shaking was all I needed to hear. "There a metal hinge you need to move up on the back of the red bra Officer Kimber. I see you found it. That is nice. Just put her bra on the table in front of her. I removed Ashley next. I put her bra up against my nose to smell. I then did the same thing with Heather larger bra. "Very nice girls. I think we only have one more place to check." I said.

I looked down to see Ashley only had on her soaked black panties and yellow platform heels. Her friend was bent over with a pair of equally wet red panties and clear plastic platform heels. I saw Kimber had dropped her right hand on the back of Heather thick thighs. She was running her long finger nails up each side of Heather thighs. I looked down to see each girls large breast had spilled out on the sides of there bodies. Ashley nipples were hard and sticking straight out. Heather nipples were equally hard and wet on the tip. I had to fell them but I want to see what Ashley had under her sexy black panties. "OK! Office Kimber you may remove the defendants panties. That is very nice. Nice and slow. Bend at your knees and check between her thighs. I will do the same with Ashley." I said.

I pulled down Ashley wet panties to her ankles. She moved her feet inside the yellow heels allowing me to take them completely off. I looked under the table to see Kimber licking Heather panties in her mouth. I smelled Ashley panties as I smiled at Kimber. I looked between Ashley amazing thighs. She was correct when she said Heather had shaved her this morning before they left the hotel. There were very fine red bumps around her nude pussy. I could see her cunt lips trying to get out of her tight pussy. I looked over her huge ass to see Kimber was getting back up off the floor. I stood up and dropped Ashley panties on her winter jacket and mini skirt. I could now smell both girls as the each wiggled there ass on the table. Each girls nipples were now turning darker as they were dieing to have someone play with them.

I walked down passed Ashley to see Heather pussy from behind. She was very hot as her pussy was very full of blonde hairs. I could see her big wet cunt lips out and very wet. I looked at Kimber who had walked down to inspect Ashley. I smiled as Kimber dropped her hand down to scratch her big long finger nails on Ashley large ass. I then walked down to Ashley and stood behind her rubbing my crotch on her ass as she wiggled on the metal table. Kimber was back behind Heather and looked at me. Both girls still had not said anything. "Do you girls have any objection of what we are doing. I need to check one more thing and then you can put your clothes back on." I said. "No! I told you we were not hiding anything." said Ashley. "No! Is it normal to get this excited from being searched." Heather moan under her breath.

I just smiled. "Boss! Is it time for a cavity search. I need to see what this blonde bitch has hidden." said Kimber. "Yes! Go nice and slow officer Kimber. Please start with one finger and then call me if you find something. Girls this hurts us more than its does you. We are just doing our jobs. I take no pleasure in this." I said. (I lied. It was all pleasure at the moment. God these two are so fucking hot and sexy.) Both were now naked except for there platform whore heels. I looked down at Ashley naked body. I could see she was excited as I ran my big hands all over her ass and then down her gorgeous thighs. I squatted down on my knees and had her nude pussy starring me right in the face. I could smell her more now as she turned her head trying not to stare at her friends face. Heather had a big smile on her face and was moaning from what Kimber was doing to her.

I could hear the sounds of Kimber finger entering and exiting Heather hairy pussy. I could see Kimber feet were wider than Heather on the other side of the table. I ran my fingers up Ashley thighs and than fondled her butt some more. I moved my face inches from her pussy. I licked my right index finger getting it nice and wet. I put the tip of my finger on Ashley pussy entrance. She breathed hard then moan very loud as I enter her tight pussy. My finger slid right into my big knuckle. I started to move it in a clock wise motion. "Oh God! Yes!" said Ashley. "Officer what are you doing. I am going to exploded on your face. Yes! Yes!" said Heather. "I'll tell you when you can come blonde bitch. Now I am still looking you better not cum on my two fingers you little bitch." said Kimber. My cock was rock solid as I dropped my left hand on the front of my uniform pants. I moved my 9 3/4 inch cock inside my pants as I moved my finger in her wet snatch.

I pulled my index finger out nice and slow. I left a big trail of Ashley pussy juices on my finger coming out of her pussy. I licked my finger, than I licked my middle finger. I put both my wet fingers into Ashley tight pussy. This time I lean forward to lick her pussy. I had my two finger buried deep inside her as I used my tongue to lick her labia and cunt lips. I sucked on them as she started to scream. "Yes! Yes! Arrgghhhh! God I'm cumming. Please don't stop. Keep eating my pussy." Ashley moaned. I had my face in her ass as I ate her tight pussy. She orgasm again when I took out my fingers. I spread her pussy lips apart eating her from the top of her pussy to the top of her ass crack. She did not protest when I licked her ass hole. She was getting more wet. "Ok! Bitch! Flood my mouth." said Kimber. I then heard Heather orgasm as Kimber sucked her pussy. "I am checking your ass hole next Blondie. With that the whole table moved as Kimber slapped Heather big ass and jammed a finger in her ass hole. "OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh Damn I can feel your long finger nail inside my ass hole." said Heather.

After 10 minutes. "Kimber did you find anything?" I said. "No! Captain Buck. That is a negative on this end." Kimber said. I stood up and looked over at Kimber. She stood up with Heather juices on her uniform. "I think you may find something in there. You need to get the instrument out of the medical bag. I will use what I have." I said. Kimber walked over and picked up the medical bag. Ashley moved her face back to see what Kimber was opening up. Heather eyes got big when she saw the huge 12 inch strap on dildo coming out of the medical bag. I walked over to take out a big purple butt plug. I held it in my hand not looking at the girls on the metal table. I walked behind Ashley and looked down. I placed the butt plug onthe metal chair near me.

I started to unbutton my uniform shirt. I took off my police hat. I then undid the boots I was wearing. I saw Kimber left the big strap on between the girls faces. They were each licking the big fake purple cock. I took off my belt, gun and night stick. I placed them on the floor. I took of my tie, followed by my blue police shirt. I then took off my white wife beater shirt next. I placed them both on my belt. I saw Kimber take off her clothes. She was now completely naked. Her nipples were rock hard as she touched them and then her big blonde pussy. I took of my pants nice and slow as Heather and Kimber watched. Ashley tried to look over her shoulder put could not. Kimber picked up her strap on. She placed the harness around her thighs and walked back behind Heather.

"Awwwww fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Heather. She had the head of the big purple cock inside Heather pussy. I took of my underwear next. My cock sprang out hitting my hard abs. I looked down to see a big drop of pre-cum on the tip. I got right behind Ashley. She wiggled her ass and pussy at my cock. I eased my hips forward as I slowly entered her tight pussy. Ashley pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as I started to fuck her nice and slow. I could hear both girls try to move there hands in the hand cuffs. The metal clang on the metal table as I fucked Ashley harder. Kimber had half of the fake cock in side Heather. Each girl was moaning as we fucked them harder. The table was bouncing and scratching the floor as each girl looked at each other. I then saw Heather start to kiss Ashley. There tongues were inside each others sexy mouths as Kimber grabbed Heather hips and plunged farther into her tight pussy. I picked up the pace in fucking Ashley harder as she now had all 9 3/4 inches of my cock inside her hot box. I could feel her ass against my abs as I fucked her harder.

"Buck! I think I found something. Can you come here." said Kimber. I with drew from Ashley pussy. My dick was coated from her juices. I walked as my cock moved back and forth in front of me. I saw Heather eyes get big as I walked around her. I looked down to see Kimber strap on was coated in Heather juices. "Do you see it?" said Kimber I just smiled as Kimber had a finger in Heather ass. I watched as Kimber grabbed a purple anal plug. She licked the tip then stuck it in Heather ass hole. Kimber than grabbed my cock and guided it into Heather tight pussy. I started to fuck Heather as Kimber held the anal pug in Heather ass. I started to kiss Kimber as she fed me her big breast in my open mouth. I was sucking Kimber breast and fucking Heather wet pussy. The smell of sex filled the room as Heather orgasm on my cock. I looked down at Ashley who was kissing Heather lips. She winked at me as I withdrew from her friends pussy.

I walked down to Ashley. I picked up the black anal plug I left on the metal chair near the table. Kimber looked at me from the right side. She spit on her big fake cock. I guided the big tip into Ashley sweet pussy. I then put the butt plug in Ashley tight hole. She was now being fucked hard my Kimber. She was spreading Ashley little pussy lips wider. I could see her mouth open as Heather licked Ashley face and mouth with her long tongue. I slapped Ashley big ass as Kimber slapped Ashley other butt cheek. I got behind Kimber. I reached around to play with her big breast. I started to slap them together. I looked at the mirror and smiled. I was hoping to watch the DVD later after work. I just smiled as I felt Kimber begin to shake. I had put my cock in her tight pussy. I was fucking Kimber from behind as she fucked Ashley. I was pounding Kimber tight pussy as she tried to fuck Ashley. "I missed your pussy Kimber. Its so nice. Do you love my real cock more than the fake cocks you take after work?" I said. She just groaned real loud and came on my cock.

We switched positions a few more times, taking turns fucking each girl. I was close to cumming now after fucking these hot big gurls. I pulled out of Ashley and stepped back. I motion for Kimber to take off there hand cuffs. Each girl was free to move. The both got off the metal table. They each had problems walking after we had fucked them so hard and used there bodies. The two girls got on there knees in front of me and Kimber. Heather still had her jeans and panties around her ankles. Heather stuck Kimber fake cock in her mouth sucking off the pussy juices. Ashley grabbed my cock and started to suck my cock. Kimber took her fake cock out of Heather mouth and got on her knees between the girls. They were all jacking my cock with there small hands. I arched my back and stuck out my hard cock in there hands. Kimber grabbed her breast as I started to cum. I blasted each girls face and breast as they screamed. I looked down to see each girl was cleaning off the other.

1 Month later:

"I have a code 69 at gate 12" I said. "Yes Captain Buck." said a female voice. "Mame come with me. I have a report you brought a bottle water on board. Will you come with me. I need to investigate some more." I said. I walked her down to my office. I had her wait outside in hand cuffs as I hit the record button on my camera. I then opened the interrogation room. "Step inside Mame." I said. I walked her over and took off her hand cuffs as the door behind me opened up. I heard 4 sets of high heels enter the room. They all lined up with the girl with the biggest boobs followed by the next and so on. "Office Kimber, Officer Heather and Detective Ashley and my secretary Chi Chi. Nice for you to all come and help me. We have a code 69. I will need some assistance with Mrs. T, she has been very bad today.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Present - A night with a stranger - An Adult Story

"Bang! Ker plunk!!!!!" I then heard some metal grinding on metal. I had just rented a car from the airport this morning. I flew into LAX a short time ago. I was in California on business. I was heading out to a small town on the coast. I looked in the rear view to see there was no one behind me. I turned on my blinker to get over. I opened the driver side door. I looked at the back of the car. I had a huge flat tire. I must have run over a huge nail or something. I pulled out my cell phone. Damn no bars out here. I could feel the heat on my head as I stood along the road. I had a flat tire. I was in the middle of now where. I had nothing to eat or drink in the car. I popped the trunk. I pulled out the spare. Fuck it was flat too. I shook my head as I wiped the sweat from my palms on my jeans.

I looked around again. I was definitely out in the middle of now where. I looked at my watch as I pulled out my small suitcase. I put my laptop bag over my left shoulder. I started to pull my suitcase behind me on the asphalt. I walked for about thirity minutes before I saw a car approaching. I stopped to turn around. I then saw the car speed up as I stuck my hands up to try to get it to slow down. The woman driver passed me with out even slowing down. I kept walking. I stopped on the side of the road to catch my breath. I was in good shape but the heat was getting to me. I left Baltimore it was close to 40 with a chance of snow. Now it was in the 80's with a chance of more sun. I was pretty sure there would not be a white Christmas out here this year as I started to walk again.

I walked for another hour before I saw the sun was going down. It was close to 4pm when I finally spotted a house down from the main road. It looked like a nice house. There were some cars in the driveway. There were some kids toy in the lawn. I walked down to see if I could use there phone. I saw some Christmas lights and Santa on the roof. I spotted a wreath on the front door to the house. I stopped when I heard a wrench fall on the ground behind me. I looked over in front of the garage to see a large gentleman bending over to pick up a wrench. He held his large hand on the car hood to pick up his wrench. He smiled as he waved for me to come over to his car.

"Hey! You lost man." he said. "My rental car broke down. The rear tire and the spare tire our both flat. I have been walking for some time. Yours is the first house I have seen all day. Not may people on the road either. I could not get a signal on my cell. I was hoping I might use your phone to call the rental car place." I said. "Sure! By the way, my name Marc. Glad to meet you. Sure you can come in and use the phone. I like to work on cars and trucks. I could probably fix the flat for you. Could be a few days until the rental car company gets up here to give you a new car." Marc said. "Nice to meet you Marc. My name Buck. Sounds great. Your probably right. Might take them a day or two to get out here. Not a big priority to pick up a stranded sales man. Lead the way. I like you car your working on. Muscles cars are cool." I said.

"Yeah! Follow me. Need any help with your luggage?" he said. "No! I am good." I said. We made some small talk as I walked behind him toward the house. He had dropped his kids of at his parents this morning for the weekend. His wife was at the grocery store. She was do back at any time. He held the door open as I walked into the kitchen. I picked up the phone to call the rental car place. It was already closed for the day but I left a message to have them call me back. I looked down my jeans. My white low top tennis shoes were dark brown from the dirt on the road. My white t-shirt was sweaty as I stood next to the kitchen table. Marc poured me a cold glass of water as I hung up the phone. I drank the water quickly and handed him the glass. He opened the fridge next and handed me a cold beer.

He clinked my glass as he sipped his beer. I left my suit case in the kitchen and walked toward the living room. The living room was decorated with a big eight foot Christmas tree on one end. There were plenty of lights on the tree. There was a ton of ornaments and allot of Winne the Pooh Christmas items decorating the living room. I smiled as I sat on the couch. Just then I heard a car door slam. I then saw Marc get out of his chair and walk toward his front door. "Let me give you hand. I got something to tell you. Hold on." he said. I got up off the couch and walked over to the main window in the living room. I looked out into the front lawn. I then looked at the mini van in the driveway. I could see Marc getting out some grocery from the back.

A few seconds later I had to catch my breath. I saw a very sexy woman walk in front of Marc. Was this his wife. I was at a lost for words. I had a thing for voluptuous women. I love a woman with curves. I especially like women who are confident in there bodies. They don't let anyone or anybody tell them what they can't do. I put down my beer on the coffee table. I turned to see her and Marc walk into the living room. She had long brunette hair down to her shoulders. She had on a pair of 4 inch wooden heels that matched her black top. Her sexy red lips matched her finger and toe nails. She wore a short denim mini skirt. Her black top stretched over her large breast. It was tied in knot just below her amazing ass. She put her hands on her sexy hips and looked me up and down. I was trying not to stare.

"Buck this is wife Cali. Cali this is the guy I was telling you about. His car had a flat. He is trying to call the rental car place, to see if he can get a new car. I told him I drive him back to his car. I know I can fix the flat for him." Marc said. "Nice to meet you. No problem. Marc is good with fixing cars. I like to work on them too. I am good at working with my hands. I got some steaks for the grill if you like to eat with us." she said. "Sure! That sounds very nice. I have not had anything to eat all day. They used to give you the bag of peanuts on the plane. But they don't even do that anymore." I said. They both laughed as I went out to help with the grocery. I put the plastic bags in front of my crotch. I was trying to hide the bulge inside my jeans. I was getting very turned on by this hot sexy woman. She was the type, that heads turned when she entered a room.

We made small talk in the kitchen. After a few minutes. "Buck! You must be exhausted and tired. Why don't you let us start dinner. I will set the table. Honey you start the steaks. Buck why don't you go upstairs and take a quick shower. I know you feel better. After dinner we can all go get your car. How does that sound?" she said. I saw Marc grab the steaks and head out side to start the grill. She took some plates out of the cabinet over the sink. She reached up to the top shelf. Her mini skirt road up her amazing ass giving me a small glimpse of her soft tan thighs. I froze as I spotted the under side of her ass cheeks move under her mini skirt. I reached for my suitcase. I put my suitcase in front of my crotch hiding my bulge as I walked up the stairs to the second floor.

I walked down the hall to last door on the left. I looked inside to see a small bathroom. There was small toilet and sink. Next to the sink was a bathtub/shower. I pulled back the shower curtain. I started the water as I took off my clothes. I grabbed some soap from my luggage. I climbed in under the hot water. I started to soap my chest as I looked down. My cock was semi hard. I started to touch myself. I had Marc wife still in my mind as all 9 3/4inches of my cock was now hard in my left hand. I leaned my hard naked ass against the back wall as the water cascaded down my body. I looked up to see the shower curtain move. There was light breeze that hit the shower curtain. I put my head out the shower curtain to see the bathroom door was slightly open. I took my hand off my cock and finished showering.

I combed my short hair. I put on some body spray, deodorant and brushed my teeth. I then put on a black t-shirt. I put on some dark blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I pushed my semi hard cock just under the waist band. I slid on some tight dark blue jeans. I went bare foot. I did not want to feel any shoes on my feet after walking so much today. I put my dirty clothes in a bag inside the front part of my luggage. I looked in the mirror and smiled. A few minutes later I was in the kitchen again. Marc came in with the steaks as Cali passed me another beer.

We made some more talk over dinner. I tried not to stare at Marc wife but it was hard not to check her out as she sat across from me. I helped clean up the table after dinner. Marc went into the living room as I helped with the dishes. I had a hard time being next to Cali as she passed me the dishes. She rubbed her large breast against my elbow a few times, sending shock waves up my spine. I could only smile at the end when she bent over to put some dish washing liquid in the dishwasher, I got to see she was wearing a thin black thong that left nothing to the imagination. I had been with other married women over the years. But I had never lusted at a married women with her husband just in the next room. Especially not some who I had just met a few hours ago.

I walked behind Cali into the living room. "Buck! Listen I know you want to go get your car tonight. It already dark out. Plus you guys both had a few beers. Maybe you can wait until tomorrow to go get it. We can all get up early and drive to get it. Marc and I don't have any plans. Do we sweetie?" she said. Marc shook his head "No!" "Your probably right. If you don't mind. I can call the rental place again in the morning. Maybe they can send out another car in case this one can't be fixed. Plus your right we have been drinking." I said. "Great! If you want you can sleep on the couch. I'll bring you a pillow and some blankets. You two will have to excuse me. I am going to go take a shower and get into something more comfortable." she said. I watched as Cali walked upstairs. I watched as her sexy legs disappeared from view.

We made some small talk watching the game. The Raiders were winning as I checked the other scores. About an hour late I saw Cali coming down the stairs. She had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a white outfit under her big fluffy white cotton robe. I could not make out what she wearing as Marc had another beer. She was wearing some white fluffy slippers as she walked passed me on the couch. She turned on the Christmas tree. She was making me forget about the game as she walked around the room. A few minutes went bye as she checked the front door. She then walked back toward Marc in his chair. "Good night Buck. I am glad you decided to wait until tomorrow to get your car. You boys don't stay up to late. Marc I will be upstairs." she said. I then followed her luscious ass going up the stairs. I had to shift on the couch to hide my bulge in my jeans.

It was close to an hour later and a few more drinks before Marc got up. He walked passed me to go upstairs. He clicked off a few lights. "When you want to go to bed. Just clap your hands twice. The tree will shut off. Later man." he said. I watched as he climbed the stairs. I unbutton my shirt down to the top of my jeans. It was a little hot in the living room. I put the small pillow on the end of the couch. I put the blanket on the floor. I then laid on my back. I was watching the lights on the Christmas tree before I closed my eyes. I was still thinking about Marc wife when I heard a noise upstairs. It sounded like a door closing. Then some heels clicked across the wooden floor toward the stairs. I opened my right eye when I heard the hand rail leading down the stairs move.

My other eye opened to take in a sexy pair of white heels coming down the stairs. I then saw some curvy legs, followed by some juicy thighs. I gulped hard when I realized Marc wife was at the bottom of stairs. She was wearing the same white robe from earlier. This time she had the front open more. I could see she was wearing a white fishnet outfit under her robe. I could not tell how far it ran down her voluptuous body. She stopped to put her hands on her hips. "Oh! I hope I did not wake you Buck. I just needed to get some water. I saw the tree was still on down here. I thought I better investigate. How is the couch?" she said. "The couch is nice. I was a little warm so I put the blanket on the floor. I hope you don't mind I like your Christmas tree." I said. She smiled as strutted passed me towards the kitchen. I was breathing heavier as I watched her whole body shake as she walked.

I could feel my cock getting harder inside my underwear. I heard the fridge open. Then I heard it close. A few seconds later I saw Cali walk back into the living room. She walked over to the couch and handed me a bottle water. "Can you open this Buck. I can't seem to get the cap off. Thank you! Honey!" she said. I watched her take the water out of my hand. She leaned back to take a sip. When she did her breast expanded out her robe. The thin white fishnet material could barely contain her nice breast. I watched as her right nipple got instantly hard rubbing against the fishnet material. She then looked down at me. "Would you like a sip?" she said. "Yes! I am kinda of thirsty. Thank you!" I said. I took a sip watching her the whole time.

"So Buck...Are you married?..Do you have a girl friend?.." she said. "No! and No! I don't have time for a girl friend. I have really not found anyone I care to spend some time with at the moment. Are we making to much noise?" I said. "OK! That is nice. No! Were not making to much noise. It's all good. My husband can sleep through anything. Plus were just talking." she said. I laughed. I watched her walk over to the coffee table. She put the empty water bottle on the edge. She then walked over to the Christmas tree. She bent over showing off her amazing ass. I watched as her robe opened in the back showing off her sexy legs. I could tell the white fishnet covered her thick ass as she kept talking to me. I then watched her stand on her tippy toes trying to get something off the top branch. "Do you need some help?" I said. "Yes, I do! Can you come here. Behind the tree is a step ladder. This Christmas tree is big. Can you reach the angel on top?" she said.

I got off the couch. I walked over with my shirt unbutton on the front. I walked passed her to get the small step ladder. I put it at the base of the tree in front of her. It was on the side of the tree. My left leg touched some of the branches. I climbed the two steps. "Where is it? Oh! How do you want her moved?" I said. I looked down to see Cali looking up at me. She placed her hand on the top of her head. I looked down to see more of her breast sticking out of her robe. She then put her left hand on my right leg just above my knee. I gulped as she stopped looking at the angel on the tree and back at my crotch. I was semi hard and was pressing against my underwear. I watched as she moved her hand up my thigh stopping just under my cock. I moved the angel back in place on the tree. It was nice and straight as I felt Cali hand inch closer to my erection. "Buck! That is perfect. Sorry! You are very distracting. You must work out allot. I'm sorry I touched your leg. I saw something move. Are you OK? Do you need to get down now?" she said. I smiled as I felt her hand back on the side of my jeans. This time she ran her up the back of my thigh to my ass. I felt her move her small hand around my rear pocket.

I was not sure what she was doing. But whatever it was was driving me crazy. I then felt her free hand on my inner thigh. I watched as she did not say anything. She had one hand playing with my hard ass in my jeans. The other hand had moved to the front of my jeans. She touched the outside of my cock with her finger nails. My cock inched down my leg toward her finger nails. She sighed as she put her hand on the front of my crotch. She could feel how hard she was making me. She did not say anything still. She then unbuckled my jeans. She pulled open my black leather belt. She started to unzip my jeans. I felt her hands pull down my jeans to my ankles. I was now standing on the top step of the small ladder with my jeans around my ankles. My cock pushed the dark material of my boxer briefs forward. She moaned as she felt my legs move to kick off my jeans to the floor.

I felt her hand go under my boxier briefs in the back. She ran her soft hands all over my naked butt as she looked up at me. I could see her breathing increased as she looked into my blue eyes. I watched as she moved around the front of the step ladder. She was under my cock as she looked up. I could feel her breath on my thighs as she put her hands on my ankles. She ran her hands up feeling my tones muscular legs. I bite my lip as I felt her hands on my boxer briefs. "Are you hiding something under your underwear young man. Did you take my Christmas gift from Santa. I better check inside." she said. I then felt her fingers grab a hold of my boxer briefs. I then felt them around my knees as my cock sprang out. She looked up to see the tip of my cock glisten. "MMMmmmm I like Buck. I have been good this year. I need a big young cock so I can get back in the naughty list." she moaned.

She tried to reach up to get my cock but she was having problems reaching it. I could feel her fingers on my big naked balls as she pushed her covered breast on my legs. I bent my knees so she could touch it. She started to jack my cock as I moved down to let her get a better grip. She then pulled me down the two steps to the floor. She moved quickly around the step ladder. She now had my cock in her mouth as I placed my hands on her head. I felt her soft red lips sucking my cock. She used her tongue to swirl around my long shaft. She cupped my balls. She ran her hands round my ass as she sucked me harder. I was having trouble keeping my balance as she sucked my cock and I leaned back to give feed more in her mouth. She pulled my underwear off and placed them on the floor. I heard the door upstairs creek. Then heard some foot steps. I figured Marc was going to see what his wife was up to. After a few minutes and not seeing him chase me out of the house for having his wife suck my cock. I forgot about him for the moment.

I could feel Cali mouth suck my cock to the base. Her lips were all around my cock as she sucked harder and harder. She was a very good cock sucker. I moved my hips back. This caused my cock to exit her hot mouth. She dropped to her knees as I spanked her face with my erect cock. She was trying to grab it with her mouth as I beat her chin, lips and forehead with my cock. After a few minutes I stood her up off her feet. We started to kiss. I ran my hands inside her white robe. I untied the front letting her robe fall open. I then pulled her robe down to the floor next to the tree. I moved her around so her ass was against my hard cock. She moaned as she felt my cock trying to get inside the white fishnets. I ran my cock between her legs rubbing it against her engorged pussy. She then felt my hands on her big breast as I played with them. They were still encased in the fishnets. Like my cock. My hands were looking for a hole to do more to her.

She was moaning louder as I found a small hole next to her hip. I puled it open with my index finger. It was hard to open. "Wait! Wait just one second." Cali said. I let her go as she walked over to the side of the tree. She took out a box from underneath the tree. She pulled out some scotch tape and a pair of scissors. She looked at me as she walked toward me. She handed me the scissors. I moved her around so her ass touched my cock again. I looked over her shoulder as I cut a small hole next to each nipple. Her nipples were hard as she grind her ass against my cock. She was getting turned on by me making holes in her white fishnets outfit. I moved my two fingers inside to tug on her erect nipples. She screamed as her body shook on mine. I was not sure she orgasm but there was a new smell in the living room. I could smell her sex burning up.

She grabbed the scissors and cut a small hole near her pussy. She opened it up with her fingers. I then felt her guide my cock inside the fishnets. I felt the tip of her bald pussy. I felt her cunt lips move as my cock inserted inside her small tight opening. She moaned in my arms. I got an inch, then two inside her. Each time her pussy pushed me out. She moaned again as I got half inside her. I ripped the two holes next to her nipples. I then moved her large breast through the openings. She now had her breast in the holes as my cock entered her from behind. I fondled her breast and bite her neck as she orgasm for the first time on my cock. I fell out, then jammed it back inside her. She screamed as I started to walk her toward the back of the step ladder. She gripped the metal on the back of the step ladder as I fucked her faster. "Harder! Harder! Harder! Faster you fucker...fuck me!" she moaned I had a hold of her hips as I fucked her faster.

I finally pulled out after 10 minutes of fucking her from behind. She looked over her shoulder. I laid down on my back. I was right next to the Xmas tree. She moved down so her knees were on either side of my hips. She pushed her bald wet pussy on my cock. She inserted my hard cock back inside as she put her hands on my chest. I put her right nipple in my mouth as she fucked me. I picked her up and slammed her on my cock. She was making noise as I fucked her faster. I had my cock buried deep inside. "I need to taste your cock. Cum for me. Shoot your big load in my mouth. I know you have alott in those young balls. Shoot it all over me sexy." she said. With that. She quickly got off me. She put her pussy on my legs as she jacked my cock in her mouth. I could feel her mouth grip my shaft and the tip of my head. My legs shook. She smiled as her mouth filled up. I could feel the 6-7 big shots of cum as it hit her hot mouth. She cleaned me off as my cock fell out of her mouth.

Cali got off me and went into the kitchen. She came back with another bottle of water. I took a big sip. She drank the rest. When she got done I grabbed the bottle and placed it on the coffee table. I turned around to see her sitting on the couch. She had her legs open. She was playing with her pussy. She had two fingers in her wet snatch. "God you opened me right up. Oh God! Yes! I never got three fingers in me before." she said. I was rock hard watching her. I got on my knees and crawled over to her on the couch. She felt my mouth on her fingers that were inside her sweet pussy. I licked her labia on the top as her pussy walls clamped down on her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and placed them in my mouth. I licked her fingers clean then stuck my mouth on her pussy. I started to eat her nice and slow. I licked the bottom of her ass to the top of her pussy. I did this a few times as she tried to catch her breath. She had one more orgasm flushing my mouth before I got off my knees.

I pushed her legs apart. She watched as my cock went right for her pussy. She moaned when she felt I was back inside her tight pussy. She held onto my neck as I sucked her nipples and fucked her at the same time. I fucked her faster and slammed my body on hers. I kept up the pace as she screamed. "Faster! Faster! Don't stop! Don't stop! Yes! Yes! Yes! God you cock so deep inside me." she said. Her eyes were tearing up I fucked her harder. After 30 minutes I slammed my cock all the way inside her. She moved her hands from my hips to my ass. She held my cock inside her as I tensed up. I could feel my cock exploded her wet pussy. She grunted and I moaned. Then after a few minutes I pulled out and sat next to her on the couch.

I watched as Cali gave me a deep kiss. I then saw her pick up her robe. She walked passed the tree to the stairs. She clapped her hands twice and the lights on the tree went out. I then heard her and another pair of feet walk back to the master bedroom. I heard the door close. Then I heard a bed squeak as I put on my clothes and lied back on the couch.

I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. I walked into the kitchen. "Hey sleepy head. Marc went to go get you car already. He already called and your car is on its way back as we speak. I made you some breakfast." Cali said. I sat down at the kitchen table. My mouth was wide open. Marc wife was naked with a small apron tied around her waist. She looked at me and gave me a wink. A minutes later she had her elbows on the table and her pussy on my cock. She was riding my cock as I fucked her very hard sitting down. I slapped her ass as she rode my cock. I heard the front door to the house open. I then looked to my left and say Marc in the kitchen. "Don't stop fucking me honey. Don't worry about him. He watched us last night and fucked me until the early morning. He will get his turn after I am through with my Christmas present. This year he gave me a night with a stranger for my Christmas gift. I am just glad you got a flat and walked to our house. I guess I will be on the naughty list a little longer this year.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

BBW Golf Bitch - She plays with a big club - An Adult Story

I had my cock in my hand. I was taking a piss into some bushes near the club house. I just got done walking the golf course for the third time today. I was up about a $100.00 in tips. Not bad for a Friday. I hate the weekends. All the crazy golfers come out. But at least I was getting off soon. I only had another half hour before I could punch out. "Paging Buck Kelly! Buck Kelly please come to the Caddy stand." said my boss. Damn! I knew it was to good to be true. I was going to hang out with some friends later. Now I probably had to go out with another group of golfers. I was hoping they want to take a golf cart to move faster.

I zipped up my cargo shorts. I put my cock inside my white boxer briefs. I looked down at my black golf shoes. I had some metal spikes on. I had a small white golf shirt on with the golf course logo. "Big Oak County Club - You smash them, We retrieve them" on the back. It does not pay to be a caddy and hoof around 50-100 pounds of gear on my back. Being 6ft 3 and athletic helps. I get a good workout with walking and lugging there bags. If I am lucky they give me a tip. Only the rich guys or a cute female golfers give me cash. I usually become a slacker if I know there not good for it.

I was wondering what happen to all the caddies. I left and there was a few left by the front of the caddy stand. I had to take a quick leak before clocking out. I hate to walk inside the club house to go. Plus there a great place to check out the female golfers between the hedges where I was just at. He usually like to check out the voluptuous ladies. The female golfer who has put on a few pounds. She grips the golf club like she grips my cock. Long and tight. I just smiled as I walked back. Last week I scored with the Secretary of the chairman of the country club. She had a great pair of sexy lips. She gave the best blow job I had gotten in sometime. I filled her mouth up before she left to go back to work.

"Buck Kelly to the Pro Shop." said the loud speaker. Damn!! Now I had to go inside. I walked down a long hallway to the pro shop. I stopped in my tracks when I opened the door to the pro shop. I saw my boss along with the chairman of the country club. They were standing next to a large woman. She was very bodacious. She was wearing a tight pink polo short that was stretched over her large breast. She had a pink and black and white checkered polyester pants. They were pulled up on her large calves, just under her large knee. Her thick thighs look like they may burst out of the thin checkered board material. I smiled as she put on a pink visor over her platinum blonde hair. She looked at me as I turned to face her. I was at a lost for words until my boss walked over to me.

"Where the fuck you been Buck. God damn! Your my best caddy. Listen! My boss, the chairman of the country club. His wife would like to go play a round of golf. She has been practicing with Kirk. He thinks she is ready to play a round but he has an emergency. He had to go to the hospital. I need you to take her out on the course. We closed the last Tee - Time for you two. So there will be no one on the course but you two. So I want you to be nice and polite. Take your time with her. Show her some moves. No funny business. Especially no jokes about her and her husband. You play your cards right, they might promote you to a new job. Then you won't have to fetch other peoples balls all day. I mean it you fucker, behave man." said my boss. I just smiled.

I walked with my boss over to the chairman and his wife. "Buck! This is my wife. Mrs. Julie Smith. Julie this is Buck. He is going to be your caddy/instructor for your round of golf. I just bought her some new clubs and a new big driver. If you get a chance make sure you show her how to use the big club the right way. I have heard nothing but good things from Leo about how good you are with the lady golfers. Have fun. Remember Julie I will pick up the kids and see you later. Thanks Leo." said the chairman. My boss moved around me and went across the pro shop with the chairman and his wife. I looked down at the floor. I then spotted my boss flashing me the go sign. I saw Mrs. Smith heading for the front door of the pro shop. I got in front of her and held the door open facing the first hole of the golf course.

I walked behind her as we got to the first tee. It was a 375 yard par 4 with a dog leg to the left. There were some big oak tress on the right and a some sand bunkers on the left. I watched as Mrs. Smith big ass moved inside her tight pants. I was going to have a hard time following her. I was starting to get weak. My cock was getting hard rubbing inside my shorts. I looked down, then back at her. I looked behind to see my boss wave and follow the chairman to his car. They both got in there cars and left. I then turned to see Mrs. Smith pointing to her golf bag. It was a big pink golf bag. She must have every club and tons of crap in it. I pulled with all my might to get the strap over my shoulder and almost fell to the ground. What the fuck did she have such a big bag. "Would you like me to get a golf cart?" I said. "No! Were going to walk. I need to get some exercise and I don't want to hurry right home. This is my free time away from my kids and my husband. Now grab my bag and move it slacker." she yelled.

My mouth dropped open. I remember the other day talking to Kirk. He is the golf pro in the back of the pro shop. I was getting some balls for a golfer. He was talking to some of the workers. He was telling them about this real bitch he was helping take some golf lessons. He said she was real mean and like to swear allot. Was this the female golfer he was talking about. "Hey fucker! We going to play or what. I can't bend over. Place my ball on the tee. While were young! Move it!" she barked at me. I guess she was the bitch Kirk was talking about. What mean you can't bend over. She was not that big. It was going to be a long round if I did not get to see her bend over for things. I just smiled and teed up her golf ball.

I read off the distance and what she should do. Mrs. Smith just looked down and gripped her pink club. "Swooooosh!!!!!" She missed the gold ball by about a foot. "Keep your head down. You looked up during your swing." I said. "Blah! Blah! Blah! I got it fuck face. Maybe you put the ball up to high for me for god sake. You ever think of that. Fuck going to be along day with that mouth of yours caddy boy. I am going to call you my caddy bitch. Your my young caddy boy bitch. You better be nice or my husband with fire your young ass. You got that slacker." she said. Fuck was this going to be a long round of golf. I had golfers swear on the course before. But it was funny shit. Missing the ball. Hitting a bad shot. Not to be just a bitch.

She finally hit the ball. She threw her club on the ground. Her tiny pink ball went about 50 yards down the right side of the fair way. She was in some small ruff. I spotted her ball as I walked in front of her. The sun was going down but there was still a good three hours before it got too dark. I checked my watch again as she hit her ball out off the ruff. I gave her a 6 iron to hit. She finally made it the green after about 8 strokes. She still had the same ball. I cleaned off her golf ball and walked to the flag. I pulled the flag out of the hole. She put the small pink golf club between her legs to putt. She looked down at the hole and took her time. She bent over slightly toward the hole. I could see inside her tight pink polo shirt. She had unbutton the top two buttons as she walked down the fairway. I guess it was to tight around her neck. I could see she was wearing a large white half bra. It look like her bra was going to snap off from the shear weight over her large breast. I said a quick prayer. She yelled "Fuck!!!" as she missed the hole by 5 feet.

"God damn. This did not happen with Kirk. You must be bad luck caddy fucker. I mean you are terrible." she yelled. I just smiled as she walked passed me to get in front of her ball. She gripped the small putter in her small hands. She bent over the ball pushing her big ass back in the air. The flag pole rubbed my cock as I pulled out the stick as the ball went bye again. She finally got it in the hole after 4 shots on the green. I bent over to pick her small pink golf ball up. I followed her too the next tee. The 2nd hole was a par 3. It was short with only about 200 yards to the hole. There was a big pond in the middle of the fairway. Many golfers hit the ball in the water. Mrs. Smith was no different. She hit the ball in the water after her 2nd stroke.

"Splash!" I just smiled again. "I tell you to fetch the ball. But I don't want to see you drown. Now put my ball on the other side of the water. Move it caddy boy." she said. I followed her around the water. I dropped her ball. It rolled toward the fairway. After 2 more strokes she got in on the green. This time I just pulled out the stick and placed the flag on the side of the green. I then proceeded to watch her try to putt the ball in the hole. She arched her back and looked down at her pink ball. She putted it in he hole after two strokes. I bent over picking up her ball. I replaced the flag as she dropped her putter on the grass. I had to walk over and pick it up as she watched me bend over. "Lets go caddy fucker. I don't have all day." she said.

I was getting mad but checking her ass was easing the pain from ears. She played the next few holes like she had played the first two. We got to the ninth hole in about hour and half. I looked at my watch as we stopped so she could use the bathroom. There were two porta potties next to the tee. I waited out front. I took a sip of water as she used the bathroom. It was a few minutes before she came out. She walked over to her pink golf bag. She opened the side to get a drink. She took out two cans of Red Bull. She drank one then part of another. She then dumped out the remaining in the grass. I could tell she had a few more drinks. She did not offer me one. I just looked at her and smiled. "Are you ready? Tee up my ball caddy boy. Stop looking at me. I need to play some more. Wash my ball in the drinking fountain. Then use your shirt to dry off my ball. That a good fucker. You better do what I say young man." she yelled at me again.

I put her dry ball on the tee. I then watched her miss the ball again. She was still pulling her head up. Her large breast caused her to have her hands and arms out to far in front. Her big ass caused her to loose her balance in her back swing. I did not tell her any of this. I just watched with a hard on in my shorts. I was sure she had know idea what she was doing to me. I checked the score sheet. She was like 50 over par thru the front 9. I could only laugh as she hit the ball and it trickled off the tee. "That a do over. Let me get it. The wind caught it. I should tee the ball up better." I said. "Fuck! I knew it. You are suck a fucking slacker. She probably could not even hit a ball far. I know golf and you suck. All your advise so far has sucked." she said. I just smiled and re teed her ball. She hit about 50 yards down the middle.

We played the next seven holes without a problem. She was doing a little better as we got to the fifteen hole. We had only four more holes to go. I looked around to see no one on the course. I could only make maybe 3-4 cars in the parking lot. One was mine and the other must be hers. I looked down at my golf shoes as she swung the club a few times. She really contrasted to hit the ball. I really contrasted on looking at her big boobs almost falling out her tight shirt and half bra. Her big ass was driving me crazy. I put my hand on my hard cock. I had to shift my big balls under my cock in my shorts. She was still looking at her golf ball. She finally put it all together and hit the ball near the middle of the fairway about 100 yards. I was even impresses. She just yelled, "Oh yea fucker did you see that shit. Who laughing now. I am the best. I told you I could hit a golf ball. I bet I could beat my husband with that shot. He such a bad golfer. He should take lessons. If he asks, you better tell him about that fucking shot caddy boy. Now go fetch my ball. Caddy fucker! Is it time to teach me how to use my big golf club yet. I know I hit it farther with the big head on it." she said. "No! Not just yet. I will teach you in a minute or two." I said.

I walked in front if her. She was still glowing from her shot. She hit the ball fairly good again. She hit her ball 4 more times to get it on the green. She then
had about 60 feet to the hole. If she could putt he ball in the hole with this shot. She have her best score of the round on a hole. I just watched as she put the putter between her thick thighs. She bent over to lace her small hands on the grips of the club. I then watched her large breast swing under the shirt. Her ball moved perfect over the green. It was heading to the hole. I felt like kicking her ball making her miss her shot. I was just about too when the ball went in the hole. "Fuck! That was perfect. Did you see that caddy fucker? I mean I made the shot. Eat that caddy boy. I am the best golfer today. Watch out golfers. Mrs. Smith is in the house." she yelled. She danced around on the green. She shook her putter over her head then threw it at me. I ducked as the putter went over my head.

She just laughed as I was on the ground looking at the blue sky. I got up as she walked toward the hole. She bent over to pick up her ball. She arched her back forcing her big ass out. The thin pink checkered pants almost fell off. I got to see a big crack running down her ass. I could see she was not wearing any panties. I thought she was not. I did not see any panties lines but though she might have on a thong. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. She reached into the small hole. She used her long fingernails with the white tips to get the ball. She could not wear any gloves because of the sizes of her finger nails. She pushed off her thick thighs to stand back up. I caught another glimpse of her large breast as they settle back under her tight pink golf shirt. I could have stayed there looking up at her but she just turned to say, "Let's go fuck face. I don't have all day. Move it caddy bitch. Your my caddy fucker. Remember that shot. Nothing but great shots now. You better remember who your dealing with. I want to play every day now."

I walked to the next tee. It was a par 3. About 150 yards to the flag. I looked at Mrs. Smith, who was stll talking about her last shot on the green. She thought she was the best golfer. I looked at her again. I handed her an 8 iron to play her shot. "What are you crazy. Give me the big club your moron. I need to grip it and rip it caddy fucker." she said. "That a little to far for you. Plus those big bunkers on the left are deep with sand. You get it in there you might not get it back. Just play the 8 iron." I said. "What the fuck. Your question me caddy fucker. Give me my big driver. I am going to smack the hell of that ball. I might then smack you with it. Ge the fuck out of the way." she yelled. I took a step back. I then teed up her ball. She swung. The ball picked up speed. It went a tiny amount out and stuck in the deep sand bunker on the left. "You jink me caddy bitch. Shut up. Did you laugh when I was swinging my club? Well did you young man?" she said. I shook my head "NO!" I could have sworn it. That not a easy shot to make. Not even Kirk could get it on the green in two shots." she said.

"What if I said I could get it in one shot. From right here. I could hit the ball right on the green with this 8 iron, I just tried to give you." I said. "No way! I know you suck. Kirk says you hit like a girl. He says your too tall and full of muscles. You can't reach the green from here." she laughed. "Your so confident I can't hit. Then do you want to make a bet. I mean you have been yelling at me pretty good all day." I said. "I don't bet with caddies. I don't think you can do it. Plus what would bet on. You don't have any money. Plus I don't have any money on me caddy boy. I don't have any pockets in my new golf outfit. Plus you probably never pay. I have to get my husband to fire you and then have him get my money." she said. "Yeah! Your probably right. You would not want to bet money. I mean, I know it be hard for you to pay a lowly young boy money. Plus I don't make much. I did make a $100 today." I said. I pulled out the wad of cash. I had 5 $20 dollar bills. She turned her had to see the cash.

I saw her eyes get big. "Hmm I did not think you had that kinda of cash. I know you can't make it. So I will take that bet. I have the money on me. Go ahead and take the shot. No practice swings. No warm up. Just tee it up and hit the ball." she laughed. I took the 8 iron and teed up one of her pink balls. I looked at the flag and then stood next to the ball. I bent my knees and looked down at the ball. I hit the ball nice and easy. Not to much speed. The ball flew out and landed about 20 feet from the flag. It rolled a little toward the hole. I was about 16 feet from the hole. I turned to see Mrs. Smith eyes get big. "What the fuck caddy boy. You killed the fucking ball. You hit it right on the green. Must be luck." she laughed.

"What you say double or nothing." I said. She looked at the ball. Then she looked at her golf clubs in the bag. "OK your on caddy fucker." she said. I placed the ball down again on the little pink tee. "Swoosh!!!!" I hit the ball again right in the same place. Got a little bigger roll. I was about 10 feet from the hole. "Give me a fucking break. It's looks like your luck day caddy boy. Two great shots in a row." she said. "Nice! You owe me two hundred now. Your right it must be my lucky day..." I said. She looked out a the two balls on the green. I stuck my hand out to get the money. She looked at me. "I don't have that kinda of money on me caddy slacker." she said. "I thought you said you did. Maybe we can play double or nothing again." I said. "Yes! But this time you have to use the big club I selected to drive with. My big driver. I know you can't." she said. "On one condition. You tee up my ball. You bend over nice and slow and tee up my ball." I said.

I watched her eyes get big. Then she took a ball out of her bag. She handed me the her big driver. She then slowly bent over teeing up the pink ball. I watched her arch her big ass then push of with her thigh thighs back up. My cock was now fully erect inside my cargo shorts. All 9 3/4 was rubbing the inside of my thigh. I looked at her and smiled. I stood over the ball. "Swoooooossssshhhhhh! Ping!!!!! I hit the ball and skipped it twice onto the green. It rolled about 5 feet from the hole. I just smiled. Her mouth fell open then she looked at me. "Your just hustling poor old me. I am gong to tell my husband about this. He is going to fire you for hustling and beating against me. I've had enough. I am not paying. Grab my bag and follow me. My ball in the sand fucker. Let's go caddy fucker. Your such a fuck up." she yelled.

I just smiled as I followed close behind her. She shook her ass as she walked faster toward the hole. We walked passed my balls. I picked them up. I then walked over to the sand trap. It was a huge bunker. It was straight down. There was a huge lip to the bunker. Her ball was buried in the sand. I have only seen a dozen people ever to get it out and on the green. Most people have to hit back out away from the hole. Then play another shot. I grabbed the sand wedge from her bag and her putter. I walked around the bunker. She was standing next to me. We then walked in the sand. Being 6ft 3 and looking up, I could not see the hole. Just the top of the flag. I knew were the hole was. Mrs. Smith did not. "Any suggestion young man. Any pointers for me." she said. "Yeah hit your ball over there. You will never make it up to the top and onto the green. The shot is impossible." I said.

"You get a couple of nice shots and now you can play golf. Get the fuck out of the way. Let me see the club. Back up caddy fucker." she said. "Thud!!" she hit the ball farther into the sand. She bent down to pick it up. "That a stroke penalty. You cant clean your ball. Only on the green." I said. "What the fuck." she screamed. "Thud!" Ball flew up and rolled back into the sand. She hit the ball 5 times and every shot went into the sand. Each time the ball rolled back to her feet. "This shot is impossible. No one can do it." she said. "Well not impossible. But its a hard shot. Hit your ball back then from the grass, hit it on the green like I told you." I said. She shook her head. "Your so good. Why don't you you show me. I mean I pay your salary caddy. Hit the ball. Let me see what you got. Show me how the big caddy slacker can do." she laughed. "No! That is Ok. No fun in just doing it. I need some incentive to hit the ball on the green. Since yo have no money. You already refused to pay the last bet. I know you won't bet again. Well that is OK. Take another swing." I said.

She hit her ball again with the same result. "Fuck me! Fuck this sand shit. No way you can hit the ball on the green from here. She looked around then back at me." she kept cussing. I just smiled and looked up at the flag. "Ok! I have to see this. What kinda of incentive do you need to make the shot." she said. I put my hand under my chin and looked up into the sky. I then looked at her. "First you will tell my boss and your husband what a great job, I did in teaching you today. Second I am very curious to see what under that polo shirt. You have been teasing me all day with those." I said. "What did you say. You want to see my tits. I mean are you fucking crazy. You lost your mind or something. No way I am going to show you my breast. What kinda of woman do you think I am. I am telling my husband and you boss what a big pervert you are. No fucking way caddy boy." she said. I saw her check me out as she ran her eyes all over my body. I knew she wanted to show me her big breast. She was going to make it a little harder to see them.

"How about you tell them I did a great job and you can keep your bra on." I said. She looked at me and opened her mouth. "Let's see the shot. Fucking hit that ball on the green and I will show you my big breast in my bra. Go ahead fucker. If you miss. You will caddy for me the rest of the summer in a thong and do what ever I say." she said. That was tempting but I need to see her breast before my cock exploded in my pants. I turned to see her ball laying on top of the sand. I then looked up as I bent my knees. I choked up on the golf club. "SWoooosh!" I hit it right out of the bunker and rolled it just past the hole. I was about a foot from the hole. I turned to see her mouth wide open. "What the fuck. You mother fucker. You have done that before. You did not even break a sweat. How dumb am I." she said. I waited a few seconds. I knew she would not let me see her boobs next.

"I'm waiting!!" I said. "Right now! Right here!" she said. "Where the only ones on the whole course. Everyone else went home. We are the last ones playing." I said. She looked around. "Can we bet one more time. I mean I need to win for once. You have been so lucky. How about I putt on the green. One shot and we are all even. I don't owe you money. I don't have to flash you. I think that is fair." she said. "Wait! How is that fair? You owe me $400 plus you were going to flash me. I have a better idea. You get to putt from anywhere. I will decide what you have to do right before you putt." I said. "Ok Fucker. You have a deal. Can we get out of the sand?" she yelled.

We walked around the sand bunker to the hole. She took her ball off the green. I watched her as she looked at the hole. She place the ball about 8 inches from the hole. She did not put it in a great place. She had to putt up hill. I had a strong feeling she might miss. She did not know how to read a green. "Ok! Right here for the bet. I can putt the ball into the hole on one stroke with my putter. It's fair. I am just a beginner, don't forget." she said. I smiled. "Ok! That seems fair. I think your pretty close. A easy putt to make. Eight inches should be good to the hole. If you make it all bets are off. We owe each other nothing. You don't have to flash me your boobs. You also don't owe me any money. You can tell your husband and my boss anything you want. But if you miss....." I said. "Ok! What?? What if I miss???" she said. "Then you will crawl over to me. You will do what ever I tell you. You can't say no. You can't re-putt or anything....Do we have bet? Take your time. Think about it." I said.

She looked at me with her mouth wide open. "What??? No way. You get the best of both worlds. What do I get besides owing you nothing. You have to do something humiliating for me. I know. If I make the putt all bets are off and you have to wear a diaper around the golf course. You need to caddy for all the female golfers in a diaper. You also have to come to my house and clean out my garage and clean my pool. We just had a pool party for my kids and the pool is a mess. If I miss I will crawl over and do what ever you say. I will not break my promise. I know you will." she said. I looked down at her golf ball. I then looked at her. I reached over to pull out the flag. "We have a bet." I said. She walked over to look at her ball. She looked down then back at the hole. I looked around. No one was on the golf course. I then looked back at her.

She moved her two feet next to her ball. She looked down at her ball. She then looked at the hole. Right before she was going to hit the ball....."Don't miss or you might be my golf bitch!" I said in low voice. She moved the putter between her two large breast. She gently hit the ball in quick motion. "Ping!!!" Her ball slowly moved and we both watched as it started to slow down going up hill. She jumped up and down. Her breast moved up and down. Then the ball came to a........ stop. It was on the lip of the cup. Part of her ball was in the hole. It did not fall in. She missed the putt. I smiled. She fell to her knees and screamed. "Arrrggghhhhh. Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck this dumb ass game. Fuck!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I missed." she yelled.

I then looked at her again. She put her two hands out in front of her. She had about 10 feet to crawl to my feet. I put the flag back in the hole. Her little pink ball was still on the lip of the hole. I then watched as she crawled closer to me. My cock was hard inside my cargo shorts. I was sure she had no idea my cock was going to be bigger than her putt by almost 2 inches. I had shaved the night before. I was not sure if she had seen a nice big pair of naked balls. She was going to soon find out. She looked up as she got just about in front of me. I looked down at her blonde hair and large breast. She crawled and stopped with her knees in front of her. She leaned back on her legs and looked up at me. "Is this where you want me. What are you going to do to me. I am the wife of the chairman don't forget. I was so close. Can I re-putt it. The sun was in my eyes." she said. "No! Your through delaying your punishment. A bet is a bet. You had a fair chance like you said. Now your mind. If your good. I might get down with you quicker. If your bad. You might enjoy it more." I said with a smile.

She looked into my blue eyes. I could see she was turned on. Her nipples were hard under her polo shirt. I had to see her breast but I waited. I need to see her big ass move in her tight pink checkered pants some more. "Stand up and shake that ass of yours. Get up off the green. Move that ass. Bend over. Arch your back like you have been doing all day to me. Do some deep knee bends. God that is nice. I love your big ass Mrs. Smith. Shake it! Move it faster. Your just a big sexy gurl with that big ass. Move it. Shake that ass faster....That is hot." I said. Her ass and whole body was shaking. I was in heaven. She even had a smile on her face. "Ok! Get down on your knees in front of me. That a good girl. You do follow directions. I like that in you. You are a good golf bitch." I said. I reached down to touch her blonde hair. I moved it out of her face. She looked up at me again. "There you got to see my ass shake. Are we done?" she said.

"No! I will tell you when were done my little golf bitch. Untie my golf shoes. That it. Pull them off. That is nice. Pull off my socks. Put them on my shoes. Ok! That is nice. Rub my feet. I have been out here lugging you big bag all day. Kiss me feet next. MMMM that a good job. Your good at that. Bite my ankles. Massage my calf's. Stop! Now crawl over to your golf bag. Bring me back a red bull. Just one. For me only. Crawl slow. Shake that ass going there and shake your breast coming back. Now move it. You have two minutes or I will add on more time to your punishment. Move it. Remember I have all day." I said.

She crawled over and shook her ass the whole time. God was she one hot bodacious piece of ass. If I was her husband I might not let her out of my room until she begged me. She reached into her golf bag. She then got me a Red Bull. She crawled back shaking her big breast. They fell out her bra. They rubbed against the inside of her golf shirt as her shirt touched the grass on the green. She got back in just over two minutes. I was not paying attention but I looked at my watch. "Ouch! 2 minutes and 10 seconds. You just miss the deadline. Hand me my drink. Don't open it. I don't want you to break one of those finger nails. I may be young but I am not insane. I love when a women gets dressed up for me. Hair, nails and a sexy outfit. I just wish you had some high heels. I make you strut all over this green for me." I said. She looked down to see her right breast still out of her bra and inside her shirt. She moved her hand back up shoving her big breast inside her bra.

I opened the Red Bull and took a quick sip. I looked down at her as she sat back on her thighs. She put her legs under her ass. I saw she was smiling at me as I drank another sip. "Hold open your mouth. That is nice. Stick out your tongue. Take a sip and spit it out. That a good girl. Now place the drink on the green next to me. That a good girl. I can see your ready. I am very ready. OK! Lean up. That is very nice." I said. She placed her hands on either side of my thigh. She looked into my eyes as I looked down at her. I grabbed her hands and moved her right hand on the front of my cargo shorts. "I think we've done enough. You made me crawl and get you something. We should be all even by now." she said. "Oh! I think I told you not to ask questions. I am telling you what to do now. Unzip my shorts, nice and slow. That is very nice. Use your finger nails. Do you like that? I know you do. I can see you smile." I said.

Mrs. Smith had let my cargo shorts fall around my ankles. I stepped out of them. I had my white underwear on. She was now using her long nails to feel the length of my hard cock inside the thin material. She stopped at the tip of my cock. You could see the dark purple through the white material. She turned her head when she ran her finger nails back up my cock. I was going to burst out of my underwear. "Now pull down my underwear nice and slow. Put you hand inside. Now slide my underwear down my legs. Do it!" I said. She looked up and placed her hands on the side of my hips. Her finger nails were on the top of my hard ass. I flexed my abs and butt as she kept a hold of my waist. I shook my ass back and forth until she slowly pulled them down. I could feel the warm air on my naked cock. I could feel her eyes staring at my big naked balls. She was speechless for the first time today. Her mouth was wide open as she looked at my hard cock.

I stepped out of my underwear then pulled off my golf shirt and placed it on the green. I was not naked looking down at her. "What the fuck. The caddy has a monster cock. Where did you hide this. I never!! Your so big compared to my husband. Your cock is still hard and what that on the tip?" she mumbled. I took one step forward. My cock hit her face. The wetness was some pre-cum that was now on her left cheek. She moved her face trying for my cock not to rub all over it. I grabbed her hair and held her head steady. "I've never done that before. I don't suck coc@#$%" she gagged as I shoved my cock in her open mouth. I had half of my cock in her hot mouth. I stood on my toes as I fucked her face. At first she resisted taking more of my cock in her mouth. She open her mouth more to go deeper.

I finally pushed her hair back and took my hand off her head. She spit out my cock leaving a long trail of saliva in the air. It fell onto the green. "I told you I don't suck cock. I am not that type of girl." she said. I grabbed her head as she did not resist. I let go as she licked the tip to the base on the underside of my cock. She had her small hands playing with my big naked balls. She was fondling them as I fucked her face. I had to see her naked. Her breast banged on my legs as she moved closer to suck my cock. Her eyes watered as I fucked her face faster. I had almost all 9 3/4 inches down her throat before she gagged again and spit me out. I placed her mouth back on and fucked her face again. I was slapping my balls on her face as she tried to spit me out again. We did this for 15 minutes before I let her head go and she fell to the side of my feet. I looked down to see her at my left foot.

I got down on my knees. I moved her back on her knees. We started to kiss. We exchanged tongues as I forced my mouth on her soft wet lips. She gagged again from wide tongue. She was stroking my cock as I fondled her breast under her big pink golf shirt. I broke our kiss. "Take off your shirt. I need to see those big breast of yours. Let go of my cock for a second. Don't worry he does not go off until I want him too. That a good girl." I said. She was having problems getting her shirt off. I finally reached down to knock her hands off her hips. I pulled down on her shirt and then pulled right up and took her big pink golf shirt right over neck. I left the shirt on her face as I saw her left breast was outside her bra and the other was held under the thin white bra. She mumbled as I held the shirt on her face. She could not see. I did not care.

I reached around her back with my right hand and unhinged her giant white bra. It fell open causing her big breast to rest on my chest. I quickly pulled her bra up on her face. "Open your mouth. Bite down." I yelled. She did. She had her shirt and the front of her bra in her mouth. This allowed her breast to be out in the open. I pulled both her large breast in the air toward my mouth. Her big erect nipples were sticking straight out as she wiggled on her knees. "What are you doing? Buck where are you. Those are my husband breast. Please don't. He does not like it when I let young men suck them. No! NO! Oh god your mouth feels great on them. Lick them sweetie." she yelled. I had her nipples in my mouth as I bite them and sucked her big fat pink tops. I then slapped her breast causing her body to ripple. I sucked on the top, the bottom and licked them from one side to the other. She was still shaking as she held her bra and shirt in her mouth.

I stopped sucking them for a minute. She squirmed around moving her breast. She wanted me to suck them some more. I wanted too but I wanted to see more of her. I pushed her back. She fell on her big ass then onto her back. She was laying down with her bra and shirt still over her head. I quickly moved up unzipping her pants. I took off her golf shoes and the small pink sock she had on. She was sweaty as I pulled her pants off. She was wearing such a small pink thong. At first I though she was not earlier. It was so tiny, I did not see the string in her big ass crack. "What are you doing. I can't see. Buck stop it! Stop it young man." she yelled. I looked around the green to see the flag, the ball and the putter. I also saw Mrs. Smith and mu clothes too. I started to kiss her legs and ankles. She closed her legs. I took her legs and opened them with my hands. I kissed all the way up to her pussy. It was covered by the small thong. I put my wet mouth on the top and kissed her bald pussy through the thin material.

"No! No! NO! NO!" she said. I kept kissing her. I pulled off her thong. I smelled it. It was very wet and had a strong musk smell. Her pussy was nice and very smooth on the outside. Her engorged cunt lips stuck outside her pussy as I blew on it with my breath. "You have a very nice pussy Mrs. Smith. I am going to need to check it out. You have something on it." I whispered. "What? What do I have on it?" she said. I started to kiss and tongue the outside. "ME! You have my face on it. MMMMmmmm Now open it up golf bitch." I said. She spread her legs wide open giving me great access. I licked a finger and easily put it inside her. I started to run my mouth in a clock wise motion bringing her to a mini orgasm. "Oh God you bastard. You gave me a orgasm. Your so quick. God how do you know where to touch me young man. My husband has never done this to me. Damn him!" she said.

She was breathing heavy as I picked her legs up in the air. I held onto her ankles as she was leaking all over my face. I slapped the bottom of her ass as she was till biting her bra and shirt. I looked between my legs. My cock was still rock hard. She was so wet. I got on my knees and looked down. "Why did you stop. What are you doing. Buck are you cumming? Did you loose your erection from eating me out." she mumbled. I smiled as I leaned down on my elbows. I put my hands on either side of her shoulders. I was laying over her with my cock almost touching her. I put my ass in the air. I had my toes by her ankles. I then used my right hand to grab her shirt. "Ok! Stop biting your shirt. Pull it off. That a good girl." I said.

She looked down her full body at my hard cock inches from her pussy. I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine. I quickly inserted the tip of my cock in her wet entrance. She did not say anything or protest about being married. She was in my control now. She had to have some cock in her. She grabbed my cock with her hand to guide it in her tight pussy. It took a few seconds but eventually I got the tip inside her. She breathed in and relaxed her cunt muscles to let more inside her. After a few minutes I got almost all inside her pussy. She grunted when she felt me all the way in. Her eyes rolled around as she tried to look at me. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!!" she yelled in my ear. She grabbed my ass and slammed my cock in her. I was fucking her like I was doing push ups for the Olympics. I slammed my body into her soft skin as she orgasm for the first time on my cock. She was leaking onto the green as I fucked her harder. I fucked her long and hard. Then short and quick. Each time I tried something different she begged me for more. She was enjoying my cock buried inside her.

I stopped. "No! No! Keep fucking me. Don't stop baby. Fuck me. Use me fucker." she kept yelling. I got on my knees. I rolled her over on her knees. She was now looking right at the flag in the hole. "Grab the flag in the hole. That it, hold onto to the flag like I am holding onto your hips. Do not let go. If you let go. It will take longer." I said. She held on to the mother fucking flag as I fucked her hard in her tight pussy. I reached around to fondle her big breast. I kept them from hitting the grass. She looked over her shoulder holding onto the flag as I pounded her pussy. After another ten minutes I stopped. I pulled out as she let go of the flag. She moved around to quickly take my cock in her mouth. She grabbed the base of my cock as her tongue rode the length of shaft. Her chin was touching my balls. I looked down to see her gag as I started to cum in her mouth. She was good and only a few droplets fell out of the side. I looked down to watch her clean me off.

I got up and looked down at her. "Come here. Get me my drink." I said. She crawled over to give me the red bull. Her pussy was leaking still. She was very sweaty as she looked at me taking a sip. I slapped her face with my cock then I gave her a sip. "Swirl it around in your mouth. Then spit it out." I said. She did. Then I let her take a drink. She placed it next to my feet. She looked back up to see my cock was rock hard again. "Is the bet paid in full now?" she said. "Almost! Follow me." I said. She walked with me down the green into the sand bunker. I laid down on my back and motion for her to get on my cock. She turned around and lowered her pussy on to my cock. I felt her ass cheeks hit my abs as she fucked me. I slapped her ass making it nice and red as she fucked me. I used my finger nails to scratch her big ass making it dark red.

I stopped her hips. I then had her turn around. She placed her hands on my chest and looked down at me. She fed me her left breast into my mouth. Then she guided my cock back in her pussy. She rode me and called out my name a few times before I unloaded another round in her hot mouth.

I got my clothes on and made her walk the next hole naked. I followed her to the 18th hole. She hit the ball great and took my advise. She got a double bogey on the last hole. I lead her to the club house. I followed her into the ladies locker room. She got dressed quickly as I counted on my watch. She was late again. "Call you husband. Tell him your going to be late tonight. You need to drive me home. My car broke down. Tell him not to wait up for you. Your getting some more golf lessons in. Tell him the Buck has a new big club he making you try out. Tell him that you having so much fun that your going to schedule an early tee time in the morning." I said.

I was sitting next to Mrs. Smith as I drove her car. She had her cell phone in her right hand and my cock in her left. I was looking at her as she talked to her husband. "Put it on speaker." I said. "Beep! Hello honey. I am going to be late getting home tonight. Don't wait up. I have to drive Buck home. His car broke down. I had so much fun that I schedule an early tee time with him. Practice makes perfect. Is that not what you say all the time to me? I just love golf. He is even showing me a great big club to use for the first time. It is so BIG!" Mrs. Smith said. "Great honey. I knew you love golf. It so fun playing with the big clubs. Aren't they so much fun to play with? Better that those small clubs you have. You should stay at your sister house near the country club. Then you can get right to playing in the morning. I have to go out of town for the next few days. I need to sign up some new members. I will see you when I get back. Tell Buck thanks for caddying for you and for showing you the big club. " he said.

I reached down to hang up. I then felt Mrs. Smith hot mouth on my cock. She was sucking my cock as I drove down the road. I got her back to my house. I parked the car and had her get out naked in my driveway. "Follow me inside." I said. She walked behind me as we climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I opened the the bed room door. "Go to my closet. Put on the black platform heels. I never know when a hot golf bitch might stop bye at my crib. I am always prepared. Start the water for our shower. Keep the heels on in the shower. Clean off the grass stains and sand. Then when your ready call me. I need to call my boss and tell him I am giving you some private lessons. Were going to need the course closed tomorrow afternoon for us. I will teach you some more about using my big club tonight after we take a shower. Being a golf bitch has its benefits. Oh your ready for me....Oops you dropped the soap. While your down there clean my balls with your tongue golf bitch....." I smiled