Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ice Cream Man

It was a hot day. Close to 100 on the thermometer as I left the garage for the day, It was close to 9am and already sweating in my truck. I had to go pick up some new ice cream at the warehouse. I had to follow my route all over the suburbs before calling it a night around 9pm tonight. The pay was little. I just wanted something to do besides laying around for the summer. I had been delivering ice cream the last two summers out for college. I had just broken up with my last girl friend about a month ago. Her parents disapproved of my job. She was a nice girl but just a little too skinny for my taste. I love girls with curves.

I hit the stereo and dropped some Jay Z as I spun out near the warehouse. I had some kaki shorts and a white shirt on. The shirts said, "Ice Cream Man" on the front, along with my name "Buck" in small letters on my chest. The back of the shirt said "Love two big scoops" with a thick chick eating a ice cream. It was my own design. I hated the uniform the gave me at the beginning of the season. They were hurting for drivers that they did not say anything to me.

It was close to noon when i finally started my route. I hit the loud speaker over head as the ice cream truck moved through the streets. A few kids came up and I sold them ice cream bars. The truck is white with a huge freezer in the back. I have two big chairs in the front. There are some small coolers on the side. I hand out the ice cream and treats out the side window to whom ever wants one. I have a policy to hand out free ice cream to big gurls. I made sure the owners of the company did not know, they might get mad. I told them a carton fell off the back of the truck. They like my young looks and 6ft 3 frame. I think the girl in the back office loves my small ass when I walk in. She cant help but stare.

I stopped off at a convenient store to get a bite to eat. Only so much ice cream I can handle before going nuts. I got half my route done and half my supplies for the next part of the day. I like to hit up a town park close to my last stop at the end of the day. I check out the girls playing soft ball or beach volley ball before going home. Plus they love to have some dessert before heading home for the night. I hit the music as I pull down a long empty road. The just built some new homes along this road. I looked to left and see a young girl on her bike. I stop and get her a snow cone. She smiles as she hands me $1.00 in change.

I feel the truck move. "Whack! Whack!!" Some kids hit the truck with some water balloons. They see me and take off. I drive down to the end of the block. My next left is a dead end. I decide to turn around. I have my windows open trying to get some air. It's still 100 outside. "Sir, Hello! Ice Cream Man!!" said a lady voice. I stop my truck. I turn to see a older lady in her thirties. She wearing a jogging outfit. She is very skinny. If she stood side way I might not see her. "What would you like?" I said. "Got any sundaes?" she said. I rattle off about 20 different combos. Then about 20 different candy bars. Then about 15 different fruit bars. She was driving me crazy. Finally!!! "Got any vanilla in a cup?" she said. "No!! Sorry lady." I said. We did but she was driving my nuts with asking all this shit. She finally took a water and a low fat yogurt from the back of the fridge.

I drove down two more streets. I could see the park in the distance. I saw a group of kids in front of some new houses. I parked as the got some ice cream. I saw some parents roaming around out front as the gave there kids some money for ice cream. I saw a moving truck in a driveway. I gave out my last ice cream bar as I started the engine to move. Just then I saw something. She was a very cute and sexy big gurl. She was wiping her head as she stared at the truck. She had long black hair with two cute pony tails. She had bright red lip stick on. She was wearing a red t-shirt the was pulled over her large chest. She had the hottest pair of denim shorts the barely covered her curvy hips and ass. I smiled as she checked her shorts for some money. I stoped the truck and watched her. She had small white tennis shoes on. She had two storage boxes next to her feet. She had amazing long red finger nails to match her lips. I opened the side window and motion for a little girl to come to the truck. "Here take this bottle of water and yummy ice cream bar to that nice lady over there." I said. I pointed to the amazing girl next to the moving truck.

She smiled as I sat there. "Beep!! Beep!!!" It was my alarm to tell me to get to the park. I was kinda of at a lost for words as I drove toward the park. I handed out the rest of the ice cream in about an hour. I turned around to drive down the same street as the cute girl lived on. I stopped in front of her house. I noticed the moving truck was gone. She probably went to return it. It was close to 8pm when I finally made it home.

For the next few days my routine was the same. Every day I waited near the end of my shift to see if I could spot the cute girl I had seen at the beginning of the week. I parked the truck and hand out ice cream on the same street. My beeper went off and I headed to the park. After handing out everything I went home for the night.

It was Friday as I got in my truck. It was suppose to be a new record high today as I drove down my first street. I was handing out ice cream faster than I ever had before. I decide to pull down the street with the cute girl earlier than I had before. I parked under a tree at the end of the block. There were no kids in sight. I turned off the music. Just then I saw a nice car pull into the driveway of the cute girl. She hit her garage door opener. I watched as she took out her grocery from the trunk of her car. She was wearing some white pants that showed off her yummy long legs. She had them pulled over her thick calves as she picked up a brown bag of the ground. She was wearing a yellow top that showed off her amazing cleavage. I almost fell over when I saw she was wearing some 4inch wooden heels. She went inside her house. I hit the music on the truck and pulled in front of her house. Two kids came up asking for some ice cream. I gave them there ice cream.

"Hello! Ice Cream Boy!" said a very sexy female voice. I turned after a shut the freezer door behind me. "Do you have any more of those ice cream bars you sent me the other day? Do I owe any money for that?" she said. I smiled. "Yes!! I happen to have my last two cie cream bars right here. No I have a policy to hand out free ice cream to cute girls who move into this neighborhood." I said. She smiled as I handed her the ice cream bar. She was having trouble with the wrapper with her long white nails as she smiled at me. She had a terrific smile. I could smell her delicious perfume as she spoke in her sexy voice. "Do you say to all the girls?" she said. just then. "Got any vanilla today there ice cream slacker?" said the jogger from the previous day. "No sorry still all out." I said. "Frozen Yogurt?" she said about a dozen things. I kept saying "No sorry!!" "How about the ice cream bar she is eating." she said. "Nope, sorry last one." I said.

She finally left as the cute girl smiled. "I thought you had two bars?" she said. "I do!! I just figured you might want another one." I said. She looked at my shirt. "Buck your a mean one. That poor girl going to burst into flames." she said. I smiled as I reached into the freezer and took out some vanilla ice cream. "Here take this too before she comes back." I said. "How much do I owe you Ice Cream Boy?" she said. "Hmm - you now my policy. Are you moved in completely?" I said. "No, I have a few more boxes to unpack." she said. "Then I guess its free." I said. I watched as the cute girl strutted back to her house. She had the vanilla ice cream in her left hand. Two ice cream bars in her right.

Saturday I stopped again and she came out to say "Hi!!" Once again the jogging lady interrupted us. I looked down at the end of her driveway and saw some empty boxes. "If you want I can get rid of the boxes for you. I know they don't pick up garbage on the street until next week." I said. "That would be great. I really appreciate it. I have a few in my garage too. If you like I could help too?" she said. I followed her and we picked up the boxes and put them in the back of the ice cream truck. "There a place over by the park in the back. They allow me to throw away garbage there. The have a recycling container for the boxes. Do you want to follow me over?" I said. "If you don't mind. I always wanted to ride in a ice cream truck. If that is ok with you?" I nodded my head "Yes!"

I watched as she walked down the side of the ice cream truck. Her ass jiggled as she walked in her wooden heels. She was wearing a short denim mini skirt and a black top that hugged her large breast. She smiled as I held the door open and helped her into the front passenger seat. I turned off the music as we drove around some houses toward the park. I tried to hit a few pot holes to watch her move. She smiled as I smelled some more of her amazing perfume. Her long black hair was out and came down her back stopping just short of her luscious hips. I stopped the truck as she sat and watched me bend over to get her boxes.

I through the boxes in the recycling container. I came back to the back of the truck. I opened the door. I walked in back wards closing the door behind me. We had parked in a empty parking lot at the far end of the park. I did not see anybody as I looked around earlier outside. I stopped when I felt a hand on my back. I turned slowly. She had boosted herself up on a small glass freezer about 4feet off the metal floor. When I turned I was now inside her thick thighs as she looked up into my eyes. I watched as she licked her ice cream bar in her small right hand. Her amazing red lips sucked the entire bar as she held on to the small stick. I licked my lips as she put her hand on my chest.

"Does the Ice Cream Man like how I am eating my ice cream bar? Mmm I really like to put things in my mouth sexy." she said. I gulped hard as she continued to use her free hand on my chest. She pulled up my t-shirt and placed on the floor. She began to pinch my right nipple as she sucked on the ice cream bar. "Slurppp!! Slurp!! Mmmm Nice!!" she moaned. I was instantly hard as she now traced the cold bar on my other nipple. She wrapped her long legs around my waist. She pulled me in closer as she smiled up at me. I watched her sexy eyes as she licked her lips. She then began to lick my nipple and chest. I could feel her warm thighs around my waist as she began to grind her ass on the freezer. I smiled when I felt her free hand touch the lower part of my back. She then put the ice cream bar in my mouth.

She gently kissed my chest and ran her fingers down onto my ass. She pulled on my kaki shorts trying to get my belt off. I finished the bar as she pulled out the stick and placed on the freezer. I looked around. I did not see anybody through the tinted glass as she was now kissing my lips. I felt her warm tongue deep inside my mouth as I ran my hands on her neck and shoulders. She moaned as she pushed my body against hers. I could feel her chest move with mine as she kissed me with her eyes closed. I ran my left hand through her long black hair casing her to exhale. I then ran my hand down her left cheek causing her to smile. She broke out kiss to pull on my belt. It broke and my kaki shorts came unbuckled.

I wanted so much to fuck her. But I wanted to be a gentleman and take things slow. She began to use her hands on my lower back. She had slid her fingers inside my dark blue Calvin Klein underwear. I could feel her hands on my ass. We began to kiss more as she grabbed my hands and place them on her chest. I could feel her hard nipple under the fabric as I fondle her large breast. She brought my head down to her cleavage. She pulled off her shirt. I watched as she unhooked her large black bra in the front. She slowly peeled her bra off and place it on the freezer next to her. I began to kiss and suck on her breast as she pulled my hair. I started to lick under her soft warm breast causing her to moan louder. I started to lick and bite her nipples gently causing her to move her ass on the freezer. I looked down to see she had begun to run her fingers up the length of my erect cock inside my underwear. She had traced my large hairless balls and ran her middle finger from the base of my cock to the tip. All 9 3/4 inches were very hard as she rubbed my cock with her right hand.

She broke our kiss again. She was breathing heavy. She smelled great as she loosen her mini skirt. She unzipped the side. She pulled it off and through it onto the ground. I looked down to see she was complete shaven and naked. "I don't like under wear. I am to wet all the time. I have to change allot." she said. I smiled as she pulled me closer. She pulled down my underwear freeing my cock. I could feel the cold air inside the ice cream truck on my erect cock. I smiled when she looked down to see my cock. It was very shiny from pre-cumm. I was poking her in the stomach as she flopped my cock on her skin. She moved me slightly as she fisted my cock. She pushed me back. Then she leaned down to lick my cock. Her ass moved as she started to suck my cock. I watched as she got of the freezer and was standing next to me. She looked in the standing fridge and smiled.

I watched as she opened the refrigerator door and grabbed some ready whip in a can. She placed the can under my balls. It was ice cold as she liked how big my cock was compared to the can. I could feel the ready whip hit my cock head. She began to suck the end of the tip of my cock. Her hot mouth on the cold whip cream was driving me crazy. She slapped my ass with her free hand. I could feel her breast on my thighs as she sucked my cock. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and hit with more ready whip. She sucked and played with it as I watched her sexy eyes looking up at me. She got off her knees as I watched her reach back in the fridge. She had used all the whip cream and now found some chocolate syrup. She began to dip the chocolate on my cock as she went back to sucking my cock. The cold chocolate and her warm mouth and lips were causing waves of excitement all over my body. She licked the head and drizzled some on her breast. She licked her breast as she fisted my cock. She reaches down to find a jar of cherries on the bottom shelf. She placed two in her mouth. I could feel them on the side of my shaft. I stood on my tippy toes and screamed. "Oh god!! Here it comes baby. I am going to shoot for you." I said. She smiled as she stroked my cock and began to use her lips on the tip of my cock. She quickly deep throated my chocolate covered cock. I tensed up as I empty a huge load her hot mouth.

She got up of the floor of the truck. I helped onto the freezer. I started to kiss and lick her pretty feet and toes. She giggled as I kissed her ankles. I then kissed her soft curvy legs. I could feel her hot thighs on my face as I kissed all the way to her pussy. She smiled as she looked over her breast into my blue eyes. I gently kissed her stomach and along her hips. I started to kiss her breast in my mouth. I felt her feet touch my half erect cock making it get harder. She smiled when she felt how hard in such a short time she had made my cock. I gently kissed her tattoo on her belly button making her smile. She watched me as I got down on my right knee. I started to part her luscious thighs. I put her legs in the air as I started to gently kiss her pussy mound. She giggled when she felt my hot breath on her pussy. I started to kiss and massage her thighs. I took my long arms and fingers and fondled her breast. She smiled as she realized my tongue was inside her hot pussy. I could feel her cunt lips on my lips as I sucked hard. I could feel her labia on my nose as I ate her pussy.

She grabbed a hold of my hair as I inserted my middle fingers inside her. I could feel the cold freezer close to my chin. I could feel her ass get cold from the freezer glass she was sitting on. I opened the freezer and reached inside. She had titled her head back. "That it!! Lick my pussy! Eat me Ice Cream Boy!! Eat my pussy Young Buck!!! God your right there. Don't stop!! Don't Stop!! Fuck yes!!" she moaned. I continued to eat her as I reached around inside the freezer. After she orgasmed once, she came again and again. I opened my eyes to see in my right hand coming from the freezer. It was a red, white and blue frozen pop. I licked the frozen pop. I looked up to see her head still back as she gripped the top of my head. I gently stuck the cold frozen pop on her pussy lips. "Argghhh O God!!! Fuck!! Fuck!!" she yelled. Her legs had come straight out as she forced my mouth on her tight pussy. I let go of the frozen pop onto the floor as I sucked her pussy. I was jamming my large tongue in her sweet pussy as she orgasmed again.

I leaned up to kiss her stomach and run my finger nails down the inside of her thighs. She opened her eyes when she felt my hard cock on her pussy. I slapped her pussy entrance as she smiled at me. I grabbed her heels and placed them by my head. She moved her ass as I started to fuck her nice and slow. She reached over to squirt some chocolate on her right nipple. I licked it off as she felt half of my hard cock inside her. I picked up the pace as we got a good rhythm. She licked her breast followed by me. I got another can of ready whip out to squirt on her breast and stomach. I kept my cock deep inside her as we fucked faster. I reached down to expand her thighs out with my two big hands. She liked the way the freezer felt on her as I fucked harder and harder. I could feel my large hot balls on the freezer glass as I fucked her. She grabbed my hips and pulled my deeper inside her.

She gave me a wink as I lied down on the floor. My head was against the freezer as she got off and looked down at me. With out missing a beat she lowered her pussy on to my rigid cock. I could feel her wet pussy hit my cock as she screamed. I grabbed her breast and place them on my chest as she leaned on me. I wrapped my hands around her hips and large butt. She was really pounding me as she held onto my neck and shoulders. She kissed me hard as she slammed her hot pussy the length of my cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!! Harder!! Fuck me Ice Cream Man!!!" she screamed. I could feel her thighs quiver and her pussy unload all her hot juices on my cock. I looked into her sexy eyes and she forced her pussy onto my cock. She put her right breast in my mouth. I was speechless as I came deep inside her hot pussy. She orgasmed again as she looked into my eyes. She began to kiss my forehead and neck. We stayed in that position for another 20 minutes before I helped her to her feet.

I drove her back to her new house. I stayed for the next few days. She had a craving for fresh ice cream. Plus she made me add her name on the side of the ice cream truck. I named my favorite ice cream bar after her. I helped her move some of her stuff and throw away some more boxes.

I click on the music. I can see the kids coming to the ice cream truck. "Would you like some ice cream. We have all of my favorites. Would you like to try the Kayanee Ice Cream Bar. It melt in your mouth and in your hands." said a sexy female voice. She was wearing a new t-shirt. "Ice Cream Hottie" on the front and "Eat a thick chcick not a stick" on the back. She had her name on the front over her right breast. Kayanee decide to help me deliver ice cream for the summer and beyond. She likes my policy of giving free ice cream to big gurls. She just likes to make sure the Ice Cream Man gives her all the free ice cream.


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  1. Great story, from grade school all the way through college my sisters and I helped Ice Cream Men serve ice to children and hungry ladies. We wore dresses no bras or panties as the ice cream man keep our cunts full of his cream and at special as he fucked the fat girls and women we got to eat them out also.