Friday, December 29, 2017

The Boss Lady - An Adult Story

I just completed my first year of college.  My parents forced me to get a job for the summer.  I found a paying internship job in the IT field near my house.  The money was good, but I had to put in long hours.  I was the only guy hired; the other 5 girls hired put in half the amount of time but still got paid more than me.  I looked at the job as something good on my resume.

I worked for a small financial firm.  My job was to help investigate companies stocks and compare when to buy and sell each stock.  I quickly wrote a code and put it in there computer system.  Almost over night the company started to make real large sums of money.  The only draw back was I need to keep updating the computer code to keep my supervisor happy.  It took me most of the summer to perfect the code, now I only need to use my phone to keep up the code and make more money for the company.

I spent most of my summer looking at a computer screen and no time looking at my female co workers and the world around me.  It wasn’t until my last day on the job that I finally woke up and realized my hard work was paying off. 

“Hey Buck.  Today’s our last day.  I can’t wait to go see Mrs. London soon.  I heard we can ask for anything today and she will grant us our wish.  Everyone has been asking for trips, money, even a car.” Said this girl sitting next to my cubicle.  I smiled.  I never remembered her name.  She was kind of an awkward nerd working the phones all day in her cubicle.  I had seen Mrs. London once from a distance; she gave us a small speech to pump us up at the beginning of summer.  If we met our goals and did a good job we could have anything we wanted on our last day.  I had completely forgotten about her speech till now.

I stopped working and watched each of my coworkers go into Mrs. London office, one at a time.  It was close to the end of day when I finally got summoned to see Mrs. London.  When she talked to us at beginning of the summer I was standing behind a group of people and did not see her.  I was wearing a black golf shirt and some tan kaki pants and white low cut tennis shoes.  I was wearing no socks.  I did put on my last new out of the package white boxer briefs as I slowly opened the door to Mrs. London office.

I instantly started to smile as she stood up from her small glass desk and greeted me half way inside her office.  I was speechless.  My mind was racing.  How could I have missed her all this summer?  I felt like an idiot for not getting sent to her office sooner.  Mrs. London was stunning.  She had jet black hair just over her shoulders.  She was maybe 5ft 3 with long curvy legs.  She had three inch open toe heels that showed off her freshly painted red toenails. She was wearing a short just over her knees tight black leather mini skirt that showed off her thick thighs.  She had a big gold belt buckle that sat high on her hips and small waist.  I focused my eyes again.

Her black leather belt cinched everything tight making her top half almost burst out of her tight white button down blouse.  The first two buttons were opened on her blouse.  I could see her black over stretched bra underneath.  She had a small diamond wedding ring on her left hand and some other rings on her right hand.  Her black blazer almost did not fit around her large chest.  One small button at the bottom was keeping it around her massive mammeries.  All I could do was smile.  I then smelled her sweet perfume as she shook my hand and pointed for me to take a seat in front of her desk.

I watched her turn and I bit my lower lip.  Her ass was perfectly rounded and jammed tight inside her leather mini skirt.  How was she not bursting out of her clothes?  She was wearing no hose around her legs.  I could see her sexy calves tighten as she sat down in her big white leather chair behind her small desk.  I quickly passed her big white leather couch against the far wall and then sat in front of her glass desk in a small white desk chair.  I tired to hide my ever growing erection inside my tight kaki pants. 

This is how I picture Mrs. London sitting across from me.....

“First!  I want to thank you for working for us this summer.  I’ve been watching you ever day since it came to my attention that you wrote a code into our computer system that help us quadruple our sales this summer.  You’re the first one here in the morning and usually the last one to leave.  Again!  Thank you for your work.  It really paid off.”  Then her phone rang in her large black purse on the floor next to her desk.

“Hello!  Hi! Honey!  I was going to wait to tell you later but I can’t wait any longer. I got a huge raise.  We can finally move to a better neighbor hood now.  I got a huge bonus also, five times bigger than last year when I got 10k.  I’m so excited.  I’m doing my last exit interview before I can come home later.  Can you pick up around the house before I get home?  You know how I hate when you leave me a mess all day.  Hopefully you can get a job when we move to a better place.” Click she hung up.

I had to do a double take; she was getting huge raise and bonus off my computer code.  What the fuck, I thought.  She started to look around her office.  I quickly went back to checking out her huge assets.  “Thank you for all the kind words.  I had a great time working this summer in the office.  I can’t wait to go back to school on Monday.  I look forward to my sophomore year.  I can’t wait to take out the computer code and start using at school on my off days.” I said with a big smile.

‘What?  Oh no.  The company owns that code honey.  We have all the rights to your code since you work here.  All the paperwork you filled out before you started, clearly stats that anything you do at the company, for the company, including a computer code is now own by us.  I’m sorry you can’t take it.” She said under her breath.  “I see, the big man keeping the little man down.  Everyone making money off my code but me.  I hate to tell you this but once I leave, the code won’t work.  It needs constant updates or it will fall apart and not work after a few hours.” I smiled again.

I could tell she was getting mad.  Her eyes got big and her sexy red lips and mouth looked pouty.  She then cleared her throat.  “Buck!  I can tell you loved working here.  We love to have you back next summer.  I might be able to put in a good word for you and see maybe we can hire you during the holidays when you’re not in school.  Will even pay you and extra dollar an hour, which sounds good to me.” She said.

“That does sounds nice but I would need more.  I mean if the code stopped working the company might stop making so much money.  People might get laid off or the company might go bankrupt, with all those big loans it took out on those stock margins.  I’m sure your boss might ask you what happen to the guy who wrote the code and you have to tell him.  I tried giving him an extra dollar and hour but for some reason he quit to go back to school.” I smirked.

“Oh no, that can’t happen.  I probably am the first one let go.  I’m starting not to like you Buck.” She said in a louder voice.  I paused as I thought of something to say.  “What would your unemployed husband say about all this?  I’m sure he is at home thinking all about moving and how he can live off his business wife some more.  Do you have kids?  How long have you’ve been married?”

“No kids, he has a medical condition.  We’ve been married about 5 years.  He used to work when we first got married.  Buck, I think you can be reasonable and we can figure out a solution so everyone get what they want.  I’ll stop talking and listen to what you have in mind.”

“I think the first thing the company can do for me, is giving me a scholarship and pay off my schooling.  I will also need a nice condo and new car until I graduate, since I go to school not too far from here.  You will need to double my salary and give me a good portion of your bonus you just got from my hard work this summer.  In return I will keep the code inside the company computer and keep updating it, so that everyone including your boss makes large sums of cash.  Lastly as my summer bonus which you so handsomely gave everyone else, what ever they wanted.  I want to see what you’re hiding under that blouse.” I said with my biggest smile yet.

“What????  You must be fucking crazy. There is no way I can do that young man.  You have a wild imagination.  Who do you think you’re talking to?  Double your salary, car, condo, and lastly what’s under my blouse.  I’ve only shown my husband and my doctor, those.  Are you fucking crazy?  You’ve lost your mind.” She said in the air.

“It’s my final offer.  I’ll lock your office door while you call your husband and tell him you’re working late tonight.” I said.  I quickly got up and walked to the door.  She picked up her cell phone off her desk.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to call security or the police.  Then I heard her leave a message for husband that she be working late, that something came up.

She put down her cell phone and looked around her office again as I walked behind her chair.  I looked down to see her amazing cleavage.  Her huge breasts were jammed in her black bra.  I could just make out her nipples getting hard as I inched closer to her back from behind.  I then saw her eyes looking up at me as I licked my lips above her jet black hair.

A few minutes passed as I enjoyed the view.  Next I massaged her shoulders and ran my large hands down both her arms.  I gently moved my hand up her black blazer covering the front of her huge tits.  She bit her lower lip as I moved my hand around her neck.  I slowly moved my fingers down her soft white flesh and just inside her white blouse, touching just the right amount of top breast.  I used my right hand and two fingers to unbutton her blazer exposing more of her huge breasts.  I then paused to admire the view from
above her.  She was breathing heavier then before.

Her hands were on her glass desk.  She reached for a pencil with a big white eraser on the end.  She tapped it on her desk a few times before I motion for her to take off her blazer.  She handed me her blazer which I put on the back of her chair.  I then ran my hands inside her blouse.  I slowly rubbed the palms of my hands on the outside of her black bra and massive chest.  I quickly cupped the front of her bra and pushed out my fingers as far as they would go.  Her breasts were warm and her bra was getting hotter.  Next I felt her huge nipples grow twice as big in my bare hands.  Her eyes were partially glazed over from my man handing of her breast.

I loved groping her huge breasts in my big hands.  She had her eyes closed as her head moved back and forth.  I looked down to see the bottom of her huge breasts almost touch her black leather belt and gold belt buckle around her slimmer than expected waist.  She bite her lower lip again when I started to rub two fingers around her big thick nipples.  I had to see more of her big curves.  I know she was enjoying what I was doing to her big titties.

I reached down to unbutton her last buttons on her white blouse.  Then I slowed pulled back her blouse exposing her huge black lacy bra into the cool air of her office.  She slowly opened her eyes as I reached down to fondle her big breast and warm bra that was some how still on her large chest.  She mumbled something as I ran my fingers around her bra trying to figure out how she put it on and how I could get it off.

I quickly moved around her right side and placed my ass on her desk and look down at her.  I motion for her to take off her blouse and black bra.  Her mouth fell open and she tugged her white blouse off and tossed it on the floor behind her chair.  She then tried to reach around her back to unhook her bra.  This took a few minutes as she struggled to unleash her massive mammeries.  I watched with glee as she struggled with her black bra. 

I then moved in front of her.  Her huge chest rubbed against my thighs.  She quickly placed her hands on my hard abs and looked up as I leaned over her and unhooked her six king size hooks keeping her large bra on her large chest.  She quickly put her hands in front of her breast, cupping her black bra as the back flung open and fell down her sides.  I leaned back up and sat directly back on her desk. 

She looked in my eyes.  “I think this is far as I can go, young man.  I think you’ve gotten to see what I was hiding under my blouse.”  There was a pause in the room.  I wanted to see more.  I figured she wanted to show me more but she had to make it look good that she was not the big slut I thought she might be.  If her unemployed husband could see his MILF wife in her office, about ready to show her huge tits to the company intern.

I moved off her desk and got directly behind her and looked down.  I motion for to remove her hands from her naked breast.  She watched as I reached down with my two big hands and placed them over her small hands.  She let go and dropped her hands to her side as I struggled to keep her huge breast from spilling out of my big hands.  They were the biggest breast ever to fall in my hands.  I was shocked how heavy her two large breasts weighed.  Her ample breast began to spill out causing me to loose my balance behind her and than loosing my grip on her large breasts.

I immediately went back to groping her chest.  I mashed her breast together and then pulled them far apart.  I then began to tug on her thick nipples which caused her to open her legs more under her desk.  I then pushed her nipples together causing her to let out a soft moan.  I rubbed her thick nipples together causing my mouth to drop open more.  Her breathing was really picking up now.  I put her right breast in my two hands and then I did the same with her left breast.  I was stunned on how much each weighs by itself.  I then went back to tugging on her nipples some more.

“Open your mouth.” I instructed.  She did what she was told.  I’m not sure she expected her big fat right nipple to enter her mouth but she swirled her tongue around it.  She then started to suck her left breast and then her right again.  I kept pulling her breast from her mouth slowly and watching the thick trail of saliva from her breast to her greedy mouth.  I could tell it was her first time sucking her own breast.  They were so big; it was easy to feed her mouth and tongue.  I motion for her to suck her own breast as I pulled of my black polo shirt and squatted next to her.

She looked down at me as I got on my knees next to her chair.  I reached up with my left hand to pull her right breast out of her mouth.  A big wet sound hit her body as her huge sloppy wet breast fell down her right side into my mouth.  I started to really suck hard on her right breast.  I reached up with my right hand to feed her left breast into her open mouth.  We took turns sucking each one of her luscious breasts as she sat in her chair looking at me with her sexy brown eyes.

While still sucking her huge breasts, I slowly unbuckled her big gold belt buckle.  I then slowly pulled her black leather belt around her waist and let it fall on the floor.  Her left eye opened when she felt my fingers begin to unzip her tight mini skirt.  She mumbled something but her huge nipple and breast were in her mouth making hard to understand her.  She reached down to help me slide her black mini skirt onto the floor in front of her chair.  I glanced down to notice her wearing a pair of black crotch less panties, which showed off a small very trimmed jet black bush.

She spit out her breast and the saliva hit the back of my hand near her thigh.  I had gently removed her soaked crotch less panties and pulled them over her 3inch open toe heels and put them under my nose to smell her wetness.  Her eyes got big when I put her wet panties in my mouth.  She let out a big moan when the cool air inside her office hit her exposed pussy hairs. 

“Where’s my manners, you’ve shown me yours.  I better show you mine.” I said as I stood up and my tan kaki pants fell around my ankles.  I slowly kicked them to the left of her.  I then grabbed her hands and placed them on my hips.  She was still stunned as she sat there naked looking up at the company intern for the summer.  She then moved her eyes as she looks at the front of my tight white boxer briefs.  My hard cock was causing the front to tent out.  I smiled as she looked at the front door to her office to make sure it was locked and nobody was coming in. 

She then grabbed the side of my underwear and yanked them down to my ankles.  She then gasped when my erect cock bobbed in front of her face.  All 9 ¾ inches sprang to attention.  I began to smile when she started to slowly pull on my cock with her small hands.  I could feel her wedding ring run down the underside of my hard cock.  Her eyes kept looking at the tip, like she waiting for it to explode or bite her.  I inched closer to the front of her chair as she moved her hands to keep up with me.  I then placed my warm naked ass on the edge of her glass desk. 

She quickly rolled her computer chair toward my hard cock.  She then smiled.  “Fuck that is a big cock.  I should have asked to see him early during the summer.” She moaned.  I then felt her hands back on my cock.  She leaned up to put her puffy red lips on the tip of my cock.  She swirled her warm tongue around the tip of my cock and then she began to put some of my cock in her greedy mouth.

She could only get about half my cock down her throat before she gagged and spit me out.  She then kept trying to get more down her throat.  I then reached down to fondle her huge breasts as she sucked my cock like a good little boss whore.  It had been a long time since I had down anything to my self.  I would have loved to hold out longer but her hot mouth and big boobs had made me ready to explode.  I motion to her, I was cumming.  She gave me a big smile and then I started to blast her face, lips and chin with a huge load.  She kept jacking my cock as big globes of white sperm hit ever part of her face and dripped on her huge breasts.

She licked her fingers and then cleaned her breast with her greedy mouth.  She then reached into her big black purse and pulled out some wet wipes to clean her cum stained body.  She reached into a side drawer of her desk to drink bottle water.  She gave me the rest of the water bottle.  She tossed the empty bottle on her clothes near her desk. 

I reached around her waist to draw her to my body.  We began to start to kiss.  First she resisted and then her big brown eyes met my blue eyes and she opened her mouth to let my tongue in.  I was slapping her huge breast and running my hands on her big round ass.  A few minutes passed before she looked down to see my hard cock poking her waist.  She started to kiss me more passionately and jammed her breast into my hard chest.

I moved my self off her glass desk and then placed her on her back on the desk.  She once again looked at the front door and then back at me.  I gently rubbed my hard cock on the entrance to her warm pussy.  I could feel the heat coming from her little black bush.  I spit on my left hand wand wiped the length of my hard cock.  I then gently eased the tip of my cock at the entrance to her hot pussy.   I did this a few times running my cock on the outside of her warm pussy. Her two huge assets flopped to her sides causing her whole body to shake under me.

“You’re a big tease young man, such a cock tease.  Arrrgghhh FUCK!!”  I squeezed my cock into her warm tight entrance.  I had half my hard cock inside her tight pussy, before her muscles kicked me straight out.  “Your husband must be so small.  You’re so fucking tight.”  I then eased back into her.  I reached up to slap her tits together.  I really started to fuck her harder and faster.  Her whole body was shaking as gripped my arms, then shoulders as I sucked her breasts and fucked her.

After a few minutes of fucking her on her back, I moved her on her left side.  I reached down to slap her big ass and grip her side boob as she screamed from her first orgasm.  She then flushed her pussy of my cock and dripped on the front of her desk and on my feet.  She was so wet.  I slipped right back into her tight pussy and continues fucking her faster.  I was not expecting her pussy to be so tight.  After a few more minutes, I began to tense up.  She reached up to hold me inside her.  I then began to cum deep inside her.  She then exploded again and my drenched cock fell out.  We both were dripping in front of her desk.

I finally pulled my half erect cock out of her tight pussy.  I slowly walked over and sat on her white leather couch on the far wall of her office.  She reached into her side drawer of her desk and pulled out a bottle of vodka.  She took a big gulp and whipped her chin.  Her pussy was dripping down the inside of her thighs as she walked toward me on the couch.  I motion for her to put on her black blazer back on and come sit on my lap.

She slid on her tight black blazer and then slowly sat on my lap.  Her two small feet fell next to my hips on the couch.  Her wet pussy dripped on my naked crotch as she looked into my eyes.  I quickly put my hands on her hips and motion for her to use her arms to crush her breast together causing them to fall out the front of her blazer and onto my face.  I started to lick and nibble on her exposed nipples and areoles as she sat there looking down at me.

“What kind of car will you need?  Where would you like to live and how do we pay off your student loan?” she said.  “I’ll text you the details.  I’ll also need half your bonus by tomorrow to start with.  Then you’re going to drive me to a hotel near the airport.  Were going to spend the whole weekend in the room, doing what ever I say.  On Monday you will take me shopping using the company credit card for new clothes.  I’ll also pick out some clothes for my new whore.  I want you to ride my cock now and fuck me like you’ve never fucked another person.  If you do a good job, I just might let you leave long enough to kick your husband out of the house.” I smiled as I felt her wet pussy slam down on my hard cock. 

Love Buck,

The boss by the pool.....

Licking another huge load

Her new outfit for Monday.... simply the best

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

She woke up to my big hands - An Adult Story

I had known Mike for about five years.  We were pretty good friends.  We had almost all the same classes in school.  We dated the same girls and hung out with the same group of friends almost every day.  I would do anything in my power to come to his house anytime he asked if I wanted to come over.  Besides the big pool at his house or his room that had everything you ever wanted.  He had the greatest Mom ever.  She was the number one thing no other of my friends had?  His hot overly developed Mom; she was the hottest looking MILF in town.  Mrs. Tia Smalls.  I never missed a chance to check her out. 

The first time I saw her.  She was sunning herself out back of there house near the pool.  I immediately jumped into the deep end to hide my ever growing erection.  She was stunning in a two piece yellow bikini that left nothing to the imagination.  She had long tan legs.  Her big round ass was the perfect size, aching to fall out her yellow bikini bottom.  Her thick thighs and ample curves on the bottom were only matched by her huge breast.  There were so big and round.  Her big pouty lips and she always matched her finger and toe nails colors to what ever she was wearing.  Mike paid little attention to her, but every one of his friends talked behind his back about fucking his Mother some day.

She was super kind and always said hello to me.  She would wear sexy perfume and try to dress conservatively in front of Mike’s friends.   She never had to work.  Mike’s Dad owned a big investment company and traveled a lot.  Mike would forget were he was but I keep track.  Hoping to stop by and catch her all alone.  I tried twice in the last month to stop by Mike’s house uninvited but both times his Mom was out running errands.  I just kept my finger cross and kept jacking my cock every chance I got thinking of her.

I was in home room when my cell went off.  I looked down to see Mike had sent me a text.  He wanted to know if I wanted to sleep over at his house this weekend.  His Dad was in Europe for the next three weeks and we had talked about studying for our finals next week.  I looked around home room, wanted to make sure no one saw the big smile on my face.  I sent him a text that it sounded good.  We both need to do well on our finals plus I get to check out his hot Mother around there house.

I could not wait for the final bell.  Mike picked me up in his new red convertible.  We stopped at my house and I ran inside to get some clothes and a few text books to make it look good that we might study.  I left a note on the fridge telling my parents where I was going to be and I am home late Sunday night.  I grabbed some cash from my sister purse and headed out the front door to Mike’s car.

Took about thirty minutes but we finally got to his house.  A small black dog greeted us at the door.  I stepped over him and we went straight to his room.  His Mom had texted him that she was running some errands and would not be home till later.  She left some money for us to order some pizza.  We both played video games and ate pizza for most of the night.  I had lost track of time but it was close to 8pm when we heard his Mother yelling at the bottom of the stairs for us.

I was wearing a black t-shirt and tan cargo shorts below my knees.  Mike had on a white t-shirt and white cargo shorts.  It took us a few minutes to walk down the hall and look down at his Mom at the end of the steps.  We both froze.  She had gone from a dark brown color hair to platinum blonde.  It was straight with little curls just touching her upper back.  She had bright red lips that matched her fiery red finger nails.  I was sure her toe nails were the same color but I could not tell under her long black nylons she was wearing.  She had two inch square heels on.  She had a black over her knee length skirt and button up red blouse hiding her figure.   She was dressed so prim and proper but I could tell she wanted someone to compliment her new look.

“Wow!!  Mrs. Smalls!!” was all I got out before Mike walked in front of me and down the stairs toward his Mom.  “Hello Mom, I don’t think Dad would approve of your new look.  He leaves on business and the first thing you do is change your look.  Don’t worry Buck and I already ate.  Any sodas in the fridge?” was all Mike said.  He gave her a dirty look and then motion for me to follow him to the kitchen.  I could tell his Mother was mad at him for treating her so rudely. 

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs.  Mike was half was down the hall in front of us.  “Sorry about Mike.  We’ve been cramming the books all night studying for finals.  I think you look great.”  I then gave her a big smile.  She was wearing the sexist perfume I had ever smelled.   I looked down to see me hard cock almost sticking straight at her.  She gave me a small smile and then closed her eyes.  I caught up with Mike in the kitchen.

“I can’t believe my Mom.  This is why her and my Dad fights all the time.  He wants her to be more conservative and she goes and does that.  My Dad going to be mad when he gets back.  Coke or Sprite Buck?”  I looked back toward the kitchen door.  “Cokes good dude.  You should let up on your Mom.  Maybe she is having a rough day.  You should go apologize.”  He handed me a Coke.  Then we got some snacks and headed back to his room.  I did not see his Mother but I heard a TV on, down the hallway coming from the master bedroom.

We played some more video games until almost midnight.  I went first to take a piss in the bathroom across the hall.  I could hear the TV down the hall still playing.  I came out and then Mike used the bathroom.  A few minutes passed before I looked around the room.  I just ran out of lives in the video game when I noticed Mike had not come back yet.  He had been more than fifteen minutes since I saw him.

I slowly got off the bed and opened his bedroom door.  The light to the bathroom across the hall was out and the door open.  I looked down the hall toward the stairs and noticed no lights were coming from down stairs.  I then turned my head toward the noise from the TV down the hall.  I could hear it louder now, plus I saw Mike bending at the waist and peeking into his parent’s bedroom.  I slowly crept down the hall toward him. 

We were both barefoot.  He looked over his shoulder at me.  Then he bent back up and pulled the bed room door closed.  He motion for me to back up down the hall.  We walked a few feet away from his parent’s bedroom.  “What’s up?” I said.  “I went to check on my Mother.  She passed out sleeping on there big king size bed, with the TV still on.  She can sleep through anything.”  I looked over his shoulder.  I’m about 6ft 4 and he is about 6ft.  Were both on the football team and work out.  Were both single.  I never say anything about his Mom in front of him but it was now or never.

“Dude!  What’s she wearing?” I blurted out.  I was waiting to be punched He just shook his head.  “I can’t tell.  She was under the covers.  Man!  You’re just like Raul from last year.  I invited him over and all he did was stare at my Mom and make vulgar remarks about her.  He offered me $20 dollars if I let him check her out while she was sleeping.  I said No!  Plus my Dad was sleeping next to her.  He never got invited back Buck.” 

Maybe I blew it, but I was super horny at the moment.  “Wait your Dad not here tonight.  I might have a $20 in my wallet.  Like you never wanted to see your Mom naked before.” I giggled.  Mike was either going to get mad and throw me out or want the $20.  I waited a few seconds.  “A $100 and you can check her out.”  We both stared at each other now.  I knew secretly he had to want to see his Mother naked.  No way had he not done this before. Spying on her from the hallway.  I decided to go for broke and up the ante.

“A $100 lets me get access to inside the room.  You just said she under the covers, so I can’t see anything from out here.  I get to walk up to the side of the bed and judge for myself.”  His mouth dropped open.  “Ok!  But you better keep this a secret.  You can’t tell anybody.  I may have or have not seen my Mom naked before.” He smiled.  I reached into my pocket and pull a $100 from my wallet.  He started to shake his head “NO” but opened the bed room door for me to follow.

The bedroom door opened easily.  Not a sound was made from the door opening all the way.  Almost like someone had lubricated the door to make it silent.  Mike went to the foot of the bed, toward the right side.  Like he had done this before.  He had to look over the full length of the bed to finally see his Mother.  The big 80 inch TV lit up the whole room from the opposite wall of the bed.  You could see everything in the room with no problem.  I slowly walked up the left side of the king size bed.  There was just enough space from the two large windows that were open and the side of the bed to fit from the wall.  There was a warm breeze and I was glad they had no neighbors to see us starring at Mrs. Smalls in her bed. 

I looked over at Mike.  He was starring at his Mom and then back at me.  He did this a few times before I slid my toes under the side of the bed and looked down at her.  She was breathing soft and her eyes were closed.  I slowly reached down to pull the big black king size cover down to the end of the bed.  I kept waiting for her to wake up and scream at us.  I noticed she was still breathing softly.  Mike mouth was wide open as he watched me pull down the black satin top sheet covering his Mom.

I noticed her sexy toe nails did match her fiery red finger nails first.  Then her sexy perfume hit the air in the bedroom.  Mike let out a soft whimpered.  I then followed her body from her sexy toes nails to her sexy red lips.  She was lying on her back.  She was wearing a very sexy black see through two piece lingerie teddy.  Her lower half was covered and you could see a black thong under her see through bottoms.  It set loosely on her.  She had a huge black lace bra that was a size to small for her enormous chest.  The 4 huge silver metal clasps holding the lace bra on her were set directly in the middle of her huge cleavage.  Both huge breasts were fighting to spill out or erupt out of the bra and then fill out the see through teddy top.  I was shocked in her appearance.  Had she just got the outfit today or was this her favorite one.  It was too new to be anything but just off the rack.

My mouth fell open when I noticed a small black zipper on each of the tips of her bra.  I assumed at first glance you could unzip them; her nipples would then pour out the small holes.  My cock was growing harder.  A second later I could feel all 9 ¾ inches trying to escape the confines of my black boxer briefs and cargo shorts.  I glanced over at Mike who was rubbing the front of his shorts.  I could tell he was enjoying seeing his Mother like this. 

I looked around the bedroom one more time before I reached down to touch the soft see thought fabric of her teddy.  I was waiting for Mike’s Mother to wake up and yell at us but her eyes were still closed.  I leaned over her body and looked on the other side of her black teddy.  I noticed a pink bow tied loosely.  I wondered if I could pull on the edge of her bow what might happen.  It took a few seconds but I managed to pull one edge of the pink bow causing it to fall off and then noticed it was keeping the top of her teddy closed over her body.  I could not see a pink bow to her lower body.  Maybe she was laying on it I thought.

I watched her breathing and timed it perfectly to pull one side of her teddy open.  I pulled her black see through teddy wide open now.  I gently let it fall on her arms resting besides her body.  Her midsection was bare; she had such a small stomach and perfect wide hips for her frame.  Her stomach was flat as she breathed in and out.  She had a silver necklace above her bra and around her neck.  She had two large diamond studs in both her small earlobes.  Her wedding band was small but a huge diamond sat high on her gold band.  She had two smaller silver rings on her pinkies and a small flower tattoo on her ankle as I scan up and down her bodacious body.

I quickly reached down to touch her bare skin on her stomach.  She did not do anything.  I ran both my hands to her large black lace bra.  I marveled at how big the bra was.  I was not sure the size but it had to be custom ordered; I had never seen one this big before.  I bit my lower lip as I ran my fingers all around her large bra feeling her huge breast.  I heard Mike moan when I started to slowly unzip the tip of the black lace bra.  I could barely make out the zipping noise as I started with her left breast.

I reached down to pull her bra and unzip the zipper keeping the small holes on the tip of her breast from being exposed.  A few seconds later my eyes got bigger as the zipper fully opened and a huge fucking nipple flopped out into the open air.  The front of her nipple was flaccid, almost denting down into a light brown color nipple with small pale brown bumps surround her nipple.  I then repeated the same steps freeing her right nipple.  They both looked the same; so semi hard but so very delicious looking at them. 

I licked the fingers on my left hand.  Mike was motioning for me to stop what I was about ready to do.  I just smiled and motion to him the sign for money using my fingers.  I wanted him to know I was going to get my $100 dollars worth from his Mother.  I reached down to pull on Mike Mother big left nipple.  It was soft at first but using my big thumb and first finger it grew very hard, very fast.  I quickly looked into her eyes, they were still closed.  I began to pull up and then slowly drop her thumb size nipple back on her chest.  I did this a few times before I made her right nipple just as hard.

I went back and forth on both her hard nipples.  I was loving it, and Mike had a big smile on his face.  A few minutes passed before I thought about how to open her huge black lace bra.  I looked around.  I gently reached down to pull one side of her bra encased breast toward her face.  I bent down looking under each breast.  Once again I assumed the silver clasp in the front, deep inside her massive cleavage was the key in opening her huge lace bra.  I looked at Mike, his eyes were closed.  He was rubbing the front of his shorts again.

I wasted no time in taking off my black shirt.  I dropped in the side of the bed, next to the wall.  I then slowly reached between her breasts to feel the silver clasp holding this magnificent bra on her huge breast.  I fumbled between her breast, as it took a few times before all of sudden her bra just sprang open.  Both side scrapped my left hand causing me to bite my lip again from the pain of the wire fabric slapping my hand.  I then watched the huge bra cascaded down her side and onto the black see through teddy.

Her huge breasts were amazing.  Mike let out a huge moan when he heard his Mother bra exploded off her chest.  Both her huge breast immediately fell to either side of her body and covered her arms.  Her right breast was out of my reach, but her left exposed breast was now inches from the front of my cargo shorts.  Her huge nipples were still inside the tiny holes at the tip of her bra.  Mike was so busy checking out his Mom, he did not see me slowly pull down my cargo shorts.  I was now just standing there in my black boxer briefs.  My full erect cock was causing the front of my briefs to extend forward. 

I reached down to adjust my erect cock to my right side.  I then bent over by my waist.  I put my large hands on either side of her nipple and pulled the black lace fabric over her nipples causing her left breast to full free of her bra.  I then tried to put each hand under her left breast, causing the sides to run out of my fingers.  I slowly groped her breast.  I occasionally peeked over to see if she might be awake.  I touched a few inches of her right breast but there was no way I could get a hold of it and pull it toward me.  It weighed too much.

I used my left hand and fingers to pull on her big left nipple.  I then slowly brought my right hand down between her breasts and over her stomach to the top of her bottom outfit.  I could feel her breathing had increased and my right hand could feel the soft fabric of the teddy at the bottom.  I slowly eased my hand under her see through teddy and on top over black thong.  The thin fabric could not contain the heat I felt on the palm of my hand.  Her pussy was burning up.  Was she awake and faking being asleep or was she having a wet dream about being fucked or something.  Damn her pussy mound was on fire under my hand.

I moved on the feet and slight bent toward the foot of the bed to give my hand better access to her thong.  It took a minute but I finally moved her black thong to her left thigh.  I gently pulled it toward me, with my index finger and thumb.  I wanted to lick my fingers on my right hand but I thought I might never get back to this perfect spot without her waking up.  I gently began to run the tip of my index finger over her bare pussy mound.  She was so clean shaven.  Had she shaved today of got a bikini wax during her errands this afternoon. 

Either way, the tip of my finger found the entrance to her pussy.  She was very wet.  I could now smell her scent over her sexy perfume and two sweaty teenage boys in her bed room.  I smiled when I felt my finger go deeper inside her.  Not to forget her nipple in my left hand.  I gently began to pull my fingers, causing her left nipple to be tugged the hardest I had to at this point.  I then began to use my thumb on the top of her vagina and another finger pushed deeper inside her.  I had my thumb and two fingers deep inside her as I tugged harder on her left nipple.

A few minutes later I should not have been surprised when I heard a loud female moan.  Followed by “What the FUCK are you doing??? Young man??  Michael James Smalls what the FUCK are doing?? My son!!! “  I immediately looked at Mrs. Smalls eyes.  They were glazed over but she could perfectly see what I was doing to her in the low light of the room.  She did not move her hands or try and stop me from what I was doing.  I then looked over at Mike.  He had his cargo shorts down around his knees.  His small 3-4 inch cock was in his left hand.  He had just shot a small load at the foot of the king size bed.  He had moved and was now directly inline with his Mother’s pussy and my fingers, which were still deep inside his Mother’s wet pussy.

“Mom!  Your dreaming…” blurted out Mike.  I then felt both her hands shove my hand of her huge breast.  A second later she grabbed my other hand and removed it from her tight pussy.  “Pardon me young man.” She looked up into my eyes.  There was a long pause in the room.  Mike tried walking to the other side of the bed, opposite of me and on his Mom’s right side of the bed.  He still had not pulled up his shorts or under wear.  His little cock still dribbled looking at his Mother half naked in bed.

“Michael stop looking at me.  What are you both doing in here??  Don’t tell me I’m fucking dreaming again damn it.  I’m fucking awake.  Believe me.” She said.  Mike mumbled something.  I could not make it out.  His Mother was not happy.  She then looked at me.  “I paid your son.  That’s why I’m here.” I blurted out.  I was waiting for her to scream or yell at us some more.

“Michael did Buck give you money?  You took money again from your friends to see me in bed?? Fucking again..  You made Raul last year and Tony both give you twenty to see me in bed from the hallway.  What did you pay young man?” What was happening? I thought.  I just went for it.  “$100, but he said you were under the covers.  I figured for that much; I would get to see you naked under the covers.  He then opened your door and we came in.” She looked pissed as she glared at both of standing on opposite side of the bed.

“A hundred dollars.  Is that all I’m worth now to you and your friends.  I give you everything and this is what you do.  My son the pervert.  Getting cheap thrills by jacking his cock, I mean small cock in front of me.  I’ve never seen this side of you Michael.  Wait until I tell your Dad.  I told him about your friends last year and he banned them from coming over ever again.  I thought you learned your lesson.  I thought Buck was your BFF.  Now what is your Dad going to do to him?” she glared at Mike.

I looked over at Mike who had is eyes closed.  His lips curled up and hair barley covered his eye brows.  I then looked down at his Mother.  Her nipples were still rock hard.  She was looking at her son.  “Don’t blame your son Mrs. Smalls.  Your really fucking hot compared to all the other Mom’s we know.  Your new blonde hair and sexy outfit tonight.  I mean you must have just shaved or just got your pussy waxed.  What’s two horny teenagers going to do on a boring night like this??”

“I don’t know.  Maybe his best friend won’t come in my bedroom and finger me while I’m asleep or her son jack his small cock and cums on my new sheets.” She screamed into the air.  “I think you like young men checking you out.  You’re just as bored, being in this big house all by yourself.  Your dick of a husband not being here for your sexual needs.  I think you like showing off in front of Mike friends.  Your hard nipples and wet pussy do not lie.” I pointed to her wet pussy and hard nipples.  She was in shock.  No one had ever spoke this way in front of her.

“In fact, let me show you what you do to his friends.  My cock aches every time I come over here.  I’ve been masturbating to you almost every single day since I met you and you were half naked in the back yard next to the pool.  Fuck!! My cock aches for you, Mrs. Smalls.”  I then quickly pulled down my black boxer briefs to just under my hard ass and about mid thigh on my legs.  “Oh my goodness, young man.  Your cock is so big and fat.  I’ve never seen anything that big before.” She said.  “Buck pull up your underwear.  Not in front of my Mom.”

I looked down to see a big drop of pre cum on the tip of my fully erect cock.  Mrs. Smalls eyes were really big looking at my cock.  I reached down to move her bra and linger off her left arm.  I then grabbed her left hand and placed it on my hard cock.  “This is what you do Mrs. Small’s to every friends of Mike.  Now you must play with it.  Stroke it.  Faster!  That a good Mom, jack her son best friend cock faster.”  I watched as Mrs. Smalls did not stop jacking my hard cock.  I reached down to grab her big left nipple again.  It was still rock hard.  Mrs. Smalls was breathing heavier.  I looked over at Mike.  He was now completely naked and trying to get his flaccid cock hard watching us.

“Give me your right breast.  It needs my special attention.” I said in a loud voice.  Mrs. Smalls pushed her right breast into my greedy hands as she tried to roll toward me on the side of the bed.  I looked down to see her right breast resting on her left and her huge ass was slightly in view.  “Take of your lingerie bottom.  That a good Mom.  Toss it on the floor, along with your bra and lingerie top.  That’s a good wife.” I said in my loud voice again.  Mrs. Smalls was really jacking my cock.  She now had both hands on either side of my cock, jacking it for all it was worth.

I was using both hands on each hard nipple and groping all her huge breast flesh in my hands.  “Spit on my cock, Mrs. Smalls.  That a good little wife.  Now rub some saliva between your huge cleavages.  Roll on your back.  Hold those big tits together.  If I was your husband, I stay at home every day and fucking these until I ran out of cum.”  A minute later after she got her huge breast coated in saliva.  I swung my right leg over her left side and placed my hard cock in her deep wet cleavage.  Mrs. Smalls eyes were still wide open as she watched me place my hard cock in her deep valley.

I reached down to tug on her nipples as I moved my hips back and forth and my hard cock fucked her tits.  She was moaning.  I heard Mike groan next to the bed.  Then he fell back onto the floor.  His cock was flaccid again but he crawled to his side of the bed and watched his best friend, fuck his Mother’s huge breast.  My naked balls moved on her stomach as I began to fuck her breasts faster.  She tried to move her lips to touch the tip of my cock when it slipped out between her large tits.  I was loving every minute but then decided for something better.

“Put my cock in your mouth.  Such a warm mouth.  Now I’m going to flip around and fuck your tits in the opposite direction.  Your going to lick my balls first and then lick my ass hole.  Do a good job and maybe I’ll fuck that tight wet pussy, I smell in your bedroom Mrs. Smalls.  Now get at it Mike’s Mom.” I flipped positions and had my knees next to her shoulders and my cock back in her fat cleavage.  I could feel her silver necklace on my right knee.  My cock flopped back in her tits.  I re-wrapped her nipples with my hands.  I then felt her warm tongue on the back of my hairless balls.

A few minutes later I felt her tongue migrate up and lick my ass for the first time.  She rammed her tongue deep in my ass hole.  I then tensed up and shot my first load between her breast.  I screamed, she screamed.  Mike was speechless.  I was unloading a huge load between her warm cleavage.  I finally began to spank my semi hard cock on her fat nipples.  I started to rub the tip of my cock and her fat nipples on each other.  Finally after a few more minutes I leaned back on Mrs. Smalls greedy mouth.  She was still tongue fucking my ass hole.

I lifted my leg up and moved my asshole from her wet tongue.  “Get up and stand there.  Mike crawl over and help your Mom out of her wet thong with your teeth.  Keep your hands on her ankles don’t be creepy.  Mike’s Mom, reach down and put your wet thong in your son’s mouth.  Now rub your pussy but don’t orgasm just yet.  Do that for a few minutes while I get hard.  That a good slut.  Feed your thong into your son’s mouth.”

“That a good son.  Now Mike go to the bottom of the bed.  Crawl to the edge. Face the other way.  I don't want to fuck your Mom with her son watching the first time.  If your good maybe I’ll let you watch later.  Mrs. Smalls are you good and wet?  Use your fingers to show me.  Oh that is nice and wet.  Climb back on your bed.  I want you sit on my cock and let those big tits cover my face.  That a good Mom.  Put your hands on the head board.  Drop those big puppies on my face.  Now fuck me as hard as you can.  Like you ever wanted to fuck a person before.  Like you’ve dreamed of since the first time we met and your yellow two piece bathing suit in the back yard hugged your pussy and hard nipples.”

Mrs. Smalls grabbed the head board with one hand and got her free hand toward my hard cock.  I was not expecting what happened, but not surprised.  Mrs. Smalls pussy was tight.  Her medium size cunt lips clung tight to my cock shaft.  She was wet before, she then let out a big scream ¼ of the way down my cock.  Her hands fell on the pillow around my head.  Her whole body shook.  She then unloads a huge warm mess on my cock.  She unloaded a huge wet orgasm that had been building for years on my hard cock.

I had been fucked before but never so hard.  Mrs. Smalls was slamming her pussy down and mashing her huge breasts all over my face as she rode my cock faster and faster.  I could not see Mike but I heard him moan at the far end of the bed.  I’m sure he was watching.  No way could I see with his Mother’s huge tits in my face and mouth.  I reached down to slap her big ass when ever she slammed onto my thighs with her big ass.  I did not last very long.  Her pussy was tight from little use from her husband.  I bite her big right nipple and grabbed her perfect hips and held onto her as I unloaded deep inside her pussy.  I kept shooting big wads of cum in her before I finally stopped and she fell on my upper chest and lower body. 

“I have a good idea for you son.  Better than watching me fuck his Mother.  Mike come and clean out your Mother.  We don’t want her to get pregnant from your best friend.  Sit on the edge Mrs. Small.  I’m going to suck your breast while your son’s cleans me out of you.  Your not allow to orgasm on him.  That would not be a good Mom.  That it Mike.  Keep your hands under the bed while you clean out my sperm from your Mother’s used pussy.”  I then watched her son clean out my sperm.  He was eating her pussy very rough.  It was probably the first time seeing any girls pussy before, especially his Mother’s.

Couple minutes passed before I ordered Mike back to the end of the bed.  I tossed him a pillow.  He rolled over on his side to watch me fuck his Mother in every position before we fell asleep in the early hours.  

I felt the bed move first followed by the sounds of a land line phone.  Next I heard Mrs. Smalls on the phone.  “I understand dear.  Your going to be gone another week for work.  I’ll keep doing my exercise to drop weight around my chest.  I know how you hate my fat udders like you love to call them.  Mike is doing good., a friend of his slept over.  Yes!  He charged him $20 again to peek in on me.  I did like you said and slept under the covers so no one would see my ugly body.  Have a great day.” Click…. She hung up the phone.

“Your husband a fucking  an idiot, he doesn’t know what a hot wife he has.  Now get that fine ass moving.  Follow me into the bathroom.  I need to take a long shower with Mike’s Mom and my new filthy whore.   You need to use the bathroom.  Wait….. Mike get in here, your Mom needs you.  That a good son.  Lie on the shower floor.”  

I pointed to the shower floor next to the toilet in the master bedroom.  Mike was on his back before I could tell him what to do.  I then stood over him followed by his Mom.  I went first.  Mrs. Smalls stood there with her mouth open and eyes watching the tip of my semi hard cock open and a huge white/yellowish stream of pee went from my cock to her son’s face.  Mike moved his head back and forth as I peed on him.  I motion for Mrs. Smalls to squat over her son’s face but she already was there and started to pee on her son.  I became instantly hard and shoved my cock into her greedy mouth.  A few minutes passed before I turned on the shower and hot water mixed with a huge load flying in the air and hitting Mike mouth near the drain.

I spent the whole time fucking Mrs. Smalls and doing things to her son.  Who I must say enjoyed himself….  I briefly stopped when her husband finally came home from work after being away so long.  He became upset that she had put on weight around her chest and waist.  He would become more upset when she told him that she was pregnant and I was moving in with them.  I caught him fucking the male dog walker, the video was not good.  It showed Mike watching and Mr. Smalls doing more than walking the small black dog.

Love Buck,

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Big Boob Gamer Chick - An Adult Story

I looked down at my phone on lunch.  I had two emails in my inbox.  The first one was junk mail.  The second was from Stacy Somers.  We met online a few weeks ago.  She finally wanted to meet up for the first time, for drinks at a bar near her house.

I was just hoping now that she did not lie on her online dating profile.  She said she was 5ft 6inches in heels and loved to tease her blonde hair up.  She liked long walks and meeting new people.  She was a English teacher at a high school across town.  She was 34 years old.  I was really 20 but told her I was little older. 

It was close to 8pm when I finally got to the bar near the beach.  I was wearing a navy blue polo shirt and some knee length white shorts.  I decided to wear some tight white boxer briefs, so nothing was showing through my white shorts.  I had some tan boat shoes on and I walked into the bar.  I looked around and noticed Stacy sitting at the end of the bar.  It was quite for a Friday night.  Only a few people were inside.

She smiled as she saw me walking toward her.  She was sitting on a bar stool with one leg extended and the other tucked under her bar stool.  She was wearing 2inch wooden heels that looked great on her shapely legs.  She told me early on that she was bigger than most women and I did not think totally about it when she brought it up.  I adore women of all sizes but I prefer women with large curves.  She was wearing a full length white dress that covered her from head to toe.  But I could tell she was packing some big curves in all the right places.

“Hi! You must be Stacy.  Very nice to meet you.”  I said with a big smile.  I could smell her great perfume.  It was sweet and very sexy.  “Nice to meet you Buck Kelly for the first time.  You look so much younger than your age on your profile.” She said.  I smiled.  “Sorry, I thought you might not want to go out with me.  I’ve always preferred older women.  Someone who is more than mature than the girls my age.  I hope you won’t count this against me?” I said.  She smiled.  “No, but I must confess that I’m actually 39 and not 34.  Like I said on my profile.” We both laughed.

Stacy was very cute.  Her dirty blonde hair was pulled in a small pony tail.  She had beautiful green eyes and a cute smile.  I could tell she used to smoke at one time.  Her sexy red lips gave it away.  She had a long day at school from grading finals.  She was happy her classes ended next week and she could be off for the summer.  I order a beer and got her a white wine.

Stacy kept talking about her ex husband who she just got the divorce finalized two week ago.  He left her for his older secretary from work.  HR found out and fired both of them.  She giggled when she told me that.  She was finally getting over him and wanted to move on.  Her daughter suggested getting an online profile to meet people.  She had no idea about me.  Stacy was trying to keep it a secret from her daughter.  I order us another round of drinks.

Stacy talked for the next two hours about her life.  I just sat there and listen.  I tried to sneak glimpse of her voluptuous body.  I was trying to guess her large breast and ass size.  She had covered them so perfectly.  She bent to the side and I noticed her dress cling to her small waist just above her curvy hips.  I could feel my hard cock growing in my white shorts.  I order a Coke and she got another glass of wine.  I order some food and ate while she kept talking about herself.

It was close to 11pm when I noticed her slurring her words.  I could tell she was a little drunk.  I convinced her we should probably leave and that I should drive her home.  I would come and get her car tomorrow from the parking lot.  She giggled as I put her in the front seat of my big black SUV.  I had a little difficulty putting her seat belt over her large breast.  I slowly slid my finger over her hard nipple.  I could feel her white lace bra just under her white dress.  I smiled and got in the driver side.

I opened her purse and got out her driver license.  I put her address in my GPS.  I also took a glimpse of her age.  She was really 39.  It took about thirty minutes to drive her home.  I saw a few lights on in her big house.  She had a very big house.  I parked outside in the driveway and walked around to help her out of my SUV.  Stacy barely helped but she did walk holding my arm to her front door. 

I decided to knock on the front door.  Someone had to be home.  I could her some talking inside and there were lights on inside.  I waited a few seconds before I knocked a little louder this time.  A minute passed before I heard a girl’s voice from inside.  “Just a minute!!  Who’s knocking on the door??”  I then saw the door knob turn and the door fly open.  “Mom!! What the hell?  Who are you?”  “I’m Buck. Nice to meet you.  Your Mother and I were out having a drink.  She may have one to many.” I said.

There was a long pause.  I finally looked at the girl standing in the door way.  She was about my age maybe a year older.  She had dark brunette hair over her shoulders.  She was wearing a dark green string halter top that was stretched to the limit on top.  I could tell the apple did not fall far from the tree.  She was bigger than her mother.  Her tits were massive.  My mouth fell open.  I was standing with her curvy Mother on my arm.  Turns out her daughter had more curves than her Mom. 

“Please come in.  I’m sorry about my Mom.  It’s been awhile since she has gone out of the house.  I can’t believe she went out on a date and did not tell me.  That bitch!” she laughed.  I stepped inside the door.  Her daughter shut the door and walked in front of me.  I looked down to see she was wearing some white cotton panties on over her very tan body.  “Her bedroom upstairs, first door on the right.  I’m Leanne by the way.” She said.  I smiled as I walked Stacy up the stairs to her bed room.

I laid her down on a big king size bed.  I then slowly took off her wooden heels.  Stacy moved in her dress and wiggled her head to a big pillow before I turned off the lights and walked back to her bed room door.  I could hear her breathing heavy and she was already a sleep as I closed the door behind me. 

“Fuck!  You cheater.  Take that.  Say hello to my little friend.” Said Leanne voice down stairs.  I smiled as I walked down stairs and into the living room.  I turned my head to see where Leanne was making all this noise.  She was sitting on a big white leather couch.  She had a joy stick in her hands and a head set on her left ear.  She was talking into a microphone in her mouth.  She was looking straight a head at a huge 65 inch flat screen TV pulled in front of the couch.  She was obviously playing a game with someone.

I looked around the living room.  I could tell no one was home but her and her passed out Mom, who was sleeping upstairs.  There were 3 or 4 empty red bulls and monster drinks lying around the living room.  I heard a big explosion from the TV in front of her.  Leanne jumped off the couch causing her huge chest to bounce for my enjoyment.  “Fucking eat that shit.  I think I won.  Take off your jeans next.  Your going to be my call of duty bitch in no time.” She laughed at the screen.

I stood there for another minute before she saw me.  She smiled and then motion me over to her.  I walked over and turned to see the video game she was playing on the big screen.  I looked down in the right hand corner and saw a dude sitting in a gaming chair on the ground looking at his screen.  He was about my age.  He was sitting in a dark room with just a pair of red over sized boxers and a black t-shirt on.

“Paul!  Wait!  It’s my Mom’s friend.  The guy who helped my Mom get home.  How is she?” she said toward me.  “She is sound asleep in her bed.  I turned off her light and closed her door.” I said.  Leanne turned to Paul and then back at me.  She whispered in her microphone around her bright red lips.  “What are you guys playing?”  I said.  “Paul!  I got a brilliant idea.  Buck!  Ever play Call of Duty before?” she said.  I nodded my head “No” But in fact had played many times.

“See! Paul is my cousin.  He lives in another state.  We play online and talk to each other with these mics.  He is sitting in his room in the basement of his house.  He is in the right hand corner of the screen.  Wave Paul!  We play this little game, to make things interesting.  Kind of strip video games.  We play shooter games and if you loose or get killed in the game, the other person makes you strip off an article of clothing.  Last person with any piece of clothing on, Wins!”

“Sounds fun.” I said.  I could tell Paul wanted to see more of Leanne.  I definitely wanted to see more of Leanne.  Maybe there was more going on with both of them.  I was sure this was not the first time they played this game.  “Here is a head set and a control pad.  Take a seat next to me.  I’ll be on the right side of the screen and your on the left hand side of the screen.  Good luck.” Leanne giggled.

I put on the head set and the game started fast.  I could not tell were Paul was but I glimpsed over to see Leanne character inside a big house.  I quickly moved my character around the side of the house.  I turned just in time to see Paul character hiding behind some gasoline barrels on the side of the house.  I pumped a grenade off the front of my gun and there was a big explosion.  “What was that?  Oh Fuck Paul.  Buck took your lame ass out.  You need more practice little bitch.” Leanne said into everyone head set.

I walked my character over to look down at Paul’s dead character.  A second later my character went down from a head shot.  Leanne started laughing uncontrollably..  “Buck!  You’re my bitch now.  Fuck you two guys suck at this game.  Paul take off your shirt.  Buck take off those white shorts.  Hope you wearing underwear.” She giggled in my ear.  Paul took off his shirt.  He had pudgy gut and some bad chest hair.  I reached down and took off my white shorts.

Leanne glanced over at me sitting there in my navy polo shirt and white boxer briefs.  I kicked off my boat shoes on the floor.  She still had her green halter top on and white cotton panties.  Paul just had his red boxers on, sitting in his room.  Next round went quick.  Leanne was killed by Paul and they he killed me looking out a window.  “Buck take off your shirt.  Leanne take off your panties.” He giggled in our ears.

I tossed my polo shirt on my boat shoes.  Leanne smiled as she took off her white cotton panties.  My eyes got bigger as she pulled them off only to reveal she was wearing a white cotton thong underneath.  “Sorry Paul!  Had one more article of clothing on underneath.  Guess your perv eyes with have to wait.” She laughed hard again.  I was now only sitting with my white boxer briefs on. 

Leanne looked over at my athletic body.  She had a big smile on her face.  “I can see why my Mom wanted to go out with you Buck.” She said.  I pointed to the screen and then the game restarted again.  I quickly took my character around the front of the building.  I could tell both Paul and Leanne were inside.  I found a RPG and aimed for the upper floor.  They both yelled as flames over took there positions and there character died a quick death.  “Yes!” I yelled into the head set.

“Paul take off your last piece of clothing.  Leanne you choose what to take off.  But you need to stand up and show your cousin and me.” I said with a big smile on my face.  Paul took of his red boxers first.  He was rock hard.  All 4inches of his small cock was on the big screen.  Leanne eyes got big.  “Paul you said it was bigger.  You need to shave that thing make it look bigger.” Leanne pointed to his hairy bush around his small cock.

Next Leanne stood up.  I finally got a glimpse of her huge ass all free in the back of her thong.  Her last two piece of clothing look like they wanted to burst off her busty body.  She first put her hands on her hips.  She seductively pulled on her thong.  “I know what every guy wants to see.  It’s not my big ass or small waist.  Definitely not my loud mouth.  It’s my big boobs.  Her you go guys.  Don’t stare to long.” She said as she pulled her green halter top over her head.

My mouth fell farther open.  Paul almost fell off his chair on the floor.  They were so round and perfectly set off by two very large areole and two equally small thumb size nipples.  I could see some tattoos on her side and lower back.  She smiled as she saw both off us staring at her huge breast.  I had seen big breast before but these had to be in my top 5.  I was speechless again.  Not sure what to say to her.

“Well we each have one article of clothing left except for Paul.  I guess winner takes all.  Good luck Buck.” She giggles.  I smiled as I saw the game reset.  We both ran around on screen.  My character bent over to get a sniper rifle.  He stood back up then I heard my head set screech.  Then I saw my character bite it on screen.  Leanne snuck up and killed my guy and then started to laugh.

“Umm, I’ll need you stand up and show me the goods.” She giggled again.  I dropped my game controller on the couch and stood up.  I slowly inched my white boxer briefs down my thin waist, over my small hips.  I then felt the cold air on my bare ass and thighs as I felt my under wear around my ankles and on my feet.  I then turned my head to see Leanne starring at my hard free cock.  All 9 ¾ inches sticking straight out toward the big screen.  Paul mumbles something in the head set.  All I can hear is Leanne breathing heavy in the head set.

“Fuck!  Look at the size of that Paul.  He almost 3 times bigger than you.  So round and big and you have no hair anywhere on him.  Turn around Buck.  Damn!  Look at the fine ass.  Turn around again, let me see that big horse cock.  He is so big and veiny and shiny on the tip.  Big ole drop of pre cum on the tip.  Fuck!!! Me!!!  Wait, has my Mom seen this thing?” she said.  “No!  We were just meeting for drinks.  I kept him hidden inside.” I said.

Leanne mouth was still wide open as she starred at my cock.  “Damn! You hide him well.  I would have never guessed.  I think my cousin likes it too.  Paul are you jerking that small thing?” she said into her mouth piece.  I turned to see Paul jacking his cock.  I then smelled a new aroma in the small room.  I could tell Leanne was getting warm between her legs.  The front of her white thong was wet.  “What are we playing next?” I said with a wicked grin.

“Buck, take a seat next to me.” She said.  I quickly sat next to Leanne on the couch.  She turned her head to face me.  Her whole body was sticking straight out toward the big screen.  My hard cock was and inch from touching her huge side breast.  I slowly opened my legs giving Leanne a better down view of my hard cock.  She then put her left hand on the back cushion behind us and she dropped her game control in her right hand, onto the floor in front of us.

I sat there naked on the couch next to her, with my head set still on.  She was only wearing a thong and her head set.  We both were staring at each other body when we both hear a big sigh.  We both turned her heads to the TV.  Paul had shot a small load into the air covering a small spot on his game controller.  He then fell onto the floor in front of his small TV.  “Paul!  What the fuck??” said Leanne.  “Looks like the loser gets to play with him self.  What does the winner get from this game?” I said softly into my microphone.

It was the first time Leanne was speechless.  I started to jack my cock with my left hand.  I then slowly fell off the couch and onto the floor in front of Leanne.  She gasped as I moved in front of her legs.  She then opened her legs.  Her eyes watched as I slowly grabbed her wet thong.  I quickly pulled it off and down her sexy legs.  She smiled as I put her wet thong in my mouth.  Her juices were sweat and her pussy smelled great.  I grabbed her small ankles and held out her feet with l long reach. 

I could tell no one had eaten her pussy before.  She had a big black bush and very small cunt lips.  I could not wait to shave her, but first I had to stick my big tongue inside her.  “Fuck!  I’ve wanted this for a long time.  I’ve only played with myself before.  Boys at school don’t want to eat me, they just fuck me for a minute and roll off me.  Finally a real man.” She said.  I smiled and held her feet, things and legs wide open.  She put her hands on the top of short blonde hair.  She then pulled off my head set.

She was pretty wet already as my tongue slipped passed her tight pussy lips.  I really started to lick from almost her ass hole to the top of her pussy mound.  She was breathing heavy.  Her moaning filled the air.  I could hear Paul breathing heavy behind me on the TV.  He was standing close to watch all the action.  I easily slipped one finger inside her before her whole body shook.  She was so loud.  I was afraid she might have woken her Mother in the other room.  I then felt all her pussy empty into my open mouth.  She gabbed the back of my head and screamed again after another violent orgasm.

I easily got two finger deep inside before she orgasm again.  I then felt her try to pull my head up toward her.  “Buck!  I want your big cock. Put your head set back on.  Stand side ways so Paul can watch.” She said.  I turned to see Paul looking at both of us.  I then watched as Leanne got on her knees in front of me.  She reached up to jack my cock and she sued her free hand on my naked balls. 

“Your so big, even your fucking balls are big Buck.” She gagged as I jammed the tip of my hard cock into her hot mouth.  She just kept sucking and bobbing her head up and down on my cock.  She could only get maybe half inside her eager mouth.  I reached down to pull her hair back and wipe her face with my right hand.  I then pulled her hair with my left hand. She grunted and spit out my cock.

“Lean back and show me your big breasts.  Spit on them, make them nice and wet.  Now smash them around my cock.  That’s a good girl.  Fuck me with them.” I said down to her.  Leanne smiled and slammed her big tits around my hard cock.  Every once in awhile I move my hips forward and spill put my cock head to touch her lips.  Other wise her huge breast engulfed my hard cock and made it to see no light.  I was close to Cumming but wanted to fuck her first.

I pointed for her to get on the couch with her face in the cushions and her ass sticking straight up.  She bent her knees and stuck out her huge ass.  I smiled as I got directly behind her.  I spit on my hand, then wiped it on my cock.  I then slowly inched my big cock into her tight pussy.  She screamed again very loud.  I then inched maybe 3 inches inside of her before she pushed me out and orgasm hard again.  I quickly got my hard 3 inches, then a little more before her pussy started to push me back put.  I then slammed my cock between her big butt cheeks.  I then started to shoot a big load all over her ass.  I started with her left cheek and then finished on her right butt cheek, before I fell off her and onto my feet in front of the couch.

“Fuck that was so hot, my ass is covered in jizz.” Yelled Leanne.  Paul mumbled something into his head set.  “You’re just jealous Paul.  You’ve wanted to fuck me for so long.  Maybe at the next family reunion if you play your cards right.  That was great Buck.  Got any more left?” she put her finger in her mouth and winked.

I sat on the couch playing another game against Paul.  Leanne was sucking my cock and I was using my free hand to massage her huge tits and ass when we pause the game to watch Leanne work her body.  Next I handed her the game controller and she climbed onto my cock facing the TV.  Paul and Leanne were playing as she rode up and down.  I reached around to fondle her big breasts and slap her huge ass that was pushing on my hard abs, and chest.

She paused the game and then spun around and got a huge facial from my cock.  I then smeared her face with my ever growing cock again.  I got about half my cock deep inside one more time before I erupted into her mouth and we called it a night.  Paul never got hard again but was more than happy to watch and keep on losing.  I put Leanne in her room and walked back toward the couch.  I cleaned up the living room and then decided to sleep on the couch, I could not keep my eyes open.

It was close to 9am when I heard a door down the hallway open and close.  I then heard some tiny foot step coming down the hall, toward the couch.  I had my eyes barely open.  I was laying on the couch with just my white boxer briefs and white shorts on.  I used my navy polo shirt as a pillow.

“Buck! Buck!  Is that you? Good morning!” said Stacy Somers.  I woke up like I was still sleeping.  “Hello Stacy.” I said.  “What are you doing on my couch?  Where my daughter?  Was she here when we got home?” said Stacy  “MMMmm No!  I assume she was upstairs when I got you home.  You suggested I sleep over, we had been drinking.” I said.  There was a long pause.

“You must have been having a good dream??” she giggled.  I looked down to see the front of my white shorts wide open.  My hard cock had found the opening to my boxer briefs.  I was sticking straight up now.  “You better come with me.  My daughter is a little slut and would be all over that big cock if she saw it.  Plus it’s been two years since I’ve gotten any.”


Should I write more???
The Mom and daughter find out and still want me to fuck them?
They never find out and I fuck them in secret?
Paul comes to the family reunion and he finally fucks Leanne, or I fuck Leanne and shoot a big load on his face as he jerks off on Leanne?

Or maybe a new idea with all of us in the story??