Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swimming Lessons - An Adult Story

It was snowing like a mother fucker outside. I could barely see the road as I put on my turn signal. I had been volunteered about a week ago to help out a close personal friend. When she says "Buck I need you". I just smile. It usually followed by some great one on one time. But tonight I put my SUV in park. I was just outside a local high school. I was suppose to teach a class on basic swim instruction. I was going to give some swim lessons to a group of ladies. It was cold and snowing very heavy. Not your typical swim weather, but she rented out the local high school. It had a great indoor pool and even a kiddie pool for beginners. I checked my phone. There were no messages.

I was the first to arrive. I parked and walked to the front of the school. I opened the front door with a set of keys she had left for me at my work. She likes to gossip with my secretary sometimes. She came into my office and left the keys with a note. The note was just simple. "Bring your gorgeous ass and those red swim trunks to the high school on Monday night. Here the keys and a whistle in case you have to save me in the deep end. Love Mrs. T. xoxoxoxo" I walked down the hall to the men's locker room. I turned on the light and changed. I was standing in just my red swim trunks and some black flip flops. I put the big whistle around my neck. I brought a large white beach towel. I headed for the pool. I turned on the lights. The room was warm as my skin popped from the moisture in the room. It was cold outside and maybe 85 in the room. I could smell the chlorine. I started the pool pump in the back room.

It was close to 30 minutes later that I saw the door to the women locker room open. Out came Mrs. T. She is about 5ft 6 with long blonde hair. She has on a yellow 2 piece bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination. She had on some small 2inch wooden heels that matched her swim suit. She was wearing some bright red lipstick. She has painted her finger and toe nails white to match her amazing smile. I could see her nipples were already hard when she spotted me and waved. She has a big white towel that matched mine. Mrs. T. is very curvy and loves to show off her bodacious body to everyone. She is a real head turner when it comes to entering a room. She has a very amazing up beat personality and loves to talk your ear off. Her husband has been out of town on business. I have seen her a few nights this week to help with the snow and with a few things around her house. She popped in last week with a very voluptuous old college friend of hers. We ended up all sharing my hot tub. She brought up the idea to help her with some swim lessons. She also said some of her female friends would love to come also. But we had to be professional about things. I just smiled and said when do you need me.

"Hey Buck! I love those red swim trunks on you. Your looking very adorable tonight. I might have to stay after class for some special swim lessons." she smiled. She strutted over the concrete pool deck to a lounge chair to but down her towel. She grabbed my swim towel and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Ten minutes later the door to the women's locker room opened. Out came a sexy red head in a two piece red swim suit. She was a size 8 with very curvy ass to match her big smile. She was followed by a brunette in a green swim suit. The brunette was maybe a size 10 with some x-large breast to match her thick thighs. Then the door opened up and out came a very large blonde women. She was a size 16. She was very bodacious from her sexy small feet to her ample chest and very large ass. All 3 women were larger and more voluptuous than Mrs. T. I swallowed hard as my cock was growing inside my red swim trunks. I heard Mrs. T. giggle.

A few seconds later the door opened again. Out came a very sexy dark hair girl. She was about 4ft 11 with hair just passed her ears. It was curled on the end. She had a black two piece swim suit on. Her sexy curves were making my mouth water. She had a few tattoos on her body. The largest one across her large chest. She had on some sexy black platform flip flops. She had painted her finger and toes nails to match her swim suit. She had on some silver rings. Along with some silver bracelets around her wrist. She had a black leather ankle bracelet that moved as she strutted over shaking her curvy legs and very nice ass. I just smiled as all the girls were now standing next to Mrs. T. and smiling at me.

"Hi!. My name Buck Kelly. I will be your swim instructor for tonight. I am glad you all could make it. I know with the bad weather and heavy snow it was hard for you all to get here. I will go slow and I hope you are ready to have some fun. Maybe you like to go around and introduce yourself to the group. I think we all know Mrs. T." I said. "Hi girls! Glad you could make it. Buck is very nice and sweet to help us. I hope you all have fun tonight. If you need anything let me or Buck know. Thanks." said Mrs. T. "My name Tina. Glad to meet everyone." said the red head. "My name Gloria. Nice to meet you." said the brunette. "My name Liz. I am just glad there are women out there like me, who can appreciate what we have. I just love the fact that we can all get together and not have to worry about covering up. I used to work with Mrs. T. She told me about this swim class. I jumped at the opportunity to come. I think its great to show what a bigger gurls can do. I need help getting better at swimming. Thanks!" said the bigger blonde. "Hi! I got invite from Mrs. T. We talk online. She said that we have some fun tonight. She did not say how cute the swim instructor was going to be. Buck looks good in that red swim suit. Grrrrr. My name Ivory." said the very cute sexy dark hair girl.

I went to go turn on some music on the PA system. I then had all the ladies get in the pool. They all walked down the steps into the shallow end. They all had learned how to swim before. They just wanted to learn some simple methods to swim better. I had them loosen up first. We all moved are bodies in the water. I put my hand in my swim suit to fix my aching hard cock. I was going to loose my mind from watching so many hot big gurls at one time. I was enjoying the movement of large breast and thick butts shake in the water. I though for a second Ivory top my come off when she popped out of the water and smiled at me. I had them walk around the shallow end. Once they got used to the water temperature. I had them stand up out of the water. I watched as the water cascaded down there bodies.

"OK! Lets start with treading water. Just move your hands around in a circular motion under the water." I said. Liz almost gave herself a black eye with her large breast in the water. All the girls had larger boobs so they floated on the water in front of them. I so wanted to unleash all of there tops. I just smiled as I treaded water with them. After a few minutes we stopped. "OK! Now lets start with just floating on our backs. Lean back and keep your feet above the water. That is great Ivory. Very good Mrs. T. Gloria very nice." I said. Everyone but Tina got the hang of it. I went to help her. She smiled as I grabbed her lower back to keep her out of the water. "Thank you Buck!" she said. I saw all the ladies smile as Tina was floating now.

"OK! For tonight lets try to do either the breast stroke or freestyle. Let me see you swim down half way and back." I said. Ivory was first. She did the free style over her head down and back with no problems. She then swam over to me. She was standing next to my right hip watching Tina go next. Tina did the breast stroke down and back. Then Liz followed by Mrs. T. Then Gloria went down and back. They all did the breast stroke. It was liking hoping for a big wave to wash off there swim suits and expose there curves to me. I could only smile as I let all the girls start to swim in the pool. I watched Gloria swim to the deep end followed by Tina and then Liz. Mrs. T went to the other side of the pool to watch them.

"Hey Buck! Thanks for helping me. I can never do the back stroke. Can you help me with that?" said Ivory I smiled. "Sure no problem. Here let me turn facing you. Why don't you lie on your back. Let me hold you. Now just move you arms over your head. Your doing great. Now kick your legs in the water. Very nice." I said. I was holding onto Ivory lower back. She was sending goose bumps down my skin. "You have such big hands. Thanks for the lesson. I really appreciate it. How tall are you? Do you work out all the time? How do you know Mrs. T. She is very nice." said Ivory. "Thanks! Let's see. I'm 6ft 3 and I do work out, but not all the time. Mrs. T a friend of mine. I help her with her computer that she bought from my company. I like your tattoos. They are very nice." I said. Ivory hand slipped down touching my upper abs. She than ran her elbow over my chest. My nipples were getting hard as I felt her ass in my hands. I had to stop. I told Mrs. T. I could be professional tonight, even know I wanted to have sex with all of them.

I let go off Ivory as she did the back stroke down to the deep end and back. Mrs. T swam over to me. "You doing a great job. Thanks for helping me. I am sure glad we got to go swimming tonight with all this snow out there. Thanks for shoveling my driveway this morning. I was in hurry or I would have invited you upstairs to take a shower with me." Mrs. T giggled again. "No problem. You know its my pleasure. I am also glad we got to go swimming tonight. I miss my pool now that its winter." I said. "What do you think of Ivory? She is very cute. I love shorter girls sometimes. I just want to rip that swim suit off and see her in the flesh." said Mrs. T. with a huge smile on her face. "She is very cute and sexy. I would love nothing more than to see you two in the flesh as you put it. I am having a hard time with all these cute BBW's." I said. We made some small talk as the ladies swam a few laps.

I jumped out to get some kick boards from the side of the pool. We had been in for about an hour and half. Gloria was the first to excuse herself. "Thanks everyone. I better be getting home. I can see from the windows that its still snowing out. Thanks Buck for the lessons. I will call you Mrs. T about next week." she said. "I need to be heading home to girls. Later and thanks." said Liz. About twenty minutes later I saw Tina get out of the pool. "Can I bring a friend next week? This was so much fun. Thanks! Talk to you later." she said. I watched as she strutted across the room. I saw her go into the girls locker room. Now just Ivory and Mrs. T. were left in the pool with me.

"Hey girls!" I said. Mrs. T smiled and waved for me to swim over to her. I saw Ivory start to swim toward the deep end. "Thanks for helping again sweetie. Your such a doll to help. I am getting tired. Do you want to go to my place or yours?" said Mrs. T. "It doesn't matter. I have tomorrow off. I already called into the boss." I laughed. "Oh your so naughty. Let's go back to your place. Then we can get in your hot tub. I love to run naked through the back yard in the snow." she giggled. "OK! Sounds great as usual. I will order some Chinese Food to be delivered when we get ready to go. What about Ivory? Do you think she is ready to get out of the pool?" I said. "I will go ask her. Are you going to take a shower? I will meet you out front. I have to get the smell of the pool off me sexy. OK! See you out front in a few." said Mrs. T. with a big smile. I smiled too as I swam down to climb out of the pool. I waved to Ivory who was talking too Mrs. T. in the pool. I got my towel to dry off and headed for the locker room.

I walked down the hall into the locker room. I opened my small locker. I put my sandals on the wooden bench that ran down the front of the lockers about 6 feet long and a foot wide. I left my towel to hang as I pulled off my wet bathing suit. I took off my whistle next and placed it on my swim trunks. I looked down to see my naked balls were still wet. My cock was semi hard as I grabbed a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner and a wash cloth. I headed for the showers. I used the bathroom and washed my hands. I looked around the corner to see the showers. There was a big shower area. Maybe 20 feet by 20 feet. There were 5 shower heads on each of the four walls. There was a huge stainless steel tower in the middle. There was six shower heads around the tower above, and in the middle. I turned on all six shower heads on the tower. The hot water filled up the small room. I then turned on the shower heads in the middle to get a water massage on my back. There was some warm steam in the room now.

I turned to put my short hair under the water. I could feel the water run down my chest, over my abs and down my cock. I could feel the hot water on my toes as I ran down the metal drain in the middle of the room. "Giggle! Giggle! Hey Buck!" said two girls. I thought I heard some noise in the locker room. I opened my eyes. I recognize the voices as Ivory and Mrs. T. They still had there bathing suits on. Both girls looked at me with a smile on there faces. "Ivory wanted to say thanks. She missed you when you got out of the pool. I hope you don't mind Buck." said Mrs. T. I just smiled. "I was talking to Mrs. T. She suggested we come in and see what the boys locker room looked like. I see its not as nice as the ladies locker room. But it does have one big advantage then ours. Do you need some company? Looks like the water is nice." said Ivory. I shook my head "Yes!"

I watched as Mrs. T. took off her small wooden heels. She then put her towel on the bench just outside the shower room. She then turned to let Ivory unclasp the back of her bathing suit top. It fell on Ivory feet below her. I smiled more when Ivory just scooped up her breast and ripped off her top. She then started to push her bottoms down. Mrs. T. already had her small yellow bottoms off and was walking toward me. Ivory kicked her bottoms off and stepped into the shower room. She went to turn on the other shower heads on the four walls. There was plenty of hot water around as Mrs. T. walked right up to me and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

I felt her hands on my ass as I then felt Ivory right hand on my cock. She was stroking my cock as she sucked my nipple. I looked down to see she was running her mouth over my chest. She then grabbed Mrs. T left nipple and sucked it. I was very hard in her hand as Mrs. T. moaned loud from Ivory mouth. I then felt Ivory move to get on her knees. She started to suck and lick the tip of my cock head. She looked up as Mrs. T was kissing me. I felt Ivory small hands on the back of my ass as they both fondled my hard ass with there hands. I started to fondle and suck on Mrs. T. big nipples an amazing breast. I put my left hand on her ass and stroked it a few times. I then cupped her ass in my hand. I moved my long index finger to the outside of her pussy. She spread her legs to give me better access. I could hear Ivory gag as she had almost all of my 9 3/4 inches of cock in her hot mouth.

I removed my finger out of Mrs. T. pussy. She licked the tip as Ivory then put her finger inside Mrs. T. pussy. I could feel her orgasm again as she screamed in my ear from what Ivory was doing to her. I could feel Ivory lips on the base of my cock. She had gotten all of me inside her mouth. She spit me out and did that three more times making a big noise each time. Mrs. T. got on her knees to suck my cock. They were passing my cock back and forth. Each girl taking turns sucking my cock. I was lost for a moment from the pure sex of them both. I then felt Ivory get up. I leaned down to giver her a long kiss. She started to suck my nipple as I fondled her ass. I then saw Mrs. T. put her finger inside Ivory tight pussy. She let go off my cock and stroked it as she buried her face in Ivory pussy. She had her left hand on Ivory ass and her right finger buried inside her tight pussy. "Arrggg! Eat my pussy. Here I cum. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God you eat pussy very good. Damn I cumming again." said Ivory. Her knees buckled as I kept her on her feet.

Next Mrs. T. got on her feet. She started to kiss Ivory as the both rubbed there hands over each other hot bodies. I then moved around behind Mrs. T. I started to slap her ass with my cock. She arched her back and stuck out her ass on my cock. I licked my hand and wiped some saliva on the tip of my cock. I moved it under her ass, finding her hungry pussy. I eased my cock in Mrs. T. tight pussy. She let out a soft moan as her and Ivory kept making out. I grabbed her hips ans started to fuck her faster. The water was slapping on my body and theirs. I looked down to see my cock slide in and out of Mrs. T. hot tight pussy. She may be 14 years older than me. But she has a very tight pussy. I reached around her waist. I felt her huge breast in my hand as I fondled her big breast. I felt Ivory big breast on the back of my hand as she was groping Mrs. T. chest.

After a few minutes both girls stopped kissing and Ivory walked behind me. She got on her knees behind my ass. She looked up to see my cock entering Mrs. T tight pussy. I then felt her tongue on the back of my ass. She bite down and sucked on the back of my naked balls. I then felt her hand scratch my ass as she licked my balls in her hot mouth. My knees were getting weak as her mouth was on the back of my balls and Mrs. T pussy was wrapped around my cock. I grabbed Mrs. T. hips and buried my cock deeper inside her. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me faster!!!" Mrs. T. said. I picked up the pace as I felt Ivory mouth on my ass. I could not last any longer. I pulled out and Mrs. T. quickly got next to Ivory on the shower floor. She aimed my big cock at Ivory sweet mouth. The first big blast of cum hit Ivory lips and then her face as Mrs. T. stroked my cock into her new friends mouth. Ivory had my cock in her mouth sucking me dry. She pulled my cock and gave some to Mrs. T. Both girls giggled as the hot water was hitting there naked bodies below me.

I got both girls up off the wet floor. I grabbed some soap and cleaned each one from head to toe. They looked down as I was on my hands and knees cleaning them. Each girl giggled as I fingered each girl to orgasm before I switched to the next girl. I could feel the water start to get warm. "We better hurry up girls. Let me wash each one of your hair before the water gets cold." I said. I washed there long hair and then walked around to turn off the water. I followed them out and used there towels to dry them off. I used my tongue to dry there boobs. Ivory thought that was hot.

I was getting very hard now. They had sucked me dry but now I was starting to get excited again. I walked behind them as the held hands and made out. I walked back to my locker and sat down on the small wooden bench. Mrs. T. got on her knees and got me rock hard in her mouth. Ivory was standing next to me as I fondled her luscious body with my two big hands. We started to kiss as I felt Mrs. T. let go of my cock in her mouth. Ivory reached down to pick up the metal whistle. She smiles as she put it around my neck. A few seconds later Mrs. T. was guiding Ivory pussy on my cock. Ivory put her hands on the locker behind my back. I found her tight pussy and slowly inserted my hard cock inside her. I grabbed her tits with my hand and began to suck her nipples. Ivory pushed her pussy down my shaft until I was all the way in.

We started to kiss as she rode my cock with her hands over her head. Mrs. T was kissing the back of Ivory neck. Ivory eyes were glazed over in lust as she orgasm on my cock for the first time. She was very wet as she dripped on the floor of the locker room. Mrs. T was rubbing her big breast all over Ivory as Ivory rode my cock. I grabbed her ass and slammed her down on my cock. "Arrggg!! Yes! Yes! You two are so fucking hot. My pussy is dripping. Your cock feels so good baby. Your breast feels so great on me. Bring them around. I can't get enough of you honey." said Ivory. I smiled as Mrs. T. moved around so Ivory could suck on her big erect nipples. After a few minutes Ivory turned around to face the other direction. With this I grabbed her hips and held her on my cock as Mrs. T. got in front of her. Ivory was kissing Mrs. T. and I was fucking Ivory very fast. I bounced her ass on my cock as I spanked her big bottom. I used my finger nails to scratch her back making her moan louder. I picked her up of my cock and slapped my cock in her ass crack and started to cum. I erupted on her back and all over her ass as Mrs. T. came around to see what I had done.

Mrs. T. licked off Ivory of my goo. I got my clothes and walked with them to the women's locker room. We did not have much time to all get dressed before the lights went out at 10pm. There was an automatic timer that we saw as we put on our clothes. Ivory got in Mrs. T. car. I pulled my SUV out first of the parking lot. We got to the first light and there car pulled up next to me. I looked down to see Ivory pants around her ankles and Mrs. T. hand inside Ivory underwear. At each light the girls switched positions. By the time we got to my house they were both naked. The both got out of the car in my garage. I parked outside and then turned on the lights in my house.

Ivory followed Mrs. T. to my back yard. I heard the hot tub turn on as I was making drinks in the kitchen. I got the Chinese at the front door and headed to the back yard. I came out with the drinks and food. I put them around the hot tub as each girl was practicing the breast stroke with there hands on each others body. I climbed in to have Mrs. T. go under the water to get my cock hard in her mouth. She then sat on my cock as Ivory licked her new friends big tits. I lasted quite along time as I fucked them in every position imaginable. I thought the neighbors might call the police from the whistle going off in my back yard. We all got out and fucked around my house. We ended up in the basement and played a game of fuck billiards. (House rules. You miss a ball or make a ball you get to fuck the loser or winner.)

Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash! Looks like there a few new girls and some from last week. I see Ivory is wearing a new white bathing suit and Mrs. T. her baby blue swim suit. I can only smile. I blow my whistle to get there attention. An hour into the swim lesson some one brings up the idea for a game of strip Marco Polo. "Buck your first. We want to see what you have under that red swim suit." said all the sexy big gurls, taking Buck's swim lessons.



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