Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do Not Disturb - An Adult Story

Do Not Disturb. Three little words that don't seem to mean much any more.

I was traveling from Los Angles heading north. I had to get Canada by the end of the week. I had a few days before I crossed the border. I was taking my Harley for a drive. It had been along summer. I need some cooler weather to get me back on the bike. I was still sweating as I put on my tight jeans, a black t-shirt, some black Harley boots, some black leather chaps on my jeans, and a matching black jacket. I had shaved my head before I left. I even got a new helmet for the ride. It was black also. I was making good time on the freeway when I pulled over to get some gas.

I walked in the convenient store to pay. I saw a brochure for a Indian Casino that was not to far from where I was standing. It was only a short drive off the freeway. I had some time to kill before I found a motel for the night. I liked the motels with the drive up rooms. I liked to park my bike out front and keep an eye on it from the window. Some times I bring the bike inside if it was going to rain or felt it might get stolen. It was close to 7pm when I found the Casino. I walked into to play some Black Jack and Poker. It was close to 2am when I left. I lost big time. Most of money was gone. Even had to use a credit card to pay for some slots. I was broke tired and need to find a motel to sleep.

I drove around. I found a all night liquor store. I picked up a bottle to drown my sorrows. I found a real dive motel outside of town. The sign from the road was burnt out. Only "Vac" was lit up on the vacant room sign by the road. I got a room key from the desk clerk. I had to wake him up. He was asleep when I slam my hand on the counter. Normally I am a nice guy. But losing, being hungry and broke will make me mad. I can be intimidating at 6ft 3 and full of muscles. I used to play some football before my knee. I ripped the key out of the desk clerk hand and headed to my room. It was at the end of the building. It was all the way in the back. The motel was one level. Almost a big rectangle. The office was at the front. This guy gave me a room around the back. The farthest from him.

I pulled up and parked my bike out in front of my door. I was the only guest in the back. The other 3 rooms looked empty. I opened the door. It had seen its better days. There was some dust on all the ledges. The AC unit was noisy and the TV super small. I turned on the light next to the one queen size bed. I then walked in the bathroom. It was small. There was a small sink and counter in front of the shower. I almost could not fit inside. I peed from the door into the toilet. I just laughed. I guess if I did not blow all my cash at the casino I might have found a better motel. I took a glass off the counter. I wiped off the rim and inside the glass.

I poured my self a drink. I went to unload my bike. I brought in a bag and my helmet. I through them on the floor. I took off my chaps, jeans, socks, shirt, and leather jacket. I left my black boxer briefs on. I smiled when I passed the mirror on the wall. That even had some dust on it. I had another drink, followed by another. I then got up and check the alarm clock. It was almost 3am. I got up and went to the door. I opened the door. I took the red "Do Not Disturb Sign" and put it on the door. I did not want to be woken up by the housekeeper in the morning. I went back to drink some more before I fell asleep.

A few hours later:

"Knock! Knock!" Hmm what was that. Was that my door. "Knock! Knock! Housekeeping!! Housekeeping! What the fuck. The housekeeper banging on my door. I can't fucking believe it. Are you kidding me. I pulled back the sheet. I had a raging hard on. Anytime I drink I get horny. My cock was rock hard. It was pushing on top of the mattress. I had some precum on the tip. The sheet was wet. I guess being 24 and horny does a body good. Fuck me. I can't believe this. Where the hell are my boxers briefs. I must have take them off before I fell asleep. Damn! What was I going to do. "Knock! Housekeeping! You need towels. Hello!!!!" said a woman. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a towel and wrapped it around my 28 inch waist. I felt my hard abs push on the towel.

"Housekeeping!!!!" said a woman again. Fuck me. I was about ready to explode. "Yeah! Just wait. Hold on. I am coming!...This better be fucking good." I said. I flipped on the light to the whole room. It smelled of booze and my sweat. My clothes and stuff were on the floor and all over the room. My underwear was on the small table next to the A/C. There was only one chair next to the table. I then ripped open the door. I was standing right there in front of the housekeeping cart. I had a small towel wrapped around my waist. My cock was now semi hard under the towel. But still noticeable. My bulge was staring straight head.

I ripped the "Don Not Disturb Sign" off the door. I finally saw the housekeeper. She was about 5ft 3 with long dark brunette hair over her shoulders. She had big silver hoop earrings. She had on a all white housekeeping uniform. She had small white tennis shoes on that were very cute. She had perfect red lips. Perfect dark black eye lashes, eye brows that almost looked tattoo on. She had a small mole on her left, just above her sexy lips. She had a purple flower in her hair over her sexy ear. I froze for a second. She was so sexy I almost did not yell. She filled out the front of her uniform. She had an amazing figure. She had a big chest, slim waist and hips and the perfect ass. My mouth fell open.

"Good morning sir! Would you like some towels?" she said. "Towels! What time is it?" I said. "8am Sir!" she said. I was like what..I could not be calm any more. "Are you crazy or something? Can't you read. I put the Do Not Disturb sign on. I just went to bed a short time ago. I am so mad. I can't believe this." I said in an angry tone. "Oh! I am sorry sir. I am new here. I have only worked a few days." she said. 'That not an excuse. I hate this. Pinch me, maybe I am still asleep and dreaming this." I said. She reached over and pinched me. "Ouch!!! What the hell was that for?" I yelled. "You said to pinch you. I was doing what you said." she said. "Oh my god. I am losing my mind. When someone leaves this sign on the door. It means DO NOT DISTURB THEM NO MATTER WHAT! There no other people staying at the motel besides me?" I said. "Just one more guy down the front of the building. My manger not even here yet it is so early." she said.

"What time does she get in? Maybe I should talk to her...tell her how you woke there only guest up. Do you think she liked that?" I said. "No! Don't do that. She hates me. She doesn't like anybody here. I only need the job part time. But it is a job sir." she said. I was still mad. I had calmed down a little but damn this pissed me off. "You know this room is a mess even before I check in. Did you clean this room yesterday?" I said. "Oh yes! I did a great job yesterday. Why do you ask?" she said. "You must be joking. Now you made more mad. Do you know what I was doing before you came in? I am so tempted to do something. I just don't know what right now. I...I....I...Come here..." I said as I grabbed her hand.

I pulled her into the room. She smiled as I closed the door behind her. "I was laying in the messy bed. I was having a great dream. Here let me just show you. Get on your knees." I said. She got down on her knees. I yanked off my towel. My cock flopped out in front of her face. I picked up my semi hard cock and put it on her lips. She opened her mouth and started to lick the precum off the tip. I then moved my hips forward as she got more of my cock in her hot little mouth. "I was having a wet dream. You woke me up. Now your going to pay for not knowing what "Do Not Disturb means. Use you little hands on my naked balls. Don't be afraid to lick them. Use you tongue to make me harder." I said.

She used her long white fingernails on my naked balls. Her eyes got big when all 9 3/4 inches of cock was erect. I put my hand on her amazing brunette hair. I then pulled my cock out of greedy mouth. I slapped her face a few times across her cheeks and chin. I then rubbed my big balls on her mouth as I lifted my cock to my belly button. "That it lick me. Suck my cock. Put your hands down by your side. That a good girl." I said. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her face with my cock. She opened her red lips to get more of my cock in her mouth. She gagged a few times as my cock hit the back of her throat. Faster and faster I fucked her face. I was picking up my toes and fucking her face. She gagged again spitting my cock out. She looked up. "Mmmmm I like your cock." she said. I put it back in her mouth. I looked around the room.

I had her stand up next to me. I moved her so her ass was on my cock. I reached around to take off her uniform. I untied the belt holding the white uniform up. I then unbutton the front. I pulled down the uniform over her beautiful hips. I then pulled it over her succulent ass to her ankles. I then unclasped her bra. I saw her D size breast fall to her chest. I then ripped off her white panties. I smelled them as she watched me. She was very wet. I could smell her pussy in the room. She bent over picking up her uniform as she stepped out of it. I slapped my cock on her ass again. She smiled. I walked her over the small round table next to the one chair. I placed her on her back with her legs spread wide. I sat in the chair and mad eye contact with her. She saw me move between her legs.

She put her hand on my bald head. I started to kiss her inner thighs. I started to lick the top of her stomach. I kissed her belly button. I then started to lick her pussy mound. Her pussy was shaved smooth as I kissed all around her pussy. She moaned as I licked one of my fingers making it wet. I then started to lick the top of her pussy. I slipped one finger inside her. Her pussy walls forced my finger back out. She relaxed and let me back in. I started to suck her labia and nibble on her clit making her scream. She moaned loud as I sucked her small pussy lips. I stuck my finger passed my knuckle to the base. She grabbed the top of my head. I felt her stomach gyrate and her pussy exploded. She was having a huge orgasm in my mouth. I licked her some more before I stood up.

She looked down at my erect cock. "Most guys would be limp now." she moaned. "I ain't like most guys. Get up off the table and flip over." I demanded. She moved quickly as her breast smashed the table and spread out to her sides. I slapped my cock on her juicy ass. She arched her back then fell on the table. Her face was to the right as her dark hair covered her neck and face. I inserted the tip off my cock in her tight pussy. I pushed a little forward with my hips. I moved about a quarter inside her as she moaned. After a few minutes, I began to go farther inside her. I slapped her ass with my right hand. I grabbed her long brunette hair with my left hand. I pulled her hair and slapped her ass until I got half inside her hot pussy. Her legs moved as she got in a good rhythm with my cock. A few minutes later I got all of me inside her pussy. Her pussy contracted trying to spit out my cock. I drove my toes in the worn out carpet to stay inside her pussy. She was sweating as I dripped sweat on her back and ass. I watched a few droplets of my sweat fall on to the stained carpet.

I wanted more before I came. I walked her over to the messy bed. I left my cock in her pussy and we walked together. She moved her ass on my skin as I slapped her ass for moving to quick. I got to the bed and pulled her hair back. She stood up right with her back on my chest. I bit her neck and sucked her shoulder before I threw her down on the bed. She tried to crawl across the bed but I was to fast. I pushed her down and inserted my cock in her pussy. She had her hands on the floor. Her tits hung over the bed. Her pussy was mine again. I pulled her up on my cock. I moved my foot passed her legs in front of her. I pulled my self up and her ass up in the air. She was biting the sheets on the bed screaming from having another orgasm. She was dripping on the bed now and my balls as I stopped. I flipped her over on her back. I pulled her up to me. I pushed her breast together and stuck my cock n her cleavage. I spit on my cock to get it lubricated. She smiled as I fucked her tits. After a few minutes my legs tensed up. I looked down to see her mouth at the tip of my cock. Her hands milked my balls. My cock opened up and a huge spurt hit her mouth and chin. She started to suck my cock dry. She did not miss a drop as she moaned. I fell off her onto the bed.

She walked over to my bag on the floor. She pulled out the bottle of liquor. She had two shots before she came back to the bed. She started to suck my cock back to life. She then placed some pillows behind my head. She got up and sat down on my cock. She opened her pussy to let my cock go inside. She was hotter than before. Her pussy was on fire. I looked into her eyes as she began to fuck me. I could feel her ass hit my upper thighs. Her pussy was tight, wet and she smelled so good. I drove my cock in her as her eyes started to cry. Her mascara ran and then her small flower in her hair fell out on my face. I put it in my mouth and sucked her right nipple. She leaned forward putting her body on my face. I spit out the flower to suck her smooth skin and play with her breast. I then put both her nipples in my mouth and she moaned very loud. She then reached forward and grabbed the head board above the bed. She used it for leverage to ram her pussy on my cock.

After a few minutes I heard the head board crack and fall off the wall. She pulled the head board onto the bed. I moved forward with her on me. I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. I put her on the counter next to the sink. I turned on the water and splashed cold water on her to cool her down. Her nipples ached as she cursed at me for the cold water. I laughed then kept fucking her. She tried to turn on the hot water but I moved her hand every time. She gave up and let me fuck her faster. I stood on my tippy toes to fuck her harder. She wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me tighter. I then kissed her wet nipples and breast. She was so hot, horny and covered in sweat, water and my juices she was my goddess. I picked her up after a few minutes and put her in the shower. I turned on the cold water as she screamed. I cleaned her off with cold water. I then got in a turned on the water to hot. I ate her pussy then fucked her in the pussy until I came. I pulled out and shot a big load on her chest.

About an hour later we got out of the shower. She dried me off with her tongue and mouth. I did the same with her. I helped her get her uniform on. She helped me get on my jeans, white t-shirt, leather chaps and jacket. She picked up my bag and helped me to the bike. We opened the door. I saw my bike. But more important I did not see her housekeeper cart. I looked around again but did not see it.

I turned me head. She had a big grin on her face. "I have something to tell you sexy. I don't really work here. I was at the casino last night. I saw you and wanted to talk to you but you left so fast. I saw you get on your bike. I was driving to the motel this morning. I throw my trash in the big garbage dumpster over there. I saw your bike. I had to figure out a way to meet you. I saw he girl who was going to clean your room. She left the housekeeping cart by your door. I walked by there break room and saw a uniform hanging up. I thought I would surprise you." she smiled. My mouth dropped open. She reached back on the door and took off the "Do No Disturb sign. She placed it in her back pocket. "I love a guy on a bike. Wear are you going any ways." she said. "North!" I said. "If you take me home on your bike and wait. I love to go with you. I don't have to go back to work for another month. Doctors orders." she smiled.

We got back to her house. She opened the door for me as I walked in. I looked back to see she was putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. She turned to smile. I need to show you my bedroom. I need some help. I don't want anybody disturbing that big cock of yours in my tight pussy. I hope my friends can read." she smiled


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