Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Want Ad - An Adult Story

I had been a few months seen my break up. I had been working long hours and spending all my free time at home. I was over her but was not in a hurry to get a new girl friend. I was also not in the mood to go dating. I was happy but I missed having sex. It was still fun going in the shower, on the couch, in my bed or any where I could stroke my cock and shoot a big load. But having a woman pampering me and having hot nasty sex was missing. I also like and prefer bigger women. Ever seen my neighbor fucked me all night after my break up. I have been addicted to bigger gurls with bodacious curves. It can be kinda of hard to meet big beautiful women. Most are skeptical that a 6ft 3 athletic guy would like them.

I was at work last Wednesday. My office restroom was out of service. I am not a big fan of using the men's room on the first floor. I have allot of guys who work for me that are pigs. Most of them work out of there trucks or cars all day. Then they come back to the office and you get the picture. I headed down after finishing some bottle water. I rode my bike into work. I opened the last stall. I walked in. I was using the bathroom when I heard the door open. "Hey Frank! Check this news paper. I got it at a adult video store this morning. It was on my route. Ha! Ha! Yeah what the boss doesn't know...(I am the boss)...Can you believe some of these Ads in the back of the paper." Joe said. "Give me the paper Joe. Use the bathroom. I got to get home early tonight. Hey these are great. Can you believe them. Horny White MILF seeks young stud. Married Wife seeks extra men. Check this one out. Husbands seeks young stud to fuck his wife...Must have big cock..keep a secret...must like large breast, ass and can go all night." Frank said. "I'm young." Joe Said. "Your 40 you ass. These are all fake Ads. Just to sell papers. Lets go!" Frank said.

I heard the toilet flush. Then I heard the door close. I flushed my toilet. I was washing my hands. I turned to get a paper towel. I saw the Adult news paper sitting in the trash can. It was on the edge. I walked over through my paper towel away. I was still looking. I picked up the paper. I was kinda of excited. It was what I was looking for. Having sex with no strings. Picking the girl I wanted to have sex with. I was just skeptical of the Ads. I read a few. I was at the bottom when I read the one the Frank had talked about. The married husband looking for young stud for his wife. I tore off the back page. I stuck it in my pocket. I walked back up stairs. I was making phone calls all day. It was close to 5pm when I stood up and said goodbye to my Secretary.

I was checking my pockets for my keys. I was going to put my Mtn. bike in the back of my SUV. It was beginning to rain. I pulled out my keys. I also pulled out the news paper Ads in my hand. I laughed. Then I felt my cock move in my pants. I decided to call the number for the Ad with the married husband. I felt pretty confident that his wife would not want to date me. Plus chances were the whole Ad was fake like the guys had said. I sat down at my desk. I picked up the phone and dialed. "Ring! Ring! Hello! This is Karl." said a male voice. "Hi! I am not sure if I have the right number. I found your Ad in this news paper. I was just calling to if you still looking." I said. "Yes! We are. My wife and I have been looking for quite awhile. You are reading the one in Adult Newspaper??" he said. "Mmm Yes! On the back page, at the bottom." I said. "Great! Were also looking for our dog. He ran off. I thought for a second you were calling about that.

Can I ask you a few questions. If you don't mind." he said. "Yes! Go ahead." I said. "How old are you? (23) How big are you? (Six foot 3 Athletic Frame. I work out.) This might be to personal but I have to know. My wife has always wanted to have a man with a large cock. Mine not bad but its her fantasy to have a guy with a big cock. What size are you? (9 3/4 inches, nice and round. Two very large balls. I also shave my body.) That is nice. Are you married? (No!) Girlfriend? (No!) You also understand this is a one time thing. You can't date my wife or see her without my permission. This is not a date thing. (Yes I understand) Drugs? (No!) Alcohol? (Yes a few drinks) Diseases free? (Yes, checked on regular basis) OK you sound good. Do you have any questions for me?" he said.

"Have you done this before? (No!) Does your wife like a certain guy? I mean what is her fantasy? (Young guy, large cock, must be confident. She like for you to be in charge. Tell her what to do. She will follow what ever you tell her.) What are her measurements? (She is 44EEE - 36 - 40 inch ass. About 5ft 6inches tall. She is a size 12. She is forty years old. She is a head turner were ever we go.) That sounds very nice. When can I meet her?" I said. "I will talk to her aftr she gets home from work tonight. Do you have a computer?" he said. "Yes!" I said. "How about I send you a pic of her in a bathing suit. We just went on vacation to Florida." he said. "Great! Send it to buckkelly123@yahoo.com" I said. "Do you have any pics of you?" he said. "Yes! I have a few pics. What would you like?" I said. "How about one with just your cock showing. Maybe one showing you with out a shirt. I will keep my wife in the dark until I see you pics." he said. "Later! Thanks!" I said.

I drove straight home picking up some Chinese for dinner. I walked into my house. I put down the umbrella. I went upstairs to change. I put on some sweats and a white t-shirt and started to eat dinner. I was watching sports center. I got up to clean off my dishes. I heard a ping upstairs. I had an email. My cock got hard. I rushed up to my room. I jumped on the bed. I opened my lap top. I hit the inbox. Its was an email with a paper clip from bigkarlandaudreyhotcouple. My hands were sweating as I clicked the button on the bottom of the keyboard. The email opened and I clicked on the picture. Wow, his wife was very hot. She had long blonde hair passed her shoulder. She had a small red bikini that barely covered her huge chest and thick ass. She had large thighs, curvy legs and did I mention a big ass. I just smiled. She was also wearing some hot red 6inch clear plastic heels in the hot sand. By any size she was quite voluptuous. My mouth dropped opened. I quickly sent my pics.

It was about 15 minute later that I got another email from Karl. He liked my pics. I played it low key about his wife. Only saying she was quite bodacious and love to meet them. He sent me some instructions for our date. He wanted to meet me at a restaurant about 40 minutes from my house in Columbia MD. I was to dress low key. Just a blue long sleeve button down shirt. A pair of jeans. Nothing fancy. He and Audrey would meet me for dinner at around 8pm. I was to come in walk passed them. I was to go in the men's room. Karl would follow me inside. He would check out my cock to see if I was big. Then we go back and have dinner at the table. I was to be hands off unless Audrey made contact with me. I was not to call him again or send an email unless I had to cancel. If she did not like me or if Karl did not like me. I was to leave them and not look back. I just smiled and sent him a email confirming his instructions.

I took a cold shower after the email. I went to bed early. The next day I was very nervous. I got another email from Karl later in the day. It was his wife. This time she was bending over showing her thick ass to the camera. He wanted me to bring her flowers when we first met at the restaurant. My cock was hard looking at her. I was about ready to lock my door and jerk off but I had to go to a meeting. It was close to 10pm when I finally left for the night. I wanted to get everything done so nothing would force me to cancel my big date. I was so exhausted that I went home and crashed.

The day went by quick. I got home around 4pm. I went to go work out. I then went for a swim to cool down. It was close to 6pm when I started to get ready. I took along shower. I styled my short hair with some gel. I clipped my nails. I cleaned my ears. Shaved all around leaving a small 1 inch strip above my cock. I cleaned up my balls and patted them down. I put on some cologne. Little body spray nothing to bad. I slipped on a long sleeve shirt. 18inch neck, 36 inch length. Left the top button open. I slipped on some new white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They were one size to small showing off my bulge. They were about mid thigh length. I put on some dark blue jeans. Waist 28 - length 34. I put on some black low cut designer socks. I them slipped on some black leather shoes. I slipped on my "Yankees" watch. It looks more expensive then it is. I check the mirror then the time.

About 40 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. I parked in the rear near the dumpsters. I put my wallet in the glove compartment. I put my cell on the passenger seat. I checked the rear view mirror. I was not that vain but I wanted everything to be nice. I was going to bring flowers but thought that might by cheesy. I went with a tennis bracelet. It was only $125. It look good on the girl at the counter before coming home. I took my keys as I opened the driver side door on my SUV. I stepped down on the pavement. I looked around the parking lot hoping I might see them in a car. I was hoping they were inside waiting for me. I was also not going to be shocked if they were not there. I was not sure if Karl or Audry would go through with it. I was hoping to have sex with her. But just going to meet them was a big thrill. If nothing more I would have a great story to tell.

I walked in the restaurant. I closed the glass door behind me. I stopped to look around. I finally spotted Karl in a booth at the back of the diner. He was sitting down. He had his hand up waving to me. I could see the back of Audrey in the booth. She was sitting in the middle near Karl. I froze for a second. Then walked down the aisle. I passed them. I smiled as I made eye contact with Audrey. She had a tight animal print sweater pulled over her large chest. She had her hair teased up. She was wearing sexy red lip stick. I see she also painted her long finger nails white. I could also see her wedding ring. I kept walking. I went inside the men's room. I went to the last urinal. I unzipped my jeans. I waited a few seconds for the men's room door to open. It was Karl. He was about 5ft 4. Kinda of round guy but still looked good. He was about 50 years old. He was losing his hair on top. Some grays around the sides. He should just go bald. He look 100 percent better. He was wearing a brown suit and tie. He had some big leather shoes to match.

He walked over and introduced himself. "Hey! Nice to meet you." I said. He stood in front of his urinal. I looked down to take out my cock. I was semi hard but still only bout 30 percent erect. I fished it out of my jeans. I started to pee as Karl got a good look. "Damn! You will do. My wife going to love that. Thanks for following my instructions. You look pretty young. I can't believe your only 23 years old man. I told her the plan for tonight. She got home and gave me a big kiss when she found out about you. She had been going nuts ever since. What you say we get back to my wife. Before someone hits on her." Karl said with a chuckle.

I washed my hands. I cupped my cock putting it on my right thigh. I followed Karl back to his table. I smiled when he slid in next to Audrey his wife on the left side of the booth. I sat down on the right hand side next to Audrey. She was now in between us. There was a small candle on the table. Karl shut the blinds on the window making the light darker around us. I had a perfect view of Audrey big tits in her cheetah print sweater.

I knew from out first conversation about going on a date with them. That Audrey liked young men who would boss her around. As Karl put it. "She like for you to be in charge. Tell her what to do. She will follow what ever you tell her." I was smiling as Audrey and Karl talked. I sat there very calm. "My name Audrey! What's yours?" she said. "My friends call me Buck. Very nice to meet you Audrey. You are more cute and sexy in person. Your husband one lucky man. I have a present for you. Karl said something about this being your first time. I thought it would be a little better than flowers. But first you have to do something for me." I said. I pulled out the little gift wrapped box. I put it on the table. "For me? OK! What would you like me to do young man?" Audrey said. Karl eyes got big. "I love for you to go in the ladies room. I need for you to take off the large black lacy half cup bra and bring it back to me. It's not a request!" I said in a stern tone.

Karl stood up as Audrey slipped out to go to the ladies room. She took her medium size black leather purse. I finally got to see what she was wearing on her lower body. I could not see under the table. She had a black leather mini skirt that showed off her long curvy legs. There was some silver rings, studs and a big zipper on the side of the mini skirt. I could see she was wearing panties. I was not sure she knew a thong would have been better to wear. I would have to help her in that later. She had black fishnets stocking pulled up over her thick thighs. I could see a matching cheetah print garter holding them up. She was also wearing a pair of black six inch high heels. Her calves looked great. She arched her back to walk.

Ten minutes later she came back and sat in between us. She put her purse down next to me. She then removed the bra from inside letting me touch it. It was nice and warm. Her large cups were hot on the inside. It was brand new. I could see the tag from Walmart on the back of the bra. I just smiled again. I put my hand up for the waiter. He came right over to me. "I will have the the prime rib, medium rear, loaded bake potato. No salad. I will have a bottle of Heineken in a cold glass. She will have the crab cake special with Ranch dressing on the side. He will have the 16oz T-bone, mash potatoes, french dressing. A Miller light in a bottle. We will also have three shrimp cocktails to start. I also need a bottle of red wine. A 86 California if you have. Just two glasses. That will be all." I said. I looked at Karl and Audrey they both smiled at me.

I pushed over the gift box. Audrey smiled as she slowly opened the gift box. She pulled out the gold tennis bracelet. Her eyes lit up and her mouth opened showing me her very sexy white teeth. "Here slide over so I can put that on you wrist." I said. Audrey moved her leather mini skirt and nice round ass next to me. Our knees touched for the first time. I looked into her eyes as I pulled out the bracelet to put on her left wrist. She smiled as I hooked the clasp on one take. "This is very nice Buck. How does such a young man know about jewelry?" she said. "It easier when the women wearing it is so sexy. I think it looks great on your wrist." I said. Audrey giggled as we made small talk until are drinks arrived. I put the two wine glasses in front of Audrey and I. I smelled the cork and tasted a small amount of wine. It was very good. The waiter poured us two glasses. I toasted Audrey beauty as Karl drank his beer in two gulps. I sipped mine spending more time checking out Audrey than my beer.

The waiter left. I looked around to see if anybody was watching us at our table. There were a few people in the restaurant and all of them were eating. No one was looking in our direction. "Audrey you look amazing in that animal print sweater. Why don't you lean on the table and show off your chest to me. I love your thick and sexy curves." I said. She smiled as she leaned on the table. Her large breast were resting perfect on the table. The white table cloth under her breast accent them. She had to move her silver ware so they did not poke her chest. Wow! They were spectacular. If she was my wife I never let her wear a bra. I watched closely as her erect nipples expand in her sweater. Her nipples were big and round on the end. I had to get a better look or feel.

"MMMmm those are looking very nice. Can you move towards me. That it baby. Let me warm my hands." I said. I rubbed my hands together making them warm. "Uncross you legs. Put your right heel on my big 11 inch leather show. That is very nice. Our you toenails as sexy as your long finger nails?" I said. "Yes! I went and had them done today just for you. I wore my biggest heels for you. Do you like them?" she whispered in my ear. "Yes! I can feel them honey." I said. I slowly moved my right hand to her thigh. She moved when I felt her large black and silver belt around her wide hips. I moved my hand under her cheetah sweater. She moved so her left breast fell on my hand. Her tits were smooth, firm to the touch and very warm. I could feel her breathing hard as I traced my fingers all over her left breast. I then touched her hard nipple. It was like the size of the end of my thumb. I could feel the small bumps to the hard pink top. I pinched them lightly at first causing her to bite her lower lip. I looked to see Karl shifting in his seat about a foot from his wife.

I was wondering what was going through his mind. Here was his hot wife being groped and fondled by a young man more than half is age. He took another sip of his beer. I could see he was empty. I took my hand out of his wife sweater. I then put it above my head for the waiter. He brought him another beer. I slipped the waiter a $20 to keep up his good service. Audrey saw this and smiled. I then starred into Audry sexy green eyes. She smiled as she put her hand on my thigh. I could feel her long nails inch there way in my right inner thigh. She moved her hand in a circular motion on my upper thigh. She was inches from my hard cock. She moved her hand when the waiter came back with the shrimp cocktails. I smiled as Audrey went first. She dipped in the hot sauce and licked the tip and winked at me. Her husband cleared his throat. I had Audrey feed me a few shrimp.

I leaned in and whispered loud enough for Karl to here in Audrey left ear. "Your breast feel very nice. Your legs feel very nice. GO in the bathroom and take off these tight panties and bring them to me to inspect. I know your very wet, I can tell. Hurry before your dinner gets here honey." I said. Audrey smiled and quickly went to the bathroom. She left her purse and a few minutes later brought out her wet panties in her right hand. She had balled them up. She slipped by Karl not waiting for him to move. She got right next to me. She moved her hand giving me panties. They were black just liked I figured. She probably got the matching set. I could not wait to feel them more when she moved her hand off them. They were soaked. I wiped them on the front of my jeans and smiled at her. She watched me as she moved her ass on the seat cushion. It made a loud noise from the leather material on the mini skirt.

We got our meal next. I watched as Audry took her first bite. We made small talk while we all ate. Audrey rubbed her hand on my jeans and under my shirt feeling my hard abs. I moved my hand inside her sweater playing with her nipples. Her husband just watched and smiled. After we ate. I order a hot fudge sundae just for Audrey with a candle on top. Told her to make a wish. "Buck what are you going to have for dessert?" she said. I smiled. I moved my hand down the top of her skirt. I then pulled it back. I inched down inside her thighs. I then moved my hand to the base of her pussy. I could feel she just had shaved before she went out. There was some small bumps. I inched my fingers up to the top of her pussy mound. Her mouth opened and she dropped her spoon on the table. Karl moved closer to watch. I finally felt her pussy. I inserted one finger inside her hot pussy. She was wet and tight. I inched a little more inside her. She put her head back. I rubbed her small cunt lips with my other finger. She came in about a minute. She drenched my hand and the seat. "Oh! Oh! Oh!!!!: she moaned.

"Excuse Mame! Are you OK? You look very flushed. Is the restaurant to warm?" said the waiter. "It's OK. I think the ice cream caused her some excitement." I said. Audrey quickly ate her hot fudge sundae. She gave me the cherry on top. I put it in her mouth and then kissed her for the first time. She gave me back the cheery with her hot tongue. I ate it along with kissing her one more time. She had great juicy lips. Her lip stcik was sweet to the taste. I smiled as she looked into my eyes. I felt the waiter look at us kissing. I backed up to take the check. I looked down and put two one hundred dollar bills on the check. "Keep the change." I said. The waiter, Karl, and Audrey smiled.

I sipped some more of my beer. I then put my hand back inside Audrey mini skirt. I had her lean up on the table again. She put her large breast on the table. I moved my hand inside her thigh. I was fingering her pussy again. She moan and her breathing increased. I got her off again quickly. I brought my hand up and started to grope her large ass. She was very curvy and I was loving every bodacious part of her. "Did you guys drive to the restaurant?" I said. "Karl did. We are parked around back near the dumpster. Are you ready to go Buck?" Audrey said. "Yes! Let walk out. I need to hold you hand. Karl walk in front of us." I said.

I held Audrey hand. I then put my free hand on her ass as we walked behind her husband. Some of the customers stared at us. Maybe wondering how this young guy was holding the hand of the hot older married woman. With the wife husband walking in front of her. I just smiled. We walked out to the there car. I saw my SUV sitting there. I walked over to there green Cadillac. It was a big two door oversize car. Look like a green boat on wheels. Karl held the door open for me. I leaned in putting the seat up. I got in the back seat. I leaned up before Audry could get in the back seat. "Take off you all your clothes before you get in. They will just get in the way. This is not a request." I said again in a stern manner.

"What?? Out here. Are you crazy. Somebody might see me. I don't know. Oh my god! Buck, you naughty young man." Audrey said as she moved around the open door. Karl looked amazed. His eyes were open very big. He watched as his wife pulled her cheetah sweater over her head. She handed it to him. I marvel at how firm and large her breast were under the light from the parking lights. I then watched her unzip her mini skirt letting it fall around her ankles. She was now standing in a parking lot with nothing but black fishnets and some black 6nch heels. I smiled. "Ok! Get in. Karl pick up her mini skirt. He picked it up as she dove in the back seat next to me.

Her breathing had increased. "Karl drive to Ft. Meade MD. Go down main street. There a motel at the end. A real dive. Pull your car in front of room 23. Here the key." I said. I felt the car move and Karl started the engine. He put down his rear view mirror to watch us. I picked up Audrey and put her on my lap. She ran her hands down my chest over my shirt. I started to kiss and fondle her large breast. She moaned as I bite and sucked her big thumb size nipples. God were they big. I rubbed her ass as she rubbed her wet pussy on my crotch. Her eyes got big when she felt the bulge on the inside of my left thigh. "MMMmm I was wondering where that was baby. Is that real?" Audrey said. We kissed and made out like two school kids all the way until I felt the car stop. I looked up out the window over her large boobs.

Karl opened the door to the car. He walked around to open the door to the room. I then heard the trunk open. I felt a suitcase come out. I then picked up Audrey and placed her on the seat next to me. She looked around. I crawled over her. I got out and looked down at her. "Were here Audrey. I've been waiting for this all night." I said. "Mmmm me too sexy. What do we do next?" she moaned. "Karl bring me the ice bucket from the room." I said. He walked over and handed it to me. "Ok! Audrey I want you to get me some ice. The ice machine right over there. Then bring it back to the room. I will be right inside waiting for you. You only have two mnutes to get as much ice as you can. Hurry!!" I said.

I watched as Karl came to the front of his car. Audrey leaped out of the car. She ran as fast as she could over across the parking lot. There was an ice machine in front of a outdoor pool. There was no one around. The motel sat next to an Adult Video Store. I had been there a couple of times. Always wanted to get a room at the seedy hotel next door. I was going to go inside the room. But watching Audrey big ass and boobs shake as she strutted in her high heels drove me crazy. Karl's mouth dropped as he watched his wife run pass us into the room. I turned to follow her. Karl followed me and closed the door.

Audrey was breathing heavy. I gave her a small kiss and slapped her naked ass. She giggled as I walked passed the single king size bed. There was just a cover on the top. No sheets were on the bed. Two small pillows. There was a big whirlpool hot tub in the room near the bed. There was a walk in shower. Just a door to close to the bathroom. There was a toilet next to the walk in shower but nothing in between them. I smiled as I got three cups from the sink. I turned to get some ice from Audrey. Karl reached in his suit case to get some champagne. I popped the cork and pour some. We toasted Audrey as she stood there naked next to me.

Karl went back to the suitcase to get a camera. He placed it on the tri-pod. He had told me he always wanted to tape his wife having sex with a stranger. I had so OK, but he have to give me a copy. "Audrey get on your knees. In front of the bed sexy." I said. She got on her knees. I handed her a pillow to put under her knees. She looked up into my eyes. I pulled my shirt over my head. Karl breathed in heavy. Then his wife moved her hands over my abs and tight chest. She rubbed her boobs on my thighs. I was so hard she had to really pull hard on my zipper to get it over my cock. I felt the zipper come down. She pulled off my black leather belt.

I was now standing above her with just a pair of brand new white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. A size to small. She smiled as she ran her long finger nails down over my hard cock. I was fully 9 3/4inches now as I heard Karl move and hit record on the video. I blocked him out after his wife pulled down my briefs around my ankles. I moved my feet to be free from them. "OMG you shaved your cock and balls. MMmmmrrr!!!!!" she moaned. I pulled her mouth on my cock. I put the wet end of my cock inside her hot mouth. She looked up as her lips expanded to take in more. She was using her small hands and nails to stroke my balls. She fondled them greedily as she worked on giving me a great blow job. I was really fucking her face with my cock. I grabbed her hair pulling her face more. I could feel her lips finally at the base of my cock. Then she spit me out and choked loudly. She spit out some salvia on the floor. "I love your cock Buck! Damn! Honey he is so much bigger. Thank you sweetie. I love you!!" she said to both Karl and I

After 10 minutes I picked her up off her knees. I then laid her on the bed. I got between her legs. I opened her pussy with my tongue. I ate her from the crack of her ass to the top of her pussy. I was rubbing her clit with my thumb as I sucked her cunt lips. Her hands was on my had pushing me down harder. I was licking her side to side as she came in mouth. With out warning she orgasm a big shot in my mouth. I spit her back out and licked her some more. I got on my feet. I put my cock on her pussy. She moaned. I slapped her pussy hard. "Whack! Whack! Whack!" She was wet and she guided my cock inside her. I spit on my cock half way inside her. I put one hand on her right ankle. My left hand on her opposite thigh. She screamed as more of my cock was buried inside her. I was beginning to fuck her very hard. Damn she was tight and wet.

I switched hands grabbing her other ankle and thigh. I then had her move up on the bed. I got on the bed and slapped her pussy again with my cock. I reached down cupping my big balls. I put them on her pussy rubbing it. She looked down gasping. I slowly inserted both of my naked wet balls in her vagina. She moaned deep as I got both in and played with them inside her pussy. I was ball fucking her. I am not were I came up with that one. My mind is crazy during good sex. I pounded her a few more times with my balls. I then inserted my cock. My balls hit the under side of her pussy. She came again on my cock. "Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Karl are you getting this young man fucking your wife. God he is huge. Fuck me young man. Fuck that pussy!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!..." she said. I felt the bed move. Karl had moved in. I pulled out and started to cum on her stomach. She gasped. Karl moaned and I kept cumming on Audrey. I quickly brought my cock to her mouth. She cleaned me off then clean her breast off.

She was sucking my cock back to life. I looked down. "Here lets get in the hot tub. I want to fuck you some more baby." I said. I got in first and helped Audrey next. I pulled off her heels and took off her fishnets before she sat down in the water. We started to hug and kiss. I ran my hands all over her body. I was hard again. She got on my lap. I gripped her ass with my hands. She gripped my cock and inserted it in her hot pussy. The sensation of my cock inside her hot pussy and the water was incredible. I started to bounce her off my cock. I saw Karl on the edge filming us. I smiled into the camera. He kept shooting. I then started to fuck her faster. She was screaming and cussing in the room. I was waiting for the neighbors to pound on the wall or call the front desk but that never happened.

We fucked for another 15 minutes before she got up and turned around. I felt her ass on my chest. She slid down and inserted my cock inside her hot pussy. She then started to fuck me as I groped her tits from behind. I bit her neck and earlobe causing her to scream. Finally I grabbed her hips moving her up and down on my cock. After a few more minutes she got off me. I stood up and stuck my cock in Audrey mouth. She jacked my cock as Karl zoomed in on the tip in his wife mouth. My knees shook. "Here it comes Audrey. Yes!!!!!.." I orgasm in her mouth. Karl mouth dropped open. I had covered his wife in my white goo for the 2nd time. Almost the same size load. Audrey sucked me dry.

I then took her into the walk in shower. Karl sat on the toilet and filmed his wife getting fucked in the ass for the first time. He had always wanted to have anal sex with her but she objected. I think she will let him next time. I pulled out and shot on her ass. She washed me from head to toe. I washed her. I had Karl go get us some Rum and Cokes. I fucked her one more time when he got back.

About two day later I got a box in the mail. It was the video of that night. I have not talked to them since. But I did get an email the other day from bigkarlandaudreyhotcouple - seems they still have my email. They were wondering if I like to come to there house. Karl having a poker party with his buddies and he needs some one to take care of his horny wife while he is in the basement. I guess I might have one more story to tell. Sometimes reading a Want AD does pay off.

In case you wondering. I did not fire the two guys in the bathroom that day. I had them come to my house and do some yard work. I invited a friend over. (Mrs. T) I had her put on a small bikini as they worked. She handed them the Want AD from the original paper they had thrown away in the bathroom. She put a red lip stick heart on the AD and my name in the middle. I saw there mouth drop. A week later I fired there ass's for being late.



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