Friday, January 22, 2010

Do you like what you see??? - An Adult Story

I was heading down the beach. I parked my rental car about a mile back. I came over this small sand dune to the hidden beach. I was given some directions at the hotel to find it from the concierge. I laughed when he told me it was the best beach on the island. There was a big storm a few days ago. All the tourist and people left the island before I got here the next day. Little wind damage but nothing to bad. I slept all the way from Baltimore. I checked out the stewardess but she was a little skinny for my taste. I like women who are bigger and more sexier. I like a woman I can hold onto. A nice bodacious hottie.

I took of my shades and put them on a blanket I brought. I slipped off my sandals and took off my white short sleeve shirt. I got some baggy knee length Hawaiian shorts, that I got at the gift shop when arrived. I put on some oil on my fairly nice tan. I went to the tanning booth over the winter to get some color. I take off my watch. It's just a little past noon. It's about 85 degrees and the sun is just over head. The water can be heard just down the beach. I look around. Nobody here but just me. I decide to lie down on the blanket and take a nap while I get some sun.

About an hour later I roll over when I hear some noise. I see a big flock of girls coming over the same sand dune. It looks like they just got here from the US. I see one girl with a Cleveland shirt on. A few of the girls are wearing some Michigan Wolverine sweat shirts as they walk down the sand dune. They pass me. I see a few of them checking me out as they pull out there blanket on the beach. There about 6 of them. I see three are going toward the water while the other three lie on the blanket. I close my eyes and move my head to the side to keep the sun out of my eyes.

My lips are getting dry. I forgot to bring some water with me. I look over at the girls blanket. They are all off playing in the water having fun. I can hear them giggling and laughing. I look around. There a few palm trees and jungle to the back of me. The water out in front. I have nothing in the rental car to the left. I roll over to look to my right. Bingo! I spotted a small dock leading out into the water. I can see a vending machine on the dock. I check my pocket. I got a few dollars. I have about 50 cent in small change. I get off the blanket.

I start to walk toward the vending machine. I take a few steps down the wooden deck. I get to the Coke machine. I could really go for a Coke now. I look at the price. "$2.50!" I get out my ones. "Buzz! Buzz!! Bling! Blunk!" Fuck the ones will not take. I check my shorts again. I put the 50 cents in. Then try the dollars. Same thing. Nothing. Will not take my dollars. I look back toward the girls in the water. I don't really feeling like asking them. They might think dumb ass from Baltimore can't work the vending machine. Plus who carries money to the beach. I look around some more. I take a long look down at the end of the dock. I can see there a small wooden shack at the end.

Maybe there some change in there. I walked to the end to see. I can't hear the girls splashing anymore. I am standing in front of the wooden shack. There a small door handle. I can see there a small sign. I can't make it out. It covered by sand. I look around again. Nothing! What the fuck. I guess I will just open the door.

I decide to open the door slowly. I pull the door towards me nice and slow. The sun just comes in to the room. Its about 6ft by 6ft. All wood interior. With a glass sky lite over head. There a wooden bench that sits about 3ft off the ground. It forms a nice square inside the room. I look at my feet. There a grey sweat shirt with blue and yellow on it. There a pair of panties on top of a pair of tan shorts. I see a pair of women's sandals on the floor next to my right foot. In the middle of the room is a very hot girl changing. This must be the changing room for the beach when it is busier. I almost breath in too heavy. I had to catch my breath.

The girl is slowly bending over and putting a small blue bikini on. Its a one piece that shows off her thick curves. She has it pulled up to her knees. I start breathing heavier. I look down to see my cock is semi hard in my bathing suit. She is completely naked except for her swim suit around her knees. I should leave but she smells great. I can smell her sweet perfume and she looks incredible. Her amazing ass is calling my name. "Buck come here!" her ass says....My mouth drops open again. She has painted her finger and toe nails a matching white. With some small flowers accenting the tips. I can see her small feet. Her curvy legs, thighs and hips. I see her brunette hair is just over ears. She still wearing her small glasses as she looks between her shaven pussy to see my smile.

Her eyes get big. Have I blown it. Will she scream. Will her friends even hear her. My mind is racing. "Hey! Don you like what you see?" she said. I just shake my head "Yes!!!!" I look down to see my cock is sticking straight out. Its causing my shorts to form a triangle. "Then come here...Bring that smile to me hum. Let me see what your hiding in those swim shorts. I have been eying your cock all day on the beach. Your making all my friends jealous." she said. She peeled back up letting her swim suit fall to the floor.

I then took two steps toward her. "My name Buc..." She was already kissing me. "Shut up and kiss me. My name Dawn!" she said. I can feel her hands on my body. She is running her long nails down back. She stopped on my hard ass. She is really groping my ass over my shorts. My cock is pressed against her flesh. I can feel the thin material separating us. I run my hands down her neck, back and stop on her ass. I can feel her hot skin against my hands. Her ass is on fire. I look into her eyes. She looks into mine then closed her eyes. I can feel her moist tongue inside my mouth. I bite her lip. She moans. I can feel her heart beating faster. She is taking deep breaths. We switch hands. She put hers around my neck forcing my open mouth on hers. I put my hands on her amazing breast. That are just right in my big hands. I tug on her nipples making them hard.

I look down to see her struggling to untie my shorts. I can feel her hands on the side of my shorts trying to pull them down. I move her shoulders down. She is kneeling in front of me. I untie my shorts. I pull the Velcro in the front. I take a deep breath as she pulls my shorts to my ankle. "Mmmmm that is nice. I just love big hard cocks." Dawn said. I watch her soft lips taking my cock in her hot mouth. She is swirling her soft tongue all around the tip of my cock. She licked off the precum and then ran her hands under my naked balls. I had shaved the day before I left my house. I love the way it feels. I think she liked the way it felt in her hot mouth. I can see my cock going in and out of her mouth. She moved her right finger to push he glasses back on her noses. I am starting to fuck her mouth with my cock. I am starting to pump her mouth with long strokes. I want her to get all 9 3/4 inches of my hard cock in her mouth.

Her wet lips finally open and almost touch the base. She gags and spits me out. I grab her right hand to jerk my cock some. She opened her mouth, stick out her tongue. She slaps my cock on her tongue. I smile as I watch her have fun. I then move my hips forward as she sucks my cock some more. She fondling my balls. Slapping my ass and sucking my cock deeper. She is very good. She is dripping on the wooden floor as she sucks greedily. "Give me your cock baby...I know you got a big load..fuck my mouth..cum!..Cum!!!! Cum for me..." she keeps on saying. I grab the back of her head forcing my cock as far as it will go in her small mouth. Her cheeks are wide open. Her lips are hug around my shaft. "Fuck!!!!! Grunt!!!!" I let go as she sucks harder. I started to cum. I can feel her tongue on the bottom of my shaft. I can feel some of my load going down her throat. I can feel some coming up the sides. I then see a few drops come out of her mouth onto the floor.

I help Dawn off the floor. She looks at me as I turn her around. I run my hands on her ass. I slap my cock on her ass next. I am kissing the back of her neck. She is beginning to moan. I ran my big hands around her hips. I then run it around her waist. I stop when I find the front of her pussy. She moves her legs apart. I move my free hand between her legs from behind. Just under her ass. I find the back of her pussy. From both sides I insert my index finger in her pussy. She is moaning and breathing much more heavy now. I look at her eyes. They are glazed over as I work my two fingers in her wet pussy. She is very wet and after a minutes her body tenses up. "Yes!! Your making me cum....God!!!! My pussy!!!! I am having an orgasm." Dawn yelled. I can feel my fingers get wet. I pull them out to lick them. She is very sweet.

I move my bare feet next to hers. I bend her down from the waist. She is touching the wooden bench next to the wall. She grabs the edge. I then guide my cock to her pussy. I can feel her small cunt lips open as I slowly go deeper inside her. I began to pick up a good rhythm as I fuck her. I grab her hips to hold on. I can see my cock is wet from her pussy. I am dripping on the floor from her wetness. She is so wet. I fall out and have to readjust back inside her. "Faster! Faster! Faster!!!! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!! Yes!!!!!!" she screams. I see her arch her back as she tries to look over her shoulder. Her hair is moving over her ear as she screams. God her pussy feels great. She has great use of her muscles inside her hot pussy. She begins to grip my cock like no other.

I really pick up the pace. She can barely stand. I feel her knees go out twice. Finally I walk her over to the bench. With my cock still in her she gets on her knees on the wood bench. She is holding the small boards with her hands. I have my left knee on the bench and my right foot on the floor. Her two feet are behind me. I put her knees together. I put my left hand on the wall to gain my balance. I start to slap her ass with my right hand. It goes from white, to pink to red. She is shaking her ass. I am using long strokes and all my hips to fuck her more. I can feel her pussy milking my cock. I am beginning to loose my mind. I went from looking for something to drink. To fucking this hot girl in this wooden changing room on a deck, near a great beach on a beautiful island.

I grab her ass with my two big hands. "Don't stop....keep it in me...fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Yes! Yes! Yes! Cum inside me Buck.." Dawn said. I moan very loud. I can barely hear her scream as I begin to bury my cock inside her as far as it will go. I can feel my cock head open. I am really cumming inside her. "I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yells. She start to orgasm again from my cock.

I was sitting there on the bench. I am covered in sweat, from both of us. I watch Dawn put on her bathing suit. Her pussy lips are red as she pulls up her suit nice and tight. I tie the back. She gives me a big kiss on the lips. "I need to get back to my friends. They will be wondering were I went. Maybe we can meet up later if your staying at the hotel for a few days. That is if you want to see me again." she smiled.

A few minutes after she left I got dressed. I walked back to my blanket. I saw Dawn and her friends in the water. I smiled at her as I got my things. I got into my rental car. I drove up the coast for a bite to eat. It was close to midnight when I got back to my room at the hotel.

I was in front of the door at the bungalow on the beach. I was running my hands in my pockets to no avail. Damn I must have lost my room key. I put my hand on the door knob to the room. The door opens. I look to my left to see some candles around the room. There a big bottle of champagne near the rose covered bed. I gulp as I can hear to water from the bathroom. I pull the door open. I look down to see a blue bikini. A Michigan Grey sweat shirt, some women's sandals. "Hey!! Oh you forgot your room key in my bathing suit. I walked passed your blanket and somehow your room key jumped into my bathing suit." Dawn said. "That is funny how that happens. Is there room for one more in that bubble bath?" I said.

"Attention Wal-Mart shoppers!!!! Watch for falling prizes!!!!" said the voice in the loud speaker. Damn was it a dream!!!! Was it real!!! "Excuse me sir. Do you need some help? The changing room is right over here..." said a women's voice. I followed her amazing ass to the changing room. She opend the small blue door to let me in. "Do you need help big boy????" she said as I smiled. I looked at her name tag. "Dawn" "Oh I see you like the outfit I sent you." I said. "Shhhh!! Be quite. I can't believe you drove all this way to see me. I love the outfit. The heels and short skirt are perfect. I did not wear anything underneath like your note said. Where did you get the name tag?" Dawn said. "Shhhh do you like what you see??? Then come here." I said.


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