Thursday, September 10, 2009

MMM Burger and A Purple Bra - An Adult story

I was visiting a friend in Denver. I had worked in Denver a few times on business. I had wanted to see the city when it was not covered in snow. He was a general manager of a hotel I worked at. He was going to be on vacation in Florida for the next two weeks. He needed some to keep an eye on the place while he was gone. I just wanted to get away from Baltimore and work. I flew in yesterday. He left after showing me his house.

The house was in a nice neighborhood. His kids went to school right down the street. There was a nice college not to far away. Plenty of things to do. He asked me not to drink all his beers and not walk around naked in the house. The beer I could handle but keeping clothes on might be hard. I unpacked my bags. I borrowed his nice car. I drove around town seeing the sights. I was going to go to downtown Denver in the morning. I wanted to get some breakfast at a cool place in Denver. I woke up early and headed out the door.

I got there early had a light breakfast. I spent the next couple of hours until 2pm shopping and picking up some food for the week. I also got some beer for the fridge. I drove home and unpacked the car. I pulled in the garage and took everything inside. I filled up the fridge. I went to go take a shower. I shaved some hair on my body. I put on some red swim trunks. I put some sun tan lotion on my body getting nice and oiled up. I got a beer out of the fridge. I turned off the central air and opened some windows.

Then something totally unexpected happen. It hit me when I opened the double sliding glass doors leading to the back deck. I had been getting hungry. I was not expecting the smell of burgers to drive me crazy. I could smell someone was barbecuing some very yummy burgers on the grill. I sniffed around in the air. Wow! I had to figure out were that smell was coming from. Damn those juicy burgers were making me sweat, smile and run around the back yard. There was a 8ft wooden fence that went around the back yard. I ran down one side not smelling anything. I ran down the back. Nothing. Finally the left side of the yard. I could see the puffs of smoke in the air in the back yard next to my friends house.

Being six foot three and athletic I would have not problem leaping on the fence and looking over. But maybe that would scare the neighbors. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me. It look like everyone was at work. I decide to look down the wooden fence. I walked over and finally found a small wedge in the fence. I pulled out the knot hole. It look like someone had cut a hole in the fence to spy on the neighbor. Had my married friend been spying on his neighbor. I thought for a second then the smell of the burgers made me look inside. I bent down to put my right eye in the hole. I put my two hands on the fence. I put my feet against the bottom of the fence. It look bad if some one saw me. But I had to see the burgers.

I looked around the back yard. I did not see anybody but the hood on the grill down. i could see the burgers were still being cooked. I saw a small wooden picnic table. A big plate, fork, knife, spoon, and a big glass of lemonade on the table. I saw some ketchup, mustard, and pickles in the center. I saw a cute white, purple table cloth underneath everything. I looked around but there was no one in the back yard. There was just the back of the house. Same double glass door leading out to the wooden deck just like my friends house. I had to get a burger. I pulled my head back to think.

"Wham!! Click! Click! Click! Click! Whooosh!! Then a big puff of smoke. What ever that was or who was next door had opened the grill. I dropped my head back down to the knot hole. I looked in. I pulled back my face. How can I put this. With out saying how hard I just became. MMM the person next door was a cute, sexy, bodacious, voluptuous, big girl. Maybe I should tell you that I adore big gurls. I have a thing for a bodacious women with attitude, sex appeal, confidence and yes big thick curves and knows how to use them. I quickly put my eye back in the hole.

She had long black hair down to her lower back. She had cute red sexy lips. She had stunning dark eyes. She was wearing some big purple hoop earrings. A gold necklace around her neck. It hung low in her expanding cleavage. She was very curvy on top. She had thick hips, thighs, the cutest feet in some 4inch purple high heels. She had only a purple bra to keep up her large breast. She had a pair of super tight purple panties that encased her large firm butt. I almost fell into the fence when she walked to get her hamburger flipper. She looked around. Then she bit the end of her long finger nail in her mouth. My cock was wrestling to get out of my red swim trunks. Fuck was she hot. Now I know why my friend had cut a hole in the fence. I thought for a minute.

I had to move fast. I looked down in the peep hole again. I then ran back into the house. I looked around. I finally found a football in the garage. I ran back to the fence. She turned to look at the burgers. I flipped the football into her back yard. I looked in again. She was still cooking. She was flipping her burgers again. I ran back to the house. Out the front door over to her house. I ran through the side yard. I got up to her front door. I was not sure of the plan. But I had to meet her. If nothing else maybe a burger and a smile.

"Knock! Knock!" I waited in front of the door. A few minutes later I saw a light in front of the security hole in the door. I heard her voice on the intercom. "Yes! Can I help you?" she said in a sexy voice. "Yes! I am watching your neighbors place next door. They are on vacation. I know this is bad timing by me. But I accidentally lost a football in your back yard. Its my friends ball...I.." The door opened. She was still wearing her purple bra, panties and heels. She had put on a white apron covering herself barely. She left nothing to the imagination. My mouth just dropped open.

"You lost what again. You lost a football in my back yard. Were you playing by yourself? That weird." she said. "My name Buck. Nice to meet you. I was cleaning the garage. I threw it behind me. It bounced. Kinda of crazy if you ask me." I said. "Mmmm You might even say someone dropped the ball over my big fence. Someone who is tall and athletic as yourself. My name Milena. Why don't you come inside and walk with me to the back yard. When is Tim & Julia coming back from vacation?" Milena said. "About two weeks. I used to live in Denver. I live in Baltimore now. I thought I help watch the place." I said. "Baltimore. That would explain the nice tan. Do use usually walk around all oiled up like that." she giggled. "Sorry I was getting a little sweaty next door. I put on the oil after. I was going to lie down out back. Umm do I smell burgers?" I mumbled

"Yes! That a good nose you have. Those are my triple M burgers. There MMM good." she said. I followed her through her living room. Her house was very nice. I saw she had many pictures of herself but it did not look like she was with anyone. There was not boy friend pics. I looked out her sliding glass door. She opened it up and we walked out toward the picnic table. I saw the football in the back yard near the fence. Not a good throw on my part. I watched her ass shake in her purple panties. She had the white apron tied around her hips in the back. A simple knot was holding it up.

"I just got home from class. I take some IT classes at the college near by. Its fun. I just started. Would you like a MMM Burger? I made enough for both of us. I got a little carried away making them." Milena said. "Yes! They smell great. They are big and juicy. MMmmm full of flavor." I said. The burgers were not bad either. I came for the burger but I was hoping to check out the chef more. I walked down to get the football. I brought it back to her at the grill. "I see you got your ball. That a big ball sweetie. How do you like your burger?" she whispered. "MMmmm Ummm" I was at a lost for words. "I hope between to large buns Hun. Can you reach those plates Buck." she giggled again.

I picked up the plates from the picnic table. I walked back as Milena scooped up the burgers and placed them on the buns. She put one huge burger on each of our plates. The meat was still juicey at it dripped down the plate. She stopped to lick her finger from the juices on her hand when she flipped the burger on the plate. I almost dropped the plates in the grass. I followed her back to the picnic table. She sat on one side. With her back to the fence. I sat on the opposite side of her.

She undid her apron letting it fall behind her on the grass. I saw she had two glasses on the table. Along with two forks, spoons and knifes. I had only seen one before I went into the garage. I smiled as she poured me some lemonade. She had brought out a big glass container of lemonade on the end of the table. She then scooped out some chips to put on my plate. She smiled as I did the same thing for her. "The perfect gentleman. You don't see that here in Colorado to much." she said. "You don't see many nice girls inviting a perfect stranger to eat with them. Especially not in Baltimore. Thank you!" I said. We made some more small talk as I ate my MMM Burger. It was perhaps, OK the best burger I had ever eaten. Not to mention the chef was so sexy and cute. I wiped my lips after each bite. I smiled and looked her in the eye as she spoke.

I finally look down after a few minutes. She had only eaten a small amount of her food. "I almost forgot the fruit salad. I will be right back. Don't climb over the fence while I am gone Buck." she said. I watched as she strutted back inside to her kitchen. A few minutes later she came out with a big bowl of fresh cut fruit. She spooned me out some. Then took a few pieces for herself. I watched her eat. I was getting very excited, horny and about ready to burst. She giggled as she saw me starring at her. She reached down to pick up a strawberry. She put it at the end of her mouth. She ran inside her lips. She then put out and licked the tip, then ate it very sexy. "Mmmm do you like my burger? How about the fruit? I just love fruit can't you tell." she said. I smiled. "I love your burgers. They are great. The whole meal is nice. I also love the fruit. Very juicy and ripe to the touch.' I said.

"Is there anything else that you like?" she said. Then I felt her heel move inside my legs. She was feeling my muscular calf. She ran her heel up my long leg and then down the other. She did this a few times. I was rock hard. I wanted so much to fuck her. I was not sure if she knew just how much. "" I mumbled to her. She put her heel against the front of my red shorts. "What was that sweetie. Do you have some burger in your mouth? Would you like some more?" she said in a sexy way. She then took a bite out of her burger. She got up and lean over the picnic table. She put her hands on my shoulders. She brought her juicy lips to my mouth. I dropped the fruit of my mouth onto my plate. I opened my mouth to feel her slide her burger into my mouth.

I ate it quickly then began to kiss her. She was sweet and her lips very soft. She had on some lip gloss that was driving me crazy. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. She was a great kisser. I opened my eyes to see her eyes were close. She moved her tongue inside mine then reached down on the plate. She pulled up a strawberry to eat. She put it in my mouth. She then took it from my mouth with her lips. I looked down to see her cleavage starring back at me. I had to moved around the picnic table to hold her. I broke our kiss.

She quickly took all the food off the picnic table. She smiled when I came around. I was trying to get the knot out of my swim trunks to make them loose. She just pulled them down around my ankles. My cock sprang out hitting her forehead. She looked up. "Mmmm that bigger than my burger. I love me some more meat." she moaned. She licked the pre-cum from the tip. My cock head expanded her soft mouth. She was on fire. Her hands gripped my ass as she pulled all my cock in her mouth. She tilted her head back getting all 9 3/4 inches of my cock in her mouth. She used her long nails on my naked balls. I could feel her rubbing them as she sucked my cock. "MMMMmmmrrrppp That is good baby. I am glad you came to get your big football. If I knew you were packing this much meat I would have come to get you." she said. She kept sucking my cock.

I reached down her back. I unclasped her bra freeing her large breast. I felt them on my thighs as she breathed in heavy. I then felt her beat my cock on her soft breast. She rubber her left hard nipple on the end of my penis. She then smacked her breast again rubbing my cock all over her chest. I was in heaven. She pushed her breast around my cock. Her cleavage was warm, moist and she was titty fucking me. She was really banging her boobs on my cock. She licked my cock head again. "Cum for me. Show me a big load honey. Cum on my big tits. Fuck them real good. You ass is tight baby. Yes! Yes! Yes! God you have a big cock. Show me how much cum is in there. Give it to me baby. Fuck my boobies. That it. I can see some white...." she moaned. I looked down to see the tip of cock expand open. I moved my left foot forward to catch my balance. Then I shot a big load. Spurt after big spurt. She was covered in my white thick good. She cleaned my cock off then she cleaned herself with her tongue.

I lifted her on the picnic table. I put some grapes in her mouth. I then put a strawberry in her pussy. I started to lick her pussy and eat the berry. She was so wet that I was making really load noises. I was eating her pussy very nice. I licked her labia, sucked her juicy cunt lips. I licked all the way to the crack of her ass. I licked all over her pussy. I inserted one finger than another getting her off. She had another orgasm as I sucked her labia until she came. She grabbed the back of my neck pushing my tongue deeper inside her. I was tongue fucking her as she moaned above me. I pinched her hard nipples in my fingers causing her to scream. I bit her lips softly making her more wet. I took my fingers out making her rock on the table. There was a big suction noise that I built up releasing all her muscles in her pussy. She pushed me off her.

"Fuck! Get on the table. I want you inside me Buck." she said. I jumped on the table on my back. She put her legs next to my hips. She looked down as she slowly squatted on my cock. I put my hard cock at her entrance. She moaned as the first few inches penetrated her. "God you cock feels great." she moaned. I pulled her forward causing her chest to rest on mine. She was fucking me very long and hard. I felt her ass on my thighs as she fucked my cock. I put her breast in my mouth to suck on them as she bounced on my cock. I was really loving her tight pussy. I grunted again in her ear. She smiled. We fucked for another 25 minutes before she got up.

She went to the end of the table to bend over. She rested her body on the end of the picnic table. I walked around to slap her ass. I reached down. I spit on my cock and rubbed the inside of her thighs. She looked over her shoulder as I inserted my cock in her tight pussy. We got a great rhythm going as I fucked her pussy from behind. She still had her heels on as she sunk in the grass. I pulled out to adjust to her new height. She moaned as I slapped her ass. I gripped her hips. I ran my hands the length of her back. I kissed her back, shoulders and bite her earlobe causing one hoop earring to fall out. "Don't stop! Don't stop fucking me baby. God I am so close to cumming on you big cock. Faster! Faster! Faster! That it you fucker. " she yelled. I was getting close. She had orgasm hard on my cock. I was loose inside her for 2nd seconds as her pussy walls clamped back down on my cock. I reached down to grab the lemonade at the end of the picnic table on the wooden seat. I poured the cold lemonade on her back causing her to scream, move, fuck me harder. I pulled out my cock and shot a big load on her ass. I fell back on the grass.

She helped me up. She sucked my cock clean. We went back to eating the rest of our food. After we finished we went back inside. She took me upstairs to her bedroom. She had me get on the bed. She proceeded to sit on my face, chest, cock, thighs and anywhere else she wanted. She loved looking down at my face as she rubbed her voluptuous body all over me. I could not breath one time but she let me get some air when she moved her ass off my lips. She saw I was hard again so she gave me another great blow job. I washed every inch of her in the bath tub. She still smelled like burgers.

I spent two weeks in Denver. I spent one night a my friends house. The rest of the time I spent with her. I had her dress up in different bras and panties and model for me. She had me clean nude, walk nude, do jumping jack and work out nude while she watched. I was hoping to get back to Denver soon. I miss those MMM Burgers and that sexy purple bra.....



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