Saturday, January 9, 2010

Down and Out in Baltimore - An Adult Story

I asked for three volunteers to help with this story
I got more than two dozen
It was a very hard decision
Here are the three hot women I selected for the story

A Nurse (Lisa)
A Waitress (Alexandra)
A Wife (Mandi)

Thank you once again,

I had lost my business from the stock market crash. I burned some bridges and lost just about everything. I still had the clothes on my back and a twenty in my pocket. Well maybe five left. I just used some to get some beer. I have been pan handling for the last week. I have been sleeping around town. I still look good. Most people do not think I am a bum at the moment. They look at me weird sometimes but other than that, I feel OK. I might need some more money by tomorrow. There a nice place to eat just on the edge of the city. I used to go there when times where better. I got myself in to this mess. I was pretty sure I get myself out of it.

I can hear the cars go bye. I hear a garbage truck beep. "Hey move it you fucker. Damn we almost ran over that guy." A voice said. I looked up to see a trash can rolling pass my head. I woke up in just in time. I felt the beers cans roll off my chest onto the pavement. I look up to see a few people looking at me. I walk pass them out of this back alley. I must have passed out last night after drinking a few forties. I check my blue jeans. Damn I spent all the money I had. I walk up to the corner. Its around noon. I shield the sun from eyes. I walk over to a bench to sit down near the bus stop. I picked up a news paper off the ground next to the bench.

I am in the wrong neighborhood to be pan handling at the moment. Kinda of upscale in Fells Point. Just off the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I watch a few people go by before I read the paper. I read the sports. The Ravens won in the playoffs. That is cool. I get up and put the paper on the bench. I look down. On the front of the bench is an advertisement for a sperm bank. I just laugh. There something I have plenty of. Being a bum makes it hard to find time to jerk off or have a woman find me desirable to have sex with. I read the fine print as I squint my eyes. "Must be able to fill cup a few ounces. Drug/Disease free...$50 dollars per appointment. Just walk in. I run my hand through my short hair. I check my black shirt. No visible stains. My tight blue jeans are a little dirty but nothing bad. I have a green Army jacket on over my shirt. I have some plain white tennis shoes on. I could use the $50 at the moment. The clinic or sperm bank is a few blocks away. What did I have to loose. I start to walk.

About twenty minutes later I walk up to a small office window. There some small writing on the side of a big glass door. You never know its a sperm bank, if not for the Ad from the bench giving me directions. I do not see any cars out front. I grab the handle to the front door. I walk in. There is a small waiting area. About enough room for 5-6 chairs. I see a doorbell on the wall next to another glass door. There a big mirror closed next to the door. I see a sign to push the door bell and then have a seat. I hit the door bell and go sit down. "Ding! Dong!" A few minutes later the mirror slides open. There a very cute girl looking at me. She smiles. She motions for me to grab a clip board from her hand. "Is this you first time here? Welcome then. Please fill this out and hand it back to me when your finished. Thanks." she said.

I walked over and she handed me the clip board. I saw her badge on her right pocket just over her amble breasts. "Nurse Lisa!" I froze for a second. I hope she did not see me staring at her. She was about 5ft 4inches tall. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders. She had a tight white nurse uniform on with red stripes down the side over her luscious curves. I had a thing for sexy bodacious women. She was going to make it hard to fill out the paper work and not stare at her. She had on some gold chains around her neck. She had on some red finger nail polish to match her sexy red lips. She watched me return back to the counter. "Do you have a pen?" I said. "Sure! Here you go. Your are the first client today." she said as she smiled. I went back to fill out the paper work.

It was pretty standard stuff. I put down my name. I put down my previous address. I did not no want to put down my new occupation. I don't think bum applies when your filling out paper work. I smiled as I filled out the questions. I then walked back up to hand it to her. "That was quick sweetie. OK! Know I have a few quick questions to ask. Have you used drugs, alcohol or had sex with in the last two days? Have you masturbated in the last two days also." she said. "No to all of them. I don't use drugs. I have not had sex. I've not had time to masturbate as you put it. I may have had a drink or two." I said. "OK! Sounds great. I think you will do. Now just follow the blue line down the hall. There are two rooms at the end of the hall. They both have the same material in them. They both have some videos and magazines that will help you." Nurse Lisa said.

I smiled as she handed me a plastic cup. I put the lid on and walked down the hall. I passed another room. The door was open. There was a big office for a woman to get fertilized in. Big examine table with stir ups on one side. I smiled. I heard the door open and I looked back to see Nurse Lisa checking me out. I saw she had worn some 4inch red/white heels to match her nurse uniform. Damn I was semi erect from her watching me. I opened the small door and walked in. There was a couch on one side of the small room. There was a small flat screen with a DVD player underneath on the wall across from the couch. There was a small end table next to the couch with some adult magazines on it. I sat down to look over the DVD selection.

I could not find anything that peeked my interest. I then looked over the selection of magazines. They did not have my favorite (Bodacious) but I kept looking. I found one magazine that was not to bad. I put it down. I put the plastic cup on the arm rest of the couch. I then took off my green jacket. I put that on the end of the couch. I closed my eyes. Then I opened them. I looked at the magazine pictures but could not get hard. I then flipped in a movie, hoping that might work. Still nothing. I was still thinking about the hot nurse who took my info. It was close to half hour later before I finally took my semi hard cock out of my pants. I looked down to see it was not getting hard. I almost laughed when I heard a knock at the door to my room. "Are you OK in there Mr. Kelly? It's Nurse Lisa. Are you OK?" she said again. "Fine! Just fine. Thanks!" I said.

About twenty minutes later. "Knock! Knock! Buck are you OK? Are you having any problems?" said Nurse Lisa. I put my cock back in my pants. I zipped up and opened the door. "Hey! Thanks! I guess I am having a small problem." I said. "What is it. A big young guy like yourself should not have any problems. What's the matter?" she said. "Its kinda of hard to explain. So I will just tell you. I did not find a magazine or any of the DVDs to be that good. I guess what I am saying that, they are not turning me on. I'm just having a hard time getting to reach the point of no return." I said. "Mmmm OK. We do have some medicine I can give you. We have a few guys take the good magazines and DVDs when they leave. I just put some new Porn in there. What kinda do you like hun?" said Nurse Lisa. "I'll pass on the medicine. I can get hard. Hmmm....kinda of hard to say...I like girls who are a little bigger than most. The big gurl next door type. The big beautiful woman." I said with a smile. She smiled as she checked me out from head to toe.

"Grab your jacket and the plastic cup. Follow me. I could get fired for this, but I need to make a sale today. Business has been down all week. Your probably going to be the only guy in here today. Your deposit will bring in allot of money. Watch your step." said Nurse Lisa. We walked to the open door in the middle of the hallway. "Go sit on the examine table. Pull down the white paper and take a seat. I read your paper work. You did not put anything down for occupation or how much money you make. Why is that?" she said. "Sad to say. I lost my job and went bankrupt. I have been living on the streets. I have been what you might call a bum." I said. Lisa smiled as she turned to close the door to the examination room. I put my jacket on the floor and the cup on the end of the examine table. "Hmm a bum. Wow!! I don't think I've had any bums in here before. I can smell you more now that the door is closed. Were you drinking last night? Did you just wake up off the streets? Wow! Your smell is getting to me in a weird way. I need for you to fill out some more paper work when were done. Just sign the bottom. I will fill out the rest." she said.

I smiled as I shook my head "Yes!" for every question she asked. "Promise me you will get something to eat with the money. I might have a coupon in my purse for you also." she said. I watched as she put the clip board down on a small metal chair next to the door. She had reapplied her makeup and her sexy red lips from earlier. I finally saw she had also painted her toenails the same matching red. I watched as she walked over to me. I looked down from my 6ft 4 inch frame to see her sexy eyes. "Take off you shoes. Pull down your jeans. Let me see what I am working with. Take off your shirt and those small white boxer briefs. You say you like bigger gurls? We make you get excited. MMMMmm those boxer briefs are tight on you. I see your having no problem now young man." Nurse Lisa purred. I kicked off my tennis shoes. I took off my socks as she watched. I took off my shirt next. I pulled down my jeans. I pulled them off and put them on the floor. I looked down to see my cock was 70 percent hard and still growing.

I could smell her sweet perfume as she looked at my athletic build. She ran her nails down my hard abs stopping above my waist band. "I don't think I have seen a bum naked before. Especially one that is so ripped as you our sweetie." she licked her lips. I could not wait anymore. I wiggled my hips and ass as my boxer briefs fell to the cold floor. My cock flopped out and was moving in the cold air of the examine room. "Oh my! Wow you have a nice cock hun...that is really nice. I think I can work with him Mr. Kelly. Just breath in." she said in a sexy voice. I smiled when I felt her left hand touch my cock. I looked down to see it grow hard in her small hand. "MMmmm I think your really hard now young man. I guess Nurse Lisa has made you this way. I better give you a good examine to make sure your fit for making a deposit today at our bank." she licked her lips.

I watched as she bent down running her hair over my cock. She bent her knees and squatted down on her heels. She moved her feet slightly apart looking up at my cock. She then started to put both her hands on my cock. She grabbed the base of my cock to the tip. She squeezed out a big glob of precum on the tip. I saw her eyes get big. She licked the tip getting him nice and clean. I then watched her tongue circle my cock as she tried to take more cock in her mouth. She scratched her long nails on my tight thighs and hard calves. I felt her her nurse uniform touch my leg as she sucked hard on my cock. She was making loud slurping noises in the examine room. I put my hand back to brace my self on the table as she grunted and moved her right hand on my ass. I felt her squeeze my ass very hard as she sucked my cock. I felt a few tiny droplets of her saliva fall off my cock onto the floor. "Mmmmmppaaa! Your cock is yummy. I see you like to trim your cock hair. How does a young guy now about trimming. Damn you bum fucker. Gag!!!!" she gagged. I shoved my cock in her mouth. Nurse Lisa was turning into a cum whore as she sucked my cock.

I had to see more of her. She she shifted on her heels. I grabbed the front of her uniform. I used my long arms and big hands to my advantage. I fondled her breast and slid my fingers inside her deep cleavage. She moaned when I tugged on her nipples. She spit my cock out. "You like those baby. Do you want to see more of me. God your cock feels nice in my throat. You most have a big load for me baby. Are you close. Damn most guys cum in my mouth by now baby." Nurse Lisa said. I smiled as she licked the tip of my cock to the base of my cock. I pushed my hips forward covering her face with my cock. My big balls were on her nose and mouth. She scooped them in her hot mouth as she jacked my cock. I felt her mouth start to lick under my cock and balls. She was licking my ass as I pushed my lower body on her face. She was loving it. I could just imagine the smell as she gagged some more. I felt her tongue find my ass hole. She jacked my cock and sucked my hole.

After a few minutes I reached down to pull her off the floor. We started to kiss as I fondled her amazing body. I turned her around and reach up to lock my hands on her breast. I unzipped her nurse uniform from the back. It fell to the floor exposing her naked body to me. She was not wearing a bra but had on a small pair of tight white panties. I ripped them off of her. I pulled them over her hips and through them against the wall. She cried out in pleasure as I grabbed her pussy. She was shaved very clean as I found her pussy entrance with my fingers. She was breathing hard in my ear. I felt her mouth on mine as we exchanged tongues. Faster! Faster! We kissed. Our bodies against each other. Our hands exploring our bodies. I looked down to see her pushing my fingers from her pussy. She started to play with herself as I watched.

I had enough. I picked her up and put her on the white paper on the examine table. I put her feet in the stir ups. She watched as I knocked off the clip board from the chair. I wheeled it over in front of her. I looked up to see her looking down her body over her boobs. She smiled when she saw my mouth open up to play with her pussy. She grabbed my head and forced my mouth on her pussy. I moved my hands to her stomach. I then fondled her breast as I sucked on her pussy. I took my right hand to open her small cunt lips. I licked her labia and sucked her pussy lips as she screamed. Her heels moved around inside the stir ups as I ate her sweet pussy. The paper crinkled as her ass moved back and forth on the examine table. I kept her steady as she orgasm for the first time. She tasted sweet as I stuck my index finger deep in her wet gash. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Faster! Eat my pussy...God a homeless guys eating me out. Faster! Don't stop! Don't stop! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she orgasm again.

I got out between her legs. She sat up as I came over to slap her face with my cock. She jumped off and bent over the side of the examine table. She held on the other side of the table as I spit on my cock. She looked over her shoulder as I moved her legs together. I slapped her ass with my cock. I then bent my knees coming back up to get her pussy on my cock. I felt her wet pussy on the tip of my cock. She slowly opened up as my cock was inserted an inch at a time inside her. "Fuck!! God your cock making me so wet. Fuck me! Yes! Faster! Fuck me you bum fucker!" she yelled. I picked up the pace once I got all the way inside her. Her pussy muscles tried to push me out my I held onto her hips to fuck her harder. I could hear my balls slap under her pussy as she gripped the other side of the examine table. I reached up to move her large breast on the paper under her body. She screamed again when I found her hard nipples in my fingers. I pulled her nipples one way as I fucked her pussy with my cock. I was fucking her very hard as she moaned.

I pulled out as she let go of the side of the examine table. I fell back on the floor. I was laying down when she guided her pussy on my hard cock. She put her hands on my chest as I sucked her right breast. I felt her pussy hit my bare skin. I felt her ass on my thigh. I felt her heels on my hips. I started to pick her up and fuck her harder. She looked down. She was sweating as she dripped on me. I wiped my fore head from her sweat. I then pushed my hands on her breast and slapped them together. This caused her to scream. I was close. I slammed her pussy hard one more time. She bounced off and looked down. She got up and put her face near my cock. Her two hands began to jack my cock toward her mouth. She opened her mouth just in time to catch the first blast. I hit her with 4-5 good amounts of cum before she got her mouth around my cock. I felt her lips began to suck on my shaft. Her mouth sucked me dry. She fell back on her heels. She looked over at me on the floor. I smiled.

"I hope there more where that came from." Nurse Lisa said. I smiled again ten minutes later. Nurse Lisa was on the small metal chair. She had me on the examine table with my legs in the stir ups. She had a hold of my hard cock. She was pumping it very hard. I looked down to see she a had white clear plastic cup to catch my sperm deposit. Twenty minutes later and her mouth on my balls, I grunted. She aimed my exploding cock at the empty cup. I filled it up a few ounces as she pumped my cock clean. I saw her lick the rim of the cup and place a lid on the top.

I stood in the waiting room. A few minutes later the door opened and out came Nurse Lisa. "OK! That was a nice big load both times. The second was almost more that the first big load honey. Here the $50 for the deposit. Here my card. Call me. I made you an appointment two days from now to come back. I put the date on the card. Also here a coupon for the Diner up the street. They have really good food. Promise me you will behave until I see you again. Maybe I can find a space for you to sleep after hours. Now give me a kiss so I can go put on my Nurse uniform. It's cold in here with no clothes on." said Nurse Lisa.

I smiled as the door the sperm bank closed. I walked right across the street. There was a liquor store. I got a couple of cold forties and headed back onto the street. I walked for a short time. I rested watching the cars go bye. I sat down finishing up me beers. I shut my eyes. I woke up about 6 hours later. I pushed the cans of my knees.

I was hungry as I walked down the street. I stopped in to play some Lotto and grab another cold beer. I had about ten dollars left and the coupon to the Diner. I had gone to the Diner in the past. But not as a bum. I cleaned off my jacket. I wiped the dirt of my jeans.

It was close to 11pm when I finally got to the Diner. I looked in the window to see the place was not busy. I opened the door and took a seat in the back. I waited for the waitress to come to my table. I saw a few college kids in the front. A guy in a suit. A women eating by herself on a side booth. I looked up to the front. I finally saw the doors to the kitchen open. Out came this very attractive woman. She was maybe 5ft 7 with short brown hair. She had a baby blue waitress outfit on. It had a big white skirt passed her knees and a baby blue top. She smiled when she got closer. She held the long menu in front of the body. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. She was trying to hide her bodacious curves. But I could see she was very sexy.

"Good evening. Would you like a drink to start off?" she said. I saw her name tag now as she breathed in. " Alexandra" "Water would be great. What's the special tonight?" I said. She smiled. I know she wanted to say something else. Maybe dirty but she said. "Meat loaf!" I paused. "Is it good? How much is it?" I said. "Oh it's good. I had some myself. It's $8.99." she said. "That sounds good. I will have the meatloaf then. Mashed potatoes and lots of gravy." I said. She smiled as she walked away. I saw her booty move in her tight uniform. She had on some white two inch by two inch platform heels. I smiled when she looked over her shoulder. I think she saw me staring. I took a few sips of my water.

About 20 minutes later she came back with my meatloaf. I saw she had unbutton the top two buttons on her uniform. She gave me a shot of her milky white cleavage. I just sat there and watched her walk back to the front of the Diner. The meal was very nice. I ate pretty quick and drank all my water. She came back to fill my glass of water. She also brought me a big ice cold Coke. "It's on me. You look like you could use it. Do you live around here? I mean I think I saw you before. I saw you in here a few weeks ago as I was coming in to work." she said. "I would have come back in if I seen you. You could say I live around here. Not to far." I said. If she knew I slept in the alley out back of the Diner two weeks ago she might stop talking to me. "Wow! You must have been hungry. You sure ate quickly. Do you want some pie. The cherry pie is to die for. Would you like a big slice?" she said. I smiled. She went to go get me a slice. I was passed the $10 I had in my pocket.

A few minutes later she brought out my pie. It was very good also. I saw her up at the front counter. I took out the ten dollars and the coupon. I put it under my empty plate. I got up and headed for the bathroom. If I remember correctly there was a window in the men's room to escape. A dine and dash was my plan. Not my first or last time doing it. I watched as she kept looking at me. She headed for my table. I headed for the men's room. I quickly got inside. The window was locked. Fuck me. I looked back to the door to the rest room. I opened up and looked around. No sign of Alexandra. I must have gave her the slip. I heard the noise from the kitchen area. I saw a light coming from a back door. There was an exit sign an arrow pointing to the back door.

I opened the door. I could smell the alley inches away. Wham! The door slammed behind me. "Thought you run out on the bill. Not even a tip. Look at this ten dollar bill you left. Smells likes you. Smells like alcohol. Where are you going?" said Alexandra. "Umm...I was like checking the view...I never been back here before. I was looking for you." I said. "Ever since we locked the window in there to cut down on walks off, we catch everyone out here now. Mostly bums or homeless people eat and run. I should have known by the smell on you. I mean the more I look, the more I can tell you must be a bum. It's just your so young and good looking. How does that happen?" she said. "Listen! I am sorry. Let me make up to you. Do you have some dishes or something I can do. I fell on some hard times. I am very sorry. I should not have done that to you." I said.

"Oh your going to work. I got just the job for you. Follow me bum!" she yelled. I followed her into the kitchen. I took off my jacket. She handed me a hair net to put on my head. She then handed me a white apron. "Do the dishes stink boy. Spray some water on yourself. You might get clean. Come find me when your done. Better yet I will tell you when your done. Your my dish bitch now. Clean fucker!" she yelled. I saw the Chef looking at me. She smiled as she watched Alexandra walk out the kitchen door. I started to clean the dishes. I sprayed some water on me. I was soaked from sweat. It was really hot in the small back room. I spent the next 3 hours until closing time cleaning dishes. I watched as all the staff said goodnight to Alexandra at the front register. She locked the door and headed back to the kitchen.

I was standing on the side of the dishwasher. I hit the red button as it turned on. "I talked to the Chef. She said you did a good job. Now follow me to the back." she said. We walked to the back door. I opened the door to the alley. We walked outside a few steps toward a metal rusted fence on the far end. There were a few trash cans with the lids off next to my feet. I could here some cars go by from the main street. It was very dark except for the light shining down from a back pole above our heads. "How does it feel to do some work? Your not lazy anymore are you? You have learned your lesson. Right my dish bitch?" she said in a loud voice. "Oh, I have no problem working. I think I may have learned my lesson. It's hard to say." I said with a smile.

"Wait you may have learned your lesson. You mean you might do this again." said Alexandra. I smiled. "Have you ever worn these hair nets or this apron? I mean it was hot in there. I was sweating pretty bad in there. Plus it got me to see more of you. I mean its not every day a bum gets to meet a sexy waitress." I said. She went from being mad to a small smile on her face. She looked at me standing inches from her. "You worked off the meatloaf. Now its time you worked off the cherry pie." she said with a big smile. I bit her lower lip as I kissed her. She moaned and ran her hands pulling off my hair net. She dropped it on the dirty pavement. I grunted as I pushed her against the chain link fence. It moved back, then through her back against my body. I reached up with my hands to grope her chest. She was hiding some large breast as I licked her tongue in her mouth. Her eyes got big when she felt the button pop off her uniform.

I ripped off her top. I dropped that on the floor as she tried to rip off my shirt. I pulled it over my head as she through it in a mud puddle near my feet. She then pulled off my leather belt keeping my jeans up. She pulled down my jeans around my ankles. I pushed her against the chain link fence. I reached up to pull her bra down releasing her soft breast into the night air. She moaned in my ear as I put her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked her hard as she wiggled in my arms. I grabbed her long white skirt. I pushed it up above her hips. She had on small white thong that was cut high on her hips. I pushed her thong to the side. I started to suck her neck and finger her tight pussy. She moaned very loud as I pushed her against the fence. I sucked her neck harder and moved my finger in a clock wise direction in her hot pussy. I could feel her small cunt lips on my knuckle as I kissed her left cheek. I used my other hand to play with her gorgeous ass under her skirt. She moaned again as she screamed. "Im cumming you bastard. Your making me orgasm. Fuck!!!!!!" I felt her orgasm on my finger. I felt a her warm wetness fall off my finger onto the dirty pavement. She dripped in the mud puddle as I slipped my finger out and put it in my mouth.

She spun me around onto the fence. I was still licking my finger as she pulled down her skirt and bra. She was now naked except for her white 2 inch platform work heels. I moaned this time looking at her. She looked down to see my tight bower briefs. She grabbed them and pushed them off my hips. My cock sprang out. She sighed then grunted as she jacked my hard cock in her hand. She looked in my baby blue eyes and pushed her mouth on mine. I found her the back of her throat with my tongue as she jacked my cock. I fondled her big breast and ass in my two big hands. I ran my wet finger down her back to her ass. She pushed me back against the fence hard. "Oh in due time fucker. I want that big cock in my pussy baby. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me bum. Mmmmm Bum fuck me baby." said Alexandra.

She grabbed the fence over my head. I picked her up and placed her tight pussy on my cock. I held her ass in my two hands. She started to fuck me against the rusted chain link fence. She had her heels in the holes of the fence guiding her tight pussy on my cock. She started to kiss me. She then hit me with her boobs around my face. I got both her erect nipples in my mouth as she fucked me harder. I picked her up and slammed her on my cock. "Faster! Faster! God you pussy is very tight. Hold on!! Fuck me!! I should eat here more ofter." I whispered in her ear. She bit my neck and slapped my face as I pulled on her ass. I had her ass in my two hands and was really groping it as I picked her up and down on my erect cock. I felt her pussy muscles tighten up. She then drenched my cock as she screamed in my ear. I felt her body got silent for a a few seconds as I kept my hard cock buried deep inside her.

I walked her over to the garbage cans. I put her ass on the trash can lid. I then held her ankles as I guided my cock back in her tight pussy. She looked down to see my cock open her pussy lips. I could feel her cunt lips grip my wet cock. She grunted when she saw how wet I was. I kept a hold of her ankles as I came out of her pussy twice. Each time she inserted my cock back inside her. I stood on my tippy toes as I fucked her on the big trash can. I could here my balls hit her ass. Her eyes were closed as I spit on my cock and slammed it all the way in. A big tear came down her right cheek from pleasure as she moaned in the back alley.

I flipped her over on the trash can. She grunted when her chest hit the metal lid. I saw her amazing breast move to the side. The hung over the edge. I spit on my cock and then I inserted in her pussy. She moaned loud as I fucked her hard again. I put my finger in my mouth as I heard another car go bye on the main street in front of the Diner. I licked my middle finger making it very wet. I then took my right hand and put it on her ass. She looked over her shoulder again with a big smile on her face. I inched my wet middle finger to her most private place. Her pussy muscles moved as I inched my finger in her ass hole. My cock was on fire as she took my finger for a ride. I started to finger fuck her ass hole. I was grunting now as she let out a big scream and came on my cock.

It was now or never. I used her wetness to lube her ass hole. She reached back spreading her ass open for me. I slapped my cock between her butt cheeks. She moaned when I found her ass hole with the tip of my cock. I got half my hard cock inside her before she tried to grab the front of the trash can lid for balance. Her right heel broke and she almost fell off the trash can onto the ground. I held her thighs up and forced my cock in deeper. I felt her warm ass on my abs. I was all the way in. I fucked her ass very hard bouncing my balls on her creamy thighs under me. I heard her scream again as I was close to cumming. I kept my cock buried inside her ass as I began to cum. I felt one huge load followed by 4-5 more big spurts. I kept fucking her as my cum moved up the side of my cock and fell out her ass hole onto the dirty pavement. She reached around to scratch my abs with her long nails. She grunted some more. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck you came in my ass baby. That was a huge load. I want to suck your cock again baby. Follow me. Pull that big cock out and lets go." she yelled. I picked up her uniform and my clothes. We walked back into the Diner.

We walked in the kitchen. She took the hose for the dishes and cleaned my cock off with some warm water. She then cleaned me off and through me a apron to dry off. She then got on her knees to bring my cock back to life. I felt her teeth run down my cock. She looked amazing with my big cock expanding her small mouth. I grabbed her short hair and face fucker her as she gagged on my cock. "Mmrmrmrm pppp!!!!" she gagged. I felt her soft breast on my legs. I looked down to see her face all happy. She smile if my cock was not distorting her face. I watched as she spit me out after 30 minutes of giving me head. I jacked my cock into her open mouth as she cupped my big balls. I watched as my cock head opened sending out a big load in her mouth. She cleaned me off and licked her lips.

I put my clothes back on as she got dressed. Alexandra walked me outside the front door to lock up. She handed me another piece of cherry pie for the road. I walked her to her car. She handed me a card from the diner. "I get off on Friday at 1am. I rather get off with you after we eat some more cherry pie." I smiled and gave her a kiss. It was close to 4am when I walked to find a place to go to sleep. My cock was all used for the night. I laid down to sleep behind a liquor store near a big park downtown.

It was close to 3pm when I woke up from a dead sleep. I got on my feet. I looked around. There was sign at the bottom of my feet. "Will work for food!" I picked up and put it in my back pocket. Someone must have felt bad for me sleeping there. I walked to the park to find a place to sit down. I found a nice park bench near the road that circles the park. I sat down as a few bike riders passed by. I took the sign from my back pocket. I put it on the ground in front of me near my right foot. It was close to an hour later that I doze off for a second. "Honk! Honk! Honk!" I heard a car honking about 20 feet from where I was sitting. I looked over to see who was honking. There was a big stretch limo sitting there. The driver motion for me to come over to the limo. I rubbed my eyes as I got off the bench.

I kicked my sign over as I got up. I took a few steps toward the limo. I then saw the back window come down. I saw a hand motion for me to come over. I walked over to look inside the window. I saw a gentleman with a suit and tie on. He was about 5ft 4 with dark glasses on. He looked me up and down before he spoke. "I saw your sign. Are you really homeless? Are you a bum or something?" he said with a high voice. "Yes! I sort of fell on hard times. I was just keeping that seat warm for the afternoon." I said. He laughed. "Would you like to make some money?" he said. "Ok! I am game. What would you like me to do?" I said. "Just ride around the park. If your Ok with a few questions. Then you might get some more money." he said. "Ok! How about the cash up front." I said. He reached in front pocket of his expensive tailored jacket. He handed me a $100. "Go around the other side and get in." he said.

I opened the door. I put my foot in and sat on the seat to his left. I was siting on the bench seat the ran down the length of the limo. He was sitting on the back seat and sitting across from me was a very beautiful woman. "This is my wife Mandi." he said. "Nice to meet you. You very handsome for a bum." she said. Mandi was about 25 years old with long dirty blonde hair just passed her shoulders. She was about 5ft 10 inches tall with a smoking hot bodacious body. She had on a small black leather dress that showed off her amazing body. She was wearing some 6inch black Stiletto heels. They were making me smile. She had on some bright pink lip stick to match her long pink nails. She had painted her toenails black with a pink tip on the end. I gulped hard when I smelled her sweet perfume. My hands were sweating as I watched her. She was wearing a large black bra that was pushing her large breast from inside her dress. She smiled when she saw I was staring at her chest.

"Are you Ok Mr....Mr..." Mandi said. I broke from my trance. "Yes! Yes! Mmmm call me Buck. How are you two doing today? Are you going to a party or something?" I said. "Not really." she said with a big smile. "Driver! Please go on." said the man. I felt the limo move as I watched his wife breast move in her small dress. "Buck! Nice to meet you. My wife and I have only been married a short time. I asked my wife to give up alott to marry me. I have always tried to satisfy her every wants and needs. I am a very very busy man. I am not always around as much as I should be. I am out of town on business more than I like. About a week ago I caught my wife having an affair with one of my co workers. It was not a pretty situation. His wife is suing my company now over this matter. I had to fire him but when I asked my wife why she did this. Do you know what she said?" he said in a low tone. "No! What did she say?" I said. "I am not there enough to satisfy her sexually anymore. That even when I am home, I am not there for her. She needs more in her life." he said.

I looked at Mandi on the seat across from me. She crossed her legs. Her heels were inches from my left knee. I then looked back at her husband. "Last night before we went to bed. I brought up a idea that I had. I don't want her to leave me. She means to much to me. She does not want to go either. But she like a new man in her life. He can't be a friend or someone from work. I don't need that problem. He has to be very discreet. But he also has to be someone who can satisfy her desires. Her sexual desires." he said. I took a deep breath. Was I dreaming. I pinched my left arm. "Ouch!" I said. "You can live at our penthouse downtown over looking the Inner Harbor. It has 4 bedrooms. You can have your choice. You can all use the limo. We will pay you a salary. We can discuss that later. You just have to be on call anytime Mandi needs you. For whatever she needs you to do. How does that sound?" he said. I looked at Mandi and said "Oh that sounds nice. Its just between her and I." I said. "Yes! Do we have a deal?" he said. I shook his hand.

About twenty minutes later I was riding in the elevator to the penthouse with Mandi and her husband. He put a key in the door to the penthouse. He walked over and sat down at a big oak desk off the main room. "Follow me Buck. He is already on the phone. Look at him. Why don't you take a nice long hot shower. I will bring you in a change of clothes." Mandi said. I walked into the huge bathroom. I took off my clothes. I started the hot water. I opened a cabinet to find some shaving cream and a razor. I shaved my face. Then my chest. I then shaved around my cock making it nice and smooth. I got out of the shower to find a black silk robe. There was a small pair of black silk boxers. I brushed my teeth. Put on some cologne. I then put on some body spray. I looked in the mirror. Not bad for a bum/homeless guy.

I opened the bathroom door. I walked into the master bedroom. Mandi was already laying on the huge four posted metal king size bed. The red silk sheets looked amazing on her soft skin. She had pushed all the red silk pillows on the floor. She was wearing a matching black silk robe like I had on. The front was not tied and her large naked breast fell on the bed. I opened my robe to show off my clean body. "You sure clean up nice for a bum. You were cute before. You are absolutes gorgeous now stud." she moaned. I smiled as my robe fell on the floor. Her breathing had increased as I walked around the side of the bed. I walked over to the night stand to look down at her. She smiled. Damn was she ever sexy. I was at a lost for words. I was not sure what to do next.

I then felt her hand on my abs. She pushed her nails down over my thighs. She winked at me with her sexy eyes. I was breathing heavy now. "What are you hiding big boy. What's inside these small boxers. I hope something really big." she moaned. I smiled. "Maybe you should put your hand on it first. Feel how much it wants you right now. Feel how hard your making him. He likes a little foreplay before he comes out to play....that is nice" I said. Mandi ran her nails back up to the front of my boxers. She pushed my cock into her small hands. I could feel her begin to tug on my hard cock. Her hands felt nice and the silk was riding on my cock from the cool material. I held her face as she looked at my cock. I then held the back of her hair as she gently pulled down the silk boxers.

My cock flopped out in her small hands. "Oh my god. What the fuck. Oh god. I am not so big...I don't think my husband planned for this. He is not bad and Andy the other guy last week was small but your so big. Your cock is so thick and heavy. Your balls are clean shaved. God just look at it. It's getting bigger in my hands." Mandi said. I then felt her hot tongue on the tip of my cock. She pushed her pink lips over the tip and down my long shaft. I felt her gag but she kept feeding more of my cock in her mouth. She gagged again. But she got used to the size. She was sucking my cock faster as she made some loud sucking noises. She was making my cock very wet. She spit him out causing a big trail of saliva from her mouth to the bottom of my shaft. She reached up to play with my big balls in her small hands. I moved my hips forward and grabbed her head.

She put my cock back in her mouth. She was sucking my dick faster. I reached down to push her robe off her shoulders. I then reached down to play with her breasts. I tugged on her erect nipples. They were very big in my big fingers. Her aeroles were big and dark pink as I fondled her breast. She moaned as she spit me out. I grabbed her breast pushing them together. I placed my cock in her cleavage. "What are you doing? Oh god that feels nice." she said. She spit on my cock as I fucked her tits. I pinched her nipples as I fucked her big warm cleavage. She put her head down to lick the tip of my cock as it hit her chin. I looked down to see her free hand was between her thighs. I knew she was fingering herself as I fucked her breast. She slapped my ass with her other hand causing a loud noise in the room. I looked down to see she stuck my cock back in her mouth as her breast fell on her.

I moved around the bed. She laid on her side near the night stand. I started to suck on her neck. I then kissed her earlobe causing her to groan. I then started to fondle her breast from behind. She was playing with her pussy as I sucked on her neck. I reached my left hand down to play with her pussy. I had my finger inside and she had her finger inside her pussy. I felt her get more wet as I moved my hips forward. My cock was touching her ass. She felt great next to me. I then moved my cock to her finger in her pussy. I moved my finger out of her pussy. She guided my cock to her entrance. She moved her legs giving me better access to her pussy. I felt her small cunt lips wrap around my cock as I inserted the tip inside her. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god you feel great. Your cock feels huge inside me." Mandi moaned. I picked up the pace as I fucked her from behind. I reached up to grab her breast. She grabbed the edge of the bed from being fucked off the bed. I was slamming her pussy very hard. A second later she orgasm for the first time. "Im cummmmmmmingggg!! Fuck your making me cum all over my bed...Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

I moved so I was siting at the top of the bed with the head board behind me. She crawled over and sat on my cock. She put her hands on the head board as she fucked me. She slammed her wet pussy on my erect cock as I put her breast in my mouth. Damn she fucked great. I was dumb founded why her husband did not stay home with her. I was slapped from that thought when she slapped the side of my head to orgasm one more time on my cock. I pulled her off of me. She stood up on the bed. She put her wet pussy on my face. I licked her tight pussy. She had a nice small patch of hair above her pussy. I held onto her ass in my two hands as I sucked on her labia. She then came in my mouth. I licked her clean then put her hot pussy on my cock. I fucked her for another 20 minutes before I mouthed to her I was cumming. Her pussy muscles locked on as she pushed on my shoulders keeping me on the bed. I orgasm deep inside her womb. Five minutes later and 6-8 big shots inside her, she fell back on the bed.

We both put are black silk robes on and walked out to the living room. Her husband was still on the phone. He motion for her to come over to him. He opened her robe to see her pussy lips red and her pussy hair matted down. I smiled when he closed her robe and pinched her ass. I pushed the blinds open and pulled the large glass sliding door. Mandi walked me out to the roof. We hoped in a small pool. We made out in the deep end under the diving board. A few minutes later she wrapped her legs around me. I felt her guide my hard cock inside her. Her eyes got big as I held onto the diving board and she put her arms around my neck. We started to fuck very nasty in the pool. I could tell her husband was watching by his shadow on the pool deck. She pushed her big breast around my face as I sucked on them ans she fucked my cock. The cold water and her hot pussy sent shivers down my spine. She scratched my back as we both came at the same time. She ducked under the water to suck me dry.

We got out after twenty minutes. This time I laid on the diving board as she climbed on top of me. She was facing the big glass window. I saw the shadow reach for a phone then he disappeared behind the blinds. I spent the next hour fucking her before I came again deep inside her. Mandi took me back to her room. I woke up the next morning with her warm breast on my face. I licked her right nipple as she kissed my forehead. "Is there anything you like to do today? We have the whole day to ourselves. He does not come home until late tonight." Mandi said. I looked to my right to see my jeans on a chair near the bed. I rolled over and got out of bed. I could feel Mandi eyes on my naked body. I reached in the back pocket of my jeans. I handed Mandi the two business cards.

Two hours later. I closed the door behind me. I walked over to the door bell and pressed it down. "Ding! Dong!" The door opened. I walked in. "Oh I see you can tell time. It's already time for your next appointment. Who this?" said Nurse Lisa. "Mandi!! Oh and I got a new job. I'm not a bum anymore. Is that going to be a problem?" I said. We all walked down the hall to the examine room. "Ding! Dong! Who could that be? Stay right here you two." said Nurse Lisa. The door closed then opened a few minutes later. "Buck! There a waitress here to see you. She said you ordered a cherry pie for delivery." said Nurse Lisa.

Three pair of hands pulled down my new tight white boxer briefs. I then looked down to see Nurse Lisa in her hot Nurse uniform. Mandi in a small top and mini skirt and Alexandra in a pink waitress uniform. I looked around. They forgot to get a plastic cup for my new deposit. I guess being down and out in Baltimore not to bad. Being a bum has its rewards. I then heard the empty pie pan fall to the ground.



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