Monday, January 18, 2010

Dressed for the Part - An Adult Story

It was close to 5pm when I got off work. I was heading over to my friends house. I used to work with Scott before he transferred to another department. He was a cool guy. He liked the same things I did. Voluptuous women, bodacious women, and seeing them all dressed up with big heels and tight clothes. He had a big fetish to see women in there bare feet. I always got a big kick out seeing him go crazy if we were at the pool and some girls took off there shoes to get in the water.

I pulled into his driveway. I called him on his cell. He came out of house heading to my SUV. He climbed in. "Hey Buck! Hows it going?" said Scott. "Good man. How are you?" I said. "Glad to be off work. Where are we going? Why did you say to bring a change of clothes and a smile?" he said. I laughed for a second. "Listen. I got great news. I am taking you to see a really good friend of mine. She is having a toy and lingerie party. She invited some of her friends and people from where she used to work to her house. It starts about 7pm until its finished." I said with a smile. Scott's eye balls about fell out. "What? What did you say? We are going to this party? Who party is it?" said Scott. "Oh were going. Remember that woman you are always asking me about..." I said. "You mean Mrs. T. Wow! Are you fucking with me. Are you going to take me to some house. Drop my ass off and leave me. Dude you better not be fucking with me." said Scott.

"No! I am taking you to her house. Were not really invited to hang out and party with them. She asked me to do her a big favor. She needed me to get one more guy to help her tonight." I said. "What do you mean? Were going but we can't party with them or hang out?" he said. "No! Better man. We are going to be working. She got some little uniforms for us to wear. We walk around hand out drinks. Maybe hand them some food. Nothing to bad. You can bartend if you want. Make some girlie drinks for them. What ever they want." I said. "OK! What ever you say man. You know I am down with what ever you have planned. Were both single and looking to mingle. I need to get away for the night any ways. Plus seeing Mrs. T. will be hot." Scott said. "So we will do what ever she says. Then after the party gets over, we can sit and relax. She has a huge pool, hot tub, sauna and a kick ass pool table in her basement. Kinda of game room down stairs. Just play it cool. She is married but her husband away on business. I think you will see why Friday night at Mrs. T. rocks.

We made some small talk as I drove to Mrs. T. I parked up the street from her house. We each grabbed our gym bag, as we got out of my SUV. We walked down the road to her big house. I rang the buzzer at the gate. I saw the camera move. I then heard her sexy giggle over the intercom. A second later the gate opened. Scott and I walked up her driveway to the main house. I knocked on the side door to her kitchen. The door opened and we both walked in. I took a deep breath. I though Scott might pass out. Mrs. T was standing there with her hair up in a big white towel. She had a thin white bathrobe on. There were parts of the bath robe that were still wet. She most have just got out of the shower. You could see her erect nipples as plain as day under the thin material. She smiled. "Hey sexy. Who do we have here?" she said. "This is my friend Scott. Scott this is the lovely Mrs. T." I said. She giggled. Scott took a step in to say, "Hi!...Ummmm." I turned to get a hug from Mrs. T. She then walked over to Scott. "Nice to meet you Scott. I have heard nothing but good things about you from Buck. I hope you ready to have fun tonight. Let me give you a hug." she said as she hugged him.

Scott froze and stuck his hands around her waist. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. I could tell her large breast rubbed against him. His eyes got big and she giggled as she motion for us to follow her. We walked down the hall to the stairs. I looked up to the second floor. "Follow me guys. I am so glad you both could make it. I got some really cute girls coming tonight. There all my size or bigger. So hands off Buck until after the party. I know how you are. Scott do you like big gurls? As much as your sexy friend." Mrs. T. said. He just shook his head "Yes!" as we followed her half naked ass up the stairs. "I got some great clothes, lingerie, heels and adult toys to show tonight. I went to the adult super store down in Baltimore and got everything we need.

We walked down the hall once we got to the top floor. We walked passed the master bedroom to the spare bedroom. I opened the door. "There was only one small problem guys. The uniforms I had for you two were sold out. Buck I know I promised you. But they did not have the leather pants, red bow tie and small cumber bun, liked I said they would. The items never got return to the store. So I had the girl at the cash register give me another suggestion. Now don't kill me. All they had where these." Mrs. T. said. I looked on the spare bed. I then heard Scott gym bag hit the floor. Mrs. T. closed her eyes and crossed her fingers. There were two costumes on the bed. Each one was a woman's costume. There were two sets of high heels. Two set of black fishnet stockings. Two black thongs. Two small black mini skirts. Two black/red corsets. There was one blonde wig and one brunette wig. I looked at Mrs. T. Then I looked at Scott. I smiled. It was not the first time I got dressed up to role play. I would have done anything if I thought I would get me into a hot girls pants. It was just I was worried about Scott. We are not gay or bi. Not that's there anything bad about that. It just not for me. I was sure it was not for Scott either. But getting laid will cause guys to do just about anything to get some.

"Why don't you continue to get ready, while Scott and I talk." I said. Mrs. T. left the room. I heard the master bedroom door shut. Then the hair dryer turn on. I looked at Scott. His mouth was wide open. "Buck! Are you serious man? Are we going to do this? I mean I never dressed up like some girl before. I am not gay man." said Scott. "Dude first. Getting dressed up like a girl does not mean your gay." I said. "I know! Bad choice of words." he said. "Second! Did you not get dressed up for Halloween." I said. "Yeah but I was a Policeman for Halloween." he said. "Have you ever dressed up to role play with some chick? You know like get dressed up to role play some S&M stuff." I said. "Yes! But I was dressed like the guy. Not the girl. I'm having second thoughts." he said. "I'm not. I know Mrs. T. and the kind of girls she hangs out with. There all real cute, voluptuous and very sexy. I mean I have scored more than a few times. Listen just try it on. If your not comfortable, then take it off. Just follow what I do." I said.

"But First follow me." I said. I opened the spare bathroom door down at the end of the hall. I reached under the sink to grab some of my items I get to leave on occasions. I handed Scott a new razor and some shave cream. We both shaved our faces. Then I did some touch up. While Scot had to shave most of his body. He looked in the mirror and shook his head. I handed him some body spray, and gave him the thumbs up. We walked back to the spare bedroom in our underwear.

"Hi guys! Hey Buck how are you? Oh you look good. Who is this?" said Ivory. Ivory was a little sex pot that I met a few weeks ago at our swim class. Mrs. T, Ivory and I had a great night together. I looked at Ivory. She was dressed in a tight pair of jeans that showed off her bodacious ass. She had a small black skin tight top. I could tell she was not wearing a bra. "Oh this is Scott. Scott this is Ivory a sexy friend of mind and Mrs. T. I see you here for the party tonight." I said. "Oh! I would not miss it. I ran into Mrs. T in the bathroom. She told me to come help you two get dressed. She also gave me some nail polish to put on you two before the party starts." she said as she smiled.

Scott mouth dropped open. "Dude! Say what??" he said. "Sounds nice. I guess she is going all out for this party. She is going to owe me big time." I said. We both sat down on the bed. I put my feet on a small chair. Ivory put some black nail polish on our toes. She then painted are finger nails crimson red. "Oh you two look hot. Damn I can't wait to see you dressed up. Oh god your going to be the hit of the party. Damn Buck I am wet." Ivory said. "We are not wearing makeup. I have to draw the line." I said. "Ivory smiled. Just some lip balm. Here is two tubes. Go slow you two." she said. I looked at Scott. He had glitter on his lips. I new I did too because he shook his head. "Help us get in these clothes. Be gentle." I said.

Ivory reached down to grab the corset. "Turn around. Look in the mirror and see how I tighten this up int he back. Just breath in. Go slow. You look great Buck." she sighed. Scott was next and she tied his corset a little tighter. I then pull down my underwear to my ankle and stepped out of them. I grabbed the black thong and slid it up so it fit my cock very snug. My cock instantly reacted to the cool thin black material. I then sat on the bed as Scott pulled down his underwear. He put on his black thong as I looked at me feet in the black fishnets. Ivory just stared at Scott cock then back at mine. I saw her pinch her right nipple under her top. She then helped me get my fishnets up over my thong. They fit snug around my waist. She then helped Scott. She brushed against his cock with her hand and smiled. She pulled tight. She then helped pull our black mini skirts up over the fishnets. I could feel the top button in the back showing off my crack. It was cut very low on my thigh. The mini was cut on the side. I could easily get my hand in the side to feel my cock.

Next Ivory helped us get out wigs on. I looked in the mirror and closed my eyes. Scott just shook his head. "This better be worth it. I mean Buck look at us." he said. "Ivory then helped put on our heels. I took a few minutes and directions on how to walk. My toes already ached. My calves looked great. Ivory smiled as she saw us walk. "Not so easy is it guys. Damn you two look hot. I need some cock. Can I feel yours first Buck. I need to check under your skirt." she moaned. Just then the door to the spare bedroom opened. "Oh! Ivory you did a great job on these two hotties. OMG both your cocks are hard under those mini skirts. I can tell your going to be great tonight. Scott are you still OK with this? I don't have to ask Buck. He does everything for me. Look at him. Ivory stop playing with him. Pull out your hand. We need to save him for later." Mrs T. said. Ivory pulled her hand out. Mrs. T walked over to Scott. She gave him a big kiss on the lips. Then stroked his cock under his mini skirt. Scott smiled as Mrs. T. walked toward the bed room door. "Both you hot guys follow me. Ivory head to the kitchen. I will meet you there." said Mrs. T.

We both followed Mrs. T. down the stairs to the living room. We set up some glasses and liquor on the bar. Then she laid out the adult toys, lingerie and heels all over the room. There was some gift bags, ordering forms, and some large bowels full of condoms. With "T" in pink on them. "OK! Scott you be the bartender for awhile. Then you guys switch off. Just relax. Buck you serve the women what ever they want. Just not your cock untill later. Answer the door. Show them into the living room. I can't wait. Oh and Scott. Buck tells me you are good with feet. Can you help us try on the heels later. Both you and Buck can put them on the girls feet." She smiled. I thought Scott might pass out. "Ding! Dong!" door bell. "Oh my first guest." said Mrs. T.

I opened the door. There were two hot older women. Both in there thirties. Both were African American and very curvy. They each had a matching Apple Bottom outfits on as they walked with Mrs. T. into the living room. " Athena and Jasmin glad you two could make it. Would you like a drink?" she said. Athena was about 5ft 9 with a beautiful carmel skin tone and Jasmin was a little shorter and had a sexy dark chocolate skin tone. I saw Ivory walk by. She gave me a kiss and headed in the living room. I heard a small knock at the door. I opened it up. There were three blondes. All about the same age and size. They all looked me up and down. "Hey girls. Oh this is my servant for tonight. Get the girls coats. Thanks for coming. Jenna, Lori, Tonya you all look sexy in those dresses." said Mrs. T. Each girl had a black skin tight cocktail dress on over there curvy bodies. They were Mrs. T cousins and were talking faster than I could show them the living room.

I hung up there jackets. I could hear all the girls chatting away in the living room. I saw Scott smile when all the girls were talking to him at the bar. I opened the door again. There was a very hot Asian girl. "Oh Suki glad you could make it. I love your little mini skirt and top. Suki was wearing these super small red leather shorts and tight black mini top. She was smaller than all the girls but still looked hot as she walked to the living room. She had a samll juicy hard ass. She smiled at me. A second later I opened the door again. I almost fainted. There was a very big gurl in the door way. She smiled. "OMG Gina is that you. I can't believe you made it. We used to work together. I got your email but I did not realize you be in town tonight. Look at the outfit your wearing. That is so hot." said Mrs. T. My mouth was wide open. My glitter lips were dry.

Gina was maybe 5ft 10. She had long blonde hair, with red high lites passed the middle of her back. She was wearing some huge 4 inch green platform heels on. She was wearing skin tight green dressed that showed off her huge cleavage. Her boobs were the biggest of all the women there. Had to be close to 46GG. She shook her hips and walked passed me. Her breast were huge but her ass was bigger. It came in following her. J Lo would have been jealous. It was round, tight and moved under her dress. All the girls stopped to check her out. Mrs. T. hand drifted down to Gina lower back as she moved her hand on her ass. My cock fell out of my thong. I felt the fishnets pull on my cock. I moved my hand under my skirt to put my cock back inside my thong.

"OK Buck. Great job. I think there is only one more guest yet to arrive. I heard a car pull up. I opened the front door a second later. "Mrs. T. let out a big laugh. "I was hoping I did not miss your party girl." said this older woman. She was maybe in her late fifties. But very hot and sexy. She was about 5ft 7. She was built for fucking. With her huge tits, wide hips and thick ass. She caused me to get in accident chasing her down. I froze for the firs time tonight. She was dressed in a skin tight black leather dress. She had these huge pink finger nails. Maybe 5inches long. I hate for her to scratch me with them. She had on some black high heels. Her toes nails were painted pink. She put out her cigarette with her heel on the side walk. She walked in. "Oh Mrs. T. who is this hot young stud?" she said. "That is Buck. He is going to help me tonight with the party. Him and his friend Scott are helping. They were both nice enough to wear these costumes for the party. Don't you think that look hot Brenda." said Mrs. T.

"Oh Buck is hot. I see Scott. He is cute too. I need a drink doll. I am here girls." said Brenda. I went to the kitchen to get some food. I put some shrimp, meat balls, chicken fingers on some plates. I let the girls choose as Mrs. T. talked about the different lingerie. They were all excited about the large sizes and what a great bargain they could buy things for. I handed out some more food. I then went to stand behind the bar. The girls were all sitting out front. I looked over at Scott. He just smiled. "Damn! I can't believe we are doing this. I am having a blast. Look at all these hot women." said Scott. I smiled. I looked down to see my cock was standing straight up. I could feel the tip on the top of the thong.

"Hey Buck. I am going to go get something to eat in the kitchen. I'll be right back." said Scott. I watched as the girls sat and chatted. I saw Ivory come over and lean on the bar. She was making me so hot and hard. My cock flopped around. But true to her word to Mrs. T. she kept her hands off me. After a few minutes. "Do me a favor sexy. Go see were Scott is." I said. Ivory got up and headed for the kitchen. I turned to see Brenda get off her chair and come to the bar. "I'll have a seven and seven handsome. I like your outfit. But I really like what you have under that skirt. I can see your at full attention. Did I do that?" said Brenda. I just smiled. "Here you go. I told Mrs. T. I would behave tonight. She had asked me to control myself until after the party." I said. Brenda licked her lips. "I am not sure if I can't wait that long. I am sure you can get him up more than once big boy. I just love young hard men." she purred.

I saw Ivory coming as Brenda sipped her drink. "Where is Scott?" I said. "He is being detained at the moment." she said. "What?" I said. "How do I put this. The Asian girl, and Mrs. T cousins are jacking his cock in the kitchen. They have there heels off and pulled down his thong, and fishnets around his ankles. They took his heels and are jacking his cock on the Asian girls ass. They are running there bare feet all over him. There jacking his big dick with there bare feet. He had this big grin on his face. I walked there and almost fainted. I wanted to jump in and get my pussy licked but it was almost done. They had Scott cock out and were rubbing his cock and semen on the Asian girls ass. I was like WOW that is hot." Ivory said. Brenda moved around to see Ivory. "Would you like to go outside for a smoke break little girl?" said Brenda. "Oh I like that allot. I need a good smoke right now from seeing that." said Ivory.

A few minutes later I walked to the sliding glass door leading to the back deck. I saw Ivory on her hands and knees sucking Brenda pussy. Brenda was sitting on a wooden picnic table smoking as Ivory was eating her pussy. I then saw Scott walk by. I followed him back behind the bar. "Dude what's up. What happen?" I said. Scott had a big smile on his face. The girls were still talking in the room. They were showing off different adult toys. I saw the three cousin come back in. I saw Suki heading out for a smoke break. I had to see that. "Buck! This was genius. These girls went crazy in the kitchen. I walked in to get a bite to eat. A second later the Asian girl came in Suki. She had a glass of wine. Then the blondes came in. They had some wine. Before I knew it, we were all making out in the kitchen. Then someone pulled out my cock. They started to give me a great blow job. Suki was giving lesson to the blondes how to deep throat my cock. Then they took turns sucking my cock. Suki gets up and takes off her heels. She then takes off my heels. All the girls take off there heels. I was in bare feet heaven. One girl was jacking my cock with her feet. Before you know it there jacking my cock with there feet on Suki ass. I came on there toes and Suki ass. It was incredible." he said. "Fuck!" I said.

I left Scott behind the bar. I walked back to see in the back yard. Brenda was still smoking as Ivory was being eaten by Suki. Brenda had Suki over her knee spanking her. I watched Ivory cum twice before all the girls orgasm and got up. I went back to the bar. All the girls came back inside. They fixed there makeup and hair and sat down with the rest of the girls at the party. Mrs. T. kept talking as each girl passed around vibrators, dildos, a pocket rocket, and some whips, chains, and a big thing of lube. They all got to try out the items in there hands. I was about ready to put some ice on my cock to cool down. "OK! Buck and Scott come here. We need some assistance while we try on these heels.

Scott and I walked behind the bar to the front of two chairs in front of the ladies. Athena sat down in my chair and Jasmin in front of Scott. We took off there big heels. Each girls feet were very nice. I gave Athena a nice foot massage while Scott did the same to Jasmin. We each put on two different types of heels as the girl giggled in there seats. Next the three blondes took turns. Scott was going crazy on the floor. I thought he might cum again in his fishnets. Then Suki sat down in front of Scott. Ivory sat in front of me. Suki rubbed her foot on Scott cock while I rubbed Ivory calves and feet. I saw Scott almost faint when Suki made him lick her toes in front everyone. Mrs. T. came over next to Scott and watched him lick Suki toes. I think everyone was getting a little turned on. Next Mrs. T. sat down in front of Scott. He took off her heels. Then gave her a long foot massage. He kissed her feet and licked her ankles.

I waited a second giving Ivory a kiss. Then the girl who I wanted to see the most got off the couch. Brenda helped her up. I watched as Gina strutted over and sat down in the chair in front of me. I slowly took off her platform heels. I brought them up to my nose to smell. She giggled and Mrs. T. groaned in front of Scott. I then started to massage Gina sexy ankles, calves, and curvy legs. "Oh you do that well. I see why Mrs. T invited you tonight. I don't think I ever felt like this before." Gina said. I gulped as she got up and looked at her feet. She then sat down. "Buck! Pick her out the perfect pair. I know you can. You buy my heels all the time." said Mrs. T. I smiled and reached into a gift bag. I looked inside to see a pair of six inch platform wooden heels. I pulled them out. All the girls in the room groaned and then cheered as I put the heels on Gina small sexy feet. I helped her stand up. She brushed her wide ass and hip on the front of my cock. I thought I might exploded.

A few minutes later Gina walked with some of the other girls out into the hallway. I could hear them clicking in there new heels on the wood floor. I looked at Scott. He had Mrs. T. right foot in his mouth. He was sucking her toes. I watched Ivory come over to pinch Mrs. T. big breast. I then watched as they kissed. I got off the floor. All the girls were in the kitchen eating more food. I turned to watch Scott massage Mrs. T. bare feet. Ivory had him stand up. Both of them pulled down Scott black fishnets. Mrs. T. stood up and bent over the chair. Ivory pulled Mrs. T. dress over her wide hips. She then guided Scott hard cock into Mrs. T. hot pussy. I could see his eyes and both girls eyes glaze over in lust. He started to fuck Mrs. T. I could hear her moan in the living room. I looked into the kitchen to see the girls still eating. Scott was still fucking Mrs. T. He had his hands on her hips as he fucked her very fast. Ivory got down under him licking his cock as it went in and out of Mrs. T.

Finally Scott pulled out and both girls got on there knees in front of him. They jacked his big cock at Mrs. T. big breast. Ivory dropped her mouth to lick Mrs. T. nipples as Scott let a big load on both girls. They licked him clean. I watched as they tried to put on there clothes and heels. Scott walked behind the bar as both girls went down the hall to get cleaned up. Scott shot me a high five as he got himself a drink. I turned to see Brenda walking out to get another smoke break followed by the three blondes. I knew were this was going. So I walked over to watch. I turned to see Suki go in the living room with Gina. I heard Scott pour them a drink. I waited two seconds then looked out back. The three blonded where licking Brenda big fat pussy. She was smoking and running her long nails on each girls naked skin. My cock was going to exploded with out me touching it. I leaned against the glass door.

"Hey sexy! How you doing???" said Jasmin and Athena. "Oh hi girls. I was just taking a break. Ummm you might not want to look outside." I said. "Damn that old white bitch got it going on. Look at those lesbo girls eating that big fat pussy." said Athena. "Fuck she got them hoes eating her snatch. She smoking too. Her nails are longer than ours. Bitch!" said Jasmin. I just smiled. I love all women. They just have to be confident in there bodies. I peeked down to see both girls had some banging hot curves. Jasmin ass was coming out the top of her short skirt. I saw Athena checking me out watching her friend. "Oh girl I think he like you. He checking out that big booty of yours. Does he want to be our Oreo tonight." Athena said. I just smiled. "Oh girl he is packing some serious meat inside that mini skirt he is wearing. Look at his lips. He got more glitter than whats on your dress Athena. I love me some sexy white boy." said Jasmin. I just smiled.

Both sexy girls took my hand. I walked them out to the garage. There was a big leather couch and a fridge in the garage. Mrs. T. had parked all the cars out front. I looked over at her Harley parked near the couch. Athena laughed. "Oh I think you have been out here before. I can see you and Mrs. T. have been busy." said Jasmin. "I usually come out here in the summer to cool down." I said. "Where going to warm you up sugar." they both said. I stood up as both girls got on the couch. I felt there long finger nails scratch on my thighs. They then pulled down my mini skirt over my heels on the floor. They yanked down my fishnets. Then pulled my thong down. My cock sprang out hitting Jasmin face. She immediately started to lick my cock in her hot mouth. Athena fondled my ass as each girl took turned sucking my cock. Each girl licked my cock at the same time. I held onto the top of there sexy hair. I looked down to see there long tongues and super hot red lips suck my cock. I could feel there cheeks suck in causing my cock to be slammed tight in there mouths.

After 15 minutes each girl got off the couch. They pushed me on the couch. I watched as Athena got naked followed by Jasmin. Athena climbed on my cock first. Jasmin sat next to me on one knee as she fed me her big boobs in my mouth. I looked down to see both girl were cleaned shaven. I smiled when I felt Athena big pussy lips grab and fuck my cock. She laughed as she pushed on my chest. She then grabbed the back of the couch to fuck me harder. Jasmin grabbed her friend right breast to suck on as I sucked her big breast. A few minutes later Athena body shook and she had a big orgasm. She drenched my cock as she got up. She got on the couch and laid down with her legs over my head. I reached over to finger her pussy to make her cum again. Jasmin took her clue and got on my cock. She slid her big breast on my face and chest. I held onto her as her breast crashed on the tight corset, that I was till wearing. Jasmin fucked me long and hard. She come almost all the way out of her pussy, then slam back on my thighs. I reached my hand around to grope her big ass. Athena let out another scream and came on my hand. She got up and walked behind her friend.

I watched as each girl kissed for a long time. I grabbed Jasmin hips fucking her more. After a few minutes I got up as Athena bent over on the couch. I stuck my cock in her tight pussy again. I fucked her for a few minutes before she got up to let Jasmin be fucked. I watched as Jasmin guided my cock in her tight pussy. I was pounding her pussy as I held onto her dark chocolate hips. I could feel I was close. Athena licked her finger and stuck it in Jasmin ass hole. I stopped long enough to take in the moment. "OK baby!!!! Jasmin needs in the ass now baby. Bring that big white cock and slammed my ass. You know you want to baby." screamed Jasmin. I pulled out and shoved it in her tight hole. I heard the door to the garage open. I could smell some smoke followed by some heels clicking across the cement floor. I grunted as Jasmin had her fingers in her pussy as I fucked her big booty. That was my breaking point. I froze and started to cum long and hard with my cock buried inside Jasmin ass. Athena came over to watch my semen spurt out of Jasmin ass I kept fucking her. I felt Athena tongue on my shaft as the pulled me out of Jasmin huge ass. They both cleaned me off and help me get dressed again.

We all came back in the living room. I looked over at the bar. Ivory was on the bar watching Scott jack off. I looked to see the blondes and Suki were getting up to go for the night. Mrs. T. gave them each a kiss and thanked them for coming. I got behind the bar as Scott put his semi erect cock back in his thong. His black fishnets and corset were ripped. I guess Mrs. T. had done a number on him while I was gone. The girls had used the whips and other things on Scott ass. They needed to see if the adult toys worked. I looked at Ivory her ass was red to. She had a huge butt plug still in as she sat on the bar stool. I looked down to see me cock was dripping out the small holes in the fishnets. I went to get the door while Suki said goodbye to Mrs. T. Suki gave me her card and told me to call. Mrs. T. grabbed the card and the ones from her cousins. She smiled at me as she put all the cards in a draw by the front door.

I watched as Athena and Jasmin were the next ones to leave. "Mrs. T. fabulous party. We loved it. Can't wait for the next one. Your boy Buck helped a sister out in the garage." they both giggled. Mrs. T. just smiled. I gave them each a kiss as they fondled my cock under my skirt on the way out. They gave me a note with directions to there house. Mrs. T. took that one too. I just smiled. I saw Ivory get down off her bar stool and headed behind the bar. I saw Gina come from out of the kitchen. She had some food in her small hand. "Oh did everyone go already. I can still stay out tonight. Mrs. T. the party not over, is it." Gina said. "Oh its just getting started. Buck you and Scott go get undressed while Ivory and I clean up. Gina you go see if you can find Brenda." said Mrs. T.

A few minutes later. I was completely undressed. Mrs. T had left us a pair of tight blue Speedos for me to wear for the rest of the night. I looked out the second floor window to see the lights to the back yard on. I could see the big hot tub on the other side of the pool. I passed Scott who was coming up the stairs. "Thank god we can get out of these clothes. Thanks Bucks. This party rocks. My cock is so sore right now." said Scott. I walked down stairs to the kitchen. I got a bite to eat. Mrs. T. grabbed the girls and took then out to the pool house to get changed. There were allot of bathing suit out there. Mrs. T. had bought some new ones for each girl for the after party. I guess then knew they were going to be invited to stay.

I even saw Gina put her cigarette out next to the pool as she followed the other girls. I turned on the water for the hot tub. I climbed in with my small blue Speedo on. The door to the pool house opened. Out came Brenda first. She had on small baby blue bikini. It showed off her amazing body. For being older she did not have any wrinkles and nothing was sagging. She looked at me and smiled. Brenda climbed into the hot tub and moved right over and sat on my left hand side. A few seconds later the door opened again and out came Gina. My mouth and Brenda mouth fell open. Gina was wearing a small black string bikini that was just about ready to burst off her body. I was not sure how it was holding her up her huge breast and very thick ass. I saw Scott come from the main house. He had a small red Speedo on. He held the rail as Gina climbed into the hot tub. The water moved over my chest and Brenda hand which was rubbing my abs. Gina looked at us and smiled. I motion for her to come over and sit on my right hand side.

Scott climbed in next. A second later Ivory and Mrs. T. came out. They were both wearing a small yellow matching bikini's. They started to kiss by the steps as Scott stared at them. Gina and Brenda whistle at them. I then felt Brenda hand touch my cock. She started to rub my cock over the thin blue material. Gina looked at me. I looked into her sexy green eyes and smiled. She started to run her hand over my chest and felt my abs. Her hand dropped down to be on Brenda. They both giggled as the took turns massaging my cock. I was breathing hard. Brenda leaned into me giving me a big wet kiss. She bite down in my lower lip and then moved my head to face Gina. Gina moved closer and gave me a big kiss. She slipped me her tongue as I moved my hand down her back. I stopped on her big ass. I could feel the bubbles go over ass and up her hips hitting my right hand. I moved my left hand behind Brenda back.

I felt the water move again as Mrs. T and Ivory got in. They sat next to Scott. A second later Ivory pulled Scott Speedo out of the water. They through it on the cement next to the hot tub. I then saw each girl across from me take off there bikini. They were naked as the fondled Scott under the water. I turned to see Brenda take her hand and pull off my Speedo. Gina helped and then tossed my Speedo on the pool deck. A second later Brenda reached over and started to take off Gina top. Gina stood up and I pulled down her bottoms. She was now standing naked in front of everyone. I saw Ivory get up and start to suck Gina left breast. Mrs. T. mounted Scott cock and started to fuck him. I then felt Brenda bathing suit come off as she moved to sit on my lap. She looked down to see my blue eyes as we started to kiss more intense. I had my hands wrapped around her ass.

"Moan! O' God its been so long....suck my breast Ivory!!!" said Gina. I then heard Mrs. T. orgasm and a minute later she stood Scott up to finish him off. "MMMm your big cock feels good on the outside of my pussy...I need that monster in me. I saw the way you fucked those two hot girls..Jasmin and Athena. I want some now young man. Give Brenda that big cock...Ohhh god your big...grunt...moan!!!!" said Brenda. I was half way inside Brenda tight pussy. I had seen her get licked and eaten all night in the back yard. I had scored with two hot African American women earlier. Now this hot older lady was fucking me very good. I reached up to place her big breast on my face. I started to suck her nipples. Brenda was fucking me really fast. We were both making allot of noise and splashing the hot water. I looked over to see Ivory was still sucking Gina breast. She had stuck her two fingers inside Gina pussy making her moan. Scott and Mrs. T. were making out on the other side of the hot tub. I turned to kiss Brenda hot mouth. She spit in my mouth as she fucked me harder. "I'm cumming Buck..No man had made me cum with his cock in me before. Yes! Yes! You fucker!!! Yes!!!!! Don't stop....fucking I am cumming again....." said Brenda. She collapsed off me into the hot water.

Brenda turned to motion for Ivory to come here. Brenda got out of the water and put her pussy on the edge of the hot tub. Ivory came right over and started to suck Brenda wet pussy. I got up and walked with my erect cock toward Gina. Gina eyes opened to see me sucking her big left breast. I ran my hands all over her naked body. She was such the big gurl goddess that I kissed her long and hard. I felt her hand start to stroke my cock. I then felt Mrs. T. slap my ass as her and Scott walked passed me toward Ivory and Brenda. I moved Gina toward a open spot in the hot tub. I turned down the jets on the hot tub. I wanted to see Gina body as she fucked my cock. I sat down and motion for her to turn to face the orgy at the other side of the hot tub. She looked back over her shoulder as she lowered her hot pussy on my cock. I started to bounce her on my cock as her big breast flopped on her chest. I reached around to mash her huge breast together causing her to scream. I hope Mrs. T. neighbors would not call the cops. From all the women screaming in the hot tub.

I had Gina stand up. I moved her around toward the house. I bent her over holding the metal pole that was used to get into the hot tub. I had her stand on the last step. I started to really fuck her from behind. I slammed my big cock into her tight pussy. A second later I felt Mrs. T. nails on my back. "Oh Buck! I think Gina likes your cock honey. Give it to her. Does Gina like to be fucked from behind?" yelled Mrs. T. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me young man. Fuck me with that big dick of yours. Slap my ass Mrs. T....pull my hair." said Gina. I pulled Gina hair as Mrs. T. began to spank Gina large ass. Her ass was vibrating in the water. I then felt Ivory hand on my ass. She came over to spank Gina other butt cheek. Both girls were now smacking there friends huge ass as I fucked her tight pussy. Scott was fucking Brenda under the water. They yelled when they came out of the water. Scott put her back on the edge of the hot tub to suck her toes. She had her toenails painted pink. By the time she got out of the hot tub later Scott had almost sucked off all the toenail polish.

"Fuck!!! Here I cum girls...Damn you big gurls!! Fuck I love you all." I grunted. I pulled back just in time and started to shoot a big load on Gina huge ass. The girls stroked my cock on Gina big ass. Brenda pushed Scott off her feet. Now all the girls were licking Gina ass of my hot load. They used my cock to push the sperm in her skin. I took a step back as the girls made out. Gina turned around to fondle the other girls. Mrs. T. grabbed Gina and Scott. They got out of the water and headed over to the grass. Mrs. T. put a blanket on the grass. They all got on and started to fuck in different positrons. I was taken by Ivory to a small lounge chair next to the grass. Brenda went to get a smoke. She came back and stood and watched Ivory fucking me on the chair. I had Ivory on my cock as she put her hands around my neck. I stood up and started to fuck Ivory. I bounced her soft body on my cock as she screamed. "Yes! Buck! Buck! Buck! Fuck me harder!!! Fuck me!!!" she screamed. I had a hold of her ass as I fucked her long and hard.

I heard Brenda put out her smoke on the cement. "Get up girls. Lets show Scott how he has to worship our feet." said Brenda. Ivory turned to watch. All the girls got off of Scott. They all stood up next to him on the blanket in the grass. He got on his hands and knees. They made him lie down and kiss there bare feet. He then had to lick them from there toes to there wet pussy. Brenda smacked him in the ass for not doing a good enough job on her pussy. Ivory looked back at me as we began to fuck faster. I had my knees bent as I fucked her harder. Her ass felt great in my hands. A few minutes later I buried my cock in her. She screamed has I came very hard inside her. I let her down on the cement. She got on her knees to clean me off. Mean time Scott was sucking all the girls feet again. He had to jack his cock on there feet. Gina put her feet in his mouth as he jerked off on Mrs. T. left foot. Brenda was smoking again and blowing her smoke in Scott face. Scott gruted and came on Gina, Mrs. T, and Brenda feet. He then fell back wards in the grass off the blanket.

"I think you may have killed him girls." I said. They all laughed. Brenda blew some more smoke in his face. Scott got up off the grass. "Let's go down stairs in my basement to play some pool. I have a great game. Buck and I came up with. You make a shot you get to lick anybody, anywhere and if you win you get to fuck anyone, anywhere." said Mrs. T. We all played the game a few times that night.

It was close to 3pm the next day that I pulled my SUV in Scott driveway. I helped him to his front door. I opend his door and helped him to his couch. "Thanks Buck. You are the man..I never been fucked that many times before. My cock is worn out." said Scott. I laughed then looked at him. "I have to take Ivory home next. I am suppose to tell you to eat up and be ready for tomorrow. Mrs. T. is having another party at her house. This time its a MySpace party and she invited some more girls over. She was hoping we come over in our heels, mini, and corsets again. We were such a big hit the last time." I smiled. Scott grunted. He held up is thumb to say he be there.

I wonder who she might invite.
I could give her a few names I like to have at the party.


Big thanks to
Mrs. T
and the big gurls...

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