Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Marine - An Adult Story

We had just cleared are last town outside of Baghdad. I had been here for more than a year. I was just getting back to base before I was going to head back home. I got my stuff from my tent and headed for the bird to take me to Kuwait. I was going to head back to the States at the end of the week. I had to stop in Germany to party for two weeks before returning home. I had been too long since I left Paris Island and out of boot camp. I had seen allot the last few years on tour. I had just wanted to get home ans start a new chapter in my life. I walked off the airplane into the airport. My parents lived in another state. I did not have anybody waiting for me. I had not had a girl friends since High School.

I took the bus across country to get to Las Vegas. I had a old Marine friend who was running security at a Casino on the strip. He got me a job and set me up in a apartment near my job. The apartment was furnished so I was able to move right in after arriving my first day. I was to start in a week at my new job. Nothing to complicated. I was to help in security for the vault and travel with VIP guest's at the casino. The pay was good. The weather was hot and I would have lots of free time. It took a few sleepless nights to get used to the silence of my surroundings. I woke up early to go for a jog on most days. I then worked out at a gym near my apartment. I was already starting to get a little bored.

The next day I went for a jog. I still had my short hair as it was over 100 degrees as I stopped to catch my breath. I had some sweat on my t-shirt. I had a pair of small black shorts along with some new white shoes. I was at an intersection waiting for the light to change when I saw some cute girls pull up in a sports car. They were all a little bigger than most girls. Ever since I hooked up with a nurse in the deserts of Iraq I had been slightly addicted to big gurls. She was a Army nurse who was attending to my wounds. She came in one night before I was to go back to my unit. She opened my curtain. Took off her uniform and fucked me all night before I went back in the morning. She was so hot and sexy. She showed me what it was like to have a hot big gurl who was amazing in bed. Before this I had been attracted to smaller girls. Who in turn broke my heart or cheated on me.

I was standing there waiting for the light to change. All three girls were checking out my 6ft 3 athletic frame. The girl in the back seat whistle at me when I walked in front of them. I walked to to other side of the street. I stood there as they drove passed me. I saw a bumper sticker for the local College Campus about 5 minutes from where I lived. As I jogged back home. I thought about going to take a class or two at the college. I had always wanted to take some classes to further my education. I took advantage of the government program that allow me to sign up for free. I decide to take two classes to see how I liked it. I went and registered the next day for Sociology 101 and Accounting 101. I signed up and headed back to my apartment to enjoy a swim before going to my first day of work.

I worked to the whole day and headed to campus at 5pm for my first class. Accounting was ok. I had two nights a week of that class. I could send in my homework online if I need to miss a class. The Professor was very nice. He used to be a Marine back in the day. I walked across campus to take my class. I had always been curious about Sociology but maybe I had bitten off a little to much. There was allot of work involved. There were a few books I need to read and the woman Professor was a real hard ass to the class. I had taken some notes in the back of the class. I spent little time looking around gazing at the co-eds than I had done in the Accounting class. I new for the first minute I better get some help.

After class I talked to the Professor. She assured me everything would be ok if I applied my self a little more. I spent the next two weeks trying but was falling behind. I did bad on a test and had another week to study for our 2nd test. I walked out being discouraged. I walked down to the quad to get some water. I was standing in line when I saw a note on a bulletin board. I looked again to see a green flier. It read : "Need help in Sociology. Struggling to keep up. Look no further. I'm the perfect Tudor for you." I walked over and took a piece of paper off the bottom of the flier. I stuck it in the front of my jeans. I walked back home to make the call.

Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Tessa." she said. "Umm Hi, this is Buck. I just started at the College. I am taking Sociology 101 this semester. I could really use some help. I seem to be falling behind." I said. "I can help. I took that class last year. My major is Sociology. I find the class to be a difficult in the beginning but once I teach you some tricks it becomes a little easier. When are you free?" she said. "Well I have two days off from work starting tomorrow. I don't have my next class until next week. I guess I be available all day. Is there a good time for you?" I said. "I have class in the morning but get out about 1pm. Would you like to meet at 2pm. I usually use the library but that under construction for the next month. If you don't mind maybe you like to come to my house. I live off campus not to far away. I could email you some directions. If that ok?" Tessa said. "Sure that sounds great. I am sure you will be a big help. I can't wait to start. See you at 2pm then. Thanks Tessa." I said.

I threw on some camouflage desert cargo shorts. A one size too small grey t-shirt that showed off some of my muscles. I combed the short top on my head. I out on some cologne and brushed my teeth before heading out. I rode my MT bike to Tessa house. I had my books, pens and notebook in a back pack as I got off the bike. I walked up the side walk. I passed a cute car in the driveway. She lived in a nice suburb surrounded by the same house on either side. I saw a nice fence around the back out of view from the front. I knocked on the big white door and waited. I looked down my body checking to make sure I was zipped up. I put my shades on my head as I stood there as the door opened.

Tessa was about 5ft 4 with long blonde hair passed her shoulders. She was dressed in a very nice pair of Capri Jeans. They showed off her amazing long legs and sexy cute feet. She had on some white flip flops as she stood in the doorway. She had a white t-shirt that was pulled over her curvy frame. I instantly smiled when I saw how voluptuous she was. I was taken back by her beauty. I was not expecting the Sociology Tudor to be so hot and sexy. She held out her small hand to welcome inside her house. I saw she had some gold tear drop earrings that were dangling below her ears. She had some white tip fingernails that matched her toe nails as I followed her inside. I finally looked down to her bodacious ass in the jeans. It was a site to behold and I wanted to see more. "Hi! Welcome!! Follow me." Tessa said. Her house was very well decorated as took off my black sandals at the door. I followed her into her living room off to the right.

She had a big white couch on one side. A small love seat on the other. She had a nice TV and a big stereo that matched. I could tell she had just vacuumed and cleaned. She had placed some coaster on the end tables. She offered me some water I sat on her couch. I looked out her big sliding glass door to her back yard. She had some towels on a clothes line. I smiled when she put a glass of water in my hand. She went and sat on the love seat opposite me.

"How your day going so far?" she said. "Better know. Thanks for helping me out. I like the class so far. I like Sociology but there allot of things you have to remember. Plus I am not sure what to read and how to process the information correctly." I said. "Ok! Here this should help. I copied some notes from my class last year. You can see what I highlighted. That should really help. Are you from here originally?" she said. "No! I used to live in Baltimore. I just got back from overseas. I had a friend set me up with a job at a Casino in town." I said. "Were you in the military? I hope you don't mind I asked?" she said. "No I don't mind. I was in the Marines. I just got back from a tour in Iraq. I decide to take some classes to fill up some free time and learn something new. I like your house. Do you like living in Las Vegas?" I said. "Umm Yes!! I do like living here. The weather is great. The people are nice and school is fun." she said.

We made more small talk as I sat and listen to her. I kept checking her out as she sat there crossing and un-crossing her legs. I just loved the way her jeans had found there way past her calf's and rested just below her knee. She kicked off her flip flops and wiggled her small toes in my direction. I was starting to feel warm even know she had the A/C on about 67 degrees in her house. I watched her get up and she put her hands on her hips and strutted towards her kitchen. I looked down in my text book as she looked back at me. She had made some cookies earlier. They had just come out of the oven as we ate them while talking. She was single just like me. She had a part time job and was going to school full time. She got up to use the facilities as I got up and walked into the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later she came back as I got us some water from her fridge. I noticed something had changed but I could not place it. I could see she had reapplied her lipstick. Then I could tell she had put on some body spray and reapplies some perfume which smelled great. When she got up off the couch to hand me another set of notes she leaned down to hand me them. That when I noticed she had taken off her bra. I tried not to stare at her large cleavage but I think I was doing a bad job. She giggled as I excuse myself to go use the bathroom. I walked down the hall as I heard Tessa shift her body on the couch.

I opened the bathroom door. I pulled down my zipper. I reached inside my dark color Calvin Klein boxer briefs and fished out my half erect cock. I looked down to see my cock get hard in my hand. All 9 3/4 inches felt great in my left hand. I gave my cock a few strokes before I started to pee. I looked around the room as my cock got semi hard now. I cleaned my hands and dried them off on a towel. I was about ready to leave when I noticed something in the shower. I was curious as I pulled the shower curtain open. I looked inside to see Tessa had removed her large bra and hung it up on the shower head. It draped down half way to the bottom of the tub. I marveled at is size as I felt the large cups were warm. I could smell her amazing breast inside as I gave it a quick sniff. I then turned my head to see a pair of black panties hanging over a white towel on the towel bar. I reached over to feel them. They were soaked. I could smell the hint of sweet perfume, musk and her soap that she had used to wash before I came over. I got instantly hard as I stood inside her shower.

"Knock!! Knock!! "Buck are you Ok??" Tessa said. "Yeah, I'll be right out. Sorry just washing my hands." I said. I came right out and walked back to the living room. I saw Tessa sitting on the edge of the couch. "I thought that it might be easier showing you what I highlighted as you read my notes from over here." she said. I smiled as I sat in the middle of the couch. A few seconds later Tessa put her notes in my lap. I felt her elbow rub my side as she moved her arm. I got goose bumps on my arm. I felt a wave of excitement come over my body. She was now inches from me as she spoke about her Sociology notes. "Wait I know the perfect thing you need Buck." she said. I watched as Tessa walked down the hall. A few seconds later she came back and sat next to me.

"Here its a tiny recorder. It picks of very low whispers even. Hey sexy." in a very low sexy way. She giggled as she handed me the recorder. I played it back as we both giggle from her soft sexy voice. I noticed her hand dropped on my right thigh. I looked down then back into her eyes. She smiled as I handed her the recorder. "Thanks. I am sure it will come in handy. Here you go." I said. She smiled as she put it on the end table next to the couch. She had turned her hips and when she moved I could see her sexy ass looking back at me. I wanted so much to touch her. I had been almost 2 years since I had been with a women. My heart raced as my breathing increased. I could feel my cock wanting to bust out of my cargo shorts. I looked at her feet, calf's and voluptuous thighs as she moved back to my side. I kept staring at her as she was talking. What ever she was saying I just nodded my head "Yes."

She shifted her body so she was now leaning against me. I could feel her arm against my side. I could feel her hair next to my upper arm. I then felt her hand back on my left thigh. She held it there for a few seconds under her notes. I picked up her notes and she started to lightly massage my thigh. I was getting hard as I looked down I could see a big bulge under my shorts. I think she saw it too because she ran her ring finger down the length of cock under the thin material. It jumped to her touch as I moaned softly. She grabbed her notes and through them on the floor. I turned my head to catch her lips on mine. We started to make out as I ran my hand down her back resting on the top of her small black belt. She moved in my arms as we hugged and kissed harder. She bit my lower lip as she ran her hands on my chest. She broke our kiss. "Wow you have some great muscles under this shirt. Maybe you can let me see." she said. I moved but she grabbed and pulled my shirt over my head onto the back of the couch.

I leaned back onto the couch. She moved her ass so that my hand fell touching her amazing butt. She smiled when she felt a small squeeze on her ass. She turned to move her body into mine. I reached around to rub my hands on her lower back. I could feel her breath as her heart raced. I could feel her hips in my hands as we continues to kiss. I watched as she smiled and leaned back. She placed her hands on the bottom of her white shirt. She brought her shirt over her head and placed it on my shirt. She turned as her breast sat perfect on her chest. They were firm, large and needed attention. I brought my hand on to her right breast as I sucked on the left. She tilted her head back as she ran her left hand over the small hairs on my head. She feltt my tongue, my teeth and my hot mouth devour her breast. I got both her erect nipples in my mouth at one time as she moaned hard in my left ear. I just smiled as I bit down on both nipples. "Fuck!! That feels great Buck. Suck my breast. Lick my nipples. Bite under my tits, ooooo ggggoooodd that it you fucker." she said. We both moaned as I kept sucking her large breast.

She had nice pink aerloes and her hands were rubbing my chest. She twisted my nipples her her fingers as she watched me suck her breast. I stoped so she could regain her composer. She moved my hands down her chest to the top of her jeans. I could smell her through her jeans as she had orgasm a few seconds ago. I undid her belt and through it on the floor. She watched as I unzipped her jeans. I got on my knees in front of the couch. I reached up to slowly pull her jeans down her hips, over her thigh, down her sexy legs onto the floor. She was now naked, just wearing her earrings as she looked down to see me smile.

I started to kiss the top of her toes. I then placed each toe in my mouth sucking them. I kissed her ankles and upper calf's and then her thighs. She leaned back and spread her legs. I moved her legs over my head as I started to kiss the length of juicy thighs. I could see she had shaved her pussy clean. Her hot pussy was mine for the taking. I liked my lips. Then my mouth. I spit on my two big fingers on my right hand. I put my lips on the inside of her upper thigh right below her pussy mound. She closed her eyes as I blew some hot air from my mouth onto her pussy. I started to kiss and run my tongue on the outside of her pussy. She was breathing more heavy as I kissed her pussy and then opened her tight entrance with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy. I started to kiss, suck and insert my tongue in her amazing pussy. She moaned and screamed into the air. I stuck my two fingers back in my mouth...then into her pussy. I could feel her labia, cunt and pussy walls move as she orgasm not once but twice in mouth.

She clamped her thighs on my head as I licked the top of her pussy to the bottom of her pussy next to her ass. I was really making loud noises as she was very wet. I should have put some towels underneath her as the top of the seat cushion for the couch was soaked. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. I played with myself a few seconds. She saw me then whispered for me to get up. I stood up and she got on the edge of the wet cushion. I could feel her small hand on my cock. She rubbed my big hairless balls as she looked up over my abs to see me smile. I put my hands on my side. She then brought the tip of my cock to her wet lips. She sucked and licked it then stuck about 2 inches her mouth. Her small lips opened wide. As she adjusted for my girth and length in her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the bottom of my shaft as she got another few inches in her mouth. She got just over half into her mouth as she spit my cock back into the cold air. She stroked my cock in her hand then back to her mouth. She rubbed my big cock all of her face, chin and her cheeks. I felt her mouth on my balls as she slapped my cock in her blonde hair.

I moved my hands to the top of her head as she stuck my cock back in her mouth. She was gagging as I started to fuck her face. I felt her hands on my small muscular ass. She squeezed my ass and slapped it a few times as she got more of my cock in her small mouth. Her eyes were wide open as she licked, stroked, kissed and sucked my cock. I could see the saliva drip down onto her carpet. I felt her hair on my stomach as she leaned her head down to look at my feet. She placed her feet on mine then looked back up. She smiled as she gagged on my cock. I looked down and moaned. She wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her in the worse way.

A few seconds later we had switched positions. She was on the carpet in front of me. She had placed her hands on the couch. Her breast swayed under her against the couch. I smiled as I licked my hand. I then rubbed some saliva on my cock. I softly beat my cock on her amazing ass as she wiggled it in front of me. She looked over her shoulder with her blonde hair falling in front of her face. I smiled when I placed my big cock at her warm entrance. I grabbed her hips as she relaxed. She bite her lower lip as she place her face on the seat cushion. I slowly inserted a few inches in her tight pussy. She grabbed the sides of the cushion as she moaned loud. I watched as my cock was now half out of view and inside her pussy. She was wet as she came for the first time after about 10 minutes of fucking. I had gotten a little more in as she screamed.

I started to smack her ass and pull her blonde hair. "Mmm I love you ass baby. Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram that tight pussy on my cock. Fuck me like you want to baby." I said. "Arrggghhh!! O! God!! You fucker!! Bam! Bamm! Bm! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Your so big! Damn your so big baby! I'm fucking a Marine!!! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!" she screamed. If her neighbors did not hear her before they were now on the phone to 911. I started to fuck her as I got almost all 9 3/4 into her tight pussy. I could feel my big balls slap her under side as she moaned loud. I could not take more as I closed her knees together and got on my feet. I placed my feet on her side and slammed my cock into her. She grabbed my ankles to keep me in deep in her pussy. I leaned on her lower back with my two big hands. I leaned down to bite her shoulder causing her to orgasm. Just then I pulled out and she turned over to catch a big load in her mouth. She immediately took all of it in her hot mouth. Some leaked out the corners or her lips. I gave her some water as she washed down my load. I looked down I was getting hard again.

I helped Tessa off the floor and walked with her down the hall to her bathroom. We got in her shower/bath tub. I pulled off her bra from the shower head. She took off her black panties from the towel bar. She moaned as I handed her the warm bra. She dropped them out of the shower onto the floor. As she washed my back she played with my hard cock in her hands. After a few minutes I slid down in the shower as she climbed onto my cock. With the water pounding on her body and spraying me she fucked me very good. I held her hands as her breast slapped my chest. I stuck her big nipple in my mouth sucking her as she fucked me. I matched her thrust with mine causing her to orgasm again on me. I could feel her wetness go down my balls and into the drain. I picked her up and place my ass against the wet shower wall. She climbed on as I fucked her standing up. I flipped her around fucking her again as she pulled down the shower curtain when we both came at the same time. I helped her out of the shower and dried her off with my tongue.

I just woke up in Tessa bed. I could here my voice coming from down the hall. I was still naked as I walked down the hall to the kitchen. I had the day off as I came around the corner to see Tessa cooking breakfast. She was wearing some black fishnets stockings on her long legs. She had big black heels and a small red and white checkered mini skirt. She had a big white blouse tucked in a big bow showing off her midsection and large cleavage. "Good morning Buck. Your going to need a big breakfast this morning. After this I am going to teach you more Sociology. This is my Tudor uniform I will be wear every time I teach you." Tessa Said. I saw the mini recorder she had from yesterday on the end table. She was listening to us having sex on the couch yesterday, I could see her skirt was hiked up and she just got done playing with herself before I walked in. I walked over and picked her up and brushed off the kitchen table. Crash!!!!!! All the plates. glasses and silver ware hit her kitchen floor. I looked down to see my hard cock and her wet pussy. "I need to show you what a motivate Marine can do." I said. She screamed "I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!! I love my Marine!!!!!!"


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