Friday, June 26, 2009

My 21st Birthday Present - The Realtor Lady - An Adult Story

I had just graduated high school a few weeks earlier and was looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks relaxing at home. My parents how ever had already set me up for an interview next week. They told me over breakfast. Today was my birthday and they had invited a few of there friends and some of my relatives to a party at 2pm this afternoon. I was looking forward to later that night going out with my friends. We were suppose to go over to Tina house. We both were born on June 13. I new her growing up and we laughed that we always had to share parties with our friends.

We have a nice big pool in the back yard. So many people wore there bathing suit to the birthday party. I wore a nice black polo shirt and some tan cargo shorts. I had no underwear on. I figured if I got wet the shorts would do the trick. Plus I did not want my Mom to do my wash and check out my new underwear. I got them at the mall the day before. She can be a little embarrassing sometimes. I slipped on some black leather sandals and headed down stairs. My parents had already greeted a few people who came early. I opened the fridge and got a Coke. I walked around smiled. A few pople wished me a happy birthday. Most were there to eat some crab cakes and drink beer. I decided to pass on the beer until later.

I sat on the far end of the wooden deck and people watched for about an hour. I was on my second Coke when I put on my shades. It was about 85 degrees and getting hotter. A few of my relatives were in the pool. I saw my Dad leave with my Uncle to go get more beer around 3pm. My Mom sat at the other end and talked with about 4-5 people around a picnic table. I finished my Coke and tossed the can in the trash inside the pool room. I had to go take a leak and some one was inside the bathroom in the pool room. I looked around and decide to head back inside the house.

I walked passed everyone up to the 2nd floor. Just pass my room at the end was kinda of my bathroom in the house. There was a small sink. A big white toilet next to a walk in shower. There was also a pretty big bathtub. My 6ft 3 frame fits in pretty good. My feet hang on the edge but I did like taking a bath ever now and then. I kept it pretty clean. I reached for the door knob to find it was locked. I was little annoyed that some one would be up on the 2nd floor of my house. There were a few bathrooms in the house that were easier to access then this one. I found it odd that someone would walk all the way upstairs. I was about ready to knock when I heard the water inside and someone was washing there hands.

A few seconds later the door opened. I was kinda of surprised to see Mrs. Peters. I had not seen her for quite some time. She had jet black hair down passed her shoulders. She had perfect white teeth to go with her perfect red lips. She smiled as she placed her white hand on the door. She must have just gotten done painting her finger nails purple because they looked amazing. She had about 2-3 gold rings to match her gold necklace that hung low on her large chest. She had worn a tight purple dress that hugged her round curves. I looked down at her long legs and smiled at her little feet. They were cute inside a new pair of wooden platform heels that had a trace of purple on the top just above her matching toe nails.

Mrs. Peters was the real estate agent who sold us our house many years ago. She was still friendly with my parents. She had no kids and her husband was always driving her every where for her appointments. She was about 39 years old. I could see why she could sell a house. Most men could not stop starring at such a big beautiful women. She was probably about 5ft 6 with a nice big pair of tits and a ass that could be seen both coming and going. If I had to guess her measurements, probably44 DD - 30waist/hips - 40 ass. She liked to talk loud and make an entrance. I once saw her with a black swim suit on a few years ago. I got an instant erection and had to run upstairs to this bathroom. I still masturbate to that image as I had done that day..

"What's up Mrs. Peters?? How is it going?" I said. "Nothing much Buck. I'm good how about you? So today your birthday? Bet you have been waiting a long time for this one." she said. "Only about a year." We both laughed. My hands were being to sweat and I could feel my dick begin to get harder inside my cargo shorts. "So have you seen my parents since you got here?" I said. "No!! My husband dropped me off a few minutes ago. I had to use the bathroom. He went to park the car. I looked out the window inside the bathroom and saw he is out back having a beer. Why you sure have grown since I saw you last." she said. "Yeah, I kinda filled out my skinny frame. I like to work out and go hiking alot. I packed on a few pounds of muscle." I said. "Hmm, you sure have sweety. Did you have to go?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes." She closed to door behind me as I pulled up the toilet seat.

I got done a few seconds later. I took a baby wipe from under the sink to clean off the tip of my now dark purple cock head. I pulled up my shorts and gently put my half erect cock back inside my cargo shorts. I began to wash my hands when I saw the door knob turn. The bathroom door opened. It was Mrs. Peters again. She quickly shut the door behind her. She moved a few inches from me as I looked at her in the mirror as I dried my hands off. "I just checked my purse for your birthday card. I hate when this happens but I most have forgot it back home. I am so absent minded sometimes. I hope you can for give me." she said. "It's ok. I understand. Your busy!! It happens to me all the time." I said. By this time I had turned to face her. She was standing on my fuzzy blue bath mat just in front of the bath tub.

"I like to make it up to you sweety. Now that your a grown up. Wow you sure are very handsome since I last saw you." Mrs. Peters said. I could now smell her perfume that she must have reapplied in the hallway before she came back inside he bathroom. I was very nervous. I had only been with a few girls over the years. Most of my experience was getting to first and second base. I was still not sure what was going to happen next. I watched as Mrs. Peters put her purple leather purse on the sink. She tossed her long hair back and forth. She smiled as she got down on her knees on the bath mat. She reached up and began to unbutton my cargo shorts. My breathing increased. I watched as her eyes got big when my cock head finally emerged out. She smiled as she stuck her tongue and licked the tip of my now erect cock. A small drop of pre-cum was on the tip. I took off my shirt and dropped into the bath tub.

She began to stroke my cock with both of her hands. She used her purple nails to trace all 9 3/4 inches of my cock. She slapped her face and rubbed my cock on the side of her cheeks as she looked into my eyes. I looked down over my flat stomach as she sucked and spit on my cock. She ran her right hand in between my legs and slapped my ass. "Damn I love your big cock sweety. I also love your tight white ass. I want you to cumm as hard as you can inside my mouth. I know you have a big load for me. Yes!! Yes! Yes. OMG your huge!!" she said. I slipped off my sandals as she continued to suck my cock. I pulled on her log black hair. She liked that as she moaned. Her breathing as increased. I could feel her large breast rub against my thighs inside her purple dress. I had never had such a great blow job in all my life. I was not sure how much more I could last. Just then I found out. My legs tensed and she pulled out my cock from her hot mouth. With only about an inch from her tongue and red lips she aimed my cock into her mouth. I watched as my cock head opened. I huge spurt of white goo came out and landed inside her mouth right on her tongue. Then a second, third and finally after a few minutes she deep throated my cock. She pulled out my cock from her mouth making a loud slurping noise.

"Oh yeah baby. That what I like. Having big young cock in my mouth. Feeding me that big load. Damn!!! I should have gotten to you before today. I was now watching as she licked her fingers as she stroked my cock with her other free hand. She smiled as she looked around and noticed she got all the huge load in her mouth. She checked her dress and it was clean. She got off her knees. I was still naked standing next to her. She smiled as she picked her purse up and opened the door.

"Happy Birthday Buck!! That was great. Here is my card. Call me later. I am having a cocktail party for some of my girl friends at my house next week. I need someone to greet them at the door. I also need you to bring that big cock of yours. My husband and my best friends husband will be out of town. Thanks sexy." Mrs. Peters said.

I went back to the party. I had changed my shirt. I locked the bathroom door and played with myself imaging again what Mrs. Peters had just done. I came again but this time I hit my shirt across the sink in the bathtub. I sat down outside at the picnic table to blow out the candles on my cake. I watched as Mrs. Peters leaned in with her big breast in my face and blew out my canldes with me.

Maybe my next story will be about the Mrs. Peters Cocktail Party


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