Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Back Row - Her Great Big Ass in My Face. Adult Story

bIt was close to 1:00am when I pulled into the mall parking lot. I had order my ticket online for one of the last shows at the theater. The place is small. There are only two theaters in the whole place. They just built a huge mega movie plex on the other side of the mall. I will miss this place. I had to come see one more show before they tore the place down at the end of the week. I used to sneak in as a kid. Well I am only 24 so I am not the removed. I got a ticket for a comedy. Its been out for awhile. I am sure the place will be empty. There not a single car in the parking lot. I get out and walk in. I have just a pair of tan cargo shorts. A white short sleeve shirt and some sandals on. I put my money in my pocket. Leave my wallet in the car. I don't want to drop in the seats at the movie. I like to get low in my seat in the back row. Kinda of hard being six foot 3, and athletic but I manage.

"One ticket for Buck Kelly." I said. "Here you go. Your the only one tonight in the place. Let me get your ticket. Better get some popcorn or soda before the guy closes." a cute girl said. "Thanks!" I said. She tore my ticket. I walked over and got a big popcorn and Coke. I hit it with some butter and salt. Looks like I may need to run tomorrow. I follow the sign to theater one. I look around. They had closed theater 2 and the ticket booth girl was leaving. The guy behind the concession stand was talking to some one on his cell phone. I was sure he was the only employee left for the night. I might leave early if the movie sucks. I did not have to work tomorrow. I had no one waiting for me at home. I was in no hurry to go home alone. I walked in. The movie theater was empty. There were about 30 rows of seat. About 20 seats to a row. I'm sure when the place was built it was the biggest around but not anymore.

I liked to sit in the last row in the back. The speakers were in the walls above my head. The projector shot the movie right on the huge screen. The curtain would open then the movie would start. If you stood at the bottom of the stairs. You could not see the last 3 rows. All the seats went down gradually to the bottom giving you a perfect view. The last 3 rows were kinda of shaped so you could see the screen but not see in front of you. It was perfect. I could lean up and see all the way to the bottom of theater. I hated to see the back of peoples heads and hate when people talk. At least when the movie starts. The previews are fair game. I walked up to the last row. I went down to the middle of the row. I could feel the speakers come on. Then the projector started and the curtain opened. I put my drink in the cup holder next to my right hand. I ate some popcorn.

I got through the first preview. The the second one started. I heard a noise at the bottom of the theater. I leaned forward and looked down. I focused my eyes. I saw a girl talking on her cell phone. She had long dark hair. She had some big gold hoop earrings. A black mini skirt that hugged her thick ass and curves. She had a black top that stretched over her big firm chest. I gulped my drink. She was very cute, sexy, and very bodacious. She had a small black purse on her arm. She was caring 5-6 shopping bags in her free hand. She was definitely multi tasking with all her stuff. I adore bigger gurls so my eyes perked up when I saw her strut around at the bottom of the theater. I followed her as she climbed the stairs on the right side of the theater. My eyes got big as she got closer to the last row.

I ducked down in my chair. I shrunk pretty good. I saw her looking around. I was not sure she saw me. I could see she was quite curvy as she jiggled coming up the stairs. I smiled as she got to the 2nd to the last row. I watched as she came down the row. She was still talking on the phone. I got to smell her perfume. She smelled very sexy as she giggled on the phone. I got to see her sexy smile and white teeth in the dark of the theater. I could tell she had some bright red lip stick on to match her red finger nails. I could hear her heels click on the concrete floor as she got closer in front of me. She finally put her bags about two seat to the right of me. She then put her purse down in the chair next to her. She reached in he purse for some money. "Let me call you right back. I just got to the movie. I need to get something to eat. I am starving. I will call you like in two. Peace out girlfriend. Laugh! Laugh!!...I know I am crazy to go to the movies be myself. I waited for you guys all night. It's cool. There no one in the theater I got the place to myself. Later!!" she said.

I then watched her take her cell phone and go down the stairs. A few minutes later she came back in. She had a drink and some food. I kept low as she walked back to her seat. She had to stand sideways to fit down the aisle. Her thick ass and amazing breast balanced her from falling over in the seats. I heard the movie start playing. I then looked at her. She had a hot dog in her right hand. She started to eat it nice and slow. She was licking the ketchup off with her tongue. She took little bites. I was instantly hard. All 9 3/4 of me wanted to burst out of my cargo shorts. I had not worn any underwear. I was doing wash and had none dry. I wish I did wear some. I was going to need them after bursting in my cargo shorts and leaving a big sticky mess.

I kept watching as she took a sip of her drink. I could smell it was a Coke just like mine. I then saw her start to eat some Twizzlers. She took the red long candy and played with it in her mouth. She tied the red candy in knots with her tongue and then ate the tip very slowly. I then watched as she open some M&M's. She rolled them in her mouth and ate them very slowly. I would love to melt in her mouth and in her hands. I was starting to get warm as I watched her. My mind was racing. I felt weird checking her out but I was still in my seat. I could always say I was watching the movie and not her. I then heard her cell phone ring. "Hey!! I'm sorry you could not come see me tonight. I know you had to see your guy friends. There more important than me. Maybe you should stop calling me. We broke up you ass. Fuck you!!" than she hung up.

My mouth dropped open as she sat there. She had some more candy then took another sip of her Coke. "Ring! Ring!" she picked up her cell phone. "Hey girl. Yeah, he just called me. What a loser. We broke up last weekend. He keeps trying to get with me. I know her can't resist this thick ass bitch. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! I know! I know! His lost. Such the hater anyways.....Hey you got to see the outfits I got tonight. I got some heels, lingerie, sexy bras and thongs. I also got some sexy tight clothes. I am looking good. I know you love them. I got this one outfit. Damn I am hot. It's a sexy red dress. It hugs my hips, ass and just covers half my thighs. Shows off my legs, ass and its got a huge hole in the middle of my cleavage. It shows all my big boobs. Your going to be jealous. Its a real head turner. The guy behind the counter smiled when I paid for it. He was cute but not that hot. You know I like tall guys with muscles..." she said.

They talked for another twenty minutes as I checked her out. I even looked over to see the movie for a second. I had no idea what was going on. "Hey I let you go. I will talk to you tomorrow. Thanks. Maybe your right. I should put on the dress right now. Make me feel better. I am kinda of excited. Girl my batteries are at home waiting for me. Fuck those haters." she said. I smiled and moved slightly in my seat. I was still low in my seat. The movie theater was dark but I could see her from the light of the projector over my head.

She got up facing the screen. She looked in one of the big bags in the seat. She pulled the bag over to her lap. She reached in. She pulled out a red t-back thong. She then reached in another bag to pull out some 6 inch red heels. My mouth dropped open. Was she going to try them on. I did not have to wait long. She reached down to unclasp her heels she was wearing. She then put her dark heels in a bag. She stood up and pulled her black top over her chest. She was wearing a black bra that some how managed to contain her breast. She then unclasped her bra. Her tits fell down laying high and firm on her chest. She then unzipped her mini skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black thong that almost fell off when she bent over to ge her mini skirt. Her ass expanded causing me to almost fall out of my seat.

She was not completely naked in the movie theater. My mouth was wide open. I licked my lips as I looked at her beauty. She moved her hands over her head. She touched her breast. She caressed her nipples, then moved her hands down her curves stopping on her ass. She looked down. She slowly slipped on her red thong. She put her red heels on next. She moved around again making me smile more. She finally pulled her tight red cocktail dress over her head. She pulled it down over her amazing body. Her hips, ass, thighs and curvy legs were stunning in the dress. Her chest looked liked it might burst out of her dress. She was not wearing a bra. The top of her chest glisten from the light front he projector. She bent over, then back. Making sure the dress fit. I was loving every minute of it.

I could here her breath heavy. I then saw her hand move up to her chest. She played with her left breast. She then put her hand inside her dress to play with her right nipple. She then dropped her free hand down to the front of her dress. I could hear her heels move on the theater floor. I looked around then up at the screen. The movie was playing. It was a car chase. I looked over at her she had her eyes closed. I could tell she was getting excited from the dress and her hands. I was breathing heavier. I was not sure what to do. I had to see how far I could take it. I had to get closer. I was hesitant for a second but then I smelled her. I smelled the sex coming from under her dress. She was getting wetter by the second. I took a sip of my Coke. I then got on the ground and began to crawl toward the sexy big gurl.

I was now directly behind her. She was biting her lower lip as she played with her self. I gently stood up on my knees. I was squatting behind her. I looked over her shoulder. She had her left foot on the seat in front of her. Her right thigh and leg was over the arm rest into the next seat. I could see her skin was a glow. She smelled great, she sounded even better. I decided to go for broke. I licked my fingers on my left hand. I then reached up with my left hand. She was playing with her right nipple with her right hand. She had her left hand under her dress now. I could see her left nipple was exposed to the cold air in the theater. I gently put two fingers pinch her exposed nipple. "MMMMmmm..." she moaned. I began to fondle her nipple in my right hand. I pulled her red dress down exposing both her breast into view.

Her body was on fire as I watched her move in her seat. I started to kiss her neck. She was moaning in my ear. She then moved her face towards me. Be began to kiss first lightly then she stuck her tongue down my throat. I pinched her nipple again causing her to scream. I then stood up. She put her hand on the front of my zipper. She winked as she looked into my eyes. I smiled as I unzipped my pants. "MMMM that is very nice. I just love your cock baby." she said. My white t-shirt hung low covering my cock. I pulled my shirt over my head. I heard her "Gasp!!!!!!" then felt her warm tongue on the tip of my cock. She parted her red lips sucking the tip of my cock. She was kissing and licking my cock. She put her hands on my big naked balls. She rubbed them as my cock grew in her mouth. She then used her small hands to jack my cock and suck it at the same time. I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her face. I stood on my toes and fucked her faster. She gagged and spit my cock out.

I leaned down to use both my hands on her breast. I leaned down with my mouth and sucked on her big tits. She moaned. I reached between her legs with my long arms. I used my fingers to find her trimmed pussy. She was wet and I got two fingers inside her before she orgasm and came on my fingers. I smiled as she licked her juices off my fingers. I was hard as I jumped over the seats next to her. I quickly got between her legs. I started to kiss her thighs teasing her. "I never had a young man lick my pussy." she moaned. I just smiled. I love to eat pussy. Especially someone so willing to spread for my hot tongue. I slapped her thick thighs as I pushed her dress above her hips. I pulled down her red thong to around her heels. I then brought my head down to eat her out. She grabbed the top of my head. I parted her cunt lips using my tongue on her labia. I licked hard, then slow. Slow than fast. She moaned as she came in my mouth. I pinched her nipples as she had another strong orgasm on my face.

I stood up. She came to the edge of her seat. She put my hard cock back in her mouth. I reached down to fondle her tits. She pushed them up and then encased my dick inside her hot cleavage. I could feel her heart beat under her left breast. I was in heaven as she looked into my eyes. I felt her hands slap my ass as I fucked her chest. After a few minutes she licked my cock making it nice and wet. I moved back and helped her off her seat. We ran our hands down each other back stopping on our ass's. Hers was amazing. I had to feel all of her ass. She let go so I could run my hands all over her thick ass. She giggled when she felt my cock hit her stomach. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock. Fuck me stranger." she said.

I turned her around. I pushed on her upper back. She put her hands on the arm rest of her seat. I crouched down kissing her ass. I used my mouth all around her ass. I spit on my cock making it wet. I then put one finger inside her pussy. "Go slow baby! It's been awhile. Fuck me nice and slow!!!!" she said. I inserted the wet tip of my cock. Her pussy opened a little as I felt her breath faster. I then felt more of her open for me as I inched my cock into her tight pussy. She contracted pushing my cock out. I grabbed her hips. I opened my legs wide about shoulder length. I put her feet together. I looked down she guided my erection into her hot pussy. I inserted about half deep inside her. She moaned as she fell back on my cock. I was now at the base of my thick cock. She started to squirt again. I could feel her pussy juices come down the length of my cock. I started to fuck her faster...faster...faster... I took my hands and pulled her hair. I then slapped her ass. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Use me!! Use me baby! Fuck me stranger! Fuck me harder! God that is it!! Use me! Fuck me with that monster!!!!!!" she said.

After a few minutes I spun her around. I gave her a long deep kiss. I then sat down in her seat. She smiled. She then turned around. She pushed her pussy down. Her ass fell on my abs, then down my stomach. I slapped her big ass as she fucked my cock. I licked her back. I then kissed her a few times on the lower back. She pushed with her arms and hands on the arm rest. She had another orgasm as I slapped her right ass cheek. She was hot and I was loving ever inch of her BBW body. I then started to play with her tits as she fucked me. She was now going fast. I then heard the seat under us began to come undone. I looked at her but she was determined to keep my cock in her hot pussy. I felt a bolt come out. "Snap!! Pop!! Crunch!!!" We fell to the floor. She did not stop. I was buried deep inside her. "Are your ready baby. Come for me. Show me how much you like my body." she said. She got off my cock. She got on her knees. I stood up and she took my cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue as she jacked my cock with her small hands. Few strokes later I erupted inside her mouth. She did not miss a drop.

The movie kept playing. I sat in the seat next to the broken one. She stood up and started to change into different outfits. She put on a fashion show for me as I stroked my cock back to life. She gave me another great blow job after I fucked her on the floor. I helped her get dressed and walked her to her car. We exchanged phone numbers and email. I saw in the paper there going to be one last show at the movie theater. A double feature. I hope she up for a long movie. I also saw there opening a drive-in movie theater at the edge of town. I may rent a bigger car. I need more leg room for the BBW fashion show and her great big ass in my face.


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