Saturday, July 18, 2009

His Mom Paid - An Adult Story

I had graduated form college. Got a nice job in the suburbs. Made some money at a job that was ok. But it was like I needed more. I had been good at gambling. Making money on the horses. Picking games on TV. I was really good at cards. It was only natural that I give up my job and home to start a new company. I decided after making money from gambling, maybe I should start my own gambling business. Maybe a web site getting paid to gamble. That was to hard and I did not want to move to a small island in the Pacific to get away from the police. So what does a highly educated guy with money do. I decided to run a sports gambling enterprise. I decided to place bets. Make bets and o bye the way be a bookie. I new the ropes of the business. I opened Black Rhino Bets.

After a few months I even went back to college and got some students to start gambling. There parents were loaded and there kids got money to pay the bills. I even took credit cards after awhile. I had a nice SUV and a big house in the Hills near a lake. I was sitting on easy street. I traveled allot on business. I was still single. I met a few of my clients at strip bars and adult locations. I had a few lap dances and shelled out some cash to be happy. I was getting my fair of action so at the moment there was no need to be unhappy. Every Monday and Friday I went to collect money from clients who owed for losing.

I went to doctor offices. Lawyers and back alleys to get paid. I went to the college and even went to a school to get money from a teacher. Usually they see me 6ft 3 frame and short hair. They take one look at my athletic frame and they give me the money. I learned hard not to accept anything but money. I wanted it now and you better have it or else. I had hired two guys that would come and make people give me the money. I never had to use them yet. I was hoping I never did. I take the gamblers car, house anything for trade to sell for money. Plus they still have to pay more later. It was going all good until last week.

It was Monday after the big game. I drove around town making collections. It was close to 2pm when I got to my last stop the college. I collected some cash as I walked around the dorms. I got near the end of my last stop when I got to room 362. Jerry Anderson - 22 and a freshman at school. He had to work 2 jobs for almost 3 years before he could go to college. I had looked him in the records department. I had a guy who owed me money. I was feeling kinda of bad but I knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door slowly opened. I could smell some beer and a odd funky smell in his room.

"Hey what's up??" Jerry said. "Just here to collect my money. You owe me 5 large from yesterday game." I said. "I owe you 500 hundred." he said. "No dumb ass. You owe me 5,000 from yesterday. I want my money. Get out of the way punk!!" I said. He moved as I walked into his room. "Damn looks like your gambling on line I see. You got money for that but not for me." I said. "Wait! Wait!! I was trying to win money to pay you man." he said. "My name not man. Mr. Buck or Buck but not man. Got it Jerry?" I said. "Ok! Ok!" he said. I looked around his room and saw a picture of a black BMW convertible on his desk. I walked over and picked it up. It had little hearts on the back of the picture. "Who car? Is this your car Jerry." I said. "No!! I drive it to school. My Mom won the car on line in a contest. She letting me borrow it." he said. "That a nice car. Maybe you should let me have it, then the debt would be paid. You be free and clear with me. I might even let you post another bet after I sell the car." I said.

"Hey! Wait!! No! No! That my Mom car. Its her baby. She kill me if I let you have it. Plus she got the paper work at her place." he said. "Jerry! Jerry tell her it was stolen or something. You let me borrow and I lost it. I know, you owe me 5 large and you need to pay or else. Tell her that one." I said. I got closer to Jerry who was in a pair of jeans and a old t-shirt. I had worn a pair of jeans and a white wife beater to beat the heat outside. It was close to hundred. "How about I pay you off in a few days. Maybe like week or something. How about installments. I like pay you once a month kinda of thing. I looked at him and shook my head "No!" I walked over and now was inches from him. "My money or else. I want my money!!" I said loud. "How about a trade or something? I mean look around the room. I have some coins at my house. They might be worth some money." he said. I knew he had no coins at his house. He sold them to pay me a few months ago on another debt.

I scanned the room again. "Are you crazy. You sold the coins dummy to pay me before. There nothing in here but a old computer, nasty dirty clothes and a smelly bed. You got a huge stack of porn on the floor next to your bed. Is that Kleenex and lotion. Jerry you need to get out more. This room smells. How about we go for a ride. Don't worry about cleaning. You can leave your cell. Do you want to make one last call??" I said. I was trying to scare him and I think it was working. He had his eyes closed and was praying. I grabbed his shoulder with my right hand. "Oh! Lets go! Move it!!" I said. "Wait! Wait! My Dad out of town for the next two weeks. My Mom just got home from work about an hour ago. Listen will go see here and maybe she can give you the money." he said. I had a feeling his parents had no money or they would have sent him to college in the first place.

"Your parents don't have any money. Where your Dad numb nuts." I said. "Ok! Ok!! He is in jail at the moment. He forgot to pay child support to his 1st wife. His new wife works as a volunteer at a pre-school. She nice but spends all his money. Listen we can't tell her. She will laugh at me. Plus you won't get paid, she has no money. My Dad spent it all before he got jailed two months ago. She called me yesterday looking for money." Jerry said. I was not sure what to do but I had do something when Jerry said, "Mmm you could have sex with my Mom. I mean you could have sex with her if you don't take her car and were all square on the 5,000! It's up to you." My blue eyes got big. I had never even thought of this. I mean it had not even crossed my mind. It had been a week since I had sex with a neighbor. I acted quickly to make sure Jerry did not back out. I figured once I got to his house his Mom would pay. If she is hideous, I still take her car. If she hot. I have fun and take Jerry for more money later. It was a win, win.

I had Jerry open my door when we got to his parents house. I stepped out of the BMW and walked behind him. I had made him change his shirt so he would not smell when we got to his house. He smirked and closed his eyes as we walked through his garage to the kitchen. He closed the door as I stood there. We walked down a small hallway in the house. He walked into to the living room first. His mother was sitting on the end of a big black leather couch. Next to the couch was a black leather lazy boy recliner.

She was quite the hot MILF. She was in her late thirties with long dirty blonde hair with brown roots. She had small earrings and two rings on her fingers. She had light blue denim jeans with a hole in the knee. She had 3inch animal print wooden heels. The heels had two small straps around her medium size ankles. She had a black short sleeve sweater that was a size too small. Underneath the sweater was a silk animal print top that matched her heels. It was stretched over a very ample chest. I was not sure she was wearing a bra but they set high on her chest. She look like a sexy tiger waiting for her prey. She had pink glossy lipstick and pink fingernails and toes nails to match. She had her legs crossed. I could tell she had a little weight around her big curves which made her more amazing. She had a glass of water on the coffee table and was reading a parer back book.

She took off her small black wired frame reading glasses and set them on the coffee table. "Hey sweetie. What are you doing home? I thought you were in school all this week while your father away. Who your big friend there?" she said as she pointed at me. "Umm about that. This is Buck. He a friend from college. I brought him to see the house. Yeah! Yeah that it!" Jerry said. I just stood there looking at her. She was quite voluptuous and she had a perfect southern accent that made my hair on the back of my neck stand up. I smiled more when she uncrossed her legs and I noticed a gold toe ring on her right big toe. "Hmm Ok! That was nice you brought your friend. Buck do you go to college with my son?" she said. "No! I don't go to college with your son. We met at the beginning of the school year. You sure have a nice place. I like your the way your BMW drives. So sorry to here about your husband being away." I said.

"Jerry did you tell him about you Dad? I can't believe your nodding your head "Yes!" Sweetie I can't believe you. What the real reason your here?" she said. "I don't know how to put this. Mmm!" Jerry said. "Here let me then Jerry. Your son owes me a large sum of money. I came to collect and get my money from him at his dorm room. He did not have it but he came up with alternative method of payment." I said. "What!! Jerry how much do you owe this gentleman? Tell your Mom the truth." she said. "MMmm Five! Five!!" he had trouble saying. "Ok you owe him 5 dollars. I can pay that." she said. "No five large Mom!!" Jerry said. I walked over and sat on the couch next to Jerry Mom. She moved slightly as I was about a arms length from her left side. I like to use my right hand. "What is that like $500 dollars then Jerry?" she said. "Higher!!" I said. I looked at Jerry then back to his Mom sitting next to me. Her perfume was starting to smell better as Jerry stink was leaving the room. I was checking her nice curvy ass as she sat on the leather couch.

"5 Thou...thousand Mom!!" Jerry said. "Are you fucking kidding me. How the hell do you owe this young man money. Is this a joke. Is this some kinda of joke you and your father decide to pull while he is away." she said. "Its no joke. Some how Jerry has to come up with the money or there will be consequences." I said. "Yeah..What he said Mom. I don't want there to be consequences." Jerry said. "My god young man. You don't call. You are never here unless it for something. Your Dad in jail. You bring a strange person into my house. Are you crazy Jerry." she said. She was looking around the room and then at me next to her. I smiled as I brought my hand up my leg onto the front of my jeans. She gasped. "What did you say earlier. Jerry you told him something. You had an alternative plan than money. This better not include my car. Your in so much trouble. Were broke your father and I." she said as she gave her son the evil eye. "I..I...I told him that...O..My...Ok...Don't hit me...Ok!!..You sleep with him." Jerry said as he hid his face with his hands.

"Ok!! Now this is a joke. Are we on a hidden camera show. Are we on MTV or something. Are you out of your mind." she yelled at him. Jerry looked around the room and then at me on the couch. "It's true." Jerry said. I just smiled as I brought my hand up to my chest and rubbed my nipple. Jerry Mom turned to look at me. "What did my son just say to me?" she said. "He offered you to sleep with me, to pay off the 5 thousand. I wasn't sure at first but seeing you here on this couch. I will have to say that you are one hot MILF. I just love your breast baby. I love that animal print and your sexy ass in those jeans." I said. "Jerry your friends crazy. Your crazy. How in the hell could you do this. What's a MILF?? Jerry!!!!!" she yelled again. "Mom, I don't know of any other way. Buck is not the type person you don't want to pay. If you love me and value my internal parts you should say "Yes!! A MILF is a mother I like to fuck!!" She was still looking around the room.

I slowly brought my hand down to my jeans again. I unzipped my jeans pulling them down to mid thigh. Jerry Mom head turned to look at me. I grabbed her right hand and brought it on the top of my jeans. Her breathing had increased as she look into my eyes. "Jerry sit your ass down in that lazy boy. Sit over there and watch. Don't tell your Dad about this. This better be the last time. After this!!" she said. She pulled down my jeans to around my ankles. I had a pair of white Calvin Klein as she looked at my bulge. I was already semi hard. I could feel the top of cock get wet with anticipation. I reached up with my free hand to touch her sweater. I unbutton her black sweater and pulled it over her head. She looked around to see Jerry in the lazy boy about 2 feet from the end of the couch. She turned when she felt my hand on her animal print top. I could see her nipple harden as she looked at my bulge. I raised my ass of the couch slightly and pulled down my underwear to the floor. I kicked them off and thus freeing my cock to come into view.

"No fucking way. Your so much bigger than my husband. Your going to break me in two with that thing. What the fuck. MMmmrhhh!!!" she said. I grabbed her head and forced it on my cock. She could only get half of my cock in her small mouth. She was already gagging as she spit my cock out her mouth. I rammed it back in causing her to gasp. She opened her eyes and ran her small fingers on my big hairless balls. She had trouble keeping them in her small hands. They were to big for one, she had to use both her hands on each ball. I smiled as I felt her saliva drip down my 9 3/4 inch cock onto the couch. I watched her small mouth and pink glossy lips taking my cock. Her eyes were big as held the back of her head. I heard Jerry move in his chair trying not to watch. I stopped after 10 minutes of her sucking my cock.

"Was that a enough?" she said. I got up and looked down on her on the couch. I reached down to her waist. I turned her over as I unbutton her jeans. I then slowly pulled them down over her large hips, thighs and long legs. I pulled them over her animal print heels to the floor. She had a small pair of black panties on as she looked over her shoulder. Her animal print top was pulled up little on her waist. She kept looking at me as I ran my hands down the small of her back. I looked at Jerry then back to his Mom. I licked my right hand as I started to spank her. She moaned softly after two hard hits to her left ass cheek. "That it baby. I know you like that. I love your ass. Shake it for me. That a good girl. I like that." I said. She was shaking her ass. I was rubbing and slapping it as she moved around on the couch. I reached up and yanked down her panties around her ankles. I brought them up to my nose and took a whiff. She was wet and the strong musk smell let me now she was ready for me.

I pushed her shoulders down. She was now bent over at her waist. Her face was on the couch. I looked down to see her heels, long legs and big thighs. I gently squeezed her ass in my two big hands. She looked over her shoulder at me. I had placed her wet panties at the end of my cock. I then wiped my cock and threw the panties on the coffee table. I grabbed her hips. She did not protest when I started to wipe my cock at her entrance to her pussy. She looked around not sure what to do next. But I did. I inserted the tip of my cock in her tight pussy. I pulled out and then spit on my cock. She closed her eyes as her hair wiped back and forth. I inserted my cock back inside her half way. She was tight and wet. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. Damn was she amazing. I got a good rhythm and 3/4 of my cock inside her pussy. I could feel her orgasm then slam her face in the couch. I heard Jerry shift in his chair as my big balls banged his Mom under her ass. I bit my lower lip as I got on my tippy toes to go farther inside her hot pussy. "Fuck!! Fuck!! That a good Mom!!" I said.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!! That a good young man!! Fuck me real good!" she said. I had to change position so I could feel her more. I stopped and made a big suction noise as I withdrew my cock. "Plop!!" I walked to her left side and grabbed her waist. She turned her head. I got on the couch on my side with my cock facing the front. She sat down. Then she got on her side and backed her ass into my thighs. I looked down to see her face close to mine. I bit her earlobe. She moaned. I reached down and grabbed my cock in my left hand. I stuck it back inside her wet pussy. I pulled her animal print top down over her shoulder. I then pulled it down over her big breast. It was around her waist. She moaned loud. I started to fuck her hard. My balls bounced on her thigh and on the couch. I looked down to see Jerry looking at my cock going inside his hot older MOM. I brought my left hand over to fondle her big tits. She screamed as I pulled on her big nipples. They were hard. She had soft pink aureoles about an inch across as she moaned. "Damn!! God you cock feels great. You here that Jerry. His cock feels great. Better than your Dad's. Oh God!! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!!" she said. I brought her tit and placed her erect nipples in mouth biting them.

"Arrgh!! Damn your nice baby!! That it take my cock. Your a hot MILF in action. I should have collected more from your son." I said. I looked at her face as she moaned loud. I then put my feet down at the end of the couch to use as leverage. I began to slam hard into her pussy. She had opened further as I felt my total length and girth inside her. "Oh God!! Your totally inside me with that huge cock...arrrggghhh fucker!!" she said. I smiled as I could tell I was close. I wanted to come and then fucker her some more. I got off the couch as she looked down. "Put your head on the arm rest." I said. She did. I straddled her chest with my feet by her hips. I started to fuck her big breast. She pushed her warm cleavage together. She smiled as the tip of my cock brushed her juicy pink lips. I looked down and pumped a few more times before I exploded on her face. I pumped a huge load on her face and chin. Her breast were covered as I kept cumming. "Does he ever stop?' she said. I placed my cock in her hot mouth to shut her up. She fingered her breast and chin of my load. She cleaned me off then cleaned her breast off with her mouth.

I sat there as she got up off the couch. She looked down to see I was hard from her cleaning herself off. She smiled as she put her feet on either side of my thighs. I grabbed her small hands to help her balance. She then sat down reverse cowgirl as she looked straight out. Her hot pussy began to leak on my cock as she had my cock inside her tight pussy. I could here and smell her pussy as she orgasm again. I grabbed underneath her breast holding them up. She moaned and threw her hair back in my face. I started to bounce her on my cock as I fondled her breast. She was saying dirty things to Jerry. He was watching his Mom through his fingers. I grunted a few times when she hit my abs with her ass. After 10 minutes she moved around keeping my cock deep inside her pussy. She put her hands on my shoulders as she closed her eyes. I started to suck her nipples in my mouth. I sucked and licked. I bit and mouthed her huge breast. I sucked her nipples and the top of her breast. I even put her breast around my head on my ears. Then I licked the inside of her cleavage as she looked down into my blue eyes.

She had gone from hot conservative Mom to nasty hot MILF in a short time. I had to see if she go farther. I smacked her ass and picked her up by her waist. She smiled as I put her on her back on the couch. She looked down as she guided my cock into her pussy. I pushed down on her big thighs spreading her apart. She moaned and licked her lips as I started to fuck her. It look like I was doing push ups on her body as she screamed into the air. I could here Jerry move in his chair again as I fucked his Mom hard and fast. "Oh god. Your like a jack hammer. Use me body. Fuck!! I never been fucked likes this before." she said. I was sweating and sweat dripped off my chest and forehead onto her. She brought her hands and put them on my ass pulling me into her pussy. She was forcing me down farther inside her hot tight pussy. She orgasm again as her eyes rolled back in her head. I moaned. Then began to put my mouth on her left breast. I had her big nipple inside my mouth. I sucked hard pulling them of her stomach. She cried out again as I pulled out and looked down at her.

"Get up. Now bend over the arm rest. That a good hot MILF. Stand on your tippy toes. Damn your heels are sexy baby. Reach up with your hands to the end of the couch. Now put them on your ass. That a good Mom." I said. I looked down to her hands on her lower back just above her ass. I put my right hand on the top of her hands. She winced as I slapped her ass with my erect cock. I then spit on my cock as she looked back over her shoulder. I dipped my cock inside her hot pussy pulling out some of her wetness. After a few minutes I put my warm cock in between her warm ass cheeks. "What are you doing? Wait! Wait!" she said. I laughed as began to run my cock inside her ass cheeks. She moved and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I spit in my hand and wiped it on my cock. I than placed my cock at her most intimate opening. She moaned loud and hard. I inserted some more. "Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!!!" she said. I moved my hips into her as her ass was getting stuffed. I could feel her warmth the length of my cock. We got a good rhythm going as I slammed my cock deep inside her.

"What the fuck Mom. Your not suppose to be enjoying this." Jerry said. "Shut the fuck up. Your suppose to watch how a real man fucks. You better not owe any more." she said. I just grabbed her hips and fucked her harder. I stopped only to have her bounce her ass off my cock and back on. She liked to feel the whole length of shaft and big cock head inside her. I almost flopped out a few times only to have her slam back on me. I reached up to pull her hair. I slapped her ass, pulled her hair and shouted rude things at her. She loved it. I moved her over to the front of the couch with my cock still inside her ass. She moaned more when she got on her knees and closed her legs. She felt my hand under her waist. I was using my long fingers on her cunt as my cock slammed into her ass. She came twice from this. I then yanked on her breast as she fucked me. I threw my hips into her matching her pace. She was really fucking me with her ass going much faster. "Cum inside my ass. My ass is no longer a virgin. Let me milk you young man." she yelled. That was all I could take as I pumped a big load into her ass. I pulled out after a few minutes when my dick went semi erect. She was dripping onto the floor as she walked around in front of me and Jerry. She could not get her tiny hands around to scoop up my sperm leaking out of her.

A week later....

I knocked on the big door. I could see movement behind the peep hole. A few seconds later the door opened. I followed Jerry down the hall to the dining room. I watched as Jerry Mom looked up from her dining room table. "Ok girls. I will be right back. I have to pay this nice young gentleman. He was so nice to take payments for my son debt. I will be right back to our book club." Jerry Mom said. I watched as Jerry Mom took me up to her bedroom. I heard the door shut and then saw there was a chair next to the bed. I watched Jerry sit down as I began to kiss his Mom. "I love when your Mom pays. After you book club. Have Jerry drive you over to my house. I am having a party for some clients. I've started your payment plan to get your husband out of jail. I have a judge friend who owes me money. I am afraid you husband might me in jail longer. I need you to wear a mini skirt and small top. Your going to cocktail the first half of my party. Then I will pimp your ass out to my guest." I smiled


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