Sunday, July 12, 2009

Candy Little Girl - An Adult Story

I was out walking my dog. I had spent the weekend thinking of new ways to meet women. I had tried to start my own breast exam clinic. Turns out you need a license and go to school for like 6 years. I tired to start a new boutique for bigger gurls. But I could not get financing in today economy. I had sold some clothes and few items on greglist a few times to get money. I almost fell down and hit my head yesterday when I came up with the perfect scam to meet girls. Better yet have them come to me. I prefer bigger gurls but I have in the past been attracted to different girls. As long as the were confident in there bodies. I thought I place and add for free candy. The add read : "Free Candy! Need to unload large supply. Most like Lolly Pops and Gummi Bears."

I was hoping that a few girls would stop by and see my candy. Once I got them to my house. I was pretty sure I could entice them to jump in my pool or hot tub. I throw some great parties in my basement and on my pool deck. I went down to the local huge grocery chain and got a huge amount of candy. I placed it all in a big basket. I put the basket on my kitchen table. I took a beer out of the fridge. I went to my computer and hit the send key to activate the Free Candy Ad. I waited a few minutes. The first inquire was from a old women looking for candy for her grand kids. Oops sorry all out. Then 2 guys looking for candy for there kids. I deleted them. All day I was getting bad messages from non girls.

It was not until 2pm that I got my first hottie inquirer about the free candy. I waited a few minutes before responding to the email-er. The girl who emailed me was very cute in her avatar. Ironically her name was Candy Smalls. She lived across town about 40 minutes from me. She lived near the beach. She was throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend. She was in charge of getting treats for the party. She had bought some balloons and a cake but need to get one more thing. She was low on cash and saw my ad. I smiled when she say she could stop by later after 4pm today if I was available. She was going to a tent rental place near were I lived and then was going to stop after wards. I had about 2 hours to get the place ready.
I quickly took a shower and shaved. I even trimmed some body hair before I put on some cologne. I put on a tight fitting white shirt. I showed off my athletic frame and muscles under the material. I put on a small dark blue bathing suit. The shorts went about half way down my thigh and rode up on the back. It kinda of sculpted my small ass and flat stomach. It also showed off my 9 3/4 cock that was semi erect from the material. I put the candy in a dish on the table. Then I took the rest outside on a table under a umbrella on the far end of my pool deck. I made some Strawberry Daiquiris in a blender. Put them on some ice on the wet bar near the pool. I poured them in some coconut glasses and waited fr my door bell to ring.

It was close to 4:30 before I heard the door bell. I got off my chair and walked to the front door. I peeked through the peep hole in the door. There was a very cute and sexy girl on the other side. She was different then most of the girls I dated. She was smaller and less curvy. She kinda of remind me of my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me last year. She left me to go back to her previous boyfriend because he was a friend of her family. I had only recently gotten over her. If it had been for my sexy big gurl neighbor when I got back from vacation and the break up. I am not sure if I would have opened the door. It was time to see if a cute smaller girl could be nice to me.

I opened the door. Candy was about 5ft 2 and had big 5inch wooden heels on. She had a pink shirt stretched over her nice breast. She was wearing some very hot denim shorts. They showed over her nice booty when she walked inside my house. She had curly brunette hair. Pink make up and very pink glossy lips. She had even painted her finger and toe nails hot pink to match. I showed her around the house. She liked the way it looked. We went onto the kitchen. "Is this the candy you were talking about Buck?" she said. "Yes. There some Gummi bears and Lolly pops and I have a huge basket out at the pool. Here walk this way." I said. I opened the big sliding glass door and pointed to the far end. "Wow, you have some big yard. Is that a jacuzzi hot tub up there. That is a nice pool and crazy slide you have. I like the outdoor barbecue and Tiki bar area. You have a nice place." Candy said. "Thanks. I just got everything the way I like it. Here follow me to the table with the candy on it. Would you care for a drink. I make the best Strawberry Daiquiris." I said. She smiled as I handed her a drink.

"How did you get all this candy? It's like you hit the lottery or something." she said. "We had a office party at my work. I was in charge of the bringing candy and snacks. The party got rained out so I brought all the candy home. After a few days. I had to find it a good home. I did not want to throw it all away. Plus I figured some cute girl might want it. Looks like I might be right." I said. "Wow! That is cool. Yeah I could use all this candy. My friend birthday party is tomorrow. I already spent way to much. So getting free candy would be a big help." she said. I smiled as I watched her drink. I had a few sips. "I think I might need another. Here you go." Candy said. She handed me her glass. I poured her another as I watched her check me out. I flexed a few times being kinda of coy with her. She smiled when I handed her drink back.

"How long have you been friends with the birthday girl? Is she going to be surprised. Are you bringing anybody to the party with you. If you don't mind me asking." I said. "About 10 years. I known her since high school. No, I don't mind you asked. Kinda of between men at the moment. Last guy treated me real bad. I guess because I am smaller and such a brunette." Candy said. We both finished are drinks as I made small talk with her. I was starting to get a small buzz when she walked over to the bar to get some chips off the top. "I hope you don't mind but I have not eaten a thing all day. I love to eat. Most guys are put off by the amount I can consume. Plus I tell it like it is sometimes Buck." Candy said. "Help your self. No problem. If you like I can cook you something. But first I need to get in my pool. It s been like a couple of days. It also getting hot on this wooden pool deck. I hope you don't mind?" I said.

I slowly took off my white shirt and placed on the ground. I next ran my hand through my light brown hair. She was looking in my blue eyes as I ran and jumped into the deep end. The water was nice and warm. There was sharp cold splash but after that it was quite nice. I watched Candy have some chips. She walked around the back of the bar to get out some shots glasses and a few bottles. "Just making sure in case we run out. Are you expecting anybody later today Buck? Hey are you married or have a girlfriend?" she said. "Good idea with the drinks. No wife or girl friend. Just love being a bachelor. The water nice." I said.

She smiled. "Hey do you have somewhere I can change. I don't want to get my outfit wet." Candy said. "Yeah, right in there. There some bikini's and outfits and shoes in there if you like to try on. I sometimes throw parties and people forget to bring there bathing suits." I said. I pointed to the pool house behind the fence near the main house. I watched as Candy walked into the pool house.

About twenty minutes later the door to the pool house opened. Candy was wearing a very small hot pink one piece bathing suit. It had some small pink straps that went up her small body covering her perky breast. It also encased her firm butt and smooth lower front. I smiled as she also found some huge 6inch hot pink platform heels. She looked like she was on stilts as she strutted toward the pool. She took them off and slowly walked down the stairs into the pool in the shallow end. She used the metal rail to steady herself. She sat on the last step. She kept her head above water as her hair got wet on the ends. I smiled she had also found some gold big heart shape hoops that dangled from both her ears. I smiled as she looked at me.

A few minuted later I swam down to the shallow end. She made me get out to get our drinks. She winked at me when I got back and handed her her drink. "Thanks sweetie." she said. We made some more small talk about things in our lives. She talked about her past boy friends and I talked about some dates I had been on recently. We even talked about how she was not looking forward to going to the party tomorrow by herself. After a few minutes she got up and walked back into the pool house. She excused herself to use the facilities. I got up out of the water and walked over to the jacuzzi. I turned on the jets. I placed my drink on the edge. I then took off my blue shorts and placed them on the ground. I climbed into the hot tub. The water felt great on my naked body as I waited for Candy to return.

I had my eyes closed but they quickly opened when I head Candy. "Hey how the water. MMmm is there room for two in there." Candy said. "Hey, I didn't hear you come out. Sorry. I was feeling they need for some water jets. How the Lolly in your mouth?" I said. "MMmm it real good Buck. Hey wait a minute. Are you naked in there? Are these your shorts?" Candy said. She held up my blue shorts. "Hey how did those get there?" I smiled. "So really how the water?" Candy said. "The water great. I was just following the rules of the hot tub." I said. "What rules?" she said. "Right over here." I said as I pointed to a sign outside the hot tub. "Buck's rules for the hot tub. 1) Any form of clothing on - You may not get in. 2) Also not cool to pee in the pool." Candy laughed. "Ok! I am down with that. Can I bring my Lolly in?" she said. I shook my head "YES!"

I sat back against a water jet. The hot tub could fit 6 comfortably. I did get 24 people in once but almost all the water came out. I watched as Candy turned around looking over her shoulder. She had a small tattoo on her lower back and right ankle. I then watched her bring her hands up to her chest. A few seconds later the top of the hot pink bikini fell down around her waist. She then shook her ass causing the bikini to fall to the ground. I smiled as she turned around to show me her small firm body. My mouth dropped as she still had the Lolly in her mouth. She walked up the wooden steps and down the metal rail into hot tub. The water bubbled at her feet as she moved around showing me her body. I kept my hands down my side as she looked into my eyes. The sexual tension could be cut in the air as she sat next to me. I put my hand and arm behind her on the ledge.

I brought my feet out of the water. She smiled as she looked up and down my 6ft 3 frame. She touched my chest running her small hands on my right nipple. Our thigh touched on the side as did her elbow on my chest. I handed Candy her drink. She smiled as we looked at each other. "Buck, you have the sexist blue eyes." she said. "You have such great hair, sexy eyes and amazing juicy lips." I said. "How do you now my lips are juicy?" Candy said. With that she took out her Lolly and we started to kiss. First it was soft then it became more hard as we exchanged hot tongues.

I gulped as she dropped her hand under the water to feel my semi hard cock. She handed me the Lolly. "There something else I need in my mouth." Candy said. She placed her face under water. I felt her hot mouth on the tip of my cock. I looked down my abs to see her head bopping up and down on my cock. I held her head down as she continued you to suck my cock. She used her tongue and small lips to taste my cock. She then got almost all of my hard cock in her mouth. She popped her head out from my cock gasping to breath. "Fuck I like that Buck. I love to gag on hard cock. Do that again fucker. Feed me your hot cock." Candy said. With that she stuck my cock back in my mouth. I pushed her head down as she sucked me long and hard. I flexed my ass a few times when I felt her hands on my butt. I finally stood up so she could get all 9 3/4 down her small throat. I held her head still and fucked her face. Her sexy eyes got big with excitement as my big hairless balls hit her chin.

I smiled when I felt her soft mouth on my big balls. I looked down to see her smile back at me. She then stuck her tongue down my shaft. Passed my balls and started to lick and bite under my scrotum. She even ran her long nails on my ass. I was feeling so excited that I reached down to play with her left breast. I playfully smacked it with my right hand. I used a open face slap on her breast. I then pinched her nipples and twisted them in my big fingers. I could see her moving her legs apart. I could just see her left hand under the water. She had begun to play with her small pussy. She had got one finger in and locked down on my cock in her mouth. I let go of her head and she pulled her two hands onto my cock. She really started to pump my cock with her fingers and hands. She aimed my cock directly at her mouth. She opened wide as I started to cum. My legs got weak then I snapped my ass forward causing a huge load to smack her right on her pink lips. She licked her lips and then stuck my cock in her hot mouth cleaning me up.

I pick Candy out of the hot tub and layed her on some towels on the pool deck. She smiled as I crawled between her legs. I held her stomach as I kissed her thighs. I started to kiss that top of her shaven pussy. I could feel the small bumps from when she shaved before she came to my house. I licked my lips as I cleared my mouth a shot a huge thing of saliva on her labia. I then used my middle finger to rub the inside of her hot pussy. She was hot to the touch and I just got passed my knuckle before she orgasmed for the first time. I had to spit again as I rubbed harder on her labia and small cunt lips. She held on to the top of my head and I pinched her nipples with my free hand. She clamped down on my face with her thighs. I came up for air when she came again in my mouth. I started to lick her hood as I inserted one finger than two deep inside her. I used my tongue in counter clockwise motion inside her. She screamed as her body shook once more.

As she opened her eyes as I had my cock in my hand. She looked down between her legs to see how erect I was. She smiled. Then she gently guided my cock head into her tight box. Her pussy was wet and I got just the tip in as she screamed again. I went slowly as I got more deeper. I had about half in before I stood on the end of my toes off the deck. I used my two hands to move above her. I was doing push ups as I fucked her harder. She placed her hands on my hips then on my ass. "Oh god fuck me with that big cock. Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Fuck I love your cock!! That it don't' stop!! Don't sop!!" she moaned in my ear. I felt her small hands force my ass and cock deeper inside her. She moved her ass and waist to give me better access. I grunted a few times as I she was very tight.

I wanted to see that ass of hers on my cock. I got off her as my cock made a huge sucking noise exiting her. She immediately flipped over on all fours looking back at me. I spit on my cock and wiped my cock head at her small entrance. She moaned loud as I inserted the tip in a upward movement. I slapped her ass causing a small red mark on her left butt cheek. She closed her eyes when a grabbed her hips and forced her wet pussy down my shaft. This time I got all of me deep inside her. I could feel her cunt muscles work my cock as we fucked harder. I reached up to pull her hair and slap her ass. She moaned my name a few times. I stopped and looked down. She turned around. She slammed her pussy back on my cock. She put her face in my towel. She arched her back and started to fuck me. I just watched her ass on my cock. She was dripping on my cock and balls. My balls slapped underneath her pussy mound very hard. I reached around waist. I found her hot pussy and inserted one finger next to my cock. She was so tight she screamed so loud. If the neighbors did not hear before they did know. I looked around only to go back to watching Candy ride my cock.

I only lasted a little bit longer and pumped all my load on the top of her ass. Some of my sperm leaked down her ass onto her lower back. She scooped some off with her fingers and licked them clean. She got up and we went into the pool house to use the bathroom. I placed her on the sink eating her pussy. Then she went out naked to get some candy from the basket. She used some gummi bears in her mouth to give me a great blow job. She used a big sucker at the end and had me cum on the face of the Lolly. She licked that while we took shower together.

The next day I brought Candy and her Gummi's and Lolly's to the birthday party. I stayed all day. We snuck out twice to fuck in her car. Later she took me to her house. She said she had a sweet tooth. She has a Buck addiction. I told her I had a Candy addiction. I unzipped my jeans and flopped my cock into my hand. I looked down, "Candy Little Girl!!!"


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