Monday, July 27, 2009

Church Girl - An Adult Story

I was heading down south in my new 18 wheeler. I had stopped just out of Tennessee heading to Kentucky. I was hauling a load of cars to a dealership outside of Louisville. It was starting to get hot as the morning dew melted off the hood of my truck. I had only been driving for about a month. I had a bad breakup and need a fresh start. I had spent to much of my time behind a desk and needed some fresh air. I had been across the country but mostly seen it through a window inside a plane. I had about 4 days to get to the dealership. I was making good time and just saw the welcome to Kentucky sign off the interstate to my right. It was Sunday and the traffic was light.

I pulled over around 10am to get some diesel and pick up some food. I grabbed a few beers for when I stopped after I got off the road. The dealership was closed on Sunday's, so I figured I pull in tonight at a truck stop outside of Louisville. Then tomorrow pull into unload the cars. I put the six pack in my mini fridge along with some take out. My big truck was painted blue with large tires and chrome everywhere. It only had about 4,000 miles on it. I had it painted the rebel yell on the side. I had some big ass wheel splash guards with some big gurl logos on them. I preferred women with a little more curves and liked them to be confident in there bodies. My last breakup I realized I need to follow what turned me on. I got a few stares with my bumper stickers - "I like junk in the trunk and no skinny chicks on board." I had a big steering wheel and huge horn to go with it. I had two nice big captain chairs in front and a huge blue leather couch, that flips down into a bed in the sleeping compartment behind my seat. I had lined the interior with blue leather and white trim and a huge flat screen over the couch to watch satellite TV.

It was close to Noon when I pulled off the interstate just outside of Louisville. I saw some signs up ahead for some construction. I may have got off to early as the pave road turned into a dirt road after a few miles. I decided to follow the road to the end and turn around. I followed a few signs before the road went back to a pave two lane road. I followed that a few more minutes. I slowed down when I saw a church just letting out. A few of the cars pulled in front of me as I slowed down to pull into a gas station. I went in to ask the clerk a good place to park or say for the night. He directed me to follow the road about 5 miles. It came to a nice scenic over look. I could park there or there was a hotel little farther down.

I got back in my truck and followed his directions. About 5 minutes later I slowed down when I spotted a car off to the side of the road. I really slowed down when I saw a girl looking under the hood. All I could see was her nice ass sticking out to the left of the hood back into traffic. I could see she had blonde hair to her shoulder. She had big white heels on. She had a pink dress that went down to just passed her knees. She was leaning under the hood as I put on my flashers and pulled in front of her car. I felt the rocks on the side of the road as my big rig came to a stop. I checked my mirrors to make sure no one was coming. I looked in the rear view mirror to check my short hair. I looked at me black t-shirt to make sure nothing was on it. I had a par of tight blue jeans on that hugged my 28 inch waist and firm ass. I had on some black work boots as I opened my driver side door to get out. I put my shade on my head as I walked back behind the rig to her car.

I walked a few steps passed the back of my truck. I could see she had moved so her amazing butt was not in the road. She still had her head under the hood. I walked toward her and the car. "Hi! What seems to be the trouble?" I said. "Oh! Hi! I'm not sure what the matter. I just got out of church. I was driving my car back to my house when it made this funny noise. I pulled over immediately and popped the hood. I must say I have no clue about these things." she said. "Here let me take a look. I used to be a mechanic. Probably just nothing. Maybe something loose or you ran over something. Thanks!" I said. She smiled as I stuck my head under the hood. I could smell her perfume as she stood next to me. She was very sexy as she looked at me bent over her engine. I could see she was wearing a yellow bra to keep up her nice large breast. She had plenty of curves to go with her sweet voice. I looked around checking the engine. I checked the oil, battery, spark plugs, and all the hoses under the hood.

"Are the keys still in it? Do you have gas in the car? Have you noticed any problems before today?" I said. "The keys are in the ignition. It had plenty of gas. No problems before today. Its a really nice car." she said. I walked around the car to check the tires. I looked to make sure she did not run over anything. I turned the car over a few times. It was getting spark but was not starting. I checked all the lights on the dash board. She had gas in the car. I then walked back to the front of the car. "Do you have a phone?" No!" Can you call some one for a ride maybe. You may have to get a new alternator. Maybe if there was a part store near by, I could replace it for you." I said." "Geez everyone I know is out at the moment. I left my phone at my house. I don't like to bring it too church. There is a auto part store but its not open until tomorrow. Its closed on Sunday. I only live a bout 15 minutes away. I guess I could walk." she said. "Wait, don't be silly I will drive you to your house. I am no hurry today. You can always call tomorrow to have some take a look at it." I said.

"Do you have anything in the car? You may want to bring." I said. "Just my purse and sun glasses. Let me lock up." she said. I watched as she got her big pink and white purse. She was maybe 5ft 4 but her heels were very sexy as she walked. I followed her amazing butt under her pink dress as she got her purse form the car. She put her big white sun glasses on and smiled a me with her sexy pink lips. She fixed her big blonde hair as she looked in her side mirror before she walked passed me toward my truck. I followed her down the side. Being 6ft 3 and athletic, I have no problem getting into the big rig but she might have a problem reaching the steps and bar on the side to pull yourself in. I smiled as she waited for me to help her up the stairs. She grabbed the bar and opened the passenger door. "Wow the air feels nice." she said. She watched me as I walked around the front of the truck.

I opened my door and climbed in. She looked so cute in the big leather passenger seat. I showed her how to buckle up as she sat high in the seat. I so much wanted to be her seat belt as it stretched over her curves and rested on her chest. I check my mirrors before I pulled out. Her car was in a good spot. I was pretty sure no one would mess with it. I was pretty confident all she need was a alternator to get her car started. She put her purse down in her lap as she looked into my blue eyes. I followed her directions as we got closer to her house. She lived on a nice street at the end in a small town. It was her only day off this week. She admitted it had been awhile since she had went to church. I was not sure when the last time I had gone even. I pulled in front of her house. She had a few neighbors but she assured me no one would care about me parking in the road. Her driveway was to small to park there.

I helped her get down and followed her up her driveway. We walked down a small pathway to her back yard. I went up a few steps to her deck as I sat outside as she went in her house. I heard her get her phone off her kitchen table. She had a nice garden, some flowers and a few trees in her back yard. There was a small wheel barrel and some gardening tools in her grass. I smiled when she walked back out with some pink lemonade and some cookies. It was nice to have a sexy girl eat and have a drink and not worry about the calories.

She looked at my shirt and finally said. "Is that your name Buck? Is that your real name?" she said. "Yes!! I know its weird but that what my parents gave me. I like your house and your back yard is very nice. I like your deck. It's nice to feel the sun out today." I said. "Thank you Buck, it nice to sit outside with such a nice gentleman. I can tell your not from around here. I'm afraid guys around here would not have stopped to help a girl or offered a ride. That's the first time I have been in a 18 wheeler before. It's sure nice." she said. "Thanks I just got it a few weeks ago. This is only my second delivery with it. I have to drop the cars off at a dealership tomorrow outside of Louisville. Here there card. Do you know where it is?" I said. "Yes! That not to far. Once you get back on the interstate. You sure drive it good. I like that big chairs and it rides pretty nice. Better than my car even. Were my manners my name Pink." she said. "Ok! Nice to meet you Pink. Thanks for the complements. I don't usually stop but I do make exception to pretty girls in trouble." I said. "Thanks for being so sweet." she said.

We sat for the next hour making small talk. I had a few glasses of her lemonade as she checked her phone. She had called a mechanic two towns over. He had not return her call just yet. She went inside and came back out a few minutes later. She walked passed me and sat on a pink leather love seat at the end of the deck. It was under some shade as she crossed her legs and looked at me. I was beginning to breath a little heavier as I excuse myself to go inside to use the bathroom. I washed my hands and admired her decor as i walked through her living room back into the kitchen. I walked outside to see Pink sitting with her legs crossed the other way than before. She smiled as she pointed for me to sit next to her on the love seat. I looked around her back yard not seeing any of her neighbors at home.

I sat a few inches from her as I crossed my legs. "So what made you go to church today?" I said. "I used to go all the time but have been busy the last few months. I made some cookies for a bake sale there having. I'm not really sure. I did have to talk to the preacher in private." she said. I put my pink lemonade down on the wooden floor and turned my head to look at her. "Ok! Back up! Why did you have to talk to the preacher as you put it.?" I said. Just then her phone rang. It turns out her friend was no back at his shop. He had a alternator for her car. But she have to come over today to pick it up. He was out of town the rest of the week.

I got up as she followed me out to the truck. We made some small talk as I buckled her in again in the 18 wheeler. I let her tug on the horn. She liked the sound of the big horn going down the road. A few kids along the road waved at us as she blew the horn. I smiled, she giggled. It was close to 4pm when she picked up the part from her friend. She climbed back and gave me directions back to her car. It took about an hour and half to get to her car. It was getting to rain as I popped the hood and put in the alternator. Her car fired up as she stood in the rain. I smiled as she looked at me inside the car. "Hey, Buck. If you don't mind maybe we can get out of the rain. I hate driving in the rain." she said. She followed me back to the rig.

I helped her inside. She sat in the big chair facing me. I was looking at her as the rain picked up outside. "Hey whats back here. Wow, its like a huge leather couch and TV. Buck what's this." she said. "This is were I crash at nights if I can't find a hotel or I need to catch some sleep. The leather couch turns into a bed, just pull on the back and it flips open. The TV great. I get a million channels." I said. I watched as she opened the curtain some more. She then moved her amazing ass in that pink dress in front of my face. She swung her white heels and cute feet in front of me as she got up out of the chair. She slowly moved and now was sitting in the back. She was in the middle of the blue leather couch looking at me with a sly grin. "Wow, sure is nice and comfortable back here. I don't think I ever been in such a cool 18 wheeler before. I never knew they had things likes this in here." she said.

I cleared my throat and licked my lips as I got up out of my chair. I bent down trying not to hit my 6ft 3 frame on the ceiling. She moved slightly as I sat on her left side on the couch. She fixed her hair putting up in the back with a hair clip. She looked into my eyes. She leaned in and touched my chest with her cute fingers. She ran her long pink nails on my shirt. She smiled again as she began to rub my arm. I started to kiss her wet mouth. She was a very excellent kisser and she sent shivers down my body. I instantly became hard when I felt her chest against mind. I started to kiss her more passionately as she began to bite my lower lip. I held onto her neck and moved my hands on her shoulders as we continued to kiss. We began to exchange tongues deep inside our mouths. I could feel her move her hands around my waist stopping on the top of my butt.

She then brought her hands up to mind. She moved them down to touch her soft breast. She moaned loud as her breathing increased. I could feel her large breast in my hands as I broke our kiss to look into her eyes. She was so sexy as she pulled my shirt over my head. She rubbed my soft skin and pulled on my hard nipples. She kissed each one as I unbuckled my jeans. I then began to rub her thick thighs and feel her ass under her dress. She looked into my eyes as she undid my zipper. I unzipped the back of her dress. It slowly fell off her shoulders down to her side. I undid her yellow bra causing her warm breast to cascade down on to my skin. I could feel her hard nipples burn into my chest as we kissed.

I gasped for air as she looked down. "I need to see the cock of yours. Stand up baby. Its been poking me all day. I need to taste you in my mouth." she said. I stood up letting my jeans fall to around my ankles. I had a nice pair of tight undies on as she pulled down the sides. My cock flopped out into the open Gasp!! "Damn baby!!" was all she could say before she began to lick the big head. It took her two tuggs on my shaft before all 9 3/4 was full erect. She spit on the tip letting her saliva hang on the edge. I watched as she took her two small hands to cup my naked balls. I liked to to shave all my hair was just a small 1 inch patch over my cock. She felt great as she took a little of my cock into her hot mouth. Her delicious pink lips expanded wide over the large vein running down my shaft. I could not see the big purple head as her mouth expanded. Her cheeks were open wide as she sucked my cock.

I grabbed the back of her hair fucking her mouth. She mumbled and gagged as she got more of my me inside her mouth. I could feel her finer nails scratch my thighs a she worked my balls in her hand. She spit my cock out then sucked my big balls in her mouth. I moved forward with my hips as she licked all over my cock and balls. She used her small fingers to play with my most sensitive area as she sucked my cock again. I felt her hands on my ass as i fucked her face. After 15 minutes of a great blow job I had to taste her. I moved back as my cock flopped out of her mouth.

She stood up as I took off the rest of her clothes. She left her heels on for me as she sat down. She opened her legs as I got on my knees in front of her. My cock was still hard as I began to kiss the inside of her thighs. She put her hands on my head as I began to kiss around her pussy on her stomach. I licked her belly button as her breathing increased. I could now smell her sweet pussy. I could tell she was wet as I looked down to see some wetness on her soft lips. I began to kiss her pussy. First very light then very hard. She moved my head down so my tongue finally slipped inside her tight pussy. She closed her eyes and lifted her feet above my head as I pushed on her thighs. I began to lick the bottom of her ass all the way back and over her pussy. She was really getting into it as I made her orgasm quickly from my mouth. I licked two fingers and played with her pussy. I licked them again moving them very deep insdie her. Her ass moved as she came again.

I felt my cock as I brought it to the top of the cushion. She looked down to see my cock glisten as I started to spank the outside of her pussy. She looked down and grabbed it placing on her cunt lips. She shifted so I just inserted a small amount inside her. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Yes! That it Buck, go slow. It's been awhile." she said. I smiled as I inserted a inch at a time. Once I got about half I started to gently fuck her. I grabbed her hips with my big hands. She looked into my eyes as I got a little more inside her spreading her open. She orgasm again as my cock was even wetter. I started to kiss her breast playing with her nipples in my mouth. I love the feeling of having a women enjoy what I am doing to her. She was no different as I fucked her harder now. After 10 minutes we stopped and she stood up. She ran her hands down my side. I kissed her hard as she turned to look over her shoulder as he stuck her ass in the air and her elbows on the couch.

I licked my hand. Then played with my cock. She was playing with her pussy through the insdie of her thighs. I slowly inserted my cock and grabbed her hips. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder!! Harder!! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me trucker boy!!!" she moaned. I was really fucking her fast and hard. I was slapping her ass as her hair clip fell off her blonde hair. I reached down to pull her hair. I was slapping her ass and fucking her harder. I could feel my naked balls bounce on her pussy. She gripped the leather couch and moved her legs to allow me to fuck her harder. She orgasm and gaped for air. "Ohhhhhh...Arrrhhhh!! Yes!...." she said. Once I felt her cum on my cock, I thrusted one more time then pulled out. She spun around on her back as I wedged my cock between her breast. A second later I began to cum on her. Her eyes opened as I flooded her chest, face, and mouth. She used her fingers to clean her self and suck my cock of my load.

I fell on the floor. She got up and looked down on me on the floor of the truck. She smiled as she lowered her self onto my mouth. I started to eat her pussy as she held onto the back of the driver seat. She was looking over the dash board as I ate her to another orgasm. She looked over her shoulder when I was hard again she got up and helped me to the driver seat. I sat down as she climbed onto my erect cock. We started to fuck as she kissed me real deep. I felt her ass in my hands and her breast on my face and chest. I was kissing her as she fucked me. I pulled her hair, then she pulled my mine as she came again. She pulled down on the air horn after she came. She smiled as she got of me and reverse her self on my lap. She was now looking out the the front window holding onto the steering wheel as I grabbed her ass and fucked her hot pussy on my cock.

I felt her thighs on mine. Her hands on mine. I was groping her tits that were bouncing. I had her blonde hair in my face as I bit her the back of her neck. She put her heels on the dash board and as fucking me very fast. I grunted a few times as she clamped her pussy walls on my cock. I felt her get off my cock and put it between her thighs. It was touching the top of her pussy as she looked down. A few seconds later I started to cum on her stomach and chest. She licked my cum of the bottom of her breast with her tongue. She smiled as she got off and deep throated my cock. She pulled on the air horn twice after that.

"Beep!! Beep!!!" goes the alarm clock. It was close to 7am. I rolled over and felt a warm breast on my lips. I kissed her nipple then her mouth. I watched as she got out of her bed. A few seconds later I followed her naked ass to the kitchen. She braced her self on the fridge as I stuck my erect cock inside her. She orgasm quickly and after a few minutes I carried her out to her porch to finish her off on her pink leather couch. She made some great steak and eggs. I held the door to 18 wheeler open. She climbed in. We had an hour to ge to the dealership and drop of my load. Some how one of the car fell off the back of the truck when we left her house. A pink BMW~~~Kentucky License plate "Pink Ice" - if you see it please let me now. Because in the mean time the church going hottie is in the back getting ready for my next load.


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