Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oral Skills - An Adult Story

It was close to 10am when I finally made it to this family diner around the corner from my house. I loved there pancakes and the bacon not bad either. I ordered a big tall stack and a side of bacon with some OJ. I order from the same waitress every time I came. I had brought the Baltimore Sun and was reading the sports page. I next read the front page news. It was going to be almost 95 today in the sun. I called work and told them I be in tomorrow. Any problems give me a call at home next to the pool. My secretary giggled. I was just about finished when two girls walked passed and sat at the booth right behind me. There was a small partition that separated us.

I was drinking the rest of my OJ and flipped the news paper shut. I heard the girls next to me making small talk. Normally I never listen in on a conversation but I don't think they knew I was listening. Plus I have a thing for bigger gurls. The girl directly behind me was in her late twenties. She was just my type. She had long legs and a voluptuous body. She was very bodacious compared to her friend. She was about 5ft 5 with long curly dirty brown hair. She had some small earrings and a gold necklace that hung low in her large cleavage. She was wearing a blue low cut blouse and a long white skirt. She smelled nice. Her friend sat opposite her in the booth. She was in her thirties. She had dark brunette hair. She was average size. She was the loudest of the two.

They were both complaining about there husbands. I laughed and smirked the way the talked about there husbands. The brunette husband traveled allot out of town. He was gone until next week in San Diego. She had to pick up her kids later after summer school. The bigger gurl talked about how she had been married while still in high school. She never got to date or anything. She thought she had missed her prime dating years. They both complained about the husbands lack of physical contact with them. I smiled when they both said it had been almost 3 weeks since they last had an orgasm with them. The brunette had been using her vibrator but missed her husband cock. The bigger gurl complained she had to buy batteries on the way home because her toy had run out last night before he called her.

I ate my last pancake and had to smile over the two girls behind me. I kept listening of course. I had to hear more. Finally the brunette told her friend how she had set up a date with a guy on the Internet about a week ago. They met at a hotel and she gave the guy a blow job but nothing more. He came quickly and when it came time to get her off he did not know his way around a pussy. Her friend giggled when she heard that part. I dropped my fork on the table. Luckily they kept talking. "Kate your so funny with your stories. You never did that." said the big gurl. "Oh I did and you laugh Chelsea but it got my pussy so wet for the whole day thinking about this guy. Even after his bad oral skills and fingers. I still went home and came on my vibrator." said the brunette. I wrote down there names on my bill. I did not want to get them confused when I told the story.

I finished up my meal. I had some water and was about ready to get up. "You should find a guy Chelsea. Have him come and service you when Bob out of town. Have him get you off." said Kate. "Yeah right. I should run a advertisement for stud with great oral skills. Must like to eat pussy but can't fuck me. Are you crazy?" Chelsea said. "All I am saying, you only live once. Your pussy needs it. Hell your body needs it more honey. Your not getting any younger. Fuck Bob and his tiny cock. You called him Mr. Rollover. He rolls on you than off." Kate said. Chelsea though for a minute while her friend got up to go pay the check. She walked passed me toward the cashier.

I am not sure why I did this but it had been a while. Plus I figured the two of them would get a good laugh for the rest of the day. I was only looking for a laugh or at least let them know that I thought they were cute. The young guy at the diner hitting on the older bodacious woman sitting in the next booth. I looked Kate was still paying the bill. I left money for my check and tip on the table. I wrote my number along with "Oral Skills" on the back of a napkin. I walked passed there table and handed it to Chelsea. She was more bodacious than I gave her credit before. Her chest rested on the table and her red finger nails matched her bright red lips. She took the napkin from my hand and smiled. She opened it as I looked over my shoulder and stare at me as I opened the door to the diner. I walked out to get in my SUV. I drove home in about 5 minutes.

I went inside with a smile on my face. I never give out my phone number and had never left a note in one. I had gotten a few numbers over the years. I figured no way Chelsea would call. I walked upstairs to change. I got my swim suit and a towel and headed for the pool. I had a few drinks. I rubbed dome sun tan lotion on my chest and tilted my ball cap on my head. It went to sleep for about 2 hours before I got hungry around 3pm. I had some pizza and then watched some baseball on TV. It was close to 9pm when the phone startled me on the couch. I was watching Rescue Me and fell of my leather couch. I looked around for my phone. After about 4 rings I finally found it.

"Hello!!" I said. "Hello!" said a soft female voice. "How can I help you. I am afraid I don't know who this is. My name Buck!!" I said. "Umm yeah. Ok!! Well!! This is kinda of hard to say. I am really shy. This is Chelsea." she said. I smiled as I put the voice and her name to the big gurl from the diner. "Hi, Chelsea. How are you tonight?" I said. I could tell she was very nervous on the phone. I even heard her friend in the back ground talking to her. I could tell they both had been drinking. Her words were slurring and she was giggling allot. "My friend dare me to call you. She thinks your bluffing. Plus she thinks you don't have any skills. Young guy are not good at the kinda of thing." Chelsea said. "Hmm she does. I think she jealous that a nice guy like me hit on you. Plus I know how to be discrete and have a good time. I know my way around compared to her Internet guy." I said.

She laughed as I heard her talk to Kate. Then I heard the phone come out of her hand. "Who the fuck are you? Are you crazy. He was very fun. Plus how dare you listen into are conversation today." Kate said. "Your right, I don't normally listen to other people talking. I though your friend was cute and when you bitched about everything and were loud I had no choice but to listen. I do apologize. I thought maybe you two would get a laugh and throw my number out. I did not think you would actually call me. I guess you decide you both were curious about me." I said. "My friend is very shy. But she has been in a very dull marriage at the moment. She not looking for a hook up. A one night stand. I definitely not a commitment. All she wants is for some to go down on her like her husband used to in the beginning of there marriage. You have to keep your cock in your pants. No fucking. No Kissing. No toughing. Nothing more nothing less." Kate said. "Let me think. Give me a minute." I said.

I heard both girls giggle and snicker over the phone. I heard the sound of more wine being poured in there glasses. I heard Kate pass a glass to Chelsea who gulped it all down then burp loud. I knew I could do this with out no problem. I wanted a little adventure. I had always wanted to do something very erotic. I also wanted to see how far I could take this. Plus I wanted to see Chelsea naked and her big breast. I figured she chicken out at the last minute. "Ok!! I will do it. When would she like to meet. Just give me a time and place. I will obey the rules." I said. "Will call you back. What you name again." Kate said. "Buck!!"

About twenty minutes and two beers later the phone rang again. It was the girls. "Ok Buck! There a motel near Ft Meade, MD right off the interstate. I will text you with the room number when she gets there. I am very serious. Be nice." Kate said. "Oh my god....I can't believe I am doing this." Chelsea said in the back ground. I went upstairs to shave and got a early appointment to have my hair cut nice and short. Just a little buzz on top. I picked out a nice button down white silk shirt and some very nice Diesel tan cargo shorts. I went to bed early with anticipation for tomorrow meeting.

I was driving toward Ft Meade when I got the text. I passed an Adult Bookstore before I pulled into the low budget motel. I saw a silver Honda mini van at the end of the parking lot facing the motel. I saw all the room numbers on the wall. I parked off to the side and got out. I scan the parking lot. I had some weird thoughts running through my mind. Was this for real. Would Chelsea be there. Were they setting me up. Maybe they were going to hurt me. Have there husband there to kick my ass for leaving my number with Chelsea. I looked back at the mini van. I saw two small fingers on the bottom of the steering wheel. I saw some dark brunette hair sticking up. I figured it was Kate. She was probably watching the room so nothing happen to her friend. I took off my shades form head and place them in my shirt pocket. I walked down to 4C and knocked.

"Knock! Knock!!" I heard the A/C unit on in the room. A few seconds later the door opened. I shut the door and turned around. Chelsea was sitting on the far twin bed. I looked around the room to make sure I was the only one there. She smiled as I saw her check me out. She was breathing heavier as she looked at me. A few minutes passed. She was wearing a short blue denim mini skirt. A big pink top that covered up her breast. I saw she had some small earrings and had taken off her wedding band from her finger. As I walked over and got on one knee in front of her. She gently opened her legs. I looked down to see she was wearing some pink flip flops.

I reached down to feel her small ankles. She moaned slightly. She gasped for some air as I moved my hands up her long legs. I heard her whisper I can't believe your doing this Chelsea. I kept waiting for her to chicken out or say no but she did not. I got to her cream white thighs and her legs parted more. She was not wearing any panties and her breathing had rapidly increased. Her legs moved slightly as I held onto them. I could see her look down as I licked my lips. I kissed her inner right thigh and she groaned. I saw her close her eyes and put her head back. I was feeling more bold and aroused at the same time. I had come this far. I started to kiss both her thighs and move my hands to massage her calf muscles. She parted her legs wider as she eased her large ass forward on the edge of the bed. I was now on my right leg inches from her pussy.

I brought my lips back in front of her. I looked down to see a pretty big light brown matted bush. I could tell she had just washed it. I could smell soap, body wash, musk and her wetness on the matted hair. I gently licked the top of her pussy hairs. I could tell she was getting excited as she bit her lower lip. I started to blow warm air from my mouth on the outside of her pussy. She let her hands fall out to her side on the bed. I started to kiss her pussy hair. I was kissing around her cunt lips as they had come into view when I pushed on the sides. I gently flicked my tongue on her cunt lips causing her to moan more loud. I gently swirled my tongue around the opening. I started to suck on her large labia bringing her to scream. "ARrrgggg!! Fuck!!!!!!" she said. I stuck one finger in my mouth to get it wet. I spit on her entrance to make her more wet. She was moist but need to get more wet.

I used my two hands to push on the side of her thighs. I pushed opening her pussy up to my tongue. She was now very wet from my mouth. I sucked on her lips and moved her large labia on my tongue. I started to lick up and down in a good rhythm making her squirm on the bed. She was now dripping pretty good as I used my mouth to suck and pull on her pussy. I sucked hard then soft. I rub my tongue and nose inside her making her more wet. She was shaking her head as she grabbed the back of my head pushing me into her pussy harder. I was really fucking her with my tongue and using two fingers to rub her clit very fast. She screamed then came all in one motion. She was very powerful as she dripped down my chin on the motel bed. I grabbed her ankles to hold her steady as I brought her to another orgasm. I put my left hand on her stomach causing her to move it down. She screamed on last time as I moved my mouth in clock wise fashion on her clit. "Ok! Ok!! Ok!!!" Chelsea said. I got a text on the way home. "Wow!" I smiled as I got off my exit.

About 3 day later I got another call from Kate. I was to meet Chelsea at another motel in Columbia Md of the interstate. It was a better hotel. I picked up the key from the front desk. I walked in the room to see Chelsea sitting on the edge of the bed with a bathrobe on. As before she moved her large ass to edge of the bed. I dropped to my knees and ate her pussy. She orgasm about 4 times before she said "Ok!!!" The next time was a hotel down town Baltimore. I met her during work. She smiled when she saw me in my suit and tie. She had a red sun dress on hiked over her wide hips and got on my knees. She lasted a little longer this time before I left. I had a handkerchief in my pocket to wash her off my face. I also had some water in my SUV to quench my thirst. I had two breath mints before I got back to my office.

About 3 day later I text on the weekend. I was to meet Chelsea at her mini van in the parking lot of a park near my house. I arrived to see Kate getting out. She was walking away as I opened the side door and got in. Chelsea was in the back seat with her legs up and her sweat pants were on the floor of the mini van. I crawled in the back to eat her juicy pussy. She had almost put a dent in the roof from kicking her feet on the last orgasm. I was using my hands more to feel her ass and her thighs. She even let me feel her stomach contract when she orgasm the first time in the parking lot. I pulled of my t-shirt and cleaned my face as I walked back to my SUV. I watched them drive past me as Chelsea pulled up her sweat pants over her wet pussy.

I got another "Wow!!" on the way home. On Tuesday I went to a Lane Bryant near my house to meet Chelsea. Kate was distracting the sales girls as she pointed to were Chelsea was. I opened the changing room door to see Chelsea had on a pair of tight blue jeans. She could not pull them over her large ass as she looked in the mirror to see me. I got right behind her. I fell to my right knee as I stuck my face under her ass and began to eat her pussy. She pulled the top of my hair as I pulled down the jeans around her ankles. She moaned loud as slammed her ass on my face as she orgasm. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy as I kissed her right ass cheek. She smiled at me in the mirror when licked my fingers of her juices. I licked the inside of her thighs to hide the evidence. I bought her some new under wear on the way out and handed it to Kate.

The next day at work I got a email to meet Chelsea at her work. I walked into her office to see she was behind her desk. She smiled as placed my fake application on her desk. She pulled down a pair of red reading glasses on her nose. She then motion for me to get under her desk. A few minutes later I heard some voices in her office. I looked between her legs. She had a long business skirt on that button down the side. I opened it up slowly unbuttoning her skirt. Then I pulled the new panties I had bought her to the side. I felt her hand on the top of my head between her thighs. She was having problems talking to her co workers. She was very wet and her thighs were very warm against my ears. I kept sucking her labia and clit as she muffled her moans. Finally she told them to go back outside. She was feeling a little warm and need to catch her breath. Just then she orgasm hard on my face, a few girls looked at her as she closed her eyes.

About a week later I got my first email ( ever from Chelsea. She said that Kate husband and her husband were going out of town for the week to go fishing. I smiled as she sent me directions to her house. I got there about 8pm. I had eaten in the car on the way there after work. I had worn the same suit she had liked at the hotel. I passed the silver mini van and knocked on the door. A couple of minutes later Chelsea answered the door. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that left nothing to the imagination. I could tell she was not wearing a bra or panties. She also had teased her long hair making it sit high. She had two large silver hoop earring that touched her neck. I smiled when she was wearing six inch black stiletto heels. She had even put on long black fishnets and garters around her amazing legs. She was wearing the same color red on her lips and nails that she had on at the diner.

I was now instantly hard as I walked into her living room. We made small talk as she took my suit jacket. She placed on the back of chair at the bottom of the stairs. She showed me her house as we walked and talked. She handed me a beer as we walked into the kitchen. She was just cleaning up two plates as she put them in the dishwasher. I saw two half full wine glasses on the bar. I sat on a bar stool and we talked. She proceed to model the dress and her outfit in front of me. She used her soft hands on my neck and chest. She liked the way my silk shirt felt as she rubbed me some more. I looked into her soft brown eyes as she whirled her hips into my flat stomach. She brought her right foot into my right thigh. She then ran it the length of my leg to my foot. I kicked of my leather shoes on ht floor. She spun around to shake her ass at me.

A few seconds passed as she looked at me. "Mmmm I have been thinking of you all day. I am in the mood to have my pussy eaten baby. I need you to be very good tonight. It's been so long. Come on lover." Chelsea said. I walked behind her feeling her big ass under the thing material. I followed her up the stairs as I felt her long legs. We finally made it to the master bedroom. She opened the door. There was a large bed int he middle. There was a small chair next to a make up desk. I looked and there was a big oak hope chest in front of the bed. She had a nice king size bed. There were new white sheets and a white comforter on the bed. There were four big oak closet near the bed at the far end. I could just imagine how much stuff was in there. She was a big gurl who loved to get dressed up for me. I smiled when I saw a large amount of heels in her bathroom on the floor. She had spent some time trying them on.

She sat on the hope chest. I took of my tie and then my black socks. She smiled when she saw how well groomed I was. I had gotten a pedicure and manicure the day before. She motion for me to stop. She walked in the bathroom and came out with two big towels. She motion for me to come over. She reached down to hike up her dress. She them hand me a pair of scissors. Then smiled as I got down on my knees. I slowly trimmed away her large bush. I then used some shaving cream and a new razor to trim her. I got all the hair but a small strip above her pussy about an inch long. I took some baby wipes to clean her as she moaned slightly. She later confessed that was the first time she had seen her pussy with out hair. She really wanted to feel my tongue on her most sensitive area. I licked my lips and then a few fingers as I came out of the bathroom. I had put everything back and her towels in a hamper.

I pushed the hope chest out of the way. Then I crawled back in front of her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. She now grabbed my head and had me start right away on her pussy. I licked all over her pussy mound feeling her smooth skin on my face and mouth. She moaned and screamed after I got her off in a few seconds. I started to unzip her dress more causing the side to go past her hips. When she did not protest I unzipped her completely. Her dress fell open causing her large breast to cascaded down her body. They landed on her belly button. She gasped as the cold air and my eating her pussy made her erect nipples harder. She winced as I gently rolled her left nipple in my fingers. I then started to work on her other nipple. With both big nipples in my fingers and my tongue wedged in her pussy she orgasm the hardest she had before. She rammed my head with her hands on my head into her pussy. I could feel her juices run down my lips, chin and on her new sheets.

I was so hard in my pants. I could feel the tip of my cock get wet. I had to unleash all 9 3/4 before I exploded in my pants. I went back to sucking her clit and cunt lips as she screamed again. "Fuck!!! Fuck!1 God damn you eat pussy great. MMmmmm Arrrggg Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!! Oh My God not again!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there don't stop.....then she came again. I kept sucking her clit as she screamed. Boom!!!! Bang!!! Flop!!! I turned to see Kate had fallen out of the one of the big closets. She wanted to see first hand after hearing her friend at the park, in the hotel, at the mall. She wanted to see how I was at oral. Kate got right to her feet. She pushed down her mini skirt. She looked a little red and flushed when we realized she had used a finger on herself in the closet watching us.

"Chelsea you said he was ok. Look at him. He brought you to all those orgasm. He shaved your pussy for god sakes. He is so hot. I can' believe you lied to me. She said she faked them so I feel better about not getting any. I met the internet guy again and he still sucks." Kate said. My face was till dripping as I wiped my chin. "Kate, I'm sorry. Don't be mad. Buck really good. I did not want you to be mad or jealous. He really great at eating my pussy. Bob never got me off that way." Chelsea said. Both girls looked at she other for about 5 minutes. I was waiting for what to do next. I looked back at Chelsea who was pushing her hair out of her face. She leaned up and got on her elbows. She smiled at me on the floor.

"Well what are we going to do Kate?" Chelsea said. "I don't know. My guys sucks and Buck is really great as you put it. I know. Buck stand up. Ok good. Now take off your clothes. Lets see what you got. You've seen us." Kate said. In a strange way I kinda of wanted not to show them. I decided against that as I looked down to see Chelsea big tits. "Ok!! Ok!" I said. With that I unbutton my shirt and took off my belt. I slowly took off my pants and placed them on the floor on my socks. I watched as both girls followed me around the room. I still had on a pair of black Calvin Klein that were about a size to small. It showed off my nice ass and bulge in the front. I came back in front of the bed. Kate was now sitting on Chelsea left next to the bed. I stood facing them in between them.

I looked down my 6ft 3 frame to see both girls smile. Chelsea had sat up. Her tits touched her friends right forearm. I smiled as I saw Kate nipples get hard in her little white bra. She had pulled her blouse over her head letting me see. Chelsea reached up with her small hand to touch the front of my underwear. She traced my cock from the bottom of my balls to the tip. Both women had there mouth open as Kate touched her breast. Chelsea pulled down my underwear causing my cock to spring out. "Gasp!! What the!!!" said Kate. I did not have to wait for Chelsea to say anything she licked the pre-cum on the tip of my cock. She then engulfed the tip to about half way down the thick shaft. Her mouth expanded as her red lips left a small trail on my cock. I tensed my butt cheeks as she ran her long nails on my naked balls. She licked them as the hit her face and chin. She loved big balls in her hands as she yanked on them. I watched as Kate got off the bed.

I felt Kate hand on my ass as her friend was sucking my cock. I then heard a buzzing sound as Kate stuck a toy in her pussy on the end of the bed. I turned to watch Chelsea suck my cock. I felt Kate eyes on us as I slowly started to fuck Chelsea mouth. My balls hit her chin as she got more of my cock in her hot mouth. Her saliva was dripping down the side of my cock on her tits. She placed her warm breast under my cock as she gave me a great blow job. She spit in her cleavage after 25 minutes of sucking my cock. I felt her warm breast on the side of my shaft as my big cock head came out into her hot mouth. I reached down to fondle her breast and tug on he nipples. She orgasm from me playing with her breast. I felt her moan then smelled a strong musk smell. I looked down. "O'God cum on me. Cum on my tits, my mouth. Let me see it baby!!" I looked down to see the tip open up and a huge white glob of sperm flew out hitting her forehead and hair. She then squished her monster tits as she milked my cock in her cleavage.

I fell back as she stood up. Kate orgasm as she looked at my dripping cock. Chelsea cleaned me up as she went into the bathroom to get a towel. She used some baby wipes on me that cause me to get hard again. Se looked at me then Kate. Kate was till playing with her pussy. Chelsea jumped on the bed with her ass facing me. She put her face in a pillow and pulled back her ass cheeks showing me her wet pussy. I spit in my hand to get my cock wet. I walked over and slowly inserted it in. I grabbed her hips to get all the way in. She was so wet I had to inserted it three times before we got a good rhythm. I grabbed her hair as I pulled she screamed. I heard Kate orgasm again as she yelled out a profanity at us. I felt her hot lips on my cock as I pumped away. I began to slap Chelsea ass with my free hand. I had her say my name a few times before I tensed up and pulled out and shot a big load on her ass. She smeared my load on her ass as she licked her fingers.

I am walking through the sand. I take of my flip flops as I see Kate on the blanket. She smiled and points to Chelsea. Chelsea is in the ocean just off shore. The water just up to her neck as she smile's at me. She had left me a pair of swim trunks that had a Velcro front that opened. There was a small not on the front seat of her mini van next to the bathing suit. "I hope these fit. I need you to bring that big cock out in the water. Then I will need your oral skills in the changing room after." I'm still finding sand on my body from that meeting.


I did not leave her house for the whole week. She sent Kate to bring us food.

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