Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alley - She got more than she bargained for

Damn! I just got a $1.oo dollar tip on a pizza I just delivered. The customer gave me the wrong apartment number trying to get me lost and get free pizza. When I finally made him pay he got mad. People are always trying to get stuff for free. I hate looking for bogus address's delivering pizza. My black SUV is killing me on gas. I just picked up a new job to help with some bills. I headed back to the store at 11pm and dropped off my pizza bag.

I opened my door and got out in the parking lot. I walked inside and gave my boss the evil eye. His writing mess's me up half the time on the addresses of the customers. I can't understand his English very well. I head to the back to cool down. I grab a slice and a cold Coke. It close to midnight when I get another call for delivery. My boss writes down the address across town. It close to my house so, I told him it was my last delivery. I told him I bring him the money tomorrow when I come back to work. He laughs. Tells me to have a good night. I get in my SUV and pull out of the parking lot. I turn on the pizza dome on my ride for delivery. It should be the sign that lets everyone start to complain about there pizza.

I drove for about 15 minutes before I pull down a side street. I see the small sign for the street I am looking for. Its a dead end at the end of the street. I roll down my window as I pull into the driveway. I can see there a light on inside the small house. I get out with the pizza, bread sticks and 2 liters. I knock on the door. "Knock! Knock!" A few seconds later the door opens. Its a guy getting a large for himself. I was sure he lived in his parents basement. I figured his mother probably paid for the food. He did give me a $5.oo tip so all was not lost. I walked back to my ride and climbed in the driver side. I turned off the pizza sign on the roof.

I started to back up the short driveway. I checked my mirrors to make sure no ones was behind me. I got half my ride in the street when I heard a door slam behind me. I looked out my open window to see two house side by side across the street from the house I just delivered too. I pulled completely out in the street. I looked down a small dark alley separating the two houses. I looked again when I saw something in white. I heard some trash cans rumble and fall over. I pulled forward across the street on the side of the alley. I looked again but did not see anything. I decided to get out and investigate. I looked around but saw nothing. I looked at the other houses in the neighborhood but there was no lights on or movement. I decide to get out my SUV and take a look.

I reached in my side door to get a big flash light. I looked at the two houses but there were no lights on inside. I walked passed a car with a Steelers bumper sticker on it. I kept walking up the driveway toward the first house. I turned on the flash light but did not see anyone. I turned it off when I got to the back of the alley. I could just barely make out someone at the far end next to some metal garbage cans. I figured the person must me just throwing out there garbage. I was going to turn around and got back to my ride but I had to see who was making noises. Maybe the person needed help or a helping hand. It was a nice area so I was not scared.

I walked down the car wide alley passed the blue recycle bin and the empty beer cans in the driveway. I got closer when I realized the person was actually a women. She was about 5ft 6 with long legs. She had short brown hair. She was wearing small wooden heels that she must have just purchased. The Wal-mart price tag was still on the left heel. I smiled when I noticed she had on a medium length white robe that just went passed her knees. She was facing the garbage cans as she bent over to pick up a lid on the pavement. I quickly checked my white t-shirt for any stains from pizza or sweat. I was all clear. It was about 75 degrees outside. The clouds moved and the full moon sent more light into the alley. I checked my button fly jeans to make sure there were all buttoned up. I had worn some black sandals as I stood about 10ft back behind her.

I was not sure what to do. I wanted to say something but I thought I might scare her. I had walked so far from the road without saying anything. I could not see my ride or the street out front. I saw some windows on both houses facing into the alley. I looked around to make sure no one was looking. I still stopped and stared as she picked up another lid and placed on the garbage cans. She was now upright and I could see she had filled out her white robe. She was very curvy from the back and her sides. She had tied a simple knot holding it up around her hips and waist. I could see her juicy ass looking at me through the thin white material. The light hit her robe making it almost see through. I could tell she had a white thong that set high on her hips and separated her butt cheeks. She was not wearing a bra. I could not wait for her to turn around to see her front.

She was till facing with her back towards me. She then did a deep knee bend to pick something off the ground. It look like a small piece of paper. It must have been a receipt. She put it in her pocket on the inside of her robe. She moved back up and finally turned to face me. "Ahhh Geez, you scare me. What are you doing here?" she said. "Hi! Sorry to scare you. I just finished delivering a pizza to your neighbor across the street. I heard some noise coming from the alley. I thought it was maybe a burglar or something." I said. I turned on my flash light. I aim it at her front. I could see her nice firm tits inside her white robe. Her left nipple was erect and was rubbing against the thin material. She had some soft pink lip gloss on her amazing lips as she smiled. She had painted the tips of her finger and toenails white. She had a small gold chain around her neck that rested inside her deep cleavage. I smiled again.

"Do you stop and check out all the noises you here? I mean you walked a pretty good distance with out saying anything. You almost gave me a heart attack." she said. "No! Not always. I just thought I investigate and see what was going on. I hate to go home and then read in the paper tomorrow that something happened. It won't happen again." I said. She was still standing there as she shifted her body in her heels. She still had not asked me to leave so I decide to talk to her some more. I was in no hurry to get home and watch Sports Center before bed. "Hmm, what kinda of pizza did you deliver tonight to my crazy neighbor? Did his Mom answer the door. He is almost 45 and still living in the basement." she giggled. "He ordered a vegetarian pizza. Some bread sticks and a two liter of soda. I think she paid. Probably her bingo money." I said. We both laughed.

"Are you going back to deliver more pizza?" she said. "No! That was my last delivery until tomorrow night." I said. "Hmm that to bad. I could really go for some pizza right now. I have a sudden craving for hot pizza. Yummy!!" she said. She bit her index finger as she sucked her finger nail. I gulped. "What do you like on your pizza?" I said. "Hmm lots of sausage, pepperoni." she smiled. My hands were sweating as we kept talking. I was kinda of nervous but she was so sexy in the moon light. I forgot I was in a dark alley with her. Her robe was slipping open and I could see more skin. I thought I might say something but she looked down and smiled. She then pulled the knot tighter around her waist to close her robe.

"Here let me fix your name tag. Buck!! That a cute name." she said. I watched as she strutted over close to me. "You don't want your name tag to fall off sweetie. Who's going to bring me a pizza later?" she said. I gulped again as she was now inches from my body. I looked down to see her put her small hands on my name tag. She moved it slightly upward as she moved her hand over my hard chest. I like to work out. I stand 6ft 3 and have a athletic body. She smelled very hot as I got a rush of excitement from her perfume. I could see she had just put on some glitter on her body. She was starting to sparkle next to me. I looked down to see her cleavage looking back at me. I was starting to get hard. I could feel my cock begin to stir in my jeans. I had worn some tight jeans but decide at the last minute to forget the underwear. I liked the way the material felt on my freshly shaven balls and cock. I had only a small one inch patch of hair about an inch above my cock. I smiled as she looked into my blue eyes.

"You smell like pizza Buck. Your not hiding any pizza on you? Hmm Are you?" she said. I shook my head "NO!" She smiled again as she started to rub my chest. "Hmm I better check." she said. I felt her finger nails on my chest then my stomach and hard abs. She traced her hands down my broad shoulders and down my long arms. She felt my hands then moved very close as her breast brushed up against me. I felt her hard nipples burn into my chest. She looked up into my eyes. She was so cute as she smiled. I felt her hands go down my sides and land on the top of my ass. She had her small hands in my back pockets. "Hmm, I don't feel anything in the back. I better check the front." she moaned. Her breathing had increased along with mine. I could feel her heart beat under her breast as she moved her hands into my front pockets. She had a little hard time getting them into the tight jeans pockets.

"Ummph, finally. Nothing so far. What this? It feels like something. Buck do you having something in your jeans. Are you hiding something?" she said. I felt her hands on the top of my belt buckle. She started to unbutton my jeans as she pulled me closer. I felt her soft lips on mine. We started to kiss very hard. I could feel her hot tongue dart in my mouth as we kissed. I dropped the flash light ontot he pavement. "Crunch!!" It was still off as it rolled a few inches from my left foot. I moved my hands to her face caressing her as we kissed harder. I then felt her unbutton the last button on my jeans. I shimmed my hips to let my jeans falls. I felt her small hands grab my cock. "Hmmm!!!" was all she could say. I watched her eyes light up as she felt all 9 3/4 inches get hard in her hand. She stepped back to look at it. "Fuck! The pizza guy packing. Wow that is nice baby." she said

She came back in front of me holding my cock. I reached down to pull her robe open. I undid the knot as her robe fell open. Her soft large breast cascaded down on to my shirt. I pulled my shirt off as she squeezed my ass. She moaned when she felt my fingers on her erect nipples. Her soft skin was smooth and the glitter set off her body. She took off her robe and it fell on the dirty pavement. I turned her around to suck her neck. I ran my hands all over her breast as I fondled her from behind. I ran my cock down her ass on her white thong. She was so hot as she moaned very loud. I was poking her in her lower back as she closed her eyes. I squeezed her nipples and slapped her breast together. I pulled her hair and whispered in her ear. My cock was smacking her back running some pre-cum all over her skin. Her knees were weak as she moved in front of me. She turned to look into my eyes.

I let go of her as she walked over to the garbage cans. She bent over shaking her ass towards me. She had gripped the large metal can lid as I walked over behind her. I placed my cock on her lower back as she looked over her shoulder. I realized she had put glitter on her back as I looked down to see my skin had small glitter on it. I reached down to start to play with her ass. She wiggled it as I moved my big soft hands around it. She felt my fingers pull her thong to the side. I then started to rub my fingers on her pussy mound. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I knew she was ready. I licked my right hand. I rubbed her pussy making her shake. I inserted one finger inside her pussy. She was wet and my finger was now very hot. I gently took my cock and rubbed it between her legs. She moaned as she felt my big vein on my shaft on her cunt lips. I slapped my big purple head on her labia as she moaned. "Hmm Fuck me! Fuck me with that big thing. Fuck me with your big sausage." she moaned.

I held her thong to the right side against her ass. I wiped my cock two mote times on the outside of her pussy. She dripped on my cock. I then slowly inserted the tip of my cock. I could feel her pussy muscles contract as I pushed inside her tight hole. She moaned. "Oh my gooo..." she said. I moaned as I got about 1/3 inside her tight pussy. I could feel her lips wrap around my shaft as I got more inside her. She was tight as I moved my hips forward. I place my hands on her lower back. I grabbed her hips and moved her back on my cock. I looked down when I pulled out and my cock was glistening from her wetness. My cock was back in, then backed out. We had a good rhythm going as she moaned. I picked up the pace when I felt after 10 minutes my cock buried deep inside her. She was now bent over on some garbage cans with my cock deep inside her. She moved her feet to get more balance as I fucked her hard. I could feel my big balls slap under her ass.

I reached around her waist to fondle her breast. She moaned when I pinched her nipples. "Damn baby. You feel so good. Your pussy is so wet. Bounce that ass of me. Fuck me baby. Fuck me good. Yeah! Umm! yeah sexy!" I said. I moved my leg so I could slap her ass. She then had her first orgasm on my cock. I could feel her drip onto the pavement as her wetness came out of her pussy. I grabbed her shoulders and was pulling her back on my cock. "I never had anybody fuck me that deep. Your cock is so deep in me baby. Fuck I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed. I kept fucking her hard and fast. Another few minutes passed as she screamed in the alley. I had dropped the flash light. It was still in the off position on the pavement. So when a light in the 2nd house came on I turned my head.

"Hello..Is anybody out there." said on older lady voice. "Go back to bed Mrs. Carlson. It's me Jen. I taking out some garbage. Some old pizza box's." Jen said. I stopped as my cock was still inside her. I could see the old lady looking at us. She was squinting with her eyes. "Keep fucking me baby. Don't stop. God I am so close to cumming again. Keep fucking me. She can't see." Jen said. I went backing to fucking her. I was so close myself. The old lady went back inside and closed her door. A few minutes later, I looked up to see a curtains move on the second floor of the old lady house. I was now close as Jen orgasm very hard. She steady herself on the garbage cans as I picked up the pace of fucking her. I could feel her ass slap my thighs as she was fucking me hard. I grabbed her hips, then pushed off her. I watched my cock slowly slide out of her pussy. There was a trail of wetness from her pussy to my cock. Jen spun around and squatted down on her legs. She used her hands to put my cock in her mouth. Two seconds later I started to blast a big load in her mouth. She gagged at first as some leaked out her lips. She used her breast to catch the rest. I looked down as she rubbed my load into her chest.

She cleaned my cock. Then got up as I picked our clothes off the dirty pavement. "Follow me." she said. She opened a small wooden gate to her back yard. I followed her naked ass up some stairs to her kitchen. It had been about 5 minutes and I was already hard again. She reached down to hold my cock as we walked through her house to her bedroom. We walked into her bathroom. I turned on the water as she got some big towels. I got in first to make sure the water was hot. A few seconds later Jen came in. She started to soap my chest and ran her hands down my naked ass. She got on her knees and started to suck my cock. She washed my balls and then rinsed me off. I washed her with another bar of soap. I played with her pussy and ate her hot pussy. She wrapped her leg over my back as I forced her against the shower wall as I ate her pussy. After another big orgasm in my mouth she tapped me on my head to get up. I inserted my cock as I picked her up. I put her back on the wall. She put her feet around my waist. I felt her hips move as her feet hit the shower curtain. I picked her up and down on my cock as she screamed. After 30 minutes I pulled out and shot a big load on her chest.

"Ring! Ring!" Hello Big B's Pizza! Home of the big sausage pizza. Yes mam, you like a and extra large sausage pizza. You like for our young driver Buck to deliver it for you. Should be about 30 minutes or its free." said my boss. I open my door. I look over to see the basement light across the street on. I walk up into the alley down to the wooden gate. I closed the gate and look up to see the curtain move on the 2nd floor. I see the little old lady sitting on the edge of her bed...she smiles as I lock the gate. I knock on the back door. "Hello, Pizza boy. You order a pizza." I said. A few minutes later I could here some heels on the kitchen floor. The door opened. Jen standing there completely naked except for a red corset holding up her large breast. "Do you have the pizza I ordered young man?" Jen said. I walked in and sit down as she closes the door. I could see she had the kitchen window over the sink open into the alley.

I put the pizza on my lap. Jen walked over. Lifted the lid on the pizza. "Yummy, my pizza just the way I like it. That's one big sausage pizza." I can feel her breast rub my leg as she licks the tip of my cock. She started to suck my cock. I had cut a hole in the bottom of the pizza box. I took out some of the middle of the pizza. I had placed my cock in the hole. She picked up the box and placed it on her kitchen table. "When do you have to go back?" Jen said. "I told my boss your a new customer. I was going to give you great service with a smile. He said make the customer happy.

Are you happy?


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