Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Key Party - An Adult Story

I just graduated from college two weeks earlier. I just moved back in with my parents. I was sleeping in late on Friday morning. It was close to 11am when I heard a knock at the door upstairs. I waited a second as my eye open again. I heard a door bell this time. Fuck! Who could it be. My parents left early to go on vacation for the week. The left me the keys to the house and some cash. I order a pizza last night. I felt the pizza box hit my right foot as I rolled out of bed. I put on some cargo shorts and a white t-shirt that was dirty and ran up the stairs.

I swung the door open. I almost fell over back into the hallway. "Hi! You must be Buck. Your parents have told me so much about you. Glad to hear you graduate. Is your Mom here?" said an older woman. She was in her late thirties. I saw her big diamond wedding ring. My heart was racing. She was about 5ft 7inches tall. She was wearing some tight white shorts that rode up her big ass. She had long black hair in a pony tail. She had a tight red shirt that showed off her large cleavage. I was dumb struck for a second. "Ummm No! She and my Dad left this morning for a week on vacation. Who are you again? Sorry I just woke up." I said.

"I'm Sue Rearson. I live next door. That my husband over there fixing my car." she said. I peeked out the door to see a short guy fixing a flat on a small white sports car. "Yes! Do you need some help fixing the flat?" I said. "No! He has got it under control. I was wondering if your Mom was going to church on Sunday. I had some can goods for the food drive. But I can see now she went out of town. I guess I will take them instead." she said. "That is nice of you." I said. "Well I let you get back to being a young man. I say, don't do anything I wouldn't do. But I do allot of things." she giggled. "Nice to meet you. If you need anything. Let me know." I said. "You too hun. Good bye!" she said.

Sue Rearson turned to walk toward her house. I watched her sexy big ass move under her tight white shorts. I could swear she was not wearing any underwear. But I could not be positive. She looked pretty hot in her small flip flops. She stopped to talk to her husband before she went inside. I walked toward the kitchen to get some water and something to eat. I opened the microwave to put in a burrito. I waited a few minutes before it was done.

I walked over to eat it and have a Coke on the kitchen table. I turned on the TV above the counter to watch some sports. It was an hour later that I got up to do my dishes. I cleaned my plate off in the garbage. It was full. I reached under the sink to get a new garbage bag. I took out the full garbage. I walked out the side door into the garage.

"Goodbye Honey. Have a good weekend at the fire hall. Call me when you get a chance. I promise to be a good wife this weekend. I can't wait to go out on Monday after your shift. Love ya." said Sue Rearson. I was standing inside the garage. The window in the garage was open. I was sure they did not hear me. I peeked outside to see her husband drive off in his pick up truck. She smiled as she walked back in her house. I turned to walk back inside.

"Clang! Bing! Pow!!!" I looked down. I had hit a big brown bag full of can goods. I saw some pork n beans roll across the garage floor. I looked on the brown bag. "Donation to the Church" I rolled my eyes. I guess my Mom had been saving up some cans to donate. I did not want to go to church on Sunday. I wanted to watch football. I put all the cans back in the bag. I could ignore them. Say I never saw them. I could throw away and said I took them to church. I could go to church and donate them. Then I light bulb went off over my head. I could go next door and see if Mrs. Rearson would take them. I walked back inside and got some more food from the pantry.

I took a quick shower. I looked in the mirror. I had shaved my body the night before. I looked at my face. Just a few small whiskers. I had shaved my head close. I was not looking half bad as I brushed my teeth. I put on some cologne. I even put on some body spray. I was sure Mrs. Rearson would not care if I came over and was still smelly. But I did want to make a better impression. I just wish she moved in her before I went to college. I would have had fun peeking in on her from my basement window. Plus the bathroom faces into her back yard. I cleared my throat.

I put on some tight blue jeans. I through on a navy blue button down shirt. I put on some black sandals. I walked next door with the brown bag full of can food. "Knock! Knock!" I knocked on the neighbors door. It was close to 2pm now. I waited a minute. The door slowly opened. Standing in the door way was Sue Rearson. She had a glass of wine in her right hand. She was holding the door open with her left hand. "Hey neighbor! Long time no see. What brings you over here?" she said. "I found some can goods in the garage. I guess they were suppose to go to church on Sunday too. I was hoping you could take them for me. It's been a long time since I went to church." I said. "To be honest. It's been a very long time for me too. With my husband working weekends. It's hard to find the time." she said.

We talked for another 10 minutes making small talk. I kept starring at her big breast and she kept sipping her wine. "What are you doing tonight? Do you have plans? I am sure a cute guy like you has all the ladies beating down the door. Are you throwing a party, since your parents are not here?" she said with a smile. "No! Definitely not a party. I was going to watch some TV and relax." I said. "That sounds nice. Do you really want me to take all these cans on Sunday?" she said. "Oh! Yes! I would not have brought them over for you. Plus it makes you look good bringing all this food." I said. "Do you have a point. It's just I don't have a car. My white car low on gas. My husband won't be back until Monday." she said.

She sipped the last of her white wine. "You should bring your bag and my bag to the church. Just get up early on Sunday. Drop it off and come home. Tell them you got to go to work or something. I am afraid I might get hit by lightening." she giggled. "I can't go. I lost my keys to the car. My parents won't be back until next week." I said with a smile. "HHMmmm lost your keys walking from your house to my house. Well if you going to make me go then you got to do me a big favor. I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine. She is having a party at her house tonight. I usually go with my husband. But I think she might make an exception for you." she said. I smiled. "Have you ever heard of a key party?" she said. "No! What is a key party?" I said.

She got a big smile on her face. She closed her eyes. A second later she opened them back up. "Well its a real fun party. Usually for married couples. But I am sure you can pass as my husband tonight. I will call her and ask if I can bring you. Come in. Sit on the couch. I will be a few minutes." said Mrs. Rearson. I watched as she picked up her phone to walk upstairs. I watched her amazing ass shake as she got to the top of the stairs. I was semi erect as I sat on the couch. I touched my cock with my right hand on my jeans. I then looked around. I saw some pictures on the wall. There was some pictures of her wedding on the far wall. I smiled when I saw her in a bikini on a end table near the couch. I guess it was there honey moon. Her husband was smiling. I smile too if a hot piece of ass was hanging on my right arm. She still looked good. Almost as nice as she did in the picture from a few years ago.

About an hour later I heard some heels coming down the wooden stairs. A second later I could smell Mrs. Rearson as she was standing at the end of the couch. "How do I look?" she said. I almost fainted on the couch. She had her black hair teased up and sat half way down her back. She was wearing a tight pair of ripped jeans. Some large 6inch animal print heels with a gold stem as the heel. I saw her sexy toes nails and finger nails were painted red/white to match her sexy red lips. She had some diamond earrings, few gold bracelets on both her wrists. She had a small black leather purse. She was wearing this super tight open top. It was ripped just like her pants on the back and up her sides. Her hips flared out. The front was wide open barely covering her big breast. My eyes almost fell out from the amount of tan cleavage that was starring at me. She had some small tan lines over her breast. I could tell she was not wearing a bra from her already erect nipples under the thin red material. "You look very nice. I feel under dressed. Maybe I should run home and put something on?" I said.

"Thank you sweetie. Maybe you want to put on some shoes instead of the sandals. I think your perfect in that shirt and those jeans. I called my friend. She is looking forward to meeting you. There suppose to be about a dozen couples at the party. I will stay close so your not feeling all alone at such a grown up party. Do you think you can handle this." she said. I saw her move her hands down her body. It was like she was showing off her sexy figure. "No problem. I am looking forward to going now. I am glad I came over." I said. "Ok! Go get your shoes. I will go get my car started. Meet me back in five minutes by my car." Mrs. Rearson said. I watched as she turned to walk toward her kitchen. I got up to watch her tight big ass move in those very tight jeans. I was waiting for the seams to burst or the button to fly off. I ran to my house.

I got on some black leather shoes. I still did not put on any socks. I forgot I was not wearing under wear until I got in her car. My ass inside my jeans was cold from her A/C. Being 6ft 4 and having an athletic build helps. But her small sports car forced me to be a little tight in the car. She smiled as I sat low in my seat. My head just touched the top of her roof. She smiled as she reached over to shift her car. I could really smell her hot sexy perfume. "You smell very nice." I said. "Such nice manners from such a young man. Thank you! You smell very nice yourself. I love the leather shoes your wearing. Good choice." she said. We made small talk as she drove for about an hour. We made one stop as I pumped some gas in her car.

We pulled into a gated community around a big lake. She drove down to a big house near the lake. Mrs. Rearson leaned out the window to push the pass code for the gate. We drove down a long winding road. We parked near the house. There were a few cars in the small lot. I got out and held the door open for Mrs. Rearson. She looked in the rear view mirror to fix her hair and makeup. She reapplied some lip stick. She sprayed some more sexy perfume on her neck and wrists. She looked at me from down below. She held out her hand as I helped her out of the car. She had told me that we would act like we were married tonight at the party. If anyone asked we just got married. She did not want me to sneak away. She wanted me to stick close. She was going to introduce me to everyone. I just smiled. I was hoping maybe for a kiss after the party or a hug. I was really looking forward to finding out what a key party was.

I knocked on the front door. "Oh! Wait! Take my car keys. If anyone asks there ours. Thanks for coming again. I hate sitting alone in my big house. I rarely get a change to go out. I have been wanting to come to another party since last year. My husband can be a real stick in the mud." she said. A minute later the front door opened. All I could do was keep smiling. Mrs. Rearson friend answered the door. She was about the same height and had the same sexy figure as Mrs. Rearson. She had long blond hair down her back. She was wearing a small white cocktail dressed that hugged her big curves. She had some killer boobs and a smaller ass than Mrs. Rearson. Both girls turned to walk down the hall. I shut the door and looked around.

"Tina this is Buck. Buck this is my college roommate from Univ of Maryland. Mrs. Tina Rogers." she said. "Very nice to meet you Tina. I have been listening to Sue talk about you all night. I feel like I already know you very well." I said. "I hope it's all been good things from Sue. I am so glad you could come tonight. I am so glad you could too Sue. It's been so long. Let me show you two around. But first. Were are your key young man. Put them in the fish bowl like the rest of tonight's guests." said Tina Rogers. I reached in to my pocket. I pulled out Mrs. Rearson keys and put them in the fishbowl. I guess because of the alcohol being served they did not want me to drive. I then followed the girls around the house.

Tina gave us the grand tour. We ended up on the balcony on the 2nd floor over looking the lake. I went to the edge to look out. I saw a few couples walking around down stairs by the pool. I then heard Tina husband come out to get her. "Oh! There you two our. Just like in college. Always together. I heard you have new man in your life Sue. Where is he?" he said. I turned to come back toward them. "Nice to meet you. You have a very nice house." I said. "Thanks! Glad your here. If you need anything please let me know. Very young guy this time Sue. Don't eat him up you two. I'm off to pour drinks." said Tina husband. I found out later his name was Surge. Nice guy but a little fruity.

I had a drink while the girls talked. We went downstairs so Tina could answer the front door. I got introduced to a few more of the couples. I saw Tina husband Surge hanging on some tall guy near the kitchen. I shook my head twice when he cupped the guys ass. I think Tina husband was gay but I could not be sure. I just smiled when Tina and Sue went to answer the door. I heard some big laughs coming from the front door. I even heard someone scream and then a bunch of laughter. I put down my drink and headed for the front door.

I almost tripped over the rug near the door. Sue and Tina were talking to this real old guy. He was in late 70's. He had a real hot young wife. He had married her over the Internet. I almost cried when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. I saw Tina husband come over to greet the old guy. Turns out he was Tina husband boss. They were the last couple for the night. The young bride was about 5ft 2 with platinum blonde hair. She had on a short black dress that showed off her curvaceous body. She had a huge ring on her finger. She quickly grabbed a glass of champagne. I could tell she had only married him for his money. She oozed of white trash. But her over done makeup and hot pink lips made me hard. The girls all left to go outside as I stood there with the old guy, the gay husband and my hard cock in my pants from the three hot married ladies. I turned to go follow the girls leaving the two guys at the door. I followed the girls around the house for the next hour.

"Attention everybody. Its time. Now will all the wives come up and draw a key from the fishbowl." said Tina. I was standing near the back with Sue to my left. "So are you going to tell me finally what a key party is?" I said. "Shhhh!" said Sue. She then walked to the fishbowl along with the rest of the women. I watched. First Tina reached in the bowl. She pulled out the keys to the old guy. He smiled. Tina husband winked at them. Next Sue pulled out the keys for Tina husband. She shook her head as the next 9 wives pulled out keys. I watched as each wife took the key matching that husband out of the room.

There were two keys left in the bowl. The next wife to pull the keys screamed when she got this guy in his fifties. His wife smiled as she watched him and the younger woman go upstairs. She went with the guy she had chosen earlier. I saw the young wife of the old guy reach in the bowl last. She pulled out my keys. I smiled. She walked over to talk to her husband. Sue walked over to me. "Ok! Buck! Now I will tell you what a key party is. The wives pick out a key. Then they take that husband to go have sex with him. Make sure you show little Mrs. Hottie a good time. Tina and I are counting on you. It could mean a big promotion for her husband not to mention I might get a job. Don't be shy. Your not scared our you?" said Sue. I coughed. "Say what? Run that by me again. I am suppose to go her??" I said. "I am going to take Tina husband. Tina got the old guy. I will see you later. Don't worry. Have fun." she said. I watched as everyone left the room but the young girl.

"Hi my name Lindsey." she said. "Buck nice to meet you. I love your dress." I said. "Let's go upstairs. I know the perfect place." she said. Lindsey grabbed my right hand. We walked upstairs to the 2nd floor. She walked in front of me as she let her hair down. We walked passed a few rooms with the doors shut. I could hear people inside moaning. I wondered where Sue and Tina where for a split second then my eyes went back to Lindsey sexy ass. I smiled when we got to Tina master bedroom. She opened the door. I followed her as we walked across the wooden floor to the balcony. I smiled more when she got out to the balcony and hung over the metal rail. I walked behind her. I looked over the edge. There was a big black guy getting his dick sucked by this little woman. She was the first one to draw a key.

I turned to my right as Lindsey looked into my eyes. She dropped her small hands on the outside of my tight shirt. She moved her hands down to my abs. She then put her arms around my waist to pull me in closer. I was a little shy about going through with this. Being young and some what inexperienced with the opposites sex made me want to do the right thing. Plus she was sot hot. She was hotter than any girl in highs school I had been with. Maybe not as hot as Mrs. Rearson but she leaned into kiss me. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The next thing I felt was my shirt being ripped open and the buttons flying off.

I looked down when Lindsey broke our kiss. Her eyes were glassed over as she ran her long nails on my bare chest. I then felt her tug on my belt buckle. She ripped off my leather belt. She pushed down my jeans around my ankle. My cock was rock hard as it sprang out in front of me. She crouched down and spread her legs open. She was inches from the floor of the balcony. I could feel the cold steel of the rail on my ass. I then felt her hot mouth on my cock. She licked the big glob of pre-cum on the tip. She could only get half of my cock in her ever expanding mouth. Her red lips stretched open as she sucked hard. She put my naked balls in her right hand to fondle them.

Her eyes got big as she stroked my 9 3/4inch cock with her two small hands. She pulled my cock toward her mouth. She licked under the shaft, than the top. She curled her mouth around the big vein on the top. She put my big hairless balls in her mouth. She ran them around. Mean time her breathing had increased with mine. I was still in a little shock that she was sucking my cock. She was very good. I then could smell her sex as she had her left hand under her dress. She let out a soft moan as I picked up the pace of fucking her mouth. She brought my cock out of her mouth. Then she used her wetness from her left hand to stroke my cock. She then spit on her wetness to make my cock silky smooth in her hand. She then scratched her long nails down my athletic thighs. She groped my thighs, calves and ankles before she stood up.

She pulled down her zipper on the side of her dress. I quickly took off my ripped shirt. I kicked off my shoes. I pulled off my jeans onto the balcony floor. I saw her dress around her heels. I looked over as she put her left foot on the rail. I bent down to start to lick and kiss her amazing ass. Her skin was soft to the touch. I could feel the bumps on her ass as I licked her butt faster. I wet my finger to slide it on her bald pussy. She must have just got her smooth pussy waxed. I could not feel a hair on my tongue. She moaned as I stuck my wet finger in her small pussy. I used my free hand to rub her ass. She smiled as she looked down at my blue eyes. I felt her hands on my broad shoulders as I began to lick her pussy. Her small cunt lips parted as I could taste her wetness now. "Stand up. Fuck me! I want that cock. I want your big young hard cock in me. My husband can eat my pussy later. Give me that cock of yours." Lindsey demanded.

I stood up and wiped my hard cock on her ass. "MMMmm your so big. I want some cock. I've waited two weeks since the last time I was here. I need a young cock in my pussy baby. Fuck me! Fuck me hard." she said. I spit in my hand. I wiped my cock making it wet. She tensed up as she guided my cock into her pussy. Her cunt lips engulfed my cock. She felt warm and very hot the farther I went inside her. Her ass was on my skin. I had my cock buried all the way inside her very tight cunt. "Fuck me! Faster! Faster!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!" she screamed. I wrapped my big hands on her hips. I forced her tight pussy to go faster on my cock. I bent her over so her nice breast rested on the cold steel of the rail.

She grabbed the rail for balance as I shifted her over to the side. She put her left foot down off the rail as I fucked her harder. I looked down through the bars of the rail to see the little girl and the big guy looking up at us from the back yard. It was stroking his soft penis. She was rubbing her big hairy pussy. I saw her knees get weak then he fell on the lawn to eat her. I looked back at Lindsey as she screamed. She tensed up and had a big orgasm. "YES!!!!!!! You fucker!!! Fuck me...don't stop...don't stop!!!! Fuck me." she screamed in the cold air. I grabbed her hips holding her tight. She looked over her shoulder as I fucked her faster. My legs were burning from fucking her faster. I was having a hard time maintaining the pace. I looked to my right. Next to the open glass door leading from the mater bedroom was a lounge chair. I smiled.

With my cock still buried in her. I picked her up and carried her over to the lounge chair. She smiled as I laid on my back. The big cushion felt great under my skin. I held my cock as she jumped on the lounge chair. I felt her hands on my shoulders again. Her nice breast rested on my face. I was licking her big nipples a she fucked me again. I was close. I was weak. She was so hot. I was covered in sweat in the cold air. I could feel her heels against my outer thighs. She kept slapping her ass on the top of my thighs. I felt her flat stomach on mine. I bite her right nipple causing her to go limp on me. She curled her toes again as she orgasm for the 2nd time on my cock. I looked up to see her smile as she slowed the pace. I grabbed her hips moving her all the way down on my cock. She was now dripping on my cock and balls.

I saw the light to the master bedroom come on behind me head. The light shined through the window. I saw Lindsey figure in the light as she fucked me faster. I then heard some noise. I then looked to my left. I saw two pairs of heels standing on the balcony. Tina was naked next to Sue. They both had just there heels on. I heard some noise in the bedroom. I then saw both Sue and Tina look at us on the lounge chair. Lindsey did not miss a beat. "Yes! Yes! I love your big cock! Fuck me! Don't stop. Don't pay attention to them...fuck me!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I felt a long pause. I then felt a huge swell of excitement come from deep inside my balls. My cock twitched. She clamped her pussy lips on my cock. She grabbed my face. "Cum inside me. Fill me with your seed. Shoot that big load in my fertile womb." Lindsey said. I pushed my head out from under her breast to see her face. She then held onto my neck as I pumped every ounce inside her.

A few minutes later I saw two more pairs of feet on the balcony. "Thank you Surge. Thank you Tina. I can't wait to promote you on Monday. Lindsey get off that young boy and put your clothes on." said an old guys voice. I looked up see 4 sets of eyes on Lindsey and I. Lindsey kissed my forehead then pulled her soaked pussy of my cock. She was still dripping as she got her dress off the balcony. She blew me a kiss as her husband grabbed her by the hand. He had his small cock out of his pants. Surge was helping him put his cock back in his pants. Both Tina and Sue were looking at my cock dripping on the lounge chair. I watched as Surge, Lindsey and the old guy left the balcony. I heard the door close as Tina and Sue walked toward me.

Sue looked down as Tina walked around the front of the big lounge chair. Sue looked over her huge breast as I felt Tina hand on my wet cock. "MMmm his cock is wet from that slut. He is starting to get hard again Sue. Don't just stand there." Tina said. I then watched as Sue bend over to lick the tip of my hard cock. She could taste Lindsey wet pussy on my cock. Then I felt another tongue on the side of my cock. Both hot married wives were sucking my cock now. They both took turns and they bent down at the waist to suck my cock. I put my hands on there breast. Tina were nice and firm but Sue were amazing to the touch. They were hot and so full. They fell over the side of my big hands. "There more than a mouth full." said Sue. I smiled. "Let me be the judge of that. Your both doing a great job." I said. Tina smiled and let go off my cock. She pushed Sue head down forcing my cock in her friends mouth. "Oh Yea! Deep throat that mother fucker. God you could always suck cock better than me. Let's go inside before my husband gets back." Tina said.

Tina walked around to bend Sue back up off my cock. Both MILF's turned to walk as I got off the lounge chair. My ass shook behind me as I walked into the master bedroom. Tina and Sue were kissing as I laid on the bed. My head was on some red satin pillows. Both girls stop kissing and looked at me on the bed. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke myself as they crawled toward me. Tina grabbed my cock first. Sue kept crawling up my left side. She had her whole body on my side as she began to kiss me lips. I felt her tongue dart inside my mouth. I was French kissing her hard as her best friend sucked my cock. I grabbed Sue breast and began to lick them. She had two big nipples. The size of my pinkie. I sucked them as I bent them over and back making her moan. I brought my right hand over my stomach to touch Sue pussy. She was bald with a small 1 inch patch like Tina pussy. They were identical.

I stopped sucking Sue more than a mouth full of breast went I felt the bed move. I watched as Tina spread her big cunt lips open to sit down on my cock. I then felt her hands on my knees as she leaned back on my thighs. I then watched Sue lean up to suck her friends nice big left breast. I started to bite her left nipple. Sue bit Tina nipple to match my teeth. I then began to lick under Sue big breast and she did the same to Tina. Tina head was shaking back and forth as she rode my cock. She was very tight and wet. I kept sucking Sue breast and playing with her pussy as Tina fucked me. I put my finger in Tina mouth to get it wet. I then put my wet finger in her friends pussy. I began to finger Sue. She let go of her friends breast. I heard them begin to slap on Tina chest as she rode my cock. I felt her soft ass hit my thighs as she rode my cock. After a few minutes the girls switched.

I was sucking Tina breast as Sue turned around to fuck my cock. She sat with her ass facing us as she put her hands on my knees. She brought her tight pussy down on my wet cock. I then heard the door to the master bedroom open. I heard some taking off there clothes. "Surge sit over there and watch a real cock. Pull up a chair and watch a real man fuck your wife and her best friend. Just like back in college." Tina shouted. I heard a chair move and some feet hit the ground. I then felt Tina smother her breast on my face. Sue pussy was tight and was milking me between strokes. She held onto my legs a she bounced on my cock.

We switched positions. This time I was behind Sue. I was fucking her doggy style as she ate Tina wet pussy on the bed. Tina orgasm twice from Sue expert mouth. I looked to see Surge was done. He picked up his clothes and sat there. "Go see to our other guest honey. Be a good little husband. When the party done. Clean up and use the spare bedroom tonight." said Tina. I smiled as I looked down to see my cock slamming Sue tight pussy. I grabbed her hips as I fucked her faster. Sue pulled her face off her friends wet pussy. Tina got up to close the bed room door.

Sue moved forward off my cock. She turned to get on her knees. We started to kiss very heavy. I wrapped my arms around her waist cupping her big ass. I then felt Tina mouth on my neck. She pushed my legs open to get behind me. She rubbed her breast on my back as both girls screamed in my ear. I then felt Sue insert my cock into her pussy. We started to fuck as Tina groped my ass and her friends. Both girls started to kiss over my shoulder as I fucked Sue. I was close to cumming. I was weak as both girls used my body. I fell to the side as both girls jacked my cock in the air. They pushed there big boobs together. I started to shoot a big load. I was coating there breast and lips with big white globes. "Damn does he ever stop." said Sue. "Fuck his balls were holding out on Lindsey. Were coated Sue. Bring him to the bathroom. We need to wash off before bed." said Tina.

I felt the bed move. Then I heard Sue on her cell phone. The door to the room opened. In came Tine husband with breakfast for all of us. He turned shutting the door. Tina licked my lips and then bit into a bagel. "Hi Honey. Oh everything is great. I went to bed early last night. Sorry I missed your call. I am out running errands. I will be home later. Your such a doll." Sue said.

I put the cans of food in the back of the white sports car. I drove to the church parking lot and handed the box to one of the volunteers. I drove back home. I parked the car. I got out and walked up to the Rearson front door. My parents were still on vacation. I still could not find my keys to my house or car.

"Buck, I'm out here. Bring that big cock of yours." said Sue. I walked out to the back yard. In the pool was Sue on a big inflatable chair. She had a glass of wine in her right hand and her left hand on her pussy. "I just got off the phone with Tina. She coming over here tonight with some married couples. I decided to throw a key party. I need your help to get ready. First we need to take down my married photos with my husband and put some of us up. Get my camera. I'm so excited. I love me new fake husband. Oh and I love the juicy cock of yours. We need a fish bowl......" said Sue Rearson my fake big gurl wife.

I need to get ready.
Can I borrow a fish bowl????


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentine Day 2 Me - An Adult Story

It was Sunday the 14th of February. I had to go out of town for Valentine day. I was not seeing anyone so it was not going to be a big lost. I was going to watch a bad in room movie in my hotel suite later after working out. I got to the hotel around 2pm to check in. I had some lunch. Finished up my work on my lap top. It was close to 6pm when I left the suite. I had on some black boxer briefs. A loose fitting white t-shirt. A pair of black running shorts. I took a towel to dry off the sweat.

I hit the lobby button in the elevator. I walked down the hall to the work out room. I passed the empty swimming pool. I put on my head phones and hit the play on my Ipod. It was close to 8pm and about 5 miles on the tread mill before I got off the machine. I had lifted some free weights. Did some push ups to feel tight. I looked at myself in the mirror as I was covered in sweat. I could feel my shirt, briefs and shorts were wet from all the sweat. I turned off the music. I opened the door to walk back to the elevator. I waited as I looked around.

I walked in when the door opened. I hit the 7th floor button. Right before the door closed I saw a hand come inside. The door popped back open. In came this small guy about 5ft 6 with a small beer gut. Look like he did not shave for a week. He smelled of old guy cologne. He had about a dozen gold rings and a big puffy red shirt and black polyester pants on. He was on his cell phone. I backed up against the far side of the elevator. "Come on!! I can't work tonight. I have to spend time with my wife. Are you guys fucking crazy. I was there for the last 3 days non stop. I promised her a romantic evening. I am at the fucking hotel for Christ sakes." said this guy.

Just then the elevator stopped on the 4th floor. In came this cute hotel clerk. I rolled my eyes when he started to check her out as she left on the next floor. He made some weird face with his mouth as the door closed. He was still bitching on the phone as the elevator stopped on my floor. He turned to plug his nose. I thought it was from his bad cologne but maybe it was me. I laughed when he almost fell over exiting the elevator into the hallway. Just my luck he was on my floor. I walked behind him as he still complained.

"Listen! Stop you guys have to get this done. I got to go. My wife is expecting me any second now. Fuck!!!!!!!!' said the guy. I got to my door. I put the key in the door to see the red light come on. I was going to have to go back to the front desk to get a new key. Something was wrong with mine. I must have rubbed against the Ipod or something. Right across the hallway was the guy trying to get into his suite. Suite 774. It was a long walk back to the elevator. I turned to look down the hall. Then I turned to look at him. He put the key in and the door handle moved. The door openly a little. "Alright!!! If this means my job. I'll be right there. I can come back and see my wife. How long? About an hour. OK! You owe me fucker!!!" he said. He turned to walk down the hall still swearing.

He had his back to me. I looked around after he walked around heading to the elevator. I looked at the door he just tried to open. It was still slightly ajar. Maybe I could call the front desk and have them bring me a key. I was sure he would tell his wife if she was just in the room. It was Valentine day. It only mad sense. How rude could the guy be. I tired my key one more time. No luck. I walked over to the guys room.

I gently pushed the door open. I heard something inside. I stopped. I froze. " that you??? Big Daddy. I've been waiting for you all day. Come in here.." said a woman's voice. I looked around. She could not be talking about me. I squinted my eyes. I looked on the edge of the king size bed in the middle of the room. I saw her. She was about 5ft 3 with long curly blonde hair. She was wearing a red bra and matching red panties. She had on some red 6inch high heels. She had red rose pedals around the room. She had the lights over the bed on. I got closer. I was still quite. She had on a black blind fold covering her eyes. I could only smile. She had a dark tan over her large bodacious body.

She was thick from her calves to her thick thighs. She had a small waist and large hips. Her best feature was her sexy red gorgeous lips and a large pair of breast, that were coming out the top of her red lacy bra. How in the fuck did she marry that guy in the elevator. What the fuck was I going to do. I was lost for a second. She moved on the bed. "Honey!! I am so horny. I can't see a thing under this. Your teasing me. I can smell that your here. I love when you get all sweaty. Were you running to get her to see me? I followed the advise from the book my sister gave us last week. Do you like my outfit?" she said.

I looked around the room. Should I go. It would have been easier to get the hell out of there and not look back. I heard her moan again. This time she dropped her hand under her red silk thong. She was rubbing her big pussy. I looked down to see the front of my running shorts standing straight out. I felt my hands pull off my sweaty shirt. A minute later I was naked standing in the room. I figured she find out in a second I was not her husband. I was pretty sure my tight muscles, no hair on my body or my 9 3/4 inch hard cock would give me away. I walked over to her next to the bed.

I reached down her back. I unclasped her big red bra letting it fall around her mid section. Her large breast dropped out and rested on her stomach. Her two big fat nipples were dark purple. She had no tan lines. Her breast felt great in my hands. I started to tug on her nipples making her moan louder. Her breathing had increased. I poked her left breast with my cock head. She breathed in hard again. I dragged my cock down her soft skin making her wiggle on the bed. I looked down to see her juicy red lips open. I stuck my cock in her hot mouth. She gagged at first then went back to sucking my cock. I looked down her back to see her large ass spread across the sheets. She had pulled her thong off from the side. It rested between her thighs on the bed.

I moved my hand in front of her blind fold to see if she could see me. She did not move her head or the blind fold. She had about half of my cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched around the shaft as she sucked harder. She spit me out. "God you cock taste so salty...I love when you don't shower. I will clean you up. Your cock is so big tonight. You must be rally excited to see me. MMMMpppphhhh.." she gagged. I moved my hips into her face. She swallowed a little more. She had her big red nails scratching my tight ass. I thought she might scream realizing it was not her husband. But she did not.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was very wet with her saliva. I got down on my knees in front of her. I pushed her big thighs open. She put her hand on my broad shoulders. I pulled off her wet thong. I could smell her perfume along with her excitement. "Oh god your going to do it. You never ate my pussy before. Oh god I can feel your big hands on my thighs. Be gentle." she said. I pushed her thighs open as I leaned down with my face. I could see her big hairy pussy staring back at me. I could see her cunt lips had come out and were dripping wet.

I licked my index finger. I slowly inserted it in her pussy. She moaned again much louder. I started to rotate my finger in nice and deep. I then put my mouth on the outside of her pussy. I sucked in making a loud noise. She dropped her head back as she felt my wide tongue on her cunt lips. I licked from the bottom to the top of hard labia. She screamed. I kept playing with her. Faster and faster I licked as she moved her head back and forth. I brought my right hand up to grope her large beast. I put two fingers from my left hand deep inside her tight pussy. I leaned up with my lips to suck her big erect nipple on her belly button. She started to have a deep orgasm. Her toe nails curled and her toes stuck straight out inside her big heels. Her ass shook, her hips moved. Her stomach quaked before she slammed her hands on the back of my neck pulling my mouth in tighter.

I could feel her first orgasm followed by another. I used my mouth to suck harder as she screamed out in the room. Her hands fell off my neck. She grabbing her breast as I tugged on her nipples with my fingers. She fell to her right side on the bed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! That was the best. You never have done that before. You must have read that book like I asked. That was so hot honey." she said. I smiled. I knew my way around a pussy. I was a quick learner with hers. I put my tongue back on her labia. I started to suck really hard. I rubbed the top of her labia as I brought my tongue deep inside her. I tongue fucked her as she screamed some more. I grabbed her big thighs pushing them up. Her feet were off the ground as she orgasm again. She was juicy but did not soak me.

I got off my knees. I smacked my hard cock on the front of her wet matted down pussy hair. She would soon discover that I was not her husband. My cock took aim at her pussy lips. I spread them open as I pulled her feet up next to my ears. I could feel her heels on my short hair cut. I looked down to see my cock inch inside her pussy. Her lips wrapped around my cock. She was wet making it very easy to insert my cock inside her. She froze for a second. "God you cock is huge tonight honey. What did you do to him. Did you take one of those blue pills like the book said. I know you had trouble in the past getting hard, but fuck your so big tonight. I did not say a word. I pushed my cock in all the way.

She was tight. But very wet. I fell out three times fucking her the first ten minutes. I then got a great rhythm going. I was on top of her body. Her soft skin against my tight body. Her hot nipples against mine. She was moaning and shaking under me as I fucked her harder. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I kept fucking her. I leaned down to suck her nipples. I then kissed her on the lips the first time. "God you even shaved. Make my your fuck whore. Do me harder....Fuck me harder. Yes!! Oh god fuck me..." she screamed. I really started to push off the bed fucking her harder. I could feel my big naked balls slam against her ass as I fucked her big pussy. Her matted pussy hair was wet against my skin. "I'm cumming!!! Yes!!!" she said. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. She was having another orgasm on my cock this time.

I climbed off her. I pushed her two big breast together. I put my knees on either side of her body. I put my we cock between her cleavage. I opened my mouth to spit on my cock. "What are you doing. Your fucking my breast. I can't believe it. You cock feels amazing in my breast. Fuck me!! Cum all over me. Use me! I want to taste your small load. Dribble on me honey." she said. I looked down to see her smile as my cock fucked her cleavage. I was getting huge strokes from the bottom of her soft tits to the the tip of her mouth. She opened her mouth to lick the tip of my cock. I kept fucking her tits. Faster and faster. Finally I started to jack my cock. "Yes! Shoot it honey!! Cum on my boobs." she said. I leaned back on my ass. I sat down on her as I erupted on her breast. The first blast hit her nipple. The next blast hit her chin. The next her lips. She licked her lips and chin with her big tongue. I wiped my cock on her big breast. I coated them very good as she screamed. "Fuck honey I'm covered. You never shot that big of a load before. It must have been those blue pills."

I got up of her. I still did not make a sound. She still had her bind fold on as I walked into the bathroom. I got some shaving cream and a razor. Some wet wipes and a towel. I got a cup of water. I came back. She was licking my cum off her breast. I reached up with the wet wipes to wipe off the cum she could not get. She moaned as I cleaned off her top and face. I through the wet wipes away. I then pushed her on the bed. I moved her pussy to the edge of the bed. "What are you doing honey??? God your shaving me...MMMmmm your so nasty tonight." she said. I gave her a nice landing strip above her pussy. About 2 inches wide and 4 inches long of her dark pubic hair. I put a her dyed bleach blonde hair in a pony tail to keep it of her face. I cleaned her off with a wet towel.

I walked back from the bathroom. She was playing with her freshly shave pussy. "God I love it....It feel so different. What are we going to do next?" she said. I smiled as I felt my cock move in front of my crotch. I rolled her over on all fours. She moved her knees together. I put my cock at her pussy entrance. I moved in very fast pushing her cunt lips wide open. She moaned. I started to slam her pussy from behind. I smacked her ass and pull her blonde hair. She screamed. "Yes! Yes! Spank me! Spank me harder. You know I like to be spanked. You have not spanked me in years. You bastard. Oh god you pulling my hair. Your making my pussy so wet. Fuck me!! Don't stop. Faster! Faster!" she moaned.

I had my big hands on her hips. I slipped out again. She put me back in. I was fucking her very hard. I reached down to feel her waist move. Her hips shake. Her ass slammed against my skin. She did not have any tan lines on her ass or near her pussy. She must tan in the nude all the time. I kept my cock buried in her. I stopped to have her shake her ass. I then put my right middle finger on her asshole. She did not protest. I licked my finger and inserted the tip of my finger in her ass. She let out a big scream. Her pussy clamped on my cock again. I kept fucking her harder as I got my finger passed my knuckle in her tight asshole.

I had to see how far she would go. I pulled out as she pushed her face in the bed. I spit on my cock head. It was dark purple and wet. I laid it on her asshole. "Yes! Fuck me in the ass. You know I love anal sex. You never fuck me there. Stop teasing me." she said. She backed her ass on my cock. After a few minutes and feeling her tight walls collapse on my cock, I got a quarter inside her. I spit one more time to get half inside her. She bounced her ass back pushing me all the way in. She was so tight. I almost fell off her. I put my feet on the bed. I started to fuck her ass as she pulled on the sheets above her head. Her toes stuck straight out. Her pussy was dripping on the bed. I was fucking her very hard.

After a few minutes. I put her on her side. I pushed my cock back in her tight hole. She moaned. I reached around to play with her pussy. She started to put her fingers with mine in her pussy. My cock was buried as my balls hit her skin. She moaned as we got her pussy off. She stuck her fingers in her mouth. She then licked my fingers clean in her mouth. She was one hot sexy big gurl. I was taking full advantage of her body. I loved the way her soft body felt against mine. I could not last much longer. I moved my hand on her big breast. I clamped down on them as I empty a huge load in her ass. I could feel my cum push up my cock and empty out of her ass. I then felt some dribble on my balls as her body went limp. She collapsed as I got up off her.

I walked around the bed. I fed her my semi hard cock. It was coated from us as she licked me clean. I smiled as I put back on my clothes. She still had her blind fold on as I left the door open ajar. I walked down the hall towards the elevator. I hit the down arrow. The door opened up. Out came the guy from across the hall. He must have gotten his work done. I went to the front desk to get my card fixed.

I walked back upstairs using the stairs. I kept waiting for him to knock on my door. I kept waiting for something to happen. I order some room service. I took a long shower. I put on my bath robe.

Knock! Knock!!

I answered the door. I pulled it open. There standing in the door way was the woman from across the hall. She pushed the the room service cart inside my room. She then dropped the towel wrapped around her onto the floor. "My husband and I are going through a ruff patch in our marriage. He never pays any attention to me. Before he walked into the room tonight. It had been a long time since we had sex. He came twice tonight when he saw what you did to me. I told him we should invite you back to our room. I want to experience you without the blind fold on this time. He is going to take notes. He is shaving his body and face as we speak. We have a few minutes he has allot of hair. Maybe you should eat up. Your going to need your strength." she said. My mouth dropped open. "I could smell you from across the hall. Plus your twice as big as my husband. Don't you want to be my Valentine?" she said.

Happy Valentine Day to me!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Stalker - An Adult Story

"Ring! Ring!" I could hear my cell phone as I picked it up. "Hello! This is Buck. Hello! Hello!" I hung up. That was weird. Second time to today that my phone rang and there was nobody there. I picked up my office phone. "Yes! How can I help you Mr. Kelly." said my secretary. "Did you just try to call me?" I said. "No! Everything is good. Where you expecting a call?" she said. "No! My cell phone went off and there was nobody there. I checked the number. It says private. Probably nothing. Thanks. What's for lunch? How about those Saints?" I said. I hung up the phone.

About later my cell rang again. I looked at the number. I picked up the phone. I could hear someone breathing but nobody would say anything. I tried to call the number but it went busy. I put my cell on my desk. I went to my private bathroom to check my hair. I brushed my teeth. I order a sandwich and a Coke. It was an hour later when the delivery guy dropped it off. I gave the guy a tip. I sat down. I open the bag. I pulled our my sandwich. I then took out the bag of chips. (Salt n Vinegar) and a big Kosher pickle. I opened my Coke. I had a bite of my sandwich and some chips. I looked at the pickle. Something was not right. I looked down to see something on it. I pulled it out of the plastic wrap. There was some pink lipstick on the big pickle at the base. I also saw a little bit at the tip was bitten off. I shook my head as I tossed it in the trash can. I finished my lunch as I wondered what happen to the pickle.

I finished work about 5pm. I went out to get in my SUV. I backed up leaving the parking lot. I watched a few cars go bye on the road in front of me. I looked in the rear view to see a small white car behind me. I turned left into traffic. I was heading to a bowling alley not to far from my house. I was going to stop by and bowl a few frames with some friend of mine. Kinda of a guys night out. Last week we all went to a bar near the mall. I parked in the back. I got out and went in the side door to the bowling alley. I saw my friends. I pulled out my big 16 pound bowling ball. I put on my shoes. I order some beers for the guys. I was up last in our group. They all had left early and had already bowling one game before I got there.

I checked around the bowling alley. It was league night so it was pretty busy. I order some pizza for the guys. I checked my watch it was close to 8pm. We only had a few frames left for our last game. It was casual day at work. I had on some jeans and tight white shirt. I spent the weekend snowed in. It was good to get out. I had fun but it nice to get out with the guys. I looked around to see a few girls talking. I went to the bar to get some beer for my friends. I got some pitcher of beer. I waited as the bartender filled them. I looked around to see a few people enjoying some food and drinks. I noticed a blonde girl with her back turned to me. She had a big white fur coat on. I could see her long curly blonde hair touch the top of the bar. I saw two big gold hoop earrings. I wanted so bad to see her but my friend Tim came in to tell me I was up. I grabbed the beer and head back to our lane.

It was a few minutes later that our game finished up. It was close to 8:30 when I went back in the bar. I looked around for the blonde girl but she was not there. I then walked out to say good bye to my friends. I got home it was just after 9pm. I put on my outside lights. I locked the door to my SUV in the garage. I walked inside my house. It was cold out. There was about 28 inches of snow on the ground. I had shoveled a path to my hot tub. Most people would have cleaned off there car or shoveled there driveway. I made a path to the hot tub. I looked out my kitchen window. I hit the switch to turn on the lights around the hot tub. I went upstairs to get a towel and a bathrobe. I walked in front of my windows. I had the blinds slightly open. My two neighbors have seen me naked before. I smiled as I pulled off my clothes. I put on my bath robe and headed for the hot tub.

I hit the switch to make the water jets come on. There was a big amount of steam coming off the top in the night air. There was a few stars out as I got in the hot tub. The water felt nice on my muscles. I dunked my head under the water to wash off my face. I put my head back. My cock was getting harder from the bubbles and heat of the water. I put my hand down to stroke my cock under the water. I put my head back to open my eyes. I looked straight up. "Click! Snap!!!!!" What was that? I looked straight out into the back yard. There is a small forest and a big fence that surrounds my yard. I have small animals that come through all the time. "Hello! Hello! Anybody out there!" I said. It was stone cold quite.

After a few minutes I got out of the water. I put on my bathrobe. I tied the front in a small knot. I walked to my sliding glass door. I went inside to get a flash light. I walked back outside. I looked around. I did not see anything or anybody. I was pretty sure somebody was watching me. I got some goose bumps on the back of my neck. It did not feel right. I walked back to the hot tub. I turned it off. I put the cover on. I turned off the lights. I looked around. Still nothing. I walked back to the big sliding glass door. I looked down next to the glass. There was some small foot prints. There was a heel imprint in the snow. I looked down to see a white piece of paper in the snow. I bent down to pick it up.

I held my breath as I opened it. There was just some pink lip stick making a kiss on the paper. I flipped over the paper to the back side. There was nothing on the back. That was weird. I have friends over allot. Maybe someone dropped it in the snow over the weekend. Maybe they came over today while I was at work. I was going to take the day off because of the snow. But I braved the elements and went to work. I walked inside and went to upstairs.

I took a long shower. I started a nice fire downstairs as I watched some TV. I wore some black silk boxers around the house. Nothing else. I did not shut my blinds as I walked around. I got online. Answered a few emails before I went to bed around 11pm.

I woke up to the sound of a snow plow going by. I looked out my bedroom mirror. I saw it snowed a few more inches. I went to take a long shower. I shaved and trimmed the hair on my body. I came out of the bathroom all naked. I had a guy coming over to plow my driveway. I had the rest of the day free. I made some waffles and bacon for breakfast. It was close to 10am when I heard the plow guy. I went back upstairs to get my phone. I saw I missed a call to a unknown number again. I looked out my window to see a small white car parked down the road. I looked again. That is just weird. I was not expecting anybody to be out on a day like this. I put on some sweat pants. I put on a small white t-shirt. I slipped on some flip flops and headed down stairs.

I was getting bored watching TV. I went down stairs in my basement to work out. About 2 hours later I went upstairs to take another shower. I though I heard some noise down stairs. Maybe it was the snow falling off the roof. I then felt a cool breeze from my room. Some how the door to my bathroom had opened. I turned off the water. I put a towel around my waist. I noticed the door slightly open. I then walked down stairs in my towel. I was still dripping wet as I went through my living room. There was a pink pillow on my couch. I picked it up. The sweet perfume of who ever left it smelled great. I put the pillow under my arm. I walked out to my kitchen. I saw some water on the floor leading out to my garage. Had the plow guy come in to get a drink? I was confused.

I leaned down to feel the water was cold. I also felt some snow on the floor. I opened the garage door to see it was wet on the concrete. I could make out some boot or heel imprints on the concrete. Someone had been in my garage. Maybe it was the same person. "RING!!!!!!!!!" What the fuck! I almost had an heartache. I turned to walk inside my kitchen. I picked up my phone. "Hello! Buck here!" I said. Stone cold silence. Now I was getting mad. I was cold. My feet were wet. I was starting to get paranoid. I put the phone down. I walked over to my back sliding glass door. I looked outside in the snow. More foot imprints. I followed them to the hot tub. Someone had left the top off. There was steam coming out the top. I forgot I had a towel on. I walked in my bare feet to go put the top back on. I looked back to see something move in my kitchen.

I ran back inside. I shut the sliding glass door. I ran into the kitchen. There was some more water on the floor. Now I saw a pink towel on my kitchen table. I picked it up. It was warm. It was wet. I could smell my hot tub on the towel. I could also smell the sweet perfume from the person who dried themselves off. It was the same smell from the pink pillow in my living room. I went down stairs to start a load of laundry. I put the towel in along with the one I was wearing. I walked back upstairs. I looked out the window. The little white car was gone. I had to think of an idea. I decided that the person would probably come back tonight. I would have to come up with a plan to catch them.

I put on some black tight Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Some black sweat pants. I black long sleeve shirt. I put on some black tennis shoes. I'm not a big fan of socks. So I did not put them on. I walked around locking all my doors and windows. I pulled all my blinds shut. I went upstairs. I had a cut out of a football player in my garage. I put him in my bedroom. It look like I was on the computer in my room if someone looked out from my front yard. I put on the outside lights. I locked my garage very tight. I was going to leave the sliding glass door unlocked. I figured the person or my stalker would come there last after checking all the doors.

It was almost 9pm when I was sitting at the dining room table. I had the light outs on the first floor. I was watching the sliding glass door. Then a few minutes later I saw my stalker. She was about 5ft 8 in these big 6inch spike pink leather boots. She had on a big white fur coat. She had long blonde hair in pig tails. She had a pink bow in each pig tail. She had on bright pink lips stick. Her finger nails were long with pink/white polish on them. I froze. I was expecting the worst. Was I dreaming. Had I met her before. I never forget a hot big gurl. I could tells she had curves. She walked toward the hot tub. I saw her chest was stuck out the front. Her big ass was pushing out the back of her fur coat. My hands were sweating. I went to the window. I looked out toward the hot tub. I had put the top on and locked it. I left the key on the edge of the dining room table. I figured my stalker would look in and see the key. I also left the pink pillow and now dry pink towel on the table.

I had moved some plants near the sliding glass door. I was going to hide behind them and jump out now to surprise her. I waited a few minutes before I heard some boots just outside the glass door. I heard the glass slide open. I then heard the boots come across the wooden floor to my dining room table. I heard the keys move.

I leaned back to turn on the light in my dining room. I also flipped on the outside lights in my back yard. "Ha Ha! Well good evening!" I yelled. She dropped the keys on the floor. She quickly turned around. It all flashed back to me now. I had seen her in the car following me out my parking lot. I had seen her at the bar in the bowling alley. I got a nose full of her sweet perfume matching the pillow, pink towel and the notes. My mouth dropped open. She was so hot. Why was she stalking me? All she had to do was come up to me and I was all hers. "Ummm!" I said. "Shreek!! Oh my god you scared me. Your suppose to be upstairs. I can't believe you caught me. I was just going to use your hot tub again. Please don't be mad." she said. I gave her a mean look. I squinted my eyes. Mean time my cock was getting bigger in my sweat pants.

"Are you OK? I hope your not going to get mad." she said "Who are you? I mean why have you been following me? You could have just introduced yourself. How long have you been following me?" I said. "My name Lori. I saw you at the mall last week. I tried to catch up with you but you got in your SUV before I could say Hi. Then you drove away. I came back the next day and saw you drive through the parking lot. I follow you home. Then I saw you upstairs from your front yard. I went around the back to knock on your door. But you did not answer. I saw your hot tub. I saw the top was off. So I jumped in. Now I have been coming back each night to go for a dip. Please don't be mad." Lori said. I smiled then thought for a minute.

"I'll be honest. You kinda of scared me. Why did you go to the bowling alley and to my work." I said. "I just wanted to see what you did and where you worked. I like your office." she said as she smiled. I walked closer to her. She had her fur coat tied around her thick waist. She looked up at my eyes. I was now inches from her. She looked down to see me chest breathing. Her breathing had increased. I could smell her sweet perfume better. She could smell my body spray. I wanted so much to touch her. I was scared at first. Then mad. Now I was as hard as a rock. I wanted to fuck her so badly. But first I wanted to see how far I could tease her.

"I saw you came in my house last night. Did you have fun upstairs? I saw your wet boots were in my kitchen. I followed your boots imprints in the snow." I said. "I..I...I was out of control last night. I became a little obsessed with you. I lost all control to come in your house for the first time. Then I heard you in the shower. I don't know what came over me. I had to see you. I'm sorry...It was not right of me to see you in the shower. Your tight abs. Your big arms. Your fine chest and that little ass of yours. I..can't believe I looked. I wanted to say Hi. But I lost control. I did not go to work today. I went home straight from your house. I was thinking about you all day." she moaned.

"Mmmm..." I said as I licked my lips. I reached down to pull open her white fur coat. She moved her arms open to let me see. She was wearing a small two piece pink bathing suit. She a thong bottom that sat high on her large hips. She had a small top barely covering her monster tits. I smiled when I saw her tow large erect nipples sticking out the side of her bathing suit top. They were the about the size of the tips of my thumbs. She closed her eyes. Her breathing had increased. I was now inches from her. I pulled her fur coat off her shoulders. I then felt it fall to the floor next to my tennis shoes. She was now standing there in her big pink leather boots. Her sexy pink suit. I smiled when she moved her hands on her hips.

My eyes all most came out of my head. She was pushing her chest out showing off her large breast. "I think I may know how to solve your obsession with me. I can't have every girl be a stalker. I would not get anything done in my life. I have to teach you a lesson so this does not happen again." I said. "Yes! You better teach me. I need to stop being a stalker. Help me with my obsession of you." she said. I smiled. Her eyes were still closed. I took off my shirt. I kicked off my shoes. I pulled off my sweat pants. I was not just in my tight black boxer briefs. My cock was pushing on the thin material. I looked her up and down. God was she hot.

I started to walk around her in the middle of the dinning room. She moved her head but kept her eyes closed. I touched her lower back with my left hand. I was on her right side. I moved my right hand up to her large breast. I started to tug on her right nipple sticking out the side of her pink top. She bite her lower lip and moaned. I licked my two fingers on my right hand. I then tugged her nipple again making it nice and wet. Her mouth dropped open. I leaned around her face to give her a big open mouth kiss. I yanked off her bathing suit bottoms. She moaned loud. They were around her big thighs. They were stuck. She closed her legs but they did not fall down. I quickly moved my hand on her big ass. I began to play with it as she kissed my lips. I could taste her strawberry flavored lip balm. She slipped me the tongue as I pulled off her top.

I quickly untied her top throwing it on her fur coat by her feet. I moved my bare feet on some cold water on the floor. I made a loud noise. I caught my balance. "See what happens when you forget to clean off your boots at the door. I almost fell over. Your going to have to be disciplined. So this does not happen again." I said. I turned her around. I walked her over to the dining room table. I put her hands on the table. She opened her eyes to look over her shoulder. She pushed her big ass back into my crotch. I know she could feel all 9 3/4 inches of my cock. I was bursting to get my cock out. I looked down to see her big white ass. I then stepped to her left hip. I brought my big right hand down to spank her. "Slap! Slap!!! Wham! Wham!...Bam! Bam!" I began to spank her.

I spanked her ten times semi hard. She shook her ass. I then began to scratch my finger nails on her ass. She shook her ass again. I then began to slap her very fast and hard. She moaned. Her ass was now pink. I then began to spank all around her ass. From under. From the top. Down, side to side. I was really spanking her hard. "Looks like you ass matches you pink boots now. Have you learned you lesson?" I said. She put her left hand in between her legs. She ran her fingers over her bald pussy. I could smell her sweet perfume mixed with a new musk scent now. I think she was liking her spankings.

"Got on your knees and stick out your tongue." I said. She quickly got in front of me. She reached up to pull down my boxer briefs. "Did I say you could touch me?" I said. She shook her head "NO!" I smiled. I grabbed her hands. She pulled down my underwear to my feet. She pulled them off. My cock sprang out hitting her right cheek. She immediately stuck my cock in her hot mouth. She licked the tip. She brought her fat tongue down the shaft. She had her two greedy hands on my big thick naked balls. She was a very good cock sucker. I moved my hips forward feeding her more of my cock. I looked down to see her naked except for her bathing suit bottom just under her pussy. I looked down to see her boots under ass as she spread her legs open.

I could see the crack of her ass. The big gold tips on her boots. Her thick thighs and curvy legs. She was sucking my cock. She had all of me in her hot mouth. Saliva was dripping off my cock onto her big breast. She now used both of her small hands to jack my cock in her mouth. Every time I felt some cold air. She stroked me with her two hands. I picked up the pace fucking her mouth. She stopped when she had her lips at the base of my cock. She pushed my big balls on her chin. Her eyes got big. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I then slapped her with my cock. Her face was wet from my hard cock. I put my cock on her face. I rubbed her face under my cock on my balls. She started to lick under my balls sending waves of excitement. I was close to coming. She raised her hands to my ass. She pulled my cock all the way in holding my ass. She gagged for a second. My knees got weak. I started to cum. Big globs hit the back of her throat. She kept sucking. She pulled out my cock to shoot the last drop on her tongue.

I moved back ward. I was now on my back. I was laying on the dinning room table. My feet were just off the end. I put the pink pillow under my head. I placed the pink towel under my ass. Lori got off her knees. She pulled off her wet panties. She quickly through her left leg over my face. She was laying on top of me. She had my cock in her mouth. I had my face inches from her pussy. I spread her big ass with my hands. I licked my middle finger on my right hand. I gently placed it on the lower part of her pussy. Her big pussy lips were spread out. Her big cunt was so juicy as I fingered her hot pussy. She moaned when I rolled my finer clockwise in her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten on my finger. I pulled it out. She was wet but needed some more lube. I wet my finger and then spit in her open pussy. She moaned

She let go of my cock with her mouth. She jacked my wet cock with her left hand. I was hard again. She pushed it back inside her wet mouth. I could feel her fat tongue go around my long shaft. She had her long nails on my thighs. She had her chin on my abs. I could feel her large breast slowly fall out and off my stomach. I reached down with my left hand to pinch her erect nipple. "Mmmmuurhhgh" she moaned. I felt her pussy began to spasm. I pushed my tongue inside her. She had her first orgasm. She tasted sweet as her juices came over my tongue. Her ass shook. Her pussy spasm. Then her body went soft.

I went back to eating her pussy. I paid special attention to her labia. I licked it and rubbed it. I slipped two fingers under it as I played with her tight pussy. I bite her big cunt lips in my mouth. I played with them. I pulled them out as she moved on my body. I was tugging on her left nipple. I then moved my hand off her ass and then started to pinch her other nipple. She tighten up, then flushed my face with her wetness. I could see her head bop up and down on my cock. Her blonde pig tails fell on the side of her head. She was loving what I was doing to her pussy. I ate her for another thirty minutes and two more earth shattering orgasm before I rolled her big body on to my left hip. She was now on the big wooden table.

I moved and was now on my side. We started to kiss as her breast rested against my chest. I then felt her move my cock to her pussy. She opened her mouth in mine. I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth. She pushed my cock to the tip of her pussy. She moved her legs as I then felt some wetness on the tip of my cock. She slowly inserted my cock in her tight pussy. She adjusted to the size as she opened her eyes. I let go of her lips. I started to suck her big left breast. I had both her nipples in my mouth. Her pussy opened up more giving my cock more of her pussy to explore. I was half was inside her before she pushed my cock out. She inserted my cock in again. Her pussy pushed me out a few times before it got used to my size. She screamed once we got a good rhythm going. I screamed when she helped me lick her big fat nipples.

I pushed her on her back. I moved my ass back then up. I started to fuck her long and hard. I was sucking her right nipple. She was sucking her left. She opened her legs wider to let me fuck her harder. I quickly moved to be on top of her. She pushed her breast on her chest. She gave me a quick smile and grin. I gave her a kiss. Then I licked her breast as my cock started to bang her harder. She was breathing more heavy to match my breath. I pushed of my hand next to her sides. I was now doing almost a full push up on her body. She grabbed my ass forcing my cock in deeper. I started to kiss her full lips. I could feel her soft body on mine. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder. Please!!! I love your big cock!!!" Lori said. I slowed down the tempo. Looking her in the eyes. "Did you learn your lesson?" I said. She shook her head "NO!"

I got off of her. I quickly sat in the matching chair to the dining room table. It had a high black leather back and no arms on the side. Lori rolled off the table. She looked at me. She walked over and put her hands on the back of my chair above my head. She licked her hand. She then tugged on my hard cock. She inserted the tip of my cock in her wet pussy. She was dripping down my shaft on my balls. I could feel her drip on the floor. Her big cunt lips milked my cock as she started to fuck me. Her big breast bounced on my chest and face. Her big ass slammed on my thighs as I sat there. She put all of her weight on my cock and lap. I grabbed her ass fucking her harder. We did this for about 20 minutes.

I could tell she wanted more. I ordered her to turn around. I put my mouth on her neck. I pulled her pig tails. I slapped her ass making it dark pink. She started to used her boots and thick thighs to bounce up and down on my cock. "Yes! Yes! I learned my lesson as I pulled her hair and slapped her big ass. Between my big hands slapping her ass. My cock deep inside her. Her moans. My screams. It a wander the cops did not show up. I smiled as I watched her ass slam down on my cock. I grabbed her hips. I stood up with my cock still buried in her tight pussy. She had her hands on the table. I pulled them off. I grabbed her big breast in my hands. I fucked her very hard. I pulled out, then back in. She screamed. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" She then orgasm flooding my cock. I started to cum. Are fluids washed together.

It's snowing out. I can feel the small snow flakes on my skin. I grabbed the ladder next to the garage. I walk back to the back of the house. I can see a light on in a room on the 2nd floor. I push the ladder against the house. I slowly climb to the top of the metal ladder. I look up to see the stars and the moon. I then look in the window with the light. The window is just opened a crack. It's unlocked. "Ummmm!" I hear a moan. I see her on her big bed. The pink pillows above her head. Her pink silk sheets at her feet. Her small finger buried in her tight pussy. She got a small pocket rocket on her labia.

I push the window open. I pull off my boots. I throw them down in the snow. I don't want to leave any evidence I was here. I take off my coat. My cock sticking straight out. I am buck ass naked as I stand next to her bed. I see her eyes open. "Oh my goodness. My stalker found me....What shall I do. Don't forget to be quite. My husband sleeping on the couch down stairs." Lori said with a smile.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Judge - An Adult Story

I had been elected about a month prior to my first day. I was just getting into the court house this morning. I was taking over for a judge who retired after 20 years. I inherited most of his staff to help me in the transition. I used to be a lawyer for a couple of years in another part of the state. I decided to run for the office on a dare from some lawyers I knew. They were not shocked I got elected. They were just sad I was moving across the state to be the new judge. I checked my watch as I waited for the bailiff to come get me.

I walked into my court room for the first time. I shook hands with a few of the employees as I walked around to check out everything. There was seating for maybe 40 people in back. There was room for 14 persons in the jury box. There was two big tables for the defense, and the prosecution. There was a a big box for the witness. I sat high up on top overlooking the court. Everything was in dark wood and dark leather chairs around the room. I checked my big leather chair as I looked down at the bailiff walking by. He stopped to put the paper next to were the stenographer sits. There was a open back small seat for the stenographer to sit and type the court proceeding in a trial. I was not sure how they could type so fast and remember what everyone said. I was just hoping that who ever was in my court today would be good. Nothing worse than having a bad stenographer.

I stood up and walked out the side door to my office. I looked next to my office to see the jury room. I peeked in there and then went to my chambers. It look like a old library with so many books on the wall. I had a small table. A big computer on my desk to the side. I had a big oak desk and large black leather chair to sit in. There was a large leather couch on one side of the room next to some big plants. I pushed some papers around to look busy. I was a little nervous. I had some butter flies in my stomach as I sat down awaiting for my first case.

I put on my black robe over my suit and tie. A few minutes later the bailiff came to get me. "All rise the honorable Buck Kelly now presiding." he said. I walked up and sat down in my chair. I looked down to see the two lawyers for the state. I looked to there right to see the defense team. The women who was being tried had two female lawyers. I looked to my right to see the bailiff standing near the door of the court room. I looked down when I smelled some sweet perfume. My eyes got bigger. My palms started to sweat. There was a beautiful woman typing away. She was taking role call of today's case in my court room.

She was about 5ft 6inches. She had short brown hair down to her shoulders. She had a black business suite on with 2inch black heels. She had perfect makeup and sexy full lips. She was curvy in all the right places. She moved her hair in front of the sexy eyes. She had her nails painted white as she looked up toward me. She smiled as I smiled back. It was my first case. I was now more nervous I might say something stupid to embarrass myself. I cleared my throat as the lawyers walked up to put the case file in my hands. I looked down to see the woman was accused of killing her husband. I had the lawyers go back to there tables.

I looked up to see the defendant. She was in her mid thirties. She had put on a few sexy pounds since she had twins a few years earlier. I saw her kids in court. The defendant had found her husband screwing his secretary in there house. She had come back after dropping of the kids at her parents for a romantic weekend with her husband. He had been arrested a few times for domestic violence towards her. I called the lawyers back up. "You better have some goo evidence on why she did not feel threaten that night?" I said. The prosecution gave me the evidence.

"After looking over this case. I find this case should not go to court. There is not enough evidence to warrant a charge. Mrs. Simmons you are free to go. I am sorry for your kids. I am also sorry that you had to go through this. Thank you for your time. " I said. The prosecution was upset but they got over it quickly. I waited a few minutes while they brought in the next case. I looked down to check out the cute girl typing away. I had to say "Hi!" before the day was done.

The next case was a DWI. The defendant had been arrested 8 times for driving under the influence. I took one look at him. I could tell he had been drinking. I sentenced him to 10 years. He fell to the ground. The bailiffs had to pick him up. The next case lasted the rest of the day. It was an accountant who had stole money from his work. There were some witness that need to be called. I cleared my throat again. I waited to the end of the day to postpone the court case until tomorrow.

I got up and walked down to see the stenographer. The court was clearing out. "Hi! I just wanted to tell you your doing a great job. I look froward to working with you. If there anything you need? Please let me know." I said. "Oh! Thank you Judge Buck. Its very nice to meet you. I don't usually get the judge to come down on there first day or any day to introduce themselves to me. Thank you." she said. I looked down to see her name tag. "Jo Jo" Its nice to meet Jo Jo. I am kinda of new to the area. Any recommendations of where to eat. I am going to order in some delivery to my chamber later. I am going to be here late tonight." I said. "There a great Chinese place around the corner. I will bring you a menu." she said.

I smiled as I walked back to my office. I heard a knock on the door about 20 minutes later. I opened it up to see Jo Jo. "Here is your menu. I like the number 4 with fried rice." Jo Jo said. "Ok! Thanks! I will see you tomorrow. Have a great night. Thanks for the tip on dinner." I said. "Your welcome Judge. See you tomorrow." she said. I order up a big meal and then headed for my room at a hotel near by. I was still looking for a house to live in.

The week went pretty quick. I stayed later each night getting caught up. I paid particular attention to everything Jo Jo wore that week. She was quite the stylish dresser. She dressed very professional as I started to take off the suit and go with a pair of jeans and button down shirt. Nobody could see under my black robe. I was getting hotter each day. I had to call a recess twice to cool down. I was working on a new case. A couple was getting a divorce. He was a skinny guy and his wife was a bigger gurl. She was upset of the way he treated her and the kids. He was upset she would not loose weight. I was getting upset listening to him but I had to be impartial until my ruling. The case started earlier and was running later until 8pm when I called for everyone to come back on Monday to start again.

I waited a few minutes while everyone was leaving. I was finishing up some paper work. I looked down to see Jo Jo. She was getting her equipment off her little stand. She had moved her small chair. She smiled as she looked up at me. She was wearing a black 5 button down sweater, a black knee length skirt. She had painted her finger and toe nails white with black tips. I saw she had worn some 4inch black heels to match her outfit. She had put her small purse next to her equipment. I am not sure why I did it. But I just had to see her. "Jo Jo can you come her for a second." I said. She walked back behind my chair. She smelled great. I was feeling weak. Her smile. Her perfect hair. Her sexy makeup. It was driving me wild. "I know this is last minute. Its late already. Can you read me some of the transcripts of today case. I need to finish this paperwork tonight." I said.

"Sure! No problem Judge. I was going out with a few associates from work. But I can catch up with them later. I will get the transcripts and meet you in a few minutes." Jo Jo said. I walked back to my chamber. I left the door open slightly. I sent the bailiff and his staff home for the night. He brought me the keys to the courtroom. "Here you go Judge Buck. I will see you on Monday. Just remember to lock the side door when you go out to your car. The rest of the court house is locked. Later!" he said. I sat in my chair. I left my robe on. I had worn a tight green short sleeve shirt. I also had on a pair of blue jeans. Some white tennis shoes. I had not worn and underwear or socks. I was going to go workout after court but it had run long for the day. I waited a few minutes for Jo Jo. I put out the case file on my big desk.

A minuted later there was a knock at the door. "Hi! Judge. Ready for me?" said Jo Jo. "Yes! Come in. Thanks once again. This should not take long." I said. "she giggled as she walked in. My jaw dropped open. She had gone to reapply her make up and sexy red lips. She smelled great as she sat in the leather chair in front of my desk. I looked over to see she had unbutton three buttons on her sweater. I could see her ample cleavage starring back at me. I could see the outline of her small black wire bra. I had to fix my eyes back on her face when she spoke. "Where should I start?" I said. "Start from where her lawyers first begins. Thank you." I said. She read the transcripts going back and forth. I was lost in why I originally had her come back to see me. I was hoping she did not think it was terrible that I was having naughty thoughts about her but I was. She smiled. She had the most perfect reading voice. I took some notes trying not to make it to obvious I was checking her out.

After thirty minutes. "Do you have her husband testimony?" I said. "Let me look!....long pause....... Oh I am sorry Judge. I must have left it in the court room. I can go it." she said. "We better both go get it. I excused everyone tonight after the case. I don't want you to be alone." I said. She smiled and walked in front of me across the hall to the courtroom. I flipped on the switch. A second later the court room lit up. I walked to my seat at the top while Jo Jo went to get some paperwork next to her equipment. She then walked back up to me. She was on my left side.

I sat in my big black leather chair. She put her hand on the back of my chair. I could smell her sweet perfume as I turned my head slightly to see inside her sweater. She was so sexy. Her body so perfect. I was clinching my teeth. I was breathing heavy. She put her free hand on her hip. "Here you go. Would you like me to read it?" she said. "Yes! That would be great." I said. She held the paper in front of her face. "We got in a fight. I called her fat in front of the kids. She stormed out of the room. I went to watch a movie." said the husband. "He is an ass hole. I hate him. He hates my weight." said the wife. "Do you like my big soft breast? You have been staring at them since I got in your office." said Jo Jo. "What? I am so sorry. I guess its been such a long time since I saw such a beautiful woman. I am so sorry Jo Jo." I said. I looked up with one eyes open at her sexy eyes.

"Ummm! It's OK Judge. Not everyday a sexy looking Judge makes me weak in the knees. I have been wanting to get closer to you since the first day I walked in your court room." Jo Jo said. I watched as she dropped her hand on my shoulder. She leaned down to kiss me on the lips. I felt her tongue explore my mouth. She kissed great. Her lips were so soft on mine. She had her eyes closed as we kissed longer. I felt her hand move to my neck. Her free hand went back on the chair to help her catch her balance. I moved my hands around her waist. She was now sitting on my lap as we made out. I felt her amazing body against mine. I ran my big hand down her back stopping on her amazing ass. I wanted to unzip her skirt but she beat me to it. She moved her hands back to unzip her skirt. It fell in front of us on the floor. She was breathing heavy as her eyes opened up. She felt my fingers on her ass over her tight brown hose.

I moved my hands down cupping her ass. She moved her hands around my neck. She moved so her knees were on the chair next to my thighs. I felt her heels touch my knees as the chair moved back from us kissing. She giggled when the back wall got closer to my head. I moved her back forward causing her to be on my lap more. I looked over her shoulder to see my desk top had a few papers on them. I moved them out of the way with my two hands. I then put Jo Jo on top of the desk. She moved her arms and hands over her head. I saw her sweater was wide open now. She unbutton the last few buttons and pushed the sweater on her side. I looked down from my chair. I was still sitting as I kissed her sexy feet in her heels. She smiled as I made way down her long legs. I stopped in between her legs.

I looked up to see her head was on the desk. Her legs spread more open. I could feel her brown hose on my skin. I was going to ask Jo Jo if she wanted me to take them off. Instead she reached down and ripped them open. She had on some black panties under her hose. She pushed them down exposing herself to me more. I saw her naked pussy looking back at me. I grabbed her panties and pull them off of her legs. I pulled them over her heels and through them on the floor. I then moved the rip hose to the side. I moved my lips down to kiss her soft skin around her pussy. She moaned. She was loving what I was doing to her. She grabbed the top of my short hair as she pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy.

Her small cunt lips open allowing me to taste her. I pushed on her hips with my hand. I cupped her ass with my left hand. I started to rotate my tongue deep inside her. I start to lick and nibble on her juicy labia. "Yes!!!!!!!!! Fuck! Yes!! Eat me faster Judge....Eat me....God your making me cum....YES!~~~~!!!!! Arrrggggg...." Jo Jo moaned. I felt her whole body quiver under my mouth. Her muscles contacted and she came in my mouth. She was sweet and very juicy. I licked her clean as she ran her hands on the top of my head. I got a finger wet and inserted in her tight pussy. I put my mouth on her labia and ran my finger deep inside her. She screamed again. I licked her in a clockwise fashion, then back the other way. In a matter of no time she had another big orgasm. I held her thighs as she squeezed my head with her small hands.

After a few minutes I stood up. I was so turn on. My cock was rock hard. I pulled off my black robe. I took of my shirt. I pulled down my jeans. Jo Jo smiled when she saw my erect cock. I wet my hand with my mouth. I rubbed it on my erect cock. I was now standing between Jo Jo legs. She looked down over her body to see my cock. I slapped it a few times on her skin. I ran it up and down on her thighs. She smiled when I placed it on her wet pussy. I reached down to use some of her wetness on my cock.

"Be gentle...Your so big...Mmmmm YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she mumbled. I stuck just a tiny amount inside her pussy. Her lips stretch around the tip as I slowly entered her hot pussy. She pushed me out. Then sucked my cock in some more. I smacked her pussy lips with my cock head again. She moaned. I inserted it back in her pussy. This time she relaxed as I got a slow rhythm going with her. I grabbed her hips with my hands. She grabbed my arm to steady herself. I leaned down to kiss her body. I pushed her sweater to the side. I reached down with my teeth. I found the wire clasp holing her bra up. I bite down causing her bra to snap off to the side. I saw her warm breast flow down either side of her chest. I looked down to see her smile. She was very beautiful as I fucked her on my desk in the court room.

I pulled my cock out long and slow. Then slammed it back inside her. She moaned as I fucked her harder. I grabbed her legs. I put her heels by my ears as I fucked her harder. I could feel her feet hit my head as I fucked her faster. I had really picked up the pace of fucking her. Jo Jo eyes glazed over as I felt her orgasm on my cock. She tossed her head back and forth as my cock pounded inside her. I leaned down to suck her juicy breast. I bit her erect nipples and kissed around her aerloes as she screamed. I then felt her hand on my ass. She was pulling me in tighter with her. I had gotten all 9 3/4 inches of my cock inside her. I could feel her wet skin on my big naked balls. I could feel the base of my cock bounce on her wetness. I had to cum. I quickly withdrew. She looked down as she quickly got on her knees in front of my chair. I aimed for her mouth. She started to jack my cock in her mouth. I was cumming as she deep throated my cock. I could feel her tongue suck my cock dry.

Jo Jo stood up and took off the rest of her clothes. She pulled off her ripped hose and took off her sweater. We were both naked now as she grabbed my hand. She walked me down to the jury box. There was a big wooden rail in front of the chairs. She smiled as she put her hands and bent her knees looking over her shoulder at me. I looked down to see my cock was hard again. I bent down to kiss her ass and her lower back. I put my hands on her shoulders as I found her pussy from behind. I then stood up and place my big cock between her legs. She guided my erect cock back inside her pussy. She held onto the wooden rail. She spread her legs wide. She steady herself on her heels. I reached down to hold her hips as we start to fuck.

I was slamming her pussy doing big deep knees bends. She held onto the rail. I could feel her pussy muscles contract on my cock. I was fucking her hard as she tried to gain her balance. After a few minutes I put her legs together. I brought my cock up at a different angle to fuck her. She was dripping as I held on to her hips. I moved my hand to pull her hair. She screamed. I slapped her butt making it pink she screamed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! The Judge is fucking me..Faster...don't stop...Yes!!!" she screamed. I grunted and pulled out. I moved her left leg putting it on the rail. I got down to eat her pussy. She was very wet. She gripped my head as I licked her pussy. I got her to the edge again.

I then stood up and put my cock back in her tight pussy. I brought her upper body to my chest. Her back was against my front as I kissed her neck. I then bite her neck. I then felt her body orgasm again. She was dripping her hot wetness on my cock. I started to kiss her left ear. "God your body perfect. Your driving me insane. It's been so long for me. I never thought I be here right now. I wanted you so bad when I first saw you. You make me want you all the time." I whispered in her ear. "Arrggggg Schreeekkkkkkkkkkkkk" she screamed. I just kept fucking her from behind. I sucked her neck and fondled her big breast from behind. After another 20 minutes I got weak in the knees. She jumped off my cock. I aimed it at her big breast and face. She licked me clean as we dripped in my court room.

"All rise! The honorable Buck Kelly now presiding. You may all be seated." said the bailiff. "Thank you." I said. I sat in my chair. I looked down over the courtroom. I smiled when I saw the jury box. I looked to my side to see Jo Jo chair empty. A second later a guy walked in with some equipment. "Sorry I am late Judge. I got a call the Jo Jo could not make it this morning. She is on official business." he said. I was going to say something. But then I felt two small hands on my bare ankles. I then felt them move up my bare legs. I then felt the bottom of my robe move. I felt some soft lips begin to suck my cock.

I was getting ready for work this morning. I rolled over and found a note. "Dear: Judge Buck I will be on official business today. Please don't wear anything under your robe today. Jo Jo." I was confused at the beginning. I followed the note. I unzipped the front of my robe to see inside. Jo Jo was naked and sucking my cock. She had her lips wrapped around the head of my penis. I felt her hand on my balls. She was sucking my really fast. We had spent the whole weekend fucking all over my hotel room. I peeked back out to see everyone was looking around. No one had a clue that the sexy stenographer was under my desk in the middle of court giving me a great blow job. I was getting close after 15 minutes. My legs move as my toes were curled under. I then felt it come deep from my balls. I then heard her moan as I came deep down her throat. Jo Jo cleaned me off. I made her stay under my desk for two hours before I could call for a break. She got me hard again and kept playing with my cock.

We hurried back to my chamber after the first break. I had the bailiff call for a recess for the rest of the day. I was not going to start court back up with out my stenographer. I also had Jo Jo bring in her equipment to my chamber. I put my head on the couch. I stretch out on my back. I then had Jo Jo put her equipment in front of the couch. She came over and sat on my face. I wanted to see how many words she could type as I ate her pussy. She was very good. I am not sure if we finished the test. She got up and sat on my cock after 30 minutes instead.

I guess it's good to be me. The Judge!!!!!!!!