Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Her Mom is a Prom Whore - An Adult Story

I thought my senior year would be a lot better.  I was the starting quarterback for the football team.  I only had a few classes this year.  I was set to graduate with honors.  I was still a virgin but things had to change.  I was filling out in all the right places.   I’d been seeing a new girl for the last two months.  I was even looking forward to going to prom this year.  But things can change in less than a week.

I’m standing under the bleachers behind the school.  Everyone was gone from the school but little slut Tammy and I.  My football pants are around my ankles.  I can see the top of Tammy blonde ponytail hair.  I was getting my first blow job ever.  I can feel her hot mouth open, as she tires to sucks my hard cock.  Slut Tammy as everyone calls her is an expert cock sucker.  I’m sure my hard cock not the first she had under the bleachers.  It might be the biggest she had.  She trying to deep throat all 9 ¾ inches.  I can hear her gag as she spits me out.

Donna my previous girl friend of two months wanted nothing to do with sex.  I tried getting a blow job, or even a hand job, but she refused.  I was getting no where with her.  My friends thought we should break up.  Her friends thought we should stay together.  We had a big fight on Monday after school.  Three days later, slut Tammy taking a huge load in her mouth.  She jacked my cock until I was completely drained. 

“That was yummy Buck, your cock is the best.  Can I see you tomorrow, same time, same place?” Said Tammy.  I smiled.  “Maybe, I might be busy.  Not sure what I’m doing just yet.  I just broke up with Donna.  Now get off your knees and go get cleaned up before we get caught.” I said. 

I watched slut Tammy walk away.  She kind of looks like a smaller version of Donna.  Both are short with slim bodies.  Not much meat on the bone.  I wish they both had bigger curves.  I just started being more attracted to woman with huge tits and a big round ass.  I was starting to have more fantasy about thicker woman with bigger curves.  Donna and Tammy were fading from my thoughts.

I started to jog toward my car.  I had parked behind a school bus, trying to hide from any school officials.  I did not want to explain to anyone why I stayed late after school.  I don’t think getting a blow job would be a good excuse. 

“Buzz! Buzz!”  I had just opened my car door.  I could see my cell phone on my front seat moving.  Who the fuck was calling me?  I quickly shut the door and picked up my phone.  I did not recognize the number.  “Hello!”  I said.  There was long pause.  “Is this Buck Kelly?” said a female voice.  “Yes…… Who’s this?”  There was another long pause.  “It’s Mrs. Bell.  Donnas’ Mom.”  “I’m sorry she not with me.”  “I know honey.  She upstairs in her bed room.  She’s not been herself lately.  She finally told me you both broke up a few days ago.  I thought everything was going good between you two.”  There was another long pause.

I started to shake my head.  The whole two months we were together I never met Donnas’ Mom.  She worked weird hours.  I did meet her Dad.  He was a nice guy.  He kept asking me if we were going to win every week before a big game.  I just brushed off.  I really never gave it much thought, why I never got to meet Donnas’ Mom.  Now I was curious why she called.

“Things happen.”  I said.  “Mmmmm… Donna and I have a great relationship.  We tell each other everything.  I mean everything.  Ever since she was little.  I can always get to the bottom of her problems.  I was just a little surprised, in what she said.  That’s why I wanted to call you.”  Now there was a big pause on my end.  There was no way her daughter; my ex-girlfriend would tell her mother everything.  I was almost speechless thinking of what to say next.  

“Ummmmm…” I mumbled.  “At first I was shocked.  Your both so young.  But I guess a young man’s hormones are just more active than girls.  They want more things in life.  I just feel bad for my daughter.  She is not taking the breakup very good.  She tried calling a few boys to go to prom but they already have dates.  She was so looking forward to going to prom.  Especially with a young man who is more than likely to be the king of the prom.” Said Mrs. Bell.  I was smiling on the other end of the phone.

“She tells me you are very popular.  All the girls at school want to go out with you.  I’ve even seen your face book page….” She said.  “What did you think?” I said.  I had to find out what she thought of me.  There was a long pause.  I almost thought she hung up on me.  “I think your very athletic, tall and handsome for a young man my daughters age.” She said.  I was still smiling.

I had to see how far I could go with this.  “What did your daughter really say about me?  Why we broke up?  I can believe she would tell her Mother everything.” I said.  I could hear Mrs. Bell fix the phone next to her mouth.  “I thought so.  She told you nothing.  I’m such a nice young man.” I said as I laughed.  She then just blurted it out.  “Donna said you two broke up because she would not have sex with you.  There!! Are you happy now Buck.  I can’t believe you made me say that.  I’m so ashamed.” Said Mrs. Bell.

I shook my head back n forth.  I guess her daughter did tell her Mom everything.  “It’s Ok Mrs. Bell.  At least you know now, your daughter will come to you anytime to talk about things.  Why did you call me?  To yell at me?  Are you going to call my parents next?” I said.  There was a short pause.  “No!  I just wanted to talk you.  I was a little mad at the beginning but then I remembered what it was like to be a teenager, with all those raging hormones.  Girls can be just as horny as boys at that age.  My husband and I met at college.  We waited till we got married a few years later.” She said.

“Buzz! Buzz!” I looked down at my phone.  Mrs. Bell was still talking.  It was a text from my parents, asking me when I be home.  I texted back soon.  “Mrs. Bell I hate to end our conversation but I need to start getting home.  I just finished football practice; I’m sitting in my car, with the keys in the ignition.” I said.

“Then I better get to the point.  I need you and my daughter to get back together.  Start dating again.  At least see each other until after the prom next week.  I know Donna would love this but more important her Dad and I would love it.  She is feeling so lonely.” Said Mrs. Bell.  “I’m not sure I can do that.  I mean….What’s in it for me?  What do I get?” I said.  What happens next almost caused my car to start without turning the keys.  “I know about raging hormones.  Her Dad and I just want her to be happy.  There was another very long pause.  I…I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, I will have sex with you.  If that what it takes” She said in a soft voice.

I could not believe it.  “You’re going to have sex with me?  You want me to date your daughter and have sex with you?” I said.  There was a long pause.  “Yes!  I want you to date my daughter.  Take her to the prom.  Then we can start having sex after you show her a great night at the prom.” She said.  “I can do what ever I want to your body, sex wise.” I said as I took a big gulp.  “You can not fuck my pussy without wearing protection and my ass is off limits.  We can do everything else.” She said.  I smiled.  “We’ve never met.  I’ve never seen you.  What if you’re not my type?  Send me a pic.  Take a selfie and send it to me.  Right now Mrs. Bell.  Don’t hesitate.”  I said loud on the phone.

A minute later my phone buzzed again.  I saw she sent me a picture.  I clicked on the photo.  She was maybe 5ft 6 with dark brunette hair.  She was wearing little makeup.  She looked fucking hot, wearing tight black leggings and a black halter top with little white polka dots on the front.  Her top was tied around her neck showing off her huge ample cleavage.  Her breasts were huge.  My cock was getting hard inside my football pants again.  She was very busty and had all the right curves on her sexy body.

I need to see if she sends me a hotter one.  The first was good but how far would she go.  “That’s not too bad.  I need to see what you’re hiding under that top.  Send me another pic.  Make it good.  I’m still deciding about dating your daughter and having sex with you.  Don’t disappoint me.” I said forcefully this time.

A minute later passed.  My phone buzzed again.  I clicked on her new pic.  My cock almost ripped my football pants.  She was kneeling on the floor.  Her two huge breasts fully exposed for me to see.  She was looking up to her phone.  Fuck she was hot.  Better than any girl at school.

“Mmm that is very nice Mrs. Bell.  How can I say no to such a pretty smile.  Today is Thursday.  I will start dating you daughter on Saturday.  I only have one class in the morning tomorrow.  I will be at your house at 11am..  Please pick out something hot to wear when I see you.  Make plans for your daughter and husband not to be there for the night.  Send them away.  Your body is meant for only one thing now, my enjoyment.  You do what I say and your daughter will be happy.  Before I go to sleep tonight, you will send me another photo of yourself.  Put on your best lingerie, I prefer red.  Then I know your plan is still on.  Also your paying for everything for prom.  I will see you tomorrow.”  Click!!  I hung up my phone.

I drove straight home.  My parent’s barley noticed me going to my room.  I took a long hot shower before finishing some homework and watching TV.  It was almost 11pm when my phone buzzed on my dresser.  I had almost given up on Mrs. Bell.  Then my mouth fell open.  She had sent me a very hot photo of her in the mirror.  She was wearing some tight red lingerie that left nothing to the imagination.  I wanted to stroke my hard cock before bed but I thought I would save a big load for her in the morning.

My first class dragged forever before I got in my car and headed toward Mrs. Bell’s house.  I was only wearing a pair of tan cargo shorts and a tight black short sleeve shirt.  I had packed an over night bag.  I left a note on the fridge to let my parents know I was staying over night at a friend.  I’m not sure they approve me fucking Mrs. Bell all night and sleeping in her bed and not at my friend’s house.

It was close to Noon when I pulled into Mrs. Bell’s driveway.  I quickly got out and walked up to her front door.  My mind was racing.  I was wondering what she was wearing.  I was also wondering if this was all a step up and the police were going to be behind her front door to arrest me.  I just shook my head as I knocked on the big white front door.

The door slowly opened.  “Hi!  Any problems finding the place?” said Mrs. Bell.  She was standing in the doorway.  She was wearing a black n white checkered short mini skirt with a big white t-shirt tied around her waist.  She had her hair in pony tails.  Her huge breasts were ready to spill out the front of her school girl outfit.  She was sexy but I wanted to dress her.  I knew I had to let her down.  She probably stayed up all night thinking about her outfit.  “I like the outfit but you can do better.  Show me to your room Mrs. Bell.” I said.  I took out my cell phone to click a few pics before I followed her huge ass upstairs toward her master bedroom.

:”Where’s Donna and your husband?” I said.  Mrs. Bell stopped in front of her daughter’s bedroom.  “They went to go see my grandmother.  They will be back late Sunday night.” She said.  I smiled.  “That’s a good Mom.  I might need to call your daughter later to set up a date, so we might get back together.  Of course that is up to her Mom.  Go inside your daughter room.  I need to look around.  Put your face in the corner over there why I inspect your daughter dresser and closet.” I said forcefully.

I watched Mrs. Bell walk to the far side of the room and face the opposite corner of me.  I walked over to her daughter’s dresser.  I started to pull all her daughters panties and bras and throw them on the floor.  I quickly found a small pocket size vibrator and a tube of lube to go with some batteries.  “I see your daughter might be just as horny as her future boyfriend.”  I said as I put the vibrator in my right cargo pocket.

“These bras are too tiny for you Mrs. Bell.  Donna does not have your size but this blue thong should do the trick.  Take off that outfit and put these on.” I said.  I watched her begin to strip as I walked toward her daughter’s closet.  I quickly found a small lite brown mini skirt that Donna would wear all the time.  I tossed it to her mother who was now standing naked in front of me.  She was facing the corner still.  I could see her big hairy bush from under big ass, between her legs.  She barely got the thong up her curvy legs and wide hips.  She struggled to get the mini skirt up all the way.  I could see the thong fit in her tight crack that was exposed from the tight skirt in back.

“Let’s go see your room Mrs. Bell.  You’re starting to look like the perfect nasty whore.  Stand right in front of your bed.” I yelled.  She smiled as I walked toward her night stand.  I could tell her side of the bed.  She had allot of romance novels on top of her large night stand.  I was not surprised to find a bunch of sex toys in her top drawer.  She had vibrators, anal plugs, huge dildos, and a huge white vibrator, that had a huge power head on the end.  I turned it on.  I then heard her moan behind me.  I could tell it must be her favorite.  “Mr. Bell not doing it for you anymore.  You have quite the collection of toys.  Your such a naughty Mommy.” I said.  She just smiled with her huge tits fully exposed to me.

I quickly walked to her dresser.  I tossed some big panties and huge bras on the floor.  “Let your hair down.  Also you need to find some sexier panties and thongs to wear.  I no longer want to see these grandma panties in here or on you.” I said.  She shook her head “Yes!”  I then walked to her closet.  I found a huge blue bra hung on a hangar that matched her blue thong.  I tossed it to her.  She quickly put it on as I found her a blue top to wear.  I grabbed a gold belt to fit around her big hips and tossed that to her.  I then found some high heels for her to wear.  She slid them on as I made her walk down and back to check her amazing body out.

“It’s a start.  Now you look even hotter for me.  This is how you should dress to impress me.  Take off all your clothes and come down stairs when you’ve shaved that pussy clean.  I like a good clean shaved pussy.  Don’t keep me waiting Mrs. Bell.” I said.  She smiled as she watched me walk downstairs.  I can’t believe she is really doing everything I say.  She must be super horny.  Her husband must suck in bed.  I was so hard.

I pulled up a bar stool in the middle of her living room.  I put her tan leather round ottoman on the floor near the bar stool.  I quickly took off my clothes.  I griped the side of the bar stool.  I could easily slide my hard cock directly into her pussy from any angle on the bar stool from the ground.  I was going to love fucking her newly shaved pussy.  I was almost going to start cumming without her help.  I was so horny and raging hard in her living room.  I was going to loose my virginity to this hot fucking MILF.

I waited for about twenty minutes before I could hear her bare feet walking toward the stairs.  “Go put your heels back on Mrs.  Bell.  I did not tell you not to wear them.  I said for you to take off your clothes.   Hurry up!!!” I yelled.  I heard her bare feet run back to her bedroom.  A minute later I heard her heels click on the floor upstairs.  She then quickly walked down the stairs to her living room.

I turned to see her eyes get big.  She looked down between my legs.  All 9 ¾ inches was sticking straight toward her.  She was completely naked and completely shaved between her legs.  Her huge breast shook as she strutted toward me.  It was now or never.  “Do you want me to suck it?” she said.  “No!  I’m tired of blow jobs.  If you’re good, I might let you suck it later.  I’ll compare your skills to slut Tammy from school.  She loves sucking cock.  She took a big load under the bleachers yesterday before you called.” I said

“Did you bring a condom?” she said.  “No!  I don’t like the feel of them.  I’ll pull out.  Don’t worry.  Plus I have two girls asking me to prom on my phone.  I might need to get back to them soon or later.” I said with a big smile on my face.  “Please wait….  My husband would be very upset with me if you got me pregnant.  He got a vasectomy last year and has not been the same since.  I need you take Donna to the prom and not those other sluts.  Plus you need to date her for awhile.  Do we have a deal?” said Mrs. Bell. 

I shook my cock up and down to say “Yes!” to Mrs. Bell.  She smiled, then assumed the position on the bar stool in the middle of her living room.  She sat on the barstool and moved her freshly shaved pussy to the front edge.  She then reached down her curvy legs and held her ankles and spread her legs open for me.  I quickly moved between her legs and began to slap her wet pussy lips with my cock.  She looked down between her big tits and watched me slap her pussy lips with my cock.

“You’re such a dick tease, with that big young cock.” She blurted out.  “You like it.  You’re such a big MILF tease.  Do you let all your daughters’ friends fuck this wet pussy?  You’re so very wet, Mrs. Bell.  Been awhile with your husband.  When the last time he fucked this pussy?  Has he ever seen it this bald and wet before?” I said.  She bites her upper lip.  “No!  He has never seen it with out hair and it’s been 2 years since he has fucked it.” She said.

“That a shame.  Now I know why you have so many adult toys upstairs.” I said.  Then she grunted very loud as I plunged the length of my hard cock deep inside her.  First she took a quarter of the length, then half, then three quarters.  I was going to have to work to get it all in.  “Fuck!  You’re so big.  Your cock his so fucking big.” She yelled.  “Big cock for your big tits Mrs. Bell.  You’re so fucking tight.  Fuck baby.  Your body is just made to be fucked all day.” I yelled.

Mrs. Bell turned her head back n forth and side to side as I continued to fuck her faster.  I could hear my cock spreading her wet pussy.  She was moaning.  I was grunting.  The wooden stool was creaking from her pussy being fully nailed by my hard cock.  After a few minutes I rolled her onto her left side.  I was groping her big ass and slamming my cock at an angle into her pussy.  I reached up with my free hand to maul her big breast.  She screamed then I felt her orgasm on my young cock.  Her whole pussy clamped down on my cock.  I Finally plunged forward and she took all of my cock inside her.

Then I kept fucking her.  I could feel her hot juices leak out her pussy and cover my cock.  I then felt a drop on my right foot.  I smiled and looked down to see her eyes closed.   Her fucking big tits were slapping on her chest.  I even slapped her big ass cheeks to hear her scream.  I thought I might have a little control.  But it was my first time; I lasted longer than I thought.  I saw her eyes open very quickly and her mouth drop open.  She said something but all I kept doing was pumping my big load deep inside her wet pussy.

I finally pulled out causing a big suction noise to let loose in her living room.  She jumped off the stool and started to jump up and down.  She used her finger on her cream stuffed pussy to take some of my hot sperm out.  At first she had a worried look on her face.  Ten minutes later after licking her fingers, she was on all fours feeding my cock back into her used pussy.  Then she had me sit on her ottoman next to the bar stool.  She fed her big tits in my mouth as she fucked me faster than before.  The 2nd time I orgasm.  Took about thirty minutes of non stop fucking.  This time she pulled out my cock and took a big load on her face.

Friday was kind of a blur.  I fucked Mrs. Bell in just about every room in the house.  We slept in Donnas’ room that night.  She made me call her Saturday morning after she woke me up with a great blow job.  Better than Slut Tammy.  It took Donna about 2 seconds to get back with me.  We made plans for prom night.  I was going to pick her up next Friday at 6pm.  Her Mom was so excited we spent the rest of Saturday fucking around the house.  I texted my parents, that I be home on Sunday.

I got updates and nude photos all week from Mrs. Bell.  Each photo drove me crazier for her.  It was all I could do not to masturbate all week.  Mr. & Mrs. Bell were so excited that I was taking there daughter to prom.  She sent her husband credit card to pay for the limo and tux for the prom.  I got a black tie and cumber bun to match Donnas’ dress.  My parents took a few pics of me before I got in the limo and headed to pick up Donna.

It was close to 6pm when I pulled up to her house.  I jumped out of the limo and walked up the driveway to knock on the big white door.  A second passed before the door flew open.  Mrs. Bell was standing in the doorway.  She had these super tight animal print cocktail dress.  My mouth fell open.  She was so hot.  How could her husband let her answer the door dressed like this.

“Hi!  Young Buck.  Please come in.  My daughter upstairs and is still getting ready.  You look very nice in your black tuxedo.  Very cute and sexy.” She whispered with a big smile on her face.  We walked into her living room.  Her husband was in his big lazy boy recliner.  He never got up to greet me.  He just nodded his head toward me.  I just followed Mrs. Bell into the kitchen area.

“Let me see your big cock.  It’s been almost a week.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I have to go get more batteries.  I’m wearing out my toys.” She giggled.  I slowly unzipped my tuxedo pants.  I felt my cock spring out and then I watched Mrs. Bell get on her knees in her kitchen.  I heard her gag a little at first.  I reached down to hold that back of her head as I forced more of my hard cock down her throat.  I was not expecting this.  I thought maybe a kiss or quick grope of her ass or boobs but not a blow job in her kitchen with her daughter upstairs and her husband just in the other room.

I pulled out my phone to take a pic of Mrs. Bell sucking my cock.  She smiled when she saw my phone.  I Then tensed up and shot a huge load down her throat.  I then heard some heels click upstairs.  Mrs. Bell got off her knees and took grabbed some water from the fridge as I put my cock back inside my pants and headed for the bottom of the stairs near the front door of the house.  Mr. Bell followed next and then his whore wife, who was still wiping her mouth and drinking water stood next to us.  A few seconds later Donna came down the stairs.  She looked nice.  But nothing compared to her slut Mom standing next to me.  I finally put my phone back inside my tuxedo.

Mrs. Bell took a few photos with her phone.  “Mom!  Since when did you get so good taking pics on your phone?” said Donna.  I just smiled.  “Have her home before 11 tonight young man.” Said Mr. Bell.  “No problems.” I said.  It was not a bad prom by any means.  I hung out with my friends and had some fun with Donna.  I wanted to make sure nothing came between us.  I was on my best behavior.  Our fake relationship had to last so I could keep banging her Mom.

I took Donna home at 11pm and walked her to the front door.  She gave me a small kiss on the cheek.  Then I saw the light flicker over our heads.  The door slowly opened.  “Hi!  Did you guys have fun tonight?” said Mrs. Bell.  I smiled.  “Yes!  Buck was so amazing tonight.  Thank you.  I had so much fun.  Where daddy?” said Donna.  “Your father upstairs’ sleeping.  I’m so happy you both had so much fun at the prom.  I knew you would.  Thank you so much Buck.  Your the perfect young gentleman.” said Mrs. Bell

I did not even noticed what Mrs. Bell was wearing at the front door standing behind her daughter.  She had reapplied some dark red lipstick and put on some sexy perfume.  She was only wearing a small pink bathrobe.  I noticed she was not wearing a bra.  The small pink cotton belt around her waist was straining from the weight of her huge books trying to escape.  Was she waiting for me, since I left to go to the prom?  I smiled.  “I have a long ride back to my house.  Can I use the bathroom before I leave?” I said.  “Yes dear.  Last door on the right.” She said as she pointed down the hall.

Donna gave her Mom a big hug.  Then went upstairs to her bedroom.  I  heard the front door close.  Then I heard Donna on her cell phone talking very loud upstairs.  I had my tuxedo pants around my ankles just about ready to pee, when the bathroom door flew open.  A second later I felt Mrs., Bell hand on my cock.  She was shooting my warm pee into the toilet.  I reached under her pink  bathrobe.  Her ass was so hot.  I manhandled her ass as my cock grew in her hand.  She bent over to lick the last few drop from my cock head.  She licked off a big glob of pre-cum before I ripped her bathrobe off and through it on the floor of her first floor bathroom.

I spun her around in front of the big mirror over the sink.  She reached down to grip the granite top.  Her pussy was so wet when I inched my cock into her tight pussy.  She grunted.  I covered her mouth with my left hand.  I then used my right hand to take a few photos with my phone before I placed the phone in my pocket and then gripped her huge breast in front.  Mrs. Bell smiled as she saw my face in the mirror.  I then pulled my cock out to spank her big ass. 

She looked over her shoulder.  “I’ve never tried this Buck but remember how I said my ass was off limits.  I read a few things on the internet.  I’ve been wearing an anal plug all week.  Pull it out honey and fuck me.” She moaned.  I looked down to see a big red anal plug jammed in her asshole.  I had paid no attention before.  But I quickly pulled it out and replaced it with my now wet cock from her pussy.  Her ass hole felt amazing.  She was so tight and wet.  I gripped her small hips and waist and slammed body into hers.  I leaned down to bite her neck from keeping me from screaming in the bathroom and waking up her husband and alerting her daughter we were having sex below her room on the first floor.

She arched her back and I then gripped her huge breast.  Her nipples were rubbing in the palms of my hand.  I then plunged all of my cock into her asshole.  I could feel her warm ass cheeks on the front of my thighs and stomach.  I was in heaven and then I tensed up and dumped the largest load I had ever created.  Even Mrs. Bell was shocked at all the thick sperm I dumped in her ass and all over her back.  She then spun around and started to suck my cock clean.  From ass to mouth in seconds.  I smiled and grabbed my phone again to film her cleaning my cock. 

It had been almost an hour before I got back to the limo.  I dumped another load in Mrs. Bell mouth before she told me to go.  I gave the limo driver a big tip on Mr. Bell’s credit card before he dropped me off at home.  I’m still dating Donna and fucking her Mother every chance I get.  I just received a text message from Mrs. Bell.  She missed her period and is taking a pregnancy test.  I could not be happier.  I’m thinking about bringing slut Tammy over to Mrs. Bell’s house.  I might need to introduce her to some girl on girl action plus I might need a baby sitter for the kid.  I need to be prepared for this shit.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Olivia Mom is a Whore - An Adult Story

I was sitting in our small break room at work.  I’d been working a week straight without a day off.  I can’t even remember what I did on my last day off.  It had even been over 3 months since I went out on a date.  I was working too much.  But I needed money to pay the bills.  It was close to the end of my lunch.  I had a bad slice of pizza and a coke.  I work at a big box store.  One were you pay a membership to shop at.  I’m the under cover guy.  My co-workers only see me when there trouble. 

I pretty much stay away from everyone and mind my own business.  Better not to be seen.  All the guys at work think I have the best job.  They can only follow gorgeous women from there section of the store.  I on the other hand can follow all the cute girls around the store.  On occasion I get lucky and my type of woman walks by.  She the stacked MILF or the hottie with all the curves.  A great big ass and some huge boobs to match.  Nothing gets me harder.  It’s been awhile since I followed such a woman.

I looked down at my watch again.  I heard some voices coming up the stairs behind me toward the break room.  I heard a female supervisor at the time clock talking to someone directly behind me.  They were both talking and laughing as they walked around me to sit at the far table across the room.  I shifted my ass in my chair.  My mouth quietly opened.  I took a big breath.

Olivia was the front end supervisor.  She was maybe just over 5ft.  She has short brunette hair and some big curves.  Her ass is huge and her large breasts are not bad.  When I first started I would go home after work and crank one out thinking about her wearing some tight jeans and calling out my name from behind.  But she is very moody and does not play nice with others.  The more I got to know her.  The less I would think about her yelling my name from behind.

I did not recognize the older woman sitting across from her.  They were both still talking to each other.  I could not see her name tag around her neck.  I did however see her very amble cleavage stuffed inside a small bra and matching top.  My cock started to get hard.  She was twice the age of Olivia and more than twice my age.  She had shoulder length dark hair in a pony tail.  She was wearing short gold rim glasses and looked like she had just painted her finger nails and fiery red lips the same color.  Who was she?  Why was she up in the break room?

I quietly got up and walked to punch back in from lunch.  I decided to take my last break and see if I could figure out who this lady was.  Another ten minutes passes before I heard someone coming up the stairs behind me.  It was the hiring manager for the store.  She walked toward Olivia and the older lady.  “I have good news, Lori.  Your going to be working in our clothing section of the store.  You start tomorrow.  Congrats.” She said.  “All right Mom.  I knew you get the job.” Said Olivia.  “Thanks sweetie.” Said Olivia Mom.

My mind almost exploded.  Was I hearing them correctly?  The busty MILF sitting across from Olivia was her Mother.  My mouth dropped farther open.  I dropped my coke on the table in front of me.  The empty bottle rolled off onto the floor.  All three of the women looked over at me.  I ducked my head under the table.  How could I have missed the signs?  The huge ass and the mind boggling huge breast.  The almost matching hair color and eyes.  I shook my head as I creep-ed out of the break room and back onto the sales floor.

The next two day flew by.  I just wanted to go to work and see what Olivia Mom was doing.  I went to work early and sat in the break room getting ready to punch in for the day.  I peeked out the corner of my eye when I saw a door to the computer room open.  My eyes got bigger as I saw Olivia Mom coming walking out into the break room.  She had to watch movies and fill out paperwork for the next few days before she can work in her department.  I decided to time my breaks and lunch with hers.

The next three days flew by.  I took my breaks and lunch with hers.  I sat in the corner trying not to stare at her.  All my friends at work would sit at my table.  I had to make sure they did not see me checking out the new hire.  Forget that every day she was wearing outfits that stretched my jeans in the front.  I was so turned on. 

I almost thought it was starting to be an obsession.  I was not sure how to approach her.  I did not want anyone at work to find out I had a thing for such an older lady or that her daughter was a supervisor who would fire my ass faster than she could snap her fingers. 

I was looking down at my phone when I heard the seat move next to me.  “Hi!  Is anyone sitting here?”  said a female voice.  “No!  Please have a seat.” I said.  I then turned my head.  “Hi!  I’m Olivia Mom.  Lori!  I just started working here.  I don’t think we have met.” She said.  I smiled.  “Buck , Buck Kelly.  Nice to meet you.  Welcome to “Blank” Club.” I said.  She smiled.  She smelled great.  My breathing started to increase.  “What do you do?” she said.  “If I told you I might have to kill you.  I’m the associate that works here but your not suppose to know I work here.  I sort of show up when there a problem.” I said.  She smiled.  “That good to know Buck.” She said.

Olivia Mom was wearing a very tight brown knit shirt; the top two buttons were open.  She was also wearing super tight jeans and some white tennis shoes on her little feet.  She was just slightly taller than her daughter.  “How tall our you?  My oldest son is almost six foot.  He lives with my ex down in Texas.” She said.  “About 6ft 4.  Depends on the size of my shoes I might be wearing that day.” We both laughed.

I almost made her laugh again when I heard Olivia voice getting closer to the table.  She sat down next to her mother and took over the conversation.  I just sat back and listened.  Seems that Olivia was still living with her Mom.  They both had a two bedroom apartment not to far from work.  They shared a mini van.  The mini van kept breaking down and was causing them to fight.  Olivia was in a bad mood and was going home at four.  Her mother was getting off at work at 2pm and now had to come back and pick up her daughter after she got done.  

As quick as Olivia sat down next to us.  She was up and heading back to the sales floor.  I then turned my attention back to her Mother.  “Sorry about you car.” I said.  She smiled.  “My daughter has not patience and she is a terrible driver.  Just like her Dad, my ex.” She said.  “I’m going to get a water from the vending machine.  Would you like something?” I said.  “A water would be nice.  Thank you young man.  I’m glad to see you have such nice manners.  My boyfriend of three years would have never asked.” She said. 

Fuck!  She had a boyfriend.  I should have known.  My mind was still racing as I handed her the cold water.  We made some small talk before she went to the computer room and I went back on the sales floor. 

An hour later I was still thinking about her boyfriend when I decided to walk through clothing and head toward the cash registers.  I almost walked into a book pallet.  I looked over to see Olivia Mom trying on some wooden heels near the jewelry counter.  She put on the heels and then looked over her shoulders trying to check out her fat ass in her tight jeans.  She was arching her back and sticking her huge breast in the front.  The thin brown material kept from bursting in the front.  My cock was rock hard inside my jeans.  I spent the next half hour checking her out.  She was putting up shirts, tops and jeans to her big curves and talking to herself.  I needed to run to the bathroom and jerk one off but I had to wait till later.

Finally another associate came to help her train in the clothing department.  I quickly ducked out and walked toward the bathroom when I got a call to go to the front.  I spent the next few hrs at the door.  I did see both Olivia and her Mom walk out.  I smiled at them and wished them a good night.  I saw them both talking to each other and then Olivia pulled away in there beat up old mini van.

The next two days flew by.  Neither Olivia nor her Mom worked.  I then had two days off.  It felt like forever when I walked back into the break room on my first break.  I sat down.  A minute later Olivia Mom walked over and sat next to me.  “Hey Buck!  How are you sweetie?”  she said.  “Good!  How are you?” I said.  She paused.  “How was your weekend?” she said.  I smiled.  “Good!  How was yours?  Do anything fun?” I said.  “No!  I was supposed to see David.  My boyfriend.  But he had to work.  He lives about 3hrs away.  It’s hard to see him.  Especially when our mini van keeps breaking down.  Plus I think he had other plans.  I saw he posted some pics on his facebook account.” She said.

She excused herself first and walked down the stairs.  I noticed she had a big white t-shirt stretched over a dark peach bra underneath.  It almost looked like she was wearing a huge peach bathing suit underneath.  I quickly followed her toward the clothing section of the store.  I spent the next hour trying not to be caught starring at her huge round ass stuffed inside some faded blue jeans.  She was wearing small two inch wooden heels.  I looked down to see my cock grow down my right side of my cargo shorts.

I left for a call and return to find she had gone to lunch.  I quickly walked upstairs with a slice of pizza and a coke.  Olivia Mom waved for me to sit down at her table.  We made small talk and ate our lunches on front of each other.  I then watched her go down stairs.  I punched back in for lunch and spend the rest of my shift walking the store.

I walked back to the manager office to punch out for the day.  I could hear some people talking inside.  I stuck my head inside.  I saw Olivia and her Mom talking to each other.  I excused myself and then punched out.  I then walked back outside of the small office.  Olivia got asked to work a double and her Mom was going to punch out.  She was going to have to come back later to pick up Olivia.  I then saw Olivia come outside the office.  She shot me a cold stare and went back to work. 

I just stood there.  A few minutes passed.  “Hey Buck!  Forget something?” said Olivia Mom.  “No.  I was just waiting.  I could not help but over hear your conversation with your daughter.  I would be more than happy to drop you off at your house or another place.  Then Olivia could take herself home after her shift tonight.  Save you so time and gas money.” I said.  “You would do that?  That is so nice of you.  These heels and this outfit has worn me out today.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  OMG!  That would be so fabulous.” She said with a big smile. 

“Just tell your daughter that you got a ride.  Maybe just don’t tell her I’m driving you.”  I said with a big smile.  “Gotcha yah.  Thank you so much again.  If you don’t mind?  Maybe I can stop and pick something up before you drop me off at my house.” She said.  “Sure no problem.  I’ll meet you outside.  I have a big black truck.”  I said.  I walked toward my truck.  I saw Olivia Mom walk toward her daughter.

I few minutes passed before I saw Olivia Mom walk toward my truck.  She had a big smile on her face.  “I should have known, big men like there big toys.”  She pointed to my truck.  I quickly got out to open her door.  I put the palm of my hand on her lower back.  She reached up to pull herself into the black leather seat of my truck.  She had me stop for some box wine at the liquor store before we pulled into her apartment complex.

“I live on the third floor, all the way down there.” She said.  I then parked my truck.  I kept the motor running.  I thought she might just say goodbye and thank me for driving her home.  “You better turn of the engine and help me get down.  I almost fell out at the liquor store.” She giggled.  ‘No problem.  I almost rented an apartment from here.  I always wondered what they looked like inside.” I said with a smile.  “Then you better carrier the wine to my apartment.  I’ll give you a tour.” She giggled.

I followed Olivia Mom up three flight of stairs.  I tried not to stare at her big ass but it was impossible.  I think she saw me a few times and just smiled.  I waited to the side as she opened her front door.  She had me close the door behind us.  She walked around her living room picking up clothing items.  “My daughter is a slob.  Likes to leaves her stuff all over the place.  She even promised but forgot to do the dishes before we started work today.” She said.  I turned my head to see the fridge.  I opened the door and put the box of wine inside.  I then turned to see Olivia Mom picking up my clothes from the hallway bathroom.  I noticed two huge black bras and some garter belts on the shower curtain rod.

I then turned my attention to her dirty dishes in the sink.  I turned on some hot water and began to load her dish washer.  A couple of minutes passed before I heard Olivia Mom wooden heels click on the kitchen floor as she walked up on my right side.  “Buck!  You did not have to do the dishes.  That is so sweet of you.  First a ride.  Helping me in and out of your truck.  Now doing chores.  Your such a nice your man.” She said.

I turned to smile.  I then watched  as she walked over to her fridge.  She bent over shoving her ass out and her huge breast inside her fridge.  I would have loved to be a bottle of water looking under her huge boobs at that moment.  She quickly shut the door to her fridge.  She walked over to my right side again.  “I’ll be right back.” She said softly.  I turned to watch her leave than washed to big pots before I could hear her coming back to the kitchen.  She had reapplied some perfume and her big red lips.  She then walked back to my side again.

“Are you in a hurry to get home?  Perhaps a date later with someone?” she said.  I smiled.  “No and No.  It’s good to be single.” I said.  “Tell me your honest opinion.  What do you think of my daughter?” she said.  I was thinking one thing but had to be nice.  “That is a good question.  She is very nice.  I get along with her very good.” I said.  I kind of shrugged my shoulders.  “I can tell you’re lying Buck.  But I understand you want to be nice.  There two different sides of her.  There is bossy bitch and sweet innocent bitch.  A big bitch at work and some times nice at home.” She giggled.

“I was going to say moody but I see your point.” I said.  We both laughed.  “She was getting on me all day, for my outfit.  Seems my new bra was being seen underneath this white t-shirt.  I was only trying to match my new finger and toe nail color I got at the mall the other day.  Fiery peach!  She is suck a pain.  That reminds me.  Did you notice?” she said.  “Mmmm Maybe.” I said.  “I know they can be hard not to stare at.  There so big and all.  I can’t ell you the last time I saw my shoes to tie them.” she giggled.

“I wanted to say something but it’s kind of hard at work.  I hate to have to watch a video from HR on my comments.” We both laughed.  “Come her sweetie follow me to the living room.  Take a seat on my big couch.  I’ll be right back sweetie.” she said.  My cock was still hard inside my cargo shorts.  I was sitting on her big brown leather couch.  The leather cushions were twice the size of anything I had been on. 

I was looking to my left at the front door.  I did not notice she had walked back into the living room and now was putting her hand on my shoulder.  She put her huge ass on the front of my cargo shorts.  She was kind of sitting on my left thigh.  I could feel one ass cheek hanging over the outside of my thigh and the other ass cheek against my side.  Her legs crossed over the front of my shorts and rested on my right thigh and little part of the brown leather cushion.  Only the small thin blue denim separated our skin.  Her massive breast pushed into my chest.  She looked into my eyes.

“You have such pretty blue eyes.  I’m not hurting you? Am I?” she giggled.  “Nope.” Was all I could say.  “Maybe you can take off my short heels?  Thank you sweetie.  That feels very nice” she said softly.  I had taken off her heels and started to rub her feet.

 “Mmmm that feels so good.  I was trying to think how to repay you for all your help today.  Now I’m not sure how you’re going to take this.  But I’m just going to be out front and just tell you.  First I was going to ask if you wanted a hug or a kiss.  Most men want a hug.  Took me a few times to figure out they wanted to cop a feel of my big beauties.  Then I was going to give you both a hug and a kiss for helping do the dishes.  Now that your rubbing my feet and I can feel how hard you are under me.  I just want to suck your cock.” She blurted out.

She knew what she anted and I was more than happy to oblige.  She slowly pulled her white shirt over her head.  Her huge peach bra was over flowing of her huge breast.  All her ripe flesh was spilling out of her small bra.  She smiled as she grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth on her peach bra.  I started to lick, bite and saliva all over the thing peach material.  I could feel her breathing getting faster and her huge ass shaking on top of my lap. 

A few minutes passed before she got off my lap and started to take off her clothes.  She motion for me to take off my cargo shorts and thin white boxer briefs.  She had a big smile on her face when she heard my cock smack to front of her leather couch.  She started at it a few minutes before she got on her knees in front of my hard cock to worship it.  All 9 ¾ inches was sticking straight up now.  She leaned her head down to began to licking the tip of my cock head.

“Damn! Honey!  Your big cock is so nice and round.  I love your hairless balls and big muscular thighs.  Now I’m going to rest my big tits on your thighs and suck your cock till you exploded in my mouth.  You young guys have such big loads.” She said.  I watched as she began to lick my meaty shaft and suck my balls.  She gagged a few times when she tried to get both my huge balls in her mouth.  I reached down to play with her huge tits as she sucked my cock.

I wanted to hold out longer but her mouth was like a vacuum and I could not stop staring at her huge juggs.  Just like that, I started to erupt in her mouth.  She mumbled something then some of my thick seed ran out of the edge of her lips.  She than used both her small hands on my cock to pull out every last drop from my hard cock.  I squinted my eyes and pumped two big shots down her throat before she finally let go of my used cock.

She quickly got to her feet and walked into her kitchen.  She brought a big glass of water from the sink.  She took a few sips and swirled the water in her mouth.  She then started to suck her left nipple as she handed me the water glass.  

I put the glass on a end table next to the couch.  I then got on my knees next to her.  I quickly fed her right nipple into my hungry mouth.  I started to suck her right breast.  I placed my right hand on her big ass.  I started to grope her big ass and with my left hand I began to run my finger up and down her bare pussy lips.  She was completely shaved and her two big pussy lips had fallen out the bottom of her pussy.  She moaned so hard when I started to rub her swollen clitoris.  I gripped her left ass cheek when she orgasm on my two fingers deep inside her. 

Her knees buckled and I let her fall back wards onto the couch.  I quickly got between her legs.  She pushed her huge tits apart to see me spread her pussy lips with my mouth.  I started to run my tongue the length of her ass to the top of her pussy.  She closed her eyes when she orgasm again.  I kept running two fingers inside her and licking her swollen pussy lips.  She finally dropped her tits and clamped her thighs around my head and let out a violent orgasm that shook her whole body.

I fell backwards onto the floor in her living room.  She then stood up and grabbed my hand and took me to her room on the first floor.  She had me lie on my back and she slid her wet pussy on my shaft.  Her huge breast rested below her belly as she began to fuck me hard and harder.  I started to fondle and grope and suck her big breast as she fucked me.  I grabbed her hips and started to bounce her on my hard cock.  I felt her orgasm first before I shot a huge load deep inside her.  

We both asleep and I barely made it out of her apartment before her daughter got home.  I drove him and crashed on my ouch before I went to work the next day.  Work went fast and I was very excited all day from watching Olivia Mom.  I was erect every time I saw her.  She would shoot me a smile and she put her hand on my thigh in the break room under the table.  Her daughter sat across from us and her Mom teased me all night before our shifts ended.

It was two days before I hooked up with Olivia Mom again.  This time we met at a gas station up from her apartment.  Olivia was home and her Mom just wanted a quickie.  We fucked very hard in the gas station rest room and then she gave me a great blow job in the back of my truck.  We played this game for about two weeks.  She would text me and we meet at the gas station for sex.

I’m thinking I need to start fucking Olivia.  Than I could come over and not need and excuse to see her Mother.  Maybe I’ll save that for another story.  Maybe I could get some advice how I should proceed and what Olivia Mom would wear on a official date with me.