Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not My Typical Day - An Adult Story

Monday September 7, 2009

Partly Cloudy 68 degrees
Owings Mills - MD 6:15am

I just woke up. Long night. Have the week off. Going to celebrate the holiday later with barbecue. Maybe invite some friends over to watch movie on the deck in the back yard. Last day for the pool. Summer was great. Looking forward to football season to start. I take a long shower. Should sleep in but have to much to do. I have all week to get some sleep. Need to work out and then go for a jog through the neighborhood. Maybe be back by 9am to go shopping for food for the party.

I head down to the basement to workout. Some free weights and ab crunches. Some sit ups, push ups and leg work. Feeling pretty good. Worked up a pretty good sweat. Checked my emails and MySpace for any messages. Good to go. Grab a towel and dry off. I took of my sweaty shirt & shorts. Through them in the washer machine before walking through house naked. Open my curtains while I take another quick shower. Put on some deodorant, brush my teeth, comb my hair. Walk back to bedroom. Put on a gray t-shirt. Some navy blue running shorts. Some white/blue Nike running shoes. Grab a water out of the fridge. Grab a banana for the run. Going to do about 5 miles around the neighborhood.

Little Sun
72 Degrees
Out side of house - 7:45am

I make my usual run. Stay on the sidewalks when I can. Still thinking about last night. Went to bar. Hung out with friends. Did not meet anybody. Got one number from a girl. Nice but talked to much. Plus she was too skinny for my taste now. Ever since my next door neighbor came to console my about my break up last year. I have gone to really like bigger gurls. The confident bodacious woman. I do love a woman with thick curves, sweet smile and who can rock my world. I keep the search on until I find Ms. Cute and Sexy. I hate running sometimes. Starting to sweat a little more. I can hear a dog barking two door down as I start going up hill. Damn am I going to make it. The hill is large today. Maybe being 24 has caught up to me. No one is out. Everybody sleeping I guess. Few cars in the driveways. I am glad I closed the office for the holiday. Glad to take a day off before the grind again.

I finally made it to the top of the hill. Been jogging/running for 30 minutes. It all down here from here. I almost can't wait to get home. My only challenge left maybe is how to pass a certain neighbor with out stopping to see if she is home. I met Mrs. T. about a year ago. She is a very sexy BBW. With thick curves and a bodacious body meant for only one thing. She is very kinky and I have messed around with her on more than one occasion. She is about 5 ft 3 with long blonde hair. Sexy blue eyes. Cute smile. Sexy hips, thick thighs, long curvy legs and a amazing ass. Every time I see her I just want to have fun with her. I met her a few weeks after I broke up my my ex-girlfriend. I met her at the mall. She was trying on some clothes at Lane Bryant. I walked in checking her out. She figured I was not there with anybody after wondering around. She followed me out to the food court. I bought her lunch. She showed me her diamond wedding ring then showed me her large breast in her car. I was not looking for anything, especially with a married woman. One thing led to another and now I am standing looking at her front door across the street with a hard on.

She has stopped by twice in the last two months for what you might call a booty call. I guess after 1am anybody knocking on your door would be a booty call. She dressed in a fur coat once and nothing else. Another time in a nurse costume looking for her doctor. She tells me her and her husband have a open marriage. They are allowed to fool around with who ever they want. They just have to tell each other about the experience. Both times she found me with my mouth wide open at the front door. She came in and left a few hours later. I look around her house. I can't really tell if she is home. All the shades are pulled closed. There are no houses next door to her nice house. The street pretty quite out front. I jog in place while I think.

8:20 am in front of Mrs. T house
Sunny - Maybe 75 degrees

5 minutes go by. "Beep! Beep! Honk!! Honk" I turned my head to the right to see Mrs. T. car pulling passing me. She stops. The passenger window goes down. I see this sexy finger motion for me to come to the window. "Hey Buck! What are you doing? Did you come by to see me sugar?" Mrs. T. said. I just smile. "Hey! Wow, you look good. I was out for a jog. I was running by your house. Stopped to catch my breath. What are you doing up so early? Are you off to work?" I said. "I had to drop Alex (Her Husband) off at the airport. He has to be in Reno for a meeting. He got a promotion at work. Now I don't have to work anymore. I am a stay home wife now." she said. "Nice! That's cool. Any plans for the holiday today?" I said. "I am hosting a party later for the family. My parents and his parents and family are coming over. Maybe some of my old friends from work. But not until after 3pm today. What are you doing?" she said. "I got maybe a simple barbecue and maybe watch a movie in my back yard later. Nothing fancy." I said. "I got some paper plates and groceries for the party in the trunk can you help me carry it into my house. Plus you can see what I had built in the back yard." she smiles.

"OK! Park your car. I walk behind you." I said. She smiled as she put her car in drive. She opened her garage with the door opener. The last time I was here to see her was about 3 weeks ago. She hired me to clean her pool. It was cloudy in the deep end. Someone had turned off the filter. I smiled as I turned it on. Then the water was clear after throwing in some chlorine. I spent the whole day swimming with Mrs. T. She put on her baby blue bathing suit and then took it off under water. She was quite the Cougar that day with me. I hold the driver side door open and help her out. She wearing a tight white blouse. A small denim mini skirt and some 4inch black heels. Who drives her husband to the airport in that outfit? Mrs. T. does. I wipe my forehead with my hand. I hear her pop the trunk on her car. She hits the garage door to close as I look in the trunk. I found the paper plates and some beer. Two bags of ice. I just shake my head.

A few seconds later I walk down the hall to the kitchen. I put the plates and beer on the kitchen counter. Mrs. T is putting away a bag of grocery. She smiles as I walk back to get the rest of the grocery and the two bags of ice. I can't help but think what might happen. I walk back into the kitchen. I help put the ice and beer in the fridge. I look out back at the pool. "How's the pool?" I said. "It's good Buck. You did an excellent job honey. How is work?" she said. "Works good. I am off for the week. The office closed today. Need a break from the grind. So what did you do in the back yard? I can't see." I said. " I had a steam room/sauna built on the back of the pool house near the hot tub. Its all cedar and everything. They just got finished on Friday with it. I needed a new project for her house.

I looked around outside her back windows near the pool house. She smiled as she put away the last things on the kitchen counter. I walked over and sat on a stool next to her phone. My legs reached easily to the floor. Mrs. T. would have had trouble sitting and getting her feet on the ground. "Damn I almost for got something in my car. I will be right back." she said. I watched her walk by and smile as she checked me out sitting on her metal stool in the kitchen. I heard the door close to the garage. A few seconds later Mrs. T. came back in the kitchen. She had a white lunch bag with some donuts inside.

"Did you have something to eat. Let me guess if I remember. Probably a bagel, some Capt Crunch or some fruit this morning." she giggled. "Actually I had some water and a banana as I jogged. I was in a hurry this morning." I said. "MMmm how about a donut then. I got a few different kinds. I really love the powder one so you can have any of the other ones. I hope that is OK?" she smiled. I laughed as we had some donuts. I watched her eat her favorite donuts. "So are you in a hurry to get home or do you have like a few minutes?" Mrs T. said with a wink. "What did you have in mind?" I said. "Well I did just get a new sauna put in out back. I am not to sure how it works. You don't want little old me to get in trouble. Could you maybe help me out. Come back and take a look. I need someone to help me break it in. Need a young man's opion." she said. "For you, anything! Let's go. Are you done in the kitchen.

"Everything out in the pool house. I will get some towels for the basement. I will be right back." she said. My hands were sweating. I was getting a little nervous. I had come this far. I was not due back to my place for a few hours. I definitely had to see the sauna and Mrs. T. in a bathing suit again. I waited for her to return. A few minutes later she came up from the basement. "Follow me sugar." she said. I walked behind her. She handed me the towels to carry. She put her hands on her hips and strutted across her wooden deck. The pool did look good. I got the door to the pool house. We walked in as she turned on the light. I looked around to see what she had done since the last time I was there. I checked the filter on the pool and then checked the hot tub to make sure it was looking good. She smiled as I followed her to a wooden door off the back of the pool house.

I opened the door. I followed her inside a small wooden room. I then looked to see a wooden door with a big glass window in front. "The sauna right in there Buck. Its best if we take off our clothes before we go in. We don't want anything in the room that is dirty. Need that new sauna smell. Your OK with that right sugar? Here is your big white towel to wrap you up in." she said. I took off my running shoes. I sat on a wooden bench on the right side of the room. Mrs. T. sat on the opposite side on another wooden bench. I took off my socks followed by my t-shirt. I was now sitting in my blue running shorts. I looked over to see Mrs. T. take off her heels. She then slowly pulled her shirt over her head. She made eye contact with me as she pulled her white shirt over her head. She then unzipped her mini skirt. She stood up and let it fall around her ankles. She was not wearing panties or a thong. She did not cover up. I saw she had left a little 4inch blonde landing strip on top of her amazing pussy. She then reached up and unclasped her bra from behind. It fell on the floor next to her mini skirt.

She was now naked as she wrapped herself in the big white towel. She looked at me as I stood up. I reached down and pull down my running shorts. I stepped out of them and took one step closer to her. She smiled as she saw my cock was half erect and a little wet on the tip. I pulled my towel around my waist. I walked over to the door leading into the sauna. I opened it up and then turned on the light. It was all cedar wood interior. There was two tiers to the seating arrangement. You could sit on top of a bench and I could put my feet on the floor or I could sit on the next tier and be higher up. I saw the hot rocks on the far side. The room was getting hot but it got hotter when Mrs. T. walked in behind me. I smiled as she moved to the 2nd tier and sat down. I put some water on the hot rocks to get some steam.

I walked over and climbed to the top. I sat down next to her. The hot steam felt nice on my skin. I was really loving the heat on my body. I was beginning to sweat as Mrs. T. looked into my eyes. I smiled as she put her left hand on my towel above my knee. She then put her right hand on my chest. She was feeling my abs as she ran her long finger nails down my chest. "Buck are you getting bigger. Your chest feels great." she said. By bigger did she mean my cock. Because yes my cock was getting harder. I looked down to see she had found the end of my cock under the towel. I then felt her hand move my towel open. She placed her cool hand inside touching my naked balls first. She played with them as my cock laid on the back of her hand. She then gripped my cock with her hand causing it to grow bigger in her hand. I then felt he warm air on the tip of my cock. She opened my towel completely to see my cock in her hand. "I'll say you have grown Buck. Your such a big tease with that monster. MMMmmm I have been missing this cock. I am so glad I found you outside of my house. Funny I was thinking of you last night as I fucked my husband. I'm so naughty." she moaned in my left ear.

I gulped as she stroked my cock in her hand. She brought her other free hand to play with my big balls. She scrapped her nails across my abs making my skin turn darker. I reached around her back. I pulled her towel open causing it to fall down her front onto the bottom seat. She gasped as the hot air hit her naked flesh. She opened her legs as I took my hand and fondled her breast. I tugged on her hard nipple. She was making low moans inside the room. I was hot but hotter because of her. She stopped stroking my cock. She slipped down to stand on her feet on the 1st level. She moved around to wrap her large boobs around my hard cock. She sucked my cock first then spit on the end. I fucked her breast as she squeezed her cleavage together. Her cleavage was so hot from the steam my cock felt like it was on fire. I could usually last longer but she brought me to my first climax very fast. I looked at her. She looked into my eyes. "I know the look. Its OK! Baby! Cum for me. Let me see you cum on my tits. Yes! Yes! I need some more sugar. That is it. Cum for me!!!" I then exploded in her mouth. She put all of my cock in her mouth and deep throat me.

She did not miss a drop as she let my cock go out of her mouth. I then watched her climbed down and go out of the room. She came back in a few minutes with a bottle of water. She drank some and then climbed up handing me some. I took a sip as she rubbed her chest on my lap. My cock was hard again as she looked down. "I just love young guys with hard cocks. You get up in no time sexy." she moaned. I got up and climbed down to add some water on the hot rocks. I climbed back up as she sat down with her legs open. I handed her the bottle of water. I kissed her sexy feet. I sucked her toes and ankle. I gave her a great foot massage just how she likes. I then kissed her long legs. All over her thick thighs. "MMM Buck. You know I like that. Yes! Yes! Eat my pussy. Damn I miss you and that big tongue. Put your mouth down there. Put a finger in me and eat me sugar." I smiled as I looked up over her soft belly to her huge cleavage. I pulled her nipples as I started to kiss her landing strip above her pussy.

She opened her legs more giving me better access. I pushed them open. I got down on one knee in front of her. I was still in perfect position to est her pussy. I dragged my tongue down to her pussy. I opened her up. I stuck one wet finger inside her. I then began to lick the tip of her labia. I stuck another finger in her tight wet pussy. She was so wet. I sucked on her cunt lips. She pushed her pussy down on my face. I pushed her thighs down with my hands as I ate her pussy. She was breathing very heavy. I then felt her pussy muscles shake as she came for the first time. It was hard and quick as I tasted her orgasm for the first time. She was quite sweet as she pushed on my head. "She missed you Buck. My pussy missed you. I need some of the cock now. Give me your cock baby." she screamed.

I got up and she grabbed my cock. She slowly inserted the tip into her tight pussy. I froze for a second letting her fill her pussy with my cock. I leaned in a few inches filling her up. She had another orgasm as I got half way inside her. She was tight and wet and I wanted more. I pushed forward with my hips getting almost all the way inside her. I then began to pull out long and slow. I rammed it back in then pulled out long and slow. I did this for a few minutes making her squirm underneath me. I then used one hand to hold her left ankle. The other hand I played with her breasts. I fondled her nipples and breast. I pulled her wide open as she screamed. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! God I missed you inside me. Fuck me faster. Use me Buck. Yes! Yes! Yes! Cock! Cock! Cock! That it sugar. I'm cumming again....."she moaned. I leaned forward kissing her mouth. She bit my tongue and lower lip. I rammed her pussy as my balls slapped under her pussy mound. She stopped to look into my eyes. Her eyes had glazed over. She was enjoying what I was doing. Damn was she hot under me.

I pulled out and spanked the top of her pussy. She smiled as I leaned back. I motion for her to turn over. She rolled over on her knees. She put her face down and her ass up. I grabbed a hold of her hips. I slowed moved forward. I slapped her big ass making a big red hand print on her left butt cheek. She mumbled something on the wood as I inserted my wet cock in her pussy. I gabbed a hold of her hips again. I pulled her down my shaft. She moaned really loud as I began to fuck her nice and hard. I was ramming my cock upward matching her ass slamming back on my cock. I had my cock really buried deep as she was stretched out. "MMM that is baby. Fuck me! Fuck me. Slam you tight pussy on me. Can you feel how much I love it. Yes! Yes! Fuck! Your so tight!!" I grunted at her. She turned her head when I moved my hands off her hips and pulled on her tits. I was stroking her tits as she moaned on my cock. I pulled out again. She looked over her shoulder. I put my cock on her ass I started to cum. I grunted as she wiped my cock on her ass. I came 4 big shots on her butt as I dripped on her skin.

Walking to my front door
82 degrees

I had left Mrs. T. after taking a long hot shower with her. I had to get home to go get some party supplies plus she had to start get ready for her party. She gave me a big kiss in the garage before the door opened and I walked out. I quickly toss my sweaty clothes in the washer and hit start. I take a quick shower. I head out to get some grocery at the store.

Pulling in my driveway
86 degrees

I take out the grocery and check my computer. A few people coming over later for the barbecue. I start to make some salad, devil eggs and potato salad. I open some chips and have a few Cokes while I read some comments left on my profile. I leave a few and check out some of my friends pics. Kinda of a slow day on line. I watch some sports center and read the newspaper.

Starting the Grill
88 degrees

Throw in some briquet's, lighter fluid, and match. Got some chicken, sausage, burgers and hot dogs. Even got some vegetarian lasagna in case no one wants meat. Most of my fiend's have girl friends or married. So it should be nice not to have to be on my game. Plus my cock is still spent from Mrs. T. earlier in the day. I throw the football around, toss some bean bags, horse shoes in my back yard. Few people are going in the pool. Today its last day before the covers goes back on. I had fun in the summer but all good things must come to an end.

I am the grill master. Take everyone order. Some people bought food, beer and wine. Have a few cocktails and relax. Play pool in my basement. Throw some darts. Nothing to bad for the evening. Some small talk. Look at my clock as people are leaving close to 10pm. I don't have to get up early plus I like staying up late on line. I smile as I say good bye to the last guest. Had a few beers feeling pretty good as I walk back to my couch.

Door bell rings!
72 degrees

I walk to the front door. Must be Mike. He always forgets something. I open the door wide open. I am standing there in just some tan cargo shorts, a short sleeve white shirt that maybe a little small on me. Shows off my arms, chest and abs pretty good. "Hey Buck! What are you doing sexy!!" Mrs. T. said. "Ummm!" I said. "This is Grace. She is a friend of mine. We used to work together. She came to my party. It was kinda of lame. I told her I knew this cute young guy who could spice up our night. Can we come in sugar?" she said. I just step out of the way as the two older women came in.

Mrs T. was wearing a small black cocktail dress. I could tell she was not wearing a bra under her dress. Her nipples were already rock hard. She had 4 inch black heels, her finger and toe nails matched her red sexy lips. Grace was about the same height and age as Mrs. T. She had smaller breast but a bigger ass. She had short curly red hair. Almost a dark auburn color. She had sexy red lips to match her finger and toenails. She was not wearing a wedding ring. Mrs. T. had taken hers off. She was wearing a short animal print cocktail dress. She was wearing some 6 inch animal print heels that matched her dress. My mouth was still wide open as they strutted down the hall to my living room. "Buck do you having anything to drink? We need a little drink baby." said Mrs. T. "Why yes, lets go downstairs to my bar/game room." I said. I followed the girls to my kitchen.

Mrs. T. opened the door to the basement, she had been down there before. I looked around to make sure nothing was on in my kitchen as I shut the door behind me. I saw they found the light switch as I walked down the stairs. I had a big basement. A full bar on one side. Some leather couches, two big screen TV,s, some chairs and a nice big pool table. The girls had already sat down on the bar stools. There curvy legs were swaying under there ass's on the bar stool. I walked behind the bar. I turned on some lights in the back.

"So what will you girls have?" I said. They each had a few drinks before they got to my house. I was not surprised. "That's do some shots!" said Mrs. T. "Yeah! Shots! Shots! Shots." yelled Grace. "How about some vodka?" I said. I poured us each some Grey Goose. I then gave us some Red Bull and vodka. Ouch that burns. I smiled watching them. They could pound some shots. I gave them each a vodka and cranberry mix drink to slow them down. "So Buck. How was your party? Mrs. T. said. "Good. I think everyone had a good time. They just left a few minutes before you two got here. What happen at your party?" I said. "Nothing, that was the problem. Everyone too quite and not up to having a good time." Grace said. "So you two worked together?" I said. "Grace used to be my boss. We had lunch the other day. I invited her. We still see each other at the country club." Mrs. T. said. Grace giggled. "I see her all the time in the changing room." Grace said. Both girls laughed again.

I shook my head. I wanted to ask but thought better of it. "Buck come around here sexy. I've been telling Grace all about you." Mrs. T. said. "I hope its been all good." I said. I walked around the bar. Both girls swung there bar stools around facing me. I walked in between them with my butt against the bar facing out. "Buck I love your house. It's very nice." Grace said. "Thanks! I try." I said. "Buck! Grace just got over a long breakup. She was seeing this guy for some time. He was a big alcoholic. Never had time for her. Very mean guy. The opposite of you sexy." Mrs. T. said. "I'm sorry. That never a good thing. I am glad you and Mrs. T. came over tonight." I said. "Thanks honey. Mrs. T. has always been there. We used to hang out all the time before I met the dick. But tonight after a few drinks she mention this guy she saw this morning. I just wish I had seen you in your running shorts." Grace said as she was checking me out from head to toe. I was semi hard as these two hot older MILF's were eying me up and down.

"Buck! I told Grace how really good you are. I told her about what we did this morning. She really wanted to come over and see you." Mrs. T. whispered in my ear but loud enough for Grace to hear. Both girls smiled as Mrs. T. winked at me. I could see Grace breathing had increased. I then felt Mrs. T. hand on my chest. She started to rub my chest. She pulled up my shirt over my head. She pinched my left nipple. She then looked at Grace. Both girls eyes were wide open as my mouth was wide open. My cock was stretching the material on my shorts. I watched as Mrs. T. grabbed Graces hand and put them on my chest. Now both girls were rubbing my chest and abs. Then Grace kissed my right nipple and then sucked my ear. I was in heaven. I then felt Mrs. T. hand unbutton my belt. She pulled off my leather belt. She through the belt on the floor.

I looked down to see both girl unbuttoning my buttons on my cargo shorts. Then I felt my shorts fall to my ankles. I kept watching as both girls played with my cock inside my white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I felt Mrs. T. long finger nails scratch my abs, stomach and the tip off my cock under the thin white material. I then felt Grace's lips on mine. I moved my face to kiss her more passionately. I then stepped out of my cargo shorts on the floor. I opened my legs to allow the girls to move there hands lower. I felt Mrs. T. pull down my boxer briefs. She then pulled them off as she slipped off the bar stool. Her lips touched my balls and the tip off my cock. I felt Grace pull away and get off her bar stool. She was on her knees next to Mrs. T. I then watched as Grace put her tongue on the shaft of my cock. Each woman took turns sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I lost count of how many times or who was sucking my cock. Both were doing a great job.

I looked down to both girls were licking my cock and kissing each other at the same time. I grabbed the back of each girls head to make them suck my cock and kiss. I then pulled up Mrs. T. off the floor. She stood up next to me on my left side. I unzipped her cock tail dress letting it fall to the floor. Grace moved the black cocktail dress away from us. I then started to kiss Mrs. T. and fondle her big breast. She arched her neck back and stuck out her boobs. I licked her nipples as Grace kept sucking my cock. She was on her knees deep throating all 9 3/4 inches in her hot mouth. I could feel the inside of her cheek, throat and hot tongue. I then saw Grace left hand moving up Mrs. T. leg. Grace then started to play with her friends pussy. Mrs. T. moaned then bite my lower lips. I started to fondle her ass and suck her breast. Grace kept sucking my cock making very loud slurping noises. I then heard Mrs. T. orgasm. She caught her breath as she fell into my arms. Grace stood up and looked at us both.

Mrs. T. grabbed Grace hand and then pulled down Graces animal print dress. Grace kicked off her dress. Both girls were now naked. Both girls did not wear anything under there dresses. Mrs. T. pushed her friend over the bar stool. She walked in front of Grace and held her arms down over the front of the bar stool. I squatted down on my knees and began to kiss Grace big ass. I then licked around her nice heavy bush as she leaned up to look at Mrs. T. bald pussy in her face. I looked liked Mrs. T. had shaved her small landing strip before she came over. I wonder if her friend helped. I licked all the way from the tip of Grace ass to the top of her hairy pussy. I then began to lick two fingers on my right hand. I stuck my index finger inside Graces hot pussy. Her pussy allowed me to move deeper as she moaned louder. She had inserted her hot tongue in Mrs. T. pussy as both girls moaned.

I stood up after I got Grace wet. I slapped my cock on her ass. I then inserted the tip of my cock inside her tight pussy. She moved as I gripped Graces hips. "Its been to long. God your cock big Buck. Don't stop...fuck me...fuck me faster." Grace moaned. I looked at Mrs. T. who was all smiles as her friend licked her pussy. I leaned forward to suck on Mrs. T. breast as I fucked Grace faster. I felt Graces pussy get hotter as I bounced her off my cock into her friends pussy. I reached under her chest to pull her big soft breast out. They hung over the sides as I pinched her left nipple and Mrs. T. pinched the right. I then felt Grace have a big orgasm as she screamed in my basement. I pulled out as Grace spun around to get on her knees. Mrs. T. came around and got next to her friend. Both girls grabbed my cock. They started to jack my cock and I got on my toes. I then felt a surge of excitement as I exploded on them. I hit Grace mouth and Mrs. T. breast. Both girls sucked my cock dry. Then they both cleaned off each other.

I took both girls by the hand and lead them up to my room. I put them on my bed. I pushed the dozen pillows together as they made out next to the bed. I pulled the sheet and comforter down to the bottom of the bed. I put both girls in bed as I turned down the lights. I watched as each girl got in a big "69" and ate each other pussy. I got hard in short time. I inserted my cock in Mrs. T. as Grace licked my big balls in her mouth. I felt her use her fingers on my ass and Mrs. T. big butt. I smiled as I fucked Mrs. T. harder. I grabbed her hips and fucked her with all my force. She orgasm and covered my cock with her juices. I pulled out as Graces licked her friends pussy dry. I then moved on my back as I watched each girl move to suck my cock. Each girl took turns on my cock until I exploded in Mrs. T. mouth.

We spent the rest of the night and the following day fucking through out my house. We had more fun in the hot tub. I drove them back to Mrs. T. house and then ran home. It took my two days to get my strength back. That Friday I got a phone call from Mrs. T. She want to know if I come over and help her with a "Toy Party" she was throwing. She had invited a few of girl friends to the party. She wants me to serve them drinks, apps, and try on some outfits for them. I just shook my head "Yes!" It looks likes that not going to be my typical day either.


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