Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pay the Rent - Your Wife or Go Homeless - An Adult Story

It was close to 6pm when I got home from the office. I had just started to rent a house about 3 months ago to some new people. I had met the man of the house when he came to pick up the keys. He was just starting a new job. His wife worked and they just had a new baby a month earlier. The house was three bedrooms with a huge living room, kitchen, master bedroom and back yard. I had even put in a in ground pool to get more money. It was about $1200 a month plus utilities. He gave me a month deposit and the first rent check on the 1st of the month. Now I did not get last month. I was not worried. I called and left him two messages. Each time he got back to me and promised to bring me the money. I just got done going through today mail. No rent check!. No check again this month.

I usually don't get mad. But I don't want to get screwed on this. I have money. So that not a problem. I just don't want to be a push over to new tenants. Plus I know I could rented it again very quick. I picked up my phone. "Beep!" Damn answering machine. "Hi! You have reached the Reardon residents. We are not home at the moment. Please leave a message. Thanks! Beep!!!" said a female voice. "Hi! Buck Kelly! Your land lord. I have not received your check for last month or this month rent. Please call me immediately so we can take care of this. Thank you!" I said.

I waited about two days before I got a call. "Hey Buck! Dave Reardon here. I sent the check to you for both months. I guess you have not received it yet?" He said. "No! I have not! I am starting to get a little worried about how your going to pay. I told you I needed the check at the first of the month. It's now the tenth. You missed last month and so far this month. Are you having any problems I should no about?" I said. "Ummm! No! Everything is great. Let me call you back. I will call the bank and have them overnight you a check. How does that sound?" he said. "OK! Do what you have to do. But if it's not in my hand by tomorrow. I will be coming over to see you." I said. I hung up the phone.

Next I called his bank. He had about a hundred and ten dollars in his account. I then called his work. He got fired just after he moved in. He was fired for sexual harassment. He tired to fuck the copy girl at his office. I called his wife two jobs. She worked part time as a secretary for a insurance company. She was also the manager for a local Lane Bryant at the mall near my house. My eyes got a little big. I have a thing for hot bigger gurls. The ones that are very confident in there bodacious bodies. The ones who like to get dressed up in heels, a tight pair of jeans to hold in there amble butts. A voluptuous hour glass figure. I was getting a little a head of myself. She was still employed and made more than enough to cover the rent. I was curious to pay her visit but I wanted my money more at the moment.

The next day at 5pm no delivery. I got in my SUV and drove toward the rental house. I pulled in the driveway. There was a white convertible sports car and green mini van parked in front of the garage. I looked around the front yard. It was pretty clean as I walked up to the front door of the house. "Knock! Knock!" I can be kinda of intimating. I stand close to 6ft 4 in shoes. I have a athletic frame from working out allot. I had on some tan cargo pants. A simple blue shirt that fit kinda of snug on my arms. I took off my shades. I ran my hand through my short hair as the door knob turned to open.

"Hey! What's up Mr. Kelly. Did you get the money?" Dave said. "No! I did not. That is why I am here to collect from you. I told you if I did not get the money by today I would be here. I am tired of getting the run around with you. Where my money? Pay me!!" I said. Dave was about 5ft 2 and was looking up at me. He was a skinny guy with a bowl hair cut. He looked like he had not shaved in a month. He also smelled of cheap booze and cigarettes. I looked over him in the door way toward the kitchen. I could here some water running as he tried to fix his white wife beater shirt in his black jeans. "Oh Man! I can't believe this. I sent you the check. I just got paid. I deposit the money. Maybe its not cleared yet." he said. "Are you fucking crazy man. I already called your work. They fired you the day you moved your lazy ass in here. I then called you bank. You got like a hundred dollars in there man. Where my money? Pay me!!!!" I said.

Dave mouth dropped wide open. "You checked on me man? I can't believe this. Listen my wife gets paid tomorrow. Her check will cover the rent. Just wait one more day. She does not know about this. She will kill me man." Dave said. "I am tired of your shit. Pay me now! I am not leaving until I get paid. You better tell her before I tell her Dave. Go get her. Bring her here. I am sure she want to know what you have done with all the money." I said with a smile. "No! She kill me. I mean you can't. I will sell some stuff to get the money." Dave said. "You don't have anything to sell. Did you tell your wife about why you got fired? Let me guess! No!!!! You probably cash her money and spend the day drinking at a bar. Then you come home before she gets here. Try to play it cool. Were your new baby?" I said. "No! You can't! My new baby at my wife mothers. He has been there since last week. We have been working on some things." he said.

"Pay me my money or your calling her mother to explain why your moving in with her. Let's see her pick up the tab for your ass. Maybe I will take you car. Who car is the convertible Dave?" I said. "That my wife. I can't drive since the last DUI. I have to walk to work." he said. "You don't work remember. I am so tired of you. Go get her please. How did she ever marry you. Did you knock her up?" I said. "No! I used to be a nice guy. Then we got married. She will never leave me. So I am mean to her all the time. She likes it. Listen stop! I will get the money some other way. Is there anything you want besides her car. I mean look around. I see you shaking your head "No!" That is OK. How about something other than her car or money. Another form of payment maybe." Dave said. My eyes got big and then I moved my hand under my chin. Was he going to got there. Was his mind in the gutter just like mine.

I was single. It had been close two months since I went out on a date. I met her on MySpace. We did not even make it out her front door before we started to fuck on the hood of her car in her garage. I looked at Dave. Then toward the kitchen. "This better knock my socks off Dave. You got one chance for me to be quite. I won't ask for the two months rent. I will not tell her you got fired or how you got fired, by trying to have sex with the copy girl. What's going to be Dave." I said. He looked down at his feet. "OK! OK! I am not sure if she will go for this. I have always been curious to see her have sex with another man. It's something we have talked about. I will go talk to her. You can have sex with her. I mean she can give you a blow job. How does oral sex sound?" he said, under his breath. "You owe my like $2400 and I have all this information about your cheating ways. I think oral would be just the start. Plus I have never even seen her. The way you keep talking about her. She must not be that hot." I said.

Dave mouth fell open again. "Let me go talk to her. Come on in. Listen she not that good looking. She is like a 4 OK. Don't be mean. She put on a few pounds since we got married. I will see what she will go for. I will have her come out and you can see her. Is it a deal?" Dave said. "Maybe! If she goes for it and she believes what ever lame story you come up with. Then I guess we have a deal. But if she does not. I want my money or your on the streets tonight." I said. Dave walked toward the kitchen as I came into the living room. I walked over toward the small black leather couch. There was a recliner on one side facing the couch. There was a big flat screen TV that would look great in my bedroom. Maybe it would do as a down payment if his wife did not go for having sex with me. I was not sure why I even agreed to do this. I like the house. Money not that big of a deal. But not having sex in awhile was getting to me. I was super horny. Not ever day a husband offers up his wife to me to have my way with her. I was going to take full advantage. I was sure Dave would love to take it back before I fucked his wife. But he was in a jam.

I heard some voices in the kitchen. I stood in the living room waiting for them. It was a few minutes later that I heard her come down the hall from the kitchen toward the living room. I could hear her heels click on the wooden floor. I then heard Dave behind her begging her not to go in the living room. Dave wife entered the living room first. My mouth dropped open. She was 5ft 7 with these killer 4inch black heels on. There was some tiny white bows on the top of the heels. Her finger and toe nails were painted white on the tips. She had long strawberry blonde hair down to just past her shoulders. She had on some big gold 4inch hoop earrings. She had on a long black skirt that went passed her knees. She had a big white belt with a white bow around her waist. She had on some black nylons that went up half way on her thick thighs. I was not sure how the garters were holding them up. She had a black blazer over a thin white silk blouse that had two button undone at the top. I could still see her name tag on her right breast. She was covered up on top but there was no mistaking she had some large breast under all her tight clothes. My mouth got dry as I smelled her sweet perfume. She walked over and sat down on the couch.

She held up her hand. "Hi! My name Nancy Reardon. I see you met my husband. He was having a hard time explaining why you were here. Normally I can figure out what he is saying but he is slurring his words. I think he may have been drinking today. Are you the land lord or something?" she said. I shook her hand. "Yes! My name Buck Kelly and I am your land lord. What did your husband say? Dave what did you tell your wife?" I said. "Hmmm..." said Dave. "He said it was his fantasy or something to watch me have sex with another man. I think he had to much to drink today. I don't no what has come over him. I just got home from working all day. Is there anything wrong Mr. Kelly? Dave what have you done this time? Why is this nice young man in our living room?" said Nancy. Dave my mouth was open but he said nothing.

"Well Mrs. Reardon since I guess your husband is not going to tell you why I am here. Maybe I will. For the last time Dave. Do you have anything to say?" I said very loud. He was still not talking. "I am sorry we have to meet like this for the first time but your husband left me no alternative. I have not received the last two months of rent checks on the house. I have called him and each time he said I would get a check. I still have not received any money from him. I called him last night. If I did not get paid today. I was going to come over here and get paid. It was up to him. Do you want to know how he wanted to pay me for the rent you owe on the house? Do you give him money Mrs. Reardon for the rent?" I said. "Dave!! I can't believe you. Yes! I gave him the money to pay you for the rent. Dave I gave you $2400 for the last two months. Were happen to the rent money?" she said. "Hmmm...Well..It was like this..." said Dave.

I laughed. "I did my homework before I came over today. I called his work. He is not working there at the moment. He also spent a large sum of money at a race track, a strip joint and on the Internet. I am guessing he did not tell you about this. He spent your last 100 dollars this morning on some liquor at Big B liquor store before I got here. I called your bank as the money was being paid. You have just under $10 in your account. He said you get paid tomorrow." I said. "No! I don't get paid until next week. God damn were broke again Dave. This is why my mother took the baby. You always have an excuse about everything. Why did you loose your job? What have you been doing all day while I am at work?" she said.

"Honey listen. He is right. I spent all the money. I lost it at the race track, liquor and some at a strip joint. But you must believe me I was going to get our money back. I did not think he would come over here. I was only looking out for you. I don't want to be homeless. He is going to kick us out if I don't pay him something." Dave said. "Mr. Kelly! Why did my husband get fired. You must know. Was it another woman?" she said. "Since I can see your asking nice. Dave I am going to tell your wife. You need to be honest with her. Why did she marry you. Mrs. Reardon why did you marry such a dead beat? Listen he tired to have sex with the copy girl. They fired him for sexual harassment. It was like the second day you moved in here." I said. "Dave is this true? The little petite small copy girl back in sales. You told me she came onto you. That you pushed her away. That why there was lipstick on your collar. You lied to me. Mr. Kelly I am not sure why I married him." said Nancy.

Dave closed his eyes and looked at the ground. "How can we settle this matter Mr. Kelly. How can I help?" she said. "I am not sure. You have no money. You have nothing I want. I did want the convertible outside but now that I know its yours. I can not take it. Your husband did come up with another form of payment. I must tell you it was your husband crazy idea how to settle the matter. He figured you have no problem doing what ever he said. He guaranteed it." I said with a small smile. "Dave talk to me right now. What did you say to him to settle the matter?" Nancy said. "I.....I....I told him you would have sex with him. That to pay off money we owed him. That you would have sex with him. Only oral sex. You suck his cock." Dave blurted out. "What??? You promised him what. Are you fucking crazy. Oh my god!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!" she said. I looked at her on the couch. Her legs had opened more. Her right nipple was getting hard under her top.

"You want me to have sex with a stranger. You don't even have sex with me anymore. I mean the last time we had sex was when I got pregnant. The was my birthday present to me after you blew the money I gave you to get me a present. You constantly say I am too fat. I am too big. You make fun of me when I go to work. Your always saying other men would never be attracted to me because I am a big gurl. I love the way I look. Do you like the way I look Mr. Kelly?" she said. "Call me Buck. Yes I like the way you look. I will be real honest with you. Your husband said you were a four. I think your a ten. I was very turned on when I saw you come in the living room. I am not sure why your husband does not want to be with you. I would want to be with you all the time. I find a way to keep you happy." I said with a big smile. "Honey!! I mean butter cup!!" said Dave. "Dave just shut up and go sit down on your recliner over there. Go! I don't want to hear another word come out of your mouth tonight."

"Buck I work allot to provide for my family. I don't ask for anything in return but for my husband to be honest with me. I can see now he has not been honest with me at all. I am so mad at him. But I am more turned on then I have been in years. Do you really think I am 10? Be honest with me." she said. "Yes!" I said. I looked down at her sexy blue eyes. She looked back at mine. My hands were sweating as I looked down at her. She looked at her husband who was facing her on the recliner. "I have never done this before. He likes to get on top and roll off me. You must be gentle with me. You must go slow." she said.

I took a few step and was right in front of her. She parted her legs letting me move closer to her. "Just oral right?" she said. I did not say anything. I pulled my shirt over my head. I placed on the couch next to her big ass. She looked up to see my hard abs and muscular chest. I moved my nipple and she winked. I grabbed her hands and placed them on my tan cargo pants. She ran her small hands around my waist stopping on my hard ass. I flexed my butt cheeks in her hands. She smiled. I then watched as she brought her right hand and placed it on my zipper. She slowly unzipped my cargo pants. I then felt her unloosen my black leather belt dropping my 28 inch waist pants to the floor. I felt them on my work boots around my ankles. My cock was now trying to escape out of my dark navy blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs. She moved both her hands on my thighs playing with my underwear. I looked down to see her eyes get big when she realized my cock was semi hard and my cock head was pulsating under the thin material.

She ran her long finger nail down the length of my cock. I felt her hands next on my hips. She slid down my boxer briefs and they fell on my pants. I looked down to see my cock bobbing up and down in front of her face. "Sigh! OMG! Your huge Buck. (That what she said!)" said Nancy. I looked down to see her looking up at me. I moved my hips forward until my cock was inches from her lips. She grabbed the base of my cock with her two hands. She started to move up my shaft making me rock hard. The tip glisten with pre-cum as she had all 9 3/4 inches in her hands. She dropped her left hand to cup my naked balls in her hand. I heard Dave try to move on his recliner to get a better look at his wife with my cock in her hands.

She ran her hands all over my bare skin. She scratched her long nails down my abs to my naked balls. "You shaved them. You shaved all over you private area. Why? It feels so nice." she said. "I love the way it feels. Your doing a great job so far. Now take off your cute blazer. That right set it on the floor. Put my shirt on the floor next to it. Then unbutton a few more buttons on your top. Let me see what you have got under there. Let me see what your hiding. That is nice. Your teasing me. Nice and slow. Perfect Nancy. Ohhh you look very hot." I said. She was now sitting back in front of me with her white silk blouse open. I could see the top of her milky white breast as her cleavage was pushed together by a huge black bra. There were tiny white bow ties that matched her heels on the bra. She was a very sharp dresser. I could see she liked to show off her amazing body. It was to bad her low life husband was to busy not to notice.

I grabbed her hands and placed them back on my cock. She began to use long strokes making it harder in her hands. I watched as she opened her mouth to put her tongue on the tip of my cock. She wrapped her big soft red crimson lips on the tip making a slurping noise licking off the pre-cum. I moved forward with my hips feeding her my cock. She had a few inches in her mouth. She started to breath harder. Her mouth was wet and she drooled all over my cock. A few drops of saliva hit the floor below me. I looked down to see both her nipples were rock hard under the thin material. I could feel her hands on my ass. Then on my thighs. She even touched my hard calves as she sucked my cock. She ran her finger nails over my balls as she sucked very hard. She picked up very quick on giving a nice blow job. I could here her husband groaning wathcing his wife between my legs sucking my cock. I was pretty sure she never did this for him. I had to see more of her.

I moved my right hand from my side. I pushed all her strawberry blonde hair together holding on tight. She had almost all of me in her hot mouth. She was running her tongue down the under side of my shaft as I fucked her face. I used my free hand to touch the top of her breast. I started to grope the top of her breast. I moved my long arm down to get a grip of her big hard nipple. I pinched her left nipple causing her to moan. I could feel her bra and something more underneath it. It was white and she looked up at me again. She pulled her mouth off my cock. "Do you like my breast? Dave hates them. He says there too big. My 38K are to big for him Buck. Are they big enough for you? I am enjoying what your doing to them." she moaned. "I don't like them....I love them!!!!" I said.

She took off her silk white blouse. Nancy then leaned back to undo her bra. She through her black bra on the floor next to her shirt. She was now sitting on the couch with just her skirt, heels, black hose, and a white corset. Her breast were overflowing over the top of the corset. Her big nipples were out and very hard. They were half the size of my thumb if not bigger. She had big aureoles that were dark from being a new Mom. I start to pinch her nipples and she moaned very hard. I heard her husband on the recliner undoing his pants. Nancy put my cock back in her mouth as I looked down at her large breast. I was tugging on both nipples as she sucked my cock. I placed her breast on my knees as she sucked my cock and fondled my ass with her hands. "Are you close yet Buck. Are you going to shoot a big load on me. I can feel all that young cum in you big balls. Please! Please! Dave what are you doing?" Nancy said.

I turned just to see him cum in his hand. He shot a small amount on his hand as Nancy shook her head. She gave him an evil look then went back to sucking my cock. I wanted more then a blow job. I had to see more now that I got her big breast out. I also want to lick them and suck on them. I pulled out of Nancy mouth. She followed me with her eyes as I bent down on my knees. I picked up her breast off the white corset. I started to suck her big nipples. She slowly unclasped her corset and let it fall in front of me. She had a white lace half body suit that ran from her tip to just under her breast. It was holding her hour glass figure as I smiled. "God you gorgeous. You dress like a goddess. I never seen any women dress so perfect before. I would sit and watch you get dressed all day. I have you put on a fashion show for me before you went to work. Damn are you ever sexy." I said as I licked her big nubs. She smiled, then moaned again from my mouth on her nipples. I heard Dave trying to clean up. He had no tissue to clean him self. He also did not want to move and miss what I was doing to his wife.

I placed my hands on her ankles. I gave her calves a nice massage as I sucked her breast. My cock was still hard as I placed it on her leg. She smiled as I ran my hands under her skirt. She shifted her big ass to accommodate my hands on her hips. "Buck! You have such long arms and big hands for such a gentleman. She moaned as I massaged her thick thighs. "Stand up for me. Show me your beautiful body. Show me what else you have been hiding. God your so sexy." I said.

I stood up and pushed off all my clothes and work boots onto the floor. I was now sitting on the couch naked. "Mmmm go slow Nancy. Show me that sexy body of yours." I said. Nancy looked at her husband who was stroking his limp cock. She then looked back at me. My hard cock was standing straight out. She smiled as she slowly unzipped the side of her skirt. It fell around her ankles. She stepped out of it. She had long black hose that encased her curvy legs up to the middle of her thighs. She had a pair of black lace panties with the white bows on the front. Her two garters had four long straps holding up the black hose. Everything had matched from her heels to her blazer she wore that day to work. I motion for her to get on the couch next to me.

She put her heels on the arm rest. Her legs came down to accent her huge ass which was inches from my side. Her big breast rested on my left thigh as she put her red crimson lips back on my cock. I fucked her mouth as I massaged her back. I leaned up to kiss her neck causing her to moan very loud. I bite her earlobe causing her to pull off my cock. "God your making me so wet Buck. No one has ever down that to me before. How do you know what a girl wants?" she said. I pushed her face back on my cock. I put my left hand on her ass. I started to fondle her big ass. She kept sucking my cock. I was close to cumming. I started to mumble with pleasure. "" I moaned. She slurped up my cock and held it in her mouth. "Cum for me. I want to taste you!!!" Nancy yelled. It happen so quick. But I began to cum very hard. She gagged at first then took off her mouth from two big shots inside. My cock blasted her face and chin as she pumped me dry.

I looked down to see her whipping her face with her fingers. She scooped up my load and cleaned off my cock. I moved my left hand down her ass. She opened her legs as my cock started to get hard again in her mouth. I traced one finger down her wet panties. She moaned. I could smell her excitement. She started to pull down her panties on her hips. I grabbed them and brought them over her big thick thighs. I pushed them down her legs. She moved her feet and kicked them off with her heels. I put my index finger in my mouth then traced it around her hairy pussy. She pushed her pussy on my hand wanting me to put my finger inside her. I looked down to see her eyes closed and my cock in her mouth. I then moved my finger toward the heat of her pussy. She was so damp and wet from what I was doing to her. That my finger slid right in as she groaned. A few seconds and my finger found her G Spot, she came all over my finger. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God you bastard. You made me orgasm. Was that a orgasm? You made me cum Buck. No ones has ever given me an orgasm." she moaned.

I pulled out my fingers and stood up. I moved her around and opened her legs. She sat her ass on the edge of the leather couch. She then tried to lean back and hold the top of my head as I started to suck her pussy. I pushed her wet hair to the side. I used two fingers inside her and sucked on her big cunt lips. I paid special attention to her labia making sure to get her off two more times before I pressed her legs completely wide open. She looked down to see my eyes looking over her hugs breast at her. I pulled out and winked at her as she saw my hard cock on the edge of the cushion near her pussy. She smiled when I kept eating her out to make her more wet. I heard Dave trying to pull his limp cock as he watched me bring his wife to another orgasm.

"Are you ready? God you so hot. You pussy taste so great. Your so hot Nancy. I want to fuck you so bad. I want to fuck you like I never fucked any one before. Are you ready sexy?" I said. Nancy smiled. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Be gentle. Your big cock might break me in two. (That what she said!!) Be careful." she said. I smiled as I leaned forward on my hands. I wrapped my fingers around her big hips. I gentle put my wet cock on her pussy. I moved it around the outside of her hot pussy. She moved to bring her right hand over her belly button to guide my cock inside her. I moved to accommodate her hand. She guided me inside. I could feel half of my cock wedge deep inside her. She moaned in my ear as I kissed her lips. I could feel her soft body on mine. I then felt her pussy try to push me out, then it contracted and I moved more inside her. She grunted when I got all the way inside her. I was buried pretty deep inside her.

"Yes! Faster! Faster! Fuck me! Are you watching Dave. Look at this sexy young man fuck your wife. Watch! You wanted this. Oh God your cock so big. I have never felt anything this big before. My big vibrator next to my bed never gone this deep before. You heard me Dave. He fucks like a real man. Yes! Yes!" she yelled. I moved my hands on her legs. I pushed them up as I dropped down to fuck her harder. My body was pounding on her flesh as she orgasm for the first time on my cock. I was in heaven as I started to suck her big breast. I had her big left nipple in my mouth when I felt some breast milk for the first time. "Oh! God! Your milking me now. Yes! Yes! I stopped producing milk a few weeks ago. I guess I just needed a big hard stud to fuck me for my milk to come back. I looked down to see both her nipples turn white from me fucking her.

I moved and was now sitting on the couch again. Nancy put her feet on the couch next to my thighs. She lowered her pussy on my cock. I felt her ass fall on my thighs as I grabbed her ass with my hands. She put her big nipples in my mouth as she began to fuck me on the couch. "Fuck! Fuck me! God suck me. Milk my tits young man. That feels so nice. Your cock is so hot baby." Nancy said. She was turning toward the dark side now as she rode my cock. I was more than happy to have her fuck me with all her body on mine. "Am I hurting you???" she said. I just picked her big ass up and slammed her back on my cock. That was my answer. We fucked for another 15 minutes before I looked at her. "Cum inside me. I need to feel a real man cum in me. Flood me with your sperm young man. Show me how a big young stud fucks a big gurl. Oh God that it's honey. Fuck me! Fuck me mother fucker. I'm cumming again you fucker." she moaned. With that I started to shoot deep inside her vagina. Her pussy was milking me as I milked the last drops from her big breast.

She grabbed my hand helping me off the couch. "Dave I am taking our young land lord upstairs to bed. In ten minutes you can come up and peek in the key hole. Go lock the door. Take some money out of my purse to order a pizza. Make it a pizza with lots of sausage. You can eat the left overs from yesterday. Knock on my door when it gets here. Before you get off the couch. Lick your fingers clean. Clean off the small cock of yours. You better get used to the taste. I am taking Buck upstairs to work off our next month rent." Nancy said.

Dave watched us all night through the key hole. He even brought the pizza to his bedroom for Nancy and I. He is still in the dog house. He is trying to pay her back for all the rent money and more. She quit her part time job. She may only work part time at the mall. Her employees are beginning to ask why I am always in the dressing room watching there manager put on a fashion show. Unfortunately Dave is still unemployed. It turns out he like to get dressed up like a women. His wife got him a make over. He looks like a petite brunette all dressed up. We bring him along on our new business. Nancy likes to perform at bachelor parties. I come to watch her. Dave gets dressed up like the little copy girl from his old work. He usually takes on 5-6 men in a back room of the parties. He has a taste for men's semen now. He got tired of his all day. He gives all the money to his wife that he makes at the parties. She moved in last week at my house. Dave all dressed up in french maid costume. He got a new blonde wig. He heard blondes have more fun. He is wrong ~ Buck has more fun ~ Pay the rent with your Wife and you may not go homeless.



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