Monday, September 7, 2009

Husband Watches in Horror - An Adult Story

It had been a routine day. Got up late, went to work all day. I do road construction and get a great workout. I have a pretty good tan from having my shirt off all day. My six foot three frame is very athletic. I get a few honks from some women as there cars pass bye. I get a few numbers from them tossing there cards out the window at me. I usually call or throw them away. I got off work early on Friday to go play softball for the company. We won by about 5 runs. After the game all the guys went to a bar near the soft ball field.

We order some beers and hung out playing pool. We were still in our uniforms all dirty and sweaty from playing. I twisted my hat on backwards. Put my batting gloves in my back pocket. I was drinking a cold beer talking to Stan who the foreman for our work crew. He plays 2nd base. We were shooting the shit about work when I decide to go take a leak. I went to the rest room. I was coming back to the gang in the corner when I stopped at the bar to get a few pitchers of beer. I was standing there next two women who had just sat down.

I had my back facing the bartender, trying not to listen to there conversation. The women directly next to me. Was about 26 years old with long brown hair to her shoulders. She had some make up on. She had big hoop earrings and a few gold bracelets on her right wrist. She was holding on the bar rail as she talked to her friend. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that was stretched over her large thick frame and large breast. It came down her hips over her perfect ass. She had a black belt that held the dress seductively over her hips. She wore some black 6inch high heels and had her finger and toenails painted a sexy bright red. She smelled great to go along with some sexy red lips. Her friend was about in her mid thirties and the exact opposite of her friend. She had dark black hair and almost no curves on her body. They were both talking.

The dark hair woman was talking about her husband and her kids. I smiled as she talked about her husband always being away. Never being around. Lousy in bed. The one with the curves just nodded her head "Yes" a few times. Then she talked about her husband being the same way. He did not like to go out. He was home by himself. Her Mom had taken the kids. He probably was watching porn jerking off and going to bed early. They had gotten into a fight about her weight before she stormed out of the house. He had made the comment she was not as sexy as the girl he married 5 years ago. I handed the bartender a twenty out of my back pocket. He gave me the change as I walked away from the bar.

I returned all the guys were giving me a hard time about being late. I handed out the beers and grabbed a pool stick. I looked back at the bar. The two women talked for about an hour and had a few drinks. I kept watching and making small talk with my buddies. Finally about 20 minutes later the dark hair girl got up and gave her friend a hug. She gave her friend a kiss on the cheek and walked out the front door of the bar. I watched as the curvy girl looked around the bar. Then she turned her bar stool back toward the bartender. She order another drink. For the next half hour no one came up to her at the bar. A few guys walked bye but did not say anything. I kept watching drinking my beer. I watched as she got a phone call and hung up pretty quickly. I then watched as she placed the cell phone in her purse.

I was getting a small buzz as my teammates were one by one leaving for the night. It was almost 10pm. I checked my cell but there were no messages. I had almost forgot about the big gurl at the bar when I looked down and my beer was empty. I walked back to the bar. I order myself a beer and told the bartender to bring a drink down to the curvy lady at the end of the bar. He took the drink down and she smiled. I took my beer and headed down and sat next to her at the bar.

"Hi, couldn't help notice you needed another drink." I said. "Hi, thanks!! Long night. Hmm did your team win?" she said. "Yes, we actually won a game tonight." I said. She looked at me name on my right shirt pocket "Buck" and then I turned around so she could read the back. ("Kelly") "That's pretty cute there Buck Kelly. How old are you if you don't mind me asking. By the way my name Teresa." she said. "Twenty four, is that a problem. I hope its ok I bought you a drink." I said. "No problem. I am glad you came down to buy me a drink. It's been so long since I have been in a bar. I normally stay home. I am kinda of new to the seen you might say." she said. I nodded my head yes. "Its getting hot in here. Would you like to go outside for some air?" Teresa said.

I smiled as I got off my stool. She put her 6inch black heels on the floor of the bar. She smiled as she looked up into my eyes. She was about 5ft 6 in the heels. She filled out her dress as she walked with her small black leather peruse under her right arm. I held the door open as we walked outside. The night was kinda of cold as she strutted toward her car in the parking lot. I stopped to watch her ass shake as she got closer to her car. She hit the door locks and the lights came on her green mini van. I read the stickers on the back. Her two kids were honor students at a middle school near my house. I saw her husband must be a fan of the local football team.

She fiddled around with her keys in her purse. I stood behind her on the passenger side. I was not sure what I was going to do. I was wondering how far she wanted to take this. I figured maybe a ride home or at least some heavy groping in her mini van before she went home for the night. She stopped to read her phone. She picked it up. "Shut up Donald. You are in so much trouble. I don't want to talk to you. Where am I? None of your fucking business. I am outside my car. With a perfect stranger." she hung up the phone. I smiled as she tuned around with her keys in her right hand. She opened the passenger side door. She put her purse in the front seat and turned around. "Mmm hop in sweetie. I'll drive." she said. Teresa walked passed me around the back of the mini van. she got int he front seat and smiled.

We made some small talk on our twenty minute ride. I was pretty nervous the whole time. What had I gotten myself into. Was she taking me home. Was her husband going to kill her and me if he got the chance. I was too nervous and horny to ask. It had been awhile since I had sex. I had not seen anybody for some time. I was looking at her as she drove. She gripped the steering wheel with her sexy red fingernails. I smiled when we pulled into her driveway. She turned her head to face me. "I'll be right back. Please stay here sweetie. Don't leave. I'll be right back...wait!!" she said. She put her hand on my sweaty, grass stain uniform pants and gave my thigh a squeeze. She sent shivers down my body as she got out of her mini van. I saw her go through her front door. A few seconds later a few lights came on in the house.

I got out of the mini van. I headed for the front door. I peeked my head inside. I was hoping I here them argue. I finally heard Teresa. "Donald! Are you awake. I see you with your eyes open. Get up! I have someone I like you to meet. He is down stairs waiting in the mini van. I met him at a bar with Julia tonight. He finds me attractive and sexy. Two things you don't anymore." Teresa said. "Stop lying fatty. You could not get a man tonight. I'll get up and come down. I can't wait to see what stunt you have pulled. I am so glad the kids are not here to see there mother." Donald said. I snuck back to the mini van. I looked out the front window.

About twenty minutes later the front door opened. I saw Teresa motion for me to come to the front door. She was still wearing her black cocktail dress. I saw a man behind her. I was about 5ft and very heavy set. He was about 15 years older then here. He had a big grin on his face until I walked up to the front door. Now he had a look of horror on his face. "Buck! I like you to meet my Donald. He lives in the spare bedroom upstairs. He is unemployed. Can't find a job...unless beer drinking is a job." she said. I came into the light inside the front door. I kinda of towered over him as he turned to walk down the hallway. "Donald were are you going?" Teresa said. "I need to talk to you in the kitchen." Donald said. I watched as they both went into the kitchen leaving me in the hallway.

I looked around. I saw some pictures on the walls. One was there wedding picture. She even towered over him at the wedding. Most were the kids with her. Donald was not in any of those. I just smiled. I was getting less nervous. I figured she come back in a few minutes and drive me home. She scared her husband straight. A few minutes later the door to the kitchen opened. "I'll leave you two alone. I am turning in for the night." Donald said. I watched him go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I heard a door shut. A few seconds later the kitchen door open. Out came Teresa with a bottle of beer in both hands. She smiled as I followed her into the living room. She turned on a light at the end of the couch. She turned on another light. I could now see everything in the room. She smiled as she motion for me to sit down.

I was still not sure how far she wanted me to go. I heard some movement upstairs. Teresa walked over to play some soft music on her CD player. She handed me a beer. I took a sip as she drank about half of her beer. She then sat down next to me on the couch. Are two thighs were touching as she put her hand on my knee. "How do you like my house? How's the beer?" she said. I just smiled. She leaned in finally to kiss me. Her soft wet lips touched mine. We kissed for a second before she put her lips on mine very hard. We started to kiss longer and our eyes closed. I felt her hands on my chest. She was running her hands on my uniform. She moved her hands on my stubble on my chin. She ran her long nails in my hair. She removed my hat. She ran her hand down the front of my chest. She touched my rock hard abs. She ran her hands to my crotch. I think she could tell I was definitely liking what she was doing. I was very hard. My 9 3/4 inch cock was ready to be set free. She kissed me for a long minute before she got up. "I'll be right back." she moaned.

She walked down the hall. She climbed the stairs. I heard her say something as she missed a step. She got her balance on the hand rail. I heard her heels click on the floor upstairs. A few seconds later she came back into the living room. "Sweetie. Why don't you move to the end of the couch right here. I want to dance for you sexy." she said. I moved to the end. My back was facing the hallway and stairs. She was standing inches from me as she danced. Her thick thighs and sexy round ass moved as she looked down at me. I moved my hand on my rock hard cock showing her what she was doing to me. She winked. She then put her heel on the arm rest at the end of the couch near my hip. She slowly reached down to unzip her dress. She started at the bottom working all way up her left side. I smiled as she looked into my eyes. I heard some noise on the stairs. She immediately dropped her dress to the floor. She was wearing a large black bra, some large black panties. She smiled as she pulled up her panties nice and tight showing off her large ass.

I licked my lips. She spun her hair in my face as she leaned over my body on the couch. I felt her hands on my chest again. I had forgot about her husband upstairs. I just smiled as she got on her knees in front of the couch. She was between my legs. I moved my legs apart giving her better access. She did not disappoint. She moved her hair on my lap. She then ran her hands down my thighs to my ankles and back again. She looked into my eyes as she undid my big blue belt around my soft ball pants. She pulled the belt off. She then reached up and slowly unzipped my uniform pants. She pulled them around my ankles. I had a new pair of white sports athletic cup underwear on. I had pulled out the plastic athletic cup at the bar. It would have cut off the flow of my cock getting bigger in a such a small space.

I then felt her hand pull down the side of the underwear. My cock sprang out. Almost hitting her in the face. "OMG Buck! I never seen one this big. Its a monster. Your so young and so much bigger than my husband. That cheap no good ass hole. Can I touch it?" she said. I moved my hips so the pre-cum was inches form her face on the end of my big purple cock head. She leaned down with her lips. She kissed the tip sucking the fluids off the end. She then used her hands to pump my cock in her mouth. She was pretty good at giving a blow job. She wasted no time licking the length of the cock down my large vein on the top. She licked my two large naked balls. I shaved before I went out. She was licking, sucking and spitting on my cock. She was making very large noises as she sucked more of my cock.

After about 15 minutes she stopped. I watched her lean back. She took off her black bra freeing her massive breast. They rested on her belly button. She smiled as she picked them up and place my wet cock in her warm cleavage. I started to fuck her tits. She licked the top of my cock when I rubbed it on her lips. I fondled her two large breast as she pinched her nipples. I stuck my cock in her mouth pulling her head down on my cock. She opened her mouth feeding more of my girth inside her sweet lips. My legs tensed. She opened her eyes very wide. I let go of her head. She started to jack my cock in her mouth. She with drew my wet cock into the cold air of her living room. I bite my lip as she stroked my cock aiming at her mouth. I grunted;" it comes..." I said. First one huge spurt..followed by three more...I had covered her face and mouth. She was dripping onto her tits with my cream. She licked her lips as she spooned up my cum off her face and chest.

A few minutes later I heard some foot steps upstairs. She grabbed my hand. I followed her upstairs. She walked into her master bedroom. There was a closet along the back wall. Both doors were open as she pulled down the covers on her bed. She went into her bathroom to clean up. I followed her cleaning myself off in the sink. I washed my cock off as she smiled watching me. We went back into the bedroom. I got on the bed as she climbed onto my lap. I was biting her nipples and kissing her breast as my cock was getting hard. I felt her body move. She guided my cock into her hot pussy. We started to fuck very slow. She got used to my size then we really started to fuck hard and nasty. She was cussing about her husband while fucking me. I was really hammering her pussy. She came twice before I came deep inside her. She fell onto my body as we caught our breath. I fucked her in the ass before I left. I came all over her breast again. I wrote down my number on her left breast. She giggled.

As I was getting dressed to go to the park on Saturday for another softball game. I got a call from Teresa. She admitted to me that her husband had watched us having sex on the couch. He was also in the closet while we fucked in the bedroom. He jumped out of the closet after I left. He cleaned her body and holes of my sperm that I had left on her. Then they went to bed. He slept on the couch. He had called her fatty again when she got up. She's driving to the park to meet me and some of the guys. She like as many of the guys to come back to her house later after the game. She liked to score with as many guys as she can.

She showed up about about the 2nd inning. I saw Donald was sitting in the stands. I motion for her to come in the dug out. She was wearing a small denim skirt. A big pink sweater that showed off her large breast. Every guy turned to see her on the bench. The other team was up at bat. I stood up along with four of the guys on the bench. They were skeptical of what happened last night. They were not after we circled around Teresa. We then pulled out our cocks and she sucked us off in the dug out. We all come inside her sweet mouth. She greeted the other guys as they came back in. We took turns playing in the field. She took turns giving head in the dug out to who was not playing. After the game we took her to the same bar from the night before. We all took turns dirty dancing and fondling her. Ten of us went back to her house. After we all finished fucking her in ever position. She was really covered in allot of cum. I let the guys out of the house. I went back upstairs. I peeked in to see Donald cleaning her off with his tongue. He may have watched in horror the first night but I think he was liking his new soft ball whore.


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