Monday, July 6, 2009

Her Mom Caught Me - An Adult Story

It seem just like yesterday but it was awhile back. I had been dating this girl for about a month. She worked for her Dad's construction company. Her parents just got a divorce. He had cheated on her Mom with a secretary from work. I did not ask any questions. I had only met her parents once at my job at the mall. Both her parents were very nice to me. I had just started a part time job. I had to work 10-2pm Monday - Friday and had the weekends off. I still lived in my parents basements.

I had just finished my shift and was heading to my car. My phone rang. It was Rebeca. "Hey what are you doing?" she said. "Just heading home. Are we still going out later?" I said. "I hope so. My Dad got me working late right now. I am trying to get out early. Can you go over to my house. My Mom need some help in the garage. She getting rid of some of my Dad's things. She needs help with some boxes. I really appreciate it." Rebeca said. "Yeah, no problem. Let me just stop and pick up a change of clothes. You owe me big time for this." I said. She just hung up the phone. I walked out to my car...I pulled into my driveway.

I got my change of clothes and a cold Coke. I got in my car...I pulled into Rebeca driveway. I could see the garage door open. There was a black mini van parked at the end of the driveway. I walked into the garage and saw a huge pile of stuff on the garage floor. I could only smile as I knew I was going to load all the boxes and move them. I started to pick up some tools and place them in the 1st box. I heard the door from the kitchen open. "Oh, your here early. Thanks for helping." Rebeca Mom said. I turned my head to see her. She was about 5ft 7 with long sandy blonde hair. She was about twice as old as I was. She smiled as she drank some cold lemonade from a tall glass. She worked as a principle for the local high school. She had on a long black skirt. A big white puffy blouse and some old frumpy black heels. She had her glasses down on her nose. It was kinda of hard to make out what she had for a body under her clothes.

She left to go back in the house as I finished with the boxes. It was close to 6pm when Rebeca car pulled up outside of the garage. She laughed when she saw all the work I did. I was pretty sweaty and smelled bad. "Sorry you worked so hard. You stink Buck!" Rebeca said. I just smiled. "I am pretty tired. I think I will go home and take a shower. What are you doing tomorrow?" I said. "I don't know. I might have to work on my day off. Its pretty busy at my Dad's work." Rebeca said. "Call me later. See ya." I said. She did not say thanks or good bye. I just walked away and got in my car. I took of my shirt...I pulled into my driveway.

Later that night I got a call from Rebeca. I put down my beer. She explained she got the day off. I was to come over around 10am. To bring my bathing suit...go for a dip in there pool. Her Mom had to work at the school for the day. I got up early and put some sun tan lotion on. I put on my favorite red bathing suit bottoms and a white t-shirt. I brought a change of clothes and some underwear. The suit had a white mesh material that felt great next to my cock. I checked myself int he mirror before I put on my red sandals and dark shades.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Rebeca house. I saw the black mini van in the driveway, but I did not see Rebeca car. I got out of my car. I got my big white cotton towel and tote bag with my clothes in it. I looked around to see who was home. I knocked on the front door and waited. A few minutes later the door opened. It was Rebeca Mom. "Oh hey Buck. Did Rebeca get a hold of you? She has to work all day. She might not be back until 6 or 7 tonight. Her Dad's being a real ass about her working." she said. I waved my head "No" "I really appreciate what you did for me yesterday. Rebeca Dad and I are going through a pretty nasty divorce. I have to go to work right now. Your more than welcome to use the pool and wait for her inside if you like." she said. "Ok! That would be nice Mrs. Thoms." I said. "Call be Deb. I now I am old, but that makes me some older. It all so Ms. and not Mrs. anymore. Ok?" she said. "Sure, thanks Deb." I said.

She smiled as she walked out to her car. She a long red skirt down to her ankles. Some old red heels and a big white blouse. Almost the same outfit as yesterday. I waved to her as I walked inside her house. I walked out back onto the pool deck. I took off my shirt and dove into the pool. I swam a few laps and listen to some music on a lounge chair on the deck. Abut an hour later I got a call from Rebeca. She was not going to get off work until late tonight. I told her I probably go home soon. Maybe we could do something on Sunday.

I was kinda of hungry. I decide to go inside after I towel myself dry. I looked in the fridge. There was some chocolate cup cakes. I had a few and some cold milk. I decide to go upstairs and maybe take a shower. I decide to go check out Rebeca room. I opened the door. It was all kinda of pink. Very girlie. I saw her diary and some hearts with a different name on them on a note pad next to her computer. She had about 20 pink stuffed unicorns on her bed. I shut her door and walked down the hall. I saw her small hallways bathroom. There was no shower.

I went down to the last door. I peeked inside. It must have been her mothers. She had a big red king size bed. There were about 4 red satin pillows on it. I looked over to the left and saw a big closet. There were some dresses and undergarments on the floor and hung in the closet. I opened the door wider and walked in. The other side of the room had a nice computer desk. Her big computer was in the middle. There was a big desk chair on wheels in front of it. There were two big windows that over looked the front yard. I walked over passed her bed. I opened a door that lead into the master bath. There was a huge glass shower stall. A big bathtub for two on one end. There was two sinks and two toilets in the room. I could tell which one she used by all the hair products and the bright yellow seat cushion. I smiled as I shut the door and walked over to her closet. I had to see what size Rebeca Mom was. She was a size 10. I next reached in and pulled out a huge white bra. She had a size 40FF. She was the exact opposite of her daughter.

I kinda of breathed in heavily as I got a whiff of her perfume on her clothes. My cock became instantly hard. I looked down to see my 9 3/4 inches trying to break out of my swim suit. I rubber my abs and pinched my left nipple as I put her clothes back in her closet. I walked over to the computer. I looked down to see a folder. I picked up the folder. Out fell 3 Polaroid pictures on the rug. I bent down to pick them up. I took a look at he pics and almost fell over. I used my free hand to wipe away the sweat on my forehead. Rebeca Mom had taken some nudes pics of herself. One picture she was nude in front of the mirror in the bathroom. The next picture was her with just her huge breast in her hands. The last picture was her on the bed with a huge dildo stuck in her nicely trimmed pussy. Each picture her Mom was smiling and showing off her bodacious body.

Rebeca Mom had some very big curves in all the right places. I gulped. I was still looking at he photos as I walked over and sat in the rolling chair. My cock was so hard. It had been awhile since I had played with my self or been with a women. I had about two weeks of bent up frustration in my big balls. I was kinda of feeling very horny...I reached down with my free hand and pulled my swim shorts around my ankles. I leaned back in the chair. I started to rub my cock. I could feel my big hairless balls in my right hand. I still had the pictures of her Mom in my right. I was fixated on her huge breast, her swollen nipples and her neatly trimmed pussy. I closed my eyes as I thought of what I like to do with Rebecca's Mom.

"Oh my god. What are you doing?" Ms. Thom's said "Kerplunk!!!" I heard a scream and then a load of laundry in a basket fall to the floor. My eyes opened to see Rebeca's Mom standing in the door way. I stopped rubbing my cock. There was a huge thick white drop of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. I froze for a second. "Are those my pictures young man. I leave to go to work. I come home early to make you some lunch. I find you in my room playing with yourself. You are so lucky my daughter did not find you. What do you have to say for yourself?" she said. "Um Umm!! How was work?" I said. "What are you doing in here?" she said again. "I cam up here to take a shower. I talked to Rebeca on the phone. She is not coming home until late tonight. We were going to do something maybe tomorrow. I came up here and one thing led to another." I said.

I was still naked as Deb walked over towards me. She looked very mad as she reached down to take her photos out of my right hand. "I took these pics to try and get my husband back. He had been having an affair for the last two years on me. I have not had sex since the affair started. I thought her liked them. Instead he left them in the card I got for him for his birthday. I figured no one would see them ever again." she said. I was still rock hard as I looked up to her. She was only about two feet away. I had ly left hand covering my erection. "I have not been on a date for more than twenty years. I was going to sign up for one of those dating sites. I am not even sure I am ready to find someone. I cant believe I walked in on you. Did you ever here of locking the door. Maybe going home and doing that." she said. I kept smiling as she looked out her window towards the front yard. I could see her left nipple was getting hard under her white blouse. She turned her head to look down at me.

"Have you and my daughter has sex yet? Has she seen that big cock of yours?" she said. "No! No!! We have not even kissed yet. We just met a short time ago. Plus I think she might be seeing someone else. I saw the initials K.K and hers on a diary in her room." I said. "The only K.K person I know is her friend from work Kandi Kross. But she is like her best friend from high school. I never saw them...." she said. "I am not sure anymore. She been finding all sort of excuse to cancel plans with me. Even today she did not say she was going to work. Then she thought it was strange I was here at the house." I said. "Do you older women? Are you still a virgin. Does he ever go down." she said. I like older cute and sexy women. Not a virgin and no he does not go down." I said.

She dropped the pictures on the floor as she dropped to her knees. She reached up to move my hand out of the way. She brought her lips up to my cock head. She sucked the big drop of pre-cum off. I smiled as she scooped up my balls in her free hand. She scratched my tight abs as she started to suck my cock. She really good give a great blow job. She had half then three quarters in her hot mouth. I could feel her large chest on my shins as she continued to suck my cock. I grabbed the back of her head. She engulfed the rest of my cock to the base. I could feel her warm lips on the base next to my balls. She darted her tongue around my cock. She started to pump my cock with her small hands. I smiled as she pulled her mouth off my cock. There was a big stream of saliva coming out her mouth onto my cock. She smiled as she sucked back towards my cock. She wrapped her fingers back on my shaft as she spanked her tongue with the tip of my cock.

I closed my eyes and moved my naked ass to the front of the chair. She moved to allow her mouth to go farther down my cock. I could feel her chin on the top of my balls as she rubbed my cock on her face. I felt her right hand move around to feel my ass. She was squeezing and running her nails along my ass. I felt a warm glow come over me as I opened my eyes. I looked down. I gasped. I had felt so excited and she was doing such a great job that I was starting to cum in her hot mouth. I tried to mouth I was cumming but Rebeca Mom already knew. I could feel a huge load hitting the back of her mouth. She gagged as some came out her mouth back on my cock. There was some dripping down my shaft onto the seat and rug. I curled my toes as she cleaned my cock up. She even took my balls in her mouth to clean.

"Err!! Grrrmmm!! I heard the garage door opening. "Damn Rebecca's must be home. She probably home for lunch. Quick go outside and jump in the pool. I will be right down. Hurry!!!" Rebecca's Mom said. I pulled up my red bathing suit and headed down the stairs. I ran and jumped into the deep end. I did a few laps before I saw Rebeca. "Hey enjoying the water. All alone by yourself I see. Have you seen my Mom?" she said. "The water nice. No, I have not seen your Mom." I said. "Hey sweetie. I just got home. Would you like a sandwich for lunch. How about you Buck. You look like your very hungry." Rebeca's Mom said. "Ok Mom! I think Buck's just leaving. He doesn't want to be a bother. Isn't that right Buck!" Rebeca said. "Yeah thanks for letting me use the pool. I got to get home. Something just came up. Talk to you later girls." I said. I walked out not even looking over my shoulder. I went straight home.

The next day I got a text to meet Rebeca at the mall. I drove right over. I was still in a little bit of a fog from what happen the previous day. Maybe her Mom told her about what we had done. Rebeca was there with her Mom in the food court. Deb was eating a huge foot long hot dog as I walked up to the table. "Hey girls." I said. "Hey Buck. My Mom treating me for the day. She thinks we don't get enough girl time together. Plus after shopping I have to stay at my Dad's for the next two nights. He wants me to meet his new girl friend and his new house he built. Maybe we can get together when I get back." Rebeca said. "Ok! How are you today Ms. Thoms?" I said. "I am really good. My mouth a little sore from yesterday. I must have done something to it." she said as she smiled. "When I was putting the boxes together in your garage. I borrowed a tool set. Are you going to be around later? Maybe I could drop it off. If that is ok?" I said. "Sure no problem. Ok, Rebeca we can go now. You could be more nicer. Bye!" she said.

I went to my car. I looked in the back seat. I pulled out a socket set and put on the front seat. About two hours later I pulled into Rebecca's driveway. I saw the black minivan parked next to a blue mini van. I saw some soccer stickers on the rear window. I also saw a sticker for the school that Rebecca's Mom worked at. I walked up the side of the house and rang the door bell. I had the socket set in my left hand. I had a white t-shirt and tan cargo shorts on. Some black flip flops and a baby blue trucker hat on. I waited a few minutes before the door opened. Inside was a very hot older woman. She was wearing a tiny green bathing suit. It left nothing to the imagination. She was slightly smaller than Rebecca's Mom. The tiny string bikini showed off her ample cleavage. It barely covered her breast and big nipples. I could see her large aureole's were sliding out the sides.

"My name Buck. Is Ms. Thoms here? I told her I was going to drop off the tools I borrowed the other day." I said. "Mmmm your cute. Oh! Yes!! Deb is right inside." she said. She bit the end of her right middle finger as she closed the door behind us. She then began to walk in these huge 6 inch green high heels. They matched her finger and toe nails. She had platinum blonde hair down to her large butt. I finally saw her bathing suit was a thong. It sat high on her hips as she strutted down the hall. "My name Lilly. I work with Deb at the school. She told me a fun story about you. She said you were just here yesterday helping her. Follow me into the living room. Hey Deb guess who I found at the door. When opportunity knocks I say let him in." Lilly said.

I came around the corner to see Rebecca's Mom on a massage table. She had a glass of wine on a table near here. They had already started on another bottle. She had a small wash cloths on her stomach hiding her pussy. Lilly walked around onto the left side of the table. "In my spare time I give the best massages. My husband left me last year. He ran off with my masseuse. She left the massage table. It comes in handy some times. He is quite cute Deb." Lilly said. "No Lilly. He cant be here. He might tell Rebeca what we are doing." she said. I placed the tools next to the wine bottle. I kept my mouth closed and my eyes wide open. "I think we can trust him. I think he can keep his mouth shut. Plus you said he like big older women. Plus it be a shame if he brought your husband tools back and we did not properly thank him Deb." Lilly said.

"Here stick out your big hands. These shoulders and arms need some attention. Here some baby oil." Lilly said. I was now looking down at Ms Thoms on the table. Her face was just inches from my zipper. I looked around at all the candles and could smell both women's perfume. I watched as Lilly began to rub oil on Deb's left breast. Deb's nipple popped straight up and was very erect. Her white skin glisten under the oil. Her large purple aureoles also were wet. I then watched Lilly lick her fiend's nipple with her tongue. I was instantly hard as I watched Lilly suck her fiend's breast. I started to rub Deb shoulders and neck with my two hands. I then felt Deb hand come up the front of my cargo shorts. I could feel her start to unzip my shorts. I then felt her pull on my belt buckle. I saw Lilly stop and look up at her friends hands on my zipper. "Pull out is cock. Pull it out Deb. Let me see how big it is. You told me his cock his big. I want to see. Yes!! Yes!!" said Lilly. I moved so my shorts fell to the floor. I stepped out and move back toward the table.
I looked down to see Deb small hand on my cock. She was pulling the length as it grew in her hand. "Wow you were correct Deb. That is a nice cock young man. I cant wait to taste him" Lilly said.

I moved my hand down to Deb other breast. Lilly had removed her friends wash clothes exposing her friends naked body to me. I smiled as Deb was kissing the tip of my cock. I pulled away and began to slap her large breast. I rubbed my balls on her breast. I pulled on her nipples causing her legs to open. I then watched as Lilly moved her hand down Deb stomach. She then ran her hand over her friends pussy mound. Deb closed her eyes. "Yes! Yes! Damn you Lilly your making me all wet. Stop! Stop!! Please!! Please!" Deb said. "Your such a tease girl friend. You got a young man cock on your breast. My hand inside your wet pussy. Relax enjoy the moment. Fuck your husband. He doesn't know what a bad girl I am going to turn you into." Lilly said.

With that I stuck my cock into Deb hot mouth. I took of my T-shirt and trucker hat. I watched Lilly pull out her two fingers from Deb pussy. They were all wet as she licked her friends pussy juices off her fingers. She then moved around and stuck her tongue inside her friends hot pussy. "Ummmmggghhhhh!! I'm cumming again, you bitch." Deb said. She had two more big orgasms as she sucked my cock. Lilly was eating her pussy with sometimes two to three fingers inside her friend. I started to massage Deb large thighs as I listen to Lilly eat her friends pussy. I watched Lilly use her tongue on Deb's cunt lips. Then she licked her fiend's labia and then she curled two long finger nails inside Deb's tight pussy. Both women were moaning and I could feel myself about ready to loose another big load in Deb's mouth. "Hey I need some big cock now baby. Bring the cock over here. Deb stop sucking him for two minutes." Lilly said. "Bloop!!!" out came my cock from Deb's hot mouth.

I walked around the table. My cock bouncing back and forth. It was till dripping as I got to Lilly. She was on her knees and easily took my cock in her hungry mouth. I grabbed her platinum hair as she struggled to get all 9 3/4 inches down her throat. I smiled when I felt her lips at the base. I reached down to unclasp her green suit. Her top flopped off. Her large tits hit my thighs as she continued to suck my cock. A few minutes later Lilly brought her huge breast around my cock. She spit inside her cleavage as she tit fucked me. I looked over to see Deb had moved and was laying down face first inches from the back of my ass. I then felt her hand on my ass as both women smacked my ass. "Come on baby. I want you too shoot a big load in mouth. Give me all you got. Show Lilly how you like it. Use me baby. That it. I can see it." Lilly said. My ass clenched as Deb pinched it. I screamed, "arrgghhhh!!!!" "Yeah it huge. Does it ever stop. You were right Deb." Lilly said. I had launched a big load onto Lilly face and chin. I had also sent a few sticky drops on her breast. Deb got off the massage table. She was standing there as Lilly got off her feet. I watched as Lilly began to french kiss her friend. They took turns cleaning each other off as I stood there and watched.

Lilly grabbed my hand and took me over to the big leather couch behind the massage table. She looked down at me as she saw my cock was hard. She licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy as Deb sat down next to me on my right side. She helped steady her friend hand as she guided my cock into her wet pussy. Lilly quickly slammed her pussy on my erect cock. I moved my ass slightly to get a better rhythm going. I felt Deb hand rub my chest and she pinched my nipples. I then felt her hot breast on my chest as she ran her tongue on my neck. I bounced Lilly up and down on my cock. I slapped her big ass as she continued to fuck me. The leather was making all sorts of loud noises as both girls moved on it. I brought all four of the big breast onto my face. I lost who nipples I was sucking or who big breast were in my mouth. I just kept licking.

After 20 minutes Lilly got off my cock. She helped Deb get on. She was very tight. I took it very slow as Lilly licked Debs breast. I then felt the couch move and saw Lilly go to her large purse. She pulled out the same huge dildo that Deb had used in the pictures that I saw on her desk. I smiled as Lilly sucked the dildo head and then rubbed it on Debs big tits. "Fuck me!!! Fuck me!! God that is it. I am cumming hard baby. Lilly rub that fake cock on my ass." Deb said. "Yeah that my bitch. Tell him how you like it. Make the young man fuck you. Tell him what your husband never did. Use his big penis." Lilly said. I could feel Deb cum on my cock. I slipped out and hit her stomach. She adjusted as I slipped it back inside her. I started to really fuck her hard. She began to bite my upper lip. She then slapped my face. She brough her huge nipples and jammed it in my mouth. She orgasmed again. I could feel Lilly mouth on my balls. She was licking her friends cunt juices before the hit the floor. I mouthed "Yes!". Then felt her move and fall on the floor next to her friend. They both stuck out there huge breast as I shot another big load on them.

It's been about 2 weeks. Rebeca still not broken up with me. But we have not seen each other since the trip at the mall. I got a text "911" from Deb about 20 minutes ago...I am just getting out of the car. I see a note on the front door to come around the side of the house to the back yard. I passed the three mini vans in the driveway. I open the wooden gate. I walk down the side of the pool. I open the door to the new steam room. It seems the school bought some new equipment and had some money left over for the Principle new steam room. I see Lilly platinum blonde hair between a new big gurls legs. I see Deb next to her licking the new girls breast. Seems the Superintendent of schools husband left her too. She parted her lips to accept my donation.


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