Monday, January 4, 2010

Risky Business - An Adult Story

I had my police man uniform on tonight. I just got off the elevator on the 25th floor. I was heading down the hallway with my night stick, badge, hat, gun, and dark shades on. I had my duffel bag with a change of clothes inside. I checked the suite number on the small piece of paper. I had made a note on the night before. I was to go to suite 2569. I had been hired by a woman over the phone. I could here the ladies inside the suite. The room was definitely rocking on the other side of the thin door. I checked myself one last time before I knocked.

"Knock! Knock!" The door opened wide. "Ladies!!!! I am Officer Buck! The hotel called because you have been very loud." I said. All I could hear was six women yelling at the top of there lungs at me. One woman pinched my ass as I walked passed them. They were sitting around in a big circle. There was one hot woman sitting in a chair in the middle. Two women were standing on the king size bed as I walked passed them. "Ohhh Officer Buck is here to arrest us girls." said a cute Latina woman. "Yes! I am here to arrest somebody. This is a bust. Let me show you my weapon first." I said. They all screamed again.

I ripped off my pants. The Velcro ripped right off. I had only a small black g-string covering my semi hard cock. I then felt some hands on my chest as they ripped off my top. They were all screaming. The hot girl in the middle started to cover her eyes. Her friends yelled, "Surprise Charlene...Its your Birthday...Officer Buck show her your weapon." I walked over as someone hit the music. I put my police hat on her as she smiled and ran her hands on my athletic chest. I was now naked except for my small black g-string. I kicked off my leather boots as the women screamed again. I was suppose to give a nice hot naughty strip and a lap dance to the birthday girl. I had done a few shows before. I just smiled more when I noticed how hot the birthday girl was.

She was about 5ft 5 with dark hair down to her shoulders. She had on a black mini cocktail dress that was showing off her luscious legs. The top scooped down showing off her amble cleavage. I noticed she had a wedding ring and some very hot gold jewelery. I smiled when she started to spank my ass. I was bent over her shaking my cock in her face. She ran her hands all over my 6 foot 4 inch frame. Some of the other women came over and stuffed money in my g-string. A few got to feel my cock. One girl shoved a finger under my big naked balls. I had one girl kiss my ass as she rubbed my chest. All the girls were around us shaking there bodies on me and the birthday girl. After a few minutes I went back to my duffel bag by the front door. The girls quited down as they watched me.

I grabbed some vegetable oil in a big plastic bottle. I grabbed a towel and put it on the bed. I then had the girls rub oil all over my body getting me very wet. I shook my ass as fast as they could spank it. One girl ran her hands inside touching my cock. "Strip! Take it off Officer Buck! Yeah take it off baby!!" said the girls. I was teasing them as they put more money in my g-string. After a few minutes and feeling pretty oily I went back to the duffel bag. Just like before they quited for a second. I pulled out some whip cream in a big metal can. There eyes lit up as I strutted over to them.

I went over to the birthday girl. I straddled her legs. My cock was inches from her large chest. Her sexy red lips blew me a kiss. Her sexy eyes sent shivers down my spine as I looked at her. I handed her the whip cream. She sprayed my hard abs with one big white line. She then licked it off and ran her tongue around my mid section. I put some on my ass. Two girls licked it off at the same time. All the girls cheered there friends on. "Strip! Strip! Shake that ass. OMG do it!! God he taking off his bottoms." said the girls. I pulled down the g-string half way across my ass. I put the Birthday girls hands on my bare flesh. She gave my ass a big squeeze as she smiled from ear to ear. I then had her lick off some cream just below my waist. She licked my bare skin and smiled again.

I was close. My cock was now very hard. The birthday girl...."Ayyyyyyy Yes! Fuck yes!" she said. She pulled off my g-string and all 9 3/4 inches of hard cock fell out in front of her face. The girls rushed to get closer. I let my g-string fall to the ground. One girl grabbed it and put on her lips. I danced for the birthday girl as she sat there and ran her hands all over me. I then started to kiss her as my cock was on her dress. My big naked balls hit the top of her cleavage. She began to scream in my mouth. I felt her hands and two more on my ass. I then felt one girl hand on my cock as she stroked it. I turned to give her some action. The birthday girl slapped my ass as I wiggled my cock in her friends face. After a few songs I had given each girl a lap dance.

I then saw the can of whip cream appear. An older woman in the group came forward. She got on her knees in front of me. She sprayed a line of cream down my hard cock. She then started to lick my cock clean as her friends screamed. I reached over to pull the towel off the bed. I put the towel around my waist. The girls who wanted to watch came around. The girls who did not move to the bed. The birthday girl looked on. Three more girls came up to lick whip cream off my cock. One girl deep throated me before she got on her feet and gave me a long kiss. I danced for them for another thirty minutes before my show was done. I gave them each a big kiss as the handed me my clothes. I gave the birthday girl one long kiss and spanked her ass as I walked to the bathroom.

I could hear the girls still screaming and having fun. I looked in the mirror. I had red lip stick, pink lip stick, nail scratches, whip cream, oil and sweat all over my body. I put all the money in my duffel bag. I then started the water in the sink. I began to clean off my hard cock. I did not cum from the show. I wanted to jerk off. I was so horny but I did not want to spend to much time in the bathroom with all the girls just outside. I cleaned off my chest, ass and legs with a big towel. I heard the door open to the big suite. I then heard the girls began to go out in the hallway. "Charlene Happy Birthday girl. We will be waiting for you in the night club down in the lobby. Yeah! Go..Its your birthday...Woot..Woot..." the door shut and there was quite in the room.

A second later. "Knock! Knock! I put on some white boxer briefs from my duffel bag. I opened the bathroom door. "Hi! Our you OK?" said the birthday girl. "Yes! Thanks for asking. Come on in. I was just changing. Where did your friends go?" I said. "Oh! They went to the lobby. I'm going to meet up with them later. I had to make sure you were OK first. I am sorry we were a little rough on you. Were not normally that rowdy. By the way my name Charlene." she said. "Its cool. It happens. I am glad you had fun." I said. She shut the door behind her as I walked backed in the bathroom. There was a small shower on one side. A big sink with a big counter top on the other. There was a big glass mirror behind the counter.

I smiled in the mirror as I saw her checking me out in my tight white boxer briefs. My cock was still hard as she put her right index finger in her mouth and bite down on the tip of her long nail. She had painted her finger and toe nails a bright red to match her sexy lips. She had on a pair of 6 inch platform red heels. She kept staring as I washed my chest with a hand towel. I combed my short hair as she looked on. I was now clean and put down the towel. I turned to look at her. "Charlene there is a tradition that the birthday girl get spanked. They spanker spanks the birthday girl with the same number of spanking as her new age." I said. Charlene smiled. She walked over and whispered in my ear her age.

I smiled. I then turned to her as she put her hands on my chest. We began to kiss very passionately. I picked her up in my big arms to kiss her harder. I could feel her large chest on mine as her breathing increased. She put her hands around my neck to kiss me with her sexy red lips. I felt her tongue next as she smiled. I opened my eyes to see her looking in my blue eyes. I then put her down on the counter top next to the sink. She moved her legs open as we began to make put. She ran her long nails through my short hair. I put my hands on her face to kiss her harder. She tossed her head to the side to uncover her eyes from her long hair. She kissed me again as she bite my lower lip. I then put my hands on her hips. She moved her legs around my waist. She locked on with her hot red platform heels. I could feel the left heel rub on my ass as she slipped me the tongue one more time.

"Knock! Knock!!! Charlene are you in there? Its me. Come out. The girls are waiting on you baby." said a girls voice. "Tell them Buck, I already left. That your just finishing getting dressed." said Charlene. "Hey! It's just me. I am just getting dressed. Thanks! I think you friend left." I said. Charlene giggled as the door to the room opened then closed. We could hear all the girls run down the hall. "We better get going Buck. I guess I should go see my friends. You are a very a good kisser. For such a young guy you can kiss baby." said Charlene. I put on a tight black t-shirt. I then put on some tight black sweat pants that were very tight in the crotch area. I put on some black sandals. I then picked Charlene off the counter top. She smiled as she held the bathroom door open for me.

I picked up all my clothes and put them in my duffel bag. I put my boots in next. I then opened the room door. Charlene walked out first and looked down the hall. Her friends had left but were probably waiting at the front of the elevator for her. I smiled. I had worked here once before. I rode in the service elevator the last time I was at this hotel. "If you like we can take the service elevator. Its kinda of tight but I don't think your friends will see you. Then once on the ground floor you can walk behind them and surprise them." I said. "That sounds great. Lead the way Buck." she smiled. We walked down the hall. I could really smell her perfume now that we were not in the hotel room. She was very sexy as we walked down the hall. I found the service elevator. I hit the down button.

A few minutes later the door opened. We were on the top floor. It was an express elevator to the ground floor. There was only three buttons. The lobby or the 25th floor and a big red stop button. I smiled as we both walked in. The elevator was only about 6ft by 6ft. It was very small. There was a small 2inch metal rail that went around the inside of the elevator on the four walls. All four walls had floor to ceiling mirrors. I saw her smile as the door closed in the front mirror. I then felt her hand on my ass. I turned to find her lips almost on mine. We began to kiss as the elevator started to go down. I dropped my duffel bag on the floor of the elevator. I then put my hands on her hips as she put her hands around my neck. I looked into her eyes again as we were kissing. I wanted to see more of her. She was turning me on so much. I was horny from stripping for her. I was now more excited from her lips and amazing body touching me.

I could feel her reaching for something. I felt her hand trying to hit something in the elevator. I looked to see we were on the 10th floor. I then saw she was trying to hit the stop button. "Buck! Hit the stop button honey." she said. I hit the big red button making the elevator stop. We were between the 9th and 10th floor. The elevator made no noise. I guess because we were in the service elevator nothing happened. I then started to kiss her as she ran her hands through my hair. I then moved my hands down her dress. I stopped on her ass. She moved her ass in my hands, giving me a great feel. I kissed her long and hard as she grabbed my ears. She broke our kiss and looked up at me.

I picked her up and slammed her against the far mirror. She had her back against the mirror as she grabbed my hair in her hands. I was moving my lips on her as she ran her hands down my back. I rested her ass on the metal rail as I pushed my hard body against hers. I could feel her nipples get hard under her dress. I broke our kiss and looked down at her luscious breast. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast. I began to fondle them over the thin material. She moaned in my ear as she tried to bite my neck. I could feel her legs wrapped around my waist. She had her heels on my ass as she felt great in my arms. I bite her lower lip, like she had me. This brought her to scream in my ear as I grunted in hers. I then felt her try to unzip her dress. I looked down to see her left hand reach for her zipper. She could not get it. She took my hand and moved it on her left hip. I found her zipper.

"I need to feel your body against mind. Unzip me! Let me feel your skin against mine." she whispered in my ear. I slowly unzipped her dress. She pulled my black t-shirt over my head. I then felt her dress began to slowly cascaded down her body against the mirror. I caught my breath as she broke our kiss. I then watched as she pulled her dress down to the side and let it fall on the floor. She had on a big push up bra that made her breast run over the top of the material. It was black to match her dress. It was a size to small. It look like it was going to burst from the sheer weight of her amazing breast. Her nipples were on the edge and peeking out of the top. I cupped her left breast with my big hand, she moaned again. She had on small black thong. It had a inch of material around the top. Around her waist and then the front was dark black. The back was set high just showing enough of her sexy ass in the mirror. I looked to my left to see her ass in the mirror. She even looked and smiled.

She could see me pressed against her as I kissed her cheek. I reached between her breast to unclasp the bra. The bra fell open and her breast ran down my bare skin. They were resting on my chest as her hot nipples burned my skin. She moaned in my ear as she grabbed my head to kiss my lips. We began to kiss long and hard again. I ran my hands down her curves on her side. I stopped on her ass as she pressed her body against mine. I was so hot for her. If she only knew how hot she was making me. She was a hot older woman who was driving me crazy. I kissed her as I pushed her head against the mirror. I rubbed my bare chest against her breast. They fell to the side hitting my forearms as she still had her heels wrapped around my waist. I started to dry hump her against the mirror. She forced my ass forward causing my hard cock to rub against her black thong. I looked down to see she was very wet. I did not know what to say but she looked into my eyes.

I felt her move as I dropped my hands to my waist. I pulled down my sweat pants. I then pulled down my white boxer briefs. My hard cock was sitting between her black thong and my waist as she looked down. She moved her legs to give me better access. She grabbed my cock with her left hand. She used her right hand to move her thong to the side. I then felt the tip of my cock rub against the outside of her pussy. She was clean shaven as she rubbed my cock on her skin. I grunted when I felt her find her tight pussy entrance. She spread her legs and I pushed her against the mirror off the metal rail. I put her on my cock. I got half my cock inside before her pussy muscles tried to push me out. She was breathing hard in my ear. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me faster! Faster honey!" she moaned.

I had my sweat pants and underwear on my sandals as I pushed Charlene against the mirrors inside the elevator. She was breathing hard as my cock moved farther inside her. She let out a scream after I got all the way inside her. I picked her off my cock and then back down. I was slamming my cock inside her tight pussy. I moaned in her ear as she gave me a kiss. Her breast fell to the side and on my chest as I fucked her harder. I could feel my big balls slap under her pussy against the bottom of her ass. She grunted as I had her pinned against the mirror. She looked over my shoulder to see my ass flex in the mirror. I grinded my body on her soft skin as she kissed my neck. She then put her mouth on my ear. "Yes! Oh god you so big. Faster! Faster honey. God your fucking me great. That it honey. I love your big thick cock inside me. I never felt anybody that deep before." she moaned.

I broke our kiss. I turned her around as I put her on her heels. She arched her back and stuck out her ass for me. I licked my hands and kicked off my sweat pants and sandals. I pulled her black thong off over her ass and curvy legs. She watched as I stroked my cock and inserted it in her tight pussy. I grabbed her hips forcing my cock inside her. She grabbed the metal rail for balance. She looked to her left and right to watch me fuck her from behind. I was slamming my cock in her a she screamed. I was really picking up the pace as I stood on my tippy toes to move my cock at a different angle inside her pussy. I would feel her cunt lips tighten around my shaft as I came almost all the way out of her. Then I slammed it long and tight inside her. She loved this and shook her ass faster to get a better grip of my tool. I was sweating fast as I picked up the pace. I could not last much longer as she orgasm for the first time on my cock. She then came a few minutes later. I grunted as I held on to the base of my cock. I pulled out as she got on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock and aimed at her red lips. Two quick strokes and I was cumming on her face. 2 big blast. Then two more in her mouth. She then licked the tip. She cleaned my off. "I can still taste the whip cream big boy." she said.

She handed me her thong and matching bra. I put it in my duffel bag along with my white boxer briefs. I zipped her dress up as I put back on my clothes. I hit the button to go down. The elevator opened. We were in the back of the hotel near the kitchen. We had to walk through the kitchen. The cooks and waiters checked her small dress out as I pushed our way to the back door of the hotel. I looked at my watch. It was close to 2am. I had taken the subway from my house. It was a small walk to the station. The last train was at 2am. "Charlene! Do you have a car?" I said. "No! My friends drove me. How did you get here?" she said. "I took the subway from my house." I said. "Do you have a car at your house?" she said. "Yes!" I said. "Can I get a ride in the morning?" she said with a smile. "We we better hurry, the last train is at 2am." I said.

The train was sitting at the end of the station. There was the lead car followed by 8 cars. I looked in the windows as we kept walking to the last car. All of the cars were empty except for the last one. The last car had only one occupant inside. He was an older guy who was slumped over and snoring in his seat. The car had three seats on each side facing each other. There was another group of two seats that was five rows wide. There was a total of 16 seats in the car. Each seat was made of a hard yellow plastic. There was six metal poles and straps to hold yourself up when the train was moving. I took Charlene hand and watched her sit down. I then sat next to her as the doors to the car closed. I then felt the subway move. We had about an hour before we got to my stop.

We both looked down to see the older guy was still sleeping. I looked at her next. She had on her big red platform heels and her black mini dress. I had on my black t-shirt and a pair of tight black sweat pants. I put the duffel bag on the floor next to my feet. I then watched as Charlene got up out of her seat. The subway moved back and forth. The lights flickered on inside the car. The lights outside flashed through the windows. Charlene reached up to grab the metal pole in front of us. She started to move her ass and put on a show for me. I was getting turned on again from this hot women who I just met a few hours ago. I looked at the front of my sweat pants. They had already began to form a tent. My cock was rock hard as she swung her amazing ass in my face. I put my hands on her ass and gave it a big squeeze. She moaned as I felt the train slow down. I heard the next stop on the loud speaker.

Charlene slowed down on the pole from dancing. I smiled when I got up and walked down to the older guy slumped over in his seat. I put my arm around him to get him up on his feet. He did not say anything as I walked him to the sliding doors of the train. They opened as I walked him out and put him on bench near the station. I then turned around to walk back in the train. There were no other passengers boarding the train. I smiled when I sat down and Charlene picked up her dancing where she left off. I pulled out some cash and placed it in her dress. She smiled and gave me a big kiss every time I did that. She even giggled when she put her heels on my cock and gave it a turn. She could tell how hard I was. She smiled she looked over her shoulder and felt my hands ride up her bare skin.

I watched as she took off her dress. I took off my shirt. I looked up to see she was completely naked except for her red hot heels. She turned around as I pushed my sweat pants down to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes. I pulled off my bottoms completely. I was now naked as she lowered her hot pussy on my hard cock. I grabbed her ass and moved her lower on my cock. She moaned as I ran my hands on the front of her body. I fondled her breast and bite her neck as she rode my cock. I was biting my lip as she fucked me harder. After 15 minutes she got off and turned around to sit on my cock again. I felt the train move and the lights go by her face.

She looked down as she put her hands on my chest. I smiled back at her. I felt her fingers on the back of the wall over my head as she rode my cock. I grabbed her left breast to stick in my mouth. I licked her nipple and sucked her magnificent breast. I then moved my free hand to hold her ass. She was rocking the train car as she screamed. I then felt her hot wetness on my cock. She orgasm again one more time as she screamed in my ear. I grabbed both her breast to smash them on my face as I continued to fuck her. I then pick her up. I bent her over a she held onto the metal pole. I grabbed her hips smashing my cock in her tight pussy. She screamed as I pulled out my cock and pushed it back in. I held onto her thighs as I felt her legs quiver from my muscles pounding her. She screamed one last time as I bite her neck. I left my cock inside her as I shot a huge load in her. My cock was buried as I rested inside her and fell out after twenty minutes.

She smiled as we put back on our clothes. We made out the rest of the night on the train before we got back to my place. I picked her up and carried her to my bed. We spent the rest of the night making love. I drove her home the next day. It was just the first night of more to come for this sexy birthday girl and her blue eye Bucky.

Happy Birthday
Sexy Charlene


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