Friday, June 26, 2009

Changing Room - An Adult Story

It was close to 1am after taking my break. We only get a half hour at Wally World before we have to go back to work. I had another break but not until close to 5am. I was working the over night shift at a 24hr Super Store. I was in the Men Section tonight. I walk around and see if any customers need help or merchandise is off the rack. The store is very quite at night. There only one manger over nights and she stays in her office all night. I usually spend most of the time chatting with my co workers or people watching. Some people really crack me up. Sometimes they where bath robes or there sleep wear to the store. I guess they figure they must be still asleep.

I grabbed a Coke by the snack hut and drank it fast before throwing it in the garbage can. I walked passed the electronic section and directed some folks to the cashiers at the front of the store. I was over near the jeans and t-shirt aisle when I ran into my supervisor. She laughed when she saw me hold up some tight jeans. "How come I have feeling you can squeeze your athletic ass in those jeans." she said. "Yeah your right. I can get them on but I might split them in the front. I better go with the button fly's like I got on tonight. What's up?" I said. "Hey the new girl in Women Clothing is leaving for the rest of the night. I got the guy in hardware going to come here. I don't have any one in the store that can go to the Women Section. I know its a pain. Can you do me a big favor. I will let you go home early after I get some one in the morning." she said. "Yeah no problem. Let me fix my badge (Buck)." I said.

I cleaned off my black t-shirt and fixed my short hair. I started to walk around the Women Department. I picked up some dress's off the floor in the petite section. I hung up some belts and a purse off the floor in the accessories aisle. I looked around the store over by the summer section of the bigger gurls section. I picked up some sun dress's and a nice big pair of white pants (size 16) and placed it back on the rack. I leaned on the rack looking around the store. I could only see about 2 customers in the whole store. They were buying some DVD's. I looked around and felt my keys in front pocket. I then took off my blue vest and put it back on.

I bent down to fix my white shoes. I decide not to wear some socks tonight. I went over by the perfume counter and sprayed some cologne on. I walked back and bent down to pick up a hangar on the floor. I moved on my right knee and looked over at the Shoe Department. I almost fell face first into some blouse's on a small rack. I rubbed my left eye to get a better look. I was starring with my mouth open. There was a very hot woman trying on some heels. She had long red hair almost toughing her amazing butt. It was curled on the side with some blonde streaks. She was wearing some pink lip stick and had some large gold hoop earrings. She had a tight baby blue top that was stretched over her large chest. She was wearing some tight white Capri that came just down over her knees. She had luscious long legs and very nice curvy thighs. I could see her calves expand as she stood up and looked at the heels in the shoe mirror.

I quickly stood up and kinda of hid behind some summer jackets as I kept watching her. She tried on about 3 more pairs of heels each time I had to check if anybody was watching her and then more important me. I was beginning to sweat and my jeans seem to be tighter. I watched as she bent over to the bottom shelf picking out another pair. I then watched as she looked up to the top shelf. She reached up but was having problems. I then decide to walk over and ask if she need help.

"Hi! Can I be of some assistant?" I said. She smiled as she turned. "Yes, that would be nice. There doesn't seem to be any help over here honey!" she said. Being 6ft 3 I easily got her down some more heels. I handed her the box. "Thanks!" she said. "My pleasure. Is there any thing else you need. I used to work here when I first started." I said. She smiled. "Hmm! Yes!! Do you guys have any wooden heels? I looked around but did not see any." she said. "Not sure but let me go in the back. Don't go anywhere." I said. I quickly walked to the back. I pulled out some shoes box on to the floor. I found two different wooden heels on the bottom shelf. The mangers like to hide shoes. Especially ones they like to buy at the end of the month. I picked out her size and headed back the shoe department.

She was sitting on a white bench with her right heel off. "Hey I found two pairs for you. They are very nice." I said. She smiled as I handed her the heels. "I like these. I like the wooden platform and open toe look. My baby blue toe nails would look good in them." she said. I smiled as I noticed her toe and finger nails were bright baby blue to match her top. I could also tell she had reapplied her lip stick and put on some blush. Her baby blue eyes shadow was hot as she batted her long eye lashes at me. "Here let me measure you feet first. Then you can try them on. Always good to know your correct size. Don't want the your cute feet to feel bad." I said.

I had her put both her feet down and got the correct measurements. I tried my hardest not to over touch her feet and amazing toes and ankles as I helped her into her heels. She stood up and looked down as she walked around. Her body had a little jiggle as she walked. I had always dated skinny girls but this amazing women was making me have second thoughts. I had never been around anybody that was so hot that they made me feel weak in the knees. I wiped my forehead off as she turned at the end of the aisle and walked back. She looked better coming then going but her amazing curves where now driving me crazy. She smiled as she looked over her large chest down at me. "They fit very well there - hhmmmm (read my badge) "Buck!"

She tried on the next pair and they were just as nice on her. They had a large wooden platform and pink bow on the white top. Pink outline through out the heels. She liked them very much. "Its ok if you wear them around the store. I can put a sticker on the empty box. Here lets put these baby blue heels in here. I will sign the box for when you check out. Is there anything else i can help you with" I said. "No you have been great. I have a few more items to get before I check out. Thank you sweetie" she said. I watched as she look me up and down. Then I put the shoe box back on the shelf. She walked down the aisle out of the Shoe Department heading toward small appliances. I smiled as she shook her butt knowing I was watching her.

I got the last box on the shelf before I got paged over the intercom. "Buck, customer needs help in Women Clothing." I walked over and helped a lady with a jacket. She had a hard time finding a small one to fit her. She was very abrasive as she stood there talking to me. My thought were still on the women in the shoe department earlier. I wish I could leave this lady who was speaking to me. I smiled and nodded my head not even listening any more. I wish I could go walk around the store and see where the sexy women in the pink heels was doing. I decide to play it cool and the women talking over me finally left. I gave her 20 percent off to leave me alone.

About half hour later I was standing in the summer clothes section paying no attention. I spotted the amazing women from before. She was heading to the big gurl section of the department. She was pushing her cart and eating a candy bar. She licked her fingers I almost passed out and hit my head on the summer dress rack. I watched as she looked over some big leather purses. She then picked out some cute belts and some big hoop earrings from the accessory aisle. She then headed into get a pair of jeans. She picked out two pair of jeans and 4 nice blouses. She then headed to the lingerie section. She looked around for 15 minutes before finding a nice big white bra. Then two more and some garters to match. She picked out some white and black fish nets before putting them all in her cart.

"Ding! Ding!" The light over the Woman's Changing room lit up. I walked over expecting someone else. I had lost sight of the amazing women at the end of the last aisle. I had ducked behind some hats for her not to see me. "Hey! How is is going?" I said. "Wait your over here too. Should you not been in the Men's section?" she said. "Yeah that were I should be but the girl in this section had to go home. They asked for me to fill in. I have no idea about women clothing but I can smile and help get things." I said. "That makes sense. You are tall and handsome. She giggled. I need to try on a few things. Every piece of clothing fits different on me. How many items can I take into the dressing room? I usually on can take 3 items." she said. "Oh you can take you whole cart. Here let me push. I see you got a new blender." I said. "Yeah my old blender burn out and I am throwing a party later. Strawberry Daiquiri's yummy." she said.

I almost crashed her cart as she bent over to pick up a hangar off the floor. "Here let me unlock the door to room number #6. It's the largest room and has a nice pink couch on one end. Plus all the walls have a mirror." I said. She giggled as she picked out the jeans and the blouses. "I will be right outside if you need me. I will keep an eye on your cart. Take your time." I said. I walked to the end of the hall just outside the changing room area. I looked back to see her cart. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her but still wanted to be professional about it and not some perv. There was a white wooden door with some slats at the top and bottom and brass door knob. It locked when you closed it. It could only be opened on the inside.

I heard the door open to the number #6. She reached out and took her black bra and matching panties. She also took the black fish nets and matching garters. The door shut again. I knew it would take her a few minutes so I walked back to her cart. I pulled out the white bra and to her white lingerie. My jaw dropped as I saw her size. She was perhaps just the right size for me. I smiled as I held up the bra and noticed how big it was. The cups were large and the push up effect must have been tremendous. I was still checking them out when I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I had my back to the door. "Are you getting a good look young man. Maybe you should come inside and give me your honest opinion on my outfit." she said. I turned to see her little finger motion for me to come in. She was behind the door hiding herself front he outside. I looked around and saw no on in the department.

I walked in and she sat me down on the pink couch at the far end. I crossed my legs hoping to hide me erection in my jeans. She stood there about 5ft from me. She was wearing the black bra and her 3/4 black panties that sat high on her hips. She had put on the black fishnets over her luscious legs and creamy white thighs. The garters were perfectly clipped on the top and bottom. She whirled around to let me take in the full view. She walked great in her wooden heels. She looked at me. "Well what do you think?" she said. "Stunning!! Amazing!! WOW!!!! Was all I could say. You have just one garter undone on your right leg." I said. She smiled as she walked toward me. "I was having problems with that one sweetie. Can you get that for little o me?" she said. I smiled as I reached up with my right arm. I traced my finger up her black fishnets from the back of her knee up her amazing thighs to the bottom of the garter. I pulled down taking my time as she looked down the side of her body at my eyes. It finally clicked together. "You have amazing eyes." she said. "You have an amazing body!!!" I said.

She smiled as she strutted around the room and shook her ass at me. She then opened the door and looked around. "Can you check out these jeans. I think they might be to small on me." she said. "Hmm ok." I said. She slowly put on her dark jeans over her heels. She used her small hands to steady her self on a big mirror as she pulled the jeans up over her lower body. They got to her nice ass. She hoped up and down to slide them over her. She then tried to button them. "See!!" I smiled as she came over and I pulled them up about a half inches and she was able to easily button them. "How about this blouse?" she said. She stretched the red blouse over her amazing breast and looked down at me. I looked up under her large breast and smiled. "That looks very cute and sexy. I think you have great taste in clothes." I said. She smiled as she checked herself in all the mirrors.

She turned around to show me her amazing ass then walked toward the door again. She then turned around and strutted in front of me. She was now inches from my face. Is smiled as she ran her hand through my hair. She was looking into my blue eyes. I watched as she slowly took off her top and placed it next to me. Then she unbutton her jeans. She turned around and slowly took them off bending her butt just an inch from my face. She smelled great as the room was filled with her perfume and body spray. I watched as she put the jeans on the hangar on the wall above the pink couch. She leaned into me as she hung up her jeans. She then put her leg on the couch. I turned my head to watch. She slowly ran her hands up and down her heels. She then ran her hands up her long legs and amazing thighs. She stopped at her hips. She then came over and put her left foot between my thighs. "Does these fishnets feel tight to you?" she said. I traced my hand all over her thighs and long legs. She wiggled her butt as she looked between her legs looking at my hands.

"The fishnets feel fine. Your legs are amazing." I said. She smiled as she turned around to look over her shoulder down at me. "Can you feel these panties. I am not sure the silk feels that good." she said. "Ok! Ok!" I said. I felt her amazing ass with my right hand. I ran my left hand down her back thigh stopping at her knee. She giggled as she was some what ticklish. I than used both hands to rub all over her ass. I playfully slapped her ass. She was beginning to breath heavier as she looked back at me again on the couch. "Wow I don't know what had come over me. Here I am in this changing room with all these mirrors. That feel nice honey. You lips feel great on my silk panties. God forgive me but I can resist him no longer." she said. I pulled down her amazing black panties to her ankles. She moaned loud as I stuck my tongue on the back of her pussy.

I gently started to lick the outside of her pussy paying close attention to her bald pussy mound. I had my hands on her hips as she bent over touching her ankles. She reached back to put her hands on her butt cheeks. She spread them to give me better access to her pussy. I wet my index finger. I spit on her small cunt lips as I slowly inserted my index finger. She moved slightly forward then back. I could smell her amazing body as she closed her eyes. I started to finger her nice and slow as I used my tongue on her butt. I gently kissed her entire butt and thighs as she moaned. I switched fingers and pulled out my index finger with my long middle finger. She was quite wet as I buried my tongue deep inside her. She tasted sweet as I licked her pussy. I used my two big hands on her hands holding her butt. She tried to move her hands to keep her balance but I held her hands in one place.

She watched as I let go of her hands. I took my long hand and ran them up her lower back. I pushed them up to her bra. I went down the sides and onto her large cups. She was breathing heavy as I pinched her nipples from inside the thin material. She moaned as I tweaked her nipples. She cried out "Oh fuck! Fuck! I'mmmm cummmmminggg!" With that her pussy clamped on my tongue and she came very hard. Her stomach contracted as I held on to her curves. I gently rubbed her belly button causing her to orgasm again. She was trying to catch her breath as I still ate her pussy. I had study the white bra in the cart. I reached up on the right side and unhooked her bra. It helped she was bending over because it fell onto the floor. Her large breast cascaded down in the air. They were hanging down as I fondled them. She tried to move but my tongue was still in her. I held her hips for one more orgasm.

I let her move as she whirled around to look down at me. She looked so amazing as she was half naked. The black fishnets and garters and her heels was all she had on. Her jewelry glisten as she looked down. She pushed my forehead back on to the couch. My head was on big pink cushion as she took off my white tennis shoes. She giggled as I was wearing no socks. She moved her hands up my long legs and muscular thighs. She stopped when she got to my hips. I pulled of my vest and then my t-shirt. I threw them on the floor. She scratched her long nails down my bare chest. She stopped on my abs and winked at me. She rubbed my belly button as I had done to her. She pinched my right nipple. She wet her two fingers in her mouth and pinched my left nipple. She then started to unbutton my jeans. It took her a few minutes as she pulled on my tight button fly's.

I forgot to tell her I was not wearing underwear but she got it when my big 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out when she pulled my jeans down to my ankles. She pulled them off onto the floor. I was now naked as she was on her heels and her thighs were against front of the couch. She smiled as she licked off the precumm on the tip. She swirled her tongues down the long shaft on to my naked balls. She sucked them as she used her hand on my shaft. She traced her tongue up the large vein on the shaft as she smiled into my eyes. She finally started to put my cock inside her mouth. Her mouth was hot as she bobbed her head up and down. She had made the shaft very wet as she made loud slurping noises. "Hmm baby. I like you big thick cock in my mouth. Damn I should come shopping here more often. " she said. I smiled as I watched this goddess suck my cock like no women had before. I had only a few experiences but she was by far the best.

I held her boobs in my hands as she sucked me harder and harder. She licked then used her small hands. She ran her long nails all my tight abs and chest. I watched as she pinched my nipples again as she had all my cock deep inside her mouth. She let go and got up. "I need you cock inside me big boy. Its been awhile. I need this like nobody business sweetie.

I watched as she rubbed her hand on her pussy. She was till wet as she climbed on top of me. She slowly sat on her heels. Her knees came forward as I grabbed her butt. I watched as she reached down to guide my cock in her wet pussy. She moaned loud as I gently shift my hips to get inside her. She was very tight and her pussy was so hot as she slowly fucked me. I held her hips as she closed her eyes. She fell forward with her upper body on my chest. I could feel her heart beat on my shoulder. I held her large breast in my hand as I sucked her nipples. First the right than the left. Then both at the same time. She orgasmed once as she rode me harder. I could hear her ass smack against my lower body as she pounded away on me. She pushed on my forehead then grabbed the wall above us for balance. I started to really fuck her hard. I was slamming her down and picking her up 4-5 inches off my cock and back on as she screamed. "Faster! Faster! Harder! Fuck me Harder! Harder!! O My god your so deep baby!! That it!! I'mmmm cccummmmmming again! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!! God your cock feels great. Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm cccuummming." she said. I could feel her wetness on my cock. I popped out of her twice and put my big cock back inside her. She dismounted me and got between my legs. I watched as she used both hands to jack me one lsst time. I erurpted "Yes!! Yes! That is sexy!" I said. I had a huge loud that she took in to her hot mouth.

I watched as she cleaned me up. "Does he ever go down?" she said. I smiled as I took her over in front of the full length mirrors. I put her on her knees as I got behind her. I spit on my cock as she put her face down. Her breast rested on the carpet as I slowly inserted my cock inside her hot pussy. She was very wet as I started to fuck her. I bounced her ass up and down as she wiggled around. She slammed back on my cock as I got all the way in. I held onto her thighs then her stomach. She orgasmed again as I fondled her amazing breast. I saw her head come up and look around as she she watched me fucking her. I put my leg over her hip to fuck her better. Then I got on my feet and held my legs apart fucking her again. She watched as I now was kissing her neck pulling her long red hair as I continued to fuck her. She was so hot and sexy as she moaned underneath me. She brought her hands up to slap my thighs and ran her hands down my arms. I did not last as long as the first time. I got off and crawled to her right side. I looked in the mirror she deep throated me. I looked down to wacth her swallow me again.

I started to cut the first strawberry. I pulled the ice and rum out of the freezer. I got the Daiquiri's mix down. I took the price tag and label off the new blender. I heard her wooden heels come across the kitchen floor. "How are the Daiquiri's coming along big boy?" she kissed the back of my neck. "I don't have a bathing suit to wear." I said. She smiled. "I picked one out for you after you helped with me the wooden heels. I heard you name over the intercom. I had to go see the guy working in the Women Department." she said. We kissed long and hard as she handed me the bathing suit.

I was naked with my bathing suit over my right arm. She was wearing a pink bathing suit with the tags still on. It left nothing to the imagination. She was so damn hot. I carried the drinks outside to her deck. We passed the 5 large shopping bags on her kitchen table. She got the employee discount as I pushed the cart to the front entrance. My relief got there about 5 minutes after we got out of the changing room. There had been a report of some loud screaming and moans coming from my section. We smiled as we walked out to her car. "Can you drive? I need a minute to catch my breath. Plus I need to see your big cock going down the highway.

I smiled as she handed me her keys. We kissed as I opened the car door for her. I helped her in then came around the front. I looked down on her keys. "Property of Ms. Dawn P" with a little picture of her. I got in the front seat. "Dawn, I was wondering if you could fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt. I need to know how I might better serve you the next time." I said. She put her finger on my lips. Then started to unbutton my jeans.

Love Buck

Love me some Ms. Dawn P.


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