Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Plan - An Adult Story

I’m finally getting out today.  It’s been four long years.  I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Last year I signed up for a mentor program.  I was hoping they cut my sentence in half.  They did one better.  They released me on my 21st birthday.

My mentor, Mr. Jimmy Diamond talked to the parole board on my behalf.  He should be pulling up in front of the prison very soon.  He wants me to live with his family, until I get back on my feet.  He is a pastor at his local church.  He drove every week to meet with me.  I’ve never met his family.  I know that his married and has a daughter and son, both around my age.  He is 44 and his wife is 34.

I would love nothing better than to go out on a Saturday tonight, have my first legal drink and get laid.  I’m still a virgin.  I never go any before going to prison.  It also helped being 6ft 4 and full of muscles, not to get gang fucked all the time.  My cell mate and I did spend a lot of alone time jerking off to magazines smuggled into the prison.  I was just happy to feel the sun on my face as I noticed a big white church van pulling into the parking lot in front of the prison.

I stuck my hand up as the van slowed in front of me.  I saw Mr. Diamond in the driver’s seat.  He motion for me to throw my stuff in the back.  I just had one small gym bag.  I hoped in the passenger seat.  “Hey Buck!  How are you?”  I smiled.  “Better now.  Thanks for all your help Mr. Diamond.”  He handed me a new pair of sunglass.  “I figured you might need these.  My wife and I went shopping for you yesterday.  She hung up some new clothes in your closet.  My daughter Sarah cleaned your room.  My son Junior painted the basement.  You can do what ever you like to your room.  My house is your house now.  No rules.  Just be respectful to my church going family.”  “Thanks!”

It was about a four hour drive to the Diamonds.  He had a long private driveway, which led to a big two story house.  There was a two car garage.  I saw four cars in the parking lot as Mr. Diamond parked behind them. 

“Honk! Honk!”  Mr. Diamond pressed the van horn.  He quickly got out and shut his door.  I turned my head to see the front door of his house open.  First to come out was Mrs. Diamond.  She was quite stunning.  My dick moved inside my tight tan prison pants.  She was about 5ft 7 with short platinum blonde hair.  She was wearing a super tight red sun dress that showed off her massive cleavage.  I had almost forgotten they made breast that large.  She had a small waist and big hips that showed off she was hiding a huge curvy ass under her dress.  She had a pair of small one inch white heels on. 

Next came Junior.  He was about the same size as his Dad.  They were both about 5ft 2.  Both were kind of pudgy in the middle and balding on top.  He was wearing a white polo shirt and some baggy white shorts.  Mrs.  Diamond made him stand next to her.

A few seconds passed before I got a glimpse of Mr. Diamond daughter.  She had long dirty blonde hair passed her shoulders.  She was maybe 5ft, but looked taller in a pair of 4inch white cowboy boots.  She was wearing a tight pink sun dress on.  She was not showing any skin but I could tell she had some big curves under her dress.  Maybe not as big as her Mother but just as curvy for her size.  My dick was getting harder watching the two hot female Diamonds of the family.

I just opened my door when I heard the front door open again.  My eyes got big.  A very voluptuous woman walked outside.  She had a light tan covering her curvy body.  I saw Junior eyes turn toward her.  She was had long curvy dark hair.  She was just shorter than Mrs. Diamond.  She was wearing these old white nurses’ shoes, to go along with her skin tight white dress.  She had long white nails, a huge ass that went for days and maybe just as big enough or bigger breast than Mrs. Diamond.   How was I going to last in this house?

“Everyone!!  This is Buck Kelly.  The young man I have been telling you about.  Buck this is my wife.  Anita!  My son. Junior! And my lovely daughter Sarah..  This is Angela, our live in housekeeper.  She just came from Mexico where she has been living.  Our church brought her to America.  She is 5% Mexican and 100% Genuine Porto Rican.  That we she always says.  We are so luck to have her.”  I paused for a few seconds.  I was still checking out her large breast in front of my eyes.  “Thank you for having me.  I can’t thank you all enough for inviting me into your family.  You have such an amazing Dad.  Thank you.”  Angela was like JLO, just with big curves and a sexier attitude.

“Junior go get Bucks gym bag out of the back.  Thank you.” Said Mr. Diamond.  I looked down to make sure my semi hard cock was not visible.  I had a hard time controlling him next when Mrs. Diamond gave me a big hug.  Her huge breast smashed against my stomach.  She gave me a wet kiss on my left cheek.  Sarah looked me up and down and smiled.  She leaned up on her toes to give me a hug.  Her round breast rubbed against me.  Finally Angela gave me a big hug.  Her sexy perfume almost knocked me over.  Her sexy red wet lips kissed me on my right cheek.  Her huge breast felt so warm on my hard abs.

“What’s for dinner?” said Mr. Diamond.  “Tacos, and Mexican rice.  Your two favs.  Angela been cooking all day.” Said Mrs. Diamond.  I followed everyone into the house.  Junior gave me a quick tour.  There was a small laundry room in the basement.  Also a stand up shower and small bathroom next to the washer.  My room was on the opposite side of the small entertainment room.  There was a computer, desk and a big flat screen tv on the wall.  There were two big couches on the wall next to my room.  I tossed my gym bag on my small twin size bed.  I barley had enough room to move inside.

I quickly forgot all about that, as I saw the big in ground pool and diving board in the back yard.  I forgot the last time I went swimming.  Junior, Sarah and Angela bedrooms were on the 1st floor.  There was a big kitchen, a big living room.  Upstairs was the master bedroom and bathroom and two small offices for both Mr. and Mrs. Diamond.

It was close to 7pm when we finally sat down to eat.  The food was great.  Everyone talked as Angela served them.  I made a point to get my own food.  Angela smiled when she saw me clean my plate.  She had a sexy accent to match or sexy body.  I was surprised when Mrs. Diamond brought out a cake to celebrate my 21st birthday.  I closed my eyes and wished for all the Diamond women to be naked when I opened my eyes.  I still smiled when I opened my blue eyes.

I looked across the table to see Junior follow Angela around the room.  I turned to see Sarah try to text under the table, using her phone.  A second later Mr. Diamond excused everyone from the table. 

Junior went to his room, Sarah followed him to her room.  I watched the twin titans of breast flesh clear the table and do the dishes.  “Buck.. Tomorrow we go to church at 7am.  There should be a suit and some shoes in your closet.  Hope you had a great night but its time for us old people to go to bed.”  I smiled. 

I got up from the dinner table and headed downstairs.  It was close to 9pm when I sat on my little bed.  I heard Mr. and Mrs. Diamond close there bedroom door.  I heard Angela small feet on the wooden floor above my head.  I then stripped off my clothes to take a shower before bed.  He had been 4 years since I got to take a shower by myself.  I shaved a few hairs on my body.  I tried not to think about all the hot pussy in the house as I put on a new pair of white boxer briefs.  They were a little tight.  That showed off my semi hard cock.  I could not wait to jerk one off in my new bed.

I walked over to turn off the lights in the basement.  I heard a door open upstairs.  I then heard some bare feet go across the floor above me head.  I then heard a small knock on a door.  A few seconds passed before that door opened.  I then heard another door open, some more bare feet go across the floor above my head.  I wondered what was going on.  I finally heard another door open, but then not close.

I had to go see what was going on.  It was now close to 10pm, as I climbed the stairs to the 1st floor.  I turned the door knob slow and stepped out onto the wooden floor.  I looked up the staircase to the 2nd floor.  I could hear Mr. Diamond snoring.  I looked down the hallway to the kitchen.  I could see a light coming from Angela doorway.  I then looked across from her room.  I saw a small light coming from a crack in the door.  The door was only open a small bit.  I looked back at Sarah and Junior’s room.  Both of there door were closed.  The 1st floor bathroom door was open.

I quietly walked to get a better look.  I headed for the small light across from Angela’s room.  I looked down.  I forgot a shirt.  I was creeping closer to light with just my white boxer briefs on.  I then froze.  I could make out Junior standing in Angela doorway.  He was talking to her.  He was wearing some baggy black boxers, that were two sizes to big on him and a big baggy plain white shirt.  I saw Angela move in front of him.  She was wearing a tight black silk robe, around her voluptuous Puerto Rican curves.

I barely turned my head to the room that a second ago had a light shinning thru a crack in the door.  A small hand grabbed my arm, pulling me inside.  “Shhhhhhh….You want us to get busted or what??”  Then the light came on again.  My eyes adjusted.  I could see I was inside a small 4ft by 4ft  linen closet.  There was a small changing table on the right.  There were four shelves on my left covered in towels and sheets.

I finally looked down in front of me.  Sarah was standing with her back toward me.  She was peeking out the crack of the door at Junior and Angela, across the hall from us.  My mouth dropped open.  She was standing inches from me, in just a pair of matching white cotton panties and bra.  Did she forget to put on some clothes?  I was dumb founded. 

I did not notice she turned her head to look at me.  I must have been quite the sight.  Half naked man she just met a few hours earlier, staring at her.  “Buck!!  Are you OK?”  “Ummmmm..” Was all I could say? She then smiled.  “Yeah I guess.  I thought I heard some noises up here.  What are you doing?” I said.  “Damn!  You almost blew it.  Take a look yourself.  You just can’t tell anyone about it.  Especially my parents.”

Sarah moved to the right.  I inched closer to look out the crack of the door.  I looked across the hallway.  Junior boxers were around his ankles.  I saw Angela trying to fish out his cock from some worn underwear.  A second later his hard 4inch cock was stick out.  It was small.  Look like a pencil from the angle.  “You’ve seen enough.  Stop hogging the door.”  I felt a small hand on my lower back move me to the side.  I then felt Sarah left breast rub my right arm.  My cock grew another inch as she was now staring at her brother being jerked off by there housekeeper.

A few seconds passed before I heard a small noise across the hall.  I assumed Junior blew his load in Angela little hand.  My cock got harder when I smelled a new aroma inside the linen closet.  I looked down to see Sarah left hand inside the front of her white cotton panties.  Her panties just covered her big ass.  I could see the bottoms of them getting wet.  She was really working her middle finger in the front of her pussy.  She had her free hand inside the front of her white cotton bra.  He had a big scoop in the front.  She had peeled the top of her bra down to expose her bright pink nipples.

She was fingering her pussy and pinching her big pink nipples.  I could not take it any more.  I wiggled my hips letting my 9 ¾ cock get some air.  I then heard Sarah gasp inside the linen closet.  She opens her eyes when she heard my huge naked balls fall out in the cold air.   She locked her eyes on my fully erect cock.  A huge wad of precum was on the tip.

“What the fuck???  That thing is huge.  I never knew they got that big.  My Brother and Dad are so small compared to you…”  “Sorry… I just thought.  Should I put it away?  What about your Dad?”  She paused.  Sarah reached back to close the linen closet  door.  I then heard Junior go inside Angela room.  “I once saw my Dad out by the pool.  It was very quick.

“Do you like spying on your brother?”  Sarah smiled.  “It’s a game we play.  We spy on each other.  Tonight he gets Angela to jack him off.  Tomorrow I get her to finger bang me.  We both like to watch.”  “Angela ok with this?”   “Ummm… Not really.  We’ve been black mailing her since she got here.  We told her we could get her deported back to Mexico, if she did play along.  I think she is getting better at.”  Sarah then smiled again. 

“I’m not sure what to say.  What if your parents find out?”  “I know my Dad would be very mad.  However, both my brother and I are still virgins.  We follow our church practices.  We can’t have full penetration until are wedding night.  Also were saving our first kiss with the opposite sex.  He is horny all the time.  I’m super horny all the time.  I’m not sure about my Mom.  I think she would be disappointed but not mad.  Sometime I see her check Angela out.  My parents don’t have sex to much.”

“So you’ve kissed Angela then… I see you nodding your head yes.  Mmmm… Take off your bra.  Now hop up on the changing table.  I’ll be honest.  I’m still a virgin.  Not by choice.  Never had the opportunity before I went to prison.  Does the church say anything about the opposite sex sucking your horny little body?  Your feet, your toes…. That’s good to know.  How about rubbing a hard cock on them.  Just don’t penetrate them.  I’m beginning to like your church.  Now I need to suck your big breast.”

I started sucking her small toes, and feet.  I then rubbed the tip of my cock up her inner thigh.  I pulled her ass to the edge of the changing table.  I could see the front of her white panties were stained with her juices.  She was breathing very heavy as she followed my hard cock near her pussy mound.  I then placed the tip of cock, with the big white precum coated tip on her wet panties.  She bit her lower lip.  I could just make out her small pussy lips covered in dark pubes.  She was not cleanly shaved.

I grabbed a small wash cloth from behind me.  I placed it in her mouth.  Her screams were muffled as I used the tip of my cock to play with the thin white cotton material rubbing her cunt lips.  Her eyes got big, then I felt her whole pussy orgasm beneath me.  She screamed so loud.  I pulled off her wet cotton panties.  I tossed them on the ground in-between us.  I then dropped my head to suck and lick her matted pussy mound.  I quickly found her g-spot as I cupped her whole big ass in my hands; my tongue was buried deep inside her.  I then reached up to tug on her erect nipples. 

She orgasm two more times before we switched positions.  I was sitting on the edge.  My hard cock looking her right in the face.  “I can’t fit that whole thing in my mouth.”  “Take a little at a time.  Spit on it first.  Try using, what god gave you.  Yes!  Perfect.  Use those warm breasts.  Wrap them around.  Stick out your tongue.”  Sarah was putting her mouth on the tip and fucking him with her big breast.  I could feel I was getting close.  I then moaned.  The first spurt hit under chin.  Then her forehead, fuck…. I was blasting her face.  She was covered.  I never seen that large of a load before.  Sarah was dripping as she jacked the last amount into her open mouth.

“Fuck!  I’m covered Buck.  That was the biggest load, I’ve ever seen.  It never stops.  Wow!!  You make my brother look so small.  It would take him a year to produce that much in one blast.   Fuck!! I love it.  Pass me a towel.”  I smiled.  I handed Sarah a towel.  She tried to clean my blast from her face and body.  I then heard junior come out of Angela’s room.  He passed outside our door and headed to his room.  I then went to the basement.  Sarah soon went to her room.

My alarm went off at 6am.  I took a quick shower.  My cock got instantly hard when I thought of last night with Sarah.  It got twice as hard when I saw everyone for church.  Angela was wearing a tight over size dress.  Mrs. Diamond was fully covered.  Sarah had on a small sun dress that showed off a little skin.

The whole day went by fast.  It was close to 5pm when we got home.  I sat close to Angela all day.  I made her feel nice.  Getting her some water and asking about her day.  Mr. Diamond order pizza.  It was close to 8pm when everyone started to go to there rooms.  I watched some tv.  Then I headed to the basement.  It was close to 9:30 when I heard the first floor doors open again.  I then heard everyone doors, and foot steps over head.

I quickly walked upstairs and snuck around the corner.  I could see Angela door wide open.  Both Sarah and Angela were in the doorway.  A small light was behind them from inside the room.  I could see everything.  Sarah was half naked.  Angela was wearing a tight black robe that was wide open.  Sarah was sucking on Angela huge tits.  Angela had her eyes closed and her arms above her head.  I then turned my head to see a light coming from the linen closet.  I knew Junior was inside, probably jerking off to the sight of his sister and Angela having sex across the hall.

I watched for about 15 minutes before Sarah pushed Angela back into her room.  She then slowly closed the bedroom door.  She left it open slightly.  Then I saw Junior walk out of the linen closet toward Angela’s room.  I turned around and headed downstairs.  I quickly went into the bathroom and jerked off a small load into the toilet.  I kept picturing what I saw upstairs as I closed my bedroom door and went to bed.

Mr. Diamond gave me the week off.  He wanted me to enjoy a little vacation before I started working at the church.  He took Mrs. Diamond and Sarah with him to church.  I took a shower, then put on my swim suit and grabbed a towel from the linen closet.  I so wanted to go for a swim.  It had been so long.

It was close to 10am when I sat in a lounge chair by the pool.  I then heard the back door to the house close.  A minute later, Junior was standing next to me by the pool.  “Hey Buck!  How’s it going?”  I smiled.  “Good Junior.. How are you?”  He looked around.  “My parents and Sarah left… Right??”  He looked puzzled.  “Yes!  They were going to church for the day.  Your Dad said they would be back for dinner.”

“Nice!!  I could use a fun day with out all of them.”  I turned my head to check out Junior.  He was just wearing some cutoff jeans.  He was as pale as a ghost.  He even had some small chest hairs to go with the small hair on his face.  He then pulled out his phone from his back pocket.  He started to text someone.  He kept looking around as he texted on his phone.  He laughed, and then smiled.

He looked over at me.  With this weird grin.  “I know about the other night.  You and Sarah in our private room.  Watching me and Angela.  Did you like it?  My big cock getting man handled by out Puerto Rican whore.” He laughed again.  I just smiled and looked at him.  Junior was being quite arrogant and a bit cocky for him.  I wondered how much Sarah told him.  I don’t think she told him the size of my cock.  Because a second later he asked if I wanted to get naked with him.  “We should get naked and get some sun.  I have a surprise for you.” Said Junior.

I was up for just about anything.  Plus I wanted to show off my hard cock.  I could use some sun on my white skin.  He quickly took off his jean shorts.  I saw his small cock all shriveled up, under some thick black pubes.  I slowly pulled my shorts down.  I watched his eyes get big as my cock stood at attention.  I gave it a quick pull as I sat back in my lounge chair.  He was now stone cold quite as he kept staring at my hard cock.

“Wham!!”  I heard the door to the back of the house close.  I then heard some heels click on the cement leading to the pool area.  I turned my head to see Angela walking toward us.  She was wearing a super small two piece yellow bikini that left nothing to the imagination.  Her huge breasts were spilling out the small triangles on top.  Her ass shook, showing off the paper thin thong running up her ass crack.  She had a towel in one hand and a big bottle of baby oil in the other.  She was wearing 4inch yellow heels.  Junior finally turned his head to see Angela standing between us.  She was now staring at my erect cock.  She licked her lips.  My breathing got heavier.

“About time you got here.  What’s been taking so long??” said Junior.  He was looking at Angela perfectly sculpted body.  She was just meant for fucking.  How was she still a virgin.  She was biting her lower lip.  She turned to look at Junior.  “Sorry baby…. I was making myself present able for you.  Why is he here??  Am I in trouble?” she said.  Junior smiled.  “No… You’re not in trouble yet.  Seems Sarah told him about all of us.  He could just as easily tell my parents about you.  I’m sure you don’t want to go back to Mexico.  Now…. Take off your clothes.  I need my naughty housekeeping whore to please me.  First jack my cock, then Bucks…” said Junior.

Junior barely lasted six strokes before he shot a small quarter size load on Angela palm.  His eyes were closed.  She wiped her sticky hand on his left side.  He giggled.  Angela then turned to face me.  She had been squatting down on her heels between us.  She smiled.  I looked into her eyes.  “You don’t have to do this.  I would never tell anyone about your status in America.” She smiled.  “It’s Ok, I have to do what Junior and Sarah tell me.  It’s my pleasure.” She said.

I smiled as I watched Angela move on her heels toward me.  She quickly grabbed my hard cock and started to use her small hand to pound my cock.  She then used her free hand to cup my big naked balls.  I leaned down with my long arms to fondle her huge left breast.  She moaned as she begun to really jack hammer my cock.  I could see out the corner of my eye that Junior was watching his whore jack my cock.  I could tell deep down he probably wanted to jack my big cock also but he could not do it in front of Angela.

After 15 minutes of stroking I motion for her to pour some baby oil on her big breast.  I quickly took off her bikini top.  Angela just watched me as I squirted the baby oil all over her tan tits.  I then motion for her to wrap her huge oily breast around my hard cock.  It only took five more minutes before I started too exploded inside her huge cleavage.  She screamed, I grunted and Junior fell off his lounge chair onto the concrete deck around the pool.  Angela huge breast were covered in sticky white semen.

Junior got off the ground.  He rushed over to get Angela off her knees.  She was still stunned after I exploded on her.  Junior quickly grabbed her bikini top and hurried her inside the house.  I rubbed some baby oil over my body and lay on the lounge chair for another few hours before going inside. 

I took along shower and then went for a 3 mile run.  I got back in time to see the Diamonds pulling up to the house in the church van.  Sarah shot me a smile as she got out first and walked inside.  Mrs. Diamond got out and waved to me.  Mr. Diamond then waved at me as I walked around to the back yard.

I looked inside to see Junior sitting at the kitchen table.  Angela was cooking and Sarah was talking to her brother.  Mr. Diamond was going to make burgers on the grill.  He asked me to get washed up as his wife went upstairs to change.  I then took a quick shower and put on some cargo shorts and a polo shirt.

Dinner was good and it was close to 9pm when Mr. and Mrs. Diamond went to bed.  I helped do the dishes with Angela and then went down stairs.  Both Sarah and her brother had left the dinner table after eating there food.  I turned on the TV and sat back on the couch.  I was expecting a quite night and maybe going to bed early.  I was still thinking about Angela this afternoon and what happened.

About an hour later I heard two bedroom doors open and then some bare feet heading toward my door to the basement.  I then hear the door upstairs close and some bare feet coming down the stairs.  I thought it was Junior night with Angela.  I was a little surprised when I saw Sarah and Angela dressed in full length bath robes.  They smiled when they saw me on the couch.

The both walked over to me on the couch and stood in front of me.  I turned off the TV.  “Hey!” was all I got out before Sarah began to talk.  “My brother told me what happened today out by the pool.  He also told me he took Angela to his room today and cleaned her off from all your white goo.  He is such a pervert.  Since he got to use Angela all day, I get to use her tonight.  I want to watch two people fucking for the first time.  I know Angela still a virgin and your still a virgin.  Take off your robe Angela and make him hard.”

She pointed to me on the couch.  My mouth fell open as Angela dropped her robe.  She had a small gold chain around her waist and some big gold hoop earrings on her small ears.  Other than that, she was completely naked.  Sarah dropped her robe and she was wearing a matching black bra and panties.  She got on her knees and the couch and then motion for Angela to take off my cargo shorts.  I pulled off my polo shirt and tossed it on the floor next to my cargo shorts.  Angela then pulled down my tight boxer briefs and both girls let out a soft moan when they saw my hard cock at full attention.

I reached around Sarah big ass and started to massage her pale white ass.  I then locked my mouth on her left breast.  Her nipple strained against the thin black material.  Angela was between my legs.  She was licking and sucking my hard cock very fast.  She was running her small hands on my naked balls as she tried to deep throat my cock.  I motion for her to wrap her huge breast around my cock.  I then pushed Sarah down between my legs.  Both girls licked my cock as I eased back on the couch to enjoy the show.

Sarah quickly fell back on the couch next to me.  She then watched Angela stand up and play with her pussy in front of us.  I could think of know one better to lose my virginity too.  Angela was like a dream come true.  I watched as Angela put her knees on my thighs.  She then reached down to guide my cock into her wet pussy.  She closed her eyes.  Sarah gasped as she watched her sex slave take my cock an inch at a time. I grunted as Angela body shook.  Her huge breast bounced in front of me. 

She was very tight but super wet.  I bite my lower lip as Angela fell forward on my chest with her two hands.  I reached up with my mouth to suck her right and left breast.  I reached down to slap her big ass as she moaned so loud in the room.  Sarah got off the couch and on her knees behind Angela and between my legs.  I could feel her hot breath at the base of my cock as she watched Angela ride my cock.  I reached around Angela big ass and spread her ass cheeks so Sarah could get a better look of my cock going in and out of Angela wet pussy.

I was not going to last long.  I had wanted this since I first arrived at the Diamonds house.  I locked on Angela huge left tit.  I then pulled my cock out of her pussy and aimed my big load at Sarah face.  Sarah screamed and then she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it a few times before I exploded in her mouth and covered her chest.  Angela fell off my lap and onto the couch.  We both looked down to see Sarah covered in a huge load.  Sarah smiled and then grabbed Angela hand and they both went upstairs.

I fell asleep and woke up just after I heard the church van leave the garage.  I took a quick shower and went upstairs.  I sat at the kitchen table to eat some cereal.  I saw a note on the fridge that everyone had gone to church for the day and they would be home later.  I cleaned my dishes and then walked outside in the back yard.  I saw a laptop computer almost closed on a small patio table.  I walked over and sat down at the patio table in front of the laptop.

I first looked around then I slowly opened it up.  My mouth fell open.  As I read the info on the screen.  I clicked on a few more pages and it did not take long for me to put two and two together.  Mr. Diamond had been skimming money from his church to pay for all sorts of things.  He was also money laundering money from different charities around town.  I finally clicked on a folder called the “The Plan” 

The plan was simple.  If he ever got caught to blame everything on the newest member of the family.  Me!! What the fuck??  He had used my name and info to open accounts all over town.  I started to laugh as I began to hatch a new plan for all this money he stole.  It took me about three hours but I got everything changed. 

I went for along swim and kept thinking about what Mr. Diamond and his scheme.  I left a note on the fridge and caught a taxi into town.  I stopped at a friend’s house from prison.  He was in for bank fraud.  I gave him a few thousand to help me.  He gave me some fake id’s.  I then stopped at a few banks around town before I arrived home very late.  I excused myself from the family.  I went down stairs and hung out by myself.  The family stayed up late and I think everyone was tired because I heard no doors open all night.

It was close to 7am when I heard some knocking at the front door.  I peeked out a small window in the basement.  I could see a few cop cars and a big van outside.  I put on some clothes and walked upstairs.  I ran into a FBI agent who sat me down in the living room.  Then I watched as they put handcuffs on Mr. Diamond and his son.  I was not a big fan of junior.  I figured he might get in the way of me staying with his Mom and Sister while he and his father were in prison.

I stood in the door way as Sarah held her Mom who was crying.  I put my right hand on Angela lower back as we all watched them drive away.  The trial lasted about a week.  Mr. Diamond and his son were both found guilty and sentenced to 15 years.  The church left me in charge when I helped return some of the money.  They were shocked that they used junior name on everything.

At first I was just fucking Angela every chance I got.  Then Sarah came next.  She could not stand watching Angela getting all the attention along with all of my cock.  Mrs. Diamond took a little bit of time but she finally must have needed some hard cock after her husband was gone for a week.  She walked into Angela room in the middle of the night.  I was on the bed and Sarah was riding my cock as Angela sat on my face.  I felt the bed move from Mrs. Diamond getting on the bed.  She went immediately to Angela big breast.  I looked up to see both titans of tits making out.  Mrs. Diamond was naked in a flash.  Then I groaned as her tight pussy engulfed my hard cock. 

I would drive all of them to the prison to see Mr. Diamond and Junior when ever they wanted.  I would hang out in the church van and fuck Angela until Sarah and Mrs. Diamond would come back out.  Then I fuck them as Angela drove us home.  I would love to have seen the look on Mr. Diamond face when he clicked on his plan folder and nothing was there.  Sarah has been videoing all our sex sessions with me and her and Angela and her Mom.  She likes to send them to her brother in jail and show him what he has been missing.  I told her to be careful he might be someone bitch inside and they may show her Dad.  She laughed then showed me a video of her brother taking on 12 guys in a cell.  I just laughed and smack my cock between her and her mothers big ass.