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Lights, Camera, Fuck - An Adult Story

I had wanted to get out of my parents basement and do something. I signed up for some classes at the local community college. I was pretty good with a camera. I thought I take some photography classes. I was going to start slow and see if I liked it at first. I signed up for two classes after 5pm on Tuesday and Fridays. I already had a nice computer and camera. I got some new film and some new memory sticks for the camera. I even bought some black and white film just in case. I through everything into a back pack and headed out the door.

I walked into the class on the top floor of the last building on campus. I rode my bike and had to walk a little to class. I took the seat in the back and waited for the professor. He came in just after class started. He was in late thirties with a nice goatee. He was only about 5ft 2 and wore some big glasses. He seemed to be a nice guy in his introduction to photography speech. I listen a little as I scanned around the room. There were a few ordinary people in class. The token older students. The older lady who knew everything and the dumb jock guy who new nothing. There was only one cute girl in the whole class. She was about 5ft 3 with long black hair. She had her nails painted black with the black lip stick. I guess she was the goth girl on campus. There were a few geeks and one guy in his late twenties that look like her had been taking classes for a few years.

We all took out are cameras and Professor Bob North came around to check. "He Professor." I said. "Hey call me Bob. Hope your going to take this class serious. Ok folk eyes over here." Professor said. He looked at me and pointed at my camera. "This guy camera is perfect. Not to big and not to small. Try to copy him or get something similar. I want you all to go home and take pictures of your bed rooms. Then around your house. Try to be creative but don't over due it. Thanks." he said. I walked out the door and went home.

The next day I took some pics of my bedroom and through out the house. On Friday I took the pics into class. We learned how to develop them and showed them off to the other students. There were no grades just discussion on the pictures. Lights and frame resolution to start. What time of day kinda of thing. I saw some real good pics and some bad ones. It look like everyone had done a good job. We got our next assignment to shoot outside. Then we had to shoot some fruit in a bowl. After the next class we got to shoot birds or pets. It had been about a month before we all met in class on the last Friday of the month. Class went by pretty quick. I turned my assignment in last on the Professor desk.

"Hey Buck. Great work. I have been meaning to tell you. I like your pics of the birds and the huge watermelon photos last week. Do you have any plans after class tonight?" Professor said. "No, my parents are away on vacation. I was going home to watch a game on TV and grab something to eat." I said. "I have a great photography club that meets at my house once a month. I had a friend of mine drop out and we have a opening for a new guy. It's nothing too serious. We usually talk about photography or sometimes we have somebody model while we take pics. Would you be interested?" he said. "Sounds fun. What should I bring? What time should I come over?" I said. "Here some directions to my house. After 8pm tonight. Just bring your camera. My wife cooking dinner for all of us. She makes some mean steaks on the grill. See you later." He said.

I had about an hour to kill before getting to his house. I had some camouflage cargo pants and a black t-shirt on. I had some black sandals. I put on my bike helmet and back pack. I rode around the campus before heading to the Professor house. I put my bike lock on and placed my bike helmet on the seat. I walked up to the big house at the end of the street. There was a big hedge road blocking the windows. I could see some lights on inside but nothing else. I walked up the four stairs and knocked on the big red door. A few minutes later the door opened. It was the Professor. He had me put my back pack down in his study just inside the front door. We walked through his living room towards the kitchen. All the people were out back on his deck enjoying some food and wine. He handed me a beer from the fridge. I had just turned 21 so I kinda of smiled having a beer for the first time out in public.

I followed him to a nice table at the end of the deck. He introduced me too the other guys in the club. All four guys were much older then me. The youngest guy was in his upper twenties and the oldest was in his mid fifties. They were all married like the professor. There wife stayed home while they got to come over and talk photography. They were invited to come very other month if they wanted. I was eating some delicious food when I heard the Professor wife call him. He got up and went inside. A few minutes later I followed everyone inside.

The Professor introduced me to his wife for the first time. She was about 5ft 7 with long blonde hair. She had it curled on the side. She had some very small diamond earrings and a big rock on her small finger. She was also a few weeks pregnant and was showing. She had a warm glow around her as she talked to me. Her small lips moved very sexy. She had a sweet voice that made my hair stand up in back when she talked. She was wearing some white flat shoes as she turned I could see she was a very bodacious women. She had been a big gurl but now that she was pregnant she had filled out a little more in the top and the bottom. I watched as she had a some more food. I followed the Professor into the living room.

There were some lights around the room. They looked very professional in nature. The were some cameras and a big camcorder that you find shooting a movie. There was a computer and flat screen next to some blank DVDs. I picked up one camera looking through the lens. I watched the other guys pick up there cameras and look around the room. A few minutes later the Professor wife came in. She smiled as the Professor coughed in his hand. "Thank you for all coming tonight. I am glad to see your all doing so great. The model that we hired last week can't make it tonight. She is sick and in bed. I tired to get another but no luck." He said. "If you want I can call my wife. She might be able to get a baby sister and come over." one guy said. "Geez I wish I knew before hand. Tammy would have loved to come over." said another guy. "Well all is not lost. My wife Lori has volunteered her services. I told her we loved to have her model. Ok honey, go upstairs I left you an outfit to wear. Come down when your ready." he said.

It was about an hour later. I first saw her heels come down the stairs toward the living room. Lori had changed. She was almost the total opposite of when I first met her. She had taken off the flat shoes and now had some big 4inch blue heels on. She had painted her her finger and toe nails bright blue. She had some pink lips to go with a pink flower she had put her hair. She was wearing a black mini skirt and black stretched top over her large breast. I almost dropped my camera as she walked into the living room. A few of the guys whistled as she smiled at them. I saw the Professor smile as he helped her stand in front of the lights. He had put a small white screen behind her to reflect the light. Next everyone started to take pictures of her. Guys were moving in and out. They were moving all around her. I stopped to get some more film as I noticed her smile in my direction. I could tell she may have done this before. She moved her hair and batted her eyes at all the guys. They turned a fan on to blow her hair.

Next she went upstairs and came back. This time she had a French maid outfit on. She pretend to clean things in the living room. All the guys smiled as she strutted around. I had not been fully attracted to bigger gurls but that was changing as I watched the Professor wife. I had dated boring skinny girls in the past. They were more concern with what they ate or what they wore to notice me. The Professor wife never asked if this outfit made her ass look big. It was big. After 20 minutes she came back with a bikini on. She had a black bikini that hugged every curve on her big body. I had to look through the lens and steady my hand a few times. I saw one guy rub his crotch as he got close. I watched the Professor get on the ground as she walked next to his camera and face. I walked over to get some water. I took a big drink as the Professor and his wife talked. I did see one guy get up and go into the kitchen.

A few minutes later he came back as he passed the Professor. "Hey Buck, how are you liking things?" he said. "Great, thanks for inviting me over. Your wife is a natural. Looks like she been doing this for ever." I said. "Yeah she is really great. She was worried that all the guys would think she was to big. Especially the new young guy from my class. You don't' think that?" He said. "No, not in the least. I like confident women. You usually don't see that any more." I said. "True! Hey let me ask you something. My wife has a request. It's her birthday today. She had only one request this year. She wanted to model in front of the group. She also wanted to model with a guy. She has never done that before. Even when she was younger." He said. "Mmm." I said. I gave him a puzzled look. "I had called this model from an agency last week. He was suppose to come over right now. Unfortunately his car broke down and he can't make it. I know it will just break her heart. I was hoping to give her the perfect Birthday surprise." He said.

"What are yous saying? Do you want me to be the model? Professor North!" I said. "Listen your the only guy for the job. All these guys are married number one. Plus I don't want to see any of these guys next to my wife. Your in great shape. Listen I know it's allot to ask. I would not ask if it did not mean so much to her. You can wear what you have on. That shirt and those camo pants are perfect. What do you say?" He said. I was at a lost for words. I was till in a little shock what to do. "Honey I got some news to tell you." He said. "Professor I will do it for her and the club. Just don't tell anyone at school. Also these photos are to stay private ok." I said.

I heard the Professor upstairs talking to his wife Lori as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. I walked over to get a drink of water. The Professor came down to put a wooden bar stool in the middle of the room. Next her fixed the lights. The guys looked around and then moved around the bar stool. The bar stool was about 4 feet off the ground. It had 4 wooden legs and small wooden flat seat on top. I drank some more water as I checked my short hair in a mirror next to the bar. I watched the top of the stairs when I heard a door close upstairs. A few seconds later I almost dropped my water on the carpet.

The Professor wife came into view. She had a yellow tube top that was two sizes to small. It was pulled over her large breast causing them to expand and the tube top to almost exploded. Her big puffy nipples were already erect as she strutted down the stairs. She was wearing some 5inch yellow heels. She had on some bright red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt that only fit half her large ass. She could not get it over the rest of the way down her large ass. She was wearing a black thong with a yellow stripe down the middle of her pussy. She smiled when she got to the bottom of the stairs. Her hair was teased up and she had put on some long gold hoops earring that touched her shoulders. I looked down my flat stomach at my semi erect cock in my pants. I got more erect when I smelled her perfume as she sat on the bar stool and looked at me.

"Are you boys ready?" she said. "Ok!! Ok! Before we shoot your final set honey. I have a big birthday surprise for you. I had hired a male model for tonight to shoot with you. But he can't make it. I do have good news in that Buck has said he will step in. He never been in front of a camera. I told him we all would encourage him. I hope you like. Buck come here." Professor said. I smiled as I walked over towards him. Lori moved to let me sit down on the wooden stool. I sat there while Lori looked me over. She started to move around me letting her hands run down my chest on my shirt and then my back. She rubbed her body against mind as the Professor and the other guys took pictures of us. After 20 minutes she stopped and moved in between my legs.

Lori was looking into my eyes with her sexy blue eyes. "You know your so hot with that shirt on. I really love it if you took it off so I could see what you have underneath there. I can feel you broad shoulders and muscular chest." Lori said. I looked around the room to get some encouragement. "Ok! Since it is your birthday." I said. I gently pulled off my shirt over my head. I handed it to her. She smiled as she touched my naked shoulder. "You have such soft skin Buck. Wow your arms are nice. I love your chest too baby." Lori said. She ran her hands down my chest stopping at my black belt on my pants. I smiled as she walked around me running her long red fingernails on my skin. I watched as she rubbed her large half naked ass on my left fore arm. She arched her back moving her breast out in front. I was not sure how her breast did not bust out of her tube top. She like to make all her clothes and made a few extra stitches to get her top to stay on.

After a few minutes the Professor stopped everything. "Wow you two are really good together. Lori had one more wish guys. I always have in the past said no but tonight my baby get what she wants. Go ahead dear and take off your tube top and show them your naked breast. I now its been a big turn on for you to show the club like forever. Thanks guys for being respectful." He said. I turned to see Lori peel her tube top down causing her big breast to flop out onto her pregnant stomach. My mouth dropped open as she strutted over towards me. The yellow top was under her waist. She stopped and looked back over her shoulders as the Professor who was looking inside his camera lens. He had a big smile as she turned to sit in my lap on the stool. I looked at the other guys who were taking pics of the Professor wife and me.

After a few minutes Lori spun around. She got off my lap and walked around behind me. I could here her moan as she leaned onto my back. She placed her right hand on my shoulder and her other hand on my lower back. I could feel her warm breast on my back and one breast on my side as she smiled for the camera. I was now full erect in my pants. I looked to see if anyone had noticed. She bent over letting her large breast flop back and forth on my side. I could here all the camera making noises as she moved her head form side to side hitting me with her sexy blonde hair. She placed her hand on my left thigh as she walked around the front of me. She then straddled my lap letting her large breast rest on my chest. I could feel her breath as she looked into my eyes. I could feel her hard nipples rub on my soft flesh. She had puffy dark 6 inch aureoles. I could smell her perfume on her neck as she moved closer. The Professor and the guys moved to take pics at a better angle. He was underneath her ass shooting up wards. She then moved my hands to sit firmly underneath her large ass.

"Give it a squeeze honey my ass won't bite. I love your big hands. I really love your chest too. You must work out allot sexy." Lori said. I smiled as I squeezed her big ass in my hands. It felt so warm and soft as her ass was so smooth and warm to the touch. She looked down her stomach and put her hands underneath her curves to pull down the zipper on her black leather mini skirt. Next I felt her mini skirt fall to the carpet. I heard one guy fall into the coffee table to my right. "Shit Dale are you ok man?" Professor said. Dale gave the thumbs up. He was ok. "Ok honey. Stand up and walking around so we can see the full you. Oh god your so hot in front of the camera. What do you think Buck?" Professor said. I gave him the thumbs up too. "Honey what would you like to next? What can your husband do for you?" He said. She smiled as she walked over and whispered in his ear.

A few seconds later he walked over to talk to me in private. "Buck! You the man. Thanks for helping so far. I talked to Lori and she liked another big favor to make her birthday even better. Is there any way you cold maybe pose with her in your underwear. Are you even wearing any. Is there anything in your pockets. She said she sat on something that might have poked her." He smiled as he talked to me. I was thinking that I had gone this far. I really getting turned on by the Professor wife. I wanted so bad to touch her breast that I agreed. I walked over in front of the stool. Lori followed me back. She smiled as she unbuckled my belt. She then took off my black sandals followed by my pants. She hung them on the back of a chair near the stairs. She walked back over to get on her amazing large ass.

She looked up and held her hands on my chest and abs. I could feel her breast on my left calf as she looked at the cameras. I could here all the camera click as the Professor watched with his mouth open. I was looking down as Lori smiled back up at me. She ran her hands around my 30 inch waist. She stopped on the top of my ass as she looked into my eyes. She then stood on her knees from her ass off the floor. She moved and her breast slapped against the inside of my thighs. She licked her juicy red lips as she looked into my eyes. She started to run her small hands on my erect cock under the thin white Calvin Klein underwear. I had wore some white boxer briefs with the black band around the waist. She smiled as I got harder under her small fingers. She moaned and winked her left eye at me. I could see she saw what she was doing to me. I know she could feel all 9 3/4 under her fingers as she gave me a kiss on my thigh.

"That a girl!! Your so hot honey. Beg that young stud for his cock. Does he have something in there honey?" Professor said. I smiled as Lori started to kiss the outline of my cock under the thin material. I kept running things in my mind about the situation. I was scared, nervous and very excited. I had seen and had her large breast against me. Was I ready to touch them next and was she and her husband ready to see my cock...before I time to think..I felt her hand on the bottom of my underwear. Next I felt them around my ankles. As cold air hit my cock, it sprang out and all most hit Lori in the face. She smiled as I heard the cameras click. I saw one guy give me a thumbs up and the Professor gasp for air. He grabbed his chest then smiled as his wife was stroking my cock with her hands. I watched as two of the guys walked around behind us to get a different angle. Dale had taken the video camera off the tripod I had seen earlier near the bar. He was now filming us as Lori looked back and smiled at her husband.

"Damn Buck..that is one fine cock you have. Its twice the size of my husband and so thick. Looks at this big vein and the purple head is amazing. OMG you have such big balls. Do you like shaving them? I never felt anything this big before. Honey look at his balls there so cute and sexy." Lori said. I froze as I felt her lips on the tip of my cock. I looked down to see her red lips expand over the tip of my cock. She used her two hands to pump my shaft as my balls bounced under her chin. I dropped my hands to my hips as I started to pump my cock in her mouth. She got about half of my cock in her mouth before she pulled my cock out causing a big bubble of saliva to fall on the carpet. I curled my toes as she continued to suck my cock. She licked the tip and then started to lick my balls. She loved the way my balls felt on her face as she rubbed them on her skin. I forgot the cameras and the guys were watching. The Professor stopped talking and was directing the other guys what to shoot.

I dropped my right hand down to Lori big breast. I scooped one up as she moaned on my cock. I was working her large nipple in my hand as she gagged on my cock. I felt some warm milk on my fingers. She then brought my hand up to her mouth to lick her warm milk. "She only milks when she get aroused during sex. I told you that honey. You should see what your doing to me and the guys." Professor said. I could smell the sex in the room as Lori kept sucking my cock. She stopped to look up and I grabbed her other breast with my free hand. I fondled her big breast as she stood up. My cock hit her stomach as she looked down. She guided my cock under her soft body as she looked into my eyes. I looked at her then my chest. She was leaking down her engorged nipples to her belly button. I rubbed my finger on her left nipple then tasted her warm milk. She was sweet and it tasted very nice. She dropped her head back when she felt my cock between her legs. I then noticed her husband standing next to us. He reached down to untie her black thong. Then he pulled it down exposing his wife pussy to me.

I started to kiss Lori. Her hot mouth opened as we exchanged some tongue. She had her eyes closed as I fondled her breast and stomach. She was turning me on so much that I forgot about being pregnant. She was a very good kisser as she rubbed my nipples. She then began to stroke my cock under her stomach with her hands. I could feel her slap my cock on her thighs as she bit my lower lip. "I need to feel you inside me Buck. I need you to fuck me with that big cock of yours. Use me. I love a hard cock inside my tight pussy." She said. I could not take much more so I walked her over to her big white leather couch next to the bar. I waited a minute or two so the guys could move the lights and the cameras to shoot more of us. I got my cue from the Professor. I looked up as the Professor wife got on her knees to get my cock nice and wet. She brought her large breast up. She placed them on my thighs. She then spit in her cleavage as she stroked my cock. I then felt the warm skin inside her cleavage as she tit fucked me. She slapped her big breast on my thigh as she rubbed up and down my shaft and cock.

My balls rubbed on her skin under her breast. I twisted her nipples causing them to shoot on the couch. She was dripping on the white leather making a mess. I saw her husband take a paper towel to clean up the seat cushion next to my ass. I moved my head back as Lori stood up. She took two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her big cunt lips. She then looked down as she steady herself on my shoulder with her small hands. She then guided my hard cock inside her tight pussy. I felt her muscles contract and her breast flopped down on my chest. I shrunk my head and shoulders down to place her breast on my face. I was sucking her right nipple as she rode my cock. Slowly she had almost all 9 3/4 inside her. I touched her stomach then her waist and hips as she moaned loud. I could feel her pussy was soaking wet as she whipped her hair in my face. I was dripping white milk from my lips as he fucked me harder. She was now jumping her large frame on my cock and screaming.

I heard two guys unzip there pants behind us. She moaned as the first guy barely stroked his cock 3 times before he came. The next guy last a few more strokes. They were putting on there pants as the Professor had taken over the video camera from Dale. I watched as he directed his wife to turn around and her ass rubbed against my abs as she fucked me harder. I felt her yellow tube top under her stomach as I tighten it around her waist. She moaned loud when I used her tube top to force her up and down on my cock. A few minutes past before I reached up with my long arms and big hands to milk her breast again. The Professor had to move because I shot some warm milk at him on the floor in front of the couch. I was going to cum any second and I think she knew this. I watched as Lori climbed off and turned around on her knees. She pointed my cock at her mouth. I saw the guys lean in and wait for the money shot. I did not disappoint. I let five big white cum shots on the Professor wife face and large breast. She licked her breast. Then scooped off my cum from her face and body.

A few minutes later the guys were packing up there cameras and lights. The Professor and Lori who was now in a bath robe were saying good bye to there guest. I sat on the couch semi hard. I was till going over things in my mind when I saw Dale hand me a note. He gave me the thumbs up and walked out the door. I opened the paper. "Can you come over to my house tomorrow. It's my wife birthday. I promised her a big surprise. I am going to have her blind folded as I take pictures of her with you." the note said. I turned my head to see Lori talk to the Professor. He went upstairs with the video camera. She walked over to me on the couch.

"I talked to my husband. Since its before midnight. Technically its still my birthday. Would you like to go upstairs and fuck me some more? I really want to feel you cum deep inside me. He is going to stay in the spare room while we fuck." She said. I just smiled as I got off the couch. I followed her upstairs to there big bedroom. We walked by the Professor who was laying on the spare bed naked playing with himself watching his wife and me on the TV. I shook my head as she opened the door to her bedroom. They had a big 4 post bed. There were some black silk sheets and about dozen pillows as she walked toward the bed. She clicked on two tripods next to the bed. "Its my Husband birthday next week. I thought I might tape us having sex. Its a big fantasy of his to watch me get fucked in the ass by a big young hard stud like yourself. I never disappoint him." She said. Mmmmm Lights, Camera, Fuck!!!!!!!!!" Lori said.

I felt her soft lips on my cock as I pulled out her ass.


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