Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ice Cream Man

It was a hot day. Close to 100 on the thermometer as I left the garage for the day, It was close to 9am and already sweating in my truck. I had to go pick up some new ice cream at the warehouse. I had to follow my route all over the suburbs before calling it a night around 9pm tonight. The pay was little. I just wanted something to do besides laying around for the summer. I had been delivering ice cream the last two summers out for college. I had just broken up with my last girl friend about a month ago. Her parents disapproved of my job. She was a nice girl but just a little too skinny for my taste. I love girls with curves.

I hit the stereo and dropped some Jay Z as I spun out near the warehouse. I had some kaki shorts and a white shirt on. The shirts said, "Ice Cream Man" on the front, along with my name "Buck" in small letters on my chest. The back of the shirt said "Love two big scoops" with a thick chick eating a ice cream. It was my own design. I hated the uniform the gave me at the beginning of the season. They were hurting for drivers that they did not say anything to me.

It was close to noon when i finally started my route. I hit the loud speaker over head as the ice cream truck moved through the streets. A few kids came up and I sold them ice cream bars. The truck is white with a huge freezer in the back. I have two big chairs in the front. There are some small coolers on the side. I hand out the ice cream and treats out the side window to whom ever wants one. I have a policy to hand out free ice cream to big gurls. I made sure the owners of the company did not know, they might get mad. I told them a carton fell off the back of the truck. They like my young looks and 6ft 3 frame. I think the girl in the back office loves my small ass when I walk in. She cant help but stare.

I stopped off at a convenient store to get a bite to eat. Only so much ice cream I can handle before going nuts. I got half my route done and half my supplies for the next part of the day. I like to hit up a town park close to my last stop at the end of the day. I check out the girls playing soft ball or beach volley ball before going home. Plus they love to have some dessert before heading home for the night. I hit the music as I pull down a long empty road. The just built some new homes along this road. I looked to left and see a young girl on her bike. I stop and get her a snow cone. She smiles as she hands me $1.00 in change.

I feel the truck move. "Whack! Whack!!" Some kids hit the truck with some water balloons. They see me and take off. I drive down to the end of the block. My next left is a dead end. I decide to turn around. I have my windows open trying to get some air. It's still 100 outside. "Sir, Hello! Ice Cream Man!!" said a lady voice. I stop my truck. I turn to see a older lady in her thirties. She wearing a jogging outfit. She is very skinny. If she stood side way I might not see her. "What would you like?" I said. "Got any sundaes?" she said. I rattle off about 20 different combos. Then about 20 different candy bars. Then about 15 different fruit bars. She was driving me crazy. Finally!!! "Got any vanilla in a cup?" she said. "No!! Sorry lady." I said. We did but she was driving my nuts with asking all this shit. She finally took a water and a low fat yogurt from the back of the fridge.

I drove down two more streets. I could see the park in the distance. I saw a group of kids in front of some new houses. I parked as the got some ice cream. I saw some parents roaming around out front as the gave there kids some money for ice cream. I saw a moving truck in a driveway. I gave out my last ice cream bar as I started the engine to move. Just then I saw something. She was a very cute and sexy big gurl. She was wiping her head as she stared at the truck. She had long black hair with two cute pony tails. She had bright red lip stick on. She was wearing a red t-shirt the was pulled over her large chest. She had the hottest pair of denim shorts the barely covered her curvy hips and ass. I smiled as she checked her shorts for some money. I stoped the truck and watched her. She had small white tennis shoes on. She had two storage boxes next to her feet. She had amazing long red finger nails to match her lips. I opened the side window and motion for a little girl to come to the truck. "Here take this bottle of water and yummy ice cream bar to that nice lady over there." I said. I pointed to the amazing girl next to the moving truck.

She smiled as I sat there. "Beep!! Beep!!!" It was my alarm to tell me to get to the park. I was kinda of at a lost for words as I drove toward the park. I handed out the rest of the ice cream in about an hour. I turned around to drive down the same street as the cute girl lived on. I stopped in front of her house. I noticed the moving truck was gone. She probably went to return it. It was close to 8pm when I finally made it home.

For the next few days my routine was the same. Every day I waited near the end of my shift to see if I could spot the cute girl I had seen at the beginning of the week. I parked the truck and hand out ice cream on the same street. My beeper went off and I headed to the park. After handing out everything I went home for the night.

It was Friday as I got in my truck. It was suppose to be a new record high today as I drove down my first street. I was handing out ice cream faster than I ever had before. I decide to pull down the street with the cute girl earlier than I had before. I parked under a tree at the end of the block. There were no kids in sight. I turned off the music. Just then I saw a nice car pull into the driveway of the cute girl. She hit her garage door opener. I watched as she took out her grocery from the trunk of her car. She was wearing some white pants that showed off her yummy long legs. She had them pulled over her thick calves as she picked up a brown bag of the ground. She was wearing a yellow top that showed off her amazing cleavage. I almost fell over when I saw she was wearing some 4inch wooden heels. She went inside her house. I hit the music on the truck and pulled in front of her house. Two kids came up asking for some ice cream. I gave them there ice cream.

"Hello! Ice Cream Boy!" said a very sexy female voice. I turned after a shut the freezer door behind me. "Do you have any more of those ice cream bars you sent me the other day? Do I owe any money for that?" she said. I smiled. "Yes!! I happen to have my last two cie cream bars right here. No I have a policy to hand out free ice cream to cute girls who move into this neighborhood." I said. She smiled as I handed her the ice cream bar. She was having trouble with the wrapper with her long white nails as she smiled at me. She had a terrific smile. I could smell her delicious perfume as she spoke in her sexy voice. "Do you say to all the girls?" she said. just then. "Got any vanilla today there ice cream slacker?" said the jogger from the previous day. "No sorry still all out." I said. "Frozen Yogurt?" she said about a dozen things. I kept saying "No sorry!!" "How about the ice cream bar she is eating." she said. "Nope, sorry last one." I said.

She finally left as the cute girl smiled. "I thought you had two bars?" she said. "I do!! I just figured you might want another one." I said. She looked at my shirt. "Buck your a mean one. That poor girl going to burst into flames." she said. I smiled as I reached into the freezer and took out some vanilla ice cream. "Here take this too before she comes back." I said. "How much do I owe you Ice Cream Boy?" she said. "Hmm - you now my policy. Are you moved in completely?" I said. "No, I have a few more boxes to unpack." she said. "Then I guess its free." I said. I watched as the cute girl strutted back to her house. She had the vanilla ice cream in her left hand. Two ice cream bars in her right.

Saturday I stopped again and she came out to say "Hi!!" Once again the jogging lady interrupted us. I looked down at the end of her driveway and saw some empty boxes. "If you want I can get rid of the boxes for you. I know they don't pick up garbage on the street until next week." I said. "That would be great. I really appreciate it. I have a few in my garage too. If you like I could help too?" she said. I followed her and we picked up the boxes and put them in the back of the ice cream truck. "There a place over by the park in the back. They allow me to throw away garbage there. The have a recycling container for the boxes. Do you want to follow me over?" I said. "If you don't mind. I always wanted to ride in a ice cream truck. If that is ok with you?" I nodded my head "Yes!"

I watched as she walked down the side of the ice cream truck. Her ass jiggled as she walked in her wooden heels. She was wearing a short denim mini skirt and a black top that hugged her large breast. She smiled as I held the door open and helped her into the front passenger seat. I turned off the music as we drove around some houses toward the park. I tried to hit a few pot holes to watch her move. She smiled as I smelled some more of her amazing perfume. Her long black hair was out and came down her back stopping just short of her luscious hips. I stopped the truck as she sat and watched me bend over to get her boxes.

I through the boxes in the recycling container. I came back to the back of the truck. I opened the door. I walked in back wards closing the door behind me. We had parked in a empty parking lot at the far end of the park. I did not see anybody as I looked around earlier outside. I stopped when I felt a hand on my back. I turned slowly. She had boosted herself up on a small glass freezer about 4feet off the metal floor. When I turned I was now inside her thick thighs as she looked up into my eyes. I watched as she licked her ice cream bar in her small right hand. Her amazing red lips sucked the entire bar as she held on to the small stick. I licked my lips as she put her hand on my chest.

"Does the Ice Cream Man like how I am eating my ice cream bar? Mmm I really like to put things in my mouth sexy." she said. I gulped hard as she continued to use her free hand on my chest. She pulled up my t-shirt and placed on the floor. She began to pinch my right nipple as she sucked on the ice cream bar. "Slurppp!! Slurp!! Mmmm Nice!!" she moaned. I was instantly hard as she now traced the cold bar on my other nipple. She wrapped her long legs around my waist. She pulled me in closer as she smiled up at me. I watched her sexy eyes as she licked her lips. She then began to lick my nipple and chest. I could feel her warm thighs around my waist as she began to grind her ass on the freezer. I smiled when I felt her free hand touch the lower part of my back. She then put the ice cream bar in my mouth.

She gently kissed my chest and ran her fingers down onto my ass. She pulled on my kaki shorts trying to get my belt off. I finished the bar as she pulled out the stick and placed on the freezer. I looked around. I did not see anybody through the tinted glass as she was now kissing my lips. I felt her warm tongue deep inside my mouth as I ran my hands on her neck and shoulders. She moaned as she pushed my body against hers. I could feel her chest move with mine as she kissed me with her eyes closed. I ran my left hand through her long black hair casing her to exhale. I then ran my hand down her left cheek causing her to smile. She broke out kiss to pull on my belt. It broke and my kaki shorts came unbuckled.

I wanted so much to fuck her. But I wanted to be a gentleman and take things slow. She began to use her hands on my lower back. She had slid her fingers inside my dark blue Calvin Klein underwear. I could feel her hands on my ass. We began to kiss more as she grabbed my hands and place them on her chest. I could feel her hard nipple under the fabric as I fondle her large breast. She brought my head down to her cleavage. She pulled off her shirt. I watched as she unhooked her large black bra in the front. She slowly peeled her bra off and place it on the freezer next to her. I began to kiss and suck on her breast as she pulled my hair. I started to lick under her soft warm breast causing her to moan louder. I started to lick and bite her nipples gently causing her to move her ass on the freezer. I looked down to see she had begun to run her fingers up the length of my erect cock inside my underwear. She had traced my large hairless balls and ran her middle finger from the base of my cock to the tip. All 9 3/4 inches were very hard as she rubbed my cock with her right hand.

She broke our kiss again. She was breathing heavy. She smelled great as she loosen her mini skirt. She unzipped the side. She pulled it off and through it onto the ground. I looked down to see she was complete shaven and naked. "I don't like under wear. I am to wet all the time. I have to change allot." she said. I smiled as she pulled me closer. She pulled down my underwear freeing my cock. I could feel the cold air inside the ice cream truck on my erect cock. I smiled when she looked down to see my cock. It was very shiny from pre-cumm. I was poking her in the stomach as she flopped my cock on her skin. She moved me slightly as she fisted my cock. She pushed me back. Then she leaned down to lick my cock. Her ass moved as she started to suck my cock. I watched as she got of the freezer and was standing next to me. She looked in the standing fridge and smiled.

I watched as she opened the refrigerator door and grabbed some ready whip in a can. She placed the can under my balls. It was ice cold as she liked how big my cock was compared to the can. I could feel the ready whip hit my cock head. She began to suck the end of the tip of my cock. Her hot mouth on the cold whip cream was driving me crazy. She slapped my ass with her free hand. I could feel her breast on my thighs as she sucked my cock. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and hit with more ready whip. She sucked and played with it as I watched her sexy eyes looking up at me. She got off her knees as I watched her reach back in the fridge. She had used all the whip cream and now found some chocolate syrup. She began to dip the chocolate on my cock as she went back to sucking my cock. The cold chocolate and her warm mouth and lips were causing waves of excitement all over my body. She licked the head and drizzled some on her breast. She licked her breast as she fisted my cock. She reaches down to find a jar of cherries on the bottom shelf. She placed two in her mouth. I could feel them on the side of my shaft. I stood on my tippy toes and screamed. "Oh god!! Here it comes baby. I am going to shoot for you." I said. She smiled as she stroked my cock and began to use her lips on the tip of my cock. She quickly deep throated my chocolate covered cock. I tensed up as I empty a huge load her hot mouth.

She got up of the floor of the truck. I helped onto the freezer. I started to kiss and lick her pretty feet and toes. She giggled as I kissed her ankles. I then kissed her soft curvy legs. I could feel her hot thighs on my face as I kissed all the way to her pussy. She smiled as she looked over her breast into my blue eyes. I gently kissed her stomach and along her hips. I started to kiss her breast in my mouth. I felt her feet touch my half erect cock making it get harder. She smiled when she felt how hard in such a short time she had made my cock. I gently kissed her tattoo on her belly button making her smile. She watched me as I got down on my right knee. I started to part her luscious thighs. I put her legs in the air as I started to gently kiss her pussy mound. She giggled when she felt my hot breath on her pussy. I started to kiss and massage her thighs. I took my long arms and fingers and fondled her breast. She smiled as she realized my tongue was inside her hot pussy. I could feel her cunt lips on my lips as I sucked hard. I could feel her labia on my nose as I ate her pussy.

She grabbed a hold of my hair as I inserted my middle fingers inside her. I could feel the cold freezer close to my chin. I could feel her ass get cold from the freezer glass she was sitting on. I opened the freezer and reached inside. She had titled her head back. "That it!! Lick my pussy! Eat me Ice Cream Boy!! Eat my pussy Young Buck!!! God your right there. Don't stop!! Don't Stop!! Fuck yes!!" she moaned. I continued to eat her as I reached around inside the freezer. After she orgasmed once, she came again and again. I opened my eyes to see in my right hand coming from the freezer. It was a red, white and blue frozen pop. I licked the frozen pop. I looked up to see her head still back as she gripped the top of my head. I gently stuck the cold frozen pop on her pussy lips. "Argghhh O God!!! Fuck!! Fuck!!" she yelled. Her legs had come straight out as she forced my mouth on her tight pussy. I let go of the frozen pop onto the floor as I sucked her pussy. I was jamming my large tongue in her sweet pussy as she orgasmed again.

I leaned up to kiss her stomach and run my finger nails down the inside of her thighs. She opened her eyes when she felt my hard cock on her pussy. I slapped her pussy entrance as she smiled at me. I grabbed her heels and placed them by my head. She moved her ass as I started to fuck her nice and slow. She reached over to squirt some chocolate on her right nipple. I licked it off as she felt half of my hard cock inside her. I picked up the pace as we got a good rhythm. She licked her breast followed by me. I got another can of ready whip out to squirt on her breast and stomach. I kept my cock deep inside her as we fucked faster. I reached down to expand her thighs out with my two big hands. She liked the way the freezer felt on her as I fucked harder and harder. I could feel my large hot balls on the freezer glass as I fucked her. She grabbed my hips and pulled my deeper inside her.

She gave me a wink as I lied down on the floor. My head was against the freezer as she got off and looked down at me. With out missing a beat she lowered her pussy on to my rigid cock. I could feel her wet pussy hit my cock as she screamed. I grabbed her breast and place them on my chest as she leaned on me. I wrapped my hands around her hips and large butt. She was really pounding me as she held onto my neck and shoulders. She kissed me hard as she slammed her hot pussy the length of my cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!! Harder!! Fuck me Ice Cream Man!!!" she screamed. I could feel her thighs quiver and her pussy unload all her hot juices on my cock. I looked into her sexy eyes and she forced her pussy onto my cock. She put her right breast in my mouth. I was speechless as I came deep inside her hot pussy. She orgasmed again as she looked into my eyes. She began to kiss my forehead and neck. We stayed in that position for another 20 minutes before I helped her to her feet.

I drove her back to her new house. I stayed for the next few days. She had a craving for fresh ice cream. Plus she made me add her name on the side of the ice cream truck. I named my favorite ice cream bar after her. I helped her move some of her stuff and throw away some more boxes.

I click on the music. I can see the kids coming to the ice cream truck. "Would you like some ice cream. We have all of my favorites. Would you like to try the Kayanee Ice Cream Bar. It melt in your mouth and in your hands." said a sexy female voice. She was wearing a new t-shirt. "Ice Cream Hottie" on the front and "Eat a thick chcick not a stick" on the back. She had her name on the front over her right breast. Kayanee decide to help me deliver ice cream for the summer and beyond. She likes my policy of giving free ice cream to big gurls. She just likes to make sure the Ice Cream Man gives her all the free ice cream.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes Mistress - No Passing notes - An Adult Story

This story is a little different than I have written in the past.
The story turned for a simple suggestion to a full out story from
a MySpace Friend as we chatted online.

##### If not over 21 please log out....######

It goes something like this......

I was in in English class my senior year. I was sitting in the back of the class room. Being my typical class clown self. I had a big game to play over the weekend, so I was trying to keep a low profile. I was hoping not to get into trouble or detention for the fourth time this week. I like going to class but I can easily be distracted. I have a wandering eye for hot girls. Especially big girls with curves. I had broken off with a casual girl friend about a year ago and had been playing the field for some time. I had a date for the prom but I could go by self still if I wanted. All I had to do was to keep myself out of trouble for one more period before 3pm and then I was home free.

I scanned the room. I had gotten to class a little early. My locker was only about 5 rows down from the English class. I liked math but hated English. The teacher was a real hard ass on everybody. Especially jocks. She hated the football team. I brought her a apple once. I put it on her desk. She picked up and slammed it in her drawer. The next day it was on my car in the parking lot. Ms. Estella Smith was a tough teacher to please. She never ever smiled and always wore these tight button up pant suits. They made her look older than she was. She looked like a mean Liberian and always corrected everything you did in class. She hand back your papers all in red with your grade in big letterers. We had taken are mid term papers and test the previous day. We were to get are grades at the end of class. I need to get a C or higher to keep playing football.

I sat in my chair about 2 feet from my desk. I looked over to see a new girl in class. Her name was Teresa. She was very cute. She had long brown hair and had a great smile. If I had not gotten a date for Prom I would have asked her. "Slam!!!" The door to the class slammed shut. "Good afternoon class!" Teacher said. "Good afternoon Ms. Smith" we said. My eyes were glued to her as she dropped her brief case on the floor next to her big wooden desk. She had her long blonde hair all in large bunn. She was wearing this fiery red lip stick. She took off her sport coat and placed it on her chair. It look like she had spilled some coffee on it. It was the first time I noticed she had put on some weight since the beginning of the school year. She had all of sudden turned very voluptuous compared to any of the girls or teachers in the school. She also had on a tight grey plaid skirt that showed off a little leg. She had worn some black open toe 3inch heels that made her wobble as she moved around the room.

I wondered what had gotten into Ms Smith. Then she stopped at the front of the chalk board. "Is it to much to ask for your full attention in class. Tom take off that hat. Gloria sit up. Teresa stop talking. Kirk come here." she said as she pointed next to her. Kirk got up and she had him spit out his gum. He had to put it on his nose in front of the class. She made him sit in the corner during class. I figured she was having a bad day. I leaned backed in my chair. I had lost track of her. "Wham!! Wham!! My desk all most shattered. It was Ms. Smith right next to me. She had broken a long yellow ruler over my desk trying to get me to sit up right. I snapped too and pushed myself under my desk. She then started are lesson for the day.

"Psst, Buck!" said Tina I tried not to turn my head to see Tina Bell. She was the school girl that thought she was the most popular. She lived in the best part of town. Her parents gave her everything. She was dating a college guy already. I could not stand her. I kept ignoring her. She had her cheer leading outfit on. She had jet black long hair almost down to her small ass. She was kinda of flat chested. She used to stuff her bra until a friend caught her doing it. The guys on the football team referred to her as the Bitch. I even heard one of the teachers call her that. I turned my head after 5 minutes of her trying to get my attention. "What!" I said. "Here take this. Its a note from Ter.." Tina said. "Oh what do we have here. Trying to pass notes in my class. Like we don't have enough to do in class. I don't have your attention. Give me that note." said Ms. Smith. She opened it up and read it out loud to the class.

"Buck, are you still going to Prom with Connie. If not would you like to go. Also the Bitch is freaking hideous today in the cheerleading outfit." Ms. Smith spoke. I dropped my head. The other kids in class laughed. "Silence you slackers!!" Ms Smith said. Just then the bell rung. "Pick up your papers on my desk. There extra credit for anyone who did bad. I will email you the extra credit. You three follow me to my desk. Good day ladies and gentleman." Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Smith lined us up in front of her desk. "You three are in big trouble. You all did bad on your papers and only Buck passed the test. Teresa you can go. I will tell you your punishment after next period. I know you have to get to your next class. Thank you. As for you two." Ms Smith said. I watched as Teresa left. The door shut behind her. I looked back to see Ms. Smith starring back at me. "Nothing I hate more than young adult behaving badly in my class. Passing notes. I thought you two were over being in junior high. I'm not sure what to do with you two. Any ideas?" she said. "You could let us off with a warning. I wont pass any notes to Buck anymore. I promise to be good. I am late. My parents are picking me up out front in my Dad's new car." Tina said. "Are you fucking kidding me or something. What do you have to say young Buck." she said. "Its your class. Sorry to interrupt and be a disturbance. I will take any punishment you seem fit to lay on me. Once again sorry!!" I said.

"Hmm. You did pass my test. Your paper just needs a little more to get a C. I know you need that grade to keep playing football. For you Tina, bad test and a terrible paper. Did you even read Edgar Allen Poe. Because I think you watched too much MTV last night." Ms. Smith said. Tina gazed at the front door. I gazed at Ms. Smith who was looking at her cell phone. She was checking her day planner. "I got it. Tina!! I want your parents to drop you off at my house after school. You can wear what your wearing. Bring your paper with you. I will have some extra credit for you to do. This way I can keep an eye on you. Now get out." Ms Smith said. I watched as Tina left. "Now for you mister. When you get done with detention. Here a slip. Take it to Mr. Garcia in room 229. Here is directions to my house. I have some extra credit for you. It will boost your paper to a C. That if you ok with this?" she said. "No problem. Thanks!! See you after school." I said.

I called home left a message with my folks. I was going to a friends house after school. Be home late kinda of thing. I told them I had to go to a teacher house for extra credit and I was going to fail English they kill me. I drove around the block looking for Ms. Estella Smith house. I looked at her directions again on my dash board. I went down the final dead end street and it as the last house on the left. Damn the house was big. I buzzed my self at the the gate. I drove the long driveway to her house. She was about a half of football length back from the dead end street. She had a long driveway to her house. I parked in front of her house. I saw Tina Bell car parked in the garage. She had a pink Mustang her Dad bought her for her birthday. I closed the door on my beat up 1984 rust bucket.

I walked up the side of the house and rang the door bell. I had on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. It fit my muscular frame pretty good as I turned my hat on my head to face forward. I had gotten a short hair cut the week before. I had even shaved my goatee that morning before school. I smiled as the door opened.

Inside was Teresa. She slowly opened the door and smiled at me. "Hey what's up?" I said. "Quick get inside. Ms. Smith upstairs with Tina. She told me to let you in then I was to return to my extra credit. Your suppose to take off your shoes, hat and go to the front stair case at the end of the hall. Bye!!" Teresa said. I took off my sandals as was bare foot. I saw Teresa go half way down the hall. She stopped and opened up a door and went inside. I walked with my bare feet down the wooden hall way. I looked around. There was a big living room, followed by a big dinning room before I got to the end of the hall. I turned to stand at the bottom of the big stair case. It lead to the 2nd floor. There was some White carpet and about 30 stairs to the top. There was an old wooden hand rail that went up both sides to the 2nd floor.

I waited a few minutes before I heard a door slam on the 2nd floor. A few seconds later I saw Ms. Estella Smith and Tina at the top of the stairs. Tina was on her knees on the floor. She had her cheerleading outfit and was barefoot. She also had a black leather dog collar on. It said in big gold letters "BITCH" on the front of the collar. It was connected to a long black leather leash. That was in Ms. Smith right hand. In her left hand was a long black leather whip. Ms Smith was wearing black fishnet stocking that were pulled high on her big thighs. They were clipped to her black garters that sat on her large hips. She had on big black panties that a had silver studs and a big zipper on the side next to Tina head. She had long black gloves on her hands. Two big gold bracelets on her wrist. She also had on two huge big gold hoop earrings. Ms Smith was wearing the same fiery red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. From earlier in class. She also had on six inch black platform heels that made her huge black tight corset look amazing on her. She had taken out her blonde hair from the bunn. It was curly and layed down her back stopping just 6 inches short of her large ass. She looked so hot that I instantly got erected in my jeans.

"Get up bitch!!! Follow me down the stairs. Don't go to fast." said Ms. Smith. I watched as Ms. Smith pulled on the leash and Tina got off her knees at the top of the stairs. Both women started to walk down the stairs. Ms. Smith body shook and jiggled as she came down the stairs. She made Tina hold her large ass with her left hand as she followed one step behind Ms. Smith. My breathing had increased. By the time Ms. Smith was standing in front of me on the last step I almost wanted to faint. She pulled on the leash causing Tina to fall to the floor next to me. Tina fell two stairs and landed on her knees. "Ha Ha!! That a good girl. Sit there and wait for my instructions." Ms. Smith said.

"Buck glad you could make it to my house. As you can see some people already have started there extra credit. If your a good young man? I will let you start your extra credit. I will then move your grade up maybe to a C or B depending how you due tonight." she said. I just shook my head "Yes!" I will still in a daze as I looked around the room. "Follow me to the kitchen Buck. Bitch!!! Crawl on the floor behind me. Don't make me pull your leash." Ms Estella Smith said. I watched as Ms. Smith strutted along the wooden floor followed by Tina who crawled down the long hallway to the kitchen.

Ms. Smith stopped and sat at her kitchen table. "Buck you will call me Mistress Smith or Mistress but not Ms. Smith. That my mother name. If you do what I say without any complaints. Unlike Bitch here. I might pass your ass. Buck I can't stand being dirty in my house. I hate dirty dishes and clutter in my house. You can start by taking off your clothes. Be naked! Then start washing my dishes in the sink." Mistress said. "Yes, Mistress." I said. I started to take off my white shirt, followed my jeans. I placed them on the floor next to the sink. I stood there for a few minutes. I could feel Mistress checking me out with her sexy eyes. "Off with the white cotton shorts Young Buck. I told you do clean my dishes naked. I need to see that fine ass all the girls are talking about." Mistress said. Just then I heard the crack of the leather whip. "Smack!!!"

I pulled down my white cotton briefs around my ankles. I started to rinse off a few plates and silver ware in the sink. I looked down to see my cock was half erect. The cold stainless steel sink rubbed against my naked balls. I was using all my 6ft 3 frame to grab dishes and clean them. "Bitch start licking my feet. Lick my toes in my heels. That a good little bitch. Rub my ankles and calves. I think we found a good use for the mouth of yours." Mistress said. I turned my head to see Tina was licking Ms. Smith big long sexy legs. "Oh god you making Mistress wet. How are those fucking dishes coming along servant boy?" Mistress said. "Great. All most finished Mistress. Would you care to inspect them?" I said. "Shut up and get cleaning. I will be right there to inspect. You clean. I will ask the question servant boy." Mistress said. "Smack!!!"

I kept washing the dishes. "Fuck me Bitch. Your making more wet. Damn I need some of that tongue inside me. Unzip my side pull down my panties. "ZZZZZIPPPP" That it now pull my g-string to the side. Use your finger to pull my big cunt lips apart. Stick your tongue in there. Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Eat me Bitch!!! God that is great. Fuck yeah BITCH!!!" Mistress said. I could hear Tina licking Ms Smith pussy. I looked over to see Mistress hand on Tina head. She was shoving Tina face into her pussy. "MMMprprphhh!!! Yummmmmmyyyyy!!!" said Tina. I was now about 3/4 of the way from my cock being at full attention. I fondled my naked balls in my left hand. There was a huge drop of pre-cumm on the tip of my cock. All 9 3/4 inches glisten from the dish water that dripped on it from the sink.

"Yes! Yes!! I'm cumming Bitch. Swallow it. Use your tongue Bitch. Don't stop licking me. So help me I will punish you. Ok that sucked. Sit here and wipe your face on my heel. Buck done yes?" Mistress said. I stood there as Ms. Smith walked over to me at the sink. Tina was still at the kitchen table on the floor. Mistress head was just above my right ear. She was huge in those 6inch platform heels. I could really smell her sweet perfume as she inspected the dishes. "Very good Young Buck. Now follow me to the living room. Let me see the big cock of yours. Looks like somebody got it wet from the dish water. You have such big balls. Your purple head is very nice. Tina crawl here and lick Buck cock. "Smack!!!!" He has dish soap on it." Mistress said. With that I heard Tina on her knees. I then saw Mistress Smith put her left gloved hand down to wipe off the huge glob of pre-cumm on my cock. She licked her finger and smiled at me. She then winked as I felt Tina hot mouth on my cock. "Geez that enough Bitch. No pleasure for you. Lick his balls. Now you two follow me. Crawl Bitch!!!!" she said. "Smack!!!!" she cracked her whip again.

I followed them to the living room. There was a vacuum cleaner at one end of the room. There was a duster on the coffee table. I picked up the duster and dusted all the furniture in the living room. I dusted the TV. I heard Tina breath heavy. I turned around to see she was laying on the couch. Mistress had taken off her black panties on the carpet. She was sitting on Tina face. Mistress was grinding her big hips and ass on Tina mouth. Tina was having a hard time breathing but she was eating Ms. Smith pussy very good. Mistress had her eyes closed as I started the vacuum. This woke her from Tina pussy licking. She smiled as I vacuumed her large white rug in the living room. I moved a few chars and coffee table. She smiled as my cock moved back and forth behind the vacuum cleaner. My balls bounced as I kept doing my duties. I looked around trying to see what would happen next. I stopped the vacuum cleaner when I heard Mistress scream. "FUCK yeah. For such a skinny ass Bitch you suck some mean pussy. Damn I should have made you my slave earlier in the year. I wish your stuck up parents could see you eat my pussy. Follow me you two." she said.

I followed them down the hall. We came to a door that was marked "Private _ Keep out". Mistress unlocked the door with a key. She placed the big key back inside her large corset top. I saw the light go on as we all all went down the stairs. The walls going down the stairs were leather. We got to the bottom step. I looked around a big room. We were in her basement. But it was no ordinary basement. There were large full length mirrors that went around the room. There was a big black leather couch and chair on one end. A large 4 post black steel frame king size bed on one side of the room. One side of the room had some different restraining devices. One was a large steel X. That had cuffs at the bottom and top of the large X. Next device had a flat steel bench with a large black fake cock on the end of a vibrating steel pole. It was connect to a box that looked liked a girl sat down and the machine fucked her. The last device was a large chain link fence that had restraints on the top and bottom of the fence.

I saw Tina on her knees as Mistress walked over to the last side of the room. She clapped her hands and a mirror popped out. She opened the mirror. There was a huge assortment of adult toys of every shape and color. There were handcuffs and restraints of all different sizes. I stood there naked as my cock was now fully erect. Mistress smiled as she got down some of her adult toys. She walked over to Tina. "Bitch get up and lay down. That a good slave." Mistress said. With that Tina got on the bench and layed down. Ms Smith leaned down to spit on Tina pussy. She pulled Tina cheerleading skirt up. Her pussy was small and already red. I think Mistress got to it before I showed up after school. I then watched as Ms. Smith started the fucking machine.

She slowly inserted the fake big black cock at Tina tiny pussy entrance. She restrained Tina hands and feet. Mistress turned the machine on medium as it started to fuck poor Tina little pussy. I thought it might break her into but she screamed with pleasure. "Stop yelling Bitch. No orgasm for you. If you come I will punish you." Mistress said. With that Mistress went to the mirror and came back with a small hand held camera. She took a few pictures of Tina being fucked by the machine. Mistress stuck her gloved finger down to check Tina pussy. She was wet but had not orgasmed yet.

"Buck come here!!" Mistress said. I walked over and she placed my hands on the steel fence. She restrained my hands and feet. I was facing the steel fence. My chest was on the links. I turned my head to see Mistress had dropped her whip on the floor. She had a huge 4ft yellow ruler. There were a few notches at the top. I could see she had painted some small footballs at each mark. "Hmm - looks like your gong to be the next big jock from school I had the pleasure to spank. You certainly have the nicest cock of them all. Don't worry this is going to hurt me more than you." she said. "WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!! Mistress was spanking my cold hard ass with he ruler. At first it hurt but then I could feel excitement all over my body. I was tingling as she kept spanking me. My cock was rock hard. Harder than ever before. I heard Tina giggle. Mistress stopped and put a ball gag in Tina mouth. "First time the Bitch been quite all night. Damn Buck your ass had gone from white to red. It's quite yummy. I love a good hard ass." she said.

I could feel Mistress long red nails on my ass. She kissed my lower back and rubbed my burning ass. She started to use a riding crop next on my butt cheeks. Then she used her hand on my ass. She pulled my hair and slammed my face in the fence. I bounced off a few times. I closed me eyes as she continued to spank me. After a few minutes she stopped. A few seconds later a felt some ice on my ass. She had taken some ice from somewhere and was rubbing it on my ass. I almost orgasmed through the fence from this. I then felt her lick me butt cheeks. She walked over to stop the fuck machine on Tina. I watched as Tina got on her knees behind me. "Lick his ass. Eat is ass bitch. That it pull his hot ass apart. Damn Bitch your eating his ass hole. That it. Fuck him with your mouth." Mistress said. I could feel Tina eating my ass. I was trying not to cumm. It felt so wrong but there was nothing but pure excitement and tingling in my body.

I watched as Mistress came in front of me. We started to kiss and exchange tongues as Tina kept eating my ass. "Bitch lick his big balls. Do not suck his cock. I will punish you." Mistress said. I felt Tina mouth on my balls and Mistress hands on my chest. I started to kiss Mistress more harder. She untied my hands. Tina untied my feet. They pulled me away from the fence. Mistress looked down. Then she walked over to the mirror. She pulled out a huge purple butt plug. She spit on the end giving it to Tina. Tina inserted into her small ass. Mistress tied Tina to the fence. She was pretty stretched out as Mistress began to spank Tina. "Whack! Whack!! That it bitch. I can tell you like that. How that big butt plug? Don't you orgasm or you will be punished." Mistress said.

She then untied Tina and placed her on the Big steel X. I watched as Tina was fully restrained to the Big X. She facing forward as Mistress clicked on a switch. The Big X start to rotate. Tina was slowing turning up side down. She stopped the machine once Tina was up side down. Mistress took off her g-string and placed her pussy on Tina chin. Tina started to eat Mistress pussy upside down. I watched as Mistress orgasmed twice and the juicy fell off Tina face onto the ground. Some got in her eyes as Mistress wiped her pussy all over Tina face. Mistress clicked the Big X again. It began to turn and Mistress pussy juice flowed all over poor Tina.

Mistress grabbed my hand. We pushed over the Big X in front of the king size bed. I watched as Tina was slowed down but still turning as Mistress pulled off Tina top on the floor. Tina was now completely naked. Mistress went back to the mirror and grabbed some nipples clamps and a huge vibrator. She placed the clamps on poor Tina small breast. She stuck the vibrator inside Tina pussy. Tina was mouthing yes and she was really loving what Mistress was doing to her. I sat on the edge of the bed. My ass had finally stopped hurting and felt good. I watched as Mistress took off her corset. Her huge breast cascaded down on her curvy frame. She smiled as my cock was still hard. She left her black fishnets and large heels on but was totally naked in front of me.

"Well you did do a great job cleaning my house Young Buck. I need to show you my appreciate for hard work." Mistress said. I watched as she walked closer in front of me. She turned to bend over. Her large ass hit my lips as I kissed her all over. I ran my hands up her long legs and thick thighs. She orgasmed when she felt my hot tongue inside her pussy. She smelled great as I ate her pussy. I used my big hands to hold her hips and large ass. I started to fondle her large breast. She slammed her ass on my face. I looked into the side mirrors around the room. Mistress looked very hot as I ate her pussy in the reflection. I could here Tina being rotated as the big vibrator was in her pussy. "Wait!! Tina did you orgasm? I told you not to." Mistress said. She went to go check poor Tina. Mistress pulled out the vibrator and placed it on the floor. She went back to the mirror and got a bigger anal plug. She replaced it inside Tina ass.

"Now watch!! Learn how a big gurl fucks Bitch. Watch an learn skinny Bitch!!!" Mistress Estella Smith said. With that she stopped Tina from rotating. I crawled back onto the pillows. Mistress had me lay down flat as she got on the bed. She then lowered her bald pussy on my erect cock. I watched as her cunt lips parted and her wetness came down the side of my cock. She was so wet all of hard cock when in very tight. I winced as Mistress began to fuck me. She placed her large tits on my face and head. I reached back to pull her butt apart to give Tina a better look at Mistress fucking me. I could feel Mistress Smith body on my chest and sides as she fucked me. She was really slamming her large frame on me as I caught my breath. I started to fuck her when she lost her breath. We began to kiss as she took over fucking me. She was using my cock for her pleasure. "Damn Young Buck. Your cock feels great inside me. Don't cumm yet. I will tell you. Don't make me punish you Buck!! Got it baby??" she said. I just bit her lower lip as she squirmed on top of me. I slapped her big ass as her long blonde hair fell on my left hand.

I rolled her over. She was on her back now. My cock was till in her as I started to fuck her. I put my hands on her thigh pulling them wider. She screamed..Yes!!..Yes!! Fuck Yes...Young man..Fuck your teacher..Fuck me!!!!" Mistress said. I started to hold her large breast together and slap them. She bit my lips this time. I heard Tina moan behind us. I really picked up the pace fucking her. I was slamming my erect body on her as you could here are bodies slam together. She grabbed my back as she orgasmed beneath me. I kept fucking her harder and harder. "Ok!! Ok!! I need you to cumm inside me. My pussy needs you big load. Tina!!!! TINA!!! You can come too." she yelled in my ear. With that I heard Tina orgasm followed by Mistress and then fianlly me. "YES!!!! Here it comes!!!" I yelled. Mistress held my cock inside her as I came. I filled her up as some leaked out her tight hole. I could feel it come up the side of my cock as she pushed me off her. Mistress cleaned me up then untied Tina to clean Mistress hot pussy of my seed. I got instantly hard again when they passed my sperm in there mouths.

She tied Tina back on the fence. Mistress walked over to the middle side mirror. I was still on the bed getting to my feet. I then saw her open one of the mirrors. She pointed for me to come over. I walked over look inside. I smiled as I saw Teresea on her knees. There were five big guys from the football team. They were tied in a circle on a metal wall. There hands and feet were tied down. There cocks were spent as they had all just watched us from the other room. Teresa was covered in sperm as she got off her knees and walked over to the Mistress. She inspected Teresa mouth to make sure all the sperm was on her and not in her mouth. Mistress used her long gloves to rub in the sperm on Teresa body. She licked some of the sperm off her gloves. "Follow me you two." Mistress said.

Mistress went and got some big strap on cocks and placed them over the football team guys limp cocks. "You will fuck the Bitch until morning. Do what ever you like but do not fuck her with your real cocks. I will inspect you in the morning. Buck and Teresa follow me upstairs. Goodnight Bitch. Maybe tomorrow you will earn enough extra credit to pass my classes." Mistress said.

We followed Mistress all the way to the 2nd floor. She locked her play room as we climbed the stairs. We gave her a nice long bath. Scrubbing every inch of her large frame. I ate her pussy under water as she sat on my face. She ate Teresa pussy as we switched roles in the Mistress bedroom. I lost count of how many and different ways I fucked them. Later that night into early morning we fell asleep.

Both Teresa and I passed Ms Estella Smith class that semester. Strange things was I had to spend allot of time with Teresa after class. We kept getting detention and had to do extra credit at Mistress house. We had to go after class last week. I parked the car out front and noticed Principle Shelia Babcock car parked behind the garge door. I walked around with Teresa to look inside the garage. I saw a pretty dusty pink mustang inside the garage. Seems Tina Bell had been skipping school. Her folks had been looking for her also. They called the principle.

Teresa used her key to open the play room door. We walked down the stairs. I could hear some moans and groans. Teresa turned to hand me a note. "Come over after class bring your new key I made you. Bring your DVD recorder and Buck." said the note. I saw Mistress she was having her pussy eaten by Tina. I then saw Tina parents were watching to the side. Principle Babcock was laying on the bench. The fuck machine turned on. Buzzz!! Buzzzz!!! I love passing notes.


BBW Birthday Fuck - An Adult Story

It all happen about a month ago. I had left work early on a Friday. I help different hotels with there computer problems. Some of them are in the Baltimore area. A few are not far from where I live. My pool was still being cleaned and resealed for the upcoming summer. I decided to go change at my house and run over to a hotel by the airport. I was going to use there pool and relax. I called up the GM of the hotel and she said no problem. I ran inside and got changed. I took off my suit and tie. I put on my navy blue swim shorts with the white flowers, that go down to my knee. I put on some flip flops and a white t-shirt. I got a big towel, a black t-shirt, and a new pair of Diesel jeans and through it all in a duffel bag. I decided to bring just in case I had to change or was going to stop at a bar around the corner. I had no plans...just to relax.

I got to the hotel around 4pm. I parked my SUV outside in the parking lot. I walked through the lobby. I shot a smile at the front desk. She was quite cute. I laughed. I just needed to get to the pool. I followed the signs down the hall and walked out on the pool deck. It was an indoor pool. A nice size pool. About 40 feet long and 30 feet wide. It was kinda of humid inside the glass dome of the pool area. There were a maybe a dozen lounge chairs. A few tables with chairs and umbrellas. I put my bag next to a lounge chair behind my head. I sat at the farthest lounge chair from the door.

I was the only one there. I had noticed a few cars in the parking lot. The hotel was full during the week from business travelers...compared to the weekends. I put on my sunglasses and eased the lounge chair back. I was laying a few inches from the concrete floor. I wished I had brought my I-Pod or at least a radio to listen too. I heard the pump in the pool room a few times as I looked into the ceiling. I wish I was almost tired enough to fall asleep. I guess I should not have taken the nap on the conference call. I took of my shirt and rubbed my short hair on my head. I had shaven my body two days before getting ready for the summer. I was going to the tanning booth tomorrow to keep up the tan.

I had been in the pool area for about 20 minutes. I was going to get up and go find something to drink when the pool door opened. I put down my shades on the end of my nose. I saw 4 girls come into the pool area. They were all laughing and giggling as they walked over to the side of the pool. They put there big purses/bags on the table. All of them looked down to where I was laying down. They started to talk to each other. One girl reached into her big white bag and pulled out a few wine coolers. Another girl took out a big thermos full of alcohol and mixed it with some fruit punch.

I good only imagine what they were up....One girl had long light brown hair. She was about 5ft 6 with a medium size body. She had long legs. She was wearing a red two piece bikini that was a little big on her. I think she was trying to hide her looks. She had on some red flips flops. She put her little red sun glasses on as she took off her white towel around her neck. She was about in her middle 30's. The next girl had long platinum blonde hair. Just passed her shoulders. She had a pink two piece bathing suit. Cut very high on her large ass. It hugged her hips and left little to the imagination. She had some very big curves. She had the largest breast out of all of her friends. She was in her late 20's. She was barefoot as she drank a wine cooler in her right hand.

There third friend had dark black hair. Just above the shoulders. She was the oldest and had a black one piece bathing suit. She was the big gurl of all her friends. She had the widest and biggest butt. But she looked very sexy in her dark shades as she sipped her mixed drink from a plastic glass. The fourth girl. She had brunette hair cut short. She too was bigger and had a nice big butt to go with her large breast. I smiled as she took off her white t-shirt revealing a black & white polka dot one piece suit. All the girls had painted there finger and toe nails to match there suit. I also smiled because they all had on different jewelery but non was wearing a wedding band.

I was trying to think what I was going to do next as they walked down to get in the shallow end of the pool. They all used the metal rail to get into the water. They giggled and screamed as they kept there hair out of the water. I tried not to stare but use my shades to block my eyes. I felt my cock twitch as I sat up on the lounge chair. I had to get up to get something to drink. I walked passed them as they stopped to check me out. I opened the door to go out. I got a cold Coke from the vending area and walked back.

I was walking by the pool. The dark hair girl smiled. "You want something with that Coke." she said. I turned. "Hey were celebrating her birthday. She pointed to the dark hair girl. Yeah we got some Rum for that Coke. the blonde said. "Well I am off from work. Some Rum sounds pretty good." I said. The girls pointed to the there table. I walked over and good smell all there perfume coming from the bags. I looked around to see two keys to there hotel rooms. I smiled as I took the Rum out of a brown bag. I poured some in a plastic glass, along with some Coke. I turned to give them a toast as I took a sip.

I stood there looking down with all the girls still in the pool. They were hitting the water trying to splash me. "Don't you want to come in and get wet." Light brown hair girl said. "Do you girls like want anything before I jump in. Need to be top offed or need a bottle for the pool." I said. I fixed the dark hair girl a Rum and Coke. I handed the the blonde a wine cooler. I made her leap out of the water to get it. I was hoping her suit my fall off but I was a gentleman and bent down to hand it to her.

I went down to the deep end to jump in. I had won a few belly flops in Daytona a few years ago for Spring break. I was hoping just to dive in this time. I swam underwater about half the length of the pool. I popped up to see the girls wave for me to come join them. I wiped the water off my short hair as I swam to the shallow end. It was only 3ft in the shallow end so I got on my knees to talk to the girls.

"My name Buck! I know its a unusual name but I have had all my life. I am an alcoholic. No wait wrong meeting." I said. They giggled as they had some more to drink. "My name Claudia. Today is my birthday and no I am not telling you how old I am." Dark hair girl said. "That's good I wasn't going to ask." I said. "My name Samantha." said the blonde. "My name Anne" said the light brown hair girl. "Last but not least my name Heather." said the brunette. "Glad to meet you girls. Are you girls in-town just for her birthday? Do you all work together.?" I said. "We all work together. Were here for a conference starting on Monday. We came in early to celebrate Claudia birthday. We just got here about an hour ago. We got off the plane drinking and we are not going to stop until late tonight." said Samantha

"Where do you girls live?" I said. "Can't you tell. Where the whitest women in Baltimore. We live in Wisconsin. Outside of Milwaukee. Have you ever been there. Are you staying at the hotel? said Heather. "What do you do for a living Buck?" said Anne "I have been to Milwaukee. I went to the Wisconsin Dells a few times. I used to live outside of Chicago. I help hotels with there computers. I live north of the airport. I am not staying at the hotel. I just came to use the pool and relax." I said. We spent the next hour talking. All of them were very nice and we got out of the pool. I sat at there table as we continued to drink.

I put my towel around me neck. I kept making small talk. I looked down at Heather's phone and noticed it was 7pm. "Hey are you checking out my phone?" Heather said. "What are you doing tonight Buck?" said Anne. "I was going to go home and watch a movie on my pool deck later. Before you ask the pool being cleaned. But I do have a big hot tub." I said. Claudia and Samantha stared at me and smiled. "What are you girls going to do?" I said. "We were going to get some dinner and go out after wards. Just to bad we don't know the city. Like someone does." Samantha said. "Hmm!!" I said. "Why don't you go out with us Buck. Were fun. That if you can hang with bunch of big gurls. Your not afraid of us." said Claudia. "I need to take a shower. I hate the smell of chlorine. I need to put on some new clothes. My house is a little far to get back here." I said. Ann reached over with a room key. "Heather and I are in 612. Go up there. Will be in 614 next door and then come over when your ready." Anne said.

I picked up my drink. I picked up my duffel bag and headed for the elevator. I hit the 6th floor button. I walked down the hall to 612. I left the girls at the pool. My heart was beating fast. I was breathing kinda of heavy. It had been a few weeks since going out with someone...much less four cute girls. Was I over evaluating things. I was sure they were just being nice. I think they wanted to celebrate there friends birthday. Plus I could not get a good read if any of them liked me more than just hanging out with. I locked the bottom lock on the door as I closed it. I threw my duffel bag on the one queen size bed. I went to the other bed and reached over to turn on the A/C. The suit was a little warm.

I pulled of my wet suit on the bathroom floor. Kinda of a big suction noise as it went over my thighs. I flipped it up with my toe. I hung it on the towel rack. There were about 6 big white towels. They had some of there shampoo and hair products around the sink. They were in a handicap accessible room. I think they liked the big bathroom and walk in shower. Knowing from past experience about the set up of the suites. I shut the bath room door half way and opened the shower curtain. There was a big drain in the middle of the floor. There was a huge shower head that aimed down from the top of the shower. There were two more shower heads about half way up the wall that sprayed me. The shower was about six feet wide and 8ft long. Had nice black tiles and gold accent trim. I put some shampoo on my head and lather upped.

About 5 minutes after starting the shower. I heard some noise inside the suite. I heard all four girls laughing and giggling. Turns out there suites were connected by a door in between. I forgot to check. I heard Heather first followed by Claudia at the bathroom door. "Hey Buck how the water?" said Samantha "What are you doing in there? Don't drop the soap." Claudia said. Then I heard Heather and Anne giggle. They were all within arms reach of the shower curtain. "I want to see. Yeah out of the way Anne." said one if the girls in a whisper. I looked down to see my cock. It look like a wet worm as it lay on my thigh. I walked to the shower head and turned around with my back to the faucet.

I am not sure who opened the shower curtain but I looked up to see all four girls starring at me taking a shower. Samantha walked in first. All of them had there bathing suits on and were bare foot. I smiled as Samantha got under the water. I looked over her shoulder to see Claudia come in next. Followed by Anne. Heather stood at the shower curtain and watched her friends. Claudia pushed passed Samantha. She stood next to me as she started to kiss my lips. Her big full lips felt great on my mouth as we kissed very hard. I felt Samantha on my other side as she kissed my neck. I stopped kissing Claudia long enough to kiss her friend. I had my right hand on Claudia nice big butt and my left hand on Samantha big butt. I turned my head forward to see Anne pinching my right nipple.

She opened her mouth and began to kiss me just like her friends. All the girls were running there hands up and down me as I groped them. I felt two hands on my cock as Anne leaned in causing her stomach to move her friends hands. I laughed as she bit my lower lip. I looked over Anne head to see Heather had pulled down her bikini around her ankles. She was touching her self. She had her left breast out as she used her hand on herself. Anne moved again and her friends got a hold of my cock in there hands. I then felt all three girls on my cock. I took turns kissing each girl.

I felt Samantha swim suit hit my toe on the drain. Followed by Claudia on my other foot. Both girls giggled as there naked breast rubbed against my side. I started to French kiss Claudia who was very sexy as she pushed her wet pussy against my thigh. I gulped some water when I felt Anne bend down to lick the tip of my cock. I smiled more when she bent her knees and eased some of my cock in her mouth. Samantha began to massage my butt. I felt her large breast on my side. I felt her hand travel farther on my ass. When I did not protest she lightly put one finger on the edge causing a wave of excitement to wash over me. Anne finally got all 9 3/4 inches inside her mouth. Samantha reached up to pull my face of her friends. We started to French kiss and Claudia rubbed my ass. I felt her hand slap me a few times as she giggled in my ear.

I looked over when I heard Heather moan hard. Her friends did too. She smelled her finger as my mouth dropped opened. She took off her swim suit and got some soap. She was washing Anne back as she looked at her friend suck my cock. Anne got up when Claudia pulled her hair to get up off her legs. I watched as Claudia started to suck my cock. Then Samantha got on her knees. All three girls were sucking my cock. There hands were on my thighs and legs. They were sucking my cock and hairless balls in there hot mouths. I was loosing my mind. It had been a while since I had been with a woman. It had also been a few days since I had masturbated. I knew I was close to cumming. My knees began to get weak. I grunted as the girls pulled my cock and began to jack my cock towards there faces. I looked down as my cock head opened. Two huge gobs flew out. One hit Samantha on the lips the other went over the girls heads and hit on the shower floor. Claudia began to lick one side and Samantha the other as I felt Heather tongue on the tip of my cock. They cleaned me up as I watched them.

I continued to kiss all the girls as we finished up in the shower. I went and got them some more towels from there other suite next door. I went back in the suite and sat on the far bed close to the window. Samantha came out first and sat on my towel wrapped around my waist. We began to kiss and I pulled off her towel onto the floor. She could feel my cock get hard under her ass. She got on her knees in front of the bed and placed my erect cock in her mouth.

The other girls came out and Claudia got on the other bed. Her ass faced me as she was on her hands and knees. Heather and Anne started to spank her big ass. They were screaming and pulling her hair as they gave Claudia her birthday spankings. I looked down to feel Samantha putting her large breast on each side of my cock. She spit to make my cock wet as she titty fucked me.

After a few minutes and seeing Claudia ass glowing red. Samantha got off me and we walked over to Claudia on the other bed. Samantha started to spank her friends ass. It was quite red at this point. Anne went to the night stand separating each bed. She pulled out a few condoms. She came back with a a blue condom which you rolled out onto my cock. I got on the bed between Claudia legs. She arched her back and stuck out her ass for me. I reached down to feel her hot wet pussy. She was dripping as I slowly inserted my hard cock inside her. "Fuck yeah!! Baby that a big cock. God I love your cock." said Claudia. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her harder and harder. She slammed her ass back on my cock. We got a good rhythm going before she had her first orgasm on my cock. I pulled out as she squirted onto her thigh. Samantha reached down between her friends legs and used her fingers inside her friends pussy. Claudia orgasmed again. I could only smile as Claudia fell face first onto the bed.

Next Heather grabbed my hand and took me over to the other bed. I watched as Anne and Samantha finished off Claudia on the other bed. I turned my head when I felt Heather pull of my blue condom and put a new one on my cock. She licked her fingers and played with her pussy. I layed down on my back as Heather stood up on the bed and lowered herself down on my cock. She bounced up and down. I fondled her big breast in my hands as she orgasmed. I felt her large thighs hit my waist as she fucked me harder. She screamed and orgamsed again. I pinched her nipples in my mouth as she collapsed on my chest. She stuck her tongue in my mouth as I fucked her hot pussy. I then felt a hot mouth on my balls. I looked down to see all three girls between my legs on the bed. They slapped Heather ass and called her bitch for fucking me so good. I smiled as Heather rolled off and fell to my right side.

I then watched Samantha lick her lips. She then stood up and her large breast rested on her belly button. She licked her own nipples as she stood there looking down at me. Claudia crawled up my right side and Heather was on my left side. Anne held my cock as Samantha crawled onto the bed. Samantha lowered her wet pussy on my cock. She really started to fuck me as I held onto her breast. I watched as Anne slapped Samantha ass. Then Claudia began to suck Samantha breast. Heather kissed my lips as I held onto Samantha breasts. I could feel Heather breast on my chest, along with Claudia as I turned my head to start to lick Samantha big breasts. All the girls were moaning and breathing heavy. I slammed my waist and cock off the bed inside Samantha. I smiled as I relaxed then shot a huge load inside the condom. My cock was on fire as I kept cumming. After a few minutes and everyone calming down Samantha got off my cock. She crawled between my legs. She pulled off the used condom off my wet cock. She deep throated my cock cleaning me off. Anne grabbed the used condom and sucked out my sperm.

I spent the rest of the night with the girls. I lost how many times I had sex or what I did to to them before I left. I gave Claudia a good bye/happy birthday fuck in the bathroom on the counter. We managed to knock all the hair products on the floor.

I got an email the other day~~(buckkelly123@yahoo.com)~~ there coming back to Baltimore and they need a tour guide. There also bringing along a new friend. Seems they have a new girl from work. Its her birthday and she needs to get away from her overbearing husband.


Bomber Girl - An Adult Story

It had been a long day at work. I got home late around 9pm. I poured some Grey Goose Vodka and cranberry in a tall glass. I took a few sips as I walked around my living room. I still had on my suit as I loosen my yellow tie. I sat down on my big black leather couch. I took off my leather shoes. I put my feet on the glass coffee table. I took another big sip as I placed the glass on my end table. I picked up my remote and turned on the flat screen. All the games were over so I looked for a good movie. 180 channels and not anything good on. I checked out the food network but they were running a repeat. Sports center was not on yet and HBO was not coming in good on the Satellite. I clicked on the next channel down. There was a commercial on.

I was getting kinda of sleepy as I stared at the TV. My right eye was half way down when the commercial was over. It was a show about World War 2. The bombing of Germany by the Allied Forces. I put down the remote to pickup my drink. I went and poured myself another and sat back down. I wiped my lip and then my eyes with the back of my hand. They were showing some American Bombers bombing different parts of Germany during the war. I took two more sips as I closed my eyes. The noise from the TV was on in the back ground as I gripped the glass in my right hand.

(Dream Sequence)

"Boom!!! Bam!!! Boom!!!" I could here the propellers from the planes starting up. I got out of the jeep as the crew ran passed me and climbed on board. I stopped to talk to the Air Marshall at the end of the Air Field. He saluted me as I stopped in front of him. "Got the flight plans. Good briefing today Captain Kelly. You and your boys get back safe after bombing Berlin today. I'll see you in the Officers Club later for a Pint." He said. "No problem sir. It was our 10th mission the boys and I have been on since we landed in England three weeks ago." I said. We were part of the 8th Air force. Were flying B17's. The Flying Fortress they liked to call her. I had a crew of nine. We were suppose to bomb the Germans to soften them up before the invasion of France in a few months. Today mission was a plant out side of Berlin. They made tanks. It was near a school and church making it very hard to bomb.

We were to take off before it got light at 0430 hours. Along with some 66 other Bombers and fighters. It would take most of the day to reach our objective. Once we dropped our pay load then we were suppose to get back in formation fly over France and head back to Southern England. We had lost about half of the bombers they sent last week to bomb the same target. So we knew it would be heavily defended again. Between the German fighters in the air and plenty of guns from the ground shooting up at us. I was hoping to fly 30,000 feet and then down to 10,000 before we dropped our bombs.

I reached down to tighten my black leather boots. I had on a big brown leather jacket. A green long sleeve shirt. Some green pants. I kissed the American Flag on my jacket as I board the bomber. I sat in the Captain chair. My Co-Pilot and I went over our check list as the plane started up. I looked out the window on the side of the plane. The grounds crew had painted a blonde with a bomb in her hand. She was the "Tail Wind". We were the lead bomber on this mission. The plane began to rumble as I took her down to the end of the runway. We got the all clear as I looked out and the sky was clear. I saluted the tower as I shut the window to the cockpit. We were up in the air in no time.

I looked out the window to see the other bombers near bye. I saw that last bit of grass before we got over the English Channel. I had the guys check there weapons and shoot off a few rounds. It would be about an hour before we got into the first wave of German artillery. I checked my seat belt as my hat moved on my head over my left eye. I was sweating as we began to climb to 30,000 feet. I wiped my fore head as the bomber began to shake. Some of the guys looked at me as I smiled. I level out the plane and told the other bombers to maintain radio silence until the last possible moment.

It all happen real quick. A few clouds of black smoke followed my some metal hitting the planes around us. The Germans had put up some some flack and artillery shells at us. Only one Bomber had to turn back. They got hit in the wing. They had lost power and were turning around. A few minutes later we saw our first fighters. My tail gunner shot off a few rounds as they got close. For the next hour we lost a few Bombers and they lost a few fighters before they took off back to there bases in France. We still had over 50 bombers so our odds were pretty good that we get to our objective. It was another couple of hours that I finally took the plane down to 10,000 feet. We had caught them by surprise. I yelled back to the bombardier to make sure he was on target. We came in just perfect and landed most of our bombs right on the target. I could see behind us the tall black clouds from the plant. The other bombers let go there pay loads and we started to turn back home.

There was some artillery bouncing all around and then some fighters came from over head dive bombing us. I looked all around trying to keep the plane from shaking. I could here all the guns on the bomber going off trying to keep the fighters off the plane. We took a few bullets through the plane. Our wing had been hit and the tail had been shot up but the plane was still flying. "Oh yeah! You wanted the best, you got the best. Take that!!!!." I said. We were giving as good as we got. It was not until the fighters had left that we realized we might have a problem. I could feel the plane shake violently. I had the co pilot take over the controls. I unbuckled and went back to look at the plane. I looked out on the wing on the left side of the aircraft. They had hit one of our engines and had cracked the wing. It did not look good. "Transfer the gas over to the other engine. Hit the exhaust to put out the flames." I yelled.

We were back up to 20,00 feet and had leveled off. I looked around as I got back to my seat. I could see the worried eyes of the crew. "Men throw out everything we don't need. Guns, Ammo, Gas cans and everything we don't need. Then put on your para chutes we may have to jump from this baby." I yelled. The crew acted calmly as we got rid of everything. I radio we were going down. "This is Captain Buck Kelly of the "Tail Wind" we have lost power and we are going down." I said. I got the plane down to about 3,500 feet before I had the guys start to jump. I saw there parachutes deploy. I saw 9 jump out and all of there chutes deployed. They had a good chance to get picked up the French resistance or some how get out of France as a team.

The stick was between my legs was shaking. I could hear different parts of the plane ratteling. My hat fell off as I peeked out the side window. I saw some big mountains and cliffs as I leveled out again. I was in the French Alps. I was on the edge of France and Germany near the border. I smiled as I came out of the clouds there was a clearing up ahead. A large open area about the size of two football field straight ahead. I dumped the fuel and put down the landing gear. I had landed in worst conditions. I felt the trees hit the bottom of the plane. I then saw the grass and dirt fly by the window of the cock pit. I jammed on the brake and put he engines in reverse. I kept rolling and took off the wings as I hit the first tree line on the edge of the field. The plane had taken a big hop and bounced into he trees. The plane was crumbling around me as it finally came to a stop. I could feel the heat from the plane and smoke as I took of my seat belt.

I jumped out he window and landed on the ground. I bounced up and look around. I was pretty sure the Germans were on here way to check out the crash. I looked around to get my bearings. I was still in the trees at the base of a valley. I could see the mountains all around. I could see the flowers had just bloomed and were all over the plane. I could smell the gas and smoke. I looked down to see my hat. I put it on as I quickly got the hell out of there. I ran down to the edge of the tree line. I could here some trucks in distance getting closer. I decide to head up north from the crash site. I was going to look for a house or some where to hide. It would be dark soon and I could possibly hide until then.

I ran across an open field making up a road. I jumped behind some rocks. I looked at my left arm. I had a cut on it. I was bleeding a little. I still had my bomber jacket uniform on. I looked around. I could see the trucks in the distance. They were two trucks with Germans inside. They were getting out of the trucks and going into the forest to look at the plane crash. I was hoping they figure everyone on board had died. After a few minutes I was wrong. They all came running out of the forest. They stopped to look at a map. I crawled away. I ran along some tress as cover along the road. I ran up to a barn on the outskirts of a town.

I rubbed my eyes when I saw there was a house in the distance from the barn. I ran down a side road behind a hedge row for cover. I looked into a corn field and saw a farmer plowing his field. I reached into my left front pocket. I had my loaded 45. I new if it came down to a fight I was ready. I ran passed the farmer to the other side of his field. I could see a stream and another road. I could here some German Soldiers and dogs were the Farmers was. I watched as he pointed in my direction. I ran through the stream up to the road. I could hear a motorcycle coming in the distance. I reached into my pocket as the motorcycles came around the corner right at me. I pulled out the gun and pointed it a the driver. The German solider stopped the motorcycle with the side car. I order him in my best German to get off the bike. He got off and ran toward the other soldiers.

"Ping! Blam! Zipp!!!! The bullets were flying as I jumped on he bike. I new I had not long before they set up some road blocks. I could see he sun had gone down and it was getting dark. I drove the motorcycle as fast as it could. I got off the road and cut through a field into some more woods. I drove the bike up a large hill stopping a the top. I looked around seeing the lights from the search party looking for me. They were still a pretty good distance from were I was. I went over the hill and drove most of the night. I had circled around the search party and now were behind them. I figured they might not come back to the area they had already searched. I ditched the bike. I put some tress and rocks around it making it hard to see from the road. I could not see another light for miles. I used the moon to guide me up the mountain. I figured the higher I got the better chance to escape. It was close to sunrise when I finally stopped.

I looked down from a big rock. I could see a nice small French Villa in the middle of now where. There were flowers in the yard that looked like the French Flag. I figured it might be safe to hide there. I was hungry, tired and had only had little water whiling trying to escape. I decided to use caution as I approached the Villa. I could see some smoke coming from the chimney. I could smell some food coming from the kitchen of the home. I snuck up the side of the Villa and peeked into the window. I stood on my tippy toes using all of my 6ft 3 frame to look inside. I could see some woman clothes on the table all nice and folded. I could see there was a French Poodle sleeping on the floor. I looked around some more. I was breathing hard and my arm was beginning to hurt worse. I sat down outside the window.

I felt a cold towel on my forehead. My eyes were still closed. I could here a women voice and a dog barking as I was still in a daze. I could feel soft sheets on my body. I could feel a soft pillow on the back of my head. I was in and out of conscience for the next hour. I finally woke when the woman left the room. I opened my eyes. I was laying in bed. My arm was bandaged. There was some bread and water on a tray next to the bed. I reached to drink the water and ate some of the bread. I put my glass back on the tray as the door opened.

I was not sure how to describe my vision. I figured if it was heaven it was a nice place. There was a very attractive women standing at the end of the bed. She had long red hair and a blonde streak in the front. She had to most perfect skin and soft red lips. She had the greenest eyes I had ever seen. She had long finger nails that were perfectly manicured. She wore light makeup to match her blue sun dress. She had a perfect smile. She was quite voluptuous as she was wearing a tight corset to keep her perfect curves in place. She was like a goddess. I smiled as she told me what had happen. She found me outside her door on the ground. She had used all her strength to get me inside. She was a nurse and fixed my wounds. She had bandaged my arm and closed a few cuts. She said the Germans had stopped by put moved on after checking the house. They figured I had not been able to climb and go this far to the Villa. She had hung up her clothes to cover the door to this room. They did not look inside. Plus they did not like her dog who like to growl at them.

I smiled as she kept talking. She was originally from the U.S. She had gotten stuck here after the war broke out. She was studying at a local University and could not get back safely to the U.S. She figured the safest place to be was out in the country and to use her French accent around people. I just listen as her lips moved so softly. I could feel myself get sleepy as my eyes closed.

I felt the bed move as my eyes open. I had slept the whole day and night and now was just waking up. She had made me breakfast. She was feeding me some pancakes and looking in my eyes. I was getting quite warm with her on the bed. She smiled and curled her hair as I ate my breakfast. She had put the tray on my lap. The tray moved slightly as my cock was getting hard. I was not sure even if I was wearing clothes. I looked over at a chair near the door and saw my uniform. She had hung my bomber jacket in her closet. I was actually in her room. She had been sleeping in the living room. I just smiled and listen to her sweet voice.

"I have not seen the Germans since that night. It been about a week. I saw your last name is Kelly but was is your first name? My name is Dawn" she said. I smiled. "Buck but you can call me what ever you like Dawn." I said. She giggled. "Are you going to try and get back to your base. Where you took off." she said. "Yes! I have to get back and make sure my crew got back. They had to jump before we crashed. I hope they have not been captured. How are my injuries?" I said. "Well you had a bruise on your head. A bullet wound that skinned your arm. I got it cleaned up and gave you a few stitches on your thigh. Looks like you took a good beating. But other than that you look great." She giggled again. "Maybe a week or two you can think about getting back." she said. "Where am I exactly?" I said. "Well your in the eastern most part of France. Near the German border. In the Chamonix Valley in the French Alps. Your near the town of Chamonix. If you go down this road outside for about 30 minutes by car you will get to the town." she said.

In my mind I was knew it was pretty far but I had to try and make it. "Hmm ok. Well that not to far to were I got to get back to. Maye I can make it to the coast and get on a ship back to England. I speak a little German. I will need some clothes and maybe a map. Is there any thing around the house you need help with?" I said. "You just get better and I will look around to see if I have a map and some clothes for you." she said. Dawn held my hand as she read me a book and looked into my eyes. I tried not to stare at her amazing body as I listen to her sweet voice. Near the end of the story I faded away as I fell back asleep when she left the room.

About an hour later I woke back up. I looked under my sheets to see I had my white boxers still on. I had a few bandages on the my arm, thigh and calf. I looked to my right and on anther chair was a white shirt and pair of tan pants. I slipped them on and walked around her house looking for her. I looked out the window and she was feeding her farm animals. I went into her kitchen and saw the fresh made bread. I walked outside down a long field and picked some wild flowers. I brought them back and sat at her kitchen table. Dawn came in and made some sandwiches for lunch. "Mmm I see you made it to the kitchen. How did these flowers get here? I guess were a little more healed than I thought.

I followed her out to her barn and started to help around doing some repairs to her barn. Then the outside of the house. The next week went by pretty quickly. I had fully healed from my wounds except for the gun shot on the arm. I had helped Dawn with everything she needed around the house. I had cut allot of wood for her. Fixed the roof and helped care for her farm animals. She had brought me some new clothes from town and a map. She also told me the Germans had question her in town about me. She gave me hug when she came back. She then gave me two kisses on the cheek. "That how we greet people here in France. Especially the people we like." she said. "I like that custom. I need another hug." I said. She smiled as we hugged again. She felt so great in my arms. She smelled so hot that I lost my thoughts as we hugged tighter. "I think you are fully recovered there Mr. Buck." Dawn said.

I smiled as we sat down in her living room. "There going to be a full moon tomorrow. This might be your best time to escape. You can take one of my horse from the barn. I marked your map of locations to hide. I have some food and water for you to bring." she said. "Dawn! I am not sure how I can ever say thank you for what you have done. When I get back I will call your family in Arizona and let them no that you are ok. I promise. I have really enjoyed our time together." I siad. We had a nice diner as we sat there in some candle light at the table. She liked the flowers I had picked. She wore an all white dress that left nothing to the imagination. She was so stunning that I barely ate my dinner. She smiled when she left to get us another bottle of wine. I had eaten all my food when she came back. "I see you were hungry. Her let me pour you another glass." she said.

We talked late in the night. I put some wood in the fireplace. I was slowly falling in love with Dawn. Part of me wanted to get back to England and continue the fight. The other half of me wanted to stay with her. By the end of the night 99 percent of me wanted to stay with Dawn. She smiled as we had another glass of wine. "Captain Kelly are you trying to get little old innocent me drunk. I mean I am just a women here in France behind enemy lines. I wish we met before the war." Dawn said. I gulped hard. "I feel the same way. I don't want to leave you. I want to spend the rest of my time here with you." I said.

We made eye contact. I moved closer as she through the pillows and blanket off the couch onto the floor. I smiled as we were now on each other knees. I smiled as she bought her hands to my chest. I could not help but stare at her. Her soft lips opened as our lips touched for the first time. I could smell her sweet perfume as we kissed. I closed my eyes as we kissed very long and passionately. I moved my hands on her face. She slowly fell into my arms as we kissed. I ran my hands down her long red hair as she opened her eyes. She reached down to pull off my white shirt. I grimaced as she ran her long nails down my chest. "Mmmm Buck!!! Your my best patient ever. I think you have fully recovered from your wounds." she said.

I ran my hand down her back stopping just above her amazing ass. She reached back with her hands touching mind. She put my hands on her but. I gave her ass a gentle squeeze. She bit down on my lower lip. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" she said. I just kept kissing her. Dawn felt great on my chest. I could feel her breathing had matched mine. Her skin was so soft. She had put one of the flowers in her hair. We got off our knees and were standing in front of the fireplace. I put my arms around her and we began to kiss more.

"Follow me. It's been awhile since I have met someone I want to share the night with." Dawn said. I followed her into her bedroom. I sat on the bed as she took off her wooden shoes. She smiled as I watched her undue her white dress. She pulled the dress over her head onto the floor. She gently took off the strings holding her white corset up. She motion for me to turn off the light next to the bed. I whispered "No! I told her I wanted to see all over her." I smiled as she slowly took off the corset and placed it on the chair on my uniform. She was so hot as she slowly turned and pushed down her white panties. They came over her hips. Down her luscious thighs to her long legs. I smiled when she was completed naked.

She walked over and ran her hands down my chest again as we kissed. She brought her hand down to my white boxers. My cock was fully hard. My purple cock head had already come out of the opening peeking into the air. She gasped as all 9 3/4 inches came out when she pull the boxers down around my ankles. She rubbed my calves and long muscular legs. She kiss my boo boo on my thigh as she ran her nails inside my thighs. She finally started to kiss the tip of my cock. I could feel her chest on my legs as she kissed my long shaft. She traced her finger nails on my big balls. I had shave before I left. I was not sure she was used to a man with no hair there. "Mmmppphhh!!!" she said.

Dawn had started to put my cock inside her mouth. She wasted no time deep throating him. I could feel her hot breath as she sucked harder and harder. I grabbed the back of her head and she smiled. I reached down to play with her large breast. I could feel her nipples get hard to my touch. Oh god she felt so great on my cock. I wanted so much to get her on the bed and make love to her. I looked down in her eyes as she continued to suck my cock. I smiled as she pulled him out after 15 minutes. She began to jerk him slow then fast as she spit on my cock. My legs tensed as she brought her mouth down hard on my cock. "Dawn! Dawn!!" I said. With that she deep throated me as I came. She gagged a little but kept all me inside her mouth. I leaned over to give her some wine. She smiled as my cock was getting hard again.

She put the wine on the table nest to the bed. She crawled on the bed as I got between her legs. I started to kiss her small feet. I licked her ankles and long legs. She moved her hands on her breast as I got to her amazing thighs. I kissed them very long. I could see she was getting wet as I started to kiss the outside of her pussy. I licked her juicy cunt lips that were now engorged. I gently put one finger inside her. She moaned and began to breath heaver. I began to rub her labia and pinched one of her nipples. "Buck!1 Oh god! That it!! Don't stop! Honey don't stop." she said. I kept sucking her pussy harder and harder as she came. She came twice more before I started to suck her breast.

This time she gave me some wine as she moved her body. I got around her side as she moved the soft pillows on her bed. I placed my cock inside her thighs right on her pussy mound. She could feel my cock as she reached down to play with him. "I need you inside me. Fuck me! Fuck!! Me!! Fuck me Captain Buck!!!' Dawn said. "My pleasure baby. Just relax. I will be gentle." I said. I slowly inserted my cock inside her hot pussy. She squirted a little as my cock got half way inside her. It took about 10 minutes before I had all 9 3/4 buried inside her. My big balls slapped under her pussy and ass. I held onto her hips as she moved next to me. She felt so hot on my chest as she began to fuck me. She slammed her pussy back on my cock. "God you feel great. Its' been to long. That it baby. Oh god that feels great. Fuck me! Fuck me!!" Dawn said.

I leaned up and bite her shoulder as she screamed. I could feel her wetness on my cock as I whispered in her ear. She then turned to kiss me as I fondled her breast. I held her chin with my free hand. He eyes were closed as climatic tears came from her eyes. She was so hot as her body moved on mine. I did not want it to end but I could not last much longer. My eyes got big as she pushed back on my cock. I whispered in her ear. "I am cumming for you baby. Your so sexy." I said. "She reached back to hold me inside her. We both collasped as I kept it inside her. She smiled as I kissed her back and shoulder. We would spent the rest of the night making love in her bed. We fell asleep in each other arms as the sun came up.

I could here the rooster crow outside the window. I got up early as Dawn was still asleep. I got some new flowers for the table. I had my white shirt and tan pants on as I went to the barn to milk one of the cows. I had got half a milk jug before I started to walk out of the barn. I froze when I heard a gun cock behind me. "Click! Click! Click!! There were 12 German soldiers with there guns pointed at me. The Major who was in charge spoke good english. "Well what do we have here. An American Pilot. We have been looking for you sir." he said. I flipped down my air wings inside my shirt. He smiled as he loaded me into a truck.

I looked back as the questions Dawn outside her house. I saw them go inside as the truck drove away. I mouthed "I love you!" as they flipped down the back of the truck. We rode for about a day before they brought me too a prison camp. I was placed inside as the truck that brought me drove away. I walked around and found out that my crew was in a different prison. They were picked up shortly after landing. I was still thinking of Dawn as I listen to the German Colonel talk to the prisoners. I smiled more when I got back to my bunk and could think of her more.

I thought long and hard what to do for the next two weeks. I new I had to escape and get back to England to fight the Germans. Then maybe after the war find Dawn. I Tattoo her name on my arm wear I had been shot. I smiled as I jogged around the camp. I kept to myself and only talked to a few of the guys. I wanted to keep a low profile so if I did escape they might now who I was. That changed the next day when I got sent to see the German Colonel in his office. They escorted me into his office.

"Captain! I heard you eluded our forces for some time. You are my highest priority. The Major who brought you to my camp is my brother. He says you were very hard on his men. I think you may need to forget about escaping here. That will be all. Guards!!! Take him to the cooler for a month" he said. I spent the next month in solitary confiment. Then the guards brought me back. The door to office open and they stuck me inside. "Have we learned are lesson Captain? Now go back before I give you another month. Colonel said. " I gave him my smile and evil eye as I walked out his office.

I walked passed the Colonel Secretary desk and the guard reach for the door knob to the front door. My heart skipped a beat. I turned to look back. There was a smell of French perfume in the room. I had only smelled that in once place. I watched as the Secretary shook her long red hair. She smiled as she blew me a kiss. Dawn sat there as the guards kicked me as the door opened and they through me down the stairs. I walked into the prison yard and look around. I heard a car pull up and the Colonel and a few solders left. Just then another guard came up to me. "You forgot to sign some paper work. Come with me." he said. He walked back to the Colonel office.

"It's ok guard. Untie him he needs to sign this paperwork as she smiled at him. He unloosen my cuffs as I turned and hit him in the face. He fell down onto the ground. He hit his head knocking himself out. I kissed Dawn as she fell into my arms. "I thought they took you away. I have been so worried about you. What happen." I said. "They could not find anything in the house of yours. They missed my room again. A villager in town reported that I had bought a man shirt and pants. They came to my house while we slept. They let me go. I found out where they took you. I new I had to come see you. I have your jacket and clothes in that duffel bag over there. We don't have much time. There a car parked outside. Put his uniform on and if we really hurry we can catch the Colonel car. He is flying to Berlin today. Here your 45" Dawn said.

I put on the guards uniform. Dawn walked behind me as we walked down the stairs to the car. I openwd the door as she slid her amazing body inside. I saw her French Poodle on in the back seat. I started the car and drove off. All the guards were looking in the prison yard as we came to the first check point. The guards look inside and saw Dawn. She smiled as he was distracted and opened the gate. I quickly got down the road. I looked in the rear view mirror and smiled at Dawn. "Captain keep your eyes on the road. Turn up there and follow the signs to the airport." Dawn said.

I pulled up to the gates of the airport. The guards just waved me in as we pulled into a hangar at that end of the air field. I looked out as the Colonel car was on the runway and he was talking to some soldiers. "Well it now or never. Follow me." Dawn pulled her hair into a pony tail and we walked out the plane. It was already running as the crew was on the outside filling it with gas. The Colonel was till talking to the soldiers as I pulled down on the door under the plane. I smiled as I helped Dawn inside the plane. I locked the door and she followed me to the cock pit. I gave Dawn a big kiss. We broke it off when I heard a knock on the door t the plane. I clicked the gear forward as the plane taxi down the runway. I could see the solders shooting at the plane. I got down a the end the runway and pulled up on the stick. We lifted off as we cleared the first row of clouds.

We were on our way to freedom. We made small talk all the way back to England. It seems there were no air planes or fighters at the Geramn Air Field besides the one we stole. I don't think the Colonel wanted to report that I had escaped. I called on the radio back to head quarters. I did not want them to shoot us down in the German Cargo Plane. I helped Dawn of the plane as we got a hero welcome. Dawn decide to stay in England to help as a nurse. I got her a nice house to live in as she waited for me.

The jeep came to a stop. I got out as the boys ran bye to get on the plane. I had nine new guys that just arrived. We were going to fly our first mission. I came down to shake the Air Marshals hand. "Good luck Captain Kelly. I still owe you that pint from your last mission. Make sure you bring that nurse. She the talk of the base." he said. I smiled as walked back to the new silver B17 bomber. I got in the cock pit and looked out the window as the copilot went through the check list. The engine started. I looked on the side of the plane. They had painted a new logo on the plane.

I got back before the sun went down that night. We had dropped a few bombs and got back in one piece. I opened the door to the new house. I walked upstairs. I opened the bedroom door. "Dawn we got invited to the Officer Club for drinks." I said. The door to the bathroom opened and out came Dawn. She was wearing a black leather outfit that stretched over her amazing curves. She had on some black six inch high heels. Her long red hair was down up and she had the most perfect red lipstick and nails to match. On her left breast was my pilot wings. On her right breast were my initials in red, white and blue. "I was hoping we could stay in tonight. Do you like?" she said. She waved her long hands with the black leather elbow high gloves down her curves. My mouth dropped open. She uncorked some champagne as she stood next to me. My hat fell to the floor.

(Back to me on couch)
The glass from right hand fell onto the floor waking me up. I must have dozed off watching TV. It was now morning. I heard a knock at the door to my house. I reached down to check my zipper on my pants. I took of my tie as I walked toward my front door. I could feel my underwear move. I had a big stain on the front of my underwear. My cock was all sticking. It must of been one hell of a dream. I opened the door. There was a gorgeous women standing on my porch with long red hair. She smiled as I could smell her sexy French Perfume.