Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elevator - An Adult Story

It was along night at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. I had been playing a big Texas Hold'em Poker tournament in the Casino for the last three nights. The main event had been carried live on a sports channel. I had lost with three guys still at the table. I had bluffed a full house. But only had two pair. I lost to a guy with a cowboy hat and three queens. I had made a few dollars. So that night was not lost. It was close to 3am when I got a drink and headed for my suite. I had been in Vegas for about two years playing poker tournaments all around the world. I was use to long night at the table. I had lost a few and won a few gold bracelets over the years.

I was sipping my drink as I went down a long hall way. I smiled at the front desk agents as I kept walking. I handed my drink to a guy walking bye with a tray. I fixed my yellow power tie. I checked my gold cuff links on my crisp black tailored shirt. I pulled up my belt on my long black pants. I unbutton two buttons on my suit jacket as I finally reached the elevator. I was all the way at the end of the building. Most of the tourist and regular guest used the main elevator in the lobby. I liked to duck out and use the glass elevator at the far end of the hotel. I tapped my black leather shoes as I waited to go the top floor of the hotel.

"Ding!!" The elevator door opened. I walked into the glass elevator. There was gold trim around the big four glass windows that enclosed the elevator. There was a terrific view of the Las Vegas Strip once the elevator got a few floors up. I smiled when I turned and the gold railing that went around the inside of the elevator rested just under my ass. Being six foot three has it benefits. I looked down my muscular frame to see I had spilled some vodka on my right shoe top. I kicked my foot to remove the spot. I stuck my right hand in my black suit to feel for my suite key. I had been at the main table for about 6 hours. I got up a few times to move around but it had been awhile since I was free to go for a walk. I hit the top button on the elevator...the gold door closed.

The elevator started to move. I got all the way to the 20th floor before the elevator stopped. The doors open. I looked around and did not see anybody. The door closed as I looked out the big windows at the Vegas Strip. You could easily see out but if I remember from previous times outside looking up you could not seen in. I waved my hand and threw my middle finger as some people in the parking lot. I laughed to myself as the elevator stopped on the 35th floor. I heard the doors open and no one got in again. I turned to hit the close door button. I felt the elevator move slightly and the power flick on and off. Hmm that was weird. The door closed again.

I turned to look out the windows again as the elevator stopped on the 40th floor. The door opened and just like before nobody was there. "Wait!! Wait! Hold that door. Hello!! Stop! Please!!" said a women's voice. I quickly stuck my hand in between the shutting doors. I felt the door hit my hand then open back up. I heard some high heels click on the floor. Then a second later a very sexy women walked into the elevator. The doors quickly closed behind her. "Are you going up or down?" she said. "I am going to the top floor. If you like you can get off and take the next elevator down to the lobby." I said. "No!! That ok. I just got done playing in the Casino. I got off on the wrong floor. I was looking for my suite." she said. Just then the elevator moved one more floor and the lights flickered again. I turned to look at the lights on the display board when I realized I had only 4 more floor to the top. "Eeekkk!!! Crunch!!!! The lights flickered again and the elevator came to a complete stop between floors.

I was a little nervous. I looked at the buttons. "Does this usually happen?" she said. "No this is a first for me." I said. "Me, too. What should we do?" she said. "First remain calm. I will pick up the phone behind the box under the buttons. I will ask them what's going on." I said. I watched as she turned around to look out the glass panels. I picked up the receiver. "Hello!! Yeah, were stuck in the glass elevator between floors 48-49. Ok! Ok! Your going to call us when you get it fixed. You can't see us because the camera shorted out the elevator. You put in new computer system and that shorted out also. Yes, it just me and another guest. I will tell her. Ok! Thanks." I said.

I hung up the phone. "Ok! There working on the problem. It looks like they installed a new computer. Also some new cameras in the elevators this afternoon. He thinks maybe that it short circuited the new system causing the elevator to stop. He says there working on it but it might me awhile. Do you think you will be ok?" I said. "Wow my first trip to Vegas and I get stuck in an elevator. I was here for a girls night out kinda of week with some friends. Bye the way my name Jessica from Washington." she said. I smiled. "My name Buck, from Baltimore originally. Kinda of living in Vegas now. It should be ok. There probably fixing it as we speak." I said. I looked out to some blue lights down in the parking lot. It was close to 330am when I checked my watch. I had forgot my cell phone in my suite.

Jessica turned around to look out the glass panels again. I sat back on the gold rail next to the glass. I finally focused my eyes to see Jessica. She was kinda of tall in her 5 inch black heels. She had painted her french manicured nails red to match her big full juicy red lips. I could see her big gold hoop earrings move under her red hair. She had amazing red hair down to her shoulders as she moved her very sexy ass in her mini black cocktail dress. She had a small black leather purse under her right arm. She bent down to put her purse on the gold tile floor. She had some gold rings on her fingers and gold bracelet on each wrist. I smiled more when she turned to see me. I finally noticed her tattoo on her chest. The top of the dress showed off her amazing tattoo and cleavage. I smiled more when she bent down to pick up her purse giving me a great view. She picked up her cell phone. She only had one bar. She paced it back in her small purse.

I watched as she turned around to look outside. "That is some view." Jessica said. "Yes it sure is." I said. Of course I was still checking her out as I said that. I finally got to smell her perfume as I shifted my ass cheek on the rail. I was really starting to get hot and there was a tingling feeling coming over my body. I could feel my cock getting semi hard. I shifted so Jessica could not see. I did not want to seem like a pervert or something. "So what do you do Buck?" she said. "I play poker. I guess you could say I am a professional gambler. Card player. I travel allot. Playing Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments around the world. I played the main event in the Casino earlier tonight." I said. "Did you win?" Jessica said. "No, but I did come in 4th. I had a big night. I got caught bluffing you could say." I said She smiled. "Hmm, sounds fun. I like playing poker and a few slots. My friends are crazy in the Casino. There probably wondering were I am." she said.

"There probably asleep." I said. "No! There probably down at that buffet or looking for me in the pool. How far up are we? Can anybody see in here, like we can see out?" Jessica said. "Were almost to the top. The floor number said 48-49 but I now were pretty high. I think the windows are coated with gold form the outside. We can see out but nobody can see in. If my memory serves me correct. Your not afraid of being this high up?" I said. "Wow that high. No! I should be ok. I just wish I brought my camera. I love to post them or prove to my friends I was stuck this far up." she said. "I left my cell in my suite. Does your cell have a camera or anything?" I said. "Yeah, Let me get it." she said. Jessica bent over and picked up her cell phone from her purse. "You just point and click. It takes great mobile pics." she said. "Here let me see. Do you want me to take a pic of you. Ok! Ok! say cheese!!" I said. "Click!! Click!!

I took one picture then two. She kept smiling into the camera. "Looking really cute Jessica. Here take a look." I said. She stopped and took her phone to look at them. "Wow, Buck you sure now how to take pics. Can I take one of you?" she said. "Sure!" I said. "Click! Click!" Jessica took a few pics as I opened my jacket and put my hands in my pants making funny faces at her. Then I turned around to look outside the glass. I heard the camera go off. Jessica giggled. "What so funny?" I said. She handed me the camera. Jessica was now only a few inches from me. The entire elevator was only about 6ft wide by 6ft long. I took her phone and looked on the save pic. She had taken a picture of my ass. She smiled as I brought the camera down to show her again. "If you want, since I took one of you. Maybe you want to take one of me?" she said. I just smiled as I grabbed her cell phone.

I looked around to see the elevator had not moved for the last few minutes. I then watched as Jessica turned around to look out the glass. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at me. She arched her back and stuck out her sexy ass. I smiled as she shook her butt at me. Her hips swayed as she giggled at me. "Well how was that?" she said. "Oh I am sorry. You were so good I forgot to take the picture." I said. She just smiled and did the same thing over. I took 4 shots before she turned. She then brought her bodacious thigh and long left leg and placed her small foot on the rail. She smiled as her red hair flowed down her sexy face. She was becoming quite the little model as I kept taking more shots of her. She arched her back and stuck out her ample chest at me. I dropped her phone on to the floor. I quickly picked it up and began to shoot up at her from the elevator floor.

I handed her the camera. She viewed her pics. "Damn I look good Buck." she said. "Yes you do Jessica." I said. "I just got a new haircut, style and changed my hair from blonde to red before coming to Vegas. I need change." she said. "Well it looks really good. I like your new red hair." I said. She just smiled as she was now touching my shoulder with her free hand. "Take off your jacket. Let me see what you got going under the suit. I have to take some more pics of you Buck." Jessica said. I took of my jacket and placed over the railing. She then took a head shot. I heard her heels click as she gt back against the far glass panel. "I need to get the full Buck inside the frame. Your so tall and everything." she said. I smiled as she took another few shots. "Here take a look." she said.

I looked down to see her camera. She was now backing into my body. I felt her amazing ass hit the front of my pants. I looked over her shoulder and passed her left ear to see her phone. She had brought the phone up to her breast. I was getting hard and I think she could feel it. She started to grind her ass on my crotch. She started to show me the pictures as I touched her hips. I could see her skin was getting goose bumps as I rubbed her lower back. I was so hard now, I was sure she could feel my erection. Jessica broke away from my hands. She turned throwing her sexy red hair in her face. I watched as she shook her ass for me. I smiled as she went over to the railing and looked out the glass window.

I moved behind her kissing her neck and shoulders. She started to grind her ass on my hard cock again. I slowly started to kiss down her back all the way to the top of her ass. She did not protest so I brought my hands up her long legs...starting at her ankles. I was squatting down with my knees out. I could feel her seductive calves and yummy thighs. I then felt the inside of her thighs. There was a reason she had no pantie lines under her black cocktail dress. She was not wearing any. I felt her freshly shaved pussy. She arched her butt and put her head back. I heard a soft moan as my fingers gently stroked her hot labia. I could feel her tight cunt lips on my knuckle as I played with her pussy. I could see her eyes closed as she opened her legs to give me better access. From my knees I reached up with my long arms to unzip the top of her dress. It cascaded down her curvy body onto the floor of the elevator.

Jessica moved forward as I pulled the dress from beneath her feet. Once clear she put one leg on the railing. I started to finger her hot pussy more as I kissed her soft ass cheeks. She smelled great as her first orgasm came over her. "Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes! That it! Don't stop! Fuck me!! You know your way around a pussy. I never came that quick before from a man's fingers." Jessica said. I slapped her ass causing a big red hand imprint. She moaned louder. A brought my mouth up to her hot pussy. I could feel the heat on my tongue as I sucked her pussy. I swirled my tongue of her cunt lips and hard labia. After a few minutes she had a violent orgasm on my face as she rammed her ass in my face. I held onto her hips as she shook. "Arrrhhhhh!!! Oh Fuck Yeah Baby!!! Fuck!!!!!!" she screamed. I looked out between her legs at the small lights from the 49th floor of the elevator onto the Vegas Strip. I reached up around her waist to feel her big breast. She moaned when I pinched her erect nipples.

I stood up and started to rub her breast from behind. She put her leg down as I bit her neck. She closed her eyes and put her head back on my chest. I fondled her big breast with both of my hands. I brought them together rubbing her nipples together. I could feel her ass shake as I took my two fingers on each hand and pulled her hard nipples. She screamed again. She was cumming again. Her whole body was a shade of pink as she was hot and leaking on the elevator floor. I could not stand it any more. I kicked of my shoes. I unbutton my shirt. I dropped my pants on the floor. I pulled down my black cotton boxer briefs. My cock flopped out and hit my belly button. I slapped my cock on her warm ass.

Jessica head turned when she felt my hard cock on her butt. She mouthed "Yes!" as I entered her from behind in her tight pussy. She was so wet that all my cock slipped in. She was made for fucking as I pulled her hips back with my hands. "Fuck!! Fuck!! Your cock is so huge!! Fuck me!! Don't stop! Don't stop!!!" she yelled. I bent my knees to keep a good rhythm going. My cock felt great inside her as I could feel her hot juices on my shaft. My big naked balls hit under her ass and thighs as she moaned. I looked down to see she was gripping the railing. Her face was on the glass. My two hands were on her hips. My cock was fully buried in her tight pussy. Her ass was amazing as my cock disappeared out of sight and into her cunt. I kept fucking her faster and faster as she screamed. We fucked for twenty minutes before I slapped her ass with my two hands. "Cum inside me!! Exploded that big load in me. I need to feel you inside me. God no ones been this deep inside me before." she moaned. My knees buckled as I slammed one more time in her tight pussy. Her cunt muscle spasmed as I began to shoot a big load. I kept fucking her as I unloaded deep inside her. I stopped and forced her hips back. I bit her neck as I stopped cumming.

"Err!! Whirllll!!!!!" the elevator moved. The lights flickered. "Oh! Oh!" I said. I quickly grabbed her dress and handed it to her. I grabbed my stuff of the ground. Just then the elevator door opened. I looked out in between the elevator doors. There were two maintenance guys standing there with some tools. I was till naked with my clothes over my arm. Jessica had her dress over her left arm. I reached back with my hand. She grabbed my hand as we walked passed them. They watched us walk down the hall to my suite. "Hey Joe!! Elevator fixed. Where going to need Javier to come clean the elevator. Some big guy was fucking this hot chick and we need a clean up." over the radio. "10-4!!"

I woke up about an 6 hours later. Jessica was sucking my cock in the bed. She wanted to give me a wake up call. I grabbed her red hair and held her face down on my cock. She gagged as I smiled. She realized I was up and moved up to give me a kiss. I slapped her ass and rolled her over my chest onto her knees. I quickly got behind her. I spit on my dick. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. Her face was in my pillow and her moans were muffled. I grabbed her red hair and started to pull as she screamed. She rammed her ass back as I used my left hand to smack her ass. I kept pulling her hair and fucking her as she screamed. "Hello!! Housekeeping!!! You need towels. You need room cleaned??" said a housekeeper. I turned my head to see a big gurl licking her fingers looking at us. "Keep fucking me Buck. Don't stop. Let that bitch watch." said Jessica. Whats a horny guy to do but to continue to fuck Jessica. I came twice more inside Jessica and on her tits. The maid after 5 minutes dropped her uniform and stood next to the bed and played with herself.

The next day after Jessica left to go get my car. I ran into the maid in her storage closet at the end of the hall next to the elevator. We were fucking pretty loud. I heard the elevator door open and closed. Then I felt a tap on my back inside the storage closet. Jessica pulled up my pants and helped me in the elevator. She gave me a great blow job on the way down to the lobby. I just smiled as we walked out the front lobby into my car. I looked up at the side of the casino. I thought I saw two guys and a maid fucking in he elevator going back up to the top. Just then I felt Jessica hand on my jeans. She had a sexy smile on her face as she saw my SUV had tinted windows.


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