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Stock Boy - For Meow 34JJ - An Adult Story

Photo Courtesy of Meow 34JJ (C)

I was in the middle of going to college when I had to get a part time job to pay some bills. I live in a small town just outside of London. There aren't many jobs to be had in such a small town. I put in some application before I got a call back on a job. It was from a small boutique shoe store at the end of town. It was a small boutique store that catered to women. It had just shoes, boots and heels for women. I had worked at a clothing store last summer after graduating from a boarding school. I figured it would not be too difficult. I talked to the owner of the store. He had two ladies who worked at the store during the day. He wanted someone to help stock the shelves and clean up after the store closed. I was to work from 4pm until the store was stock and cleaned. The pay sounded good. I was to start on Friday after class.

I arrived early to start. The two older ladies showed me around the place. They showed me the back room with all the shoes, heels and boots. They showed me how to lock up and close the blinds on the two big glass windows of the shop. They showed me where the dust pan and broom were also. The job was very easy. The first week I did not see anybody else but the owner and the two ladies. The start of my second week I saw one customer leaving late. The two ladies kept the store open a half hour so the customer could try on some shoes. I went in the back to stock the shelves. I came out later to find the shop empty. They left me a nice note on what a great job I was doing.

The end of my third week. I arrived just on time. The owner was just shutting the door when I walked up behind him. He smiled and handed me the keys. "Glad you made it Buck. I was waiting on a woman to come to the shop but she is running late. I have to go home. I have a small emergency, nothing big. I was wondering if you could shut the blinds on front of the shop. But up the close sign. I am sure she will come back tomorrow and understand. I left some heels on the counter for her. Could you put those back for me. Thanks! Your doing a great job." I smiled and said, "Thanks!!"

I got inside the store. I put down the blinds and put up the close sign on the glass door. I saw the heels that were set a side for the customer. I secretly had a small fetish for women in heels. I was a breast man. But seeing a sexy woman in heels did drive me crazy. I love wooden heels and sexy 4inch or 6inch heels. Stiletto, or platform heels drive me crazy. I had put away so many I occasionally would see a great pair and they would make me erect. I turned to look around the store. I saw the owner had pulled them off the top shelve. Being 6ft 3 and athletic I had no problem putting the heels away. I looked inside each box admiring them, then I lost track of time. "Knock! Knock!!" I heard someone knock on the front door to the shop.

I walked over to see who was knocking. I saw a stunning woman standing outside the shop. She had amazing black hair that hung down to her shoulders. She had a pair of silver big hoop earrings that looked very sexy. She had some soft pink lipstick that matched her finger nails. She was quite bodacious. She was a very voluptuous woman. My mouth dropped as I stared at her. She was wearing a black mini skirt that showed of her curvy legs and succulent thighs. She had on some black 4inch high heels. She even painted her toe nails pink to match her finger nails. I could not see what she had on for a top. It was covered by a sexy black leather jacket. It had a few silver studs on the jacket. The bottom was tied around her sexy waist. I was still wearing my school uniform. I white button down shirt. A black tie that was loose around my neck. I black pair of tight pants. I was in such a hurry today that I forgot to put on some underwear.

"Knock! Knock!!" She knocked again. She must have been the lady that was running late. I went closer to the door. She saw me and smiled. She was so hot that I gulped hard opening the door. "Hi! My name Buck. Can I help you?" I said. "Good afternoon young man. I had an appointment for this afternoon at the shop. I was running late. Did everyone go home?" she said. "MMmmm, well yes they did. You just missed the owner. He had a small emergency at home he needed to take care of. Nothing big. He had me close for the night. I'm just the stock boy." I said. "Oh! I got stuck in traffic. A farmer down the road had his cows going over the road. I had to wait. I can't believe it. I live so far away. I have to go to London tomorrow for a photo shoot and will not be around these parts for some time. I am such a loyal customer. I just can't believe it. I was suppose to get some heels for my big shoot tomorrow." she said.

I thought for a second. "I wish there was something I could do for you. I am not suppose to let anybody in the store after hours. I don't want to loose my job." I said. "I'll be real quick. I have credit at the store. You could write down what I get and they can bill me tomorrow when the store opens. I have shopped here for some time. I know exactly what I want. Please! Please! Be a doll. You really make my day." she said in a very sexy voice. "MMMmmm Ok. Its just a part time job. I am doing a good job, they just told me. I guess if I get fired I can find another job. Plus the heels are right over here. I tell them you picked them up. I handed them to you outside the store. Just promise to be good if I let you inside." I said. "I promise to be.....Thank you honey. I owe you big time." she said.

I opened the door. She came inside. I looked around outside. There were no other customers or people around. I saw her small car parked on the side of the shop. I saw her license plate "Meow 34JJ". I was wondering what "Meow 34JJ" stood for. I turned to see she had taken off her leather jacket. She had her back to me. There were two small chairs for customers to sit on facing the windows. In the back of the store near the stock room door was a leather love seat. Two people could fit comfortably sitting down. I watched as she dragged her coat on the floor behind her as she strutted to back love seat. She turned around to put her sexy ass on the seat. I finally figured out her license plate. She must be "Meow" because her breast had to be 34JJ. My mouth dropped opened for the 2nd time today. Her large breast were encased inside a pink scarf the she had around her neck holding up her large breast. I could have fainted if not for the shop being a tad cold inside.

She crossed her legs. "Where are the heels sweetie. The ones left for me. I love to try them on first. Before I take them home. I have to make sure there just right." she said. I grabbed the boxes of heels off the counter. I walked over to her sitting on the love seat. "Here you go. Let me get the foot measuring device. I will also get you a foot mirror to see them on you." I said. I grabbed the mirror and the foot device. I walked back. I got on one right knee in front of her. "Mmm you sure are nice to let me try these on. Thanks for the mirror. Can I slip my foot in that and you read my size. Know I owe you even more sweetie."she purred.

I reached down unbuckling her heels. I slid them off her small cute and sexy feet. She then slowly put them in the metal foot device. I smiled and held up my finger to tell her how small her feet were. She smiled. Her feet sent shock waves through my body. A wave of excitement washed over my skin. My cock was straining to get out of my pants. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to burst out and show her what I was packing. She smiled as she looked into my blue eyes. "Thanks! What's the first box have in it. Let me try on some heels." she giggled. I reached in the box. It was some sexy red 6inch high heels. I slid them on her feet. I finally looked up to see her sexy lips. I then stopped at her knees. I then saw she had opened her legs sightly to let me see she was wearing a black thong. I ached again.

I helped her get off the love seat. She released my hand. Then strutted around the store. She walked over to the mirror. She looked down admiring the heels just like I was admiring her total body. I was having a hard time not staring at her. She walked back. I took those off then put on a pair of 4inch animal print heels. She loved them as she walked around store. She put her foot up a few times to see what she looked like in the mirror. She came back and sat down. I took them off and opened a new pair of 4inch wooden platform heels. They were purple on top and looked very hot on her. She walked over and bent down to put her small hands on her ankles. I watched as her pink scarf barely contained her large breast form coming out. I was not sure how gravity did not make them fall out. She looked in the mirror on the floor. I think she saw me smile. As she smiled and winked at me.

For the next 30 minutes she tried on some more heels. Then she tried on some knee high black leather boots that matched her black leather jacket. She was breath taking as she looked at herself in the full length mirror at the front of the store. She walked back and looked down at me on the floor. "So many decisions Buck. All the heels are so cute. I just can't think of which ones not to get. The only problem I have a big shoot tomorrow and I don't see the perfect heels to wear. I know you have one pair in the shop your hiding some where. The perfect heels for me. I can tell you have great taste. I can see you appreciate a women in heels. Is there one pair in here that blows you away?" she said. "MMMmm maybe. Of course anything you wear is going to be sexy. Let me think. I know the perfect pair." I said. "Do you want to know what I am wearing tomorrow?" she said. "This pair will go great with anything you are wearing. I know you will love them." I said.

I got up and went in the back stock room. I had put this pair in the back under some boxes. I though they were the hottest heels in the store. They were 6 inch stiletto heels. They were glass heels with a gold stem at the heel point. They were completely glass and made what ever color your toe nails sparkle inside them. I had found them a week after working here. I was so in love with them I put them on the highest shelve under a few boxes. I pulled down the box and walked back to the girl on the love seat. I picked up the other boxes and put them on the front counter. I saw her checking me out as I cleaned up the area around us. I got back on my knee in front of her. She looked at me and smiled.

"Is this the pair sweetie? I can't wait." she smiled. I pulled the ribbon off the box and held it open for her. She reached in with her left hand. She opened the white paper to see the glass heels. "Wow!! You were right. I can't believe how hot these are. Why has nobody bought them before Buck? You out did yourself with these ones. You make a great sales man." she said. I smiled as I unzipped her knee high leathery boots. I slowly pulled them off. I could smell the leather and her perfume in the air. I looked about to see she had reapplied her pink lip stick and sweet perfume. She handed me the right heel. I gently put that one on. She handed me the left heel. I then helped her onto her feet. Now my mouth dropped open for the third time. She was so hot I was afraid the sprinklers might go off in the store.

She looked like Cinderella as she had her glass heels on. She strutted around the store showing off her sexy curves. She was smiling so much I had to keep staring at her. I was about ready to pass out from what she was doing to me. I watched as she walked to the front counter. She then walked to the mirror. She looked so amazing. They fit her so perfect. They looked like they were just made for her. "Buck these are great. I have to get them. How much are these?" she said. "I don't know. Let me check the box." I said. I looked at the box. There was no price. The price tag had fallen off or maybe they forgot to put he price on them. I watched as she came over and sat down in front of me.

She looked down into my eyes. "So! How much are they?" she said. "There no price on them. Maybe I can't sell them . This is the first time I have seen that in the store." I said. "MMMmm I have to have them sweetie. They would be perfect for the shoot tomorrow. They make my pink toe nails looks so sexy. God!! I feel like a princess almost like Cinderella with them on." she said. "I was just thinking the same thing when you were at the mirror." I said. "Maybe we can negotiate for them. Maybe you need a big sales commission. I am sure the boss would be happy you sold them to me. I mean I will take them and all the heels, and the boots you had me try on." she said. "MMMmm that would be nice. I just need to think for a second." I said.

She started to smile more as she looked down at me next to her feet. "Buck could you be a doll and massage my right ankle. It starting to sting a little. I get that when I walk in heels allot." she said. I smiled as I reached down to massage her ankles. I am sure she was trying to make me forget about the glass heels. It was working. Truth be told I let her have to whole store if she asked. I was so excited and hard I thought I might just cum in pants from rubbing her ankle. I started to rub her calf. When she did not protest I started to rub the top off her foot. I switched to her other foot. She put her head back and close her eyes. I slowly took off the right heel. I placed it on the ground. I started to rub her whole foot. I rubbed her sexy toes and the base of her foot. Her arch, heel, calf and then ran my hands up and down her sexy leg.

She opened her legs letting me get a better look at her black thong. I could make out her sexy pussy. It was trying to get out. She was loving what I was doing. Her breathing had increased. She was biting her lower lip. I switched feet. I heard a small moan come from her. I decided to go for broke. I figured she wanted the heels so much and I wanted to please her that I brought her big toe to my lips. I started to kiss her feet. I licked her toes. I ran her toenails on my teeth. I was a boob man but seeing her feet, curvy legs, amazing ass, large breast, and sexy smile she made me want her more. I sucked her toes. She moaned. She moved her legs wide open. She moved so her ass was on the edge of the seat. I looked up to see her right hand was inside her pink top. Both her nipples were rock hard.

Being kinda of inexperienced with women. I was not sure what to do next. I was so excited in making her moan that I was not sure what to do next. I looked up to see her unzip the side of her leather skirt. I put her feet back in the glass heels. She smiled as she looked down at me. She moved to let the mini skirt fall around her ankles. I pulled the mini skirt off the floor and put on the box with the leather knee high boots. She motion for me to move between her thighs. I leaned up to see her open her mouth. She motion for me to remove her black thong with my teeth. I smiled as I leaned in to put my mouth on the front of her thong. Before I pulled them off with my teeth. I licked the top of her pussy mound over the top of the thin material. She moaned and bite her lower lip again. I traced my tongue all over the front of thong before I pulled it off with my teeth.

I smelled her thong with my nose. I could feel it was wet from my tongue but wetter from her pussy. I looked back after placing the thong on her mini skirt. I saw she had shaved earlier in the day before going out. She had a beautiful pussy as she looked into my eyes. I pushed her legs apart. I slowly began to kiss around her naked mound. She put her hands on my head. Her hands went through my small brown hair. She looked down to see me kiss the outside of her pussy. I could smell she was very wet. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I was teasing her like she was teased me all day strutting around in those heels. I was just waiting for her to push my mouth on her pussy. She must have read my mind as my tongue entered her pussy walls. She was sweet to the taste. I started to lick her up and down. I licked her all the way down to the tip of her amazing ass all the way to the tip of her labia. I did this a few times making her move. I then went side to side.

After 10 minutes I started to use a circular motion inside her tight pussy. I was sucking her cunt lips and I licked my middle finger. I put this inside her as I ate more of her pussy. She was very wet. I could feel her pussy walls began to flutter. "Yes! Yes! Yes!!!....I'm cumming..." she moaned. She had a big orgasm as she flooded my mouth. I kept eating her pussy faster..faster..faster..not stopping until she begged me to stop. I pushed her thighs up. She moved back and placed her long legs over my head. I looked up to see the glass heels on her feet. I then really started to eat her pussy. I was sucking her small cunt lips, licking her labia. She had one more orgasm before she screamed again. "Honey! Stop for just a second. I need to see your cock. Give it to me." she moaned

I stopped as she leaned up on the edge of the seat. She undid my tie. She ripped open my white button down long sleeve shirt. I pulled the shirt off and through on the floor. I stood up as she rubbed my chest. "Your in good shape. I love your muscles baby. Must be from stocking all those shelves." she said. She curled her lips in a sexy way. I pushed off my leather shoes. Then took of my socks. I put them on my shirt. I was just standing there with my black pants and black leather belt around my 28 inch waist. She reached up and slowly took off my belt. I looked down as she put my belt on the floor.

She put her right hand on the front of my pants. My cock was so hard that she took her hand right off and smiled. "Looks like the stock boy is hiding some shoes in his pants. I better have a look." she moaned. She placed her left hand on the material over my erect cock. She gave my cock a big squeeze. "MMmm that is nice. Did you forget to wear underwear today? I bet you do this with all the women who shop here. Is the right honey?" she whispered. I looked down when I felt the front of my zipper come down. I then felt her small hand inside my pants. I felt her finger nails on the tip of my cock. She scrapped the tip of my cock getting some pre-cum on her middle finger. She pulled it back out and licked her finer nail of my seed. I was still hard inside my pants. She was waiting for my cock to spring out but it was stuck inside next to my right front pocket.

She then reached up and put her hands inside the side of my pants next to my hips. Instead of unbuttoning my pants she just in one quick motion pulled my pants to around my ankles. My cock sprang up and just missed her chin. It caught the top of her head. She pulled her head back looking at my cock with her eyes. She smiled as she ran her small hands the length of my hard cock. She traced her pink finger nails the length of my big purple cock head. She then traced down the long shaft and around the large girth. She then found my large naked balls. "How does such a young man know about trimming his cock and balls?" she said.

She then ran he tongue the length of my cock. She placed the tip of the head in her hot mouth passed her pink lips. She then started to suck my cock faster and harder. She ran her teeth over the top and along the top of my shaft. She used her hands to stroke my her nails on my balls. Her mouth was dripping on my cock and then onto the floor below her. She moved her hands around my hips stopping at the top of my naked ass. She pulled my ass towards her hot mouth causing my cock to go farther down her throat. I could feel she had half of my cock inside her mouth. She then got all of me as I felt her pink lips at the base of cock. She pulled it out hen repeated the process a few times. She was giving me a great blow job as my knees got week.

I reached down to the top of her back. I pulled on her pink scarf. This caused her breast finally to escape. I felt her large breast cascade down stopping on my thighs. I could feel her hard erect nipples piercing the skin of my thighs. I looked down to see her with my cock in her mouth and her breast resting on me. I dropped my hands to fondle her tits. I tugged on her nipples as she sucked on my cock....I fondle them some more. I was over come by there weight. I was stunned my large hands felt small on her chest. Her breast were so warm I had to have them around my cock. I had to tit fuck her. I looked down and pulled her breast up. She let go of my cock. There was a trail of saliva from her mouth to the tip of cock.

I then felt her warm breast move around my cock. Her nipples were rubbing on my hard abs. She placed my cock inside her warm cleavage. She spit on my cock inside her boob flesh. I was remembering her license plate as I fucked her chest. I just smile when she tongued my cock and when it came out to her her pink lips. I was not sure how much longer I could last. "Cum for me sweetie....shoot a big load on me...use me for you pleasure...that it. Yeah!! Show me what a good boy you are. Cum on my tits. I want to taste you honey. Show me what those big balls and this monster cock have in them." she screamed. I looked down as my knees got weak. I pushed my hips forward as I fucked her breast. She took over my hands on her boobs. She stuck her tongue on the tip. With that I erupted. The first big glob hit her lips. She opened her mouth as I kept cumming. She deep throat my cock and sucked my dry. She scooped off my load from her chest.

A few seconds later. "Is there more were that came from? I see he has not even gone down young man. Now I know why I love young men with big cocks. Get down and slide the hard cock inside me." she moaned. She took her left leg and moved the glass heel on her foot under my cock. She rubbed her heel on my cock making it move on her foot. I squatted down and slapped my hard cock on her pussy. I rubbed her pussy entrance with my cock. I spit on my cock. I was still hard because she made me want her even more than I just had. She moaned when I inserted the tip inside her hot pussy. She put her hands around my neck as I leaned up to kiss her.

I kissed her breast. I sucked her nipples as I slowly began to fuck her. She was so tight her pussy muscles pushed my cock out twice before I got half deep inside her. I pushed her legs over my head. I could see the glass heels above my head. I was really fucking her hard as I leaned back to hold her legs. I held her right foot and heel in one hand. I used the other hand to put rub the tip of her labia as my cock opened her up. "You so deep. No one had fucked me like this before. Fuck me! Faster. God your so deep. Fucker!!! Fuck me! Don't stop!!! She was breathing heavy as she grunted and orgasm on my cock. I slipped out long enough to slam back inside her.

I stood up as she licked her juices off my cock. She smiled as I had her get on her knees and put her face on the love seat. She reached back to pull her ass open as I inserted my cock back in her hot pussy. I reached up pulling her pink scarf down to around her small waist. I then pulled up on the pink scarf to fuck her faster. Forcing more of my cock inside her. I then grabbed her hips plunging my cock inside her. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck me harder. Ram that big cock inside my pussy, Don't stop!! Yes! Yes! Yes! The stock boy fucking me!!!" she screamed. I just kept fucking her faster and faster..harder and harder. I was taking no prisoners on her pussy. I wanted to bring her to another orgasm before switching positions. "AGGhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Fuck yes baby!!!!" she orgasm.

I then moved around to sit down on the love seat. She got up and placed the heels on the cushions next to my ass. She looked down as her breast were on my face and chest. She looked into my eyes as she tried to reached around to find my cock. It was on her ass cheek. She was too far forward. I moved slightly to she could grip my cock. She put it back inside her. I moaned. My mouth was wide open for the fourth time today as she fucked me. She rammed her body on my cock. Her chest bounced on my head, chest and my mouth, I tongued her big breast and sucked her nipples as she fucked me. I placed my hands on her amazing ass. I got my hands on her hips forcing her down. She was sweating as she started to kiss my forehead. Then she kissed my lips. "I want you to cum for me again. I want to taste you in my mouth baby. Make it bigger than your last load. Cum for me!! Cum for me.........Purrrrrrr!!!!!" she purred. I felt her get off and put her mouth on my cock. Two seconds later I erupted deep inside her mouth. She cleaned me again as she jacked my cock in her mouth....

Ring! Ring! I picked up my cell phone. I looked at the caller id. It was work. "Good morning Buck. I just got in to the shop. Great job cleaning the place as always. I saw you put all the heels back. Any problems after I left?" the owner said. "No! Everything went perfect. The women stopped by. I told her you had an emergency. She going to come next week to get some heels. She has to go to London on business. She thanked me and then left." I said. "Well jolly good show then. I say what are you doing now? Sounds like your in a car." he said. "I am driving someone. I got a part time job as a personal assistant. I hope you don't mind if I take the day off? I'm not sure if I will be back today." I said. "No take you time. I will see you tomorrow after tea." he said.

I felt the glass heel move across my lap in the driver side seat. I looked in the rear view mirror to see the whole back seat covered in maybe 50 boxes of heels and boots. "We have some time before the shoot. Pull up over there and let me see that big cock again. I hope your boss at the shoe store not mad about what we did in the shop. How did you manage to clean up so fast and replace all the shoes you gave me. Won't he be mad?" she giggled. I just smiled. I figured I just keep putting the empty boxes on the top shelf in the stock room. No one would be wiser. Plus I had a new job to take care of. It paid no money but the benefits were the best.

Photo Courtesy of Meow 34JJ (C)

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