Monday, November 12, 2012

Nurse Jaymie - An Adult Story

I opened the big metal door, leading to the flight deck. I could still feel the jet wash from the plane that just took off. I crossed the flight deck to the helicopter. I put on the head phones and tossed my gear on the seat next to me. I gave the pilot, the thumbs up. I closed my eyes as we lifted off. It was a thirty minute ride to Port au Prince.

Most of the island of Haiti was still in bad shape, from the earthquake. I was meeting a group of doctors, who were there to help. Most were from the United States. Just like me. I was suppose to land in the Capitol and then drive to a remote part of the island. I was going to get my instruction, once I landed.

The sun was directly in my eyes. I put on some sunglasses as we past along the coast. I could still see the island in rubble as we approached the landing area. I held my breath as we touched down. I took of my head phone and grabbed my gear. I put my black boots down on the broken concrete runway. I looked around as the helicopter took off. I started walking to the nearest air plane hangar.

I opened the small metal door to the hangar. I could hear some people talking as I walked farther inside. I noticed a big group gathered around some small tables. I smiled as I got closer. There was one person talking. “I’m Captain Smith. Welcome to Haiti. Thank you for coming. I know most of you, have traveled a great distance to be here. We could not do this with out you. I like to thank all the doctors, nurses and volunteers for helping the people of Haiti. Your assignments , are on the back table.” He said. He pointed to the far table in the hangar.

Most of the group of people started to walk toward the table. I put my back pack and gear down. “You must be Dr. Kelly…Nice to meet you.” Said a male voice. I turned my head. It was a guy standing in a black suit and tie. “No trouble flying in today?” he said. “No.. Glad to meet you.” I said. “Such a young doctor. But I guess you have to be young and courageous to be here.” He said. He began to laugh…

We have a high priority job for you. We need you to sneak in and help a village about 3 hours from here..There are some sick kids. They need some medicine. We can not fly it in. It’s to dangerous, if the medicine fell into the wrong hands. The roads are in bad shape. You might have to go off road at times. There are roving gangs and drug dealers on your route. It wouldn’t be easy. We have lost two doctor’s already. Are you still up for the mission?” he said. “No problem. Just give me a map and a Jeep. I’ll be back before you know it.” I said. He smiled. “I like your confidence. I have a Jeep outside with some supplies. Here a map. I also found a volunteer nurse to help you. She is very good.” He said.

A minute later, I was standing outside. I tossed my back pack and gear in the back seat of the open Jeep. The Jeep had huge tires and was painted dark green. I placed some bottles of water in the back, next to the medical supplies. I tied my camouflage pants around the top of my boots. I rolled up my sleeves. I had a white wife beater under my camouflage shirt. I had nothing to identify me as an American. Just my name…”Dr. Buck Kelly..” Over my right shirt pocket.

I waited a few minutes for the volunteer nurse. I was reading the map. Not paying to much attention. “Hi! Dr. Kelly. Nice to meet you.” Said a female voice. I lifted my head up. I smiled. “Call me Buck. Nice to meet you….Ummm..” I stumbled with my words. The volunteer nurse was hot. She had short blond hair, just passed her ears. She was wearing camouflage ear rings. That maybe to big to be on this mission. She was wearing tight camouflage pants. That were two sizes to small for her. I smiled as I saw the front of her camouflage shirt. She was hiding two very nice breast underneath her big white shirt. “Nurse.. Jaymie….” She said.

She tossed her gear into the back seat. She had a small pink bag and a big dark green back pack. She then turned to walked around the back of the Jeep. I checked her out in the mirror. She had an amazing ass. It matched her perfect curves as she adjusted her gold belt around her hips. She slowly bent over giving me a look before she hoped in the passenger seat. “You might want to buckle up. I drive fast and loud.” I said. She smiled.

I handed her the map as I put the Jeep into drive. A few minutes later we drove through the front gates. I saw some people on the side of the main road with cell phones. I quickly cut down a back street. “Where are you going? We should be on the main road.” Said Jaymie. “I think its best if we don’t follow the same route as the last two doctors. Who disappeared. Let’s get out of the Capitol and find a different road.” I said. She smiled. She pointed to a side road leading out of the Capitol.

It took us about an hour to get out in the jungle. It was close to 96 degrees and very heavy humidity. I was sweating in places, I forgot I had. I looked over at Nurse Jayme. She was unbuttoning the top buttons on her outside shirt. I looked around. I could smell some smoke in the distance. I stopped the Jeep. There was some smoke coming from around the next curve. “Stay here. I’m going to take a look.” I said. Jaymie watched me walk down the road.

I looked around the curve. There were a few heavily armored men standing next to check point. There were some burning tires in front of them. I walked back to the Jeep. “We need to change course. Can you reach in my back pack. Unzip the top pocket.” I said. Jaymie stretched into the back seat. I watched as she pulled out my gun. She handed me my black 1911 hand gun. I took off the safety. I put it in the middle console. “Just in case…” I said.

A few minutes later I backed up the jeep. Then I shifted into drive. I pushed the hood through some banana trees. I felt the Jeep begin to tilt forward. We went down a small hill. I turned onto a small dirt road. I must have hit every tree and huge pot hole for the next hour before we got onto a paved road. We drove around two more check points. We kept our eyes open for smoke and the smell of burning tires.

We kept talking, as we tried to get to the village. I talked about Baltimore. Jaymie talked about Wisconsin. I just kept staring at her sexy body as I hit a few pot holes on purpose. It took us another 5 hours to finally reach the village. Almost twice as long as the man in the suit had told me. I pulled up to the only grass hut with a hospital sign on the front.

Hello!” I said. A few minutes passed before some people came out of the grass hut. “Hi! You must be Dr. Kelly and Nurse Jaymie. Welcome to our village. Thank you for coming. “ said a old man. I unloaded the medical supplies as Jaymie got the medicine ready to use. We set up a big line of needles on a small table. Then the kids of the village came out. I started to give them shots, and check there health. It took us about 3 hours to give everyone in the village the medicine. I set some cast on some kids broken legs. I then help hide the left over medical supplies.

“Thank you young man. Thank you young lady. You have saved our village.” Said the old man. “Your welcome. It’s getting dark. Were is a safe place we can get some rest?” I said. “The village is not safe. I’m afraid that you may have been spotted already. I heard another car leave a few minutes ago. You must leave.” Said the old man.

I looked at Jaymie. She smiled as we jumped back into the Jeep. I handed her a flash light from inside the glove compartment. “Anywhere look good on the map? Are we near the ocean?” I said. She looked up. “If we go back the way we came. Then take a small u-turn about 3 miles back. There a side road that leads to the coast.” She said. “I don’t want to be in the jungle. Who ever following us? Will look there first. Hold on..” I said.

We took the small u-turn. I pushed through some thick jungle. Then the Jeep popped out onto a small dirt road. The Jeep was covered in branches and leaves as we kept driving. We got to the end of the dirt road. There was a metal fence blocking the road. I climbed out of the Jeep. I reached into my pocket. I pulled out a small knife. I picked the metal gate open. I then motion for Jaymie to drive forward. I locked the gate behind us. I placed some fallen branches on the gate. I then jumped in the passenger seat.

Jaymie drove the Jeep down a small dirt road. I picked up the flash light. I turned the flash light out my window. I could hear water crashing on the beach. “Keep going straight and to the left. Don’t go right. There a cliff outside my window.” I said. Jaymie bounced in her seat one more time before we came to a clearing. I could see a small house in the distance. “Maybe we should stop. Lets push the Jeep off the this road.

We both got out. I reached in the middle console to get my gun. I placed it in the back of my belt. I grabbed both back packs. I handed Jaymie her pink bag. She smiled. She grabbed some water bottles. I then covered the Jeep in broken branches and palm leaves. I looked around. The moon had come up. It was a full moon now. There was plenty of light as we walked toward the crashing waves and the small house in the distance.

I kept looking over my shoulder for car lights. I did not see any. It took a few minutes to reach the small house. I walked up to the front door. I noticed the Presidential seal of Haiti on the small door. I smiled. I then peeked inside. The house had crumbled to the ground, from the earthquake. I walked around the door. I found a few bottles of wine. Jaymie found some food that was still good. “We should go down to the beach. Make a fire and try to get some sleep. Maybe in the morning we can find our way back to the Capitol. It to dangerous tonight.” I said.

Jaymie followed me to the beach. We dropped our supplies in a big pile. I then started to look for some fire wood. Jaymie walked down to the edge of the water. She looked around. I could see her sexy outline in the water. Her shadow from the moon. I was starting to get hard. I had almost forgotten how hot she had made me all day. I quickly found some wood. I began to make a fire near our supplies. She walked back toward me.

“Buck! You did great getting us out of trouble today. My adrenaline been running all day. I don’t think I’ve sweated this much in all my life.” She giggled. “Thanks….You been great all day too. I’m glad you volunteer to help me today. I’m pretty sweaty myself. How’s the salt water?” I said. I pointed to the ocean. She smiled. “Warm and very wet…” she giggled again. I reached into my side pocket. I pulled out a big bar of white soap. I took off the wrapper and smelled it. “I never leave home with out it. “ I laughed.

We both said nothing as we took off our clothes on the beach. I pulled my white wife beater over my head. Jaymie kicked off her boots. I then pulled off my boots. I tossed my gun onto my white shirt. I watched as she pulled her white shirt over her head. She had a huge white bra, covering her large breast. She wiggled out of her camouflage pants. She was wearing a white g-string. I quickly tossed my camouflage pants on the sand. She looked at me. I pulled my tight white boxer briefs, down around my ankles. I then ran toward the water. I was naked. Just a bar of soap in my right hand. Jaymie tossed her big bra and white thong on her pants as she ran behind me.

I hit the warm cobalt blue water first. I was waist deep in seconds. I stopped as Jaymie caught up to me. She put her hand on my lower back. I looked down to see my hard cock sticking straight out. The water was calm. I turned to see the small waves hit the beach. I could feel the sand on my feet. I then felt Jaymie hands on my hard chest. She took the big white bar of soap from hand. She started to wash my chest. She looked down to see my hard cock just under the moonlit water. She smiled as our lips met.

I had waited all day to kiss her ruby red lips. She bite down on my lower lip as our mouth separated. She then soaped her right hand. A second later she stroked my hard cock under the water. She leaned down to lick my right nipple. I took the soap out of her left hand. I began to wash her big breast. She let out a soft moan as I tugged on her big nipples. She was still stroking my cock with her right hand as our mouths met again. She then spun around. I started to wash her back with both of my hands. I rubbed the big bar of soap all over her body. I slid my hard cock between her legs. Her pussy mound was rubbing the top of my cock. She let out another soft moan when I gripped her tits and bite her neck. I then pulled her blonde hair with my free hand. I slapped her sexy ass with my left hand. She arched her back and jammed her ass on my hard stomach.

I slowly inserted my 9 ¾ inch cock into her tight pussy. Her small cunt lips parted as her pussy muscles got used to my size. I gripped her sexy hips. She looked over her shoulder as I moved my feet in the warm sand. The ocean water lapped my back as I plunged more of cock inside nurse Jaymie. I got half my cock, deep inside before she screamed into the cold night air. I cupped her big breast. I was fondling them as I fucked her from behind.

A few minutes later… She wrapped her legs around my waist. She had her hands around my neck. She was bouncing up and down on my cock. The warm ocean water and her hot pussy was driving my cock to explode. I was loving every minute of it. I let out a soft moan as she bounced her big wet tits on my hard chest. Her nipple were scratching my tan skin. I moved my hands under her ass. I was gripping both her amazing butt cheeks. We started to kiss. She moaned into my mouth. I could feel Jaymie pussy exploded. I looked down to see her squirt into the moonlit water. I pulled out my hard cock. I exploded all over her pussy mound and stomach. I coated the underside of her large breast. She started to rub her fingers in my warm cum. She then licked her fingers. I jacked my cock in the warm cobalt blue ocean. I then inserted my cock back into her tight pussy...

My cock slowly fell out of Jaymie hot pussy. I reached down to carry her back to shore. I gently put her down on the wet sand. I could feel the water flow over our bodies as we began to make out. A big wave washed over us. We both laughed as the white bar soap, we had in the water landed next to us. Jaymie tossed it over her head, back toward the fire. She then looked down.

I had moved between her legs. I pushed her warm thighs apart as I started to eat her hot pussy. I ran my tongue all over her labia. She was pulling my hair on the top of my head. I then felt her thighs around my head. Her legs were on my back. I felt the warm ocean water come over us again. I darted my tongue deep inside her. She then flooded my face with a powerful orgasm. My face was sticky as she orgasm twice more before she made me stop.

I rolled over on my back. My cock was sticking straight up. Jaymie moved her feet next to my hips. She lowered her self down on my hard cock. She put her hands on my hard chest. She started to bounce up and down on my cock. Now all of my cock was deep inside her. She started to put her hands around my neck. I placed her right nipple in my mouth. I was biting her nipple as she bounced her body on mind. My toes dug into the wet sand as another wave washed over our bodies. She smiled as she titled her head all the way back. I could see the moon over head. I lost count of how many stars in the sky when I felt her orgasm hard on my cock.

A minute later, I flipped Jaymie on her back. She was looking up as I pounded her pussy with my cock. I was doing push ups with my cock buried deep inside Jaymie. I grunted as I could feel the base of my cock slap her wet skin. I started to slow down. Jaymie eyes got big. She smiles as she grabbed my ass in her small hands. She pushed my cock all the way inside her. She moaned again. I could feel her orgasm again. I looked into her eyes. She held my ass down. I then erupted deep inside her…..........


"Beep!!! Beep!! Beep!! A little red light was flashing at the nurse’s station. “Jaymie! Hello!!! Your up. Put down that trashy novel and go help the patient in room 6-9. I know.. I hate the over night shift too. It’s so boring.” Said a small Asian nurse. Nurse Jaymie put down her trashy novel….”Buck’s Bed Time Stories…Hot Island Sex…” Her nipples were rock hard. Her pussy was soaking wet. She checked her cobalt blue scrubs in the mirror. She then smiled.

Jaymie turned the corner from the nurse’s station. She looked over her shoulder. The Asian Nurse was now reading her book. She saw Buck Kelly face on the back cover. She could only dream. She then walked to room 6-9. She slowly opened the door. She looked inside. Her patient right ankle was wrapped. He had a dark tan. “Hi! I was wondering if you could turn the channel. My remote fell on the floor.” He said.

Nurse Jaymie walked into the room. She pulled the curtain behind her. She reached up to turn the channel on the TV. “Maybe you could just turn it off? I rather watch you…” he said. Nurse Jamyie hit the off switch. She then looked at her male patient more carefully. She tilted her head to the side. She then picked up his chart. “Smash!” she dropped his metal chart on the ground. “Are you??? Are you???” she stumbled with her words. He smiled.

An hour earlier, the male patient wheeled himself by the nurse’s station. He carefully placed his newest book on the back counter of the nurse’s station. He watched as Nurse Jaymie picked it up. He then wheeled himself into room 6-9.

I pulled my sheets back. My hard 9 ¾ inch cock stood straight up. Nurse Jaymie licked her lips. She recognized my face first, my hard cock second and my smile last. She quickly took off her cobalt blue scrubs. She was naked underneath. Her pussy was already dripping. She then placed her hot lips around the tip of my cock. She started to swirl her tongue down my long shaft. Her small hands found my naked balls. I stilled smelled of sea salt and sand. She looked into my eyes as she deep throated my cock. I placed my hand on the back of her blonde hair.

A few minutes later. Nurse Jaymie laid the hospital bed flat. She brought her legs over my face. Her sexy open toe white nurses heels were next to my head. Her amazing pussy was over my face. Her mouth was around my hard cock. She was sucking, jacking my cock in her mouth. I inserted two fingers and my tongue as far as they would go in her tight pussy. A minute later Nurse Jaymie squirted all over my face. I then felt her wet lips touch the base of my cock. She gagged and then spit me all the way out.

I slapped her round ass a few times, before she slid down my chest and over my stomach. She slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes. She tilted her back. I then saw the curtain to my room move. I slowly looked over to see the small Asian nurse. She had her right hand inside her dark green scrubs. She was fingering her small pussy as her friend bounced up and down on my cock.

“Ahhh!!!! Fuck!!!!” screamed Jaymie. She finally turned her head to see we had company. Her pussy was exploding on my cock. She was so warm. It was just a matter of seconds, before I grunted. I then exploded deep inside her. I gripped her hips and bounced her a few more minutes before my cock fell out of her tight pussy. Her friend left the room

Nurse Jaymie then swung her amazing body around. She put her knees on my forearms. I was going nowhere now. She looked down at my blue eyes. “Is that really you on the back cover of that book? Did you really write that?” she said. I looked into her eyes. “Yes! I was here 6 months ago. You saved my life.” I said. She looked between her legs. My semi hard cock was growing. She smiled…........


“Bam! Bam! Kabowwww… Zing!!!” I felt the last bullet zip over my head. I opened my eyes. I looked over at Nurse Jaymie. She smiled. We both got off the warm sand. I grabbed our gear. She grabbed her pink bag. We both started to run down the beach. I turned my head. I heard a jeep break out of the jungle. It landed on the beach. There were two guys in the front seats. Another in the gun turret. He was firing a big high powered gun at us. I then reached down to hold Jaymie hand.

We ran about the length of a football field. We then turned to run down a wooden dock. It was broken and full of holes. We jumped to the last wooden beam before we leaped into a small sail boat. I reached into my back pocket. I shot off the two ropes tying the sail boat to the wooden dock. Jaymie was steering the boat as I started the main engines. I looked down at my ankle.  I had been shot.  It was beginning to bleed.  A few minutes later. I lifted up the tall white sails. We looked back at the beach. The gunman were shaking there fist’s at us. “Next stop….Florida…” I said. I then felt Jaymie hand on the back of my ass.  I looked down at her pink bag.  It was wide open.  There must have been 10 different adult toys in the bag.  "I never leave home with out them." she whispered in my ear. 



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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Subway Car - An Adult Story

I was pushing my bike down the stairs into the subway station. I swiped my Metro card as I carried my delivery bike over the metal barrier. I had been making deliveries all day. I was hot and a little sweaty. I was wearing just my tight bike messenger’s uniform. A pair of black lyrica biker shorts. A tight black lyrica matching top. I had unzip the top just a little to let in the warm air. It was close to 10pm when I heard the brakes on the subway train get closer.

I walked into the last subway car. I could see a few people in the train cars in front of me. I had about a 2 hour ride to my stop. I pushed my bike against the back wall. I then sat in the small chair next to my bike. There were about 20 hard plastic chairs in the subway car. 5 metal poles were down the middle of the car. There were a few straps from over head to hang onto. The subway was known to toss you around at a few stops.

The next two stops were about the same. A few people got on. There was maybe 6-7 people in the small subway car. I was passing the time by looking out the windows. I heard the brakes squeal hard. Then the lights flickered on and off. The train slowed down. It had been over a hundred degrees most of the day. There had been a few power outages already in the city. I was just praying this was not one of them.

The train slowed down. I heard the doors open. I could smell the hot air from outside. Then my eyes got bigger. My mouth kinda of dropped open. A second later. A very voluptuous woman enter the subway car. She was about 5ft 7. She had long platinum blonde hair. She was wearing 6inch dark wooden Zebra print heels. She had a matching Zebra print tube top on. It was stretched over a huge pair of breast. She was wearing a black half cup bra, that was trying to contain her huge breast from spilling out the top. She was wearing a tight dark blue denim mini skirt.

She had a perfect hour glass figure. Big on top, slim around the waist and a huge around the ass. My cock got instantly hard. I saw two other guys checking her out. Six women roll there eyes at her. She had a big zebra color purse under her right arm. She was talking on her cell phone. Her small left hand was next to her face. She had matching long red finger nails. They matched her fiery red lipstick and her sexy red toe nails. She had a big gold belt around her mid section. She was wearing some big gold hoop earrings and a few gold necklaces around her neck. Some of the chains sat low in her huge cleavage. She kept moving around. She did not want to sit down. So she started to hold on the middle metal pole.

I then watched her whole body from behind shake as the subway car made its next 2 stops. She moved to the next metal pole. She was now about 5 feet in front of me. I got a quick smell of her sexy perfume. I then could hear her conversation on the phone. She left early from work today. She had a blind date. She had used Matched Dot Com. She hung around the bar for two hours. But her date never showed. Now she was pissed. Her friend on the phone was laughing at her expense.

I decide to get up and move next to my bike. I was standing in front of it as I listen to more of her conversation. I adjusted my semi hard cock in my uniform, when the lights flickered again. I saw her turn her head as the train made its next stop. A few people got on. A few people got off the train.

The lights flickered inside the train as we moved forward. I watched as the hot BBW kept getting closer to me. She put her hand on the last pole and swung her big ass in front of me. She just missed the front of might tight lyrica biker shorts. I looked to down to see her big ass. It was dyeing to get out. The tight dark blue denim skirt was about ready to explode. She was still talking on the phone. She did not even see me, just behind her.

I was sitting back on my bicycle seat. I leaned up with my hands to grip two metal straps above my head. I then leaned forward. I looked directly over the shoulder of the hot BBW in front of me. She still did not notice me. I inched my eyes over her body. I could look directly down the front of her Zebra print tube top. Her breast looked huge from above. She had such deep cleavage. My mouth began to water. I wiped my forehead, so not to drip sweat on her. She just kept talking on her cell phone, as I moved back on my bike.

I leaned out to the right and then to the left. I was trying to check out her whole body from behind. I then felt the train slow down. I watched her whole body shake as the train put on the brakes. She just kept talking away with her friend. I shift my hard cock inside my tight shorts again. I pulled the zipper down a little farther on my tight shirt. The zipper was now down to my belly button.

“Beep! Beep!” I looked to my left. The doors to the train opened. I watched most of the people exit. There were just two people all the way in the front. I peeked around the bodacious girl in front of me. She turned her head to look around. I kinda of moved so she could not see me. Of course all she had to do was turn around. The doors to the train closed.

The next stop was ten minutes later. I kept my eyes on the big round ass in front of me. My cock was trying to bend the tight lyrcia shorts open as I was so turned on by the hot BBW in front of me. Her perfume was driving me mad. Her whole body shook. I was about ready to explode in my bike messenger uniform.

I then looked up. I heard the door to the left of the train open. A second later a swarm of business men enter the train. They were all Japanese. All of them had a brief case, or a computer. All of them had cell phones and were talking in Japanese as they moved inside the train. I watched as they kept getting in. Before I knew it. The whole train was full. They moved around the girl in front of me. They were on my sides. I was now squeezed between the bodacious girl and Japanese business men.

I laughed on the inside. They were all shorter than me and the girl in front of me. Maybe the tallest business guy was 5ft2. I laughed more as none of them spoke English. They turned to each other. They were not looking at me or the girl with her left hand on the metal pole in front of me.

I smiled. It was now or never. I had to touch that amazing phat ass in front of me. It had been teasing me long enough. I slowly leaned up and put my large left hand on her left butt cheek. She wiggled her big ass. “Oh! Your not going to believe this Mary. I think one of these small Japanese guys just rubbed up against me. I slowly moved my hand down her big left butt cheek. I then gave it a big squeeze.

“Mother Fucker!! Excuse me!! Sir…” said the girl. She was yelling at this small Japanese guy next to her left butt cheek. He moved and said nothing. I then put my right hand on her big right butt cheek. “OMG! There it goes again. Now someone just touched the right side of my ass. Mary these guys are such perv's. What the fuck!!!!” she said.

I smiled as I ran my both my hands on her big ass. She tired to shake her ass, back and forth. She was trying not to be touched. Her head moved, but she could not turn around with everyone standing next to her. She was yelling at the small Japanese guy on her side. He smiled and took her picture with his phone. I was laughing on the inside again.

Her ass felt amazing. So big and round. I had to go under her mini skirt. I had to see if she was wearing panties, a thong or nothing at all. She turned her head to look forward. I slowly moved my right hand under her mini skirt. Her big ass touched the back of my hand. She put her hand on my right hand. She was trying to stop my hand. She kept pushing my right hand away. She was breathing heavier. She was still on her cell phone. She started to slap my right hand away.

I paused my right hand. She stopped slapping it. I then quickly dropped my right hand under her mini skirt. I could feel a thong on the tips of my fingers. I pulled it back. I looked down. It matched her black half cup bra she was wearing. It felt wet. I then could smell how turned on she was becoming. I gently pulled her thong back. She pushed my right hand back out the bottom of her mini skirt. I quickly smelled the tip of my fingers. “Mary I need to go. There some Japanese guy trying to feel me up. Stop! I’m not turned on. I’m not attracted to short guys. Please Derrick was a lost cause. Plus this fucking train is jammed packed with these guys..” Said the sexy round girl in front of me.

She finally hung up her cell phone. She placed it in her purse. I then put both my hands on her hips. I gave her a big squeeze. She then spun her head around. She could finally move. I lifted my hands from around her sexy hips. She then looked me up and down. “Excuse me young man. Our you the one touching me? Hello!!!” she said. I did not say a word. She moved her hands in front of my face. Only when she turned and was looking straight ahead did I smile. There was nothing she could do. She was stuck in front of me. The train was jammed packed.

I quickly moved behind her. Her big ass was touching the front of my tight bike messenger shorts. I was not sure if she could feel how hard she had made me. I moved my hands on her hips again. She tried to push them off with her small hands. I then released her hips. I had to touch her huge breast. If only for a second. I figure she let me or slap me in the face. I quickly reached around her hips. I put both the palms of my hands up. I then brought them under her huge breast. I could feel the thin Zebra print material, her huge black half cup bra and all her huge flesh in my hands.

“Ahhhh!!!!!” she screamed. She wiggled her huge ass on the front of my shorts. I squeezed her big breast again. She screamed again. No one was paying any attention to her. All the Japanese business men were looking out the windows or talking to each other. She slap my hands again. I then pushed both my hands under her mini skirt. She was not expecting that. She grunted and tried to turn her head. She tried to push my hands, from under her tight mini skirt. But it was no use.

Her huge ass felt amazing. I pulled her mini skirt up with the back of my hands. It made a big noise, when it finally pulled free from her huge ass and thick thighs. I looked up to see her mouth wide open. Her eyes were closed. Her ass was completely naked, just her black thong keeping her from being full exposed. I quickly looked around. None of the Japanese businessmen were looking at her or my hands touching her big ass. I slapped her big ass from the sides. She moaned for the first time. I then could feel the train slowing down. Was she going to try to leave now. Had my plan failed???

“Beep! Beep!” The doors to the train opened. None of the people in the train got off. I could see a few people from the outside of the train, move down to the next subway car. All I could hear was the all the Japanese guys talking. The girl in front of me tried to move. “Excuse me… Excuse me… Please move. I need to get off…” she said. But none of the Japanese business guy moved. She was stuck in front of me. She put her hands back on the metal pole in front of her. Some hot air entered the subway car as the doors to the train closed. I looked down. God she had a big white ass. It was so round. It looked amazing as I began to slap it a few more times.

I quickly licked my index finger on my right hand. I pushed my index finger under her ass. I slipped it inside her black thong. Her thong was now completely soaked. I easily found her wet pussy. I began to run my finger the length of her pussy. She had two huge cunt lips and a tight pussy. It was gripping my index finger as I finger banged her pussy. She was breathing heavier. She was wiggling her ass and holding on for dear life to the metal pole in front of her.

I reached up with my left hand to grab her Zebra print purse. I tossed it back on my bike. I then leaned back to find a box cutter, I kept under the handle bars. I unclasp the box cutter from my bike. I reached with my left hand to pull her wet thong to the side. I pulled out my right index finger. I then gripped her thong with my right hand. I used my left hand to cut her thong with the boxer cutter. I tossed her ripped thong back on my bike. She was now completely exposed to me and everyone on the train. If they were paying attention.

I quickly moved to her left side. My hard cock was poking her hip, as I inserted my right index finger back in her wet pussy. I brought my left hand to her huge left breast. She turned her head to look into my blue eyes. I smiled as I flopped her huge left breast out of her Zebra print tube top and black half bra. She moaned in the air. I used my box cutter to cut off her black half bra.

A minute later I tossed her huge black half bra onto my bike seat. It was resting on the back tire. It easily fell of my small seat. She was bent over at the waist. My right hand was rubbing her pussy. My left hand was fondling both her huge jugs. Her nipples were rock hard, I tugged on both of them. She tilted her head back and was moaning in the subway car. I then looked around. Still no one was looking at us. I then felt the train began to slow down. I quickly got behind her. She quickly pulled her tube top up as the doors to the train opened.

She was still naked from the waist down. I smiled as no one got on or off the train. The hot air pushed into the train as the doors closed. I looked down to the front of my tight biker messenger shorts. My cock somehow ripped the front. I could feel some warm air on the tip of my cock. A huge glob of precum dripped out onto the metal floor of the train. I inched my hips forward. I reached up to yank down her tube top. I pushed on her back. Her huge breast dangled in front of her as she gripped the metal pole in front of her.

I unzipped my biker messenger uniform. I wiggled out my biker shorts. I heard a big wet splash on the metal floor below me. I looked down. I was now completely naked. My 9 ¾ inch cock was sticking straight ahead. It was pointing right at the bodacious girl in front of me. I slapped her big ass again when she tried to look over her shoulder at me. She wiggled her ass again for me.

I smiled as I inched closer with my hard cock. I spit in my right hand as I jacked my cock twice before I bent my knees and quickly got my cock under her fat ass. I could feel her big cunt lips part on the tip of my cock. I heard her scream again as my cock pushed deep into her tight pussy. She was gripping my cock as I began to pound her wet pussy. I put my hands on her hips. I looked around. No one was watching us. She was bent over at the waist. Her big fat tits swinging under her. Her small hands on the metal pole. Her big ass arched onto my cock.

I reached up with my left hand to grab her long blond hair. I slapped her ass again with my big right hand. I left a pink mark on the side of her huge ass. I then grunted as I felt all of my cock was inside her. She wiggled her ass again to get every inch deep inside her. We got a good fuck rhythm going as the train moved under our feet. She slammed her pussy back on my hard cock. I slammed my cock in her tight pussy. She was loving it, as much as me. I reached around with both hands. I started to fondle her great big tits again. I could barely keep the weight of them in the palms of my hands. They were so big and heavy. I could hear her moan under the noise from the train and all the Japanese business men talking.

I was close to cumming. I bit my lip as she slammed her wet pussy hard on my cock. I could feel her pussy exploded on my cock. I grunted one more time before I slammed my cock all the way inside her. I then began to explode. I could feel my huge load began to drip out her pussy onto the train floor below. A few minutes passed before my semi hard cock fell out her tight pussy. I watched as she gripped the pole in front of her. She straighten herself up. She turned around to look at me.

She smiled as she reached for my cock. She gave it a few tugs as our lips met. We began to make out. I then felt the train slow down. I saw the lights flicker out of the corner of my eye. I then felt her left breast smash my chest. Her hard nipples scratched my chest. I then closed my eyes as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She pushed my cock back in her pussy as she squeezed her legs around my waist. I moved her against the metal pole. Her wet back pushed on the metal. My cock started to hammer the front of her pussy. She was now so wet. My cock slipped out a few times.

The train had stopped moving. I could feel the warm air enter the train car. But the train never moved. I then felt 50 pairs of eyes on me. “Oie! Ahh!! Banzai!!” said a small Japanese guy to my left side. I opened my eyes. “Zip!!! Zip!!! Zip!!!” 50 pairs of pants were unzipping. I heard 50 belts hit the metal floor on the train. I then looked around. All of the Japanese business men were whipping out there cock. I looked ahead. Her eyes were wide open. She then moved her hands. She cupped the bottom of her huge breast. She brought them to my face. I started to bite her big nipples. I started to bounce her pussy on my cock.

I could hear different Japanese men grunt. I figured they were cumming next to us. I could hear different men move to get a better look. I kept bouncing her on my cock. It began to smell like a big sex train. She grunted again as she orgasm again on my cock. I reached down to smash her breast around my head. I was biting her chest as she orgasm again. She then dropped her legs on the metal floor of the train. She pushed me back on my bike. I watched as she smashed her big juicy breast around my cock. She pumped my cock for another ten minutes before I exploded in her mouth. She spit, her mouth full of cum on her huge breast. She then licked them clean as she squatted on her big ass, just above the cum juices on the floor.

I reached down to pull up my wet uniform from my bike messenger seat. I slipped it on as I grabbed the handle bars of my bike. I was slowly being pushed farther away from the hot bodacious girl. She was now on her knees in front of the mob of Japanese business men. She was being covered from head to toe in white goo. I shook my head. I then pushed the train doors open. I hoped out onto the tracks. I then started to ride my bike. My cock was beginning to get hard again from the wet material and the thoughts of what just happened. I then felt the bike shutter. I was heading over the handle bars face first. I looked back at my bike, from the hard ground. I saw her huge bra was jammed in the back wheel. All I could do was smile.

It took me about 30 minutes to get home. I took a quick shower and then cleaned my bike. I checked the local news. It was going to be another hot one tomorrow. I better get up early if I want to catch the late train tomorrow night.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Cleaner - An Adult Story

"The Cleaner" by Buck Kelly

 I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now I'm living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to take my lap top down to a local coffee shop, near my apartment. To look for a job

 The coffee shop was half full. I took a seat in the far corner. Near the bathrooms. I was sitting in a small booth, with my back to everyone. I was checking some job listings on few websites. "Hi! I don't mean to be nosey. But are you looking for a job?" said a soft female voice. I turned my head. "Yes! Are you hiring?" I said with a smile. "No! But my boss is looking for someone. I'm Lacey. What's your name?" she said. "Buck! Buck Kelly. Nice to meet you Lacey." I said. "Buck! My boss is looking for someone to clean her apartment. It's kind of a big place. Maybe one room at a time, thing. How does that sound? Oh and Are you working right now?" said Lacey. "I just lost my job a few months ago. Could really use some cash." I said. "It's not the greatest job in the world. But a job a job. You look pretty strong and flexible." said Lacey. "Thanks..." I said.

 Lacey smiled as she walked around the booth. I smiled more, when I saw her in full view. She was wearing 4inch wooden heels. She was maybe 5ft 3. She had long curly dirty blonde hair. She had a great smile. She put her small cell phone next to her big gold hoop earring. I could see her long red nails. She just had them done. They were still wet. She was wearing a very tight sun dress. It showed off her big curves. I adore woman with curves. I smiled as she moved her amble butt across the fake leather cushion in the small booth. The side of her ass touched my hip. Her big breast rested on the small wooden table. I moved my laptop toward me. I then looked down into her expanding cleavage. "I'm going to call my boss. See if she is still looking for someone." said Lacey.

A few seconds later. "Hey! It's Lacey boss. Are you still looking for someone to clean your place? Great! I think I found him. He's young, about 6ft 4. Very athletic. Very cute smile. Some sexy blue eyes. He is unemployed at the moment. Boss! He can clean your apartment. No problem.... What?? Let me ask him." said Lacey. She turned her head toward me. "My boss wants to know. If she asked you to pick up her dry cleaning or get her something. You would be ok with that. She pay you of course." said Lacey. "Sure! No problem. My pleasure. What ever she needs." I said. Lacey put the phone back to her ear. "Yep! No problem. What ever you need him to do? I'll give him your address. 11am. He is nodding his head...Yes. I'll be right back to the office. I'm picking up your coffee. Later." said Lacey.

She hung up her phone. "Buck! Your all set. Here my business card. I'll write my boss's address on the back. Just ask the doorman to buzz you up when you get there. Her name is Jessica Baines. What ever you do. Don't be late. My number on the front. Call me, if you have any questions. Good luck." said Lacey. I smiled. "Thanks Lacey. I really appreciate it. I'll do a great job for her." I said. "You better. She might kill me. Plus you look really honest and sweet. Thanks. I better get back to work. Later..." said Lacey. She then squeezed out of the small booth. Her very round ass popped out the side, as she stood up. I watched as she jiggled away from me.

I looked down at her business card. She worked as an asst editor of a plus size magazine. I could feel my cock getting harder. I might have to pay her a visit soon. Maybe I spot some sexy models trying on some clothes for a photo shoot. I then heard the toilet flush behind me. I picked up Lacey card and my laptop. I walked back to my apartment. I took a long shower before going to bed early.

 I got up around 9am. I checked my self in the mirror as I got out of the shower. I put on some tight white boxer briefs. A white short sleeve t-shirt, and a pair of tan cargo shorts. I through on some low cut white tennis shoes, no socks. I then walked out the door. I grabbed my bike at the end of the stairs. I bounced the tires down to the 1st floor. I then biked to Lacey boss apartment. It took me about thirty minutes to get there. I locked my bike outside on a pole. I then walked into the big lobby. I walked up to the front desk. "I'm here to clean Jessica Baines Apartment. She expecting me." I said. There was a small Korean guy behind the big desk. "Oh....You new cleaner. Ok... Take elevator to 16th floor. Apt 1610. You go clean now." he said. He then shook his head and closed his eyes.

I walked over to the service elevator. I walked in. Then hit the 16th floor button. A few minutes later. I walked out the elevator and down the hall to Apt 1610. "Knock! Knock!" I knocked on the front door. A few seconds passed before the door knob turned. "Why Hello!" said a very voluptuous woman. My mouth dropped open. I was not expecting such a hot bodacious woman to greet me at the door. "Hello! Is this Mrs. Baines apartment?" I said.She smiled. "Yes! But its Ms. Baines. Please call me Jessica. You must be Buck. Lacey was right. Your very cute. Please come in." said Ms. Baines. I smiled as she invited me in.

 I heard the door shut behind me. My heart was still racing. I could feel my cock get hard. Jessica Baines was about 5ft 7, with long dirty blonde hair. Just over her shoulders. She was in her mid twenties. She was wearing some super small, white gym shorts. They clung to her big ass, and thick thighs. She was wearing some small pink tennis shoes. No socks. She had a super tight white shirt, that was ripped across her chest. There were small pink lettering across her large chest. It took me a minute to read "Gorgeous" across her chest. She was hiding some very large breast under her shirt. I could barely make out a pink sports bra under her outfit. I did not think they made a sports bra that big. She was wearing very sexy perfume. She also had some very big gold hoop earrings on, and gold rings to match. I barely noticed her long white tipped finger nails. The clear polish look like it was still wet.

 I turned to face her. I then looked around her huge apartment. I guess being the boss of a plus size magazine, had lots of perks. Including this huge apartment on the east side of the city. "Nice to meet you. You have a very nice place." I said. "Thank you. How tall our you?" she said. "Just under 6ft 4." I said. "I'll have to thank Lacey again when I see her on Monday. First... Thank you for coming to help me clean. I'm very busy with the magazine. I have little time to clean or pick up around here. Is there anything you won't do?" she giggled. "No! I'm all yours." I said. I then watched Jessica look me up and down. From head to toe. "I guess before you get started. I should tell you. I pay $100 and hour. Is that ok?" she said with a wicked smile. "Where would you like me to start?" I said. "My bedroom is a mess. Let's start in there. Follow me." she said.

 I walked behind Jessica Baines big ass. It was moving side to side. Then up and down as she turned a long hallway to her room. She pushed open her big red bedroom door. I smiled. She had tons of clothes, thrown around the room. There were panties, thongs, huge bras, and lingerie as far as the eye could see. Her carpet was covered in newspapers and food wrappers. I focused in our her big king size bed. There were a dozen white pillows laid across the bed. Her white comforter and expensive white sheets were laying on the floor. Jessica turned to look at me. "It's not too messy. Here some gloves, some spray bottles, broom, dust pan, garbage bags and there my vacuum. There are some new bed sheets in the hutch over there. I'll leave you alone. I'll be right down the hall. I'll be on my stair climber if you need me. Have fun. Come and get me when your done. Thank you sweetie..." she said. She then walked passed me.

 I took in her sweet perfume as she passed me. The left side of her huge breast rubbed against my right forearm. My cock instantly got harder in my cargo shorts. How the fuck was I going to clean her bedroom, with a raging hard on? I quickly moved the front of my hand on the front of my tan cargo shorts. I was rock hard. I decided to pick up all her clothes around the room first. I picked up her small dental floss thongs, then her small panties. I smiled as I picked up all her lingerie. Then her huge corsets, and large bras. All the tags were cut from them. I finally spotted a bag in her walk in closet. There were some new bras, that were never open. "54LL" I almost fainted. I put all her dirty clothes in her hamper. I then picked up her shoes, heels and boots. I placed them in the shoe racks in her closet. I then stripped her bed and pillows. I tossed the sheets in her hamper. I found some clean white sheets and pillowcase to make her bed.

I slipped on the big blue rubber gloves. The fit tight just near my elbow. I flexed with them in front of her closet mirror. I dusted all her books, shelves and furniture in the room. I then pick up all the paper and food wrappers around the room. I tossed them in a garbage bag. I then vacuumed the whole room. I then sprayed some wood polish on her big wooden hutch. Next I polished one night stand to the left. I then polished the night stand with her alarm clock on it. The front drawer opened. I had to look in. My mouth fell open. She had 7-8 big dildos, 6-7 vibrators, and some sex toys I never seen before. I quickly shut the drawer, before she caught me. I grabbed some window cleaner. I started to clean her big floor to ceiling windows around her bedroom. She had a great view of the city. I looked down. The people on the streets looked like ants. I smiled. I took a step back. To admire my window cleaning. I was a little sweaty. I grabbed a paper towel to clean my face. I then left the blue gloves on, as I walked to go get Ms. Baines.

 I walked down the long hallway. I stopped at the end of the hall. I could hear Ms. Baines working out. I followed her low grunting sounds. I then stopped when I saw her. She was sitting on a small bicycle machine. She was leaning forward. Her huge breast bounced on her thighs as she moved her legs up and down, on the bike pedals. Her big ass was over flowing on the small bicycle seat. I looked down. My cock was making a tent in my shorts. I starred for a few more minutes. I then saw her sit back and slow down. It had been just over an 2 hours since I got to her apartment. I turned to walk back down her hallway, to her bedroom. I picked up the window cleaner and a paper towel. I looked like I was just getting done.

"Hey! Wow! You did a great job Buck. My bedroom looks brand new sweetie." she said. I turned to face her. She was drinking a big bottle of water. She licked the top of the bottle. Her big pink lips sucked the tip. My mouth got dry for a second watching her. She put her left hand on her big hip as she continued to drink some water. I then looked at her huge breast. She had sweated through her pink sports bra. Both her nipples were rock hard. I then looked between her legs. I could see some dark pink panties under her white shorts. It look like she had a big camel toe popping up between her legs. My mouth was now bone dry.

 "Let me inspect your work." she said. I watched as she walked around her bedroom. She kept strutting around. Making her whole body shake. My eyes never left her voluptuous body. She stopped to smell the wood polish. She then looked in her closet. "Very nice...You do good work. I might have to keep you. Oh! My goodness. My windows look great." she said. She then walked in front of me. My back was to her big glass windows. "Thank you." I said. Her huge breast were inches from me. The rest of her body was 2 feet behind. She looked up into my eyes. I had to perfect view of her deep cleavage. My head might got lost in there.

"Mmmm... Its been 2 hours. You got my bedroom clean." she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" "Would you like me start on another room? I'm free for the rest of the day." I said. "That's good to know Buck. But I have a better idea. I can think of something to keep us occupied. Can you bend down and untie my pink shoes. Thank you sweetie.." she said. I quickly got on my knees in front of her. I looked down at her pink shoes. I started to loosen her shoe laces. I then looked up. Her huge breast stood straight out, blocking her face. God she was hot. I put my hands on her ankles. I then touched her calves. She let out a soft moan. I then slowly took off her small shoes. I noticed her toe nails matched her sexy big finger nails.

My eyes followed her tight gym shorts fall around her ankles. She walked out of them and the tossed her water bottle on the floor. A second past before she put her small hand on the back of my head. She shoved my face between her legs. My tongue found her swollen cunt lips. She had shaved her pussy that morning. I could still smell the shaving cream as my mouth found her g-spot. A second later she held my head tight on her pussy. Her legs shook and she orgasm in my mouth. I sucked her cunt lips and nibbled on her big labia. With my blue gloves still on.  I inched two fingers in her pussy before she through me on the floor.

I was laying on my back as she straddled my face with her wet pussy. Her big thighs covered my ears as she gripped my short haircut with both her hands. I heard her scream as she mashed her pussy all over my face. It was an hour before she got up. I lost track of how many times she orgasm on my face, fingers, and mouth. She looked at her alarm clock next to her bed. She then went to get her purse. She pulled out $300. She tossed it on my face as walked by. “Tomorrow you can clean my two bathrooms. That will be all for today.” Said Jessica Baines.

The next day was basically the same. I got there a few minutes early. She greeted me at the door. She was wearing a huge black bra and a zebra print mini skirt. That was it. My cock got instantly hard as she talked on her cell phone and pointed where her bathrooms were. I got on my hands and knees. I put on my baby blue cleaning gloves. Just like yesterday. I started to clean her master bathroom. I used a small sponge to clean the whole bathroom. I then cleaned her guest bathroom. I was just finishing up when I heard Ms. Baines open the bathroom door. She walked pass me. She hiked up her mini skirt. She was not wearing any thing underneath. She squatted down to take a pee. She then hung up her cell phone.

I watched as Jessica pointed for me to crawl over to her. She opened her legs wide. She pointed to her swollen pussy lips. A second later she was smashing her pussy on my face. I could barely hear her scream, with her thick thighs wrapped around my head. I gasped for air as she orgasm in my mouth. She then pushed me back on the floor. She flushed the toilet and then sat on my face. She tasted more sweet today as she orgasm twice more before she got off me. She reached into her huge black bra. She pulled out $300 again. She tossed it at my feet. “Be here at 6pm tomorrow. I have a late day at the office. That will be all for today.” Said Ms. Baines.

I was still thinking that the last two days did not happen. Was she paying me to clean her room or suck her pussy?? My mind was racing. I was so turned on. I was hard all day. I arrived just before 6pm. I knocked on the door. A minute later the door to Ms. Baines apartment opened. “Hi! Buck! How’s my favorite newly employed guy? You look cute in those shorts and t-shirt. Ms. Jessica…Tells me you’re a great employee. Oh! Ms. Baines. She on the phone right now.” Said Lacey. The girl I met in the coffee shop, just three days ago. I smiled. “Hey! Thanks again for getting me the job. I love working for Ms. Baines.” I said. “Here you go sweetie. She told me to have you wear this, while you vacuumed the entire apartment.” Said Lacey. I smiled as Lacey put the small nude color thong in my right hand. She then walked toward Ms. Baines. Lacey was wearing a tight yellow dress. Ms. Baines was wearing a matching black one. They both were wearing 6inch black heels.

I walked into the guest bathroom. I took off all my clothes. I then squeezed my semi hard cock into the small nude color thong. I could feel the back of the thong wedge between my ass cheeks. I then walked out to the living room. Lacey saw me first. Her eyes got big. She nudged Ms. Baines on her right arm. Ms. Baines turned her head. Both girls mouth fell open as I plugged in the vacuum cleaner. I started in the hallway. I then quickly did the back rooms. I watched as Lacey and Ms. Baines followed me around. I finished in the living room. Both hot plus size girls watched me move everything and they also pointed out were I had missed.

Ms. Baines hung up her phone. “Buck! Come here sweetie. Stand right here.” She said. She pointed between her and Lacey.. I quickly walked between them. I looked down. Both girls were rubbing there hands on my legs and thighs. A second later. Ms. Baines pull down my nude thong. I heard them both gasp as my almost hard 9 3/4inches stood straight in front of them. I felt Ms. Baines wet lips wrap around the tip of my cock. Lacey slid her tongue down the length of my shaft. Both girls started to suck my cock at the same time.

A few minutes passed before Ms. Baines pushed me on the couch. I watched as she got on her knees in front of me. Lacey jumped on the couch, next to me. I unzipped Lacey dress. She was wearing nothing underneath. A second later I felt Ms. Baines push her huge breast around my cock. She was sucking just the tip, as she tit fucked me.. I looked down to see her dress on the floor next to my feet. I reached down to tug on Lacey big nipples. She quickly brought her breast to my mouth. She had her left hand on her pussy. I saw Ms. Baines was trying to inch her middle finger in Lacey tight pussy. I bit down on Lacey left nipple. She moaned. I then felt Ms. Baines get up off the floor. She reached down to hold my cock. She then jammed my cock deep in her tight wet pussy. I groaned as she quickly took all of my cock. Her pussy was gushing a minute later. She screamed from her first orgasm, on my cock.

 Next it was Lacey turn. She took over for her boss. She put her hands on my chest as she rode up and down on my cock. I was licking her breast. Ms. Baines was standing next to Lacey. She was pushing her breast around Lacey face. Both girls screamed. Lacey orgasm on my cock. Ms Baines moaned from pleasure. It was just the beginning of a long night.

 It was close to 10 hours later when I slipped my clothes back on. I had fucked them in every position and in every room of the apartment. Ms. Baines stood at the front door. She handed me $1000 dollars. “The day after next. I’m having a cock tail party/photo shoot for some important clients and girls from the office. You will be servicing them all night. There a new apartment across the hall opening up at the end of the month. Maybe you and Lacey can be roommates. I like to keep my big girls close and my big cock cleaning boy closer. Goodbye!....That will be all for today.” Said Ms. Baines


Buck xoox

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twins Revenge - An Adult Story

Twins Revenge

I had been next door for about ten minutes.  My swim trunks were around my ankles.  My towel was in the grass.  I could feel Mrs. Levi tongue swirl around my cock.  I looked down to see her huge breast rub against my legs.  She had almost all 9 3/4inches of my cock down her throat before she gagged and spit me out.  She licked my big naked balls and put her index finger on my ass hole.  I was close to cumming.  She smiled as she inched her finger in my ass, and jacked my cock with her small hands.  My knees buckled.  I then shot a huge load into her mouth.  Like a pro.  She licked my cock clean.

"Mmm that was good Buck.  How my favorite neighbor?" she said.  I smiled.  "Better now.  Sorry it took me so long to come over.  My parents were packing for there trip.  They won't be home until late Monday night.  I got the whole weekend to myself." I said.  She smiled.  "That's good news.  My husband away with his fishing buddies all weekend.  It's my turn to watch his girls.  You remember the twins?" she giggled.  Who could forget the twins.  The two barely legal big boob blonde Barbies, with the perfect bodies to match.  Big fake boobs, along with two huge ass's and not a inch of fat on them.  Mrs. Levi caught me jerking off next to there fence as I watched them.

"It's your turn to watch them?  How are they?" I said.  "Yes!  It's my turn to watch them.  There good.  They asked if your big cock has grown since the last time they saw you.  I told them maybe.  They can't wait to see you.  They will be here in the morning." said Mrs. Levi.  I looked down.  My cock was getting harder.  "Maybe we should go in the house.  I hate for the neighbors to hear me orgasm again.  We were both so loud last weekend.  Come on baby.  I need to feel you deep inside me again.  My pussy been so wet thinking about you all week." said Mrs. Levi.  I helped her off her lounge chair.  We walked inside her house.  Then upstairs to her bedroom.

The Next Day....

Her large breast smooched my head, as she rolled out of bed.  She giggled as she saw my cock was semi erect.  "Do you ever get enough?  Does he ever stop?" she said.  I smiled.  Then flopped my cock side to side.  She took along hot shower.  I followed her, as she got ready.  I slipped on some camouflage, knee length shorts.  I then put on a white t-shirt.  Mrs. Levi was wearing a stunning white/yellow sun dress, that showed off her killer curves.  She had her dirty blonde hair, curled up in the back.  She had some simple 4inch yellow heels on.

It was close to 11am when the front door bell rang.  I walked down the hall to get the door.  I looked through the small window, next to the big wooden door.  The twins were outside.  They had matching pink sweat suits, 4inch pink heels and there platinum blonde hair in pony tails.  There were small pink ribbons in each of there side pony tails.  My cock got instantly hard when I opened the door.  They both gave me a big hug, mashing there huge fake breast in my hard chest.  I gave each one a kiss on the cheek.  They each grabbed my face, and kissed me until Mrs. Levi told them..."Ok! Girls! We have Buck all day.  Come inside before he passes out." she giggled.

I grabbed the twins suitcases off the front steps.  I followed all of them down the hall, back to the kitchen.  "So Laci and Traci, How was your trip?" said Mrs. Levi.  "It was fun.  How are you?" said Traci.  "I'm good.  Did you bring your home work?" she said.  "Maybe!" said Laci.  "No!  I forgot mind." said Traci.  "I asked you both to bring some.  Your falling behind at school.  Ask me how I know?" said Mrs. Levi.  "Hmmm!" the twins said.  "Cause your principle called.  She told me all about you two.  How you both are in trouble allot at school.  She even had to discipline you for seducing one of your teachers." said Mrs. Levi.  I smiled.  "What?" said Laci  "Yeah!  He came on to us." said Traci.  "He's gay, your teacher likes men." said Mrs. Levi.  They both giggled.  "Sorry!  We needed to get our grade up in his class.  He straight as an arrow.  Now way, he is gay."  they both said.  "I don't care.  I did not tell your father.  But!!!" said Mrs. Levi.  "Oh! No! That a big butt.." the twins giggled.  "I invited your principle over here, today. Girls!" said Mrs. Levi.

"What the fuck?" said Laci.  "Yeah!  What the fuck?  How are we suppose to relax this weekend?" said Traci.  "Listen!  Mrs. White, sounded very nice on the phone.  She should be here in about an hour.  Can we all just get along?" said Mrs Levi.  "Janet!  Your killing us.  We can't be nice to the enemy.  We see her every day.  She makes us zip our clothes up." said Traci.  "Yeah!  Pull our pants up.  Remove our sexy makeup.  She drives all the cute guys away from us, when we enter a room." said Laci.  "End of discussion.  Be nice or else.  Plus we have Buck here all weekend.  All to ourselves.  So no kissing, sucking, and grabbing his big cock in front of Mrs. White.  Do you both understand?  You to Buck?" said Mrs. Levi.  "Yes!" I said.  "Mmmm...Ok!" said the twins.

"You two get dressed for today.  Buck!  Go outside and pullout the lounge chairs.  Put some towels around the pool.  I am going to get into my bikini.  Move it." said Mrs. Levi.  I walked outside and got everything ready.  About twenty minutes later I walked back inside.  Mrs. Levi was putting on a big white hat.  She had on some big thick sun glasses, covering her eyes.  She was wearing a tight one piece bathing suit.  That was stretched over her voluptuous body.  She had a black L over her left breast, on the white bikini.  She was looking so hot.  She had some 4inch wooden heels that were white.  She had some big gold hoop earrings, and some gold bracelets around her wrist, on each arm,  She smiled when she saw me.  "Go upstairs and see what keeping the twins.  Thanks sweetie.  Remember to keep that cock in your shorts. I know those girls...." she said.

I walked upstairs.  I could hear the twins laughing as I got closer to there room.  I knocked on there door.  "Come in." they said.  I walked in.  Both girls were putting on there matching pink two piece bikini's.  They pulled there small g-string thong tights between there big firm ass crack.  I could see they were both totally shaved now.  I shaved them, the last time they were here.  They tied there tops very tight.  Both had trouble covering there big fat nipples.  I struggled not to free my cock in front of them.  I finally got behind them and help get there bikini's on straight.  Both girls rubbed the fabric covering my cock and gave me a big wet kiss.

"Buck!  Is Mrs. White here yet?" said Traci.  "No!  Your Step Mom asked me to help you guys get ready." I said.  "Damn!  I can see your hard cock under those shorts.  Fuck!!!  We both need some now baby.  Drop those shorts.  Let us see.  She won't know." said Laci.  I smiled.  "Just a quick tease." said Traci.  I quickly unvelcro my shorts.  Fished out my hard cock.  Both girls licked there lips.  I then stuck my cock back in my shorts.  "That was hot!" said Traci.  "Yeah!  Fuck! Buck!  You know how to tease a girl.  I see you shaved him again.  Just like we like." said Laci.  I smiled.  "Anything for you two." I said.

"Anything!" said Laci.  I nodded my head "Yes!"  "We need your help today.  We need to get our grades up in a few classes.  Principle White is a real ball buster.  She out to get us." said Traci.  "That sucks!  What can I do?" I said.  They both looked at each other.  Then smiled.  "Were going to seduce Mrs. White.  Then black mail her into giving us good grades." said Laci.  "Hmmm!" was all I could say.  "Yeah!  She always checking us out.  We think deep down she has the hots for us.  She will be like pudding in our hands.  We just need you to use that big tool on her." said Traci.  "Fuck the shit out of her..." said Laci.  "What about your Step Mom?" I said.  "She will be so shocked and horny.  She will come over to check out our little orgy." both girls giggled.  My mouth dropped open.

I shut the twins bedroom door.  There wooden heels clicked on the floor, in front of me.  They each were only 5ft tall, but there heels made them 5ft 6.  I could not stop following there big fat ass's, in there small thongs.  I carried there pink towels and a big pink tote bag, as we walked out to the pool area.  I could hear, Mrs. Levi talking to someone in the back yard.  I closed the sliding glass door.  She was standing at the far end of the pool.  She had two big white towels on a lounges chair next to her.  She was talking to a hot older lady.  She was the same height as Mrs. Levi.  Both were almost 5ft 10, in there heels.  Mrs. Levi was wearing all white, while the other lady was wearing a red two piece bathing suit.  With 4inch red heels.  A sexy red robe hung on the back of her lounge chair.

As we got closer, I noticed the other lady making eye contact with me.  She had dark blonde hair over her shoulders.  She was wearing some super big gold hoop earrings.  A big wedding ring on her left hand.  She had some small tribal tattoos on her ankles.  She had painted her finger and toenails red, to match her fiery red lips.  Was this the twins principle?  What the fuck had happened.  I was expecting a old lady.  Not a super hot MILF, with bigger curves than the twins, and Mrs. Levi combined.  The front of her red bikini went past her waist.  She had a huge set of cleavage stuffed in her small top.  Her bottoms showed off her big thighs, and amazing large ass.  She had tied her bottoms high on her hips.  She smiled at the twins, and I stopped next to Mrs. Levi.

"Hi! Girls!  We were just talking about you both.  Glad you could come down and join us.  Where my manners.  Mrs. White this is our good next door neighbor.  Buck!  I'm watching him, while his parents our out of town.  Buck!  This is the twins Principle.  Mrs. White." said Mrs. Levi.  "Nice to meet you." I said.  She smiled.  "Hey! Mrs. White.  You look so different, when your not at school." said Traci.  "That for sure.  Glad you could come by and see us." said Laci.  I smiled again.  "You both look so cute in those pink bikini's.  Mine just arrived yesterday in the mail.  I have mine specially made.  Hello!!  Its also nice to meet you young man.  Mrs. Levi.  You have such a nice house.  I just love your back yard.  I'm so happy I came today." said Mrs. White.

"Ring! Ring!"  I could hear the phone inside the house.  "I better get that.  You Dad was suppose to call and see how my day was going.  Please excuse me...." said Mrs. Levi.  She turned to strut back into the house.  All of us watched as she shut the sliding glass door.

"Where did you go to school?  Buck!" said Mrs. White.  "School of hard knocks." I said.  The girls giggled.  "That a new one for me." said Mrs. White.  'Did you really tell our Step Mom about Mr. Skyler?" said Laci.  "He is a dirty old man." said Traci.  "Girls!  I had to tell your Step Mom.  You both need to do better in school.  You need to study harder and learn more." said Mrs. White.  "He pulled out his old man cock and flashed us.  Why did you tell our Step Mom, he's gay." said Laci.  "You caught him flashing us.  You gave him some big teaching award.  Then you disciplined us." said Traci.  "That was really fair." said Laci.

"Girls, that is in the past.  Mr. Skyler is doing better now.  We need to talk about your other failing grades.  Your both doing bad in all 5 of your classes this quarter.  I came here to tell your Step Mom, about your grades.  Then we can come up with a plan to help you get your grades up.  Nothing some hard work can't accomplish." said Mrs. White.  "Wait!  He's better know....Your kidding.  Say What!!   Is that why Mr. Skyler goes to your office after 4th period every day?" said Laci.  "Is he flashing you?  Ha ha ha!" said Traci.  Mrs White blushed than tapped her heels on the cement.  "Girls!!" yelled Mrs. White.  They were both laughing very loud.

"We got a better idea Principle White." said Laci.  "Yeah we do." said Traci.  "What is it girls?" said Principle White.  They both smiled at her.  Then at me.  "Let's just say, when we get done with you.  You won't be telling our Step Mom or your husband about our bad grades." said the Twins.  I watched as Traci placed her left hand on Mrs. White big ass cheek.  Then Laci put her hand on Mrs. White other ass cheek.  "Girls!  What are you doing?" yelled Principle White.  "Shut up!" said Laci.  "Yeah!  Shut up Principle White...Your nipples are getting hard under that bikini.  We knew you wanted us, from the start.  Stop struggling you old bitch!" said Traci.

They both started to spank Mrs.White big ass.  Mrs. White was moaning, as each girl had a hand inside her bathing suit bottoms.  Laci motion for me to join in.  I inched closer.  Mrs. White eyes got big as Traci pulled down my camouflage shorts.  My 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out hitting my hard abs.  I then felt Traci hand on my cock.  "Girls!  Not your young neighbor.  My husband will be mad.  Buck has such a huge cock.  Please no!" said Mrs. White.  The twins giggled as they took off Principle White top.  Her over grown breast spilled out onto her chest.  Damn they were big.  Her breast extended to her thighs.  Her huge fat nipples were now in each of the twins small mouths.

Principle White reached up to unhook the Twins pink bikini tops.  They fell off there fake tits onto the cement.  I looked down to see each Twin had a finger inside Mrs. White big hairy pussy.  They were biting her big fat nipples.  I walked around the back of Mrs. White.  I reached around her waist, to grope her big fat breast.  The girls giggled as I struggled to pick Mrs. White big breast in my hands.  I finally scooped them up.  They were falling over each of my big hands.  I then put my hands on her hips.  I pulled the strings on her bikini bottoms.  Her tight red swim bottoms fell around her ankles.  I then smacked my cock on her big ass.  She kept moaning.  I reached up to pull her dirty blonde hair.  The Twins went right back to sucking on Mrs. White big breast.

A few minutes passed before I felt Mrs. White hand reach for my cock.  I put both her hands on the small of her back, just above her big ass.  This allowed the Twins to start to spank and suck hard on her breast.  I wiped my cock the length of her ass crack.  She looked over her shoulder.  "God!  His cock!  Please!!!" said Mrs. White.  "Fuck her Buck!  Ram that big cock in her.  Use our Principle.  What that Mrs. White?  He is bigger than your husband." said Traci.  "He is bigger than that old douche Mr. Skyler.  Fuck!  Yeah!  Ride him Principle White.  Shake that fat ass.  I though our Step Mom ass was big.  You have the biggest ass ever Principle White." said Laci.  I felt my cock inch pass Mrs. White tight pussy.  It had been awhile or a long time since she had been fucked.  Her tight pussy pushed me right out.  I pushed on her upper shoulders.

A few minutes passed before I got all of my cock deep inside Mrs. White.  She screamed.  The girls were rubbing her big cunt lips on my cock.  They each groped her pussy, my cock, and big naked balls as I fucked there Principle.  A second later.  Mrs. White arched her back.  Her long hair hit my face.  Her pussy clamped down on my cock.  She than began to orgasm on my cock.  The Twins giggled as there Principle gasped for air.  I kept fucking Mrs. White.  She reached up to grab the Twins big breast.  They began to slap her face with there big breast.  She was now bent over by the waist.  I fucked Mrs. White from the back.  The girls slapped there big breast in her face.  I reached around to fondle Mrs. White big breast.  I tugged on her nipples causing her to orgasm again on my cock.

"Girls!  Oh my god!  Buck!  Stop! Stop!  Let poor Mrs. White go.  Hello!" yelled Mrs. Levi.  I looked up with my cock buried in Mrs. White wet pussy.  Mrs. Levi was standing in front of us.  She had her hands on her big hips.  She grabbed the Twins hair and pulled.  They each stopped hitting Mrs. White with there big fake tits.  "What are you doing to your Principle?  Buck!  Stop for a second." said Mrs. Levi.  I stopped and grabbed Mrs. White by the waist.  She stopped banging her pussy on my cock.  She looked up.   "Mrs. White are you Ok?" said Mrs. Levi.  "Yes!  I don't know what happen.  As soon as you left.  They attacked me.  Him with his big cock and the twins with there big breast.  I'm so lucky you came to save me." said Mrs. White.

My cock fell out of Mrs. White as she inched forward.  The girls mouth were wide open.  We were all speechless.  Mrs. White then moved into Mrs. Levi arms.  They both hugged as the twins and I stared at them.  "It's Ok!  Hush!  I'm sure everything Ok now.  Buck! Laci! Traci! Please apologize to Principle White." said Mrs. Levi.  "I'm sorry. I guess.." I said.  "What the fuck? Why do we have to say sorry?" said Traci.  "Yeah! Like really!" said Laci.  "Girls!  She is your Principle.  Say your sorry." said Mrs. White.  The twins said something under there breath.  It was not sorry.  But there Step Mom, smiled.  "Thank you.  Damn I think I hear the phone again.  I will be right back.  Behave you three." said Mrs. Levi.  She turned to strut back to the house.

The twins watched there Step Mom go in to the house.  Principle White watched us turn our attention back at her.  "I'm sure your Mom will be right back." she said.  The twins smiled.  They both ran over to Mrs. White.  They grabbed her arms.  They started to pull her toward the lounge chairs, I had pulled out around the pool earlier.  "Come on Buck!  We need your big cock again.  Yeah!  Principle White were not done with you just yet.  Lieing to our Step Mom.  You should be ashamed.  You started this.  Now were going to finish it." both girls laughed.

Laci pointed for me to sit on the lounge chair first.  My cock was sticking straight up.  They guided Mrs. White onto my cock.  Her pussy slide down my shaft.  I felt her grunt as all my cock was buried deep inside her.  Her huge ass pushed on my abs.  Mrs. White was facing forward.  Laci was sucking Mrs. White big tits.  I heard a camera click..."Click! Click!"  'Traci....What are you doing?" said Mrs. White.  "Need some photos for your husband.  I'm sure he love to see you fucking our good neighbor. Buck...and his big cock.  Smile Laci.  Yeah suck those huge fun bags.  Bite those nipples...Yeah!" yelled Traci. She was standing in front of the lounge chair.  Taking pics with her small camera.  "You should post those when were done with her...Let all the kids and teachers in school.  See what a big slut there principle is." laughed Laci.

For the next 15 minutes.  They bounced Mrs. White tight pussy on my cock.  She orgasm twice before I slapped her big ass.  The twins grabbed Mrs. White and made her get on her knees in front of me.  I stood up in front of them.  Laci grabbed Mrs. White left hand.  She then started to tug on my cock.  "Stroke that monster.  Cum all over her huge breast.  Mrs. White is a cum lover.  Blast her face." yelled the girls.  I looked down.  Mrs. White opened her mouth.  My knees moved.  I then watched as the tip of my cock exploded.  The first shot hit Mrs. White upper lip.  The next her right eye brow.  Traci was clicking more pic of my cock erupting on there principle.  I kept cumming.

Once she was covered.  Laci grabbed my cock.  She wiped it all over Mrs. White face and big breast.  "Suck it! Suck it.  Clean it Principle White.  Yeah!! I think she likes it." said Traci.  Mrs. White was covered in sperm.  She started to lick her lips.  Traci tossed me the camera.  Then the twins started to scoop up my sperm.  The fed it into Mrs. White hungry mouth.  Then they pushed Mrs. White breast to her face.  She then licked her self clean.  "Quick lets all get in the hot tub, before your Mom comes back.  We can all get clean." I said.  The twins smiled.  They grabbed Mrs. White arms again.  She made little protest as we walked her down to the hot tub.

The hot tub was left of the house.  It was enclosed by a small fence.  There was just enough room for 6 people.  I put the small camera on the wooden deck surrounding the hot tub.  I smiled as the twins put me in the middle next to Mrs. White.  Traci sat next to me.  Laci sat next to Mrs. White.  I looked around.  All the girls huge breast floated in the water.  We were all naked.  Mrs. White was making out with Laci.  I was making out with Traci.

A few minutes passed...

I then felt Mrs. White hand on my cock.  Traci and Laci got out of the hot tub.  They sat on the edge.  Each of them fingering there bald pussies.  I picked up Mrs. White.  She slide down my cock.  I then started to suck and bite her huge breast.  I wrapped them around my face as she bounced on my cock.  Mrs. White put her hands on my shoulders.  The water was lapping up on her hips as she rode my cock.  I started to bite her thumb size nipples.  She orgasm on my cock.  I then felt my cock exploded deep inside her.  We started to make out.  She sat on my cock, until her pussy drained all the sperm from my cock.  I then heard the sliding glass door to the back of the house closed.  The twins licked there pussy fingers.  Then fell into the hot tub.  We took the same positions in the water again.  Mrs. White took her hand off my cock.  We heard some heels click on the wood, toward the hot tub.

I looked up.  Mrs. Levi was back.  "I wonder were everyone went.  I thought I heard some noise over here.  OMG...Is everyone naked???  Well??" said Mrs. Levi.  "You know the rules Mom.  Off with it." said Traci.  I turned to see Mrs White smile.  She was looking up at Mrs. Levi.  I then saw Laci hands under the water rubbing Mrs. White pussy.  I then felt Traci hand on my cock.  She was stroking my cock as her Mom. Started to take off her white bathing suite.  "Everyone close there eyes, until I get under the water." said Mrs. Levi.  I half closed my eyes.  The twins and Mrs. White kept there open.  "Mmmm the water feels nice." said Mrs. Levi.

I opened my eyes.  Now 4 sets of huge breast floated in the hot tub.  Mrs. Levi hit the bubbles on the hot tub.  She smiled as she sent Traci next to Laci.  She got between Mrs. White and I.  I had nobody on my right side.  "So Principle White.  Are you enjoying yourself?  Is everyone getting along?" said Mrs. Levi.  I smiled.  Then everyone smiled.  "Yes!  The twins and Buck have been so nice.  I asked them if we could go in the hot tub.  It's nice to relax.  My job is very stressful." said Mrs. White.  "I'm glad." said Mrs. Levi.

About an hour later.  Mrs Levi and Mrs. White got out of the hot tub.  We had to promise to close our eyes.  I heard the girls giggle.  I watched there Principle and there Step Mom dry each other off.  I then watched them go into the house.  A second later.  The twins grabbed my hard cock.  I took turns fucking them in ever possible position in the hot tub.  It was close to 2 hours later, that we got out of the hot tub and headed inside the house.  Traci went back to get her camera.  I then followed the twins upstairs.

My head turned.  The twins giggled.  We walked down the hall toward there Mother's bedroom.  We each peeked inside.  Mrs. White was on all fours on Mrs. Levi king size bed.  Mrs. Levi was behind her.  Fucking Mrs. White with a huge strap on.  "Fuck! Fuck! Harder! Harder!" yelled Mrs. White.  "Yes! Yes!  Your going to tutor my step daughters.  Your going to pass them in all there classes??" moaned Mrs. Levi.  "Fuck! Yes!  Just keeping fucking me." moaned Mrs. White.  I reached down to grab the camera from Traci hand.  I clicked a few pics of there Principle and there Step Mom having wild sex.  I then felt the twins grab my cock.

A short wile late....  I heard the front door to the house close.  Then some heels click on the wooden floor leading to the twins room.  Traci was on my right side.  Laci on my left.  There were just getting done cleaning my cock.  The both laid down in my arms as there bedroom door opened.  "I order us some pizza.  Why don't you all take a shower and come down stairs.  We can eat, than take turns fucking Buck.

The following Saturday...a week later...

My parents left me alone again.  This time they left Saturday morning.  I looked over at my neighbors.  I saw a small mini van in there driveway.  I got dressed quickly.  I then walked next door.  I knocked on the door.  "Hey sexy Buck..." said Mrs. Levi.  She was standing in the door way.  She was wearing a tight grey skirt.  A white button down blouse.  That was wide open.  Her big breast exposed.  She had a 12 inch ruler in her left hand.  A big red apple in her right hand.  She had some reading glasses on her nose.  She smiled.  "When are you folks coming back?" she said.  "Not until Monday." I said.  "Come in.  I hope you brought your thinking cap today." she giggled.

I followed Mrs Levi into her living room.  The furniture was pushed to one side.  There were 3 small desk lined up in a row.  The twins were sitting in the first two.  They each had matching pink shirts on.  One said "Slut!" the other "Bitch!"  Both were naked from the waist down.  They were looking straight ahead.  I then looked up.  There was a big chalk board in front of them.  I smiled.  Mrs. White was standing in front of the chalk board.  She was writing a math problem on the board.  She was wearing knee high black stockings, matching black garters.  Some 6inch black heels.  No bottoms, and just a black corset around her waist.  Her huge breast rested exposed over her waist.  She smiled as she saw me standing in the back of the living room, with Mrs. Levi.

"I brought you a new student.. Principle White.." said Mrs Levi.  "Buck!  Were almost finished with our Math lesson.  Your just in time to join my sex ed class.  Please take a seat upfront." said Mrs. White.  I sat in the small desk.  The twins giggled.  They saw my cock was stick straight out under my desk.  "Mrs. Levi can you come to the head of the class.  I need you to measure something for me.  Bring your ruler.  Buck lie on your back." said Principle White.....


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welfare Lady - An Adult Story

Shit! How does a white guy with a college education live in a small apartment in the projects on the 15th floor of a high rise and have nothing to show beside a small check from a insurance settlement? I will tell you assholes.

It started about six months ago. I was working at a retail store that sold baby clothes and maternity clothes to first time mothers. The store was in a adjacent mall about a mile from were I lived. They had a help wanted sign on the door for awhile. They needed a stock boy / maintenance person to help around the store. After 2 weeks I moved up to salesman and became asst manager after 2 months. It was fun and boring at the same time. I had no outside interest and my love life had fallen into a tail spin.

On my second to last day before I quit. I met a short blonde woman who was white and had Medium - Large size tits. She was pulling around 3 kids with one more due any time. She bought a small crib and needed it delivered the same day before she went to the hospital. I took the crib and set it up in this apartment that I am living in currently. Later I stepped outside her small apartment and was hit by a delivery truck. The big insurance company gave me a huge settlement to keep quite.

I went to the store the next day and they would not give me time off, so I quit. On the way out I ran into the same woman with the kids. "I just gave birth to a son and the crib would not lock into place." she said. I looked around. "I just lost my job lady but I can help you." I said. I followed her back to the apartment. I was fixing the crib while she made small talk. She told me her life story about the 4 fathers of her kids. Who did not give her any money for the kids. She was living on welfare and had no one to take care of her. One thing led to another and the next thing I know she is sucking my dick faster than any woman before. She could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose. She made me cum in 15 minutes and that was the first of many great blow jobs.

That was six months ago and I have not left since. The kids are quite and they play in the big bedroom and watch the new born. The girl friend cleans the house in the nude and sucks my dick when I tell her. If she lucky I fuck her, but I use a condom. I called the welfare department to get her some help. They are going to send a welfare lady over and put her on birth control to stop her breeding. Which is great for me. I never told her about the accident. I don't spend any of my money on her or her kids. She thinks the new 50 inch flat screen fell off a truck. I steal cable from the neighbor and have an illegal cell phone that is cloned and I have no other bills. I use her money for beer and food.

I woke up late about noon and put on a new white wife beater t-shirt and some baggy shorts and headed out to the couch. She had dropped the kids at her mothers and the place was quite. I could hear her and another woman in the kitchen. I walked out and sat on the couch. I scratched my balls and threw my arm on the couch. I took a quick glance over at them. "Tina is this your boyfriend? Does he have a job? Is he the father to any of your kids? Who is he?" said the welfare lady. I could not make out her body from the way she was sitting in her chair. I could not see her face or what she was wearing. Her back toward me. I could how ever see she had a nice great big ass that was stretching her black business suit. She had blonde curly hair down half her back. She had black platform boots and a red handbag and coat that matched. She must hate coming down to the projects, but she was getting paid quite well.

"Missy this is my boyfriend Buck. He helped get me the crib and stuff for baby Lyle. He is currently looking for work. The kids are at my moms and they are all doing ok." said Tina. "Tina!! You need to come down to the office tomorrow and submit a urine sample. Please do not have sex the next 24hrs and go and stay with your mom tonight. Buck you need to pick up the house and have a resume for me by tomorrow or you both will not qualify for welfare and I will be forced to take the kids. Do I make my self clear. Move it!" she screamed.

Welfare lady got up and looked at me as my hand was in my pants. I just turned on a porn movie, I hit mute. "Ok!! I don't want you to take her kids. Tina go to your moms." I said. "Buck I will see you tomorrow and this place better be clean and you better not be watching any more dirty movies, because I need a urine sample from you to make sure those kids aren't yours." said the welfare lady. She smiled and shook Tina hand and strutted out the door. 5 minutes later Tina was gone and I had the whole apartment to my self. I drank beer all day and still watched dirty movies but did not jerk off.

The next day I cleaned for an hour and the place looked really good. I washed the dishes and put all the toys under the bed. I pulled out a resume from my briefcase. Which was hidden in the closet and put it down on the kitchen table. I cleaned my big screen TV and then went to take a long shower. I got out and put on a new white wife beater t-shirt. I slipped on some new boxer briefs and my old baggy shorts. I then went to sit on the couch. Waiting for the welfare lady to arrive. I got a call from Tina about 11am. She was stuck in a long line and would be at the welfare office all day. She might be home late tonight, but would call. Before she hung up the phone. She warned me that Missy, the welfare lady, was on her way to the apartment. She looked pissed when she left her office.

45 minutes later there was a knock at he door. I got up and peeked through the hole in the door and saw Missy the welfare lady. She was wearing a big white coat that covered her from head to toe. She had a big white leather hand bag that was placed on her side. She knocked on the door again. I saw her red painted finger nails and gold rings on her fingers move. She was also wearing some gold bracelets, that shook on her wrist as she knocked. She had her blonde hair curled up and layered in the back. She had big gold hoop ear rings that dangled down to her shoulders and she had red knee high leather boots on. "Just a minute!!" I said as I shifted my cock in my shorts. I did not want it to look to obvious I was steering out her.

I open the door and Missy walked in and put her bag on the kitchen table. She looked around the room. "Buck good job cleaning this shit hole, you must really want to keep Tina's kids." Missy said. She then laughed and picked up my resume. "Looks promising. MMMMM! You may just work out." she said. She reached in her big hand bag and pulled out a plastic cup. She then handed it to me. "Fill this up to the top and if you pass one more test the kids are yours." said the welfare lady.

I grabbed the cup from her right hand. She took off her coat and followed me to the restroom. I turned to see her. She had on a red leather dress that clung to her huge breast and bigger ass. Her breast were huge and I was surprise I did not notice them before. Her coat covered her figure quite well. She unbutton the first three buttons down to her massive cleavage. Her red push up bra barely contained her massive boobs. Her right nipple was just peaking out and her dark aerola could just be made out.

She looked me up and down. Her blue eyes and black mascara gave my cock a jolt. "Let's hurry up, I get to go home after this. Plus I am off for the weekend," Missy said. I laughed and walked in to the bathroom. She followed right behind me. "Buck I need to make sure that this urine is yours and not anybody else. I am a professional and have seen many men and women go before. Relax and this should only take a few seconds. Then I can leave and you can go back to being on welfare." she said in a stern manner. I grimaced and barely could talk. I just looked at her in the doorway with her tight red dress and matching leather boots as she stared at me. I normally have no problem going but a pinch of stage fright was setting in. "Are you sure you need to stand and watch me." I said. "Move it big boy and pee while I am young." the welfare lady said.

I unbuckled my belt and slowly unzipped my shorts. I gently pulled out my cock from under my boxer briefs. I held my cock in my right hand and started to shake it. I got a good grip and aimed for the small cup. She gasped and her breathing started to increase. I closed my eyes and warm liquid came out. I slowly filled the cup with my pee. She shifted her stance in the doorway and moved closer to me. I still had my eyes closed. I then felt her hand on my right arm. I gasped. I then felt her hand on my shaft, as she slid her fingers down to the head of my cock. I let go of my dick and she shot the warm liquid into the cup. She then moved the cup and aimed my cock into the toilet. I heard it splash and she rested the cup on the sink. The welfare lady still had a hold of my cock. She shook the last droplets into the bowl. My breathing had increased "Fuck!! I know why Tina must love you. I haven't seen a better hard cock in my life. Does it like to be sucked and put in tight holes??" she moaned. "Yes!!! Welfare Lady." I moaned.

She bent over and started to suck my penis head. "Yummy!!! nice and salty big boy." she said. I leaned my hips forward and my dick slid farther in her mouth. I reached down with my right hand and unzipped her dress. She stood up and the dress fell on the floor. She stood next to me and wrapped her right leg around my waist. Her huge breast rested on my chest and we French kissed for a few minutes. She was now tugging on my cock. I reached up and undid her bra and it fell onto the floor, she was now naked except for red fish nets on her legs and red knee high boots, she was wearing no underwear.

I turned her around and fondled her boobs and said "how big are these fun bags?" "44II big boy and they love to be manhandled and fucked." she said. She had a 26 inch waist and 34 inch ass and I took of my wife beater shirt and made her bend over the bathtub and got behind her. "Pass me the Vaseline next to the soap over there." I said as I slapped her ass. She spit on her hand and rubbed my dick and I just started to squeeze the head into her ass when she orgamsed for the first time. "Damn the welfare lady needs a good fucking" I said. She moaned as i slid my dick all the way in and started to fuck her ass. I reached around and fondled and twisted her breast and nipples as they banged on the inside of the tub. We fucked for about 15 minutes before I unleashed a warm hot goo in her ass, she tried to turn around but I held her against the tub and then slid my cock into her pussy. She reached down and wiped her ass, triyng to get my goo on her fingers.

I fell back on he bathroom floor and she turned around and sat on my lap. "Fuck you are a big boy Buck can you eat pussy as good as you fuck?" We got up and I followed her into the bedroom. She jumped on the bed and I heard the toys crunch as she jumped up and down. I stood there playing with my cock and I got hard in no time and she laid down on the bed and I started to eat her pussy. I looked up between her legs and the underside of her breast and nipples blocked her face. I reached up and parted her boobs and looked and saw her lips and her eyes were closed and she smiled. I said "your pussy is soaking wet, I love a good pussy and maybe I should give you a password so you can stop me. I got it (BuckNaked) the pass word." She moaned and I ate that pussy better than I had eaten anyone pussy and she moaned and screamed and tried to wiggle away from my mouth and fingers. She said "Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No and fuck" but no BuckNaked. I slowly inserted one finer and clamped down on her pussy lips and labia and then another finger, I got four fingers and half a pinkie from my left hand and after 45 inutes she yelled "BUCKNAKED Fucker!!!!!" and I got up and drove my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy.

I reached up and held her boobs and legs wide open and fucked her pussy. She reached down and played with her pussy and I freed one hand and slapped her juggs as they went back and forth. She brought her left nipple up and into her mouth and bit her nipple and screamed. We fucked for about 20 minutes before I dismounted her pussy and climbed on her chest. I spit some saliva on her valley of cleavage and slid my shaft into her boobs and started to jugg fucker her. Her tongue licked my head and when it got closer to her mouth and she squished her breast together making my dick feel tighter as I fucked her breasts. She stuck a finger in my asshole and I yelled as the first spurt hit her forehead and hair and the next her eye. She jammed my dick into her mouth and cleaned me off. She sucked on my cock and I reached down and pulled her nipple and caused her breast to move up and down. She tried to move my hands but my dick was getting hard and she continued to suck it.

She rolled me over and mounted me and began to ride me like a cowgirl. Her ass slammed down and her breast hit my chest as she moved up and down. I slid one nipple and then both in my mouth and she screamed. I raised her breast up and slapped them together and she fucked me harder. "Welfare lady likes fucking, fuck me you whore." I said. She smiled and increased her rhythm. After ten minutes I shot a load in her pussy and we fell next to each other. She went to sleep and I went back to the couch and shook the last drop of cum onto the front of the couch. About 4pm the phone rang and Tina decide to stay at her mothers. "Did Missy stop by for the inspection, how did that go." I smiled and said "we passed , the apartment is clean and she wants a exterminator to come out tonight and bomb for pests, You better stay at your mother until Monday and I will pick you up. Missy gave my a voucher for a hotel room to stay until Monday."

I placed the cell phone back on the couch and reached for the remote but Missy had woken up and turned on "Claudia 38DD seduced by a cougar." Missy climbed on my dick and I looked over her shoulder as she fucked my and grabbed her tits and we watched the porn movie.

Missy is one hot bitch and we fuck every week usually 3 times a week, we still make up stories about loosing welfare to Tina and she wants to take to another level. She told me the other day why I was fucking her beautiful pussy she missed her period and had a doctor appointment. I flipped her over and started to fuck her ass and said "you need to keep working, one welfare whore is all I can handle", she moaned and said "BUCK KELLY!!!"