Sunday, November 29, 2009

School Teacher - After Class Cash - An Adult Story

I was late again for third period. I bought a nice car last week and had to pick it up this morning before school started. I was a little older and mature than most of my class mates. At least that what I thought. I got good grades. My parents thought I was a good student and a great son. I stayed out of trouble. I played all the varsity sports and played them pretty well. Football had just ended and basketball was going to start soon. I like to keep in shape. Being 6 ft 3 and athletic helped me with the girls at school. I had dated a few already this year. All of them were very nice but I wanted more out of the relationship. I got to first base and some let me get to second. I lost my virginity two years ago from a neighbor. She was very cute but her husband found out and they moved away.

I checked my watch as I sat pretty quickly in my seat. The bell rang. I sat in the back row. Kinda of the class clown at times. I was passing a note in class when I heard the door to the class room close. I looked up to see a new substitute teacher. She was maybe in her thirties. She was about 5 ft 4 with blonde hair. She had a white business suit on. She looked liked the librarian of the school. I almost fell out of my desk when she took off her coat and put it on the back of her chair. She was very voluptuous. She was the opposite of all the girls I had dated to this point. She had some bodacious curves and a great smile. She was hiding her large amazing breast but I noticed them when she turned to the side facing the chalk board. She had large hips and a small waist. She look like the perfect hour glass as she kept talking to the class. Almost everyone in class was still talking as she wrote her name on the board.

"Class! My name Mrs. Sandy Duncan. I will be your substitute teacher. Mrs. Thomas will be on sick leave for the next few weeks. I am new to teaching. I hope you will bare with me. Where did you leave off yesterday?" she said. I smiled as someone blurted out the book. It was pretty simple reading. We read a book and wrote a paper on it once a month. Then we went around the room discussing the book. I was kinda of bored with the book I read but checking out the new teacher was nice. I took a glance at her desk. She had a simple purse. Some basic supplies. Half way in the middle of class, I called to the principle office to explain why I was late. I got a verbal warning not to be late again. It helped that he does not want to suspend me. He needs me to win some games for the high school this year. I return just in time to hear the bell ring singling the end of third period.

I spend the rest of the day going to class. I workout during gym and was late to my final period. Once again I got let off for being late. I sat int he back looking out the window during math. I went to show off my new ride to my friends. I was sitting in the driver side looking out in the parking lot as my friends started to go home. I looked to my left at the teacher parking lot. I saw the substitute teacher get into her car. He was an older car. It look like it was on its last leg. I watched as she drove bye. I got behind her and followed her to the first traffic light. I pulled up next to her and smiled. She was still looking out her front window paying me no attention. I drove home after she turned. I had the rest of the night to do nothing. My parents gave me money all the time. Plus I had a small enterprise going with some friends. I took all the money and invested into computers. I now have a large sum of money in the bank.

I got up and went to take a shower. I got a few hairs on the body. I shave them as I put on some body spray. I slip on some tan cargo shorts and a simple blue t-shirt. I slip on my sandals and head to the school. I parked just in time to see Mrs. Duncan car park int he teacher lot. The the day was the same just like the day before. I paid attention in English class and wrote my paper on the book. I goofed off and was late to all my classes. I stayed after school to work out. It was close to 7pm when I drove home. I stopped at a gas station to get some gas. I pumped about $40 in my new car. I went inside to pay. I handed the girl a fifty as she gave me my change. I heard a voice near the deli counter. I looked over to see Mrs. Duncan making some sandwiches. It look like she had another job at night. I walked out and hoped in my car. It was close to midnight when I fell asleep.

Wednesday and Thursday were almost the same as the day before. I got to English class early. I heard some of the kids talking about how they saw Mrs. Duncan at the gas station. One guy left a deli sandwich on her desk. She saw it was embarrassed. She did not say anything. I dropped my pencil to make a scene. So everyone would look at me and not Mrs. Duncan. I got her attention almost too well. She was mad when no one would take responsibility for the prank. So I got punished. She had me come in after school to knock out her chalk erasers and to clean the class room. I was not mad. I got a few laughs when I came back to class. I started to clean the room and knock out the erasers. I heard the door shut behind me. Then Mrs. Duncan heels clicked across the floor toward her desk. I heard her chair move as she started to grade some papers.

About ten minutes later I heard her cell phone ring. "Ring! Ring! Hello this is Mrs. Duncan. Yes Principle White. Buck Kelly is in detention for today. I realize he is part of the basketball team and needs to get to practice. Once he is finished, I will send him on his way. About tomorrow. I know were schedule to get out a noon for conference. Will I get pay for the whole 8hrs or only 4." Mrs. Duncan said. There was a long pause as the principle talked to her. "Yes! I understand. Then 4hrs it will be. I realize I am new. I hope you will keep me on in a new role here at the school when Mrs. Thomas comes back. Thank you sir." she said. I walked over to take out the trash in the hallway. There were no kids left in the hallway. Only two janitors and a few teachers walking around. I walked back into the the class room.

"Is there anything else you need?" I said. "No! Thank you for distracting the class today. I am sorry I had to punish you. I just wished someone would have confessed up to the sandwich. It was not very nice. I have to work two jobs now. My husband lost his job. He also lost are savings after the stock market crashed. I never worked before. It was easier for me to get a job than my husband. Of course now I think he likes for me to work so he can lie around all day and do nothing. We don't have kids. He likes to go out all day and come home late."she said. I just smiled and listen to her. "You can go now. Thank you for your help." she said. I smiled and walked out the door. I headed for the gym and was late to practice. The coach made run a few extra laps.

It got up early to shower and shave. I put on some new cologne. I put on some skin tight jeans. They hung low on my ass. I put on some white low cut shoes. I put on a black t-shirt. I put on my football jersey for school. They were going to hand out some awards before 2nd period in the gym. I got a few awards as I stood on stage. I walked fast down the hall and beat everyone for the beginning of third period. Mrs. Duncan walked in after the bell rang. She looked pretty tired. Class went quickly as I read my book in the back. After third period I was off for the day. The school closed. I did not have any plans. I did not have basketball practice. The coach had called it off at the last minute. I left a message with my folks I was going to study at a friends. I climbed in my car in the parking lot. I started the engine and waited.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mrs. Duncan walk bye. She was wearing a blue mini skirt that showed off her curvy tan legs. She had on a red shirt with her name tag from the deli over her right breast. I smiled as she put on the crazy hat for the gas station. I looked down at my gas gauge. I was half full. I decided to go get some gas. I drove over and filled up. I saw Mrs. Duncan pull into the parking lot. She walked in as I was putting on the gas cap. A few seconds later I saw Mrs. Duncan walk back out and get in her car. She looked very upset. I walked in and paid for the gas. I walked out. I saw Mrs. Duncan still sitting there. I got in my car. A few seconds later I saw her pull out on the main road. I followed her. I was not sure what I was going to say or do. I knew I could get her a job at my Dad business. If nothing else, maybe I could open a small office and have her do some paperwork for me. I was making money selling things on the computer. Was I being stupid. I was still following her.

She drove for about 45 minutes. She pulled down a long road at the end of town. She lived way back out int he middle of now where. She pulled up to an apartment complex. I saw her get out as I parked. I saw her go into a first floor apartment. I then saw some lights come on. Her car was the only one parked out front. I looked in my rear view and out my side windows. I was all alone. I turned off the car and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. What was my next move going to be. I was just a student. I had money. I was just thinking about how to help her. I guess I was very confused as I got out of my new car. I clicked on the car alarm as I hit the door locks. I fixed my short hair as I walked to the front door on her apartment. I did not have to buzz to get in. It was not the big of an apartment complex. I walked down the stairs and knock on her front door.

I ran my hands down my football jersey. I then ran my hands down the front of my jeans. I checked to see if my zipper was up. A few seconds later the door opened. "Hello! What are you doing here Buck? Are you lost? Do you need something?" she said. "Hi! Mrs. Duncan. Mmmm I was getting some gas at the gas station when I saw you come out. You looked very upset. I was hoping to stop you before you got to far away. I wanted to make sure you were ok." I said. "That is nice of you. I just got fired. My husband took the car last night. He went to a bar and forgot to drop me off at work. The third time its happen since I got the job. I don't know what I will do now. My husband going to kill me even knows its his fault. Do you live near here? I've never seen you around here before." Mrs. Duncan said. "I don't live too far away. I just thought I better check on you before I went home. I have some work to do tonight on my computer." I said. I look around her house as I stood by the front door.

Mrs. Duncan looked passed me into the parking lot. "I enjoyed you class today. I think you are getting to be a better teacher every day. It takes practice." I said. "Thank you! You are very nice. You said you were going home to do some work on your computer. What type of work do you have to do?" she said. "Well!!" I paused. "Maybe you should come in. I don't want my neighbors to see such a young man in front of my door. Come in." she said. Mrs. Duncan took a few steps back as the door closed behind me. I was standing a few feet inside. She had her hands on her wide hips. I was admiring her short denim skirt and red top that was a one size to small. Her breast looked like they might bust the thin material. She still had her small name tag on over her breast. My hands were shaking as I looked at her matching finger and toe nails. They matched her sexy red lips. I could smell her sexy perfume as she checked me out from head to toe. I was not sure if she could make out my semi hard cock in my jeans.

"I'm sorry you got fired. That sucks." I said. "It was for the best. I am not sure what I will do now. Not many jobs in this small town besides working for the school. Plus the manager at the gas station was a real pig. He made the female employees were this uniform. He pinched my big ass yesterday. Maybe that why he fired me today." she said with a smile. "You don't make much being a teacher? All the things you have to put up with at school. Hmm sorry you don't make much. I like your apartment." I said. "Thanks. I kinda of like my small apartment. There only two bedrooms. There both upstairs. My husband keeps all his hunting stuff in one. He lets me decorate the master bedroom. There only one bathroom but its big enough. Thanks for stopping to see if I was OK. My husband not suppose to be home till late tonight. He hunting with his friends. He thinks I am still at work. I am not sure how I am going to explain how I lost another job." Mrs. Duncan said.

I smiled. I reached into my pocket. I pulled out a wad of cash and my cell phone. I got some money before going into school this morning. I picked up the cash in the parking lot before the person went to her day job. I was sure Mrs. Duncan could see and I knew she ask me about the cash. I looked at my phone. Then put the wad of bills back in my pants. "Buck that is allot of cash to be carrying around. Where did you get that? I mean a young man still in high school should not be carrying that much money around." Mrs. Duncan said. "Oh that. It's not much. Just about a thousand. I had to pick up some money to take to another account today." I said. "What do you do?" she said with a smile. "I take other people money and invest it for them. I also help out people with this and that." I said.

Mrs. Duncan looked at the wad of cash in my right pocket again. "You must explain more. People just give you money. Then you invest it. Is that what your saying?" Mrs. Duncan said. "Basically yes! That what they do. I help them out. They help me out. They need some help. I help them." I said. "I am not sure how you make money. Am I missing something?" she said. "I got this money from the school Nurse. Mrs. Brown gave it to me to invest. She asked if I knew someone that she could meet. I provided a service for her and then she gave me the money." I said. "Mrs. Brown! The school nurse gave you a thousand this morning before school. What did she have to do? How did she make that kinda of cash?" Mrs. Duncan said. "I am not sure what she did. Maybe I should not even tell you. Your not going to tell her about our conversation. Your not going to tell anyone about me or that I was here." I said. "No god damn it. I am not going to saying anything to anyone. I am just curious how a mild manor school nurse could make that much money." said Mrs. Duncan.

My eyes got bigger when I saw Mrs. Duncan move her hands down her hips stopping on her thighs. "So what or who did she have to meet to make that much money?" she said. "Mrs. Duncan this might not be for you. I mean the school nurse came to me about a month ago. She had her rumors that I could make her some money. I told her what she needed to do. Now she makes about five hundred a night or more. On the weekends she can double that. I even helped her friend get some money." I said. "Your telling me that she makes that much money all the time. She makes more on the weekends. Just doesn't make much as the school nurse. Please tell me what she does. Buck I need some cash. I'll do anything! I mean anything. I am so desperate for money. Just tell me already. It would be like we never had this conversation." she said. I looked at her and smiled. I heard the magic words. "I will do anything." Its usually said when the hot older married wife needs me to help.

"Ok! Its very simple. I work out all the time with different guys around town. I am also friends with older guys at the country club. They need a date or need a massage after along day. They call me and ask if I know anybody that could help them. I call a few ladies who work for me. They show up and provide a service. Then they give me anywhere form a half or more. Plus the guys at the club give me some cash." I said. Mrs. Duncan mouth dropped wide open. She was speechless for the first time. She did not look mad or upset but she looked like she had seen a ghost. "Are you Ok? Mrs. Duncan!" I said. "I just can't believe this. I can't believe I let you into my house. Are you crazy? I do what??" she said.

I was just then nervous. I looked at her. She was about 4 feet from me. "Who would want to be on a date with me? I am so not beautiful. Plus I give terrible massages. My husband falls asleep any time I touch him. I mean look at me. I am not very good looking. I am so big." she said. "I think your wrong Mrs. Duncan. The first time I saw you must mouth dropped open. I would not have come over to see if you were OK, if I did not think you were cute. You turn heads all the time at school. I know some people are jealous of how you look in a dress. Mrs. Duncan you are very sexy. Guys love bodacious women. You would even make more money then Mrs. Brown or the other girls. I don't have anybody like you. I get request all the time for hot sexy bigger women." I said. "No! Your just saying that. My husband says I am ugly. He puts me down all the time. I wear the big sweaters and baggy clothes to hide my body. I wear those big suits at school to cover up. I don't even like to wear heels. They make my feet too big." Mrs. Duncan said.

"Listen. You boss at the deli. He pinched your butt. He must like you. I secretly check you out all the time in class. You have to trust me. I mean you can have your own hours. You can makes lots of money. You deal with them. You can call me, I will be right over. I will even drive you on the dates or help out. Would you not want lots of money for doing so little. I mean, most of the time you just take them out on a date nothing else. They will take you shopping and buy things for you. Just last week Mrs. Brown got a new car from one of her clients. Its a win-win for everybody. No one at the school has to know. Your husband does not have to know. You have some free time. Would you not like more. Plus you may be able to quit teaching at the school in a few weeks. I know you do a great job." I said. "Your just playing with me. No one finds me cute or sexy anymore. I know what the kids say about me at school. I know what the teachers say about my old clothes." Mrs. Duncan said. "Would you not like to prove them wrong. I can help." I said.

I had the hook in her. It was now time to reel her in all the way. "Listen I am sorry I wasted your time. Maybe your right you would not be good at this. I mean anyone can do it. I have to meet another friend of Mrs. Brown tonight. Maybe she will be interested in it. I only have room for one more girl. Then I will close my books. I will definitely have enough money coming in at that point." I said. She closed her eyes then her mouth opened again. "Ok! Ok! I will do this young man. I am so desperate for money. I told you I would do anything. Can you explain how Mrs. Brown made a thousand last night." Mrs. Duncan said as she crossed her arms under her huge breast.

"Ok! Mrs. Brown went on a date with the gentleman who bought her the car last week. Then she took him to a motel outside of town. Then she gave him some options of what she would. She told him how much everything was going to cost. She got naked and had sex with him. He took the whole package and she handed me half of what he gave her this morning. She had a big smile on her face." I said. "Wow! I never would have guessed it. I mean she is so tiny compared to me. Your saying I could earn more than her. Just I never let anyone see me naked besides my husband. I never even been with another man. I just don't know if I could do that." Mrs. Duncan said. "You let me know how far you would go. Than I tell the guy. Most would be OK with just a date. But you would earn less. Of course if they saw you naked or had sex with you. You could make allot. Even after a few dates you could stop. Maybe even after one. I mean most girls just get in than out. (I lied. The money so good, I can't get rid of the women.)" I said.

"How about we role play. I'll be your date. I will walk you through it. Just stand there. I will go outside and knock on your door." I said. I walked outside and shut the door behind me. A second later I knocked on the door. I few seconds later Mrs. Duncan opened the door. "Hi! You must me Sandy. I am here to pick you up for our date. Can I come inside?" I said. She was really nervous but so sexy. "Please come inside. Buck has told me so much about you. Where are we going on our date?" she said. "I thought me might order in. I would love nothing more than a home cook meal." I said. "Hmmm that sounds nice." she said. I nodded my head and smiled. We made conversation for a few minutes. She was really falling for the whole story. I could see she was getting more comfortable. Less nervous.

Mrs. Duncan turned to walk in the living room. I followed her as I checked out her ass moving under her short mini skirt. "Your doing great Sandy. Now if I was on a date with you. Then next thing I would do is take out some money. Maybe put some on the kitchen table. Like this. There $100 for you." I said. She smiled as the 100 dollar bill sat on the edge of the table. "What would I do next?" she said. "You turn around and put your hands around my neck. Maybe give me a kiss on the cheek and thank me." I said. Mrs. Duncan turned and put her arms around my neck. I leaned down to have her kiss me on the right cheek. Her large breast pressed against my school football jersey. They and her were very nice. Her perfume was amazing and so was her kiss. Her lips were so wet. I could tell she was liking what I was doing to her.

"Now maybe bite your finger. Yes! On the tips of your long finger nails. Then say something like this. Would you like me to more sweetie?" I said. "Mmmm Ok! Would you like me to do more sweetie?" she said. "I would like that. You kiss so good. Maybe one little kiss on my lips. Then I reach in for another $100. Compliment me about my apperance after you see the money. Now if I don't reach in for more money then you just blink your eyes and puff out your lips." I said. "Ok! You have such strong hands Buck." she said. She moved her lips back to meet mine. She was a great kisser and made me loose my train of thought. I opened my mouth catching her tongue slide right in. We kissed passionately for a few minutes before she broke the kiss. "That was nice. Your a very great kisser Mrs. Duncan. That was really nice." I said. "Thanks! Your the first man other than my husband to kiss me." she said.

"Now you would ask me if there is anything else I would like. Remember big money. You've seen how much I have. Its your job to get it all from me." I said. "Is there anything else you would like?" Mrs. Duncan said. "There is. I talked to Buck about what I could do and what I can't do. So let me show you what I like for you to do. I am just going to put this all here and we can talk after wards." I said. "Oh you did talk to him. He told you I would...wait Buck what is I would tell you my does and don't?" she said. "It's Ok I know. Here what I like." I said. I moved my hand down the front of my football jersey. I pulled it over my head and through it on the floor. Mrs. Duncan watched as I took of my black t-shirt. I flexed my abs and muscles as she looked at my young body. I saw here get eyes get big as she checked me out. I looked at her as she moved closer in front of me. She was now a few inches from. She touched my abs with her left hand. I breathed in as her small hand moved on my skin.

I looked into her eyes. She was breathing quicker. Without telling her what to do she started to unbuckle my leather belt. She then got on her knees in front of me. She leaned up as I moved her hands on my jeans. She moved her nails down the front of my jeans stopping near my cock. I then felt my zipper began to do down. I looked at her small right hand unzip my fly. She smiled as she ran her hands around my ass inside my jeans. "I have only done this once on my honey moon. I never done anything like this since. My husband like to roll over on me than roll back." Mrs. Duncan said. I then felt her hands pull down my jeans around my ankles. I kicked off my shoes than she pulled me jeans onto the floor. She looked up as I only had on a small pair of black Calvin Klein. She put her hand on my naked thigh. She traced her finger tip around my underwear before she gasped.

"I just can't do this. I mean Buck! I'm not sure." she said. I moved her head around my waist so she could see the money on the table. I felt her hand drop on my cock. My cock was hard inside the thin black material. I then felt her tug down my underwear. My sock sprang out hitting her in the chin. "Oh my god. Buck how big is that. Your huge. I mean like I thought my husband was big. His is a third of you." she said. "Almost Ten! (9 3/4inches)" I said. There was a drop of precum on the tip as she moved her lips to the front of my cock. I then felt her soft tongue on the tip of my cock sucking it off. I then looked down to see her red lips open to take more of my cock inside it. "Go slow! It's ok! Your doing great." I said. Mrs. Duncan got half my cock in her wet mouth. Some drool was going down the shaft and falling on her carpet in her living room.

I grabbed her hands and put them on my naked balls. The other hand went on my hard ass. She squeezed both and sucked my cock some more. I reached down to pull her red top over her head. I watched as the name tag for the deli fell on my jeans. I then felt her large breast push on my lower leg. She was wearing a very tight red bra as she sucked my cock. I grabbed her head forcing more of my cock in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. I then rammed it back in forcing her to spit me out again. Her eyes got big as I fucked her mouth. She had both her hands on my hips and ass forcing more of my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was wide open as her lipstick smeared on my shaft. I move my hips forward causing my big balls to hit her chin. She gasped and spit out my cock. I was dripping on the carpet.

I helped her to her feet. I then started to hug her as I ran my hands down her back. She gave me a big kiss as I fondled her breast under the thin red bra. I grabbed her ass forcing my cock to move on her stomach and smooth skin. I reached down to unclasp her bra. "My husband hates them. He says there to big." Mrs. Duncan said. "I don't like them either....I LOVE them" I said. I brought both her big breast to my face as I sucked her big erect nipples. She moaned in my ear. I started to slap her breast and mash them in my hands. "I know what you like baby. Give me some of these big breast. Let me suck them harder. Yes! Yes! I love your big boobs." I yelled at her. She smiled and dropped her hands to her hips. I fed her breast all over my mouth and lips. I licked one side than down the other. I licked them under, than up on top. She wiggled her body in my arms as I sucked her breast.

I walked over to the kitchen table. I pulled out a wooden chair with a high back. I had her get on her knees and look over the chair at the money. "Do you like this? I mean you made so much money already. Do you want to make some more Mrs. Duncan." I said. "Yes! Use me young man." she moaned. I moved on her left side. I fondled her hanging breast under her chest. I then unzipped her mini skirt. I pulled it down over her wide hips. Then down her curvy legs. I pulled it over her high heels onto the floor. She had some big white granny panties on. I smiled as I put my hand near her pussy. I felt the thin material was all wet. I could smell her sex in front of me. I walked toward the rear of her. I pulled her panties over her hips. Down her legs to the floor.

"Should I take off my heels Buck?" She moaned. "No leaves those on. I love your heels and your feet baby." I said. I spit on my right hand then rubbed the saliva on my cock making it nice and wet. I then moved behind her putting my hands on her lower back. "Wait! Stop! Buck! You just the second man ever to do this to me." she said. "I'll be gentle sexy. Pick up your head. Look over the chair." I said. I looked down as she looked at the wad of money on the table. I moved my hips forward as my cock was at her tight entrance. I looked down. I knew she be tight but not this tight. I moaned loud. She screamed as I got an inch inside her. Her pussy forced me out. She then moved back taking my cock back in. We did this four or fives time before I got two inches inside her tight pussy. I picked up the rhythm as I grabbed her hips pulling her farther on my cock. She screamed and I moaned. I felt her first orgasm from my cock. I slipped out and looked at her big ass. I stuck it back in and moved forward with my hands on her shoulders.

"Faster! Faster! Faster! Fuck me! Fuck me with that monster!" she said. "Tell me to go deeper. Deeper Buck! Tell me Mrs. Duncan you love my cock. Tell me." I screamed. "Yes! yes! Go deeper! Fuck me. Fuck me deeper. Go deeper young man. Fuck me harder. God I love your cock. Your making me orgasm again! Yes!!" she moaned. I kept fucking her harder and harder. After 10 minutes I flipped her on her back on the chair. She put her hand over her head. She grabbed the back of the chair holding on as I fucked her body underneath me. I put my hands on her stomach and rammed my cock in and out. I put her left nipple in my mouth as I fucked her faster. I could not last much longer. With that I pulled out and laid my cock on her stomach. A second later big white spurts left the tip of my cock. She was covered in goo as she looked down at my cock. I shot a few spurts on her left breast as she tried to catch her breath.

I picked her up of the chair and took her to the master bedroom. I went to get a towel to clean her off. I then rinsed my cock in the sink as she watched from her bed. I walked back in nice and hard again. I smiled and her eyes got big when my cock was hard next to her face. I rolled her over on my body as I sucked her pussy and she sucked my wet cock. "Oh god your the first person to eat my pussy. YES! YES! Don't stop! Don't stop!" she moaned. I forced her head down as my cock was buried in her throat. She kept sucking as I ate her pussy some. I rolled her off of me and spread her legs. I got behind her as she laid on her side. I grabbed her breast as I fucked her tight pussy again. We kept fucking in her bed as the sheets fell on the floor. I had her sit on my cock as I fondled her breast. We switched so I could see her pussy and her big ass grind on my cock. I finally exploded deep inside her as she orgasm again. She fell in my arms as we took a nap.

"Knock! Knock!" The door opened. "You must be Buck! The young man from school who getting Tudor by my wife. She will be down in a minute. Who is this?" Mr. Duncan said. "Nice to meet you. This is school nurse Mrs. Brown. She has to give the annual physicals to the new teachers at the school. I gave her a lift." I said "Sandy!! Buck is here. I am going to the bar. I will see you later!" he yelled. I turned to watch him walk down the road. I saw Mrs. Duncan walk down her stairs wearing a red silk bathrobe. "Great your here early again. I have been thinking about you all day since I saw you in class this morning. You know what those tight jeans to me." Mrs. Duncan said as she dropped her robe. She forgot to put clothes on again. These Tudor session are going great. "Mrs. Duncan I have some one who like to meet you. Nurse Brown in." I said. Both girls had talked about wanting a girl for there first time. I was only happy to set them up. I love playing doctor with them.

It turns out Mrs. Duncan not quite ready to meet guys on dates but she is happy to Tudor me in English. It turns out my grades have been slipping. Plus she making more money tutoring me than she ever could make on her own. She going to help me get my grades up in school. She also helping recruit some new teachers from school. They just hired a new principle. She looks great in a tight sweater. I am happy to know there are a few teachers at school who like to make some cash after class.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Out in the Country - An Adult Story

I have to travel on business sometimes. I make sales calls out of my truck. I sometimes have to travel around Maryland or West Virgina on service calls. I usually only go at the last minute or if I can't find someone in that area. Last week was one of those times. I could not find anyone who wanted to go across the state and help a client. So I had to go. I left my house real early to beat traffic on the roads around Baltimore. I had to travel out towards Hagerstown MD. I was going out into the middle of the country. I got off the main road. I was on a back country road for close to an hour before I saw civilization.

It was close to 10am when I finally found the office park. It took me about 2 hours to fix the computer problem. Most of it was rebooting the main frame. Adding some memory and cleaning up some computers. The client was real happy. I left around noon to catch some lunch. About an hour later after eating some Chinese I got back on the road. I wanted to get home before it got dark. I was hoping not to catch traffic leaving kinda of early. Traffic a real bitch near my house. I turned off the radio and tried to relax. I was day dreaming while going down this two lane road. My mind raced to thoughts of sex. It had been awhile since I got some. It been 3 days since I masturbated last. I was at the movies the other day. I saw this hot girl in line. I went into the bathroom at the movie theater and dropped my pants. Maybe I should not tell my secrets. You might see me and follow me into the bathroom.

I was thinking about that girl when I looked up to see the speed limit go down to 35mph. I looked around. I then looked at my crotch. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. I was thinking about this hot girl at the movie theater. Now I was really getting horny. I had the rest of the day off. I did not have to get back to work until tomorrow. I had nothing going on later. I was just going to watch a movie on TV and maybe log onto the computer. I dropped my hand down to the front of my jeans. I had on some tight blue jeans. I had on a black polo shirt. My name tag over my right pocket. I had on some white tennis shoes. No socks. I had on some white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They rode down half way on my muscular thighs. I like women who are voluptuous and thick. I saw this girl in the concession line eating some pop corn. She drove me wild. I left my Coke on the counter and headed for the bathroom.

I was now looking around for a place to pull over. I did not feel comfortable pulling over on the side of the road. I wanted to get off the two lane road. There were no rest stops or any kinda of parking along the way leading back to Hagerstown. I slowed down some more when I crested a small hill. I looked down the road. Over to my left was small house. It was set back about half mile from the road. There was a a dirt road that lead to the house. I saw a garage next to the house. I decided to pull in. I was going to go down the dirt road. I did not see anybody. I figured I would be able to hear anyone coming up to my truck.

I put my truck into park. I had a big black leather bench seat in the front. I had an extended cab. There was some space in the back. I put my tools, and a bag in the back behind the bench seat. I have a big black truck. There a step on either side and a hand bar to pull yourself up into the front seat. Being 6ft 3 inches I sometimes have to use the step to get in. I looked out the front window. Then out the tinted side windows. I did not see anybody. I rolled down the window halfway. I did not hear anybody. I had a direct view of the front door of the house. It was a nice big white house with a green roof. I did not see any cars or people around. There was a big porch that wrapped around the house. There were a few rocking chairs on the porch facing the road. I looked one more time in the back yard. Still no one. I eased the seat back a little. I rubbed the front of my jeans.

I started to think more about the girl at the movies. My cock was really aching. I pulled down the zipper on my jeans. I pulled my polo shirt above my abs and stomach. I still had some tan lines from summer. I unbuckled my seat belt. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I felt my cock spring up and hit me belly button. I looked down when I grabbed the base with my hand. I had shaved around my cock making it nice and smooth, the other night before I went out. I had a small patch of hair above my cock as I scratched my big balls. All 9 3/4 inches felt great in my hand. I jacked my cock a few strokes looking down at it. I reached up to turn on the air. I rolled my window back up as I played with myself. I shut my eyes. Mmmm my cock felt great as I stroked it some more....

"Wham! Wham!" I heard a 2 doors slam. I looked up to see a woman walk across her front porch. I saw her big front door and screen door had shut behind her. My mouth dropped open as I followed her. She was in her late twenties about 5ft 4 with red hair. She was wearing a white shirt the was pulled tight over her large breast and stomach. She looked like she was pregnant as she walked in her little white shoes. She had on some white sweat pants. The string was loose on the front of her sweat pants. She pulled down the front of her sweat pants to free her stomach. She had the legs pulled up on her sweat pants showing off her curvy legs and thick thighs. She put her two small hands on her wide hips and looked at the truck. I was caught off guard. Was she going to walk over to the truck next. What would I do. She was to close now to pull my jeans back up. I figured she could not see in the cab of the truck. She was not that tall.

She walked over to the side of the truck. She motion for me to roll down my window. I took my hand of my cock and rolled down my window. I looked down. "Hi!" I said. "Hi! Are you lost? Do you need some directions?" she said. "No! I had to pull over for a second to take a call. I hope you don't mind. I don't like to drive and talk on my cell." I said. "Oh! Smart thinking. It's just I don't get many people out here. Most use my driveway to turn around in. Are you Ok? You look a little flushed." she said. "No! I am good. Just you startled me. I did not see anybody around. Looks like the place was empty that's all." I said. "My car in the shop. I am home alone the next few weeks until I deliver. Took some time off for maternity leave." she said.

After a few minutes. "Congrats on having a baby. I am sure you and your husband must be proud." I said. She lost her smile for a second. "We'll I had a boyfriend. But he got mad I was going to keep the baby. He skipped town. I have not seen him or his family since I got pregnant." she said. "That to bad. I am sorry to hear that. I am sure you will make a great Mom." I said. She smiled. "I will let you get back to your call." she said. She turned to walk away. "My name Buck. It was nice to meet you." I said. "My name Laura S. Nice to meet you Buck." she giggled as she walked back to her house.

I looked at her big ass shake under the white material. I watched as she went inside and shut her front door again. I looked down to see my cock was still hard. I had forgot about the girl at the movies. I was now thinking about Laura. My cock was aching thinking of what I like to do to her. I have a small fetish for pregnant girls. I just like the way there breast feel, there stomachs and how hot there skin is to touch. I was sure Laura would feel nice. I stayed in the truck for another 10 minutes before I saw Laura come down the side of her house. She had a big water hose in her hand. She started to water her flowers in her front lawn. I followed her with my blue eyes. I put my hand around the base of my cock. I started to stroke my cock very slow. I felt the tip get wet as I pulled on the shaft and squeezed the tip at the end. I was running my fingers to the edge then down to the base. I used my free hand to play with my balls. I could here the water from the hose. I still had the window rolled down next to me. It was down half way again.

Laura got on her knees to pull out some weeds in the grass. My heart skipped a beat. My cock twitched in my hand. My breathing had increased. I could still hear the water. A few seconds later I felt my truck move.

"OH MY GOD. What are you doing Buck? Put that a way. Put your big cock away. Stop that. Are you some kinda of pervert? Do you drive all over the place and pull your cock out and play with it. Stop! Stop! Serious! You can stop playing with that big cock." Laura yelled. The gig was up. I had a good run. I figured she saw me. Why stop. I guess if she went back inside, she could call the police. She did not move. She was still looking at my cock in my hand. So I kept playing myself. "Stop! I can't believe this. Your such a fine looking young man. Don't you a have a girl friend for this. I mean your a cute guy. You don't have to do that. Buck! GOD!!! Serious please stop for a second." she said. I kept stroking my cock. I opened my eyes to see her looking through the window. Her sexy green eyes got bigger when I let go of my cock and it was still hard. I moved my stomach muscles and hard abs a few times. I looked at her again. She was still watching.

I rolled down the rest of the window. Laura moved her head to fit more inside the truck. I shifted my ass on the leather bench seat. My ass moved across the warm leather. I looked at her again. I grabbed my cock with my left hand. I hit the steering wheel my cock. It rested near the horn. Her mouth dropped open when I moved it up and down at her. I saw her left hand come up to the window. She rested her hand on the opening to the window. I then let go of my cock. It hit the steering wheel again. I could smell her perfume as she licked her pink lips.

"I can't believe this. You such a pervert for doing this in front of my house. But I can't stop looking at your cock....You making me loose my train of thought. Can you pull up your jeans now. I mean I am so mad at you. Is this your first time doing this kind of thing?" Laura said. I smiled. I started to jack my cock again. "Your going to slow. I mean you want to get this over with right? Pull it faster. Rub your balls more. It's been close to 7 1/2 months. The next cock I see is twice the size of my ex-boy friend cock and that was like 2 minutes long and then he got off me. Now your playing with your cock in my driveway. I just can't fucking believe this. You need to go faster. Are you slowing down young man. Are you doing this on purpose. Faster! Faster!" she said. I just smiled. I was not even close to cumming. I could do this for a long time if I wanted. She was messing up my concentration but I was definitely turned on by her.

I went slow on purpose. "Buck, What would make this go faster. I mean I can't have you in my driveway all day. What if someone comes over and they see you. You need to go faster. Your going to slow." she said. "I am not sure what you can do. I am so turned on right now. Its been awhile for me. This could go on for some time." I said. I grunted and moaned. She could not keep her eyes off my big cock in my hand. I let go and started to rub my balls with my right hand. I was pulling on them and running my long fingers over them. "Let me show you. You will be here all day at this rate." Laura said. I watched as her left hand entered the cab of the truck. She landed right on my cock with her fingers. She grabbed the base of my cock and started to jack my cock. She went slow at the beginning and then picked up the pace. She was really jacking my cock very hard. After a few minutes she let go.

I heard the door open as she stepped down onto the dirt in the driveway. I moved toward the opening of the driver side door. She moved back away from the open door. She then moved around and was standing looking up at my cock. I was now sitting on the edge of my seat with my legs out the door. My jeans and underwear still around my ankles. Laura watched as I stroked my cock again with my free hand. "Here let me get that again. Damn your cock is hard. You have such a big vein running down the middle. Your fucking balls are huge. They must weigh a pound a piece. MMMMmmm how do you know about shaving you dirty young man." Laura said. She grabbed my jeans and pulled them off onto the ground. Then my underwear fell off onto my jeans. I felt the truck move as she got closer to inside my legs. I looked down to see her smile. My cock was inches form her face as he stroked it with both of her hands toward her wet pink lips.

"My previous boyfriend would have cum by now. Buck! You such a pervert with this big cock. Damn. I let go and your balls move to the beat." she moaned. I moved my left hand down touching the top of her red hair. She looked at me, then back at my cock. "I know what you want. I am not that type of girl. I never done that before. Be gentle." she said. I moved her head forward toward my cock. She put out her tongue. I felt it lick the tip of my cock. She swirled my pre-cum in her mouth. She then started to suck my cock. I eased her mouth more on my cock. She was sucking my cock. She put her right hand on my thigh. Her left hand was feeling my big balls. She used her long pink nails to play with my naked balls. I moved my right hand down to touch the top of her white shirt. I pulled her shirt forward off her neck. Her breast were big and my hand went inside her shirt. She moaned as she sucked my cock. I looked around to make sure we were still alone in the driveway.

For her first time she seemed to really enjoy sucking cock. I watched as she open her eyes to see me admiring her. "Step up. I need to see more of you." I said. Laura let go of my cock from her mouth. She stepped up on the metal step and up into the truck. I pulled her white shirt over her head. She had a great big white bra that was moist from her breast milk. I licked my lips as I reached around her huge bra. I pulled in close to release the large clasps freeing her large breast. She moaned as I slowly peeled her bra off. I put the bra behind me on the bench seat. I then grabbed her large breast in my hands. They were very warm from the heat of her skin and the sun. She followed my lips to her nipples. They were both hard as I licked her left nipple. I then began to lift and fondle each breast. There was a small white droplet from her right nipple. I licked that next and got the sweet taste of her breast milk. "That feels so good. Lick my milk baby. Suck my nipples." she yelled. I looked up to see her eyes closed.

I moved her breast around my cock. She opened her eyes to see my cock nestled in between her cleavage. "What are you doing. Are you going to fuck my breast. Oh My God that feels nice. Your cock is so hard. Its so warm inside my breasts." Laura yelled. I pulled on her nipples as I spit inside her cleavage to wet my cock. I was fucking her big milk bags as she moaned. She put her hands on my hips to steady herself. I looked down to see her mouth try to lick my cock when it broke free from her massive cleavage. I was really enjoying fucking her tits. She was leaking on my front seat as I kept fucking her breast. "Your suck a pervert. Now you fucking my breast in your truck. In my driveway. Are you going to cum. Good that feels so good. Your such a nasty young man." Laura said.

I was now close to cumming after 15 minutes of fucking her warm breast. I moved my ass forward and pinched her nipples. Her whole body shook. I could smell her first orgasm inside her panties. I looked at her. "I know that face. Cum on baby. Let me see that big load. Blast me with your big load. I know those big balls are full." she said. Her mouth fell open as my cock began to spurt. The first huge spurt hit inside her tits. Her breast were than covered my the next few spurts. I released her breast as she stuck my cock in her mouth. She began to clean me off. She scooped up my load on her fingers from her beast. She licked her fingers as she looked into my eyes. I was getting turned on again. I looked at her and smiled. "Damn Buck that was huge. I never felt that or seen that before honey. She coated my breast. Fuck that was great." Laura said.

Laura stepped back onto the ground. She walked over to the garden hose on the grass. She washed her breast off then looked at me. I was hard again watching her. She drank some of the water. She then walked back toward the back of my truck. I got out of my truck. I pulled my polo short over my head. I threw that on the ground. I then walked back to the rear of the truck. Laura was trying to pull her sweat pants down over her wide hips. I grabbed her sweat pants, she grabbed the back of my tailgate. I pulled her sweat pants down to her ankles. I then dropped on my knees and started to kiss her fat ass. She moaned as I wet my left index finger and ran it between her thick thighs. I could hear her moan as she arched her back and stuck hr ass in my face. "Its been so long since anyone done that Buck." she whispered. I inserted the tip of my finger inside her hot pussy. There was a soft suction sound as I went farther inside her.

I pulled out my finger after I got passed my knuckle. Her knees buckled as she held onto to the rear of my truck. I began to kiss her ass. I then started to lick the inside of her thighs. I then started to suck the outside of her pussy mound. I inserted my tongue inside her wet pussy. She was dripping as she screamed. My knees were on the dirt gravel driveway as I ate her pussy. I inserted one finger inside her as I started to kiss the inside of her ass. She pushed her ass in my mouth as I fingered and sucked her. After a few minutes she started to drip out of her pussy. My finger was overwhelmed again with her wetness. I started to suck her dry as I reached up to play with her hanging breast. She squirted some milk on the tail gate. I let go and moved back. I stood up and reached around her to pull down the tailgate.

I pulled her sweats and wet panties off. I threw them in the back of the truck. I picked her up and placed her on the black metal tailgate. She moved her legs up as I looked down. Her pussy was in perfect line with my cock. I smacked her thighs with my cock. I then leaned down to suck her pussy some more. She was very juicy and I loved the way she tasted. She grabbed her breast and played with her big nipples. She was running more milk on her breast as she reached for the back of my neck. She pulled my mouth in tight on her pussy as she orgasm again then fell quite. She tapped on my hair. I looked up to see her eyes glazed over. "Fuck me! Fuck me now. I need to feel that big cock. Please! Please fuck me young man." Laura yelled. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. I slapped the top of her pussy as I ran my hands on her thighs and stomach.

I gently rubbed my cock on the outside of her pussy mound. I could feel her pussy lips open as I slowly inserted the tip of my cock. Like a missile finding its target, she began to moan louder. I had half of my cock inside her before she took a breath. Her stomach contracted, her pussy relaxed. I moved forward with my hips as she scream underneath me. I grabbed her big legs and pulled her tight on my cock. Her pussy was rubbing my skin as I fucked her faster. I looked down to see her mouth was open and her eyes closed. I reached up with my hands to grab her breast from her hands. She put her hands to the side. She was laying half on the tailgate and the rest on the rubber mat on the bed of the truck. I looked up at the back window of my truck. Laura moaned again. "Yes! Yes! Oh God yes!! Your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder. Fuck me baby. Buck wait. Can we move. My back!" she said.

I stopped and got off of Laura. She moved so she was lying all the way inside the bed of the truck. I crawled between her legs. I inserted my cock back inside her. She looked up into my eyes. I started to fuck her faster. She moaned and moved underneath me. I was enjoying her as she screamed again. I started to suck her breast again. She was leaking in my mouth as I pushed both her breast together. After 10 minutes we switched positions again. This time I was sitting down with my back against the truck cab. My back window was above my head. She squatted down putting her wet pussy back on my cock. She started to fuck me as I played with her breast. I could feel her thighs slam against my legs as her breast hit my face. I looked up to see her smile. I then felt her orgasm on my cock. She slowed down almost stopping. I grabbed her hips ramming my cock in her. She was loving that as she kept cumming on my cock. I sucked her right nipple so hard it turned purple and erupted milk out of the sides of my mouth. I was drowning for a second. I smiled as she got off my cock and looked down.

She walked over to the tailgate of the truck. She laid on her side looking back at me. I gently crawled over to her. I stuck my cock in her tight pussy from behind. I leaned up with my head above her tits looking down. I then pushed her breast together sticking her left breast in her mouth. She was milking herself now as I fucked her very hard. She was leaking on the rubber mat and out the side of her mouth. I could not last much longer. I kept fucking her. "Buck! Cum inside. It's ok.....Yes! Yes!" she yelled. I pulled all the way out....then rammed my cock all the way back inside and stopped. I started to cum deep inside her as she moaned. She put her finger on her labia and rubbed herself. My cock was still inside her as she got herself off with her fingers. I felt her pussy contract, my cum, and her wetness as we leaked onto the back of my truck. After ten minutes my cock finally fell out of her soaked pussy into the sun light.

I followed Laura inside her house. She grabbed some towels. I walked with her down to a small pond behind her house. I spent the rest of the day fucking her in the pond, and back in her house. I even watched her use a breast pump when my mouth was to tired. The next day she walked me to my truck and gave me a big kiss. She waved to me as I backed up mt truck. "Buck! Thanks honey. I hope to see you real soon. Muah!!!!" she through me a kiss. I looked down my cock was stirring in my jeans. I looked out the front window. Laura held up my Calvin Klein underwear. I reached down on my bench seat. I pulled up her huge white bra. The front was still wet. She smiled as I put the truck in drive. I had to hurry to work. I need to help myself in my bathroom before my next appointment. I was hoping it was back in the country.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Singles Night at the Holiday Inn - An Adult Story

It was late Friday. I was just getting out of work heading home. I wanted to take off the suite and tie before I went out for the night. I quickly took a shower and shaved. I got a haircut during my lunch. I even had time to get my nails done while I was waiting. I came down stairs in my house. I had put on some cologne and checked myself in the mirror. I had on a pair of dark blue jeans. I put on some dark blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I moved my cock down my right inner thigh. A black shirt that was one size to small. It hugged my athletic frame. I put on a black leather belt, some black socks, a new pair of black leather shoes. I put on a new gold necklace that hung just below my neck. I checked the weather outside. It was cool. I brought my black leather motor cycle jacket just in case. I left it in the SUV.

I headed out. It was close to 10pm. I pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot. It was about 30 minutes from my house. It was singles night in the bar. I had worked at the hotel in the past. I help set up the computer system they use. They still call me once in awhile for help. I used to work nights when I helped installed the computer system. The first thing I found out was the bar was always packed for singles night on Friday night. First I thought only singles went on Friday to the bar. It turned out there was always a few married people in the mix. Most were either separated or a few were cheating on there spouses. More men than women I imagined.

But there was always a few women who were brought by there husbands. It seems there husbands had fantasies about seeing there wives picked up my single guys. I used to shake my head when the guys at the front desk would point them out. The wives were dropped off by there husbands. They were usually older but sometime younger. They were always dressed up. Very high heels, lots of makeup and very short dresses. Then there husbands would come to the bar later and watch there wife in action. Most would dance with different guys. A few would back out and a few would get a room for about an hour. I was always kinda of intrigued and curious to watch. I never thought I would have an impulse to actually go back to the hotel and see if a could find one of these women. But here I was shutting off my SUV in the far end of the parking lot.

I could see the bouncer outside the door to the bar. I checked my watch. I looked down to see my cock twitch in my jeans. I'll admit I was pretty horny sitting in my SUV. It had been a few seeks since I had sex. It had been a few days since I got so horny online that I spanked one out at work in my office. If my leather couch could talk. It helps to have my own office. My secretary giggles when I locked the door and tell her to hold my calls. I looked out the window. I wanted to wait a few more minutes before going in. I was hoping to spot a car with a couple in it. Maybe just getting there. Then I could maybe see what the husband or boy friend looked like before I got to the bar. Plus the women had to be a bigger woman than most. I prefer the bodacious woman. The sexy and cute BBW. I got addicted to them from my big butt neighbor. She consoled me after my break up last year. She had a appetite of sex 24/7. I'm just sorry she had to move to Florida.

I took my hand off the steering wheel. I checked my watch again. I saw some lights from a car pass the front of my SUV. I saw a woman get dropped off by some of her girl friends. Then the car parked and the other girls got out. I waited a few more minutes to see a few more cars park. I was having no luck. I was just about ready to go in and have a drink. I turned my head to see a car pass in front of me. I saw a blonde woman sitting in the back seat. I saw the driver was an older guy. He had dark black hair. He was dressed in a grey suit and tie. He parked the car about two spots behind where I was parked. I moved to the back seat to see them in there car.

They talked for about 20 minutes before she got out. She looked very nervous. She was about 5ft 7 with long curly blonde hair just passed her shoulders. She was wearing a very small animal print cocktail dress. The dress was pulled tight over her large breast and just under her large ass. She looked like an old pin up model from the fifties and sixties. She was maybe in her forties but she looked amazing. She had 4inch black pumps on her feet. She had some black fishnets that were pulled tight on her long curvy legs. I was sure they were held up by some large garters around her thick thighs. My mouth dropped open. My next immediate thought was to get into the bar before she got there. I was worried that some other guy would scoop her up. She was bending over talking to the guy in the driver side seat.

I quickly got out of SUV. I walked up to the bar. The two bouncers let me right in. I walked over to the bar to get a drink. I just turned when the bartender handed me a drink. She said it was from a girl at the end of the bar. I looked down to see a girl who was not my type. I turned to give the drink to this guy sitting to my right. I pointed to the girl. He smiled and went down to see her. I sat down in his bar stool to look for the woman from the parking lot. I got a beer while I waited for her. It was another 10 minutes before she came in. I watched as she walked to the corner of the bar. She found a small table with one bar stool in front of it. I sipped my beer.

There was maybe 100 people in the bar. I did not see anyone I knew. Which was a good thing. I sat there thinking of what I do next. I watched as the woman got herself a rum and coke. I watched two guys go up to her. Both times they left with no more than a smile from her. Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe she was waiting for the guy in the car with her. Twenty minutes later I saw the guy walk right in front of me. He got himself a drink. He actually put his arm in front of my face to get his beer. He then sat down at a table near me. He looked around spotting the woman. He pushed his beer at the edge of the table. He then reached into his sports coat and pulled out his cell phone. He pushed a button. A split second later I saw the girl open her purse. She pulled out her cell phone. I got up of my bar stool. I stood behind him. He was telling her to relax. "Haley! You know what we talked about. It's you duty. Do your duty for me. The next guy to approach you. I want you to say no! I will tell you when its time to say "Yes!"...Do you duty." he said.

I moved back to my bar stool. I was not sure what to do next. I had to keep watching. A few minutes later a guy approached the woman. He got a smile and walked away from her. This went on for some time. After about an hour I saw the man go to the bathroom. I waited for him to return. Just like before I got up and walked behind him. He picked up his phone. "OK! Haley are you ready. I know your nervous. You must do your duty for me. Not this guy but the next guy comes up to you. I want you to smile and have him sit next to you. This pleases me so much. Your making your husband very proud. Do your duty." he said. I walked back to my bar stool. I smiled at the bartender. I got two Rum and Cokes and gave her a tip.

I walked around the bar. I walked so the guy could not see me before I got to his wife. I had to wait for the next guy to talk to her. This took about 5 minutes. He got the brush off just like the others. It was now or never. I walked over and put the mix drinks on the table in front of her. She still looked very nervous. "Hi! How are you? I could not help notice you needed another drink." I said. "Ummm thank you. What is it?" she said. "You look like a Rum and Coke girl. Am I right?" I said with a big smile. "Yes! Most every guy who came over here tried to bring me a beer or wine. Your the first mix drink guy." she said with a smile. "Nice. My name Buck by the way." I said. She smiled. "My name H..HHHH...Haley." she said. She did not make up a fake name. I thought that was a good sign. "Nice to meet you Haley." I said. I sipped my drink as she picked up her cell phone.

She was talking as I checked her out. She had some small gold bracelets on her left wrist. She a big gold necklace, with a heart shaped pendant that rested between her lower cleavage. Her dress scooped along the front showing off her breathtaking tan breast. She was not wearing a bra. I was not sure about her wearing panties. I did not see and lines on her dress from any under garments. I could smell her sexy perfume as she talked on the phone. I was pretty sure it was her husband giving her instructions. I waited a few more seconds. I turned to see the dance floor was packed. I then looked at her and smiled. She hung up her phone. "Sorry about that. Work. My day never done. The boss still giving me my duties." she giggled. "Would you like to dance?" I said. "Umm sure. If you like to dance with an old lady. How old are you Buck?" she said. I knew she was much older. She was hotter than anybody at the bar. I just got up quick. I moved her bar stool back. I helped her off the bar stool.

She smiled as she held my elbow to the dance floor. She left her small animal print purse on the bar stool. She looked over at her husband. He smiled. I then started to dance with her. She moved very well. She was quite the good dancer. I did everything to keep up with her. She was shaking her ass very nice. A few guys and two girls turned there heads to watch her ass shake. I just got behind her and smiled. This went on for two more fast songs before they started to play a slow number. "You probably want to go back to the table now Buck?" Haley said. "No! I love to dance with you. Would you like to dance?" I said. She glanced over to her husband who smiled.

She grabbed my hands and put them around her sexy hips. She then put her arms around my neck. She leaned against me as I felt her breast rest on my upper abs. I could feel her erect nipples rub on my shirt. I looked down to see her move her head on my shoulder. She smelled great as I got a great view of her large cleavage. I moved my feet around hers as we slowly danced together. I whispered in her ear. "Your a very good dancer." She sighed and hugged me a little more. I looked around towards her husband who was watching us. He was sipping his beer as his eyes got big looking at me. I moved so I could feel her more on my body. My cock was half erect in my jeans. I slowly dropped my long arms around her hips. I now had my two big hands on the top of her ass. She did not move them so I gave her a small squeeze on each butt cheek. She rubbed her lower half on my jeans. I smiled when I heard her moan. Being 6ft 3 does have its advantages.

We danced one more slow song together. Her breathing had increased. So had her body against mine. I had almost dropped my hands complete on her big ass under her cocktail dress. She held my hand as we walked back to the table. "Wow Buck that was nice. I can't tell you the last time I got to dance with such a good dancer. You so nice and sweet. You have such strong hands." Haley said. I smiled as I ordered us another drink. I was a little hot from dancing with her. "Thanks for ordering us a drink. I will be right back. I need to powder my nose." Haley said. I helped her off her bar stool as she walked toward the ladies room. I spotted her husband who got up and walked over to her. I took a sip of my drink as I waited for her to return.

It was close to thirty minutes later when I saw her husband sit back at his table. I then felt Haley hand on my back. "Find everything OK?" I said. "Sure! I was hoping you still be here when I got back. MMmmm my drinks still cold." she said. We made some more small talk. It was close to midnight. The bar was still crowded as I looked around. I was still standing as Haley talked to me on the bar stool. She stopped her legs down and then looked into my eyes. My cock moved again in my jeans. "Buck! I don't bite you should move closer to me. I like your cologne." she said. I moved closer putting my hand on her back. I traced my finger all around her back. Her dress felt nice under my finger. She dropped her left hand to run her finger on my shirt. She touched my chest then brought the tip of her index finger to my chin. She smiled again when I made eye contact with her. It was hard not looking down at her big breast. It was really hard.

"You smell very nice. You look really good in this cocktail dress." I said. "Flattery will get you everywhere with me young man. Do you like my heels?" she moaned. "I do like them. I also love the fishnets. You look very nice tonight." I said. "Umm I like your shirt. Those jeans are very nice. Turn around. Ohhhh I like those jeans allot. I like the way they fit on you Buck." she said. I moved my hard ass a few times before I turned around. She had a big smile on her face. "Here hold my drink. I need to get down." Haley said. I put her drink on the table. I looked around to see everyone was walking, talking and not paying any attention to us. Haley grabbed her drink as she stood next to me. She took a big gulp then moved her hand down my chest. She left it on my belt as she moved her ass in front of me.

She backed her ass onto the tip of my jeans. She started to move it slow on the front of my jeans. I grabbed her hips with my two big hands and she moved. I was not sure she knew what she was doing to me. I could here the music and feel Haley lower body on mine. She moved my right hand off her hip and placed it on her ass. I gave it a small squeeze as I started to fondle her ass. She moved to give me better access. I dropped both hands on her ass as she moved in front of me. She looked great from behind. Her breast were pushing out the front of her dress. Her ass was moving in my hands. Her long blonde hair fell down her back as she arched to let me see her smile.

She turned quickly in front of me. She looked into my eyes. Her soft green eyes closed as she began to kiss my lips. I felt her mouth open as she darted her tongue in and out. Her soft wet lips were juicy on mine. She was a very good kisser. She moved her hands on my face as I bite her lower lip. "Mmmmm that was nice Buck. Your a very good kisser. I never been kissed liked that good before. MMMMmm" I was kissing her again. She broke off our kiss to look me up and down.

"Ring! Ring!" Her cell phone was going off in her purse. "Just a minute sweetie." she said to me. I then waited as she answered the phone. I watched as she talked on
her phone. I knew it had to be her husband. He must have liked what I was doing because she turned to look at me. Then she put her phone in her purse. "Buck! It's getting hot in here. Would you like to go some where else. I need to cool down." Haley said with a smile. I followed her out of the bar. She walked down the long hallway leading to the front desk. I peeked around to see the night audit guy. I did not know him. Haley went to the front desk while I waited off to the side. I saw her get a room. Then she picked up her phone. She then handed a second key to the night audit guy. I watched as she turned to look at me.

I then followed Haley to the elevators. She smiled as we got inside. She gave me the room key. She put it inside my tight jeans. She wiggled her hand inside my back pocket feeling my ass underneath. I met her lips as we made out until the elevator door opened on the top floor. She grabbed my hand as she strutted next to me on her high heels. I could only smile as we got to the door of the suite. I pressed her against the door. She kissed me more passionately as she moved her hands up and down my chest. I felt her small purse hit my left foot. She giggled as I opened the door. We both fell inside the suite. "I need to freshen up. I will be right out. Make yourself comfortable Buck." Haley said.

She took her purse inside the bathroom. A went to close the shades in the room. I looked out the big window. I then turned around. I sat in a chair next to a table. About 4 feet from the king size bed. I then heard her start some water inside the bathroom. About a minute later I heard the door to the suite next to ours slam shut. I then looked to see there was a connecting door with our suite. I watched as the light to the suite next to ours got brighter around the door frame. I figured Haley husband was next door. He had the connecting door open. He was probably listening to us. I saw the door was locked on my side. I smiled as the door to the bathroom finally opened.

A second later Haley stepped out. She saw me sitting down. She put her purse on the night stand next tot he king size bed. I saw she then put her cell phone open on the night stand. I figured she left it on so her husband could listen to us. "Come here Haley. Stand right here. That it right in front of me. I just love the way your dressed. You know what I really like?" I said. I had a plan. I need to show her who was in charge. "Umm no Buck, what do you really like?" she said. "I like for you to dance for me. Shake that beautiful body for me. That it sexy. Show me those curves." I said. She put her hands over her head and started to sway her big hips. She looked over her shoulder at me. My eyes were big as she shook her ass. "Do you like that. You can touch me Buck. I don't bite. God you have big hands. I love your muscles baby. I love your arms. Your making me all tingly baby." she said. She danced for a few more minutes.

I watched as she put her right heel between my leg. She looked down. I ran my hands up her sexy legs. I rubbed her fishnets as she looked into my blue eyes. She spun around so her ass was right in my face. I ran my hands all over her ass. She started to moan as I peeked in between her legs. She saw me and smiled. I then pulled up the side of her dress exposing more of her flesh. She moaned again when I started to rub on her black fish net hose. She had the fishnets pulled up to her hips. I put my finger down and could only feel the fishnet material. She smiled. "Buck what are you doing? Your going to have to do better than that to get inside." she moaned. I pushed on her back forcing her to bend over. "Grab you ankles. That it. Now arch your back a little. Move your ass higher. That it." I said.

I pushed her dress over her hips. I now had a full view of her ass. Her whole lower body was encased in the black fishnets. I saw a small tear on her left butt cheek. I wet my finger and put it inside the small hole. She gasped as I made the hole bigger. I then got two fingers inside touching her naked skin. A minute later I had ripped a big hole forcing her ass to expand out in the open air. She moaned hard when I started to spank her. I started to kiss her big ass. "I think you got it know Buck. Your mouth feels wonderful on my naked skin. Is that your tongue. Wait! Wait!" she said. She put her hands between her legs. She grabbed hold of the fishnets and pulled them down making a big ripping sound. Her fishnets were now ripped in two. Half was around her hip, the other part was around her ankles. She looked between her legs at my mouth.

I smiled as I pushed her forward two steps toward the bed. I fell on my knees. I started to lick and eat her ass. I got my mouth inside her hot crack. I was licking her very hard. I then felt her bald pussy. She had shaved a few hours before. I could still smell the cream she used in the bath tub. I could also smell her pussy. She was moving her legs as I pushed my mouth forward sucking the outside of her pussy. I then started to dart my tongue inside her tight pussy walls. She screamed as I entered her pussy with my mouth. I stuck my index finger inside as I ate her pussy some more. I moved my finger inside to give me better access. She moaned hard as I felt her stomach and ass on my face. I sucked her big cunt lips as they fell out intro the cold air. She tried to move forward to get to the bed. Her legs quivered and with that she had her first orgasm. I kept eating her wet pussy as she kept cumming. After a few minutes she came up for some air. "Buck! What was that. Was that??? I never had one before. I never felt that before." Haley moaned.

I pushed her forward as she fell on the bed on her stomach. I then flipped her over. I put her legs up in the air. I unzipped the side of her dress. I pulled it off her shoulders and over her stomach. I pulled it over her heels. I through it on the chair next to the table. She looked up as I fell in front of the bed. I spread her pussy wide open as she moaned again. I held her ankles in the air over my head. I started to eat her very fast. Her big cunt lips danced in my mouth. She bite down on her lower lip as she got off again. There was no stopping her now. I got up and unzipped my fly as she looked up. She sat up and looked at my hard abs as I pulled my shirt over my head. She started to rub my abs, chest and arms as she looked up into my eyes. I watched as she unclasped my belt. She put my belt on the floor. She put her hands inside my hips. She had trouble getting my size 28 jeans down over my small ass. I pushed down on her hands freeing my jeans. She then pulled down my wet boxer briefs. I was semi hard as she looked up. Her eyes got big when she saw a huge globe of pre-cum on the tip.

"I never have done this before Buck. What do I do?" she said. I smiled. "Put you lips on the tip of my cock. Lick my deep dark purple head. Then slowly put your fingers on my big naked balls. That a good girl. Open your small mouth and take some of my cock inside. Go slow. Your doing great." I said. Her husband only liked to fuck her. He went for a few seconds then rolled over and went to bed. She was sucking my cock more and more. Her small mouth and red lips expanded taking in more of my cock. I was so horny now. My cock was now fully erect. All 9 3/4inches was in her hands. "Your too big to swallow. MMMmmmpppp" I pushed my hips forward feeding more of my hard cock in her mouth. She gagged at first then got more inside her mouth. She got about 5 inches then I pushed her head with my hands get another 2 inches before she spit me out. I looked down to see her mouth was wide open and my cock was dripping.

"Get on the bed. Get on your knees. Face forward." I said. Haley got on her knees. Her face was inches from her cell phone. I slapped my cock on her ass. She gasped as I put my cock under her pussy rubbing her stomach. I then grabbed her hips. I started to slap her ass. I then pulled her hair. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me really hard. Use me! Use the big cock on me Buck." she moaned. I slowly inserted the tip of my cock in her pussy. Her big cunt lips pulled on the tip. She was wet. I moved forward some more as more of my cock went inside her. I then grabbed her hips. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Your filling me up. You only half inside me and its more than ever been in me. Arrrgghhhhh....Fuck.........." she said. I felt Haley pussy contract. I pushed my hips forward getting all my cock deep inside her. Her ass was on my lower abs as I began to fuck her nice and slow.

"Fuck you tight Haley. Fuck me. Slam your pussy back on my cock. That a good girl. Fuck me! Faster! Faster! Fuck me harder. That it." I said. She was slamming her pussy back on my cock. She was so wet I slipped out, then back in with no problem. The room smelled of her orgasm again. I could feel her wetness around my cock. I pushed her forward. She fell on her stomach. I was now doing push ups on her pussy from behind. I pulled out leaving along trail of her wetness on the sheets. She rolled over as I crawled around her side. I fed my cock in her mouth. She sucked off her juices. I looked down to see her nipples were hard. I love breast so I started to grope and play with them. She moaned as I pinched her nipples with my fingers. I pulled her breast all the way up off her chest with her nipples. I did this a few times. She tried to move but was left helpless to me playing with her big breast. I could feel her suck harder on my cock as I smacked her boobs around.

I had to cum soon. I looked at her. I put my left leg over her chest. I placed my cock between her large breast. "What are you doing. I never been played with like this before. Your big cock between my breast. That feels nice. I love the way your cock feels inside there." she said. I pushed her cleavage together making it nice and warm around my cock. I spit on her breast making my cock go faster. I put my hand back touching her pussy. I started to finger her as she rode my cock with her breast. She then spit on my cock and started to try to touch it with her tongue. Her breast were so big that she could only touch the tip. I pulled my finger out of her pussy. "Here it comes!! Yes! Yes! Get ready." I yelled. The first hot jet of cum hit inside her cleavage, the next shot hit her chin. I kept fucking her breast shooting all over her breast and face. I fell back on the bed. Haley put my cock in her mouth cleaning me off.

I few minutes later she got up and went inside the bathroom. I heard the water run from the sink. She came out and looked at me. "That was nice Buck. Your cock getting bigger again. Wait! Are you hard. God your getting harder." Haley said. She walked over to the chair next to the table. She then pushed the chair in front of the connecting door. I got off the bed. I walked over to her. She was on her knees facing the door. She had a hold of the back of the chair with her big ass strutting back at me. I spit on my cock as I rubbed her pussy again with my cock. I started t fuck her slowly again. She moaned, gasped, grunted as I fucked her very hard. After 30 minutes of hard fucking I pulled out and shot a big load on her ass.

I grabbed her hand and walked her to the bathroom. We took a long hot shower together. We order some room service before we left at 5am. She walked me to my SUV. We made out like two teenagers before she left me 30 minutes later. I watched as she got to her car. I then saw her husband help her into the car. He pulled down her dress and tried to fix her hair, makeup and the smile on her face. I drove home. The next day I got a message on my phone. "Beep! Buck! I was wondering if you were going next week to singles night at the Holiday Inn? I got a new dress and heels. I was hoping I could meet you there............I have to do my duty." Haley said. I had my duty to do. It meant another night at the Holiday Inn.



Friday, November 6, 2009

Fireworks - An Adult Story

"Attention shoppers. All 4Th of July items are on sale. Thank you." said the speaker over head. I just picked up a cart at the front door of the grocery store. I looked at my watch. I had to get some beer, charcoal, steaks, fire works, side items for a party I was going to. I had about an hour before I had to get back home. I was going to the Eastern Shore across the Bay Bridge tonight. I had to meet some friends in Ocean City later. My best friend had rented a house for the week. I headed for the fire works first. I did not want to forget them.

I pushed the cart to the chips, soda aisle next. Then off to get some steaks, charcoal and lighter fluid. I headed for the produce section next. I was looking for some corn. "Wham!!!!" My cart was run into. I looked up to see a very cute woman. She was maybe in her late thirties. About 5ft 3 with long dirty blonde hair. She had a dark tan. She was wearing some super tight jeans, a pink spaghetti string blouse that stretched over her nice large breast. She was maybe a size 4-6. She had to measure about 40GG - 30 hips - 34 ass. I looked down to see she was wearing some 2inch wooden heels. She was wearing some pink lips stick to match her finger and toe nails. I was speechless not knowing what to say. I almost lost confidence when I saw her big gold wedding ring. She was so hot. I had to say something.

"Oooopps sorry about that. I guess I was not looking where I was going. Please excuse me." I said. "It's OK! Probably my fault. I was trying to get some tomatoes from up there." she said. "Here let me get those for you." I said. I grabbed two and gave them a nice squeeze. I think these will do." I said. "Are you an expert?" she giggled. "Not that I am aware of. I do shop for myself though. You have a few items in your cart. Would you like me to check them also?" I said with a smile. "Why Yes!! Feel free." she said. I looked around her cart. She had a bunch of vegetables, cookies, skim milk, salad and some strawberries. "It looks like you have the three basic food groups covered." I said. "Wait I thought there were four." she said. "I don't see any grains. Maybe you need some vodka or beer to go with your meal?" I said. "I was going to pick that up when I left. You have a good eye." she giggled.

She kept looking me up an down. I had on a pair of tight jeans. A pair of sandals. A simple white t-shirt on. I smiled again when she reached into her purse. She pulled out her cell phone. She looked down at the screen. "You need to go? I understand." I said. "No! Wait. I am in kinda of a hurry but...What are you doing after this?" she said. My mouth was open but nothing was coming out. "I have to go to this boring dinner later with my husband. Every year he takes me to this restaurant to watch the fireworks when it gets dark. Have you ever heard of "Hemingway's?" she said. I almost passed out. I was going to pinch myself. "No!" I said. She smiled. "It's across the Bay Bridge. I know its far. Its right as the bridge ends. You take the first exit. Then turn at the first stop sign. You can see it right from the bridge." she said.

I knew exactly where it was. I had gone there a few times. There was an older crowd there but it was next to the water. It was right next to all the boats that were tied up. There was a long boardwalk and plenty of secluded spots. "Maybe you could meet me there later. I am sure I could get away from my husband for a few minutes. I love to break up the boredom of the night. That if your not to busy." she said. "I will see you later then." I said. I did not want to question her why she needed a little excitement in her marriage. I figured there was a good chance she never show or blow me off once I got there. It was on the way to Ocean City to see my friends. I texted them I might be late tonight. Work related stuff. Mike sent me a text message "Sure Buddy. Work related. LOL. What size is her breast? He knew me to well.

I headed for the exit. I drove home in about ten minutes. I put all my groceries away. I packed my SUV for the weekend. I went and took a long shower. I cleaned up the hair on my body. I shaved my chest and around my private areas. I left a small patch of hair above my cock. I put on some cologne, brushed my teeth and comb my hair. It was hot outside. I put on some faded blue jeans. A blue button down long sleeve shirt. I had a white collar and rolled up the sleeves. I put on some black leather shoes. No socks. No underwear. I put them both in my suitcase. I would need them later when I got to the beach house. I grabbed a cold beer. I jumped in my SUV for the drive.

It was close to 8pm when I got over the Bay Bridge. I drove down the private road to the restaurant. I could see a few people walking around outside of the restaurant. I parked in the back parking lot at the end. I was close to the water. Near the boats but away from the main part of the restaurant. I got out and checked myself in the mirror. I took out a wad of money. Clipped it on the money clip and slid it in my front right pocket. I looked down. My cock was semi hard. I know began to think about the girl from the grocery store. I was wondering what she was doing. What she was wearing and how her husband would be. I walked down the side walk pass the boats heading toward the front door of the restaurant.

I walked down the side of the restaurant. Its two stories. With the main part of the dinning room on the upper level. There a a huge deck out back with many wooden chairs that face the water. There is a board walk/pier that leads from the shore in front of the restaurant. There is a nice big covered outdoor bar attached to the restaurant. I headed there first. I wanted to have a drink before seeing her. Plus I figured it would be a good place to check out the action in the bar. You can't see into the restaurant from the outdoor bar but I could at least see her coming if she saw me first. I took a seat at the end of the bar. They had a DJ spinning some music as I sipped my beer. I looked around. There were a couple of girls checking me out. If I did not see her at least it might not be a bad night.

About thirty minutes later I got up off the bar stool. It was still pretty quite in the bar. I decided to head to the upper level of the restaurant to see if I could spot her. I walked up the side. I went through the front door. I walked down midway in the restaurant. I turned to see they had a bar near the front door. I walked over at the end of the bar. I ordered a Vodka on the rocks. I sat down and turned left. I could see into the restaurant more. Their are some tables in the middle. Then there some more tables that sit and face the water. You can open the windows to get a breeze plus you can see the bridge from there also. I looked around some more. I did not see her.

I was just about ready to leave. I moved my foot and finished my drink. I put the glass down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her. She was sitting with her back to me. She had her dirty blonde hair up in the back. She had on a small black cocktail dress. She was wearing 4inch black stiletto heels. She had the same pink lipstick and nails as I saw her before in the grocery store. She had a small pink leather purse by her feet. She had some white gold bracelets around her wrists. A big white gold necklace that hung low in her cleavage. She was moving around in her chair giving everyone a peek of what she was wearing. I almost dropped my glass on the floor when she turned and saw me. She smiled. Her eyes got big. She winked.

She leaned into a guy sitting next to her. She was talking in his ear. They were the only one sitting at there table. He shook his head "Yes!" I figured he was her husband. He was about the same size as her. He had a big beard. Small dark eyes. He was in a suit and tie. She got up and walked passed him. She walked passed me and went down some spiral stairs to the bottom floor. I got two beers to go. I got off my bar stool and climbed down the stairs. There was a small bar at the bottom of the stairs. There was no one in the basement. There was only a dark brown love seat next to the mens & ladies room. I looked out some glass doors leading to the deck to see everyone walking outside. I could see the outdoor bar. I could see where I was sitting earlier. I did not see her in the basement at the moment. I then heard the water rush over the pipes above my head.

A few minutes later the ladies room door opened. I was sitting at the empty bar. I had found a nice a bar stool to swivel around. I watched as she walked toward me. Her body shook as she strutted on her heels. "Hey! I almost was giving up on you. I see you found the place OK! Did you just get here?" she said. "Sorry I got held up by traffic coming from Baltimore. It was jammed near the bridge. I just sat down when you turned to see me. How are you doing?" I said. "Great now that your here. I need a drink. My husband a stickler on not drinking when we go out." she said. I handed her a cold Budweiser. She took a big drink. She finished half of it as she smiled. "My name Cassie. What's yours?" she said as she drank some more of her beer. "My friends call me Buck. What time are the fireworks?" I said. "Maybe in a hour. Listen I have to get back to my table upstairs. Don't leave. I need another drink, Maybe a shot." she squeezed my hand as she walked back upstairs.

I walked out to the bar outside. I got another two beers and two shots of vodka. I headed back into the bottom floor of the restaurant. I watched a few people walk around. Most walked passed the glass doors. Only one actually came into to use the bathroom. It was some 20 minutes later when I saw her black heels come down the spiral stairs. Followed by her amazing breast and perfect smile. "Did you miss me? Mmmmm you got some shots. Are you going to drink one with me?" Cassie said. I did miss her but I did not tell her that. "I got you two shots and a beer chaser." I said. I watched as she down the two shots and drank some beer. Her face got a little pink and her lips very wet. "That was nice Buck. Good choice." she said. I smiled as we made some small talk.

I was sitting on the bar stool with my legs slightly open. I watched as she drank her beer and turned around so her ass was on the front of my crotch. "Wow that a great view of the water from down here. You can see the bridge from upstairs. Do you like the view Buck?" she said. I looked down at her sexy legs and ass. "Ohhhh I like the view. Its very nice." I said. I could smell her sexy perfume as she moved her dirty blonde hair in my face. She put her free hand on my thighs giving it a big squeeze. My cock was starting to get harder. I moved my hand to the small of her back. She talked for a few minutes before she turned to smile. "I need to get back upstairs. Why don't you go out to the bar outside. I will meet you there." she said. Before she left Cassie leaned in a gave me a kiss on the lips. "You have very nice lips. I wanted a taste before I left." she smiled as she kissed me again.

I touched her ass as she walked back upstairs. What had I gotten my self into. Why was this hot young married women coming onto me with her husband upstairs. I walked out to the outdoor bar. They gave a count down for when the fireworks were starting. I sat at the end of the bar. I watched as Cassie and her husband walked out to the bar. They sat down in the middle. Then her husband got up to go to the bar. I watched as Cassie moved her finger to motion for me to come sit down at there table. I was like what is she doing. She put her finger in her mouth and bite down on her long pink nail. I figured I could take her husband if it got out of control.

I got up with 3 beers and headed for there table. I sat down next to Cassie. The table was square. I was on the left, Cassie in the middle and her husband opposite of me. "What are we doing?" I whispered to her. Her husband got back and sat down. He looked at me then at the three beers at the table. "Cassie I could not get the bartender attention. Who is this?" he said. "That is Ok. This nice gentleman offered us a drink. I told him he could sit down. This is my husband Brad. My name Cassie. Nice to meet you??????" Cassie said. "Nice to meet you. My name Buck. I live a few minutes from here. I like to come over for happy hour and the fireworks tonight. How about you two?" I said. I was going on being horny, adrenaline and what the fuck was going on. "Nice to meet you Buck. I bring Cassie every year to here to watch the fireworks. Would you like to go out on the board walk to watch them with us." Brad said. "Yes! Thanks!" I said.

We each drank our beers. I felt Cassie heels rub against my leg. She then put her hand under the table to feel my right thigh. Brad looked around not paying much attention to his wife or me. "Boom! Boom!" The fireworks were beginning. We all stood up as Brad led the way down the board walk. I could hear Cassie heels click on the wooden board walk. The fireworks exploded over head as Cassie grabbed my hand as Brad looked up in the sky. He was at the end of the board walk watching the fireworks. Cassie stopped about 10 feet from the end near her husband. She turned to give me a kiss. We started to make out. She was running her hands down my chest and over my ass in my jeans. I moved my hands down her back. She was not wearing a bra. She was also not wearing underwear when I got my right hand under her dress to play with her ass.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes to see Brad still watching the fireworks. I looked down to see Cassie had turned so her ass was on the front of my jeans. I dropped my hand down her lower back. I then moved my right hand under her dress. I could feel her warm ass against the palm of my hand. She was liking this and moved her legs apart. I dropped my finger down passed her curvy ass cheeks. I then felt the back of her naked pussy. She was hot, wet and was moaning. I moved my finger down and rubbed the outside of her pussy. I cupped her small soaking wet pussy in my hand. She spread her legs more giving me better access. I inserted my index finger inside her hot pussy. She groaned as I got all my finger to my knuckle inside her. After a few strokes and biting on her neck she orgasm. Her legs shuttered under her. I kept her steady as I fingered her to another orgasm.

I could here the big booms of the finally over head. I withdrew my wet finger. She turned to ram her tongue down my throat. We made out for a few more minutes before we heard the last "BOOM!!!!!" then silence. She turned and was looking at Brad who walked to us. "Wow that was great. Did you guys see that. That was great." he said. I looked down to see my finger was dripping. I was sure Cassie was dripping on the board walk. Her husband smiled as we walked back to the bar.

We sat at the same table. We made some small talk. After 30 minutes. "Buck would you like to dance. Brad has two left feet." Cassie said. "Ok!" I said. I helped her out of her chair. We walked up to the dance floor. It was a slow song. She put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around the small of her back. "God that was great honey. You sure know your away around down there. I am so turned on. I can feel your big cock inside those jeans. I want to see it. I have to have you in my mouth. Follow me." Cassie said. We walked back to her husband after the song.

I stood behind her. Cassie leaned into to whisper in her husband ear. He handed her the keys to there car. "I have to go to the bathroom. Before we leave. I will meet you out by the car." Brad said. She turned to walk in front of me. I followed Cassie out to her car. It was big brand new black 4 door Cadillac. She opened the back door and I got in the back seat. A second later the door slammed and Cassie was on my lap. She had her tongue down my throat. I was kissing her very hard. I felt her hands on my chest. Then she began to rub the front of my jeans. She was rubbing my cock under my jeans. "God I have to see this before my husband comes out." she said. She started to unzip my fly. She got my zipper down half way when I felt the front seat move and the door close.

I then felt Cassie jump off my lap and look forward. Her husband was in the front seat. He turned on the A/C and the radio as he looked out the front window. I saw him look in his rear view mirror. He was looking as his wife and then at me. I was nervous but very horny. I then felt Cassie small left hand unzip my fly completely. She looked down to see my hard cock spring out in the cold air. I then watched as she began to put her tiny fingers around the base of cock. She started to stroke my cock to make it hard in her hand. After a few minutes she dropped her head into my lap. She was sucking my cock. She was making loud slurping noises over the radio. Her husband watched from the front seat.

I dropped my hand down her back. I pulled her dress over her hips. I placed my hand and finger inside her pussy. The whole car smelled of sex now. I felt the front seat move. I then heard another zipper open. Her husband was moving in front of us. I then looked down to see Cassie had deep throated all 9 3/4 inches of my cock. She was playing with my big naked balls in her hands. She gagged after a few seconds and spit out my cock. She started to suck me faster. I pushed her head, face and lips around my cock. She gagged again as I began to play with her big breast. I pushed down the top over her dress. It was bunched around her mid section as she sucked my cock. I was really loving this. Her nipples were so hard. Her breast heavy and on fire.

Cassie finally moved her mouth off my cock. She put her large breast on either side of my cock. She spit in her cleavage making it wet. I started to tit fuck her faster. I could hear my cock rubbing her soft skin. I then heard the a moan from the front seat. Her husband must have shot his load. I then felt her move off me. She pulled her dress over her head. I removed my shirt. She pulled of my jeans. We were both naked in the back seat. I felt the car move. I then felt a bump from the road. I watched as Cassie got on my cock. The car stopped. We drove around the parking lot near my SUV.

Cassie put her heels on the black leather seats. I moved the seat belt from under my ass. I then looked at her as she lowered her pussy on my cock. I heard the front door close. I felt the car move. Her husband had gotten out. She put her hands on my neck. Her breast on my chest. I then felt her pussy tighten as it went down the length of my cock. She was very tight put very wet as she fucked me. I picked her ass up and down as she rode my cock. I put her left breast in my mouth as I sucked her nipples. She moaned in my ear. I was really fucking her hard as she climaxed again. I then felt her pussy lock down on my cock. Her cunt lips were milking my cock. I looked into her eyes. "Don't pull out. Fill me up. Give me your cum. Don't stop!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!" she screamed. Then we began to kiss as I emptied a huge load in her hot pussy. I could feel her pussy clean me off. After a few minutes I fell out of her pussy as she fell on the seat next to me.

She got of the car naked. I leaned up to see the front seat. There was a small white liquid on the steering wheel. He must have gone on his pants. A few seconds later I looked out the side window. Brad was on the ground. I watched as Cassie lowered her pussy on his face. She held his face on her pussy. She clamped her legs and her knees on his head. He was eating her out. I dropped back in the back seat. I waited a few minutes before the door opened.

"That was great Buck. The night still young. Is your cock getting hard. OMG you hard again. You just came like a minute ago." Cassie said. "I was going to go see a friend in Ocean City. Would you like to come? My SUV right over there." I said. I slipped on my shirt. Then I put on my jeans. I got out the side door. I walked over to my SUV. Cassie and Brad had gotten in the car. I drove up next to the Cadillac. I was looking down when the passenger side door opened. "What the address of your friends place. Brad going back home to get some of my clothes. I am OK to wear this dress?" Cassie said. I handed her a small paper with the directions. She leaned into to give the paper to Brad. She handed me her dress and small purse. She waved to Brad who sped out of the parking lot.

Cassie got in the front seat still naked. "I like to flash some truckers when I am naked. I hope your OK with this?" Cassie said. I just smiled and put the SUV in drive. She flashed about a dozen truckers that night. We finally made it to my friends rental house. Cassie put on her dress. Mike smiled when he saw Cassie come through the front door. We played a few drinking games. Then we went into the spare bedroom. I fucked her all night. We made some loud noises. At breakfast Mike flashed me a smile. Mike girlfriend and the other two couples flashed me the evil eye.

"Knock! Knock!" I heard somebody at the front door of the house. Cassie had one of my t-shirt on as she sat on the couch next to me. "Cassie there a guy here to see you." Mike girlfriend said. I watched as Cassie went to the front door. A few minutes later she walked by everyone in the living room. "I'm going to go take a bath. Buck can I see you. My husband packed my favorite toys, can we go get some batteries for later. Is it OK we stay until Monday. I told Brad to pick me up on Monday." Cassie said as she walked into the bathroom. Everyone jaw dropped. I jumped off the couch and high five Mike. I started the bath water. We went later to see the Fireworks in Ocean City. I don't remember them. I do remember having fun on the beach as they exploded over head.


The named were changed to protect her privacy.